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Patriots - Renton, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Romney Noel11.84cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.9Ethan Le12.44cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.10*Alex Pappas12.53aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.12Tyler Le12.54cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
10Christian Wong12.54cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
6.11*Steven Tuttle12.67aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
7.11*Alec Bluhm12.81aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
8.10*Marek Pierepiekarz13.09aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
9.9Jared Winfield13.14cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
10.9Brian Tran13.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
10Griffin Cherry13.34cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
12.9*Evan Mikaelian13.81aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
200 Meters
1.12Ashby Brown24.84cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
9Ethan Le24.84cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.11*Alec Bluhm25.72aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.10Alex Pappas25.84cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
5.12Tyler Le26.14cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
6.11*Steven Tuttle26.17aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
7.10*Marek Pierepiekarz26.20aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
8.10*Christian Wong26.79aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
9.9Jared Winfield27.04cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
10.9Brian Tran28.04cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
11.9*Evan Mikaelian28.86aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
12.10*Griffin Cherry30.61aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
400 Meters
1.12Ashby Brown52.64cMar 29Liberty Invite
2.11Nick Klatt54.84cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.9Evan Mikaelian62.54cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
800 Meters
1.12Aaron Bowe1:59.60Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.10*Andrew Cooper2:05.76aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.11*Trevor Sytsma2:06.51aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.11Nick Klatt2:06.90Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
1600 Meters
1.12*Aaron Bowe4:26.77aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.11Trevor Sytsma4:39.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.10Andrew Cooper4:44.10Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
4.10*James Ricks5:01.43aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.11Nick Bliesner5:02.70Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
6.9Jake Knoblich5:03.50Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
7.10Hunter Good5:04.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
8.10Nick Siegfried5:32.60Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3200 Meters
1.12Aaron Bowe9:27.48aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
2.11Nick Bliesner10:47.10Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.10James Ricks10:50.10Mar 29Liberty Invite
4.9Jake Knoblich10:51.80Mar 29Liberty Invite
5.10Nick Siegfried11:39.80Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
6.10Andrew Cooper12:50.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11*Romney Noel15.83aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11*Romney Noel42.56aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.10*Nate Solly43.23aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.10*Marek Pierepiekarz47.87aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4x100 Relay
1.*Ethan Le
Alex Pappas
Christian Wong
Tyler Le
48.74aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.Ethan Le
Tyler Le
Alec Bluhm
Alex Pappas
49.04cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.Relay Team 49.14cMar 29Liberty Invite
4.Alec Bluhm
Alex Pappas
Christian Wong
Tyler Le
49.44cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
5.Alec Bluhm
Christian Wong
Ethan Le
Tyler Le
NTApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
4x200 Relay
1.Alec Bluhm
Tyler Le
Ethan Le
Christian Wong
NTApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
4x400 Relay
1.*Aaron Bowe
Ashby Brown
Romney Noel
Nick Klatt
3:37.45aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.Relay Team 3:40.70Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.Romney Noel
Alec Bluhm
Nick Klatt
Ashby Brown
3:42.90Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
4.Romney Noel
Nick Klatt
Trevor Sytsma
Aaron Bowe
3:43.40Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
5.Aaron Bowe
Ashby Brown
Romney Noel
Ethan Le
NTApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jacob Todderud33' 7.25Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.11*Adam Crowder33' 0.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.10Gordon Duncan27' 0.25Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
4.9*Marcos Dacanay26' 3.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.9Trevor Tran25' 8.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
6.10Alec Linnenkamp23' 7.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
7.9Wyatt Waters20' 4.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Adam Crowder108' 0.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.9*Marcos Dacanay92' 9.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.11*Jacob Todderud91' 5.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.10Andrew Westenbroek79' 6.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
5.10Alec Linnenkamp63' 11.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
6.9Trevor Tran62' 8.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
7.9Garrett Waters45' 4.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
Javelin - 800g
1.10Nate Solly132' 0.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.10Andrew Westenbroek99' 10.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.10Liam Fenn87' 1.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
4.11Thomas Hill84' 10.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
5.12Tyler Le83' 9.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
6.10Gordon Duncan77' 0.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
7.10*Alec Linnenkamp60' 5.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
8.9Garrett Waters60' 2.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
9.9Wyatt Waters50' 0.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
High Jump
1.11Andrew Baugh6' 0.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.10Marek Pierepiekarz5' 2.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
11*Benjamin Tran5' 2.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
Long Jump
1.11*Benjamin Tran18' 8.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.11Josh Ryker17' 6.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.9Jared Winfield15' 10.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
4.10Liam Fenn14' 1.25Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
Triple Jump
1.10Christian Wong34' 8.50Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty


100 Meters
1.11Cherelle Demps12.84cMar 29Liberty Invite
2.11*Shannell Thompson13.53aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.12*Tara Johnson13.55aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.9*Sophie Wartena13.72aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.9Rachel McKee13.94cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
9Kaiah McLaren13.94cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
7.11*Taylor Jackson14.13aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
8.9Brianna Fisher14.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
9.9Rachel Williams14.44cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
10.12Shannon Powell14.74cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
12Shaniah Adriano14.74cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
12.9*Riley McNutt14.89aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
13.9Taylor Krzycki14.94cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
14.9*Grace Blue15.14aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
15.9Isabella Koler15.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
16.10*Julia Shchepanskiy15.48aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
17.10*Paige Hopkins15.74aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
10Nicole Crook15.74cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
19.9Madeline Dike15.84cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
20.9*Grace Morford15.98aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
9*Jordan Neyland15.98aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
22.10Megan Russell17.04cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
200 Meters
1.11Cherelle Demps26.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.11Shannell Thompson27.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3.12*Tara Johnson28.10aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.9Kaiah McLaren28.24cMar 29Liberty Invite
5.10*Kelli Anderson28.42aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
6.9Sophie Wartena30.04cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
7.9Rachel Williams30.64cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
8.11Taylor Jackson30.74cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
9.9Brianna Fisher31.24cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
10.9Riley McNutt31.54cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
11.9Grace Blue31.64cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
12.9Isabella Koler31.84cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
13.9Taylor Krzycki31.94cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
14.9*Madeline Dike32.03aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
15.10*Paige Hopkins33.06aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
16.9*Jordan Neyland34.64aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
17.10*Julia Shchepanskiy35.53aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
18.10Megan Russell35.54cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
400 Meters
1.9Sophie Wartena65.44cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.10*Tyra Christopherson66.28aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
3.11*Samantha Harrell68.95aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.9*Madeline Dike70.99aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.9Grace Morford78.44cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
800 Meters
1.10Carlyn Schmidgall2:29.60Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.10Tyra Christopherson2:30.60Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.11*Sarah Bliesner2:32.94aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.10Anna Malesis2:33.20Apr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
5.9*Brigette Takeuchi2:37.83aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
1600 Meters
1.10Carlyn Schmidgall5:29.50Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.9Kelsey Takeuchi5:30.50Apr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
3.9Brigette Takeuchi5:37.49aApr 12Tacoma Invitational
4.11Sarah Bliesner5:44.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
5.10Anna Malesis5:53.40Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3200 Meters
1.10Carlyn Schmidgall11:44.70Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.10Tyra Christopherson12:05.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.10*Anna Malesis12:27.24aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.11Sarah Bliesner14:59.50Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
5.9*Dhaman Kaur16:20.31aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11*Kelley Johnson17.76aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.11Jordan Raymond19.84cMar 29Liberty Invite
3.11Sarina Gordon21.64cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11*Kelley Johnson48.99aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
2.9Sophie Wartena53.54cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
11Jordan Raymond53.54cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
4.11Sarina Gordon60.34cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
5.9*Jordan Neyland67.93aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 50.84cMar 29Liberty Invite
2.Jordan Raymond
Taylor Jackson
Cherelle Demps
Danielle Demps
50.91aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
Shannell Thompson
Maddie Mak
Cherelle Demps
Danielle Demps
50.91aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
4.Kelley Johnson
Shannell Thompson
Cherelle Demps
Danielle Demps
50.94cMar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
5.Kelley Johnson
Shannell Thompson
Danielle Demps
Cherelle Demps
51.24cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
6.*Shannell Thompson
Danielle Demps
Kelley Johnson
Tara Johnson
51.62aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
7.Kaiah McLaren
Taylor Jackson
Brianna Fisher
Rachel McKee
55.84cApr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
4x200 Relay
1.Kelli Anderson
Shannell Thompson
Danielle Demps
Cherelle Demps
1:47.50Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.Kelley Johnson
Shannell Thompson
Danielle Demps
Cherelle Demps
1:47.70Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
3.Cherelle Demps
Danielle Demps
Kelley Johnson
Rachel McKee
1:48.50aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
Cherelle Demps
Danielle Demps
Kelley Johnson
Maddie Mak
1:48.50aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
5.*Kelli Anderson
Shannell Thompson
Tara Johnson
Danielle Demps
1:49.04aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
6.Relay Team 1:49.90Mar 29Liberty Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Kelley Johnson
Jordan Raymond
Shaniah Adriano
Kelli Anderson
4:18.70Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.Kelley Johnson
Shaniah Adriano
Kelli Anderson
Samantha Harrell
4:23.70Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3.Relay Team 4:26.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
4.*Kelli Anderson
Kelley Johnson
Samantha Harrell
Shaniah Adriano
4:26.55aApr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.Kelli Anderson
Maddie Mak
Brigette Takeuchi
Kelley Johnson
4:35.75aApr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Madilyn Peters29' 9.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.10Savannah Metzger23' 7.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.12Amy Ellenberg72' 10.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.10Alissa Campbell72' 6.00Apr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
3.9*Madilyn Peters66' 9.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.12Alicia Abraham62' 10.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
5.11Michelle Blue43' 0.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
Javelin - 600g
1.12Amy Ellenberg111' 3.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.12Alicia Abraham88' 9.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.9*Rachel McKee85' 2.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.10*Savannah Metzger80' 3.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.9Taylor Krzycki73' 5.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
6.9*Rachel Williams71' 10.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
7.10Nicole Crook68' 0.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
8.10*Paige Balut67' 2.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
9.9Brianna Fisher64' 6.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
10.10*Alissa Campbell63' 6.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
11.10*Vincy Fok62' 2.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
12.10*Paige Hopkins60' 5.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
13.10Julia Shchepanskiy59' 8.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
14.9Grace Morford57' 5.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
15.11Michelle Blue37' 10.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
16.9Isabella Koler37' 1.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
17.10Megan Russell36' 4.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
High Jump
1.10Kelli Anderson4' 8.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
2.10Maddie Mak4' 6.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3.10Alissa Campbell4' 4.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
Pole Vault
1.11Sarina Gordon6' 9.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
Long Jump
1.11Danielle Demps16' 6.00Apr 5Birger Solberg Invit..
2.10Maddie Mak14' 5.00Mar 27Juanita vs. Liberty
3.11Samantha Harrell14' 2.50Mar 29Liberty Invite
4.10Nicole Crook13' 6.00Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
5.12*Shannon Powell13' 3.50Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
Triple Jump
1.10Maddie Mak33' 6.50Apr 3Lake Wash @ Liberty
2.11Danielle Demps32' 6.50Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.11*Samantha Harrell30' 1.50Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
4.12*Shannon Powell30' 1.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
5.10*Alissa Campbell29' 8.00Apr 17Liberty @ Mount Si
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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