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Big Ox Invitational

Saturday, April 17, 2010

St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Louisville

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Smith11.00Washington (Massillon)      
2.12Zane Smith11.20United      
3.11Jonathan Roseler11.20Smithville      
4.12Bryan Jones11.40Northwest (Canal Ful...      
5.11Norman Becton11.60Canton Central Catho...      
6.10Alex Winters11.60Washington (Massillon)      
7.11Frank Hill11.70Alliance      
--12Dailen CottleDQAlliance      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devin Smith10.90Washington (Massillon)      
2.12Zane Smith11.00United      
3.12Bryan Jones11.10Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.11Jonathan Roseler11.20Smithville      
4.10Alex Winters11.20Washington (Massillon)      
4.12Dailen Cottle11.20Alliance      
7.11Norman Becton11.30Canton Central Catho...      
8.11Frank Hill11.40Alliance      
9.12Brock Horstman11.50United      
9.9Jordan Hargrove11.50St Vincent-St Mary      
9.12Nick Hart11.50St Thomas Aquinas      
12.12Gino Forchione11.60St Thomas Aquinas      
13.9Josh Fuchs11.80Canton Central Catho...      
14.10Ronnie Beers11.90Northwest (Canal Ful...      
15.10Tom Pieronek12.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
16.9Kameron Muzic-Ali12.20St Vincent-St Mary      
17.11Andrew Gray12.40Lutheran East      
18.11David Towslee12.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
19.9Austin Woodall13.30Lutheran East      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zane Smith21.90United      
2.11Devin Smith22.20Washington (Massillon)      
3.11Jonathan Roseler22.80Smithville      
4.12Robert Partridge22.90Washington (Massillon)      
5.11Norman Becton23.00Canton Central Catho...      
6.12Ryan Terry23.10St Thomas Aquinas      
7.11Jory Lombardi23.70St Thomas Aquinas      
8.11Tom Collins23.80Canton Central Catho...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Zane Smith22.10United      
2.11Devin Smith22.30Washington (Massillon)      
4.11Jonathan Roseler22.50Smithville      
5.11Norman Becton22.70Canton Central Catho...      
3.12Robert Partridge23.10Washington (Massillon)      
6.12Ryan Terry23.20St Thomas Aquinas      
6.11Jory Lombardi23.20St Thomas Aquinas      
6.11Tom Collins23.20Canton Central Catho...      
9.11Frank Hill23.50Alliance      
10.10Zach Shuttleworth23.70Northwest (Canal Ful...      
10.11Austen Spurlock23.70Smithville      
12.12Robert Martin23.80Lutheran East      
13.11Chavas Young23.90Alliance      
13.9Kyle Harris23.90Northwest (Canal Ful...      
15.9Jordan Hargrove24.00St Vincent-St Mary      
16.11Mario Olegario24.80Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
17.11Rahman Shabazz25.10Lutheran East      
18.9Chris Hicks27.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
--11Andrew AJ MorrowDQUnited      
--9Kameron Muzic-AliDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Hood51.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Norman Becton52.10Canton Central Catho...      
3.12Evan Bach52.20Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.11Jory Lombardi52.60St Thomas Aquinas      
5.10Sean Poholski54.20St Vincent-St Mary      
6.11Tom Collins54.40Canton Central Catho...      
7.11Shayne Taylor54.80Alliance      
8.9Tolan Shane55.20Smithville      
9.12Tre Fite55.30Washington (Massillon)      
10.10Tyler Moeglin55.40St Thomas Aquinas      
11.11Shawn Marshall56.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
12.11Joshua Toth56.80United      
13.10Kyle Stover57.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
14.11Cory Escamilla57.60United      
15.10Jordan Hicks59.30Lutheran East      
16.10Dahren Phillips-Bey59.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
17.9Matthew Hardnick1:02.80Lutheran East      
--9Noah PettryDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
--9Russell LairdDQSmithville      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Dougherty2:01.80St Thomas Aquinas      
2.11Nate Babb2:03.70Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
3.11Robbie Hoerr2:06.90St Thomas Aquinas      
4.11Jacob Swords2:10.70St Vincent-St Mary      
5.11Matt Peters2:11.20Northwest (Canal Ful...      
6.12Tim Negulici2:11.50Washington (Massillon)      
7.9Ian Wentzlaff2:12.30Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
8.11Jon Steed2:14.50Alliance      
9.11Jordan Toles2:17.30Washington (Massillon)      
10.9Trent Weber2:19.60Smithville      
11.9Mick Iacofano2:20.90St Vincent-St Mary      
12.10Joey Hogya2:22.50Alliance      
13.10Alex Barron2:22.90Canton Central Catho...      
14.11Blake Boccuti2:23.40Canton Central Catho...      
15.10Kyle Stover2:23.80Northwest (Canal Ful...      
16.11Wade Spence2:31.60Smithville      
17.11Robert Tift2:49.40Lutheran East      
--12Bryan BJ MartinDQUnited      
--11Jesse MitchellDQUnited      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Gliha4:36.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
2.11Matt Peters4:42.30Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.11Robbie Hoerr4:46.50St Thomas Aquinas      
4.11Maurice Kirksey4:47.60St Thomas Aquinas      
5.10Denny Hanreck4:58.90Smithville      
6.11Ian Walsh4:59.50St Vincent-St Mary      
7.11Paul Zivich5:00.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
8.12Bryan BJ Martin5:02.40United      
9.10Mike Hurley5:05.70St Vincent-St Mary      
10.10Scott Matt5:06.30Alliance      
11.10Evan Walder5:08.70Smithville      
12.10Joey Hogya5:09.10Alliance      
13.11Blake Boccuti5:16.00Canton Central Catho...      
14.9Frank Mitchell5:25.80United      
15.12Logan Page5:32.20Canton Central Catho...      
16.10Matt Mutigli5:50.00Washington (Massillon)      
17.10Matt Shelt6:04.40Washington (Massillon)      
18.10Ryan Cutlip6:27.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Gliha9:43.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
2.12Brendan O'Brien9:58.90St Thomas Aquinas      
3.10Kevin Vinci10:30.00St Thomas Aquinas      
4.10Denny Hanreck10:31.60Smithville      
5.11Eric Godbey10:38.20Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.12Logan Page10:48.40Canton Central Catho...      
7.11Dylan Garritano10:52.00St Vincent-St Mary      
8.10Scott Matt10:54.50Alliance      
9.11Cody Hanreck11:00.40Smithville      
10.9Blake Babcock11:00.60Canton Central Catho...      
11.10Joey Hogya11:17.00Alliance      
12.9Cole Weikart11:55.80United      
13.11Dallas Strong12:00.60United      
14.9Donny Wells12:26.20Northwest (Canal Ful...      
15.11Tyler Parker13:11.00Washington (Massillon)      
16.11Dakota Boyes13:46.50Washington (Massillon)      
--12Landon DavisDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephen Baker15.10United      
2.11Dannie Mack15.60Washington (Massillon)      
3.11Nick Bell15.80Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
4.11Justin Olack16.50Washington (Massillon)      
5.11Shayne Taylor16.60Alliance      
6.12Mike McLaughlin16.70United      
7.12Seth Miracle17.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
8.12Joe Verduce17.10St Thomas Aquinas      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dannie Mack15.10Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Nick Bell15.30Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
3.12Stephen Baker15.60United      
4.12Joe Verduce16.30St Thomas Aquinas      
5.11Justin Olack16.40Washington (Massillon)      
5.12Seth Miracle16.40Northwest (Canal Ful...      
7.12Mike McLaughlin16.70United      
7.11Shayne Taylor16.70Alliance      
9.11Jack Anderson16.80Canton Central Catho...      
10.11Spencer Turner17.10Smithville      
10.9Joel Rich17.10St Thomas Aquinas      
12.10Jordan Little17.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
13.11Joe Andler18.40Canton Central Catho...      
14.12Desmond Ford18.70Alliance      
15.9Noah Pettry19.50St Vincent-St Mary      
16.9Justin Smith19.70Northwest (Canal Ful...      
17.12Rafe Eggeman21.00Smithville      
--10Pat ConnellDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dannie Mack40.80Washington (Massillon)      
2.12Mike McLaughlin41.90United      
3.12Mike McGervey42.90St Thomas Aquinas      
4.10Jared Ricker44.10Washington (Massillon)      
5.10Matt Shoup44.50Smithville      
6.10Michael Millard45.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
7.11Joe Andler45.60Canton Central Catho...      
8.11Jack Anderson45.80Canton Central Catho...      
9.9Dalton Flory45.90United      
10.11Seth Lepley46.10Smithville      
11.9Joel Rich46.80St Thomas Aquinas      
12.10Jordan Little47.40Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
13.11Cory Wunderle47.80Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
14.9Noah Pettry48.20St Vincent-St Mary      
15.12Dillon Handy49.50Alliance      
16.12Desmond Ford50.70Alliance      
17.10Zach Shuttleworth52.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephen Baker
Brett Ward
Andrew Morrow
Brock Horstman
2.-Relay Team 45.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.-Gino Forchione
Matt Hohman
Josiah Moore
Nick Hart
45.40St Thomas Aquinas      
4.-Tom Pieronek
Mario Olegario
Jordan Little
Nick Bell
47.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
5.-Relay Team 48.20Canton Central Catho...      
6.-Relay Team 48.50Smithville      
7.-Relay Team 52.30Lutheran East      
---Relay Team DQAlliance      
---Tyler Allman
Robert Partridge
Ryan Hood
Devin Smith
DQWashington (Massillon)      
---Relay Team DQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Terry
Nick Hart
Josiah Moore
Jory Lombardi
1:33.40St Thomas Aquinas      
2.-Relay Team 1:34.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.-Tom Pieronek
Nick Bell
Mario Olegario
Nate Babb
1:37.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
4.-Relay Team 1:40.00Lutheran East      
5.-Relay Team 1:41.60Canton Central Catho...      
6.-Relay Team 1:42.00Smithville      
---Tyler Allman
Robert Partridge
Ryan Hood
Justin Olack
DQWashington (Massillon)      
---Brock Horstman
Andrew Morrow
Mike McLaughlin
Zane Smith
---Relay Team DQAlliance      
---Jordan Hargrove
Austin Booth
Kameron Muzic-Ali
Dan Shisler
DQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Hood
Tyler Allman
Dannie Mack
Robert Partridge
3:32.40Washington (Massillon)      
2.-Bryan Martin
Mike McLaughlin
Joshua Toth
Zane Smith
3.-Nate Babb
Nick Bell
Josh Babb
Nick Gliha
3:40.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
4.-Relay Team 3:47.80Smithville      
5.-Sean Poholski
Jacob Swords
Mick Iacofano
Ian Walsh
3:49.50St Vincent-St Mary      
6.-Tom Collins
Jack Anderson
Alex Alvarez
Norman Becton
3:53.30Canton Central Catho...      
7.-Relay Team 3:58.40Lutheran East      
8.-Relay Team 4:05.70Northwest (Canal Ful...      
---Ryan Terry
Matt Dougherty
Maurice Kirksey
Gino Tortora
DQSt Thomas Aquinas      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Dougherty
Maurice Kirksey
Ron Maksim
Ryan Opeka
8:20.90St Thomas Aquinas      
2.-Jacob Swords
Sean Poholski
Landon Davis
Mick Iacofano
8:45.70St Vincent-St Mary      
3.-Tim Negulici
Matt Mutigli
Lane Louive
Jordan Toles
8:53.00Washington (Massillon)      
4.-Relay Team 9:08.40United      
5.-Relay Team 9:10.70Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.-Relay Team 9:21.50Smithville      
7.-Relay Team 9:23.50Canton Central Catho...      
8.-Ryan Cutlip
Robby Meismer
Donny Wells
Kyle Stover
10:05.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Myers51-02.75Washington (Massillon)      
2.12Michael Howell46-01.00Smithville      
3.12Averill Draper44-05.25Washington (Massillon)      
4.10Alex Carpenter43-11.75St Thomas Aquinas      
5.11Hunter Meadows42-08.75Smithville      
6.10Drew Laury41-10.75St Vincent-St Mary      
7.11Jackie Mayle40-04.25Alliance      
8.12Bobby Schilling40-00.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
9.11Chance Mitan37-11.00Canton Central Catho...      
10.12Duvele Smith37-09.50Lutheran East      
11.10Ken Matonis37-02.75Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
12.12Aaron Kauth36-03.75Alliance      
13.12Richard Bradley36-01.50St Vincent-St Mary      
14.11Nick Noble35-08.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
15.9Joe Carpenter35-06.50St Thomas Aquinas      
16.11Matt Ibos34-10.75Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
17.9Alex Ferris34-10.25Canton Central Catho...      
18.10Joe Ingledue33-04.25United      
19.12Frank Gauding32-05.25United      
20.9Desire Banystere26-03.75Lutheran East      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Black Dominique137-00Alliance      
2.12Michael Howell133-05Smithville      
3.11Hunter Meadows125-00Smithville      
4.12Jeff Myers124-11Washington (Massillon)      
5.11Matt Ibos124-07Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.11Terrion Saunders123-05Alliance      
7.10Stewart Smith-Thom119-05St Vincent-St Mary      
8.11Joe Andler119-02Canton Central Catho...      
9.12Averill Draper116-02Washington (Massillon)      
10.12Richard Bradley114-10St Vincent-St Mary      
11.12Bobby Schilling114-05Northwest (Canal Ful...      
12.11Nick Noble111-06Northwest (Canal Ful...      
13.12Duvele Smith109-11Lutheran East      
14.11Brian Foss106-03St Thomas Aquinas      
15.11Chance Mitan105-05Canton Central Catho...      
16.12Luke Ebersole104-07St Thomas Aquinas      
17.11Luke Mattevi101-11United      
18.10Joe Wells98-01United      
19.10Ken Matonis84-05Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
20.9Desire Banystere62-08Lutheran East      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamil Dudley6-06.00Washington (Massillon)      
2.10Michael Millard6-03.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.11Tom Collins6-01.00Canton Central Catho...      
4.9Damion Smith6-00.00Washington (Massillon)      
5.11Jack Anderson5-10.00Canton Central Catho...      
6.12Joe Verduce5-08.00St Thomas Aquinas      
7.10Tom Hilty5-08.00Smithville      
8.12Robert Martin5-06.00Lutheran East      
9.10Mike Matonis5-06.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
10.10Ryan Schroeder5-04.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
10.10Luke Malmsberry5-04.00St Thomas Aquinas      
10.10Jordan Hicks5-04.00Lutheran East      
--11Craig MinorDQAlliance      
--9Justin SmithDQNorthwest (Canal Ful...      
--9Kevin AlexanderDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
--12Dillon HandyDQAlliance      
--9Tyler WellmanDQSmithville      
--9Joe WeberDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rafe Eggeman11-00.00Smithville      
2.11Cory Wunderle10-06.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
3.10Lane Louive9-06.00Washington (Massillon)      
4.9Ivan McClay9-00.00Washington (Massillon)      
5.9Brandon Lanese9-00.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.10Bobby Brenneman8-06.00Canton Central Catho...      
7.10Colby Hart8-06.00St Thomas Aquinas      
8.12Joe Verduce8-06.00St Thomas Aquinas      
--10Tom HiltyDQSmithville      
--9Danny DavideDQCanton Central Catho...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Smith22-11.00Washington (Massillon)      
2.12Bryan Jones22-05.25Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.12Dailen Cottle21-06.00Alliance      
4.12Tre Fite19-10.25Washington (Massillon)      
5.12Aaron Banko18-05.50Canton Central Catho...      
6.9Gino Tortora18-01.50St Thomas Aquinas      
7.9Joel Rich18-00.50St Thomas Aquinas      
8.10Devin Green17-10.25Canton Central Catho...      
9.10Taylor Kovalycsik17-08.50St Vincent-St Mary      
10.11Cory Wunderle17-08.25Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
11.12Brandon Konen17-07.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
12.9Alex Bates17-06.50Smithville      
13.11Spencer Turner17-01.75Smithville      
14.11Brett Ward16-06.50United      
15.9Joe Weber15-08.00St Vincent-St Mary      
--11Craig MinorDQAlliance      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nina Grambling12.20Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Keyana Roberts12.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.9Chelsea Laury13.00St Vincent-St Mary      
4.10Rachel Hutson13.00St Vincent-St Mary      
5.11Chelsea Nehez13.10Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.10Cheyianna Hammond13.20Washington (Massillon)      
7.10Marina Capuano13.30Canton Central Catho...      
8.9Maria Lombardi13.60St Thomas Aquinas      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nina Grambling12.10Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Keyana Roberts12.70Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.10Rachel Hutson12.80St Vincent-St Mary      
3.11Chelsea Nehez12.90Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
5.10Marina Capuano13.10Canton Central Catho...      
6.9Chelsea Laury13.20St Vincent-St Mary      
7.10Cheyianna Hammond13.20Washington (Massillon)      
8.9Maria Lombardi13.40St Thomas Aquinas      
9.9Sara Heck13.40Canton Central Catho...      
10.12LaNyce Hopkins13.40Northwest (Canal Ful...      
11.11Taylar Bolds13.60St Thomas Aquinas      
11.10Preslee Johnson13.60United      
13.11Courtney Pumphrey14.00Smithville      
14.9Christine Giangrande14.10Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
15.9Emily Retterer14.20Alliance      
16.10Cheyenne Snyder14.40Smithville      
--11Kayla PottsDQUnited      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nina Grambling25.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Keyana Roberts26.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.9Chelsea Laury26.60St Vincent-St Mary      
4.10Rachel Hutson26.80St Vincent-St Mary      
5.11Jessica Glaser27.20Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
6.10Marina Capuano28.00Canton Central Catho...      
7.9Sara Heck28.20Canton Central Catho...      
8.10Nicole Lungaro28.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nina Grambling25.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Keyana Roberts26.30Northwest (Canal Ful...      
3.9Chelsea Laury27.10St Vincent-St Mary      
4.11Jessica Glaser27.10Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
5.10Rachel Hutson27.40St Vincent-St Mary      
6.10Marina Capuano27.60Canton Central Catho...      
7.9Sara Heck28.00Canton Central Catho...      
8.9Chloe Bortmas28.20United      
9.12LaNyce Hopkins28.20Northwest (Canal Ful...      
10.10Nicole Lungaro28.20Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
11.10Cheyianna Hammond28.30Washington (Massillon)      
12.9Jamie Weller28.40Smithville      
13.9Mariana Hoerr28.60St Thomas Aquinas      
14.12Latisha Walker28.80Lutheran East      
15.9Monica Wilson29.90United      
15.10Jordyn Hooley29.90Smithville      
15.9Akazhia Newman29.90Alliance      
18.9Sarah French31.20St Thomas Aquinas      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Claire Lucas1:02.40Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
2.10Marina Capuano1:03.60Canton Central Catho...      
3.9Sara Heck1:05.00Canton Central Catho...      
4.10Ruth Prosko1:06.00United      
5.12Latisha Walker1:06.20Lutheran East      
6.12Leanne Louive1:07.40Washington (Massillon)      
7.12Alivia Barnes1:08.40Smithville      
8.10Kristen Hill1:08.90St Thomas Aquinas      
9.9Taymond Thomas1:08.90Washington (Massillon)      
10.10Samantha Film1:09.20St Thomas Aquinas      
11.11Rachel Lyons1:09.40Alliance      
12.12Crystal Richards1:09.70United      
13.12Becca Henderson1:09.90Northwest (Canal Ful...      
14.11Janae Marshall1:12.00Alliance      
15.10Mackenzie Madigan1:12.20Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
16.9Danielle Besancon1:13.30Smithville      
17.10Winnie Sovacool1:15.90St Vincent-St Mary      
18.11Taylor Ryan1:16.60Northwest (Canal Ful...      
--12Angel GarnettDQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julia Pusateri2:21.60St Thomas Aquinas      
2.10Meghan Hickey2:30.20Washington (Massillon)      
3.9Kara Smith2:36.60Smithville      
4.11Kathy Demaree2:36.90Northwest (Canal Ful...      
5.12Sylvia Cintron2:48.60Alliance      
6.9Emelia Bracken2:50.00Canton Central Catho...      
7.9Merrideth Cabe2:50.60St Vincent-St Mary      
8.11Jasmine Towne2:51.10Alliance      
9.10Lydia Presper2:52.00St Vincent-St Mary      
10.10Mary Tieche2:54.80Smithville      
11.12Kelly Reichert2:56.70Canton Central Catho...      
12.10Jenelle Vincent2:58.40St Thomas Aquinas      
13.9Kaitlyn Schroeder3:11.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
14.9Jackie Runser3:13.60Washington (Massillon)      
15.10Maddie Hawthorne3:33.70Northwest (Canal Ful...      
--11Jamie LombardoDQTrinity (Garfield Hts)      
--10Ruth ProskoDQUnited      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julia Pusateri5:21.20St Thomas Aquinas      
2.10Annie Davis5:51.30St Vincent-St Mary      
3.9Emily Guappone5:57.10United      
4.11Emma Laubacher5:59.60St Thomas Aquinas      
5.9Amanda Sollenberger6:00.40St Vincent-St Mary      
6.12Becca Henderson6:03.80Northwest (Canal Ful...      
7.10Joy Sellers6:06.00Canton Central Catho...      
8.10Taylor Ritchie6:12.60United      
9.12Kelly Reichert6:13.60Canton Central Catho...      
10.9Joelle Maibach6:14.90Smithville      
11.10Ali Rose6:16.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
12.10Kara Straight6:30.50Washington (Massillon)      
13.11Julie Kuilder6:32.70Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
14.10Amber Rohrer6:53.20Alliance      
15.12Emily Buss6:54.40Smithville      
16.9Jessica Dodd7:12.40Washington (Massillon)      
--11Natalie GoffeeDQNorthwest (Canal Ful...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamie Lombardo12:10.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
2.10Annie Davis12:34.20St Vincent-St Mary      
3.9Victoria Laubacher12:45.70St Thomas Aquinas      
4.10Tessa Laubacher12:46.10St Thomas Aquinas      
5.9Emily Guappone12:47.30United      
6.9Joelle Maibach13:20.00Smithville      
7.9Maddy Buzek13:27.20St Vincent-St Mary      
8.10Taylor Ritchie13:47.00United      
9.10Madison Lytle14:43.60Alliance      
10.10Ashley Porter15:33.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
11.9Tori Barnhouse15:49.00Canton Central Catho...      
12.11Meredith Gursky16:19.60Canton Central Catho...      
--11Natalie GoffeeDQNorthwest (Canal Ful...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennifer Murray16.30St Vincent-St Mary      
2.12Chelsea Laughlin16.40United      
3.11Elisha Laubacher17.10St Thomas Aquinas      
4.11Lauren Steiner17.30Northwest (Canal Ful...      
5.9Brooke Rittenhouse17.50Washington (Massillon)      
6.10Mary Pamer18.00Smithville      
7.10Sabrina Skelly18.40Washington (Massillon)      
8.11Michaela Schoeffle18.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jennifer Murray16.50St Vincent-St Mary      
2.12Chelsea Laughlin16.80United      
3.11Lauren Steiner17.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.11Elisha Laubacher17.20St Thomas Aquinas      
5.9Brooke Rittenhouse17.50Washington (Massillon)      
6.11Michaela Schoeffle18.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
7.10Sabrina Skelly18.10Washington (Massillon)      
8.10Mary Pamer18.30Smithville      
9.10Caroline Zurbrugg18.40Alliance      
10.11Bridget Burke18.70Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
11.11Mariel Thottam18.80Canton Central Catho...      
12.11Lexi Depasquale18.90Canton Central Catho...      
12.10Samantha Film18.90St Thomas Aquinas      
12.10Kristen Culler18.90Smithville      
15.12Angel Garnett19.30St Vincent-St Mary      
--10Tyler ShoffDQNorthwest (Canal Ful...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Laughlin49.20United      
2.12Jennifer Murray49.30St Vincent-St Mary      
3.11Sierra Parks49.70United      
4.11Elisha Laubacher50.30St Thomas Aquinas      
5.9Samantha Barboza50.40Washington (Massillon)      
6.10Hannah Niehaus52.90St Thomas Aquinas      
7.11Lauren Steiner53.40Northwest (Canal Ful...      
8.12Samantha Stacks54.90St Vincent-St Mary      
9.11Mariel Thottam55.20Canton Central Catho...      
10.10Sabrina Skelly55.40Washington (Massillon)      
11.11Bridget Burke57.20Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
12.10Mary Pamer58.90Smithville      
13.10Madison Lytle59.70Alliance      
14.9Joy Ours59.80Smithville      
15.9Annie Shew1:05.80Canton Central Catho...      
16.10Zayna Taylor1:11.60Alliance      
--11Michaela SchoeffleDQTrinity (Garfield Hts)      
--10Tyler ShoffDQNorthwest (Canal Ful...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-LaNyce Hopkins
Kathy Demaree
Nikki Schultz
Keyana Roberts
52.20Northwest (Canal Ful...      
2.-Relay Team 53.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
3.-Maria Lombardi
Hannah Niehaus
Elisha Laubacher
Ashley Bossart
53.60St Thomas Aquinas      
4.-Laura Wolbert
Chloe Bortmas
Monica Wilson
Kayla Potts
5.-Kristiana Partridge
Macole Moody
Emari Fields
Cheyianna Hammond
55.80Washington (Massillon)      
6.-Relay Team 56.00Smithville      
7.-Relay Team 56.40St Vincent-St Mary      
8.-Janae Marshall
Caroline Zurbrugg
Akazhia Newman
Emily Retterer
9.-Katie Nixdorf
Emelia Bracken
Hollie Stuffel
Annie Shew
1:02.80Canton Central Catho...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cheyianna Hammond
Taymond Thomas
Samantha Barboza
Nina Grambling
1:50.40Washington (Massillon)      
2.-Jessica Glaser
Claire Lucas
Nicole Lungaro
Chelsea Nehez
1:51.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
3.-LaNyce Hopkins
Kathy Demaree
Nikki Schultz
Keyana Roberts
1:52.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.-Hannah Niehaus
Abby Robertson
Mariana Hoerr
Kailynd Yancey
1:57.80St Thomas Aquinas      
5.-Relay Team 1:59.20Smithville      
6.-Janae Marshall
Zayna Taylor
Akazhia Newman
Rachel Lyons
7.-Katie Nixdorf
Emelia Bracken
Gabby DePeralta
Annie Shew
2:03.90Canton Central Catho...      
---Relay Team DQUnited      
---Rachel Hutson
Emma Davis
Jennifer Murray
Chelsea Laury
DQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samantha Barboza
Meghan Hickey
Leanne Louive
Taymond Thomas
4:22.80Washington (Massillon)      
2.-Maria Lombardi
Julie Jakmides
Jackie Perkins
Ashley Bossart
4:25.30St Thomas Aquinas      
3.-Ruth Prosko
Chelsea Laughlin
Crystal Richards
Sierra Parks
4.-Relay Team 4:33.90Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
5.-Relay Team 4:39.00Smithville      
6.-Relay Team 4:47.50Canton Central Catho...      
7.-Relay Team 4:53.60Northwest (Canal Ful...      
---Relay Team DQSt Vincent-St Mary      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meghan Hickey
Leanne Louive
Taylor Lewis
Kara Straight
10:41.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.-Tessa Laubacher
Victoria Laubacher
Lydia Pedrozo
Jackie Perkins
10:43.80St Thomas Aquinas      
3.-Amanda Sollenberger
Annie Davis
Maddy Buzek
Merrideth Cabe
11:05.60St Vincent-St Mary      
4.-Relay Team 11:28.60Smithville      
5.-Relay Team 11:36.50Canton Central Catho...      
6.-Kalee Bilinovic
Julie Kuilder
Ali Rose
Kaitlyn Schroeder
11:53.60Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
7.-Relay Team 12:38.90Northwest (Canal Ful...      
---Sierra Parks
Taylor Ritchie
Crystal Richards
Ruth Prosko
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylene Taylor40-05.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.11Miranda Mondozzi35-01.00St Vincent-St Mary      
3.11Maggie Fye34-09.75Canton Central Catho...      
4.10Megan Tomei32-06.50St Vincent-St Mary      
5.10Courtney Breece32-04.25Smithville      
6.10Ashley Tolley31-10.00Smithville      
7.11Areana Zachery30-07.00Alliance      
8.10Kristen Whitlatch30-06.50St Thomas Aquinas      
9.11Josie Mckinley,30-03.00United      
10.10McKayla Mozden30-01.50Alliance      
11.10Meghan Fennell29-08.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
12.11Taylor Novak29-05.25Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
13.11Mindy Denman29-01.00United      
14.11Lindsay Wasik27-06.00Canton Central Catho...      
15.12Christine Pasko26-08.25St Thomas Aquinas      
16.-Jasmine Ray26-08.00Washington (Massillon)      
17.10Jeanna Ardman22-02.50Northwest (Canal Ful...      
18.11Rachele Adamczyk22-00.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josie Mckinley,124-04United      
2.12Jenna Pew120-01Smithville      
3.10Megan Tomei111-04St Vincent-St Mary      
4.12Jaylene Taylor109-10Washington (Massillon)      
5.10Meghan Fennell97-09Northwest (Canal Ful...      
6.10Courtney Breece97-06Smithville      
7.11Maggie Fye96-05Canton Central Catho...      
8.10Ali Cecconi94-04St Thomas Aquinas      
9.10Kristen Whitlatch93-06St Thomas Aquinas      
10.11Lindsay Wasik92-11Canton Central Catho...      
11.12Leanne Louive91-01Washington (Massillon)      
12.11Taylor Novak85-03Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
13.11Melissa Foster84-06St Vincent-St Mary      
14.10McKayla Mozden82-00Alliance      
15.11Areana Zachery81-09Alliance      
16.11Rachele Adamczyk73-11Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
17.11Mindy Denman73-05United      
18.9Ellie Stockert49-04Northwest (Canal Ful...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sierra Parks5-00.00United      
2.12Cassie Smer5-00.00Washington (Massillon)      
3.10Kelsey Miller4-10.00Canton Central Catho...      
4.12Julie Jakmides4-10.00St Thomas Aquinas      
5.12Alivia Barnes4-08.00Smithville      
6.12Chelsea Laughlin4-06.00United      
7.10Nicole Kontur4-06.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
8.10Caroline Zurbrugg4-06.00Alliance      
9.9Michelle Noethen4-04.00St Vincent-St Mary      
10.9Caitlin Roth4-04.00Canton Central Catho...      
10.9Angie Pollick4-04.00Smithville      
11.11Jackie Murray4-04.00St Vincent-St Mary      
--9Brooke RittenhouseDQWashington (Massillon)      
--10Sarah GrosswillerDQSt Thomas Aquinas      
--9Emma RaulinaitisDQTrinity (Garfield Hts)      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Claire Lucas9-06.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
2.12Ashley Bossart8-00.00St Thomas Aquinas      
3.9Danielle Besancon8-00.00Smithville      
4.11Bridget Burke7'06.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
4.12Abby Kauffman7'06.00Smithville      
6.9Emily Keane7-00.00Canton Central Catho...      
7.11Becky Seesan7-00.00Washington (Massillon)      
--9Allissa StephanicDQWashington (Massillon)      
--10Melissa WillsDQCanton Central Catho...      
--12Emily CompettiDQSt Thomas Aquinas      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nina Grambling16-08.50Washington (Massillon)      
2.10Cheyianna Hammond15-06.75Washington (Massillon)      
3.12Nikki Schultz15-00.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
4.10Abby Robertson14-05.75St Thomas Aquinas      
5.11Hollie Stuffel14-01.25Canton Central Catho...      
6.10Abby Burke14-01.00St Vincent-St Mary      
7.11Jackie Murray13-09.75St Vincent-St Mary      
8.9Mariana Hoerr13-07.00St Thomas Aquinas      
9.9Megan Jackson13-07.00Northwest (Canal Ful...      
10.11Kayla Potts13-06.00United      
11.12Laura Wolbert13-05.75United      
12.9Caitlin Roth13-03.50Canton Central Catho...      
13.9Sarah Miller13-00.00Smithville      
14.9Danielle Besancon12-10.00Smithville      
15.12Latisha Walker12-09.00Lutheran East      
16.9Christine Giangrande11-09.50Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
17.9Janine DiPronio11-09.00Trinity (Garfield Hts)      
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