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Culver, Crook County, Sisters, Jefferson Co., St. Francis

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Culver, Culver

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anthony Otter12.74aJefferson County
2.8Sam Coyle13.41aJefferson County
3.8Blake Knirk13.42aSisters
4.8Robert Reynoso13.70aJefferson County
5.8Justice Strobel Oman14.06aCulver
6.8Jared Falkner14.08aSisters
7.8Jared Lavesque14.30aSt Francis
8.8Austin Phillips14.34aCrook County
9.8Ceasar Alonso14.49aJefferson County
10.8Seth Nelson15.18aSt Francis
11.8Brandon Hawes15.19aJefferson County
12.8Roy Lopez15.49aSisters
13.8Dylan Coffman15.57aCrook County
14.8Sawyer Stolz15.58aSt Francis
15.8Grant Chisholm15.72aSisters
16.8Alex Perry15.91aCrook County
17.8Justin Bass16.31aSisters
18.8Joey Kinsey17.07aSt Francis
8McKenzie McCullochNTCrook County
8Reid WeberNTCascades Academy of ...
8Arron TaverniaNTCrook County
8A.J. CooperNTCrook County
8Jared ScheimerNTSt Francis
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Peterson13.92aCulver
2.7David Madrigal13.93aJefferson County
3.7Dylan Mccarty14.22aCrook County
4.7Justin Harrer14.24aSisters
5.8Sam Walker14.38aSisters
6.7Dakota Matthews14.43aCrook County
7.7Chase Strain14.55aSt Francis
8.7Keegan Bloss14.59aSisters
9.7Ty Sahlberg14.83aSisters
10.7Jace Apperson14.90aCrook County
11.7Hector Beaz15.03aJefferson County
12.7Justin Glass15.29aCrook County
13.7Gustavo Alonso15.41aJefferson County
14.7Mike Burleigh15.62aCrook County
15.7Ricky Molitor15.68aJefferson County
16.7Jacob Hardy16.10aCrook County
17.7Ryan DeCastilhos16.28aSt Francis
18.7Hayden Boyd16.73aCrook County
19.7CHris Hofstetter17.20aSt Francis
20.7Ricardo Salgado17.23aJefferson County
21.7Chance Gragert17.44aSisters
22.7Luke Hull17.79aSisters
23.7Diego Vargas19.38aCrook County
7William WallaceNTCrook County
7Austin SutfinNTCrook County
7Zephaniah PhillipsNTJefferson County
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Victor Bonilla14.25aJefferson County
2.6Jadon Bachtold14.87aSisters
3.6Tanner Davis15.18aCulver
4.6Blake Bartels15.24aCrook County
5.6Jacob Reynolds15.82aCrook County
6.6Dyut Fetrow15.83aSisters
7.6Austin Cantwell15.90aSisters
8.6Jordan Scott15.93aJefferson County
9.6Cole Ovens15.94aCrook County
10.6Angel Beaz16.16aJefferson County
11.6James Pon16.42aSt Francis
12.6Noah Nelson16.59aSt Francis
13.6Phoenix Ozuna16.61aJefferson County
14.6Colton Shinkle16.78aCrook County
15.6Dawson McAulay17.23aCrook County
16.6Max Mckinney17.95aSt Francis
17.6Tanner Maden18.56aCrook County
18.6Logan Scherrer19.38aSisters
19.6Jeremiah Morrison-Pettis20.59aCrook County
20.6Gabe Isle27.90aSisters
6Cody HammondNTSisters
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anthony Otter26.31aJefferson County
2.8Blake Knirk28.00aSisters
3.8Ian Baldassari28.20aSisters
4.8Justice Strobel Oman28.58aCulver
5.8Jared Falkner29.72aSisters
6.8Jared Scheimer30.07aSt Francis
7.8Scott Sanchez30.10aJefferson County
8.8Jared Lavesque30.40aSt Francis
9.8Augie Brunette30.42aSt Francis
8Josh ChristianNTCrook County
8Reid WeberNTCascades Academy of ...
8McKenzie McCullochNTCrook County
8Rico SaenzNTJefferson County
8Sam CoyleNTJefferson County
8Jaren BaileyNTJefferson County
8Roy LopezNTSisters
8Brandon ShortNTCulver
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Conner Gellings28.35aSisters
2.7Zephaniah Phillips28.97aJefferson County
3.7Sam Verdusco29.31aCrook County
4.7Zach Jones29.65aSisters
5.7Justin Harrer30.00aSisters
6.7Michael Seyl30.82aCrook County
7.7Dylan Mccarty31.18aCrook County
8.7Keegan Bloss32.41aSisters
9.7Chase Strain33.30aSt Francis
10.7Gustavo Alonso33.49aJefferson County
11.7Ethan Stengel34.16aSisters
12.7Hector Beaz34.43aJefferson County
7David MadrigalNTJefferson County
7Craig WesselNTSisters
7Austin NicholsonNTSisters
7Ricky MolitorNTJefferson County
7Ricardo SalgadoNTJefferson County
7Ryan DeCastilhosNTSt Francis
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Izaak Kanzig30.94aSisters
2.6Blake Bartels32.91aCrook County
3.6Austin Cantwell33.25aSisters
4.6Cole Ovens33.36aCrook County
5.6Jack Stubblefield33.87aCrook County
6.6James Pon35.47aSt Francis
7.6Logan Gill35.73aSisters
8.6Noah Nelson37.91aSt Francis
9.6Jacob Reynolds38.85aCrook County
10.6Angel Beaz40.61aJefferson County
6Cole GrahamNTSisters
6Isaac MackenzieNTSisters
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Camden Stoddard1:00.75aSt Francis
2.8Robert Ozuna1:01.30aJefferson County
3.8Robert Reynoso1:03.24aJefferson County
4.8Oliver Wisseman1:03.51aCrook County
5.8Jake McAllister1:03.66aSisters
6.8Austin Phillips1:06.72aCrook County
7.8Brandon Pollard1:06.94aSisters
8.8Aaron Henry1:08.13aCrook County
9.8Nathan Kaping1:09.05aSisters
10.8Raymond Steele1:09.18aSisters
11.8Justin Bass1:18.94aSisters
8Trenton MarksNTSisters
8Brant McCloughanNTCrook County
8Francisco DiazNTJefferson County
8Augie BrunetteNTSt Francis
8Riley SheltonNTSt Francis
8Lucas DeCastilhosNTSt Francis
8Brandon AzbillNTCrook County
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Gabe Wyllie1:05.51aSt Francis
2.7David Madrigal1:05.55aJefferson County
3.8Sam Walker1:14.71aSisters
4.7Dylan Hatch1:15.23aCrook County
5.7Gustavo Alonso1:17.51aJefferson County
6.7Joseph Murphy1:19.54aSt Francis
7.7Nathaniel Jones1:25.46aCrook County
8.7Hayden Boyd1:29.49aCrook County
9.7Hector Beaz1:29.89aJefferson County
7Kristian WitherspoonNTCrook County
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Victor Bonilla1:00.23aJefferson County
2.6Jadon Bachtold1:03.92aSisters
3.6Carlos Rich1:04.41aSt Francis
4.6Bryan Linton-O'Neil1:04.98aCrook County
5.6Angel Beaz1:11.37aJefferson County
6.6Peter Lund1:12.71aSisters
7.6Jacob Reynolds1:13.08aCrook County
8.6James Joseph1:24.11aSisters
6Izaak KanzigNTSisters
6Eric SpauldingNTCrook County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Evan Rickards2:20.57aSisters
2.8Robert Ozuna2:27.24aJefferson County
3.8Brandon Pollard2:33.82aSisters
4.8Landon Prescot2:33.90aSisters
5.8Noe Gonzalez2:35.45aCulver
6.8Robert Reynoso2:40.24aJefferson County
7.8Devon Calvin2:41.34aSisters
8.8Aaron Henry2:54.67aCrook County
8Brandon DeckardNTSt Francis
8Ceasar AlonsoNTJefferson County
8Ian OppenlanderNTJefferson County
8Isaac FisherNTJefferson County
8Scott SanchezNTJefferson County
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Gabe Wyllie2:36.64aSt Francis
2.6Jordan Scott2:54.32aJefferson County
3.7Teddy Widmer3:00.00aSt Francis
4.7Justin Glass3:01.66aCrook County
5.7Adam Novotny3:12.58aSisters
6.7Maxwell Armitage3:25.50aJefferson County
7Hayden BoydNTCrook County
7Harrison AdamsNTJefferson County
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Cole Graham2:35.45aSisters
2.6Izaak Kanzig2:54.30aSisters
3.6Carlos Rich2:55.55aSt Francis
4.6Liam Pickhardt3:01.08aCrook County
5.6Phoenix Ozuna3:12.57aJefferson County
6.6Connor Chaney3:25.51aCrook County
7.6Erick Olivas3:32.00aJefferson County
6Thomas WimberlyNTCascades Academy of ...
6Bryan Linton-O'NeilNTCrook County
6Seth KessiNTCrook County
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Evan Rickards4:55.00aSisters
2.8Robert Ozuna5:04.88aJefferson County
3.8Grayson Munn5:08.42aCrook County
4.8Brandon Pollard5:11.75aSisters
5.8Devon Calvin5:19.83aSisters
6.8Landon Prescot5:24.33aSisters
7.8Noe Gonzalez5:25.80aCulver
8.8Brandon Hawes5:44.89aJefferson County
9.8Raymond Steele5:57.45aSisters
10.8Ian Oppenlander5:59.35aJefferson County
11.8Brandon Azbill6:05.32aCrook County
12.8Lucas DeCastilhos6:05.50aSt Francis
8Trenton MarksNTSisters
8Brandon DeckardNTSt Francis
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Dylan Hatch5:38.81aCrook County
2.7Ty Sahlberg5:38.82aSisters
3.7Teddy Widmer5:59.70aSt Francis
4.7Paul Miller6:06.79aCrook County
5.7Kristian Witherspoon6:13.15aCrook County
6.7Nathaniel Jones6:33.32aCrook County
7.7Adam Novotny6:47.00aSisters
7Harrison AdamsNTJefferson County
7Maxwell ArmitageNTJefferson County
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Dyut Fetrow5:55.68aSisters
2.6Cole Graham6:04.25aSisters
3.6Liam Pickhardt6:33.33aCrook County
4.6Connor Chaney6:50.73aCrook County
6Thomas WimberlyNTCascades Academy of ...
6Erick OlivasNTJefferson County
6Tom McDonaldNTCulver
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jake McAllister18.70aSisters
2.8Aaron Henry20.25aCrook County
3.8Alex Perry21.77aCrook County
4.8Austin Scott22.88aCulver
5.8Ian Oppenlander23.45aJefferson County
6.8Kody Kuk23.84aCrook County
7.8Caleb Parker24.56aCrook County
8Jacob SchnellNTSisters
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brent Sullivan20.19aJefferson County
2.7Shane Cormalis20.36aSisters
3.7Robert King20.55aSisters
4.7Dakota Matthews21.65aCrook County
5.7Dylan Mccarty21.68aCrook County
6.7Broc Sanders22.10aJefferson County
7.7Zechariah Phillips22.29aJefferson County
8.7Adam Knepp22.47aCulver
9.7Jace Apperson22.80aCrook County
10.7Trevor Parsons24.56aJefferson County
7Jack ArmstrongNTCascades Academy of ...
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Victor Bonilla20.30aJefferson County
2.6Tom McDonald21.36aCulver
3.6Carlos Rich22.21aSt Francis
4.6Corey Sledge23.78aCulver
5.6James Joseph23.81aSisters
6.6Robert Conley25.28aCulver
6Che StiffarmNTJefferson County
6Andy CarlsonNTCrook County
6Thomas WimberlyNTCascades Academy of ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grayson Munn
Oliver Wisseman
A.J Cooper
Aaron Henry
52.16aCrook County
2.-Sam Coyle
Ceasar Alonso
Anthony Otter
Robert Reynoso
52.41aJefferson County
3.-Noe Gonzalez
Brandon Short
Justice Strobel Oman
Juan Diaz
4.-Ian Baldassari
Jared Falkner
Landon Prescot
Nathan Kaping
5.-Seth Nelson
Sawyer Stolz
Augie Brunette
Jared Lavesque
55.78aSt Francis
-Jack Armstrong
Kieran Hurst-McCreedy
Thomas Wimberly
Reid Weber
NTCascades Academy of ...
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 56.00aSisters
2.-Dylan Hatch
Jace Apperson
Mike Burleigh
Michael Seyl
57.40aCrook County
-David Madrigal
Broc Sanders
Gustavo Alonso
Hector Beaz
NTJefferson County
-Brent Sullivan
Harrison Adams
Aidan Goodwin
Zechariah Phillips
NTJefferson County
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Blake Bartels
Dawson McAulay
Cole Ovens
Jack Stubblefield
1:01.16aCrook County
2.-Jadon Bachtold
Austin Cantwell
Isaac Kanzig
Isaac Mackenzie
3.-Jordan Scott
Phoenix Ozuna
Victor Bonilla
Erick Olivas
1:07.30aJefferson County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dalton Carder
Dylan Coffman
Alex Perry
Austin Phillips
1:59.05aCrook County
2.-Jared Scheimer
Camden Stoddard
Brandon Deckard
Riley Shelton
2:03.64aSt Francis
-Isaac Fisher
Ian Oppenlander
Robert Ozuna
Scott Sanchez
NTJefferson County
-Devon Calvin
Jake McCallister
Evan Rickards
Landon Prescot
-Mitchell Adams
Francisco Diaz
Bryson Miller
Jaren Bailey
NTJefferson County
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Joseph Murphy
Chase Strain
Gabe Wyllie
Teddy Widmer
2:02.60aSt Francis
2.-Sam Verdusco
Hayden Boyd
Dakota Matthews
William Wallace
2:05.22aCrook County
3.-Zach Jones
Shane Cormallis
Conner Gelling
Ethan Stengel
4.-Zechariah Phillips
Trevor Parsons
Aidan Goodwin
Broc Sanders
2:16.42aJefferson County
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Jadon Bachtold
Isaac Mackenzie
Dyut Fetrow
Cole Graham
2.-Erick Olivas
Keaton Hartman
Che Stiffarm
Phoenix Ozuna
2:27.00aJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mitchell Adams35'00.00Jefferson County
2.8Jason Williams33'03.00Crook County
2.8Arron Tavernia33'03.00Crook County
4.8Riley Shelton31'01.00St Francis
5.8Francisco Diaz30'02.50Jefferson County
6.8Brandon Hawes29'09.00Jefferson County
7.8Dalton Carder28'11.00Crook County
8.8Neal Morningoul28'09.00Jefferson County
9.8Seth Nelson28'06.00St Francis
10.8Seth Flegel28'03.50Crook County
11.8Shawn Brown28'03.00Jefferson County
12.8Juan Diaz26'07.00Culver
13.8Sawyer Stolz26'03.00St Francis
14.8Miguel Sevilla24'01.00Jefferson County
15.8Brennan Miller23'10.00Sisters
16.8Jacob Schnell23'08.00Sisters
17.8Roy Lopez23'05.50Sisters
18.8Joey Kinsey23'00.00St Francis
19.8Austin Scott17'09.50Culver
8Jon SmithNDJefferson County
8A.J. CooperNDCrook County
8McKenzie McCullochNDCrook County
8Jaren BaileyNDJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Peterson37'10.00Culver
2.7Zach Smith31'11.00Crook County
3.7Zach Jones28'10.50Sisters
4.7CHris Hofstetter26'05.50St Francis
5.7Diego Vargas23'04.00Crook County
6.7Adam Knepp22'01.00Culver
7.7Koedy Florendo22'00.50Jefferson County
8.7Voshaun Bryant21'08.50Jefferson County
9.7Luke Hull17'11.50Sisters
10.7Seth Roy16'09.00Sisters
11.7Adam Novotny16'03.00Sisters
12.7Moin Iqbal13'07.50Jefferson County
13.7Chance Gragert13'07.00Sisters
14.7Craig Wessel9'09.00Sisters
7Austin NicholsonNDSisters
7Dakota HopkinsNDJefferson County
7Angel GomezNDJefferson County
7Austin SutfinNDCrook County
7Quinton Big KnifeNDJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Robert Conley23'10.50Culver
2.6Tanner Davis21'11.50Culver
3.6Brogan Howard19'05.50Crook County
4.6Isaac Mackenzie19'03.00Sisters
5.6Cobi Berman17'07.00Crook County
6.6Kristian Orozco17'01.00Crook County
7.6James Joseph16'11.50Sisters
8.6Logan Gill16'09.50Sisters
9.6Cabe Goehring16'08.00Crook County
10.6Keaton Hartman16'07.00Jefferson County
11.6Stephen Lenglel15'09.00Jefferson County
6Che StiffarmNDJefferson County
6Julius BagleyNDJefferson County
6Jovani VargasNDCrook County
6Cody HammondNDSisters
6Peter LundNDSisters
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Arron Tavernia95'07Crook County
2.8Blake Knirk95'01Sisters
3.8Sawyer Stolz93'09St Francis
4.8Mitchell Adams91'11Jefferson County
5.8Francisco Diaz85'11Jefferson County
6.8Riley Shelton84'05St Francis
7.8Dalton Carder82'00Crook County
8.8Juan Diaz81'04Culver
8.8Nathan Kaping81'04Sisters
10.8Seth Flegel75'07Crook County
11.8Neal Morningoul74'05Jefferson County
12.8Jason Williams72'00Crook County
13.8Miguel Sevilla68'10Jefferson County
14.8Shawn Brown68'02Jefferson County
15.8Brennan Miller66'08Sisters
16.8Seth Nelson61'04St Francis
17.8Max Fahlgren59'02Crook County
18.8Joey Kinsey58'06St Francis
19.8Brick Woodward49'11Crook County
20.8RJ Hail48'03Crook County
21.8Austin Scott32'00Culver
22.8Grayson Munn8'05Crook County
8Rico SaenzNDJefferson County
8Jon SmithNDJefferson County
8Roy LopezNDSisters
8Jacob SchnellNDSisters
8A.J. CooperNDCrook County
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Joseph Murphy84'06St Francis
2.7Zephaniah Phillips82'08Jefferson County
3.8Sam Walker80'02Sisters
4.7CHris Hofstetter68'00St Francis
5.7Voshaun Bryant65'05Jefferson County
6.7Koedy Florendo60'02Jefferson County
7.7Ricardo Salgado58'07Jefferson County
8.7William Wallace57'06Crook County
9.7Chase Strain57'05St Francis
10.7Jacob Hardy56'11Crook County
11.7Austin Nicholson56'02Sisters
12.7Robert King48'10Sisters
13.7Adam Knepp47'06Culver
14.7Teddy Widmer47'02St Francis
15.7Moin Iqbal41'03Jefferson County
16.7Seth Roy37'11Sisters
7Zach JonesNDSisters
7Gunnar RobirtsNDCrook County
7Dakota HopkinsNDJefferson County
7Angel GomezNDJefferson County
7Craig WesselNDSisters
7Chance GragertNDSisters
7Quinton Big KnifeNDJefferson County
7Zach SmithNDCrook County
7Diego VargasNDCrook County
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Tom McDonald67'08Culver
2.6Logan Gill54'07Sisters
3.6Eric Spaulding47'09Crook County
3.6Dyut Fetrow47'09Sisters
5.6Cobi Berman45'01Crook County
6.6Keaton Hartman44'11Jefferson County
7.6Logan Scherrer44'09Sisters
8.6Stephen Lenglel42'08Jefferson County
9.6Cabe Goehring41'08Crook County
10.6Jack Stubblefield41'00Crook County
11.6Jovani Vargas40'09Crook County
12.6Brogan Howard38'06Crook County
13.6Tanner Maden30'10Crook County
6Julius BagleyNDJefferson County
6Cole GrahamNDSisters
6Gabe IsleNDSisters
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anthony Otter5'02.00Jefferson County
2.8Oliver Wisseman5'01.00Crook County
3.8Camden Stoddard4'11.00St Francis
3.8Jake McAllister4'11.00Sisters
5.8Jacob Richerson4'09.00Sisters
5.8Ceasar Alonso4'09.00Jefferson County
7.8Scott Sanchez4'05.00Jefferson County
8Lucas DeCastilhosNHSt Francis
8Grant ChisholmNHSisters
8Kieran Hurst-McCreedyNHCascades Academy of ...
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Brent Sullivan4'11.00Jefferson County
2.7Michael Seyl4'09.00Crook County
3.7Zephaniah Phillips4'08.00Jefferson County
4.7Shane Cormalis4'07.00Sisters
4.7Ty Sahlberg4'07.00Sisters
6.7Alex Peterson4'05.00Culver
6.7Aidan Goodwin4'05.00Jefferson County
8.7Justin Harrer4'03.00Sisters
8.7Robert King4'03.00Sisters
10.7Ricky Molitor4'01.00Jefferson County
7Trevor ParsonsNHJefferson County
7Zechariah PhillipsNHJefferson County
7William WallaceNHCrook County
7Justin GlassNHCrook County
7Paul MillerNHCrook County
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Andy Carlson4'09.00Crook County
2.6Tanner Davis4'06.00Culver
3.6Blake Bartels4'05.00Crook County
3.6Tanner Maden4'05.00Crook County
3.6Jeremiah Morrison-Pettis4'05.00Crook County
3.6Cole Ovens4'05.00Crook County
3.6Robert Conley4'05.00Culver
8.6Kristian Orozco4'03.00Crook County
8.6Connor Chaney4'03.00Crook County
10.6Eric Spaulding4'02.00Crook County
6Seth KessiNHCrook County
6James PonNHSt Francis
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Grayson Munn8'00.00Crook County
2.8Camden Stoddard7'06.00St Francis
2.8Jared Scheimer7'06.00St Francis
4.8Isaac Fisher7'00.00Jefferson County
4.8Ian Baldassari7'00.00Sisters
4.8Jacob Richerson7'00.00Sisters
7.8Lucas DeCastilhos6'06.00St Francis
7.8Max Fahlgren6'06.00Crook County
7.8Brennan Miller6'06.00Sisters
10.8Brandon Azbill6'00.00Crook County
10.8Kody Kuk6'00.00Crook County
8Josh ChristianNHCrook County
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Cody Thurman7'06.00Crook County
2.7Keegan Bloss7'00.00Sisters
3.7Joseph Murphy6'06.00St Francis
3.7Aidan Goodwin6'06.00Jefferson County
5.7Ricky Molitor6'00.00Jefferson County
5.7Ryan DeCastilhos6'00.00St Francis
7Carson FraleyNHCascades Academy of ...
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Tanner Davis7'00.00Culver
2.6Andy Carlson6'06.00Crook County
2.6Corey Sledge6'06.00Culver
4.6Carlos Rich5'00.00St Francis
6Jeremiah Morrison-PettisNHCrook County
6Kristian OrozcoNHCrook County
6Colton ShinkleNHCrook County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Oliver Wisseman16'09.00Crook County
2.8Evan Rickards16'04.00Sisters
3.8Jacob Richerson15'09.00Sisters
4.8Sam Coyle14'10.50Jefferson County
5.8Noe Gonzalez14'10.00Culver
5.8Justice Strobel Oman14'10.00Culver
5.8Brandon Short14'10.00Culver
5.8Brandon Pollard14'10.00Sisters
9.8Augie Brunette14'07.00St Francis
10.8Brant McCloughan14'05.00Crook County
11.8Jared Lavesque14'02.00St Francis
12.8Mitchell Adams13'10.00Jefferson County
13.8Grant Chisholm13'02.00Sisters
14.8Dylan Coffman12'05.50Crook County
15.8Caleb Parker10'10.00Crook County
15.8Justin Bass10'10.00Sisters
17.8RJ Hail9'11.00Crook County
18.8Brick Woodward9'05.00Crook County
8Kieran Hurst-McCreedyNDCascades Academy of ...
8Jaren BaileyNDJefferson County
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Conner Gellings15'10.50Sisters
2.7Michael Seyl14'00.00Crook County
3.7Keegan Bloss13'11.00Sisters
4.7Justin Harrer13'10.50Sisters
5.7Brent Sullivan13'09.50Jefferson County
6.7Sam Verdusco13'07.00Crook County
7.7Dylan Hatch13'06.00Crook County
8.7Mike Burleigh13'05.00Crook County
9.7Broc Sanders13'02.00Jefferson County
9.7Gabe Wyllie13'02.00St Francis
11.7Alex Peterson12'04.00Culver
12.7Jace Apperson12'01.00Crook County
13.7Ethan Stengel11'08.00Sisters
14.7Adam Knepp11'02.50Culver
15.7Jacob Hardy10'01.00Crook County
16.7Luke Hull9'05.00Sisters
17.7Seth Roy8'09.50Sisters
18.7Craig Wessel7'03.00Sisters
8Neal MorningoulNDJefferson County
7Austin SutfinNDCrook County
7Dakota MatthewsNDCrook County
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jordan Scott12'07.00Jefferson County
2.6Angel Beaz12'00.00Jefferson County
3.6Jack Stubblefield11'11.00Crook County
4.6Austin Cantwell11'00.50Sisters
5.6Logan Gill10'10.00Sisters
5.6Corey Sledge10'10.00Culver
7.6Dawson McAulay10'09.00Crook County
8.6Noah Nelson10'08.00St Francis
9.6Seth Kessi10'06.00Crook County
10.6James Joseph10'05.00Sisters
11.6Logan Scherrer9'00.50Sisters
12.6Cobi Berman8'10.50Crook County
13.6Jovani Vargas8'04.00Crook County
14.6Colton Shinkle8'01.50Crook County
6Cody HammondNDSisters
6Che StiffarmNDJefferson County
6James PonNDSt Francis
6Gabe IsleNDSisters
6Max MckinneyNDSt Francis
6Peter LundNDSisters

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Natalie Ambrose13.58aSt Francis
2.8Bailey Bremer14.03aSisters
3.8McKenzie Zirbel14.04aCrook County
4.8Anna Badillo14.26aCulver
5.8Luci Brunette14.42aSt Francis
6.8Madeline Anast14.55aSisters
7.8Kathryn Kaonis15.28aCrook County
8.8Annica Ballentine15.39aSt Francis
9.8Taylor Lynn15.65aCulver
10.8Makayla Dodge15.77aCrook County
11.8Kristen Sanders15.80aSisters
12.8Chenelle Hale15.97aCrook County
13.8Jillian Hall16.30aCulver
14.8Dominique Craig16.70aJefferson County
15.8Jami Smith16.76aSt Francis
16.8Amanda Noyes16.77aCrook County
17.8Hannah Dixon17.16aCrook County
18.8Cassidy Brown17.68aJefferson County
18.8Elizabeth Benham17.68aJefferson County
20.8Molly Gallagher18.58aSt Francis
21.8Monique Ashwill19.31aJefferson County
8Autumn ElmoreNTCascades Academy of ...
8Rachel Conner StrongNTJefferson County
8Autumn ComstockNTCulver
8Lorena AlonsoNTJefferson County
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Nina Dunn14.14aCrook County
2.7Annie Miner15.00aSisters
3.7Madison Slicker15.02aSisters
4.7Elsa Harris15.03aCrook County
5.7Danielle Nelson15.12aCrook County
6.7Emily Hyde15.44aSt Francis
7.7Kayla Hamilton15.50aCrook County
8.7Baily Tarabochia15.55aCrook County
9.7Savannah King15.83aSt Francis
10.7Emily Burts15.97aSisters
11.7Tess Gunnels16.02aSt Francis
12.7Shyanne Clark16.12aJefferson County
12.7Madeline Bernard16.12aCrook County
14.7Shelby Cutter16.27aSt Francis
15.7Annalissa Peer16.37aCrook County
16.7Collette Kokesh16.53aSisters
17.7Maya Wieland16.78aSisters
18.7Lindsay Combs16.82aSisters
19.7Jessi Hatlestad17.22aJefferson County
20.7Shelby Moody17.35aJefferson County
21.7Jessica Howell17.65aCulver
7Jaylynn BagleyNTJefferson County
7Madison MurphyNTSisters
7Yaneth LopezNTCrook County
7Ana HoshovskyNTCascades Academy of ...
7Bailey BrownNTJefferson County
7Lucero GarciaNTJefferson County
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Daijaunique Morton15.13aSisters
2.6Nicole Schultz15.53aCrook County
3.6Hannah Lewis15.69aCulver
4.6Danika Wagner16.19aSisters
5.6Audrey Bernard16.57aCrook County
6.6Caitlin Nichols16.70aSt Francis
7.6Kalan Wolfe16.72aJefferson County
8.6Janae Adams16.88aJefferson County
9.6Kati Viscaino16.90aJefferson County
10.6Caroline Nichols16.98aSt Francis
11.6Kasenia Rankin17.07aCrook County
12.6Carly Gascon17.33aSisters
13.6Kimberly Alonso17.47aJefferson County
14.6Kiana Brown17.49aCrook County
15.6Gianna Belza17.90aSt Francis
16.6Erin Bush17.93aCrook County
17.6Madi McKinney18.08aSt Francis
18.6Chaley Clark18.09aJefferson County
19.6Mahtayva Roach18.10aJefferson County
20.6Ellen Chandler18.36aSisters
21.6Alexa Pepper19.09aCrook County
22.6Carolyn Davio19.10aSt Francis
23.6Kathy Najar19.18aSt Francis
6Amber TuckerNTCrook County
6Cierra TygerNTCrook County
6Claire ChristensenNTCascades Academy of ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Macey Burgess30.81aSt Francis
2.8Gabrielle Alley31.02aCulver
3.8Madeline Anast31.42aSisters
4.8Luci Brunette31.43aSt Francis
5.8Annica Ballentine32.66aSt Francis
6.8Kari Wahnetah34.96aJefferson County
7.8Erin Dow37.25aSisters
8Lorena AlonsoNTJefferson County
8Rachel Conner StrongNTJefferson County
8Autumn ElmoreNTCascades Academy of ...
8Baylea JohnsonNTCulver
7Dakota WagnerNTSisters
8Codie LagaoNTSisters
8Olivia ChandlerNTSisters
8Dominique CraigNTJefferson County
8Cassidy BrownNTJefferson County
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Madison Boettner31.98aSisters
2.7Elsa Harris33.41aCrook County
3.7Baily Tarabochia33.82aCrook County
4.7Andrea Retano34.77aCulver
5.7Athena Wilkinson34.80aSt Francis
6.7Karlee Simmons35.08aJefferson County
7.7Shyanne Clark35.17aJefferson County
8.7Tess Gunnels35.25aSt Francis
9.7Shelby Cutter36.02aSt Francis
10.7Ynez Villagomez37.01aCrook County
11.7Laken Kindsfather37.89aSisters
12.7Melissa Martinez38.83aCrook County
13.7Jessica Walke38.86aCrook County
14.7Ellen Nopp39.83aSt Francis
15.7Danielle Rudinsky40.04aSisters
7Lucero GarciaNTJefferson County
7Bailey BrownNTJefferson County
7Cierra MannNTSisters
7Manisha HakenNTSisters
7Shania BrooksNTJefferson County
7Jessica GonzalezNTJefferson County
7Lillian OrnelasNTCrook County
7Ana HoshovskyNTCascades Academy of ...
7Yaneth LopezNTCrook County
7Janie HomanNTCrook County
7Hadley ByramNTCrook County
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Michaela Miller32.28aSisters
2.6Macadia Calavan32.86aSisters
3.6Emma Hoke33.40aCulver
4.6Daijaunique Morton33.83aSisters
5.6Amber Blanchard35.70aCrook County
6.6Nicole Schultz35.78aCrook County
7.6Caitlin Nichols36.09aSt Francis
8.6Caroline Nichols36.65aSt Francis
9.6Janae Adams36.85aJefferson County
10.6Kati Viscaino37.05aJefferson County
11.6Kalan Wolfe38.15aJefferson County
12.6Jona Paladijczuk38.18aSt Francis
13.6Menamoo Sahme38.73aJefferson County
14.6Kiana Brown39.27aCrook County
15.6Megan Calarco39.90aSisters
16.6Lauren Gallivan40.59aSt Francis
17.6Soraya Mendez41.00aJefferson County
18.6Madi McKinney41.07aSt Francis
6Kiana AdamsNTJefferson County
6Amber TuckerNTCrook County
6Kathy NajarNTSt Francis
6Claire ChristensenNTCascades Academy of ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Macey Burgess1:09.09aSt Francis
2.8Breanna Perry1:09.57aSisters
3.8Samantha Kaonis1:13.02aCrook County
4.8Kristen Sanders1:15.22aSisters
5.8Kari Wahnetah1:15.40aJefferson County
8Carrie OlsonNTCrook County
8Jasmine DominquezNTSt Francis
8Dominique CraigNTJefferson County
8Erin DowNTSisters
8Melissa LorenzNTSt Francis
8Natalie AmbroseNTSt Francis
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Madison Slicker1:12.68aSisters
2.7Jessica Gonzalez1:15.08aJefferson County
3.7Briceda Juarez1:16.44aJefferson County
4.7Cassandra Arruda1:18.83aSisters
5.7Jasmin Martinez1:22.02aCulver
6.7Ynez Villagomez1:22.95aCrook County
7.7Melissa Martinez1:26.42aCrook County
8.7Lillian Ornelas1:28.16aCrook County
9.7Karlee Simmons1:32.06aJefferson County
10.7Francesca Bonanno1:50.00aCrook County
7Rain BeselNTCrook County
7Janie HomanNTCrook County
7Jordan LeonardNTJefferson County
7Rebecca SloughNTSt Francis
7Emily HydeNTSt Francis
7Danielle NelsonNTCrook County
7Cirelle FrankNTJefferson County
7Madison MurphyNTSisters
7Langley VogtNTSisters
7Sara MurphyNTCrook County
7Regan FehrenbacherNTSt Francis
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Michaela Miller1:12.43aSisters
2.6Macadia Calavan1:12.49aSisters
3.6Danielle Sparling1:20.29aSisters
4.6Kalan Wolfe1:21.25aJefferson County
5.6Lana Shike1:21.89aJefferson County
6.6Audrey Bernard1:23.34aCrook County
7.6Emily Edgren1:24.72aSt Francis
8.6Taylor Blomquist1:25.75aCrook County
9.6Menamoo Sahme1:26.40aJefferson County
10.6Alexis Bonn1:26.50aSt Francis
11.6Jona Paladijczuk1:27.69aSt Francis
12.6Kati Viscaino1:29.18aJefferson County
6Andrea Ruiz-OrtizNTJefferson County
6Lizet RomanNTJefferson County
6Stacy AlonsoNTJefferson County
6Karen CorreaNTJefferson County
6Kiana AdamsNTJefferson County
6Grace McGuireNTCrook County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Linsey Johnson2:57.51aSisters
2.8Catalina Schweitzer2:59.53aCrook County
3.8Melissa Lorenz3:07.19aSt Francis
4.8Samantha Pepper3:19.74aCrook County
5.8Carrie Olson3:21.56aCrook County
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Elizabeth Stewart2:43.27aSisters
2.7Mariah Stacona2:46.70aJefferson County
3.7Cassandra Arruda3:01.22aSisters
4.7Kalie McGrew3:13.75aSt Francis
5.7Kylla Green3:17.60aCrook County
6.7Francesca Bonanno3:46.28aCrook County
7Danielle MichaelNTCrook County
7Hailey SloanNTJefferson County
7Briceda JuarezNTJefferson County
7Nicole AndyNTJefferson County
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Connor Naegele2:59.20aSt Francis
2.6Mikayla Shelton3:21.55aSt Francis
3.6Alexis Bonn3:33.20aSt Francis
6Lana ShikeNTJefferson County
6Danielle SparlingNTSisters
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zoe Falk5:46.85aSisters
2.8Melissa Lorenz6:22.83aSt Francis
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Elizabeth Stewart5:23.30aSisters
2.7Cassandra Arruda5:49.15aSisters
3.7Kylla Green6:22.58aCrook County
4.7Briceda Juarez7:11.53aJefferson County
5.7Hailey Sloan7:59.17aJefferson County
6.7Nicole Andy8:28.80aJefferson County
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Connor Naegele6:20.86aSt Francis
2.6Mikayla Shelton7:59.17aSt Francis
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bailey Bremer18.23aSisters
2.8McKenzie Zirbel19.81aCrook County
3.8Joey Hehn19.84aCrook County
4.8Erin Wren19.98aSisters
5.8Jami Smith20.18aSt Francis
6.8Makayla Dodge20.80aCrook County
7.8Ayzia Sherer23.63aJefferson County
8.8Cassidy Brown23.95aJefferson County
8Autumn ComstockNTCulver
8Autumn ElmoreNTCascades Academy of ...
8Rachel Conner StrongNTJefferson County
8Olivia HowardNTJefferson County
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Bailey Brown18.00aJefferson County
2.7Regan Fehrenbacher18.89aSt Francis
3.7Madison Boettner20.07aSisters
4.7Ellen Nopp20.49aSt Francis
5.7Tess Gunnels20.64aSt Francis
6.7Madison Murphy20.78aSisters
7.7Katie Schofield20.79aSt Francis
8.7Jessica Gonzalez20.92aJefferson County
9.7Savanna King21.09aCrook County
10.7Elsa Harris21.13aCrook County
11.7Andrea Retano21.20aCulver
12.7Hannah Moon21.30aJefferson County
13.7Ana Hoshovsky21.39aCascades Academy of ...
14.7Jessi Hatlestad21.42aJefferson County
15.7Shania Brooks21.45aJefferson County
16.7Nila Lukens21.76aSisters
17.7Yaneth Lopez22.66aCrook County
18.7Kayla Hamilton22.77aCrook County
19.7Danielle Nelson22.92aCrook County
20.7Kathryn Hodson23.00aSt Francis
21.7Kylla Green23.50aCrook County
21.7Annie Miner23.50aSisters
23.7Cierra Mann23.57aSisters
24.7Shyanne Clark23.82aJefferson County
25.7Nina Dunn26.70aCrook County
7Jessica HollisNTCrook County
7Emily HydeNTSt Francis
7Danielle MichaelNTCrook County
7Anja GnosNTSisters
7Manisha HakenNTSisters
7Jasmin MartinezNTCulver
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Janae Adams21.78aJefferson County
2.6Gabby Moore21.92aCulver
3.6Danielle Sparling22.34aSisters
4.6Danika Wagner22.43aSisters
5.6Kati Viscaino22.66aJefferson County
6.6Erin Bush22.77aCrook County
7.6Emily Edgren23.15aSt Francis
8.6Audrey Bernard23.46aCrook County
9.6Tessa O' Hern23.60aSisters
10.6Amber Blanchard23.61aCrook County
11.6Ellen Chandler23.76aSisters
12.6Arianna Schweitzer23.80aCrook County
13.6Carly Gascon23.86aSisters
14.6Rosebud Whipple24.62aJefferson County
15.6Soraya Mendez26.24aJefferson County
6Karen CorreaNTJefferson County
6Lizet RomanNTJefferson County
6Andrea Ruiz-OrtizNTJefferson County
6Alexa PeterkinNTCascades Academy of ...
6Kasenia RankinNTCrook County
6Claire ChristensenNTCascades Academy of ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Codie Lagao
Bailey Bremer
Madeline Anast
Breanna Perry
2.-Chenelle Hale
Kathryn Kaonis
Makayla Dodge
McKenzie Zirbel
58.71aCrook County
3.-Anna Badillo
Gabrielle Alley
Taylor Lynn
Jillian Hall
4.-Annica Ballentine
Luci Brunette
Macey Burgess
Jasmine Dominquez
59.78aSt Francis
5.-Lorena Alonso
Jordynn O'Brien
Ayzia Sherer
Kari Wahnetah
1:01.16aJefferson County
6.-Baylea Johnson
Jasmin Martinez
Andrea Retano
Amy Koevoet
-Autumn Elmore
Danali Hart
Ana Hoshovsky
Haydon Traughber
NTCascades Academy of ...
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Bernard
Nina Dunn
Kayla Hamilton
Elsa Harris
58.46aCrook County
2.-Nila Lukens
Annie Miner
Laken Kindsfather
Collette Kokesh
3.-Relay Team 1:00.19aSisters
4.-Savannah King
Caroline Nichols
Regan Fehrenbacher
Kate Hodson
1:04.80aSt Francis
-Cirelle Frank
Lucero Garcia
Mariah Stacona
Jordan Leonard
NTJefferson County
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
-Kalan Wolfe
Lana Shike
Kimberly Alonso
Stacy Alonso
NTJefferson County
-Tessa Ohern
Ellen Chandler
Carly Gascon
Megan Calarco
-Kaila Ablao
Elise Furgurson
Alexa Peterkin
Claire Christensen
NTCascades Academy of ...
-Soraya Mendez
Mahtayva Roach
Lizet Roman
Janae Adams
NTJefferson County
-Gianna Belza
Kathy Najar
Caitlin Nichols
Alexis Bonn
NTSt Francis
-Audrey Bernard
Amber Blanchard
Taylor Blomquist
Cierra Tyger
NTCrook County
-Lynze Schonneker
Emma Hoke
Hannah Lewis
Halea Johnson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Dow
Zoe Falk
Linsey Johnson
Madeline Anast
2.-Elizabeth Benham
Rachel Conner Strong
Monique Ashwill
Destiny Cobucci
2:17.77aJefferson County
-Hannah Dixon
Samantha Kaonis
Catalina Schweitzer
Joey Hehn
NTCrook County
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Athena Wilkinson
Kalie McGrew
Caitlin Nichols
Emily Hyde
2:10.50aSt Francis
2.-Elizabeth Stewart
Cassandra Arruda
Chandra Craig
Madison Murphy
3.-Kylla Green
Francesca Bonanno
Hadley Byram
Jillian DeHart
2:14.16aCrook County
4.-Collette Kokesh
Maya Wieland
Madison Boettner
Langley Vogt
5.-Hannah Moon
Shania Brooks
Jessi Hatlestad
Shyanne Clark
2:29.59aJefferson County
-Lexiyus Sloan
Shelby Moody
Hailey Sloan
Karlee Simmons
NTJefferson County
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Jona Paladijczuk
Emily Edgren
Lauren Gallivan
Connor Naegele
2:10.50aSt Francis
2.-Megan Calarco
Macadia Calavan
Tessa Ohern
Daijaunique Morton
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anna Badillo22'08.00Culver
2.8Amanda Noyes22'07.00Crook County
3.8Emily Wall22'05.00Crook County
4.8Erin Wren21'02.50Sisters
5.8Hailey Gallagher20'11.00St Francis
6.8Destiny Cobucci19'10.00Jefferson County
7.8Elizabeth Benham19'00.50Jefferson County
8.8Michela Genzmer19'00.00Crook County
9.8Delany Stevens18'04.50Sisters
10.8Samantha Dunaway17'07.50Crook County
11.8Jessica Waetjen17'04.50Crook County
12.8Monique Ashwill15'09.00Jefferson County
13.8Molly Gallagher15'05.50St Francis
14.8Baylea Johnson14'10.50Culver
15.8Chelsea Smith14'02.00Crook County
16.8Jordynn O'Brien13'06.00Jefferson County
8Lorena MedinaNDJefferson County
7Briceda JuarezNDJefferson County
8Olivia HowardNDJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emilee Sweider21'09.50Crook County
2.7Hadley Byram20'10.00Crook County
3.7Athena Wilkinson19'01.00St Francis
4.7Cierra Mann18'06.00Sisters
5.7Daphnie Taylor18'04.50Culver
6.7Amanda Barrett17'10.00Jefferson County
7.7Chandra Craig17'04.50Sisters
8.7Jessica Howell17'03.00Culver
9.7Lindsay Combs17'02.00Sisters
10.7Stephany Gomes16'11.50Jefferson County
11.7Hannah Moon15'07.00Jefferson County
12.7Leighann Skinner14'11.50Jefferson County
13.7Maria Enriquez-Uribe14'09.00Jefferson County
14.7Shelby Moody14'07.50Jefferson County
15.7Jessica Alavez12'06.00Jefferson County
7Lexiyus SloanNDJefferson County
7Wilma AlonsoNDJefferson County
7Lucero GarciaNDJefferson County
7Meredith AbercrombieNDCrook County
7Naomi BrownNDJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Rosebud Whipple18'03.50Jefferson County
2.6Morgan Page18'01.00Crook County
3.6Carolyn Davio17'01.00St Francis
4.6Stacy Alonso15'11.50Jefferson County
5.6MaryLee Sconawah15'11.00Jefferson County
6.6Kimberly Alonso15'04.00Jefferson County
7.6Paige Holcomb15'01.00Crook County
8.6Taylor Blomquist13'04.00Crook County
9.6Chaley Clark12'04.00Jefferson County
6Gabby MooreNDCulver
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Erin Wren64'01Sisters
2.8Elizabeth Benham58'04Jefferson County
3.8Amanda Noyes57'07Crook County
4.8Codie Lagao56'10Sisters
5.8Molly Gallagher53'00St Francis
6.8Hailey Gallagher52'05St Francis
7.8Courtney Viescas51'05Crook County
8.8Michela Genzmer51'03Crook County
9.8Breanna Perry48'09Sisters
10.8Amy Koevoet48'01Culver
11.8Delany Stevens45'02Sisters
12.8Samantha Dunaway41'04Crook County
13.7Dakota Wagner40'09Sisters
14.8Kristen Sanders40'01Sisters
15.8Chelsea Smith40'00Crook County
16.8Destiny Cobucci37'06Jefferson County
17.8Jessica Waetjen36'03Crook County
18.8Monique Ashwill32'10Jefferson County
8Hollie HicksNDCrook County
8Samantha KaonisNDCrook County
8Olivia ChandlerNDSisters
8Lorena MedinaNDJefferson County
8Lorena AlonsoNDJefferson County
8Olivia HowardNDJefferson County
8Linsey JohnsonNDSisters
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emilee Sweider73'07Crook County
2.7Cierra Mann61'10Sisters
3.7Daphnie Taylor57'07Culver
4.7Stephany Gomes56'04Jefferson County
5.7Hannah Moon54'11Jefferson County
6.7Casey Apregan54'08St Francis
7.7Lindsay Combs50'09Sisters
8.7Shelby Cutter50'08St Francis
9.7Savanna King48'09Crook County
10.7Jillian DeHart48'01Crook County
11.7Ashton Wood45'04Crook County
12.7Kylee Morgan44'00Crook County
13.7Emily Burts43'11Sisters
14.7Doris Hutchins42'09Crook County
15.7Amanda Barrett40'10Jefferson County
16.7Jessica Walke39'08Crook County
17.7Athena Wilkinson36'01St Francis
18.7Maria Enriquez-Uribe31'08Jefferson County
19.7Leighann Skinner30'06Jefferson County
20.7Jessica Alavez28'07Jefferson County
7Lexiyus SloanNDJefferson County
7Rain BeselNDCrook County
7Wilma AlonsoNDJefferson County
7Naomi BrownNDJefferson County
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Gianna Belza47'04St Francis
2.6Mikayla Shelton44'09St Francis
3.6Danika Wagner42'09Sisters
4.6Morgan Page37'11Crook County
5.6Carly Gascon37'03Sisters
6.6Paige Holcomb36'09Crook County
7.6Lynze Schonneker36'07Culver
8.6Rosebud Whipple34'04Jefferson County
9.6Kimberly Alonso34'00Jefferson County
10.6Taylor Blomquist33'10Crook County
11.6Megan Calarco30'11Sisters
12.6Chaley Clark28'00Jefferson County
13.6Frances Knop25'00Crook County
14.6MaryLee Sconawah24'05Jefferson County
6Taylor JacobsonNDCulver
6Amber TuckerNDCrook County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bailey Bremer4'05.00Sisters
2.8Joey Hehn4'02.00Crook County
2.8Kari Wahnetah4'02.00Jefferson County
4.8Chenelle Hale4'00.00Crook County
4.8Catalina Schweitzer4'00.00Crook County
4.8Gabrielle Alley4'00.00Culver
4.8Amy Koevoet4'00.00Culver
8.8Brielle Worthing3'10.00Crook County
9.8Hannah Dixon3'08.00Crook County
9.8Samantha Kaonis3'08.00Crook County
9.8Hollie Hicks3'08.00Crook County
8Macey BurgessNHSt Francis
8Autumn ElmoreNHCascades Academy of ...
8Haydon TraughberNHCascades Academy of ...
7Dakota WagnerNHSisters
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Mariah Stacona5'00.00Jefferson County
2.7Annie Miner4'02.00Sisters
3.7Jordan Leonard4'00.00Jefferson County
4.7Kathryn Hodson3'10.00St Francis
4.7Nila Lukens3'10.00Sisters
4.7Langley Vogt3'10.00Sisters
4.7Jasmin Martinez3'10.00Culver
8.7Cirelle Frank3'08.00Jefferson County
9.7Lillian Ornelas3'05.00Crook County
9.7Jillian DeHart3'05.00Crook County
9.7Maddie Kasberger3'05.00Crook County
9.7Savanna King3'05.00Crook County
9.7Regan Fehrenbacher3'05.00St Francis
9.7Cheyenne Young3'05.00Crook County
7Sara MurphyNHCrook County
7Rain BeselNHCrook County
7Jessica HowellNHCulver
7Meredith AbercrombieNHCrook County
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Caitlin Nichols3'10.00St Francis
2.6Caroline Nichols3'08.00St Francis
2.6Connor Naegele3'08.00St Francis
2.6Amber Blanchard3'08.00Crook County
5.6Gianna Belza3'05.00St Francis
5.6Hannah Lewis3'05.00Culver
5.6Lauren Gallivan3'05.00St Francis
6Carolyn DavioNHSt Francis
6Lynze SchonnekerNHCulver
6Claire ChristensenNHCascades Academy of ...
6Frances KnopNHCrook County
6Grace McGuireNHCrook County
6Kasenia RankinNHCrook County
6Halea JohnsonNHCulver
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8McKenzie Zirbel7'09.00Crook County
2.8Zoe Falk6'06.00Sisters
3.8Brielle Worthing6'00.00Crook County
3.8Melissa Lorenz6'00.00St Francis
5.8Courtney Viescas5'06.00Crook County
6.8Kathryn Kaonis5'00.00Crook County
8Olivia ChandlerNHSisters
8Cassidy BrownNHJefferson County
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kalie McGrew6'00.00St Francis
2.7Doris Hutchins5'06.00Crook County
2.7Nila Lukens5'06.00Sisters
2.7Danielle Michael5'06.00Crook County
2.7Laken Kindsfather5'06.00Sisters
2.7Cheyenne Young5'06.00Crook County
7.7Casey Apregan5'00.00St Francis
7Manisha HakenNHSisters
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Tessa O' HernNHSisters
6Alexa PeterkinNHCascades Academy of ...
6Kaila AblaoNHCascades Academy of ...
6Elise FurgursonNHCascades Academy of ...
6Erin BushNHCrook County
6Ellen ChandlerNHSisters
6Arianna SchweitzerNHCrook County
6Cierra TygerNHCrook County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zoe Falk14'00.25Sisters
2.8Joey Hehn12'08.00Crook County
3.8Erin Wren12'05.00Sisters
4.8Gabrielle Alley12'04.75Culver
5.7Dakota Wagner11'00.00Sisters
6.8Anna Badillo10'11.75Culver
7.8Catalina Schweitzer10'11.00Crook County
8.8Erin Dow10'07.75Sisters
9.8Annica Ballentine10'07.25St Francis
10.8Taylor Lynn10'02.25Culver
11.8Kristen Sanders9'10.00Sisters
12.8Jasmine Dominquez9'07.00St Francis
13.8Ayzia Sherer9'03.00Jefferson County
14.8Delany Stevens9'00.75Sisters
15.8Breanna Perry8'11.00Sisters
16.8Linsey Johnson8'08.75Sisters
17.8Dominique Craig8'07.00Jefferson County
18.8Jillian Hall8'04.50Culver
19.8Baylea Johnson8'02.00Culver
20.8Emily Wall8'00.50Crook County
21.8Amy Koevoet7'06.50Culver
8Chenelle HaleNDCrook County
8Kathryn KaonisNDCrook County
8Autumn ComstockNDCulver
8Natalie AmbroseNDSt Francis
8Codie LagaoNDSisters
8Luci BrunetteNDSt Francis
8Carrie OlsonNDCrook County
8Olivia HowardNDJefferson County
8Destiny CobucciNDJefferson County
8Jordynn O'BrienNDJefferson County
8Olivia ChandlerNDSisters
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Mariah Stacona12'04.50Jefferson County
1.7Laken Kindsfather12'04.50Sisters
3.7Langley Vogt11'03.75Sisters
4.7Kalie McGrew11'01.50St Francis
5.7Madison Boettner11'00.50Sisters
6.7Madison Slicker11'00.00Sisters
7.7Savannah King10'06.25St Francis
8.7Andrea Retano10'04.50Culver
9.7Kathryn Hodson10'00.75St Francis
10.7Jordan Leonard9'08.50Jefferson County
11.7Collette Kokesh9'05.00Sisters
12.7Nicole Andy9'03.00Jefferson County
13.7Annalissa Peer9'00.25Crook County
14.7Cirelle Frank8'11.25Jefferson County
15.7Hadley Byram8'11.00Crook County
16.7Manisha Haken8'09.50Sisters
17.7Maya Wieland8'08.00Sisters
17.7Shelby Moody8'08.00Jefferson County
19.7Hailey Sloan8'07.50Jefferson County
20.7Madeline Bernard8'06.50Crook County
21.7Jillian DeHart8'03.00Crook County
22.7Maddie Kasberger8'02.25Crook County
23.7Chandra Craig8'01.75Sisters
24.7Ellen Nopp7'10.00St Francis
25.7Kylee Morgan7'08.25Crook County
25.7Jessica Howell7'08.25Culver
27.7Ashton Wood7'06.50Crook County
28.7Katie Schofield7'06.00St Francis
29.7Francesca Bonanno6'09.50Crook County
30.7Rebecca Slough6'01.75St Francis
31.7Jessica Alavez5'11.50Jefferson County
7Jaylynn BagleyNDJefferson County
7Lexiyus SloanNDJefferson County
7Maria Enriquez-UribeNDJefferson County
7Emily BurtsNDSisters
7Baily TarabochiaNDCrook County
7Ynez VillagomezNDCrook County
7Melissa MartinezNDCrook County
7Janie HomanNDCrook County
7Lindsay CombsNDSisters
7Nina DunnNDCrook County
7Meredith AbercrombieNDCrook County
7Emilee SweiderNDCrook County
7Kayla HamiltonNDCrook County
7Jessica HollisNDCrook County
7Naomi BrownNDJefferson County
7Elizabeth StewartNDSisters
7Jessi HatlestadNDJefferson County
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
2.6Michaela Miller11'03.50Sisters
3.6Emma Hoke10'11.50Culver
4.6Hannah Lewis10'11.25Culver
5.6Danika Wagner10'08.00Sisters
6.6Lana Shike10'00.00Jefferson County
7.6Arianna Schweitzer9'09.50Crook County
8.6Mikayla Shelton9'05.00St Francis
9.6Lynze Schonneker9'04.75Culver
10.6Macadia Calavan9'04.25Sisters
11.6Nicole Schultz8'10.00Crook County
12.6Halea Johnson7'08.50Culver
1.6Menamoo Sahme7'03.00Jefferson County
13.6Mahtayva Roach6'07.75Jefferson County
14.6Kathy Najar5'10.50St Francis
15.6Alexa Pepper5'02.00Crook County
6Karen CorreaNDJefferson County
6Andrea Ruiz-OrtizNDJefferson County
6Stacy AlonsoNDJefferson County
6Kiana AdamsNDJefferson County
6Taylor JacobsonNDCulver
6Morgan PageNDCrook County
6Grace McGuireNDCrook County
6Gabby MooreNDCulver
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