Kane Invitational

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - Meet Website
  Kane Area, Kane - Map
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New York - AA
New York - Section 6
ALCEAllegany-Limestone Central
Pennsylvania - AAA
BRARBradford Area
PUNXPunxsutawney Area
SMASt Marys Area
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Spulecki11.86Canisius
2.12Welch Alex12.16DuBois Central Catho...
3.11Jason Fallara12.18Punxsutawney Area
4.12Cameron Lane12.29Port Allegany
5.12Conor Vile12.66Canisius
6.12Hunter Bardo12.83Cameron County
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jason Fallara12.22Punxsutawney Area
2.11Thomas Spulecki12.24Canisius
3.12Welch Alex12.26DuBois Central Catho...
4.12Cameron Lane12.30Port Allegany
5.12Conor Vile12.71Canisius
6.12Hunter Bardo12.84Cameron County
7.12Kyle Galbraith12.92Brookville Area
8.11Ben Osani12.96Port Allegany
9.9Mitch Freeman13.01Coudersport Area
10.11Bruce Waters13.04Kane Area
11.12Brian Samick13.08St Marys Area
12.10Sam Mosebarger13.10Elk County Catholic
13.9Todd Reed13.22Clarion Limestone
14.-Joma Aitakunov13.26Cameron County
15.11Simon Gadley13.33Kane Area
16.10William Majot13.44Coudersport Area
17.-Juwan Plaud13.50Allegany-Limestone C...
18.-Zack Tanner13.61Allegany-Limestone C...
19.10Matt Bryant13.63St Marys Area
20.9Brandon Serkleski14.24Oswayo Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Coats23.84Bradford Area
2.12Nick Wehrle23.91Punxsutawney Area
3.12Welch Alex24.24DuBois Central Catho...
4.12Cameron Lane24.61Port Allegany
5.12Cody Nuzzo24.81Bradford Area
6.11Thomas Spulecki24.91Canisius
7.12Justin Bird25.86Otto Eldred
8.12Brian Samick26.18St Marys Area
9.-Chris Frye27.04Canisius
10.9Mitch Freeman27.11Coudersport Area
11.-Joma Aitakunov27.24Cameron County
12.10Joe Georgino27.50Elk County Catholic
13.-Zack Tanner28.23Allegany-Limestone C...
14.9Brandon Serkleski28.50Oswayo Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Welch Alex53.15DuBois Central Catho...
2.12Tyler Healy53.85Elk County Catholic
3.12Nate Burrow54.39Bradford Area
4.12Cody Nuzzo54.85Bradford Area
5.11Dylan Buffington54.90Brookville Area
6.12Brandon Johnson55.47Elk County Catholic
7.12Conor Vile55.57Canisius
8.12Bob Steudler55.93Elk County Catholic
9.12Joe Groele56.30Allegany-Limestone C...
10.12Wil Duke56.70Otto Eldred
11.12Josh Fox57.37Port Allegany
12.10Brian Merritt57.62St Marys Area
13.12Adam Greenman58.02Port Allegany
14.12Brian Samick58.04St Marys Area
15.11Chad Monkhouse59.45Allegany-Limestone C...
16.-Max Parana59.67Port Allegany
17.-Chris Frye1:00.18Canisius
18.-Heath Reed1:00.27Punxsutawney Area
19.9Aaron Schweigart1:00.71Northern Potter
20.-Joma Aitakunov1:01.55Cameron County
21.9Spencer Howard1:02.96Oswayo Valley
22.9Caleb Moyer1:03.23Oswayo Valley
23.11Casey Lellock1:03.88Punxsutawney Area
24.11James Bright1:04.13Coudersport Area
25.10Sebastian Kerr1:04.98Brookville Area
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael White2:01.67Bradford Area
2.11Andrew Meterko2:04.61Punxsutawney Area
3.12Josh Knauer2:05.51Northern Potter
4.11LJ Fickenworth2:08.35Clarion Limestone
5.12Ryan Fiust-Klink2:09.25Canisius
6.11Dan Steudler2:13.18Elk County Catholic
7.12Wil Duke2:13.29Otto Eldred
8.9Aziz Yousef2:14.38Bradford Area
9.10Brian Merritt2:14.42St Marys Area
10.12Joe Groele2:14.45Allegany-Limestone C...
11.11Seth Morrisroe2:18.86Bradford Area
12.12Andy Skraba2:18.90DuBois Central Catho...
13.-Mitchell Gennocro2:19.10St Marys Area
14.10Caleb Lecker2:19.49Elk County Catholic
15.12Elias Dawli2:20.19Canisius
16.-Simon Lange2:20.23Coudersport Area
17.10Kurt Martonik2:21.06Johnsonburg
18.-Caleb Spring2:22.20Coudersport Area
19.9Aaron Schweigart2:22.30Northern Potter
20.12Jamie Nowalk2:22.67Kane Area
21.12Tom Sirianni2:22.93Kane Area
22.9Ryan Detsch2:23.26Elk County Catholic
23.10Derick Kelly2:23.60Punxsutawney Area
24.12Ben Gilbert2:25.50Brookville Area
25.9Leland Mowery2:25.96Brookville Area
26.9Spencer Howard2:26.50Oswayo Valley
27.9Avery Colson2:28.53Kane Area
28.11Jeff Elwell2:29.01Allegany-Limestone C...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew White4:40.19Bradford Area
2.11Andrew Morgan4:42.43Northern Potter
3.10Gideon Woelfel4:48.10St Marys Area
4.12Cody Foster4:51.30St Marys Area
5.10Ryan Bogdan4:56.91Canisius
6.11Harley Thompson4:56.94Elk County Catholic
7.9Barrett Kemp4:58.45Oswayo Valley
8.10Caleb Lecker5:01.11Elk County Catholic
9.11Shawn Hutchings5:06.22Bradford Area
10.11Grant Schirmer5:08.42Clarion Limestone
11.12Evan Feura5:21.40Bradford Area
12.11Jacob Snyder5:24.87Brookville Area
13.12Andy Skraba5:27.64DuBois Central Catho...
14.9Nathan Ward5:39.02Punxsutawney Area
15.11Jeff Elwell5:39.29Allegany-Limestone C...
16.10Ryan Peterson5:39.32Kane Area
17.11Alex Renn5:43.52Coudersport Area
18.10Noah Jordan5:47.26Otto Eldred
19.10Max Patterson5:49.56Canisius
20.9Dakoda Kellenberger5:53.60Brookville Area
21.9Caleb Byron6:11.82Northern Potter
22.10Paul Skraba6:15.16DuBois Central Catho...
23.-Dalton Moate7:06.67Cameron County
24.-Zack Nellis7:06.81Cameron County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cole Townsend10:10.19Canisius
2.12Cody Foster10:22.87St Marys Area
3.11Steven Kibbe10:29.94Northern Potter
4.11Harley Thompson10:33.21Elk County Catholic
5.10Gideon Woelfel10:37.58St Marys Area
6.11Justin Huey10:40.42St Marys Area
7.9Barrett Kemp10:53.33Oswayo Valley
8.11Tim Hartigan11:01.37Canisius
9.12Rob Patterson11:08.71Canisius
10.11Grant Schirmer11:14.59Clarion Limestone
11.10Cody Schreiber11:16.82Johnsonburg
12.10Steven Forney11:22.66Coudersport Area
13.12Ben Schade11:24.20Elk County Catholic
14.9Cody Cobb11:26.30Bradford Area
15.9Gabe Rees11:56.96Oswayo Valley
16.11Mike Gray11:59.40Northern Potter
17.11Aaron Douthit12:24.42Punxsutawney Area
18.10Tom Wagner13:11.47Punxsutawney Area
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Lake15.96Kane Area
2.12Alexander Anderson16.23St Marys Area
3.12Ryan Breznik17.26Bradford Area
4.12Adam Buchheit17.29Elk County Catholic
5.12Colton Hoffman17.50Oswayo Valley
6.9Nick Conway18.53Port Allegany
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Andrew Lake16.28Kane Area
2.12Alexander Anderson16.31St Marys Area
3.12Ryan Breznik17.75Bradford Area
4.12Adam Buchheit17.85Elk County Catholic
5.12Colton Hoffman18.12Oswayo Valley
6.9Nick Conway18.45Port Allegany
7.12Nate Burrow18.52Bradford Area
8.9David Ackerman18.68Bradford Area
9.12Zach Gelen18.78Allegany-Limestone C...
10.12Denzel Middleton18.96Port Allegany
11.12Will Greenfield19.93Brookville Area
12.10Sebastian Kerr20.09Brookville Area
13.12Jacob Geist20.19Punxsutawney Area
14.11Joe Cooney20.22Elk County Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Coats41.12Bradford Area
2.12Andrew Lake42.52Kane Area
3.12Alexander Anderson43.66St Marys Area
4.11Jared Schaut44.09Elk County Catholic
5.-Zach Britton44.22Bradford Area
6.12Ryan Breznik44.25Bradford Area
7.12Denzel Middleton44.76Port Allegany
8.12Adam Buchheit44.96Elk County Catholic
9.12Hunter Bardo45.69Cameron County
10.12Chris Jasinski46.43Canisius
11.9Nick Conway47.14Port Allegany
12.10Steve Kennedy47.33Brookville Area
13.12Colton Hoffman47.98Oswayo Valley
14.12Jacob Geist48.78Punxsutawney Area
15.12Ethan Ransom49.85Northern Potter
16.9Trevin Barber50.68Allegany-Limestone C...
17.9Dylan Lettie51.65Punxsutawney Area
18.-Nick Stuckey52.75Cameron County
19.11Kyle Baughman53.65Brookville Area
20.9Jason Langston53.88Allegany-Limestone C...
21.-Philip Barteletti1:10.33Cameron County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Glenn Perry
Jason Fallara
Spencer Fiumara
Seth Gray
46.31Punxsutawney Area
2.-Mitchell McEwen
Zach Britton
Ryan Breznik
Cody Nuzzo
46.81Bradford Area
3.-Adam Greenman
Denzel Middleton
Josh Fox
Ben Osani
47.65Port Allegany
4.-Drew Coscia
Justin Bird
Jeff Prescott
Shawn Barnish
47.73Otto Eldred
5.-Kyle Galbraith
Steve Kennedy
Josh Bockus
Quran Norris
48.45Brookville Area
6.-Tyler Ennis
Simon Gadley
Bruce Waters
Shawn Jordan
48.98Kane Area
7.-Sam Mosebarger
Joe Georgino
Andrew Wolfe
Scott Stubber
49.66Elk County Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthew White
Michael White
Nate Burrow
Cody Coats
3:32.38Bradford Area
2.-Dan Steudler
Bob Steudler
Tyler Healy
Jared Schaut
3:35.25Elk County Catholic
3.-Chris Jasinski
Conor Vile
Elias Dawli
Connor Dodge
4.-Bruce Waters
Andrew Lake
Shawn Morley
Simon Gadley
3:49.80Kane Area
5.-Spencer Fiumara
Seth Gray
Andrew Meterko
Nick Wehrle
3:54.87Punxsutawney Area
6.-Trevin Barber
Joe Groele
Jason Langston
Jeff Elwell
4:06.39Allegany-Limestone C...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael White
Cody Coats
Evan Feura
Matthew White
8:30.27Bradford Area
2.-Tyler Healy
Bob Steudler
Brandon Johnson
Dan Steudler
8:35.48Elk County Catholic
3.-Rob Patterson
Ryan Fiust-Klink
Elias Dawli
Cole Townsend
4.-Ben Gilbert
Tyler Kidder
Leland Mowery
Jacob Snyder
9:16.92Brookville Area
5.-Tom Sirianni
Peter Sirianni
Jamie Nowalk
Avery Colson
9:19.79Kane Area
6.-Scott Barber
Cody Foster
Dustin Fox
Justin Huey
9:40.74St Marys Area
7.-James Coxen
Ken Kysor
Paul Woods
Sam Shaffer
9:47.98Port Allegany
8.-Mike Gray
Mike Adams
Jeremy Adams
Caleb Byron
9:54.49Northern Potter
9.-Simon Lange
Alex Renn
James Bright
Caleb Spring
9:56.89Coudersport Area
10.-Nathan Ward
Tom Wagner
Derick Kelly
Casey Lellock
10:01.33Punxsutawney Area
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Reinhardt52-05.00Bradford Area
2.11Troy Reed50-02.00Bradford Area
3.11Trevor Miller49-00.00Johnsonburg
4.12Rick Trietley48-08.50Allegany-Limestone C...
5.11Mark Schiferle47-02.00Canisius
6.12Matt Shuey46-01.00Johnsonburg
7.11Zach Hoffman44-09.00Bradford Area
8.12Brodey Linderman43-08.00Allegany-Limestone C...
9.-Patrick Topper41-11.00Canisius
10.12Paul Woods41-00.00Port Allegany
11.12Josh Krise40-04.00St Marys Area
12.10Mitch Wilber39-11.00Allegany-Limestone C...
13.12Michael Wachter38-10.00Elk County Catholic
14.11Dominic Sirianni37-11.50Kane Area
15.11Devon Luzell36-07.00Punxsutawney Area
16.10Brody Morgan36-04.00Punxsutawney Area
17.11Allan Lawrence36-02.50Oswayo Valley
18.9Mitch Freeman36-00.00Coudersport Area
19.-Kyle Freeman35-05.00Coudersport Area
20.10Josh Kibbie35-01.00Kane Area
21.11Garrett Lehman34-10.00Northern Potter
22.11Mike Martin33-08.00Otto Eldred
23.11Dan Howe33-03.00Northern Potter
24.10Kevin Kraus33-00.00Elk County Catholic
25.11Seth Lowery31-05.50Port Allegany
26.-Austin Burney31-01.00Brookville Area
27.-Anthony Rawson30-10.00Clarion Limestone
28.-Tyler Beatty30-04.50Brookville Area
29.-Zach Kendra29-02.50Clarion Limestone
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Reinhardt143-09.50Bradford Area
2.10Mitch Wilber140-03Allegany-Limestone C...
3.12Matt Shuey130-05Johnsonburg
4.9Mitch Freeman130-00Coudersport Area
5.10Jimmy Werner129-02.50St Marys Area
6.12Seth Weible126-06.50Johnsonburg
7.11Troy Reed121-01Bradford Area
8.10Stephen Stumpf118-04Punxsutawney Area
9.10Josh Kibbie114-08Kane Area
10.11Mark Schiferle109-08.50Canisius
11.12Scott Pollock109-06.50Northern Potter
12.11Dominic Sirianni107-06Kane Area
13.12Brodey Linderman107-01.50Allegany-Limestone C...
14.12Michael Wachter106-04Elk County Catholic
15.12Mark Fischer103-02Allegany-Limestone C...
16.11Zach Hoffman98-09Bradford Area
17.-Grady Canavan98-08.50Brookville Area
18.11Josh Rodgers97-03.50St Marys Area
19.-Nick Murray95-07DuBois Central Catho...
20.11Allan Lawrence94-05Oswayo Valley
21.-Patrick Topper93-03Canisius
22.9Jared Lehman92-07Northern Potter
23.-Luke Swyers90-11.50Clarion Limestone
24.10Kevin Kraus90-05.50Elk County Catholic
25.-Matt McLaughlin85-03.50Brookville Area
26.-LW Wangler82-00Clarion Limestone
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Reinhardt183-09Bradford Area
2.11Kory Majot162-03Coudersport Area
3.11Camrin Stuckey157-05Port Allegany
4.11Troy Reed156-06Bradford Area
5.12James Anderson155-06Kane Area
6.-Mike Shuey154-04Johnsonburg
7.12Drew Coscia145-01.50Otto Eldred
8.12Ryan Breznik141-09Bradford Area
9.12Seth Weible127-09Johnsonburg
10.10Seth Coscia125-07Otto Eldred
11.-Tucker Beatty123-11Brookville Area
12.11Allan Lawrence121-11Oswayo Valley
13.10Dan O'Connor121-04DuBois Central Catho...
14.11Ben Osani120-08Port Allegany
15.11Jacob Snyder113-06Brookville Area
16.12Rick Trietley111-05Allegany-Limestone C...
17.11Gunnar Emberg111-01Kane Area
18.-Alex Furman111-00Coudersport Area
19.10Sawyer Klepfer110-00Clarion Limestone
20.12Michael Wachter107-01Elk County Catholic
21.10Jimmy Werner106-04St Marys Area
22.-Juwan Plaud104-01Allegany-Limestone C...
23.11Dan Howe103-01Northern Potter
24.10Kevin Kraus99-01.50Elk County Catholic
25.11Garrett Lehman93-00Northern Potter
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vinny Dougherty5-11.00Brookville Area
2.12Ethan Ransom5-09.00Northern Potter
3.10Trevor Neal5-09.00Port Allegany
4.12James Nellis5-07.00Port Allegany
5.12Josh Knauer5-07.00Northern Potter
6.10Michael Jacob5-05.00Elk County Catholic
7.9Trevin Barber5-05.00Allegany-Limestone C...
8.12Matt Shuey5-05.00Johnsonburg
9.10Zach Vleminckx5-03.00Bradford Area
9.12Zach Gelen5-03.00Allegany-Limestone C...
9.9David Ackerman5-03.00Bradford Area
9.11Aaron Severance5-03.00Kane Area
9.10Jacob Herbstritt5-03.00Elk County Catholic
9.11LJ Fickenworth5-03.00Clarion Limestone
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Drew Coscia12-09.00Otto Eldred
2.12Will Greenfield11-09.00Brookville Area
3.12Gage Bunker10-09.00Bradford Area
3.9Brandon Teribery10-09.00Bradford Area
5.11Preston Murrell10-09.00Bradford Area
6.11Kory Majot9-09.00Coudersport Area
7.10Jack Wolfe9-09.00Kane Area
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kory Majot19-11.50Coudersport Area
2.11Vinny Dougherty19-11.00Brookville Area
3.12Shawn Barnish19-09.00Otto Eldred
4.12Zach Gelen18-08.00Allegany-Limestone C...
5.10Cody Muzzo18-05.00Bradford Area
6.11Kevin Ruggiero18-03.00Northern Potter
7.11Josh Gebauer18-00.50Elk County Catholic
8.11Camrin Stuckey17-07.00Port Allegany
9.12Alexander Anderson17-06.00St Marys Area
10.12Rich Obermeyer17-05.00Bradford Area
11.-Colton Holzworth17-02.00Bradford Area
12.10Alex Fedigan17-00.00Punxsutawney Area
13.10Matt Bryant16-08.50St Marys Area
14.10Trenton Schreiber16-05.00St Marys Area
15.9Aaron Ray16-04.00Brookville Area
16.-Matt Munschauer16-00.50Canisius
17.11Chad Monkhouse15-03.50Allegany-Limestone C...
18.12Brandon Love13-06.00Clarion Limestone
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vinny Dougherty42-10.00Brookville Area
2.11Jared Schaut40-07.00Elk County Catholic
3.12Zach Gelen39-04.50Allegany-Limestone C...
4.10Trenton Schreiber38-10.00St Marys Area
5.12Chris Jasinski38-00.00Canisius
6.12Rich Obermeyer37-06.50Bradford Area
7.9David Ackerman36-04.50Bradford Area
8.9Jesse Reichard35-10.50Punxsutawney Area
9.-Colton Holzworth35-09.50Bradford Area
10.11Scott Stubber35-00.00Elk County Catholic
11.11Kevin Ruggiero34-09.50Northern Potter
12.11Kyle Baughman34-07.25Brookville Area
13.12Brennan Niver34-06.00Punxsutawney Area
14.9Nathan McFadden34-05.00St Marys Area
14.-John Binder34-05.00Port Allegany
16.9Nick Conway33-08.00Port Allegany
17.10Matt Lehman32-00.00Northern Potter
18.12Brandon Love31-07.50Clarion Limestone
19.9Gabe Rees29-04.50Oswayo Valley
20.9Jason Langston29-03.00Allegany-Limestone C...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Dawn Saquin13.73Kane Area
2.9Rhainon Fowler13.79Johnsonburg
3.10Rebecca Warriner13.93Northern Potter
4.11Hope Ridenour14.03DuBois Central Catho...
5.10Franchesca Smith14.19Brookville Area
5.-Katelyn Visbisky14.19Bradford Area
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Dawn Saquin13.75Kane Area
2.9Rhainon Fowler13.94Johnsonburg
3.10Franchesca Smith14.04Brookville Area
4.11Hope Ridenour14.11DuBois Central Catho...
5.-Katelyn Visbisky14.18Bradford Area
6.10Rebecca Warriner14.19Northern Potter
7.12Bailey Pritt14.31Johnsonburg
8.10Kate Wright14.69DuBois Central Catho...
9.9Lanae Newsome14.70Brookville Area
10.12Stephanie Sherry14.79Elk County Catholic
11.9Taylor Talasky14.88Eisenhower
12.11Tess Onink14.90Elk County Catholic
13.12Rachel Harris14.98Eisenhower
14.9Francine Augustine15.16Bradford Area
15.12Katie Port15.42Clarion Limestone
16.9Gina Picarelli15.45Kane Area
17.9Ashley Chitester15.58Coudersport Area
18.12Brittany Kelleher15.69Northern Potter
19.-Jessica Morrison16.40Oswayo Valley
20.-Kayla Ayers16.75Coudersport Area
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Warriner27.79Northern Potter
2.11Bryanna Evens28.68Port Allegany
3.9Audrey Perry28.98Kane Area
4.11Hope Ridenour29.02DuBois Central Catho...
5.11Megan Witherow29.68DuBois Central Catho...
6.12Bailey Pritt29.89Johnsonburg
7.11Katie Slater30.33Oswayo Valley
8.12Rachel Harris30.54Eisenhower
9.9Taylor Talasky30.56Eisenhower
10.12Stephanie Sherry30.69Elk County Catholic
11.9Sara Borro30.81Port Allegany
12.-Kaserra Owens30.99Bradford Area
13.10Jessica Wolbert31.16Clarion Limestone
14.12Brittany Kelleher32.27Northern Potter
15.9Sarah Black33.19Clarion Limestone
16.-Jessica Morrison33.26Oswayo Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Warriner1:02.64Northern Potter
2.11Bryanna Evens1:04.62Port Allegany
3.9Shannon Bridges1:04.99St Marys Area
4.12Anna Polaski1:05.66Johnsonburg
5.10Sloan Foster1:08.99St Marys Area
6.11Tess Onink1:09.56Elk County Catholic
7.12Kate Leonard1:10.31Kane Area
8.12Shelby Thompson1:10.46Eisenhower
9.12Carly Stauffer1:11.20Elk County Catholic
10.9Elizabeth Baran1:12.15Eisenhower
11.-Izzy Coyle1:12.82Oswayo Valley
12.9Sarah Black1:14.18Clarion Limestone
13.10Emily Johns1:14.32Coudersport Area
14.10Kari Ehrhart1:14.65Clarion Limestone
15.10Janessa Buzard1:15.03Union (Rimersburg)
16.-Sara James1:15.65Bradford Area
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dani Kocjancic2:29.35Kane Area
2.10Sloan Foster2:32.25St Marys Area
3.11Elizabeth Gardner2:36.79Bradford Area
4.9Shannon Bridges2:37.69St Marys Area
5.12Anna Polaski2:39.29Johnsonburg
6.11Hannah Lampman2:41.76Johnsonburg
7.10Maggie Sorg2:44.03Elk County Catholic
8.12Allison Giannotti2:46.63Coudersport Area
9.12Monica Phillipone2:49.57DuBois Central Catho...
10.9Ashley Woodruff2:53.77Port Allegany
11.12Shelby Thompson2:54.74Eisenhower
12.-Izzy Coyle2:56.67Oswayo Valley
13.10Dannie Parsons2:59.61Clarion Limestone
14.10Kari Ehrhart3:04.48Clarion Limestone
15.9Patty Bogniak3:08.92Eisenhower
16.10Emily Johns3:22.60Coudersport Area
17.-Marina Keiter4:02.04Cameron County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kady Weisner5:14.75Elk County Catholic
2.12Dani Kocjancic5:17.35Kane Area
3.9Adair Gennocro5:37.27St Marys Area
4.11Kellie Wyatt5:40.44Clarion Limestone
5.11Brianna Harvey5:53.16Oswayo Valley
6.10Maggie Sorg5:55.33Elk County Catholic
7.9Bailey Kemp5:58.30Oswayo Valley
8.11Alexandra Szczupak6:00.30Bradford Area
9.9Amelia Kibbe6:01.80Northern Potter
10.10Erin Perry6:06.44Northern Potter
11.9Ashley Woodruff6:16.78Port Allegany
12.-Madeleine Forbes6:20.95Bradford Area
13.11Kait Hill6:22.25Brookville Area
14.11Emily Dinger6:22.55Brookville Area
15.9Abby Lampman6:22.62Johnsonburg
16.11Brittany Selker6:35.63Clarion Limestone
17.9Patty Bogniak6:39.84Eisenhower
18.10Emily Steele6:41.34Kane Area
19.-Cassandra Lyon7:36.80Cameron County
20.-Jilliam DiPippa7:48.74Union (Rimersburg)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Giannotti11:07.70Coudersport Area
2.9Adair Gennocro11:55.28St Marys Area
3.11Kellie Wyatt12:24.98Clarion Limestone
4.11Myriah Wiseman12:35.92Bradford Area
5.12Kelsey Wendel12:39.66St Marys Area
6.11Brianna Harvey12:52.54Oswayo Valley
7.9Amelia Kibbe13:07.62Northern Potter
8.9Bailey Kemp13:18.10Oswayo Valley
9.11Marissa Bucheit13:21.43Bradford Area
10.11Shana Wojcic13:29.88Kane Area
11.11Kate Singer13:37.72Elk County Catholic
12.12Sarah Hutcheson13:44.76Coudersport Area
13.11Alexis Schlimm13:51.90Elk County Catholic
14.11Alexis Konen13:52.70Johnsonburg
15.12Paige Edinger14:02.74Kane Area
16.9Paige Zuck14:20.59Clarion Limestone
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessy Mathewson17.11Brookville Area
2.10Lexie Meholic17.51Elk County Catholic
3.10Abbi Petrosky17.54Elk County Catholic
4.11Brittany Orr18.14St Marys Area
5.10Abby Hileman18.84Clarion Limestone
6.10Emily Marshal18.86Bradford Area
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jessy Mathewson17.15Brookville Area
2.10Lexie Meholic17.38Elk County Catholic
3.10Abbi Petrosky17.66Elk County Catholic
4.11Brittany Orr18.24St Marys Area
5.10Abby Hileman18.52Clarion Limestone
6.10Emily Marshal19.32Bradford Area
7.-Danielle Heckman19.52Brookville Area
8.12Emily Wambaugh19.68Coudersport Area
9.10Chelsea Gregori19.69St Marys Area
10.10Sarah Bevacqua20.32Johnsonburg
11.9Taryn Bennett20.68Northern Potter
12.-Tracey Ecklund21.05Johnsonburg
13.9Taylor Carlson21.09Eisenhower
14.-Montgomery Burgoon21.26Bradford Area
15.10Kelsey Payne21.72Port Allegany
16.12Nicole Morine21.88Eisenhower
17.-Julia Collver22.05Port Allegany
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Dawn Saquin49.77Kane Area
2.10Emily Marshal50.61Bradford Area
3.11Alyssa Byerly51.16Brookville Area
4.-Katelyn Visbisky51.23Bradford Area
5.10Abbi Petrosky51.54Elk County Catholic
6.9Aisha Newsome51.84Brookville Area
7.10Chanda Paup51.91Kane Area
8.11Brittany Orr53.21St Marys Area
9.10Abby Hileman54.20Clarion Limestone
10.10Chelsea Gregori55.04St Marys Area
11.10Sarah Bevacqua56.00Johnsonburg
12.9Taryn Bennett58.11Northern Potter
13.-Ally Dybowski59.29Johnsonburg
14.9Taylor Carlson59.46Eisenhower
15.-Julia Collver1:00.03Port Allegany
16.11Kayla O'Brien1:00.54Eisenhower
17.-Krystyn Whitman1:04.11Coudersport Area
18.-Marina Keiter1:18.85Cameron County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.16Brookville Area
2.-Stephanie Sherry
Abbi Petrosky
Lexie Meholic
Emily Gregory
53.86Elk County Catholic
3.-Megan Witherow
Kate Wright
Hope Ridenour
Samantha Wright
53.99DuBois Central Catho...
4.-Sarah Borro
Kelsey Payne
Carli Johnston
Bryanna Evens
55.46Port Allegany
5.-Audrey Perry
Gina Picarelli
Christina Mosier
Shannon Kocjancic
55.83Kane Area
6.-Katie Sayers
Abby Hileman
Jessica Wolbert
Katie Port
56.93Clarion Limestone
7.-Nicole Morine
Jessie Leasure
Rachel Harris
Taylor Talasky
8.-Relay Team 58.13Bradford Area
9.-Ashley Chitester
Kayla Ayers
Kaitlyn Karpinski
Alyssa Kautz
1:02.97Coudersport Area
---Bailey Pritt
Kiesha Dornish
Rhainon Fowler
Bryton Dybowski
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kady Weisner
Carly Stauffer
Emily Detsch
Emily Gregory
4:39.23Elk County Catholic
2.-Erin Perry
Taryn Bennett
Amelia Kibbe
Rebecca Warriner
4:49.54Northern Potter
3.-Elizabeth Baran
Rachel Harris
Taylor Talasky
Shelby Thompson
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelsey Wendel
Adair Gennocro
Sloan Foster
Shannon Bridges
10:39.23St Marys Area
2.-Anna Polaski
Kelsey O'Rourke
Alexis Konen
Hannah Lampman
3.-Madeleine Forbes
Kacy Huston
Elizabeth Gardner
Brittini Wiseman
10:50.04Bradford Area
4.-Alexis Schlimm
Emily Gregory
Kate Singer
Maggie Sorg
11:13.90Elk County Catholic
5.-Allison Giannotti
Emily Giannotti
Emily Johns
Alyssa Kautz
11:28.21Coudersport Area
6.-Erica Drukenbrod
Ali Ruffner
Alyssa Byerly
Katie Zents
11:33.50Brookville Area
7.-Patty Bogniak
Elizabeth Baran
Kayla O'Brien
Shelby Thompson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Dornish43-05.00Elk County Catholic
2.12Ashley Rolick39-11.00Kane Area
3.9Taylor Detrick33-01.00Kane Area
4.11Ellie Petrosky31-10.00Elk County Catholic
5.10Natalie Frisina31-04.00Bradford Area
6.10Larissa Roberts30-03.00Union (Rimersburg)
6.11Shauna Lockwood30-03.00Oswayo Valley
8.12Shelby Runyan28-10.00Bradford Area
9.11Renee Edgell27-09.00Port Allegany
10.12Katie Arnold27-03.00Allegany-Limestone C...
11.10Clarrissa Knauer26-11.00Northern Potter
12.11Jessica Williams26-08.00Brookville Area
13.-Savannah Whitman26-04.00Coudersport Area
14.9Rachel Kreig26-02.00St Marys Area
15.12Angela Skrzypek23-08.00St Marys Area
16.10Kylee Wilber23-01.00Allegany-Limestone C...
17.9Marianne Abboussou22-08.00Johnsonburg
17.-Nitika Phillips22-08.00Eisenhower
19.-Jessica Haskins21-09.00Eisenhower
20.-Ashley Ransel21-05.00Brookville Area
21.6Haley Wilson21-03.00Coudersport Area
22.-Brittany Bennett20-09.00Otto Eldred
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Dornish129-07Elk County Catholic
2.11Cody Anderson117-05Johnsonburg
3.10Natalie Frisina106-06Bradford Area
4.12Shelby Runyan95-06Bradford Area
5.10Clarrissa Knauer95-00Northern Potter
6.11Hannah Keck92-00Clarion Limestone
7.12Katie Arnold90-10Allegany-Limestone C...
8.9Taylor Detrick83-02Kane Area
9.11Jessica Williams79-04Brookville Area
10.10Jesse Ogorek79-00Kane Area
11.6Haley Wilson77-06Coudersport Area
12.11Shauna Lockwood76-02Oswayo Valley
13.10Larissa Roberts75-07Union (Rimersburg)
14.11Ellie Petrosky74-10Elk County Catholic
15.-Lindsey Vossler73-00Allegany-Limestone C...
16.9Becky Krieg71-08St Marys Area
17.12Allyson Rhwehart69-09Otto Eldred
18.12Angela Skrzypek67-04St Marys Area
19.12Amanda Kelley63-06Port Allegany
20.-Ashley Ransel61-00Brookville Area
21.-Serena Unser59-11Coudersport Area
22.11Renee Edgell59-07Port Allegany
23.-Jessica Haskins50-07Eisenhower
24.-Ashley Gruber40-08Eisenhower
25.-Brittney Chase28-05Otto Eldred
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Beckwith130-01.50Otto Eldred
2.10Kiesha Dornish116-11Johnsonburg
3.10Clarrissa Knauer110-08.50Northern Potter
4.11Cody Anderson104-03.50Johnsonburg
5.11Katie Sayers97-09Clarion Limestone
6.11Shauna Lockwood93-01.50Oswayo Valley
7.12Amanda Kelley90-09.50Port Allegany
8.9Taylor Detrick89-07Kane Area
9.-Danielle Moshier87-07Coudersport Area
10.12Lynnie Schirmer87-06Clarion Limestone
11.9Kristen Anderson84-02St Marys Area
12.11Caryne Healy80-07.50Port Allegany
12.10Emily Marshal80-07.50Bradford Area
14.9Abby Labesky78-05Kane Area
15.12Marina Weis76-03St Marys Area
16.-Kendra Guth75-10.50Union (Rimersburg)
17.9Morgan Onink74-04.50Elk County Catholic
18.12Angela Skrzypek70-10St Marys Area
18.-Jessica Kuntz70-10Brookville Area
20.11Renee Edgell70-03Port Allegany
21.10Jessica Brink69-09.50Union (Rimersburg)
22.-Katelyn Cole62-09Coudersport Area
23.-Elilzabeth Nicklas60-04Elk County Catholic
24.-Nitika Phillips52-11Eisenhower
25.-Jessica Haskins51-11Eisenhower
26.12Katie Arnold43-00Allegany-Limestone C...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amelia Kepler5-00.00Kane Area
2.12Emily Detsch4-10.00Elk County Catholic
3.12Jessie Leasure4-10.00Eisenhower
4.10Kelsey Payne4-08.00Port Allegany
5.10Abbi Petrosky4-08.00Elk County Catholic
6.12Lepha Logue4-08.00Union (Rimersburg)
7.9Makayla Anderson4-08.00Kane Area
8.9Rhainon Fowler4-06.00Johnsonburg
8.11Brittany Meacham4-06.00Oswayo Valley
9.11Shelby Zomcik4-04.00St Marys Area
9.11Kayla O'Brien4-04.00Eisenhower
9.11Skyler Bartley4-04.00Brookville Area
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Werner9-06.00Elk County Catholic
2.11Shelby Zomcik8-06.00St Marys Area
3.12Jocelynn Cochran8-06.00Otto Eldred
4.11Kiah Wymer7-06.00Brookville Area
5.10Jessica Franco7-06.00Elk County Catholic
6.9Shannon Kocjancic7-00.00Kane Area
7.12Lynnie Schirmer6-06.00Clarion Limestone
8.10Sequoia Henry6-06.00Clarion Limestone
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittini Wiseman16-01.00Bradford Area
2.12Jessy Mathewson16-01.00Brookville Area
3.11Molly Eshbach15-09.00Elk County Catholic
4.11Brittany Meacham15-06.75Oswayo Valley
5.9Rhainon Fowler15-02.25Johnsonburg
6.10Helen Danz14-09.00Elk County Catholic
7.12Lepha Logue14-04.50Union (Rimersburg)
8.10Franchesca Smith14-02.50Brookville Area
9.10Jena Struble14-02.00Elk County Catholic
10.11Bryton Dybowski13-11.50Johnsonburg
11.12Jessie Leasure13-11.00Eisenhower
12.10Tashia Carrow13-09.50Bradford Area
13.12Amanda Kelley13-02.00Port Allegany
14.9Sarah Black13-01.00Clarion Limestone
15.12Kaitlyn Karpinski12-10.50Coudersport Area
16.10Janessa Buzard12-09.50Union (Rimersburg)
17.12Katie Port12-03.75Clarion Limestone
18.12Brittany Kelleher12-02.75Northern Potter
19.9Ashley Chitester11-06.50Coudersport Area
20.10Courtney Flynn11-00.50Eisenhower
21.-Haleigh McClelland10-04.25Port Allegany
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gina Kane33-00.00Kane Area
2.11Brittany Meacham32-09.00Oswayo Valley
3.12Lepha Logue32-02.50Union (Rimersburg)
4.11Molly Eshbach32-00.50Elk County Catholic
5.10Lexie Meholic31-06.50Elk County Catholic
6.12Jessie Leasure31-04.50Eisenhower
7.10Tashia Carrow31-03.00Bradford Area
8.10Jena Struble30-09.00Elk County Catholic
9.10Kelsey Leadbetter30-08.50Clarion Limestone
10.9Lanae Newsome29-05.00Brookville Area
11.11Christina Mosier29-03.00Kane Area
12.-Sara Vallone28-08.50Johnsonburg
13.12Emily Wambaugh28-04.00Coudersport Area
14.12Katie Port28-03.25Clarion Limestone
15.9Taryn Bennett27-03.00Northern Potter
16.10Kacy Lewis27-02.50Clarion Limestone
17.10Courtney Flynn27-01.50Eisenhower
18.11Brianna Foster25-04.50Port Allegany
19.-Haleigh McClelland24-03.50Port Allegany
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