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Mt Tahoma, ck @ SK

Friday, May 06, 2011

South Kitsap HS, Port Orchard

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominic Boddie11.44aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Greg Cleveland11.46aCentral Kitsap      
3.11Garrett Stephenson11.61aSouth Kitsap      
4.10Michael Thomas11.76aCentral Kitsap      
5.12Josh Biagtan11.78aSouth Kitsap      
6.12Shaq Blair11.79aCentral Kitsap      
7.10Adam Gascoyne11.93aSouth Kitsap      
8.11Zach Duarte12.07aCentral Kitsap      
9.10Nick Zawadzki12.16aCentral Kitsap      
10.10Chris Willett12.22aSouth Kitsap      
11.10Michael Brothers12.27aSouth Kitsap      
12.12Ben Severns12.36aSouth Kitsap      
13.10Toon Matthews12.39aSouth Kitsap      
14.11Eddie Meisner12.45aSouth Kitsap      
15.12Jake Brouker12.46aCentral Kitsap      
15.10Alec Pallasigui12.46aMt Tahoma      
17.11Aaron La Deaux12.49aSouth Kitsap      
18.9Gregory Williams12.49aMt Tahoma      
19.11Chas Bauman12.58aSouth Kitsap      
20.12Rick Olson12.61aCentral Kitsap      
21.10Tyler Byron12.67aCentral Kitsap      
22.10Jakob Wilson12.68aMt Tahoma      
22.10Joey Woods12.68aSouth Kitsap      
24.11Nicholas Fasano12.88aCentral Kitsap      
25.12Kwesi Paulding13.03aCentral Kitsap      
26.11Rency Cruz13.15aSouth Kitsap      
27.10jeffrey Price13.61aSouth Kitsap      
28.11Shawn DeGuzman14.21aCentral Kitsap      
29.10Eric Winge14.80aSouth Kitsap      
10Justin AltenburgNTSouth Kitsap      
10Travis SeamonNTSouth Kitsap      
10Rudy LozaresNTSouth Kitsap      
10Josh HoareNTCentral Kitsap      
12Tyler KahlNTCentral Kitsap      
10Joey GilliesNTMt Tahoma      
12Josh TraylorNTMt Tahoma      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Thomas23.41aCentral Kitsap      
2.10Greg Cleveland23.43aCentral Kitsap      
3.11Garrett Stephenson23.81aSouth Kitsap      
4.12Javier Scott23.93aSouth Kitsap      
5.12Josh Biagtan24.47aSouth Kitsap      
6.11Aaron Sullivan24.96aMt Tahoma      
7.12Josh Traylor25.00aMt Tahoma      
8.12Nathan O'Guin25.19aSouth Kitsap      
9.11Aaron La Deaux25.20aSouth Kitsap      
10.10Michael Brothers25.52aSouth Kitsap      
11.9Timothy Thomason25.91aMt Tahoma      
12.12Rick Olson26.59aCentral Kitsap      
13.11Shawn DeGuzman28.74aCentral Kitsap      
14.10Eric Winge30.03aSouth Kitsap      
15.10jeffrey Price30.56aSouth Kitsap      
10Chris WillettNTSouth Kitsap      
12Ben SevernsNTSouth Kitsap      
11Dominic BoddieNTSouth Kitsap      
12Kwesi PauldingNTCentral Kitsap      
12Tyler KahlNTCentral Kitsap      
10Josh HoareNTCentral Kitsap      
12Steve PressleyNTMt Tahoma      
9Gregory WilliamsNTMt Tahoma      
10Joey GilliesNTMt Tahoma      
10Alec PallasiguiNTMt Tahoma      
10Jakob WilsonNTMt Tahoma      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Javier Scott53.48aSouth Kitsap      
2.12Nathan O'Guin54.25aSouth Kitsap      
3.12Ben Severns58.12aSouth Kitsap      
4.11Lance Anderson58.92aMt Tahoma      
5.11Aaron La Deaux58.99aSouth Kitsap      
6.10Brannen Fowler1:01.99aSouth Kitsap      
10Nick SleighNTSouth Kitsap      
11Thomas RogersNTMt Tahoma      
9Timothy ThomasonNTMt Tahoma      
12Steve PressleyNTMt Tahoma      
10Joey GilliesNTMt Tahoma      
11Erik RummellNTCentral Kitsap      
10Michael PetersNTCentral Kitsap      
12Kwesi PauldingNTCentral Kitsap      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wes Jones2:03.68aMt Tahoma      
2.10LaForrest Church2:07.40aSouth Kitsap      
3.11Samuel Bailey2:08.77aCentral Kitsap      
4.11Michael Thorsen2:09.84aCentral Kitsap      
5.10Zach Sleigh2:13.94aSouth Kitsap      
6.10Nick Sleigh2:14.86aSouth Kitsap      
7.11Greg Lane2:17.23aSouth Kitsap      
8.11Cam Winger2:18.51aCentral Kitsap      
9.10Nicholas Vasquez2:20.39aCentral Kitsap      
10.10Andrew Guertin2:21.99aCentral Kitsap      
11.11AJ Mercado2:25.61aSouth Kitsap      
12.10Nathan Ford2:26.73aSouth Kitsap      
13.11Chris Snead2:27.18aSouth Kitsap      
14.10Brady Tinker2:27.58aSouth Kitsap      
15.11Orrin Boese2:29.67aSouth Kitsap      
16.11Seth Cartwright2:32.79aSouth Kitsap      
11Dan ClarkNTSouth Kitsap      
11Brian GlinskiNTSouth Kitsap      
12Les JonesNTMt Tahoma      
11Lance AndersonNTMt Tahoma      
11Thomas RogersNTMt Tahoma      
10Nathan ConnellNTCentral Kitsap      
11Charles WallaceNTCentral Kitsap      
10Jon KunkelNTCentral Kitsap      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Thorsen4:38.69aCentral Kitsap      
2.12Les Jones4:42.11aMt Tahoma      
3.10Jacob Yarbrough4:52.89aSouth Kitsap      
4.11Greg Lane4:55.58aSouth Kitsap      
5.10Jon Kunkel4:56.52aCentral Kitsap      
6.11Cam Winger5:10.39aCentral Kitsap      
7.10Brady Tinker5:10.86aSouth Kitsap      
8.10Andrew Guertin5:15.63aCentral Kitsap      
9.11Luke Phillips5:16.48aCentral Kitsap      
10.10Nicholas Vasquez5:20.42aCentral Kitsap      
11.10Nathan Connell5:21.33aCentral Kitsap      
12.11Brian Glinski5:23.96aSouth Kitsap      
13.11Chris Snead5:26.47aSouth Kitsap      
14.10Tim Woodworth5:28.77aCentral Kitsap      
15.11Orrin Boese5:36.51aSouth Kitsap      
16.11Charles Wallace5:55.41aCentral Kitsap      
17.10Sean O'Malia6:05.06aCentral Kitsap      
18.12Russ Ronholt6:23.92aSouth Kitsap      
19.11Thomas Rogers7:04.70aMt Tahoma      
20.10James Dodds7:20.50aCentral Kitsap      
12Wes JonesNTMt Tahoma      
10Robert FowlerNTSouth Kitsap      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Les Jones10:28.09aMt Tahoma      
2.10Kyle Norris10:32.80aSouth Kitsap      
3.11Austin Fritz10:39.04aSouth Kitsap      
4.11Luke Phillips11:55.38aCentral Kitsap      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rondie Pate15.35aMt Tahoma      
2.10Connor Weaver16.67aSouth Kitsap      
3.10Brian Wambaa16.71aMt Tahoma      
4.10Devon Larson17.32aSouth Kitsap      
5.12Thomas Gillespie17.71aCentral Kitsap      
6.10Nick Zawadzki17.74aCentral Kitsap      
7.12Ryan Harty18.17aSouth Kitsap      
11Cody DowneyNTSouth Kitsap      
10Alex AguirreNTSouth Kitsap      
11Ethan SalleyNTCentral Kitsap      
12Charlandez PowellNTMt Tahoma      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rondie Pate40.14aMt Tahoma      
2.10Adam Gascoyne41.39aSouth Kitsap      
3.10Brian Wambaa41.89aMt Tahoma      
4.11Zach Duarte43.82aCentral Kitsap      
5.10Nick Zawadzki44.33aCentral Kitsap      
6.11Seth Cartwright44.48aSouth Kitsap      
7.10Connor Weaver45.26aSouth Kitsap      
8.10Ben Hill45.32aCentral Kitsap      
9.10Devon Larson46.35aSouth Kitsap      
10.12Thomas Gillespie47.23aCentral Kitsap      
11.12Ryan Harty48.68aSouth Kitsap      
12.10Tyler Byron53.20aCentral Kitsap      
11Ethan SalleyNTCentral Kitsap      
11Cody DowneyNTSouth Kitsap      
10Alex AguirreNTSouth Kitsap      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Biagtan
Isaiah Davis
Javier Scott
Dominic Boddie
43.75aSouth Kitsap      
3.-Toon Matthews
Chris Willett
Garrett Stephenson
Michael Brothers
46.62aSouth Kitsap      
2.-Deandre Baines
Aaron Sullivan
Darrius Leaphart
Jakob Wilson
48.82aMt Tahoma      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.12aCentral Kitsap      
2.-Nick Sleigh
Zac Sleigh
Adam Gascoyne
LaForest Church
3:36.01aSouth Kitsap      
3.-Relay Team 3:39.63aSouth Kitsap      
4.-Greg Cleveland
Shaq Blair
Tyler Kahl
Michael Thomas
4:06.79aCentral Kitsap      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Phoung Truong48-02.25Mt Tahoma      
2.11Eddie Meisner41-10.50South Kitsap      
3.11Nicholas Fasano40-01.25Central Kitsap      
4.11Rency Cruz37-00.50South Kitsap      
5.12Jake Brouker35-01.50Central Kitsap      
6.10Blaine Pervinich35-01.00South Kitsap      
7.11Kim Magno34-07.75South Kitsap      
8.12Corneius Wilcox33-04.00Mt Tahoma      
9.11Joel Eklof33-02.00Central Kitsap      
10.12Anthony Pessolano32-04.00South Kitsap      
11.12Jake Holmes28-06.75South Kitsap      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Phoung Truong148-02Mt Tahoma      
2.11Steven Pavlik133-05South Kitsap      
3.11Rency Cruz111-10South Kitsap      
4.10Blaine Pervinich107-05South Kitsap      
5.11Kim Magno100-02South Kitsap      
6.12Jeff Cox96-10Central Kitsap      
7.11Nicholas Fasano95-03Central Kitsap      
8.12Corneius Wilcox92-06Mt Tahoma      
9.11Joel Eklof91-08Central Kitsap      
10.11Kirk Stanley84-03South Kitsap      
11.12Jake Holmes79-01South Kitsap      
10Rosendo SanMiguellNDSouth Kitsap      
11Eddie MeisnerNDSouth Kitsap      
12Anthony PessolanoNDSouth Kitsap      
11Bryce HendersonNDCentral Kitsap      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Cox145-07Central Kitsap      
2.12Shaq Blair145-04Central Kitsap      
3.12Thomas Gillespie139-06Central Kitsap      
4.12Jake Brouker138-04Central Kitsap      
5.11Chas Bauman128-09South Kitsap      
6.11Kirk Stanley123-05South Kitsap      
7.10Zach Knudson122-07Central Kitsap      
8.10Rudy Lozares121-10South Kitsap      
9.10Justin Altenburg109-03South Kitsap      
10.11Brian Ingles90-10Central Kitsap      
11.10Rosendo SanMiguell83-07South Kitsap      
12.10jeffrey Price78-09South Kitsap      
12Anthony PessolanoNDSouth Kitsap      
11Eddie MeisnerNDSouth Kitsap      
11Steven PavlikNDSouth Kitsap      
11Ethan SalleyNDCentral Kitsap      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaiah Davis6-06.00South Kitsap      
2.12William Rhodes5-08.00Mt Tahoma      
3.10David Byrne5-06.00Mt Tahoma      
4.10Zach Knudson5-06.00Central Kitsap      
5.10Tim Woodworth5-02.00Central Kitsap      
6.11Cole Lewis5-00.00Central Kitsap      
12Deandre BainesNHMt Tahoma      
10Nick SleighNHSouth Kitsap      
10Brannen FowlerNHSouth Kitsap      
10Joey WoodsNHSouth Kitsap      
10Rudy LozaresNHSouth Kitsap      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Terrel Wilson10-06.00South Kitsap      
2.10Joey Woods9-00.00South Kitsap      
3.10Rudy Lozares9-00.00South Kitsap      
4.11Brian Ingles8-06.00Central Kitsap      
5.10Travis Seamon8-00.00South Kitsap      
10Marcus JohnsonNHCentral Kitsap      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaiah Davis22-01.25South Kitsap      
2.11Rondie Pate22-00.00Mt Tahoma      
3.11Aaron Sullivan20-01.00Mt Tahoma      
4.9Gregory Williams18-08.00Mt Tahoma      
5.10Devon Larson17-03.00South Kitsap      
6.12Maurice Brown17-02.00Central Kitsap      
7.12Michael O'Donnell16-11.50Central Kitsap      
8.10Cody LaFontaine16-08.50Central Kitsap      
9.11Brynt Parmele15-06.00Central Kitsap      
9.10Toon Matthews15-06.00South Kitsap      
11.10Ben Hill14-03.25Central Kitsap      
10Josh HoareNDCentral Kitsap      
12Deandre BainesNDMt Tahoma      
10Chris WillettNDSouth Kitsap      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Traylor42-04.50Mt Tahoma      
2.12Josh Biagtan38-10.00South Kitsap      
3.12Michael O'Donnell37-10.50Central Kitsap      
4.10Cody LaFontaine37-02.50Central Kitsap      
5.10Zach Knudson36-08.50Central Kitsap      
6.12Ben Severns33-05.50South Kitsap      
10Toon MatthewsNDSouth Kitsap      
12Maurice BrownNDCentral Kitsap      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Leaptrot13.14aCentral Kitsap      
2.12Bethany Sanchez13.24aSouth Kitsap      
3.12Ashley Gardipe13.32aCentral Kitsap      
4.12Hillary Hestead13.39aSouth Kitsap      
5.10Michaela Rubenstein13.66aCentral Kitsap      
6.10Aaliya Lewis13.86aMt Tahoma      
7.12Alanna Flynn14.00aCentral Kitsap      
8.10Moranda Roberts14.18aCentral Kitsap      
9.10Brittany Clovis14.35aCentral Kitsap      
10.12Chelsi Seeley14.42aCentral Kitsap      
11.10Sarah Rasmussen14.54aSouth Kitsap      
12.10MyKaila Young14.57aMt Tahoma      
12.10Kimberly Robles14.57aCentral Kitsap      
14.11Alexandria Peterson14.71aMt Tahoma      
15.11Samantha O'Neill14.86aSouth Kitsap      
16.12Ashlee Becker14.94aSouth Kitsap      
17.11Hannah Luer15.04aSouth Kitsap      
18.11Nichole Saenz15.14aSouth Kitsap      
19.10Megan Sherman15.16aSouth Kitsap      
20.11Jenifer Solano-Jimenez15.34aMt Tahoma      
21.10Keirra VanBuren15.39aCentral Kitsap      
22.10Kendra White15.93aSouth Kitsap      
23.10Reagan Mitchell15.96aSouth Kitsap      
24.10Juhstic Turner15.98aCentral Kitsap      
25.10Sophia Pavledakes16.04aSouth Kitsap      
12Chelsi SwansonNTSouth Kitsap      
11Tayanna RectorNTMt Tahoma      
9Rejie WrightNTMt Tahoma      
10Chartrece CarpenterNTMt Tahoma      
10Andrea WeeseNTCentral Kitsap      
10Alanna CaroNTCentral Kitsap      
9Micayla SmithNTMt Tahoma      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Wilson27.13aSouth Kitsap      
2.12Hillary Hestead27.25aSouth Kitsap      
3.12Ashley Gardipe27.40aCentral Kitsap      
4.12Alanna Flynn28.25aCentral Kitsap      
5.10Rhianna Boe28.57aSouth Kitsap      
6.10Brittany Clovis28.95aCentral Kitsap      
7.12Chelsi Seeley29.15aCentral Kitsap      
8.10Aaliya Lewis29.28aMt Tahoma      
9.10Kimberly Robles29.47aCentral Kitsap      
10.10MyKaila Young30.47aMt Tahoma      
11.11Samantha O'Neill30.55aSouth Kitsap      
12.10Megan Sherman31.35aSouth Kitsap      
13.9Mattie Kenyon31.42aMt Tahoma      
14.10Keirra VanBuren32.81aCentral Kitsap      
15.10Kendra White33.31aSouth Kitsap      
11Aleena HarmonNTSouth Kitsap      
12Chelsi SwansonNTSouth Kitsap      
10Alanna CaroNTCentral Kitsap      
10Chartrece CarpenterNTMt Tahoma      
10Marissa MillsNTMt Tahoma      
11Tessa ParksNTMt Tahoma      
11Alexandria PetersonNTMt Tahoma      
9Micayla SmithNTMt Tahoma      
9Rejie WrightNTMt Tahoma      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Wilson1:03.90aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Rhianna Boe1:05.50aSouth Kitsap      
3.10Juhstic Turner1:11.81aCentral Kitsap      
10Aaliya LewisNTMt Tahoma      
9Mattie KenyonNTMt Tahoma      
10Marissa MillsNTMt Tahoma      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gee Mi Jorde2:31.58aCentral Kitsap      
2.10Jessica Peterson2:32.20aSouth Kitsap      
3.10Jessica Sanchez2:35.10aCentral Kitsap      
4.11Molly Wheeler2:42.24aSouth Kitsap      
5.10Katlyn Duarte2:49.57aCentral Kitsap      
6.10Abbey Ford2:52.02aSouth Kitsap      
7.12Ashley Field2:53.37aCentral Kitsap      
8.10Catherine DeLoach2:59.88aCentral Kitsap      
9.11Tessa Parks3:07.49aMt Tahoma      
10.11Sheridan VanGesen3:09.62aSouth Kitsap      
11.12Megan Brown3:16.16aCentral Kitsap      
12.12Sarah Lowell3:28.41aSouth Kitsap      
13.11Casandra Bodnar3:42.34aMt Tahoma      
9Mattie KenyonNTMt Tahoma      
10Claire PolleyNTSouth Kitsap      
10Ashle HarveyNTSouth Kitsap      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly Wheeler5:40.26aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Katlyn Duarte6:07.80aCentral Kitsap      
3.10Catherine DeLoach6:10.37aCentral Kitsap      
4.12Ashley Field6:12.95aCentral Kitsap      
5.10Claire Polley6:24.01aSouth Kitsap      
6.10Madeline Folkerts6:32.00aSouth Kitsap      
7.10Ashle Harvey6:34.60aSouth Kitsap      
8.11Sheridan VanGesen6:45.05aSouth Kitsap      
9.11Tessa Parks6:56.67aMt Tahoma      
10.12Megan Brown6:58.29aCentral Kitsap      
11.10Cassidy Patton7:11.24aCentral Kitsap      
12.12Sarah Lowell7:21.97aSouth Kitsap      
13.12Carlee Duryea7:43.56aCentral Kitsap      
14.10Melina Hammel7:57.44aSouth Kitsap      
10Rene ChristmanNTSouth Kitsap      
11Casandra BodnarNTMt Tahoma      
12Sasha ChildersNTCentral Kitsap      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Peterson12:24.95aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Justine Morris12:38.65aSouth Kitsap      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Lacey16.96aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Christa Lane17.66aSouth Kitsap      
3.11Yona Chambers18.36aMt Tahoma      
4.10Megan Murnane18.68aSouth Kitsap      
5.10Kalene Gillespie18.96aCentral Kitsap      
6.10Marissa Mills22.28aMt Tahoma      
12Kimisha JohnsonNTMt Tahoma      
11Thunder BraunNTCentral Kitsap      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Lacey49.74aSouth Kitsap      
2.10Megan Murnane53.90aSouth Kitsap      
3.10Kalene Gillespie56.78aCentral Kitsap      
11Aleena HarmonNTSouth Kitsap      
12Kimisha JohnsonNTMt Tahoma      
10Marissa MillsNTMt Tahoma      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michaela Rubenstein
Ashley Gardipe (Weathers)
Alanna Flynn
Jasmine Leaptrot
50.43aCentral Kitsap      
2.-Christa Lane
Chelsi Swanson
Bethany Sanchez
Hillary Hestead
51.70aSouth Kitsap      
3.-Relay Team 55.28aMt Tahoma      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Sanchez
Gee Mi Jorde
Katlyn Duarte
Catherine DeLoach
4:35.91aCentral Kitsap      
2.-Jessica Peterson
Molly Wheeler
Abbey Ford
Claire Posadas
4:39.58aSouth Kitsap      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsie Forcier34-05.25South Kitsap      
2.10Megan Sigurdson31-02.75South Kitsap      
3.11Taylor Sunkel31-01.00South Kitsap      
4.12Jaime Fitch25-03.00South Kitsap      
5.10Tamlyn Crain20-08.50South Kitsap      
6.10Morgan Richmond18-03.75Central Kitsap      
12Shelby JohnsonNDCentral Kitsap      
11Emily PiersonNDSouth Kitsap      
12Shelby JacksonNDSouth Kitsap      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsie Forcier110-03South Kitsap      
2.12Shelby Jackson88-06South Kitsap      
3.11Taylor Sunkel78-03South Kitsap      
4.10Dziekan Tori74-09South Kitsap      
5.10Cassidy Patton74-05Central Kitsap      
6.10Megan Sigurdson70-11South Kitsap      
7.10Morgan Richmond56-07Central Kitsap      
8.10Tamlyn Crain55-10South Kitsap      
9.12Jaime Fitch53-01South Kitsap      
10.11Emily Pierson51-01South Kitsap      
12Melanie FryNDSouth Kitsap      
12Shelby JohnsonNDCentral Kitsap      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Jackson102-07South Kitsap      
2.11Taylor Sunkel100-11South Kitsap      
3.10Megan Sigurdson81-09South Kitsap      
4.10Dziekan Tori76-07South Kitsap      
5.10Sophia Pavledakes65-08South Kitsap      
6.11Emily Pierson64-02South Kitsap      
7.10Morgan Richmond41-03Central Kitsap      
10Claire PosadasNDSouth Kitsap      
12Melanie FryNDSouth Kitsap      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Posadas4-08.00South Kitsap      
2.10Kalene Gillespie4-04.00Central Kitsap      
3.10Megan Murnane4-04.00South Kitsap      
11Aleena HarmonNHSouth Kitsap      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashlee Becker9-06.00South Kitsap      
2.11Thunder Braun8-00.00Central Kitsap      
3.11Nichole Saenz7-06.00South Kitsap      
4.11Hannah Luer7-00.00South Kitsap      
5.10Reagan Mitchell6-06.00South Kitsap      
6.12Shelby Johnson6-06.00Central Kitsap      
7.10Amanda Congdon6-06.00Central Kitsap      
8.10Jacqueline Griesser-Secrest6-00.00Central Kitsap      
11Chelsea FilbertNHCentral Kitsap      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bethany Sanchez16-10.00South Kitsap      
2.12Asha Hill14-10.50Central Kitsap      
3.10Sarah Rasmussen14-04.50South Kitsap      
4.10Alanna Caro14-04.00Central Kitsap      
5.10Megan Murnane14-03.00South Kitsap      
6.10Moranda Roberts13-11.00Central Kitsap      
10Amanda CongdonNDCentral Kitsap      
10Jacqueline Griesser-SecrestNDCentral Kitsap      
10Andrea WeeseNDCentral Kitsap      
12Melanie FryNDSouth Kitsap      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsi Swanson29-05.00South Kitsap      
2.10Rhianna Boe27-05.50South Kitsap      
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