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    High Climbers - Shelton, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Kyle Bonita11.47aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
2.12Indi Endicott11.66aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
3.12Michael Striplin11.83aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.11Ralph Kinne11.92aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
5.10Hunter Core12.34aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
6.11John Pentony12.39aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
7.11Robert Wood12.52aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
8.11Jacob Sims12.53aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
9.9Jacob Rowton12.54aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
10.9Brent Willis12.85aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
11.10Joshua Kennedy13.04aMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
12.12Christopher Taunt13.12aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
13.10Dylan Piper13.64aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
14.11Gage Taunt13.68aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
15.11Jordan Keranen13.71aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
200 Meters
1.12Kyle Bonita23.62aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.12Michael Striplin24.48aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
3.11Robert Wood25.36aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.9Jacob Rowton25.70aMay 5Freshman Invitational
5.10Hunter Core26.19aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
6.9Brent Willis26.26aMay 5Freshman Invitational
7.12Christopher Taunt27.03aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
8.10Dylan Piper28.09aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
9.11Gage Taunt28.62aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
400 Meters
1.12Indi Endicott53.61aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
2.9Darius Burke58.48aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
3.9Cameron Miller58.60aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
4.12Michael Striplin58.74aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
5.10Daniel Bouchie60.07aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
6.11Kevin Givens60.30aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
7.9Bernardo Olivas60.91aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
8.9Chris Frost67.04aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
9.11Zachary Wheaton67.27aMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
10.9Bryce TauntDNSMar 16Mason County Jamboree
800 Meters
1.12Nathan Morgan2:01.61aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.9Darius Burke2:08.04aMay 5Freshman Invitational
3.10Cody Williamson2:11.55aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
4.9Bernardo Olivas2:16.23aMay 5Freshman Invitational
5.11Kevin Givens2:21.48aMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
6.9Bryce Taunt2:23.56aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
7.10Daniel Bouchie2:23.57aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
8.11Zachary Taylor2:23.66aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
9.9Chris Frost2:31.53aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
10.11Zachary Wheaton2:35.10aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
1500 Meters
1.12Nathan Morgan4:09.21aJun 2BorderDuel Track Classic ..
2.12Indi Endicott4:57.12aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
1600 Meters
1.12Nathan Morgan4:24.52aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.10Cody Williamson4:27.81aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
3.9Darius Burke4:48.23aMay 5Freshman Invitational
4.11Zachary Taylor4:50.14aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
5.9Bernardo Olivas4:54.83aMay 5Freshman Invitational
6.9Chris Frost5:21.87aMay 5Freshman Invitational
7.9Bryce Taunt5:28.91aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
8.10Daniel Bouchie5:32.00aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
9.11Zachary WheatonNTApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
1 Mile
1.12Nathan Morgan4:30.01aApr 2852nd Shelton Invitational..
2.9Darius Burke4:56.78aApr 2852nd Shelton Invitational..
3200 Meters
1.10Cody Williamson9:34.39aApr 2852nd Shelton Invitational..
2.11Zachary Taylor10:15.56aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
3.12Nathan Morgan10:19.28aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
4.9Chris Frost12:03.60May 5Freshman Invitational
5.9Darius BurkeNTApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Indi Endicott15.17aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.12Indi Endicott15.38aMay 19West Central District Mee..
3.12Bryton Rodgers16.70aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
4.11Jacob Johnston19.57aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
5.9Brent Willis20.33aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
6.11Gage Taunt23.31aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.12Indi Endicott16.24aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Indi Endicott40.44aMay 19West Central District Mee..
12Indi Endicott40.44aMay 19West Central District Mee..
3.11John Pentony45.88aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
4.9Landon McGlothlin51.57aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
5.11Jacob Johnston51.68aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
6.10Dylan Piper53.57aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
4x100 Relay
1.-Jacob Sims
Ralph Kinne
John Pentony
Kyle Bonita
46.12aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
2.-John Pentony
Michael Striplin
Kyle Bonita
Jacob Sims
46.60aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
3.-Ralph Kinne
Jacob Sims
Kyle Bonita
John Pentony
46.76aApr 20Mountain Invite
4.-John Pentony
Michael Striplin
Kyle Bonita
Hunter Core
47.73aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.-Kyle Bonita
Jacob Sims
Jacob Rowton
Ralph Kinne
48.10aMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
6.-Michael Striplin
Jacob Sims
Hunter Core
Ralph Kinne
49.22aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
7.-John Pentony
Kyle Bonita
Jacob Rowton
Jacob Sims
51.73aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
8.-Relay Team 56.99aMar 31Shelton Relays
9.-Ralph Kinne
Michael Striplin
Hunter Core
Kyle Bonita
DQMar 31Shelton Relays
-Kyle Bonita
Michael Striplin
Hunter Core
Ralph Kinne
DQApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
4x400 Relay
1.-Michael Striplin
Nathan Morgan
Indi Endicott
Cody Williamson
3:42.23aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
2.-Michael Striplin
Nathan Morgan
Cody Williamson
Indi Endicott
3:44.02aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
3.-Michael Striplin
Cody Williamson
Indi Endicott
Nathan Morgan
3:44.46aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
4.-Bernardo Olivas
Darius Burke
Cody Williamson
Jacob Rowton
3:46.71aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
5.-Cody Williamson
Nathan Morgan
Cameron Miller
Darius Burke
3:52.55aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
6.-Cody Williamson
Darius Burke
Kevin Givens
Nathan Morgan
3:52.94aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
7.-Cody Williamson
Darius Burke
Cameron Miller
Nathan Morgan
3:53.84aMar 31Shelton Relays
8.-Cody Williamson
Cameron Miller
Daniel Bouchie
Nathan Morgan
3:54.22aMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
9.-Darius Burke
Bernardo Olivas
Chris Frost
Jacob Rowton
3:57.99aMay 5Freshman Invitational
10.-Daniel Bouchie
Kevin Givens
Bernardo Olivas
Chris Frost
4:10.57aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
11.-Bernardo Olivas
Chris Frost
Bryce Taunt
Daniel Bouchie
4:13.81aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
12.-Daniel Bouchie
Zachary Wheaton
Bernardo Olivas
Chris Frost
4:16.95aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
13.-Chris Frost
Kevin Givens
Zachary Wheaton
Bernardo Olivas
4:23.57aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
4x800 Relay
1.-Daniel Bouchie
Bernardo Olivas
Chris Frost
Zachary Taylor
9:44.51aMar 31Shelton Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Ralph Kinne
Jacob Rowton
Kyle Bonita
Indi Endicott
1:44.17aMar 31Shelton Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Darius Burke
Cameron Miller
Nathan Morgan
Cody Williamson
11:16.71aMar 31Shelton Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Michael Paulson41' 10.00May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.11Ralph Kinne40' 1.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
3.12Roger Villesca38' 9.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.12Michael Striplin28' 11.00Mar 31Shelton Relays
Shot Put - 16lb
1.12Indi Endicott30' 6.14Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Indi Endicott102' 3.00Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
2.12Roger Villesca95' 4.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
3.9Michael Paulson91' 1.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.9Daniel Overson73' 4.00Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
5.11Alex Bidwell73' 0.00Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
6.9Bernardo Olivas67' 7.00Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
7.9Chris Frost64' 5.00Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
Discus - 2kg
1.12Indi Endicott94' 6.25Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Indi Endicott148' 9.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
2.10Joshua Kennedy118' 1.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
3.9Daniel Overson103' 4.00Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
4.9Bernardo Olivas102' 3.00Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
5.-EJ Oversom94' 6.00May 5Freshman Invitational
6.11Alex Bidwell89' 5.00Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
7.11Jacob Johnston68' 3.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
8.11Jordan KeranenSCRMar 16Mason County Jamboree
High Jump
1.11John Pentony5' 8.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
12Indi Endicott5' 8.00May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
3.10Joshua Kennedy5' 4.00Apr 20Mountain Invite
4.12Roman Hurst5' 2.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.9Luke Hawkins4' 8.00Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
6.10Colby FullerNHMar 31Shelton Relays
12Alex JohnsonNHMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
10Dylan PiperNHApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
Pole Vault
1.12Bryton Rodgers13' 6.00Apr 20Mountain Invite
12Indi Endicott13' 6.00May 19West Central District Mee..
12Indi Endicott13' 6.00May 19West Central District Mee..
4.11Jantzen Rodgers12' 0.00Jul 4Tacoma Freedom Fair Beach..
5.9Brent Willis7' 0.00May 5Freshman Invitational
Long Jump
1.12Roman Hurst19' 5.00May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.12Indi Endicott18' 8.80Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
3.11Jacob Sims17' 9.50Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
4.10Joshua Kennedy17' 3.25Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
5.11Ralph Kinne16' 10.50Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
6.12Derrick Larsen16' 6.75Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
7.9Jacob Rowton16' 6.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
8.9Cameron Miller16' 5.75Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
9.11Jantzen Rodgers15' 9.25Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
10.10Dylan Piper15' 8.00Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
11.10Colby Fuller15' 7.50Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
12.12Alex Johnson15' 1.25Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
13.9Landon McGlothlin14' 6.50Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
14.9Daniel Overson13' 3.50Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
15.11Jordan Keranen13' 1.25Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
16.12Connor Ward12' 7.00Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
17.11John PentonySCRApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
12Bryton RodgersSCRApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
9Luke HawkinsSCRApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
Triple Jump
1.12Roman Hurst43' 5.00May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.12Derrick Larsen36' 2.50May 448th Shaner Invitational
3.12Alex Johnson35' 5.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.10Colby Fuller33' 8.25Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
5.11Jacob Sims33' 4.50Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
6.11Jordan Keranen28' 2.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
7.12Connor Ward26' 1.25Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
Decathlon Score
1.12Indi Endicott5750Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..


100 Meters
1.10Madison Striplin13.25aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
2.10Natalie Andrewski13.31aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
3.9Megan Elliott13.48aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
4.10Bayla Budge14.71aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
5.9Elizabeth Larsen14.76aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
6.9Yasmin Prevost15.35aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
7.10Paige Hurst15.47aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
8.9Haley Borys15.82aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
200 Meters
1.12Kandyce Bragg27.28aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.10Natalie Andrewski28.02aApr 20Mountain Invite
3.9Megan Elliott29.87aMay 5Freshman Invitational
4.10Niko Zorn30.15aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
5.10Bayla Budge31.86aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
6.12Sara Minighin32.14aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
7.9Elizabeth Larsen32.39aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
8.10Alexis Carlstrom32.67aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
9.10Madison StriplinNTApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
400 Meters
1.10Niko Zorn65.35aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
2.12Kandyce Bragg66.19aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
3.10Carley Kunkle74.90aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
4.10Alexis Carlstrom75.10aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.9Terra Burk76.64aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
6.9Haley Borys77.18aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
800 Meters
1.10Carley Kunkle2:48.66aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
2.12Sara Minighin2:56.77aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
1600 Meters
1.10Carley Kunkle6:12.52aMay 448th Shaner Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Hannah Mackiewicz17.77aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
2.12Sara Minighin18.05aJun 2State Multi Events Champi..
3.11Courtney Hansen19.59aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
4.9Nicole Bennington19.78aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
5.9Haley Borys19.99aApr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
6.11Shelby Fratello20.70aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
7.9Lanna Keltner20.83aMay 5Freshman Invitational
8.9Terra Burk21.41aMay 5Freshman Invitational
9.9Hannah Womer21.74aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
10.10Alexis Carlstrom21.85aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Lanna Keltner57.18aMay 5Freshman Invitational
2.9Haley Borys59.54aApr 20Mountain Invite
3.9Terra Burk60.08aApr 20Mountain Invite
4.10Alexis Carlstrom62.31aMar 16Mason County Jamboree
4x100 Relay
1.-Madisen Striplin
Megan Elliott
Natalie Andrewski
Kandyce Bragg
52.67aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
2.-Relay Team 52.74aApr 2852nd Shelton Invitational..
3.-Megan Elliott
Madisen Striplin
Kandyce Bragg
Natalie Andrewski
52.81aApr 20Mountain Invite
4.-Megan Elliott
Madisen Striplin
Kandyce Bragg
Niko Zorn
52.88aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
5.-Natalie Andrewski
Kandyce Bragg
Madisen Striplin
Megan Elliott
53.20aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
6.-Kandyce Bragg
Natalie Andrewski
Madisen Striplin
Megan Elliott
53.83aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
7.-Kandyce Bragg
Madisen Striplin
Megan Elliott
Natalie Andrewski
DQMar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
4x200 Relay
1.-Madisen Striplin
Niko Zorn
Kandyce Bragg
Megan Elliott
1:51.08aMay 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
2.-Madisen Striplin
Kandyce Bragg
Natalie Andrewski
Niko Zorn
1:51.81aApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
3.-Natalie Andrewski
Niko Zorn
Madisen Striplin
Kandyce Bragg
1:51.97aApr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
4.-Kandyce Bragg
Natalie Andrewski
Niko Zorn
Madisen Striplin
1:52.15aMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.-Madisen Striplin
Niko Zorn
Kandyce Bragg
Natalie Andrewski
DNFMay 448th Shaner Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Madisen Striplin
Niko Zorn
Natalie Andrewski
Kandyce Bragg
2:00.74aMar 31Shelton Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Alaura Jones34' 9.25May 19West Central District Mee..
2.10Elizabeth Brandenburg32' 10.00May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
3.11Holly Hayman30' 4.00Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
4.9Sarah Dohring29' 7.50May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
5.12Sara Minighin28' 1.80Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Alaura Jones113' 10.00May 19West Central District Mee..
2.10Elizabeth Brandenburg99' 7.00May 448th Shaner Invitational
3.11Holly Hayman69' 0.00Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
4.9Sarah Dohring68' 8.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.11Sarah Myers30' 7.00Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
Javelin - 600g
1.11Courtney Hansen113' 3.00May 448th Shaner Invitational
2.12Sara Minighin84' 0.66Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
3.10McKayla Girardin64' 2.00Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
4.11Rachel Wood60' 2.00Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
5.11Sarah Myers52' 7.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
6.12Hannah MackiewiczSCRMar 16Mason County Jamboree
High Jump
1.9Hannah Womer4' 10.00Mar 31Shelton Relays
2.10Carisa Kunkle4' 6.00Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
3.12Sara Minighin4' 4.36Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
4.9Yasmin Prevost4' 2.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
5.9Nicole Bennington3' 10.00Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
6.11Shelby FratelloNHMar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
Pole Vault
1.9Nicole Bennington8' 0.00May 5Freshman Invitational
2.9Lanna Keltner6' 6.00May 5Freshman Invitational
3.12Alaura Jones5' 6.00Mar 23Gig Harbor @ Shelton
Long Jump
1.10Carisa Kunkle14' 0.00Apr 20Mountain Invite
2.12Sara Minighin13' 2.27Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..
3.10Carley Kunkle13' 0.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.9Yasmin Prevost12' 8.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
5.10Paige Hurst11' 5.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
6.9Hannah Womer10' 9.25Mar 16Mason County Jamboree
7.11Rachel Wood10' 5.00Apr 11Oly, Capital @ Shelton
8.11Sarah Myers10' 1.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
9.9Elizabeth Larsen9' 9.50May 5Freshman Invitational
10.10McKayla Girardin9' 8.25Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
11.9Terra BurkSCRApr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
10Bayla BudgeSCRMar 16Mason County Jamboree
Triple Jump
1.10Carisa Kunkle29' 9.50Apr 20Mountain Invite
2.10Carley Kunkle29' 5.75May 12Narrows League 4A Champio..
3.10Paige Hurst27' 8.50Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
4.9Terra Burk26' 11.25Apr 18South Kitsap, Timberline ..
5.12Sara Minighin26' 7.50Mar 30NL Dual: Central Kitsap a..
6.9Yasmin Prevost25' 5.00Apr 25NL Tri: Shelton & Stadium..
Heptathlon Score
1.12Sara Minighin2804Jun 2State Multi Events Champi..

* = Recent improvement

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