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Red Rock Invitational

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sedona Red Rock HS, Sedona

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Arizona - Division II
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Lee11.60aCanyon State Academy
2.12Kevin Dennis11.91aMingus Union
3.11Corion Kellybrew12.04aCanyon State Academy
4.12Wil Spicer12.07aSedona Red Rock
5.11D'Andre Shorter12.14aCanyon State Academy
6.11Jordan Westover12.50aMingus Union
7.12Michael Lamb12.55aSedona Red Rock
8.9Julian Alvarez12.64aFlagstaff
9.12Dylan Edmundson12.79aHorizon Honors
10.12Kevin Baker12.98aCanyon State Academy
11.10Jason Morris12.99aValley (Sanders)
12.12Arom Burgueno13.55aMingus Union
13.11Colton Trcic13.69aSedona Red Rock
14.11Adam Apodaca14.43aFlagstaff
15.10Malik Pakeman14.45aValley (Sanders)
16.9Jordan Irwin15.41aValley (Sanders)
12Nathan MillerSCRHorizon Honors
11Eric FreySCRFlagstaff
11Ronald TapahaSCRValley (Sanders)
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Cody Philpott12.48aFlagstaff
2.10Tommy Kling12.53aCamp Verde
3.9Brett Jackson12.74aBourgade Catholic
4.10Braeden Wills12.78aMingus Union
5.10Matthew Drapkin12.99aHorizon Honors
6.10Chandry Rice13.03aMingus Union
7.9Cody Cullens13.15aCamp Verde
8.9Marcus Magdaleno13.25aBourgade Catholic
9.9Jose Perez13.31aCamp Verde
10.9Jose Carrillo13.32aMingus Union
11.9Bryan Bayardi13.54aBourgade Catholic
12.9Lucas Neff13.67aFlagstaff
13.10Bradley Gemmill13.82aMingus Union
14.9Noah Rivera14.18aMingus Union
15.10Josh Glomski14.54aMingus Union
16.9Jesse Alvey14.57aCamp Verde
17.9Evan Koeppe15.11aMingus Union
18.9Aaron Williams16.32aCamp Verde
9Jonathan BarquinSCRFlagstaff
10Michael ArrolloSCRMingus Union
10Zach PelletierSCRMingus Union
11Clay SensiubaughSCRFlagstaff
9Abraham DelgadoSCRBourgade Catholic
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Lee23.27aCanyon State Academy
2.12Maurice Powell24.10aCanyon State Academy
3.12Wil Spicer24.31aSedona Red Rock
4.11Corion Kellybrew24.37aCanyon State Academy
5.12Alex Eddy24.74aHorizon Honors
6.12Kevin Baker24.95aCanyon State Academy
7.11Lane Gehl25.20aMingus Union
8.12Matt Schian25.47aHorizon Honors
9.12Michael Lamb25.71aSedona Red Rock
10.12Kevin Fox25.82aFlagstaff
11.11Jordan Westover25.91aMingus Union
12.10Jason Morris25.96aValley (Sanders)
13.11Marshall Tolleson26.62aMingus Union
14.12Jordan Ruiz26.79aCamp Verde
15.12Arom Burgueno27.53aMingus Union
16.11Adam Apodaca28.70aFlagstaff
17.11Eric Frey28.93aFlagstaff
18.10Malik Pakeman29.09aValley (Sanders)
19.9Jordan Irwin33.64aValley (Sanders)
10Jaren YelavichSCRHorizon Honors
12Scott HancockSCRFlagstaff
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Reece Muggeridge24.79aHorizon Honors
2.10Tommy Kling25.18aCamp Verde
3.9Sam Milner25.47aSedona Red Rock
4.10Matthew Drapkin26.01aHorizon Honors
5.10Chandry Rice26.54aMingus Union
6.9Jose Carrillo27.43aMingus Union
7.10Clayton Pilcher27.49aFlagstaff
8.10Joseph Spinelli27.62aFlagstaff
9.9Marcus Magdaleno27.64aBourgade Catholic
10.10Josh Glomski28.26aMingus Union
11.10Bradley Gemmill28.54aMingus Union
12.9Jake Zeid30.01aCamp Verde
13.9Paul Rodriguez30.13aBourgade Catholic
14.9Evan Koeppe30.46aMingus Union
15.9Noah Rivera31.08aMingus Union
16.9Aaron Williams33.70aCamp Verde
9Jonathan BarquinSCRFlagstaff
10Michael ArrolloSCRMingus Union
9Abraham DelgadoSCRBourgade Catholic
10Thomas BuetiSCRBourgade Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emmanuel John52.94aCanyon State Academy
2.11Lane Gehl53.03aMingus Union
3.12Shaquille Renshaw55.90aCanyon State Academy
4.12Kevin Fox56.66aFlagstaff
5.12Maurice Powell56.73aCanyon State Academy
6.11Dequindrick Alexander58.65aCanyon State Academy
7.10Jason Morris59.27aValley (Sanders)
8.12Scott Hancock59.86aFlagstaff
9.12Arom Burgueno1:01.35aMingus Union
10.12Hunter Rauch1:02.07aMingus Union
11.11Colin Garttmeier1:03.09aMingus Union
10Michael ArrolloSCRMingus Union
10Jaren YelavichSCRHorizon Honors
10Reece MuggeridgeSCRHorizon Honors
12Austin CoveySCRMingus Union
11Victor SotoSCRBourgade Catholic
12Ken RadkeSCRFlagstaff
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Justin Reay54.66aCamp Verde
2.10Clayton Pilcher58.35aFlagstaff
3.10Tommy Kling58.42aCamp Verde
4.10Joseph Spinelli1:00.36aFlagstaff
5.9Wesley Herrera1:00.78aSedona Red Rock
6.10Josh Glomski1:02.66aMingus Union
7.9Kurt Smith1:03.07aFlagstaff
8.10Bradley Gemmill1:03.46aMingus Union
9.9Paul Rodriguez1:04.12aBourgade Catholic
10.9Evan Koeppe1:05.19aMingus Union
11.9Zachary Berlyn1:05.30aFlagstaff
12.9Elijah Begoody1:05.54aFlagstaff
13.9Austin Mix1:06.70aSedona Red Rock
14.9Jake Zeid1:07.20aCamp Verde
15.10Thomas Bueti1:09.79aBourgade Catholic
10Trenton AndersonSCRMingus Union
10Marc SaadusSCRMingus Union
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Juan Wells2:06.14aMingus Union
2.11Levi Howard2:08.28aFlagstaff
3.11Brandon Snickers2:08.60aSedona Red Rock
4.10Angel Chief2:08.79aCanyon State Academy
5.10Corey Quigley2:11.78aValley (Sanders)
6.12Brad Fullman2:14.47aHorizon Honors
7.12AJ Gonzalez2:15.40aCamp Verde
8.12Shaquille Renshaw2:16.06aCanyon State Academy
9.10Davonte Williams - Dorsey2:21.15aCanyon State Academy
10.11Dequindrick Alexander2:21.63aCanyon State Academy
11.11Marshall Tolleson2:23.97aMingus Union
12.11Bryan Redhouse2:27.55aValley (Sanders)
13.12Adam Sandoval2:30.47aMingus Union
14.11Antoni Grgurovic2:30.58aHorizon Honors
15.9Aaron Romero2:32.20aValley (Sanders)
16.11Mehran Navabi2:33.06aHorizon Honors
17.12Kyle Niederer2:33.72aCamp Verde
18.12Chris Briones2:40.72aHorizon Honors
19.12Sam Frost2:45.11aHorizon Honors
20.11Kyron White2:46.04aFlagstaff
12Garner GrennierSCRFlagstaff
10Shimeno SpeenSCRValley (Sanders)
11Jerod DeLeonSCRBourgade Catholic
11Victor SotoSCRBourgade Catholic
12Austin CoveySCRMingus Union
11Chris OrtizSCRMingus Union
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Travis Okie2:13.88aSedona Red Rock
2.10Matt Anaya2:15.28aFlagstaff
3.10Nate Gutierrez2:16.75aBourgade Catholic
4.10Aldair Bermudez2:33.34aMingus Union
5.9Ryan Malloy2:36.75aCamp Verde
6.9Austin Moffitt2:37.33aMingus Union
7.9Austin Mix2:40.92aSedona Red Rock
8.9Devin Westervelt2:42.48aCamp Verde
9.9Efrain Paniaguia2:44.78aCamp Verde
10.10Marc Saadus2:56.43aMingus Union
9Wesley HerreraSCRSedona Red Rock
11Matthew NeztsosieSCRFlagstaff
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Clawson4:42.01aFlagstaff
2.12Brad Fullman4:44.55aHorizon Honors
3.11Brandon Snickers4:46.14aSedona Red Rock
4.10Corey Quigley4:49.37aValley (Sanders)
5.12Bryce Randall4:53.08aFlagstaff
6.11Levi Howard4:58.88aFlagstaff
7.12Dylan Edmundson5:00.10aHorizon Honors
8.11Kebrab Mahari5:00.15aBourgade Catholic
9.11Dominic Silva5:03.41aCanyon State Academy
10.12Hunter Rauch5:05.13aMingus Union
11.12Austin Covey5:05.14aMingus Union
12.11Colin Garttmeier5:06.61aMingus Union
13.11Chris Ortiz5:10.50aMingus Union
14.11Dequindrick Alexander5:23.41aCanyon State Academy
15.10Angel Chief5:24.12aCanyon State Academy
16.11Austin Dorn5:26.11aBourgade Catholic
17.11Bryan Redhouse5:27.99aValley (Sanders)
18.11Jordan Gallippo5:28.57aCanyon State Academy
19.9Aaron Romero5:31.31aValley (Sanders)
20.11Antoni Grgurovic5:36.04aHorizon Honors
21.12Kyle Niederer5:40.45aCamp Verde
22.11Mehran Navabi5:48.83aHorizon Honors
23.12Chris Briones5:58.06aHorizon Honors
24.12Sam Frost5:59.31aHorizon Honors
25.11Jerod DeLeon6:29.65aBourgade Catholic
26.10Brandon Yazzie6:45.58aValley (Sanders)
27.11Carlyle Yazzie7:15.88aValley (Sanders)
12Garner GrennierSCRFlagstaff
11Valentin JimenezSCRCamp Verde
10Shimeno SpeenSCRValley (Sanders)
11Victor SotoSCRBourgade Catholic
12Mike HomanSCRHorizon Honors
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Travis Okie5:07.55aSedona Red Rock
2.9Ryan Malloy5:41.64aCamp Verde
3.10Aldair Bermudez5:42.01aMingus Union
4.9Austin Moffitt5:46.42aMingus Union
5.9Austin Mix5:52.40aSedona Red Rock
6.9Devin Westervelt5:55.66aCamp Verde
7.10Marc Saadus5:55.89aMingus Union
8.9Joey Benson6:00.60aCamp Verde
11Matthew NeztsosieSCRFlagstaff
10Nate GutierrezSCRBourgade Catholic
9Efrain PaniaguiaSCRCamp Verde
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Juan Wells10:41.73aMingus Union
2.12Hunter Rauch10:42.66aMingus Union
3.11Colin Garttmeier10:43.07aMingus Union
4.11Matthew Whiterock11:11.12aFlagstaff
5.9Levi Miller11:35.80aFlagstaff
6.10Angel Chief11:52.97aCanyon State Academy
7.11Austin Dorn11:53.12aBourgade Catholic
8.11Jordan Gallippo11:58.49aCanyon State Academy
9.9Adrian Ruiz12:00.18aCamp Verde
10.12Jose Elenes12:13.25aCanyon State Academy
11.9Joey Benson12:42.98aCamp Verde
12.9Austin Moffitt12:43.50aMingus Union
13.10Aldair Bermudez12:43.92aMingus Union
14.11Robert Chavarria14:33.55aBourgade Catholic
11Kebrab MahariSCRBourgade Catholic
11Zeke O'CallaghanSCRCamp Verde
11Valentin JimenezSCRCamp Verde
10Davonte Williams - DorseySCRCanyon State Academy
12Mike HomanSCRHorizon Honors
11Chris OrtizSCRMingus Union
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Oestmann16.88aSedona Red Rock
2.12Charles Smyers17.18aHorizon Honors
3.11Trent Fogelson17.34aCamp Verde
4.11Adrian Daniel17.67aCanyon State Academy
5.9D'Mario Parrish17.82aCanyon State Academy
6.10Sean Omey-Lyons18.06aCanyon State Academy
7.11Dylan Barnes18.36aSedona Red Rock
8.11Deandre Bailey19.81aCanyon State Academy
9.10Keenan Crans19.94aSedona Red Rock
10.12Adam Sandoval21.55aMingus Union
10Trenton AndersonSCRMingus Union
10Zach PelletierSCRMingus Union
9Noah RiveraSCRMingus Union
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charles Smyers43.43aHorizon Honors
2.11Trent Fogelson44.60aCamp Verde
3.10Sean Omey-Lyons46.49aCanyon State Academy
4.11Adrian Daniel46.51aCanyon State Academy
5.11Dylan Barnes47.04aSedona Red Rock
6.9D'Mario Parrish48.14aCanyon State Academy
7.11Marshall Tolleson48.60aMingus Union
8.12Adam Sandoval52.53aMingus Union
9.11Deandre Bailey57.58aCanyon State Academy
11Jason HoftarthSCRBourgade Catholic
11Chris OestmannDQSedona Red Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Matthew Drapkin47.13aHorizon Honors
2.10Keenan Crans48.24aSedona Red Rock
3.9Jose Perez50.49aCamp Verde
4.9Will Barnes52.29aBourgade Catholic
10Walker EatonSCRSedona Red Rock
9Cody CullensSCRCamp Verde
9Jesse AlveySCRCamp Verde
10Trenton AndersonSCRMingus Union
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wil Spicer
Walker Eaton
Chris Oestmann
Dylan Barnes
46.83aSedona Red Rock
2.-Kevin Dennis
Jordan Westover
Braeden Wills
Chandry Rice
47.59aMingus Union
3.-Charles Smyers
Brad Fullman
Nathan Miller
Dylan Edmundson
47.90aHorizon Honors
4.-Relay Team 48.48aFlagstaff
5.-Justin Reay
Jose Perez
Cody Cullens
Sage Sehongva
49.26aCamp Verde
6.-Will Barnes
Brett Jackson
Marcus Magdaleno
Abraham Delgado
50.17aBourgade Catholic
-James Lee
Maurice Powell
D'Andre Storter
Corion Kellybrew
DQCanyon State Academy
-Julian Alvarez
Sean Kempf
Scott Hancock
Clay Sensiubaugh
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-AJ Gonzalez
Justin Reay
Chris Zellner
Trent Fogelson
3:44.42aCamp Verde
2.-Emmanuel John
Dominic Silva
Dequindrick Alexander
Davonte Williams
3:45.92aCanyon State Academy
3.-Relay Team 3:50.00aFlagstaff
4.-Trenton Anderson
Chandry Rice
Zach Pelletier
Noah Rivera
3:58.37aMingus Union
5.-Austin Mix
Travis Okie
Keenan Crans
Wesley Herrera
4:03.82aSedona Red Rock
6.-Jose Perez
Sage Sehongva
Jake Zeid
Tommy Kling
4:23.35aCamp Verde
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Juan Wells
Austin Covey
Colin Gartmeir
Lane Gehl
8:38.92aMingus Union
2.-Dominic Silva
Angel Chief
Shaquille Renshaw
Davonte Williams
9:02.18aCanyon State Academy
3.-Matt Anaya
Levi Miller
Kyron White
Matthew Whiterock
4.-Adrian Ruiz
Kyle Niederer
AJ Gonzalez
Zeke O'Callaghan
9:39.52aCamp Verde
-Relay Team SCRCamp Verde
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12AJ Garnello45-09.50Sedona Red Rock
2.12Nathan Rodriguez44-06.50Bourgade Catholic
3.11Chris Zellner39-03.00Camp Verde
4.12Jose Gonzalez39-02.50Mingus Union
5.11Corion Kellybrew37-09.50Canyon State Academy
6.11Colton Trcic37-04.00Sedona Red Rock
7.12Josh Reyes37-02.00Bourgade Catholic
8.12Justin Smith36-08.00Flagstaff
9.12Cameron Stewart36-04.00Camp Verde
10.12Jay Roan36-02.50Valley (Sanders)
11.11Salvador Navarro35-11.00Bourgade Catholic
12.11Tyler Popescu35-07.50Horizon Honors
13.11Jordan Lemons35-02.00Canyon State Academy
14.12Todd Runyan34-10.50Mingus Union
15.11Christian Zeno33-11.00Sedona Red Rock
16.12Jordan Ruiz32-10.50Camp Verde
17.11Taylor Hudzinski32-08.00Horizon Honors
18.11Brandon Howard30-11.50Mingus Union
19.11Jason Marcy30-01.00Sedona Red Rock
20.10Thomas McCullough27-04.00Flagstaff
21.11Araon Wiedmaier26-07.50Bourgade Catholic
11Daniel SorensonSCRFlagstaff
11Justin DouglasSCRFlagstaff
11Dean HallSCRCanyon State Academy
11Hernando BenallySCRValley (Sanders)
11Taylor HakesSCRFlagstaff
12Fernando AnguianoSCRMingus Union
X Shot Put - 12lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Zane Saxman36-09.50Sedona Red Rock
2.9Bryan Bayardi33-11.50Bourgade Catholic
3.9Mason Aronson32-07.00Sedona Red Rock
4.9Lucas Neff29-07.50Flagstaff
5.10Colton Peters28-02.50Horizon Honors
6.9Isaiah Baker23-01.00Mingus Union
7.10Mario Chacon21-07.50Bourgade Catholic
9Jonathon RodriguezSCRBourgade Catholic
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12AJ Garnello133-10Sedona Red Rock
2.12Todd Runyan120-00Mingus Union
3.12Nathan Rodriguez118-10Bourgade Catholic
4.12Josh Reyes118-09Bourgade Catholic
5.12Jay Roan113-05Valley (Sanders)
6.11Brandon Howard107-03Mingus Union
7.11Salvador Navarro107-00Bourgade Catholic
8.11Christian Zeno102-00Sedona Red Rock
9.12Jose Gonzalez100-05Mingus Union
10.11Colton Trcic99-09Sedona Red Rock
11.11Chris Zellner97-02Camp Verde
12.12Cameron Stewart94-00Camp Verde
13.11Jason Marcy86-05Sedona Red Rock
14.12Justin Smith85-07Flagstaff
15.11Araon Wiedmaier81-07Bourgade Catholic
16.11Taylor Hudzinski80-02Horizon Honors
17.10Thomas McCullough79-02Flagstaff
18.11Jordan Lemons78-08Canyon State Academy
19.11Tyler Popescu76-00Horizon Honors
20.12Jordan Ruiz72-00Camp Verde
11Justin DouglasSCRFlagstaff
11Dean HallSCRCanyon State Academy
11Hernando BenallySCRValley (Sanders)
11Taylor HakesSCRFlagstaff
11Daniel SorensonSCRFlagstaff
12Fernando AnguianoSCRMingus Union
X Discus - 1.6kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Zane Saxman102-03Sedona Red Rock
2.9Mason Aronson86-10Sedona Red Rock
3.9Bryan Bayardi70-09Bourgade Catholic
4.9Lucas Neff65-03Flagstaff
5.9Isaiah Baker64-07Mingus Union
6.10Colton Peters60-04Horizon Honors
7.10Mario Chacon42-04Bourgade Catholic
9Jonathon RodriguezSCRBourgade Catholic
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Oestmann6-00.00Sedona Red Rock
2.11Dylan Barnes5-06.00Sedona Red Rock
3.9Cannon Winkler4-10.00Flagstaff
3.12Gyasi Bartee4-10.00Canyon State Academy
11Clay SensiubaughSCRFlagstaff
10Braeden WillsSCRMingus Union
10Zach PelletierSCRMingus Union
10Chandry RiceSCRMingus Union
11Ahmad MarianSCRFlagstaff
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Braeden Wills4-10.00Mingus Union
2.10Zach Pelletier4-10.00Mingus Union
3.10Chandry Rice4-10.00Mingus Union
10Nate GutierrezSCRBourgade Catholic
9Kurt SmithNHFlagstaff
9Zachary BerlynNHFlagstaff
9Brett JacksonSCRBourgade Catholic
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Harris10-06.00Flagstaff
2.11Chris Ortiz10-00.00Mingus Union
3.11Sean Kempf9-00.00Flagstaff
4.11Adam Alvarado8-06.00Flagstaff
11Mitchell RiggsSCRFlagstaff
11Franklin LuttrellSCRMingus Union
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Walker Eaton11-00.00Sedona Red Rock
2.10Keenan Crans10-06.00Sedona Red Rock
3.9Jose Carrillo9-00.00Mingus Union
4.9Kurt Smith8-06.00Flagstaff
5.9Noah Wenger8-00.00Flagstaff
5.9Lucas Neff8-00.00Flagstaff
5.10Triston Garcia8-00.00Flagstaff
9David McGareyNHFlagstaff
9Wesley HerreraNHSedona Red Rock
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Dennis20-03.00Mingus Union
2.12Michael Lamb18-03.25Sedona Red Rock
3.12Alex Eddy18-00.75Horizon Honors
4.11James Lee16-09.50Canyon State Academy
5.11Ronald Tapaha16-03.00Valley (Sanders)
6.12Jordan Ruiz16-01.00Camp Verde
7.12Matt Schian15-11.00Horizon Honors
8.11Davon Green15-10.00Canyon State Academy
9.9Julian Alvarez15-09.50Flagstaff
10.11Eric Frey14-10.50Flagstaff
11.12Gyasi Bartee14-06.50Canyon State Academy
12.11Carlyle Yazzie13-06.00Valley (Sanders)
13.12Arom Burgueno12-07.00Mingus Union
11Clay SensiubaughSCRFlagstaff
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Sam Milner18-01.25Sedona Red Rock
2.10Reece Muggeridge17-02.25Horizon Honors
3.10Zach Pelletier17-01.50Mingus Union
4.9Brett Jackson16-11.00Bourgade Catholic
5.9Cody Cullens16-10.50Camp Verde
6.10Adam Lasley15-09.25Flagstaff
7.9Cannon Winkler15-07.75Flagstaff
8.10Braeden Wills15-06.50Mingus Union
9.10Sage Sehongva15-00.00Camp Verde
10.9Will Barnes14-04.50Bourgade Catholic
11.10Bradley Gemmill14-03.50Mingus Union
12.9Aaron Williams13-02.75Camp Verde
10Matthew DrapkinSCRHorizon Honors
10Thomas BuetiSCRBourgade Catholic
9Abraham DelgadoSCRBourgade Catholic
9Marcus MagdalenoNDBourgade Catholic
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Lamb39-03.00Sedona Red Rock
2.12Kevin Dennis39-01.75Mingus Union
3.9Sam Milner38-01.50Sedona Red Rock
4.12Maurice Powell37-08.00Canyon State Academy
5.11Trent Fogelson37-07.00Camp Verde
6.11Dominic Silva36-05.00Canyon State Academy
7.11Colton Trcic34-01.50Sedona Red Rock
8.10Adam Lasley33-07.25Flagstaff
9.11Davon Green32-11.50Canyon State Academy
10.12Gyasi Bartee32-10.00Canyon State Academy
10.11Ronald Tapaha32-10.00Valley (Sanders)
12.9Mason Aronson31-06.00Sedona Red Rock
13.9Jose Carrillo30-05.00Mingus Union
13.12Kyle Larson30-05.00Flagstaff
15.10Triston Garcia28-04.00Flagstaff
11Mitchell RiggsSCRFlagstaff
11Daniel SorensonSCRFlagstaff

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Torey Braly13.20aMingus Union
2.11Juliette Friedland13.41aMingus Union
3.12Courtney Nelson13.69aHorizon Honors
4.10Delaney Scanlan13.85aMingus Union
5.12Sarah Fletcher13.94aHorizon Honors
6.11Nyomi Mosley14.38aSedona Red Rock
7.11Kailinya Robinson14.39aMingus Mtn.
8.11Megan Burtraw14.66aHorizon Honors
9.12Danielle Perry14.81aMingus Mtn.
10.12Taylor Phillips14.88aCamp Verde
11.11Desarae Ortiz14.94aMingus Union
12.9Jasmine Robinson15.15aMingus Mtn.
13.12Dezirae Cornejo16.51aMingus Union
14.-Shea James16.52aFlagstaff
15.12Ivy Garcia16.57aMingus Union
16.11Nathalie Bogoslaw17.31aSedona Red Rock
17.12Katrina Tsosie17.44aValley (Sanders)
18.10Shana Begaye18.51aValley (Sanders)
11Delores YazzieSCRValley (Sanders)
9Gabrielle TsinnieSCRValley (Sanders)
11Audrey PrietoSCRBourgade Catholic
12Bianca MelendezSCRCamp Verde
11Marie VollmarSCRSedona Red Rock
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Justine Taylor13.57aMingus Union
2.10Samantha Weeman13.90aHorizon Honors
3.10Victoria Ortiz14.16aBourgade Catholic
4.10April Vidal14.18aHorizon Honors
5.9Laura Wylie14.93aMingus Union
6.10Angie Vechiarelli15.19aBourgade Catholic
7.10Maryrose Brennan15.27aBourgade Catholic
8.9Samantha Grayson15.32aHorizon Honors
9.10Sierra Teeters15.49aMingus Union
10.9Anna Watson15.56aSedona Red Rock
11.9Hallie Theriault15.77aFlagstaff
12.9Astrid Halpin15.80aBourgade Catholic
13.9Mulki Mahari15.94aBourgade Catholic
14.9Krupa Bhakta16.07aSedona Red Rock
15.9Alena Workman16.44aMingus Union
16.10Laura Marti-Ramos16.71aCamp Verde
17.9Shelby Monroe16.77aCamp Verde
18.9Kelsey Grosz17.08aMingus Union
10Lizeth JimenezSCRCamp Verde
10Elizabeth BerryhillSCRFlagstaff
10Ameshia HamiltonSCRFlagstaff
10Isabelle GosarSCRFlagstaff
10Katherine TyburczySCRFlagstaff
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Delaney Scanlan27.94aMingus Union
2.12Annie Ngon28.16aMingus Union
3.12Courtney Nelson28.94aHorizon Honors
4.12Sarah Fletcher29.91aHorizon Honors
5.12Danielle Perry30.53aMingus Mtn.
6.12Taylor Phillips31.24aCamp Verde
7.11Marie Vollmar31.92aSedona Red Rock
8.11Arielle Santacruz32.16aHorizon Honors
9.12Tayana Johnson33.23aMingus Mtn.
10.12Ivy Garcia35.21aMingus Union
11.12Dezirae Cornejo35.37aMingus Union
12.12Katrina Tsosie37.61aValley (Sanders)
13.10Shana Begaye38.25aValley (Sanders)
14.11Nathalie Bogoslaw39.34aSedona Red Rock
15.9Gabrielle Tsinnie39.77aValley (Sanders)
11Delores YazzieSCRValley (Sanders)
11Juliette FriedlandSCRMingus Union
12Bianca MelendezSCRCamp Verde
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Samantha Weeman28.46aHorizon Honors
2.10Rachel Lillie29.60aSedona Red Rock
3.9Abbigail Gibbs29.85aFlagstaff
4.10Jillian Bradshaw30.26aSedona Red Rock
5.9Alyssa Treptow30.55aFlagstaff
6.10Angie Vechiarelli31.41aBourgade Catholic
7.9Astrid Alvarez31.93aFlagstaff
8.9Jessica Nyandamu32.08aBourgade Catholic
9.10Sierra Teeters32.32aMingus Union
10.9Samantha Grayson32.37aHorizon Honors
11.9Mulki Mahari32.70aBourgade Catholic
12.9Astrid Halpin33.00aBourgade Catholic
13.9Shanielle Brown33.44aFlagstaff
14.10Stephanie Holland33.59aHorizon Honors
15.9Morgan Hawes33.93aSedona Red Rock
16.9Karriann Blubaum34.13aFlagstaff
17.9Cali Fisler34.54aFlagstaff
18.9Abby Beekman35.43aFlagstaff
19.10Laura Marti-Ramos36.78aCamp Verde
10Lizeth JimenezSCRCamp Verde
10Elizabeth BerryhillSCRFlagstaff
10Kelsey YonnieSCRFlagstaff
9Hallie TheriaultSCRFlagstaff
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Annie Ngon1:05.92aMingus Union
2.11Alyssa Falshaw1:09.82aFlagstaff
3.11Jessica Miller1:10.84aMingus Mtn.
4.12Monika Kawski1:13.98aHorizon Honors
5.9Rihana Marzano1:16.29aMingus Mtn.
6.12Erin Frericks1:18.08aMingus Union
7.10Kayla Tanner1:18.46aMingus Mtn.
8.9Courtney Foster1:29.77aMingus Mtn.
9.11Alyssa Gaitan1:35.42aBourgade Catholic
11Alex HenleySCRMingus Union
11Audrey PrietoSCRBourgade Catholic
11Taylor BegaySCRValley (Sanders)
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Rachel Lillie1:05.08aSedona Red Rock
2.9Anna Watson1:08.21aSedona Red Rock
3.9Krupa Bhakta1:10.67aSedona Red Rock
4.9Sienna Gehl1:11.84aMingus Union
5.9Emliy Nelson1:12.68aMingus Union
6.9Samantha Grayson1:12.92aHorizon Honors
7.9Karriann Blubaum1:13.79aFlagstaff
8.10Kelsey Yonnie1:14.98aFlagstaff
9.9Cali Fisler1:16.90aFlagstaff
10.10Stephanie Holland1:17.10aHorizon Honors
11.9Destinie Ebert1:17.57aMingus Union
12.9Alena Workman1:21.68aMingus Union
13.9Shanielle Brown1:23.66aFlagstaff
14.9Ashley Pierce1:28.85aBourgade Catholic
9Kelsey GroszSCRMingus Union
9Kyndell KellySCRFlagstaff
9Jordan BuckwaldSCRFlagstaff
10Lizeth JimenezSCRCamp Verde
9Shelby MonroeSCRCamp Verde
10Donnie BussSCRCamp Verde
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamie Shrader2:26.46aFlagstaff
2.10Mykala Seresun2:32.37aSedona Red Rock
3.11Emma Schraner2:34.46aMingus Union
4.12Shannon Moran2:42.62aFlagstaff
5.11Emily Showers2:54.12aCamp Verde
6.12Erin Frericks2:54.58aMingus Union
7.12Monika Kawski2:57.43aHorizon Honors
8.11Cassy Alvarez2:58.30aCamp Verde
9.9Rolanda Mitchell3:03.28aValley (Sanders)
10.11Mariana Mendoza3:23.92aMingus Mtn.
11.10Kellee McGlothlin3:24.17aMingus Mtn.
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Taylor Gage2:38.06aSedona Red Rock
2.9Maime Kady2:44.72aFlagstaff
3.9Madeline Showers2:44.74aCamp Verde
4.9Racheal Krug2:50.07aFlagstaff
5.9Emliy Nelson2:51.93aMingus Union
6.9Janelle Crane2:56.19aFlagstaff
7.10Shaila Homan3:01.90aHorizon Honors
8.10Tai Benton3:07.11aBourgade Catholic
9.9Destinie Ebert3:07.28aMingus Union
10.9Stephanie Rendon-Silva3:27.27aBourgade Catholic
10Breanna O ConnorSCRFlagstaff
10Eva WilsonSCRSedona Red Rock
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kim Allan5:28.22aFlagstaff
2.10Mykala Seresun5:33.90aSedona Red Rock
3.10Chelena Betoney5:53.96aValley (Sanders)
4.9Janeth Gomez6:04.77aBourgade Catholic
5.11Alex Henley6:06.51aMingus Union
6.11Deborah Truncali6:09.34aCamp Verde
7.12Erin Frericks6:26.28aMingus Union
8.12Aurora Tiedeman6:26.64aFlagstaff
9.9Rolanda Mitchell7:21.74aValley (Sanders)
10.9Savannah Spencer7:37.50aValley (Sanders)
11.12Margilina John9:10.57aValley (Sanders)
10Kellee McGlothlinSCRMingus Mtn.
10Candace SpencerSCRValley (Sanders)
12Ronnaesha TapahaSCRValley (Sanders)
10Diane LoySCRValley (Sanders)
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Taylor Gage5:50.40aSedona Red Rock
2.10Eva Wilson6:00.66aSedona Red Rock
3.9Racheal Krug6:22.22aFlagstaff
4.9Amber Yocum6:32.03aCamp Verde
5.9Janelle Crane6:32.51aFlagstaff
6.10Shaila Homan6:45.47aHorizon Honors
7.10Sarah Westervelt7:10.63aCamp Verde
8.10Theresa Metzler7:31.61aCamp Verde
9.9Stephanie Rendon-Silva7:57.34aBourgade Catholic
10.11Azalea Rodriguez8:33.49aBourgade Catholic
10Breanna O ConnorSCRFlagstaff
9Analuisa AnguloSCRBourgade Catholic
10Shelby HutchisonSCRBourgade Catholic
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelena Betoney12:46.44aValley (Sanders)
2.10Eva Wilson12:58.29aSedona Red Rock
3.10Skyler Storie13:27.60aMingus Union
4.11Emma Schraner13:27.71aMingus Union
5.9Janeth Gomez13:42.55aBourgade Catholic
6.9Amber Yocum14:57.15aCamp Verde
7.10Sarah Westervelt16:50.41aCamp Verde
11Deborah TruncaliSCRCamp Verde
11Alex HenleySCRMingus Union
9Tatiana GillickSCRFlagstaff
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Torey Braly16.70aMingus Union
2.12Hope Goimarac17.25aSedona Red Rock
3.12Cortney Hageman19.69aMingus Union
11Taylor JochimSCRMingus Union
11Crystal PadillaSCRBourgade Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Showers17.65aCamp Verde
2.10Donnie Buss18.31aCamp Verde
3.9Josie Kohlan19.52aSedona Red Rock
4.10Jillian Bradshaw19.66aSedona Red Rock
5.9Jade West20.34aSedona Red Rock
6.10Brooke Coyner20.39aSedona Red Rock
7.9Lupe Lopez20.76aBourgade Catholic
8.9Jessica Nyandamu21.23aBourgade Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hope Goimarac49.01aSedona Red Rock
2.11Torey Braly49.32aMingus Union
3.11Arielle Santacruz57.72aHorizon Honors
4.11Crystal Padilla1:14.28aBourgade Catholic
5.12Margilina John1:21.97aValley (Sanders)
11Taylor JochimSCRMingus Union
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Showers52.10aCamp Verde
2.10Jillian Bradshaw55.06aSedona Red Rock
3.10Skyler Storie55.42aMingus Union
4.9Sienna Gehl58.49aMingus Union
5.10Mary Holdsworth59.60aFlagstaff
6.10Brooke Coyner1:02.89aSedona Red Rock
7.9Lupe Lopez1:05.20aBourgade Catholic
8.10Taylor Begoody1:05.49aFlagstaff
10Katherine TyburczySCRFlagstaff
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Torey Braly
Juliette Friedland
Annie Ngon
Delaney Scanlan
50.63aMingus Union
2.-Arielle Santacruz
April Vidal
Samantha Weeman
Courtney Nelson
53.86aHorizon Honors
3.-Courtney Foster
Kailinya Robinson
Jessica Miller
Danielle Perry
55.19aMingus Mtn.
4.-Astrid Alvarez
Alyssa Treptow
Mary Holdsworth
Katherine Tyburczy
5.-Taylor Phillips
Jenny Lawson
Libby Roullete
Bianca Melendez
57.64aCamp Verde
6.-Anna Watson
Josie Kohlan
Jade West
Rachael Preschler
58.78aSedona Red Rock
7.-Kelsey Grosz
Alena Workman
Sierra Teeters
Justine Taylor
1:01.35aMingus Union
-Mulki Mahari
Maryrose Brennan
Angie Vechiarelli
Victoria Ortiz
SCRBourgade Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jillian Bradshaw
Mykala Seresun
Eva Wilson
Taylor Gage
4:35.05aSedona Red Rock
2.-Annie Ngon
Skyler Storie
Taylor Jochim
Emma Schraner
4:35.08aMingus Union
3.-Relay Team 4:38.42aFlagstaff
4.-Cassy Alvarez
Emily Showers
Jenny Lawson
Libby Roullete
4:47.25aCamp Verde
5.-Jessica Miller
Courtney Foster
Rihana Marzano
Kayla Tanner
4:57.31aMingus Mtn.
6.-Sienna Gehl
Justine Taylor
Emliy Nelson
Destinie Ebert
5:01.12aMingus Union
-Breanna O Connor
Jamie Shrader
Alyssa Falshaw
Kim Allan
-Krupa Bhakta
Josie Kohlan
Gabrielle Simon
Anna Watson
SCRSedona Red Rock
-Jessica Nyandamu
Ashley Pierce
Maryrose Brennan
Janeth Gomez
SCRBourgade Catholic
-Relay Team SCRCamp Verde
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Gage
Rachel Lillie
Eva Wilson
Mykala Seresun
10:25.49aSedona Red Rock
2.-Skyler Storie
Sienna Gehl
Emma Schraner
Alex Henley
10:38.61aMingus Union
3.-Cassy Alvarez
Emily Showers
Madeline Showers
Deborah Truncali
11:36.47aCamp Verde
4.-Analuisa Angulo
Shelby Hutchison
Stephanie Rendon-Silva
Tai Benton
13:41.98aBourgade Catholic
-Stormmy Boettcher
Tatiana Gillick
Breanna O Connor
Maime Kady
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nyomi Mosley34-08.00Sedona Red Rock
2.9Heather Calandra31-10.00Mingus Union
3.11Erin Boadway27-06.50Flagstaff
4.12Jessica Herbal26-05.00Flagstaff
5.10Rachel Schley25-05.00Mingus Mtn.
6.10Tracie Jackson24-08.00Flagstaff
7.11Amber Stewart23-09.00Camp Verde
8.12Kristen Williams23-03.00Mingus Union
9.11Sarah Brown23-02.50Sedona Red Rock
9.12Ako Oxendine23-02.50Mingus Mtn.
11.11Megan Burtraw22-09.00Horizon Honors
12.12Ronnaesha Tapaha21-07.00Valley (Sanders)
13.12Sara Ellenberger20-07.50Horizon Honors
14.9Elizabeth Miller19-10.00Flagstaff
15.11Chyenne Brown17-03.50Mingus Mtn.
11Stephanie GarciaSCRMingus Mtn.
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Tiana Hatler-Stefick30-10.00Sedona Red Rock
2.10Britania Esparza25-08.00Camp Verde
2.10Britain Ricca25-08.00Mingus Union
4.10Breanna Rezzonico25-05.50Camp Verde
5.10Katie Wilson25-00.50Camp Verde
6.9Gabrielle Simon21-10.50Sedona Red Rock
7.9Hanne Leanard21-00.50Bourgade Catholic
8.10Jade Ruiz20-08.50Camp Verde
9.9Jazmyn Walker20-04.00Bourgade Catholic
10.10Tia Abe18-06.50Camp Verde
11.10Teresa Prado14-00.00Mingus Union
10Brianne DavisNDFlagstaff
10Keedy NgonNDMingus Union
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nyomi Mosley100-00Sedona Red Rock
2.9Heather Calandra82-10Mingus Union
3.11Erin Boadway68-09Flagstaff
4.12Jessica Herbal67-00Flagstaff
5.11Sarah Brown64-10Sedona Red Rock
6.12Kristen Williams64-00Mingus Union
7.11Amber Stewart62-04Camp Verde
8.11Megan Burtraw60-06Horizon Honors
9.12Sara Ellenberger60-03Horizon Honors
10.12Ronnaesha Tapaha47-10Valley (Sanders)
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Tiana Hatler-Stefick90-05Sedona Red Rock
2.10Katie Wilson84-02Camp Verde
3.10Tracie Jackson67-07Flagstaff
4.10Britania Esparza63-10Camp Verde
5.10Jade Ruiz63-08Camp Verde
6.9Gabrielle Simon63-05Sedona Red Rock
7.10Breanna Rezzonico62-00Camp Verde
8.9Hanne Leanard59-06Bourgade Catholic
9.9Jazmyn Walker59-00Bourgade Catholic
10.10Britain Ricca57-00Mingus Union
11.9Elizabeth Miller46-07Flagstaff
12.10Tia Abe41-10Camp Verde
13.10Teresa Prado33-00Mingus Union
10Keedy NgonSCRMingus Union
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hope Goimarac4-10.00Sedona Red Rock
2.11Tiffany Miller4-04.00Flagstaff
3.11Stephanie Gilboy4-00.00Mingus Union
4.11Gina Martin3-10.00Mingus Union
10Sabrina GreeneSCRFlagstaff
11Desarae OrtizSCRMingus Union
11Taylor JochimSCRMingus Union
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Showers4-08.00Camp Verde
2.9Jade West4-06.00Sedona Red Rock
3.10Brooke Coyner4-04.00Sedona Red Rock
10Donnie BussSCRCamp Verde
10Keedy NgonSCRMingus Union
10Teresa PradoSCRMingus Union
9Hallie TheriaultSCRFlagstaff
9Melina TheriaultNHFlagstaff
10Isabelle GosarSCRFlagstaff
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Gilboy9-06.00Mingus Union
2.12Cortney Hageman8-06.00Mingus Union
3.12Hope Goimarac8-00.00Sedona Red Rock
4.11Desarae Ortiz7-06.00Mingus Union
11Sierra BourneNHFlagstaff
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Laura Wylie6-06.00Mingus Union
2.9Stormmy Boettcher6-06.00Flagstaff
2.9Jade West6-06.00Sedona Red Rock
4.9Josie Kohlan6-00.00Sedona Red Rock
4.9Alyssa Treptow6-00.00Flagstaff
9Melina TheriaultNHFlagstaff
9Hallie TheriaultNHFlagstaff
9Morgan GriffisNHFlagstaff
9Rachael PreschlerNHSedona Red Rock
9Krupa BhaktaNHSedona Red Rock
9Emliy NelsonNHMingus Union
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Libby Roulette14-05.50Camp Verde
2.12Rachel Kortsen13-08.75Flagstaff
3.11Juliette Friedland13-05.25Mingus Union
4.11Stephanie Gilboy12-09.00Mingus Union
5.12Taylor Phillips12-08.00Camp Verde
6.12Cortney Hageman12-07.50Mingus Union
7.12Sarah Fletcher12-03.50Horizon Honors
8.12Dezirae Cornejo12-03.25Mingus Union
9.12Ivy Garcia12-01.50Mingus Union
10.9Jasmine Robinson11-07.50Mingus Mtn.
11.11Gina Martin11-03.00Mingus Union
12.11Nathalie Bogoslaw11-00.75Sedona Red Rock
13.12Lexus Hamilton10-11.00Flagstaff
14.11Marie Vollmar10-10.50Sedona Red Rock
15.9Rihana Marzano10-10.00Mingus Mtn.
16.12Tayana Johnson9-11.75Mingus Mtn.
10Kellee McGlothlinSCRMingus Mtn.
12Jilliane YazzieSCRFlagstaff
10Bridget JohnsonSCRFlagstaff
11Sierra BourneSCRFlagstaff
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Brooke Coyner14-10.75Sedona Red Rock
2.10Amanda Showers14-07.75Camp Verde
3.10Victoria Ortiz14-00.00Bourgade Catholic
4.10Jenny Lawson13-05.75Camp Verde
5.9Rachael Preschler13-03.75Sedona Red Rock
6.9Laura Wylie12-06.25Mingus Union
7.9Melina Theriault12-00.25Flagstaff
8.10Angie Vechiarelli11-11.25Bourgade Catholic
9.9Mulki Mahari11-09.25Bourgade Catholic
10.9Morgan Hawes11-08.50Sedona Red Rock
11.9Hallie Theriault11-07.00Flagstaff
12.10Maryrose Brennan11-06.75Bourgade Catholic
13.9Shelby Monroe11-05.00Camp Verde
14.10Teresa Prado11-03.00Mingus Union
15.-Shea James11-01.25Flagstaff
16.9Astrid Halpin10-00.00Bourgade Catholic
17.10Laura Marti-Ramos9-11.75Camp Verde
10Vanessa PatrickSCRFlagstaff
10Keedy NgonSCRMingus Union
10Brianne DavisSCRFlagstaff
10Ameshia HamiltonSCRFlagstaff
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Libby Roulette31-01.00Camp Verde
2.11Nyomi Mosley30-08.25Sedona Red Rock
3.11Stephanie Gilboy30-00.00Mingus Union
4.12Cortney Hageman29-07.00Mingus Union
12Ivy GarciaNDMingus Union
12Dezirae CornejoNDMingus Union
11Gina MartinNDMingus Union
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jenny Lawson30-04.00Camp Verde
2.9Abbigail Gibbs28-05.00Flagstaff
3.9Alyssa Treptow27-04.00Flagstaff
4.9Rachael Preschler26-08.25Sedona Red Rock
5.9Jessica Nyandamu26-08.00Bourgade Catholic
6.9Morgan Hawes26-01.00Sedona Red Rock
7.9Laura Wylie25-08.00Mingus Union
9Elizabeth MillerNDFlagstaff
10Brianne DavisSCRFlagstaff
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