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    Bears - Olympia, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Kevin Wu11.31awMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11David Woodward11.74aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
3.12Colin Courter11.76aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.12Winston Seaman11.83aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.9Owen Shea11.84aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.11Remy Nguyen11.92aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.12Evan Taylor11.95aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.10Jonathan Powell12.15aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.10Kei Sinthavong12.16aMay 6South Sound Championships..
10.10Cody Barnett12.41aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
11.12Kyle Rapacz12.50aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
12.12Fox Comstock12.51aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
13.11Julian Grant12.67aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
14.11Marquel Isaac12.93aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
15.12Ian Fish13.05aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
16.9Zach Gaschen13.11aMay 9Freshman Invitational
17.11Quinlan Cain13.24aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
18.9Camden English13.46aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
19.11Dustin Howell13.60aMay 6South Sound Championships..
200 Meters
1.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan23.59aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
2.12Kevin Wu23.67aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
3.12Evan Taylor23.94aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.12Winston Seaman23.99aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.10Kei Sinthavong24.23aMay 6South Sound Championships..
6.9Owen Shea24.31aMay 9Freshman Invitational
7.10Cody Barnett24.65aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
8.10Jonathan Powell24.89aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
9.12Quinn Comstock24.90aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10.11Gary Tran25.75aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11.12Morgan Talkington26.08aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12.12Ian Fish26.66aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
13.11Nick Grassman27.81aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
14.9Camden English28.40aMay 9Freshman Invitational
15.9Antonio Dunlap30.36aMay 9Freshman Invitational
16.10Matt Raible31.46aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
400 Meters
1.12Winston Seaman50.48aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.12James McClintock51.30aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.12Evan Taylor51.54aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan52.28aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.12Quinn Comstock54.06aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
6.12Fox Comstock54.68aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.12Kyle Rapacz55.18aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
8.11David Woodward55.75aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
9.12Kevin Wu55.96aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
10.11Gary Tran58.24aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.11Quinn Johnson58.50aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
12.9Ben Van Haitsma58.87aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
13.12Ian Fish60.41aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
14.11Noah Murry60.72aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
15.11Jacob Palazzi62.18aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
16.12Jake Bradshaw66.14aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12James McClintock50.40May 14Narrows League Championsh..
12Winston Seaman50.40May 14Narrows League Championsh..
3.12Evan Taylor50.90May 14Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan51.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
5.12Fox Comstock51.60Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.12Kevin Wu54.10May 255th Shelton invitational
12Quinn Comstock54.10Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
8.12Kyle Rapacz54.90Mar 21Cardinal Relays
9.10Ben Hodson55.70Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10.11Jakob Steen56.50Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11.11Gary Tran57.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12.12Morgan Talkington57.30Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
13.10Cody Barnett57.50Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
14.11Julian Grant58.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
15.11Noah Murry58.10Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
16.9Ben Van Haitsma58.40Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
17.11Chris Minnich58.50Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
18.11Quinn Johnson59.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12Kristjann Hisole59.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
20.12Jake Bradshaw60.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
21.9Owen Shea61.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
22.9Jesse Baker61.80May 9Freshman Invitational
23.12Jacob Rossi62.40Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
24.10Lucas Aubert62.90Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
25.9Jack McCauley64.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
26.12Devon Houston64.20Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
800 Meters
1.12James McClintock1:56.09aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan1:57.79aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.12Kyle Rapacz2:03.51aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.10Ben Hodson2:05.74aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.11Noah Murry2:10.43aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.11Quinn Johnson2:10.76aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Ben Van Haitsma2:14.12aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.12Jacob Rossi2:17.55aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
9.9Jackson Hall2:18.53aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10.10Max Leung-Wagner2:19.61aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.11Jacob Palazzi2:19.88aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12.11Ben Riley2:22.45aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
13.11Chris Minnich2:23.24aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
14.9Jesse Baker2:24.04aMay 9Freshman Invitational
15.9Jack McCauley2:26.53aMay 9Freshman Invitational
16.9Wyatt Kelley2:32.69aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
17.9Ben Kogut2:33.66aMay 9Freshman Invitational
18.10Lucas Aubert2:35.42aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
19.9Jasper Hunter2:36.14aMay 9Freshman Invitational
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12James McClintock2:00.70Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
2.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan2:03.90Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.12Kyle Rapacz2:14.80Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
4.11Noah Murry2:15.80Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
5.11Ben Riley2:18.10Mar 21Cardinal Relays
9Ben Van Haitsma2:18.10Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jacob Rossi3:35.10Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
2.9Ben Van Haitsma3:37.50Mar 21Cardinal Relays
1500 Meters
1.11David Woodward5:14.18aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
2.12Ian Fish6:03.27aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
1600 Meters
1.12Kyle Rapacz4:22.57aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Noah Murry4:41.09aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.12Jacob Rossi4:46.77aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan4:51.24aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
5.9Dylan Miller4:56.54aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.9Ben Van Haitsma4:56.79aMay 9Freshman Invitational
7.11Ben Riley5:01.40aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.11Jacob Palazzi5:01.50aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.9Jesse Baker5:03.17aMay 9Freshman Invitational
10.10Max Leung-Wagner5:07.54aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.11Quinn Johnson5:09.11aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12.9Jack McCauley5:09.54aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
13.9Jackson Hall5:24.49aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
14.11Chris Minnich5:26.37aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
15.10Gabe Petersen5:27.71aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
16.9Jasper Hunter5:29.48aMay 9Freshman Invitational
17.10Lucas Aubert5:35.69aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
18.9Ben Kogut5:41.39aMay 9Freshman Invitational
19.12Parker Jarman6:00.18aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
20.12Kristjann Hisole6:05.58aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
21.11Nick Grassman6:06.89aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
22.12James McClintockDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kyle Rapacz4:31.60Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
2.11Noah Murry4:38.80Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.12Jacob Rossi4:52.20Mar 21Cardinal Relays
4.9Ben Van Haitsma5:03.50Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
5.9Dylan Miller5:05.10Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
6.11Ben Riley5:07.30Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
7.11Jacob Palazzi5:19.00Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
8.9Jack McCauley5:22.80Apr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
1 Mile
1.12Kyle Rapacz4:29.93aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.11Noah Murry4:43.89aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
3.9Ben Van Haitsma5:05.47aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.11Ben Riley5:05.74aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
5.11Jacob Palazzi5:07.59aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.9Jack McCauley5:12.22aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
7.11Chris Minnich5:46.20aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
8.9Ben Kogut5:46.54aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9.9Jasper Hunter5:48.94aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10.12Parker Jarman6:18.72aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11.9Jesse BakerSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9Dylan MillerSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11Quinn JohnsonSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10Lucas AubertSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
3200 Meters
1.11Noah Murry9:57.01aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Kyle Rapacz9:58.38aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3.12Jacob Rossi10:21.44aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Ben Riley10:26.46aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.9Ben Van Haitsma10:42.87aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.9Dylan Miller10:58.01aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.9Jack McCauley11:05.05aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
8.11Jacob Palazzi11:15.46aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
9.9Jackson Hall11:31.94aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
2 Miles
1.12Jacob Rossi10:50.57aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Fox Comstock15.83aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Kristjann Hisole16.27aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.11David Woodward17.86aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.11Julian Grant17.93aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
5.12Quinn Comstock17.94aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.11Quinlan Cain18.05aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.12Ian Fish18.14aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
8.11Joshua Aponte-Alonzo20.70aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.11David Woodward18.17aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
2.12Ian Fish18.84aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Fox Comstock40.85aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Quinn Comstock43.05aMay 6South Sound Championships..
3.11Julian Grant44.46aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
4.12Devon Houston47.21aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.12Tyler Bonnell49.45aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.11Joshua Aponte-Alonzo52.34aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
4x100 Relay
1.-Kevin Wu
Colin Courter
Evan Taylor
Winston Seaman
44.16aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Kevin Wu
Evan Taylor
Colin Courter
Winston Seaman
44.20aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.-Kevin Wu
Evan Taylor
David Woodward
Winston Seaman
44.68aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.-Kevin Wu
Colin Courter
Cody Barnett
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
45.07aMar 21Cardinal Relays
5.-Colin Courter
Cody Barnett
Owen Shea
Kevin Wu
45.16aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
6.-Owen Shea
Jesse Baker
Jack McCauley
Ben Van Haitsma
50.64aMay 9Freshman Invitational
7.-Gabe Kelly Cragun
Jack McCauley
Quinn Johnson
Devon Houston
54.77aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.-Zach Gaschen
Jasper Hunter
Ben Kogut
Camden English
55.47aMay 9Freshman Invitational
9.-Kevin Wu
Colin Courter
David Woodward
Winston Seaman
DQMay 255th Shelton invitational
-Cody Barnett
Colin Courter
David Woodward
Winston Seaman
ntApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
-Owen Shea
Cody Barnett
Quinn Comstock
Fox Comstock
DQApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
4x100 Throwers Relay - Throwers
1.-Ian Fish
Kaden Wilson
David Woodward
Jake Bradshaw
50.07aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
4x200 Relay
1.-Kevin Wu
David Woodward
Cody Barnett
Winston Seaman
1:36.17aMar 21Cardinal Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Winston Seaman
James McClintock
Evan Taylor
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
3:22.97aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.-Fox Comstock
Evan Taylor
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
Winston Seaman
3:27.38aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
3.-Winston Seaman
Fox Comstock
Evan Taylor
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
3:28.80aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.-Quinn Comstock
Fox Comstock
Evan Taylor
James McClintock
3:33.15aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
5.-Winston Seaman
Fox Comstock
Kevin Wu
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
3:34.33aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
6.-Kevin Wu
Winston Seaman
Fox Comstock
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
3:35.76aMay 255th Shelton invitational
7.-Quinn Comstock
Fox Comstock
Kyle Rapacz
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
3:35.95aMar 21Cardinal Relays
8.-Quinn Comstock
Ben Hodson
Kevin Wu
Fox Comstock
3:39.11aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
9.-Quinn Comstock
Kevin Wu
Jake Bradshaw
Ben Hodson
3:45.83aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10.-Ben Hodson
Julian Grant
Quinn Comstock
Morgan Talkington
3:48.35aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11.-Gary Tran
Julian Grant
Kristjann Hisole
Cody Barnett
3:52.52aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12.-Noah Murry
Jacob Rossi
Jakob Steen
Ben Van Haitsma
3:56.58aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
13.-Gary Tran
Julian Grant
Owen Shea
Cody Barnett
3:57.67aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
14.-Kyle Rapacz
Noah Murry
Jack McCauley
Ben Van Haitsma
4:00.63aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
15.-Devon Houston
Lucas Aubert
Jakob Steen
Gary Tran
4:02.58aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
16.-Quinn Johnson
Chris Minnich
Jack McCauley
Ben Van Haitsma
4:10.74aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
17.-Owen Shea
Jesse Baker
Jack McCauley
Ben Van Haitsma
4:13.46aMay 9Freshman Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-James McClintock
Noah Murry
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
Kyle Rapacz
8:36.82aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
4x1600 Relay
1.-Ben Van Haitsma
Jacob Palazzi
Jack McCauley
Dylan Miller
20:50.28aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Colin Courter
Cody Barnett
Kevin Wu
Winston Seaman
1:41.88aMar 21Cardinal Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Owen Shea
Cody Barnett
James McClintock
Quinn Comstock
3:42.94aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Ben Van Haitsma
James McClintock
Isaiah Fujii Bresnihan
Jacob Rossi
11:24.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
2.-Ben Van Haitsma
Gary Tran
Jacob Rossi
Ben Riley
12:01.00aApr 2552nd Annual Mooberry Rela..
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.-Quinn Comstock
Julian Grant
Kristjann Hisole
Fox Comstock
68.94aMar 21Cardinal Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11David Woodward43' 8.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
2.12Tyler Hong39' 7.50May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.12Mack Joss36' 3.75Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.11Marshall Blake35' 10.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
5.12Kaden Wilson35' 7.50Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
6.12Ian Fish35' 6.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.12Jake Bradshaw35' 4.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
8.12Ian Culhane35' 1.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9.10Ryan Underland34' 0.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
10.11Chris Maynard33' 2.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
11.11Clay Markoff32' 10.00May 6South Sound Championships..
12.10Will Senna32' 8.00May 6South Sound Championships..
13.11Zach Teply32' 6.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
14.10Peter Choi31' 8.00May 6South Sound Championships..
15.11Patrick Flannery31' 4.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
16.12Quinn Comstock30' 8.00May 6South Sound Championships..
11Jon Key30' 8.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
18.10Adam Harding30' 6.00May 6South Sound Championships..
19.11Alex Borgaard29' 5.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
20.11Jackson Martin28' 10.00May 6South Sound Championships..
21.10Gabe Petersen27' 1.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
22.10Mack Lang26' 11.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
23.11Ben Jurkovich26' 9.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
24.10Eric So26' 9.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
25.11Gabe Kelly Cragun23' 11.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
26.10Eli Wasserman23' 8.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
27.10Luke Carney22' 4.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
28.12Devon HoustonSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
Shot Put - 16lb
1.11David Woodward34' 10.11Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
2.12Ian Fish28' 1.01Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Ryan Underland125' 5.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Ian Culhane109' 3.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
3.12Tyler Hong103' 7.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
4.11Marshall Blake101' 5.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
5.12Jake Bradshaw97' 5.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.10Adam Harding95' 3.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
7.11Chris Maynard91' 2.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
8.11Jakob Steen87' 1.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9.12Ian Fish86' 4.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10.10Peter Choi85' 4.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11.10Will Senna81' 8.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12.11Alex Borgaard81' 5.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
13.12Mack Joss80' 2.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
14.10Mack Lang80' 0.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
15.11Zach Teply79' 9.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
16.11Jackson Martin74' 9.00May 6South Sound Championships..
17.10Eric So73' 7.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
18.11Gabe Kelly Cragun69' 10.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
19.11Clay Markoff62' 9.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
20.10Luke Carney59' 8.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
21.10Gabe Petersen55' 8.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
22.10Eli Wasserman55' 3.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
Discus - 2kg
1.11David Woodward86' 9.73Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
2.12Ian Fish81' 5.95Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Kaden Wilson174' 11.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
2.11David Woodward174' 1.76Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.12Jake Bradshaw168' 2.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Jakob Steen143' 11.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
5.12Derek Buehler142' 6.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
6.10Ryan Underland142' 2.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.12Ian Culhane138' 9.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
8.11Quinlan Cain137' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
9.11Remy Nguyen124' 2.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10.11Alex Borgaard121' 1.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
11.12Mack Joss115' 8.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12.10Will Senna113' 11.00May 6South Sound Championships..
13.11Dustin Howell113' 9.00May 6South Sound Championships..
14.10Eric So112' 1.00May 6South Sound Championships..
15.12Teodor Andreassen104' 2.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
16.12Tyler Hong102' 8.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
17.11Gary Tran100' 0.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
18.11Patrick Flannery94' 8.00May 6South Sound Championships..
19.10Adam Harding93' 11.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
20.12Keko Ramirez92' 1.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
21.12James McClintock91' 7.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
22.11Jackson Martin90' 5.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
23.12Ian Fish88' 3.06Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
24.11Ben Jurkovich85' 11.00May 6South Sound Championships..
25.9Kanaia Healy-Burt84' 6.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
26.10Gabe Petersen84' 2.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
27.12Grey McBride83' 7.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
28.12Tyler Bonnell81' 2.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
29.11Zach Teply74' 11.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
30.10Devin Gombosky74' 1.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
31.9Antonio Dunlap72' 9.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
32.12Alex Salas69' 6.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
33.9Ben Kogut68' 7.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
34.10Matt Raible65' 5.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
35.11Noah Murry56' 7.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
36.10Luke CarneyDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11Gabe Kelly CragunDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
High Jump
1.11Jakob Steen6' 2.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
2.12Derek Buehler6' 0.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
3.11David Woodward5' 10.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.12Kaden Wilson5' 6.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
5.12Alex Salas5' 0.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
6.12Ian Fish4' 10.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
7.10Jonathan PowellDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10Ryan UnderlandSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12Kristjann HisoleNHMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Pole Vault
1.12Derek Buehler13' 0.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Morgan Talkington11' 6.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
10Alex Brown11' 6.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.12Ian Fish10' 6.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
5.11Patrick Flannery10' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
6.11Quinlan Cain9' 6.00May 6South Sound Championships..
12Devon Houston9' 6.00May 6South Sound Championships..
8.10Gabe Petersen9' 0.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9.11David Woodward8' 6.36Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Long Jump
1.11David Woodward21' 1.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Derek Buehler20' 3.25May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.10Cody Barnett19' 1.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.11Kenji Scott19' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.11Jakob Steen18' 11.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
6.11Remy Nguyen18' 7.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.12Kristjann Hisole18' 5.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11Quinlan Cain18' 5.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9.12Morgan Talkington17' 9.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
10.12Ian Fish17' 4.66Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
11.12Keko Ramirez16' 11.50May 6South Sound Championships..
12.12Ian Culhane16' 6.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
13.10Mack Lang16' 5.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
14.12Devon Houston16' 1.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
15.10Gabe Petersen15' 11.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
16.10Will Senna15' 6.75Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
17.9Zach Gaschen15' 4.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
18.10Devin Gombosky15' 2.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
12Jake Bradshaw15' 2.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
20.12Tyler Bonnell15' 1.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
21.12Parker Jarman15' 1.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
22.11Dustin Howell14' 11.75Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
23.11Joshua Aponte-Alonzo14' 11.00May 6South Sound Championships..
24.9Kanaia Healy-Burt14' 9.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
25.11Marquel Isaac14' 7.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
26.9Adrian Nelson-Wheatley14' 4.50Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
27.11Nick Grassman14' 1.50Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
28.11Lucas Schaefer13' 8.50May 6South Sound Championships..
29.12Teodor Andreassen13' 8.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
30.10Matt Raible12' 7.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
31.12Grey McBride11' 6.50Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
32.11Patrick FlannerySCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12Colin CourterSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12Mack JossDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Triple Jump
1.11Kenji Scott40' 7.50May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Kristjann Hisole39' 1.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
3.10Cody Barnett38' 5.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.11Remy Nguyen37' 5.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.12Morgan Talkington37' 4.00May 6South Sound Championships..
6.12Ian Culhane37' 0.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.10Mack Lang35' 0.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
8.12Devon Houston34' 6.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9.9Adrian Nelson-Wheatley34' 4.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
10.12Keko Ramirez34' 2.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11.11Joshua Aponte-Alonzo33' 0.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
12.12Tyler Bonnell32' 8.75Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
13.10Devin Gombosky31' 4.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
14.11Dustin Howell31' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
15.12Teodor Andreassen28' 10.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
16.11Lucas Schaefer28' 6.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
17.11Nick GrassmanSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11Patrick FlanneryDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Decathlon Score
1.11David Woodward5120Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
2.12Ian Fish3678Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..


100 Meters
1.9Gina Harwick12.90aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.10Michaela Huppe13.34aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
3.12Sadie Forte13.54aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.11Laura Coor13.75aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
5.9Katherine Franklin13.76aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.11Samantha Hong13.95aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Danica Kopp14.41aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.10Molly Engelke14.64aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9.11Jordyn Aden14.68aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
10.9Zoe McNamara15.05aMay 9Freshman Invitational
11.10Landin Hufford15.07aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
12.9Bethany Hermann15.24aMay 6South Sound Championships..
13.9Sidney Hufford15.72aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
14.9Acadia Edgerton16.04aMay 9Freshman Invitational
15.9Aurora Strauss-Reeves17.22aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
200 Meters
1.9Gina Harwick26.76aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.10Michaela Huppe27.97aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
3.11Laura Coor28.76aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11Alissa Swilley28.76aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
5.10Sydney Lang29.23aMay 6South Sound Championships..
6.11Samantha Hong29.76aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.11Jordyn Aden30.29aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.10Molly Engelke30.89aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9.9Bethany Hermann31.13aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10.10Landin Hufford31.42aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.10Olivia McNamara31.74aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
400 Meters
1.9Frances Brown62.07aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.11Laura Coor62.18aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
3.11Emma Hatton63.97aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.11Maia Halvorson65.19aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
5.12Ali Weaver65.87aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.10Sydney Lang68.04aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Kerstin Carlson71.23aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Emma Hatton61.86aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Brenna Carlson61.87aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.11Laura Coor62.19aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
4.11Maia Halvorson62.59aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
800 Meters
1.10Ariel Wilhite2:26.67aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Maia Halvorson2:32.08aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
3.12Mary Lindgren2:39.62aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.12Rosemary Barkis2:40.20aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
5.9Kerstin Carlson2:41.17aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
6.10McKenna Hooper2:44.51aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.12Brooklynn Hooper2:46.37aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
8.10Anna Elewski2:46.74aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
9.9Ava Brackenbury2:54.10aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
10.11Alissa Swilley3:08.79aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
11.9Sabrina Hwang3:10.69aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
12.9Isabella Stokesberrymiles-Paulson3:19.04aMay 9Freshman Invitational
13.9Elyse Vetter3:36.92aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
1600 Meters
1.11Brenna Carlson5:19.64aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.9Stella Grimsted5:25.94aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.10Ariel Wilhite5:29.91aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.12Maddie Goodin5:32.00aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.11Maia Halvorson5:33.82aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.12Mackenzie Cooper5:37.59aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.10McKenna Hooper5:53.49aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.10Anna Elewski5:54.15aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.9Sophia Cash6:00.33aMay 6South Sound Championships..
10.9Olivia FrancisDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
1 Mile
1.11Brenna Carlson5:30.49aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.10Ariel Wilhite5:31.49aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3.11Maia Halvorson5:38.58aMay 255th Shelton invitational
4.12Maddie Goodin5:39.20aMay 255th Shelton invitational
5.12Mackenzie Cooper5:43.65aMay 255th Shelton invitational
6.10Anna Elewski6:03.11aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
7.12Brooklynn Hooper6:04.01aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
8.9Sophia Cash6:04.03aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
3200 Meters
1.10Ariel Wilhite11:41.70aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.9Stella Grimsted11:42.69aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
3.11Brenna Carlson11:49.85aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.10McKenna Hooper12:37.16aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.12Brooklynn Hooper13:13.17aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
2 Miles
1.9Stella Grimsted11:49.20aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
2.11Brenna Carlson11:59.22aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
3.10McKenna Hooper12:53.64aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.11Maia HalvorsonSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Natalie VanDormolen17.95aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Alissa Swilley18.00aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.10Rachel Ballew18.02aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.11Kennedy McCann18.30aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.9Mariah Deck19.98aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.10Landin Hufford20.05aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.9Sam Neice20.18aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
8.10Lauren Wilson20.34aMar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
9.11Sarah Nelson20.53aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
10.10Claire Teters21.01aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.10Olivia McNamara21.61aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Lauren Wilson50.09aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Sarah Nelson51.01aMay 6South Sound Championships..
3.11Kennedy McCann53.51aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.10Claire Teters54.29aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
5.10Rachel Ballew54.86aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
6.9Ava Brackenbury55.03aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
7.9Mariah Deck57.96aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.10Olivia McNamara59.54aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4x100 Relay
1.-Gina Harwick
Sadie Forte
Michaela Huppe
Laura Coor
51.92aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.-Gina Harwick
Michaela Huppe
Frances Brown
Laura Coor
52.24aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3.-Gina Harwick
Laura Coor
Frances Brown
Sadie Forte
52.32aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.-Gina Harwick
Michaela Huppe
Sadie Forte
Laura Coor
52.86aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
5.-Gina Harwick
Sadie Forte
Michaela Huppe
Frances Brown
53.03aMar 21Cardinal Relays
6.-Sadie Forte
Ciel McDonald
Michaela Huppe
Gina Harwick
53.27aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.-Gina Harwick
Frances Brown
Laura Coor
Michaela Huppe
ntApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4x100 Throwers Relay - Throwers
1.-Maia Halvorson
Jona Spiller
Ming Pipatchantanakorn
Anjali Patel
52.54cMar 21Cardinal Relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Gina Harwick
Frances Brown
Laura Coor
Sadie Forte
1:49.47aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Gina Harwick
Sadie Forte
Michaela Huppe
Laura Coor
1:50.27aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.-Gina Harwick
Laura Coor
Michaela Huppe
Sadie Forte
1:50.57aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.-Sadie Forte
Laura Coor
Michaela Huppe
Gina Harwick
1:51.12aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.-Gina Harwick
Laura Coor
Sadie Forte
Michaela Huppe
1:51.30aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.-Relay Team 1:53.51aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
4x400 Relay
1.-Laura Coor
Maia Halvorson
Brenna Carlson
Emma Hatton
4:08.51aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Maia Halvorson
Brenna Carlson
Emma Hatton
Frances Brown
4:10.60aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.-Laura Coor
Maia Halvorson
Frances Brown
Brenna Carlson
4:14.93aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.-Frances Brown
Ali Weaver
Emma Hatton
Maia Halvorson
4:19.87aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
5.-Maia Halvorson
Laura Coor
Sydney Lang
Emma Hatton
4:25.81aMar 21Cardinal Relays
6.-Stella Grimsted
Ali Weaver
Maddie Goodin
Brooklynn Hooper
4:40.78aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.-Sydney Lang
Ariel Wilhite
Mary Lindgren
Mackenzie Cooper
4:42.26aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.-Sydney Lang
Ariel Wilhite
Frances Brown
Mackenzie Cooper
4:43.91aApr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
9.-Ariel Wilhite
Sydney Lang
Mary Lindgren
Mackenzie Cooper
4:45.41aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
10.-Sydney Lang
Ariel Wilhite
Mackenzie Cooper
Frances Brown
4:46.66aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
11.-Relay Team 4:53.72aApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
12.-Stella Grimsted
McKenna Hooper
Brooklynn Hooper
Maddie Goodin
4:54.13aApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
13.-Stella Grimsted
Anna Elewski
McKenna Hooper
Rosemary Barkis
4:54.36aApr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Sydney Lang
Gina Harwick
Michaela Huppe
Mary Lindgren
6:00.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
SMR 800-400-400-800m
1.-Relay Team 6.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Ariel Wilhite
Laura Coor
Mackenzie Cooper
Maddie Goodin
13:24.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.-Kennedy McCann
Sarah Nelson
Lauren Wilson
Claire Teters
79.87aMar 21Cardinal Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jona Spiller34' 5.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Alexa Barnes33' 4.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
3.11Alissa Swilley27' 9.46Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
4.9Kailea Terry27' 3.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
5.10Erin Hagerman27' 1.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
6.9Kerstin Carlson26' 0.00May 9Freshman Invitational
7.11Alexis Gavrilis25' 7.50Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
8.9Michah Hill23' 11.00May 9Freshman Invitational
9.9Luna Lowsky22' 10.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
10.9Mirin Thoma22' 3.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11.12Vanessa Enendu21' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
12.11Ming Pipatchantanakorn18' 10.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
13.9Vivian Giang18' 8.50Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
14.10Cindy Luu18' 6.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
15.10Briana Murphy18' 3.50Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
16.11Angela Tunduri-Vila16' 11.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
17.9Melissa Luu16' 4.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
18.9Anjali Patel15' 6.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
19.12Emily HalvorsonSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
9Ji Young MoonDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Discus - 1kg
1.12Alexa Barnes121' 5.00May 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Alissa Swilley104' 0.00May 255th Shelton invitational
3.12Emily Halvorson88' 5.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
4.10Erin Hagerman79' 1.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.12Vanessa Enendu55' 7.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
6.9Michah Hill51' 7.00May 6South Sound Championships..
7.10Briana Murphy48' 8.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
8.10Cindy Luu44' 1.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
9.11Angela Tunduri-Vila43' 3.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10.9Melissa Luu42' 11.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
11.11Alexis Gavrilis42' 3.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
12.9Anjali Patel36' 10.00May 9Freshman Invitational
13.9Kailea TerryDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10Rachel BallewDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Javelin - 600g
1.12Jona Spiller134' 5.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
2.11Maia Halvorson124' 0.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.11Alissa Swilley97' 1.75Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
4.10Natalie VanDormolen88' 6.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.12Autumn Barker86' 1.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.11Sarah Nelson80' 3.00May 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Danica Kopp78' 10.00May 9Freshman Invitational
8.12Emily Halvorson76' 5.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
9.10Rachel Ballew75' 11.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
10.10Zerin Wetzel53' 9.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
11.9Isabella Stokesberrymiles-Paulson51' 7.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
12.11Ming Pipatchantanakorn49' 7.00May 6South Sound Championships..
13.12Vanessa Enendu45' 2.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
High Jump
1.10Lauren Wilson5' 1.00May 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Alissa Swilley4' 10.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
10Rachel Ballew4' 10.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
4.9Mariah Deck4' 8.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9Sam Neice4' 8.00May 9Freshman Invitational
6.9Sidney Hufford4' 4.00May 9Freshman Invitational
12Jona Spiller4' 4.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
8.10Natalie VanDormolen4' 2.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
9.9Jessica Grassman4' 0.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
10.9Alanna CainDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Pole Vault
1.10Alli Redd9' 6.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.9Katie Fish8' 6.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.9Jillian Telnack7' 6.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
4.9Jessica Grassman6' 6.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.9Sophia Cash6' 0.00Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
6.11Carissa Landis5' 6.00Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
7.9Luna LowskyNHApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9Mirin ThomaNHApr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9Alanna CainSCRApr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
Long Jump
1.11Alissa Swilley15' 9.50May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.9Danica Kopp14' 2.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
3.11Emma Hatton13' 6.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
4.9Acadia Edgerton13' 5.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
5.9Zoe McNamara13' 3.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
6.10Landin Hufford13' 3.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.11Kennedy McCann12' 4.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
9Aurora Strauss-Reeves12' 4.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
9.9Bethany Hermann12' 2.00May 6South Sound Championships..
10.12Emily Halvorson11' 10.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
11.9Sidney Hufford11' 5.00May 6South Sound Championships..
12.9Katie Fish11' 2.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
13.9Jillian Telnack10' 4.00Apr 23Yelm, Stadium @ Olympia
14.9Alanna Cain7' 7.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
Triple Jump
1.11Alissa Swilley30' 11.00Apr 15Lincoln, Olympia, Yelm @ ..
2.11Emma Hatton30' 4.50Apr 2Olympia @ Bellarmine
3.9Danica Kopp29' 11.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Kennedy McCann28' 6.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
5.9Aurora Strauss-Reeves28' 5.00May 9Freshman Invitational
6.9Sidney Hufford27' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Jessica Grassman24' 10.00Mar 19Yelm, Capital @ Oly Jambo..
8.9Alanna Cain15' 9.50Apr 30Timberline, Olympia @Capi..
9.9Acadia EdgertonDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
9Bethany HermannDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12Emily HalvorsonDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
10Landin HuffordDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
9Sam NeiceDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Heptathlon Score
1.11Alissa Swilley3258Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..

* = Recent improvement

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