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FHSAA 2A District 2 Championships

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Florida High, Tallahassee

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lachaddrick Ellis10.87aTaylor County
2.12Lavorrie Johnson10.91aGodby
3.11Johnathan Butler11.14aJames S Rickards
4.11Terrence Condry11.33aGodby
5.12Jamar Ellis11.40aWakulla
6.9Demetrius Lindsey11.42aWakulla
7.12Roy Linder11.47aGodby
8.12Johnathon Smith11.77aTaylor County
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lachaddrick Ellis10.87aTaylor County
2.12Lavorrie Johnson11.06aGodby
3.11Johnathan Butler11.07aJames S Rickards
4.11Terrence Condry11.24aGodby
5.12Jamar Ellis11.28aWakulla
6.9Demetrius Lindsey11.31aWakulla
7.12Roy Linder11.38aGodby
8.12Johnathon Smith11.42aTaylor County
9.11Ladarius Gillyard11.58aMadison County
10.9Joseph Butler11.59aJames S Rickards
11.11Dantonio Denson11.63aMadison County
12.9Shedrick Williams11.65aMadison County
13.12William Adeshina11.67aFlorida State Univer...
14.9Travon Holmes11.70aJames S Rickards
15.11Nolan Norton11.80aFlorida State Univer...
16.-Jakari McGee11.84aFlorida State Univer...
17.-Coydrick Williams12.00aMadison County
18.-Aaron Rhodes12.22aWakulla
19.11Wes Brandon12.39aTaylor County
20.10Deshon Tuck12.48aTaylor County
21.-Yul Perkins12.52aEast Gadsden
---Kelvin FarmerDNFFlorida State Univer...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lachaddrick Ellis21.76aTaylor County
2.12Lavorrie Johnson21.88aGodby
3.11Johnathan Butler22.57aJames S Rickards
4.11Terrence Condry22.89aGodby
5.12Jamar Ellis23.57aWakulla
6.-Darrell Brown23.90aEast Gadsden
7.9Travon Holmes23.92aJames S Rickards
--11James HoustonDNFTaylor County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lachaddrick Ellis22.69aTaylor County
2.11Johnathan Butler22.74aJames S Rickards
3.12Lavorrie Johnson22.79aGodby
4.11Terrence Condry23.10aGodby
5.-Darrell Brown23.14aEast Gadsden
6.12Jamar Ellis23.22aWakulla
7.11James Houston23.42aTaylor County
8.9Travon Holmes23.50aJames S Rickards
9.12Garrett Davis23.99aFlorida State Univer...
10.9Joseph Butler24.05aJames S Rickards
11.12Chyrome Frazier24.41aMadison County
12.8Josh Davis24.48aFlorida State Univer...
12.10Damian Farmer24.48aJames S Rickards
14.11Freddie Johnson24.56aMadison County
15.10Mike Calhoun24.64aFlorida State Univer...
16.-Aaron Rhodes24.70aWakulla
17.-Bobby Williams25.46aMadison County
18.12Devyn Hardy25.56aFlorida State Univer...
19.10Deshon Tuck25.73aTaylor County
20.10Markise McQueen25.84aGodby
21.11Wes Brandon26.03aTaylor County
22.-Yul Perkins27.79aEast Gadsden
--10Deshawnte GallonDNFMadison County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bertran Brinson52.55aGodby
2.10Gerrell Lewis53.12aEast Gadsden
3.12William Adeshina53.40aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Damian Farmer53.49aJames S Rickards
5.11James Houston53.56aTaylor County
6.9Jashawn Collins54.78aGodby
7.9Austin Logan54.97aFlorida State Univer...
8.9Anthony Mahoney55.51aFlorida State Univer...
9.11Michael Gibson55.84aEast Gadsden
10.9Jason Hayling56.05aMadison County
11.12Zach Tucker56.18aGodby
12.9Kelechi Omah57.58aJames S Rickards
13.11Sheldrick Miller57.99aMadison County
14.-Cal Mobley59.14aMadison County
15.12Johnathon Smith1:00.59aTaylor County
16.9Devontee Gallon1:00.60aMadison County
17.8Josh Davis1:00.66aFlorida State Univer...
18.9Divine Korie1:01.84aJames S Rickards
19.9Sheldon Pratt1:01.96aEast Gadsden
20.-Ryan Floyd1:04.50aWakulla
--11Shawn MorrisDNFWakulla
---Frankie HumphriesDNFWakulla
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Terrell Bryant1:58.40aGodby
2.11Trey Edwards2:02.18aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Kaytron Coker2:10.72aGodby
4.12Anthony Mederos2:11.94aFlorida State Univer...
5.11Steven Urling2:12.36aWakulla
6.9Joseph Garcia2:15.27aFlorida State Univer...
7.10David Victor2:16.33aWakulla
8.-Jack Metz2:19.46aFlorida State Univer...
9.9Wins Weatherspoon2:19.48aMadison County
10.10George Stoney2:20.57aGodby
11.9Zack Broadway2:21.87aWakulla
12.-Andrew Bowen2:24.21aEast Gadsden
13.11Nicko Thomas2:27.23aMadison County
14.-Frankie Humphries2:28.48aWakulla
15.11Shauntavis Gamble2:29.90aMadison County
16.-Jonathan Hornsby2:34.90aTaylor County
17.9Kelechi Omah2:35.36aJames S Rickards
18.-Garret Hollman2:36.91aMadison County
19.9Divine Korie2:37.75aJames S Rickards
20.-Kyle Linton2:37.80aTaylor County
21.-Ernest Nixon2:47.17aEast Gadsden
22.-Winston McGriff2:51.16aEast Gadsden
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dieumy Duclos4:33.23aGodby
2.11Trey Edwards4:34.58aFlorida State Univer...
3.12Robert Abellera4:54.10aFlorida State Univer...
4.11Steven Urling4:59.36aWakulla
5.12Anthony Mederos5:06.57aFlorida State Univer...
6.9Walker Toothman5:10.44aFlorida State Univer...
7.9Hunter Phillips5:15.75aWakulla
8.-Frankie Humphries5:16.66aWakulla
9.10George Stoney5:23.28aGodby
10.-Jonathan Hornsby6:06.93aTaylor County
11.-Thurston Ward6:29.02aEast Gadsden
12.-Winston McGriff6:31.39aEast Gadsden
13.10Kendall Barron6:40.57aWakulla
--11Lance LoveDNFGodby
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dieumy Duclos10:09.35aGodby
2.12Robert Abellera10:44.74aFlorida State Univer...
3.10Stanley Linton11:12.84aWakulla
4.9Walker Toothman11:17.73aFlorida State Univer...
5.12Ian McRae11:26.66aGodby
6.10Cody James11:31.88aWakulla
7.10Roberto Singleton11:44.42aGodby
8.11Lance Love12:03.16aGodby
9.9Zack Broadway12:30.02aWakulla
10.9Brian Maher12:45.95aFlorida State Univer...
11.-Aman Redda13:10.85aFlorida State Univer...
12.-Josh Dismuke13:16.46aWakulla
---Thurston WardDNFEast Gadsden
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Thurston Davis14.63aGodby
2.10Montavious Williams15.15aGodby
3.-Darrell Brown15.29aEast Gadsden
4.10Eddie St.Hilaire15.55aGodby
5.10Jacquacy Shaw15.69aGodby
6.12Chyrome Frazier16.48aMadison County
7.10Donovan Spottsville16.80aFlorida State Univer...
8.10Jalan Jackson17.28aTaylor County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Thurston Davis15.01aGodby
2.10Montavious Williams15.44aGodby
3.-Darrell Brown15.46aEast Gadsden
4.10Jacquacy Shaw15.66aGodby
5.10Eddie St.Hilaire15.85aGodby
6.10Donovan Spottsville16.73aFlorida State Univer...
7.10Jalan Jackson16.94aTaylor County
8.12Chyrome Frazier17.24aMadison County
9.10Brion Scott17.99aTaylor County
10.11Frankie Hodge18.04aMadison County
11.10Malchom Ford18.96aJames S Rickards
12.9Tre Arnold19.04aMadison County
13.11Harvey Spencer22.61aMadison County
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicola Shingles38.87aWakulla
2.10Eddie St.Hilaire40.98aGodby
3.10Donovan Spottsville41.14aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Montavious Williams41.28aGodby
5.10Thurston Davis41.35aGodby
6.10Jacquacy Shaw42.95aGodby
7.10Brion Scott43.06aTaylor County
8.10Malchom Ford43.76aJames S Rickards
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nicola Shingles38.83aWakulla
2.10Montavious Williams40.90aGodby
3.10Eddie St.Hilaire41.51aGodby
4.10Donovan Spottsville41.96aFlorida State Univer...
5.10Jacquacy Shaw42.53aGodby
6.10Thurston Davis43.04aGodby
7.10Malchom Ford43.56aJames S Rickards
8.10Brion Scott44.54aTaylor County
9.11Robert Philpot44.88aJames S Rickards
10.12Devyn Hardy44.93aFlorida State Univer...
11.11Michael Gibson45.24aEast Gadsden
12.-Teron Fitzgerald45.46aEast Gadsden
13.-Taylor Woods45.80aTaylor County
14.10Jalan Jackson47.72aTaylor County
15.12Joe Barron48.74aFlorida State Univer...
16.9Tre Arnold49.68aMadison County
17.11Frankie Hodge50.85aMadison County
18.11Harvey Spencer53.53aMadison County
19.10Keldrick Williams56.70aMadison County
20.-Winston McGriff1:04.68aEast Gadsden
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Terrence Condry
Lavorrie Johnson
Roy Linder
Chris St. Hilaire
2.-Robert Philpot
Johnathan Butler
Ricky Mcghee
Malchom Ford
43.69aJames S Rickards
3.-Tony Jackson
Johnathon Smith
Brion Scott
Lachaddrick Ellis
43.92aTaylor County
4.-Relay Team 45.22aMadison County
5.-Kelvin Farmer
Nolan Norton
Josh Thomas
Darryl Copeland
45.43aFlorida State Univer...
---Nicola Shingles
Willie Thomas
Darrius Lewis
Demetrius Lindsey
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bertran Brinson
Roy Linder
Montavious Williams
Terrell Bryant
2.-Michael Gibson
Demetric Donald
Gerrell Lewis
Eltarek Gaymon
3:35.84aEast Gadsden
3.-Darrius Lewis
Nicola Shingles
Willie Thomas
Shawn Morris
4.-Relay Team 3:39.25aMadison County
5.-Austin Logan
William Adeshina
Donovan Spottsville
Brandon Hunter
3:42.65aFlorida State Univer...
6.-Robert Philpot
Marshall Watson
Malchom Ford
Damian Farmer
3:43.08aJames S Rickards
7.-Jalan Jackson
Brion Scott
Isaac Nelson
Jake Smyrnios
3:46.93aTaylor County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ian McRae
Bertran Brinson
Dieumy Duclos
Terrell Bryant
2.-Trey Edwards
Anthony Mederos
Austin Logan
Robert Abellera
8:25.70aFlorida State Univer...
3.-Shawn Morris
Stanley Linton
Hunter Phillips
David Victor
4.-Reginald Doston
Ladarius Gillyard
Devontee Gallon
Tre Arnold
9:43.32aMadison County
---Gerrell Lewis
Andrew Bowen
Willy Molina
Denzel Goldwire
DNFEast Gadsden
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Screen48-04.00Godby
2.11Reginald Doston47-11.00Madison County
3.12Timothy Stroman47-06.00Godby
4.12Mike Etheridge46-07.50Godby
5.11Reggie Griggs43-01.50James S Rickards
6.-John Coleman42-10.50Godby
7.11Dantonio Denson40-06.00Madison County
8.12Garrett Davis39-08.00Florida State Univer...
9.-Sean Sullivan39-06.00Florida State Univer...
10.10Gavin Stephens37-06.00Madison County
11.-Kaleb Vernon36-07.00Wakulla
12.-Calvin Bass36-03.00Taylor County
13.-Rodney Trammell35-10.00Florida State Univer...
14.-Kyle Linton32-02.00Taylor County
14.10Keldrick Williams32-02.00Madison County
16.10Mike Jones31-06.00East Gadsden
17.9Mark Hinchliffe31-00.00Florida State Univer...
18.-Shakir August28-01.00Taylor County
19.10Tanner Mathews22-10.00Wakulla
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Screen166-09Godby
2.12Timothy Stroman145-02Godby
3.11Reginald Doston128-05.50Madison County
4.12Garrett Davis111-08Florida State Univer...
5.11Dantonio Denson109-05Madison County
6.-Kaleb Vernon109-04Wakulla
7.12Mike Etheridge101-03Godby
8.11Dalton Mcghin97-04.50Florida State Univer...
9.-Sean Sullivan94-05Florida State Univer...
10.12Chyrome Frazier94-03Madison County
11.11Reggie Griggs93-02James S Rickards
12.9Alex Flowers91-11Taylor County
13.11Billy Mueller86-08Godby
14.-Jose Garcia81-06Madison County
15.10Mike Jones76-07East Gadsden
16.-Isaac Nelson76-01Taylor County
17.9Mark Hinchliffe61-08Florida State Univer...
18.10Tanner Mathews45-09Wakulla
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Hollifield6-06.00Godby
2.10Devin Odem6-02.00Florida State Univer...
3.10Dennis Andrews6-00.00Godby
4.10Traevis Livingston5-10.00Godby
5.12Chris St. Hilaire5-10.00Godby
6.-Darrell Brown5-10.00East Gadsden
7.9Shedrick Williams5-08.00Madison County
8.-Dewayne Harvey5-06.00Florida State Univer...
9.9Jason Hayling5-04.00Madison County
10.-Eddrick Williams5-02.00Madison County
10.10Mike Calhoun5-02.00Florida State Univer...
12.-Teron Fitzgerald5-00.00East Gadsden
--11Poindexte MathewsNHEast Gadsden
---Steven StanleyNHEast Gadsden
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Billy Mueller11-06.00Godby
2.8Connor McMillan11-00.00Florida State Univer...
3.12Eddie Lloyd10-06.00Godby
4.9Fernando DeTorres10-06.00Florida State Univer...
5.12Joe Barron10-00.00Florida State Univer...
6.-Brandon Hunter9-06.00Florida State Univer...
7.-Josh Hygema9-00.00Taylor County
8.-Jake Smyrnios8-06.00Taylor County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lavorrie Johnson23-05.25Godby
2.10Traevis Livingston22-04.00Godby
3.12Jamar Cull22-00.50Godby
4.11Ricky Mcghee21-07.75James S Rickards
5.11Terrence Condry21-07.00Godby
6.-Isaac Nelson20-03.50Taylor County
7.10Mike Calhoun20-02.50Florida State Univer...
8.-Steven Stanley19-08.50East Gadsden
9.-O'Brian Safford19-01.00East Gadsden
10.10Deshawnte Gallon18-11.00Madison County
10.10Devin Odem18-11.00Florida State Univer...
12.11Michael Gibson18-09.00East Gadsden
13.-Dewayne Harvey18-00.75Florida State Univer...
14.-Alfred Garner17-10.75James S Rickards
15.-Yul Perkins17-08.50East Gadsden
16.11Colin Anderson17-04.00Florida State Univer...
17.9Tre Arnold17-03.50Madison County
18.11Tony Jackson17-03.00Taylor County
19.-Bobby Williams16-05.75Madison County
20.9Shedrick Williams11-07.50Madison County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris St. Hilaire46-02.00Godby
2.10Traevis Livingston44-01.50Godby
3.12Jamar Cull43-10.00Godby
4.10Devin Odem39-01.00Florida State Univer...
5.11Poindexte Mathews38-11.00East Gadsden
6.-Julius Erving37-11.25East Gadsden
7.-Isaac Nelson37-10.50Taylor County
8.-Brandon Hunter37-02.00Florida State Univer...
9.-O'Brian Safford36-07.50East Gadsden
10.-Steven Stanley36-05.00East Gadsden
11.-Taylor Woods36-01.50Taylor County
12.12Joe Barron32-00.00Florida State Univer...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sharzay Thomas12.74aGodby
2.10Jes Clark-Solomon12.89aMadison County
3.9Azary Evans-Jenkins12.91aGodby
4.-Meechy Edmond13.22aTaylor County
5.10Alexis Collins13.24aWakulla
6.9Bernicia Holifield13.28aGodby
7.10Cayla Pennywell13.40aWakulla
8.9Carisa Thomas13.65aMadison County
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sharzay Thomas12.73aGodby
2.9Azary Evans-Jenkins12.99aGodby
3.10Jes Clark-Solomon13.05aMadison County
4.9Bernicia Holifield13.41aGodby
5.9Carisa Thomas13.43aMadison County
5.-Meechy Edmond13.43aTaylor County
7.10Alexis Collins13.46aWakulla
8.10Cayla Pennywell13.63aWakulla
9.11Janay Whitaker13.65aFlorida State Univer...
10.11Kadisha Thomas13.78aFlorida State Univer...
11.-Almecia Pillers13.79aEast Gadsden
12.8Deja Jeffery13.94aFlorida State Univer...
13.-Latice Johnson14.06aGodby
14.12Bianca Jackson14.07aFlorida State Univer...
15.-Quanisha Robinson14.12aMadison County
16.-Tyneshia Fead14.32aTaylor County
17.9Ty'neshia Arnold14.45aMadison County
18.9Selina Williams14.49aWakulla
19.-Shanqueria Wiggins14.67aEast Gadsden
20.-Nyesha Calloway14.75aWakulla
21.-Breondra Jackson14.91aTaylor County
22.-Seondra Jackson15.03aTaylor County
--10Torriah BellDNFEast Gadsden
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christine Poole-Trice25.07aGodby
2.12Elizabeth Ichite25.55aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Marrhea Everheart26.62aFlorida State Univer...
4.9Azary Evans-Jenkins27.16aGodby
5.10Jes Clark-Solomon27.54aMadison County
6.8Brittany Corbett27.81aFlorida State Univer...
7.9Carisa Thomas28.33aMadison County
8.11Kadisha Thomas28.65aFlorida State Univer...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Elizabeth Ichite25.92aFlorida State Univer...
2.9Marrhea Everheart26.87aFlorida State Univer...
3.12Christine Poole-Trice27.21aGodby
4.9Azary Evans-Jenkins27.39aGodby
5.8Brittany Corbett27.65aFlorida State Univer...
6.9Carisa Thomas28.12aMadison County
7.11Kadisha Thomas28.40aFlorida State Univer...
8.10Jes Clark-Solomon28.46aMadison County
9.-Tekevia Melton28.67aGodby
9.10Cayla Pennywell28.67aWakulla
11.9Delonda Elder28.71aTaylor County
12.-Chelsea Lytle29.11aTaylor County
13.10Alexis Collins29.83aWakulla
14.-Tyneshia Fead29.98aTaylor County
15.9Jazzmin Sledge31.14aMadison County
16.-Corneisha Wright31.63aMadison County
17.-Nyesha Calloway31.74aWakulla
18.-Shanqueria Wiggins32.09aEast Gadsden
19.9Selina Williams38.19aWakulla
---Meechy EdmondDNFTaylor County
--11Sharzay ThomasDNFGodby
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christine Poole-Trice56.25aGodby
2.12Elizabeth Ichite56.28aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Marrhea Everheart59.29aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Sakezia Kelly1:01.88aGodby
5.9Sarah Jackson1:05.59aFlorida State Univer...
6.11Brigette Bennett1:05.75aFlorida State Univer...
7.-Sharquett Rittman1:09.38aEast Gadsden
8.9Kaylyn Thigpen1:10.02aWakulla
9.-Quanisha Robinson1:16.57aMadison County
10.9Jazzmin Sledge1:17.25aMadison County
11.-Jemera Davis1:21.95aMadison County
12.-Gail Crawford1:26.82aTaylor County
13.-Corneisha Wright1:30.52aMadison County
---Lamaya HardisonDNFTaylor County
--11Shaketra CarrollDNFEast Gadsden
--9Ashley GiacomucciDNFTaylor County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Marissa Sheals2:32.61aFlorida State Univer...
2.11Allison Murray2:33.71aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Sidney Earp2:34.18aFlorida State Univer...
4.7Tifara Clark2:38.73aFlorida State Univer...
5.11Brittany Hightower2:45.10aGodby
6.10Norma Woodcock2:50.61aWakulla
7.10Chelsea Thompson2:50.63aWakulla
8.9Hannah Blanco3:09.96aTaylor County
9.9Madison Thomas3:11.85aTaylor County
10.-Kelasha Daniels3:15.17aEast Gadsden
11.10Dominique Gillings3:16.74aGodby
12.-Stephanie Handley3:45.50aTaylor County
---Jemera DavisDNFMadison County
---Gail CrawfordDNFTaylor County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allison Murray5:42.75aFlorida State Univer...
2.7Langlee Toothman6:00.64aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Isabella Yue6:04.38aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Norma Woodcock6:05.67aWakulla
5.11Amy Murray6:07.40aFlorida State Univer...
6.10Cora Atkinson6:15.55aWakulla
7.12Sonya Mitrutzova6:53.81aGodby
8.9Raychel Gray6:54.34aWakulla
9.9Hannah Blanco7:04.16aTaylor County
10.9Madison Thomas7:06.01aTaylor County
11.-Caytie Hopkins7:10.58aGodby
12.-Angelina McCray7:11.66aEast Gadsden
13.10Dominique Gillings7:18.48aGodby
---Gail CrawfordDNFTaylor County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amy Murray13:18.16aFlorida State Univer...
2.7Langlee Toothman13:23.42aFlorida State Univer...
3.9Isabella Yue13:28.84aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Cora Atkinson13:38.71aWakulla
5.9Sidney Earp14:07.00aFlorida State Univer...
6.9Jessical Trombini14:53.72aWakulla
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Austin14.56aJames S Rickards
2.11Laketra McGee14.81aFlorida State Univer...
3.12Brittany Jones15.78aJames S Rickards
4.8Brittany Corbett15.91aFlorida State Univer...
5.12Ana Detorres16.02aFlorida State Univer...
6.10Quaniqua Hall17.28aGodby
7.11Latonya Chandler17.48aEast Gadsden
8.11Candiace Williams17.73aJames S Rickards
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Haley Austin14.47aJames S Rickards
2.11Laketra McGee14.99aFlorida State Univer...
3.12Ana Detorres15.76aFlorida State Univer...
4.8Brittany Corbett15.81aFlorida State Univer...
5.12Brittany Jones16.68aJames S Rickards
6.10Quaniqua Hall17.21aGodby
7.11Latonya Chandler17.76aEast Gadsden
8.11Candiace Williams17.81aJames S Rickards
9.10Emily Mccullers18.40aWakulla
10.8Aeon West20.59aFlorida State Univer...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Jones44.52aJames S Rickards
2.11Laketra McGee46.49aFlorida State Univer...
3.12Ana Detorres48.67aFlorida State Univer...
4.10Quaniqua Hall49.71aGodby
5.11Haley Austin50.12aJames S Rickards
6.11Latonya Chandler51.21aEast Gadsden
7.11Candiace Williams53.01aJames S Rickards
8.8Brittany Corbett53.57aFlorida State Univer...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brittany Jones45.24aJames S Rickards
2.12Ana Detorres47.45aFlorida State Univer...
3.10Quaniqua Hall49.34aGodby
4.11Laketra McGee50.29aFlorida State Univer...
5.11Haley Austin50.51aJames S Rickards
6.11Latonya Chandler50.66aEast Gadsden
7.8Brittany Corbett50.68aFlorida State Univer...
8.11Candiace Williams52.81aJames S Rickards
9.10Emily Mccullers53.90aWakulla
10.12Bianca Jackson59.38aFlorida State Univer...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Latice Johnson
Azary Evans-Jenkins
Bernicia Holifield
Sharzay Thomas
2.-Brittany Jones
Haley Austin
Jennifer Barrian
Candiace Williams
50.41aJames S Rickards
3.-Alina Mccullers
Alexis Collins
Nyesha Calloway
Kaylyn Thigpen
4.-Deja Jeffery
Bianca Jackson
Brigette Bennett
Aeon West
52.76aFlorida State Univer...
5.-Relay Team 53.31aMadison County
6.-Latonya Chandler
Torriah Bell
Sharquetta Rittman
Shanqueria Wiggins
54.10aEast Gadsden
---Meechy Edmond
Chelsea Lytle
Breondra Jackson
Seondra Jackson
DQTaylor County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Ichite
Laketra McGee
Ana Detorres
Sarah Jackson
4:02.89aFlorida State Univer...
2.-Quaniqua Hall
Shuntivia Banks
Christine Poole-Trice
Sakezia Kelly
3.-Meechy Edmond
Ashley Giacomucci
Delonda Elder
Chelsea Lytle
4:33.70aTaylor County
4.-Alina Mccullers
Norma Woodcock
Kaylyn Thigpen
Emily Mccullers
5.-Shaketra Carroll
Latonya Chandler
Torriah Bell
Sharquetta Rittman
4:49.79aEast Gadsden
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allison Murray
Amy Murray
Sidney Earp
Isabella Yue
10:16.27aFlorida State Univer...
2.-Relay Team 11:33.89aGodby
3.-Cora Atkinson
Jessical Trombini
Raychel Gray
Alina Mccullers
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Edwards39-06.00Godby
2.12Alisha Clark32-05.50James S Rickards
3.10Jennifer Barrian32-03.00James S Rickards
4.9Bernicia Holifield32-01.00Godby
5.9Orieana Bryant29-11.00Florida State Univer...
6.10Arneshia Stephens29-06.00Taylor County
7.12Shade Ojo29-06.00Florida State Univer...
8.-Hakima Hamilton29-01.00Taylor County
9.11Jhori Stallworth28-01.00Florida State Univer...
10.8Aeon West26-06.00Florida State Univer...
11.10Kalia Brown26-00.00Madison County
12.-Danielle Bennett24-06.00Godby
13.8Jakourtney Davis24-02.00Taylor County
14.-Shontea Lewis24-00.00Madison County
15.-Suzanne Sowner22-05.00Wakulla
16.-Terri Blackshear21-08.00Madison County
17.12Sonya Mitrutzova18-06.00Godby
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Edwards109-06Godby
2.-Hakima Hamilton91-09Taylor County
3.12Shade Ojo90-06Florida State Univer...
4.11Jasmine Freeman87-04Florida State Univer...
5.12Alisha Clark75-07James S Rickards
6.10Jennifer Barrian74-10James S Rickards
7.11Jhori Stallworth72-01Florida State Univer...
8.-Danielle Bennett68-04Godby
9.-Terri Blackshear62-03Madison County
10.-Mallory Jackson59-03Florida State Univer...
10.-Shontea Lewis59-03Madison County
12.10Kalia Brown57-04Madison County
13.-Suzanne Sowner50-11Wakulla
14.-Keond Abercrombie44-11Taylor County
15.-Lakendra Robinson37-08Taylor County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brittany Corbett5-00.00Florida State Univer...
2.9Ashley Giacomucci4-10.00Taylor County
3.10Danielle Jinks4-08.00Godby
4.8Mariah Kill4-06.00Florida State Univer...
5.-Maria Vincent4-04.00Godby
6.12Shuntivia Banks4-02.00Godby
7.-Make-Im Kirton4-02.00Florida State Univer...
7.10Mykela Melton4-02.00Godby
9.9Marissa Sheals4-02.00Florida State Univer...
--9Hannah BlancoNHTaylor County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carter McMillan8-06.00Florida State Univer...
2.12Sonya Mitrutzova8-00.00Godby
3.11Radiance Hayes7-06.00Florida State Univer...
4.11Amy Murray7-06.00Florida State Univer...
5.-Lindsey Harrison7-00.00Florida State Univer...
--9Hannah BlancoNHTaylor County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sharzay Thomas17-04.00Godby
2.11Shaketra Carroll15-03.00East Gadsden
3.8Deja Jeffery15-02.50Florida State Univer...
4.9Marissa Sheals15-02.50Florida State Univer...
5.-Almecia Pillers15-02.00East Gadsden
6.10Torriah Bell14-09.50East Gadsden
7.10Danielle Jinks14-04.00Godby
8.11Brigette Bennett14-01.00Florida State Univer...
9.9Bernicia Holifield13-07.50Godby
10.-Shanqueria Wiggins13-06.00East Gadsden
11.9Ty'neshia Arnold13-01.00Madison County
11.-Nyesha Calloway13-01.00Wakulla
13.9Sarah Jackson13-00.00Florida State Univer...
14.9Jazzmin Sledge12-09.00Madison County
15.10Arneshia Stephens12-02.50Taylor County
16.-Tiffany Upshaw12-01.00Taylor County
17.10Lisa House11-04.00Wakulla
18.-Suzanne Sowner11-01.00Wakulla
---Latice JohnsonFOULGodby
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley Giacomucci33-04.50Taylor County
2.11Shaketra Carroll32-02.50East Gadsden
3.-Sharquett Rittman31-10.50East Gadsden
4.12Ana Detorres31-07.50Florida State Univer...
5.10Torriah Bell30-11.00East Gadsden
6.11Brigette Bennett29-11.00Florida State Univer...
7.10Mykela Melton29-09.50Godby
8.-Tekevia Melton28-08.50Godby
9.11Latonya Chandler28-04.00East Gadsden
10.8Deja Jeffery28-00.00Florida State Univer...
---Latice JohnsonFOULGodby
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