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Shasta Cascade League Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.10Brandon Witherspoon11.54aCAModoc
2.11Michael Peters11.70aCAFall River
3.11Cal Arseneau11.87aCABurney
4.9Rashan Broomfield11.97aCAWeed
5.10J.J. Villarruel11.98aCABurney
6.11Robert Wall12.08aCABurney
7.10Brennan Gilligan12.18aCAFall River
8.11TJ Arendt12.26aCABurney
9.9Sebastian Magnia12.53aCABurney
10.11Ty Bradford12.58aCAEtna
200 Meters
1.11Michael Peters24.19aCAFall River
2.10Andrew Masters24.30aCABurney
3.10Brennan Gilligan24.45aCAFall River
4.10Brandon Witherspoon24.47aCAModoc
5.11Robert Wall25.01aCABurney
6.11TJ Arendt25.17aCABurney
7.12Andy Nadig25.34aCAEtna
8.11Hector Hernadez25.49aCAModoc
9.11Austin Doers25.52aCAFall River
10.11Ty Bradford25.56aCAEtna
400 Meters
1.12David Langston53.58aCAWeed
2.10Brandon Witherspoon54.76aCAModoc
3.12Brandon Williams55.29aCAWeed
4.10Tim Greene55.54aCAEtna
5.11Landon Aarstad56.64cCAModoc
6.10Andrew Masters57.73aCABurney
7.10Tristian Axelrod58.59aCAModoc
8.11Hector Hernadez58.90aCAModoc
9.11Aaron Vasquez59.65aCAFall River
10.10Sung Wook Wee60.37aCABurney
800 Meters
1.11John Whelan2:05.40CAEtna
2.10Tristian Axelrod2:18.00CAModoc
3.10Tim Greene2:18.31aCAEtna
4.12David Langston2:20.97aCAWeed
5.11Patrick Bratton2:22.22aCAModoc
6.12Ryan Coates2:27.86aCAWeed
7.11Daniel Martin2:30.13aCAModoc
8.10Andrew Masters2:34.93aCABurney
9.9Andrew Matheson2:34.95aCAWeed
10.10Michael Blankenship2:37.70CAModoc
1600 Meters
1.11John Whelan4:24.57aCAEtna
2.11Patrick Bratton5:12.62aCAModoc
3.11Daniel Martin5:28.64aCAModoc
4.12Ryan Coates5:30.63aCAWeed
5.9Andrew Matheson5:33.60aCAWeed
6.9Trey Bradford5:44.24aCAEtna
7.10Michael Blankenship5:51.85aCAModoc
8.11Jose Perez5:55.82aCAModoc
9.10Tim Prisco6:06.40aCAModoc
10.9Spencer Stenmark6:07.43aCAWeed
3200 Meters
1.11John Whelan9:28.20aCAEtna
2.12Ryan Coates11:37.63aCAWeed
3.11Daniel Martin11:47.39aCAModoc
4.11Patrick Bratton12:18.82aCAModoc
5.10Tim Prisco12:52.37aCAModoc
6.10Trevor Smith12:58.30CAFall River
7.9Trey Bradford13:03.75aCAEtna
8.11Jose Perez13:06.49aCAModoc
9.9Spencer Stenmark13:41.84aCAWeed
10.9Ian Nova14:32.64aCAWeed
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Brennan Gilligan18.91aCAFall River
2.11Noa Traylor21.49aCAWeed
3.11Taylor McPeek21.88aCAModoc
4.12Brandon Bains21.92aCAModoc
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Andy Nadig43.91aCAEtna
2.10Brennan Gilligan50.02aCAFall River
3.9Wyatt Williamson-Stier50.82aCABurney
4.12Brandon Bains52.45aCAModoc
5.11Taylor McPeek54.47aCAModoc
6.11Jose Perez59.95aCAModoc
7.12Doug Horner60.15aCAWeed
8.12Noel Gonzalez60.60aCAWeed
4x100 Relay
1.-Brandon Williams
Doug Horner
David Langston
Rashan Broomfield
2.-TJ Arendt
Cal Arseneau
Robert Wall
J.J. Villarruel
3.-JT Murray
Trey Bradford
Josh Staton
Tarron Branson
4.-Luis Alvarez
Michael Peters
Pedro Mello
Austin Doers
50.14cCAFall River
4x400 Relay
1.-Brandon Williams
Ryan Coates
Andrew Matheson
David Langston
2.-John Whelan
Andy Nadig
Ty Bradford
Tim Greene
3.-Jordan Estes
Wyatt Williamson-Stier
Sung Wook Wee
Andrew Masters
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Bazelio Hernandez44' 2.00CAModoc
2.12Jeremy Brandsted42' 6.00CAModoc
3.11Ty Bradford39' 7.25CAEtna
4.11Cody Pimentel36' 6.00CAWeed
5.12Noel Gonzalez34' 5.00CAWeed
11Matt Froeming34' 5.00CAModoc
7.12Jacob Thompson34' 3.50CAFall River
8.10Scott Towne34' 2.50CAEtna
9.11Joey Tereba33' 9.00CABurney
10.9Allen Clark33' 7.50CAModoc
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jeremy Brandsted123' 4.00CAModoc
2.11Ty Bradford112' 11.00CAEtna
3.11James Brownlow109' 11.00CAModoc
4.10Jesse Holloway107' 1.00CAModoc
5.11Ben Correa89' 9.00CAModoc
6.9Ian Nova88' 11.00CAWeed
7.10Scott Towne87' 2.00CAEtna
8.12David Langston85' 6.00CAWeed
9.9Allen Clark84' 11.00CAModoc
10.11Cal Arseneau82' 4.00CABurney
High Jump
1.12Andy Nadig6' 2.00CAEtna
2.10Tim Greene5' 6.00CAEtna
10Jesse Holloway5' 6.00CAModoc
9Rashan Broomfield5' 6.00CAWeed
5.11Noa Traylor5' 4.00CAWeed
10JT Murray5' 4.00CAEtna
7.12Chris Vlasoff4' 10.00CAFall River
10Brandon Witherspoon4' 10.00CAModoc
10Tristian Axelrod4' 10.00CAModoc
11Hector Hernadez4' 10.00CAModoc
Pole Vault
1.12Andy Nadig13' 9.00CAEtna
2.12Eric Jopson10' 0.00CAEtna
3.11TJ Arendt9' 6.00CABurney
4.9Tarron Branson8' 6.00CAEtna
5.12Doug Horner7' 0.00CAWeed
Long Jump
1.12Andy Nadig21' 1.50CAEtna
2.9Rashan Broomfield19' 6.50CAWeed
3.10Brandon Witherspoon18' 10.00CAModoc
4.11Robert Wall18' 2.00CABurney
5.11Hector Hernadez18' 0.00CAModoc
6.10J.J. Villarruel17' 9.50CABurney
7.10Josh Staton17' 8.50CAEtna
8.10Jesse Holloway17' 5.25CAModoc
9.12Eric Jopson17' 4.50CAEtna
10.9Sebastian Magnia17' 0.75CABurney
Triple Jump
1.10Jesse Holloway40' 0.50CAModoc
2.12Eric Jopson39' 4.50CAEtna
3.11Noa Traylor38' 8.00CAWeed
4.9Sebastian Magnia37' 11.75CABurney
5.10JT Murray36' 6.25CAEtna
6.10Josh Staton35' 4.25CAEtna
7.11Daniel Martin34' 6.25CAModoc
8.9Wyatt Williamson-Stier34' 2.50CABurney
9.11Leo Courbon33' 7.00CABurney
10.10Tim Greene31' 11.00CAEtna

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Marisa Bostick13.19aCAEtna
2.10Izzy Del Carlo13.84aCAEtna
3.9Baylie Peters14.13aCAFall River
4.11Amber Wooden14.46aCABurney
5.10Bettina Darger14.65aCAWeed
6.9Samantha Donaldson14.76aCAWeed
7.10Lauren Gubetta14.84aCAWeed
8.12Kelly Menne15.15aCAEtna
9.12Aly McEwen15.38aCAEtna
10.10Claudia Serrano15.47aCAModoc
200 Meters
1.11Marisa Bostick27.50aCAEtna
2.12Marina Gutleben28.70aCAEtna
3.9Mallory Pappas30.05aCAWeed
4.9Samantha Donaldson30.35aCAWeed
5.10Bettina Darger30.47aCAWeed
6.11Amber Wooden30.89aCABurney
7.12Kelly Menne31.14aCAEtna
8.11Lena Daugherty31.47aCABurney
9.9Hayley Kaae31.65aCAEtna
10.9Hannah Riddell32.17aCABurney
400 Meters
1.12Marina Gutleben64.30aCAEtna
2.9Hannah Little66.57aCAEtna
3.12Cami Morrill68.13aCAEtna
4.9Alicia Corona69.54aCAWeed
5.11Lena Daugherty69.93aCABurney
6.9Casey Burns70.38aCAModoc
7.10Jordan Marquardt70.98aCAModoc
8.9Samantha Donaldson71.30aCAWeed
9.9Hayley Kaae71.46aCAEtna
10.10Elida Pelayo71.72aCAEtna
800 Meters
1.9Acacia Coates2:32.70CAWeed
2.10Becky Travis2:47.06aCAEtna
3.11Elizabeth Stensaas2:47.84aCAWeed
4.9Stephanie Gouveia2:50.69aCAModoc
5.11Lena Daugherty2:51.53aCABurney
6.12Carson Herold3:01.15aCAEtna
7.10Elida Pelayo3:02.09aCAEtna
8.9Paige Miller3:05.43aCAWeed
9.11Tiana Barrios3:07.89aCAFall River
10.9Johanna Stensaas3:24.76aCAWeed
1600 Meters
1.10Becky Travis6:02.94aCAEtna
2.9Johanna Stensaas6:31.86aCAWeed
3.10Jillian Neel6:33.89aCAWeed
4.11Elizabeth Stensaas6:35.96aCAWeed
5.9Stephanie Gouveia6:40.31aCAModoc
6.9Madelyn Binning6:47.80CAModoc
7.10Lauren Gubetta6:50.81aCAWeed
8.12Carson Herold6:57.59aCAEtna
9.11Deniss Martinez7:02.90CAEtna
10.11Brooke McBrian7:04.84aCAWeed
3200 Meters
1.10Becky Travis13:32.78aCAEtna
2.12Carson Herold14:44.76aCAEtna
3.9Madelyn Binning14:49.90CAModoc
4.9Johanna Stensaas15:24.44aCAWeed
5.11Deniss Martinez15:35.16aCAEtna
6.9Acacia Coates15:41.34aCAWeed
7.12Aly McEwen15:50.30aCAEtna
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Courtney Yamagiwa18.96aCAModoc
2.10Marielle Schnack19.68aCAWeed
3.11Karene Marshall19.72aCAWeed
4.12Cami Morrill19.80aCAEtna
5.10Jillian Neel20.47aCAWeed
6.10Jordan Marquardt21.03aCAModoc
7.11Brooke McBrian22.29aCAWeed
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Cami Morrill53.50aCAEtna
2.9Hannah Little54.68aCAEtna
3.11Brooke McBrian56.85aCAWeed
10Lauren Gubetta56.85aCAWeed
5.11Courtney Yamagiwa56.92aCAModoc
6.10Jordan Marquardt58.68aCAModoc
7.12Allie Berryessa59.31aCAModoc
8.11Karene Marshall59.50aCAWeed
9.10Alexis Nova60.58aCAWeed
10.9Elizabeth Ebrahimy63.00aCAWeed
4x100 Relay
1.-Marina Gutleben
Marisa Bostick
Aly McEwen
Kelly Menne
2.-Marielle Schnack
Jillian Neel
Bettina Darger
Mallory Pappas
4x400 Relay
1.-Hayley Kaae
Elida Pelayo
Hannah Little
Cami Morrill
2.-Brooke McBrian
Alicia Corona
Lauren Gubetta
Elizabeth Stensaas
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Marielle Schnack27' 9.00CAWeed
2.12Melissa Berry26' 11.50CAEtna
3.10Claudia Serrano25' 8.00CAModoc
4.10Izzy Del Carlo24' 5.50CAEtna
5.11Karene Marshall24' 2.00CAWeed
6.11Ciara Dowty23' 9.25CAFall River
7.9Hayley Kaae23' 7.50CAEtna
8.9Madelyn Binning23' 5.50CAModoc
9.11Jaime Fiorini23' 0.50CAWeed
10.10Emma Morris21' 9.00CAEtna
Discus - 1kg
1.10Izzy Del Carlo83' 4.00CAEtna
2.10Claudia Serrano81' 6.00CAModoc
3.12Melissa Berry78' 5.00CAEtna
4.12Allie Berryessa75' 2.00CAModoc
5.11Ciara Dowty71' 4.00CAFall River
6.9Hayley Kaae65' 0.00CAEtna
7.9Giordan Stenmark63' 1.00CAWeed
8.9Madelyn Binning62' 0.00CAModoc
9.11Karene Marshall59' 2.00CAWeed
10.10Alexis Nova57' 3.00CAWeed
High Jump
1.10Marielle Schnack4' 10.00CAWeed
2.12Marina Gutleben4' 6.00CAEtna
10Elida Pelayo4' 6.00CAEtna
10Jillian Neel4' 6.00CAWeed
12Allie Berryessa4' 6.00CAModoc
6.9Elizabeth Ebrahimy4' 4.00CAWeed
9Samantha Donaldson4' 4.00CAWeed
8.11Brooke McBrian4' 2.00CAWeed
9Hannah Little4' 2.00CAEtna
10.9Paige Miller4' 0.00CAWeed
Pole Vault
1.10Alexis Nova9' 0.00CAWeed
2.9Elizabeth Ebrahimy7' 6.00CAWeed
3.11Amber Wooden6' 6.00CABurney
4.11Lena Daugherty6' 3.00CABurney
5.9Giordan Stenmark6' 0.00CAWeed
Long Jump
1.11Marisa Bostick15' 9.50CAEtna
2.9Mallory Pappas15' 6.50CAWeed
3.12Kelly Menne12' 11.00CAEtna
4.9Alicia Corona12' 10.00CAWeed
5.9Shyann Dowty12' 8.50CAFall River
6.11Amber Wooden12' 2.50CABurney
7.12Aly McEwen12' 1.75CAEtna
8.11Lena Daugherty11' 11.00CABurney
9.9Paige Miller11' 9.50CAWeed
10.9Samantha Peterson9' 8.00CAWeed
Triple Jump
1.9Mallory Pappas30' 10.50CAWeed
2.9Alicia Corona28' 11.25CAWeed
3.9Hannah Riddell27' 3.75CABurney
4.9Paige Miller24' 11.00CAWeed
5.11Rachel Yake24' 6.25CABurney
6.11Deniss Martinez23' 11.00CAEtna
7.9Hannah Little23' 8.75CAEtna
8.12Cami Morrill23' 8.00CAEtna
9.10Jae Won Kim17' 7.00CABurney

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