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100 Meters
1.11Daniel Posey11.76aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
2.11*Ronald Lashley11.96aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
3.11Cole Huckaby12.22aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.12Nathan Oliveira12.24aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
5.10Andrew Tran12.36aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.11Dennis Beard12.60aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.10Chris McGraw12.61aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
8.10Rashon Miller12.85aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
9.12Brady Lewis13.01aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10.11Ted Willform13.18aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
11.11Allen Acosta13.20aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
12.10Maurice Calloway13.65aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
13.10Jose Juarez14.07aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
14.11Jonathan Sanchez14.17aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
200 Meters
1.11Daniel Posey24.42aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.11Ronald Lashley24.82aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.12Brad Filler25.00aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.12Matt Saunders25.23aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.10Andrew Tran25.66aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.11Cole Huckaby25.68aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.12Nathan Oliveira25.91aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.10Rashon Miller26.65aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
9.10Maurice Calloway28.27aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10.11Ted Willform28.59aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
11.11Jonathan Sanchez29.89aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
12.10Jose Juarez30.46aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
400 Meters
1.12Matt Saunders54.63aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.12Brad Filler55.42aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.11Dennis Beard56.30aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
4.12Alex McKay57.60aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
5.10*Andrew Tran58.67aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
6.9Aariq White59.05aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
7.9Caleb Goodspeed61.04aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
8.12Brady Lewis61.17aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9.10Brandon Griffin63.79aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
10.9Zach Suelflow63.95aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
800 Meters
1.12Isaia Tiangson2:02.95aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.12Matt Saunders2:10.84aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
3.10Mason Spindle2:23.87aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
4.9*Evan Polkow2:26.80aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
5.10Armando Valencia2:27.55aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.12Andrew Cooper2:32.93aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
7.11Kyle Isom2:33.26aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.12Robin Mendoza2:36.83aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
9.11Dylan Johnston2:39.04aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10.9Elliott Crawford2:41.52aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
11.9Tyler Penrod2:56.21aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
12.9Waldenstrom AndrewNTMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
1600 Meters
1.12Isaia Tiangson4:39.72aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.9Aariq White4:53.94aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.11Dax Tate5:02.46aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.10Mason Spindle5:07.86aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.11Daniel Arnold5:12.79aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.9Evan Polkow5:21.36aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
7.10Armando Valencia5:26.82aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.10Trey Marez5:42.10aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9.9Boone Tate5:44.84aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
10.10Tommy Broch5:48.62aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
11.9Tyler Penrod5:49.07aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3200 Meters
1.12Isaia Tiangson10:47.60Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
2.11Dax Tate10:49.01aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.10Mason Spindle11:00.59aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.11Daniel Arnold11:05.87aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
5.9Evan Polkow11:19.31aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
6.12Sean Kierce11:25.79aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.9Zach Suelflow11:39.02aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
8.12Andrew Cooper11:45.70Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
9.10Riley Mckee12:16.20Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
10.10Tommy Broch12:32.60Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
11.9Tyler Penrod12:42.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
12.10Brandon Griffin12:43.70Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Joshua Turner15.09aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.12Artem Deyneka16.40aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.10Chris McGraw18.08aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Joshua Turner41.86aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.10Chris McGraw49.13aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.9Caleb Goodspeed51.34aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4x100 Relay
1.Nathan Oliveira
Dennis Beard
Daniel Posey
Joshua Turner
46.01aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.Joshua Turner
Nathan Oliveira
Daniel Posey
Cole Huckaby
46.23aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.Dennis Beard
Daniel Posey
Nathan Oliveira
Joshua Turner
46.25aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.Cole Huckaby
Daniel Posey
Nathan Oliveira
Joshua Turner
46.83aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.*Dennis Beard
Andrew Tran
Daniel Posey
Ronald Lashley
47.04aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
6.*Relay Team 54.59aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
4x200 Relay
1.Dennis Beard
Cole Huckaby
Daniel Posey
Brad Filler
1:37.59aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
2.Dennis Beard
Brad Filler
Daniel Posey
Cole Huckaby
1:38.78aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Aariq White
Zach Suelflow
Andrew Cooper
Daniel Arnold
3:42.72aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.Dennis Beard
Daniel Arnold
Evan Polkow
Zach Suelflow
3:45.45aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.Isaia Tiangson
Matt Saunders
Brad Filler
Dennis Beard
3:47.82aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.Mason Spindle
Dennis Beard
Isaia Tiangson
Brad Filler
3:49.69aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
5.*Dennis Beard
Andrew Tran
Chris McGraw
Ronald Lashley
4:16.91aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
6.Armando Valencia
Sean Kierce
Nik Skorniakoff
Dax Tate
4:32.05aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.Mason Spindle
Trey Marez
Kyle Isom
Boone Tate
4:35.06aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
8.Tyler Penrod
Tommy Broch
Chris McGraw
Robin Mendoza
4:41.21aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4x800 Relay
1.Andrew Cooper
Boone Tate
Tyler Penrod
Tommy Broch
10:53.95aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Armando Valencia
Andrew Cooper
Sean Kierce
Evan Polkow
12:44.92aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.*Armando Valencia
Mason Spindle
Daniel Arnold
Evan Polkow
13:19.26aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Josh Riley40' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
2.12Braydan Packer39' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
3.12Marcus Atafua35' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.9Peyton Trujillo34' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.12Toni Villa32' 9.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
6.10Matthew Dickson31' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.10Matt Miles31' 1.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.11David Muriitti29' 11.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9.10Jake Wicks27' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
10.12Rupinderpal Singh27' 3.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
11.10Alex Britt26' 6.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
12.11Matt Mixan26' 2.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
13.9Marcus Lamas26' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
14.11Collin Sutrick25' 7.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
15.10Rolf Ludviksen24' 2.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
16.9Lincoln Brown19' 8.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Braydan Packer110' 3.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
2.12Artem Deyneka106' 9.00Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.11David Muriitti100' 4.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.12Marcus Atafua89' 1.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
5.12Toni Villa85' 9.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.10Matthew Dickson78' 5.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.12Josh Riley76' 7.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.10Matt Miles76' 2.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9.9Peyton Trujillo74' 9.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10.10Jake Wicks69' 6.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
11.9Marcus Lamas62' 7.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
12.10Rolf Ludviksen60' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
13.11Matt Mixan58' 4.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
14.10Alex Britt52' 1.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
15.11Collin Sutrick49' 8.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
16.9Lincoln Brown35' 4.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Artem Deyneka150' 2.00Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.12Braydan Packer135' 3.00Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.12Toni Villa106' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.12Marcus Atafua99' 3.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.12Cameron Gillyard97' 2.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.10Matthew Dickson75' 3.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.12Rupinderpal Singh72' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.10Seth Howard57' 11.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
9.9Marcus Lamas57' 3.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
10.10Jose Juarez51' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
11.10Jake Wicks46' 5.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
High Jump
1.12Cameron Gillyard5' 6.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9Caleb Goodspeed5' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
3.12Joshua Turner5' 4.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
10Rashon Miller5' 4.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Pole Vault
1.12Artem Deyneka10' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
2.12Cameron Gillyard9' 6.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.11Ted Willform8' 6.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.9Evan PolkowNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9Zach SuelflowNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10Rashon MillerNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Long Jump
1.10Rashon Miller18' 9.75Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.10Andrew Tran18' 6.50Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.12Artem Deyneka18' 1.50Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.12Nathan Oliveira16' 5.25Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
5.11Allen Acosta16' 0.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
6.11Ronald Lashley15' 9.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.9Aariq White15' 8.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.12Braydan PackerFOULApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Triple Jump
1.12Joshua Turner45' 4.00Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.11Dennis Beard36' 11.75Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.10*Andrew Tran35' 8.50Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
4.11Daniel PoseyFOULApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
11Ronald LashleyFOULApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..


100 Meters
1.9McKenzi Williams13.19aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.11Brittni Williams13.23aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.9Patricia Phithamma13.93aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.10Victoria Robertson14.15aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.10*Jada Bowman14.46aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
6.10*Jessica Willform14.84aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
7.9Savanna Ashby15.09aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
8.10De'Ja Heard15.46aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
9.9Joy Muriithi15.64aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
10.9Faith Turner15.68aMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
11.9Sara Koenig16.91aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
12.9Luba MigdalDNSMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
200 Meters
1.11Brittni Williams27.54aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.12Lauren Crimi28.63aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.10Victoria Robertson29.35aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.10*Jada Bowman30.31aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
5.10Kristin Freitas30.44aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.10Cierra Deissler33.81aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
400 Meters
1.12Lauren Crimi64.54aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.11Lexi Chinn65.30aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.10*Victoria Robertson69.22aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
4.9*Savanna Ashby70.75aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
5.10Cierra Deissler80.69aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
800 Meters
1.12Rachel Covey2:28.90aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
2.10Amanda Bunger2:46.40aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.11Sammy Sponenburg2:50.35aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
4.12Danielle Brickner2:59.07aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
5.9Sasha Terry3:06.79aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
6.10Cierra Deissler3:14.84aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
1600 Meters
1.12Rachel Covey5:28.15aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.11Claire Kerbs6:00.14aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.10Abby Gooch6:11.58aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
4.9Sasha Terry6:50.31aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
3200 Meters
1.11Claire Kerbs12:41.61aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.10Abby Gooch12:42.18aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.11Sammy Sponenburg13:25.29aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.10Amanda Bunger13:27.68aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9McKenzi Williams16.75aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.12Olivia Reiter18.29aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.9Patricia Phithamma19.47aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.9Faith Turner21.84aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Olivia Reiter54.04aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.9Faith Turner60.35aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Michelle Washington
Victoria Robertson
Jessica Willform
Savanna Ashby
56.99aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.Jessica Packer
Savanna Ashby
Luba Migdal
Jessica Willform
57.12aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.Jessica Packer
Jessica Willform
Luba Migdal
Savanna Ashby
57.47aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4.*Jessica Willform
Savanna Ashby
Luba Migdal
Jessica Packer
57.97aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
5.Faith Turner
Cierra Deissler
De'Ja Heard
Kaley Flint
62.97aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4x200 Relay
1.Lexi Chinn
Lauren Crimi
Jada Bowman
McKenzi Williams
1:51.61aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.Savanna Ashby
Kristin Freitas
Victoria Robertson
Olivia Reiter
2:00.17aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.Olivia Reiter
Kristin Freitas
Victoria Robertson
Savanna Ashby
2:00.19aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
4x400 Relay
1.Claire Kerbs
Victoria Robertson
Olivia Reiter
Rachel Covey
4:28.16aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.Claire Kerbs
Abby Gooch
Victoria Robertson
Danielle Brickner
4:36.81aApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.Abby Gooch
Claire Kerbs
Ayanna Ford
Danielle Brickner
4:51.49aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.*Abby Gooch
Amanda Bunger
Claire Kerbs
Sammy Sponenburg
15:06.32aApr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
2.Sammy Sponenburg
Abby Gooch
Amanda Bunger
Kristin Freitas
15:06.77aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Ayanna Ford33' 9.00Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
2.12Danielle Brickner27' 9.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.10*Mishaylla Etienne25' 2.00Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
4.10Jada Bowman24' 10.25Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.11Jessica Packer24' 6.75Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
6.10De'Ja Heard19' 2.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.10Alinah Ibana18' 9.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Ayanna Ford104' 2.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.11*Jessica Packer78' 2.00Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
3.10Jada Bowman74' 9.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.12Michelle Washington69' 3.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
5.10Mishaylla Etienne59' 7.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
6.10De'Ja Heard53' 2.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
7.10Alinah Ibana40' 4.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Javelin - 600g
1.11Ayanna Ford90' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.12Lauren Crimi89' 8.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.11*Jessica Packer78' 5.00Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
4.10*Jada Bowman73' 3.00Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
5.10Mishaylla Etienne52' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
6.12Danielle Brickner51' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.12Michelle Washington49' 2.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
8.10Alinah Ibana39' 1.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
9.9Sara Koenig25' 2.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
High Jump
1.10Maddy Thompson4' 2.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.10Kristin Freitas4' 0.00Apr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
3.10Victoria RobertsonNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
10Jessica WillformNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Pole Vault
1.12Kaley Flint7' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
2.10Maddy Thompson7' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
9Luba Migdal7' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.10Cierra DeisslerNHApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
Long Jump
1.11Brittni Williams16' 3.25Mar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
2.11Madisen Williams16' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
3.9Patricia Phithamma13' 0.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
4.10Kristin Freitas12' 7.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
5.10Maddy Thompson12' 3.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
6.10Jessica Willform10' 4.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ C..
7.9Joy MuriithiFOULMar 15SPSL 2A/3A Jamboree
Triple Jump
1.11Brittni Williams35' 2.00Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.10*Victoria Robertson30' 7.25Apr 193rd Annual Add It Up..
3.10Kristin FreitasFOULApr 3Thomas Jefferson @ A..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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