Quince Orchard Cougar Relays

Saturday, April 02, 2011 - Meet History
  Quince Orchard HS, Gaithersburg - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:00 AM
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District of Columbia - ISL
VISIGeorgetown Visitation Prep
SFSSidwell Friends
Maryland - Class 2A
POSRPoolesville Sr
Maryland - Independent
OLOGOur Lady Of Good Counsel
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12James Fencil22.5Liberty
10Josh Carroll22.5Liberty
10.12Alexander Cole23.20Sherwood
10Josh Carroll24.3Liberty
10.11Matthew Minor24.40Sherwood
10.12James Mbony24.45Sherwood
12Mac George25.0Liberty
12Mac George25.2Liberty
14.10Quemarse Kalantary25.90Sherwood
14.12James Mbony26.00Sherwood
12PJ Van Slyke26.5Liberty
10.10Braelin Howard26.60Sherwood
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12James Fencil53.0Liberty
2.12Alexander Cole53.10Sherwood
12James Fencil53.8Liberty
10Josh Carroll54.5Liberty
14.12Loren Heap55.00Sherwood
14.11Matt Abrams57.55Sherwood
10Kyle Hawkins58.0Liberty
11John Johnson58.3Liberty
14.11Matthew Minor58.90Sherwood
14.10Jesse Leissa60.20Sherwood
14.11William Gavett61.40Sherwood
10Tony Rettaliata62.0Liberty
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.12Kyle Tockman1:58.30Sherwood
2.12Jackson Reams2:00.06Sherwood
2.11Nick Johnson2:02.70Sherwood
2.11Nick Johnson2:05.10Sherwood
2.12Loren Heap2:05.50Sherwood
11John Johnson2:10.7Liberty
10Kyle Hawkins2:15.0Liberty
10Tyler Pollard2:17.0Liberty
14.10Dustin Kang2:16.96Sherwood
10Tyler Pollard2:17.3Liberty
10Tom Luebke2:22.9Liberty
10Tony Rettaliata2:24.7Liberty
X 1200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.12Jackson Reams3:15.30Sherwood
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Max Milewski3:53.8Liberty
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.12Kyle Tockman4:35.46Sherwood
10Brett Sussman5:14.0Liberty
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Conway4:31.99Winston Churchill
2.12Drew Lehner4:33.41Quince Orchard
3.11Matthew Kim4:34.71Sidwell Friends
4.12Conor Spaulding4:35.32Quince Orchard
5.11Jamie Ertel4:38.74Thomas S Wootton
6.11Austin Hayslett4:39.51Urbana
7.12Josh Allwardt4:40.57Urbana
8.11Scott Sheehan4:48.96Walter Johnson
9.10Thomas Carlacci4:49.24Damascus
10.10Joey Werble4:50.23Poolesville Sr
11.12Robert Brown4:50.63Walter Johnson
12.10Kyle Hawkins4:51.82Liberty
13.11Jordan Psaltakis4:55.04Poolesville Sr
14.10Dustin Kang5:03.17Sherwood
15.10Dereje Wondima Alemu5:05.49Sherwood
10Alan OttensteinDNSBowie
11Gerardo AmayaDNSBowie
11Trever ReedDNSGaithersburg
X 110m Hurdles - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.11Matt Abrams17.70Sherwood
2.11William Gavett17.97Sherwood
2.10Andrew Sarver19.10Sherwood
2.11Eric Mazur19.90Sherwood
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brelin Elliott41.10Thomas Stone
2.12Eric Bishop42.14Quince Orchard
3.11Michael Roth42.22Urbana
4.11Darius Lewis42.32Quince Orchard
5.12Thomas Lawrence43.09C.H. Flowers
6.10Jamie Sandel43.29Sidwell Friends
7.12John Rhee43.45Winston Churchill
8.10Josh Carroll44.00Liberty
9.10Aldo Filas44.95Walter Johnson
10.10Steven Gilliam45.21Bowie
11.11Matt Abrams45.79Sherwood
12.10Aaron Tian45.91Thomas S Wootton
13.10Brandon Waller46.10C.H. Flowers
14.12Ben Hannon46.17Broadneck
15.11Kofi Toku46.21Thomas Stone
16.12Brian McGrattan46.28Thomas S Wootton
17.11William Gavett46.56Sherwood
18.10Elhoussan Hakimi47.16Richard Montgomery
19.12Matt Thompson48.16Liberty
20.11Javier Garcia48.31Damascus
21.9Chris Jackson48.54Urbana
22.12Ethan Farrell48.68Damascus
23.10Elijah Janssen48.79Springbrook
24.11Chris Collins48.98Broadneck
25.9Matthew Farrell49.58Winston Churchill
26.9Nolan Ebner49.64Bethesda-Chevy Chase
27.9Dimitry Decolin49.68Paint Branch
28.9Conrad Jones50.95Bethesda-Chevy Chase
29.10Romeo Fotso57.20Springbrook
11Kaifa BoyceDNSGaithersburg
12Jakub LizonDNSCol. Zadok Magruder
12Javier NietoDNSCol. Zadok Magruder
11Nick HuDNSRichard Montgomery
11Mamadou DoukoureDNSGaithersburg
10Jules LucasDNSHuntingtown
10Malik KellyDNFPaint Branch
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.46Bowie
2.-Relay Team 45.37Winston Churchill
3.-Relay Team 45.62Broadneck
4.-Relay Team 45.66Paint Branch
5.-Relay Team 45.70Springbrook
6.-Relay Team 45.74Albert Einstein
7.-Relay Team 46.11Thomas S Wootton
8.-Relay Team 46.44Quince Orchard
9.-Relay Team 46.62Col. Zadok Magruder
10.-Relay Team 48.22Thomas Stone
11.-Relay Team 48.58Walter Johnson
12.-Relay Team 48.60Damascus
13.-Relay Team 48.80Urbana
14.-Relay Team 49.18Huntingtown
15.-Relay Team 49.96Sidwell Friends
16.-Relay Team 53.76Poolesville Sr
-Relay Team DQSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DQLiberty
-Relay Team DNSNorth Point
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DQC.H. Flowers
-Loren Heap
Braelin Howard
Alexander Cole
James Mbony
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:36.72Thomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 1:36.83Col. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 1:37.54Springbrook
4.-Relay Team 1:37.62Albert Einstein
5.-Relay Team 1:37.70Gaithersburg
6.-Relay Team 1:37.89Paint Branch
7.-Relay Team 1:37.97Urbana
8.-Relay Team 1:38.20Walter Johnson
9.-Relay Team 1:38.36Liberty
10.-Matthew Minor
Braelin Howard
Alexander Cole
James Mbony
11.-Relay Team 1:39.65C.H. Flowers
12.-Relay Team 1:40.07Quince Orchard
13.-Relay Team 1:40.15Thomas Stone
14.-Relay Team 1:40.92Winston Churchill
15.-Relay Team 1:40.94Broadneck
16.-Relay Team 1:41.53Huntingtown
17.-Relay Team 1:41.77Seneca Valley
18.-Relay Team 1:43.23Sidwell Friends
19.-Relay Team 1:44.03North Point
20.-Max Braganza
Nana Twum Agyire
Michael Nyarko
Juhstin Brown
1:47.69Bethesda-Chevy Chase
-Relay Team DNSBowie
-Relay Team DQPoolesville Sr
-Relay Team DNFDamascus
-Relay Team DNFRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNFNorthwood
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.16Thomas Stone
2.-Julien Dorsey
Trevor Stephens
Weyimni Dorsu
Terrence James
3:34.38Bethesda-Chevy Chase
3.-Relay Team 3:39.04Urbana
4.-Relay Team 3:41.09Walter Johnson
5.-Relay Team 3:41.46Thomas S Wootton
6.-Relay Team 3:43.58Huntingtown
7.-Relay Team 3:44.14Liberty
8.-Relay Team 3:44.35Quince Orchard
9.-Relay Team 3:46.33Col. Zadok Magruder
10.-Relay Team 3:46.77C.H. Flowers
11.-Relay Team 3:47.36Springbrook
12.-Relay Team 3:49.66Poolesville Sr
13.-Relay Team 3:49.92Sidwell Friends
14.-Relay Team 3:52.85Sherwood
15.-Relay Team 3:57.35Winston Churchill
16.-Relay Team 3:57.73Broadneck
17.-Relay Team 4:06.85Damascus
-Relay Team DNSPaint Branch
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNSNorth Point
-Relay Team DNSBowie
-Relay Team DNSSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 7:59.77Walter Johnson
2.-Kyle Tockman
Loren Heap
Nick Johnson
Jackson Reams
3.-Relay Team 8:24.07Urbana
4.-Relay Team 8:24.44Thomas S Wootton
5.-Relay Team 8:31.76Bowie
6.-Relay Team 8:34.37Winston Churchill
7.-Relay Team 8:35.05Albert Einstein
8.-Relay Team 8:35.80Damascus
9.-Relay Team 8:37.24Thomas Stone
10.-Relay Team 8:38.13North Point
11.-Relay Team 8:40.02Broadneck
12.-Relay Team 8:44.97Sidwell Friends
13.-Relay Team 8:49.82Richard Montgomery
14.-Relay Team 8:51.64Col. Zadok Magruder
15.-Philip Catterall
Patrick Frampus
Alex Riishojgaard
Kenneth Norris
9:04.58Bethesda-Chevy Chase
16.-Relay Team 9:14.21Gaithersburg
17.-Relay Team 9:16.07Liberty
18.-Relay Team 9:19.75Poolesville Sr
19.-Relay Team 9:21.78Huntingtown
20.-Relay Team 9:22.57Springbrook
21.-Relay Team 9:24.55Quince Orchard
22.-Relay Team 9:26.63Northwood
23.-Relay Team 9:29.45C.H. Flowers
24.-Relay Team 9:36.16Paint Branch
-Relay Team DNSSeneca Valley
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:43.43Winston Churchill
2.-Terrence James
Nana Twum Agyire
Julien Dorsey
Trevor Stephens
3:43.94Bethesda-Chevy Chase
3.-Relay Team 3:50.92Col. Zadok Magruder
4.-Relay Team 3:53.56Thomas S Wootton
5.-Relay Team 3:56.08Walter Johnson
6.-Relay Team 3:57.25North Point
7.-Relay Team 3:58.04Liberty
8.-Relay Team 4:00.60Bowie
9.-Relay Team 4:01.62Broadneck
10.-Relay Team 4:01.75Quince Orchard
11.-Relay Team 4:03.28Huntingtown
12.-Relay Team 4:05.64Urbana
13.-Relay Team 4:07.98C.H. Flowers
14.-Jesse Leissa
Quemarse Kalantary
James Mbony
Dustin Kang
15.-Relay Team 4:10.32Thomas Stone
16.-Relay Team 4:18.48Albert Einstein
17.-Relay Team 4:20.11Springbrook
18.-Relay Team 4:33.70Poolesville Sr
-Relay Team DNSSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNSPaint Branch
-Relay Team DNSDamascus
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:37.40Walter Johnson
2.-Jackson Reams
Alexander Cole
Nick Johnson
Kyle Tockman
3.-Relay Team 10:57.00Quince Orchard
4.-Relay Team 11:19.45Urbana
5.-Relay Team 11:24.10North Point
6.-Relay Team 11:31.84Damascus
7.-Relay Team 11:35.01Thomas S Wootton
8.-Relay Team 11:37.12Broadneck
9.-Relay Team 11:43.71Winston Churchill
10.-Relay Team 11:48.95Thomas Stone
11.-Relay Team 12:02.09Albert Einstein
12.-Relay Team 12:12.22C.H. Flowers
13.-Relay Team 12:21.28Col. Zadok Magruder
14.-Relay Team 12:23.06Huntingtown
15.-Relay Team 12:23.65Springbrook
16.-Relay Team 12:25.49Sidwell Friends
17.-Relay Team 12:26.19Liberty
18.-Relay Team 13:09.64Poolesville Sr
-Relay Team DNSSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DNSBowie
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNSPaint Branch
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:09.40Quince Orchard
2.-Matt Abrams
Andrew Sarver
William Gavett
Eric Mazur
3.-Relay Team 1:21.40Paint Branch
4.-Relay Team 1:23.33Damascus
5.-Relay Team 1:23.63Walter Johnson
6.-Relay Team 1:23.83Poolesville Sr
7.-Relay Team 1:24.42Col. Zadok Magruder
8.-Nolan Ebner
Conrad Jones
Cody Prince
Sam Hainbach
1:27.64Bethesda-Chevy Chase
9.-Relay Team 1:28.29Urbana
-Relay Team DNSSpringbrook
-Relay Team DNSC.H. Flowers
-Relay Team FSGaithersburg
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
3.12Nnamdi Edokobi49-07.00Richard Montgomery
1.11Nadim Elhage49-00.00Winston Churchill
5.12Martin Olney45-10.00Northwood
2.12Jawad Alharmoosh45-08.00Damascus
4.12Dab Ukwuani43-10.00Col. Zadok Magruder
6.12Clifton McManus43-00.00North Point
7.-John Greene42-06.00Broadneck
2.11Nate Betts40-01.00Damascus
9.12Andrew Glazier39-03.00Urbana
4.12Alex Palescandolo39-02.00Col. Zadok Magruder
11.12Walter Gray38-01.00Quince Orchard
1.11Joseph Kale37-11.00Winston Churchill
12.11Kevin Toula37-11.00Gaithersburg
14.10Daquan Gordon37-08.00C.H. Flowers
15.11Brandon McDowell37-01.00Quince Orchard
15.11Rene Molinari37-01.00Albert Einstein
6.11Jerrod Graham36-09.00North Point
17.12Emilo DeJesus36-09.00Poolesville Sr
17.11Joshua Kaplan36-09.00Winston Churchill
20.12Kevin Selby36-03.00Liberty
21.12Robert Pangborn36-00.00Liberty
22.11Colin Gbolie35-08.00Seneca Valley
3.11Bryan Grooms Jr35-07.00Richard Montgomery
23.11Michael Nyarko35-07.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
25.10Donte Condrey35-06.00C.H. Flowers
26.12Michael Robinson35-04.00Springbrook
5.12Thomas Kane35-00.00Northwood
28.12Joseph Campbell34-11.00Broadneck
29.11Juhstin Brown34-10.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
30.11Oliver Lumpkins34-07.00Bowie
30.11Carlos Likins34-07.00Thomas Stone
32.12Michael Gouterman34-05.00Sherwood
33.12Akami Salako33-08.00Bowie
34.12Boubacar Thiam33-07.00Seneca Valley
35.9Logan Portes33-04.00Thomas S Wootton
36.10Johnathan Quigley32-09.00Paint Branch
36.10Connor Heavner32-09.00Urbana
38.12Rori Kameka32-03.00Thomas S Wootton
39.9Charles Lyles31-05.00Poolesville Sr
40.12Trevor Davis31-04.00Gaithersburg
41.12Wesley Hsu29-09.00Winston Churchill
42.9Bryan Velasco29-04.00Albert Einstein
43.10Charlie Barry28-11.00Walter Johnson
44.11Stephen Weiner28-06.00Sidwell Friends
44.11Nicky Kirsch28-06.00Sidwell Friends
46.11Roland Smallwood27-09.00Thomas Stone
47.11Brian Fanelli27-03.00Sherwood
48.12Chris Beauvil27-00.00Springbrook
49.11Donovan Ovalles26-08.00Paint Branch
50.11Steven Groobert25-01.00Walter Johnson
12Bryant O'BrienNDHuntingtown
12Tevin DeanNDHuntingtown
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nadim Elhage133-09Winston Churchill
2.11Nate Betts122-00Damascus
2.12Jawad Alharmoosh116-04Damascus
7.11Kevin Toula115-05Gaithersburg
4.12Robert Pangborn115-02Liberty
6.12Alex Palescandolo111-07Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Walter Gray111-02Quince Orchard
3.12Rafael Antonio Bustos109-05Quince Orchard
8.11Rene Molinari107-06Albert Einstein
1.11Joshua Kaplan107-01Winston Churchill
5.12Emilo DeJesus106-11Poolesville Sr
9.9David Kaplan105-04Winston Churchill
13.11Carlos Likins101-03Thomas Stone
10.12Joseph Campbell98-11Broadneck
11.11Joseph Kale95-02Winston Churchill
4.12Kevin Selby94-08Liberty
12.10Connor Heavner93-10Urbana
13.9Colin Sipe93-05Urbana
14.11Brian Fanelli88-10Sherwood
5.9Charles Lyles86-08Poolesville Sr
15.12Michael Robinson86-08Springbrook
16.10Donte Condrey85-10C.H. Flowers
17.10Daquan Gordon85-08C.H. Flowers
18.12Nitish Malladi85-05Thomas S Wootton
19.12Boubacar Thiam84-01Seneca Valley
20.12Daniel Riggio83-04Thomas S Wootton
6.12Dab Ukwuani80-11Col. Zadok Magruder
28.12Michael Gouterman80-03Sherwood
29.12Trevor Davis75-05Gaithersburg
30.12Michael Asero73-08Broadneck
31.11Martin James Raymundo72-10Albert Einstein
32.11Robert Cornforth70-03Paint Branch
33.10Johnathan Quigley67-07Paint Branch
34.11Roland Smallwood65-03Thomas Stone
35.11Elio Perdomo60-01Springbrook
11Juhstin BrownDNSBethesda-Chevy Chase
11Bryan Grooms JrDNSRichard Montgomery
11Oliver LumpkinsDNSBowie
11Stephen WeinerDNSSidwell Friends
12Bryant O'BrienDNSHuntingtown
12Nana Twum AgyireDNSBethesda-Chevy Chase
11Jerrod GrahamDNSNorth Point
12Tevin DeanDNSHuntingtown
12Clifton McManusDNSNorth Point
11Nicky KirschDNSSidwell Friends
12Nnamdi EdokobiDNSRichard Montgomery
12Thomas KaneDNSNorthwood
12Martin OlneyDNSNorthwood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Malik Mack5-10.00North Point
7.12Etienne Bodog-Bikim5-08.00Springbrook
1.12John Brown5-06.00North Point
2.11Simba Gwashavanhu5-06.00Gaithersburg
2.11Mamadou Doukoure5-06.00Gaithersburg
3.12Shahidou Mariko5-06.00Richard Montgomery
8.12Eric Bishop5-06.00Quince Orchard
3.10Clayton Smith5-04.00Richard Montgomery
4.12Brittan Anderson5-04.00Bowie
4.11Didas Akognon5-04.00Bowie
5.12Rori Kameka5-04.00Thomas S Wootton
8.11Wesley Pulley5-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
8.11Cody Prince5-04.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
6.11Robert Cornforth5-02.00Paint Branch
14.12Ben Hannon5-02.00Broadneck
14.10Andrew Sarver5-02.00Sherwood
14.11Elijah Thomas5-02.00Albert Einstein
5.11Luke Moon5-00.00Thomas S Wootton
6.9Richard Awojoodu5-00.00Paint Branch
18.12Tyler Albers5-00.00Winston Churchill
18.10Andrew Shaw5-00.00Urbana
18.12Malcom Gardner5-00.00Damascus
18.12John Rhee5-00.00Winston Churchill
10Kalaii GriffinDNSWalter Johnson
12Lenjo KiloDNSNorthwood
11Weyimni DorsuDNSBethesda-Chevy Chase
10Matthias MayNHDamascus
9Ronny JawarishNHSeneca Valley
10Rawwha ShahidNHCol. Zadok Magruder
10Jules LucasDNSHuntingtown
10Marc AssouaDNSSpringbrook
11Colin GbolieNHSeneca Valley
10Jack O'KeefeNHQuince Orchard
11Carl LinkNHBroadneck
12Tevin DeanDNSHuntingtown
10Nick CorprewNHLiberty
10Aman AfsahDNSWalter Johnson
12Gary VaughnDNSNorthwood
10Marcus TownsendNHAlbert Einstein
11Jacob DavisNHUrbana
-Liberty JumperDNSLiberty
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tony Dantzler20-03.00Springbrook
7.12Javier Nieto19-07.50Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Malcom Gardner19-06.00Damascus
8.12Malik Mack19-01.00North Point
4.9Elliott Davis18-10.00Quince Orchard
5.12Rori Kameka18-09.50Thomas S Wootton
2.12Bryant Nwosu18-09.00Bowie
9.11Julien Dorsey18-08.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
10.10Darren Ambush18-07.50Urbana
2.10Steven Gilliam18-04.00Bowie
11.12Robert Bowis18-02.00Winston Churchill
6.12Garrett O'Leary18-01.00Huntingtown
1.11Xavier Nelson17-11.00Springbrook
6.10Jules Lucas17-11.00Huntingtown
12.12Robert Ramey17-10.50Albert Einstein
4.10Tyrell Williams17-06.50Quince Orchard
13.12Lenzy Johnson17'04.50Sherwood
5.11Luke Moon17-03.00Thomas S Wootton
14.12Mac George17-02.00Liberty
3.10Matthias May17-01.00Damascus
21.12Michael Swann16-06.00Walter Johnson
22.10Andrew Sarver16-01.00Sherwood
23.9Kenneth Norris15-11.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
24.11Jacob Davis15-10.00Urbana
25.11Micah Phillips-Spencer15-06.00Winston Churchill
26.10Marcus Townsend15-00.00Albert Einstein
27.10Nick Corprew14-02.00Liberty
27.9Jose Flores14-02.00Sidwell Friends
29.11Diego Arene-Morley13-06.00Sidwell Friends
30.10Sytta Barry12-02.50Paint Branch
9Soloman VaultDNSGaithersburg
12Earvin AnumgbaDNSPaint Branch
11Kaifa BoyceDNSGaithersburg
11Cyrus Capuzuzzo-HojalDNSWalter Johnson
10Travis ArthurDNSSeneca Valley
12Kevin ConnorDNSPoolesville Sr
11Ato PinkrahDNSCol. Zadok Magruder
12John BrownDNSNorth Point
9Kevin Joppy IIDNSSeneca Valley
11Darian Blanks-OutlawDNSRichard Montgomery
12Gary VaughnDNSNorthwood
11Amari JenkinsDNSC.H. Flowers
12Eric HolmsteadDNSPoolesville Sr
11Nick HuDNSRichard Montgomery
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
7.12Etienne Bodog-Bikim43-04.50Springbrook
2.12Malik Mack42-05.25North Point
1.9Elliott Davis42-02.25Quince Orchard
4.11Tyler Nelson41-08.75Paint Branch
8.12Rori Kameka41-00.25Thomas S Wootton
3.12Mark Bickley40-09.75Broadneck
9.12Shahidou Mariko39-11.75Richard Montgomery
10.11Kaifa Boyce39-10.25Gaithersburg
5.11Maurice Rucker39-07.50Thomas Stone
1.9Malcolm Brown39-05.50Quince Orchard
2.12John Brown39-01.00North Point
12.12Javier Nieto38-08.50Col. Zadok Magruder
6.12Matt Thompson38-06.00Liberty
14.12Lenzy Johnson37-09.75Sherwood
3.12Robbie Fox37-08.00Broadneck
16.12Brittan Anderson37-07.25Bowie
17.11Julien Dorsey37-03.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
5.11Rick Greenfield36-09.00Thomas Stone
6.12PJ Van Slyke36-09.00Liberty
4.11Robert Cornforth36-06.50Paint Branch
21.9Kenneth Norris34-11.25Bethesda-Chevy Chase
22.9Austin Search34-05.25Damascus
23.10Barry Liang34-02.50Col. Zadok Magruder
24.11Darian Blanks-Outlaw33-10.00Richard Montgomery
25.12Michael Pierre-Louis33-04.25Gaithersburg
26.10Andrew Sarver32-11.00Sherwood
27.10Abdul-Fatah Masha32-00.25Winston Churchill
28.11Seth Ross30-05.50Winston Churchill
29.9Ronny Jawarish29-02.50Seneca Valley
12Kentrall WilliamsDNSSeneca Valley
10Matthias MayNDDamascus
12Akami SalakoNDBowie
11Cyrus Capuzuzzo-HojalNDWalter Johnson
11Kendall BeverlyNDHuntingtown
10Marc AssouaDNSSpringbrook
12Tevin DeanDNSHuntingtown
11Luke MoonNDThomas S Wootton
11Elad CovaliuDNSWalter Johnson
11Marcus MooreDNSCol. Zadok Magruder
-Springbrook JumperDNSSpringbrook

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
6.12Evelyn Putman13.08Sherwood
6.12Ashley Glasper13.40Sherwood
6.12Jasmine Smalls13.40Sherwood
6.11Demetra Tzamaras13.40Sherwood
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ashley Ross26.5Liberty
12Jasmine Smalls26.70Sherwood
10Brittany Arndt27.3Liberty
10Karimat Afinnih27.50Sherwood
10Brittany Arndt27.5Liberty
11Taylor Stillings27.5Liberty
11Demetra Tzamaras27.70Sherwood
11Taylor Stillings27.9Liberty
12Ashley Glasper27.90Sherwood
11Bre Manger28.5Liberty
17.12Kayla Robinson30.00Sherwood
17.9Jasmine Marquez32.90Sherwood
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evelyn Putman60.99Sherwood
1.10Karimat Afinnih61.50Sherwood
1.12Teresa Russell63.10Sherwood
10Brittany Arndt63.5Liberty
11Taylor Stillings64.5Liberty
10Rachel Tokar64.6Liberty
1.9Grace Mc Donald64.90Sherwood
10Ashley Ross66.0Liberty
12Chloe Rowlands67.9Liberty
13.10Kathleen Russell72.80Sherwood
17.12Tyler Barnard81.40Sherwood
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Samantha Mcelroy2:25.1Liberty
12Samantha Mcelroy2:30.0Liberty
11Taylor Tarnalicki2:34.9Liberty
19.12Abigail Iacangelo2:36.10Sherwood
19.9Grace Mc Donald2:37.03Sherwood
9Kathleen Kaste2:37.9Liberty
10Rachel Tokar2:39.9Liberty
19.10Emma Poe-Yamagata2:45.00Sherwood
17.10Emma Poe-Yamagata2:45.77Sherwood
13.12Abigail Iacangelo2:48.20Sherwood
19.12Tyler Barnard3:11.90Sherwood
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
13.10Jessica McNeace4:36.30Sherwood
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
13.10Amanda Tomlinson6:08.25Sherwood
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grace Corbett5:26.66Thomas S Wootton
2.12Stephanie Crane5:33.10Broadneck
3.11Grace Carr5:38.87Georgetown Visitatio...
4.11Madeline Rico5:42.79Thomas S Wootton
5.11Liz Cunningham5:49.70Sidwell Friends
6.12Sloam Schoener5:54.73Severna Park
7.10Isolda Montiel5:55.78Springbrook
8.9Regina Schreiber5:57.51Quince Orchard
9.12Lauren Schoener5:59.97Severna Park
10.9Paula Rabade6:00.77Winston Churchill
11.10Amanda Tomlinson6:02.79Sherwood
12Gretchen WhitesellDNSMiddletown
11Elena DelapazDNSRichard Montgomery
11Courtney MasonDNSDamascus
12Anna BosseDNSWalter Johnson
12Camille BouvetDNSWalter Johnson
10Charde BarnesDNSBowie
X 100m Hurdles - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evelyn Putman16.66Sherwood
1.12Victoria Rhoades17.20Sherwood
1.11Casey Anderson17.40Sherwood
1.11Elizabeth Scanlon19.00Sherwood
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sylvia Deppen46.14Thomas S Wootton
2.10Gwen Shaw46.37Thomas S Wootton
3.10Brittney Wade47.94Bethesda-Chevy Chase
4.12Shannon Dwyer48.08Quince Orchard
5.10Rachel Halmon49.12Thomas Stone
6.11Kayla Cook50.10Broadneck
7.12Samantha Mcelroy51.15Liberty
8.12Teresa Russell51.77Sherwood
9.11Nia-Tayler Woodard-Clark52.41Bowie
10.12Nada Tramonte52.53Georgetown Visitatio...
11.11Jean Udo52.64C.H. Flowers
12.11Taylor Fallin53.43Huntingtown
13.12Victoria Rhoades54.02Sherwood
14.10Stephanie Bidle54.24Middletown
15.12Jordine Joseph54.62Paint Branch
16.10Briana Bailey54.69C.H. Flowers
17.9Sarah Kleihanzl54.86Middletown
18.12Julia Hardgrove54.96Bethesda-Chevy Chase
19.11Taylor Ruden55.77Broadneck
20.10Mignon McMillon55.83Paint Branch
21.12Elaine Hynds56.07Georgetown Visitatio...
22.12Jacky Mouafo56.38Winston Churchill
23.12Andrea Yang56.40Winston Churchill
24.10Vanessa Baczewski56.44Damascus
25.11Asha-Kai Grant57.50Sidwell Friends
26.11Megan Schmier57.52Liberty
27.10Olivia Emery57.82Damascus
28.10Noehly Hernandez57.88Albert Einstein
29.9Julia Benson1:01.68Sidwell Friends
30.12Christina Regusters1:02.89Springbrook
31.11Angelica Poli1:06.51Springbrook
11Isatu BanguraDNSSeneca Valley
11Angela GarveyDNSSeneca Valley
12Linsey AleyDNFHuntingtown
12Annastacia SamuelsDNSBowie
10Jasmine BenjaminDNSRichard Montgomery
9Shaniel ThomasDNSNorthwood
11Mallory KeaDNSNorthwood
12Danielle CrowleyDNSRichard Montgomery
11Laura DallyDNSWalter Johnson
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.81Huntingtown
2.-Relay Team 51.84North Point
3.-Relay Team 52.28Bowie
4.-Relay Team 52.89Paint Branch
5.-Relay Team 53.13Liberty
6.-Jasmine Smalls
Demetra Tzamaras
Ashley Glasper
Evelyn Putman
7.-Relay Team 53.34C.H. Flowers
8.-Relay Team 53.55Georgetown Visitatio...
9.-Relay Team 53.61Quince Orchard
9.-Relay Team 53.61Winston Churchill
11.-Nichelle Reid
Shayna Nash
Jamie Potter
Brianna Vlanton
55.05Bethesda-Chevy Chase
12.-Relay Team 55.96Thomas Stone
12.-Relay Team 55.96Severna Park
14.-Relay Team 56.38Thomas S Wootton
15.-Relay Team 56.97Sidwell Friends
16.-Relay Team 57.47Broadneck
17.-Relay Team 57.66Damascus
18.-Relay Team 58.00Poolesville Sr
19.-Relay Team 58.50Springbrook
-Relay Team DQSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
-Relay Team DQWalter Johnson
-Relay Team DQMiddletown
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.73Huntingtown
2.-Relay Team 1:49.74North Point
3.-Relay Team 1:49.98Gaithersburg
4.-Relay Team 1:50.11Quince Orchard
5.-Relay Team 1:50.41Liberty
6.-Relay Team 1:50.55C.H. Flowers
7.-Relay Team 1:51.08Georgetown Visitatio...
8.-Relay Team 1:51.29Richard Montgomery
9.-Relay Team 1:52.64Thomas S Wootton
10.-Relay Team 1:52.71Northwood
11.-Relay Team 1:53.12Bowie
12.-Relay Team 1:53.22Walter Johnson
13.-Relay Team 1:53.24Poolesville Sr
14.-Relay Team 1:53.37Paint Branch
15.-Nichelle Reid
Shayna Nash
Laila Ismail
Brianna Vlanton
1:54.49Bethesda-Chevy Chase
16.-Relay Team 1:54.73Thomas Stone
17.-Relay Team 1:55.67Severna Park
18.-Relay Team 1:55.95Middletown
19.-Relay Team 1:57.10Broadneck
20.-Relay Team 1:57.37Winston Churchill
21.-Relay Team 1:58.62Damascus
22.-Relay Team 2:01.02Seneca Valley
23.-Relay Team 2:06.82Springbrook
24.-Relay Team 2:09.22Albert Einstein
-Relay Team DQSherwood
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Teresa Russell
Grace Mc Donald
Karimat Afinnih
Evelyn Putman
2.-Relay Team 4:12.90Thomas S Wootton
3.-Relay Team 4:19.06Damascus
4.-Relay Team 4:19.83Georgetown Visitatio...
5.-Relay Team 4:20.83Liberty
6.-Relay Team 4:21.08Bowie
7.-Relay Team 4:23.94Walter Johnson
8.-Relay Team 4:28.03Huntingtown
9.-Relay Team 4:28.90Severna Park
10.-Laila Shehata
Caroline Leuba
Jamie Potter
Eugenia Wilson
4:29.88Bethesda-Chevy Chase
11.-Relay Team 4:30.21Thomas Stone
12.-Relay Team 4:30.62Sidwell Friends
13.-Relay Team 4:31.09Middletown
14.-Relay Team 4:32.53Broadneck
15.-Relay Team 4:37.05Poolesville Sr
16.-Relay Team 4:37.81C.H. Flowers
17.-Relay Team 4:40.17Quince Orchard
18.-Relay Team 4:41.39Winston Churchill
19.-Relay Team 4:51.16Paint Branch
20.-Relay Team 5:10.23Springbrook
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
-Relay Team DNSNorth Point
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:38.15Severna Park
2.-Grace Reingruber
Ava Farrell
Caroline Leuba
Brittney Wade
9:40.53Bethesda-Chevy Chase
3.-Relay Team 10:04.16Georgetown Visitatio...
4.-Relay Team 10:05.38Broadneck
5.-Relay Team 10:14.24Sidwell Friends
6.-Relay Team 10:15.26Walter Johnson
7.-Relay Team 10:18.07Liberty
8.-Relay Team 10:22.54North Point
9.-Relay Team 10:26.24Damascus
10.-Relay Team 10:28.93Thomas Stone
11.-Relay Team 10:29.36Thomas S Wootton
12.-Relay Team 10:29.86Middletown
13.-Relay Team 10:31.18Winston Churchill
14.-Relay Team 10:36.77Huntingtown
15.-Relay Team 10:38.90C.H. Flowers
16.-Relay Team 10:46.95Richard Montgomery
17.-Relay Team 11:04.98Gaithersburg
18.-Relay Team 11:06.76Quince Orchard
19.-Relay Team 11:10.03Sherwood
20.-Relay Team 11:10.87Paint Branch
21.-Relay Team 11:11.40Poolesville Sr
22.-Relay Team 11:33.83Springbrook
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
-Relay Team DNSBowie
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:25.93Thomas S Wootton
2.-Relay Team 4:31.97Liberty
3.-Relay Team 4:33.77Georgetown Visitatio...
4.-Relay Team 4:36.85Severna Park
5.-Relay Team 4:38.87Winston Churchill
6.-Relay Team 4:39.75North Point
7.-Relay Team 4:40.41Quince Orchard
8.-Laura Nakasaka
Nichelle Reid
Shayna Nash
Hallie Jester
4:43.60Bethesda-Chevy Chase
9.-Relay Team 4:43.69Broadneck
10.-Relay Team 4:43.88Damascus
11.-Relay Team 4:45.36Thomas Stone
12.-Relay Team 4:54.64Sidwell Friends
13.-Relay Team 4:56.44Poolesville Sr
14.-Relay Team 4:57.92C.H. Flowers
15.-Relay Team 5:02.46Huntingtown
16.-Relay Team 5:09.20Middletown
17.-Relay Team 5:10.07Sherwood
18.-Relay Team 5:24.37Albert Einstein
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
-Relay Team DNSSpringbrook
-Relay Team DNSSeneca Valley
-Relay Team DNSWalter Johnson
-Relay Team DQBowie
-Relay Team DNSPaint Branch
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grace Reingruber
Cameron Yeutter
Brittney Wade
Ava Farrell
13:01.98Bethesda-Chevy Chase
2.-Relay Team 13:12.75Severna Park
3.-Relay Team 13:18.03Walter Johnson
4.-Relay Team 13:38.98Broadneck
5.-Relay Team 13:45.46North Point
6.-Relay Team 13:55.47Thomas S Wootton
7.-Relay Team 14:18.50Georgetown Visitatio...
8.-Relay Team 14:21.30Quince Orchard
9.-Relay Team 14:22.21Middletown
10.-Relay Team 14:27.55Sidwell Friends
11.-Relay Team 14:33.24Winston Churchill
12.-Relay Team 14:34.67Damascus
13.-Jessica Mc Neace
Kathleen Russell
Abigail Iacangelo
Amanda Tomlinson
14.-Relay Team 14:48.01Springbrook
15.-Relay Team 15:20.98Poolesville Sr
16.-Relay Team 15:24.68C.H. Flowers
-Relay Team DNSRichard Montgomery
-Relay Team DNSPaint Branch
-Relay Team DNSLiberty
-Relay Team DNSGaithersburg
-Relay Team DNSNorthwood
-Relay Team DNSBowie
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Victoria Rhoades
Casey Anderson
Elizabeth Scanlon
Evelyn Putman
2.-Relay Team 1:12.47Thomas S Wootton
3.-Relay Team 1:12.86Huntingtown
4.-Relay Team 1:13.10Richard Montgomery
5.-Relay Team 1:20.78Paint Branch
6.-Relay Team 1:20.91Winston Churchill
7.-Relay Team 1:24.73Damascus
8.-Relay Team 1:27.20Middletown
9.-Relay Team 1:36.20Sidwell Friends
-Relay Team NTWalter Johnson
-Relay Team NTBowie
-Relay Team NTNorthwood
-Relay Team NTSpringbrook
-Relay Team NTSeneca Valley
-Relay Team NTC.H. Flowers
-Eugenia Wilson
Laila Shehata
Ariana Braganza
Emily Hardgrove
DQBethesda-Chevy Chase
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Antonella Taylor43-09.00Bowie
2.11Shelby Taylor33-00.00Huntingtown
3.10DaShawn Herbert-Williams31-01.00Quince Orchard
2.9Amber Logan30-06.00Huntingtown
4.10Shirley Tomdio29-11.00Georgetown Visitatio...
5.11Rebecca Moore29-07.00Middletown
6.11Jordan Kemp28-11.00Gaithersburg
7.11Anna Ucheomumu27-04.00Albert Einstein
4.10Mary Faith Lindner26-03.00Georgetown Visitatio...
8.9Ameerat Olatunde26'03.00Sherwood
5.11Kaitlin Lynott26-02.00Middletown
12.12Olivia Dunn26-01.00Sherwood
13.11Zawedde Magoba25-11.00Springbrook
14.11Amber Smith25-10.00Poolesville Sr
3.9Jamillah Jonjo25-09.00Quince Orchard
6.11Alyssa Jesperson25-07.00Gaithersburg
16.11Maura Fraser25-07.00Broadneck
18.11Shahirah Johnson25-06.00Damascus
19.9Hailey Swanson25-00.00Severna Park
20.10Ruth Orevba24-11.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
21.11Julianne LoGrasso24-07.00North Point
21.11Maria Rodriguez24-07.00Thomas S Wootton
23.11Casey Dowling24-03.00Thomas S Wootton
1.9Alexis Newbold23-09.00Bowie
25.11Taahirah Johnson23-08.00Damascus
26.12Aderonke Obayomi23-00.00Winston Churchill
26.10Anna Slusarczyk23-00.00Liberty
28.10M'Balu Conteh22-11.00C.H. Flowers
29.10Debbie Berlin22-09.00Poolesville Sr
30.11Lori Koenick21-02.00Winston Churchill
31.12Jessica Evans20-09.00Walter Johnson
32.9Ja'nlya Banks18-08.00North Point
33.10Kathryn Gibson18-07.00Severna Park
34.10Ciara Scott18-06.00C.H. Flowers
35.9Grace Pines16-01.00Springbrook
36.11Phillie Stallone15-05.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
10Jennifer NguyenDNSPaint Branch
9Ozioma EdokobiDNSRichard Montgomery
11Estera BaicuDNSSeneca Valley
9Ana LorenzoDNSWalter Johnson
10Kelsee WhaleyDNSAlbert Einstein
11Nneoma EdokobiDNSRichard Montgomery
9Solana AdonisDNSNorthwood
11Ericka LandeckDNSBroadneck
10Valerie MelsonDNSSidwell Friends
10Tiara WoodDNSSidwell Friends
12Stefanie MintoDNSPaint Branch
11Virginia Owusu-MainooDNSSeneca Valley
12Nzinga AustinDNSNorthwood
11Michelle KellerDNSLiberty
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
6.11Virginia Owusu-Mainoo95-08Seneca Valley
2.10Tiara Wood88-08Sidwell Friends
1.9Ozioma Edokobi88-04Richard Montgomery
3.10Shirley Tomdio86-10Georgetown Visitatio...
7.10Antonella Taylor82-08Bowie
1.12Marrissa Foster81-04Richard Montgomery
4.11Kaitlin Lynott80-07Middletown
8.12Olivia Dunn80'07Sherwood
5.11Shelby Taylor80-03Huntingtown
9.9Jamillah Jonjo80-03Quince Orchard
2.10Valerie Melson80-02Sidwell Friends
3.10Mary Faith Lindner79-04Georgetown Visitatio...
10.10Jennifer Nguyen79-01Paint Branch
4.11Rebecca Moore78-02Middletown
11.10Ruth Orevba75-01Bethesda-Chevy Chase
5.10Alexis Dailey73-11Huntingtown
12.9Alexis Newbold66-08Bowie
13.11Ericka Landeck65-05Broadneck
14.11Caroline Corbett65-03Sherwood
15.11Amber Smith64-11Poolesville Sr
16.11Jordan Kemp63-10Gaithersburg
17.10Trystan Sparks63-07Quince Orchard
18.10Yajaria Flores63-05Gaithersburg
19.10Anna Slusarczyk61-02Liberty
20.11Lori Koenick59-09Winston Churchill
21.10M'Balu Conteh59-00C.H. Flowers
22.9Hailey Swanson59-00Severna Park
23.11Maria Rodriguez58-04Thomas S Wootton
6.12Jasmine Sampson57-06Seneca Valley
30.11Maura Fraser57-04Broadneck
31.12Jacquelyn Cohen56-11Damascus
32.11Shahirah Johnson56-05Damascus
33.11Ashlyn Anderson55-05Liberty
34.10Erica Roberts55-04Winston Churchill
35.10Bethany Studnicky55-02Severna Park
36.10Nikki White54-10Thomas Stone
37.11Phillie Stallone54-00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
38.9Solana Adonis52-06Northwood
39.12Jessica Evans51-05Walter Johnson
40.9Mubat Dohvoma49-04Paint Branch
41.9Ana Lorenzo48-00Walter Johnson
42.9Michelle Mitch48-00Springbrook
43.10Bria Scott47-03C.H. Flowers
44.10Taylor Jacobs46-11Springbrook
45.10Debbie Berlin44-03Poolesville Sr
46.12April Kwan30-08Thomas S Wootton
12Nzinga AustinFOULNorthwood
11Anna UcheomumuFOULAlbert Einstein
11Julianne LoGrassoFOULNorth Point
10Kelsee WhaleyFOULAlbert Einstein
10Kaelin DavisFOULThomas Stone
9Ja'nlya BanksFOULNorth Point
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michelle Keller5-02.00Liberty
1.11Kayleigh Gill4-10.00Liberty
2.10Danielle Baker4-10.00North Point
3.12Jordan Pitchford4-10.00Damascus
2.11Mykaila Thomas4-08.00North Point
4.11Evelyn Chappell4-08.00Bowie
5.11Ariana Braganza4-06.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
6.12Kaiya Elliott4-06.00Thomas Stone
8.10Maia Burke4-06.00Huntingtown
9.9Emma Teal4-06.00Walter Johnson
10.11Kayla Cook4-06.00Broadneck
4.10Kenyetta Louis4-04.00Bowie
7.10Susan McGrattan4-04.00Thomas S Wootton
11.12Teresa Russell4'04.00Sherwood
12.11Maliza Namude4-04.00Winston Churchill
3.10Laura Janss4-02.00Damascus
5.11Mimie Ndubisi4-02.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
7.11Elaine Chen4-02.00Thomas S Wootton
13.9Morgan Zeiss4-02.00Georgetown Visitatio...
14.12Nada Tramonte4-02.00Georgetown Visitatio...
6.9Aleem King4-00.25Thomas Stone
15.11Sophie Ettinger4-00.00Winston Churchill
11Suzie HormanDNSSeverna Park
12Le'Quisha ParkerDNSNorthwood
12Abby LundahlNHMiddletown
12Danielle CrowleyDNSRichard Montgomery
12Molly BrandDNSRichard Montgomery
11Laura DallyDNSWalter Johnson
10Akhir StewartDNSSidwell Friends
10Gloria WalkerDNSSidwell Friends
11Sarah CooneyDNSSeneca Valley
10McKenzie Jean-PhilippeDNSSeneca Valley
11Marshe RansomDNSSpringbrook
11Crystal CroomDNSSpringbrook
12Holly WrightNHMiddletown
12Paige StephensNHBroadneck
10Jenny HaDNSGaithersburg
12Ellie FrazierNHHuntingtown
9Alexis GrubelDNSSeverna Park
9Shaniel ThomasDNSNorthwood
10Chelsa HarrisDNSGaithersburg
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryeana Rhodes16-01.00Quince Orchard
7.9Aral Greene16-01.00Sidwell Friends
2.11Lakayja Alston16-00.00Damascus
1.11Sierra Isaac15-09.00Quince Orchard
8.10Chelsa Harris15-08.50Gaithersburg
9.11Anna Ucheomumu15-06.50Albert Einstein
3.11Elaine Chen15-06.00Thomas S Wootton
4.11Evelyn Chappell15-03.00Bowie
2.12Jordan Pitchford15-02.00Damascus
4.10Kenyetta Louis15-02.00Bowie
5.10Jamiece Hargrove15-01.50C.H. Flowers
3.12Maya Walsh14-11.00Thomas S Wootton
5.11Jean Udo14-11.00C.H. Flowers
6.11Alexus Adams14-11.00North Point
15.10Payton Muse14-10.00Huntingtown
15.9Breanna Coleman14-10.00Paint Branch
6.10Danielle Baker14-09.00North Point
18.11Michelle Keller14-07.00Liberty
19.12Caryn Thompson14-06.00Poolesville Sr
20.12Abigail Iacangelo14-04.00Sherwood
20.11Mimie Ndubisi14-04.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
22.11Alessandra Daniere14-02.50Walter Johnson
23.12Linsey Aley14-00.00Huntingtown
24.11Taylor Stillings13-11.00Liberty
24.11Dorothy Ucheomumu13-11.00Albert Einstein
26.9Fanny Chen13-10.50Winston Churchill
27.11Suzie Horman13-09.00Severna Park
28.10Ruth Orevba13-05.00Bethesda-Chevy Chase
29.12Liz Le13-02.00Gaithersburg
30.9Rashida Wurie12-10.00Paint Branch
31.10Kiara Johnson12-09.00Severna Park
32.10McKenzie Jean-Philippe12-07.00Seneca Valley
33.11Celina Koss12-02.00Broadneck
34.11Jessica Elliott11-11.00Middletown
35.10Gloria Walker11-09.00Sidwell Friends
36.11Chinyere Sloley11-00.00Winston Churchill
37.11Peyton Weikert10-08.00Middletown
11Lindsay PinckneyDNSSpringbrook
9Tashae BowmanDNSNorthwood
9Shaniel ThomasDNSNorthwood
12Jasmine SmallsDNSSherwood
11Brianna MooreDNSBroadneck
10Kyla SchneiderDNSPoolesville Sr
10Errin SaundersDNSRichard Montgomery
9Megan WhiteDNSRichard Montgomery
10ladonya MaKayDNSSeneca Valley
11Crystal CroomDNSSpringbrook
10Corry StraathofDNSWalter Johnson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.12Jordan Pitchford35-05.50Damascus
1.11Taylor Caulk33-11.50Winston Churchill
3.11Alexus Adams33-02.50North Point
1.12Serenah Polite32-08.25Winston Churchill
7.11Alessandra Daniere32-01.75Walter Johnson
5.11Michelle Keller31-11.00Liberty
4.10Maia Burke31-04.75Huntingtown
6.11Elaine Chen31-03.75Thomas S Wootton
4.10Payton Muse31-01.00Huntingtown
3.10Danielle Baker30-04.00North Point
8.10Samantha Jonjo29-06.75Quince Orchard
5.11Amanda Eng29-00.25Liberty
10.11Suzie Horman28-09.50Severna Park
2.10Laura Janss28-05.00Damascus
11.-W Paige28-01.50Broadneck
6.11Maria Rodriguez27-02.00Thomas S Wootton
17.12Julia Hardgrove26-00.75Bethesda-Chevy Chase
18.10Tori Galliani25-08.50Quince Orchard
19.9Maddie Guy24-00.50Severna Park
20.9Eleanor Ewing20-06.50Sidwell Friends
11Angela GarveyDNSSeneca Valley
11Crystal CroomDNSSpringbrook
9Breanna ColemanDNSPaint Branch
9Rae BernardDNSSeneca Valley
10Selly SallahNDSidwell Friends
10Kenyetta LouisDNSBowie
12Paige StephensNDBroadneck
10Marilyn RodriguezFOULRichard Montgomery
10Kaylah WisherdDNSBroadneck
9Shaniel ThomasDNSNorthwood
10Corry StraathofDNSWalter Johnson
10Kiera GivensDNSRichard Montgomery
11Mallory KeaDNSNorthwood
12Molly BrandDNSRichard Montgomery
12Felicia GrizzleDNSPaint Branch
1.11Laura DallyDNSWalter Johnson
9.12Sharice StonaDNSBowie
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