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OHSAA Central - Groveport-Madison Division I & II District Track

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Groveport Madison HS, Groveport

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Justin Hoosier11.41aLondon      
2.12Kyle Jefferson11.47aWhitehall-Yearling      
3.12Armani McGary11.50aMarion Pleasant      
4.11Brandon Shepherd11.53aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.11Jimmy Gallagher11.62aBishop Watterson      
6.11Kerbey Pierre11.70aPataskala Licking He...      
7.10Khalil Hairston11.70aEastmoor Academy      
8.11Nick Schuler11.73aJohnstown-Monroe      
X 100 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Omar Lane11.14aBishop Hartley      
2.12Josh Corwin11.28aBloom Carroll      
3.12Ronnell Armstrong11.39aBexley      
4.12Geoffrey Whiteside11.40aBishop Hartley      
5.12Austin Heimberger11.55aBloom Carroll      
6.12Taylor Jones11.65aEast Knox      
7.10Chajaz Davis11.74aLinden Mc Kinley      
8.12Tyler Link11.74aGranville      
X 100 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Semi-Finals
1.11Justin Hoosier11.49aLondon      
1.12Kyle Jefferson11.59aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.11Kerbey Pierre11.61aPataskala Licking He...      
2.12Armani McGary11.62aMarion Pleasant      
3.11Jimmy Gallagher11.67aBishop Watterson      
3.11Brandon Shepherd11.75aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.10Khalil Hairston11.88aEastmoor Academy      
4.11Nick Schuler11.93aJohnstown-Monroe      
5.-P.J. Malagisi11.93aBishop Watterson      
5.10Ross Franklin11.98aJohnstown-Monroe      
6.-Tar DeGraffinreed12.02aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.11Desmond DJ Byrdsong12.07aPataskala Licking He...      
7.11Mitchell Sansom12.18aBuckeye Valley      
7.-Dillon Williams12.42aNorth Union      
8.12David Carroll12.86aMarion Pleasant      
8.12Jarrod Stahl22.65aJonathan Alder      
X 100 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Semi-Finals
1.11Omar Lane11.15aBishop Hartley      
1.12Ronnell Armstrong11.43aBexley      
2.10Chajaz Davis11.48aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.12Josh Corwin11.49aBloom Carroll      
3.12Geoffrey Whiteside11.54aBishop Hartley      
3.12Austin Heimberger11.61aBloom Carroll      
4.12Taylor Jones11.64aEast Knox      
5.10Brenden Cooke11.69aElgin      
4.12Tyler Link11.74aGranville      
5.11Dillon Pinkstock11.83aAmanda-Clearcreek      
6.-Tyrone Linsey11.92aLinden Mc Kinley      
7.10Derek Cain12.12aBexley      
6.12Mike Orr12.41aLakewood (Hebron)      
8.12Dan Combs12.61aHeath      
7.-Jonah Hensley12.65aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
8.11Cole Ryan13.21aElgin      
X 100 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.11Justin Hoosier11.57aLondon      
2.11Brandon Shepherd11.73aSt Francis De Sales-...      
1.12Kyle Jefferson11.74aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.11Kerbey Pierre11.76aPataskala Licking He...      
1.12Jarrod Stahl11.83aJonathan Alder      
3.11Jimmy Gallagher11.84aBishop Watterson      
4.10Khalil Hairston11.93aEastmoor Academy      
1.11Nick Schuler11.95aJohnstown-Monroe      
2.-Tar DeGraffinreed11.98aSt Francis De Sales-...      
2.10Ross Franklin12.01aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.12Armani McGary12.01aMarion Pleasant      
3.11Desmond DJ Byrdsong12.09aPataskala Licking He...      
3.12David Carroll12.20aMarion Pleasant      
4.-P.J. Malagisi12.24aBishop Watterson      
4.11Mitchell Sansom12.29aBuckeye Valley      
5.10Devin Cox12.36aWhitehall-Yearling      
4.-Dillon Williams12.43aNorth Union      
5.11Clay Hastings12.65aNorth Union      
6.12Keith Fletcher12.71aMadison Plains      
5.12Trenton Hughes12.82aMadison Plains      
7.9Brandon Samons12.89aLondon      
5.11Travis Pack13.20aBuckeye Valley      
6.11Charles Yarbro13.43aSouth Columbus      
6.9Jaleel Johnson13.80aSouth Columbus      
X 100 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.12Ronnell Armstrong11.54aBexley      
1.11Omar Lane11.57aBishop Hartley      
1.10Chajaz Davis11.67aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.12Austin Heimberger11.71aBloom Carroll      
2.12Taylor Jones11.80aEast Knox      
3.12Josh Corwin11.82aBloom Carroll      
3.12Tyler Link11.83aGranville      
2.10Brenden Cooke11.90aElgin      
1.12Geoffrey Whiteside11.91aBishop Hartley      
3.11Dillon Pinkstock12.03aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.11Cole Ryan12.20aElgin      
4.12Mike Orr12.21aLakewood (Hebron)      
4.10Derek Cain12.23aBexley      
3.-Tyrone Linsey12.30aLinden Mc Kinley      
4.12Dan Combs12.37aHeath      
4.-Jonah Hensley12.80aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.10Kyle Bonfiglio13.01aHighland (Sparta)      
6.10Collin Shawler13.02aHeath      
5.9Trayvon Moore13.29aLicking Valley      
6.9Kris Kiger13.72aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.11Brandon Wilson14.84aGranville      
--11Layne KelderDNFRiver Valley (Caledo...      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Justin Hoosier22.73aLondon      
2.10Erik Oman22.84aBishop Watterson      
3.12Mikale Long22.90aEastmoor Academy      
4.11Derek Dingus23.17aMadison Plains      
5.11Jimmy Gallagher23.43aBishop Watterson      
6.10Fred Harrison23.63aPataskala Licking He...      
7.12Cody Cline23.80aUtica      
8.9Derritt Potts24.32aJonathan Alder      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Omar Lane22.26aBishop Hartley      
2.11Josh McKenzie22.78aGranville      
3.10Matt Simpson23.13aBishop Hartley      
4.10Chajaz Davis23.17aLinden Mc Kinley      
5.10Chet Saum23.27aAmanda-Clearcreek      
6.12Ronnell Armstrong23.46aBexley      
7.12Clay Watkins23.66aGranville      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Semi-Finals
1.10Erik Oman22.86aBishop Watterson      
2.12Mikale Long23.05aEastmoor Academy      
1.11Derek Dingus23.17aMadison Plains      
2.11Justin Hoosier23.18aLondon      
3.11Jimmy Gallagher23.78aBishop Watterson      
3.10Fred Harrison23.89aPataskala Licking He...      
4.9Derritt Potts23.93aJonathan Alder      
4.12Cody Cline23.95aUtica      
5.11Frank Chambers24.22aJohnstown-Monroe      
6.10Jordan Adams24.27aEastmoor Academy      
5.11Daniel Helton24.64aPataskala Licking He...      
6.9Breyon Bowman24.71aSt Francis De Sales-...      
7.11Nick Schuler24.79aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.10Jordan Swart25.97aMarion Pleasant      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Semi-Finals
1.11Omar Lane22.78aBishop Hartley      
1.12Rashawn Jones22.85aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.10Chajaz Davis23.29aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.11Josh McKenzie23.34aGranville      
3.12Ronnell Armstrong23.41aBexley      
4.10Matt Simpson23.48aBishop Hartley      
3.10Chet Saum23.61aAmanda-Clearcreek      
4.12Clay Watkins23.78aGranville      
5.10DJ Jones23.94aBexley      
5.-Josh Brand25.36aNorthridge      
6.-Jonah Hensley25.47aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.9Anthony Angle25.79aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.9Deon Rice25.94aElgin      
7.9Cody Barton28.42aHeath      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.11Justin Hoosier23.56aLondon      
1.12Mikale Long23.60aEastmoor Academy      
2.10Erik Oman23.64aBishop Watterson      
1.11Derek Dingus23.66aMadison Plains      
3.10Fred Harrison24.26aPataskala Licking He...      
2.9Derritt Potts24.37aJonathan Alder      
2.11Jimmy Gallagher24.41aBishop Watterson      
1.10Jordan Adams24.42aEastmoor Academy      
3.11Frank Chambers24.49aJohnstown-Monroe      
4.11Daniel Helton24.52aPataskala Licking He...      
3.12Jarrod Stahl24.57aJonathan Alder      
2.12Cody Cline24.62aUtica      
4.11Nick Schuler24.72aJohnstown-Monroe      
5.10Jordan Swart24.72aMarion Pleasant      
3.9Breyon Bowman24.74aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.12David Carroll24.91aMarion Pleasant      
4.-Dillon Williams24.98aNorth Union      
5.10Toby Moone25.09aUtica      
6.10Lu Guerrero25.29aBuckeye Valley      
5.9LaShaun Sanders25.44aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.11Michael Beery25.74aMadison Plains      
5.10Ben Stakely25.78aBuckeye Valley      
6.9Kam Smith26.18aNorth Union      
6.9Jaleel Morgan26.78aWhitehall-Yearling      
7.11Charles Yarbro27.48aSouth Columbus      
7.9Jaleel Johnson28.16aSouth Columbus      
X 200 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.12Rashawn Jones23.09aLinden Mc Kinley      
1.11Omar Lane23.27aBishop Hartley      
1.10Chajaz Davis23.42aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.12Josh Corwin23.71aBloom Carroll      
2.12Ronnell Armstrong23.77aBexley      
2.11Josh McKenzie23.79aGranville      
1.10Matt Simpson23.85aBishop Hartley      
2.10Chet Saum23.97aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.10DJ Jones24.14aBexley      
4.12Clay Watkins24.47aGranville      
5.11Josh Hampshire24.73aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.-Josh Brand25.76aNorthridge      
3.9Anthony Angle25.85aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.9Deon Rice25.86aElgin      
4.-Jonah Hensley26.16aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.9Trayvon Moore26.67aLicking Valley      
6.10Zack Skeens26.73aHighland (Sparta)      
5.10Collin Shawler27.43aHeath      
4.9Cody Barton27.99aHeath      
5.9Adam Lang28.06aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.12Mitchell Flowers32.79aLicking Valley      
X 400 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Derek Dingus51.95aMadison Plains      
2.10Dareyus Person52.69aEastmoor Academy      
3.11Allen Ritchie53.28aWhitehall-Yearling      
4.12Kyle Mosley53.31aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.11Kevin Marth53.61aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.12Markus Kelley54.33aBuckeye Valley      
7.11Eric Nelson57.47aMarion Pleasant      
8.12Carl Washington1:05.60aEastmoor Academy      
X 400 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Dakota Anderson50.45aEast Knox      
2.11Noah Key51.73aBishop Hartley      
3.12Jake Smith52.08aLicking Valley      
4.12Austen Harrison52.23aGranville      
5.12Rashawn Jones52.40aLinden Mc Kinley      
6.12Eric Rowland53.22aBloom Carroll      
7.11Cole Ryan53.46aElgin      
8.10Calder Shepherd53.81aLicking Valley      
X 400 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.11Derek Dingus51.73aMadison Plains      
2.10Dareyus Person52.31aEastmoor Academy      
3.12Markus Kelley52.58aBuckeye Valley      
4.11Allen Ritchie53.13aWhitehall-Yearling      
1.12Kyle Mosley53.61aSt Francis De Sales-...      
1.12Carl Washington54.69aEastmoor Academy      
2.11Eric Nelson55.60aMarion Pleasant      
2.11Kevin Marth55.92aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.9Matt Rowe56.30aJonathan Alder      
3.-Zach Kerscher56.93aBishop Watterson      
3.10Ben Stakely57.03aBuckeye Valley      
6.-Tim Carter58.98aBishop Watterson      
4.11Tyrell Horsley59.84aPataskala Licking He...      
7.11Chad Hane1:00.52aMadison Plains      
5.-Tyler Hammons1:03.44aNorth Union      
X 400 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.12Rashawn Jones50.83aLinden Mc Kinley      
1.11Dakota Anderson51.16aEast Knox      
2.12Jake Smith52.41aLicking Valley      
3.12Austen Harrison52.45aGranville      
1.11Noah Key52.68aBishop Hartley      
2.12Eric Rowland53.17aBloom Carroll      
2.11Cole Ryan53.36aElgin      
1.10Calder Shepherd54.05aLicking Valley      
3.10Kendall Sherrod55.17aBishop Hartley      
4.-Josh Brand55.64aNorthridge      
3.12Anthony Shaw55.82aLinden Mc Kinley      
5.12Devin Wears56.02aEast Knox      
4.-Michael Parsell56.72aBloom Carroll      
2.9Joey Cramer56.85aLakewood (Hebron)      
4.11Denzel Clark57.08aBexley      
3.11Evan Soll57.88aBexley      
4.-Matt Dettra59.63aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.9Adam Lang1:02.42aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.9Ian Cuevas1:03.96aHeath      
X 800 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Dan Lee1:58.76aMarion Pleasant      
2.10Jontey Hammock2:03.37aWhitehall-Yearling      
3.12Kwesi Sample2:03.91aEastmoor Academy      
4.11Alex Cannon2:03.93aEastmoor Academy      
5.9Drexler McColly2:04.98aMarion Pleasant      
6.11Jonathon Holbrook2:06.84aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.10Dylan Follrod2:06.89aLondon      
8.11Zac Lackey2:07.38aBishop Watterson      
9.9Tyler West2:07.82aSt Francis De Sales-...      
10.12Cody Marston2:07.98aUtica      
11.11Matt Brittsan2:09.01aBuckeye Valley      
12.9Quan Thomas2:09.48aSouth Columbus      
13.9Korey Kenny2:10.81aPataskala Licking He...      
14.11Brandon Stewart2:11.13aBuckeye Valley      
15.9Nick Cooperrider2:12.79aJonathan Alder      
16.11Charles McCombs2:14.10aBishop Watterson      
17.11Ryan McGlade2:14.93aSt Francis De Sales-...      
18.10William Albrecht2:15.76aLondon      
X 800 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.12Jared Snider1:59.42aLicking Valley      
2.12Justin Kerntz2:00.34aLicking Valley      
3.11Joey Montoya2:01.05aEast Knox      
4.11Max Corcoran2:02.03aAmanda-Clearcreek      
5.12Mark Pleasants2:02.17aGranville      
6.12Vance Johnson2:02.74aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.12Peter York2:04.40aGranville      
8.10Micah Muller2:07.20aBexley      
9.11William Bogantz2:07.24aNorthridge      
10.10Tony Givens2:09.94aLinden Mc Kinley      
11.12David Essman2:11.54aBexley      
12.11Austin Butler2:14.10aBloom Carroll      
13.11Travis James2:15.15aHeath      
14.12Dustin Weaver2:15.88aHeath      
15.10Josh Coleman2:16.93aBloom Carroll      
X 800 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.10Jontey Hammock2:09.07aWhitehall-Yearling      
1.12Cody Marston2:09.09aUtica      
2.11Alex Cannon2:09.56aEastmoor Academy      
3.10Dylan Follrod2:09.63aLondon      
4.11Jonathon Holbrook2:09.75aJohnstown-Monroe      
5.9Drexler McColly2:10.89aMarion Pleasant      
6.11Brandon Stewart2:11.18aBuckeye Valley      
7.11Charles McCombs2:11.70aBishop Watterson      
8.11Ryan McGlade2:11.72aSt Francis De Sales-...      
2.11Zac Lackey2:11.78aBishop Watterson      
3.9Quan Thomas2:11.87aSouth Columbus      
9.9Korey Kenny2:12.87aPataskala Licking He...      
4.11Matt Brittsan2:13.64aBuckeye Valley      
5.11Dan Lee2:14.63aMarion Pleasant      
6.12Kwesi Sample2:14.78aEastmoor Academy      
7.9Nick Cooperrider2:14.92aJonathan Alder      
8.9Tyler West2:15.12aSt Francis De Sales-...      
9.10William Albrecht2:15.13aLondon      
10.12Todd Dials2:16.53aPataskala Licking He...      
10.10Michael Hamilton2:16.55aNorth Union      
11.10Jacob Pickens2:24.57aMadison Plains      
11.9Jonathan Crowe2:32.49aMadison Plains      
12.-Nathanie McCollum2:38.24aUtica      
X 800 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.12Peter York2:06.63aGranville      
2.12Vance Johnson2:11.38aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.10Micah Muller2:12.15aBexley      
1.10Tony Givens2:12.25aLinden Mc Kinley      
4.12Justin Kerntz2:12.42aLicking Valley      
5.11Joey Montoya2:12.50aEast Knox      
2.11Travis James2:13.01aHeath      
3.12Jared Snider2:13.02aLicking Valley      
4.11Max Corcoran2:13.09aAmanda-Clearcreek      
6.11William Bogantz2:13.12aNorthridge      
5.11Austin Butler2:13.20aBloom Carroll      
6.12David Essman2:13.37aBexley      
7.12Mark Pleasants2:13.37aGranville      
7.12Dustin Weaver2:14.08aHeath      
8.11Paul Blanchard2:14.42aEast Knox      
9.9David Briggs2:17.02aLakewood (Hebron)      
8.10Josh Coleman2:18.34aBloom Carroll      
9.10Garrett Wood2:18.45aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
10.11Ron Lusby2:20.89aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
10.-Ben Van Sickle2:27.17aHighland (Sparta)      
11.11Nick Klawitter2:30.05aNorthridge      
11.11Ronald Roberts2:32.55aLinden Mc Kinley      
X 1600 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.10Kevin Swartz4:37.86aLondon      
2.11Matt Richardson4:41.55aBishop Watterson      
3.12Kwesi Sample4:45.25aEastmoor Academy      
4.11Derek Davis4:45.91aLondon      
5.11Keenan Morgan4:48.06aEastmoor Academy      
6.10Tyler Kirby4:56.98aNorth Union      
7.9Korey Kenny5:00.39aPataskala Licking He...      
8.11Tyler Patrick5:03.38aBishop Watterson      
9.10Sedd Bradley5:06.82aMarion Pleasant      
10.10Jordan Knieper5:08.29aBuckeye Valley      
11.11Carl Benedetti5:15.83aMadison Plains      
12.10David Ballard5:20.72aBuckeye Valley      
13.11Scott Caw5:24.36aSt Francis De Sales-...      
14.11Chase Reed5:27.28aWhitehall-Yearling      
15.12Billy Parrott5:42.80aNorth Union      
X 1600 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.12Zack Howard4:40.35aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.11Andrew Walsh4:40.68aGranville      
3.11Austin Butler4:41.90aBloom Carroll      
4.11Cody Washka4:43.30aGranville      
5.11Brice Emler4:47.93aEast Knox      
6.11Brandon Wright4:51.63aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.12Eathan Osborn4:51.98aLicking Valley      
8.10Justin Smythe4:57.36aLakewood (Hebron)      
9.11Neal Pohlman4:58.50aBexley      
10.9Aaron Kinney4:58.73aLicking Valley      
11.10Jake Roszman4:58.88aElgin      
12.11Dale Luck5:00.01aAmanda-Clearcreek      
13.11Connor Callahan5:05.12aBishop Hartley      
14.11Jared Bright5:10.29aBloom Carroll      
15.11Denzel Clark5:11.95aBexley      
16.11John Klugh5:19.52aHighland (Sparta)      
17.11Nick Klawitter5:32.40aNorthridge      
18.10Tawuan Wiley5:33.77aLinden Mc Kinley      
19.10Anthony Lane5:37.61aHeath      
20.9Seth Shubirg6:05.41aHeath      
X 3200 Meters - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.10Kevin Swartz10:19.07aLondon      
2.11Tyler Harriman10:23.42aUtica      
3.11James Platt10:29.15aJohnstown-Monroe      
4.11Keenan Morgan10:33.50aEastmoor Academy      
5.12Tyler Vansickle10:35.30aUtica      
6.11Trevin Pitroff10:47.29aBishop Watterson      
7.10Fletcher Wright10:50.73aLondon      
8.10Jacob Wall10:52.14aJohnstown-Monroe      
9.12CJ Pastore10:56.65aJonathan Alder      
10.9Nick Clunk11:01.05aBuckeye Valley      
11.11Hassan Mustafa11:12.66aWhitehall-Yearling      
12.-Kyle Becker11:14.06aBishop Watterson      
13.9Matthew Stewart11:27.85aBuckeye Valley      
14.11Chris Davis11:27.95aPataskala Licking He...      
15.10Amari Jones11:37.55aEastmoor Academy      
16.10Curtis Schmelzer11:49.17aMarion Pleasant      
17.11Dylan Bell11:54.26aMarion Pleasant      
18.12Danny Harr11:54.68aSt Francis De Sales-...      
19.9Andrew Selitto12:00.72aPataskala Licking He...      
20.10Mark Omlor12:00.89aSt Francis De Sales-...      
21.9Cody Howell12:44.21aNorth Union      
X 3200 Meters - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Chris Monroe10:32.15aHeath      
2.11Brice Emler10:35.60aEast Knox      
3.11Paul Blanchard10:35.64aEast Knox      
4.10Michael Derringer10:37.63aNorthridge      
5.10Erik Sneckenburg10:38.40aGranville      
6.12Zach Arace10:38.97aBexley      
7.11Nick Burger10:42.56aGranville      
8.10Darin Cognion11:01.82aLicking Valley      
9.12Scott Loudermilk11:13.41aAmanda-Clearcreek      
10.11Evan Porter11:15.97aBexley      
11.12Chris Zuccarelli11:21.16aBishop Hartley      
12.10Ryan Cullison11:23.63aLakewood (Hebron)      
13.10Shane Newton11:24.88aLicking Valley      
14.9Chris Winger11:27.29aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
15.12Jonath Montgomery11:48.14aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
16.12Aaron Wortman12:13.70aAmanda-Clearcreek      
17.11John Klugh12:24.17aHighland (Sparta)      
--10Brendan WalburnDQLakewood (Hebron)      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.12Sean James14.66aEastmoor Academy      
2.12Steven Mitchell14.84aEastmoor Academy      
3.9Ifa Abduljelili15.27aWhitehall-Yearling      
4.12Erik Wall15.69aBuckeye Valley      
5.11Michael Lehmann16.21aBishop Watterson      
6.10Andrew Jeffries16.28aBishop Watterson      
7.11Josh Lamb16.54aJonathan Alder      
8.12Austin Morgan16.62aUtica      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.10Isaiah Walls15.60aBishop Hartley      
2.12Jared Kline15.84aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.9Alex Downey16.39aGranville      
4.11Daniel Pfeffer16.67aLicking Valley      
5.12Kevin Bond16.73aBexley      
6.11Jake Waterman16.77aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
7.9Hunter Rogerson16.81aGranville      
8.10Levi Myers17.48aEast Knox      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 1 - Semi-Finals
1.12Sean James14.76aEastmoor Academy      
2.12Steven Mitchell14.96aEastmoor Academy      
1.12Erik Wall15.95aBuckeye Valley      
2.9Ifa Abduljelili16.21aWhitehall-Yearling      
3.10Andrew Jeffries16.51aBishop Watterson      
4.12Austin Morgan16.55aUtica      
3.11Michael Lehmann16.58aBishop Watterson      
4.11Josh Lamb17.25aJonathan Alder      
5.12Dillon Carr17.31aBuckeye Valley      
5.11Spencer Schmidt17.76aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.12Jason Hulsey17.80aPataskala Licking He...      
7.12Keith Fletcher18.16aMadison Plains      
6.9Cody Wiley18.98aNorth Union      
7.10Chase Laird19.03aNorth Union      
8.10Brandon Angles19.76aMarion Pleasant      
8.11Cody McSurley20.11aJonathan Alder      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 2 - Semi-Finals
1.10Isaiah Walls15.96aBishop Hartley      
1.12Jared Kline16.39aLakewood (Hebron)      
2.9Alex Downey16.89aGranville      
3.11Jake Waterman17.20aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.11Daniel Pfeffer17.29aLicking Valley      
2.9Hunter Rogerson17.38aGranville      
3.12Kevin Bond17.40aBexley      
4.10Levi Myers17.49aEast Knox      
5.10Zach Roberts17.77aLicking Valley      
5.9Hunter Mercer17.89aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.9Steven Jacobs17.98aEast Knox      
6.9Shawn Beltz18.13aHighland (Sparta)      
7.10Cameron Stewart18.20aBexley      
7.12Derek Wood18.41aBloom Carroll      
8.11C.J. Schneider18.66aElgin      
8.10Dillon Furbee19.13aHeath      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.12Sean James15.79aEastmoor Academy      
1.9Ifa Abduljelili16.08aWhitehall-Yearling      
1.12Erik Wall16.21aBuckeye Valley      
1.12Steven Mitchell16.41aEastmoor Academy      
2.11Michael Lehmann16.70aBishop Watterson      
2.10Andrew Jeffries17.09aBishop Watterson      
2.12Austin Morgan17.24aUtica      
3.12Dillon Carr17.30aBuckeye Valley      
3.11Josh Lamb17.47aJonathan Alder      
4.12Keith Fletcher18.25aMadison Plains      
2.11Spencer Schmidt18.48aSt Francis De Sales-...      
3.12Jason Hulsey18.55aPataskala Licking He...      
4.9Cody Wiley19.33aNorth Union      
3.10Chase Laird19.75aNorth Union      
5.10Brandon Angles20.10aMarion Pleasant      
4.11Cody McSurley20.43aJonathan Alder      
5.9Edriel Jeffrey22.62aWhitehall-Yearling      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.10Isaiah Walls16.47aBishop Hartley      
1.12Jared Kline16.75aLakewood (Hebron)      
1.10Zach Roberts17.25aLicking Valley      
2.10Levi Myers17.47aEast Knox      
3.9Alex Downey17.48aGranville      
4.9Shawn Beltz17.55aHighland (Sparta)      
2.9Hunter Mercer17.57aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
1.11Daniel Pfeffer17.85aLicking Valley      
2.11Jake Waterman17.93aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.9Hunter Rogerson18.11aGranville      
3.12Kevin Bond18.13aBexley      
4.9Steven Jacobs18.32aEast Knox      
3.11C.J. Schneider18.56aElgin      
3.10Cameron Stewart18.57aBexley      
4.10Dillon Furbee18.81aHeath      
4.12Derek Wood18.82aBloom Carroll      
5.9Wyatt Dixon19.07aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.11Andrew Theiss19.31aBloom Carroll      
5.9Cody Barton21.88aHeath      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.12Steven Mitchell39.55aEastmoor Academy      
2.12Sean James40.49aEastmoor Academy      
3.9Ifa Abduljelili41.18aWhitehall-Yearling      
4.10Jordan Bodell41.64aPataskala Licking He...      
5.10Riley West42.41aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.12Zach Gorman42.84aMadison Plains      
7.12Erik Wall43.24aBuckeye Valley      
8.12Jason Hulsey43.59aPataskala Licking He...      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.10Isaiah Walls40.42aBishop Hartley      
2.11Nelson Scott40.84aHeath      
3.11Jonathan Wampler41.29aAmanda-Clearcreek      
4.12Jared Kline42.33aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.12Kevin Bond42.80aBexley      
6.10Zach Roberts42.83aLicking Valley      
7.10Levi Myers43.88aEast Knox      
8.12Derek Wood45.17aBloom Carroll      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.12Steven Mitchell40.30aEastmoor Academy      
1.12Sean James40.75aEastmoor Academy      
2.9Ifa Abduljelili41.47aWhitehall-Yearling      
1.10Jordan Bodell41.57aPataskala Licking He...      
2.10Riley West42.67aSt Francis De Sales-...      
2.12Erik Wall42.98aBuckeye Valley      
3.12Jason Hulsey43.25aPataskala Licking He...      
4.12Zach Gorman43.50aMadison Plains      
3.11Jent Dassylva43.70aUtica      
3.11Josh Lamb43.73aJonathan Alder      
4.9Justin Picklesimon43.95aJonathan Alder      
5.11Spencer Schmidt44.44aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.10Andrew Jeffries45.34aBishop Watterson      
5.12Dillon Carr45.40aBuckeye Valley      
6.9Andrew Eschleman46.20aBishop Watterson      
6.10Jordan Swart46.25aMarion Pleasant      
7.10Brandon Angles47.18aMarion Pleasant      
5.9Cody Wiley47.59aNorth Union      
8.12Keith Fletcher48.00aMadison Plains      
6.10Chase Laird49.13aNorth Union      
7.9Edriel Jeffrey52.96aWhitehall-Yearling      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.11Nelson Scott39.35aHeath      
1.10Isaiah Walls41.54aBishop Hartley      
1.11Jonathan Wampler41.86aAmanda-Clearcreek      
1.12Jared Kline42.91aLakewood (Hebron)      
2.12Kevin Bond43.23aBexley      
3.12Derek Wood43.63aBloom Carroll      
2.10Zach Roberts43.90aLicking Valley      
2.10Levi Myers43.96aEast Knox      
2.11Reginald Jones44.32aLinden Mc Kinley      
3.12Patrick Donelan44.83aGranville      
3.9Alex Downey44.84aGranville      
3.11Daniel Pfeffer45.01aLicking Valley      
4.11Jake Waterman45.18aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.10Cameron Stewart45.22aBexley      
5.9Steven Jacobs45.72aEast Knox      
4.11Andrew Theiss47.03aBloom Carroll      
5.11C.J. Schneider47.99aElgin      
5.10Dillon Furbee48.08aHeath      
4.9Hunter Mercer48.72aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.9Wyatt Dixon50.71aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.10Zack Skeens51.80aHighland (Sparta)      
X 4x100 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.-Jordan Adams
Mikale Long
Khalil Hairston
Sean James
44.49aEastmoor Academy      
2.-DJ Byrdsong
Matt Nichols
Brionne Mitchell
Kerbey Pierre
44.68aPataskala Licking He...      
3.-Matt Wilson
Cody Cline
Toby Moone
Arthur Douglas
4.-Marquis Barton
Kyle Jefferson
Justin Sweat
Tyrone Smith
5.-Relay Team 45.70aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.-Relay Team 45.70aBishop Watterson      
7.-Relay Team 45.71aJonathan Alder      
8.-Relay Team 46.14aMarion Pleasant      
X 4x100 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.00aBishop Hartley      
2.-Relay Team 44.52aBexley      
3.-Relay Team 44.92aEast Knox      
4.-Relay Team 44.95aLinden Mc Kinley      
5.-Relay Team 45.42aElgin      
6.-Relay Team 45.60aAmanda-Clearcreek      
7.-Relay Team 45.80aHeath      
---Relay Team DNFGranville      
X 4x100 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.-Charles Braden
Mikale Long
Khalil Hairston
Sean James
44.45aEastmoor Academy      
1.-DJ Byrdsong
Matt Nichols
Kerbey Pierre
Brionne Mitchell
44.98aPataskala Licking He...      
2.-Shane Boyd
Adam Lamb
Cody McSurley
Derritt Potts
45.21aJonathan Alder      
2.-Cody Cline
Toby Moone
Matt Wilson
Arthur Douglas
3.-Alex Matacia
Jimmy Gallagher
Dominic Clegg
P.J. Malagisi
45.32aBishop Watterson      
4.-Marquis Barton
Kyle Jefferson
Justin Sweat
Devin Cox
3.-Austin Garrett
Tariq DeGraffinree
Channing McNeal
Brandon Shepherd
46.14aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.-Jordan Swart
David Carroll
Cody Pemberton
Armani McGary
46.32aMarion Pleasant      
4.-Relay Team 46.68aJohnstown-Monroe      
6.-Blake Taylor
Dillon Williams
Clay Hastings
Kam Smith
46.83aNorth Union      
5.-Mitchell Sansom
Dillon Carr
Lu Guerrero
Neil Dawson
47.32aBuckeye Valley      
6.-Michael Beery
Mason Lahna
Josh Thomas
Trenton Hughes
48.04aMadison Plains      
7.-D.J. Fisher
Deion Rockhold
Brandon Samons
Josh High
X 4x100 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.-Josh McKenzie
Tyler Link
Tucker McKenzie
Clay Watkins
1.-Derek Cain
DJ Jones
Jalen Robinette
Ronnell Armstrong
2.-Noah Key
Geoffrey Whiteside
Matt Simpson
Omar Lane
44.66aBishop Hartley      
2.-Jordan Coffman
Khai Haralson
Dakota Anderson
Taylor Jones
44.76aEast Knox      
3.-Dillon Pinkstock
Chet Saum
Clayton Smith
Josh Hampshire
4.-Shakeem Hopkins
Tawuan Wiley
Tony Givens
Tyrone Linsey
45.66aLinden Mc Kinley      
3.-Evan Fry
Dan Combs
Brandon Blankenship
Nelson Scott
4.-David Parsons
Garrett Hesson
Felix Elswick
Brenden Cooke
5.-Jake Waterman
Jonah Hensley
Brad Rainier
Mike Simmons
47.21aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.-Anthony Angle
Joey Cramer
Mike Orr
Vance Johnson
52.50aLakewood (Hebron)      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.-Khalil Hairston
Mikale Long
Steven Mitchell
Sean James
1:31.39aEastmoor Academy      
2.-Jacob Loudenslager
Max Goodroe
Jordan Bodell
Kerbey Pierre
1:33.32aPataskala Licking He...      
3.-Kyle Jefferson
Ifa Abduljelili
Jontey Hammock
Tyrone Smith
4.-Jarrod Stahl
Adam Lamb
Derritt Potts
Steven Picklesimon
1:34.77aJonathan Alder      
5.-Relay Team 1:35.43aUtica      
6.-Relay Team 1:35.48aSt Francis De Sales-...      
7.-Relay Team 1:36.23aLondon      
8.-Relay Team 1:36.47aBuckeye Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.-Josh McKenzie
Austen Harrison
Clay Watkins
Jason Flood
2.-Tyler Kraft
Eric Rowland
Austin Heimberger
Josh Corwin
1:31.37aBloom Carroll      
3.-Tony Givens
Donald Anderson
Chajaz Davis
Rashawn Jones
1:31.56aLinden Mc Kinley      
4.-DJ Jones
Jalen Robinette
Eric Hollis
Ronnell Armstrong
5.-Relay Team 1:31.91aBishop Hartley      
6.-Relay Team 1:32.23aEast Knox      
7.-Relay Team 1:34.63aAmanda-Clearcreek      
8.-Relay Team 1:43.45aLicking Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.-Khalil Hairston
Mikale Long
Steven Mitchell
Sean James
1:31.65aEastmoor Academy      
1.-Max Goodroe
Daniel Helton
Jordan Bodell
Jeff Smith
1:33.50aPataskala Licking He...      
2.-Shane Boyd
Matt Rowe
Luke Sullivan
Cody McSurley
1:34.75aJonathan Alder      
3.-Kyle Jefferson
Ifa Abduljelili
Tyrone Smith
Devin Cox
4.-Cody Cline
Toby Moone
Matt Wilson
Arthur Douglas
2.-Josh High
Dylan Follrod
Deion Rockhold
Justin Hoosier
3.-Tariq DeGraffinree
Brandon Shepherd
Chris Colatruglio
Channing McNeal
1:36.15aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.-Mitchell Sansom
Neil Dawson
Lu Guerrero
Markus Kelley
1:37.97aBuckeye Valley      
5.-Alex Matacia
Sam Besozzi
P.J. Malagisi
Josh Gresham
1:38.16aBishop Watterson      
5.-Jordan Swart
Dan Lee
Cody Pemberton
David Carroll
1:38.31aMarion Pleasant      
6.-Relay Team 1:40.14aJohnstown-Monroe      
6.-Blake Taylor
Dillon Williams
Kam Smith
Clay Hastings
1:41.19aNorth Union      
7.-Keith Fletcher
Chad Hane
Josh Thomas
Michael Beery
1:46.39aMadison Plains      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.-Donald Anderson
Chajaz Davis
Rashawn Jones
Tony Givens
1:31.50aLinden Mc Kinley      
1.-Corey Thompson
Matt Simpson
Isaiah Walls
Noah Key
1:31.90aBishop Hartley      
2.-Tyler Kraft
Eric Rowland
Austin Heimberger
Josh Corwin
1:31.95aBloom Carroll      
2.-Josh McKenzie
Austen Harrison
Clay Watkins
Tyler Link
3.-Jordan Coffman
Khai Haralson
Dakota Anderson
Taylor Jones
1:32.52aEast Knox      
3.-Eric Hollis
DJ Jones
Jalen Robinette
Ronnell Armstrong
4.-Dillon Pinkstock
Chet Saum
Josh Hampshire
Jonathan Wampler
5.-Jake Smith
Calder Shepherd
Quincy Robinson
Justin Kerntz
1:35.66aLicking Valley      
4.-David Parsons
Garrett Hesson
Kasey Stayner
Auston Edwards
6.-Jake Waterman
Garrett Wood
Jonah Hensley
Mike Simmons
1:38.50aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.-Anthony Angle
Mike Orr
Wyatt Dixon
Brendan Walburn
1:41.78aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.-Zack Skeens
Ben Van Sickle
Kyle Davies
Dylan Gonzalez
1:43.47aHighland (Sparta)      
6.-Dillon Furbee
Collin Shawler
Cody Barton
Ian Cuevas
X 4x400 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.-Alex Cannon
Mikale Long
Steven Mitchell
Dareyus Person
3:25.70aEastmoor Academy      
2.-Jontey Hammock
Allen Ritchie
Ifa Abduljelili
Justin Sweat
3.-Matt Colvin
Justin Hoosier
Dylan Follrod
Derek Davis
4.-Max Goodroe
Colt Denig
Jacob Loudenslager
Jordan Bodell
3:31.51aPataskala Licking He...      
5.-Relay Team 3:32.83aJonathan Alder      
6.-Relay Team 3:38.03aSt Francis De Sales-...      
7.-Relay Team 3:38.62aUtica      
8.-Relay Team 3:40.32aMarion Pleasant      
X 4x400 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.-Omar Lane
Matt Simpson
Noah Key
Isaiah Walls
3:25.65aBishop Hartley      
2.-Mitch McDaniel
Joey Montoya
Khai Haralson
Dakota Anderson
3:27.04aEast Knox      
3.-Jared Snider
Jake Smith
Calder Shepherd
Justin Kerntz
3:28.12aLicking Valley      
4.-Jonathan Wampler
Max Corcoran
Dillon Pinkstock
Zack Howard
5.-Relay Team 3:30.06aLinden Mc Kinley      
6.-Relay Team 3:30.74aBexley      
7.-Relay Team 3:33.02aGranville      
8.-Relay Team 3:35.43aHeath      
X 4x400 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Prelims
1.-Alex Cannon
Dareyus Person
Mikale Long
Steven Mitchell
3:28.52aEastmoor Academy      
1.-Matt Colvin
Derek Davis
Dylan Follrod
Justin Hoosier
2.-Derritt Potts
Justin Picklesimon
Matt Rowe
Adam Lamb
3:31.78aJonathan Alder      
3.-Jordan Bodell
Max Goodroe
Jeff Smith
Daniel Helton
3:32.78aPataskala Licking He...      
2.-Jontey Hammock
Allen Ritchie
Justin Sweat
Ifa Abduljelili
3.-Kevin Marth
Tyler West
Dan Kelley
Kyle Mosley
3:39.31aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.-Dan Lee
Cody Pemberton
Drexler McColly
Eric Nelson
3:39.66aMarion Pleasant      
5.-Clay Rowley
Matt Wilson
Cody Marston
Jent Dassylva
4.-Zach Kerscher
Alex Matacia
Andrew Eschleman
Erik Oman
3:43.89aBishop Watterson      
5.-Austin Hilt
Lu Guerrero
Ben Stakely
Matt Brittsan
3:50.65aBuckeye Valley      
6.-Colton Stinemetz
Tyler Kirby
Tyler Hammons
Daniel Barr
3:56.31aNorth Union      
X 4x400 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Prelims
1.-Kendall Sherrod
Matt Simpson
Isaiah Walls
Omar Lane
3:28.92aBishop Hartley      
1.-Devin Wears
Joey Montoya
Khai Haralson
Dakota Anderson
3:30.73aEast Knox      
2.-Jared Snider
Calder Shepherd
Jake Smith
Justin Kerntz
3:31.74aLicking Valley      
3.-DJ Jones
David Essman
Jalen Robinette
Eric Hollis
4.-Chajaz Davis
Donald Anderson
Anthony Shaw
Rashawn Jones
3:33.46aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.-Jonathan Wampler
Max Corcoran
Dillon Pinkstock
Zack Howard
3.-Austen Harrison
Clayton Plute
Gabe Standley
Thomas Nichols
4.-Dan Combs
Travis James
Nelson Scott
Dustin Weaver
5.-Brett Reiselt
Derek Wood
Michael Parsell
Eric Rowland
3:41.94aBloom Carroll      
5.-David Parsons
Billy Peck
Garrett Hesson
Cole Ryan
6.-Brandon Wright
Joey Cramer
Jared Kline
Vance Johnson
3:43.84aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.-Mike Simmons
Garrett Wood
Ron Lusby
Layne Kelder
3:43.92aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
X 4x800 Relay - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.-Alex Cannon
Amari Jones
Kwesi Sample
Keenan Morgan
8:27.42aEastmoor Academy      
2.-Derek Davis
Matt Colvin
Kevin Swartz
Dylan Follrod
3.-Dan Lee
Sedd Bradley
Cody Pemberton
Drexler McColly
8:38.60aMarion Pleasant      
4.-Cody Marston
Jent Dassylva
Clay Rowley
Tyler Harriman
5.-Matt Richardson
Trevin Pitroff
Charles McCombs
Zac Lackey
8:44.84aBishop Watterson      
6.-James Platt
Jacob Wall
Seth Short
John Holbrook
7.-Brandon Stewart
Jordan Knieper
Nick Clunk
Matt Brittsan
8:59.60aBuckeye Valley      
8.-Kegan Yoder
CJ Pastore
Justin Picklesimon
Alex Dresvyannikov
9:05.29aJonathan Alder      
9.-Tyler Kirby
Michael Hamilton
Jacob Miller
Aaron Smith
9:09.80aNorth Union      
10.-Tyler West
Aaron Melsop
Marq Pannell
Ryan McGlade
9:10.76aSt Francis De Sales-...      
11.-Chase Reed
Hassan Mustafa
Noah Young
Jontey Hammock
12.-Todd Dials
Abdi Abdirashid
Tim Ney
Korey Kenny
9:26.32aPataskala Licking He...      
X 4x800 Relay - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.-Justin Kerntz
Eathan Osborn
Calder Shepherd
Jared Snider
8:21.19aLicking Valley      
2.-Cody Washka
Mark Pleasants
Kris Klark
Andrew Walsh
3.-Paul Blanchard
Brice Emler
Brandon McCown
Joey Montoya
8:25.78aEast Knox      
4.-Micah Muller
Evan Porter
David Essman
Eric Hollis
5.-Max Corcoran
Aaron Wortman
Scott Loudermilk
Zack Howard
6.-Brendan Walburn
Brandon Wright
Justin Smythe
Vance Johnson
8:38.97aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.-Travis James
Dustin Weaver
Chris Monroe
Bryon Keller
8.-Ron Lusby
Kevin Stephens
Chris Winger
Garrett Wood
9:07.18aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
9.-Kyle Davies
Shawn Beltz
John Klugh
Dylan Gonzalez
9:08.80aHighland (Sparta)      
10.-Bailey Kyte
Billy Peck
Jake Triplett
Jake Roszman
11.-Donald Anderson
Anthony Shaw
Tony Givens
Tawuan Wiley
9:25.34aLinden Mc Kinley      
12.-Michael Derringer
Tyler Estep
Nick Klawitter
William Bogantz
X Shot Put - 12lb - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Brandon Purdum49-01.50Jonathan Alder      
1.10Jabari Howard47-11.00Eastmoor Academy      
2.10Nick Wrightsel45-04.50Jonathan Alder      
1.-Alex Smith44-11.50Bishop Watterson      
2.10Rustin West43-05.00Eastmoor Academy      
1.11Jake Boyd43-02.00North Union      
2.11Tony Good42-07.50Marion Pleasant      
2.10Anthony Robinson40-05.50London      
3.11Ken Evans39-08.50Johnstown-Monroe      
3.11Allen Ritchie39-06.50Whitehall-Yearling      
3.12Malcolm Burrell39-05.75St Francis De Sales-...      
4.12Brandon Gonzalez37-11.50Whitehall-Yearling      
4.-Levi Boggs37-10.50Utica      
5.11Mason Lahna37-10.50Madison Plains      
3.10Kevyn Myers37-07.50London      
4.10Justin Wynn36-04.50North Union      
6.11Travis Pack36-02.50Buckeye Valley      
5.12Harold Nicholson36-01.50St Francis De Sales-...      
7.11Jacob Loudenslager33-11.00Pataskala Licking He...      
4.-Grant Smith33-07.50Johnstown-Monroe      
5.-Eric Rutowski32-01.00Bishop Watterson      
6.12Sean Hunter29-04.75Madison Plains      
6.9Scott Meyer26-08.00Buckeye Valley      
--9Andre BarrettDQSouth Columbus      
---Ivan DixonNDPataskala Licking He...      
---Jeremy SissonNDMarion Pleasant      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.9Quinn Levering48-05.00River Valley (Caledo...      
1.11Matt Stooksbury46-05.50Highland (Sparta)      
1.10Aron Gibson45-10.75River Valley (Caledo...      
1.12Shawn Gatewood45-06.00Linden Mc Kinley      
2.11Chase Redman44-10.50Licking Valley      
2.11Zach Satterfield44-06.25Heath      
2.11Zack Campbell43-10.50Heath      
2.11Malcolm Branch41-07.00Bishop Hartley      
3.-Alex Green41-05.00Elgin      
3.11Josh Gordan41-00.00Licking Valley      
3.12Phillip Rippy39-10.50Linden Mc Kinley      
4.10Cody Smith39-08.75Amanda-Clearcreek      
4.11Patrick Gibson39-07.00Granville      
5.11Austin Howard37-10.00Bloom Carroll      
3.-Aric Durbin37-08.75East Knox      
5.10Aaron Roberts37-08.75Highland (Sparta)      
4.12Michael Penn36-11.00Bexley      
6.11Cole Gordon36-04.25Granville      
4.10JJ Snyder36-04.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
6.-Nick Taylor36-01.25East Knox      
5.12Willie Martinez36-00.75Lakewood (Hebron)      
5.10Brandon Stokes34-00.25Bexley      
7.11John Howell33-09.00Bishop Hartley      
7.11William Bogantz32-00.50Northridge      
6.12Jarod Abel26-07.00Lakewood (Hebron)      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.11Brandon Purdum142-11Jonathan Alder      
1.11Jake Boyd135-07North Union      
1.10Zac Snively132-01Jonathan Alder      
2.10Jabari Howard120-09Eastmoor Academy      
2.12Kwesi Sample120-03Eastmoor Academy      
2.10Justin Wynn118-01North Union      
3.11Larry Sampson116-10London      
1.12Malcolm Burrell111-07St Francis De Sales-...      
3.12Brandon Gonzalez111-00Whitehall-Yearling      
2.-Levi Boggs105-03Utica      
4.10Bryan Ansel101-04London      
3.12Alex Keilmeyer99-06Pataskala Licking He...      
3.-Eric Rutowski97-06Bishop Watterson      
4.10Dan Jeffries96-07Bishop Watterson      
4.11Mason Lahna91-08Madison Plains      
4.11Travis Pack91-02Buckeye Valley      
5.12Harold Nicholson90-06St Francis De Sales-...      
5.9Mitch Beem89-00Buckeye Valley      
5.10Travis Mayabb87-00Madison Plains      
5.11Allen Ritchie87-00Whitehall-Yearling      
6.9Andre Barrett85-04South Columbus      
6.-Jeremy Sisson83-06Marion Pleasant      
7.11Ken Evans78-02Johnstown-Monroe      
6.-Grant Smith76-04Johnstown-Monroe      
6.11Jacob Loudenslager71-01Pataskala Licking He...      
--11Tony GoodNDMarion Pleasant      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.12Shawn Gatewood138-02Linden Mc Kinley      
1.11Zach Satterfield133-04Heath      
1.9Quinn Levering127-02River Valley (Caledo...      
2.11Nick Kerns124-02Granville      
2.10Chris Beck123-10Heath      
3.11Kyle Rutter121-07River Valley (Caledo...      
1.10John Williams113-05Bloom Carroll      
2.10Aaron Roberts109-02Highland (Sparta)      
2.10Cody Smith108-10Amanda-Clearcreek      
3.-Cody Wirth108-08East Knox      
3.11Matt Stooksbury105-11Highland (Sparta)      
3.12Willie Martinez103-02Lakewood (Hebron)      
4.-Alex Green102-10Elgin      
4.11Chase Redman100-05Licking Valley      
4.11Malcolm Branch99-11Bishop Hartley      
5.11John Howell99-00Bishop Hartley      
5.12Phillip Rippy94-00Linden Mc Kinley      
4.10JJ Snyder93-07Amanda-Clearcreek      
6.10Ralph Vayntraub90-00Bexley      
5.-Jeff Hatley89-03East Knox      
7.10Brandon Stokes84-09Bexley      
5.11Austin Howard80-09Bloom Carroll      
6.-Jarod Rose67-05Lakewood (Hebron)      
--12Ben LoughNDLicking Valley      
X High Jump - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.12Kyle Mosley5-11.00St Francis De Sales-...      
2.9Cody Wiley5-10.00North Union      
3.9Joe Mankovecky5-09.00Bishop Watterson      
4.10Aaron Melsop5-08.00St Francis De Sales-...      
5.11Chad Fuller5-06.00Johnstown-Monroe      
5.-Trenton Vickers5-06.00Utica      
5.11Derek Dingus5-06.00Madison Plains      
--12Trenton HughesNHMadison Plains      
--11Josh LambNHJonathan Alder      
--10Arthur DouglasNHUtica      
---Tim CarterNHBishop Watterson      
--10Brandon AnglesNHMarion Pleasant      
--11Tre'von TurnerNHJohnstown-Monroe      
--9Deion RockholdNHLondon      
--9Sherard PollardNHPataskala Licking He...      
--12Cameron JamesNHBuckeye Valley      
X High Jump - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.12Alex Lindner5-10.00Granville      
2.11Nick Weakley5-08.00Granville      
2.10Kendall Sherrod5-08.00Bishop Hartley      
2.11Bryon Keller5-08.00Heath      
2.10Jalen Robinette5-08.00Bexley      
6.11Auston Edwards5-06.00Elgin      
6.12Austin Durbin5-06.00Licking Valley      
--11Andrew TheissNHBloom Carroll      
--11Clayton SmithNHAmanda-Clearcreek      
--12Dan CombsNHHeath      
--11Reginald JonesNHLinden Mc Kinley      
--11Najee BlackwellNHLinden Mc Kinley      
--10Kevin StephensNHRiver Valley (Caledo...      
--12Matt AsensioNHBexley      
--9David BriggsNHLakewood (Hebron)      
X Pole Vault - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.9Austin Hilt10-04.00Buckeye Valley      
2.12Zach Gorman10-00.00Madison Plains      
2.12Jason Hulsey10-00.00Pataskala Licking He...      
4.10Curtis Schmelzer9-08.00Marion Pleasant      
4.10Eric Luckey9-08.00Utica      
6.11Zane Smith9-00.00North Union      
7.10Michael Hamilton8-06.00North Union      
7.10Jared Keeney8-06.00Jonathan Alder      
7.9Connor Gilpin8-06.00Marion Pleasant      
7.9Caleb Sarver8-06.00Jonathan Alder      
7.9Austin Chilcote8-06.00Johnstown-Monroe      
--11James BlairNHJohnstown-Monroe      
--11Josh ThomasNHMadison Plains      
--12Jared BoboNHLondon      
X Pole Vault - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Ron Lusby13-08.00River Valley (Caledo...      
2.12Austin Durbin13-04.00Licking Valley      
3.11Brandon Blankenship12-08.00Heath      
3.10Chet Saum12-08.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
5.12Jared Wilson12-04.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
6.10Drew Hosler10-06.00Granville      
6.-Mike Simmons10-06.00River Valley (Caledo...      
8.11Jake Triplett10-00.00Elgin      
8.10Andy Cumston10-00.00Elgin      
--12Jarod AbelNHLakewood (Hebron)      
--12Willie MartinezNHLakewood (Hebron)      
--12Corey ThrushNHHeath      
--10Jose ParsonsNHLicking Valley      
X Long Jump - Div II, District 1 - Finals
1.12Steven Picklesimon20-06.25Jonathan Alder      
1.10Jeff Smith20-01.00Pataskala Licking He...      
1.11Daniel Helton19-07.00Pataskala Licking He...      
2.12Malcolm Burrell19-06.50St Francis De Sales-...      
1.11Adam Lamb19-06.25Jonathan Alder      
2.11Derek Dingus19-04.50Madison Plains      
3.-Josh Gresham18-05.75Bishop Watterson      
2.12Trenton Hughes18-05.00Madison Plains      
4.10Arthur Douglas18-01.00Utica      
2.11Tre'von Turner17-11.00Johnstown-Monroe      
3.11Chad Fuller17-09.00Johnstown-Monroe      
4.12Justin Sweat17-08.50Whitehall-Yearling      
5.10Tyrone Smith17-06.00Whitehall-Yearling      
6.12Erik Wall17-05.25Buckeye Valley      
3.11Neil Dawson17-04.25Buckeye Valley      
3.-Derik Rudolph17-03.75Eastmoor Academy      
4.10Erik Oman17-00.00Bishop Watterson      
4.-Seth Coppler16-09.50Marion Pleasant      
5.-Adam Smyers16-06.00London      
5.9Connor Gilpin16-01.50Marion Pleasant      
7.10D.J. Fisher14-11.25London      
--10Tahje BrownNDEastmoor Academy      
--12Chris ColatruglioNDSt Francis De Sales-...      
X Long Jump - Div II, District 2 - Finals
1.11Nelson Scott21-07.75Heath      
1.9Jordan Coffman20-03.75East Knox      
2.12Anthony Shaw20-00.50Linden Mc Kinley      
3.12Donald Anderson19-10.75Linden Mc Kinley      
2.12Austin Durbin19-08.25Licking Valley      
1.11C.J. Schneider19-04.50Elgin      
2.12Devin Wears18-11.75East Knox      
3.11Bryon Keller18-11.75Heath      
3.9Quincy Robinson18-11.00Licking Valley      
4.11Jonathan Wampler18-07.25Amanda-Clearcreek      
5.10Felix Elswick18-05.00Elgin      
1.10Shawn Seymour18-03.75Bloom Carroll      
2.9Cody Lenfest18-02.00Granville      
4.12Kevin Bond18-01.50Bexley      
4.10Kyle Rybicki18-01.25Bloom Carroll      
3.9Hunter Mercer17-10.25River Valley (Caledo...      
5.12Matt Asensio17-09.50Bexley      
6.9Ian Mulvey17-07.75Granville      
6.-Austin Fox16-11.00River Valley (Caledo...      
7.9Anthony Angle16-04.50Lakewood (Hebron)      
4.-Ben Van Sickle16-03.00Highland (Sparta)      
5.11Jason Mercier15-08.00Bishop Hartley      
6.9David Briggs15-03.75Lakewood (Hebron)      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.10Rachel Christian12.28aDublin Scioto      
2.9Megan Osborne12.36aChillicothe      
3.10Caitlyn Rack12.52aHilliard Darby      
4.12Lori Kelly12.69aNew Albany      
5.12Taryn Ashcraft12.94aHilliard Darby      
6.10Vanessa Gyimah12.98aNew Albany      
7.11Kathrine Costin13.01aOlentangy Liberty      
X 100 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.12Chesna Sykes11.74aBishop Hartley      
2.12Sam Jones12.61aHeath      
3.12CharAnna Dixon12.81aBishop Hartley      
4.9Tashara Smith13.34aWhitehall-Yearling      
5.9Sariah Rhodes13.37aEastmoor Academy      
6.11Katrina Cartwright13.38aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.9Rachel Eaton13.39aLondon      
8.9Savannah Thomas13.39aJonathan Alder      
X 100 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Semi-Finals
1.10Rachel Christian12.41aDublin Scioto      
1.9Megan Osborne12.55aChillicothe      
2.10Caitlyn Rack12.88aHilliard Darby      
2.10Vanessa Gyimah12.98aNew Albany      
3.11Mackenzie Gill12.99aHilliard Bradley      
3.12Lori Kelly13.01aNew Albany      
4.12Taryn Ashcraft13.09aHilliard Darby      
4.11Kathrine Costin13.10aOlentangy Liberty      
5.11Karissa Conrad13.10aLancaster      
5.10Camaria Cannon13.11aDublin Scioto      
6.12Ashley Kemper13.28aOlentangy Liberty      
7.9Alexis Walsh13.29aMarietta      
6.9Taleri Mugrage13.66aMarietta      
7.9Kayla Malik13.69aHilliard Bradley      
8.9Leah Selmek13.81aSt Francis De Sales-...      
8.10Megan McCabe13.81aSt Francis De Sales-...      
X 100 Meters - Div II - Semi-Finals
1.12Chesna Sykes12.16aBishop Hartley      
1.12Sam Jones12.58aHeath      
2.12CharAnna Dixon12.81aBishop Hartley      
3.9Tashara Smith13.11aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.11Katrina Cartwright13.16aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.9Rachel Eaton13.19aLondon      
4.9Savannah Thomas13.22aJonathan Alder      
4.9Sariah Rhodes13.23aEastmoor Academy      
5.9Carly Culbertson13.25aBishop Ready      
5.12Rachel Johnson13.36aNorthridge      
6.10JaMilla Holland13.43aColumbus For Girls      
7.12Cassie Brown13.47aAmanda-Clearcreek      
6.10Lydia Mattern13.76aHeath      
8.11Kelly Stafford13.83aNorthridge      
7.9Eva Jenkins13.92aColumbus For Girls      
X 100 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.12Lori Kelly12.83aNew Albany      
1.10Rachel Christian12.90aDublin Scioto      
1.10Caitlyn Rack13.08aHilliard Darby      
2.11Kathrine Costin13.16aOlentangy Liberty      
2.10Vanessa Gyimah13.23aNew Albany      
1.9Megan Osborne13.24aChillicothe      
3.11Karissa Conrad13.25aLancaster      
4.9Alexis Walsh13.29aMarietta      
3.10Camaria Cannon13.30aDublin Scioto      
2.12Taryn Ashcraft13.36aHilliard Darby      
2.12Ashley Kemper13.43aOlentangy Liberty      
3.11Mackenzie Gill13.45aHilliard Bradley      
3.9Kayla Malik13.54aHilliard Bradley      
5.12Stephanie Garrett13.55aLogan      
4.9Taleri Mugrage13.56aMarietta      
5.11Ayana Colvin13.85aCentral Crossing      
4.10Megan McCabe13.88aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.9Leah Selmek13.90aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.10Laressa Lashley14.24aZanesville      
5.10Shelby Ronk14.32aTri-Valley      
6.12Whitney Mitchell14.32aLogan      
7.12Kylie Prince14.33aTri-Valley      
6.9Cara Glenn14.69aLancaster      
7.11Alissa Fleming14.87aZanesville      
--10Mary McLainNTOlentangy Orange      
X 100 Meters - Div II - Prelims
1.12Chesna Sykes12.67aBishop Hartley      
1.12Sam Jones13.05aHeath      
1.12CharAnna Dixon13.21aBishop Hartley      
1.9Sariah Rhodes13.55aEastmoor Academy      
1.9Carly Culbertson13.69aBishop Ready      
1.9Rachel Eaton13.71aLondon      
1.11Katrina Cartwright13.77aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.12Cassie Brown13.82aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.9Savannah Thomas13.88aJonathan Alder      
3.-Shannon Chandler14.01aUtica      
2.9Eva Jenkins14.03aColumbus For Girls      
2.10Lydia Mattern14.03aHeath      
4.11Ashley Pinckney14.18aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.9Macy Holston14.24aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
3.12Kelley Becher14.28aGranville      
4.9Emily Shook14.29aLiberty Union      
3.10Ashl Brown-Manley14.30aEastmoor Academy      
3.10Ellie Johnson14.31aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.12Heather Manning14.33aBishop Ready      
4.10Chelsey Call14.35aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.-Katherine Bangert14.58aUtica      
4.10Emily Winnegrad14.65aBexley      
5.11Jessica Frost14.68aPataskala Licking He...      
5.12Kristen Carr14.71aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.9Megan Stalter14.76aLiberty Union      
5.10Alex Myers14.78aLondon      
5.9Emily Myers14.80aBexley      
5.-Deizune Hunter14.86aLinden Mc Kinley      
6.9Jessica Martinez14.88aBloom Carroll      
6.11Danielle Chirdon14.97aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.9Sarah Katona14.97aHighland (Sparta)      
5.9Anne Brady15.00aMadison Plains      
6.-Victoria Wilson15.16aHighland (Sparta)      
6.10Madison Lovell15.32aLicking Valley      
6.-Kristin Skinner15.68aPataskala Licking He...      
6.-Lacie Keyse15.68aLicking Valley      
7.11Emily Hallett15.97aBuckeye Valley      
X 100 Meters - Div II Qtrs - Prelims
1.12Chesna Sykes12.52aBishop Hartley      
1.12Sam Jones12.98aHeath      
1.12CharAnna Dixon13.14aBishop Hartley      
1.9Sariah Rhodes13.47aEastmoor Academy      
2.9Tashara Smith13.48aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.9Rachel Eaton13.56aLondon      
2.11Katrina Cartwright13.60aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.10JaMilla Holland13.62aColumbus For Girls      
3.12Stacey Mighton13.71aGranville      
2.9Carly Culbertson13.73aBishop Ready      
3.9Eva Jenkins13.77aColumbus For Girls      
4.9Savannah Thomas13.77aJonathan Alder      
3.12Rachel Johnson13.81aNorthridge      
4.11Kelly Stafford13.91aNorthridge      
4.12Cassie Brown13.92aAmanda-Clearcreek      
5.12Heather Manning14.01aBishop Ready      
6.11Ashley Pinckney14.02aLinden Mc Kinley      
7.9Macy Holston14.04aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.12Liza Benedict14.05aJonathan Alder      
4.10Lydia Mattern14.06aHeath      
5.11Payton Guider14.14aElgin      
5.-Shannon Chandler14.22aUtica      
6.9Emily Shook14.28aLiberty Union      
6.9Amari Price14.30aWhitehall-Yearling      
6.10Chelsey Call14.34aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
7.10Ellie Johnson14.39aAmanda-Clearcreek      
7.-Katherine Bangert14.41aUtica      
7.12Kelley Becher14.44aGranville      
8.11McKenzie Manns14.50aMadison Plains      
8.11Jessica Frost14.51aPataskala Licking He...      
8.10Emily Winnegrad14.52aBexley      
8.10Ashl Brown-Manley14.74aEastmoor Academy      
X 200 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.9Megan Osborne25.00aChillicothe      
2.10Rachel Christian25.01aDublin Scioto      
3.10Caitlyn Rack25.75aHilliard Darby      
4.11Mycah Mason26.02aNew Albany      
5.12Lori Kelly26.31aNew Albany      
6.11Emily Lebsock26.56aHilliard Bradley      
7.11Mackenzie Gill27.00aHilliard Bradley      
8.9Alexis Walsh28.87aMarietta      
X 200 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.12Chesna Sykes25.32aBishop Hartley      
2.11Aisha Cavin25.32aBishop Hartley      
3.11Dana VanDervort26.34aNorthridge      
4.12Jordan Towns26.73aEastmoor Academy      
5.10Natalie Jardell26.90aGranville      
6.11Clare Bochy27.29aBishop Ready      
7.12Megan Brunn27.57aGranville      
8.10Molly Davenport27.98aBuckeye Valley      
X 200 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Semi-Finals
1.9Megan Osborne25.53aChillicothe      
1.10Rachel Christian25.94aDublin Scioto      
2.10Caitlyn Rack26.16aHilliard Darby      
2.11Mycah Mason26.47aNew Albany      
3.11Mackenzie Gill26.47aHilliard Bradley      
4.11Emily Lebsock26.54aHilliard Bradley      
5.10Camaria Cannon26.77aDublin Scioto      
3.12Lori Kelly26.90aNew Albany      
6.11Kathrine Costin27.41aOlentangy Liberty      
4.9Alexis Walsh27.58aMarietta      
7.12Ashley Kemper27.65aOlentangy Liberty      
5.11Ayana Colvin27.77aCentral Crossing      
8.-Katlin Ferry27.78aHilliard Darby      
6.10Taryn Annis28.12aTri-Valley      
7.12Stephanie Garrett28.61aLogan      
8.9Cara Glenn30.03aLancaster      
X 200 Meters - Div II - Semi-Finals
1.11Aisha Cavin24.67aBishop Hartley      
1.12Chesna Sykes25.20aBishop Hartley      
2.11Dana VanDervort26.24aNorthridge      
2.12Jordan Towns26.80aEastmoor Academy      
3.10Natalie Jardell26.91aGranville      
4.11Clare Bochy26.95aBishop Ready      
3.12Megan Brunn27.10aGranville      
4.10Molly Davenport27.25aBuckeye Valley      
5.9Tashara Smith27.30aWhitehall-Yearling      
5.11Olivia Thomas27.43aBloom Carroll      
6.11Morgan Baldwin27.57aAmanda-Clearcreek      
7.11Kim Euman28.04aWhitehall-Yearling      
6.10Tiffany Smythe28.17aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.10Lydia Mattern28.35aHeath      
8.12Beth Winchell28.43aLiberty Union      
8.-Shannon Chandler28.79aUtica      
X 200 Meters - Div II Qtrs - Quarter-Finals
4.12Beth Winchell28.47aLiberty Union      
X 200 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.9Megan Osborne25.69aChillicothe      
1.10Rachel Christian26.23aDublin Scioto      
1.11Mycah Mason26.30aNew Albany      
1.10Caitlyn Rack26.57aHilliard Darby      
2.12Lori Kelly26.94aNew Albany      
2.11Emily Lebsock27.03aHilliard Bradley      
3.10Camaria Cannon27.29aDublin Scioto      
2.11Kathrine Costin27.45aOlentangy Liberty      
3.10Taryn Annis27.62aTri-Valley      
4.9Alexis Walsh27.63aMarietta      
3.12Stephanie Garrett27.81aLogan      
4.-Katlin Ferry27.89aHilliard Darby      
4.12Ashley Kemper28.05aOlentangy Liberty      
5.11Fatima Konteh28.10aOlentangy Orange      
2.11Ayana Colvin28.24aCentral Crossing      
3.11Mackenzie Gill28.37aHilliard Bradley      
5.10Megan McCabe28.65aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.10Abby Ketelson29.04aMarietta      
5.11Allison Smith29.30aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.9Chandler Dickinson29.51aZanesville      
7.-Chelsea Crist29.64aTri-Valley      
4.9Cara Glenn30.20aLancaster      
6.12Whitney Mitchell30.32aLogan      
5.12Dayna Bonner30.39aZanesville      
7.10Heather Milhon30.58aLancaster      
--9Tiffany BrooksFSOlentangy Orange      
X 200 Meters - Div II - Prelims
1.12Chesna Sykes25.58aBishop Hartley      
1.11Aisha Cavin25.73aBishop Hartley      
1.10Natalie Jardell27.24aGranville      
2.12Jordan Towns27.25aEastmoor Academy      
1.11Dana VanDervort27.27aNorthridge      
1.11Clare Bochy27.77aBishop Ready      
1.9Tashara Smith27.83aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.10Molly Davenport28.17aBuckeye Valley      
1.11Jahni' Flood28.38aPataskala Licking He...      
3.11Kim Euman28.39aWhitehall-Yearling      
4.10Kaitlin McAndrew28.43aBishop Ready      
3.11Morgan Baldwin28.49aAmanda-Clearcreek      
1.-Shannon Chandler28.58aUtica      
2.10Lydia Mattern28.67aHeath      
4.11Olivia Thomas28.68aBloom Carroll      
2.10Tiffany Smythe28.82aLakewood (Hebron)      
2.9Sariah Rhodes29.02aEastmoor Academy      
5.9Alexis Alderman29.10aLondon      
3.12Tiffany Banks29.11aLinden Mc Kinley      
3.9Alana Smith29.17aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.12Niki Burns29.48aBuckeye Valley      
3.11Devonna Busby29.49aLinden Mc Kinley      
2.11McKenzie Manns29.76aMadison Plains      
4.12Mary Smith29.77aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.10Emily Winnegrad29.79aBexley      
4.12Jennifer Cobb29.81aElgin      
4.10LaShelle Anderson29.84aSouth Columbus      
5.9Macy Holston30.12aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.12Beth Winchell30.29aLiberty Union      
4.9Kenley Jones30.31aMadison Plains      
6.12Carrie Ireland30.67aLiberty Union      
5.10Evanna Bartoe30.70aHeath      
3.-Katherine Bangert30.90aUtica      
5.9Sarah Katona31.28aHighland (Sparta)      
6.-Victoria Wilson32.57aHighland (Sparta)      
6.9Kelsey Lamp34.03aLicking Valley      
X 200 Meters - Div II Qtrs - Prelims
1.12Chesna Sykes25.33aBishop Hartley      
1.11Aisha Cavin25.40aBishop Hartley      
1.10Natalie Jardell27.26aGranville      
1.11Dana VanDervort27.26aNorthridge      
2.10Molly Davenport27.41aBuckeye Valley      
2.12Jordan Towns27.44aEastmoor Academy      
2.11Clare Bochy27.60aBishop Ready      
3.9Tashara Smith28.07aWhitehall-Yearling      
2.11Morgan Baldwin28.14aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.11Olivia Thomas28.17aBloom Carroll      
4.12Megan Brunn28.25aGranville      
4.12Beth Winchell28.47aLiberty Union      
3.11Kim Euman28.55aWhitehall-Yearling      
5.11Jahni' Flood28.66aPataskala Licking He...      
6.12Niki Burns28.80aBuckeye Valley      
3.10Tiffany Smythe28.83aLakewood (Hebron)      
4.10Lydia Mattern28.84aHeath      
5.9Sariah Rhodes28.87aEastmoor Academy      
4.-Shannon Chandler29.17aUtica      
6.12Mary Smith29.18aLakewood (Hebron)      
7.11Devonna Busby29.20aLinden Mc Kinley      
8.12Taylor Nagle29.22aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.12Tiffany Banks29.57aLinden Mc Kinley      
6.9Alana Smith29.87aAmanda-Clearcreek      
7.12Jennifer Cobb30.14aElgin      
7.10Emily Winnegrad30.37aBexley      
8.10LaShelle Anderson30.67aSouth Columbus      
8.9Kenley Jones30.75aMadison Plains      
5.11McKenzie Manns30.93aMadison Plains      
X 400 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.9Megan Osborne57.43aChillicothe      
2.11Mycah Mason58.44aNew Albany      
3.10Paige Grosel1:01.20aMarietta      
4.10Kamil Muse1:01.25aDublin Scioto      
5.9Hannah Inman1:02.36aNew Albany      
6.11Kelsey Conrad1:03.14aLancaster      
7.12Michelle Ritter1:03.97aSt Francis De Sales-...      
X 400 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.11Aisha Cavin57.11aBishop Hartley      
2.11Charlotte Myers57.85aBexley      
3.11Maya Pedersen59.53aBishop Hartley      
4.11Madison Sessor59.75aGranville      
5.11Enri Small1:02.61aColumbus For Girls      
6.9Marissa Sheets1:02.94aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.10Molly Davenport1:03.39aBuckeye Valley      
8.12Hannah Ackerman1:03.41aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
X 400 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.9Megan Osborne58.78aChillicothe      
1.11Mycah Mason59.76aNew Albany      
1.10Paige Grosel1:01.27aMarietta      
2.10Kamil Muse1:01.97aDublin Scioto      
2.9Hannah Inman1:02.85aNew Albany      
1.11Kelsey Conrad1:03.04aLancaster      
2.11Megan Scoliere1:03.43aDublin Scioto      
2.12Michelle Ritter1:03.54aSt Francis De Sales-...      
3.12Sara Renner1:03.84aCentral Crossing      
3.10Jillian Barnett1:04.05aOlentangy Orange      
3.12Meredith Griebel1:04.08aOlentangy Liberty      
4.12Madeleine Harwig1:04.85aOlentangy Liberty      
4.9Aaris Sheets1:05.18aHilliard Darby      
5.9Ashley McCort1:05.53aLogan      
3.9Taleri Mugrage1:05.75aMarietta      
4.9Sarah Swanek1:05.91aOlentangy Orange      
5.10Ashley Cook1:05.93aLancaster      
4.12Jennifer Wisel1:06.15aHilliard Darby      
6.12Kristen Heft1:06.39aLogan      
5.9Kara Hoying1:06.65aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.-Macey McFarland1:06.82aZanesville      
5.10Ayonna Taylor1:07.04aHilliard Bradley      
6.10Emily Kaufman1:08.63aTri-Valley      
7.-Hannah Little1:09.07aTri-Valley      
7.-Jessic Chappelear1:13.23aZanesville      
X 400 Meters - Div II - Prelims
1.11Aisha Cavin59.50aBishop Hartley      
1.11Charlotte Myers1:00.08aBexley      
1.11Maya Pedersen1:01.40aBishop Hartley      
1.11Madison Sessor1:02.35aGranville      
1.10Molly Davenport1:03.01aBuckeye Valley      
2.12Hannah Ackerman1:03.02aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.9Marissa Sheets1:03.40aJohnstown-Monroe      
2.11Enri Small1:04.02aColumbus For Girls      
1.-Cierra Carr1:04.87aBishop Ready      
3.12Katelyn Nance1:04.87aLondon      
3.12Stephanie Walton1:05.25aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.9Bekah Legg1:05.55aAmanda-Clearcreek      
3.10Amy Greenwood1:06.04aGranville      
2.12Jennifer Cobb1:06.47aElgin      
3.-Caitlyn Tulloss1:06.62aNorthridge      
4.11Shaniece Ryan1:06.66aEastmoor Academy      
4.12Hannah Sutton1:06.93aPataskala Licking He...      
5.10Kelsey Biller1:07.55aHeath      
4.-Macken Cutteridge1:07.61aBishop Ready      
2.11Jasmine Peterson1:08.24aEastmoor Academy      
5.10Harlie Class1:08.52aHighland (Sparta)      
3.11Molly Hesness1:09.48aHighland (Sparta)      
3.10Faith Harkness1:09.71aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.9Sara Niermeyer1:10.08aBexley      
6.9Kenley Jones1:10.37aMadison Plains      
7.9Alexis Payne1:10.93aLiberty Union      
4.9Ebony Brooks1:11.01aLinden Mc Kinley      
5.10LaShelle Anderson1:11.29aSouth Columbus      
4.9Demi Carr1:11.32aBuckeye Valley      
5.9Heather Coffman1:11.94aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.-Kalene Poole1:12.57aUtica      
4.12Kalee Anderson1:14.53aBloom Carroll      
7.-Sara Ridenbaugh1:16.70aUtica      
5.11Brianna Lamp1:19.11aLicking Valley      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Div I, District 4 - Finals
11Kaylee Longpre60.35Chillicothe      
10Audra Metzler61.63Chillicothe      
12Hannah McCorckle62.75Chillicothe      
10Alyasa Mathis63.55Chillicothe      
X 800 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.11Taneisha Cordell2:19.16aNew Albany      
2.10Alyasa Mathis2:21.08aChillicothe      
3.12Katie Papesh2:21.20aDublin Scioto      
4.12Keelin Gorman2:23.63aDublin Scioto      
5.-Erin Gadzik2:26.20aHilliard Darby      
6.12Annie Bowe2:26.65aNew Albany      
7.9Brooke Pulkrabek2:28.13aOlentangy Orange      
8.12Chelsea Denlinger2:28.67aOlentangy Liberty      
9.12Brooke Harper2:28.96aLogan      
10.12Allie McRitchie2:30.73aLancaster      
11.9Julie Fobes2:30.98aMarietta      
12.10Zoey DelPinto2:33.41aOlentangy Orange      
13.10Amy Schockling2:33.46aSt Francis De Sales-...      
14.10Dawnyae Simpkins2:33.85aHilliard Darby      
15.10Lauren McCabe2:35.04aHilliard Bradley      
16.9Lorynne Sheline2:35.28aLancaster      
X 800 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.11Megan Gaysunas2:19.94aGranville      
2.10Sophie Chatas2:21.67aColumbus For Girls      
3.11Kendra Wilson2:22.01aBexley      
4.12Taisha Ferguson2:23.08aBishop Hartley      
5.12Kaitie Peterson2:23.47aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.9Mackenzie Butler2:23.97aLicking Valley      
7.11Stefanie Negron2:27.27aBishop Hartley      
8.10Abby Schofield2:28.26aBishop Ready      
9.12Kaila Cramer2:28.80aJohnstown-Monroe      
10.10Ellie Crawford2:30.40aGranville      
11.10Nicole Brown2:30.48aBishop Ready      
12.11Veronica Vargo2:31.89aColumbus For Girls      
13.10Emma Daugherty2:34.42aJonathan Alder      
X 800 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.11Taneisha Cordell2:23.38aNew Albany      
2.10Alyasa Mathis2:27.45aChillicothe      
1.10Zoey DelPinto2:28.01aOlentangy Orange      
3.9Julie Fobes2:29.14aMarietta      
4.12Keelin Gorman2:29.51aDublin Scioto      
5.12Allie McRitchie2:30.27aLancaster      
6.9Brooke Pulkrabek2:30.57aOlentangy Orange      
7.10Amy Schockling2:30.67aSt Francis De Sales-...      
8.-Erin Gadzik2:30.69aHilliard Darby      
2.12Annie Bowe2:31.07aNew Albany      
3.12Chelsea Denlinger2:31.27aOlentangy Liberty      
9.10Emily Yax2:32.15aOlentangy Liberty      
4.12Brooke Harper2:33.87aLogan      
5.12Katie Papesh2:34.08aDublin Scioto      
6.10Dawnyae Simpkins2:34.21aHilliard Darby      
7.10Lauren McCabe2:34.23aHilliard Bradley      
8.9Lorynne Sheline2:34.33aLancaster      
9.10Maddy Jordan2:34.50aCentral Crossing      
10.11Maddie McDonald2:35.31aHilliard Bradley      
10.11Maegan Grosel2:36.40aMarietta      
11.10Sarah Kaufman2:36.52aZanesville      
11.12Rachel Seiffert2:42.86aSt Francis De Sales-...      
12.10Taylor McGuire2:45.15aTri-Valley      
12.11Lauren Lapp2:49.78aTri-Valley      
13.10Jessica Reckner3:02.48aCentral Crossing      
X 800 Meters - Div II - Prelims
1.10Kayla Crager2:26.57aLondon      
2.11Kendra Wilson2:27.89aBexley      
3.12Taisha Ferguson2:28.39aBishop Hartley      
4.10Emma Daugherty2:28.44aJonathan Alder      
5.10Sophie Chatas2:28.57aColumbus For Girls      
1.12Kaitie Peterson2:29.83aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.9Mackenzie Butler2:29.87aLicking Valley      
3.11Emily McCall2:30.05aHeath      
6.10Nicole Brown2:30.11aBishop Ready      
7.10Ellie Crawford2:30.34aGranville      
8.9Kierstin Lathrop2:30.66aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.11Megan Gaysunas2:30.98aGranville      
5.11Veronica Vargo2:33.49aColumbus For Girls      
6.10Abby Schofield2:34.06aBishop Ready      
7.12Kaila Cramer2:35.22aJohnstown-Monroe      
8.11Stefanie Negron2:36.21aBishop Hartley      
9.11Sarah Mast2:36.52aJohnstown-Monroe      
9.10Amber Foreman2:39.35aAmanda-Clearcreek      
10.10Kelsey Holbrook2:40.42aLiberty Union      
10.9Chelsey Dupler2:40.43aLakewood (Hebron)      
11.9Jonika Hopkins2:40.57aSouth Columbus      
12.10Jordan Brant2:42.55aHighland (Sparta)      
13.9Devin Hilt2:43.05aBuckeye Valley      
14.9Katie Kenney2:43.16aPataskala Licking He...      
11.9Lindsey Mathews2:43.19aBexley      
15.12Rachel Sutterfield2:44.07aBloom Carroll      
16.11Ticia Cunningham2:44.90aHeath      
17.12Taylor Simon2:45.56aEastmoor Academy      
12.10Jordan Penix2:46.89aLondon      
13.11Katelyn Zellner2:47.04aHighland (Sparta)      
14.10Chari Glover2:47.27aEastmoor Academy      
15.12Ashley Savage2:47.81aBloom Carroll      
16.9Jamilah Bashir2:53.37aLinden Mc Kinley      
17.9Abby Thompson2:53.78aLiberty Union      
18.10Hannah Tomcisin2:55.94aUtica      
18.-Alexandre Lorenza2:56.59aUtica      
19.12Danielle Thompson3:01.29aLicking Valley      
20.10Jenni Miller3:02.51aAmanda-Clearcreek      
21.9Laqueaisha Loman3:04.35aLinden Mc Kinley      
X 1600 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Katie Papesh5:11.65aDublin Scioto      
2.12Melissa Thompson5:15.34aSt Francis De Sales-...      
3.9Mirra Galbreath5:15.76aNew Albany      
4.9Hannah Hartzell5:27.29aOlentangy Orange      
5.12Hannah McCorckle5:31.00aChillicothe      
6.10Lindsay Keeran5:32.41aDublin Scioto      
7.12Allie McRitchie5:38.78aLancaster      
8.10Amy Schockling5:45.68aSt Francis De Sales-...      
9.10Allison Rasor5:48.52aTri-Valley      
10.10Bryana Zuiderweg5:48.74aNew Albany      
11.10Lauren McCabe5:50.78aHilliard Bradley      
12.11Jeylan Turkoglu5:51.01aLancaster      
13.12Rebecca Miller5:52.31aCentral Crossing      
14.10Monica Smith5:53.56aOlentangy Liberty      
15.-Alyssa Heydorn5:54.04aOlentangy Liberty      
16.11Rebecca Nikolaus5:54.44aHilliard Bradley      
17.11Taylor Baldridge5:56.65aHilliard Darby      
18.12Natalie Lissey5:57.20aHilliard Darby      
19.12Lauren Worthington6:25.16aCentral Crossing      
X 1600 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.11Megan Gaysunas5:15.78aGranville      
2.11Emily McCall5:16.17aHeath      
3.11Kayla Mohr5:16.19aElgin      
4.10Kayla Crager5:18.94aLondon      
5.12Erin Radigan5:27.11aJohnstown-Monroe      
6.10Meghan Schulze5:28.25aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.12Sara Fondriest5:31.82aGranville      
8.9Kierstin Lathrop5:33.30aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
9.10Mackenzie Bolon5:35.22aBexley      
10.10Michelle Kaiser5:35.87aBishop Ready      
11.9Katherine Wittig5:40.29aBexley      
12.10Amber Foreman5:45.90aAmanda-Clearcreek      
13.11Francine McCombs5:47.38aHighland (Sparta)      
14.9Kierra Lathrop6:02.75aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
15.11Ashley Smith6:31.22aLicking Valley      
X 1600 Meters - Div II - Prelims
1.11Kayla Mohr5:33.71aElgin      
2.12Krista Mathews5:35.42aLiberty Union      
3.12Erin Radigan5:35.95aJohnstown-Monroe      
1.10Kayla Crager5:36.00aLondon      
4.10Michelle Kaiser5:36.50aBishop Ready      
2.11Emily McCall5:37.51aHeath      
5.11Megan Gaysunas5:37.54aGranville      
3.10Meghan Schulze5:39.03aJohnstown-Monroe      
4.9Katherine Wittig5:39.44aBexley      
5.9Kierstin Lathrop5:39.96aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.12Sara Fondriest5:41.10aGranville      
6.10Mackenzie Bolon5:43.27aBexley      
7.11Francine McCombs5:44.43aHighland (Sparta)      
8.9Kierra Lathrop5:48.42aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
7.11Ashley Smith5:49.62aLicking Valley      
9.12Brittany Lang5:49.91aLakewood (Hebron)      
8.10Amber Foreman5:56.99aAmanda-Clearcreek      
10.11Ticia Cunningham5:59.73aHeath      
9.10Maddie Smith6:00.47aBishop Hartley      
10.9Abigail Perrini6:02.64aColumbus For Girls      
11.12Katie Backovski6:03.82aLondon      
11.10Jasmine Glaub6:04.78aLakewood (Hebron)      
12.10Morgan Anderson6:07.90aJonathan Alder      
13.12Ashley Savage6:08.90aBloom Carroll      
12.12Rachel Sutterfield6:10.14aBloom Carroll      
14.9Halle' Prewitt6:10.26aEastmoor Academy      
13.10Hannah Tomcisin6:12.65aUtica      
15.9Shannon Steinke6:28.53aBuckeye Valley      
16.9Courtney Herndon6:28.86aPataskala Licking He...      
17.-Alexandre Lorenza6:29.51aUtica      
18.9Sarah Klugh6:31.87aHighland (Sparta)      
14.12Camila Carrera6:33.82aEastmoor Academy      
15.9Miranda Brofft6:40.08aPataskala Licking He...      
19.10Elli Moehrman6:40.50aBishop Ready      
16.9Maria Omnes6:46.94aBuckeye Valley      
20.11Taylor Matthews7:03.41aLiberty Union      
X 3200 Meters - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.10Sakiko Minagawa11:36.22aDublin Scioto      
2.10Minori Minagawa11:36.57aDublin Scioto      
3.12Shannon Kelleher11:37.24aHilliard Darby      
4.9Mirra Galbreath11:41.51aNew Albany      
5.10Sarah Kaufman12:07.01aZanesville      
6.11Tia Smith12:14.45aCentral Crossing      
7.12Maria Troutman12:19.52aNew Albany      
8.11Emily Garrison12:21.95aMarietta      
9.10Erica Davis12:40.15aSt Francis De Sales-...      
10.12Taylor Varnadoe12:45.23aMarietta      
11.12Heather Knight12:47.04aOlentangy Orange      
12.12Brianna Cahill13:00.40aChillicothe      
13.12Rebecca Miller13:39.63aCentral Crossing      
14.11Erica Smith13:39.93aLancaster      
15.11Rebecca Nikolaus13:45.37aHilliard Bradley      
16.10Liegh Roberts14:08.98aLancaster      
17.10Jodi Mescher14:09.11aHilliard Darby      
18.12Hannah McCorckle14:28.91aChillicothe      
19.11Alisha Mackintosh15:01.46aHilliard Bradley      
--9Hannah HartzellDNFOlentangy Orange      
X 3200 Meters - Div II - Finals
1.12Krista Mathews11:27.49aLiberty Union      
2.11Anna Lamb11:33.77aGranville      
3.11Kayla Mohr11:53.65aElgin      
4.11Kate VanNess11:58.70aGranville      
5.10Abby Arace12:21.53aBexley      
6.10Stephan Loshbaugh12:37.90aJohnstown-Monroe      
7.10Michelle Kaiser12:43.04aBishop Ready      
8.10Kali Hastings12:46.38aHeath      
9.11Catie Campbell12:54.36aPataskala Licking He...      
10.11Francine McCombs12:55.51aHighland (Sparta)      
11.12Brittany Lynch12:57.73aJohnstown-Monroe      
12.9Kierra Lathrop13:02.56aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
13.11Nicole Turner13:05.00aAmanda-Clearcreek      
14.9Abigail Perrini13:05.12aColumbus For Girls      
15.10Maddie Smith13:12.60aBishop Hartley      
16.10Abigail Hooper13:14.96aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
17.9Katherine Wittig13:24.57aBexley      
18.10Elli Moehrman13:40.85aBishop Ready      
19.12Katie Backovski13:44.74aLondon      
20.11Tricia Steffen13:52.50aLiberty Union      
21.11Ashley Bailey13:57.52aAmanda-Clearcreek      
22.10Jasmine Glaub14:00.62aLakewood (Hebron)      
23.9Cheyenne Emery14:19.64aBuckeye Valley      
24.10Chloe Mercier14:21.12aBuckeye Valley      
25.9Marissa Davis14:31.13aLondon      
26.9Kimberly Bowman14:46.59aJonathan Alder      
27.12Ashley Conrad15:27.47aJonathan Alder      
28.10Sebrina Herndon16:18.50aPataskala Licking He...      
29.9Sarah Klugh16:46.11aHighland (Sparta)      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Xerina Hughey14.99aHilliard Darby      
2.10Brianna Rispriss15.80aHilliard Darby      
3.10Jessica Dicken16.26aLogan      
4.11Karissa Conrad16.42aLancaster      
5.12Kelly Britten16.54aNew Albany      
6.12Brandy Meyer16.55aLogan      
7.11Dominique Teran16.84aOlentangy Liberty      
8.10Dana McClurg17.35aLancaster      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div II - Finals
1.11Chelsea Scott14.28aBishop Hartley      
2.12Katlin Brandt15.55aElgin      
3.12Kori Tatman15.76aAmanda-Clearcreek      
4.12Hannah Dixon16.08aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.9Amanda Mosier16.35aHighland (Sparta)      
6.12Sarah Battle16.65aBishop Ready      
7.10Kelly Wilson17.01aJohnstown-Monroe      
8.11Cece Guinther17.23aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div I, District 4 - Semi-Finals
1.12Xerina Hughey15.41aHilliard Darby      
1.10Brianna Rispriss15.89aHilliard Darby      
2.11Karissa Conrad16.10aLancaster      
2.11Dominique Teran16.79aOlentangy Liberty      
3.12Brandy Meyer16.80aLogan      
3.12Kelly Britten16.84aNew Albany      
4.10Dana McClurg17.16aLancaster      
4.10Jessica Dicken17.16aLogan      
5.9Erica Dawson17.19aMarietta      
5.12Hannah Rex17.35aDublin Scioto      
6.9Alyssa Lustgarten17.35aDublin Scioto      
6.10Kalee Hamilton17.77aTri-Valley      
7.11Jordyn Ebert17.80aHilliard Bradley      
8.12Julia Chapman18.25aCentral Crossing      
7.10Kristen Kullberg18.40aOlentangy Orange      
8.9Sonia Pham19.83aOlentangy Liberty      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div II - Semi-Finals
1.11Chelsea Scott14.57aBishop Hartley      
1.12Katlin Brandt15.82aElgin      
1.12Hannah Dixon16.26aLakewood (Hebron)      
2.12Kori Tatman16.28aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.9Amanda Mosier16.37aHighland (Sparta)      
2.12Sarah Battle16.87aBishop Ready      
3.11Cece Guinther17.15aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
3.10Kelly Wilson17.27aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.9Katelyn Lennon17.47aColumbus For Girls      
4.12Alana Hanrahan17.56aJonathan Alder      
4.11Kelly Roberts17.63aHeath      
5.12Beverly Ochieng17.64aBexley      
4.-Miranda Ball17.81aBishop Ready      
5.12Ashley Efaw17.88aBexley      
5.12Courtney Goodhart18.03aLakewood (Hebron)      
6.12Sarah Goodwin18.19aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.9Tiffany LaRue18.71aHeath      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.12Xerina Hughey14.93aHilliard Darby      
1.10Brianna Rispriss15.87aHilliard Darby      
1.12Brandy Meyer16.66aLogan      
2.9Erica Dawson16.68aMarietta      
2.11Dominique Teran16.75aOlentangy Liberty      
2.10Dana McClurg16.78aLancaster      
3.12Kelly Britten16.87aNew Albany      
3.12Hannah Rex16.98aDublin Scioto      
3.11Jordyn Ebert17.56aHilliard Bradley      
4.10Kalee Hamilton17.72aTri-Valley      
4.12Julia Chapman17.81aCentral Crossing      
4.10Kristen Kullberg18.09aOlentangy Orange      
---Lillian CliftonNTOlentangy Orange      
--9Abby JohnsonNTHilliard Bradley      
---Courtney BlizzardNTTri-Valley      
--9Renata IlievNTNew Albany      
--9Alyssa LustgartenNTDublin Scioto      
--9Sabrina OlmstedNTSt Francis De Sales-...      
--10Kendal WitherupNTCentral Crossing      
--9Sonia PhamNTOlentangy Liberty      
--11Karissa ConradNTLancaster      
--10Jessica DickenNTLogan      
--10Sarah StudenicNTMarietta      
--11Kimberly ParentNTSt Francis De Sales-...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div II - Prelims
1.11Chelsea Scott14.62aBishop Hartley      
1.12Katlin Brandt15.52aElgin      
1.12Hannah Dixon16.37aLakewood (Hebron)      
1.-Destiny Martin16.76aBishop Hartley      
1.12Sarah Battle16.93aBishop Ready      
1.12Kori Tatman16.99aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.12Ashley Efaw17.14aBexley      
2.10Kelly Wilson17.14aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.-Hannah Shank17.27aNorthridge      
2.12Beverly Ochieng17.38aBexley      
2.12Sarah Goodwin17.52aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
1.11Cece Guinther17.58aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.10Sam Beymer17.72aLiberty Union      
2.-Samantha Beymer17.72aLiberty Union      
3.9Ashley Pukansky17.93aHighland (Sparta)      
4.9Anne Brady18.15aMadison Plains      
3.12Alana Hanrahan18.21aJonathan Alder      
3.12Courtney Goodhart18.37aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.9Tiffany LaRue18.43aHeath      
2.9Marissa Ware18.47aWhitehall-Yearling      
3.12Emily Swingle18.88aGranville      
4.12Avery Davison19.18aMadison Plains      
3.-Kristin Skinner19.53aPataskala Licking He...      
4.10Klaire Wolverton19.59aLondon      
4.10Jessica Holbrook19.69aNorthridge      
4.12Calyn Rowley19.72aUtica      
3.-Miranda Ball20.78aBishop Ready      
---Mallory MasoniNTPataskala Licking He...      
--11Amber AllenNTLondon      
---Sarah StoutNTUtica      
--9Brooklyn ChapmanNTLicking Valley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div II Qtrs - Prelims
1.11Chelsea Scott14.66aBishop Hartley      
1.12Katlin Brandt15.89aElgin      
1.12Hannah Dixon16.39aLakewood (Hebron)      
1.9Amanda Mosier16.61aHighland (Sparta)      
2.12Kori Tatman16.97aAmanda-Clearcreek      
2.12Sarah Battle17.21aBishop Ready      
2.9Katelyn Lennon17.32aColumbus For Girls      
3.12Ashley Efaw17.59aBexley      
3.12Alana Hanrahan17.67aJonathan Alder      
3.11Cece Guinther17.68aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.-Miranda Ball17.71aBishop Ready      
4.11Kelly Roberts17.86aHeath      
4.10Kelly Wilson18.00aJohnstown-Monroe      
5.10Sam Beymer18.13aLiberty Union      
5.-Samantha Beymer18.13aLiberty Union      
2.12Sarah Goodwin18.17aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
3.12Courtney Goodhart18.26aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.9Marissa Ware18.42aWhitehall-Yearling      
5.9Ashley Pukansky18.43aHighland (Sparta)      
6.12Avery Davison18.50aMadison Plains      
6.-Hannah Shank18.55aNorthridge      
7.12Emily Swingle18.87aGranville      
4.9Tiffany LaRue18.94aHeath      
5.12Beverly Ochieng18.95aBexley      
6.9Anne Brady19.24aMadison Plains      
6.10Jessica Holbrook19.67aNorthridge      
7.10Klaire Wolverton19.75aLondon      
8.12Calyn Rowley19.77aUtica      
7.-Kristin Skinner20.29aPataskala Licking He...      
7.11Abbey Gates21.01aLiberty Union      
---Destiny MartinDQBishop Hartley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Kelly Britten45.82aNew Albany      
2.12Xerina Hughey45.98aHilliard Darby      
3.11Dominique Teran46.27aOlentangy Liberty      
4.11Karissa Conrad46.69aLancaster      
5.11Erin Gerds47.24aLancaster      
6.11Sarah Hunter47.83aCentral Crossing      
7.10Brianna Rispriss48.79aHilliard Darby      
8.12Brandy Meyer50.00aLogan      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div II - Finals
1.11Chelsea Scott44.90aBishop Hartley      
2.11Kelly Roberts47.61aHeath      
3.12Sarah Battle47.64aBishop Ready      
4.9Amber Brown48.04aHeath      
5.12Katlin Brandt48.06aElgin      
6.12Kori Tatman48.65aAmanda-Clearcreek      
7.11Lindsey Wiseman48.89aBishop Ready      
8.11Kayla Heineike49.90aBuckeye Valley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.11Karissa Conrad47.48aLancaster      
1.12Xerina Hughey47.56aHilliard Darby      
1.11Dominique Teran48.26aOlentangy Liberty      
2.11Erin Gerds48.67aLancaster      
2.12Brandy Meyer48.67aLogan      
1.12Kelly Britten48.89aNew Albany      
2.10Brianna Rispriss49.76aHilliard Darby      
3.11Sarah Hunter50.04aCentral Crossing      
3.9Erica Dawson50.26aMarietta      
3.10Amanda Ciani51.09aHilliard Bradley      
2.11Kimberly Parent51.18aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.10Jill Switzer51.29aLogan      
3.9Elaine Wilson51.65aChillicothe      
4.11Colleen Miracle52.61aMarietta      
4.10Kendal Witherup53.02aCentral Crossing      
4.12Hannah Rex53.19aDublin Scioto      
5.9Erica Blankemeyer53.64aNew Albany      
5.10Kalee Hamilton53.66aTri-Valley      
5.10Kristen Kullberg53.94aOlentangy Orange      
5.9Alyssa Lustgarten53.95aDublin Scioto      
6.9Abby Johnson54.35aHilliard Bradley      
6.9Kacie Rozsa54.40aOlentangy Orange      
7.9Sabrina Olmsted57.43aSt Francis De Sales-...      
7.10Darian Ross57.94aTri-Valley      
6.11Stephanie Watson58.07aOlentangy Liberty      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div II - Prelims
1.11Chelsea Scott47.11aBishop Hartley      
1.11Kelly Roberts48.59aHeath      
1.12Katlin Brandt48.68aElgin      
2.12Kori Tatman49.27aAmanda-Clearcreek      
1.11Lindsey Wiseman49.28aBishop Ready      
1.12Sarah Battle49.46aBishop Ready      
1.11Kayla Heineike49.94aBuckeye Valley      
2.9Amber Brown50.28aHeath      
3.9Katelyn Lennon50.35aColumbus For Girls      
2.9Amanda Mosier50.69aHighland (Sparta)      
2.12Hannah Dixon50.77aLakewood (Hebron)      
3.12Sarah Goodwin51.56aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
2.-Destiny Martin51.82aBishop Hartley      
3.12Alyx Jeffries51.89aPataskala Licking He...      
3.11Cece Guinther52.41aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
4.11Jeanette Klamfoth52.50aBexley      
4.9Rachel Eaton53.18aLondon      
4.10Kelly Wilson53.75aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.10Jessica Holbrook53.99aNorthridge      
5.12Kelley Becher54.25aGranville      
2.11Sami Lane54.27aLiberty Union      
4.10Oliva Price54.34aBexley      
4.11Taylor Lafollette54.75aColumbus For Girls      
5.9Ashley Pukansky54.85aHighland (Sparta)      
6.12Brittany Lang54.86aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.10Lindsey Robinson55.47aJohnstown-Monroe      
3.9Anne Brady55.88aMadison Plains      
5.-Samantha Beymer56.55aLiberty Union      
5.10Sam Beymer56.55aLiberty Union      
5.10Michelle Conison56.65aWhitehall-Yearling      
6.-Mallory Masoni56.68aPataskala Licking He...      
7.-Sarah Stout56.98aUtica      
7.9Marissa Ware57.23aWhitehall-Yearling      
6.10Victoria Mordaunt57.54aLicking Valley      
8.9Jamilah Bashir58.06aLinden Mc Kinley      
6.11Erin Phillips58.58aMadison Plains      
7.11Margo Maye59.65aSouth Columbus      
6.11Cheyenne Jepsen1:01.47aAmanda-Clearcreek      
---Hannah ShankDQNorthridge      
X 4x100 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.-Lori Kelly
Hannah Robertson
Haley Robertson
Vanessa Gyimah
49.47aNew Albany      
2.-Brenda Wedinger
Camaria Cannon
Rachel Christian
Courtney Calloway
50.26aDublin Scioto      
3.-Marissa Beaumier
Dominique Teran
Kathrine Costin
Ashley Kemper
50.53aOlentangy Liberty      
4.-Mackenzie Gill
Emily Lebsock
Kayla Malik
Kate Johnston
50.58aHilliard Bradley      
5.-Relay Team 50.59aHilliard Darby      
6.-Relay Team 51.46aLancaster      
7.-Relay Team 52.63aTri-Valley      
8.-Relay Team 53.31aCentral Crossing      
X 4x100 Relay - Div II - Finals
1.-CharAnna Dixon
Chesna Sykes
Jordyn Smith
Chelsea Scott
48.22aBishop Hartley      
2.-Sariah Rhodes
Jordan Towns
Alexus Ramsey
Krishel'le Morrow
51.05aEastmoor Academy      
3.-Relay Team 51.17aBishop Ready      
4.-Stacey Mighton
Megan Brunn
Blake Campbell
Natalie Jardell
5.-Relay Team 51.56aHeath      
6.-Relay Team 51.67aJonathan Alder      
7.-Selam Admasu
Uriye Adzhyablayeva
Torri Barry
Deanna Bowman
8.-Relay Team 52.70aBexley      
X 4x100 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.-Lori Kelly
Vanessa Gyimah
Hannah Robertson
Haley Robertson
50.01aNew Albany      
2.-Emily Lebsock
Kayla Malik
Kate Johnston
Mackenzie Gill
50.41aHilliard Bradley      
3.-Nicole White
Camaria Cannon
Rachel Christian
Courtney Calloway
50.57aDublin Scioto      
1.-Marissa Beaumier
Dominique Teran
Kathrine Costin
Ashley Kemper
50.86aOlentangy Liberty      
2.-Heather Atkins
Jasmine Watson-Williams
Caitlyn Rack
Taryn Ashcraft
51.15aHilliard Darby      
3.-Raven Francis
Betsy Noll
Erin Gerds
Karissa Conrad
4.-Taryn Annis
Lauren Peadon
Shelby Ronk
Kylie Prince
4.-Julia Chapman
Paige Zelich
Ayana Colvin
Sarah Hunter
53.09aCentral Crossing      
5.-Fatima Konteh
Katelyn Daniels
Anna-Jane Jenkins
Nicole Faulhaber
53.55aOlentangy Orange      
5.-Nicole Alberta
Erin Barnes
Kaylee Longpre
Emilie Kemper
6.-Brittany Barrett
Megan McCabe
Allison Smith
Amy Miller
53.95aSt Francis De Sales-...      
6.-Lexxus Stevens
Natalie Messner
Lillian Flowers
Niki Stimmel
7.-Hillary Danford
LeAnne Ross
Sarah Lathrop
Alexis Walsh
7.-Alissa Fleming
Dayna Bonner
Laressa Lashley
Chandler Dickinson
X 4x100 Relay - Div II - Prelims
1.-CharAnna Dixon
Jordyn Smith
Chelsea Scott
Chesna Sykes
48.26aBishop Hartley      
1.-Jordan Towns
Destinee Whiteside
Krishel'le Morrow
Sariah Rhodes
50.98aEastmoor Academy      
1.-Jennifer Koski
Lydia Mattern
Abby Ferguson
Sam Jones
1.-Heather Manning
Carly Culbertson
Clare Bochy
Kaitlin McAndrew
52.47aBishop Ready      
2.-Liza Benedict
Allie Thomas
Savannah Thomas
Brittany Kitsos
52.51aJonathan Alder      
2.-Stacey Mighton
Megan Brunn
Blake Campbell
Natalie Jardell
2.-Elisa Mathews
Ashley Efaw
Altheria Siler
Kendra Wilson
3.-Selam Admasu
Uriye Adzhyablayeva
Torri Barry
Deanna Bowman
2.-Whitney Brooks
Ashley Pinckney
Devonna Busby
Tiffany Banks
53.42aLinden Mc Kinley      
3.-Kelly Stafford
Rachel Johnson
Kaela Hatfield
Daniel Hume
3.-JaMilla Holland
Taylor Mcintyre
Eva Jenkins
Taylor Lafollette
53.53aColumbus For Girls      
4.-Alexis Alderman
Rachel Eaton
Morgan Slone
Alex Myers
5.-Katrina Cartwright
Megan Jones
Sami Martin
Taylor Ross
3.-Jahni' Flood
Te'Lor Evans
Jessica Frost
Alyx Jeffries
54.14aPataskala Licking He...      
4.-Jessica Martinez
Alison Hoyt
Olivia Thomas
Sadie Evans
54.31aBloom Carroll      
4.-Cece Guinther
Taylor Nagle
Sarah Goodwin
Macy Holston
54.37aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
5.-Kristen Carr
Tiffany Smythe
Mary Smith
Elizabeth Abbott
54.43aLakewood (Hebron)      
4.-Cassie Brown
Taylor Smith
Ellie Johnson
Savannah Sahr
5.-McKenzie Manns
Kaitlyn Toops
Erin Phillips
Avery Davison
55.85aMadison Plains      
5.-Emily Shook
Lauren Nugent
Megan Stalter
Beth Winchell
55.96aLiberty Union      
6.-Katherine Bangert
Shannon Chandler
Sarah Stout
Kristina Buena
6.-Sammantha Reeb
Kaitlin James
Shannon Steinke
Emily Hallett
57.26aBuckeye Valley      
6.-Sarah Bradford
Victoria Mordaunt
Sharandon Moore
Cara Dillon
58.79aLicking Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.-Taneisha Cordell
Haley Robertson
Hannah Robertson
Mycah Mason
1:43.66aNew Albany      
2.-Heather Atkins
Katlin Ferry
Taryn Ashcraft
Xerina Hughey
1:47.24aHilliard Darby      
3.-Ashley Kemper
Nandi Wallace
Madeleine Harwig
Kathrine Costin
1:47.77aOlentangy Liberty      
4.-Nicole Alberta
Baylee Stark
Emilie Kemper
Audra Metzler
5.-Relay Team 1:50.78aLancaster      
6.-Relay Team 1:50.87aCentral Crossing      
7.-Relay Team 1:52.04aDublin Scioto      
8.-Relay Team 1:52.72aHilliard Bradley      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II - Finals
1.-CharAnna Dixon
Jordyn Smith
Chesna Sykes
Aisha Cavin
1:40.93aBishop Hartley      
2.-Jordan Towns
Alexus Ramsey
Sariah Rhodes
Krishel'le Morrow
1:46.54aEastmoor Academy      
3.-Abby Ferguson
Kelly Roberts
Lydia Mattern
Sam Jones
4.-Katrina Cartwright
Taylor Ross
Lizzy Wisma
Marissa Sheets
5.-Relay Team 1:48.09aBishop Ready      
6.-Relay Team 1:48.52aGranville      
7.-Relay Team 1:49.49aNorthridge      
---Relay Team DQBexley      
X 4x200 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.-Taneisha Cordell
Haley Robertson
Hannah Robertson
Mycah Mason
1:44.19aNew Albany      
1.-Katlin Ferry
Shea Castle
Taryn Ashcraft
Heather Atkins
1:49.47aHilliard Darby      
2.-Ashley Kemper
Nandi Wallace
Madeleine Harwig
Kathrine Costin
1:49.66aOlentangy Liberty      
2.-Kaylee Longpre
Baylee Stark
Emilie Kemper
Nicole Alberta
3.-Courtney Calloway
Kamil Muse
Hannah Rex
Aysianna Prewitt
1:50.38aDublin Scioto      
3.-Sara Renner
Paige Zelich
Ayana Colvin
Sarah Hunter
1:51.52aCentral Crossing      
4.-Dana McClurg
Emily Flowers
Raven Francis
Courtney Heimberger
5.-Taylor Gray
Kate Johnston
Sarah Lebsock
Devin Baith
1:51.71aHilliard Bradley      
6.-Taryn Annis
Lauren Peadon
Shelby Ronk
Kylie Prince
4.-Hillary Danford
Abby Ketelson
Sarah Lathrop
Alexis Walsh
7.-Jessica Pezzott
Leah Selmek
Gabrielle Douglas
Megan McCabe
1:54.22aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.-Lillian Flowers
Natalie Messner
Niki Stimmel
Brandy Meyer
6.-Tiffany Brooks
Megan Reiter
Anna-Jane Jenkins
Nicole Faulhaber
1:56.45aOlentangy Orange      
X 4x200 Relay - Div II - Prelims
1.-CharAnna Dixon
Jordyn Smith
Chesna Sykes
Aisha Cavin
1:43.39aBishop Hartley      
1.-Jordan Towns
Destinee Whiteside
Krishel'le Morrow
Sariah Rhodes
1:48.05aEastmoor Academy      
1.-Abby Ferguson
Kelly Roberts
Lydia Mattern
Sam Jones
2.-Katrina Cartwright
Taylor Ross
Lizzy Wisma
Marissa Sheets
2.-Elisa Mathews
Charlotte Myers
Ashley Efaw
Altheria Siler
1.-Clare Bochy
Carly Culbertson
Kaitlin McAndrew
Heather Manning
1:51.57aBishop Ready      
2.-Stacey Mighton
Megan Brunn
Amy Greenwood
Natalie Jardell
3.-Kelly Stafford
Rachel Johnson
Hannah Shank
Dana VanDervort
3.-Liza Benedict
Allie Thomas
Savannah Thomas
Brittany Kitsos
1:52.04aJonathan Alder      
2.-Stephanie Walton
Macy Holston
Taylor Nagle
Hannah Ackerman
1:52.15aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
3.-JaMilla Holland
Enri Small
Eva Jenkins
Taylor Lafollette
1:53.07aColumbus For Girls      
4.-Alyx Jeffries
Te'Lor Evans
PyLynne Myers
Jahni' Flood
1:53.07aPataskala Licking He...      
4.-Ebony Brooks
Ashley Pinckney
Devonna Busby
Tiffany Banks
1:53.42aLinden Mc Kinley      
3.-Kim Euman
Shay Sexton
Marissa Ware
Amari Price
5.-Cassie Brown
Taylor Smith
Savannah Sahr
Morgan Baldwin
4.-Rachel Eaton
Alexis Alderman
Katelyn Nance
Sarah Dunham
4.-Kristen Carr
Tiffany Smythe
Mary Smith
Elizabeth Abbott
1:55.95aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.-Kerry Godsil
Demi Carr
Kaitlin James
Niki Burns
1:56.56aBuckeye Valley      
6.-McKenzie Manns
Kaitlyn Toops
Erin Phillips
Kenley Jones
2:00.11aMadison Plains      
5.-Macey Weikel
Molly Hesness
Taylor Hankins
Harlie Class
2:00.51aHighland (Sparta)      
6.-Jessica Martinez
Sarah Richards
Kaci Boyd
Alison Hoyt
2:00.57aBloom Carroll      
5.-Sami Lane
Carrie Ireland
Lauren Nugent
Beth Winchell
2:02.08aLiberty Union      
6.-Sarah Bradford
Victoria Mordaunt
Cara Dillon
Sharandon Moore
2:03.78aLicking Valley      
6.-Katherine Bangert
Arita Geerdink
Brittany Stout
Becca Blake
X 4x400 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.-Mycah Mason
Kelly Britten
Lori Kelly
Taneisha Cordell
3:54.63aNew Albany      
2.-Rachel Christian
Camaria Cannon
Kamil Muse
Lindsay Keeran
4:02.47aDublin Scioto      
3.-Brianna Rispriss
Jennifer Wisel
Caitlyn Rack
Xerina Hughey
4:05.38aHilliard Darby      
4.-Kacie Rozsa
Sarah Swanek
Brooke Pulkrabek
Zoey DelPinto
4:07.80aOlentangy Orange      
5.-Kaylee Longpre
Alyssa Mathis
Hannah McCorckle
Audra Metzler
6.-Relay Team 4:09.78aLancaster      
7.-Relay Team 4:17.46aCentral Crossing      
8.-Relay Team 4:20.10aHilliard Bradley      
X 4x400 Relay - Div II - Finals
1.-Mallory Mccormick
Taisha Ferguson
Maya Pedersen
Aisha Cavin
3:58.81aBishop Hartley      
2.-Abby Fagin
Elisa Mathews
Kendra Wilson
Charlotte Myers
3.-Natalie Jardell
Sara Fondriest
Megan Gaysunas
Madison Sessor
4.-Emily McCall
Sam Jones
Kelly Roberts
Abby Ferguson
5.-Relay Team 4:08.69aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
6.-Relay Team 4:14.45aEastmoor Academy      
7.-Relay Team 4:15.22aColumbus For Girls      
8.-Relay Team 4:16.37aNorthridge      
X 4x400 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Prelims
1.-Mycah Mason
Kelly Britten
Lori Kelly
Taneisha Cordell
4:05.86aNew Albany      
1.-Rachel Christian
Camaria Cannon
Kamil Muse
Lindsay Keeran
4:12.34aDublin Scioto      
2.-Brianna Rispriss
Jennifer Wisel
Caitlyn Rack
Xerina Hughey
4:14.53aHilliard Darby      
3.-Kaylee Longpre
Alyssa Mathis
Emilie Kemper
Megan Osborne
2.-Courtney Heimberger
Betsy Noll
Dana McClurg
Kelsey Conrad
4.-Zoey DelPinto
Sarah Swanek
Brooke Pulkrabek
Jillian Barnett
4:17.86aOlentangy Orange      
3.-Sara Renner
Maddy Jordan
Paige Zelich
Sarah Hunter
4:20.73aCentral Crossing      
5.-Emily Lebsock
Lauren McCabe
Ayonna Taylor
Amanda Ciani
4:24.19aHilliard Bradley      
4.-Amy Miller
Kara Hoying
Leah Selmek
Michelle Ritter
4:24.85aSt Francis De Sales-...      
5.-Paige Grosel
Erica Dawson
Maegan Grosel
Hillary Danford
6.-Meredith Griebel
Madeleine Harwig
Dominique Teran
Nandi Wallace
4:28.24aOlentangy Liberty      
7.-Emily Kaufman
Lauren Peadon
Hannah Little
Taryn Annis
X 4x400 Relay - Div II - Prelims
1.-Taisha Ferguson
Chesna Sykes
Maya Pedersen
Aisha Cavin
4:04.01aBishop Hartley      
1.-Abby Fagin
Elisa Mathews
Kendra Wilson
Charlotte Myers
2.-Emily McCall
Sam Jones
Kelly Roberts
Abby Ferguson
1.-Natalie Jardell
Madison Sessor
Amy Greenwood
Sara Fondriest
2.-Relay Team 4:15.54aColumbus For Girls      
2.-Kaitie Peterson
Kierstin Lathrop
Stephanie Walton
Hannah Ackerman
4:16.59aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
3.-Rachel Johnson
Caitlyn Tulloss
Hannah Shank
Dana VanDervort
3.-Jasmine Peterson
Jordan Cannon
Taylor Simon
Shaniece Ryan
4:22.22aEastmoor Academy      
4.-Marissa Sheets
Taylor Ross
Kaila Cramer
Lizzy Wisma
3.-Sarah Dunham
Alexis Alderman
Katelyn Nance
Kayla Crager
4.-Allie Thomas
Kalli Votaw
Savannah Thomas
Emma Daugherty
4:26.66aJonathan Alder      
5.-Nicole Brown
Abby Schofield
Cierra Carr
Lindsey Wiseman
4:28.22aBishop Ready      
5.-PyLynne Myers
Alyx Jeffries
Hannah Sutton
Te'Lor Evans
4:30.79aPataskala Licking He...      
4.-Tiffany Smythe
Morgan Baker
Mary Smith
Hannah Dixon
4:32.24aLakewood (Hebron)      
5.-Morgan Baldwin
Bekah Legg
Savannah Sahr
Alana Smith
6.-Macey Weikel
Molly Hesness
Taylor Hankins
Harlie Class
4:34.19aHighland (Sparta)      
6.-Mackenzie Butler
Kailey Rutherford
Ashley Smith
Meaghan Romine
4:41.54aLicking Valley      
6.-Emily Shook
Sami Lane
Klare Williamson
Rachel Gates
4:45.42aLiberty Union      
7.-Devonna Busby
Ebony Brooks
Laqueaisha Loman
Ashley Pinckney
4:50.92aLinden Mc Kinley      
X 4x800 Relay - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.-Katie Papesh
Minori Minagawa
Lindsay Keeran
Keelin Gorman
9:39.54aDublin Scioto      
2.-Annie Bowe
Mirra Galbreath
Haley Mclellan
Hannah Inman
9:53.92aNew Albany      
3.-Melissa Thompson
Michelle Ritter
Amy Schockling
Rachel Seiffert
9:54.71aSt Francis De Sales-...      
4.-Zoey DelPinto
Hannah Hartzell
Brooke Pulkrabek
Jillian Barnett
9:56.82aOlentangy Orange      
5.-Shannon Kelleher
Erin Gadzik
Dawnyae Simpkins
Julisasa Poullet
10:06.13aHilliard Darby      
6.-Kelsey Conrad
Lorynne Sheline
Jeylan Turkoglu
Allie McRitchie
7.-Emily Garrison
Maegan Grosel
Taylor Varnadoe
Julie Fobes
8.-Chelsea Denlinger
Amy Ison
Taylor Hickman
Emily Yax
10:18.80aOlentangy Liberty      
9.-Lauren McCabe
Maddie McDonald
Rebecca Nikolaus
Kayce Pharazyn
10:27.23aHilliard Bradley      
10.-Brooke Harper
Ashley McCort
Elisha Cordle
Abbie Linton
11.-Lauren Lapp
Lauren Harris
Sarah O'Flarherty
Allison Rasor
12.-Maddy Jordan
Jessica Reckner
Tia Smith
Lauren Worthington
11:12.99aCentral Crossing      
13.-Joanne Newman-Jones
Alyssa Mathis
Hannah Littler
Brianna Cahill
X 4x800 Relay - Div II - Finals
1.-Sara Fondriest
Madison Sessor
Anna Lamb
Megan Gaysunas
2.-Stefanie Negron
Taisha Ferguson
Mallory Mccormick
Maya Pedersen
9:47.38aBishop Hartley      
3.-Erin Radigan
Meghan Schultze
Stephan Loshbaugh
Kaila Cramer
4.-Abby Fagin
Sara Niermeyer
Mackenzie Bolon
Kendra Wilson
5.-Relay Team 9:51.23aColumbus For Girls      
6.-Kaitie Peterson
Kierra Lathrop
Hannah Ackerman
Kierstin Lathrop
9:51.71aRiver Valley (Caledo...      
7.-Nicole Brown
Abby Schofield
Michelle Kaiser
Elaina Wahl
9:53.79aBishop Ready      
8.-Morgan Baker
Brittany Lang
Jasmine Glaub
Chelsey Dupler
10:39.85aLakewood (Hebron)      
9.-Mackenzie Butler
Ashley Smith
Kailey Rutherford
Meaghan Romine
10:40.38aLicking Valley      
10.-Relay Team 10:43.89aHighland (Sparta)      
11.-PyLynne Myers
Hannah Sutton
Catie Campbell
Katie Kenney
10:51.17aPataskala Licking He...      
12.-Shannon Moore
Chari Glover
Jordan Cannon
Taylor Simon
10:52.06aEastmoor Academy      
13.-Kelsey Holbrook
Abby Thompson
Klare Williamson
Tricia Steffen
11:25.50aLiberty Union      
14.-Payton Kantzer
Chloe Mercier
Shannon Steinke
Devin Hilt
11:33.29aBuckeye Valley      
15.-Morgan Anderson
Juanita Smith
Kalli Votaw
Emma Daugherty
11:40.78aJonathan Alder      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Megan Walker38-04.50Olentangy Orange      
2.12Emily Suciu37-11.75Zanesville      
1.11Jordan Edgerley37-04.50Tri-Valley      
1.11Elizabeth Stoll35-11.00Marietta      
1.11Jordan Waterhouse35-09.25Olentangy Liberty      
3.12Tiana Williams35-08.50Olentangy Orange      
4.10Halee Wex34-07.50Olentangy Liberty      
2.10Alyssa Oates34-07.00Chillicothe      
2.12Mary Beth Schramm33-08.75Marietta      
3.12Kamry Aebersold33-07.50Lancaster      
2.12Hannah Miller32-11.50Dublin Scioto      
3.10Sophia Nnadi32-06.00St Francis De Sales-...      
4.10Jasmine Junkins32-01.50Hilliard Bradley      
4.12Elizabeth Sunderman32-01.00St Francis De Sales-...      
3.12Emily Pittenger31-07.00New Albany      
5.12Whitney Harewood31-04.00Chillicothe      
5.9Katie Kollins31-02.50Dublin Scioto      
5.11Stephanie Murphy30-09.00Logan      
6.10Courtney Braun30-05.00Hilliard Bradley      
6.12Kristin White29-03.50Lancaster      
4.11Vanessa Coleman28-08.50New Albany      
5.-Caitli Shortridge28-01.25Tri-Valley      
6.12Allison Jordan27-02.00Hilliard Darby      
7.-Katie Hobart26-10.50Zanesville      
7.12Sarah Meyer23-01.00Central Crossing      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Div II - Finals
1.11Emily Morris38-05.75Bishop Ready      
1.11Lizzie Clippinger36-00.75Heath      
1.10Katie White35-09.00Heath      
1.11Kristina Hinch35-09.00Jonathan Alder      
1.11Jennifer DeLong34-04.00Columbus For Girls      
1.12Kaitie Peterson34-00.00River Valley (Caledo...      
2.-Dani Brooks33-00.75Bishop Hartley      
3.10Kayla Lucas33-00.25River Valley (Caledo...      
3.11Lydia Ulry30-10.00Johnstown-Monroe      
4.10Erika White30-09.00Utica      
4.12Becca Thompson30-09.00Liberty Union      
2.10Kayla Velasquez30-07.50Pataskala Licking He...      
2.11Erin Bailey30-05.00Buckeye Valley      
2.9Taylor Longenette30-05.00Bishop Ready      
3.10Evan Scott30-05.00Bishop Hartley      
2.10Paige Strohm29-10.75Amanda-Clearcreek      
4.10Cory Ray29-05.00Buckeye Valley      
1.12Tierra Ridgeway28-07.25Linden Mc Kinley      
2.12Carissa Boring28-05.50Lakewood (Hebron)      
4.9Kari King28-04.25Amanda-Clearcreek      
3.12Shelby Mathias27-02.50Liberty Union      
5.12Stephanie Merrilees26-09.00Granville      
6.10Paige Beachy26-00.75Jonathan Alder      
3.12Jessica Richards26-00.25London      
6.11Megan McElroy26-00.00Pataskala Licking He...      
4.11Armanda Pennington25-09.00Highland (Sparta)      
5.11Lindsey Charles25-05.00Bloom Carroll      
4.11Elisabeth Riley24-10.50Bexley      
6.12Kristina Blanton24-09.50Highland (Sparta)      
7.9Uele Boxill24-08.00Bexley      
4.10Jena Devereaux24-07.00Bloom Carroll      
7.11Amber Coon24-00.00Lakewood (Hebron)      
5.9Keonia Pickett23-10.00Whitehall-Yearling      
5.11Tesse Griffith23-05.25Licking Valley      
6.-Kelsey Garrabrant23-04.00Northridge      
7.12Joy Church23-03.00London      
6.9Cara Dillon22-02.00Licking Valley      
7.-Brittany Hupp20-10.25Northridge      
7.12Emily Thompson20-04.25Linden Mc Kinley      
8.12Sage Carraway19-09.25Whitehall-Yearling      
5.10Jenna Champer18-06.75Madison Plains      
X Discus - 1kg - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Emily Suciu120-04Zanesville      
2.12Hannah Miller116-08Dublin Scioto      
1.9Katelyn Daniels115-11Olentangy Orange      
1.12Monique Lee111-02Chillicothe      
2.11Jordan Edgerley110-02Tri-Valley      
2.12Tiana Williams108-08Olentangy Orange      
3.12Brittany Barrett108-03St Francis De Sales-...      
3.10Sophia Nnadi108-01St Francis De Sales-...      
4.12Mary Beth Schramm104-02Marietta      
5.10Courtnay Banks95-06New Albany      
4.12Kamry Aebersold94-11Lancaster      
3.11Elizabeth Stoll92-02Marietta      
1.12Marissa Campos91-05Hilliard Darby      
4.9Jessica Pentacost91-02Chillicothe      
2.11Alicia Rector90-02Dublin Scioto      
5.-Caitli Shortridge89-03Tri-Valley      
6.10Courtney Braun85-04Hilliard Bradley      
5.11Sam Downing83-11Central Crossing      
3.11Emily Boyd82-05Hilliard Bradley      
4.-Nicole Baker82-02Zanesville      
6.10Halee Wex82-01Olentangy Liberty      
6.11Stephanie Murphy82-01Logan      
5.12Andrea Karl81-08Olentangy Liberty      
6.12Mary Smart76-11Logan      
7.10Stephanie Zhong75-09New Albany      
7.10Katrina Johnson70-08Hilliard Darby      
7.12Kristin White70-07Lancaster      
7.12Sarah Meyer52-05Central Crossing      
X Discus - 1kg - Div II - Finals
1.10Katie White113-04Heath      
1.11Jennifer DeLong112-03Columbus For Girls      
2.10Kayla Velasquez107-10Pataskala Licking He...      
1.11Lizzie Clippinger107-04Heath      
1.11Kristina Hinch107-02Jonathan Alder      
2.10Kayla Lucas100-00River Valley (Caledo...      
3.12Becca Thompson98-10Liberty Union      
4.10Cory Ray98-02Buckeye Valley      
1.10Evan Scott98-00Bishop Hartley      
2.12Stephanie Merrilees94-10Granville      
1.12Carissa Boring93-07Lakewood (Hebron)      
2.11Emily Morris93-06Bishop Ready      
3.10Emily Morgan93-05Amanda-Clearcreek      
2.11Lydia Ulry92-10Johnstown-Monroe      
3.-Dani Brooks89-03Bishop Hartley      
2.12Jessica Richards85-05London      
4.9Kari King84-00Amanda-Clearcreek      
3.9Meaghan Romine82-01Licking Valley      
5.9Taylor James80-10Liberty Union      
3.11Erin Bailey78-08Buckeye Valley      
4.9Stormi Hill78-04London      
5.12Kristina Blanton78-03Highland (Sparta)      
5.-Misty Cushing77-10River Valley (Caledo...      
4.9Taylor Longenette75-04Bishop Ready      
6.9Tiara Tynes74-00Pataskala Licking He...      
6.11Elisabeth Riley72-10Bexley      
4.12Tierra Ridgeway69-08Linden Mc Kinley      
5.12Sage Carraway68-03Whitehall-Yearling      
7.11Katelyn Zellner66-05Highland (Sparta)      
8.10Diana Emery63-05Jonathan Alder      
5.-Brittany Hupp62-04Northridge      
6.11Amber Coon60-10Lakewood (Hebron)      
3.9Breanna Spelhaug60-05Linden Mc Kinley      
6.9Uele Boxill60-04Bexley      
6.9Cara Dillon58-08Licking Valley      
7.10Taylor Shetrone56-11Bloom Carroll      
4.9Keonia Pickett55-06Whitehall-Yearling      
5.-Kelsey Garrabrant49-10Northridge      
--10Jena DevereauxFOULBloom Carroll      
X High Jump - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.12Amy Miller5-01.00St Francis De Sales-...      
2.12LeAnne Ross5-00.00Marietta      
2.12Hannah McCorckle5-00.00Chillicothe      
2.12Angela Roll5-00.00Dublin Scioto      
5.10Jessica Dicken4-11.00Logan      
6.12Hannah Robertson4-10.00New Albany      
6.10Brianna Rispriss4-10.00Hilliard Darby      
8.9Julisasa Poullet4-08.00Hilliard Darby      
8.10Jalynn Guice4-08.00Olentangy Liberty      
8.11Emily Griggs4-08.00Logan      
8.11Colleen Miracle4-08.00Marietta      
8.10Kendal Witherup4-08.00Central Crossing      
--12Claire BohneNHCentral Crossing      
--12Nicole WhiteNHDublin Scioto      
--11Betsy NollNHLancaster      
--10Bailey StarcherNHOlentangy Orange      
--11Erin GerdsNHLancaster      
--11Kimberly ParentNHSt Francis De Sales-...      
--11Nandi WallaceNHOlentangy Liberty      
--9Devin BaithNHHilliard Bradley      
--10Caitlin PrestelNHHilliard Bradley      
---Marlayna DunnNHTri-Valley      
--10Jordain RedmanNHTri-Valley      
--9Emily RowlandNHNew Albany      
--9Elaine WilsonNHChillicothe      
--11Megan ReiterNHOlentangy Orange      
--9Ashley NorrisNHZanesville      
X High Jump - Div II - Finals
1.11Sadie Evans5-01.00Bloom Carroll      
2.10Briana Harrison5-00.00Granville      
2.10Kayla Crager5-00.00London      
4.11Anna Vutech4-11.00Columbus For Girls      
4.9Kendall Colvin4-11.00Johnstown-Monroe      
6.11Allie Thomas4-10.00Jonathan Alder      
6.10Sutton Black4-10.00Heath      
6.10Sarah Arens4-10.00Bexley      
9.12Taylor Nagle4-08.00River Valley (Caledo...      
9.10Maddie Smith4-08.00Bishop Hartley      
9.12Kaitlyn Toops4-08.00Madison Plains      
9.11Kaela Hatfield4-08.00Northridge      
9.10Kerry Godsil4-08.00Buckeye Valley      
9.9Sierra Echols4-08.00Liberty Union      
15.10Chelsey Call4-06.00River Valley (Caledo...      
--9Tiffany LaRueDNFHeath      
--10Amber NelsonDNFHighland (Sparta)      
--10Brittney LanciaDNFBishop Ready      
--11Kayla HeineikeDNFBuckeye Valley      
--12Cierra BaileyDNFLiberty Union      
--12Chelsea CoonDNFLakewood (Hebron)      
--12Courtney GoodhartDNFLakewood (Hebron)      
---Elena KasapovskaDNFPataskala Licking He...      
--10Morgan SloneDNFLondon      
--10Emily ButterfieldDNFJonathan Alder      
--11Akari IkedaDNFMadison Plains      
---Haylee EdwardsDNFElgin      
--9Kayla SmithDNFBishop Hartley      
--12Annie AndersonDNFBishop Ready      
X Pole Vault - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.11Macie Warner10-04.00Tri-Valley      
2.10Paige Grosel10-00.00Marietta      
2.11Melinda Hersey10-00.00Olentangy Liberty      
4.12Ayla Starcher9-08.00Olentangy Orange      
5.12Nicole White9-08.00Dublin Scioto      
6.11Justina Baker9-04.00Lancaster      
7.12Angela Roll8-06.00Dublin Scioto      
7.11Emily Griggs8-06.00Logan      
7.11Emily Flowers8-06.00Lancaster      
7.10Vicki Horton8-06.00Hilliard Bradley      
7.9Corinne Patino8-06.00Chillicothe      
7.12Certrude Shaw8-06.00Logan      
13.9Louisa Barton8-00.00Marietta      
---Macey McFarlandNHZanesville      
--10Jaimee RobinsonNHHilliard Bradley      
---Brooke WisecarverNHTri-Valley      
--11Brittany SwopeNHZanesville      
--10Bailey StarcherNHOlentangy Orange      
--11Terese GulloNHOlentangy Liberty      
--12Chloe' KieNHHilliard Darby      
--11Heather AtkinsNHHilliard Darby      
X Pole Vault - Div II - Finals
1.12Kori Tatman11-00.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
2.11Kayla Heineike9-08.00Buckeye Valley      
3.12Stephanie Walton9-04.00River Valley (Caledo...      
3.11Cece Guinther9-04.00River Valley (Caledo...      
5.12Paige Ciminello8-08.00Heath      
5.12Alana Hanrahan8-08.00Jonathan Alder      
7.12Jessie Lozier8-04.00Granville      
7.10Taylor Smith8-04.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
9.12Avery Davison7-06.00Madison Plains      
10.11Klare Williamson7-00.00Liberty Union      
10.12Meghan Logue7-00.00Liberty Union      
10.10Emma Daugherty7-00.00Jonathan Alder      
10.12Kristina Buena7-00.00Utica      
10.12Katelyn Nance7-00.00London      
10.9Sarah Shepherd7-00.00Madison Plains      
--10Morgan SloneNHLondon      
--9Courtney HerndonNHPataskala Licking He...      
---Dina TayimNHColumbus For Girls      
---Sarah StoutNHUtica      
--12Alexandria SeyboldNHColumbus For Girls      
--10Kayla KincaidNHJohnstown-Monroe      
--9Alyliana LaRocheNHJohnstown-Monroe      
--11Rebecca GarrettNHPataskala Licking He...      
--10Kurstin WigalNHHeath      
X Long Jump - Div I, District 4 - Finals
1.10Audra Metzler16-08.25Chillicothe      
2.12Haley Robertson16-06.75New Albany      
1.9Katelyn Daniels15-11.50Olentangy Orange      
2.12LeAnne Ross15-11.25Marietta      
1.12Nicole White15-06.75Dublin Scioto      
2.9Taleri Mugrage15-04.75Marietta      
1.12Danielle Allen15-02.50New Albany      
3.12Taryn Ashcraft15-00.00Hilliard Darby      
3.-Sarah Lebsock15-00.00Hilliard Bradley      
4.10Mary McLain14-11.00Olentangy Orange      
2.12Angela Roll14-08.75Dublin Scioto      
3.10Jalynn Guice14-04.00Olentangy Liberty      
4.10Rachel Miller14-04.00Hilliard Bradley      
5.11Kelly Scott13-11.00Lancaster      
5.11Mikala Shimmel13-09.75Central Crossing      
3.11Gabrielle Douglas13-07.75St Francis De Sales-...      
6.9Chandler Dickinson13-03.50Zanesville      
4.11Kimberly Parent13-01.00St Francis De Sales-...      
5.12Claire Bohne12-11.75Central Crossing      
4.12Marissa Shannon12-11.50Hilliard Darby      
5.9Ashley Norris12-08.25Zanesville      
5.-Julianne Graham12-08.25Tri-Valley      
6.10Alexandra Rasey12-06.25Olentangy Liberty      
6.-Racheal Fay12-02.50Lancaster      
7.-Alexis Bice12-02.25Tri-Valley      
7.11Erin Barnes11-03.75Chillicothe      
X Long Jump - Div II - Finals
1.12Sarah Battle16-11.25Bishop Ready      
1.11Charlotte Myers16-11.25Bexley      
1.12Brittany Kitsos16-08.50Jonathan Alder      
1.12Katlin Brandt16-08.00Elgin      
2.11Dana VanDervort16-05.00Northridge      
1.11Maya Pedersen16-03.25Bishop Hartley      
3.11Morgan Overbey16-02.75Licking Valley      
2.12CharAnna Dixon15-11.00Bishop Hartley      
2.12Cassie Brown15-05.00Amanda-Clearcreek      
3.9Taylor Ross15-05.00Johnstown-Monroe      
2.10Savannah Sahr15-01.75Amanda-Clearcreek      
2.10Maddie Lovern15-00.50Granville      
1.12Sarah Goodwin14-10.75River Valley (Caledo...      
4.11Maddie Layton14-10.50River Valley (Caledo...      
4.11Jessica Frost14-09.00Pataskala Licking He...      
3.11Lindsey Wiseman14-06.50Bishop Ready      
3.10Evanna Bartoe14-03.00Heath      
4.11Jennifer Koski14-02.25Heath      
5.-Shannon Chandler14-00.50Utica      
5.12Kaitlyn Toops14-00.25Madison Plains      
6.10Jessica Holbrook13-10.50Northridge      
3.9Callie Flynn13-10.25Liberty Union      
2.9Jonika Hopkins13-09.75South Columbus      
3.10Amy Greenwood13-09.50Granville      
4.9Katie Kenney13-09.00Pataskala Licking He...      
5.11Olivia Thomas13-09.00Bloom Carroll      
6.12Avery Davison13-07.25Madison Plains      
5.12Tiffany Banks13-06.50Linden Mc Kinley      
7.11Erin Bailey13-05.75Buckeye Valley      
6.10Emily Winnegrad12-11.75Bexley      
4.10Sarah Bradford12-11.00Licking Valley      
6.10Sarah Richards12-10.00Bloom Carroll      
5.11Francine McCombs12-05.25Highland (Sparta)      
4.12Meghan Logue12-03.25Liberty Union      
7.-Alyssa Brown10-11.75Highland (Sparta)      
8.12Kristina Buena10-04.25Utica      
5.12Tierra Ridgeway9-09.50Linden Mc Kinley      
7.11Uriye Adzhyablayeva9-04.50Whitehall-Yearling      
--12Chelsea CoonFOULLakewood (Hebron)      
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