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St Paul/O'Hara vs Cottage Grove

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cottage Grove, Cottage Grove

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Oregon - Willamette Valley Youth League
St Paul/O'Hara
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody King11.90St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Austin Owen12.30St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Oscar Rauda12.70Lincoln
4.8Andrew Park12.80St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Kwon Thithong12.80Lincoln
6.7Broc Beach12.90Lincoln
6.8Brandon Boxberger12.90Lincoln
8.7Malik Richardson13.10Lincoln
9.8Bradley Bonds13.60Lincoln
10.7Spencer Quimby13.70Lincoln
11.8Nick Lynch14.30St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Michael Tharpe14.70Lincoln
13.6Logan Schutte14.80St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Jason Park14.80St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Philip Scott14.90St Paul/O'Hara
16.6Jack Bartram15.00Lincoln
17.6Kai Harper15.70St Paul/O'Hara
17.7Ben Bailey15.70St Paul/O'Hara
19.8Alex Copeland16.10Lincoln
20.6Evan Canizares16.80St Paul/O'Hara
21.8Brennan Lilley17.00St Paul/O'Hara
22.6Brendan Gescher17.10St Paul/O'Hara
23.6Rylan Knepler17.50St Paul/O'Hara
24.7Jack Kiesewetter17.60St Paul/O'Hara
25.6Tony Stefano18.10St Paul/O'Hara
26.6Josh Jones-Carlson19.20Lincoln
6Brynden HowellDNSLincoln
6Tristan DeChateauDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Conner LindstromDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Gabe BellavitaDNSLincoln
7Tyce GiffenDNSLincoln
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Oscar Rauda26.80Lincoln
2.7Chandler Potter28.60St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Cliff Noonan33.20St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Ben Bailey34.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Philip Scott34.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Dallas Kvach37.50St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Kameron Lajoie37.70St Paul/O'Hara
6Jason ParkDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Kai HarperDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Brendan GescherDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Matthew PennDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Jacob KieferDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Brennan LilleyDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Tyler JonkDNSLincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Josh Christian1:12.60St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Tyce Giffen1:30.10Lincoln
8Jeremy EvansDNSLincoln
7Rylee JacksonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Liam Henshaw2:25.80St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Chaney Hart2:39.80St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Jacob Munsell2:42.20Lincoln
4.8Bryce Cothran2:54.10Lincoln
5.7Tyce Giffen2:56.20Lincoln
6.8Brandon McIntosh2:56.60Lincoln
7.8Kellen Mayes2:58.20St Paul/O'Hara
8.8Erik Rantala2:59.60Lincoln
9.8Sam Harwood3:02.10St Paul/O'Hara
10.8Jeremy Evans3:02.30Lincoln
11.7Logan Crawford3:03.10Lincoln
8Ben SchepergerdeDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8J.P. Kiefer5:02.60St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Liam Henshaw5:06.90St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Jacob Klein5:29.00Lincoln
5.8Nick Lynch5:56.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Josh Christian6:09.80St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Brandon McIntosh6:15.70Lincoln
7.7Logan Crawford6:30.40Lincoln
8.8Bryce Cothran6:45.90Lincoln
9.8Sam Harwood6:49.00St Paul/O'Hara
7Matt HarwoodDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8J.P. Kiefer10:28.10St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Shawn Melendy12:28.50St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Erik Rantala12:41.20Lincoln
4.8Bryce Cothran12:43.60Lincoln
5.8Brandon McIntosh13:04.80Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kwon Thithong17.10Lincoln
2.7Spencer Quimby18.00Lincoln
3.8Ben Schepergerde18.10St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Malik Richardson19.10Lincoln
5.8Kellen Mayes19.60St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Jack Kiesewetter21.50St Paul/O'Hara
7.7Wayde Crawford22.50Lincoln
8Wyatt HibbardDNSLincoln
7Jacob KieferDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Brennick ThompsonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brandon Boxberger30.90Lincoln
2.8Kellen Mayes32.30St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Broc Beach32.90Lincoln
4.8Brennick Thompson33.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Michael Tharpe36.00Lincoln
6.6Jack Bartram36.50Lincoln
8Wyatt HibbardDNSLincoln
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kai Harper
Austin Owen
Conner Lindstrom
Jason Park
49.20St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Kwon Thithong
Brandon Boxberger
Oscar Rauda
Bradley Bonds
3.-Spencer Quimby
Broc Beach
Brynden Howell
Malik Richardson
4.-Relay Team 1:00.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Evan Canizares
Rylan Knepler
Jack Kiesewetter
Matthew Penn
1:01.10St Paul/O'Hara
6.-Relay Team 1:06.40St Paul/O'Hara
7.-Kameron KLajoie
Tristan DeChateau
Dallas Kvach
Brendan Gescher
1:09.80St Paul/O'Hara
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chandler Potter
J.P. Kiefer
Austin Owen
Cody King
1:51.20St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Andrew Park
Ben Schepergerde
Nick Lynch
Rylee Jackson
1:59.60St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Sam Harwood
Shawn Melendy
Cliff Noonan
Kellen Mayes
2:16.30St Paul/O'Hara
4.-Gabe Bellavita
Alex Copeland
Josh Jones-Carlson
Micheal Tharpe
5.-Relay Team 2:20.40St Paul/O'Hara
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tyler Lehman40'03.00Lincoln
2.8Jeff Phemister34'05.00Lincoln
3.8Wyatt Spears31'04.00Lincoln
4.6Logan Schutte26'08.50St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Todd Perkins26'02.25Lincoln
6.7Braden Bromley26'00.00Lincoln
7.7Tate Rupp22'11.50St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Ben Bailey22'07.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.8Fernaundo Lopez21'06.00Lincoln
10.6Max Daniel14'00.50St Paul/O'Hara
8Tyler JonkDNSLincoln
8Nathan ParsonsDNSLincoln
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Wyatt Spears78'05Lincoln
2.8Jeff Phemister72'01Lincoln
3.8Tyler Lehman68'03Lincoln
4.7Braden Bromley62'03Lincoln
5.6Kai Harper60'06St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Fernaundo Lopez55'00Lincoln
7.8Todd Perkins52'06Lincoln
8.7Jack Kiesewetter51'09St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Max Daniel16'11St Paul/O'Hara
7Tate RuppDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Nathan ParsonsDNSLincoln
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brandon Boxberger124'00Lincoln
2.8Cody King119'08St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Todd Perkins102'02Lincoln
4.8Tyler Lehman91'05Lincoln
5.8Jacob Klein91'03Lincoln
6.8Wyatt Spears90'10Lincoln
7.8Jeff Phemister76'08Lincoln
8.7Wayde Crawford73'05Lincoln
9.7Philip Scott68'08St Paul/O'Hara
10.8Nick Lynch68'03St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Jacob Kiefer64'03St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Brendan Gescher63'07St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Braden Bromley55'09Lincoln
13.6Brynden Howell55'09Lincoln
15.6Dallas Kvach53'02St Paul/O'Hara
16.8Fernaundo Lopez50'07Lincoln
17.6Tony Stefano49'08St Paul/O'Hara
18.7Matt Harwood47'00St Paul/O'Hara
19.7Jack Kiesewetter46'06St Paul/O'Hara
20.8Alex Copeland36'00Lincoln
20.6Tristan DeChateau36'00St Paul/O'Hara
22.6Max Daniel32'06St Paul/O'Hara
23.6Rylan Knepler31'07St Paul/O'Hara
24.8Jacob Munsell10'05Lincoln
8Nathan ParsonsDNSLincoln
6Conner LindstromDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Michael TharpeDNSLincoln
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Liam Henshaw5'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8J.P. Kiefer4'10.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Austin Owen4'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Jacob Klein4'06.00Lincoln
5.8Bradley Bonds4'04.00Lincoln
5.8Jacob Munsell4'04.00Lincoln
7.7Rylee Jackson4'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Jeremy Evans4'02.00Lincoln
9.7Shawn Melendy4'00.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Conner Lindstrom3'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
11.6Evan Canizares3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
6Matthew PennDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Rylan KneplerNHSt Paul/O'Hara
6Josh Jones-CarlsonNHLincoln
8Tyler JonkDNSLincoln
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Oscar Rauda16'05.00Lincoln
2.8Andrew Park15'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Bradley Bonds14'09.00Lincoln
4.8Kwon Thithong14'08.00Lincoln
5.8Ben Schepergerde13'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Chandler Potter12'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Jason Park12'01.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Malik Richardson11'09.00Lincoln
9.6Evan Canizares10'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Cliff Noonan10'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Logan Crawford10'07.00Lincoln
12.7Wayde Crawford10'06.00Lincoln
13.6Tony Stefano10'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Dallas Kvach10'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
15.8Brennan Lilley9'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Josh Christian9'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Kameron Lajoie9'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
18.6Josh Jones-Carlson8'06.00Lincoln
19.7Matt Harwood8'01.00St Paul/O'Hara
8Gabe BellavitaDNSLincoln
8Alex CopelandDNSLincoln

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Josi Sisco13.60Lincoln
2.7Claire Farrington13.90St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Juanita Martinez14.30Lincoln
4.8Savannah Hepner14.40Lincoln
5.8Maria Dresser14.90Lincoln
6.6Kennedy Sundberg15.00St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Nicole Spellman15.30St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Lilian Morrill16.00Lincoln
8.7Emily Foreman16.00Lincoln
10.6Sara Witty16.20Lincoln
11.6Isabella Hardt16.30St Paul/O'Hara
12.7Alanna Moore16.50Lincoln
12.8Alyssa Whalen16.50St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Taylor Gorham16.60St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Amelia Cioffi16.90St Paul/O'Hara
15.8Angela Fuchs16.90St Paul/O'Hara
17.7Michelle Campbell17.00St Paul/O'Hara
18.7Taylor Anson17.10Lincoln
19.6Brooke Fisher17.20Lincoln
20.6Lindsey Chapman17.30St Paul/O'Hara
6Christine AnsileDNSLincoln
7Courtney CowanDNSLincoln
6Colleen PetersonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Jenny HornimanDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Josi Sisco29.70Lincoln
2.6Rachael Reiter29.80St Paul/O'Hara
12.8Stephanie Coulombe30.04St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Carley Weixelman32.40St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Melody Anderson32.40Lincoln
5.7Emily Laing32.70St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Courtney Cowan33.90Lincoln
7.6Grace Cummings34.80St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Rosa Kwak34.80St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Jordan Cox37.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Erin Swanson37.90St Paul/O'Hara
11.6Lindsey Chapman39.00St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Anne McKenzie40.80Lincoln
14.7Jessica McDonald46.90Lincoln
15.7Sabrina Schafer47.80St Paul/O'Hara
8Martha GehrigDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Devon DanielDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Sarah GlaspieDNSLincoln
7Taylor AnsonDNSLincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Erin Howell1:12.00Lincoln
2.8Siena Hacker1:20.10St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Grace Mitchell1:22.30Lincoln
4.8Martha Gehrig1:22.50St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Erica Landers1:36.50St Paul/O'Hara
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Melody Anderson2:58.40Lincoln
2.6Lucia Ianuzzo3:17.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Erin Swanson3:22.50St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Jessica Lynch3:28.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Amy Jones4:00.40St Paul/O'Hara
6Emily KartubDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Natalie HakalaDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Rosa KwakDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Emily HollanderDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Emily Hollander5:35.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Erin Howell6:33.10Lincoln
3.7Amanda Boechler7:02.20St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Siena Hacker7:19.50St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Grace Mitchell7:33.10Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Asha Mootz18.30Lincoln
2.8Erin Howell19.20Lincoln
3.8Josi Sisco19.40Lincoln
4.8Juanita Martinez19.80Lincoln
5.6Kennedy Sundberg20.70St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Savannah Hepner20.80Lincoln
7.8Maria Bridgeford21.00Lincoln
7.8Kaitlyn Erner21.00Lincoln
9.8Maria Dresser21.40Lincoln
10.8Felicia Hallenbeck21.50St Paul/O'Hara
11.8Sierra Gonzales22.50Lincoln
12.8Erica Landers23.10St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Lucia Ianuzzo23.20St Paul/O'Hara
13.7McKenzie Mason23.20Lincoln
15.6Amy Jones25.50St Paul/O'Hara
16.8Angela Fuchs25.80St Paul/O'Hara
6Miranda HallenbeckDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Sara WittyDQLincoln
6Natalie HakalaDNFSt Paul/O'Hara
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.6Emily Kartub46.54St Paul/O'Hara
8Asha MootzDNSLincoln
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maria Dresser
Asha Mootz
Juanita Martinez
Josi Sisco
2.-Claire Farrington
Emily Hollander
Grace Cummings
Carley Weixelman
1:00.30St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Lindsey Chapman
Nicole Spellman
Rosa Kwak
Rachael Reiter
1:02.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.-Emily Foreman
Taylor Anson
Courtney Cowan
Lilian Morrill
5.-Relay Team 1:05.70St Paul/O'Hara
6.-Relay Team 1:08.50St Paul/O'Hara
7.-Brooke Fisher
Kaytlyn Stevens
Sara Witty
McKenzie Mason
7.-Angela Fuchs
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Alyssa Whalen
Felicia Hallenbeck
1:08.60St Paul/O'Hara
9.-Relay Team 1:19.50St Paul/O'Hara
-Jessica McDonald
Anne McKenzie
Maria Bridgeford
Alanna Moore
-Jenny Horniman
Miranda Hallenbeck
Amelia Cioffi
Devon Daniel
DNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Savannah Hepner
Erin Howell
Kaitlyn Erner
Sierra Gonzales
2.-Abby Crowell
Claire Farrington
Martha Gehrig
Sabrina Schafer
2:12.90St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Sarah Glaspie
Melody Anderson
Jessica Miranda
Grace Mitchell
4.-Guadalupe Gonzalez
Angela Fuchs
Emily Laing
Jordan Cox
2:22.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Jessica Lynch
Taylor Gorham
Amanda Boechler
Stephanie Coulombe
2:22.20St Paul/O'Hara
6.-Relay Team 2:28.50St Paul/O'Hara
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Amanda Boechler27'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Felicia Hallenbeck25'06.50St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Sarah Glaspie24'08.50Lincoln
4.8Guadalupe Gonzalez24'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Jessica Miranda18'00.00Lincoln
6.7Alanna Moore16'01.00Lincoln
7.6Tori Murphy14'00.75St Paul/O'Hara
7McKenzie MasonFOULLincoln
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Amanda Boechler71'09St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Juanita Martinez48'10Lincoln
3.8Sarah Glaspie46'09Lincoln
4.8Guadalupe Gonzalez43'10St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Michelle Campbell43'00St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Jessica Miranda39'04Lincoln
7.6Tori Murphy21'02St Paul/O'Hara
7Abby CrowellDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Felicia Hallenbeck57'00St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Jordan Cox56'08St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Kaitlyn Erner49'08Lincoln
4.6Grace Cummings49'04St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Sierra Gonzales49'02Lincoln
6.7Abby Crowell48'07St Paul/O'Hara
7.7Jenny Horniman48'00St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Michelle Campbell47'02St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Rachael Reiter46'05St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Caitlin Patton44'03St Paul/O'Hara
11.6Erin Swanson39'02St Paul/O'Hara
12.8Erica Landers38'08St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Taylor Gorham37'05St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Lucia Ianuzzo36'05St Paul/O'Hara
15.6Sara Witty31'08Lincoln
16.6Colleen Peterson31'03St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Tori Murphy29'04St Paul/O'Hara
17.8Siena Hacker29'04St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Brooke Fisher26'08Lincoln
20.8Martha Gehrig24'06St Paul/O'Hara
21.7Kaytlyn Stevens22'00Lincoln
6Christine AnsileDNSLincoln
6Jessica LynchDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Miranda HallenbeckDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Emily BlyDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Jessica MirandaDNSLincoln
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Grace Mitchell3'09.00Lincoln
2.6Colleen Peterson3'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Lilian Morrill3'09.00Lincoln
4.6Nicole Spellman3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Jessica Lynch3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Lucia Ianuzzo3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Taylor Anson3'06.00Lincoln
4.7Emily Foreman3'06.00Lincoln
4.7McKenzie Mason3'06.00Lincoln
4.8Maria Bridgeford3'06.00Lincoln
4.7Jenny Horniman3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Caitlin Patton3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Sara Witty3'06.00Lincoln
6Kennedy SundbergDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Emily BlyDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Kaytlyn StevensDNSLincoln
7Anne McKenzieNHLincoln
6Isabella HardtDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Asha Mootz14'09.00Lincoln
1.8Emily Hollander14'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Savannah Hepner13'06.00Lincoln
4.8Maria Dresser13'03.00Lincoln
5.8Sierra Gonzales13'02.00Lincoln
6.7Carley Weixelman12'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Maria Bridgeford12'09.00Lincoln
8.7Courtney Cowan12'08.00Lincoln
9.8Kaitlyn Erner12'06.00Lincoln
10.8Stephanie Coulombe12'01.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.8Melody Anderson12'01.00Lincoln
12.7Emily Foreman12'00.00Lincoln
13.7Claire Farrington11'10.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.7Lilian Morrill11'08.00Lincoln
15.6Emily Kartub11'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
16.6Natalie Hakala11'01.00St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Lindsey Chapman10'11.00St Paul/O'Hara
18.8Alyssa Whalen10'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
19.7Amelia Cioffi10'07.00St Paul/O'Hara
20.6Brooke Fisher10'04.00Lincoln
21.8Jessica Miranda9'11.00Lincoln
22.6Miranda Hallenbeck8'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
23.6Isabella Hardt8'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
23.7Jessica McDonald8'02.00Lincoln
25.7Alanna Moore7'08.00Lincoln
7Emily LaingDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Rosa KwakDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Kaytlyn StevensFOULLincoln
6Devon DanielDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Emily BlyDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Christine AnsileDNSLincoln
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