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Trojan - Pe Ell, WA

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100 Meters
1.7Andrew Schulz13.84cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8*Kalib Lawton14.44aApr 16Napavine ms meet
3.8Kalib Brannon14.80aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.6Titus OatmanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Dana IshamSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Kaleb OatmanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Kaleb McCaldenSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6*Derik LittleNTApr 16Napavine ms meet
6*Jeremiah YostNTApr 16Napavine ms meet
200 Meters
1.8Kalib Lawton28.54cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8Kalib Brannon31.24cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.7Hezekiah Carter34.34cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
4.7*Dana Isham36.76aApr 16Napavine ms meet
5.6Jeremiah YostSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
400 Meters
1.6Rico AmesSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Derik LittleSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Colton NelsonSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Noah McAllisterSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6*Titus OatmanNTApr 16Napavine ms meet
800 Meters
1.8Luke Joner2:34.98aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
2.6Rico Ames2:51.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.6Titus Oatman3:03.72aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.8Bradley Prestegord3:20.91aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
5.7Drue Kiser3:36.37aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6.7Carson CoxSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Dana IshamSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
1600 Meters
1.7Colton Nelson6:03.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.7Hunter HokeSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Rico AmesSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Luke JonerSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.6Titus Oatman22.97aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
2.6Derik Little25.43aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.6Titus Oatman21.84cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
4x100 Relay
1.Ryan Shepherd
Kaleb Oatman
Kaleb McCalden
Kalib Lawton
55.84cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.Relay Team 60.46aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8*Bradley Prestegord27' 10.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.6*Jeremiah Yost23' 5.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
3.8*Noah McAllister19' 2.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
4.7Drue Kiser19' 0.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
5.6*Derik Little14' 11.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
6.8*Kaleb OatmanNDApr 16Napavine ms meet
7Hezekiah CarterSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Kaleb McCaldenSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Shot Put - 12lb
1.8Kaleb Oatman32' 4.50Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.6Jeremiah Yost24' 0.50Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
Discus - 1kg
1.8*Bradley Prestegord106' 1.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.8*Kaleb McCalden85' 3.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
3.6*Jeremiah Yost50' 0.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
4.7*Drue Kiser49' 5.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
5.8*Noah McAllister42' 6.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
6.7Hezekiah CarterSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Kaleb OatmanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Discus - 1.6kg
1.8Bradley Prestegord109' 1.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8Kaleb McCalden88' 2.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.7Drue Kiser52' 10.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
4.6Jeremiah Yost46' 8.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
Javelin - 400g TJ
1.8*Ryan Shepherd110' 6.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.8*Luke Joner89' 10.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
3.8*Kaleb McCalden82' 6.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
4.7*Drue Kiser60' 3.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
5.6Derik Little58' 0.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
6.8*Noah McAllister56' 10.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
7.6*Rico Ames46' 5.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
8.6*Titus OatmanNDApr 16Napavine ms meet
Javelin - 800g
1.8Kaleb McCalden102' 0.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
High Jump
1.8Kaleb McCalden4' 10.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.7Andrew Schulz4' 4.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
7*Colton Nelson4' 4.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
4.7*Carson Cox4' 2.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
6*Titus Oatman4' 2.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
7*Hezekiah Carter4' 2.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
7.8Bradley Prestegord4' 0.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
8.7Dana Isham3' 10.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
9.6Derik LittleSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Long Jump
1.7*Andrew Schulz14' 10.50Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.8*Kalib Lawton14' 9.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
3.8Kaleb Oatman13' 4.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
4.8*Ryan Shepherd12' 11.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
5.7*Carson Cox12' 7.50Apr 16Napavine ms meet
6.8*Kalib Brannon12' 4.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
7.7Dana Isham11' 10.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
8.8*Luke Joner11' 9.50Apr 16Napavine ms meet
9.7*Colton Nelson11' 2.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
10.6*Derik Little10' 6.50Apr 16Napavine ms meet
11.7*Hezekiah Carter9' 6.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
12.7*Drue Kiser8' 9.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
13.6Jeremiah YostSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Titus OatmanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Triple Jump
1.7Andrew Schulz30' 8.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
2.8Kaleb Oatman29' 10.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.8Ryan Shepherd28' 0.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.7Dana Isham26' 2.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
5.6Rico Ames23' 6.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet


100 Meters
1.7Alli Justice15.14cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.7Amy Coleman16.24aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.8Anna Nacht16.26aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.8Makayla Newell16.52aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
5.8*Tierra Lafon17.44aApr 16Napavine ms meet
6.6Phoebe Coleman17.69aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7.6*Macy Coleman17.89aApr 16Napavine ms meet
8.7Katie DavisSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Emily JusticeSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Tori LangeSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
200 Meters
1.7Alli Justice32.04cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8Kayla Harris36.11aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.6*Emily Justice36.52aApr 16Napavine ms meet
4.6Phoebe Coleman37.19aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
400 Meters
1.7Amy Coleman74.04cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.6Macy Coleman84.04cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.6*Emily JusticeNTApr 16Napavine ms meet
6Phoebe ColemanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Kayla HarrisSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
800 Meters
1.7*Savannah Johnston2:52.43aApr 16Napavine ms meet
2.7*Katie Davis3:26.09aApr 16Napavine ms meet
1600 Meters
1.7Amy ColemanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Savannah JohnstonSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8*Tori Lange19.14aApr 16Napavine ms meet
2.7Alli Justice20.18aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.7Savannah Johnston21.03aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.6*Emily Justice23.56aApr 16Napavine ms meet
5.6*Macy Coleman24.58aApr 16Napavine ms meet
6.7Katie Davis24.65aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7.6*Phoebe Coleman27.62aApr 16Napavine ms meet
8.8*Kayla HarrisNTApr 16Napavine ms meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Tori Lange19.24cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.7Alli Justice20.14cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.8Kayla Harris23.04cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 63.90aMar 26Rainier MS Meet
2.Emily Justice
Katie Davis
Savannah Johnston
Amy Coleman
66.34cApr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
3.*Emily Justice
Savannah Johnston
Amy Coleman
Katie Davis
DQApr 16Napavine ms meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8*Makayla Newell19' 3.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.8Anna NachtSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Tierra LafonSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.8Makayla Newell60' 0.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8*Anna Nacht51' 0.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
3.8Tierra Lafon45' 10.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.8Kayla Harris37' 0.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
Javelin - 400g TJ
1.8*Anna Nacht58' 10.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.8Tierra Lafon47' 5.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.8Kayla Harris33' 2.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.8Makayla NewellSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6*Macy ColemanNDApr 16Napavine ms meet
6*Phoebe ColemanNDApr 16Napavine ms meet
Javelin - 600g
1.8Tierra Lafon52' 6.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
High Jump
1.8Tori Lange4' 8.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
Long Jump
1.8Tori Lange13' 2.00Apr 2Wahkiakum,Mossyrock,..
2.8Tierra Lafon10' 10.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
3.8Anna Nacht10' 4.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
4.8Kayla Harris8' 9.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
8Makayla Newell8' 9.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
6.6Emily Justice7' 11.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
7.7Savannah JohnstonSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Alli JusticeSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Katie DavisSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
7Amy ColemanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Macy ColemanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
6Phoebe ColemanSCRMar 26Rainier MS Meet
Triple Jump
1.7*Katie Davis23' 3.00Apr 16Napavine ms meet
2.7Alli Justice23' 0.00Mar 26Rainier MS Meet
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