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    Papermakers - Camas, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Chris Hayes11.12awMay 22West Central District 3A,..
2.10Joshua Hayes11.60aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
3.10Kenny Marshall11.64cMay 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
4.9Zack Marshall11.71aApr 17Mountain Invitational
5.12Zak Valenter11.74cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.9Jared Smith12.44cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
10Nicholas Lim12.44cMar 21Tiger Invite
11Jason Jones12.44cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
9.10Mark Hughes12.64cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
10.12Brian Claire12.84cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
10Eric Lindoff12.84cApr 28Union vs Camas
12.11Jonathan Deibele13.24cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
13.9Kolten Deford13.34cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
14.9Jordan Mazi13.74cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
15.9Hank Midles13.84cApr 28Union vs Camas
16.10Justin Lebowski14.74cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
17.9Timothy Miles15.54cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
18.10Lucas Smith4:49.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
19.10Anthony Kern5:04.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
20.9Austin Vaughan5:13.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
21.9Derek Hood5:23.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
22.10Miles Goritski5:25.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
23.10Parker Ketring5:39.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
24.10Justin Brusasco5:40.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
200 Meters
1.12Chris Hayes22.32awMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.9Zack Marshall23.43awMay 22West Central District 3A,..
3.10Joshua Hayes23.44cApr 28Union vs Camas
4.10Seth Childers24.44cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
5.9Kyle Schrader24.64cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.9Jared Smith25.14cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.10Mark Hughes25.34cApr 28Union vs Camas
8.10Lucas Smith25.64cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
9.9Max Goss26.64cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
10.10Eric Lindoff26.94cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
11.9Scott Feather27.24cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
12.10Thomas Cocks27.84cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
13.9Kolten Deford28.14cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
14.10Kelly Wourms29.34cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
15.10Zachary Nute30.04cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
16.10Garrett Wilgus30.54cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
17.10Justin Lebowski31.04cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
400 Meters
1.12Zak Valenter52.59aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
2.12Chris Hayes53.64cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
3.10Nicholas Lim53.70aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
4.9Kyle Schrader53.73aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
5.11Justin Lim54.44cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
6.10Joshua Hayes55.66aApr 17Mountain Invitational
7.9Jared Smith55.84cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.9Max Goss58.14cApr 28Union vs Camas
9.10Mark Hughes59.14cMar 21Tiger Invite
10.12Kyle Schaeffer59.24cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
11.10Lucas Smith57:38.14cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
800 Meters
1.11Josh Reiter2:02.1May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
2.12Tanner Boyd2:04.8Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
10Lucas Smith2:04.8May 153A GSHL District Meet
4.9Kyle Schrader2:05.3May 153A GSHL District Meet
5.9Jared Smith2:07.2Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.12Tyler Roland2:09.9Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.12Kyle Schaeffer2:11.8Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
8.9Treysen Sheesley2:17.3Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
9.10Miles Goritski2:19.1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
10.9Austin Vaughan2:20.9Apr 28Union vs Camas
11.10Anthony Kern2:22.3Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
12.11Justin Lim2:23.0Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
13.9Derek Hood2:24.0May 83A GSHL JV District
14.9John Doyle2:27.1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
15.11Levi Wise2:27.6Mar 21Tiger Invite
16.10Parker Ketring2:35.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
17.9Timothy Miles2:41.0May 83A GSHL JV District
18.10Kierin Gilliam2:43.0May 83A GSHL JV District
1500 Meters
1.11Josh Reiter4:08.33aApr 25Oregon Relays
2.12Tanner Boyd4:11.72aApr 25Oregon Relays
1600 Meters
1.11Josh Reiter4:23.31aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.12Tanner Boyd4:28.03aMay 22West Central District 3A,..
3.12Tyler Roland4:43.5May 153A GSHL District Meet
4.10Lucas Smith4:45.8May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
5.9Treysen Sheesley4:47.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.10Miles Goritski4:59.9Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.10Anthony Kern5:03.3Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.9Austin Vaughan5:09.2May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
9.9Kyle Schrader5:20.8Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
10.9Derek Hood5:21.6May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
11.11Levi Wise5:25.8Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
12.12Kyle Schaeffer5:26.0Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
13.9John Doyle5:27.0Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
14.10Kyle Shafer5:28.8May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
15.10Parker Ketring5:33.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
16.10Justin Brusasco5:33.7May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
17.9Timothy Miles5:39.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
18.11Justin Lim5:49.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
19.10Chris Susi6:05.9Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
20.10Kierin Gilliam6:27.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
3000 Meters
1.12Tanner Boyd9:57.5Mar 21Tiger Invite
2.12Tyler Roland10:11.35aApr 25Oregon Relays
3.10Miles Goritski11:23.5Mar 21Tiger Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Josh Reiter9:26.83aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.12Tanner Boyd9:38.98aApr 17Mountain Invitational
3.12Tyler Roland10:09.5Apr 10Twilight Meet
4.9Treysen Sheesley10:42.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
5.10Anthony Kern11:18.5Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
6.10Miles Goritski11:23.5Mar 21Tiger Invite
7.12Kyle Schaeffer12:02.3Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.9John Doyle12:15.0May 83A GSHL JV District
9.11Levi Wise12:23.0Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Mikey Lauritzen15.02aApr 17Mountain Invitational
2.9Patrick Badertscher18.54cMay 83A GSHL JV District
3.9Braiden Dobson20.54cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Mikey Lauritzen41.54cApr 28Union vs Camas
2.9Patrick Badertscher46.34cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
3.10Schuyler Hamilton56.94cApr 28Union vs Camas
3k Steeplechase
1.11Levi Wise12:45.55aApr 25Oregon Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Chris Hayes
Joshua Hayes
Zack Marshall
Zak Valenter
43.82aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.-Zack Marshall
Jason Jones
Chris Hayes
Zak Valenter
44.24aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
-Nathan Isaacs
Joshua Hayes
Zack Marshall
Chris Hayes
44.24cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
4.-Joshua Hayes
Nathan Isaacs
Kenny Marshall
Chris Hayes
44.48aApr 25Oregon Relays
5.-Zak Valenter
Joshua Hayes
Zack Marshall
Chris Hayes
44.64cApr 28Union vs Camas
6.-Zak Valenter
Joshua Hayes
Kenny Marshall
Chris Hayes
44.94cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.-Chris Hayes
Nathan Isaacs
Joshua Hayes
Zack Marshall
45.18aApr 17Mountain Invitational
8.-Joshua Hayes
Mikey Lauritzen
Zak Valenter
Chris Hayes
45.29aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
9.-Relay Team 45.64cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
10.-Joshua Hayes
Zack Marshall
Nathan Isaacs
Chris Hayes
45:54a.00Apr 10Twilight Meet
4x400 Relay
1.-Joshua Hayes
Nicholas Lim
Zak Valenter
Chris Hayes
3:29.4May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.-Chris Hayes
Joshua Hayes
Nicholas Lim
Zak Valenter
3:32.07aMay 22West Central District 3A,..
3.-Chris Hayes
Joshua Hayes
Nicholas Lim
Nathan Isaacs
3:34.35aApr 17Mountain Invitational
4.-Chris Hayes
Zak Valenter
Mikey Lauritzen
Joshua Hayes
3:35.07aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
5.-Joshua Hayes
Zak Valenter
Zack Marshall
Justin Lim
3:35.1Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
6.-Justin Lim
Chris Hayes
Kenny Marshall
Zak Valenter
3:35.5Apr 28Union vs Camas
7.-Zak Valenter
Nathan Isaacs
Joshua Hayes
Chris Hayes
3:38.37aApr 25Oregon Relays
8.-Nicholas Lim
Zack Marshall
Zak Valenter
Nathan Isaacs
3:38.53aApr 10Twilight Meet
9.-Relay Team 3:43.9Mar 21Tiger Invite
10.-Justin Lim
Zack Marshall
Josh Reiter
Zak Valenter
3:46.8Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Mikey Lauritzen
Zak Valenter
Joshua Hayes
Jared Smith
3:49.56aApr 25Oregon Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Tanner Boyd
Kenny Marshall
Tyler Roland
Josh Reiter
10:52.49aApr 25Oregon Relays
2.-Relay Team 11:08.0Mar 21Tiger Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Matthew Lloyd52' 10Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
2.10Kyle Shafer43' 4May 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
3.9Scott Feather41' 0Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
4.11Daniel Anderson39' 6Apr 28Union vs Camas
5.10Garrett Wilgus37' 9.5Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.10Clinton Cardon35' 10Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
7.10Keegan Dyehouse35' 6Mar 21Tiger Invite
8.10Justin Lebowski34' 7Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
9.11Dylan Fondren31' 3Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
10.12Anthony Duer30' 3Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Matthew Lloyd156' 7May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
2.9Scott Feather120' 0May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.10Clinton Cardon113' 8Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
4.11Daniel Anderson113' 3Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
5.12Sam McIvor97' 9Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.11Dylan Fondren95' 4Apr 28Union vs Camas
7.12Ethan Bach92' 0Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Schuyler Hamilton90' 0May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
9.12Anthony Duer85' 1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
10.10Justin Lebowski84' 4Apr 28Union vs Camas
11.10Keegan Dyehouse82' 0May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
12.9Hank Midles81' 2May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
13.9Jordan Mazi70' 9Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
14.12Michael Neblock67' 3Apr 28Union vs Camas
15.10Kyle ShaferNMApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
10Zachary NutenhApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
Javelin - 800g
1.11Mikey Lauritzen187' 5May 22West Central District 3A,..
2.10Kyle Shafer146' 7Apr 17Mountain Invitational
3.11Jason Jones137' 10Apr 28Union vs Camas
4.12Michael Neblock137' 5Apr 28Union vs Camas
5.10Schuyler Hamilton131' 8May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
6.10Eric Lindoff123' 10Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
7.12Anthony Duer122' 4May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
8.12Ethan Bach109' 2Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
9.10Garrett Wilgus100' 8Apr 28Union vs Camas
10.11Daniel Anderson99' 9Apr 28Union vs Camas
11.9Scott Feather98' 1Apr 28Union vs Camas
12.10Michael Ross96' 9Apr 28Union vs Camas
13.12Sam McIvor91' 8Apr 28Union vs Camas
14.11Jonathan Deibele90' 3Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
15.10Clinton Cardon89' 11May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
16.11Dylan Fondren88' 10Apr 28Union vs Camas
17.10Chris Susi78' 4Apr 28Union vs Camas
18.10Zachary Nute73' 4Apr 28Union vs Camas
High Jump
1.12Nathan Isaacs6' 4May 22West Central District 3A,..
2.12Chris Hayes5' 10May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
3.9Braiden Dobson5' 8May 83A GSHL JV District
4.10Michael Neff5' 4Apr 28Union vs Camas
10Justin Lebowski5' 4May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
12Matt Lee5' 4Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
9Patrick Badertscher5' 4Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
12Brian Claire5' 4Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
Pole Vault
1.11Jason Jones11' 10May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.10Thomas Cocks11' 6May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
3.10Kelly Wourms9' 6May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
4.10Michael Ross8' 6Apr 28Union vs Camas
10Zachary Nute8' 6Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.9Patrick Badertscher8' 0Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
Long Jump
1.12Chris Hayes22' 5.5May 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.12Nathan Isaacs20' 8.5Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
3.11Mikey Lauritzen20' 7Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
4.11Jason Jones19' 9May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
5.10Seth Childers17' 9May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
6.12Matt Lee17' 1May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
7.9Hank Midles15' 11Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Kenny Marshall15' 8May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
9.9Jordan Mazi15' 0Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
10.10Zachary Nute14' 8.5May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
11.10Michael Neff14' 6Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
12.12Brian Claire14' 4.5Apr 28Union vs Camas
13.11Jonathan Deibele14' 0Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
14.9Timothy Miles12' 5Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
Triple Jump
1.12Nathan Isaacs40' 10.5Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
2.10Seth Childers40' 2.5May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.12Matt Lee37' 4May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
4.10Kenny Marshall34' 2Mar 21Tiger Invite
5.10Eric Lindoff34' 1Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
6.10Justin Lebowski31' 11.75Apr 28Union vs Camas
7.10Zachary Nute31' 2.5Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Michael Neff31' 2Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
9.12Brian ClairenhApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
Hammer - 16lb
1.11Matthew Lloyd181' 0Mar 14Wilkins Concordia hammer ..
2.9Scott Feather137' 7.97Apr 25Oregon Relays
3.9Hank Midles130' 7May 17Centralia Spring Fling Ha..


100 Meters
1.10Megan Kelley13.14aApr 10Twilight Meet
2.11Michelle Pillette13.24cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
12Dakota Forgey13.24cApr 28Union vs Camas
11Seanna Pitassi13.24cMay 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
5.9Renee Valenter13.34cApr 28Union vs Camas
6.11Carly Reynolds13.94cApr 28Union vs Camas
7.11Jessica Smith14.34cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Kelsey Benton14.54cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
9.11Jessica Yraceburu15.04cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
200 Meters
1.10Megan Kelley25.74cApr 28Union vs Camas
2.11Seanna Pitassi27.84cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
12Dakota Forgey27.84cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
4.9Renee Valenter28.34cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
5.11Carly Reynolds29.14cApr 28Union vs Camas
6.10Savannah Cooper30.24cMay 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
7.10Kelsey Benton30.84cApr 28Union vs Camas
400 Meters
1.10Megan Kelley57.73aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.11Seanna Pitassi58.42aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
3.11Michelle Pillette61.04cApr 28Union vs Camas
4.12Dakota Forgey65.34cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
5.11Carly Reynolds68.94cMay 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
6.9Renee Valenter69.04cMar 21Tiger Invite
7.11Jessica Yraceburu69.82aJun 5State Multi Event Champio..
8.9Olivia Eagle72.84cApr 14Columbia River v. Camas
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Megan Kelley57.47aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.11Seanna Pitassi58.27aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
3.12Dakota Forgey60.37aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
10Sara Slayton60.37aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
800 Meters
1.9Alex Dombek2:29.6Apr 10Twilight Meet
2.11Seanna Pitassi2:31.72aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
3.9Austen Reiter2:39.5Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
4.9Lindsay Wourms2:44.25aApr 17Mountain Invitational
5.11Jessica Smith2:44.3Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.10Jackie Premo2:44.6Apr 28Union vs Camas
7.11Kayla Blackford2:46.7Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Savannah Cooper2:47.2Apr 10Twilight Meet
9.9Kayla Yraceburu2:49.4Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
10.10Chandler Thiel3:05.8Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
11.10Megan Bradshaw3:09.0May 83A GSHL JV District
12.9Nadine Stone3:23.4Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
1500 Meters
1.11Jessica Yraceburu5:56.64aJun 5State Multi Event Champio..
1600 Meters
1.9Alex Dombek5:24.2May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.9Austen Reiter5:32.0May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.11Kayla Blackford5:37.9May 153A GSHL District Meet
4.9Olivia Eagle5:39.3May 153A GSHL District Meet
5.9Lindsay Wourms5:57.6Apr 10Twilight Meet
6.10Jackie Premo6:07.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
7.10Savannah Cooper6:33.8Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.10Chandler Thiel6:48.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
9.9Kayla Yraceburu6:51.4Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
10.9Katherine Judd7:05.0Apr 28Union vs Camas
11.11Natalie Stone7:24.0Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
12.10Megan Bradshaw7:28.5May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
3000 Meters
1.9Alex Dombek10:58.79aApr 25Oregon Relays
2.9Olivia Eagle11:28.56aApr 25Oregon Relays
3200 Meters
1.9Alex Dombek11:37.78aMay 22West Central District 3A,..
2.11Kayla Blackford11:50.3May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.9Austen Reiter12:01.6May 153A GSHL District Meet
4.9Olivia Eagle12:17.0May 153A GSHL District Meet
5.10Jackie Premo12:30.1May 153A GSHL District Meet
6.9Lindsay Wourms12:40.7May 153A GSHL District Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Sara Slayton15.73awMay 22West Central District 3A,..
2.11Shelby Bodily17.04cApr 28Union vs Camas
3.12Nicole Hamlin17.14cMay 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
4.9Andrea Digenova18.24cMay 83A GSHL JV District
5.9Samantha Childers19.44cApr 28Union vs Camas
6.11Jessica Yraceburu20.32aJun 5State Multi Event Champio..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Sara Slayton48.16aMay 153A GSHL District Meet
2.11Shelby Bodily49.03aApr 25Oregon Relays
3.11Jessica Smith53.74cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
4.12Nicole Hamlin53.84cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
5.9Andrea Digenova55.54cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.9Samantha Childers58.34cMay 83A GSHL JV District
4x100 Relay
1.-Shelby Bodily
Sara Slayton
Seanna Pitassi
Megan Kelley
50.70aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.-Dakota Forgey
Megan Kelley
Shelby Bodily
Seanna Pitassi
50.84cApr 28Union vs Camas
3.-Dakota Forgey
Michelle Pilette
Megan Kelley
Seanna Pitassi
50.96aApr 25Oregon Relays
4.-Dakota Forgey
Michelle Pilette
Renee Valenter
Seanna Pitassi
51.84cApr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
5.-Shelby Bodily
Megan Kelley
Seanna Pitassi
Carly Reynolds
52.16aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
6.-Shelby Bodily
Megan Kelley
Dakota Forgey
Michelle Pilette
52.51aApr 17Mountain Invitational
7.-Dakota Forgey
Renee Valenter
Shelby Bodily
Seanna Pitassi
52.54cApr 21Prairie vs Camas
8.-Relay Team 52.84cMar 21Tiger Invite
4x200 Relay
1.-Megan Kelley
Sara Slayton
Dakota Forgey
Seanna Pitassi
1:46.4May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.-Dakota Forgey
Megan Kelley
Sara Slayton
Seanna Pitassi
1:46.45aMay 22West Central District 3A,..
3.-Seanna Pitassi
Shelby Bodily
Megan Kelley
Dakota Forgey
1:48.70aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
4.-Dakota Forgey
Sara Slayton
Shelby Bodily
Seanna Pitassi
1:50.5Apr 28Union vs Camas
5.-Shelby Bodily
Sara Slayton
Nicole Hamlin
Renee Valenter
1:54.94aApr 10Twilight Meet
6.-Relay Team 1:58.6Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
7.-Dakota Forgey
Shelby Bodily
Renee Valenter
Kelsy Benton
2:06.3Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
8.-Shelby Bodily
Megan Kelley
Seanna Pitassi
Sara Slayton
DNFMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Dakota Forgey
Megan Kelley
Sara Slayton
Seanna Pitassi
3:56.48aMay 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
2.-Megan Kelley
Michelle Pilette
Dakota Forgey
Seanna Pitassi
4:10.92aApr 25Oregon Relays
3.-Megan Kelley
Sara Slayton
Shelby Bodily
Seanna Pitassi
4:12.81aApr 17Mountain Invitational
4.-Sara Slayton
Renee Valenter
Jessica Smith
Dakota Forgey
4:13.22aMay 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
5.-Megan Kelley
Dakota Forgey
Sara Slayton
Seanna Pitassi
4:18.7Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.-Michelle Pilette
Shelby Bodily
Sara Slayton
Seanna Pitassi
4:21.3Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.-Megan Kelley
Sara Slayton
Dakota Forgey
Seanna Pitassi
4:24.3Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
8.-Relay Team 4:27.2Mar 21Tiger Invite
9.-Dakota Forgey
Michelle Pilette
Renee Valenter
Seanna Pitassi
4:30.2Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Seanna Pitassi
Nicole Hamlin
Dakota Forgey
Alex Dombek
4:40.12aApr 25Oregon Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 14:23.5Mar 21Tiger Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Hali Watkins37' 10May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Madelaine Midles35' 5May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.11Jessica Yraceburu32' 1May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.9Tatum Schroeder30' 0May 153A GSHL District Meet
4.12Nicole Hamlin26' 9Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
5.9Kayla Yraceburu26' 6Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
6.9Rachel Martschinske25' 9.5Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.11Jamie Van DeGriff25' 5Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
8.9Adriana Mascareno22' 9Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
9.9Nadine Stone21' 0.5Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
10.9Hannah Sanders19' 3Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
11.11Natalie Stone18' 3Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
12.9Hali Watkins17' 9Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
Discus - 1kg
1.12Madelaine Midles110' 10May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
2.11Jamie Van DeGriff99' 11Apr 28Union vs Camas
3.9Rachel Martschinske90' 8May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
4.11Jessica Yraceburu71' 11.78Jun 5State Multi Event Champio..
5.9Nadine Stone69' 2May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
6.9Hannah Sanders51' 5Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.11Natalie Stone44' 5Apr 28Union vs Camas
8.9Hali Watkins37' 7Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
9.9Adriana Mascareno35' 9.5Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
Javelin - 600g
1.10Marleen de Zoete98' 7Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
2.10Megan Kelley95' 6Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
3.9Tatum Schroeder89' 11Apr 28Union vs Camas
4.11Jessica Yraceburu89' 1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
5.11Christie McCallum77' 8Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.10Chandler Thiel51' 4Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
7.11Jamie Van DeGriff39' 10Apr 28Union vs Camas
8.9Adriana Mascareno35' 1May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
High Jump
1.10Marleen de Zoete5' 1May 22West Central District 3A,..
2.11Allie Knight5' 0Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
12Katie Cobell5' 0Apr 28Union vs Camas
4.11Jessica Smith4' 10Apr 28Union vs Camas
5.11Taryn Willie4' 8Apr 28Union vs Camas
6.9Alex Dombek4' 4Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
7.11Jessica Yraceburu4' 2.39Jun 5State Multi Event Champio..
Pole Vault
1.11Jessica Yraceburu9' 6.17Apr 25Oregon Relays
2.11Angela Kern8' 6May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.12Nicole Hamlin7' 0Apr 14Columbia River v. Camas
4.12Katie Cobell6' 6Mar 21Tiger Invite
Long Jump
1.10Megan Kelley17' 0.50Jun 6BorderDuel Track Classic
2.11Taryn Willie16' 6.5May 30Washington State 2A, 3A, ..
3.11Michelle Pillette15' 7Mar 21Tiger Invite
4.10Kelsey Benton14' 11.5May 1Washougal Twilight Invita..
5.9Tatum Schroeder14' 1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.11Allie Knight13' 8.75Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
7.11Jessica Yraceburu13' 2.27Jun 5State Multi Event Champio..
8.12Katie Cobell12' 8.25Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
9.12Nicole Hamlin12' 5.25Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
Triple Jump
1.11Taryn Willie34' 0.75May 153A GSHL District Meet
2.12Nicole Hamlin32' 6.75May 153A GSHL District Meet
3.10Kelsey Benton31' 7Apr 28Union vs Camas
4.11Michelle Pillette30' 2Mar 21Tiger Invite
5.11Allie Knight30' 1Apr 21Prairie vs Camas
6.12Katie Cobell29' 1.5Apr 7Hudson's Bay vs. Camas
7.9Tatum Schroeder28' 2.5May 5Camas vs Fort Vancouver
8.11Carly Reynolds28' 0.25Mar 21Tiger Invite
Hammer - 4kg
1.12Madelaine Midles162' 3May 17Centralia Spring Fling Ha..
2.9Rachel Martschinske95' 8May 17Centralia Spring Fling Ha..
3.12Katie Cobell4' 8.25Apr 25Oregon Relays
11Allie Knight4' 8.25Apr 25Oregon Relays
Decathlon Score
1.11Jessica Yraceburu3862Jun 5State Multi Event Champio..

* = Recent improvement

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