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100 Meters
1.9Max Borghi10.94aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.10Jeremy Gonzales10.98aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.12Tim Inthavong11.54aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
4.9Drake Horan11.64cApr 6JV Scrimmage
5.10Adam Eckhart11.80aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
6.10Miles Matulik11.82aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
7.11Ethan Rivera12.18aApr 3Poudre Invitational
8.10Brandon Micale12.20aApr 23JV League
9.10Cameron Gonzales12.37aApr 23JV League
10.10Bryan Gallegos12.64cApr 6JV Scrimmage
9Andrew Rowe12.64cApr 6JV Scrimmage
9McGuire Mallory12.64cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
9Ryan Marquez12.64cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
14.9Mateo Crespin12.84cApr 6JV Scrimmage
15.9Noah Engen13.04cApr 6JV Scrimmage
9Xavier Herrera13.04cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
17.9Marco Robles13.34cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
18.9Jaden Padia13.74cApr 6JV Scrimmage
19.9Garrison Smith14.04cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
200 Meters
1.10Jeremy Gonzales22.26aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.9Max Borghi22.62aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.10Miles Matulik23.27aApr 18Grandview Invitational
4.12Tim Inthavong23.48aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
5.10Trevor Smith24.46aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
6.10Uriah Vigil24.81aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
7.12A.J. Brill25.01aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
8.10Andres Borrego25.04cApr 6JV Scrimmage
9.10Cameron Gonzales25.41aApr 23JV League
10.9Drake Horan25.44aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
9Ryan Marquez25.44cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
12.10Bryan Gallegos26.13aApr 23JV League
13.9Xavier Herrera26.34cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
10Ethan Lavender26.34cApr 6JV Scrimmage
15.9Andrew Rowe26.45aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
16.9Mateo Crespin26.54cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
17.9Noah Engen27.04cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
18.9Jaden Padia28.94cApr 6JV Scrimmage
19.9Garrison Smith29.04cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
400 Meters
1.10Miles Matulik52.79aApr 18Grandview Invitational
2.12Jonathon Lavender54.53aApr 3Poudre Invitational
3.11Ethan Rivera54.55aMar 14Arvada City Championships
10Kevin Myklebust54.55aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
5.10Trevor Smith55.33aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
6.10Adam Eckhart55.78aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
7.12A.J. Brill56.89aMar 14Arvada City Championships
8.10Ethan Lavender57.19aApr 23JV League
9.9McGuire Mallory57.41aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
10.10Andres Borrego58.32aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
11.9Andrew Rowe60.19aApr 23JV League
12.9Mateo Crespin62.82aApr 23JV League
13.9Noah Engen63.24aApr 23JV League
14.9Jaden Padia65.26aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
800 Meters
1.12Marcello Laguera2:00.78aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
2.11Vincent Workman2:02.04aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.12A.J. Brill2:09.66aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
4.12Gavin Mason2:10.02aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
5.10Malachi Blaszkowski2:17.34aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
6.11Ernie Franssen2:17.60aApr 10Pomona Invitational
7.9Jack Bruce2:25.42aMar 14Arvada City Championships
8.10Jesse Wolfe2:25.61aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
9.11Edward Krasinski2:26.23aMar 14Arvada City Championships
10.12Kameron Lowry2:31.51aMar 14Arvada City Championships
1600 Meters
1.12Marcello Laguera4:19.39aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
2.11Vincent Workman4:40.34aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.11Ernie Franssen4:43.13aMar 14Arvada City Championships
4.12Gavin Mason4:43.24aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
5.10Jesse Wolfe5:19.82aApr 18Grandview Invitational
6.10Malachi Blaszkowski5:21.87aApr 23JV League
7.12Kameron Lowry5:27.65aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
8.11Edward Krasinski5:28.98aApr 23JV League
9.9Jack Bruce5:30.78aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
10.9Will Graser6:21.26aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
11.9Brendon Antill6:28.71aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
3200 Meters
1.12Marcello Laguera9:28.69aMar 28Longmont Invitational
2.12Gavin Mason9:54.99aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.11Vincent Workman10:02.04aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
4.11Ernie Franssen10:06.59aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
5.10Malachi Blaszkowski11:16.08aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
6.10Jesse Wolfe12:15.42aApr 23JV League
7.11Edward Krasinski12:17.74aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
8.12Kameron Lowry12:23.54aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
9.9Jack Bruce12:53.43aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
10.9Will Graser14:27.18aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
11.9Brendon Antill14:28.81aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Ryan Marquez16.25aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.11Ernie Gendill16.83aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
3.10Uriah Vigil16.84aApr 18Grandview Invitational
4.10Jack Gleason18.13aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
5.11Trevor J Smith18.98aApr 23JV League
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Ryan Marquez43.20aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.10Jack Gleason43.36aApr 18Grandview Invitational
3.10Uriah Vigil43.70aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
4.11Ernie Gendill44.42aMar 14Arvada City Championships
5.11Trevor J Smith45.18aApr 23JV League
4x100 Relay
1.Max Borghi
Miles Matulik
Tim Inthavong
Jeremy Gonzales
43.23aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Max Borghi
Jeremy Gonzales
Tim Inthavong
Miles Matulik
43.90aApr 10Pomona Invitational
3.Relay Team 44.16aApr 11Pomona Invitational
4.Jeremy Gonzales
Max Borghi
Tim Inthavong
Miles Matulik
44.28aMar 14Arvada City Championships
4x100 Throwers Relay - Throwers
1.Relay Team 52.85aApr 10Pomona Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.Max Borghi
Miles Matulik
Tim Inthavong
Jeremy Gonzales
89.28aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Max Borghi
Jeremy Gonzales
Tim Inthavong
Miles Matulik
1:31.27aApr 10Pomona Invitational
3.Relay Team 1:31.55aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
4.Max Borghi
Jeremy Gonzales
Miles Matulik
Tim Inthavong
1:32.74aMar 14Arvada City Championships
4x400 Relay
1.Jonathon Lavender
Miles Matulik
Kevin Myklebust
Ethan Rivera
3:37.39aApr 10Pomona Invitational
2.Jonathon Lavender
Miles Matulik
Ethan Rivera
Kevin Myklebust
3:37.49aApr 11Pomona Invitational
3.A.J. Brill
Kevin Myklebust
Ethan Rivera
Jonathon Lavender
3:38.55aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
4.Jonathon Lavender
Kevin Myklebust
Miles Matulik
Ethan Rivera
3:39.26aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
5.A.J. Brill
Jonathon Lavender
Miles Matulik
Ethan Rivera
3:47.56aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
6.A.J. Brill
Miles Matulik
Jonathon Lavender
Ethan Rivera
3:50.11aMar 14Arvada City Championships
4x800 Relay
1.Marcello Laguera
Vincent Workman
A.J. Brill
Jonathon Lavender
8:32.85aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Marcello Laguera
A.J. Brill
Malachi Blaszkowski
Jesse Wolfe
8:55.33aApr 11Pomona Invitational
Relay Team 8:55.33aApr 10Pomona Invitational
4.Malachi Blaszkowski
A.J. Brill
Jack Bruce
Jesse Wolfe
9:24.46aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
5.Malachi Blaszkowski
Edward Krasinski
Jesse Wolfe
Jack Bruce
9:53.56aMar 14Arvada City Championships
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Jake Moretti48' 5.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
2.10Brandon Micale43' 2.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.10Isaac Lopez43' 1.00Apr 18Grandview Invitational
4.11Dominic Marquez41' 8.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
5.9Doug Mills37' 6.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
6.10Justin Hutchison35' 11.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
7.10Logan Klene35' 2.00Apr 6JV Scrimmage
8.12Daniel Chavez34' 3.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
9.9Brandon Hodge33' 9.00Apr 23JV League
10.9Garrett Warner32' 0.00Apr 6JV Scrimmage
11.9Andrew Rowe29' 6.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
12.9Brock Boyd29' 1.00Apr 6JV Scrimmage
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Brandon Micale132' 6.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.10Isaac Lopez130' 2.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.10Jake Moretti126' 0.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
4.12Daniel Chavez122' 3.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
5.11Jordan Apodaca117' 3.00Apr 7Varsity Qualifier
6.9Brandon Hodge103' 9.00Apr 6JV Scrimmage
7.9Doug Mills99' 5.00Apr 23JV League
8.9Garrett Warner97' 4.00Apr 23JV League
9.10Logan Klene96' 9.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
10.10Justin Hutchison86' 11.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
11.9Brock Boyd80' 6.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
12.9Andrew Rowe63' 1.00Mar 9Freshman Scrimmage
High Jump
1.11Danny Williams6' 4.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
2.12Justin Roberts5' 11.00May 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.10Nash Redmond5' 2.00Apr 7Varsity Qualifier
4.12Hayden Metz5' 0.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
10Adam Johnson5' 0.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
Pole Vault
1.11Ernie Gendill13' 6.00Apr 18Grandview Invitational
2.10Nolan Krone11' 6.00Apr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.10Jason Romero11' 0.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
4.11Brandon Billups10' 0.00Apr 23JV League
5.11Kyle Dix8' 6.00Apr 23JV League
10Trevor Carlson8' 6.00Apr 23JV League
11Josh Madrid8' 6.00Apr 23JV League
8.9Garrison Smith6' 6.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
Long Jump
1.11Danny Williams21' 10.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
2.12Justin Roberts20' 7.00Apr 10Pomona Invitational
3.12Isaac Marquez20' 1.00Apr 10Pomona Invitational
4.10Adam Johnson19' 2.00May 1Pueblo Twighlight
5.12Hayden Metz17' 4.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
10Nash Redmond17' 4.00Apr 7Varsity Qualifier
7.12Darius Montgomery17' 1.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
8.10Vinny Rowe16' 8.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
9.10Christian Buckner16' 0.00Apr 23JV League
10.10Ethan Lavender14' 8.00Apr 23JV League
Triple Jump
1.11Danny Williams45' 2.74May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.12Justin Roberts41' 5.00May 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.12Isaac Marquez40' 0.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
4.12Hayden Metz39' 5.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
5.10Adam Johnson39' 2.00May 1Pueblo Twighlight
6.11Drake McLean36' 2.00Apr 7Varsity Qualifier
7.10Vinny Rowe34' 0.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
8.10Nash Redmond33' 11.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
9.10Christian Buckner32' 11.50Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
10.12Darius Montgomery31' 10.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier


100 Meters
1.10Semaya Johnson12.49aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.12Jena Strother12.88aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.10Ashley Madden13.47aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
4.10Hannah Gorse13.48aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
5.9Haley Smallwood13.59aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
6.11Angee Grant14.20aApr 18Grandview Invitational
7.11Taylor Bowles14.21aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
8.11Kayla Sloan14.22aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
9.10Madi Billips14.38aApr 23JV League
10.9Shayla Gonzales14.43aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
11.10Taleja Oliver14.49aApr 23JV League
12.10Carla Cruz14.72aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
13.9Tyler Dugan14.94cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
14.10Adrinna Martinez15.10aApr 23JV League
15.10Alexis Bourget15.15aApr 18Grandview Invitational
16.9Mikayla Latta15.24cApr 6JV Scrimmage
17.10Rachel Davis15.34cApr 6JV Scrimmage
18.10Natalja Popovic15.54aApr 23JV League
19.10Alyona Filatova15.94cApr 6JV Scrimmage
20.9Lilliana Mena-Pacheco19.14cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
200 Meters
1.10Semaya Johnson26.07aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.12Sally Filatova27.75aMar 14Arvada City Championships
3.9Haley Smallwood28.06aApr 18Grandview Invitational
4.12Jena Strother28.26aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
5.11Taylor Bowles28.55aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
6.10Ashley Madden28.56aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
7.10Hannah Gorse28.72aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
8.11Kayla Sloan29.11aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
9.10Carla Cruz30.04aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
10.10Madi Billips30.48aApr 23JV League
11.10Rachel Davis31.16aApr 23JV League
12.10Makayla Chadwick31.20aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
13.9Mikayla Latta31.44cApr 6JV Scrimmage
14.10Taleja Oliver31.49aApr 23JV League
15.9Shayla Gonzales31.50aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
16.9Tyler Dugan31.74cMar 9Freshman Scrimmage
17.10Natalja Popovic33.24cApr 6JV Scrimmage
400 Meters
1.12Sally Filatova60.43aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
2.12Teala Whiting61.88aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.11Sophie Miley64.85aApr 10Pomona Invitational
4.12Carly Williams66.96aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
5.11Taylor Bowles68.29aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
6.11Rhi Miley72.18aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
7.10Adrinna Martinez74.65cApr 23JV League
8.10Alexis Bourget79.19cApr 23JV League
800 Meters
1.12Cami Kennedy2:28.62aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.9Rylie Dix2:47.00Mar 9Freshman Scrimmage
3.11Mallie Bruce2:51.63aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
4.11RaeRae Rodriguez3:17.59Apr 23JV League
1600 Meters
1.12Cami Kennedy5:24.14aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
2.11Mallie Bruce5:59.88aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.9Rylie Dix6:11.00Mar 9Freshman Scrimmage
4.11RaeRae Rodriguez7:04.11Apr 23JV League
3200 Meters
1.12Cami Kennedy11:29.98aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.11Mallie Bruce13:27.06aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.9Rylie Dix14:36.33aMar 14Arvada City Championships
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Hannah Gorse18.17aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.9Haley Smallwood18.83aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
3.12Carly Williams18.90aApr 7Varsity Qualifier
4.10Carla Cruz19.58aApr 23JV League
5.10Alexis Bourget22.10aApr 23JV League
6.11Kayla Sloan24.44aMar 14Arvada City Championships
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Haley Smallwood51.31aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.12Carly Williams53.60aApr 10Pomona Invitational
3.10Carla Cruz54.31aMay 1Pueblo Twighlight
4x100 Relay
1.Semaya Johnson
Ashley Madden
Hannah Gorse
Jena Strother
50.78aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Jena Strother
Hannah Gorse
Haley Smallwood
Semaya Johnson
51.84aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.Hannah Gorse
Ashley Madden
Semaya Johnson
Jena Strother
51.94aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
4.Taylor Bowles
Semaya Johnson
Ashley Madden
Jena Strother
52.35aMar 14Arvada City Championships
5.Tyler Dugan
Mikayla Latta
Haley Smallwood
Shayla Gonzales
55.81aApr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
4x200 Relay
1.Semaya Johnson
Ashley Madden
Jena Strother
Sally Filatova
1:45.78aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Ashley Madden
Jena Strother
Sally Filatova
Semaya Johnson
1:47.57aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
3.Jena Strother
Sally Filatova
Ashley Madden
Semaya Johnson
1:48.24aApr 11Pomona Invitational
Relay Team 1:48.24aApr 10Pomona Invitational
5.Sally Filatova
Ashley Madden
Semaya Johnson
Jena Strother
1:50.01aApr 3Poudre Invitational
6.Sally Filatova
Hannah Gorse
Semaya Johnson
Jena Strother
1:50.70aMar 14Arvada City Championships
4x400 Relay
1.Sally Filatova
Teala Whiting
Carly Williams
Sophie Miley
4:13.33aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Sophie Miley
Sally Filatova
Carly Williams
Teala Whiting
4:13.91aApr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.Sally Filatova
Teala Whiting
Sophie Miley
Taylor Bowles
4:14.98aApr 11Pomona Invitational
Taylor Bowles
Sally Filatova
Sophie Miley
Teala Whiting
4:14.98aApr 10Pomona Invitational
5.Sophie Miley
Carly Williams
Teala Whiting
Sally Filatova
4:20.55aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
6.Sally Filatova
Teala Whiting
Taylor Bowles
Sophie Miley
4:21.73aApr 3Poudre Invitational
7.Rhi Miley
Sophie Miley
Sally Filatova
Teala Whiting
4:29.26aMar 14Arvada City Championships
8.Sophie Miley
Taylor Bowles
Teala Whiting
Sally Filatova
4:35.47aMar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
4x800 Relay
1.Alexis Bourget
Adrinna Martinez
Madi Billips
Skyler Sherry
13:02.00aMar 14Arvada City Championships
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Alyona Filatova
Jena Strother
Ashley Madden
Teala Whiting
1:54.92aMay 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.Jena Strother
Ashley Madden
Teala Whiting
Sally Filatova
1:55.49aApr 11Pomona Invitational
Taylor Bowles
Hannah Gorse
Haley Smallwood
Teala Whiting
1:55.49aApr 10Pomona Invitational
4.Hannah Gorse
Haley Smallwood
Sally Filatova
Teala Whiting
1:56.75aApr 3Poudre Invitational
5.Carla Cruz
Rhi Miley
Angee Grant
Kayla Sloan
2:06.00aApr 14Varsity Qualifier
6.Angee Grant
Carla Cruz
Rhi Miley
Sophie Miley
2:08.12aMar 14Arvada City Championships
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Hannah McClure37' 10.00May 1Pueblo Twighlight
2.11Haley Huddleson31' 3.00Apr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
3.10Allya Marx29' 7.50Apr 18Grandview Invitational
4.-Caitlin McGrath28' 4.00Apr 18Grandview Invitational
5.11Kaitlin McGrath28' 3.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
6.10Madison Younger27' 0.00Apr 6JV Scrimmage
7.11Sophia Thompson26' 8.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
8.10Brianna Makumbi22' 8.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
9.9Jshulie Vogel22' 1.00Mar 9Freshman Scrimmage
Discus - 1kg
1.11Hannah McClure108' 7.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
2.12Morgan Dischler101' 0.00Apr 10Pomona Invitational
3.10Allya Marx97' 7.00Apr 7Varsity Qualifier
4.11Breanna McGrath79' 9.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
5.10Brianna Makumbi71' 6.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
6.11Haley Huddleson59' 7.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
7.11Kaitlin McGrath59' 5.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
8.10Madison Younger59' 0.00Apr 23JV League
9.9Jshulie Vogel57' 10.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
High Jump
1.10Makayla Chadwick4' 4.00Apr 23JV League
Pole Vault
1.9Tyler Dugan6' 6.00Apr 23JV League
9Livia Zarlengo6' 6.00Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
Long Jump
1.12Alexa Zarlengo15' 8.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
2.11Angee Grant14' 9.00May 9Jeffco 5A League Finals
3.9Livia Zarlengo13' 8.50Apr 13Dennis Shepard Freshman L..
4.9Tyler Dugan13' 2.00Mar 12Varsity Non- Qualifier
5.11Skyler Sherry12' 10.00Apr 14Varsity Qualifier
6.10Makayla Chadwick12' 6.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships
Triple Jump
1.12Alexa Zarlengo32' 3.00Apr 3Poudre Invitational
2.9Livia Zarlengo31' 0.00Apr 23JV League
3.11Angee Grant30' 1.00Apr 24Stutler Bowl Qualifier
4.10Makayla Chadwick28' 8.00Mar 14Arvada City Championships

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