KHSAA Class 2A Region 6 Championships

Friday, May 15, 2009
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Kentucky - 1A
MOCOMorgan County
WECAWest Carter
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malcolm Jones11.60aMason County
2.11William Fullen11.74aRussell
3.12Terrance Breckenridge11.76aMason County
4.12Blake Manning11.77aRowan County
5.9Travis Murphy11.84aGreenup County
6.9Phillip Hodge12.16aRowan County
7.10Skylar Worthington12.28aRussell
8.8Joe Holbrook12.31aMorgan County
9.11Jordan Matthews12.35aEast Carter
10.11Travis Mollette12.39aLawrence County
11.11Terry Waugh12.42aGreenup County
12.12Nick Buckler12.43aLewis County
13.9Matt McLeod12.54aPaul G Blazer
14.9Landon Maxey12.67aFleming County
15.10Lucas Cannon12.79aFleming County
16.9Jarrett Parker12.82aLewis County
17.7Kody Thornsberry12.84aMorgan County
18.12Tanner Crump13.96aPaul G Blazer
11Matt MarcumDNSLawrence County
10Aaron AdkinsDNSEast Carter
10Cody BlevinsDNSBoyd County
11Mickie JohnsonDNSBoyd County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seth Adkins22.99aMason County
2.12Jon Sergent23.44aRowan County
3.11William Fullen24.10aRussell
4.10Darrell Cross24.12aRowan County
5.12Terrance Breckenridge24.25aMason County
6.12Derek Rudd24.25aFleming County
7.12Andrew Hogg24.36aRussell
8.9Travis Murphy24.46aGreenup County
9.11Terry Waugh24.95aGreenup County
10.9Cody Stamper25.22aWest Carter
11.12Tyler Haney25.54aMorgan County
12.11Matt Marcum25.60aLawrence County
13.9Matt McLeod26.06aPaul G Blazer
14.11Travis Mollette26.45aLawrence County
15.9Jarrett Parker26.68aLewis County
16.12Kyle Jordan27.16aLewis County
9Kristian ConwayDNSLewis County
9Landon MaxeyDNSFleming County
10Cody BlevinsDNSBoyd County
11Mickie JohnsonDNSBoyd County
8Joe HolbrookDNSMorgan County
12Andrew SpadeDNSPaul G Blazer
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Josh Harris51.87aMason County
2.11Carter Couchot53.02aRussell
3.12Jon Sergent53.04aRowan County
4.10Turner O'Brian53.36aLawrence County
5.10Chris Burton54.01aWest Carter
6.11Alex Stevens54.58aRowan County
7.11Bruce Bates55.82aRussell
8.11Lucas Frasher56.50aLawrence County
9.11Nathaniel Bartram57.03aPaul G Blazer
10.11TK Sullivan57.31aBoyd County
11.11Brandon Sander59.45aLewis County
12.11Kyle Carver1:01.24aLewis County
13.10Lucas Cannon1:01.81aFleming County
14.9Nathan Sowards1:03.64aGreenup County
15.9Michael Lemon1:04.87aPaul G Blazer
12Aaron AllenDNSEast Carter
10Xavia ShurnDNSMason County
12Tyler HaneyDNSMorgan County
7Kody ThornsberryDNSMorgan County
10Austin StringfellowDNSGreenup County
11Cody JonesDNSFleming County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Fouch2:04.82aRowan County
2.11Danny Weigel2:06.97aRowan County
3.12Matt Collins2:10.99aRussell
4.12Nick Buckler2:11.95aLewis County
5.12Garrett Conway2:12.62aBoyd County
6.12Nathan Landreth2:14.65aFleming County
7.10Turner O'Brian2:18.67aLawrence County
8.12Tyler Cooksey2:21.74aRussell
9.12Travis Lee2:23.84aFleming County
10.9Clay Wofford2:25.49aPaul G Blazer
11.10Connor Appelman2:27.27aMason County
12.9Caleb Bailey2:27.65aLawrence County
13.12Colby Jones2:27.96aMorgan County
14.10Taylor Young2:29.12aMorgan County
15.12Steve Conn2:29.27aWest Carter
16.12Blake Roberts2:35.25aGreenup County
17.11Ethan Virgin2:35.30aGreenup County
18.10Robert Henderson2:37.12aWest Carter
19.8Matthew Bonner2:44.71aLewis County
8Alexander NapierDNSEast Carter
11TK SullivanDNSBoyd County
11Evan JenkinsDNSPaul G Blazer
12Weston StahlDNSMason County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jon Renneker4:41.70aPaul G Blazer
2.11Tanner Alexander4:47.53aRussell
3.12Matt Collins4:52.67aRussell
4.11Jim Myers4:54.29aMason County
5.8Alexander Napier4:57.06aEast Carter
6.10Dalton Leet5:03.23aFleming County
7.11Brad Murphy5:14.90aRowan County
8.9Brennan Kizziar5:17.90aPaul G Blazer
9.9Caleb Bailey5:20.40aLawrence County
10.12Travis Lee5:23.98aFleming County
11.10Trevor Rowe5:25.54aGreenup County
12.10Taylor Young5:33.42aMorgan County
13.11Tanner Stevens5:40.70aLawrence County
14.9Trenton Rowe5:41.41aGreenup County
15.7Benjamin Napier5:45.48aEast Carter
16.12Kyle Jordan5:53.90aLewis County
17.9Aaron Blevins5:57.32aBoyd County
18.9Brandon Carey5:57.85aWest Carter
19.8Matthew Bonner6:29.76aLewis County
20.11Jason Vanhoose7:47.88aMorgan County
12Garrett ConwayDNSBoyd County
12Patrick FouchDNSRowan County
10Nathan WoodsDNSMason County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tanner Alexander10:17.99aRussell
2.10Jon Renneker10:32.64aPaul G Blazer
3.11Jim Myers10:39.24aMason County
4.10Dalton Leet11:00.78aFleming County
5.11Brad Murphy11:21.59aRowan County
6.9Timmy Callihan11:29.91aPaul G Blazer
7.11Gary Moore11:39.12aLawrence County
8.9Dylan Harman12:11.73aRussell
9.11Tanner Stevens12:32.61aLawrence County
10.10Cory Harper13:05.17aMorgan County
11.10Danny Young13:06.00aBoyd County
12.9Aaron Blevins13:44.41aBoyd County
13.7William Toni15:38.91aEast Carter
9John PlanckDNSFleming County
7Casey WardDNSMorgan County
8Brandon LungDNSLewis County
7Nick RobinsonDNSMason County
11Danny WeigelDNFRowan County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chip Clark16.31aFleming County
2.11Brad Gross17.53aRussell
3.10Marcos Hernandez18.75aFleming County
4.11Mason Foster19.17aLawrence County
5.11Carter Breeze19.37aLewis County
6.9Cody Payne19.38aLawrence County
7.12Bryant Jamison19.54aLewis County
8.12Will Grey20.89aRowan County
9.10Eli Stegall21.84aMorgan County
10.9Chris Hall22.19aRowan County
11.9David Hurst22.87aPaul G Blazer
10Danny YoungDNSBoyd County
9Hunter GiffordDNSPaul G Blazer
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chip Clark40.48aFleming County
2.10Darrell Cross42.09aRowan County
3.10Tim Bradley44.08aWest Carter
4.10Marcos Hernandez45.22aFleming County
5.11Mason Foster47.45aLawrence County
6.12Drew Cox47.46aLewis County
7.11Brad Gross48.06aRussell
8.9Cody Payne50.36aLawrence County
9.12Will Grey51.60aRowan County
10.11Carter Breeze53.09aLewis County
11.10Eli Stegall54.57aMorgan County
12.9David Hurst54.73aPaul G Blazer
13.9Trenton Rowe55.11aGreenup County
14.10Trevor Rowe56.58aGreenup County
10Aaron MooreDNSBoyd County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Seth Adkins
Terrance Breckenridge
Brandon Jackson
Malcolm Jones
44.54aMason County
2.-Blake Manning
Alex Stevens
Phillip Hodge
Darrell Cross
45.59aRowan County
3.-Dustin Linthicum
Travis Murphy
Austin Stringfellow
Terry Waugh
46.15aGreenup County
4.-Mason Foster
Mark Fitzpatrick
Travis Mollette
Matt Marcum
46.74aLawrence County
5.-Andrew Hogg
Max Rogers
Skylar Worthington
William Fullen
6.-Aaron Adkins
Troy Combs
Jordan Matthews
Martin Staeb
48.06aEast Carter
7.-Lucas Cannon
Derek Rudd
Landon Maxey
Cody Jones
48.08aFleming County
8.-Tyler Haney
Cory Harper
Joe Holbrook
Kody Thornsberry
48.40aMorgan County
9.-Nick Buckler
Drew Cox
Jarrett Parker
Kristian Conway
50.02aLewis County
10.-Joe Leedy
Kevin Barrett
Andrew Spade
Tanner Crump
52.10aPaul G Blazer
-Tim Bradley
Danny Cline
Cody Stamper
Chris Burton
DNSWest Carter
-Cody Blevins
Mickie Johnson
Aaron Moore
Lee Smith
DNSBoyd County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Seth Adkins
Terrance Breckenridge
Josh Harris
Weston Stahl
1:31.93aMason County
2.-Blake Manning
Alex Stevens
Phillip Hodge
Darrell Cross
1:33.75aRowan County
3.-Tim Bradley
Danny Cline
Chris Burton
Cody Stamper
1:35.96aWest Carter
4.-Mark Fitzpatrick
Turner O'Brian
Lucas Frasher
Matt Marcum
1:36.22aLawrence County
5.-Collin McKenzie
Carter Couchot
William Fullen
Andrew Hogg
6.-Dustin Linthicum
Travis Murphy
Austin Stringfellow
Terry Waugh
1:38.32aGreenup County
7.-Aaron Allen
Troy Combs
Jordan Matthews
Martin Staeb
1:39.02aEast Carter
8.-Lucas Cannon
Nathan Landreth
Marcos Hernandez
Cody Jones
1:41.25aFleming County
9.-Nick Buckler
Drew Cox
Kristian Conway
Jarrett Parker
1:41.70aLewis County
10.-Antonio Allen
Kevin Barrett
Mason Boggs
Hunter Gifford
1:47.55aPaul G Blazer
-Mickie Johnson
Cody Blevins
Aaron Moore
Kevin Stewart
DNSBoyd County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colt Fearis
Malcolm Jones
Josh Harris
Weston Stahl
3:36.57aMason County
2.-Blake Manning
Lowell Neeper
Alex Stevens
Patrick Fouch
3:36.79aRowan County
3.-Bruce Bates
Andrew Hogg
Collin McKenzie
Carter Couchot
4.-Nathan Landreth
Chip Clark
Derek Rudd
Cody Jones
3:42.20aFleming County
5.-Aaron Allen
Troy Combs
Martin Staeb
Alexander Napier
3:44.41aEast Carter
6.-Tyler Haney
Joe Holbrook
Colby Jones
Kody Thornsberry
3:52.48aMorgan County
7.-Tim Bradley
Danny Cline
Caleb Whitt
Chris Burton
3:53.49aWest Carter
8.-Nathaniel Bartram
Matt McLeod
Clay Wofford
Brennan Kizziar
4:06.54aPaul G Blazer
9.-Kyle Carver
Drew Cox
Kyle Jordan
Brandon Sander
4:06.88aLewis County
10.-Austin Newsome
Blake Roberts
Austin Stringfellow
Ethan Virgin
4:11.12aGreenup County
11.-Caleb Bailey
Michael Ray
Lucas Frasher
Cody Payne
4:11.90aLawrence County
-Aaron Blevins
Seth Hatfield
Kevin Stewart
Lee Smith
4:38.03aBoyd County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tanner Alexander
Matt Collins
Tyler Cooksey
Carter Couchot
2.-Patrick Fouch
Danny Weigel
Brad Murphy
Lowell Neeper
8:47.58aRowan County
3.-Connor Appelman
Colt Fearis
Jim Myers
Weston Stahl
8:56.67aMason County
4.-Travis Lee
Dalton Leet
Nathan Landreth
Tanner Lee
9:14.63aFleming County
5.-Nathaniel Bartram
Jon Renneker
Clay Wofford
Brennan Kizziar
9:26.49aPaul G Blazer
6.-Caleb Bailey
Logan Finley
Gary Moore
Tanner Stevens
9:36.01aLawrence County
7.-Matthew Bonner
Kyle Carver
Kyle Jordan
Brandon Lung
10:04.62aLewis County
8.-Jon Fannin
Vince Glynn
Tylor Hampton
Ben Spicer
11:18.81aGreenup County
-Garrett Conway
TK Sullivan
Aaron Blevins
Danny Young
DNSBoyd County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Jackson42-01.00Fleming County
2.10Travis Edwards40-07.00Russell
3.11Ben Preston40-02.00Lawrence County
4.11Devin Duncan39-07.00Fleming County
5.12Mark Fitzpatrick39-03.00Lawrence County
6.12Sean Kelsey38-05.50Rowan County
7.9Josh Cox38-04.50Boyd County
8.11Kirk Sweeney36-04.50Mason County
9.11Kamron Smith36-00.50Russell
10.10Alex Newton35-10.00Mason County
11.10RJ Johnson33-04.50Paul G Blazer
12.11Nate Cantrell32-02.00Morgan County
13.9Nick Tackett32-01.00Greenup County
14.10Mitch Lewis31-11.00Lewis County
15.9Jacob Sander31-10.00Lewis County
16.9Chase Ward31-02.50Paul G Blazer
17.12Isaiah Prater30-09.00Morgan County
18.12Nick Yancey20-07.00Greenup County
10James SkaggsDNSEast Carter
12Johnnie StaffordDNSEast Carter
9Robert EstesDNSRowan County
9Clayton WardDNSBoyd County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Duncan134-05Fleming County
2.11Ryan Jackson131-10Fleming County
3.12Mark Fitzpatrick112-09Lawrence County
4.9Robert Estes109-09Rowan County
5.11Nate Cantrell106-10Morgan County
6.11Chris Furst103-09Greenup County
7.12Johnnie Stafford95-04East Carter
8.10Matt Eads94-10Mason County
9.11Tyler Price91-01West Carter
10.10RJ Johnson90-09Paul G Blazer
11.10Alex Newton90-06Mason County
12.9Josh Cox89-11Boyd County
13.12Antonio Allen84-06Paul G Blazer
14.10Timothy Adams81-01Lawrence County
15.10Mitch Lewis80-01Lewis County
16.11Kamron Smith80-00Russell
17.10Cody Wallace79-02Rowan County
18.12Rodney Thacker74-09Russell
19.12Isaiah Prater74-02Morgan County
20.12Ethan Kamer72-02Lewis County
21.12Blake Roberts58-10Greenup County
10James SkaggsFOULEast Carter
12Jesse Webb-GreenhillDNSWest Carter
9Clayton WardDNSBoyd County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aris Rogers6-04.00Paul G Blazer
2.11Max Rogers6-02.00Russell
3.9Dustin Linthicum5-10.00Greenup County
4.10Cory Harper5-08.00Morgan County
5.9Caleb Whitt5-08.00West Carter
6.11Lucas Frasher5-06.00Lawrence County
7.12Rodney Thacker5-04.00Russell
8.11Brandon Jackson5-04.00Mason County
9.9Joe Leedy5-00.00Paul G Blazer
10Matt QuillenDNSBoyd County
8T J AdkinsDNSRowan County
11Travis MolletteDNSLawrence County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zach Kelsey9-00.00Rowan County
2.10DJ Short9-00.00Rowan County
3.10Cory Harper9-00.00Morgan County
4.10Tanner Lee8-06.00Fleming County
5.11Shawn Bates8-06.00Russell
6.12Wes Sanford8-06.00Russell
7.10Nathan Woods7-06.00Mason County
8.9CJ Leadingham7-00.00Paul G Blazer
9.11Evan Jenkins6-00.00Paul G Blazer
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Sergent21-01.00Rowan County
2.9Dustin Linthicum20-08.75Greenup County
3.11Brandon Jackson20-02.00Mason County
4.12Aris Rogers19-10.75Paul G Blazer
5.8Joe Holbrook19-07.25Morgan County
6.12Derek Rudd18-02.50Fleming County
7.12Steven Jones17-06.00Russell
8.11Max Rogers16-10.50Russell
9.11Will Fleck16-01.50Rowan County
10.12Andrew Francia15-10.75Lewis County
11.9Landon Maxey15-05.50Fleming County
12.9Austin Newsome14-07.50Greenup County
13.12Ryan Evans14-07.00Lewis County
14.11Nathaniel Bartram13-06.50Paul G Blazer
9Cole CyrusDNSLawrence County
11Mason FosterDNSLawrence County
10Cody BlevinsDNSBoyd County
10Xavia ShurnDNSMason County
11Jason VanhooseFOULMorgan County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Sergent42-04.50Rowan County
2.11Max Rogers40-05.00Russell
3.12Aris Rogers40-02.00Paul G Blazer
4.10Chip Clark37-11.00Fleming County
5.9Landon Maxey36-09.50Fleming County
6.12Steven Jones35-03.50Russell
7.11Nick Nolen35-02.25West Carter
8.12Steve Conn33-03.25West Carter
9.12Colby Jones32-09.50Morgan County
10.9Kevin Barrett31-09.00Paul G Blazer
11.12Ryan Evans29-11.00Lewis County
10Cody BlevinsDNSBoyd County
9Josh HarrisDNSMason County
12Terrance BreckenridgeDNSMason County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Sierra McDaniel13.35aMason County
2.11Sarah Hanson13.56aRussell
3.9Amy Evans13.73aMorgan County
4.9Jill Senters13.94aLawrence County
5.10Hillary Johnson14.09aGreenup County
6.10Katie Redmond14.09aMason County
7.10Tori Seasor14.44aBoyd County
8.10Hannah Touchton14.51aPaul G Blazer
9.9Alyaha Johnson14.52aFleming County
10.12Annie Ngo14.55aRussell
11.10Haley VanHoose14.78aGreenup County
12.11Kelly Bonner14.81aLewis County
13.9Erin Randle15.20aEast Carter
14.10Brooke Meade15.46aFleming County
15.12Megan Webster15.62aPaul G Blazer
16.9Amber Cyrus16.18aLawrence County
17.11Brittany Richardson16.43aRowan County
18.11Jennifer Stamper17.56aEast Carter
7Brooke StamperDNSMorgan County
11Stacy EvansDNFLewis County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Hanson28.29aRussell
2.7Sierra McDaniel28.58aMason County
3.9Amy Evans29.24aMorgan County
4.9Andreana Bennett29.82aMason County
5.9Regan Arnold30.01aRussell
6.10Hillary Johnson30.17aGreenup County
7.8Sierra Ratcliff30.33aEast Carter
8.11Nikki Burton30.40aMorgan County
9.11Cassie Reed30.61aGreenup County
10.12Tina Buckler31.07aLewis County
11.9Alyaha Johnson31.27aFleming County
12.9Kristen Moore31.62aPaul G Blazer
13.10Hannah Touchton31.80aPaul G Blazer
14.9Hannah Slone32.09aBoyd County
15.11Kelly Bonner32.65aLewis County
16.9Amber Cyrus33.75aLawrence County
17.11Brittany Richardson34.31aRowan County
8Tessa DeweesDNSEast Carter
11Destiny GrayDNSFleming County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Deatley1:04.95aMason County
2.11Emma Jones1:06.66aFleming County
3.11Andrea Lung1:07.54aLewis County
4.9Mary Adkins1:07.87aPaul G Blazer
5.8Kirsten Jordan1:08.56aEast Carter
6.11Nikki Burton1:09.11aMorgan County
7.9Cassie Blevins1:09.56aBoyd County
8.12Tina Buckler1:10.28aLewis County
9.9Desirae Hamlin1:10.97aPaul G Blazer
10.11Jordan Daniels1:11.27aRussell
11.12Annie Ngo1:11.61aRussell
12.9Katie Branham1:11.62aLawrence County
13.11Holly Jude1:13.09aBoyd County
14.10Jade Morgan1:16.37aMason County
15.9Abby Heston1:17.35aLawrence County
16.9Emily Tussey1:25.89aGreenup County
17.11Monica Buettner1:28.46aGreenup County
10Ashley SargentDNSEast Carter
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Valerie Rice2:35.92aMason County
2.9Mariah Carley2:38.23aPaul G Blazer
3.12Ashley Fortman2:39.83aRussell
4.11Kali Mattingly2:40.09aBoyd County
5.8Sarah Bellingham2:44.07aMason County
6.11Anastasi Perevoschikova2:45.59aRowan County
7.7Charlene Tarring2:53.87aLawrence County
8.8Lindsey Fugate2:54.01aMorgan County
9.11Stevi Lau3:02.71aEast Carter
10.11Ally DeHart3:10.43aFleming County
11.9Allison Lambert3:13.21aFleming County
12.11Kristin Kraft3:36.12aLewis County
13.11Janna Imel4:03.82aGreenup County
14.12Katie Meenach4:07.11aGreenup County
8Sierra RatcliffDNSEast Carter
9Cassie BlevinsDNSBoyd County
9Kim HutchinsonDNSMorgan County
9Desirae HamlinDNSPaul G Blazer
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Valerie Rice5:47.15aMason County
2.12Amy Adams5:58.67aPaul G Blazer
3.10Jennifer Miller5:59.62aRussell
4.8Julia Woods6:01.00aMason County
5.8Allie Sloan6:12.96aPaul G Blazer
6.11Anastasi Perevoschikova6:14.49aRowan County
7.8Delancy Morse6:20.09aEast Carter
8.7Charlene Tarring6:22.68aLawrence County
9.11Codi Carpenter6:23.37aEast Carter
10.10Sarah Velasquez6:36.49aRussell
11.8Tori Liles6:43.20aLewis County
12.8Cheynne Perkins6:43.49aMorgan County
13.9Mariah Humphrey7:14.01aBoyd County
14.12Gretchen Collier7:29.99aFleming County
15.10Allison Rowe7:44.20aGreenup County
10Tylyn BarkerDNSBoyd County
10Danielle JenkinsDNSMorgan County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Raylee Kirkland12:54.59aMason County
2.12Amy Adams13:07.87aPaul G Blazer
3.11Kelsey McGlone13:09.75aEast Carter
4.8Julia Woods13:12.43aMason County
5.10Jennifer Miller13:27.18aRussell
6.8Delancy Morse14:07.02aEast Carter
7.10Marissa Malone14:29.63aRussell
8.7Charlene Tarring14:37.09aLawrence County
9.10Lucy Davis15:30.80aPaul G Blazer
10.8Cheynne Perkins15:31.51aMorgan County
11.8Tori Liles15:34.33aLewis County
12.11Amber Porter19:04.07aBoyd County
13.12Amanda Hutchinson21:01.93aGreenup County
12Gretchen CollierDNSFleming County
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Roark17.33aRussell
2.11Jenna Dixon17.83aBoyd County
3.10Iretta Carpenter18.29aMason County
4.9Jill Senters18.64aLawrence County
5.9Madison Paver18.93aMason County
6.11Meike Burl19.89aMorgan County
7.10Alexis Dailey20.05aFleming County
8.10Brooke Meade21.24aFleming County
9.11Erika Morgan21.60aLewis County
10.7Samantha Garvin23.61aGreenup County
11.11Justine Bertoux24.63aPaul G Blazer
12Laura GabbertDNSPaul G Blazer
7Courtney TharpDNSGreenup County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Roark47.79aRussell
2.10Iretta Carpenter50.84aMason County
3.11Jenna Dixon52.73aBoyd County
4.9Jill Senters53.05aLawrence County
5.12Rachel Conley53.51aRussell
6.10Alexis Dailey55.76aFleming County
7.11Cassie Reed56.77aGreenup County
8.11Meike Burl59.31aMorgan County
9.8Kayleigh White59.98aGreenup County
10.9Kristen Biddle1:00.75aMason County
11.11Erika Morgan1:03.49aLewis County
12.8Cheynne Perkins1:04.82aMorgan County
13.9Courtney Childress1:06.56aLawrence County
14.9Jane Jenkins1:07.36aPaul G Blazer
12Laura GabbertDNSPaul G Blazer
8Delancy MorseDNSEast Carter
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andreana Bennett
Sierra McDaniel
Madison Paver
Katie Redmond
54.32aMason County
2.-Regan Arnold
Katie Conley
Katie Cooper
Annie Ngo
3.-Jenna Dixon
Tori Seasor
Holly Jude
Shelby Kenser
55.52aBoyd County
4.-Hillary Johnson
Cassie Reed
Haley VanHoose
Kayleigh White
56.37aGreenup County
5.-Nikki Burton
Lindsey Fugate
Amy Evans
Brooke Stamper
57.91aMorgan County
6.-Nikisha Farrow
Emily Mayo
Kristen Moore
Hannah Touchton
58.08aPaul G Blazer
7.-Sarah Boyd
Lindsey McKee
Brooke Meade
Alyaha Johnson
58.47aFleming County
8.-Shelby Buck
Sierra Ratcliff
Anna Stepp
Erin Randle
59.91aEast Carter
9.-Alicia Bentley
Katie Branham
Amber Cyrus
Megan Preston
1:01.97aLawrence County
10.-Erika Morgan
Reba Madden
McKenzie Stone
Megan Applegate
1:04.66aLewis County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andreana Bennett
Tiarra Harris
Sierra McDaniel
Mary Stewart
1:56.13aMason County
2.-Hillary Johnson
Cassie Reed
Haley VanHoose
Kayleigh White
1:56.30aGreenup County
3.-Emma Jones
Alexis Dailey
Destiny Gray
Alyaha Johnson
1:57.63aFleming County
4.-Regan Arnold
Gabrielle Cassity
Katie Conley
Sarah Hanson
5.-Mykal Farris
Nikisha Farrow
Emily Mayo
Kristen Moore
2:00.82aPaul G Blazer
6.-Hannah Slone
Tori Seasor
Holly Jude
Shelby Kenser
2:01.33aBoyd County
7.-Kelly Bonner
Tina Buckler
Andrea Lung
Megan Applegate
2:03.00aLewis County
8.-Shelby Buck
Erin Randle
Jennifer Stamper
Rebecca Wente
2:16.37aEast Carter
-Amber Cyrus
Abby Heston
Katie Branham
Alicia Bentley
DNFLawrence County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabrielle Cassity
Sarah Hanson
Rachel Conley
Maddie Roark
2.-Ashley Deatley
Iretta Carpenter
Valerie Rice
Mary Stewart
4:31.88aMason County
3.-Mary Adkins
Mariah Carley
Mykal Farris
Allie Sloan
4:35.23aPaul G Blazer
4.-Emma Jones
Alexis Dailey
Ally DeHart
Destiny Gray
4:42.64aFleming County
5.-Hannah Slone
Cassie Blevins
Holly Jude
Kali Mattingly
4:43.98aBoyd County
6.-Nikki Burton
Lindsey Fugate
Amy Evans
Brooke Stamper
4:46.29aMorgan County
7.-Megan Applegate
Tina Buckler
Andrea Lung
McKenzie Stone
4:59.77aLewis County
8.-Courtney Childress
Abby Heston
Katie Branham
Charlene Tarring
5:36.49aLawrence County
9.-MacKenzie Dunaway
Elena Johnsen
Allison Rowe
Emily Tussey
5:42.47aGreenup County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Bellingham
Raylee Kirkland
Valerie Rice
Julia Woods
10:42.51aMason County
2.-Amy Adams
Mary Adkins
Mariah Carley
Allie Sloan
10:42.56aPaul G Blazer
3.-Rachel Conley
Jordan Daniels
Ashley Fortman
Jennifer Miller
4.-Sierra Ratcliff
Kirsten Jordan
Stevi Lau
Kelsey McGlone
11:30.31aEast Carter
5.-Kali Mattingly
Cassie Blevins
Lydia Dixon
Kaelyn Potter
11:34.78aBoyd County
6.-Morgan Ferguson
Kim Hutchinson
Cheynne Perkins
Brooke Stamper
13:10.59aMorgan County
7.-MacKenzie Dunaway
Elena Johnsen
Allison Rowe
Emily Tussey
14:03.31aGreenup County
-Gretchen Collier
Ally DeHart
Emma Jones
Allison Lambert
DNSFleming County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Kenser31-10.50Boyd County
2.11Sierra Crum30-06.00Paul G Blazer
3.12Tashina Webster28-11.00East Carter
4.10Kirsten Morant26-10.00East Carter
5.10Tori Seasor26-07.00Boyd County
6.12Brittany Skaggs26-04.50Lawrence County
7.12Nikki Cherry26-02.50Lewis County
8.11Destiny Jackson25-04.00Fleming County
9.12Sarah Lavender25-03.00Russell
10.9Alyssa Jamison22-11.50Lewis County
11.12Marybeth Harmon22-05.50Morgan County
12.10Megan Preston21-07.00Lawrence County
13.12Jessica Fletcher20-11.00Morgan County
14.10Courtney Gulley20-10.00Fleming County
15.12Megan Johnson20-04.50Paul G Blazer
16.10Tiarra Harris20-00.00Mason County
17.8MacKenzie Dunaway19-05.00Greenup County
18.10Kirstie Mullikin18-10.00Mason County
19.12Amanda Hutchinson16-06.00Greenup County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nikki Cherry94-00Lewis County
2.11Sierra Crum91-01Paul G Blazer
3.12Shelby Kenser90-02Boyd County
4.12Brittany Skaggs83-09Lawrence County
5.12Tashina Webster81-07East Carter
6.12Megan Johnson65-07Paul G Blazer
7.11Stacy Evans62-06Lewis County
8.12Marybeth Harmon60-07Morgan County
9.12Sarah Lavender57-05Russell
10.10Megan Preston55-10Lawrence County
11.12Sheniqua Jackson55-05Fleming County
12.10Tiarra Harris53-02Mason County
13.12Amanda Hutchinson49-01Greenup County
14.10Myranda Lytle49-00Fleming County
15.10Kirstie Mullikin46-11Mason County
16.12Jessica Fletcher45-06Morgan County
17.10Hannah Stafford45-04East Carter
18.8MacKenzie Dunaway36-05Greenup County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabrielle Cassity4-08.00Russell
2.11Ashley Deatley4-08.00Mason County
3.12Paige Nolen4-04.00West Carter
4.12Katie Conley4-04.00Russell
5.11Anna Stepp4-04.00East Carter
5.12Megan Webster4-04.00Paul G Blazer
5.12Emily Mayo4-04.00Paul G Blazer
8.12Elena Johnsen4-04.00Greenup County
9.9Jill Senters4-04.00Lawrence County
10.10Katie Redmond4-02.00Mason County
11.9Abby Heston4-00.00Lawrence County
11Ally DeHartDNSFleming County
10Brooke MeadeDNSFleming County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Cooper7-00.00Russell
2.12Ali Merritt6-06.00Paul G Blazer
3.11Jordan Daniels6-06.00Russell
4.8Raylee Kirkland6-06.00Mason County
5.8Julia Woods5-00.00Mason County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Roark15-04.00Russell
2.9Mykal Farris14-07.25Paul G Blazer
3.11Destiny Gray14-07.00Fleming County
4.10Ashley Sargent14-04.25East Carter
5.9Madison Paver14-02.00Mason County
6.9Andreana Bennett13-06.00Mason County
7.12Ali Merritt13-05.50Paul G Blazer
8.12Alicia Bentley13-05.00Lawrence County
9.8Kayleigh White12-09.75Greenup County
10.11Rebecca Wente12-03.50East Carter
11.10Jassy Lagarza12-03.00Russell
12.11Kelly Bonner12-03.00Lewis County
13.10Sarah Boyd12-02.50Fleming County
14.10McKenzie Stone10-09.00Lewis County
15.11Meike Burl10-06.50Morgan County
16.12Alicia Wilson9-10.00West Carter
17.9Courtney Childress8-02.00Lawrence County
10Danielle JenkinsDNSMorgan County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabrielle Cassity30-04.50Russell
2.9Mykal Farris30-02.75Paul G Blazer
3.11Destiny Gray30-02.00Fleming County
4.11Jenna Dixon29-10.25Boyd County
5.12Ali Merritt29-07.00Paul G Blazer
6.9Mary Stewart29-01.00Mason County
7.12Katie Conley29-00.25Russell
8.10Tiarra Harris28-03.00Mason County
9.12Elena Johnsen27-11.25Greenup County
10.10Allison Rowe21-02.00Greenup County
9Erin RandleFOULEast Carter
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