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Coastal Track & Field Top 10

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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.11Justin Curlybear11.74cWATaholah
2.10Keigan Gardiner12.34cWAWishkah Valley
3.10Michael Snyder12.94cWAMary Knight
10Austin Rojas12.94cWATaholah
5.10Henry Fultz13.04cWAWishkah Valley
10Wade Purdy13.04cWATaholah
7.9Jon Jackson13.14cWATaholah
8.10Austin Thompson13.18aWAMary Knight
9.11Nick Dierkop13.24cWAMary Knight
9Jimmy Smith-Kramer13.24cWATaholah
200 Meters
1.11Justin Curlybear24.47aWATaholah
2.10Keigan Gardiner24.63aWAWishkah Valley
3.11Nick Dierkop26.54cWAMary Knight
4.10Austin Rojas27.24cWATaholah
5.12Vincent Buckle27.84cWATaholah
6.9Adam Pais28.11aWAMary Knight
7.9Ohshumus Hall28.44cWATaholah
8.10Charles Anderson29.24cWATaholah
9.11Robert Northup29.34cWATaholah
10.9Jacob Gardiner29.74aWAWishkah Valley
12Seth Bowers29.74cWAWishkah Valley
400 Meters
1.11Nick Dierkop58.94cWAMary Knight
2.10Keigan Gardiner59.21aWAWishkah Valley
3.10Austin Rojas60.44cWATaholah
4.9Jimmy Smith-Kramer60.47aWATaholah
5.10Michael Snyder62.36aWAMary Knight
6.9Robert Clutts-Rodriquez62.94cWAWishkah Valley
7.10Jeremy Pais64.29aWAMary Knight
8.10Trey Berge64.74cWAWishkah Valley
9.10Henry Fultz66.04cWAWishkah Valley
10.9Benjamin Malchert66.44cWAWishkah Valley
800 Meters
1.9Robert Clutts-Rodriquez2:24.87aWAWishkah Valley
2.10Charles Anderson2:35.20WATaholah
3.9Benjamin Malchert2:44.50WAWishkah Valley
1600 Meters
1.9Robert Clutts-Rodriquez6:01.80WAWishkah Valley
2.9Benjamin Malchert6:36.13aWAWishkah Valley
3200 Meters
1.9Benjamin Malchert14:02.70WAWishkah Valley
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nick Dierkop17.17aWAMary Knight
2.10Keigan Gardiner17.40aWAWishkah Valley
3.10Christian Richardson21.71aWAWishkah Valley
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Nick Dierkop44.96aWAMary Knight
2.10Keigan Gardiner46.14cWAWishkah Valley
3.10Christian Richardson52.10aWAWishkah Valley
4.9Jacob Gardiner62.74cWAWishkah Valley
5.9Benjamin Malchert63.84cWAWishkah Valley
4x100 Relay
1.-Nick Dierkop
Austin Thompson
Michael Snyder
Jeremy Pais
50.35aWAMary Knight
2.-Seth Bowers
Benjamin Malchert
Robert Clutts-Rodriquez
Keigan Gardiner
51.54aWAWishkah Valley
4x400 Relay
1.-Wade Purdy
Jon Jackson
Jimmy Smith-Kramer
Justin Curlybear
2.-Robert Clutts-Rodriquez
Benjamin Malchert
Keigan Gardiner
Henry Fultz
4:16.89aWAWishkah Valley
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Cecil Capoeman50' 6.50WATaholah
2.12Seth Bowers38' 11.50WAWishkah Valley
3.11Robert Northup38' 6.00WATaholah
4.10Ben Nelson37' 7.00WANorth River
5.9Andrew Mail37' 1.00WATaholah
9Keanu Curlybear37' 1.00WATaholah
7.12Gavin Gilroy35' 10.00WANorth River
8.10Henry Fultz34' 1.00WAWishkah Valley
9.11Mason Cloud34' 0.00WAMary Knight
10.9Pedro Sanchez33' 7.00WATaholah
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Cecil Capoeman119' 3.00WATaholah
2.10Ben Nelson117' 6.00WANorth River
3.9Andrew Mail116' 5.00WATaholah
4.12Seth Bowers106' 0.00WAWishkah Valley
5.10Trey Berge105' 10.00WAWishkah Valley
6.12Gavin Gilroy97' 9.00WANorth River
7.9Keanu Curlybear79' 8.00WATaholah
8.12Jimmy McDougal78' 6.00WANorth River
9.10Michael Snyder75' 11.00WAMary Knight
10.9Tyler Simonson69' 6.00WAWishkah Valley
Javelin - 800g
1.9Jon Jackson157' 4.00WATaholah
2.12Seth Bowers139' 3.00WAWishkah Valley
3.10Trey Berge139' 0.00WAWishkah Valley
4.12Jimmy McDougal121' 9.00WANorth River
5.11Cleve Jackson119' 3.00WATaholah
6.9Adam Pais109' 1.00WAMary Knight
7.11Mason Cloud108' 11.00WAMary Knight
8.9Jacob Gardiner102' 2.00WAWishkah Valley
9.11Nick Dierkop99' 10.00WAMary Knight
10.12Gavin Gilroy98' 2.00WANorth River
High Jump
1.11Nick Dierkop5' 6.00WAMary Knight
2.10Jeremy Pais5' 2.00WAMary Knight
3.11Mason Cloud4' 8.00WAMary Knight
10Michael Snyder4' 8.00WAMary Knight
10Austin Thompson4' 8.00WAMary Knight
Long Jump
1.11Justin Curlybear18' 10.50WATaholah
2.11Nick Dierkop17' 9.25WAMary Knight
3.11Mason Cloud16' 3.50WAMary Knight
4.10Keigan Gardiner16' 2.50WAWishkah Valley
5.9Jimmy Smith-Kramer16' 1.00WATaholah
6.10Wade Purdy16' 0.50WATaholah
7.10Michael Snyder15' 9.50WAMary Knight
8.10Austin Thompson15' 6.00WAMary Knight
9.9Adam Pais15' 2.00WAMary Knight
10.10Jeremy Pais14' 11.00WAMary Knight
Triple Jump
1.9Robert Clutts-Rodriquez35' 6.50WAWishkah Valley
2.10Keigan Gardiner34' 10.00WAWishkah Valley
3.10Christian Richardson34' 6.50WAWishkah Valley
4.11Nick Dierkop33' 7.00WAMary Knight
5.9Benjamin Malchert33' 6.00WAWishkah Valley
6.9Adam Pais33' 3.00WAMary Knight
7.10Jeremy Pais31' 10.00WAMary Knight
8.10Michael Snyder28' 5.00WAMary Knight

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.11Laura James13.76aWATaholah
2.11Erin Anderson14.23aWAWishkah Valley
3.10Hannah Frost15.07aWAMary Knight
4.9Anela Jones15.51aWATaholah
5.12Fayrene Arrington15.58aWAMary Knight
6.11Kiah Lofgren16.64cWAMary Knight
9Melodie Snyder16.64cWAMary Knight
200 Meters
1.11Laura James28.90aWATaholah
2.9Rachel Cheney31.44cWATaholah
3.10Hannah Frost31.54cWAMary Knight
4.9Anela Jones31.99aWATaholah
5.12Fayrene Arrington32.94cWAMary Knight
6.11Erin Anderson33.64cWAWishkah Valley
7.9Melodie Snyder33.73aWAMary Knight
8.11Kiah Lofgren33.84cWAMary Knight
9.9Lauren Dierkop34.71aWAMary Knight
10.10Carlie Adsero34.94cWAMary Knight
400 Meters
1.11Laura James66.43aWATaholah
2.10Hannah Frost68.44cWAMary Knight
3.9Lauren Dierkop76.64cWAMary Knight
4.9Ashlin Fries81.02aWAMary Knight
800 Meters
1.10Hannah Frost2:29.22aWAMary Knight
1600 Meters
1.10Hannah Frost6:24.80WAMary Knight
2.9Lauren Dierkop6:46.34aWAMary Knight
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Erin Anderson18.27aWAWishkah Valley
2.10Jaala Berentsen18.84cWANorth River
3.10Carlie Adsero23.14cWAMary Knight
4.11Kelsey Beebe24.94cWAMary Knight
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jaala Berentsen57.94cWANorth River
2.11Erin Anderson58.41aWAWishkah Valley
3.10Carlie Adsero64.24cWAMary Knight
4.9Melodie Snyder65.54cWAMary Knight
5.11Kelsey Beebe70.57aWAMary Knight
4x200 Relay
1.-Carlie Adsero
Lauren Dierkop
Melodie Snyder
Kelsey Beebe
2:14.10WAMary Knight
2.-Laura James
Anela Jones
Rachel Cheney
Cherisse Jackson
4x400 Relay
1.-Hannah Frost
Lauren Dierkop
Melodie Snyder
Fayrene Arrington
5:14.60WAMary Knight
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Linda Cook32' 9.00WAMary Knight
2.9Rachel Cheney31' 4.00WATaholah
3.11Kelsey Beebe29' 8.00WAMary Knight
4.10Breawn Northup29' 7.00WATaholah
5.10Jaala Berentsen26' 6.00WANorth River
6.9Ashlin Fries25' 7.00WAMary Knight
7.9Lauren Dierkop25' 1.00WAMary Knight
9Kadie McDougal25' 1.00WANorth River
9.10Shavaghna Underwood23' 0.00WATaholah
10.11Kiah Lofgren22' 4.50WAMary Knight
Discus - 1kg
1.10Hannah Frost95' 2.00WAMary Knight
2.12Linda Cook90' 7.00WAMary Knight
3.9Kadie McDougal82' 0.00WANorth River
4.9Rachel Cheney78' 5.00WATaholah
5.10Breawn Northup77' 6.00WATaholah
6.9Melodie Snyder74' 10.00WAMary Knight
7.11Kelsey Beebe61' 2.00WAMary Knight
8.10Shavaghna Underwood49' 11.00WATaholah
Javelin - 600g
1.9Rachel Cheney122' 3.00WATaholah
2.9Melodie Snyder71' 8.00WAMary Knight
3.9Ashlin Fries67' 5.00WAMary Knight
4.11Kelsey Beebe66' 10.00WAMary Knight
5.12Linda Cook64' 1.00WAMary Knight
6.9Kadie McDougal62' 10.00WANorth River
7.10Carlie Adsero55' 3.00WAMary Knight
High Jump
1.10Carlie Adsero3' 10.00WAMary Knight
Long Jump
1.12Fayrene Arrington12' 7.00WAMary Knight
2.11Kiah Lofgren11' 8.75WAMary Knight
3.9Ashlin Fries11' 7.75WAMary Knight
Triple Jump
1.11Erin Anderson29' 5.00WAWishkah Valley
2.12Fayrene Arrington27' 1.00WAMary Knight
3.9Lauren Dierkop23' 7.00WAMary Knight

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