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100 Meters
1.11Kailo Moore10.41MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
2.11Jalen Miller10.55MSRosa FortMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
3.12Dequarius Bullock10.56MSSouth PikeMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
4.12Jermele Mosby10.57MSBroad StreetMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
5.12Deundra Bohanna10.71MSSenatobiaMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
6.12Zavian Bingham10.73MSTerryMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
7.11Tommy McCalpin10.78MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
8.11Quinton Lane10.79MSAckermanMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
9.12Kentrel Brown10.81MSForest HillMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.12Byerson Cockrell10.83MSColumbusMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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200 Meters
1.12Jermele Mosby21.08MSBroad StreetMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
2.11Jalen Miller21.31MSRosa FortMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
3.11Kailo Moore21.49MSWest Bolivar DistrictMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
4.10Terrell Smith21.62MSVicksburgMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
5.11Tommy McCalpin21.82MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
6.11Tyreoune Holmes21.84MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
7.12Cedric Jiles21.87MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
8.11Carlton Hamilton21.88MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
9.12Anthony Branch21.90MSBoonevilleMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
10.12Patrick Odom22.03MSForest HillMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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400 Meters
1.11Tommy McCalpin48.60MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
2.12Khiry Lucas49.33MSEast SideMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
3.12Johnny Hulbert49.42MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
4.9Devie Freeman49.48MSCanton Public ScoolMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
5.12Byerson Cockrell49.69MSColumbusMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.12Tevin Willis49.84MSMendenhallMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
7.10Ollie Tate49.87MSYazoo CountyMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
8.11Brandon Anderson49.91MSLake CormorantMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
9.12Charles Taylor49.94MSTerryMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.12Jerodrick Draper49.97MSHinds County AgriculturalMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
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800 Meters
1.12Matthew Oneal1:56.57MSCallawayMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
2.12Garrett Rogers1:57.57MSTupeloMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
3.12Kamau Bostic1:58.06MSStarkvilleMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
4.11Damien Grady2:00.09MSStarkvilleMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
5.12Jordan Travis2:00.78MSPoplarvilleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
6.10Deguadereck Rice2:01.41MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
7.12Godfrey Fayne2:01.65MSByhaliaMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
8.11Ryan Campbell2:01.75MSMagnolia HeightsMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
9.11Conner Graham2:02.15MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.10Guad Rice2:02.50MSWest Bolivar DistrictMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
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1600 Meters
1.12Matthew Oneal4:21.76MSCallawayMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
2.12Godfrey Fayne4:28.63MSByhaliaMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
3.11JonLuke Watts4:29.17MSColumbia AcademyMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
4.11Ryan Campbell4:32.35MSMagnolia HeightsMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
5.12Jordan Travis4:33.02MSPoplarvilleMar 23Allstate Sugar Bowl Track Classic
6.11Conner Graham4:34.08MSClintonMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
7.12Kamau Bostic4:36.46MSStarkvilleMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
8.11Damien Grady4:36.79MSStarkvilleMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
9.10Jack Daly4:39.81MSSt Andrews EpiscopalMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
10.12Garrett Rogers4:44.62MSTupeloMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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3200 Meters
1.12Jordan Travis9:51.67MSPoplarvilleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
2.9Darnell Collier10:00.68MSTupeloMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
3.10William Murphey10:00.96MSOak GroveMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
4.11Daniel Carter10:08.82MSOcean SpringsMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
5.10Andrew White10:16.19MSTupeloMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.12Jarrod Powell10:18.63MSEast CentralMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
7.12Mikelle Bracey10:20.23MSCallawayMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
8.12Madden Becker10:22.63MSMadison CentralMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
9.12Anthony Stricker10:23.97MSOak GroveMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.11Bingam Wikoff10:26.42MSSt StanislausMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
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2 Miles
1.12Jordan Travis9:52.95MSPoplarvilleApr 07Mobile Challenge of Champions
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Shantez Ball14.31MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
2.12Paul Clark14.32 (1.2)MSPearlMay 26Golden South Classic
3.11Evan Osborne14.35MSPearlMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
4.11Amos James14.38MSNatchezMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
5.12Scottie Hearn14.66 (.3)MSMeridianApr 07Mobile Challenge of Champions
6.11Jeremy Banks14.67MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
7.12Shaquille Gillard14.73MSPontotocMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
8.12Vernon Scott14.78MSNoxubee CountyMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
9.12Chris Richmond14.91MSBrandonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.11Charles Hughes15.08MSNoxubee CountyMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Scottie Hearn37.85MSMeridianApr 07Mobile Challenge of Champions
2.11Evan Osborne38.35MSPearlMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
3.11Josh Robinson39.37MSHernandoMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
4.12Paul Clark39.40MSPearlMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
5.12Wildarius Smith39.83MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
6.12Vernon Scott39.84MSNoxubee CountyMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
7.11Johnathan Quarles40.06MSBiloxiMar 23Allstate Sugar Bowl Track Classic
8.12Demarrion Haynes40.07MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
9.11Amos James40.32MSNatchezMar 02West Feliciana Invitational
10.11Brewer Eldridge40.34MSUniversity ChristianMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
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4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team42.19MSPearlMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
2.-Relay Team42.46MSHernandoMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
3.-Relay Team42.51MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
4.-Relay Team42.56MSOlive BranchMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
5.-Relay Team42.66MSColumbusMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.-Relay Team42.72MSProvineMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
7.-Relay Team42.73MSRosa FortMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
-Relay Team42.73MSBassfieldMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
9.-Relay Team42.78MSMeridianMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
10.-Relay Team42.91MSSouth PikeMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
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4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:27.96MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
2.-Brandin Knight
Evan Osborne
Paul Clark
Richard Taylor
1:28.03MSPearlMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
3.-Relay Team1:28.09MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
4.-Relay Team1:28.28MSProvineMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
5.-Relay Team1:28.58MSOlive BranchMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.-Relay Team1:28.79MSHernandoMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
7.-Relay Team1:28.89MSPicayune MemorialMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
8.-Relay Team1:28.97MSMeridianMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
9.-Relay Team1:29.25MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10.-Relay Team1:29.48MSEast SideMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
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4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:23.61MSStarkvilleMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
2.-Curtis Robinson
Johnny Hulbert
Andrew Bevily
Tommy McCalpin
3:25.82MSPort GibsonMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
3.-Relay Team3:26.70MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
4.-Relay Team3:26.88MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
5.-Relay Team3:28.08MSGulfportMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.-Relay Team3:28.11MSWingfieldMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
7.-Relay Team3:28.42MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
8.-Relay Team3:28.51MSOak GroveMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
9.-Relay Team3:28.74MSJ Z GeorgeMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
10.-Relay Team3:29.72MSSouthavenMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team9:24.99MSBiloxiMar 23Allstate Sugar Bowl Track Classic
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Herbert Harris55' 3.75MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
2.12Jammison Goins52' 2MSGulfportMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
3.10Shareef White51' 11MSGrenadaMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
4.12Ricky Raine50' 9.75MSPoplarvilleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
5.12Avery Gennesey50' 6.75MSSouthavenMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.12Rakeem Smith50' 0.75MSGulfportMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
7.12Desean Allen48' 11.5MSClintonApr 07Mobile Challenge of Champions
8.12Justin Verner48' 9.5MSColumbusMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
9.12Jeremy Liggins48' 5.5MSLafayetteMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10.11Cyrus Ekugwum47' 10.5MSForest HillMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Rakeem Smith160' 2MSGulfportMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
2.12Herbert Harris160' 0MSClintonMar 30Ole Miss Invitational
3.12Desean Allen158' 1MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
4.10Frederick Ross147' 4MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
5.12Deion Simpson144' 11MSMoss PointMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
10Ladarius Tucker144' 11MSWest Bolivar DistrictMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
11Jarkeith Ruffin144' 11MSWest LauderdaleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
8.12Dustin McDaniel144' 8MSNortheast LauderdaleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
9.12Oliver Bates143' 11MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10.12Avery Gennesey142' 3MSSouthavenMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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Javelin - 800g
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High Jump
1.12Justin Fondren7' 0MSOxfordMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
2.10Chris Harper6' 6MSBrandonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
11Dallas Prater6' 6MSSt Andrews EpiscopalMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
12Kenneth Taylor6' 6MSPiney WoodsMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
12Joshua Reed6' 6MSWingfieldMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
11Dane Spell6' 6MSUniversity ChristianMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
7.12Seth Peace6' 4MSUniversity ChristianMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
11Kendarius Bates6' 4MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
12Donavon James6' 4MSNorth PikeMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
12Tyler Lowe6' 4MSCaledoniaMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
12Markeyvious Haywood6' 4MSEast SideMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
12Brandon Gillum6' 4MSCanton Public ScoolMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
12A.J. Ward6' 4MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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Pole Vault
1.12Richard Connor Foxworth16' 6.25MSSt PatrickMay 11MHSAA 3A Championships
2.11Barclay Angle15' 0MSMadison CentralJun 30Junior Olympics Association Championships
3.12Austin Super14' 3MSOxfordMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
4.10Josh Hopkins13' 6MSPearlMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
5.12Adam Buckley13' 0MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.12Blake Hill12' 8MSPontotocMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
7.11Ashton Huey12' 6MSTupeloMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
8.12Ford Renfroe12' 0MSGeorge CountyMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
12Martavious Cohen12' 0MSDesoto CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
11Matt Brouckaert12' 0MSOcean SpringsMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
11Dane Knight12' 0MSSt StanislausMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
12Dalron Jones12' 0MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10Charlie Henderson12' 0MSStarkvilleMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
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Long Jump
1.12Dequarius Bullock24' 0.5MSSouth PikeMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
2.12A.J. Ward23' 1 (.2)MSClintonApr 07Mobile Challenge of Champions
3.12Jarell Aaron23' 0.75MSPoplarvilleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
4.11Chris Jones23' 0MSTylertownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
5.12Marion McMillion22' 10MSCoahoma CountyMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
6.11Dominick Watts22' 9.25MSEast MarionMay 11MHSAA 2A Championships
7.10Jacerous Stancil22' 6.5MSGreenwoodMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
11Tony Bridges22' 6.5MSHattiesburgMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
9.12Deundra Bohanna22' 5.25MSSenatobiaMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10.12Brice Thurman22' 4MSGermantownMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
10Terrell Smith22' 4MSVicksburgMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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Triple Jump
1.12Jarell Aaron49' 1.25MSPoplarvilleMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
2.12Matthew Oneal49' 0MSCallawayMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
3.11Adarius Barnes48' 9.5MSPort GibsonMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
4.12Geremy Green48' 2.25MSGentryMay 11MHSAA 4A Championships
5.11Barclay Angle47' 4.5MSMadison CentralMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
6.12Phillip Jones46' 3MSPiney WoodsMay 11MHSAA 1A Championships
7.11Chauncey Wells46' 1.5MSMeridianMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
8.12Nigel Green46' 1.25MSNorthwest RankinMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
9.12Hikeem Alexander46' 0.25MSWingfieldMay 11MHSAA 5A Championships
10.11Javion Lee45' 10.5MSClintonMay 11MHSAA 6A Championships
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