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OHSAA Northeast - Mentor Division I District Track

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mentor HS, Mentor

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shane Wynn11.06aGlenville      
2.11Nate Kooy11.22aChardon      
3 V10Angelo Bentley11.26aGlenville      
4.11Rich Sanders11.27aLake Catholic      
5.12Tyree Johns11.46aEuclid Senior      
6.12Grant Isdale11.47aMadison      
7.12Aaron Hodge11.64aMayfield      
8.12Dominique Hobbs11.71aBrush      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Shane Wynn10.94aGlenville      
1.11Nate Kooy11.14aChardon      
1.11Rich Sanders11.16aLake Catholic      
2.12Grant Isdale11.20aMadison      
1 V10Angelo Bentley11.29aGlenville      
3.12Tyree Johns11.34aEuclid Senior      
2.12Aaron Hodge11.40aMayfield      
3.12Dominique Hobbs11.42aBrush      
2.11Diontre' Delk11.46aCleveland Heights      
2.9Darrell Gould11.47aMaple Heights      
4.11Colton Wallace11.47aMentor      
3.12Brandon Quirke11.60aRiverside (Painesvil...      
3.9Dezmann Fedrick11.68aMaple Heights      
4.11Aaric Harris11.69aShaw      
4.9Darnell Woodberry11.76aEuclid Senior      
5.12Dennis Arutyunov11.81aMayfield      
5.12Steve Spence11.89aMentor      
6.11Dejoir Dykes11.91aShaw      
6.9Joseph Laudato11.92aChardon      
5.11Brandon Binns11.95aCleveland Heights      
7.11Kevin Doyle12.15aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.12Ryan Winchell12.23aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.9Brennen Rojas12.25aMadison      
6.12Collin Boothe12.58aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.10Joe Delisle12.69aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Latwan Anderson22.05aGlenville      
2.11Nate Kooy22.51aChardon      
3.12Ronnell Thompson22.75aBrush      
4.12John Hardy22.84aCleveland Heights      
5.11Rich Sanders23.24aLake Catholic      
6.9Darrell Gould23.80aMaple Heights      
7.11Otis Arnold23.89aMaple Heights      
8.12Jon Haag24.39aChardon      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Latwan Anderson21.92aGlenville      
1.11Nate Kooy22.71aChardon      
1.12John Hardy22.76aCleveland Heights      
1.12Ronnell Thompson22.82aBrush      
2.9Darrell Gould23.07aMaple Heights      
2.11Rich Sanders23.08aLake Catholic      
3.11Otis Arnold23.14aMaple Heights      
2.12Jon Haag23.39aChardon      
3.9Darnell Woodberry23.45aEuclid Senior      
3.12Tyree Johns23.50aEuclid Senior      
4.11Frank Clark23.50aGlenville      
2.11Emmanuel Debramaletta23.70aCleveland Heights      
4.11Shoun Pate23.75aBrush      
4.11Nathan Pirkle23.92aRiverside (Painesvil...      
5.12Steve Spence24.14aMentor      
5.9Terrance Walton24.20aMentor      
6.12Dennis Arutyunov24.26aMayfield      
3.12Frank Mangano24.52aRiverside (Painesvil...      
5.11Andrew Mitch24.60aLake Catholic      
6.11James Fortner24.96aCollinwood      
4.9Dinero Stanford25.45aShaw      
7.12Collin Boothe26.67aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Latwan Anderson47.26aGlenville      
2.12Jarobee Turman49.13aHarvey      
3.12Ryan Byrne49.57aBrush      
4.12Greg McCray49.60aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.9Jacquez Riggs50.21aGlenville      
6.11Otis Arnold50.37aMaple Heights      
7.12Jon Haag50.93aChardon      
8.11Bobby Bismark52.53aMadison      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Latwan Anderson49.37aGlenville      
1.12Ryan Byrne49.62aBrush      
2.12Jarobee Turman49.63aHarvey      
1.11Otis Arnold50.75aMaple Heights      
1.12Greg McCray50.78aSouth (Willoughby)      
2.12Jon Haag51.13aChardon      
2.9Jacquez Riggs51.36aGlenville      
3.11Bobby Bismark51.91aMadison      
2.11Bryan Clark52.00aEuclid Senior      
3.12Markell Fleetwood52.41aCleveland Heights      
4.12Geoffrey Molnar52.87aChardon      
3.9Dorien Hudson53.05aCleveland Heights      
4.11Lance Jackson53.11aBrush      
4.11Ricky Penicka53.31aMentor      
5.10Aaron Phillips53.49aLake Catholic      
4.12Kraig Davis53.61aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.10Jaren Young54.06aHarvey      
5.11Jordan Bevan54.47aMadison      
6.11Zack Ropos54.73aMentor      
6.10Josh Winton56.98aRiverside (Painesvil...      
5.11Steve Klenner57.61aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.10Rayshawn Roberts57.67aShaw      
6.10Tyler Kursh58.24aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.10Aaron Najfach59.03aMayfield      
--10Louie VettelSCRLake Catholic      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Quincy Downing1:55.89aGlenville      
2.12Wade Coffin1:56.10aSouth (Willoughby)      
3.10Max Ostrowski1:59.49aMentor      
4.12Michael Suhan1:59.76aMentor      
5.12Ben Bukovec2:01.72aLake Catholic      
6.10Dan Loya2:01.78aBrush      
7.12Jamal Gill2:02.11aEuclid Senior      
8.11Devonte Morgan2:02.21aGlenville      
9.11Robert Wright2:02.32aChardon      
10.9Amari Williams2:04.51aMayfield      
11.12Wyeth Alexander2:05.05aMayfield      
12.12Jerel Whaley2:05.33aCleveland Heights      
13.9James Burge2:07.00aMaple Heights      
14.12Vadim Spasiuk2:07.11aSouth (Willoughby)      
15.12Seth Dumm2:08.28aCleveland Heights      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Quincy Downing2:01.61aGlenville      
2.10Dan Loya2:02.09aBrush      
3.12Wade Coffin2:03.13aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.12Seth Dumm2:03.70aCleveland Heights      
5.10Max Ostrowski2:03.79aMentor      
6.12Ben Bukovec2:04.74aLake Catholic      
7.11Robert Wright2:04.79aChardon      
8.9James Burge2:05.08aMaple Heights      
1.10Zack McBride2:05.09aRiverside (Painesvil...      
2.12Michael Suhan2:05.33aMentor      
3.11Devonte Morgan2:05.74aGlenville      
9.10David Thorne2:05.87aLake Catholic      
4.12Jamal Gill2:05.92aEuclid Senior      
5.12Jerel Whaley2:06.13aCleveland Heights      
6.9Amari Williams2:06.93aMayfield      
7.12Wyeth Alexander2:07.91aMayfield      
8.12Vadim Spasiuk2:10.49aSouth (Willoughby)      
9.12Joe Meyer2:13.56aNorth (Eastlake)      
10.11Mason Reimer2:13.56aChardon      
10.9Brian Fellows2:15.74aHarvey      
11.12Anthony Alford2:15.91aMaple Heights      
12.11Michael Spikes2:20.04aHarvey      
11.10Alex Fuhrmann2:23.86aRiverside (Painesvil...      
13.9Jermaine Shephard2:38.54aShaw      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zack McBride4:27.58aRiverside (Painesvil...      
2.12Tyler Lowe4:28.94aMentor      
3.11Brian Palmer4:29.14aMentor      
4.12Joivally Turner4:29.53aMaple Heights      
5.9Jacob Burr4:32.59aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.12Matt Abramczyk4:33.33aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.10Patrick Burke4:33.93aSouth (Willoughby)      
8.12Seth Dumm4:36.71aCleveland Heights      
9.12David Loxterman4:41.89aLake Catholic      
10.11James Moore4:43.08aCleveland Heights      
11.11Tim Wilhelm4:44.30aLake Catholic      
12.9Aubrey Jordan4:44.91aChardon      
13.12Ian Godby4:45.93aMayfield      
14.12Jason Pollard4:49.36aBrush      
15.9James Burge4:49.94aMaple Heights      
16.10John Wainwright4:50.31aHarvey      
17.9Steven Shaker4:53.94aChardon      
18.12Scott George4:56.67aSouth (Willoughby)      
19.10Nicholas Bruno5:03.77aEuclid Senior      
20.11Darren Jones5:07.60aGlenville      
21.12Mike Fortuna5:13.21aMayfield      
22.10Farakhan Muhammad5:19.84aGlenville      
23.9Jeremy Preston5:38.50aHarvey      
--10Josh HarbstSCREuclid Senior      
--10Nathaniel KrebsSCRChardon      
--12Alex SkaleSCRNorth (Eastlake)      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dan Shafer9:45.44aRiverside (Painesvil...      
2.12Jake Demian9:48.74aMentor      
3.12Joivally Turner9:51.88aMaple Heights      
4.12Ben Kisley9:54.40aMentor      
5.9Anthony Car10:02.58aNorth (Eastlake)      
6.12Seth Dumm10:06.40aCleveland Heights      
7.10Nathaniel Krebs10:12.22aChardon      
8.11Matt Borcas10:19.08aLake Catholic      
9.10Kyle Rendlesham10:26.38aMayfield      
10.10Nick Vitale10:27.71aSouth (Willoughby)      
11.10Mike Campbell10:36.91aRiverside (Painesvil...      
12.9Jeremy Preston10:37.43aHarvey      
13.12Konner Lashley10:39.64aMadison      
14.9Aubrey Jordan10:48.28aChardon      
15.12Ricky Teter11:02.05aLake Catholic      
16.11Christopher Fortuna11:07.19aMayfield      
17.11James Moore11:08.77aCleveland Heights      
18.10Josh Harbst11:56.74aEuclid Senior      
18.10Nicholas Bruno11:56.74aEuclid Senior      
20.12Sam Ivcic12:01.84aMaple Heights      
21.11Darren Jones12:07.04aGlenville      
--9Aaron ThomasSCRMaple Heights      
--10Patrick BurkeDQSouth (Willoughby)      
--12Nick ChladDQNorth (Eastlake)      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronnell Thompson14.84aBrush      
2.12Sheggy Agaja14.95aCleveland Heights      
3.11Devyn Woods14.98aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.12Clarence Johnson15.00aBrush      
5.12Corey Biro15.19aSouth (Willoughby)      
6.11Adrian Anderson15.60aCollinwood      
7.10Anthony Little15.65aEuclid Senior      
8.10DeAnthony Riggs15.79aGlenville      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Sheggy Agaja14.70aCleveland Heights      
1.12Clarence Johnson14.93aBrush      
2.11Devyn Woods14.95aSouth (Willoughby)      
2.12Corey Biro15.06aSouth (Willoughby)      
1.12Ronnell Thompson15.10aBrush      
1.10Anthony Little15.14aEuclid Senior      
2.11Adrian Anderson15.36aCollinwood      
3.10DeAnthony Riggs15.42aGlenville      
2.10Bryce Jones15.71aCleveland Heights      
3.11Jacob Hollinger15.86aChardon      
3.10Quentin Cieslinski16.09aMadison      
4.12Jordan VanAkin16.18aRiverside (Painesvil...      
3.11Shando Thomas16.43aMaple Heights      
4.11Marcus Jackson16.48aMaple Heights      
5.11Nate Hinesley16.66aChardon      
4.11Austin Williams16.68aEuclid Senior      
4.11Mike Caputo16.68aNorth (Eastlake)      
5.12Kevin McCormick16.72aMentor      
5.11Josh Wiles16.74aMadison      
5.12Mike Bann16.87aMentor      
6.9Drazen Markovic17.12aMayfield      
6.10Tyler McCollister17.14aHarvey      
7.11Tino Vargas17.18aHarvey      
6.12Adrian Pekarcik18.48aLake Catholic      
6.11Jon Ludwig19.47aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.10TJ Keane20.59aLake Catholic      
7.9Ricky Muir21.19aRiverside (Painesvil...      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clarence Johnson38.95aBrush      
2.11Sean Weems39.82aMaple Heights      
3.12Corey Biro39.91aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.10DeAnthony Riggs40.12aGlenville      
5.12Sheggy Agaja40.16aCleveland Heights      
6.11Nick Williams40.89aSouth (Willoughby)      
7.11Shando Thomas42.98aMaple Heights      
8.12RaShawn Carter43.09aEuclid Senior      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sean Weems39.18aMaple Heights      
1.12Clarence Johnson39.73aBrush      
2.12Corey Biro40.19aSouth (Willoughby)      
1.11Nick Williams40.49aSouth (Willoughby)      
2.12Sheggy Agaja41.17aCleveland Heights      
1.10DeAnthony Riggs41.47aGlenville      
2.12RaShawn Carter41.82aEuclid Senior      
3.11Shando Thomas42.50aMaple Heights      
3.11Nate Hinesley42.56aChardon      
2.9Drazen Markovic43.10aMayfield      
3.12Devonte Smith Cowette43.16aCleveland Heights      
4.12Isaiah Gwynn43.32aHarvey      
4.12Brian Nelson43.72aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.12Kevin McCormick43.75aMentor      
3.10Dejan Jovanavic43.78aMayfield      
4.10Anthony Little43.82aEuclid Senior      
5.11Mike Caputo44.10aNorth (Eastlake)      
5.11Jacob Hollinger44.38aChardon      
5.11Brad Pearlman44.64aMadison      
6.10Israel Jacinto44.78aHarvey      
6.11Anthony Daykin45.48aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.12Bobby Derzic45.52aMadison      
7.11Mike Boyd45.68aMentor      
6.10James Winton45.92aRiverside (Painesvil...      
7.12Adrian Pekarcik47.72aLake Catholic      
5.10TJ Keane49.43aLake Catholic      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-V'Angelo Bentley
Justin Hardee
Evonte Dunn
Shane Wynn
2.-Marcus Mcshepard
Emmanuel Debramaletta
Diontre' Delk
John Hardy
42.93aCleveland Heights      
3.-Tyree Johns
RaShawn Carter
Kelvin Clay
John Jackson
43.91aEuclid Senior      
4.-Jason Paulovich
Devyn Woods
Ryan Winchell
Dom Darling
43.94aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-Isaiah Gwynn
J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Chris Semoskey
6.-Nathan Doles
Steve Spence
Mike Korecz
Colton Wallace
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Marcus Mcshepard
Emmanuel Debramaletta
Diontre' Delk
John Hardy
42.99aCleveland Heights      
1.-V'Angelo Bentley
Justin Hardee
Evonte Dunn
Shane Wynn
2.-Tyree Johns
RaShawn Carter
Kelvin Clay
John Jackson
43.75aEuclid Senior      
3.-Aaron Hodge
Charlie Dorflinger
Dennis Arutyunov
Kevin Gibson
2.-Dominique Hobbs
Kevin Houchins
Ronnell Thompson
Patrice Hannon
3.-Jason Paulovich
Devyn Woods
Ryan Winchell
Dom Darling
44.75aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.-Isaiah Gwynn
J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Chris Semoskey
5.-Nathan Doles
Steve Spence
Mike Korecz
Colton Wallace
4.-Clay Densmore
Grant Isdale
Brennen Rojas
Josh Wiles
5.-Sean D'Antonio
Nathan Pirkle
Anthony Bilal
Adamma Bilal
45.83aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.-Dezman Fedrick
Brandon Williams
Terrace Tisdel
Marcus Jackson
46.35aMaple Heights      
6.-Marty Gibbons
Andrew Mitch
TJ Keane
Louie Vettel
46.89aLake Catholic      
7.-Joe Laudato
Nick Laudato
Alex Muir
Nate Hinesley
8.-Collin Boothe
Dan Volk
Clay Sherwood
Joe Delistle
50.64aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Hardee
Quincy Downing
Shane Wynn
Latwan Anderson
2.-John Hardy
Emmanuel Debramaletta
Markell Fleetwood
Diontre' Delk
1:29.88aCleveland Heights      
3.-Sean Weems
Darrell Gould
Dezman Fedrick
Otis Arnold
1:30.86aMaple Heights      
4.-Devyn Woods
Dom Darling
Jason Paulovich
Cory Blanchette
1:30.92aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Chris Semoskey
Jarobee Turman
6.-Jon Haag
Geoff Molnar
Nick Laudato
Nate Kooy
7.-Aaron Hodge
Charlie Dorflinger
Kevin Gibson
Anthony Flowers
8.-Sean D'Antonio
Nathan Pirkle
Anthony Bilal
Adamma Bilal
1:34.61aRiverside (Painesvil...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Justin Hardee
Quincy Downing
Shane Wynn
Latwan Anderson
1.-John Hardy
Emmanuel Debramaletta
Markell Fleetwood
Diontre' Delk
1:30.72aCleveland Heights      
2.-Sean Weems
Darrell Gould
Dezman Fedrick
Otis Arnold
1:30.92aMaple Heights      
2.-Aaron Hodge
Charlie Dorflinger
Kevin Gibson
Anthony Flowers
3.-J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Chris Semoskey
Jarobee Turman
3.-Jon Haag
Geoff Molnar
Nick Laudato
Nate Kooy
4.-Devyn Woods
Dom Darling
Jason Paulovich
Cory Blanchette
1:33.37aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-Sean D'Antonio
Nathan Pirkle
Anthony Bilal
Adamma Bilal
1:35.29aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.-Nathan Doles
Regis Coustillac
Todd Flinn
Terrance Walton
7.-Andrew Mitch
Louie Vettel
Marty Gibbons
Aaron Phillips
1:36.40aLake Catholic      
4.-Joe Delistle
Dan Volk
Clay Sherwood
Tyler Kursh
1:43.44aNorth (Eastlake)      
---Dominique Hobbs
Clarence Johnson
Ryan Byrne
Ronnell Thompson
---John Jackson
Anthony Little
Tyree Johns
Darnell Woodberry
DQEuclid Senior      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Graves
Shane Wynn
Quincy Downing
Latwan Anderson
2.-Emmanuel Debramaletta
Jerel Whaley
Markell Fleetwood
Diontre' Delk
3:23.25aCleveland Heights      
3.-Greg McCray
Devyn Woods
Corey Biro
Wade Coffin
3:23.62aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.-Ryan Byrne
Lance Jackson
Carl Harris
Dan Loya
5.-J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Jaren Young
Jarobee Turman
6.-Sean Weems
Shando Thomas
Darrell Gould
Otis Arnold
3:25.85aMaple Heights      
7.-Paul Styles
RaShawn Carter
John Jackson
Bryan Clark
3:25.88aEuclid Senior      
---Aaron Hodge
Charlie Dorflinger
Harry Morganstern
Anthony Flowers
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-David Graves
Shane Wynn
Quincy Downing
Latwan Anderson
2.-Ryan Byrne
Lance Jackson
Carl Harris
Dan Loya
1.-Emmanuel Debramaletta
Jerel Whaley
Markell Fleetwood
Diontre' Delk
3:24.83aCleveland Heights      
2.-Aaron Hodge
Charlie Dorflinger
Harry Morganstern
Anthony Flowers
3.-Greg McCray
Devyn Woods
Corey Biro
Wade Coffin
3:25.82aSouth (Willoughby)      
3.-J'Rome Jeffries
Devonte Roush
Jaren Young
Jarobee Turman
4.-Sean Weems
Shando Thomas
Darrell Gould
Otis Arnold
3:27.83aMaple Heights      
4.-Paul Styles
RaShawn Carter
John Jackson
Bryan Clark
3:28.00aEuclid Senior      
5.-Max Ostrowski
Ricky Penicka
Steve Spence
Todd Flinn
6.-Tyler Berry
Bobby Bismark
Brian Bismark
Jordan Bevan
5.-Aaron Phillips
Andrew Mitch
David Loxterman
Ben Bukovec
3:41.05aLake Catholic      
7.-Brian Nelson
James Winton
Josh Winton
Steve Klenner
3:47.98aRiverside (Painesvil...      
---Robert Wright
Geoff Molnar
Jon Haag
Nate Kooy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Max Ostrowski
Ben Kisley
Michael Suhan
Brian Palmer
2.-Dan Loya
Carl Harris
Ryan Byrne
Lance Jackson
3.-David Loxterman
Tim Wilhelm
David Thorne
Ben Bukovec
8:07.69aLake Catholic      
4.-Greg McCray
Vadim Spasiuk
Patrick Burke
Wade Coffin
8:08.68aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-Jacquez Riggs
Farakhan Muhammad
David Graves
Devonte Morgan
6.-Christopher Fortuna
Amari Williams
Wyeth Alexander
Ian Godby
7.-Alex Skale
Joe Meyer
Anthony Car
Nick Chlad
8:31.48aNorth (Eastlake)      
8.-Bobby Bismark
Brian Bismark
Tyler Berry
Konner Lashley
9.-Paul Styles
Jamal Gill
Bryan Clark
Javon Johnson
8:39.62aEuclid Senior      
10.-Robert Wright
Aubrey Jordan
Nathan Krebs
Mason Reimer
11.-Anthony Alford
Tiaron Crockett
James Burge
Aaron Thomas
9:32.56aMaple Heights      
12.-Alex Fuhrmann
Thomas Tarach
Jesse Cassidy
Nick Arn
10:04.26aRiverside (Painesvil...      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erik Venclauskas54-00.00South (Willoughby)      
1.12Dajuan Calloway53-08.50Glenville      
1.12Vince Minnitti50-02.00Lake Catholic      
2.11Mike Wendolowski49-06.00South (Willoughby)      
1.12Austin Oten47-03.50Euclid Senior      
3.11Andy Stevenson46-11.50Mentor      
4.12Bob Kukwa45-06.00Lake Catholic      
2.12Terrace Tisdel43-08.00Maple Heights      
2.10Carlutorbantu Zaramo43-06.25Brush      
3.12Austin Pickens43-05.50Cleveland Heights      
2.9Sedale James43-01.00Harvey      
3.12Shane Byrne42-05.75Euclid Senior      
3.12Wes Kremyar42-03.50Mentor      
4.11Jamelle Lillard42-03.50Brush      
4.11Dan Poulson42-00.50Madison      
5.11Josh Province41-07.75North (Eastlake)      
6.10Tylor Burdoff40-06.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
5.12Dominic Mandato40-04.00Chardon      
6.10Dan Preston40-03.75North (Eastlake)      
7.11Josh Baker40-01.00Cleveland Heights      
4.10Aaron Pipkins39-07.00Maple Heights      
7.12Carmen Miozzi39-06.00Mayfield      
5.10Kyle Bock39-01.00Madison      
5.12Jacob McDonald38-08.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
8.12Tyler Ritt37-07.00Chardon      
6.12Corey Harris30-01.25Collinwood      
6.11Fred Nichols27-06.25Shaw      
--11Luke RoseSCRMentor      
--12Jacob RichSCRRiverside (Painesvil...      
--10Alex PaceSCRGlenville      
--12William NunnallySCREuclid Senior      
--12Jon GannonFOULMayfield      
--12Antonio CrawfordSCRMadison      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erik Venclauskas153-02South (Willoughby)      
1.11Mike Wendolowski151-01South (Willoughby)      
2.11Andy Stevenson150-03Mentor      
1.10Zach Province148-08North (Eastlake)      
1.11Mitch Sears142-09Mayfield      
2.11Will Wehr135-06North (Eastlake)      
1.12Dajuan Calloway133-03Glenville      
2.12Austin Pickens132-10Cleveland Heights      
2.12Dan Coan132-01Lake Catholic      
3.12Vince Minnitti125-05Lake Catholic      
2.12Anthony Porter123-06Euclid Senior      
3.12Carmen Miozzi121-11Mayfield      
3.12Dominic Mandato121-03Chardon      
4.11Josh Baker114-11Cleveland Heights      
3.10Jimmy Ritt114-04Mentor      
4.12Nick Nebe113-02Euclid Senior      
4.10Tylor Burdoff112-04Riverside (Painesvil...      
5.12Terrace Tisdel111-05Maple Heights      
5.12Mike Bartol109-08Chardon      
4.10Kalif Aughburns107-00Brush      
3.12Antonio Crawford105-09Madison      
5.11Alex Ortiz105-04Madison      
5.12Ian Jones102-11Harvey      
6.11Brandon Moore99-01Brush      
4.10Alex Pace98-04Glenville      
5.10Allmonte Patrick94-10Maple Heights      
6.12Jacob McDonald94-10Riverside (Painesvil...      
6.11Fred Nichols82-04Shaw      
--12Steve AmiottSCRRiverside (Painesvil...      
--11Dan PoulsonSCRMadison      
--11Josh ProvinceSCRNorth (Eastlake)      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Wallace6-04.00Mentor      
2.11Ronnie Galloway6-02.00Shaw      
2.12George Pardue6-02.00South (Willoughby)      
2.11Jacob Hollinger6-02.00Chardon      
5.11Adrian Anderson6-01.00Collinwood      
6.10Jalen Yancy6-00.00Brush      
6.12Matt Ede6-00.00Mayfield      
6.10Quentin Cieslinski6-00.00Madison      
6.11Frank Clark6-00.00Glenville      
6.11Marcus Jackson6-00.00Maple Heights      
6.9Cameron Cross6-00.00Cleveland Heights      
6.9Alex Muir6-00.00Chardon      
13.9Sedale James5-09.00Harvey      
13.12Tevin Cooper5-09.00Cleveland Heights      
13.12Bobby Derzic5-09.00Madison      
13.9Drazen Markovic5-09.00Mayfield      
17.10Clifford Hayes5-06.00Mentor      
17.10Arthur Jackson5-06.00Euclid Senior      
17.11Joshua Scott5-06.00Euclid Senior      
17.10Brandon Hardy5-06.00Brush      
17.10Adamma Bilal5-06.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
17.12Cody Fetherott5-06.00North (Eastlake)      
17.11Shando Thomas5-06.00Maple Heights      
--10Anthony BilalNHRiverside (Painesvil...      
--11Mike CaputoNHNorth (Eastlake)      
--12Dan CoanNHLake Catholic      
--11Trey LohrSCRHarvey      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Corey Biro13-09.00South (Willoughby)      
2.11Tino Vargas13-00.00Harvey      
2.12Mike Mackensen13-00.00Brush      
4.12Chris Hinkle12-06.00Mayfield      
4.11Clay Densmore12-06.00Madison      
6.11Nick Williams12-03.00South (Willoughby)      
7.10Dominic Williams12-00.00Maple Heights      
7.12Kevin Rolik12-00.00North (Eastlake)      
7.11Dan Chappell12-00.00Chardon      
10.12Sam Ivcic11-06.00Maple Heights      
10.12Tom Chappell11-06.00Chardon      
10.10Quentin Cieslinski11-06.00Madison      
13.11Joe Busher11-00.00Lake Catholic      
13.11Lupe Becerra11-00.00Harvey      
15.10Steve Tsagaris10-06.00Brush      
--11Dean GugliottaNHNorth (Eastlake)      
--12Andy DavisNHRiverside (Painesvil...      
--10Clayton EllisNHRiverside (Painesvil...      
--11John JacksonNHEuclid Senior      
--11Frankie DilibertoNHMayfield      
--10Matt BiatsNHLake Catholic      
--9Kyle RaserNHMentor      
--11Sean HippsNHMentor      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adrian Anderson22-09.50Collinwood      
2.12Anthony Flowers21-09.50Mayfield      
3.12Rodnell Pierce21-08.00Glenville      
4.12L.T. Smith21-07.25Riverside (Painesvil...      
1.11Sean Weems21-06.25Maple Heights      
1.12Tevin Cooper21-04.25Cleveland Heights      
1.12Grant Isdale20-11.75Madison      
5.10Jalen Yancy20-09.00Brush      
6.12Girard Berry20-04.00Maple Heights      
2.10Bryce Jones20-01.00Cleveland Heights      
3.11Justin Proctor20-00.75South (Willoughby)      
4.12Steve Amiott19-10.50Riverside (Painesvil...      
5.11Harry Morganstern19-09.75Mayfield      
2.12Bukhari Muhammad19-08.25Brush      
6.12Isaiah Gwynn19-06.50Harvey      
7.12Cory Blanchette19-06.25South (Willoughby)      
8.11Frank Clark19-04.25Glenville      
3.11Carl Jones19-03.25Euclid Senior      
7.10Nathan Doles18-06.25Mentor      
2.11James Fortner18-05.50Collinwood      
4.11Mike Caputo18-04.50North (Eastlake)      
3.9Alex Muir18-03.75Chardon      
5.9Joseph Laudato18-03.00Chardon      
4.12Bobby Derzic17-11.00Madison      
6.10Aaron Phillips17-10.25Lake Catholic      
7.9Sedale James17-09.50Harvey      
5.12Cody Fetherott17-06.75North (Eastlake)      
8.11Marty Gibbons17-06.75Lake Catholic      
6.9Lavauntez Hall16-09.50Shaw      
7.10Todd Flinn16-05.50Mentor      
--11Clay DensmoreSCRMadison      
--11Trey LohrSCRHarvey      
--12Jason OliverSCREuclid Senior      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrea Arnold12.04aMaple Heights      
2.10Chanitta Westbrook12.10aJohn Hay      
3.10Artia Gunn12.37aEuclid Senior      
4.11Naeyana Love12.38aBeaumont      
5.10Shannon Sullivan12.53aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.12Nicolein Buholzer12.66aChardon      
7.12Jamice Craig12.86aShaw      
8.10Jahrie Hamm13.06aMaple Heights      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Andrea Arnold12.36aMaple Heights      
1.10Artia Gunn12.53aEuclid Senior      
1.11Naeyana Love12.63aBeaumont      
2.10Chanitta Westbrook12.70aJohn Hay      
1.12Jamice Craig13.06aShaw      
2.12Nicolein Buholzer13.07aChardon      
3.10Shannon Sullivan13.21aRiverside (Painesvil...      
2.10Jahrie Hamm13.22aMaple Heights      
2.12Kiawnia Jackson13.40aCleveland Heights      
3.9Myiesha Berry13.46aGlenville      
4.9Patrice Hannon13.46aBrush      
5.11Sadie Anderson13.59aSouth (Willoughby)      
3.12Mollie Brick13.61aBeaumont      
3.9Margaret Liberatore13.69aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.9Meshiauna Sharp13.71aBrush      
4.12De'Naye Coates13.75aSouth (Willoughby)      
6.11Maryann Tripodo13.76aMayfield      
4.12Brittney Gerhardstein13.86aMentor      
5.9Sarah Hood13.91aMentor      
7.11Tina Ortiz13.93aMayfield      
5.11Victoria Znidarsic13.96aChardon      
5.9Dyese Osaze14.26aJohn Hay      
6.9Hayley Bruck14.52aNorth (Eastlake)      
6.9Emily Cox14.63aMadison      
6.11Dezaray Gay14.82aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.9Uniquia Humphries15.06aShaw      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrea Arnold25.11aMaple Heights      
2.9Brianna Johnson25.90aBeaumont      
3.11Naeyana Love26.28aBeaumont      
4.9Ogechi Oneyeukwu26.40aJohn Hay      
5.12Kiandra Jones26.65aCleveland Heights      
6.12Makeela Tisdel26.75aMaple Heights      
7.11Tchnavia Spencer26.79aEuclid Senior      
8.11Breon Williams27.44aCleveland Heights      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Andrea Arnold24.75aMaple Heights      
1.9Brianna Johnson25.83aBeaumont      
1.11Naeyana Love25.91aBeaumont      
2.9Ogechi Oneyeukwu26.21aJohn Hay      
2.12Kiandra Jones26.30aCleveland Heights      
3.12Makeela Tisdel26.37aMaple Heights      
3.11Tchnavia Spencer26.59aEuclid Senior      
2.11Breon Williams26.78aCleveland Heights      
3.10Shannon Sullivan27.25aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.11Sadie Anderson27.46aSouth (Willoughby)      
1.9Gabrielle Knight27.62aShaw      
2.9Patrice Hannon28.04aBrush      
4.12De'Naye Coates28.15aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.11Victoria Znidarsic28.37aChardon      
4.11Bryn Allen28.43aChardon      
5.9Margaret Liberatore28.44aRiverside (Painesvil...      
3.9Samantha Birchall28.69aMentor      
5.10Jimesha Sailes28.70aGlenville      
6.11Maryann Tripodo28.81aMayfield      
6.11Erin Burke29.02aMadison      
7.10Lauren Cannavino29.10aMentor      
6.9Hayley Bruck29.56aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.12Ellen Potts29.92aMayfield      
7.11Dezaray Gay30.86aNorth (Eastlake)      
4.9Sharde Watkins33.56aShaw      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrea Arnold56.30aMaple Heights      
2.10Taylor Rambo59.14aEuclid Senior      
3.12Makeela Tisdel59.73aMaple Heights      
4.9Ogechi Oneyeukwu59.86aJohn Hay      
5.10Chanitta Westbrook1:01.33aJohn Hay      
6.12Kamari Jackson1:01.89aEuclid Senior      
7.11Seane Mapson1:02.40aCleveland Heights      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Andrea Arnold57.09aMaple Heights      
1.10Taylor Rambo59.13aEuclid Senior      
1.11Seane Mapson59.18aCleveland Heights      
1.12Makeela Tisdel59.53aMaple Heights      
2.10Alex Aiello1:00.22aMentor      
2.9Ogechi Oneyeukwu1:00.61aJohn Hay      
2.10Chanitta Westbrook1:02.00aJohn Hay      
2.12Kamari Jackson1:02.43aEuclid Senior      
3.12Tania Timmons1:02.74aCleveland Heights      
3.12Stefanie Barnes63.06aEuclid Senior      
3.10Kristine Wagner1:03.18aMentor      
3.9Kara Farroni1:04.42aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.10Samantha Grippe1:04.53aChardon      
3.10Diona Roberts1:04.62aBrush      
4.9Danielle Kokal1:05.13aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.12Kristy Walsh1:05.48aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.11Britney Fields1:05.76aBrush      
5.12Jillian Kosmorsky1:05.91aMayfield      
5.12Maggie McCann1:06.79aBeaumont      
5.10Megan Onarato1:07.27aBeaumont      
6.11Julianne Greco1:10.30aChardon      
6.10Jodi Turk1:11.40aRiverside (Painesvil...      
5.11Tiara McDuffie1:12.83aGlenville      
6.11Letitia Scavnicky1:13.65aNorth (Eastlake)      
6.10Macy Araps1:14.08aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.10Breanna Hill1:24.01aShaw      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Whitlow2:16.94aEuclid Senior      
2.12Jamie Clapacs2:19.50aSouth (Willoughby)      
3.12Jennifer Brown2:20.05aEuclid Senior      
4.11Alexandra Mooney2:20.31aBeaumont      
5.10Blake Lewis2:21.11aMentor      
6.9Becky Rohwer2:24.44aBrush      
7.11Carley Berman2:24.73aMentor      
8.10Monica Busam2:25.37aNorth (Eastlake)      
9.11Jacquelynn Anderson2:26.55aMayfield      
10.10Maribeth Teresczuk2:28.09aBeaumont      
11.11Georgia Fuerst2:28.31aChardon      
12.12Stephanie Wilson2:31.82aGlenville      
13.11Brittany Brucey2:33.92aJohn Hay      
14.11Crysta Yamamoto2:35.84aRiverside (Painesvil...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kayla Whitlow2:25.85aEuclid Senior      
1.11Alexandra Mooney2:26.13aBeaumont      
2.12Jennifer Brown2:26.75aEuclid Senior      
2.9Becky Rohwer2:27.47aBrush      
3.12Jamie Clapacs2:27.76aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.10Blake Lewis2:28.73aMentor      
5.11Georgia Fuerst2:29.19aChardon      
6.11Carley Berman2:29.23aMentor      
7.11Jacquelynn Anderson2:30.71aMayfield      
3.10Maribeth Teresczuk2:31.25aBeaumont      
4.12Stephanie Wilson2:31.83aGlenville      
8.11Crysta Yamamoto2:34.18aRiverside (Painesvil...      
9.9Waed Eid2:34.96aMayfield      
5.10Monica Busam2:35.06aNorth (Eastlake)      
6.11Brittany Brucey2:37.49aJohn Hay      
10.10India Kijauskas2:37.58aMadison      
11.10Micayla Rasanow2:39.61aSouth (Willoughby)      
12.11Savannah Robertson2:44.02aChardon      
7.11Teisha Speed.2:56.93aGlenville      
13.10Breanna Hill3:41.07aShaw      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Whitlow5:12.20aEuclid Senior      
2.10Emily Sweet5:15.66aEuclid Senior      
3.11Stephanie Buda5:17.81aMayfield      
4.11Marie Lorentz5:18.11aMayfield      
5.10Rachel Slingluff5:18.43aBeaumont      
6.9Corinne Kule5:22.51aChardon      
7.9Becky Rohwer5:23.35aBrush      
8.12Lucy Infeld5:30.94aBeaumont      
9.10Annie Nelson5:36.73aRiverside (Painesvil...      
10.11Kristen Ruckstahl5:40.15aMentor      
11.9Allie Diehl5:45.50aChardon      
12.9Taylor Strauss5:46.25aRiverside (Painesvil...      
13.11Sally Francis5:46.45aSouth (Willoughby)      
14.10Alexandra Benson5:48.30aMentor      
15.9Julie Abrams6:14.60aNorth (Eastlake)      
16.12Juneann Fraser6:18.43aNorth (Eastlake)      
--11Teisha Speed.SCRGlenville      
--10Diona RobertsSCRBrush      
--11Deanna KreiderSCRMentor      
--12Jonica MurraySCRGlenville      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deanna Kreider11:37.47aMentor      
2.12Hanna Theis11:38.69aChardon      
3.10Deanna Godby11:41.64aMayfield      
4.11Jessie Iafelice11:45.17aMentor      
5.9Erin Hord12:29.57aMadison      
6.10Annie Nelson12:35.51aRiverside (Painesvil...      
7.10Amanda Garlak12:42.32aChardon      
8.9Taylor Strauss12:49.76aRiverside (Painesvil...      
9.9Emily Conger12:49.78aEuclid Senior      
10.10Jesse Slingluff13:00.97aBeaumont      
11.11Marie Lorentz13:06.77aMayfield      
12.10taylor Cline14:08.06aMadison      
--11Monet HatchellSCRGlenville      
--12Jane LodwickDQBeaumont      
--9Becky RohwerSCRBrush      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Artia Gunn15.79aEuclid Senior      
2.11Natasha Shorts16.61aBrush      
3.12Chelsea Matzen16.88aNorth (Eastlake)      
4.11Rachel Tan17.06aMentor      
5.10Janeen Parker17.11aSouth (Willoughby)      
6.11Renee Prosen17.12aChardon      
7.11Lindsay Silver17.37aMayfield      
8.12Deanna Gundling17.49aRiverside (Painesvil...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Artia Gunn15.11aEuclid Senior      
1.11Natasha Shorts16.74aBrush      
2.11Lindsay Silver17.26aMayfield      
3.12Deanna Gundling17.27aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.11Rachel Tan17.28aMentor      
2.11Renee Prosen17.39aChardon      
1.12Chelsea Matzen17.56aNorth (Eastlake)      
2.9April Lyons17.60aCleveland Heights      
3.12Tiana Bohanon17.77aShaw      
4.12Briana Pearson-Beard17.81aEuclid Senior      
3.11Jenny Harvey17.90aSouth (Willoughby)      
4.10Alyssa Mathews17.93aMentor      
5.10Morgan McGrath18.06aMayfield      
5.9Alicia Edwards18.42aShaw      
6.11Lindsey Perz18.48aChardon      
6.9Kortlyn Carr18.51aRiverside (Painesvil...      
7.9Haley Dake18.66aMadison      
5.10Ajia Mason18.92aCleveland Heights      
6.9Teryn Moorefield20.34aBrush      
7.12Beth Smee20.51aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Rambo46.32aEuclid Senior      
2.11Kristen Liggett47.24aChardon      
3.11Natasha Shorts47.42aBrush      
4.10Jahrie Hamm47.57aMaple Heights      
5.12Briana Pearson-Beard48.14aEuclid Senior      
6.12Chelsea Matzen49.75aNorth (Eastlake)      
7.11Emily Rowe49.93aMadison      
8.10Michelle Jones50.21aMaple Heights      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Erin Rambo47.02aEuclid Senior      
1.10Jahrie Hamm47.39aMaple Heights      
1.11Kristen Liggett47.73aChardon      
2.11Natasha Shorts48.03aBrush      
2.10Michelle Jones48.64aMaple Heights      
3.11Emily Rowe48.66aMadison      
2.12Briana Pearson-Beard48.85aEuclid Senior      
3.12Chelsea Matzen49.51aNorth (Eastlake)      
4.9Samantha Birchall49.54aMentor      
5.11Rachel Tan50.03aMentor      
3.10Ajia Mason51.59aCleveland Heights      
4.10Lauren Yafanaro51.99aMayfield      
6.11Renee Prosen52.73aChardon      
4.11Jenny Harvey53.26aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.9Deshaune Young53.44aBeaumont      
5.10Kaycee Nikes53.57aMadison      
6.10Kristen Kobe56.53aSouth (Willoughby)      
7.12Beth Smee59.27aNorth (Eastlake)      
6.9Sharde Watkins1:02.99aShaw      
8.9Teryn Moorefield1:04.90aBrush      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tchnavia Spencer
Taylor Rambo
Erin Rambo
Artia Gunn
49.42aEuclid Senior      
2.-Breon Williams
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
50.01aCleveland Heights      
3.-Kristen Liggett
Victoria Znidarsic
Bryn Allen
Nicolein Buholzer
4.-Mollie Brick
Naeyana Love
Olivia Zippert
Zoe Zippert
5.-Tori McMillan
Kelly Kohr
Breanna D'Antonio
Shannon Sullivan
52.04aRiverside (Painesvil...      
6.-Courtney Jones
Devyn Hollaman
Michelle Jones
Jahrie Hamm
52.18aMaple Heights      
7.-Brittney Gerhardstein
Megan Lowery
Cassandra Rendina
Samantha Birchall
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Tchnavia Spencer
Taylor Rambo
Erin Rambo
Artia Gunn
49.18aEuclid Senior      
1.-Breon Williams
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
50.03aCleveland Heights      
2.-Mollie Brick
Naeyana Love
Olivia Zippert
Zoe Zippert
3.-Brittney Gerhardstein
Megan Lowery
Cassandra Rendina
Samantha Birchall
2.-Nikiyah Perkins
Gabrielle Knight
Nakia Barhams
Jamice Craig
3.-Tori McMillan
Kelly Kohr
Breanna D'Antonio
Shannon Sullivan
52.49aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.-Kristen Liggett
Victoria Znidarsic
Bryn Allen
Nicolein Buholzer
4.-Courtney Jones
Devyn Hollaman
Michelle Jones
Jahrie Hamm
52.77aMaple Heights      
5.-Maryann Tripodo
Lindsay Silver
Cassie Musarra
Tina Ortiz
6.-Navy Tolbert
Sadie Anderson
Kara Farroni
De'Naye Coates
54.20aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-Patrice Hannon
Courtney Penland
Shannon Byrd
Meshiauna Sharp
6.-Erin Maresco
Michelle Chicarelle
Keela Lucas
Moriah Robinson
7.-Beth Smee
Letitia Scavnicky
Becky DeRosa
Hayley Bruck
58.21aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tchnavia Spencer
Taylor Rambo
Erin Rambo
Artia Gunn
1:42.18aEuclid Senior      
2.-Breon Williams
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
1:45.08aCleveland Heights      
3.-Tori McMillan
Kelly Kohr
Margaret Liberatore
Shannon Sullivan
1:47.77aRiverside (Painesvil...      
4.-Kristy Walsh
Jamie Clapacs
Kara Farroni
De'Naye Coates
1:50.28aSouth (Willoughby)      
5.-Maryann Tripodo
Ellen Potts
Jillian Kosmorsky
Robyn Tkacz
6.-Patrice Hannon
Tianna O'Neal
Courtney Penland
Britney Fields
7.-Sarah Hood
Samantha Birchall
Hallie Gatto
Lauren Cannavino
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Tchnavia Spencer
Taylor Rambo
Erin Rambo
Artia Gunn
1:41.67aEuclid Senior      
1.-Breon Williams
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
1:44.58aCleveland Heights      
2.-Tori McMillan
Kelly Kohr
Margaret Liberatore
Shannon Sullivan
1:48.55aRiverside (Painesvil...      
3.-Alicia Edwards
Gabrielle Knight
Nakia Barhams
Jamice Craig
4.-Kristy Walsh
Jamie Clapacs
Kara Farroni
De'Naye Coates
1:52.00aSouth (Willoughby)      
2.-Patrice Hannon
Tianna O'Neal
Courtney Penland
Britney Fields
5.-Maryann Tripodo
Ellen Potts
Jillian Kosmorsky
Robyn Tkacz
3.-Sarah Hood
Samantha Birchall
Hallie Gatto
Lauren Cannavino
4.-Erin Maresco
Erin Burke
Julia Sawyer
Emily Rowe
6.-Dezaray Gay
Julianne Gardner
Becky DeRosa
Hayley Bruck
2:02.27aNorth (Eastlake)      
---Monet Hatchell
Myiesha Berry
Jimesha Sailes
Stephanie Wilson
---Brianna Johnson
Tess Gladstone
Zoe Zippert
Naeyana Love
---Makeela Tisdel
Jahrie Hamm
Michelle Jones
Andrea Arnold
DQMaple Heights      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kamari Jackson
Erin Rambo
Kayla Whitlow
Taylor Rambo
3:53.64aEuclid Senior      
2.-Tania Timmons
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
3:59.26aCleveland Heights      
3.-Chanit Westbrooks
Akiyana Green
Shanel Warren
Ogechi Oneyeukwu
4:04.83aJohn Hay      
4.-Tess Gladstone
Rachel Thomas
Alexandria Manning
Lucy Infeld
5.-Samantha Grippe
Georgia Fuerst
Savannah Robertson
Kristen Liggett
6.-Carley Berman
Blake Lewis
Kristine Wagner
Alex Aiello
7.-Natasha Shorts
Diona Roberts
Joyce Radcliffe
Shannon Byrd
8.-Kristy Walsh
Francesca Janes
Kara Farroni
Jamie Clapacs
4:18.94aSouth (Willoughby)      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Kamari Jackson
Erin Rambo
Kayla Whitlow
Taylor Rambo
3:57.52aEuclid Senior      
1.-Tania Timmons
Bridgett Fields
Kiandra Jones
Seane Mapson
4:02.77aCleveland Heights      
2.-Chanit Westbrooks
Akiyana Green
Shanel Warren
Ogechi Oneyeukwu
4:06.98aJohn Hay      
3.-Tess Gladstone
Rachel Thomas
Alexandria Manning
Lucy Infeld
2.-Carley Berman
Blake Lewis
Kristine Wagner
Alex Aiello
4.-Samantha Grippe
Georgia Fuerst
Savannah Robertson
Kristen Liggett
3.-Natasha Shorts
Diona Roberts
Joyce Radcliffe
Shannon Byrd
5.-Kristy Walsh
Francesca Janes
Kara Farroni
Jamie Clapacs
4:20.95aSouth (Willoughby)      
6.-Alicia Edwards
Gabrielle Knight
Tiana Bohanon
Jamice Craig
4.-Erin Burke
Emily Rowe
India Kijauskas
Julia Sawyer
7.-Jillian Kosmorsky
Ellen Potts
Stephanie Talbot
Courtney Shultz
5.-Myiesha Berry
Stephanie Wilson
Jimesha Sailes
Monet Hatchell
6.-Chelsea Matzen
Monica Busam
Macy Araps
Clair Firestos
4:34.29aNorth (Eastlake)      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Sweet
Kamari Jackson
Jennifer Brown
Kayla Whitlow
9:29.90aEuclid Senior      
2.-Deanna Godby
Stephanie Buda
Jacquelynn Anderson
Marie Lorentz
3.-Lucy Infeld
Jane Lodwick
Rachel Slingluff
Allie Mooney
4.-Blake Lewis
Carley Berman
Deanna Kreider
Kristine Wagner
5.-Georgia Fuerst
Savannah Robertson
Corinne Kule
Megan Fuerst
6.-Annette Brickman
Allison Rothlisberger
India Kijauskas
Erin Hord
7.-Brittany Bucey
Shanel Warren
Akiyana Green
Fata Nyei
11:09.41aJohn Hay      
8.-Monica Busam
Macy Araps
Julie Abrams
Clair Firestos
11:22.42aNorth (Eastlake)      
9.-Linda Bissell
Micayla Rasanow
Robin Hames
Sally Francis
11:25.32aSouth (Willoughby)      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aliyah Cotton39-02.00Maple Heights      
1.10Maria Romano35-09.50South (Willoughby)      
1.11Samantha Soeder35-03.00Mentor      
2.11Nichole Thomas35-01.50Maple Heights      
1.11Jacquelynn Herron33-07.00Mayfield      
2.11Lynn Bertagnolli33-04.75South (Willoughby)      
3.12Stefanie Barnes33-01.50Euclid Senior      
3.10Erianna Hargrove33-01.50Euclid Senior      
2.11Raquel Smiddy31-03.00Chardon      
4.12Deanna Gundling30-09.75Riverside (Painesvil...      
4.11Becky Slocum30-09.00North (Eastlake)      
3.10Caitlin Tanski30-08.00Mentor      
2.12Shaniece Robinson30-01.75Cleveland Heights      
4.9Catherine Conger29-02.50Brush      
3.10Benita Alveranga29-00.00Beaumont      
5.12Nnena Edeh28-01.50Brush      
5.11Stephanie Bartol28-00.00Chardon      
6.11Michelle Anderson27-09.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
6.10Amanda Gervan27-04.00Madison      
5.10Gina Cortnik26-09.50North (Eastlake)      
4.9Kharisma Mayo26-06.50Mayfield      
6.10Bayley Masera25-05.00Madison      
5.12Ariana Saleem25-02.50Cleveland Heights      
--12Tiara HarrisonSCRGlenville      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aliyah Cotton131-00Maple Heights      
1.11Raquel Smiddy119-07Chardon      
1.10Maria Romano118-08South (Willoughby)      
2.11Samantha Soeder111-06Mentor      
2.11Lynn Bertagnolli111-02South (Willoughby)      
2.11Jacquelynn Herron105-04Mayfield      
3.12Amanda Teddleton97-08Maple Heights      
4.9Catherine Conger97-00Brush      
3.10Gina Cortnik96-00North (Eastlake)      
5.12Stefanie Barnes93-02Euclid Senior      
4.10Benita Alveranga91-04Beaumont      
3.11Becky Slocum86-06North (Eastlake)      
4.9Autumn Raines86-05Riverside (Painesvil...      
1.10Amanda Gervan80-08Madison      
2.9Emily Strayer80-07Mentor      
3.10Kelsey Glasser79-11Chardon      
4.12Erin Duffy77-04Riverside (Painesvil...      
5.10Erianna Hargrove72-10Euclid Senior      
6.12Shaniece Robinson69-02Cleveland Heights      
5.12Ariana Saleem53-04Cleveland Heights      
--10Shannon MurphySCRMentor      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bianca Dennis5-03.00Maple Heights      
2.10Jocelyn Sefick5-00.00North (Eastlake)      
2.10Brittany Weems5-00.00North (Eastlake)      
2.12Moriah Robinson5-00.00Madison      
5.12Lemay Butler4-09.00Brush      
5.10Elise Brueing4-09.00Madison      
5.10Emily Harker4-09.00Mentor      
5.10Megan Templin4-09.00Mayfield      
5.12Deanna Gundling4-09.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
5.11Stephanie Bartol4-09.00Chardon      
5.11Valerie Bour4-09.00South (Willoughby)      
12.11Jenny Pensky4-06.00Mentor      
12.9Bryce Gantt4-06.00Cleveland Heights      
12.11Erin Brogan4-06.00South (Willoughby)      
12.10Kelsey Glasser4-06.00Chardon      
--11Robyn TkaczNHMayfield      
--9Aeriyelle PerrinNHBrush      
--12Tanisha MarshallNHEuclid Senior      
--10Eboni AdamsSCRMaple Heights      
--11Catherine MiguetSCRRiverside (Painesvil...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly Sason9-09.00Mentor      
1.11Jackie Vance9-09.00Mayfield      
3.11Lindsay Silver9-06.00Mayfield      
4.10Alex Aiello9-03.00Mentor      
4.11Lauren Bradshaw9-03.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
6.12Jaclyn Bares9-00.00Riverside (Painesvil...      
7.11Samantha Serafina8-09.00Brush      
7.11Julianne Greco8-09.00Chardon      
9.12Bianca Dennis8-06.00Maple Heights      
9.12Ashley Arcaro8-06.00South (Willoughby)      
9.10Katrina Keely8-06.00Euclid Senior      
9.11JerMayne Peak8-06.00Brush      
13.12Moriah Robinson8-03.00Madison      
13.12Janell Boston8-03.00Maple Heights      
13.12Kaleigh Pawar8-03.00South (Willoughby)      
16.10Sarah Thomas7-06.00Beaumont      
16.10Amanda Burrell7-06.00Euclid Senior      
16.10Elise Brueing7-06.00Madison      
16.12Gina Long7-06.00Chardon      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Lowery17-07.00Mentor      
2.12Makeela Tisdel17-03.75Maple Heights      
8.12Stefanie Barnes17-02.75Euclid Senior      
3.10Megan Templin16-09.75Mayfield      
1.12Brittney Gerhardstein16-05.75Mentor      
2.10Morgan McGrath16-01.25Mayfield      
3.10Jocelyn Sefick15-09.75North (Eastlake)      
1.9Margaret Liberatore15-06.75Riverside (Painesvil...      
4.12Angela Klco15-01.50South (Willoughby)      
4.12Lauren Nelson14-09.50Beaumont      
5.12Briana Pearson-Beard14-09.25Euclid Senior      
6.12Adria Adams14-07.50Cleveland Heights      
1.9Ogechi Oneyeukwu14-05.50John Hay      
2.12Ashley Arcaro14-04.50South (Willoughby)      
5.12Moriah Robinson14-02.25Madison      
6.9Shannon Byrd13-11.00Brush      
2.10Dashia Childs13-07.75Euclid Senior      
3.10Taryn Douglas13-06.00Chardon      
3.10Brittany Weems13-05.75North (Eastlake)      
4.9Breanna D'Antonio13-05.50Riverside (Painesvil...      
4.10Vicky Armstrong12-07.50Beaumont      
5.11Jessica Ritchie12-05.25Madison      
--11Lindsey PerzFOULChardon      
--9Allie DiehlSCRChardon      
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