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Elton Gregory vs High Desert

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elton Gregory, Redmond

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Marcus McGovern12.60High Desert      
8Anthony Gonzales12.63Elton Gregory      
8Nico Spring12.63High Desert      
8Max Wegner12.70High Desert      
8Kyler Wyngarden12.89High Desert      
8John Hickey13.06Elton Gregory      
8Conner Scott13.33High Desert      
8Jared Lavesque13.67St Francis      
8Kyle Newcomb13.67Cascades Academy of ...      
8Jared Scheimer14.03St Francis      
8Colin Ronhaar14.03Elton Gregory      
8Seth Nelson14.13St Francis      
8Devin Ascherl14.40Elton Gregory      
8Carson Finley14.96Elton Gregory      
8Sawyer Stolz15.25St Francis      
8Joey Kinsey15.72St Francis      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jordan Neelon12.56High Desert      
7Miguel Martin12.68Elton Gregory      
7Parker Gerdes13.41High Desert      
7Lane Gladden13.59Tumalo      
7Chase Strain13.64St Francis      
7Ethan Young-Smith13.70Cascades Academy of ...      
7Michael Lee13.67High Desert      
7Chris Wallace13.79High Desert      
7Jacob Coats14.28High Desert      
7Jack Armstrong14.7Cascades Academy of ...      
7Makinah Dunn14.71Elton Gregory      
7Jacob Buehner15.00High Desert      
7Brett Penington15.25High Desert      
7CHris Hofstetter16.47St Francis      
7Isaac Bocanegra18.20Elton Gregory      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Justin Parsons14.00High Desert      
6Dayton Woodward14.04Elton Gregory      
6Dacoda Crane14.12High Desert      
6Cameron Hall14.12High Desert      
6Cole Jaeger14.38Tumalo      
6Alex Stickel14.46High Desert      
6Taylor Allen14.55Elton Gregory      
6Cole Rixe14.78High Desert      
6Trevor Haertl15.04Tumalo      
6Gavin Johnson15.46Elton Gregory      
6Dustin Landers15.61Elton Gregory      
6Chance Flammang15.86High Desert      
6Levi Evans16.14Elton Gregory      
6Noah Nelson16.28St Francis      
6Max Mckinney16.53St Francis      
6Casey Keller14:80Westside Village Mag...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Kyler Wyngarden27.19High Desert      
8Aaron Beaty27.88High Desert      
8Max Wegner27.97High Desert      
8Augie Brunette28.61St Francis      
8Eduardo Romero28.89High Desert      
8Payton McGuire28.91Elton Gregory      
8Jared Scheimer29.02St Francis      
8Devin Ascherl30.02Elton Gregory      
8Max Stamler30.15Cascades Academy of ...      
8Jordan Irwin30.65High Desert      
8Caleb Atkinson31.92High Desert      
8Phillip Orellana31:08Westside Village Mag...      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jordan Neelon26.60High Desert      
7Ethan Young-Smith28.24Cascades Academy of ...      
7McKenzie Bailey28.42Elton Gregory      
7Michael Lee29.13High Desert      
7Chase Strain29.27St Francis      
7Bryant Mullen30.81High Desert      
7Joseph Murphy30.92St Francis      
7Makinah Dunn31.05Elton Gregory      
7Quinten Johnson32.40Elton Gregory      
7Teddy Widmer32.66St Francis      
7Ryan Phillips34.80High Desert      
7Blake Snow34.82High Desert      
7Gage Keller36.09High Desert      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Justin Parsons29.62High Desert      
6Dayton Woodward30.31Elton Gregory      
6Boston Busik30.34High Desert      
6Alex Stickel30.51High Desert      
6Cameron Hall31.10High Desert      
6Trevor Romine32.06High Desert      
6Chance Flammang32.87High Desert      
6Noah Nelson35.66St Francis      
6Cody Hill35.81High Desert      
6Quinton Wiest37.03High Desert      
6Tucker Vail39.32Elton Gregory      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Isaac Boggess60.57High Desert      
8Camden Stoddard1:02.30St Francis      
8Max Wegner62.84High Desert      
8Uriel Escalon64.86High Desert      
8Aaron Beaty65.84High Desert      
8Lucas DeCastilhos1:06.45St Francis      
8Luke Davis66.99Elton Gregory      
8Jason Vasquez68.89High Desert      
8Noah Haines68.94High Desert      
8Taylor McEuin69.06High Desert      
8Jordan Irwin71.18High Desert      
8Augie Brunette1:12.00St Francis      
8Riley Shelton1:13.61St Francis      
8Gavin Kearns75.37Elton Gregory      
8Logan Smith74:46Westside Village Mag...      
8Phillip Orellana75:15Westside Village Mag...      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Gabe Wyllie1:01.71St Francis      
7Chris Wallace66.08High Desert      
7Alex Stevens66.23Elton Gregory      
7Bryant Mullen67.09High Desert      
7Quinten Johnson73.25Elton Gregory      
7Jack Klar74.11High Desert      
7Jacob Kinzer75.69Tumalo      
7Ethan Schulties1:36:99High Desert      
7Nathan Brott1:42.37Elton Gregory      
7Mitchell Stevens79:10Westside Village Mag...      
7Max Buchner86:12Westside Village Mag...      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Logan Blake70.27High Desert      
6Bryson Eells75.83Elton Gregory      
6Carlos Rich1:17.50St Francis      
6Taylor Allen77.60Elton Gregory      
6Tyeson Groce82.51Tumalo      
6Cody Hill83.33High Desert      
6Marco Vera1:34.75High Desert      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Nico Spring2:24.66High Desert      
8Brandon Deckard2:27.77St Francis      
8John Hickey2:45.93Elton Gregory      
8Jordan Irwin2:58.84High Desert      
8Gavin Kearns3:18.28Elton Gregory      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Gabe Wyllie2:44.71St Francis      
7Alex Stevens2:45.21Elton Gregory      
7Trayton Libolt2:50.67High Desert      
8Sean Murphy2:53.16High Desert      
7Robert Strickler2:57.29Elton Gregory      
7Quinn Fettig3:00.17High Desert      
7Casey Collier3:01.93High Desert      
7Kennan Dodge3:12.93High Desert      
6Matthew Finney-Jordet3.32:38Westside Village Mag...      
7Austin Rose3:31.65Elton Gregory      
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Caleb Hoffmann2:40.36High Desert      
6Bryson Eells2:45.82Elton Gregory      
6Logan Blake2:56.91High Desert      
6Carlos Rich3:02.87St Francis      
6James Pon3:19.13St Francis      
6Spencer Allen3:25.60Elton Gregory      
6Clayton Wilson3:29.41Elton Gregory      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Brandon Deckard5:01.52St Francis      
8Noah Haines5:23.68High Desert      
8John Hickey5:24.36Elton Gregory      
8Sean Murphy5:27.25High Desert      
8Payton McGuire5:31.35Elton Gregory      
8Luke Davis5:36.09Elton Gregory      
8Lucas DeCastilhos5:45.45St Francis      
8Chase Bennett6:00.37Elton Gregory      
8Calvin Rodman6:29.13Elton Gregory      
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alex Stevens5:16.52Elton Gregory      
6Bryson Eells5:20.51Elton Gregory      
7Quinn Fettig5:52.32High Desert      
7Teddy Widmer5:56.72St Francis      
7Robert Strickler5:59.64Elton Gregory      
7Casey Collier6:01.25High Desert      
7Tristan Hollingsworth6:01.79High Desert      
6Spencer Allen6:13.29Elton Gregory      
7Richard Kirtley6:18.40Elton Gregory      
7Blake Snow6:23.92High Desert      
7Austin Rose7:05.24Elton Gregory      
7John Theobald7:13.46High Desert      
7Ethan Schulties7:15.46High Desert      
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Caleb Hoffmann5:24.36High Desert      
2nd6Thomas Wimberly5:43.65Cascades Academy of ...      
6Bryant Jolma6:05.35High Desert      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Luke Davis19.14Elton Gregory      
8Brandon Huff20.25Elton Gregory      
8Carson Finley21.10Elton Gregory      
8David Klien24.72Elton Gregory      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Robert Strickler21.06Elton Gregory      
7Richard Kirtley22.03Elton Gregory      
7Isaac Bocanegra27.36Elton Gregory      
7Jonathan Reynolds27.41Elton Gregory      
7Max Buchner23:10Westside Village Mag...      
7Kaliah Marks24:94Westside Village Mag...      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Dayton Woodward20.86Elton Gregory      
6Gavin Johnson23.96Elton Gregory      
6Levi Evans27.79Elton Gregory      
6Casey Keller22:95Westside Village Mag...      
6Ryan Jasper26:68Westside Village Mag...      
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Jake Baily16.77High Desert      
8Noah Haines18.30High Desert      
8Luke Davis19.14Elton Gregory      
8Brandon Huff20.25Elton Gregory      
8Carson Finley21.10Elton Gregory      
8Levi Dickson21.33High Desert      
8Caleb Atkinson22.38High Desert      
8Sean Murphy23.11High Desert      
8David Klien24.72Elton Gregory      
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Brandon Gilbert19.29High Desert      
7Brian Nelson19.63High Desert      
7Parker Gerdes20.38High Desert      
7Quinn Fettig20.36High Desert      
3.7Jack Armstrong20.36Cascades Academy of ...      
7Lane Gladden20.59Tumalo      
7Robert Strickler21.08Elton Gregory      
7Brett Penington21.29High Desert      
7Jack Klar21.35High Desert      
7Richard Kirtley22.03Elton Gregory      
7Ryan Phillips22.43High Desert      
7Jacob Kinzer22.70Tumalo      
7Gage Keller24.13High Desert      
7Isaac Bocanegra27.36Elton Gregory      
7Jonathan Reynolds27.41Elton Gregory      
7Quinton Jordan28.17Tumalo      
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Dayton Woodward20.86Elton Gregory      
6Caleb Hoffmann20.89High Desert      
6Alex Stickel21.6High Desert      
6Garret Albrecht21.78Tumalo      
6Carlos Rich21.79St Francis      
6Logan Blake21.71High Desert      
6Chance Flammang22.97High Desert      
6Boston Busik22.97High Desert      
6Cole Rixe23.6High Desert      
6Gavin Johnson23.96Elton Gregory      
6Bryant Jolma24.07High Desert      
6Jared Dickson25.64High Desert      
6Levi Evans27.79Elton Gregory      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kyler Wyngarden
Max Wegner
Nico Spring
Marcus McGovern
50.98High Desert      
-Anthony Gonzales
John Hickey
Colin Ronhaar
Luke Davis
53.30Elton Gregory      
-Seth Nelson
Sawyer Stolz
Riley Shelton
Jared Lavesque
59.51St Francis      
-Jack Armstrong
Reid Weber
Kieran Hurst-McCreedy
Thomas Wimberly
62.09Cascades Academy of ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Parker Gerdes
Chris Wallace
Micheal Lee
Jordan Neelon
54.83High Desert      
-Robert Strickler
Makinah Dunn
Quentin Johnson
McKenzie Bailey
61.97Elton Gregory      
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
-Justin Parsons
Alex Stickel
Boston Busik
Dacoda Crane
59.46High Desert      
-Gabe Brauchler
Taylor Allen
Levi Evans
Dayton Woodward
62.83Elton Gregory      
-Tyson Groce
Garret Albrecht
Trevor Haertl
Cole Jaeger
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Noah Haines
Aaron Beaty
Jason Vasquez
Uriel Escalon
1:57.00High Desert      
-Augie Brunette
Lucas DeCastilhos
Jared Scheimer
Camden Stoddard
1:57.27St Francis      
-Devin Ascherl
Gavin Kearns
Payton McGuire
Chase Bennett
2:04.62Elton Gregory      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Joseph Murphy
Chase Strain
Teddy Widmer
Gabe Wyllie
2:01.25St Francis      
-Jacob Coats
Brett Penington
Jack Klar
Jacob Buehner
2:08.56High Desert      
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
-Cole Rixe
Cameron Hall
Cody Hill
Chance Flammang
2:18.16High Desert      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
8Kyler Christiansen35'3"Elton Gregory      
8Calvin Rodman22'1"Elton Gregory      
8Zack Simmons21'1"Elton Gregory      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
7McKenzie Bailey27'11"Elton Gregory      
7Kyle Platt22'7"Elton Gregory      
7Nathan Brott18'8"Elton Gregory      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Jake Brauchler25'1"Elton Gregory      
6Clayton Wilson24'1"Elton Gregory      
6Bobby Taylor23'7"Elton Gregory      
6Tucker Vail18'9"Elton Gregory      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Jose Tamayo38'4High Desert      
8Drew Bernstein36'5High Desert      
8Marcus McGovern34'9High Desert      
8Mitchell Lee33'5High Desert      
8Daniel Helm32'Tumalo      
8Uriel Escalon31'2High Desert      
8Isaac Boggess30'6High Desert      
8Eduardo Romero29'4High Desert      
8Caleb Bowen28'3High Desert      
8Riley Shelton27'8"St Francis      
8Sawyer Stolz27'3"St Francis      
8Seth Nelson26'10"St Francis      
8Ryan Feitler23'3Westside Village Mag...      
8Joey Kinsey20'5"St Francis      
8David Santoyo18'9High Desert      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Nolan Holmgren31'8High Desert      
7Aron Cheney28'8High Desert      
7CHris Hofstetter26'4"St Francis      
7Mitchell Stevens26'Westside Village Mag...      
7Evan Chapman24'11High Desert      
7Jesse Hindson22'10High Desert      
7Ryan Phillips22'8High Desert      
7Tucker Pies21'4High Desert      
7Spencer Henrickson21'1High Desert      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Dacoda Crane27'5High Desert      
6Curtis Portlock24'8High Desert      
6Yule Hodgert22'1Westside Village Mag...      
6Michael Mckee21High Desert      
6Ryan Jasper19'4Westside Village Mag...      
6Austin Doyle19'1High Desert      
6Isaac Walker18'8Westside Village Mag...      
X JV Shot Put - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Tommy King21Cascades Academy of ...      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
8Sawyer Stolz102'4"St Francis      
8Riley Shelton101'11"St Francis      
8Kyler Wyngarden98'7High Desert      
8Marcus McGovern98High Desert      
8Jose Tamayo93'9High Desert      
8Daniel Helm85'10"Tumalo      
8Kyler Christiansen79'7"Elton Gregory      
8Gavin Kearns75'3"Elton Gregory      
8Drew Bernstein75'1High Desert      
8Mitchell Lee75'1High Desert      
8Jason Vasquez74'9.5High Desert      
8Caleb Bowen71'3High Desert      
8Brandon Huff65'2"Elton Gregory      
8Kyle Newcomb61'6"Cascades Academy of ...      
8Seth Nelson61'2"St Francis      
8Eduardo Romero60'3High Desert      
8Joey Kinsey55'0"St Francis      
8Zack Simmons54'11"Elton Gregory      
8Gavin Uppal50'6High Desert      
8Ryan Feitler46'9Westside Village Mag...      
8Jake Ng20'7High Desert      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Nolan Holmgren89'8High Desert      
7Joseph Murphy80'3"St Francis      
7McKenzie Bailey79'.5"Elton Gregory      
4th7Tommy King71'3.5"Cascades Academy of ...      
7Mitchell Stevens71'2Westside Village Mag...      
7CHris Hofstetter69'10"St Francis      
7Aron Cheney65'10High Desert      
7Chase Strain63'00"St Francis      
7Jesse Hindson61'4High Desert      
7Kyle Platt53'4.5"Elton Gregory      
7Tucker Pies52'4High Desert      
7Teddy Widmer46'4.5"St Francis      
7Byron Humphrey43'High Desert      
7Kennan Dodge42'High Desert      
7Nathan Brott38'.5"Elton Gregory      
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Garret Albrecht67'11"Tumalo      
6Bobby Taylor58'11.5"Elton Gregory      
6Jake Brauchler58'4"Elton Gregory      
6Curtis Portlock54'7High Desert      
6Ryan Jasper44'2Westside Village Mag...      
6Michael Mckee42'9High Desert      
6Marco Vera35'2High Desert      
6Andrew Roderick33'11.5High Desert      
6Cooper Berry32'8High Desert      
6Kaysen Oakley32'6High Desert      
6Tucker Vail32'1.5"Elton Gregory      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Conner Scott5'1High Desert      
8Camden Stoddard5'0"St Francis      
8Colin Ronhaar4'8"Elton Gregory      
8Caleb Bowen4'5High Desert      
8Nico Spring4'5High Desert      
8Aaron Beaty4'5High Desert      
8Lucas DeCastilhos4'5"St Francis      
6Gabe Brauchler4'4"Elton Gregory      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Lane Gladden4'8"Tumalo      
7Brandon Gilbert4'6High Desert      
7Max Buchner4'1Westside Village Mag...      
7Quinton Jordan0'Tumalo      
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Cole Jaeger4'1"Tumalo      
6Casey Keller4'Westside Village Mag...      
6Garret Albrecht3'10"Tumalo      
6Kaysen Oakley3'8High Desert      
6James Martin3'8High Desert      
6Tyeson Groce0Tumalo      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Isaac Boggess15'9High Desert      
8Conner Scott15'2High Desert      
8Payton McGuire14'4"Elton Gregory      
8Chase Bennett14'3"Elton Gregory      
8Augie Brunette13'10"St Francis      
8Taylor McEuin13'6High Desert      
8Colin Ronhaar13'4"Elton Gregory      
8Max Stamler13'4"Cascades Academy of ...      
8Kieran Hurst-McCreedy12'10"Cascades Academy of ...      
8Jose Tamayo12'8High Desert      
8Carson Finley12'4"Elton Gregory      
8Brandon Huff12'4"Elton Gregory      
8Daniel Helm12'1"Tumalo      
8Uriel Escalon11'8High Desert      
8David Klien11'Elton Gregory      
8Caleb Atkinson10'6High Desert      
8Berkeley Lincicome9'9High Desert      
8Calvin Rodman9'4"Elton Gregory      
8David Santoyo9'2High Desert      
8Zack Simmons9'Elton Gregory      
8Jason Vasquez8'11High Desert      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jordan Neelon15'7High Desert      
7Miguel Martin14'5"Elton Gregory      
7Brandon Gilbert13'6High Desert      
7Gabe Wyllie13'6"St Francis      
7Lane Gladden13'5"Tumalo      
7Trayton Libolt13'3High Desert      
7Parker Gerdes12'5High Desert      
7Tristan Hollingsworth12'2High Desert      
7Brian Nelson11'10High Desert      
7Casey Collier11'8High Desert      
7Russel Taylor11'8High Desert      
7Jacob Coats11'4High Desert      
7Jack Klar11'2High Desert      
7Byron Humphrey11'High Desert      
7Quinn Fettig10'9High Desert      
7Tucker Pies10'4High Desert      
7Gage Keller10'3High Desert      
7Jesse Hindson10'2High Desert      
8Gavin Uppal10'1High Desert      
7Quinton Jordan10'Tumalo      
7Kennan Dodge9'6High Desert      
7Blake Snow9'High Desert      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Dacoda Crane13'4High Desert      
6Justin Parsons13'3High Desert      
6Carlos Rich11'4"St Francis      
6Cole Jaeger11'1"Tumalo      
6James Martin10'10High Desert      
6Kaysen Oakley10'2High Desert      
6Dustin Landers10'2"Elton Gregory      
6Quinton Wiest9'11High Desert      
6Cameron Hall9'11High Desert      
6James Pon9'11"St Francis      
6Noah Nelson9'10"St Francis      
6Spencer Allen9'4"Elton Gregory      
6Cooper Berry9'3High Desert      
6Andrew Roderick9'2High Desert      
6Jared Dickson8'10High Desert      
6Max Mckinney7'2"St Francis      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Natalie Ambrose12.91St Francis      
8Haley Smith13.41Elton Gregory      
8Luci Brunette13.72St Francis      
8Alex Howard13.84High Desert      
8Jessie Dagostino14.07High Desert      
8Jenny Velasquez14.16High Desert      
8Maiah Hall14.31High Desert      
8Cassidy Simmons14.35Elton Gregory      
8Diala Villavicenzio14.48High Desert      
8Claire Wright14.58Elton Gregory      
8Alison Lowe14.63High Desert      
8Destiny Jordan14.80High Desert      
8Giselle Chesney14.91Elton Gregory      
8Kaitlin Ross15.21Elton Gregory      
8Kendall Kramer15.30High Desert      
8Josie Lutz15.40Elton Gregory      
8Jasmine Dominquez15.43St Francis      
8Cheynne Benge16.15Elton Gregory      
8Jami Smith16.24St Francis      
8Molly Gallagher17.55St Francis      
8Kyriel Butler15:29Westside Village Mag...      
8Mary Pantenburg15:30Westside Village Mag...      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Emily Moore14.09High Desert      
7Alexa Evert14.14High Desert      
7Cassidy Wheeler14.19High Desert      
7Kaylie Becker14.50Elton Gregory      
7Gwenonwyn Knoop14.50Tumalo      
7Miranda Brown14.48High Desert      
7Kiley Boudreau14.58High Desert      
7Arianna Hale14.68Elton Gregory      
7Breanna Lewis14.61High Desert      
7Tanith Dare15.03High Desert      
7Elle Renault15.27Elton Gregory      
7Savannah King15.39St Francis      
7Meagan Higgins15.33Tumalo      
7Shania Smith15.58Elton Gregory      
7Tess Gunnels15.62St Francis      
7Shelby Cutter16.01St Francis      
7Ryly Barber16.11Tumalo      
7Cortney Helmandollar16.48Elton Gregory      
7Regan Fehrenbacher16.67St Francis      
7Melissa Hankins16.77Elton Gregory      
7Casey Apregan17.48St Francis      
7Cassie Thompson17.55Elton Gregory      
7Mayra Morales19.20Elton Gregory      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Sophia Cunningham14.51High Desert      
6Tyhler Dyal14.73High Desert      
6Olivia Schneider15.13High Desert      
6Allison Boese15.17High Desert      
6Lovesta Jenson15.49Elton Gregory      
6Sarah Curran15.60High Desert      
6Dallas Knoop15.61Tumalo      
6Jona Paladijczuk15.78St Francis      
6Destiny Highbarger15.74Elton Gregory      
6Destiny Wagner15.84High Desert      
6Sydney Platsman16.08High Desert      
6Heidi Ronhaar16.08Elton Gregory      
6Madi McKinney16.08St Francis      
6Brooklyn Bennett16.23Elton Gregory      
6Emma Hendricks16.27Elton Gregory      
6Abby Hepperle16.55Elton Gregory      
6Nishtah Thomas16.53High Desert      
6Gianna Belza16.90St Francis      
6Madison Holiway17.00Elton Gregory      
6Georgia MacCrone17.03Tumalo      
6Alexa Peterkin17.06Cascades Academy of ...      
6Alexis Bonn17.34St Francis      
6Carolyn Davio17.69St Francis      
7Katie Schofield18.55St Francis      
6Sequana Schafer-Arbuckle18:20Westside Village Mag...      
6Belle Hodgert18:56Westside Village Mag...      
6Jolene Weiker18:94Westside Village Mag...      
6Emily Touchette19:85Westside Village Mag...      
6Michaela Fender25:48Westside Village Mag...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Dakota Steen26.44Elton Gregory      
8Natalie Ambrose26.42St Francis      
8Luci Brunette29.44St Francis      
8Jessie Dagostino29.71High Desert      
8Maiah Hall29.98High Desert      
8Alison Lowe31.79High Desert      
8Jordan Hamilton31.76Elton Gregory      
8Alyssa Heyer31.90Elton Gregory      
8Krystin Hoggard31.87High Desert      
8Anna Zerger32.21High Desert      
8Logan Kadlecik33.17High Desert      
8Shelby Smith33.15Elton Gregory      
8Shelby Leithauser33.63Elton Gregory      
8Katie Currin33.89High Desert      
8Caylee Holcolmb34.00Elton Gregory      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Emily Moore30.62High Desert      
7Kaylie Becker31.35Elton Gregory      
7Loghan Sprauer31.69Elton Gregory      
7Izabella Monical31.85High Desert      
7Callie Kruska32.22High Desert      
7Athena Wilkinson33.16St Francis      
7Kathryn McCary33.34Elton Gregory      
7Shelby Cutter34.04St Francis      
7Tess Gunnels34.03St Francis      
7Abby Barber34.49Tumalo      
7Cortney Helmandollar34.41Elton Gregory      
7Carly Watkins35.50High Desert      
7Melissa Hankins38.05Elton Gregory      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Sophia Cunningham30.39High Desert      
6Sarah Curran32.93High Desert      
6Sierra Blair33.10Elton Gregory      
6Dallas Knoop33.17Tumalo      
6Heidi Ronhaar33.27Elton Gregory      
6Caitlin Nichols33.60St Francis      
6Lauren Gallivan34.10St Francis      
6Emma Hendricks34.07Elton Gregory      
6Erica Nelson34.04High Desert      
6Jona Paladijczuk34.88St Francis      
6Caroline Nichols34.90St Francis      
6Rylee King35.00High Desert      
6Triana Hagenbach35.53High Desert      
6Madison Holiway36.16Elton Gregory      
6Alexis Bonn36.48St Francis      
6Shaylin Johnson36.83Elton Gregory      
6Maggie West36.87Elton Gregory      
7Ellen Nopp37.50St Francis      
6Lauren Joel39.26High Desert      
6Carmen Cloward39.52High Desert      
6McKenzie Piper39.90High Desert      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Macey Burgess1:09.28St Francis      
8Bailey Simmons69.50Elton Gregory      
8Haley Smith72.82Elton Gregory      
8Cassidy Simmons73.81Elton Gregory      
8Jenny Velasquez73.93High Desert      
8Shelby Smith80.56Elton Gregory      
8Katie Currin81.87High Desert      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Cassidy Wheeler72.58High Desert      
7Loghan Sprauer72.55Elton Gregory      
7Emily Hyde1:12.90St Francis      
6Hannah Kearns73.34Elton Gregory      
7Shae Wilcox78.17Elton Gregory      
6Sierra Blair1:20.85Elton Gregory      
6Marissa Kandle1:23.05Elton Gregory      
7Daria Pogue84.52High Desert      
7Carly Watkins87.51High Desert      
7Tara Whitehall1:31.75High Desert      
7Rebecca Slough2:00.67St Francis      
6Chelsea WhitleyDQElton Gregory      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Sarah Curran82.58High Desert      
6Emily Edgren1:25.77St Francis      
6Ciara Isaak86.65High Desert      
6Moriah Fernald86.65High Desert      
6Caroline Nichols1:28.94St Francis      
6Caitlin Nichols1:29.41St Francis      
6Aliyah Boelter1:31.22High Desert      
6Mikayla Shelton1:33.29St Francis      
6Kathy Najar1:37.49St Francis      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Dakota Steen2:57.42Elton Gregory      
8Claire Wright2:57.70Elton Gregory      
8Melissa Lorenz3:02.33St Francis      
8Taylor Tucker3:02.82St Francis      
8Kayla Duke3:10.85High Desert      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Abigail Lange2:38.43High Desert      
7Jessica Cornett2:53.50High Desert      
7Kalie McGrew3:03.04St Francis      
7Loghan Sprauer3:07.63Elton Gregory      
7Carissa Scott3:25.84High Desert      
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Connor Naegele3:06.90St Francis      
6Brittany Smith3:10.10Elton Gregory      
6Hannah Kearns3:13.87Elton Gregory      
6Natasha Stoger3:16.90Elton Gregory      
6Nishtah Thomas3:17.22High Desert      
6Brooklyn Bennett3:23.65Elton Gregory      
6Marissa Kandle3:26.86Elton Gregory      
6Erica Nelson3:29.87High Desert      
6Sydney Platsman3:33.87High Desert      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Melissa Lorenz6:05.20St Francis      
8Taylor Tucker6:09.28St Francis      
8Madison Sprauer6:15.08Elton Gregory      
8Annie Beaver6:29.6High Desert      
8Kaylin McAfee6:38.27Elton Gregory      
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Abigail Lange5:21.19High Desert      
7Jessica Cornett5:39.15High Desert      
7Shae Wilcox5:43.09Elton Gregory      
7Daria Pogue6:09.51High Desert      
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Allison Boese6:08.45High Desert      
6Connor Naegele6:08.87St Francis      
6Mikayla Shelton6:39.01St Francis      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Dakota Steen17.39Elton Gregory      
8Brooke Kelley19.07Elton Gregory      
8Alex Howard19.34High Desert      
8Nina Miller20.24High Desert      
8Jami Smith20.53St Francis      
8Kaylin Ivy21.47High Desert      
8Maddy Cascio21.95High Desert      
8Logan Kadlecik22.81High Desert      
8Kyriel Butler22:86Westside Village Mag...      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alexa Evert18.36High Desert      
7Arianna Hale19.48Elton Gregory      
7Kiley Boudreau19.66High Desert      
7Miranda Brown19.82High Desert      
7Elle Renault20.13Elton Gregory      
7Emily Hyde20.24St Francis      
7Molly Rygg20.56High Desert      
7Izabella Monical20.64High Desert      
7Shae Wilcox20.65Elton Gregory      
7Cambria Hurd20.72High Desert      
7Brittany Trail21.16High Desert      
7Kathryn Hodson21.26St Francis      
7Kyra Roediger21.62Elton Gregory      
7Lynnea Fredrickson22.41Tumalo      
7Delany Hanon23.43Elton Gregory      
7Tess Gunnels23.72St Francis      
7Angelina Vasquez24.10Tumalo      
7Cassidy Wheeler24.11High Desert      
7Ryly Barber25.42Tumalo      
7Regan Fehrenbacher26.03St Francis      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Destiny Highbarger20.33Elton Gregory      
6Lovesta Jenson20.60Elton Gregory      
6Brooklyn Bennett21.79Elton Gregory      
6Destiny Wagner22.36High Desert      
6Abby Hepperle22.80Elton Gregory      
6Alexis Wallace23.14High Desert      
6Emily Edgren23.22St Francis      
6Georgia MacCrone23.45Tumalo      
6MyKenzie Gabriel23.75Elton Gregory      
6Isabelle Tara23.85Tumalo      
6Mariah Kennedy25.86High Desert      
7Ellen Nopp26.95St Francis      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
8Autumn Elmore22.86Cascades Academy of ...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Alexa Peterkin27.06Cascades Academy of ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Dakota Steen
Bailey Simmons
Cassidy Simmons
Haley Smith
56.90Elton Gregory      
-Alex Howard
Jessie Dagostino
Jenny Velasquez
Maiah Hall
57.70High Desert      
-Autumn Elmore
Danali Hart
Ana Hoshovsky
Haydon Traughber
1:03:02Cascades Academy of ...      
-Madison Sprauer
Kaitlin Ross
Alyssa Heyer
Claire Wright
65.64Elton Gregory      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Miranda Brown
Cassidy Wheeler
Tanith Dare
Alexa Evert
60.68High Desert      
-Arianna Hale
Elle Renault
Shania Smith
Kaylie Becker
63.66Elton Gregory      
-Abby Barber
Meagan Higgins
Raelyn Lambert
Gwenonwyn Knoop
-Regan Fehrenbacher
Kate Hodson
Savannah King
Ellen Nopp
1:08.77St Francis      
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
-Sophia Cunningham
Allison Boese
Destiny Wagner
Tyhler Dyal
60.53High Desert      
-Hannah Kearns
Brooklyn Bennett
Heidi Ronhaar
Destiny Highbarger
64.04Elton Gregory      
-Emma Tara
Georgia MacCrone
Isabelle Tara
Dallas Knoop
-Gianna Belza
Alexis Bonn
Kathy Najar
Caitlin Nichols
1:10.03St Francis      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Luci Brunette
Macey Burgess
Jasmine Dominquez
Natalie Ambrose
2:01.25St Francis      
-Destiny Jordan
Alison Lowe
Kendall Kramer
Nina Miller
2:10.19High Desert      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Kiley Boudreau
Breanna Lewis
Cambria Hurd
Emily Moore
2:11.07High Desert      
-Cassie Thompson
Loghan Sprauer
Kathryn McCary
Sierra Blair
2:23.10Elton Gregory      
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
-Sydney Platsman
Olivia Schneider
Sarah Curran
Nishtah Thomas
2:22.28High Desert      
-Lauren Gallivan
Mikayla Shelton
Jona Paladijczuk
Connor Naegele
2:31.60St Francis      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Kendall Kramer29'5High Desert      
8Kaylin Ivy25'1High Desert      
8Madeline Rice25Westside Village Mag...      
8Hailey Gallagher24'6"St Francis      
8Danielle Bailey22'8.5"High Desert      
8Annie Beaver22'8High Desert      
8Mary Pantenburg20'4Westside Village Mag...      
8Bayley Humphrey19'6"High Desert      
8Molly Gallagher17'6"St Francis      
8Janet Salgado15'5.5"High Desert      
8Madeline Cooper15'3Westside Village Mag...      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ashley Madison21'10High Desert      
7Athena Wilkinson21'5"St Francis      
7Lexi Byers-Jensen19'5"High Desert      
7Denali House18'10"High Desert      
7Angelina Vasquez18'4"Tumalo      
7Raelyn Lambert17'8"Tumalo      
7Kaydrie Kalberg16'9High Desert      
7Gemma Fiedler16'3.5"High Desert      
7Elaina Robinson15'9"High Desert      
-Lexi Morse15'7"High Desert      
7Kyla Accardo11'10"High Desert      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Carolyn Davio17'10"St Francis      
6Alexis Wallace17'9"High Desert      
6Belle Hodgert17'8"Westside Village Mag...      
6Jolene Weiker15'4.5Westside Village Mag...      
6Emily Touchette14'3.5Westside Village Mag...      
6Mercedes Hurzeler13'1"Westside Village Mag...      
6Michaela Fender12'6"Westside Village Mag...      
6Sequana Schafer-Arbuckle11'10.5Westside Village Mag...      
6Hailey McMahan8'7"High Desert      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
8Caylee Holcolmb24'1.5"Elton Gregory      
8Giselle Chesney19'7.5"Elton Gregory      
8Madison Sprauer18'6"Elton Gregory      
8Claire Wright17'10"Elton Gregory      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alexis Andreas19'10.5"Elton Gregory      
7Delany Hanon16'3"Elton Gregory      
7Mayra Morales14'7"Elton Gregory      
7Kaylie Becker13'10"Elton Gregory      
7Kyra Roediger13'8"Elton Gregory      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Lacey Finley15'4"Elton Gregory      
6Katie McGuire15'3"Elton Gregory      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
8Kendall Kramer67'9High Desert      
8Jordan Hamilton50'2"Elton Gregory      
8Molly Gallagher50'2"St Francis      
8Caylee Holcolmb48'7.5"Elton Gregory      
8Hailey Gallagher48'3"St Francis      
8Madeline Rice46'8Westside Village Mag...      
8Bayley Humphrey44'5.5High Desert      
8Alyssa Heyer43'3"Elton Gregory      
8Shelby Smith41'9"Elton Gregory      
8Kyriel Butler40'Westside Village Mag...      
8Shelby Leithauser37'9"Elton Gregory      
8Kayley Kelly36'8High Desert      
8Madie Potter33'9.5High Desert      
8Krystin Hoggard33'7High Desert      
8Janet Salgado25'9High Desert      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ryly Barber59'9.5"Tumalo      
7Ashley Madison57'6High Desert      
7Meagan Higgins57'1"Tumalo      
7Shelby Cutter49'2"St Francis      
7Casey Apregan48'3"St Francis      
7Molly Rygg47'7High Desert      
7Athena Wilkinson44'5"St Francis      
7Angelina Vasquez43'4"Tumalo      
7Denali House43'1High Desert      
7Raelyn Lambert42'11"Tumalo      
-Lexi Morse40'6High Desert      
7Alexis Andreas38'Elton Gregory      
7Tara Whitehall34'11High Desert      
7Chevelle Boyer29'5"Elton Gregory      
7Mayra Morales26'9"Elton Gregory      
7Taylor Buttars24'4High Desert      
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Allison Mogden46'9.5High Desert      
6Mikayla Shelton45'2"St Francis      
6Gianna Belza43'3"St Francis      
6Emily Touchette28'8.5Westside Village Mag...      
6MyKenzie Gabriel23'2.5"Elton Gregory      
6Shaylin Johnson21'2"Elton Gregory      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Diala Villavicenzio4"5High Desert      
8Kyriel Butler4'1Westside Village Mag...      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Carissa Scott4'3"High Desert      
7Jade Poboisk4'1"High Desert      
7Brittany Trail4'High Desert      
7Callie Kruska4'High Desert      
7Tanith Dare4'High Desert      
7Miranda Brown3'10"High Desert      
7Savannah Fleischer3'10"High Desert      
7Breanna Lewis3'10"High Desert      
7Kaydrie Kalberg3'8"High Desert      
7Lexi Byers-Jensen3'8"High Desert      
7Regan Fehrenbacher3'8"St Francis      
7Anna Cavasso3'5"High Desert      
7Elaina Robinson3'5"High Desert      
7Ashley Eichelberger3'5"High Desert      
7Kathryn Hodson3'5"St Francis      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Natalie Ambrose15'6"St Francis      
8Bailey Simmons12'11"Elton Gregory      
8Alex Howard12'5"High Desert      
8Maiah Hall12'1"High Desert      
8Maddy Cascio12'High Desert      
8Zoe Raiter11'6"High Desert      
8Mary Pantenburg11'6"Westside Village Mag...      
8Brooke Kelley11'4"Elton Gregory      
8Giselle Chesney11'4"Elton Gregory      
8Cassidy Simmons11'3"Elton Gregory      
8Bayley Humphrey11'High Desert      
8Krystin Hoggard10'9"High Desert      
8Jamie Peterson10'9"High Desert      
8Madie Potter10'5"High Desert      
8Maria Johnson10'4"High Desert      
8Josie Lutz10'2"Elton Gregory      
8Lola Mahoney10'High Desert      
8Kayla Duke9'8"High Desert      
8Luci Brunette9'8"St Francis      
8Jasmine Dominquez9'7"St Francis      
7Melissa Hankins9'7"Elton Gregory      
8Alyssa Heyer9'6"Elton Gregory      
8Cheynne Benge9'6"Elton Gregory      
8Shelby Leithauser9'3"Elton Gregory      
8Rosa Madrid9'2"High Desert      
8Kayley Kelly9'2"High Desert      
8Jenny Velasquez9'2"High Desert      
8Jordan Hamilton9'1"Elton Gregory      
8Madeline Cooper8'9"Westside Village Mag...      
8Danielle Bailey8'7"High Desert      
8Anna Zerger8'High Desert      
8Janet Salgado7'10"High Desert      
8Mckenzie Garvin7'4High Desert      
8Kayla Franks7'2"High Desert      
8Kaylie Martin6'9"High Desert      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Arianna Hale13'4"Elton Gregory      
7Kalie McGrew12'7"St Francis      
7Shania Smith12'2"Elton Gregory      
7Alexa Evert12'2"High Desert      
7Izabella Monical12'2"High Desert      
7Savannah King11'11"St Francis      
7Kiley Boudreau11'9"High Desert      
7Kathryn Hodson11'7"St Francis      
7Carissa Scott11'6"High Desert      
7Cortney Helmandollar11'2"Elton Gregory      
7Kathryn McCary11'1"Elton Gregory      
7Meagan Higgins11'Tumalo      
7Abby Barber10'9"Tumalo      
7Anna Cavasso10'9"High Desert      
7Denali House10'9"High Desert      
7Jade Poboisk10'8"High Desert      
7Delany Hanon10'6"Elton Gregory      
7Alexis Andreas10'6"Elton Gregory      
7Molly Rygg10'4"High Desert      
7Ryly Barber10'4"Tumalo      
7Elaina Robinson9'11"High Desert      
7Ashley Eichelberger9'10"High Desert      
7Chevelle Boyer9'9"Elton Gregory      
7Tara Whitehall9'7"High Desert      
7Kyra Roediger9'7"Elton Gregory      
7Gemma Fiedler9'5"High Desert      
7Callie Kruska9'High Desert      
7Carly Watkins8'10"High Desert      
7Kaydrie Kalberg8'8"High Desert      
7Lexi Byers-Jensen8'8"High Desert      
-Lexi Morse8'3"High Desert      
7Kyla Accardo7'5"High Desert      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Allison Boese12'4High Desert      
6Sophia Cunningham12'3High Desert      
6Tyhler Dyal11'7High Desert      
6Alina Clement11'6High Desert      
6Brittany Smith11'5"Elton Gregory      
6Natasha Stoger10'8"Elton Gregory      
6Olivia Schneider10'7High Desert      
6Destiny Wagner10'6High Desert      
6Emma Hendricks10'5"Elton Gregory      
6Rylee King10'5High Desert      
6Shaylin Johnson10'4"Elton Gregory      
6Maggie West10'2"Elton Gregory      
6Madison Holiway9'9"Elton Gregory      
6Ciara Isaak9'9High Desert      
6Nishtah Thomas9'9High Desert      
6Lauren Joel9'7High Desert      
6Sierra Blair9'7"Elton Gregory      
6Mariah Kennedy9'6High Desert      
6Emma Tara9'5"Tumalo      
6Chelsea Whitley9'4"Elton Gregory      
7Ellen Nopp9'3"St Francis      
6Carmen Cloward9'3High Desert      
6Abby Hepperle8'10"Elton Gregory      
6Belle Hodgert8'10Westside Village Mag...      
6Moriah Fernald8'7High Desert      
6Aliyah Boelter8'5High Desert      
6Michaela Fender8'5Westside Village Mag...      
6Sydney Platsman8'4High Desert      
6MyKenzie Gabriel8'3"Elton Gregory      
6Lacey Finley8'2"Elton Gregory      
6Katie McGuire8'Elton Gregory      
6Sequana Schafer-Arbuckle8'Westside Village Mag...      
7Katie Schofield7'9"St Francis      
6McKenzie Piper7'9High Desert      
6Hailey McMahan7'8High Desert      
6Tayla Schultz7'8High Desert      
6Mercedes Hurzeler7'6Westside Village Mag...      
6Jolene Weiker7'Westside Village Mag...      
6Kathy Najar6'10"St Francis      
6Erika Coffey6'8High Desert      
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