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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jimmie Day11.09Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.11Logan Carpenter11.10Colville
3.11Demetrius Watson11.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.12Cody Little11.60Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.11Garth Vaagen11.70Colville
6.12Zach Hull11.90Colville
7.11Justin Hause12.20Lakeside (Nine Mile)
8.11Jake Widman12.40Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9.9Coleton Collins12.60Lakeside (Nine Mile)
10.10Austin Maddox12.80Colville
10.11Elden Clarkson12.80Lakeside (Nine Mile)
12.11Matt Dreher13.00Colville
13.9JT Lauderdale13.70Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9Joseph SheaDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jimmie Day23.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.11Logan Carpenter23.40Colville
3.11Garth Vaagen24.40Colville
4.12Zach Hull25.00Colville
5.9Coleton Collins25.10Lakeside (Nine Mile)
6.11Elden Clarkson25.20Lakeside (Nine Mile)
7.11Matt Dreher26.90Colville
8.9Ryan Lytle27.20Colville
9.10Austin Maddox27.70Colville
10.11Brandon Lytle30.70Colville
11.10Brandon Schafer31.60Colville
12Joe YoungDNSColville

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jake Widman53.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.12Joe Young54.00Colville
3.11Cody Loveland55.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.12Evan Dobbs57.20Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.9Ryan Lytle1:01.90Colville

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Colton Berry2:04.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.11Biagio Pietroburgo2:12.40Colville
3.12Cal Maddox2:12.50Colville
4.11Michael Anderson2:12.70Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.11Aric Beers2:29.70Colville
6.9Noah Baum2:38.50Colville
7.11Jimmy Spencer2:39.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9Dexter YocumDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
12Chris ClayDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
9Ryan CoffmanDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Colton Hastings4:44.00Colville
2.9Ryan Coffman4:44.01Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.12Ryan Rojeski4:54.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.9Kevin Carpenter5:06.70Colville
5.10Roman Korovnik5:13.30Colville
6.11Aric Beers5:25.50Colville
7.10Nick Thomas5:33.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
8.9Noah Baum5:51.00Colville
9.9Noah Smith5:56.40Lakeside (Nine Mile)
10.9Dexter Yocum5:58.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
11.11Sebastian Cunnington6:24.20Lakeside (Nine Mile)
12.12Chris Clay6:24.80Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9Sergei KorovnikDNSColville

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Colton Hastings10:21.90Colville
2.9Ryan Coffman10:22.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.12Ryan Rojeski10:22.60Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.9Kevin Carpenter10:51.60Colville
5.11Chris Lane11:03.70Colville
6.10Roman Korovnik11:11.60Colville
7.10Nick Thomas12:11.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
8.12Chris Clay14:32.10Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9Sergei KorovnikDNSColville

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Kevin Edler16.20Colville
2.12Joe Blazek17.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.11Dylan Painter18.70Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.12Bryan Jennings19.10Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.9Luke Walker20.10Colville
6.10Brandon Schafer22.20Colville

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Kevin Edler42.70Colville
2.12Joe Blazek45.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.12Bryan Jennings48.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.11Dylan Painter48.90Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.9Luke Walker52.40Colville
6.11Brandon Lytle55.50Colville
7.10Brandon Schafer55.60Colville

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Joe Blazek
Jimmie Day
Demetrius Watson
Jake Widman
45.20Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.-Logan Carpenter
Garth Vaagen
Zach Hull
Joe Young
3.-Sebastian Cunnington
Elden Clarkson
Coleton Collins
JT Lauderdale
49.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Colton Berry
Jake Widman
Cody Loveland
Kyle Powell
3:41.30Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.-Ethan Cabbage
Biagio Pietroburgo
Cal Maddox
Kevin Edler
3.-Ryan Coffman
Trevor Wood
Evan Dobbs
Michael Anderson
4:12.10Lakeside (Nine Mile)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Paul Thomas50-07.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.11Justin Hause39-05.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.9Matt Hubbard38-03.50Colville
4.12Jon Rumley36-07.00Colville
5.11Chris Whiteside36-02.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
6.12Billy Rogers34-09.50Colville
7.9Colton Thompson34-00.00Colville
8.12Derrick Reichwald33-10.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9.11Justin Pettet32-09.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
10.12Colby Teibel31-06.00Colville
11.11Doug Smith31-01.00Colville
12.10Adam Lemon30-04.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
13.12Drew Christian29-10.50Colville
14.9Braedyn Crouse29-09.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
15.9Charlie Mitchell29-08.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
16.9Jake Pettet29-03.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
17.11Tyler Crusch28-08.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
18.11Clayton Vining25-06.00Colville
10Miles MeyerDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
10Cainan HolteDNSColville

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Paul Thomas169-02Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.12Colby Teibel123-10Colville
3.9Matt Hubbard115-07Colville
4.11Chris Whiteside108-06Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.11Justin Hause102-08Lakeside (Nine Mile)
6.11Justin Pettet99-02Lakeside (Nine Mile)
7.9Colton Thompson98-03Colville
8.10Omar Khater93-03Colville
9.12Drew Christian91-02Colville
10.9Charlie Mitchell88-11Lakeside (Nine Mile)
11.12Derrick Reichwald88-03Lakeside (Nine Mile)
12.12Jon Rumley87-05Colville
13.9Braedyn Crouse86-07Lakeside (Nine Mile)
14.9Jake Pettet79-04Lakeside (Nine Mile)
15.9Brandon Pifer71-00Colville
16.9Chris Liss65-10Lakeside (Nine Mile)
17.10Adam Lemon63-06Lakeside (Nine Mile)
11Tyler CruschNDLakeside (Nine Mile)
10Miles MeyerDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
10Cainan HolteDNSColville

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Paul Thomas153-03Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.12Cody Little139-08Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.12Billy Rogers131-00Colville
4.11Mikel Martin123-00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.11Nicholas Hansen100-09Colville
6.11Clayton Vining100-00Colville
7.12Zach Warhus84-07Colville
8.10Adam Lemon81-09Lakeside (Nine Mile)
9.11Tyler Crusch73-08Lakeside (Nine Mile)
10.9Brandon Pifer63-02Colville
9Chris LissDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
11Alex TuckerDNSColville
11Justin PettetDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
11Chris WhitesideDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
12Max PaytonDNSColville
11Alex PondDNSColville
11Tyler DaggyDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)
9Jake PettetDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ethan Cabbage6-00.00Colville
2.12Paul Thomas5-08.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.11Demetrius Watson5-08.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ethan Cabbage20-03.50Colville
2.11Kyle Powell19-02.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.11Trevor Wood18-11.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
4.12Zach Hull18-05.00Colville
5.11Demetrius Watson18-00.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
6.11Garth Vaagen17-06.00Colville
7.11Biagio Pietroburgo17-03.00Colville
8.11Logan Carpenter16-06.50Colville
9.10Omar Khater14-03.50Colville
10.9Noah Smith14-01.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
11.9JT Lauderdale13-10.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
12.10Sage Henry11-11.00Colville
13.11Haydon Leithead10-10.50Colville
11Matt DreherDNSColville
9Hunter CliftDNSColville
11Jimmie DayDNSLakeside (Nine Mile)

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Trevor Wood42-02.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
2.11Kyle Powell40-09.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
3.11Biagio Pietroburgo37-11.00Colville
4.11Taylor Laigo36-02.50Lakeside (Nine Mile)
5.10Omar Khater32-03.50Colville
6.9Noah Smith31-09.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
7.9JT Lauderdale30-01.00Lakeside (Nine Mile)
8.10Sage Henry25-09.50Colville
11Haydon LeitheadDNSColville
9Hunter CliftDNSColville


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