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    Wolfpack - Fairbanks, AK

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100 Meters
1.11Charles Sudduth11.074aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.12Danny Eagan11.584aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.9Josh Cummings11.69aApr 26LHS
4.11Prince Cooks11.83aMay 2Anchorage Invite
5.11Marquece McCrae11.96aApr 26LHS
6.10Micah Banks12.09aMay 2Anchorage Invite
7.11Ryan Kramer12.11aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
8.9Mekhi Omnik12.34aMay 2Anchorage Invite
9.11Sam Carney-Braveman12.36aApr 26LHS
10.9Jonas Post12.66aApr 26LHS
11.11Deacon Damario12.81aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
12.11Jesse Mayo13.47aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
13.11Caleb Stout13.83aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
14.11Ethan Berkeland13.98aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
200 Meters
1.12Daniel Remington22.911aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.12Danny Eagan23.515aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.9Josh Cummings24.28aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
4.11Charles Sudduth24.35aMay 31Brian Young Invitati..
5.11Marquece McCrae24.58aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
6.11Ryan Kramer24.62aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
7.10Micah Banks24.85aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
8.11Sam Carney-Braveman25.17aMay 2Anchorage Invite
9.10Michael Bonar25.83aMay 2Anchorage Invite
10.9Mekhi Omnik26.06aApr 26LHS
11.11Deacon Damario26.10aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
12.9Jesus Ayala26.50aApr 26LHS
400 Meters
1.12Daniel Remington50.30aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.10Spencer Herron55.96aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.12David Swenson56.14aMay 2Anchorage Invite
4.10Micah Banks56.65aMay 2Anchorage Invite
5.11Tommy O'Donoghue57.62aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
6.10Michael Bonar58.26aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
7.9Jesus Ayala59.34aApr 26LHS
8.11Jaxon Brooks62.57aApr 26LHS
800 Meters
1.10Spencer Herron2:09.47aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.12Erich Hoefler2:10.56aApr 26LHS
3.11Max Donaldson2:11.94aApr 26LHS
4.11Jesse Mayo2:12.77aApr 26LHS
5.11Tommy O'Donoghue2:14.04aMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
6.11Tristan Sayre2:15.09aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
7.10Jonathan Gates2:16.32aApr 26LHS
8.11Ethan Berkeland2:16.99aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
9.9Keel Simon2:17.45aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
10.9Tristan O'Donoghue2:23.15aApr 26LHS
11.9Quinn Vinlove2:27.36aMay 2Anchorage Invite
12.9Benjamin Keener2:30.41aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
13.9Aidan Earnest2:30.68aMay 2Anchorage Invite
14.9Everett Darrow2:32.27aMay 2Anchorage Invite
15.9Scott Jacobs2:33.82aMay 2Anchorage Invite
16.9Elliot Kenaston2:33.94aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
17.9David Chen2:36.35aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
18.9Finn Swingle2:37.83aMay 2Anchorage Invite
19.9Stan Rogers2:53.21aMay 2Anchorage Invite
20.9Jasper Holton3:22.53aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
1600 Meters
1.12Erich Hoefler4:37.90aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.11Tristan Sayre4:44.81aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.11Max Donaldson4:45.71aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
4.9Keel Simon4:54.55aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.9Aaron Bravo5:01.30aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
6.11Jesse Mayo5:03.18aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
7.10Spencer Herron5:06.07aMay 2Anchorage Invite
8.11Ethan Berkeland5:08.80aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
9.9Aidan Earnest5:16.52aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
10.10Jonathan Gates5:18.26aMay 2Anchorage Invite
11.9Everett Darrow5:27.68aMay 2Anchorage Invite
12.9Quinn Vinlove5:29.39aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
13.11Grant Ackerman5:31.48aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
14.9Elliot Kenaston5:31.63aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
15.9Tristan O'Donoghue5:40.04aMay 2Anchorage Invite
16.9Benjamin Keener5:46.78aMay 2Anchorage Invite
17.9David Chen5:56.05aMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
18.9Stan Rogers6:08.05aMay 2Anchorage Invite
19.10Max Tamillo6:11.21aApr 26LHS
3200 Meters
1.12Erich Hoefler9:52.483aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.11Tristan Sayre10:07.23aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.9Aaron Bravo10:56.59aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
4.9Quinn Vinlove11:09.37aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.9Aidan Earnest11:41.71aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
6.9Everett Darrow11:42.28aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
7.11Grant Ackerman11:42.55aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
8.9Scott Jacobs11:57.20aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
9.9Finn Swingle12:11.89aMay 2Anchorage Invite
10.9Jacob Hanson13:32.88aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Sam Carney-Braveman16.90aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
2.11Ryan Kramer18.20aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.9Mekhi Omnik18.58aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Jesiah Roe20.32aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Sam Carney-Braveman44.22aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.11Ryan Kramer44.49aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.9Mekhi Omnik45.17aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Jesus Ayala47.85aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.9Jesiah Roe48.03aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
6.9Josh CummingsDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 44.454aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.-Prince Cooks
Josh Cummings
Danny Eagan
Charles Sudduth
44.54aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.-Michael Bonar
Deacon Damario
Mekhi Omnik
Ryan Kramer
48.76aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.-Jonas Post
Mekhi Omnik
Deacon Damario
Marquece McCrae
49.12aApr 26LHS
4x200 Relay
1.-Charles Sudduth
Josh Cummings
Danny Eagan
Daniel Remington
1:31.92aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 1:32.284aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.-Micah Banks
Josh Cummings
Danny Eagan
Daniel Remington
1:34.22aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.-Deacon Damario
Jaxon Brooks
Jesus Ayala
Mekhi Omnik
1:41.36aApr 26LHS
5.-Josh Cummings
Benjamin Koenig
Danny Eagan
Charles Sudduth
-Caleb Stout
Taylor Sawchuck
Deacon Damario
Casey MacCheyne
DNFMay 3Monroe/Lathrop
4x400 Relay
1.-Micah Banks
Daniel Remington
David Swenson
Spencer Herron
3:55.55aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.-Benjamin Koenig
Keel Simon
Jonathan Gates
Spencer Herron
3:55.79aApr 26LHS
3.-Relay Team 3:57.26aMay 2Anchorage Invite
4.-Spencer Herron
Keel Simon
Ethan Berkeland
Tommy O'Donoghue
3:58.15aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
5.-Tristan Sayre
Max Donaldson
Jesse Mayo
Erich Hoefler
4:01.01aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:42.856aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.-Spencer Herron
Jesse Mayo
Tommy O'Donoghue
Max Donaldson
8:48.51aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.-Grant Ackerman
Ethan Berkeland
Quinn Vinlove
Aidan Earnest
9:42.42aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.-Aaron Bravo
Everett Darrow
Quinn Vinlove
Tristan O'Donoghue
9:52.60aApr 26LHS
5.-Everett Darrow
Dawson Verley
Stan Rogers
Tristan O'Donoghue
10:13.81aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
6.-Stan Rogers
Jasper Holton
Trae Curtis
James Cloyd
10:50.74aApr 26LHS
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Joaquin Martines38' 9.75May 17Region VI Championsh..
2.12Rhoadie West37' 7.00Apr 26LHS
3.12Michael Williams34' 0.75May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Jake Foshee32' 0.75May 17Region VI Championsh..
5.12Lyndon Coryell30' 9.00Apr 26LHS
6.11Caleb Stout29' 1.00May 3Monroe/Lathrop
7.11Felix Wiedenmann27' 0.75May 3Monroe/Lathrop
8.12Anthony Kline23' 9.00May 3Monroe/Lathrop
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Joaquin Martines137' 3.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
2.12Rhoadie West123' 10.00May 2Anchorage Invite
3.12Michael Williams103' 11.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
4.9Jake Foshee101' 3.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
5.11Caleb Stout92' 2.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
6.12Lyndon Coryell91' 3.25Apr 26LHS
7.11Felix Wiedenmann79' 3.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
8.12Daniel Remington76' 5.00May 2Anchorage Invite
9.12Anthony Kline64' 8.50May 3Monroe/Lathrop
High Jump
1.12David Swenson5' 10.00May 3Anchorage Invite Day..
2.11Marquece McCrae5' 2.00May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
11Josef Maier5' 2.00May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Keel Simon5' 0.00Apr 26LHS
5.11Charles SudduthDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
Long Jump
1.11Marquece McCrae17' 10.75May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
2.12Michael Williams17' 9.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
3.12David Swenson17' 6.50May 17Region VI Championsh..
4.10Micah Banks17' 2.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
5.12Taylor Sawchuk15' 6.75May 3Monroe/Lathrop
6.10Michael Bonar14' 9.50May 2Anchorage Invite
7.9Jesiah Roe13' 10.00May 3Monroe/Lathrop
Triple Jump
1.12David Swenson35' 5.25May 17Region VI Championsh..
2.9Logan Biden34' 0.75May 17Region VI Championsh..
3.12Taylor Sawchuk30' 8.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
4.11Josef Maier30' 7.75May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
5.9Jose CasadosDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
10Michael BonarNMMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..


100 Meters
1.9Illeana Casiano13.40aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.12Patty Eagan13.604aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.11Katherine Alexander13.99aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.11Summer Britton14.26aMay 2Anchorage Invite
5.9Lydia Samuel14.68aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
6.11Jazmine Jones14.75aMay 2Anchorage Invite
7.9Breanna Slater14.80aMay 2Anchorage Invite
8.10Ashley Pompa14.92aMay 2Anchorage Invite
9.10Melissa Spaulding15.23aApr 26LHS
10.11Marisa Baun15.66aApr 26LHS
11.9Payton Sorenson16.10aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
200 Meters
1.12Patty Eagan27.72aMay 2Anchorage Invite
2.11Katherine Alexander28.95aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.9Jenna Difolco30.66aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Lydia Samuel30.95aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.10Ashley Pompa30.99aMay 2Anchorage Invite
6.9Keira Unangst31.65aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
7.9Dierdre OsborneDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
400 Meters
1.10Brooke Gottmeier63.55aMay 2Anchorage Invite
2.12Patty Eagan67.13aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.10Giorgie Michel67.80aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.9Keira Unangst68.46aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.9Maryssa Irizarry84.35aApr 26LHS
6.11Audrey FreemanDNSMay 17Region VI Championsh..
10Ashley PompaDNSMay 17Region VI Championsh..
11Blayke RifleyDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
800 Meters
1.10Brooke Gottmeier2:21.54aMay 31Brian Young Invitati..
2.9Jenna Difolco2:36.12aApr 26LHS
3.10Giorgie Michel2:40.64aApr 26LHS
4.9Nieca Murphy2:41.93aMay 2Anchorage Invite
5.9Emily Maynard2:43.40aMay 2Anchorage Invite
1600 Meters
1.10Brooke Gottmeier5:25.48aMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
2.9Jenna Difolco5:29.643aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.10Giorgie Michel5:45.70aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
4.9Nieca Murphy5:53.09aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
5.9Emily Maynard6:00.22aMay 2Anchorage Invite
3200 Meters
1.9Jenna Difolco11:27.210aMay 23ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.9Nieca Murphy13:01.04aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.9Emily Maynard13:14.32aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jazmine Jones18.23aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.11Sabrina Nichols19.38aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.11Summer Britton20.21aApr 26LHS
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Summer Britton52.95aMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
2.9Madeline Ko53.34aMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
3.11Jazmine Jones55.09aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4x100 Relay
1.-Summer Britton
Katherine Alexander
Patty Eagan
Illeana Casiano
52.77aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 53.172aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
3.-Madeline Ko
Katherine Alexander
Patty Eagan
Illeana Casiano
53.24aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.-Katherine Alexander
Melissa Spaulding
Patty Eagan
Illeana Casiano
55.56aApr 26LHS
5.-Lydia Samuel
Marisa Baun
Keira Unangst
Ashley Pompa
59.80aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:52.23aMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
2.-Brooke Gottmeier
Katherine Alexander
Illeana Casiano
Patty Eagan
1:53.40aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.-Illeana Casiano
Melissa Spaulding
Katherine Alexander
Patty Eagan
1:56.09aApr 26LHS
4.-Lydia Samuel
Breanna Slater
Keira Unangst
Ashley Pompa
2:05.89aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
5.-Madeline Ko
Katherine Alexander
Illeana Casiano
Patty Eagan
DQMay 17Region VI Championsh..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:24.721aMay 24ASAA 4A State Champi..
2.-Patty Eagan
Giorgie Michel
Nieca Murphy
Brooke Gottmeier
4:25.43aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
3.-Brooke Gottmeier
Keira Unangst
Nieca Murphy
Giorgie Michel
4:31.68aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4x800 Relay
1.-Giorgie Michel
Emily Maynard
Nieca Murphy
Brooke Gottmeier
11:09.56aMay 17Region VI Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 11:14.70aMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Illeana Casiano27' 9.25May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
2.12Presley Coryell27' 4.75Apr 26LHS
3.12Kyrstin Allen26' 11.00Apr 26LHS
4.11Sabrina Nichols24' 7.50May 2Anchorage Invite
5.9Zoe Thorsen22' 0.50May 3Monroe/Lathrop
Discus - 1kg
1.12Presley Coryell95' 10.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
2.9Illeana Casiano92' 8.00May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
3.9Zoe Thorsen58' 9.00May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.11Vanessa Wetterhall54' 1.50May 3Monroe/Lathrop
5.12Kyrstin AllenDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
High Jump
1.9Madeline Ko5' 0.00May 3Anchorage Invite Day..
2.9Breanna Slater4' 9.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
3.11Sabrina Nichols4' 8.00May 3Anchorage Invite Day..
4.10Kyla Lathon4' 6.00Apr 26LHS
5.9Celeste Jensen3' 10.00Apr 26LHS
6.10Samantha ClemmonsDNSMay 10Hutchison/West Valle..
Long Jump
1.9Madeline Ko15' 8.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
2.9Breanna Slater14' 2.75May 2Anchorage Invite
3.11Sabrina Nichols13' 3.00May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
4.11Summer Britton12' 8.50May 17Region VI Championsh..
5.10Ashley Pompa12' 0.50May 10Hutchison/West Valle..
6.10Melissa Spaulding11' 10.00Apr 26LHS
7.9Celeste Jensen11' 3.50Apr 26LHS
8.11Audrey Freeman10' 10.00May 2Anchorage Invite
Triple Jump
1.9Madeline Ko33' 0.25May 31Brian Young Invitati..
2.9Breanna Slater28' 11.00May 17Region VI Championsh..
3.11Audrey FreemanNMMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
10Ashley PompaNMMay 3Anchorage Invite Day..
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