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    Wildcats - Oak Harbor, WA

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100 Meters
1.9Donavan Hunt11.62aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.10Stephen Lewis11.84cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
11Devante Young11.84cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
4.11Bryce Schulle11.94cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
5.12Mark Anderson12.04cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
12Doug Valdez12.04cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
7.12Andrew Parker12.14cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
8.11Marco Mendoza12.24cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
9.11Mike Bell12.34cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
10.11Tyler Elliot12.44cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
11.9Rashaad Smith12.54cMar 26WESCO All-comers
12.9Derrick Clarit12.84cApr 23All Comers-Everett
10Gregory Goebel12.84cMar 26WESCO All-comers
14.11Lyndon Burleson13.02aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
11Jake Rouser13.02aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
16.12Jeff Lamont13.34cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
9James Jordan13.34cApr 23All Comers-Everett
18.9Clarence Lamont13.44cApr 23All Comers-Everett
19.11Mark DeGuzman13.64cMar 26WESCO All-comers
20.10Chris Rankin13.74cMar 26WESCO All-comers
10Cody Church13.74cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
22.10Justin Lawless13.84cMar 26WESCO All-comers
23.11De'gal Newton13.94cMar 26WESCO All-comers
12Tim Miller13.94cApr 23All Comers-Everett
25.12Karl Rollin14.04cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
26.10Chris Neamiller14.11aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
27.9Dacoyda Heath14.14cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
28.10Josh Schroeder14.64cMar 26WESCO All-comers
200 Meters
1.9Donavan Hunt23.84cApr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
2.11Bryce Schulle23.96aApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
3.10Stephen Lewis24.20aApr 21Westling Invitational
4.12Mark Anderson24.24cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
5.11Devante Young24.44cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
6.11Rodrick Rumble24.57aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
7.12Andrew Parker25.04cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
8.11Mike Bell25.14cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
9.12Doug Valdez25.54cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
11Tyler Elliot25.54cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
11.11Marco Mendoza25.84cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
12.11Jake Rouser26.24cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
13.9Rashaad Smith26.34cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
14.11Mark DeGuzman27.24cMay 2Wesco JV Championships
15.10Justin Lawless27.74cMar 26WESCO All-comers
16.11De'gal Newton28.14cMar 26WESCO All-comers
10Cody Church28.14cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
18.12Tim Miller28.54cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
19.10Josh Schroeder29.04cMar 26WESCO All-comers
20.10Chris Rankin29.34cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
21.12Karl Rollin29.44cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
22.9Dacoyda Heath29.64cApr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
400 Meters
1.11Bryce Schulle52.55aApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
2.11Rodrick Rumble53.71aApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
3.11Mike Bell55.09aMay 18District 1 4A Championshi..
4.12Casey Green55.28aApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
5.11Richard Chong55.48aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
6.11Jared Wirth56.14cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
9Rashaad Smith56.14cApr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
8.12Josh Dix56.64cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
9.10Gregory Goebel56.97aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
10.11Jake Rouser57.44cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
11.9James Jordan57.94cApr 23All Comers-Everett
12.9Derrick Clarit58.04cApr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
13.9Matt Bolte59.14cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
14.11Marco Mendoza60.24cMar 26WESCO All-comers
15.11Daniel Saiku61.84cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
16.12Andrew Parker63.46aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
17.10Cody Church64.84cMar 26WESCO All-comers
18.10Kevin Richards66.61aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
19.10Chris Rankin67.34cMar 26WESCO All-comers
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Rodrick Rumble52.9Apr 21Westling Invitational
2.11Bryce Schulle53.1Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
9Donavan Hunt53.1May 18District 1 4A Championshi..
4.12Mark Anderson53.6Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
5.11Richard Chong54.0Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
6.12Josh Dix55.2Apr 21Westling Invitational
9Rashaad Smith55.2Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
8.11Mike Bell55.9May 18District 1 4A Championshi..
9.12Casey Green56.5Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
10.11Alex Nydam57.1Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
9Derrick Clarit57.1Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
12.12Andrew Parker57.3Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
13.10Stephen Lewis57.5Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
14.10Gregory Goebel57.7Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
15.11Jared Wirth57.9Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
16.11Jake Rouser58.2Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
17.9Matt Bolte58.9Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
18.11Marco Mendoza59.8Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
19.11Steve Nydam60.3Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
20.10Brooks Waller61.3Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
21.11Tyler Elliot61.6Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
9Clarence Lamont61.6Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
23.9James Jordan63.1Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
800 Meters
1.12Josh Dix2:02.57aApr 21Westling Invitational
2.11Alex Nydam2:03.63aMay 18District 1 4A Championshi..
3.11Jared Wirth2:06.94aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.11Steve Nydam2:07.8May 11WESCO North Champs
5.12Casey Green2:11.8Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
6.12Patrick Royce2:12.0Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
7.9Matt Bolte2:16.7Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
8.9Michael Reith Jr2:18.8Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
9.11Daniel Saiku2:22.9Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
10.10Gregory Goebel2:25.47aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
11.9James Jordan2:29.5Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
1600 Meters
1.12Josh Dix4:28.58aMay 18District 1 4A Championshi..
2.12Casey Green4:36.5May 11WESCO North Champs
3.11Jared Wirth4:48.3Apr 21Westling Invitational
4.11Steve Nydam4:49.7Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
5.11Alex Nydam4:52.4Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
6.9Michael Reith Jr4:59.7Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
7.12Patrick Royce5:00.0Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
8.11Daniel Saiku5:14.7Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
9.9Matt Bolte5:23.8Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
3200 Meters
1.12Casey Green9:53.0May 11WESCO North Champs
2.12Josh Dix10:00.0aApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
3.11Alex Nydam10:35.90aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.11Steve Nydam10:57.4May 2Wesco JV Championships
5.11Daniel Saiku11:06.3May 2Wesco JV Championships
6.9Michael Reith Jr11:19.0Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Richard Chong15.74cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
2.10Brooks Waller18.48aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
3.12Andrew Parker19.04cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
4.10Kevin Richards19.34aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Richard Chong41.54cMay 11WESCO North Champs
2.10Brooks Waller46.34cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
3.12Andrew Parker46.84cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4x100 Relay
1.-Marco Mendoza
Andrew Parker
Bryce Schulle
Donavan Hunt
44.55aMay 18District 1 4A Championshi..
2.-Stephen Lewis
Mark Anderson
Bryce Schulle
Donavan Hunt
45.04cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
3.-Donavan Hunt
Stephen Lewis
Devante Young
Andrew Parker
45.05aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.-Doug Valdez
Stephen Lewis
Devante Young
Donavan Hunt
45.24cApr 21Westling Invitational
-Relay Team 45.24cMay 11WESCO North Champs
6.-Donavan Hunt
Stephen Lewis
Bryce Schulle
Devante Young
45.34cMay 11WESCO North Champs
7.-Stephen Lewis
Andrew Parker
Devante Young
Donavan Hunt
45.64cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
8.-Rodrick Rumble
Mark Anderson
Devante Young
Donavan Hunt
45.94cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
9.-Doug Valdez
Tyler Elliot
Marco Mendoza
Andrew Parker
48.04cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
10.-Stephen Lewis
Jake Rouser
Tyler Elliot
Andrew Parker
48.14cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
11.-Marco Mendoza
Jake Rouser
Tyler Elliot
Rashaad Smith
48.24cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
12.-Mike Bell
Derrick Clarit
Clarence Lamont
Tyler Elliot
51.04cMar 26WESCO All-comers
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:35.6May 11WESCO North Champs
2.-Bryce Schulle
Donavan Hunt
Mike Bell
Rodrick Rumble
3:37.47aMay 18District 1 4A Championshi..
3.-Donavan Hunt
Bryce Schulle
Rashaad Smith
Rodrick Rumble
3:37.6May 11WESCO North Champs
4.-Donavan Hunt
Mark Anderson
Bryce Schulle
Rodrick Rumble
3:39.96aApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
5.-Richard Chong
Mark Anderson
Alex Nydam
Bryce Schulle
3:40.2Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
6.-Richard Chong
Bryce Schulle
Donavan Hunt
Rodrick Rumble
3:41.78aApr 21Westling Invitational
7.-Richard Chong
Casey Green
Josh Dix
Rodrick Rumble
3:42.2Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
8.-Mike Bell
Donavan Hunt
Richard Chong
Josh Dix
3:44.32aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
9.-Richard Chong
Mark Anderson
Rashaad Smith
Rodrick Rumble
3:45.0Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
10.-Richard Chong
Casey Green
Andrew Parker
Rashaad Smith
3:45.6Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
11.-Donavan Hunt
Rashaad Smith
Matt Bolte
James Jordan
3:50.4Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
12.-Derrick Clarit
Gregory Goebel
Tyler Elliot
Josh Dix
3:52.3Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
13.-Andrew Parker
Gregory Goebel
Jared Wirth
Mike Bell
3:52.8Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
14.-Stephen Lewis
Gregory Goebel
Jake Rouser
Andrew Parker
3:54.5Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
15.-Mike Bell
Gregory Goebel
Brooks Waller
Jared Wirth
3:55.0Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
16.-Alex Nydam
Marco Mendoza
Steve Nydam
James Jordan
4:01.0Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
4x800 Relay
1.-Michael Reith Jr
Alex Nydam
Daniel Saiku
Steve Nydam
8:46.81aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.-Patrick Royce
Michael Reith Jr
Alex Nydam
Steve Nydam
9:11.3Apr 21Westling Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12William Hunter55' 2May 11WESCO North Champs
2.11Rodrick Rumble44' 11Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
3.11Josh Lamb41' 4.5Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.11Jeremy Pallerine39' 6.75Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
5.10Chris Neamiller35' 2May 2Wesco JV Championships
6.10Mike Repose29' 2Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
7.9Nick Rouser25' 8.5Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
8.9Austin Church23' 6Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Mark Repose125' 9May 11WESCO North Champs
2.11Jeremy Pallerine116' 6May 11WESCO North Champs
3.12Miles Hart105' 6Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
4.12William Hunter86' 0Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
5.10Brooks Waller80' 5Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
6.12Bobby Carr79' 8May 2Wesco JV Championships
7.10Doug Hughs78' 8Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
8.10Nathen Steele73' 7May 2Wesco JV Championships
9.10Sean Welch67' 5Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
10.11Josh Lamb59' 8Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Miles Hart140' 9May 11WESCO North Champs
2.11Jared Wirth134' 9Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
3.12Mark Repose131' 3Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.12Jeff Lamont127' 2Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
5.9Clarence Lamont124' 4Apr 21Westling Invitational
6.10Doug Hughs118' 0May 2Wesco JV Championships
7.11Josh Lamb116' 11Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
8.12Bobby Carr111' 0Apr 23All Comers-Everett
9.10Mike Repose102' 8Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
10Sean Welch102' 8Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
11.10Nathen Steele79' 11May 2Wesco JV Championships
12.9Austin Church73' 1Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
13.12William Hunter68' 6Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
High Jump
1.11Rodrick Rumble6' 6May 264A State Championships, D..
2.11Richard Chong5' 6Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
11Bryce Schulle5' 6Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4.10Stephen Lewis5' 4Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
5.9Rashaad Smith5' 2Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Long Jump
1.9Donavan Hunt20' 9.75Apr 21Westling Invitational
2.12Jeff Lamont19' 2.25Apr 21Westling Invitational
3.11Devante Young19' 1.75Apr 21Westling Invitational
4.11Marco Mendoza17' 5.5Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
5.9Derrick Clarit17' 3.5Apr 30WESCO North Frosh Champs
6.11Tyler Elliot17' 2May 2Wesco JV Championships
7.10Justin Lawless17' 1May 2Wesco JV Championships
8.11Bryce Schulle16' 10Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
9.11Jake Rouser16' 9May 2Wesco JV Championships
10.9Rashaad Smith15' 11Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
11.10Stephen Lewis15' 10Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
12.11Lyndon Burleson15' 9Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
13.10Gregory Goebel15' 2Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
9Clarence Lamont15' 2Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
15.10Cody Church14' 10.75Apr 23All Comers-Everett
16.12Tim Miller12' 7.5May 2Wesco JV Championships
17.10Chris Rankin12' 7Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
18.9Dacoyda Heath12' 4Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
11Mark DeGuzman12' 4May 2Wesco JV Championships
20.11De'gal NewtonNMMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Triple Jump
1.10Gregory Goebel39' 6Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.11Jake Rouser38' 5May 2Wesco JV Championships
3.12Jeff Lamont37' 7May 2Wesco JV Championships
4.11Marco Mendoza37' 3.5Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
5.12Doug Valdez37' 3Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
6.11Mike Bell35' 0Mar 26WESCO All-comers
7.9Derrick Clarit34' 1Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
8.9Clarence Lamont33' 11Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..


100 Meters
1.10Carson McKole13.54cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
2.12Sarah Gordon14.54cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
3.11Janay Baeyen14.74cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
4.10Shelby Peddie15.24cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
5.11Mary Jo Mangiameli15.44cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
6.10Carson McKole12.89aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
7.12Sarah Gordon14.24cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
8.10Kirsten Roof14.50aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
9.11Kelli Roberts14.54cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
10Shelby Peddie14.54cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
11Janay Baeyen14.54cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
12.9Ashley Kelly14.94cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
13.12Angelica Cooper14.95aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
14.11Mary Jo Mangiameli15.04cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
15.12Carrie Matney15.84cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
16.12Irene Burleson16.04cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
17.10Ashley Pintado16.94cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
18.12Tsolmon Mendsaikhan19.84cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
200 Meters
1.10Carson McKole26.44aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.12Sarah Gordon27.71aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
3.10Kirsten Roof29.53aApr 21Westling Invitational
4.11Krisandra McGill29.75aApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
5.11Kelli Roberts29.94cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
6.11Sam Shulock30.34cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
7.10Shelby Peddie30.54cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
8.9Ashley Kelly31.54cApr 23All Comers-Everett
9.12Angelica Cooper31.94aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
10.10Carolyn Vasquez32.34cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
11.12Carrie Matney33.54cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
12.11Mary Jo Mangiameli34.14cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
13.11Geri Massengale34.24cApr 23All Comers-Everett
14.12Irene Burleson35.14cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
15.11Clair Thiel35.34cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
16.10Ashley Pintado36.14cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
400 Meters
1.11Mietra Smollack59.82aApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
2.11Krisandra McGill64.24cMay 11WESCO North Champs
3.10Carson McKole65.74aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
4.12Sarah Gordon66.54cMay 2Wesco JV Championships
5.11Geri Massengale66.74cApr 16All Comers-Edmonds
6.11Sam Shulock67.24cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
7.10Kirsten Roof67.44cMay 2Wesco JV Championships
8.10Shelby Peddie69.34cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
9.11Janay Baeyen70.14cMay 2Wesco JV Championships
10Claire Trepanier70.14cMay 2Wesco JV Championships
11.11Mary Jo Mangiameli71.84cApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
12.11Lauryn Wilson73.31aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
13.10Kathryn Fisken73.94cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
14.10Emilie Kagey74.64cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
15.10Carolyn Vasquez75.34cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
16.12Megan Hall77.74cMar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
17.11Clair Thiel81.84cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
18.9Ashley Kelly83.17aMar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Lauryn Wilson68.1Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
2.11Sam Shulock68.8Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
11Janay Baeyen68.8Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
4.10Claire Trepanier69.6Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
800 Meters
1.10Emilie Kagey3:18.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
2.12Elisabetta Cicu3:21.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
3.11Ashley Parker3:30.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
4.9Jennifer Beattie3:39.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
5.11Arianna O'Dell3:47.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
6.11Mietra Smollack2:16.12aApr 21Westling Invitational
7.11Krisandra McGill2:30.1May 11WESCO North Champs
8.10Claire Trepanier2:36.7May 11WESCO North Champs
9.11Lauryn Wilson2:38.92aApr 21Westling Invitational
10.9Jessica Denmon2:39.0Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
11.10Kathryn Fisken2:41.9May 2Wesco JV Championships
12.12Megan Hall2:44.0Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
13.10Carolyn Vasquez2:51.5May 2Wesco JV Championships
14.10Emilie Kagey3:03.7Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
15.10Michelle Sandstrom3:04.1May 2Wesco JV Championships
16.9Jennifer Beattie3:12.4Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
17.11Ashley Parker3:14.4May 2Wesco JV Championships
18.12Tiffany Mellin3:15.0Mar 26WESCO All-comers
19.12Elisabetta Cicu3:17.2Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
20.11Arianna O'Dell3:43.7Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
1600 Meters
1.10Emilie Kagey7:05.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
12Elisabetta Cicu7:05.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
3.9Jennifer Beattie7:30.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
4.11Arianna O'Dell7:51.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
5.11Mietra Smollack5:01.7May 11WESCO North Champs
6.10Claire Trepanier5:38.06aApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
7.9Jessica Denmon5:44.0Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
8.10Kathryn Fisken5:51.5May 2Wesco JV Championships
9.12Megan Hall5:52.3May 2Wesco JV Championships
10.11Krisandra McGill6:04.3May 2Wesco JV Championships
11.11Lauryn Wilson6:05.0Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
12.10Carolyn Vasquez6:18.2Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
13.10Michelle Sandstrom6:47.1May 2Wesco JV Championships
14.10Emilie Kagey6:54.0Apr 23All Comers-Everett
15.12Elisabetta Cicu7:05.0Apr 16All Comers-Edmonds
16.9Jennifer Beattie7:09.0Apr 23All Comers-Everett
17.11Ashley Parker7:19.4May 2Wesco JV Championships
18.11Arianna O'Dell7:50.0Apr 23All Comers-Everett
3200 Meters
1.11Mietra Smollack11:44.34aApr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
2.9Jessica Denmon12:00.9May 11WESCO North Champs
3.12Megan Hall12:25.2Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4.10Claire Trepanier12:37.7May 2Wesco JV Championships
5.10Kathryn Fisken13:00.36aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
6.11Lauryn Wilson13:04.7May 2Wesco JV Championships
7.11Krisandra McGill13:16.8aApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
8.10Michelle Sandstrom14:43.3Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Angelica Cooper17.72aApr 21Westling Invitational
2.11Geri Massengale20.24cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kirsten Roof52.38aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.11Janay Baeyen54.74aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
3.11Geri Massengale59.84cApr 23All Comers-Everett
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 53.24cMay 11WESCO North Champs
2.-Angelica Cooper
Sarah Gordon
Carson McKole
Kirsten Roof
53.54cMay 11WESCO North Champs
3.-Sarah Gordon
Kirsten Roof
Kelli Roberts
Carson McKole
53.74cApr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
4.-Sarah Gordon
Kirsten Roof
Angelica Cooper
Carson McKole
54.64cApr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
5.-Sarah Gordon
Carson McKole
Kelli Roberts
Angelica Cooper
55.23aApr 21Westling Invitational
6.-Kirsten Roof
Angelica Cooper
Mary Jo Mangiameli
Carson McKole
57.74cMar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:49.8May 11WESCO North Champs
2.-Sarah Gordon
Mietra Smollack
Kirsten Roof
Carson McKole
1:52.6May 11WESCO North Champs
3.-Carson McKole
Kirsten Roof
Mietra Smollack
Sarah Gordon
1:54.36aApr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
4.-Sarah Gordon
Mietra Smollack
Carson McKole
Kirsten Roof
1:55.16aApr 21Westling Invitational
5.-Sarah Gordon
Kirsten Roof
Kelli Roberts
Carson McKole
1:57.9Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
4x400 Relay
1.-Kirsten Roof
Krisandra McGill
Carson McKole
Mietra Smollack
4:24.5Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
2.-Relay Team 4:28.8May 11WESCO North Champs
3.-Claire Trepanier
Lauryn Wilson
Sam Shulock
Krisandra McGill
4:31.3May 11WESCO North Champs
4.-Janay Baeyen
Lauryn Wilson
Krisandra McGill
Sam Shulock
4:34.2Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
5.-Janay Baeyen
Lauryn Wilson
Claire Trepanier
Sam Shulock
4:34.5Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
6.-Janay Baeyen
Sarah Gordon
Lauryn Wilson
Sam Shulock
4:37.6Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
7.-Janay Baeyen
Claire Trepanier
Lauryn Wilson
Sam Shulock
4:41.19aApr 21Westling Invitational
8.-Jessica Denmon
Sarah Gordon
Janay Baeyen
Sam Shulock
4:41.3Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
9.-Megan Hall
Claire Trepanier
Kathryn Fisken
Lauryn Wilson
4:44.9Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
4x800 Relay
1.-Kelli Roberts
Janay Baeyen
Kathryn Fisken
Sam Shulock
11:19.0Apr 21Westling Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Chequala Fuller28' 7Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.10Becky Freeman25' 10Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
3.10Jasmine Chong25' 6.5Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4.12Irene Burleson25' 3.5Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
5.10Allison Cowan25' 3Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
6.11Katherine Souza18' 10.25Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Clair Thiel86' 3Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
2.10Allison Cowan74' 8Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
3.10Becky Freeman69' 4Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4.11Kelli Roberts69' 1Mar 15South Whidbey Jamboree
Javelin - 600g
1.11Mietra Smollack111' 7Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
2.11Clair Thiel81' 0Apr 21Westling Invitational
3.10Jasmine Chong74' 4Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
4.10Allison Cowan71' 3Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
5.12Chequala Fuller65' 2Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
6.11Katherine Souza64' 4Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Long Jump
1.10Kirsten Roof14' 9.75Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic
2.11Janay Baeyen14' 7Apr 12Meadowdale, Oak Harbor
3.11Kelli Roberts13' 7May 2Wesco JV Championships
4.10Carson McKole13' 4.5Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
5.11Mary Jo Mangiameli13' 4Apr 26Oak Harbor, Cascade at La..
6.12Angelica Cooper13' 2.5Mar 29Arlington, Oak Harbor @ S..
7.11Sam Shulock11' 9.5Mar 21Oak Harbor, Monroe @ Stan..
Triple Jump
1.11Clair Thiel28' 9.5Apr 18Everett/Oak Harbor/Marysv..
2.11Mary Jo Mangiameli28' 5Apr 28Tomahawk T & F Classic

* = Recent improvement

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