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Falcon Invitational

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ogemaw Heights, West Branch

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Zagers11.42aCadillac      
2.12Jake Hurrell11.47aCadillac      
3.9Trae Hill11.50aGaylord      
4.12Kyle Bellor11.92aOgemaw Heights      
5.12Tyler Ellsworth11.97aCadillac      
1.12Derrek Williams12.02aStandish Sterling      
2.10Nick Dorn12.07aGrayling      
3.10Zavier Lindsey12.12aGrayling      
4.11Cody Myers12.17aGrayling      
5.11Jacob Davidson12.42aStandish Sterling      
6.11Corey Harwood12.51aMio Ausable      
6.10Spencer Moran12.54aMt. Pleasant      
7.12Devanne Dodgens12.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Taylor Lee12.73aMt. Pleasant      
8.11Anthony Genia12.78aMt. Pleasant      
9.10Jordan Kaczmarek12.85aOgemaw Heights      
10.10Sergio Monroy12.85aBay City John Glenn      
8.11Garrett Pierce12.87aStandish Sterling      
11.11Austin Piglowski12.95aOgemaw Heights      
12.9Preston Shook12.95aBay City John Glenn      
9.10Blake Grivetti12.98aStandish Sterling      
13.12Brett Leavitt13.00aBay City John Glenn      
10.9Jared Emerson13.03aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.12Oliver Brenden13.07aMio Ausable      
14.12Tyler Smith13.20aCadillac      
9Thane Robbins13.45aOgemaw Heights      
12.12Ryein Potter13.85aMio Ausable      
12Justin Hui14.55aOgemaw Heights      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Zagers22.74aCadillac      
2.12Jake Hurrell23.21aCadillac      
1.11Cody Myers23.83aGrayling      
2.12Alex Schmidt24.08aStandish Sterling      
3.9Trae Hill24.31aGaylord      
3.10Nick Dorn24.51aGrayling      
4.12Mitchell McFarland24.78aStandish Sterling      
5.10Zavier Lindsey24.81aGrayling      
4.11Tyler Henderson24.85aOgemaw Heights      
6.12David Lundgren24.86aStandish Sterling      
5.12Zach Tallent24.93aGaylord      
6.9Brian Weissen24.99aMt. Pleasant      
7.12Jose Urena25.03aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.12Jacob Bialobrzeski25.20aStandish Sterling      
7.11Taylor Lee25.35aMt. Pleasant      
8.10Caleb Tomes25.41aGaylord      
9.11Corey Harwood25.55aMio Ausable      
10.9Latear Dukes25.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.10Jordan Kaczmarek25.74aOgemaw Heights      
11.12Devanne Dodgens25.81aRemus Chippewa Hills      
12.9Jeremy Wenzlick25.92aSanford-Meridian      
13.9Jared Emerson25.94aRemus Chippewa Hills      
10.11Brendan Hunn26.01aMt. Pleasant      
11.12Brett Leavitt26.37aBay City John Glenn      
12.10Gordon Hoyem26.38aGaylord      
14.11Brad Wenzlick26.54aSanford-Meridian      
15.12Oliver Brenden26.66aMio Ausable      
13.9Alex Delgado26.67aBay City John Glenn      
12Dakota TalbotNTSanford-Meridian      
10James WilliamsNTOgemaw Heights      
10Matt GlynnNTSanford-Meridian      
10Matt EickholtNTSanford-Meridian      
10Sergio MonroyNTBay City John Glenn      
9Preston ShookNTBay City John Glenn      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Stalker53.69aCadillac      
2.10Cody Morris53.95aGaylord      
3.11Connor Tribe54.30aMt. Pleasant      
4.11Tom Lancaster54.54aGaylord      
5.12Zach Tallent54.93aGaylord      
1.12Jose Urena54.97aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Eneko Urkiaga55.85aBay City John Glenn      
7.12Eric Ecker55.88aMt. Pleasant      
8.12Jakub Pokorny56.16aOgemaw Heights      
9.10Tom Hoyt56.27aBay City John Glenn      
2.12Shane Rollins56.47aGrayling      
3.9Latear Dukes56.66aRemus Chippewa Hills      
10.10Aaron Kerkau56.72aBay City John Glenn      
11.10Luke Beyer57.16aBay City John Glenn      
12.11Matt Hoebeke57.41aOgemaw Heights      
13.10Ryan Odykirk58.08aMt. Pleasant      
4.11Tyler Steinbauer58.31aStandish Sterling      
5.9Jeremy Wenzlick58.64aSanford-Meridian      
6.10Trent Vartanian59.08aStandish Sterling      
7.10Curtis Wilson59.11aGrayling      
8.9Carey Brodok59.36aGrayling      
9.10Sam Huss59.39aSanford-Meridian      
10.12Aarron Pavese1:03.14aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.9Brandon Cashen1:04.14aRemus Chippewa Hills      
12.12Ryein Potter1:04.60aMio Ausable      
10Kyle SperlingDQOgemaw Heights      
10Trevor DewittDQGrayling      
11Mike WeeksDQCadillac      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Sackett2:06.34aRemus Chippewa Hills      
1.10Tyler Hoyt2:06.67aBay City John Glenn      
2.10Devon Dawson2:07.22aGrayling      
2.9Nate Fischer2:07.57aGaylord      
3.12Colin Hamlin2:09.14aGrayling      
3.11Bryan Slocum2:10.28aGaylord      
4.11Gregory Palmer2:11.38aCadillac      
5.11Zach Felton2:12.26aMt. Pleasant      
4.12Zach Fox2:12.98aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.10Sean Hope2:13.41aGaylord      
7.12Casey Taylor2:14.15aOgemaw Heights      
8.11Tom Rowley2:16.36aMt. Pleasant      
5.9Duane Bean2:17.30aStandish Sterling      
9.11Grant Hine2:19.22aMt. Pleasant      
10.10Travis Kohn2:23.74aBay City John Glenn      
11.10Jacob Nephew2:24.79aBay City John Glenn      
12.10Austin Pearson2:25.71aGaylord      
13.12Andrew Vine2:25.72aCadillac      
9Cameron Zettel2:29.38aOgemaw Heights      
14.10Dylan Millikin2:34.28aOgemaw Heights      
6.10McGraw Eli2:48.78aSanford-Meridian      
12Clayton ClemensNTOgemaw Heights      
12Bob BrentNTOgemaw Heights      
11Wyatt SmithNTMio Ausable      
11Nick McDonaldNTGrayling      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devon Dawson4:39.07aGrayling      
2.11Tyler Sackett4:41.58aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.12Colin Hamlin4:45.34aGrayling      
1.10Tyler Hoyt4:46.36aBay City John Glenn      
2.12Martin Nelkie4:48.39aOgemaw Heights      
3.11Joe Jones4:49.18aGaylord      
4.11Derek Shumway4:50.33aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Ryan Hearth4:50.65aCadillac      
5.11Michael Todd4:51.34aMt. Pleasant      
6.9Charlend Howard4:51.98aGaylord      
7.10Jake Pasternak4:52.69aGaylord      
5.12Zach Fox4:55.05aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.12Travis Loveberry4:57.63aMt. Pleasant      
9.9Chris Yoder5:04.15aMt. Pleasant      
6.11Nick McDonald5:11.56aGrayling      
10.11John Ferrara5:13.25aCadillac      
7.12Nick Searles5:16.74aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.9Robert Thomson5:17.16aMio Ausable      
11.12Spencer Young5:17.42aGaylord      
9.12William Mapes5:19.99aSanford-Meridian      
12.11Drew Muringer5:23.81aBay City John Glenn      
13.10Travis Kohn5:24.17aBay City John Glenn      
14.10Elliot Meiser5:27.02aOgemaw Heights      
10.11Neil Hanson5:37.92aMio Ausable      
11.12Josh Golimbieski5:38.37aStandish Sterling      
12.12Michael Krueger5:45.19aSanford-Meridian      
15.12George Farmer5:48.13aOgemaw Heights      
13.12Clarence Johnson5:51.74aStandish Sterling      
14.9Nick Warner6:13.77aSanford-Meridian      
9Joe Valley6:19.59aOgemaw Heights      
9Tieler Schick6:26.10aOgemaw Heights      
11Kelby Marvin6:36.32aOgemaw Heights      
11Patrick EaganNTOgemaw Heights      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Martin Nelkie10:25.71aOgemaw Heights      
2.11Joe Jones10:31.37aGaylord      
3.10Ryan Hearth10:33.97aCadillac      
1.11Derek Shumway10:35.19aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.9Charlend Howard10:38.64aGaylord      
5.11Michael Todd10:55.09aMt. Pleasant      
6.10Jake Pasternak11:02.47aGaylord      
7.11Steven Wysocki11:09.04aOgemaw Heights      
8.11John Ferrara11:13.64aCadillac      
2.12Nick Searles11:23.35aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.12Zach Patton11:26.37aMt. Pleasant      
10.9Ian Callison11:26.56aGaylord      
3.11Brock Crystal11:26.97aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.10Jesse Jezak11:27.24aCadillac      
4.12William Mapes11:30.48aSanford-Meridian      
12.11Dave Rowley11:36.80aMt. Pleasant      
13.11Patrick Eagan11:44.38aOgemaw Heights      
14.11Drew Muringer11:46.79aBay City John Glenn      
5.10Mark Alvarado12:10.66aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.9Robert Thomson12:14.49aMio Ausable      
15.9Chris Ryan12:16.86aGaylord      
16.9Gatlin Hoffman12:26.38aBay City John Glenn      
7.9Keanu Quintana12:28.26aGrayling      
8.11Nick Brandenburg12:32.61aStandish Sterling      
9.12Josh Golimbieski12:39.97aStandish Sterling      
10.12Michael Krueger12:44.66aSanford-Meridian      
17.9Josh Grimmer12:58.55aBay City John Glenn      
9Wyatt LucasNTCadillac      
11Neil HansonNTMio Ausable      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Rosin16.28aBay City John Glenn      
2.12Ryan Gapinski17.01aGaylord      
3.11Ronnie Trower17.60aOgemaw Heights      
4.10Gordon Hoyem17.85aGaylord      
5.11Trent Killinger18.10aOgemaw Heights      
1.10Nathan Lalk18.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.9Brian Weissen18.57aMt. Pleasant      
7.11Jacob Combs18.63aCadillac      
8.11Kylan Vanderpool18.66aMt. Pleasant      
2.11Luke Werenette18.68aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.12Ron Purleski18.70aCadillac      
3.9Scott Parkinson18.71aGrayling      
10.10Alec Haller18.88aBay City John Glenn      
11.12Brandon Guthrie18.96aMt. Pleasant      
12.10Jacob Mitchell19.16aCadillac      
4.9Andrew Mahaffey19.25aRemus Chippewa Hills      
13.12John Forney19.60aOgemaw Heights      
5.9Austin Kraska19.63aStandish Sterling      
14.9Cameron Taylor19.70aGaylord      
6.12Tyler Schman19.78aStandish Sterling      
15.9Brandon Wackerle20.28aBay City John Glenn      
11Wyatt SmithNTMio Ausable      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Rosin42.05aBay City John Glenn      
2.11Kylan Vanderpool43.37aMt. Pleasant      
3.12Ryan Gapinski43.42aGaylord      
4.10Gordon Hoyem43.84aGaylord      
5.11Ronnie Trower44.50aOgemaw Heights      
6.12Ron Purleski44.52aCadillac      
7.10Jacob Mitchell45.30aCadillac      
1.9Austin Kraska45.65aStandish Sterling      
2.11Garrett Pierce45.82aStandish Sterling      
8.11Trent Killinger46.35aOgemaw Heights      
9.12John Forney47.14aOgemaw Heights      
3.12Tyler Schman47.34aStandish Sterling      
4.10Blake Grivetti47.60aStandish Sterling      
5.9Andrew Mahaffey47.80aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.9Scott Parkinson48.52aGrayling      
10.9Conner Vandenbouch48.71aBay City John Glenn      
11.11Dominic Moscradelli49.03aMt. Pleasant      
12.9Cameron Taylor49.14aGaylord      
7.11Luke Werenette49.39aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.10Nathan Lalk50.16aRemus Chippewa Hills      
13.12Brandon Guthrie50.28aMt. Pleasant      
9.10Matt Eickholt51.25aSanford-Meridian      
14.9Brandon Wackerle51.49aBay City John Glenn      
10.11William Johnson53.76aSanford-Meridian      
11.9Seger Jackson59.65aSanford-Meridian      
9Jason Simmons59.88aOgemaw Heights      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Ellsworth
Tyler Hewett
Jake Hurrell
Cody Zagers
1.-Relay Team 45.01aStandish Sterling      
2.-James Williams
Anthony Zettel
Grant Markel
Kyle Bellor
45.95aOgemaw Heights      
3.-Relay Team 45.98aGaylord      
4.-Relay Team 47.50aMt. Pleasant      
5.-Brett Leavitt
Alex Delgado
Sergio Monroy
Tom Hoyt
48.08aBay City John Glenn      
2.-Devanne Dodgens
Jared Emerson
Andrew Mahaffey
Brandon Cashen
49.43aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.-Oliver Brenden
Corey Harwood
Grant Price
Zach Pillars
49.44aMio Ausable      
4.-Matt Eickholt
Nathan Fellows
Seger Jackson
William Johnson
-Nick Dorn
Dave Bergan
Zavier Lindsey
Cody Myers
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:34.55aGaylord      
2.-Mike Weeks
David Stalker
Tyler Ellsworth
Tyler Hewett
1.-Nick Dorn
Trevor Dewitt
Zavier Lindsey
Cody Myers
3.-Relay Team 1:38.38aMt. Pleasant      
4.-James Williams
Grant Markel
Tyler Henderson
Ronnie Trower
1:38.73aOgemaw Heights      
2.-Jacob Bialobrzeski
Jacob Davidson
Trent Vartanian
Tyler Steinbauer
1:39.82aStandish Sterling      
3.-Jose Urena
Jared Emerson
Devanne Dodgens
Lateer Dukes
1:41.11aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.-Oliver Brenden
Corey Harwood
Grant Price
Zach Pillars
1:41.62aMio Ausable      
5.-Relay Team 1:41.63aSanford-Meridian      
-Alex Delgado
Brandon Smith
Tom Hoyt
Brett Leavitt
DQBay City John Glenn      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:36.21aStandish Sterling      
1.-Mike Weeks
David Stalker
Jake Hurrell
Tyler Hewett
2.-Luke Beyer
Tom Hoyt
Eneko Urkiaga
Kyler Rosin
3:38.47aBay City John Glenn      
3.-Cody Morris
Nate Fischer
Bryan Slocum
Tom Lancaster
2.-Jose Urena
Lateer Dukes
Zach Fox
Tyler Sackett
3:40.71aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.-Eric Ecker
Kylan Vanderpool
Andrey Koptelov
Connor Tribe
3:42.53aMt. Pleasant      
5.-Ronnie Trower
Grant Markel
Tyler Henderson
James Williams
3:43.02aOgemaw Heights      
3.-Colin Hamlin
Dave Bergan
Shane Rollins
Devon Dawson
4.-Relay Team 3:51.15aSanford-Meridian      
-Matt Hoebeke
Casey Taylor
George Farmer
Clayton Clemens
3:51.72aOgemaw Heights      
-Wyatt Smith
J.C. Park
Ryein Potter
Clarence Smith
NTMio Ausable      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colin Hamlin
Nick McDonald
Shane Rollins
Devon Dawson
1.-Bryan Slocum
Joe Jones
Sean Hope
Nate Fischer
2.-Mark Alverado
Derick Shumway
Zack Fox
Tyler Sackett
8:45.47aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.-Eric Ecker
Travis Loveberry
Michael Todd
Connor Tribe
8:51.91aMt. Pleasant      
3.-Luke Beyer
Drew Muringer
Eneko Urkiaga
Tyler Hoyt
9:00.38aBay City John Glenn      
4.-Relay Team 9:19.24aCadillac      
5.-Steven Wysocki
Patrick Eagan
Martin Nelkie
Clayton Clemens
9:22.34aOgemaw Heights      
3.-Duane Bean
Clarence Johnson
Daren Johnson
Josh Golimbieski
9:48.45aStandish Sterling      
4.-Relay Team 9:48.46aSanford-Meridian      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Zettel53-05.75Ogemaw Heights      
1.9Cole Walderzak51-10.50Standish Sterling      
2.9Riley Norman48-04.75Cadillac      
3.11Jordan Yaklin46-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
4.11Josh Pant45-06.75Cadillac      
5.12Spike Belstra45-05.50Cadillac      
2.12Jesse Bashor41-11.00Standish Sterling      
6.12Geoff Roney40-08.50Gaylord      
3.12Ryan Schmidt39-09.00Standish Sterling      
4.12Trent England38-03.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.12Garret Price37-10.75Mio Ausable      
7.11Tayler Little37-06.50Ogemaw Heights      
6.10Alex Barron37-02.75Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.12Dylan Stefani37-02.25Mio Ausable      
8.10Grant Price36-09.00Mio Ausable      
8.10Matt Doyle36-05.25Bay City John Glenn      
9.12Dakota Krupp35-01.50Bay City John Glenn      
9.12Rafe Boman34-11.00Sanford-Meridian      
10Nick Schulz34-08.50Ogemaw Heights      
10Fred Owens34-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
11Kyle Zimmer33-08.50Ogemaw Heights      
10.11Ryan VanGoethem33-00.75Ogemaw Heights      
11.9John Jensen32-02.00Bay City John Glenn      
11Kevin LaFleur31-06.50Ogemaw Heights      
12.10Dylan Roark31-04.00Mt. Pleasant      
10Keegan Taylor31-02.50Ogemaw Heights      
11Kevin Clark31-02.00Ogemaw Heights      
13.9Matt Keller31-01.00Mt. Pleasant      
14.10Spencer Moran29-07.00Mt. Pleasant      
10.10McGraw Eli28-10.50Sanford-Meridian      
11John Winter28-04.00Ogemaw Heights      
11.9McGraw Jacob28-02.00Sanford-Meridian      
12.10Calvin Webber26-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
9Heath Awrey25-11.00Ogemaw Heights      
9Chris ShaugerNDOgemaw Heights      
9Cole FeliceDQOgemaw Heights      
12Spencer DarterDQRemus Chippewa Hills      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Zettel171-04Ogemaw Heights      
1.9Cole Walderzak168-04Standish Sterling      
2.12Spike Belstra146-02Cadillac      
2.12Spencer Darter133-09Remus Chippewa Hills      
3.12Rafe Boman119-06Sanford-Meridian      
3.12Tyler Stats116-06Cadillac      
4.11Ryan VanGoethem116-03Ogemaw Heights      
5.10Keegan Taylor112-03Ogemaw Heights      
6.11Josh Pant112-00Cadillac      
4.11Craig Cook111-10Standish Sterling      
7.11Ryan Gauld111-00Cadillac      
5.12Dylan Stefani108-02Mio Ausable      
8.11Jacob Lowing108-00Cadillac      
6.12Garret Price104-11Mio Ausable      
9.10Matt Doyle102-04Bay City John Glenn      
11Jordan Yaklin101-00Ogemaw Heights      
7.11Zack Neid100-09Standish Sterling      
11Kyle Zimmer100-03Ogemaw Heights      
10.12Dakota Krupp97-03Bay City John Glenn      
8.12Derek Fenwick92-04Standish Sterling      
9.9Nick Warner91-08Sanford-Meridian      
10.12Jesse Bashor91-03Standish Sterling      
11.10Grant Price89-11Mio Ausable      
11.9Robb Hansen89-03Gaylord      
10Nick Schulz88-07Ogemaw Heights      
12.9Matt Keller84-01Mt. Pleasant      
12.10Calvin Webber84-00Sanford-Meridian      
13.10McGraw Eli83-04Sanford-Meridian      
14.12Trent England82-05Remus Chippewa Hills      
13.11Brendan Hunn82-02Mt. Pleasant      
15.11William Johnson82-01Sanford-Meridian      
14.9John Jensen77-08Bay City John Glenn      
15.11Russ Stingley73-04Gaylord      
16.9McGraw Jacob69-00Sanford-Meridian      
17.10Alex Barron65-07Remus Chippewa Hills      
16.9Keenan Vanderpool61-00Mt. Pleasant      
10Freddy EngelDQOgemaw Heights      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Dunbar6-02.00Cadillac      
1.9Cole Walderzak6-02.00Standish Sterling      
2.11Andrew Arbour6-02.00Ogemaw Heights      
3.11Tom Lancaster5-10.00Gaylord      
2.10Dave Bergan5-08.00Grayling      
4.10Craig Richardson5-08.00Gaylord      
4.11Steven Wysocki5-08.00Ogemaw Heights      
6.12Kyle Bellor5-08.00Ogemaw Heights      
3.12Zach Pillars5-06.00Mio Ausable      
4.10Sam Huss5-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
4.11Luke Werenette5-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.9Jerome Hunter5-04.00Ogemaw Heights      
8.9PJ Nemish5-04.00Cadillac      
11Derek ShumwayNHRemus Chippewa Hills      
11Mike WeeksNHCadillac      
11Grant HineNHMt. Pleasant      
10Matt StrandskovNHMt. Pleasant      
10Colton OdykirkNHMt. Pleasant      
11Zachary GoffnettNHMt. Pleasant      
9Cameron TaylorNHGaylord      
10Tyler HoytNHBay City John Glenn      
10Aaron KerkauNHBay City John Glenn      
11Eneko UrkiagaNHBay City John Glenn      
10Matt GlynnNHSanford-Meridian      
10Trent VartanianNHStandish Sterling      
12David LundgrenNHStandish Sterling      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Rosin12-06.00Bay City John Glenn      
1.11Luke Werenette12-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Jacob Combs12-00.00Cadillac      
2.12Garret Price11-00.00Mio Ausable      
3.10Richie Heyd11-00.00Cadillac      
4.9Aaron Hodges11-00.00Cadillac      
5.11Tyler Sugden11-00.00Gaylord      
3.12Dakota Talbot10-06.00Sanford-Meridian      
4.10Nathan Fellows10-06.00Sanford-Meridian      
6.10Jacob Mitchell10-00.00Cadillac      
5.11Brock Crystal9-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.12Ryein Potter9-06.00Mio Ausable      
7.12Adam Chaffee9-06.00Gaylord      
8.11Tyler Henderson9-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
7.10John Trombley9-00.00Standish Sterling      
7.12Jacob Bialobrzeski9-00.00Standish Sterling      
9.10Adam Onica9-00.00Mt. Pleasant      
9.11Josh Shattuck9-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
10.10Ben Roberson9-00.00Mt. Pleasant      
10Braidon Benjamin8-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
10.9Seger Jackson8-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
10.11Wyatt Smith8-00.00Mio Ausable      
11.10Ryan Odykirk8-00.00Mt. Pleasant      
11.11Dan Ferrell8-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
12.9Zach Wernette8-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
13.9Alex Delgado8-00.00Bay City John Glenn      
11Nevin FournierNHOgemaw Heights      
11DJ DiegelNHStandish Sterling      
9Garrett HartleyNHOgemaw Heights      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Ellsworth20-11.50Cadillac      
1.12Mitchell McFarland20-06.00Standish Sterling      
2.11Tyler Hewett20-01.00Cadillac      
2.12Derrek Williams19-10.00Standish Sterling      
3.12Kyle Bellor19-01.50Ogemaw Heights      
4.9Greg Lambert18-04.50Ogemaw Heights      
5.10Kevin Wallenstein18-03.00Cadillac      
3.12Alex Schmidt18-01.00Standish Sterling      
6.12Geoff Roney17-10.50Gaylord      
7.10Gordon Hoyem17-08.25Gaylord      
4.10Dave Bergan17-07.50Grayling      
5.12Zach Pillars17-07.00Mio Ausable      
8.10Sergio Monroy17-07.00Bay City John Glenn      
9.12Brandon Guthrie17-05.25Mt. Pleasant      
10.10Craig Richardson17-02.00Gaylord      
11.11Steven Wysocki16-10.50Ogemaw Heights      
12.11Zachary Goffnett16-08.25Mt. Pleasant      
13.10Brandon Smith16-07.50Bay City John Glenn      
14.11Anthony Genia16-05.25Mt. Pleasant      
9Tyler Foster16-05.00Ogemaw Heights      
6.12Aarron Pavese16-01.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Tyler Steinbauer15-11.00Standish Sterling      
10Kyle Sperling15-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
8.10Sam Huss15-03.25Sanford-Meridian      
9.11Josh Shattuck14-05.00Sanford-Meridian      
10.9Brandon Cashen12-06.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
10Nathan FellowsNDSanford-Meridian      
10Matt GlynnNDSanford-Meridian      
12Hagen ReimersNDGrayling      
10Clarence SmithNDMio Ausable      
10Colton OdykirkNDMt. Pleasant      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Young13.46aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Chelsea Szostak13.47aStandish Sterling      
1.11Kristian Franklin13.61aOgemaw Heights      
2.10Katie Walker13.74aCadillac      
3.12Brianna Kirk13.82aGrayling      
4.11Eden Drier13.96aSanford-Meridian      
3.12Kristeen Soper13.99aOgemaw Heights      
5.11Renee Humphrey14.24aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.9Stanna Dorn14.34aGrayling      
4.10Annie Jacobites14.49aGaylord      
7.11Kierstan Sanch14.59aStandish Sterling      
5.12Ashley House14.64aGaylord      
8.10Sam Hansen14.69aGrayling      
9.9Hannah Jackson14.81aSanford-Meridian      
6.9Frankie Carle14.84aOgemaw Heights      
10.11Sarah Cousins14.85aStandish Sterling      
11.12Jessica Cousins14.86aStandish Sterling      
12.9Stephanie King14.91aRemus Chippewa Hills      
13.10Molly Harwood14.99aMio Ausable      
7.10Rowan Cooper15.01aBay City John Glenn      
8.9Taylour Arkfeld15.03aGaylord      
14.10Kierra Willis15.04aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.9Dalaina Neff15.07aMt. Pleasant      
15.11Abbye Gulvas15.14aStandish Sterling      
16.11Kourtnie Kelley15.20aSanford-Meridian      
17.10Jessi Lauterwasser15.22aMio Ausable      
18.9Kaitlyn Lablanc15.33aGrayling      
10.11K Olson15.41aGaylord      
11.10Aubry Granowski15.44aBay City John Glenn      
12.10Kailah Weiss15.50aBay City John Glenn      
19.10Maddison Kusey15.50aStandish Sterling      
13.11Taylor McConell15.67aCadillac      
20.11Nicole Messing15.68aSanford-Meridian      
21.9Caitlin Sunday15.78aSanford-Meridian      
22.9Paige Young16.17aMio Ausable      
14.9Amber Zalucha16.23aBay City John Glenn      
15.9Ann Pacione16.24aBay City John Glenn      
16.10Tracy Oberle16.47aBay City John Glenn      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalena Franklin27.45aOgemaw Heights      
1.12Chelsea Young28.08aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Lizzie Staples28.64aMt. Pleasant      
2.12Brianna Kirk28.98aGrayling      
3.12Sara Lee29.26aSanford-Meridian      
4.9Shanley Dorn29.28aGrayling      
3.11Jenna Zaborowski29.43aGaylord      
4.10Katie Walker29.46aCadillac      
5.10Leslie Hicks29.58aCadillac      
5.12Jessica Cousins29.75aStandish Sterling      
6.11Eden Drier29.93aSanford-Meridian      
6.10Keely Wyatt30.00aOgemaw Heights      
7.9Hannah Jackson30.00aSanford-Meridian      
8.10Kelsey Daniel30.09aStandish Sterling      
7.12Sabrina Rouse30.41aMt. Pleasant      
9.10Molly Harwood30.67aMio Ausable      
10.10Kierra Willis30.74aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.11Breanne Metcalf30.74aRemus Chippewa Hills      
12.11Sarah Cousins30.99aStandish Sterling      
8.10Rowan Cooper31.19aBay City John Glenn      
9.9Taylour Arkfeld31.20aGaylord      
10.9Dalaina Neff31.20aMt. Pleasant      
11.9Kaitlin Arbour31.41aOgemaw Heights      
12.10Randi Howard31.55aCadillac      
13.10Ashtin Brooks31.92aSanford-Meridian      
14.9Cortney Wiacek31.94aMio Ausable      
13.11Taylor Steve32.00aBay City John Glenn      
15.11Abbye Gulvas32.11aStandish Sterling      
14.11K Olson32.12aGaylord      
15.11Taylor McConell32.32aCadillac      
16.10Kailah Weiss32.64aBay City John Glenn      
17.10Viselle Hugo33.04aBay City John Glenn      
18.9Amber Zalucha33.93aBay City John Glenn      
16.9Caitlin Sunday34.19aSanford-Meridian      
19.9Ann Pacione35.12aBay City John Glenn      
17.11Angel Lacey36.64aMio Ausable      
10Aubry GranowskiNTBay City John Glenn      
9Kaitlyn LablancNTGrayling      
12Ashley HouseNTGaylord      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristen Hixson1:03.64aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.9Amanda Decker1:03.90aSanford-Meridian      
1.12Alenna Beroza1:04.44aMt. Pleasant      
2.9Katelynn Dreyer1:04.84aGaylord      
3.10Micheala Bundy1:05.44aMt. Pleasant      
4.10Leslie Hicks1:05.47aCadillac      
3.11Katie Ouillette1:05.62aStandish Sterling      
5.9Dalaina Neff1:10.20aMt. Pleasant      
6.10Rylee Nowak1:10.25aOgemaw Heights      
4.9Larissa Umbleby1:10.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Jenna Praasama1:12.19aCadillac      
5.10Maddison Kusey1:13.72aStandish Sterling      
8.9Breanna Bell1:13.77aBay City John Glenn      
9.10Brook Goulet1:14.32aBay City John Glenn      
6.11Kourtnie Kelley1:14.34aSanford-Meridian      
10.9Chelby Lohr1:14.46aBay City John Glenn      
7.10Connor Smith1:16.15aMio Ausable      
8.11Abbye Gulvas1:16.39aStandish Sterling      
12Kaitlyn Bertram1:16.66aOgemaw Heights      
9.10Sarah Cummings1:18.09aMio Ausable      
10.11Annie Chapman1:24.46aStandish Sterling      
12Robin LawsonNTSanford-Meridian      
10Laken MorrisonNTOgemaw Heights      
12Melissa DeyarmondNTOgemaw Heights      
11Lindsay MaserNTOgemaw Heights      
9Frankie CarleDQOgemaw Heights      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Olds2:29.29aGaylord      
1.11Morgan Wixson2:30.41aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Sharon McKenney2:33.81aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.11Chandra Martin2:35.32aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Brittany Salter2:36.65aMt. Pleasant      
4.9Amanda Decker2:39.02aSanford-Meridian      
3.10Britta Patterson2:39.72aCadillac      
4.9Geena Duff2:39.87aGaylord      
5.10Janelle Schmidt2:40.45aBay City John Glenn      
5.9Larissa Umbleby2:45.51aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.10Joleen Augustat2:46.43aCadillac      
6.12Ashley Pickvet2:46.99aStandish Sterling      
7.9Jo Hamlin2:51.80aGrayling      
7.9Breanna Bell2:52.82aBay City John Glenn      
8.11Amanda Batenburg2:54.37aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.12Kylie Aultman2:56.15aMt. Pleasant      
9.10Adrien Steinhurst2:58.69aOgemaw Heights      
10.11Hannah LeForce3:01.54aOgemaw Heights      
11.11Elizabeth Willett3:02.19aOgemaw Heights      
12.12Kaylyn Birgy3:04.04aMt. Pleasant      
9.12Leah Lalonde3:07.05aStandish Sterling      
10.10Chelsea Jeske3:09.02aSanford-Meridian      
11.11Kelli Kershenheiter3:09.42aMio Ausable      
12.11Stephanie Abbe3:10.77aSanford-Meridian      
13.9Katie Johnson3:13.00aStandish Sterling      
14.11Cat Hoder3:19.18aStandish Sterling      
10Cassidy Eden3:19.38aOgemaw Heights      
10Katy Page3:25.15aOgemaw Heights      
10Aspen Greer3:27.25aOgemaw Heights      
15.10Rachel Kacel3:30.85aSanford-Meridian      
9Chelsea Birdsall3:31.85aOgemaw Heights      
13.10Hannah Clark3:32.22aCadillac      
16.10Olivia Cooper3:34.29aMio Ausable      
10Emily Souva3:47.62aOgemaw Heights      
10Candance WoodNTOgemaw Heights      
11Jessica WanglerNTOgemaw Heights      
9Darby ReyneartNTSanford-Meridian      
10Josie SwanderNTGrayling      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharon McKenney5:37.05aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Morgan Wixson5:40.54aRemus Chippewa Hills      
1.10Megan Borgeson5:42.58aGaylord      
3.11Jessica Reeves5:58.22aSanford-Meridian      
2.11Emma Bizzigotti6:01.69aCadillac      
3.10Joleen Augustat6:12.21aCadillac      
4.11Rachel Wood6:19.20aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.12Holly Trapp6:21.88aSanford-Meridian      
6.9Jo Hamlin6:25.06aGrayling      
7.10Josie Swander6:26.01aGrayling      
8.11Amanda Batenburg6:28.69aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Adrien Steinhurst6:40.35aOgemaw Heights      
9.12Ashley Pickvet6:40.54aStandish Sterling      
5.11Molly McGilivary6:51.72aMt. Pleasant      
6.9Stephanie Wysocki6:54.70aOgemaw Heights      
10.11Stephanie Abbe7:00.92aSanford-Meridian      
7.10Viselle Hugo7:01.25aBay City John Glenn      
8.11Jorie Diehl7:03.28aOgemaw Heights      
11.10Chelsea Jeske7:20.29aSanford-Meridian      
9.10Hannah Clark7:23.96aCadillac      
12.10Skylar Warren7:26.92aMio Ausable      
13.10Allie Day7:37.84aSanford-Meridian      
14.10Olivia Cooper8:02.05aMio Ausable      
11Heidi PearsonNTMt. Pleasant      
9Darby ReyneartNTSanford-Meridian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharon McKenney12:21.29aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Jessica Reeves13:07.92aSanford-Meridian      
1.10Dawn Pagels13:15.92aGaylord      
2.11Anna Kassuba13:26.83aGaylord      
3.10Jessica Weaver13:40.06aCadillac      
3.12Holly Trapp13:53.71aSanford-Meridian      
4.11Rachel Wood13:59.10aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Maddie Denman14:35.56aCadillac      
5.11Molly McGilivary14:49.93aMt. Pleasant      
5.11Amanda Batenburg15:05aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.11Amanda Batenburg15:05.60aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Jorie Diehl15:10.77aOgemaw Heights      
7.9Stephanie Wysocki15:42.12aOgemaw Heights      
6.12Leah Lalonde16:24.62aStandish Sterling      
7.11Cat Hoder16:34.14aStandish Sterling      
8.12Ganae Zettle16:36.49aOgemaw Heights      
11Heidi PearsonNTMt. Pleasant      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalena Franklin16.11aOgemaw Heights      
2.11Jenna Zaborowski16.78aGaylord      
3.10Carly Rounds17.57aMt. Pleasant      
1.11Kianna Granlund17.60aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.12Bry Kokaly17.67aBay City John Glenn      
5.10Megan Carlson18.18aGaylord      
2.10Jennifer Lentz18.22aStandish Sterling      
3.12Alyssa Ulrich19.06aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.9Kristen Leivo19.21aBay City John Glenn      
7.10Randi Howard19.34aCadillac      
4.12Jodi Bliese19.64aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.11Erika Brinks20.01aCadillac      
9.10Emily Ecker20.44aMt. Pleasant      
5.11Sarah Cousins20.53aStandish Sterling      
10.12Mae Sun20.71aMt. Pleasant      
11.12Amber D'Arcy21.46aOgemaw Heights      
6.11Kaylea Blamer22.27aMio Ausable      
12.10Danielle Foreman22.46aCadillac      
7.9Paige Young23.25aMio Ausable      
8.11Leah Bowman24.67aMio Ausable      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsea Szostak48.47aStandish Sterling      
1.11Jenna Zaborowski49.91aGaylord      
2.10Jennifer Lentz50.94aStandish Sterling      
2.10Carly Rounds52.26aMt. Pleasant      
3.10Megan Carlson52.34aGaylord      
3.11Kianna Granlund52.89aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.12Bry Kokaly53.64aBay City John Glenn      
5.9Kristen Leivo54.69aBay City John Glenn      
4.12Alyssa Ulrich54.92aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.12Mae Sun57.06aMt. Pleasant      
7.12Amber D'Arcy58.17aOgemaw Heights      
5.12Jodi Bliese58.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.10Emily Ecker1:00.99aMt. Pleasant      
9.11Erika Brinks1:02.01aCadillac      
10.10Danielle Foreman1:04.51aCadillac      
6.11Kaylea Blamer1:05.03aMio Ausable      
7.11Leah Bowman1:15.78aMio Ausable      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristian Franklin
Keely Wyatt
Kristeen Soper
Kalena Franklin
52.52aOgemaw Heights      
1.-Stanna Dorn
Shanley Dorn
Sam Hansen
Brianna Kirk
2.-Sabrina Rouse
Carly Rounds
Krista Gregg
Lizzie Staples
55.08aMt. Pleasant      
3.-Relay Team 55.83aGaylord      
-Relay Team 55.91aStandish Sterling      
4.-Abby Vandercook
Randi Howard
Leslie Hicks
Katie Walker
2.-Jodi Bliese
Kierra Willis
Breanne Metcalf
Alyssa Ulrich
56.81aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.-Relay Team 56.86aSanford-Meridian      
5.-Bry Kokaly
Kristen Leivo
Taylor Steve
Rowan Cooper
56.91aBay City John Glenn      
-molly harwood
Connor Smith
deserae kaufman
jessi lauterwasser
1:00.08aMio Ausable      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:53.49aStandish Sterling      
2.-Chelsea Young
Renee Humphrey
Kianna Granlund
Breanne Metcalf
1:53.54aRemus Chippewa Hills      
1.-Krista Gregg
Alenna Beroza
Lizzie Staples
Carly Rounds
1:53.91aMt. Pleasant      
3.-Relay Team 1:56.28aSanford-Meridian      
2.-Kristian Franklin
Keely Wyatt
Kaitlin Arbour
Kelsey Neubecker
1:57.69aOgemaw Heights      
3.-Abby Vandercook
Britta Patterson
Leslie Hicks
Katie Walker
4.-molly harwood
Cortney Wiacek
deserae kaufman
jessi lauterwasser
2:04.73aMio Ausable      
4.-Taylor Steve
Chelby Lohr
Brook Goulet
Abby Kelly
2:10.22aBay City John Glenn      
-Relay Team DQGaylord      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristian Franklin
Kristeen Soper
Laken Morrison
Kalena Franklin
4:23.07aOgemaw Heights      
1.-Relay Team 4:24.03aStandish Sterling      
2.-Relay Team 4:25.04aSanford-Meridian      
3.-Kianna Granlund
Morgan Wixson
Renee Humphrey
Chandra Martin
4:26.01aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.-Alenna Beroza
Krista Gregg
Lizzie Staples
Michala Bundy
4:26.05aMt. Pleasant      
3.-Relay Team 4:33.00aGaylord      
4.-Relay Team 4:50.40aCadillac      
5.-Breanna Bell
Kristen Leivo
Chelby Lohr
Janelle Schmidt
4:51.35aBay City John Glenn      
4.-Jo Hamlin
Sam Hansen
Lenora Love
Josie Swander
5.-Connor Smith
Leah Bowman
kelli kershenheiter
sarah cummings
5:18.73aMio Ausable      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sharon McKenney
Chandra Martin
Morgan Wixson
Rachal Wood
10:16.48aRemus Chippewa Hills      
1.-Geena Duff
Katelynn Dreyer
Megan Borgeson
Amanda Olds
2.-Britta Patterson
Joleen Augustat
Jessica Weaver
Emma Bizzigotti
3.-Alenna Beroza
Heidi Pearson
Michala Bundy
Brittany Salter
11:02.76aMt. Pleasant      
2.-Amanda Decker
Holly Trapp
Jessica Reeves
Sara Lee
4.-Adrien Steinhurst
Rylee Nowak
Keely Wyatt
Laken Morrison
11:06.11aOgemaw Heights      
5.-Breanna Bell
Brook Goulet
Viselle Hugo
Janelle Schmidt
11:43.60aBay City John Glenn      
3.-sarah cummings
olivia cooper
Leah Bowman
kelli kershenheiter
13:53.08aMio Ausable      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Steinhurst35-01.00Ogemaw Heights      
2.11Blair Secord34-05.50Gaylord      
3.11Stephanie Brindley31-08.00Ogemaw Heights      
4.9Janelle Zielinski31-03.50Bay City John Glenn      
1.11Christine Proulx31-00.00Standish Sterling      
5.9Allison Fischer30-11.00Gaylord      
2.10Samantha Zimmerman30-04.00Standish Sterling      
3.10Breanna Watson29-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.10Emma Balliet29-00.00Gaylord      
4.11Laura Schroeder28-11.00Sanford-Meridian      
5.12Nicole Carey27-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.9Shayla Hollis27-00.50Mt. Pleasant      
8.9Mary-MaRae Baker25-08.50Cadillac      
9.11Sara Meier25-08.00Ogemaw Heights      
6.10Kaylyn Augustine25-07.50Standish Sterling      
10.12Jaci Clark25-04.00Ogemaw Heights      
7.12Desiree Knepp24-05.50Mio Ausable      
8.11Richelle Grosskopf24-00.00Grayling      
9.9Stephanie King23-11.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
10.9Taylor Rifenbark23-11.00Standish Sterling      
11.10Abby Kelly23-04.00Bay City John Glenn      
12.10Tracy Oberle22-10.00Bay City John Glenn      
13.12Kynzie House22-09.50Gaylord      
14.10Kailah Weiss22-06.00Bay City John Glenn      
9Alex Allen22-04.00Ogemaw Heights      
11.10Sarah Cummings22-01.00Mio Ausable      
15.10Randi Howard22-01.00Cadillac      
16.9Roshanna Russell22-00.50Cadillac      
17.9Amber Smrekar22-00.00Cadillac      
18.9Tiffany Brower21-11.50Cadillac      
19.9Nicole Wilkinson21-06.50Gaylord      
20.9Dalelynn Stats20-07.00Cadillac      
12.9Casey Finney19-01.00Sanford-Meridian      
13.10Skylar Warren16-04.00Mio Ausable      
12Erica SmithDQGrayling      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Steinhurst114-05Ogemaw Heights      
1.11Laura Schroeder113-11Sanford-Meridian      
2.11Blair Secord100-05Gaylord      
3.11Stephanie Brindley95-11Ogemaw Heights      
4.10Emma Balliet95-08Gaylord      
2.11Christine Proulx92-00Standish Sterling      
3.10Breanna Watson91-01Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.12Jaci Clark85-02Ogemaw Heights      
6.9Allison Fischer83-10Gaylord      
4.10Samantha Zimmerman82-05Standish Sterling      
7.9Nicole Wilkinson80-03Gaylord      
5.12Nicole Carey79-06Remus Chippewa Hills      
8.11Sara Meier74-01Ogemaw Heights      
6.11Kelli Kershenheiter73-03Mio Ausable      
7.11Alison Rice72-07Sanford-Meridian      
9.10Abby Kelly69-11Bay City John Glenn      
10.9Janelle Zielinski69-09Bay City John Glenn      
11.9Tiffany Brower69-07Cadillac      
12.9Mary-MaRae Baker68-00Cadillac      
12.10Tracy Oberle68-00Bay City John Glenn      
8.11Deserae Kaufman67-04Mio Ausable      
9.9Taylor Rifenbark66-10Standish Sterling      
10.9Casey Finney66-09Sanford-Meridian      
14.9Shayla Hollis65-09Mt. Pleasant      
15.9Amber Smrekar65-08Cadillac      
16.12Kynzie House62-03Gaylord      
11.11Kayla Smith62-00Remus Chippewa Hills      
17.10Kailah Weiss57-01Bay City John Glenn      
18.9Roshanna Russell50-10Cadillac      
19.9Dalelynn Stats48-06Cadillac      
12.10Rachel Kacel35-10Sanford-Meridian      
12Katelyn BlairDQMio Ausable      
10Kaylyn AugustineDQStandish Sterling      
12Jessy MoranDQGrayling      
11Richelle GrosskopfDQGrayling      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanne Metcalf5-02.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
1.12Kristeen Soper5-00.00Ogemaw Heights      
2.9Frankie Carle4-08.00Ogemaw Heights      
2.10Ashtin Brooks4-06.00Sanford-Meridian      
3.9Allison Smith4-06.00Mt. Pleasant      
3.10Kelsey Daniel4-06.00Standish Sterling      
4.10Becca McBryde4-04.00Mt. Pleasant      
4.11Hannah LeForce4-04.00Ogemaw Heights      
4.10Janelle Schmidt4-04.00Bay City John Glenn      
4.11Alison Rice4-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
5.11Laura Schroeder4-04.00Sanford-Meridian      
6.9Cassedi Vrbensky4-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Jenna Praasama4-04.00Cadillac      
7.10Connor Smith4-02.00Mio Ausable      
8.12Lara Suiter4-02.00Gaylord      
8.9Shanley Dorn4-02.00Grayling      
10Tracy OberleNHBay City John Glenn      
10Jessi LauterwasserNHMio Ausable      
9Paige YoungNHMio Ausable      
9Amber ZaluchaNHBay City John Glenn      
10Maddison KuseyNHStandish Sterling      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Renee Humphrey9-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Robin Lawson9-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
1.10Brandi Tallent8-00.00Gaylord      
1.9Abby Vandercook8-00.00Cadillac      
3.11Alison Rice8-00.00Sanford-Meridian      
3.11Amber Lovett7-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
3.9Kaitlin Arbour7-06.00Ogemaw Heights      
4.12Jodi Bliese7-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.11Kierstan Sanch7-00.00Standish Sterling      
5.11Jenna Praasama7-00.00Cadillac      
5.12Katelyn Blair7-00.00Mio Ausable      
6.9Chelby Lohr6-00.00Bay City John Glenn      
7.10Skylar Warren6-00.00Mio Ausable      
9Dariane DushaneNHCadillac      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Ouillette15-10.00Standish Sterling      
2.12Chelsea Young15-02.75Remus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Chelsea Young15'2"Remus Chippewa Hills      
1.10Britta Patterson14-10.50Cadillac      
2.10Rowan Cooper14-07.25Bay City John Glenn      
3.10Ashtin Brooks14-07.00Sanford-Meridian      
4.9Stanna Dorn14-04.75Grayling      
3.11K Olson13-10.50Gaylord      
4.10Annie Jacobites13-09.00Gaylord      
5.10Maddie Clark13-04.50Ogemaw Heights      
5.11Deserae Kaufman13-04.00Mio Ausable      
6.11Taylor Steve13-03.25Bay City John Glenn      
6.9Alexa McFarland13-01.00Standish Sterling      
7.12Alyssa Ulrich12-09.75Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.12Alyssa Ulrich12'9"Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Amber Lovett12-06.50Ogemaw Heights      
8.9Cortney Wiacek12-04.00Mio Ausable      
8.10Brook Goulet12-04.00Bay City John Glenn      
9.10Viselle Hugo12-00.25Bay City John Glenn      
9.11Angel Lacey11-00.50Mio Ausable      
10.9Caitlin Sunday10-05.50Sanford-Meridian      
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