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High Climbers - Shelton, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Donnell Porter11.56aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.12Colton Hubble12.09aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
3.10*Chase Salisbury12.38aApr 18Mountain Invite
4.12Michael Sobotka12.52aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
5.9Sky Lenhoff12.99aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
6.10Brandon Young13.46aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
7.9Will Ruiz13.49aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
8.12Tyler Giraldes13.56aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
9.10Jacob LaMont14.35aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
10.11Logan Selleg15.03aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
200 Meters
1.12*Colton Hubble24.28aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10*Alex Brown-Garcia24.79aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Chase Salisbury25.95aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.12Michael Sobotka26.35aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.9Sky Lenhoff26.38aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
6.10Rian Wakeling27.18aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
7.9Will Ruiz27.59aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
8.11*Chris Frost27.82aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
9.10Brandon Young28.39aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
400 Meters
1.10*Jonathon Bay55.20aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
2.11*Darius Burke55.30aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.12Cody Williamson56.11aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.9*Sky Lenhoff58.20aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
5.11Chris Frost63.55aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
800 Meters
1.11*Darius Burke2:05.00aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Jonathon Bay2:06.61aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
3.12Cody Williamson2:07.13aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
4.11*Chris Frost2:22.36aApr 18Mountain Invite
1600 Meters
1.12*Cody Williamson4:30.96aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.11*Darius Burke4:42.94aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10*Jonathon Bay4:50.07aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.10Riley Riffe5:07.83aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
5.10Drake Adams5:13.21aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
6.11Chris Frost5:20.52aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
7.9Gable Lacy5:35.03aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
8.10*Alec Dodge6:38.03aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
1 Mile
1.12Cody Williamson4:37.85aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
3200 Meters
1.12*Cody Williamson10:03.54aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10*Jonathon Bay10:09.06aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.11Chris Frost11:25.82aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
4.10Drake Adams11:30.21aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10*Alex Brown-Garcia18.22aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10*Rhett Peters18.78aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Rian Wakeling18.82aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
4.12Bymba Delgersaikhan20.10aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Rian Wakeling44.59aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
2.10*Rhett Peters45.30aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10*Alex Brown-Garcia46.97aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.12Bymba Delgersaikhan50.96aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4x100 Relay
1.*Donnell Porter
Michael Sobotka
Colton Hubble
Chase Salisbury
45.66aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.*Colton Hubble
Donnell Porter
Michael Sobotka
Chase Salisbury
46.10aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.Colton Hubble
Chase Salisbury
Michael Sobotka
Donnell Porter
46.56aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.Relay Team 52.07aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4x400 Relay
1.*Sky Lenhoff
Cody Williamson
Darius Burke
Colton Hubble
3:44.38aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
2.Darius Burke
Rian Wakeling
Colton Hubble
Cody Williamson
3:50.12aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.Darius Burke
Jonathon Bay
Sky Lenhoff
Colton Hubble
3:51.61aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
4.Darius Burke
Drake Adams
Chris Frost
Jonathon Bay
4:03.96aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4x800 Relay
1.Jonathon Bay
Drake Adams
Darius Burke
Chris Frost
9:08.83aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Michael Sobotka
Colton Hubble
Chase Salisbury
Rian Wakeling
DQMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.Alex Brown-Garcia
Rian Wakeling
Rhett Peters
Bymba Delgersaikhan
39.28aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Mike Husky42' 2.50Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
2.10*Mike Kuster41' 5.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.11Michael Paulson40' 11.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.10Colton Paller40' 7.50Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.9*Taylor Toney39' 2.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
6.12Michael Sobotka31' 2.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
7.11Blake Massie30' 11.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
8.9*Gable Lacy30' 9.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
9.10Brandon Young30' 3.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
11Logan Selleg30' 3.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
11.12Dakota Riffe29' 8.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
12.9Elijah Mahony28' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
13.11*Robert James25' 3.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
14.9Kyle Cox19' 8.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10*Colton Paller132' 7.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Mike Husky109' 8.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.9Taylor Toney100' 9.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.11Michael Paulson100' 5.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.11Logan Selleg75' 3.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
6.11Blake Massie73' 8.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
7.11Chris Frost64' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
8.9Gable Lacy60' 11.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
9.9Elijah Mahony55' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Dakota Riffe109' 3.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.10Mike Husky107' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
3.11Michael Paulson97' 10.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.11Logan Selleg87' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.10Brandon Young84' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
6.11Zane Taylor82' 0.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
7.11Blake Massie78' 4.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
High Jump
1.12*Andrew Quantz5' 8.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Jared Beem5' 4.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
10Troy Krumpols5' 4.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.10Colton Paller5' 2.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.11Logan Selleg4' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
6.12Bymba DelgersaikhanDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
9Will RuizDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
9Kyle CoxDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
9Cody SimonDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
11Blake MassieNHMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
12Tyler GiraldesDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
Pole Vault
1.10Riley Riffe10' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
10Troy Krumpols10' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
3.9*Cody Simon9' 6.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.10Chase Salisbury9' 0.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
5.10*Jared Beem8' 0.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
6.9Tommy Neal5' 6.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
Long Jump
1.12Donnell Porter18' 2.25Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
2.10Colton Paller17' 6.25Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
3.12*Bymba Delgersaikhan17' 1.50Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.10*Jared Beem16' 10.50Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
5.10Drake Adams16' 3.50Mar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
6.10Chase Salisbury15' 10.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
7.12*Tyler Giraldes15' 5.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
8.12*Dakota Riffe15' 4.25Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
9.9Will Ruiz15' 1.50Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
10.12Andrew Quantz14' 10.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
11.10Jacob LaMont14' 8.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
12.10Brandon Young14' 7.50Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
13.9Taylor Toney13' 7.50Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
14.9*Raymond Hurt13' 1.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
15.9Kyle Cox10' 2.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
16.9Cody SimonSCRMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
Triple Jump
1.10*Troy Krumpols35' 5.50Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.12*Bymba Delgersaikhan34' 6.50Apr 18Mountain Invite
3.10*Jared Beem31' 6.50Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.12Andrew Quantz31' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.9Cody Simon30' 7.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
6.10Brandon Young29' 3.25Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
7.9Raymond Hurt27' 1.25Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
8.11Robert James26' 7.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
9.10Jacob LaMont24' 0.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..


100 Meters
1.12Natalie Andrewski13.40aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.12*Madison Striplin13.64aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Ella Pinter14.26aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.9Alysia Rosback14.59aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
5.10*Carly Trogstad15.40aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
6.12Niko Zorn15.85aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
7.11Elizabeth Larsen16.13aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
12Paige Goldsby16.13aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
200 Meters
1.10Lindsey Goldsby27.48aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.12*Natalie Andrewski28.08aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.12Lindsey Nicolas30.82aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.10Ella Pinter31.26aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.10*Carly Trogstad31.50aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
400 Meters
1.10Lindsey Goldsby61.87aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.12Lindsey Nicolas67.56aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.10Courtney Burke72.68aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
4.12Niko Zorn76.10aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.11Veronica Aquilar79.68aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
800 Meters
1.10*Lindsey Goldsby2:23.40aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.12*Lindsey Nicolas2:32.36aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Emily Frost2:51.19aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4.10Courtney Burke2:58.31aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.9Bailee Smith3:15.19aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
6.11Veronica Aquilar3:18.30aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
1600 Meters
1.12*Lindsey Nicolas5:34.45aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10*Courtney Burke6:05.41aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.10*Emily Frost6:08.23aApr 18Mountain Invite
4.9Anika Parker6:15.51aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.12Carley Kunkle6:44.24aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
6.9Bailee SmithDNFMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
1 Mile
1.12Lindsey NicolasDNSMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
3200 Meters
1.12Lindsey Nicolas12:57.73aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.10*Courtney Burke12:58.90aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.12*Carley Kunkle15:42.18aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.9Anika ParkerDNSMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Blethany Howe19.96aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
2.9*Abby Brown20.42aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.11Hannah Womer21.79aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.11*Amy Gilliland24.78aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Courtney Burke55.85aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
2.9*Blethany Howe57.37aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.9Alysia Rosback58.13aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.9*Abby Brown59.59aApr 18Mountain Invite
4x100 Relay
1.*Natalie Andrewski
Madison Striplin
Alysia Rosback
Ella Pinter
53.59aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.Alysia Rosback
Niko Zorn
Natalie Andrewski
Ella Pinter
55.66aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.Relay Team 55.93aApr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.*Ella Pinter
Alysia Rosback
Carly Trogstad
Natalie Andrewski
56.04aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
5.Alysia Rosback
Ella Pinter
Natalie Andrewski
Niko Zorn
NTMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
4x200 Relay
1.*Ella Pinter
Lindsey Goldsby
Natalie Andrewski
Lindsey Nicolas
1:53.66aApr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
2.Lindsey Goldsby
Ella Pinter
Lindsey Nicolas
Natalie Andrewski
1:55.33aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.Ella Pinter
Lindsey Nicolas
Natalie Andrewski
Lindsey Goldsby
DQMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4x400 Relay
1.Lindsey Goldsby
Emily Frost
Courtney Burke
Lindsey Nicolas
4:36.56aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
2.Lindsey Nicolas
Courtney Burke
Emily Frost
Lindsey Goldsby
4:37.21aMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
3.Emily Frost
Lindsey Goldsby
Anika Parker
Courtney Burke
4:49.34aMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
4x800 Relay
1.Courtney Burke
Emily Frost
Lindsey Goldsby
Lindsey Nicolas
10:47.01aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Alysia Rosback
Natalie Andrewski
Lindsey Goldsby
Lindsey Nicolas
1:59.72aMar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Elizabeth Brandenburg32' 10.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
2.12*Carisa Kunkle23' 10.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.9Anika Davison20' 8.50Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.10Emily Frost19' 11.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.12Niko Zorn19' 5.50Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Elizabeth Brandenburg101' 0.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.10*Emily Frost58' 2.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
Javelin - 600g
1.12Paige Goldsby73' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
2.12MaKayla Girardin65' 1.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
3.12Elizabeth Brandenburg61' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.11Amy Gilliland45' 2.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
High Jump
1.11Hannah Womer4' 10.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
2.12*Carisa Kunkle4' 6.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
12*Paige Goldsby4' 6.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.9Alysia Rosback4' 2.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.9Anika DavisonNHMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
9Blethany HoweNHMar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
Pole Vault
1.10Ella Pinter7' 0.00Mar 27Lincoln/Timberline @..
2.9Anika Davison6' 6.00Mar 29Curtis Viking Relay ..
9Abby Brown6' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.11Amy Gilliland5' 6.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
Long Jump
1.12*Natalie Andrewski14' 5.50Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.9*Melissa Mackintosh13' 2.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
3.12*Carisa Kunkle12' 2.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
4.11Hannah Womer11' 11.75Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
5.12*Paige Goldsby11' 5.50Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
6.9Blethany Howe11' 1.25Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
7.12*MaKayla Girardin10' 5.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
8.11Amy Gilliland10' 0.00Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
9.11Elizabeth LarsenSCRMar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
Triple Jump
1.12Carisa Kunkle30' 2.50Mar 20Shelton, Capital @NT
2.12*Paige Goldsby25' 10.00Apr 16CK & Mt. Tahoma @ Sh..
3.9Anika Davison24' 11.00Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
4.11Hannah Womer23' 1.25Apr 4Shelton Interclass R..
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