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55 Meter Dash
1.12David Hu7.02aDec 23BSC 2
2.12Matt Stanzler7.03aFeb 3BSC 4
3.11Allen Sit7.09aJan 13BSC 3
4.-Peter Kwak7.29aFeb 9BSC Meet
5.-Matt Colucci7.39aJan 13BSC 3
6.-Scott Grillo7.67aDec 15BSC 1
300 Meters
1.12David Hu37.41aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
2.-Mike Stone39.09aJan 13BSC 3
3.-Dishon Laing39.21aDec 23BSC 2
4.11Chris Haley39.57aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
5.-Nate Freiman39.60aDec 15BSC 1
6.11Allen Sit40.63aDec 23BSC 2
7.-Jamal Williams40.83aJan 20vs Dedham
8.10Brian St. Thomas41.88aFeb 3BSC 4
9.-Bryan Cho43.85aJan 13BSC 3
600 Meters
1.11Charlie Meade88.00aDec 15BSC 1
2.11Devin Sutcliffe1:30.49aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
3.11Steven Cory1:33.98aFeb 9BSC Meet
4.10Andrew Wagner1:34.47aFeb 9BSC Meet
5.-Nate Freiman1:39.45aDec 23BSC 2
6.10Mike Zhong1:39.77aDec 15BSC 1
7.9Nick Carroll1:40.57aDec 23BSC 2
8.-Andrew McCauley1:42.72aDec 23BSC 2
9.9Mark Johnson1:44.54aFeb 3BSC 4
10.9Timothy Burke1:48.44aJan 20vs Dedham
1000 Meters
1.11Charlie Meade2:38.80aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
2.12Peter Shellito2:48.60aFeb 9BSC Meet
3.11Devin Sutcliffe2:51.31aFeb 3BSC 4
4.9Nick Carroll2:58.09aDec 15BSC 1
5.11Ben Chont2:58.45aDec 23BSC 2
6.10Mike Zhong3:00.84aFeb 9BSC Meet
7.10Andrew Wagner3:02.01aJan 20vs Dedham
8.11Patrick Hislop3:04.65aFeb 3BSC 4
9.-Andrew McCauley3:17.47aJan 13BSC 3
10.-Andrew Jin3:27.08aJan 13BSC 3
11.9Chris Crane3:28.26aJan 20vs Dedham
12.-Nick Venne3:29.38aDec 15BSC 1
13.9Timothy Burke3:34.08aDec 15BSC 1
1 Mile
1.12Peter Shellito4:44.73aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
2.11Devin Sutcliffe4:55.67aDec 23BSC 2
3.11Stephen Crane5:02.18aFeb 3BSC 4
4.9Nick Carroll5:04.42aFeb 9BSC Meet
5.10Mike Zhong5:09.39aFeb 3BSC 4
6.11Gregg Eppler5:09.44aDec 15BSC 1
7.10Brett Epler5:26.39aJan 20vs Dedham
8.-Charlie Young5:33.65aDec 23BSC 2
9.9Chris Crane5:42.97aFeb 3BSC 4
10.11Patrick Hislop5:48.52aDec 15BSC 1
2 Miles
1.12Peter Shellito10:43.65aDec 23BSC 2
2.11Gregg Eppler11:04.76aFeb 3BSC 4
3.9Nick Carroll11:15.28aJan 20vs Dedham
4.11Stephen Crane11:23.61aJan 13BSC 3
5.-Charlie Young11:41.46aFeb 3BSC 4
6.10Brett Epler11:43.92aFeb 3BSC 4
7.11Patrick Hislop12:42.33aJan 13BSC 3
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.12David Hu8.72aJan 20vs Dedham
2.-David Kaplan8.74aFeb 9BSC Meet
3.-Alex Kaplan8.79aJan 13BSC 3
4.11Chris Haley9.61aJan 20vs Dedham
5.-Nate Freiman9.81aJan 20vs Dedham
6.10Eli Freiman9.91aJan 13BSC 3
7.-Robert Straskulic10.56aJan 20vs Dedham
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:38.10aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:37.10aFeb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
-David Hu
Dishon Laing
Steven Cory
Charlie Meade
3:37.10aFeb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
3.-David Hu
Devin Sutcliffe
Steven Cory
Charlie Meade
3:37.92aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
4.-Peter Shellito
Andrew Wagner
Mike Zhong
Nick Carroll
3:59.12aFeb 9BSC Meet
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Thomas Claiborne47' 7.25Jan 20vs Dedham
2.-Micheal Richards43' 8.00Jan 20vs Dedham
3.11Mike Richards39' 8.50Feb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
4.9Alex Stone36' 9.50Feb 9BSC Meet
5.-Chip Kasprzak32' 2.25Jan 20vs Dedham
High Jump
1.11Steve Aimola5' 8.00Dec 23BSC 2
2.12David Hu5' 2.00Dec 15BSC 1


55 Meter Dash
1.10Lindsay Marcil7.73aJan 13BSC 3
2.10Alex DeAmicis7.82aFeb 9BSC Meet
3.9Luci Lafitte8.04aJan 13BSC 3
4.12Nicole Yocum8.09aDec 15BSC 1
5.-Jackie Travers8.16aJan 13BSC 3
6.9Hallie Swan8.22aFeb 3BSC 4
7.-Alix Seyfarth8.54aJan 20vs Dedham
8.-Rachel Yaroschuk9.23aFeb 3BSC 4
9.-Caroline Ciocca9.30aDec 15BSC 1
300 Meters
1.12Nicole Yocum43.05aFeb 3BSC 4
2.10Lindsay Marcil44.06aFeb 3BSC 4
3.12Jaime Cahn45.56aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
4.11Laura Keeler47.32aJan 20vs Dedham
5.9Hallie Swan48.88aDec 15BSC 1
6.-Alix Seyfarth49.61aJan 13BSC 3
7.-Jessica Mirkin55.35aDec 23BSC 2
600 Meters
1.11Sydney Hartman1:45.90aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
2.11Rebecca Gilbert1:49.15aDec 23BSC 2
3.10Krysten Hartman1:49.20aJan 13BSC 3
4.11Lauren Browne1:49.84aFeb 3BSC 4
5.10Caila Heyison1:50.71aFeb 3BSC 4
6.11Beth Brown1:53.87aDec 23BSC 2
7.-Ashley Hartman1:58.22aFeb 9BSC Meet
8.10Katie Pratt2:01.91aDec 15BSC 1
9.9Julie Pearlman2:05.43aJan 13BSC 3
10.-Jessica Mirkin2:06.82aDec 15BSC 1
11.10Jacquelyn Klehm2:10.68aDec 23BSC 2
1000 Meters
1.10Krysten Hartman3:07.54aFeb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
2.12Alexandra Krieg3:13.73aFeb 9BSC Meet
3.-Ryan Jane Jacoby3:17.08aDec 23BSC 2
4.11Beth Brown3:18.45aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
5.11Rebecca Gilbert3:35.11aJan 20vs Dedham
6.10Caila Heyison3:37.16aJan 13BSC 3
7.10Jacquelyn Klehm3:50.28aJan 13BSC 3
8.-Catherine Mayell3:50.48aDec 15BSC 1
9.9Julie Pearlman3:51.23aFeb 3BSC 4
10.-Catherine Demers3:53.26aDec 15BSC 1
11.10Caroline Moore3:57.61aFeb 3BSC 4
12.-Alexandra Lu3:59.97aJan 13BSC 3
13.-Gina Mitchell4:05.19aDec 23BSC 2
1 Mile
1.11Brielle Chabot5:34.60aFeb 3BSC 4
2.12Alexandra Krieg5:35.51aJan 13BSC 3
3.10Krysten Hartman5:35.97aFeb 9BSC Meet
4.11Allie Keuthen5:47.20aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
5.-Brittain Lovett5:54.43aJan 20vs Dedham
6.11Liz Powers5:57.90aDec 23BSC 2
7.-Ashley Hartman6:07.17aFeb 3BSC 4
8.9Elana Varner6:09.30aJan 20vs Dedham
9.-Catherine Mayell6:42.62aDec 23BSC 2
2 Miles
1.12Alexandra Krieg10:53.61aFeb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
2.11Brielle Chabot11:11.31aFeb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
3.11Allie Keuthen12:26.32aFeb 9BSC Meet
4.-Brittain Lovett12:46.63aJan 13BSC 3
5.12Leigh Forbush12:53.00aDec 15BSC 1
6.11Liz Powers13:13.04aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
7.-Ashley Hartman13:27.15aJan 20vs Dedham
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Leigh Forbush9.64aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
2.9Luci Lafitte10.00aFeb 9BSC Meet
3.11Laura Keeler10.47aDec 23BSC 2
4.-Nicole Gobiel10.93aFeb 3BSC 4
5.-Lauren Gandillot11.29aFeb 3BSC 4
6.9Abby King11.50aDec 15BSC 1
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:51.69aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:22.60aFeb 3BSC 4
2.-Alexandra Krieg
Krysten Hartman
Lauren Browne
Rebecca Gilbert
4:39.04aFeb 9BSC Meet
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 10:32.32aFeb 20Dvision 3 State Meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Emily Forden24' 2.50Jan 20vs Dedham
2.-Erin Boyle24' 1.25Jan 13BSC 3
3.-Jess Kravetz23' 5.75Jan 13BSC 3
4.10Alex DeAmicis22' 9.25Feb 3BSC 4
5.-Alix Seyfarth22' 8.00Feb 3BSC 4
High Jump
1.11Laura Keeler5' 2.00Dec 15BSC 1
2.9Luci Lafitte5' 0.00Feb 25MIAA All State Indoor Tra..
3.10Lindsay Marcil4' 6.00Dec 15BSC 1

* = Recent improvement

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