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    Lions - Cottage Grove, OR

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100 Meters
1.12*Michael Tharpe11.46aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.12Brynden Howell11.74cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.12Reily Boyce11.94cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
4.10Cooper Ladd12.11aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.10Chad Bottorff12.13aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
6.10Jacob Woods12.22aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.12Chris Clure12.41aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
8.12Trevor Layne12.55aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
9.10Hayden Glenn12.61aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
10.10Trenton Grover12.98aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
11.10Markus Julien13.24aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
12.10Ethan Burleson13.61aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
13.10Hunter Hall13.74aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
14.11Sokhoun Nhep14.01aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
15.11Brady Covey14.02aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
16.10Fernando Rodas-Martin14.26aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
17.12Kevin Manuntag14.82aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
18.12Cody Peck14.95aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
19.11Raiph Huber15.02aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
20.9Erick Vallejo GiffenSCRApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
12Connor HowardDNSApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
12Adrian SosaDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
200 Meters
1.12Connor Howard22.94cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.12Chris Clure23.74cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.12Brynden Howell24.67aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
4.11Tucker Porter24.83aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
5.10Hayden Glenn24.85aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.10Chad Bottorff24.93aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
7.10Cooper Ladd25.19aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
8.9Erick Vallejo Giffen25.90aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
9.10Markus Julien27.47aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
10.10Ethan Burleson28.59aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
11.12Cody Peck30.80aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
12.11Raiph HuberSCRApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
400 Meters
1.12*Connor Howard51.39aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.10*Chad Bottorff55.34aApr 23Meet of Champions
3.9Erick Vallejo Giffen56.74aApr 2Marist Track Classic
4.9Jasper Nichols-Ferguson64.51aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
5.10Fernando Rodas-Martin65.08aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
6.10Ethan Burleson66.27aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
800 Meters
1.10Alex Clifton2:19.13aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
2.9Erick Vallejo Giffen2:19.36aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
3.10Daniel Dunn2:20.02aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4.9Konnor Owens2:30.60aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.10Colton Benner2:34.54aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
6.10Gabe Glenn2:34.61aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
7.10Fernando Rodas-Martin2:34.78aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
8.9George Cervantes2:35.08aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
9.10Matteo Liserre2:37.48aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
10.9Lake Fultz3:02.07aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
1500 Meters
1.9Konrad Raum4:31.30aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
2.9Paesen Timm4:41.72aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.10Daniel Dunn4:56.34aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4.10Alex Clifton5:04.43aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
5.12Ryan Barger5:06.99aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.9Konnor Owens5:18.63aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.10Gabe Glenn5:19.02aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
8.10Matteo Liserre5:38.62aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
9.9George Cervantes5:52.33aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
10.9Lake Fultz6:13.61aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
11.9Jasper Nichols-FergusonDNSApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
3000 Meters
1.9*Konrad Raum9:38.81aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.9*Paesen Timm9:50.57aApr 23Meet of Champions
3.12Ryan Barger10:52.51aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Michael Tharpe15.24cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.10Jacob Woods16.64aApr 2Marist Track Classic
3.10*Hayden Glenn16.83aApr 23Meet of Champions
4.10Joshua Claflin18.40aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12*Michael Tharpe42.78aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.10Hayden Glenn43.54cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.10*Joshua Claflin44.63aApr 23Meet of Champions
4.10Colton Benner53.48aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
5.9Erick Vallejo GiffenSCRApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4x100 Relay
1.-*Micheal Tharpe
Connor Howard
Jacob Woods
Brynden Howell
44.10aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.Michael Tharpe
Connor Howard
Reily Boyce
Chad Bottorff
44.88aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.Michael Tharpe
Reily Boyce
Connor Howard
Brynden Howell
44.92aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
4.Chad Bottorff
Chris Clure
Brynden Howell
Jacob Woods
45.45aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
5.Michael Tharpe
Chad Bottorff
Jacob Woods
Brynden Howell
45.53aApr 2Marist Track Classic
6.Chris Clure
Reily Boyce
Erick Vallejo Giffen
Hayden Glenn
47.68aApr 2Marist Track Classic
7.Alex Clifton
Trenton Grover
Markus Julien
Cooper Ladd
48.45aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
8.Relay Team 48.69aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4x400 Relay
1.Tucker Porter
Jayden Tucker
Chad Bottorff
Connor Howard
3:39.69aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
2.Tucker Porter
Erick Vallejo Giffen
Jayden Tucker
Connor Howard
3:40.03aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.*Tucker Porter
Jayden Tucker
Erick Vallejo Giffen
Connor Howard
3:42.69aApr 23Meet of Champions
4.Tucker Porter
Chris Clure
Michael Tharpe
Chad Bottorff
3:48.65aApr 2Marist Track Classic
5.Relay Team 3:55.00aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
6.Alex Clifton
Daniel Dunn
Fernando Rodas-Martin
Cooper Ladd
4:08.46aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
7.Chad Bottorff
Konrad Raum
Alex Clifton
Gabe Glenn
4:15.44aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
8.Konrad Raum
Alex Clifton
Gabe Glenn
Fernando Rodas-Martin
4:19.14aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Brad Geisler44' 10.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
2.10Hunter Hall41' 7.25Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
3.12Buddy Schelin39' 0.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4.12Seth Green38' 4.50Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
5.12Trevor Layne33' 10.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.9Conner Simons33' 2.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.9Jared Simmons32' 4.50Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
8.12Kenny Brooks31' 8.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
9.12Adrian Sosa26' 0.50Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
10.11Colby Swenson25' 11.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
11.11Raiph Huber21' 3.50Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12*Brad Geisler139' 3.00Apr 23Meet of Champions
2.12*Seth Green125' 1.00Apr 23Meet of Champions
3.9Jared Simmons94' 0.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4.12Buddy Schelin92' 11.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.12Kenny Brooks89' 1.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.11Colby Swenson86' 2.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.12Adrian Sosa45' 1.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
Javelin - 800g
1.10*Hunter Hall150' 6.00Apr 23Meet of Champions
2.12Brynden Howell132' 4.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
3.11Brady Covey115' 7.00Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
4.9Conner Simons114' 1.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
5.12Michael Tharpe111' 7.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
6.10Takoda Brooks105' 8.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
7.12Ryan Barger96' 2.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
8.12Cody Peck95' 4.00Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
9.9Lake Fultz93' 8.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
10.11Raiph Huber85' 0.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
11.9Jasper Nichols-Ferguson84' 8.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
12.12Kevin Manuntag68' 4.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
13.10Colton BennerNDApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
High Jump
1.9Erick Vallejo Giffen5' 10.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.10Joshua Claflin5' 8.00Apr 2Marist Track Classic
3.11Tucker Porter5' 6.00Apr 2Marist Track Classic
10Hayden Glenn5' 6.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
5.9DeJean Alonzo5' 2.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
6.10Trenton Grover5' 0.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.10Jacob WoodsDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
Pole Vault
1.11Max Gause9' 6.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.10Takoda Brooks8' 6.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
9DeJean Alonzo8' 6.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
Long Jump
1.11Tucker Porter20' 1.25Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.12Jayden Tucker19' 11.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.10Jacob Woods19' 4.75Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4.10Trenton Grover19' 2.50Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
5.12Reily Boyce18' 10.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.10Joshua Claflin18' 2.75Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
7.10Hayden Glenn17' 7.75Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
8.12Trevor Layne17' 4.75Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
9.10Colton Benner17' 4.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
10.10Cooper Ladd16' 10.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
11.9DeJean Alonzo16' 8.50Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
12.10Markus Julien16' 3.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
13.11Sokhoun Nhep13' 2.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
14.12Brynden HowellDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
12Adrian SosaDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
9Erick Vallejo GiffenDNSApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Triple Jump
1.11*Tucker Porter40' 7.75Apr 23Meet of Champions
2.12Jayden Tucker38' 11.50Apr 2Marist Track Classic
3.9Erick Vallejo Giffen37' 5.25Apr 2Marist Track Classic
4.10Hayden Glenn36' 11.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
5.10Cooper Ladd35' 3.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.12Reily BoyceSCRApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..


100 Meters
1.10Zarah Wemple13.44cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.9Angelica Manuntag14.39aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
3.9Tara Child14.69aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4.11McKenzie Gullickson14.74aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
5.9Lexie Hall14.83aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.11Meilani Pang15.08aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
7.9Skyah Fugate15.22aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
8.10Faryn Dahlen15.25aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
9.9Alexi Cohen15.70aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
10.10Emma Fain15.97aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
11.9Arianna Rodman16.55aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
12.10Carley Wilke16.89aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
13.11Hannah AlbrechtSCRApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
200 Meters
1.11*Hannah Albrecht27.72aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.11Celeste Pelham29.72aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.11Meilani Pang31.64aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
4.9Alexi Cohen32.00aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.11Aramie Nydam32.31aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.10Emma Fain33.14aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
7.9Kenzie Parsons33.70aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
8.9Skyah Fugate34.44aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
400 Meters
1.11*Hannah Albrecht61.06aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.11Aramie Nydam69.09aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
3.9Kenzie ParsonsNTApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
800 Meters
1.11Hudson Weybright2:34.66aApr 2Marist Track Classic
2.12Breanna Wright2:34.95aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
3.12Jaylene Forrester2:39.70aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4.11Abril Leal2:47.71aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
5.9Tyra Gordon2:56.23aApr 2Marist Track Classic
6.11Aramie Nydam2:58.97aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
7.9Kenzie Parsons3:02.26aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
1500 Meters
1.12*Breanna Wright5:08.50aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.11*Hudson Weybright5:16.92aApr 23Meet of Champions
3.11Abril Leal5:45.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
4.12Jaylene Forrester5:53.06aApr 2Marist Track Classic
5.10Emma Fain5:57.49aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
6.11Aramie Nydam6:24.26aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
7.9Kenzie Parsons6:29.48aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3000 Meters
1.12Breanna Wright12:06.50Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.11*Abril Leal12:13.71aApr 23Meet of Champions
3.12Jaylene Forrester12:47.20Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
4.11Aramie NydamNTApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Celeste Pelham17.44cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.10*Faryn Dahlen17.53aApr 23Meet of Champions
3.9Tyra Gordon18.35aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
4.12Maeve Dahlen18.51aApr 2Marist Track Classic
5.9Angelica Manuntag20.55aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.10Soleil Gordon22.97aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11*Celeste Pelham51.16aApr 23Meet of Champions
2.9Tyra Gordon52.64cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.9Lexie Hall57.56aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.10Faryn Dahlen59.17aMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4x100 Relay
1.Hannah Albrecht
Zarah Wemple
Tara Child
Angelica Manuntag
54.37aApr 2Marist Track Classic
2.Zarah Wemple
Faryn Dahlen
Celeste Pelham
Angelica Manuntag
54.61aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
3.Faryn Dahlen
Tyra Gordon
Angelica Manuntag
Zarah Wemple
55.36aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.Hannah Albrecht
Faryn Dahlen
Angelica Manuntag
Zarah Wemple
55.74cApr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
5.Relay Team 57.14aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.Angelica Manuntag
Carley Wilke
Lexie Hall
Meilani Pang
59.46aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
7.Hannah Albrecht
Faryn Dahlen
McKenzie Gullickson
Zarah Wemple
DNFMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4x400 Relay
1.Hannah Albrecht
Zarah Wemple
Hudson Weybright
Breanna Wright
4:27.85aApr 2Marist Track Classic
2.Zarah Wemple
Breanna Wright
Hudson Weybright
Jaylene Forrester
4:32.80aApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.Zarah Wemple
Breanna Wright
Melissa Thielman
Hudson Weybright
4:35.83aApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
4.Relay Team 4:36.83aApr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.Zarah Wemple
Lexie Hall
Melissa Thielman
Abril Leal
4:50.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
6.Emma Fain
Chelsea Armstrong
Aramie Nydam
Angelica Manuntag
4:57.03aApr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Cassidy Herbert30' 2.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
2.11Paige Welch27' 9.00Apr 2Marist Track Classic
3.11Kaitlyn Brooks26' 5.50Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.9Arianna Rodman26' 0.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
5.12Delia Nichols-Ferguson23' 8.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
6.10Kasie Russell23' 1.50Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
7.9Miranda McCasline22' 5.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
8.9Irene Nichols-FergusonDNSApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
Discus - 1kg
1.9Cassidy Herbert93' 5.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
2.12Delia Nichols-Ferguson80' 4.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.11Paige Welch72' 0.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.9Miranda McCasline63' 8.50Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
5.11Melissa Powers63' 7.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.9Arianna Rodman58' 1.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
7.9Riley Hutchins49' 9.50Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
8.11Kaitlyn BrooksDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
11Aramie NydamFOULMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
Javelin - 600g
1.11Melissa Powers111' 1.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
2.11Kaitlyn Brooks98' 6.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.11Hudson Weybright87' 3.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
4.9Riley Hutchins85' 0.00Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
5.10Kasie Russell68' 1.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
6.9Arianna Rodman58' 3.00Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
7.10Hayle Maitia52' 6.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
8.10Carley Wilke45' 9.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
9.10Cassidy Lusson41' 1.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
10.11Aramie NydamDNSMar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
High Jump
1.12Melissa Thielman4' 10.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
10Keara Murphy4' 10.00Apr 2Marist Track Classic
3.12Jaylene Forrester4' 8.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.10Cassidy Lusson4' 2.00Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
5.12Maeve DahlenNHApr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Pole Vault
1.10Chelsea Armstrong6' 6.00Apr 21Cottage Grove and J. City..
2.10Hayle Maitia6' 0.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Long Jump
1.10Keara Murphy15' 5.75Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
2.9Tyra Gordon13' 11.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
3.10Faryn Dahlen13' 7.75Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
4.12Maeve Dahlen13' 4.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
5.11Hudson Weybright12' 10.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
6.9Cassidy Herbert12' 7.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
7.9Kenzie Parsons12' 2.75Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
8.10Hayle Maitia12' 1.50Mar 17Cottage Grove Icebreaker
9.10Cora Cook11' 11.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
10.10Carley Wilke11' 6.75Apr 15Up & Comers JV Invite
11.9Irene Nichols-Ferguson10' 1.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
Triple Jump
1.12Delia Nichols-Ferguson28' 10.25Apr 2Marist Track Classic
2.10Keara Murphy28' 10.00Apr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..
3.12Maeve Dahlen28' 8.00Apr 8Springfield Rotary Invita..
4.10Cora Cook26' 0.00Apr 12Sisters & Cottage Grove @..
5.9Irene Nichols-FergusonFOULApr 6Sutherlin, Junction City ..

* = Recent improvement