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GSL 3A/4A District Meet Day 1

Thursday, May 12, 2011

SFCC, Spokane

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.11Chase Naccarato11.04aMt Spokane
2.9Darneal Griffin11.35aNorth Central
3.12Jon Stratton11.36aNorth Central
4.12Averey Walsh11.46aMt Spokane
5.10Austin Upmeyer11.48aUniversity
6.11Shane Concepcion11.54aMt Spokane
7.11Darian Mitzemberg11.63aUniversity
8.11Josh Bender11.63aShadle Park
X 100 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.12Bobby Condon11.11aGonzaga Prep
2.11Evan Maack11.14aMead
3.12Victor Visconti11.30aJoel Ferris
4.10Davian Barlow11.42aMead
5.10Austin Stone11.47aMead
6.12Brandon Ontiveros11.57aCentral Valley
7.12Devante Smith11.66aRogers (Spokane)
8.11Kurtis Karstetter11.68aJoel Ferris
X 100 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.11Chase Naccarato11.27aMt Spokane
2.10Austin Upmeyer11.52aUniversity
3.9Darneal Griffin11.55aNorth Central
4.12Jon Stratton11.57aNorth Central
5.11Shane Concepcion11.64aMt Spokane
6.12Averey Walsh11.64aMt Spokane
7.11Darian Mitzemberg11.80aUniversity
8.11Josh Bender11.80aShadle Park
9.9Stu Stiles11.80aMt Spokane
10.10Marquise Whitsett11.92aUniversity
11.12Justin Wilton11.95aNorth Central
12.12Tanner Lappano12.03aNorth Central
X 100 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.11Evan Maack11.29aMead
2.12Bobby Condon11.41aGonzaga Prep
3.12Victor Visconti11.49aJoel Ferris
4.10Davian Barlow11.63aMead
5.11Kurtis Karstetter11.68aJoel Ferris
6.12Brandon Ontiveros11.81aCentral Valley
7.10Austin Stone11.84aMead
8.12Devante Smith11.87aRogers (Spokane)
9.11Alex Jacot11.92aCentral Valley
10.9Tom Davis11.93aGonzaga Prep
11.12Taylor Nelson12.27aCentral Valley
12Ryan NungesterDNSCentral Valley
X 200 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.11Chase Naccarato22.41aMt Spokane
2.10Jake Hoffman23.02aNorth Central
3.10Austin Upmeyer23.12aUniversity
4.9Darneal Griffin23.40aNorth Central
5.12Hernan Mendoza23.95aShadle Park
6.10Cole Jensen24.04aShadle Park
7.10Marquise Whitsett24.12aUniversity
8.10Zach Stensland24.28aMt Spokane
X 200 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.11Wes Bailey21.99aMead
2.10Alex Tullos22.91aJoel Ferris
3.10Gunnar Kayser23.09aMead
4.12Bobby Condon23.22aGonzaga Prep
5.12Tyler York23.30aMead
6.12Brandon Ontiveros23.64aCentral Valley
7.11Alex Jacot24.02aCentral Valley
8.10Deandre Williams24.27aLewis and Clark
X 200 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.11Chase Naccarato22.62aMt Spokane
2.10Jake Hoffman22.80aNorth Central
3.10Austin Upmeyer22.91aUniversity
4.9Darneal Griffin23.33aNorth Central
5.10Cole Jensen23.79aShadle Park
6.12Hernan Mendoza23.81aShadle Park
7.10Marquise Whitsett23.94aUniversity
8.10Zach Stensland23.97aMt Spokane
9.9Stu Stiles23.98aMt Spokane
10.10Adrian Bonner24.15aUniversity
11.11Darian Mitzemberg24.24aUniversity
12.12Tanner Lappano24.43aNorth Central
X 200 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.11Wes Bailey22.54aMead
2.10Alex Tullos22.76aJoel Ferris
3.12Tyler York23.30aMead
4.12Bobby Condon23.33aGonzaga Prep
5.10Gunnar Kayser23.58aMead
6.12Brandon Ontiveros23.58aCentral Valley
7.11Alex Jacot23.59aCentral Valley
8.10Deandre Williams23.74aLewis and Clark
9.9Adam Chamberlain23.89aCentral Valley
10.12Taylor Nelson24.48aCentral Valley
X 400 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.12Jack Cerenzia50.55aMt Spokane
2.10Jake Hoffman50.69aNorth Central
3.10Austin Upmeyer50.96aUniversity
4.12Hernan Mendoza52.46aShadle Park
5.12Michael Brunner52.98aUniversity
6.10Austin Flynn53.04aUniversity
7.12Casey O'Leary53.27aMt Spokane
8.10Adrian Bonner53.33aUniversity
X 400 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.9Coleton Fitzgerald50.73aLewis and Clark
2.10Gunnar Kayser51.54aMead
3.10Grayson Sykes52.15aCentral Valley
4.9Adam Chamberlain52.70aCentral Valley
5.11Gaven Deyarmin53.11aCentral Valley
6.11Austin Hatten53.54aCentral Valley
7.12Tanner Hoskins54.58aGonzaga Prep
8.10Deandre Williams54.85aLewis and Clark
X 400 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.10Austin Upmeyer50.41aUniversity
2.12Jack Cerenzia50.49aMt Spokane
3.10Jake Hoffman50.73aNorth Central
4.12Hernan Mendoza51.82aShadle Park
5.10Austin Flynn52.10aUniversity
6.12Michael Brunner52.38aUniversity
7.12Casey O'Leary52.56aMt Spokane
8.10Adrian Bonner52.62aUniversity
9.11David Brown52.92aShadle Park
10.10Zach Stensland53.94aMt Spokane
11.11Kiel Rhodes54.27aNorth Central
X 400 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.10Gunnar Kayser51.22aMead
2.9Coleton Fitzgerald51.32aLewis and Clark
3.9Adam Chamberlain52.47aCentral Valley
4.10Grayson Sykes52.56aCentral Valley
5.11Gaven Deyarmin53.16aCentral Valley
6.11Austin Hatten53.37aCentral Valley
7.12Tanner Hoskins53.90aGonzaga Prep
8.10Deandre Williams53.92aLewis and Clark
9.10Brandon McClung54.26aCentral Valley
10.11Brandon Markham54.46aMead
X 400 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Austin Pruitt57.78aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.10Keith Williams1:55.40aNorth Central
2.12Andrew Wordell1:56.03aNorth Central
3.12Jon Smith1:56.32aUniversity
4.12Casey Adams1:59.07aNorth Central
5.12Robert Mosley2:01.71aNorth Central
6.12Travis Stark2:02.42aUniversity
7.12Stephen Hafferkamp2:04.18aShadle Park
8.12Jordan Rogers2:15.08aNorth Central
X 800 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.12Taylen Howland1:57.41aMead
2.12Collin Overbay1:58.44aGonzaga Prep
3.10Nick Pochis2:00.04aJoel Ferris
4.12Josh Nicholls2:00.48aCentral Valley
5.10Davis Mathieu2:00.63aLewis and Clark
6.12Nick Cypro2:05.10aLewis and Clark
7.12John Weiser2:07.03aCentral Valley
8.12Josh Spivey2:11.20aMead
X 800 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.10Keith Williams1:57.75aNorth Central
2.12Jon Smith1:59.89aUniversity
3.12Robert Mosley2:00.26aNorth Central
4.12Stephen Hafferkamp2:01.17aShadle Park
5.12Casey Adams2:03.10aNorth Central
6.12Andrew Wordell2:03.13aNorth Central
7.12Jordan Rogers2:03.49aNorth Central
8.12Travis Stark2:04.21aUniversity
9.10Daniel Brunner2:06.94aUniversity
X 800 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.12Collin Overbay1:59.61aGonzaga Prep
2.12Josh Nicholls1:59.81aCentral Valley
3.10Davis Mathieu2:00.00aLewis and Clark
4.10Nick Pochis2:00.05aJoel Ferris
5.12Taylen Howland2:01.62aMead
6.12Josh Spivey2:02.52aMead
7.12Nick Cypro2:02.89aLewis and Clark
8.12John Weiser2:02.98aCentral Valley
9.10Douglas Minkler2:05.78aJoel Ferris
10.12Matt Summers2:05.89aCentral Valley
11.11Joe Pearman2:05.90aGonzaga Prep
12.12Ryan Knight2:09.22aRogers (Spokane)
X 800 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Austin Pruitt2:01.14aCentral Valley
X 1600 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.12Casey Adams4:13.29aNorth Central
2.11Nathan Weitz4:13.30aShadle Park
3.12Vince Hamilton4:15.93aNorth Central
4.12Andrew Wordell4:16.80aNorth Central
5.11Hunter Johnson4:22.32aMt Spokane
6.12Christian Bucko4:25.73aUniversity
7.11Jake Hombel4:25.80aUniversity
8.11Matthew Fry4:30.08aUniversity
9.10Austen Frostad4:30.71aNorth Central
10.12Stephen Hafferkamp4:30.91aShadle Park
11.9Taylor (Kai) Wilmot4:31.36aNorth Central
12.12Jordan Rogers4:32.34aNorth Central
13.12Connor Jones4:34.45aMt Spokane
14.11Christian Fullmer4:35.46aMt Spokane
15.12Eli Deitz4:38.38aMt Spokane
16.10Nik Taylor4:48.93aNorth Central
X 1600 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.10Andrew Gardner4:17.31aMead
2.12Kenji Bierig4:24.04aLewis and Clark
3.12Collin Overbay4:24.40aGonzaga Prep
4.12Baxter Arguinchona4:25.83aLewis and Clark
5.11Conor McCandless4:25.98aGonzaga Prep
6.11Alex Kimsey4:26.15aJoel Ferris
7.12Kaden Woolf4:26.96aCentral Valley
8.10Sumner Goodwin4:28.23aLewis and Clark
9.12Isaac Griffith4:28.52aLewis and Clark
10.10Daniel Schofield4:30.08aMead
11.12Josh Spivey4:31.95aMead
12.10Travis Thorne4:37.49aJoel Ferris
13.11Joel Estelle4:41.07aLewis and Clark
14.12Cory Brandt4:41.37aLewis and Clark
15.10Daniel Rahn4:41.93aMead
16.9Peter Helman4:44.84aJoel Ferris
X 1600 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Austin Pruitt3:58.34aCentral Valley
X 3200 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.11Nathan Weitz9:07.55aShadle Park
2.12Vince Hamilton9:17.74aNorth Central
3.11Hunter Johnson9:23.02aMt Spokane
4.10Austen Frostad9:23.21aNorth Central
5.12Christian Bucko9:25.45aUniversity
6.9Taylor (Kai) Wilmot9:35.73aNorth Central
7.12Connor Jones9:43.71aMt Spokane
8.12Eli Deitz9:46.56aMt Spokane
9.11Jake Hombel9:48.21aUniversity
10.10Nik Taylor9:55.84aNorth Central
11.12Trevin Hiebert9:56.27aUniversity
12.11Matthew Fry9:56.40aUniversity
13.9Kees von Michalofski9:58.61aMt Spokane
14.10Isaac Kitzen10:10.32aNorth Central
15.11Shane Banning10:10.80aShadle Park
16.10Vance Collier10:26.80aNorth Central
X 3200 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.10Andrew Gardner9:04.70aMead
2.12Kenji Bierig9:21.65aLewis and Clark
3.12Baxter Arguinchona9:22.77aLewis and Clark
4.11Conor McCandless9:26.27aGonzaga Prep
5.10Sumner Goodwin9:28.42aLewis and Clark
6.11Alex Kimsey9:37.31aJoel Ferris
7.10Travis Thorne9:41.31aJoel Ferris
8.10Daniel Schofield9:43.45aMead
9.12Kaden Woolf9:44.40aCentral Valley
10.11Joel Estelle9:56.86aLewis and Clark
11.10Logan Giese10:03.14aCentral Valley
12.12Cory Brandt10:08.88aLewis and Clark
13.9Matt Hommel10:11.86aCentral Valley
14.11Kyle Sams10:18.21aMead
15.11Scott Allen10:29.22aCentral Valley
16.12Bryce Samuelson10:33.22aCentral Valley
X 3200 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Austin Pruitt8:33.71aCentral Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3A League - Finals
1.12Bill Haven15.20aNorth Central
2.11Darius Person15.21aMt Spokane
3.12Ryan Peterson15.71aUniversity
4.12Jacob Fry15.72aUniversity
5.11Tyler Green15.76aMt Spokane
6.9Thilo Graham16.55aShadle Park
7.11Joshua Munter16.86aShadle Park
11Zane McDonaldDNSUniversity
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A League - Finals
1.12Mike Smith14.92aMead
2.12Dylan Seitz14.97aCentral Valley
3.12Dashea McDowell15.02aMead
4.11Alex McClendon15.70aLewis and Clark
5.10Grayson Sykes16.43aCentral Valley
6.11Ryan Herrera16.54aJoel Ferris
7.11Zach Bagdon16.81aMead
8.9Sam Johnson16.85aMead
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3A League - Prelims
1.12Bill Haven15.55aNorth Central
2.11Darius Person15.74aMt Spokane
3.12Ryan Peterson16.02aUniversity
4.11Tyler Green16.11aMt Spokane
5.12Jacob Fry16.26aUniversity
6.9Thilo Graham16.86aShadle Park
7.11Joshua Munter17.08aShadle Park
8.11Zane McDonald17.22aUniversity
9.10Jordan Nichols17.69aShadle Park
10.10David Blue18.34aNorth Central
11.10Randy Sylvester18.75aUniversity
12Matt KonsonlasDNSMt Spokane
9Jacob GriffithDNSNorth Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A League - Prelims
1.12Dylan Seitz15.41aCentral Valley
2.12Dashea McDowell15.64aMead
3.12Mike Smith15.97aMead
4.11Alex McClendon16.25aLewis and Clark
5.9Sam Johnson16.71aMead
6.10Grayson Sykes16.90aCentral Valley
7.11Zach Bagdon17.04aMead
8.11Ryan Herrera17.42aJoel Ferris
9.11Ben Salsbury17.49aCentral Valley
10.10Marcus King17.79aLewis and Clark
11.11Jeremy Johnson17.90aGonzaga Prep
12.9Jack Padon18.08aGonzaga Prep
13.11Tyler Riordan18.09aMead
14.11Nick Walden18.23aGonzaga Prep
15.9Alex Engelbertson18.41aLewis and Clark
16.11Martell Davis19.29aRogers (Spokane)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3A League - Finals
1.12Gunnar Swager39.88aNorth Central
2.12Jacob Fry40.34aUniversity
3.12Ryan Peterson40.58aUniversity
4.9Thilo Graham41.40aShadle Park
5.11Joshua Munter41.94aShadle Park
6.10David Blue42.49aNorth Central
7.11Darius Person45.32aMt Spokane
8.11Tyler Green52.51aMt Spokane
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A League - Finals
1.11Wes Bailey38.85aMead
2.12Mike Smith39.79aMead
3.12Dylan Seitz40.21aCentral Valley
4.10Alex Tullos40.87aJoel Ferris
5.12Dashea McDowell41.55aMead
6.11Alex McClendon42.94aLewis and Clark
7.11Tyler Aldworth43.82aLewis and Clark
8.11Sean Padon43.94aGonzaga Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3A League - Prelims
1.12Jacob Fry40.92aUniversity
2.12Gunnar Swager41.12aNorth Central
3.12Ryan Peterson41.34aUniversity
4.11Tyler Green41.40aMt Spokane
5.11Joshua Munter41.54aShadle Park
6.9Thilo Graham42.11aShadle Park
7.11Darius Person42.40aMt Spokane
8.10David Blue42.59aNorth Central
9.10Jordan Nichols46.91aShadle Park
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A League - Prelims
1.12Dylan Seitz39.52aCentral Valley
2.12Mike Smith39.97aMead
3.11Wes Bailey40.55aMead
4.10Alex Tullos41.62aJoel Ferris
5.11Alex McClendon41.74aLewis and Clark
6.12Dashea McDowell41.75aMead
7.11Tyler Aldworth43.01aLewis and Clark
9.11Ryan Herrera43.28aJoel Ferris
8.11Sean Padon43.48aGonzaga Prep
10.11Tyler Riordan44.16aMead
11.10Michael Butler44.27aCentral Valley
12.10Marcus King44.84aLewis and Clark
13.12Scott Bischoff45.44aCentral Valley
14.9Alex Engelbertson46.92aLewis and Clark
15.11Jeremy Johnson47.08aGonzaga Prep
11Drew BrownDNSCentral Valley
X 4x100 Relay - 3A League - Finals
1.-Darneal Griffin
Jon Stratton
Jake Hoffman
Gunnar Swager
43.23aNorth Central
2.-Averey Walsh
Shane Concepcion
Tyler Green
Stu Stiles
43.81aMt Spokane
3.-Adrian Bonner
Darian Mitzemberg
Marquise Whitsett
Ben Flanigan
4.-Thilo Graham
David Brown
Doran Porter
Josh Bender
44.96aShadle Park
X 4x100 Relay - 4A League - Finals
1.-Evan Maack
Gunnar Kayser
Mike Smith
Wes Bailey
2.-Victor Visconti
Kurtis Karstetter
Cole Lemer
Alex Tullos
43.45aJoel Ferris
3.-Taylor Nelson
Brandon Ontiveros
Adam Chamberlain
Alex Jacot
44.46aCentral Valley
4.-Chris Douglas
Joseph Moss
Carson Murray
Devante Smith
45.61aRogers (Spokane)
-Bobby Condon
Tom Davis
Kyle Wacholz
Sean Padon
DQGonzaga Prep
X 4x400 Relay - 3A League - Finals
1.-Tyler Green
Casey O'Leary
Jack Cerenzia
Chase Naccarato
3:21.52aMt Spokane
2.-Jake Hoffman
Andrew Wordell
Keith Williams
Gunnar Swager
3:22.86aNorth Central
3.-Austin Upmeyer
Austin Flynn
Michael Brunner
Jon Smith
4.-Thilo Graham
Stephen Hafferkamp
David Brown
Hernan Mendoza
3:33.36aShadle Park
X 4x400 Relay - 4A League - Finals
1.-Grayson Sykes
Dylan Seitz
Gaven Deyarmin
Josh Nicholls
3:28.15aCentral Valley
2.-Gunnar Kayser
Dashea McDowell
Davian Barlow
Taylen Howland
3.-Bobby Condon
Collin Overbay
Sean Padon
Kyle Wacholz
3:33.67aGonzaga Prep
X Shot Put - 12lb - 3A League - Finals
1.12Matthew Lill47-09.00North Central
2.11Durran Bates47-02.00North Central
3.12Colton Harrington45-10.00University
4.12Averey Walsh45-07.00Mt Spokane
5.11TJ Failauga44-07.50University
6.10Gage Rayman44-07.00Shadle Park
7.10Moreli Failauga43-04.00University
8.12Chris Hansen42-01.00Mt Spokane
9.10Joshua Graham40-08.00Shadle Park
10.10Nolan Riley38-07.00North Central
X Shot Put - 12lb - 4A League - Finals
1.12Billy Rowell57-08.00Central Valley
2.12Kevin Stanley53-05.00Central Valley
3.12Matt Elmore53-02.00Mead
4.11JJ Talafili48-04.50Central Valley
5.12Anthony Canton47-04.00Joel Ferris
6.10Michael Vanwert45-11.00Lewis and Clark
7.12Moody Dour45-04.00Mead
8.12Joey Greenlund45-00.00Central Valley
9.11Seth Regalado43-11.50Mead
10.12Nicholas Evans42-10.00Central Valley
11.10Damon Unland41-06.00Joel Ferris
12.11James Volz40-08.00Mead
13.10Shawn Buck40-07.00Central Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - 3A League - Finals
1.12Matthew Lill148-07North Central
2.11Durran Bates138-09North Central
3.10Moreli Failauga136-11University
4.10Levi Brosmore136-09Mt Spokane
5.12Chris Hansen134-09Mt Spokane
6.10Levi Anderson126-05University
7.10Alex Gray122-07Mt Spokane
8.11Conner Cook121-08University
9.10CJ Lowery119-11North Central
10.10Daniel Riley114-00North Central
11.12Brandon Graham105-07Mt Spokane
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4A League - Finals
1.10Damon Unland155-04Joel Ferris
2.12Kevin Stanley154-09Central Valley
3.11Joshua Syrotchen153-03Lewis and Clark
4.11Tony Werley147-04Lewis and Clark
5.11Seth Regalado144-08Mead
6.12Joey Greenlund139-03Central Valley
7.10Shawn Buck136-02Central Valley
8.12Anthony Canton133-07Joel Ferris
9.11Drew Sharkey131-02Joel Ferris
10.9Eli Davis125-08Mead
11.11Lance Berg121-10Lewis and Clark
12.12Billy Rowell108-00Central Valley
X Javelin - 800g - 3A League - Finals
1.12Averey Walsh172-10Mt Spokane
2.12Josh Lappano162-02North Central
3.12Colin Hisaw160-00North Central
4.12Jacob Fry159-06University
5.12Micah Gabel159-00Mt Spokane
6.10Austin Trumpour153-01North Central
7.11Jacob Wilson149-02North Central
8.12Jonathon Rooney146-04Shadle Park
9.12Pierce Campbell138-01University
10.10Nick Young138-00University
11.10Anthony Buratto137-06University
12.11Dakota Johnson130-03Shadle Park
X Javelin - 800g - 4A League - Finals
1.11Sam Hilmes180-09Mead
2.11Carson Fuller180-00Joel Ferris
3.11Cole Lemer177-10Joel Ferris
4.12Chase Wright175-06Mead
5.12Tanner Wollan164-06Central Valley
6.9Luke Hilmes161-05Mead
7.12Derek Haas161-02Central Valley
8.12Jacob Farr157-10Mead
9.11Evan Moore153-08Mead
10.9Connor Black143-09Lewis and Clark
11.10Carson Murray142-04Rogers (Spokane)
12.11Martell Davis141-04Rogers (Spokane)
13.10Maverick Johnston134-10Gonzaga Prep
14.10Michael Butler134-07Central Valley
15.12Nathan Heintz130-02Central Valley
16.12Nic Moore129-08Mead
X High Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.12Bill Haven6-04.00North Central
2.10Andrew Morgan6-00.00University
3.11Zachery Bruce6-00.00University
4.10Cole Jensen6-00.00Shadle Park
5.12Hunter Hahn5-10.00Mt Spokane
6.12Colin Hisaw5-10.00North Central
8.12Isaiah Hollister5-10.00North Central
8.12Trevor Kissinger5-08.00Mt Spokane
8.11Braxton Molett5-08.00North Central
10Dane LarsonNHMt Spokane
10Austin FlynnNHUniversity
12Brady RobertsNHMt Spokane
10Logan CrumNHUniversity
X High Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.10Brennan Schon6-02.00Lewis and Clark
2.10Carson Murray6-02.00Rogers (Spokane)
3.10Galen Camp6-00.00Mead
3.11Phillip Terrell6-00.00Central Valley
5.12McLain Leonard5-10.00Gonzaga Prep
6.10Tanner Peterson5-08.00Mead
6.11Mark Seely5-08.00Central Valley
8.11Drew Marvin5-08.00Joel Ferris
9.11Matt Gillum5-06.00Gonzaga Prep
11Danny CardonaSCRCentral Valley
X Pole Vault - 3A League - Finals
1.12Tyler Wilson14-00.00Shadle Park
2.12Ned Davies14-00.00North Central
3.10Jay Alexander13-06.00University
4.11Scott Wurst13-06.00Mt Spokane
5.12John Haven13-00.00North Central
6.12Brock Labenne12-06.00Mt Spokane
7.12Jake DePledge12-06.00Mt Spokane
8.9Camden Stoddard12-06.00Mt Spokane
9.12Connor Foxworth12-00.00North Central
10.11Sam Wilkes11-00.00Mt Spokane
X Pole Vault - 4A League - Finals
1.12Jared Wehde14-00.00Mead
2.10Blase' Neumann13-06.00Mead
3.11Calvin Wilkins13-00.00Joel Ferris
4.11Drew Brown13-00.00Central Valley
5.12Micheal Green12-06.00Mead
5.11Austin Reinkens12-06.00Joel Ferris
7.11Marc David12-00.00Mead
8.11Nathan Seppi12-00.00Joel Ferris
9.12Scott Bischoff11-06.00Central Valley
10.10McKay Demars11-06.00Central Valley
11.10Sam Akerhielm11-00.00Gonzaga Prep
12Jenya NicksDNSJoel Ferris
X Long Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.11Chase Naccarato21-06.25Mt Spokane
2.10Dane Larson20-07.75Mt Spokane
3.10Cole Jensen20-03.50Shadle Park
4.12Pierce Campbell19-11.50University
5.12Matt Drumheller19-09.50Mt Spokane
6.12Trevor Kissinger19-09.00Mt Spokane
7.11Josh Bender19-05.50Shadle Park
8.12Isaiah Hollister19-05.00North Central
9.11Chase McDuffie19-05.00North Central
10.11Zachery Bruce19-01.50University
11.11Shane Concepcion19-00.50Mt Spokane
12.12Ben Flanigan18-10.25University
13.11Braxton Molett18-02.00North Central
14.10Kyle Larson17-09.50Mt Spokane
X Long Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.10Davian Barlow20-09.75Mead
2.10Phillip Sims20-09.25Mead
3.10Alex Tullos20-09.00Joel Ferris
4.10Wyatt Langenheder20-08.50Mead
5.11Gaven Deyarmin20-08.00Central Valley
6.12Devante Smith20-07.00Rogers (Spokane)
7.10Carson Murray19-10.50Rogers (Spokane)
8.11Giacobbe Byrd19-07.50Gonzaga Prep
9.10Anthony Hampton19-07.50Rogers (Spokane)
10.11Mark Seely19-02.50Central Valley
11.11Chris Douglas18-10.00Rogers (Spokane)
12.12Dillin Sorensen18-08.00Joel Ferris
13.11Ryan Scherich18-05.00Central Valley
14.10Ryan Deckard18-01.00Central Valley
10Kyle WacholzNDGonzaga Prep
X Triple Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.10Dane Larson42-06.50Mt Spokane
2.11Shane Concepcion42-06.00Mt Spokane
3.12Trevor Kissinger42-02.75Mt Spokane
4.11Zachery Bruce40-10.50University
5.10Austin Trumpour40-03.25North Central
6.11Josh Bender38-06.75Shadle Park
7.12Isaiah Hollister38-06.25North Central
8.12Pierce Campbell38-03.00University
12Matt DrumhellerNDMt Spokane
11Braxton MolettNDNorth Central
12Ben FlaniganNDUniversity
X Triple Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.11Jake Radezky43-10.00Mead
2.12Jon Peckham43-03.75Mead
3.11Mark Seely42-02.00Central Valley
4.12Devante Smith42-00.75Rogers (Spokane)
5.12Sam Baird41-07.00Mead
6.10Brennan Schon41-01.50Lewis and Clark
7.11Giacobbe Byrd40-01.00Gonzaga Prep
8.12Dillin Sorensen39-07.50Joel Ferris
9.11Ryan Scherich39-05.75Central Valley
10.10Ryan Deckard39-01.50Central Valley
11.9Andrew LaVoie38-06.00Mead
12.11Gaven Deyarmin38-05.00Central Valley
13.11Dakota Picard38-02.00Rogers (Spokane)
14.10Kyle Wacholz36-08.50Gonzaga Prep
10Wyatt LangenhederNDMead

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.12Afton McKinlay12.55aMt Spokane
2.12Briauna Bemis12.85aUniversity
3.12Sharese Patterson12.86aUniversity
4.9Amanda Konynenbelt13.14aShadle Park
5.9Katie Nilsson13.22aMt Spokane
6.9Peighton DeVon13.42aShadle Park
7.10Cheyenne Clutter13.54aMt Spokane
8.10Raelyn Vogel13.69aMt Spokane
X 100 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.11Tymen Grant12.68aMead
2.9Savannah Hoekstra12.81aCentral Valley
3.10Michelle Nemeth12.83aCentral Valley
4.10Maddie Weiler12.99aGonzaga Prep
5.9Malia Maack13.00aMead
6.11Kayla Tucker13.06aCentral Valley
7.11Katie Fitzhugh13.35aLewis and Clark
8.11Hannah Smith13.53aGonzaga Prep
X 100 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.12Afton McKinlay12.77aMt Spokane
2.12Briauna Bemis13.13aUniversity
3.12Sharese Patterson13.27aUniversity
4.9Amanda Konynenbelt13.34aShadle Park
5.9Peighton DeVon13.63aShadle Park
6.9Katie Nilsson13.70aMt Spokane
7.10Cheyenne Clutter13.84aMt Spokane
8.10Raelyn Vogel14.01aMt Spokane
9.9Katelyn Bolam14.19aMt Spokane
X 100 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.9Savannah Hoekstra12.82aCentral Valley
2.10Michelle Nemeth12.98aCentral Valley
3.11Tymen Grant13.06aMead
4.9Malia Maack13.17aMead
5.11Kayla Tucker13.41aCentral Valley
6.11Katie Fitzhugh13.41aLewis and Clark
7.10Maddie Weiler13.46aGonzaga Prep
8.11Hannah Smith13.49aGonzaga Prep
9.11Kelsey Mix13.60aMead
10.10Hannah Pennebaker13.68aLewis and Clark
11.10Shannon Budworth13.75aJoel Ferris
12.10Rachel Backsen13.90aCentral Valley
13.10Carmen Richardson14.07aJoel Ferris
13.11Tessa Anton14.07aGonzaga Prep
15.12Chelsea Smith14.11aRogers (Spokane)
16.11Cassandra Hamlin14.19aRogers (Spokane)
X 100 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Amber Weber19.19aCentral Valley
2.11Emily Owens27.04aCentral Valley
X 200 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.12Afton McKinlay26.34aMt Spokane
2.12Briauna Bemis27.10aUniversity
3.12Sharese Patterson27.27aUniversity
4.9Rashae Williams27.28aShadle Park
5.10Jasmine Bethely27.58aMt Spokane
6.9Megan Murphy28.07aNorth Central
7.9Katelyn Bolam28.59aMt Spokane
8.9Katie Nilsson28.66aMt Spokane
X 200 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.9Kayla Leland26.41aGonzaga Prep
2.10Michelle Nemeth26.54aCentral Valley
3.9Savannah Hoekstra27.09aCentral Valley
4.12Evie Codd27.26aMead
5.11Kayla Tucker27.48aCentral Valley
6.9Sydney Doneen27.54aLewis and Clark
7.10Melissa Macy27.57aMead
8.11Katie Fitzhugh28.13aLewis and Clark
X 200 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.10Michelle Nemeth26.49aCentral Valley
2.9Savannah Hoekstra26.79aCentral Valley
3.9Kayla Leland26.79aGonzaga Prep
4.10Melissa Macy26.94aMead
5.12Evie Codd27.39aMead
6.11Kayla Tucker27.42aCentral Valley
7.11Katie Fitzhugh27.45aLewis and Clark
8.9Sydney Doneen27.55aLewis and Clark
9.9Kate Edstrom27.70aLewis and Clark
10.9Mariah Cunningham27.74aCentral Valley
11.9Jessie Kunz-Pfeiffer27.94aCentral Valley
12.10Rachel Backsen28.05aCentral Valley
13.9Lauren Helmbrecht28.29aGonzaga Prep
14.10Hannah Pennebaker28.53aLewis and Clark
15.11Kelsey Mix28.55aMead
16.9Sophia Owens29.02aLewis and Clark
X 200 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
1.11Amber Weber52.92aCentral Valley
X 400 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.9Ashlee Pedersen1:00.92aMt Spokane
2.10Ashlie Standow1:00.99aUniversity
3.10Lexie Hereford1:03.25aMt Spokane
4.10Michaela Roske1:04.90aNorth Central
5.10Katelyn Avila1:07.83aNorth Central
6.9Chloe Brooks1:08.63aShadle Park
X 400 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.12Baylee Mires58.84aMead
2.9Kylie Drynan59.77aMead
3.9Jessie Kunz-Pfeiffer1:01.04aCentral Valley
4.9Hailey Hawkins1:01.33aCentral Valley
5.9Sydney Doneen1:01.53aLewis and Clark
6.11Sarah Barnes1:02.33aGonzaga Prep
7.11Allison Jordan1:02.81aCentral Valley
8.9Holly Miller1:04.46aCentral Valley
X 400 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.9Kylie Drynan59.31aMead
2.12Baylee Mires59.48aMead
3.9Jessie Kunz-Pfeiffer1:00.01aCentral Valley
4.9Hailey Hawkins1:00.11aCentral Valley
5.9Sydney Doneen1:01.12aLewis and Clark
6.11Sarah Barnes1:01.65aGonzaga Prep
7.9Holly Miller1:01.93aCentral Valley
8.11Allison Jordan1:02.12aCentral Valley
9.9Hayley Otholt1:02.58aJoel Ferris
10.12Maddie Ballou1:02.93aLewis and Clark
11.9Sara Grozdanich1:04.18aCentral Valley
12.10Peyton Barcellos1:05.01aMead
13.11Chantelle Fitting1:06.63aCentral Valley
14.11McKenzi McDonald1:06.71aCentral Valley
15.12Lakecia Farmer1:06.89aLewis and Clark
10Irina AlekseyevaDNSRogers (Spokane)
X 400 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
2.11Amber Weber1:03.20aCentral Valley
3.11Emily Owens1:51.79aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.11Katie Morris2:14.58aShadle Park
2.10Brooklin Young2:19.99aMt Spokane
3.11Molly Cole2:21.58aMt Spokane
4.12Amy Thornton2:22.26aUniversity
5.9Carly Frank2:24.14aMt Spokane
6.9Dallas Flager2:27.12aMt Spokane
7.10Jasmine McDaniel2:28.33aUniversity
8.12Hannah Fall2:33.79aNorth Central
X 800 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.12Baylee Mires2:15.11aMead
2.12Maddie Ballou2:22.57aLewis and Clark
3.12Taylor Ingebritsen2:25.23aMead
4.12Lauren Earthman2:26.21aJoel Ferris
5.12Erica Contos2:26.69aMead
6.10Skye Sanders2:26.97aCentral Valley
7.10Peyton Barcellos2:29.38aMead
8.12Josie Warner2:30.37aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - 3A League - Prelims
1.9Carly Frank2:26.61aMt Spokane
2.11Molly Cole2:28.49aMt Spokane
3.11Katie Morris2:29.04aShadle Park
4.12Amy Thornton2:29.50aUniversity
5.10Brooklin Young2:29.86aMt Spokane
6.9Dallas Flager2:30.84aMt Spokane
7.10Jasmine McDaniel2:31.64aUniversity
8.12Hannah Fall2:33.15aNorth Central
9.10Hallie Gennett2:35.38aUniversity
10.10Lexi Cooper2:38.21aShadle Park
X 800 Meters - 4A League - Prelims
1.12Baylee Mires2:25.97aMead
2.12Maddie Ballou2:26.53aLewis and Clark
3.10Skye Sanders2:26.56aCentral Valley
4.12Lauren Earthman2:26.61aJoel Ferris
5.12Erica Contos2:27.60aMead
6.12Josie Warner2:29.02aCentral Valley
7.10Peyton Barcellos2:29.05aMead
8.12Taylor Ingebritsen2:29.08aMead
9.11McKenzi McDonald2:30.29aCentral Valley
10.9Martha Heaps2:31.31aMead
11.11Chantelle Fitting2:31.90aCentral Valley
12.9Courtney Owens2:32.10aCentral Valley
13.11Elizabeth Scott2:34.89aJoel Ferris
X 800 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
2.11Amber Weber2:10.69aCentral Valley
X 1600 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.10Katie Knight5:03.88aNorth Central
2.10Kendra Weitz5:15.21aShadle Park
3.12Chelsea Chandler5:27.61aShadle Park
4.11Katie Morris5:28.43aShadle Park
5.11Michaela Lindley5:33.63aShadle Park
6.11Caitlyn Walter5:38.60aUniversity
7.10Emily Stone5:40.60aShadle Park
8.11Kelly Duchow5:59.90aMt Spokane
9.10Sophie Spilker6:27.26aMt Spokane
12Molly MartinDNSNorth Central
X 1600 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.12Baylee Mires5:20.78aMead
2.11Alison Keenan5:27.87aLewis and Clark
3.12Erica Contos5:28.04aMead
4.11Kiah Condos5:29.14aCentral Valley
5.11Abbi Johnson5:30.79aLewis and Clark
6.12Sarah Hanson5:31.18aGonzaga Prep
7.12Audrey Hiatt5:31.59aGonzaga Prep
8.12Josie Warner5:32.29aCentral Valley
9.12Madi Barnes5:37.06aCentral Valley
10.11Taylor Cherry5:37.66aGonzaga Prep
11.9Rachel Casey5:40.66aCentral Valley
12.10Alexandria Moore5:43.44aCentral Valley
13.11Leah Amsden5:44.05aCentral Valley
14.10Skye Sanders5:44.74aCentral Valley
15.10Natalie Palmer5:48.52aMead
16.9Samantha Yang5:49.36aMead
X 1600 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheel Chair - Finals
2.11Amber Weber4:24.10aCentral Valley
X 3200 Meters - 3A League - Finals
1.10Katie Knight10:32.23aNorth Central
2.10Kendra Weitz10:42.51aShadle Park
3.12Chelsea Chandler11:36.96aShadle Park
4.11Caitlyn Walter11:46.84aUniversity
5.11Michaela Lindley11:55.72aShadle Park
6.10Kira Johnston12:35.69aUniversity
7.12Molly Martin12:37.00aNorth Central
8.11Magen Potter12:44.07aUniversity
9.11Brittany Cermak13:07.28aUniversity
10.11Melissa Inouye13:15.69aMt Spokane
X 3200 Meters - 4A League - Finals
1.11Alison Keenan11:31.96aLewis and Clark
2.12Audrey Hiatt11:32.23aGonzaga Prep
3.12Sarah Hanson11:32.60aGonzaga Prep
4.10Alexandria Moore11:33.21aCentral Valley
5.11Kiah Condos11:34.21aCentral Valley
6.11Taylor Cherry11:36.58aGonzaga Prep
7.12Madi Barnes11:44.69aCentral Valley
8.12Acacia Smith11:49.11aCentral Valley
9.11Danielle Maldonado12:01.45aMead
10.9Rachel Casey12:11.37aCentral Valley
11.11Calli VanderWilde12:20.68aLewis and Clark
12.11Jamie Lambie12:27.00aCentral Valley
13.10Natalie Palmer12:35.77aMead
14.9Ciara West12:36.36aMead
15.11Shea Hennessey12:51.96aJoel Ferris
16.9Amanda Kinzel12:55.80aJoel Ferris
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3A League - Finals
1.11Tiara Pajimola15.83aShadle Park
2.12Sammie Pedersen16.80aMt Spokane
3.11Alexa Condron17.04aMt Spokane
4.11Hannah Bokma17.36aShadle Park
5.12Cady Markin17.45aUniversity
6.11Xandria Brixey18.23aShadle Park
7.10Ainslee Bessmer18.25aShadle Park
8.11Laura Seymour20.96aUniversity
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A League - Finals
1.11Megan Davis16.23aJoel Ferris
2.12Lindzee Baker16.48aMead
3.12Mica Kondryszyn16.71aCentral Valley
4.11Emily Korotish16.91aCentral Valley
5.9Emily Romasko17.14aLewis and Clark
6.10Vanessa Santorsola17.27aGonzaga Prep
7.12Carina Mauro17.39aRogers (Spokane)
8.10Emilie Woodd17.90aMead
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3A League - Prelims
1.11Tiara Pajimola16.13aShadle Park
2.12Sammie Pedersen17.02aMt Spokane
3.11Hannah Bokma17.71aShadle Park
4.11Alexa Condron17.76aMt Spokane
5.10Ainslee Bessmer17.78aShadle Park
6.11Laura Seymour18.10aUniversity
7.11Xandria Brixey18.13aShadle Park
8.12Cady Markin18.15aUniversity
9.9Taylor Flanagan18.31aMt Spokane
10.9Jordan Harris19.06aMt Spokane
11.9Courtney Wanke19.08aNorth Central
12.9Lauren Hoffman19.10aShadle Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A League - Prelims
1.12Lindzee Baker16.54aMead
2.11Megan Davis16.57aJoel Ferris
3.12Mica Kondryszyn17.05aCentral Valley
4.9Emily Romasko17.16aLewis and Clark
5.10Vanessa Santorsola17.16aGonzaga Prep
6.11Emily Korotish17.26aCentral Valley
7.12Carina Mauro17.34aRogers (Spokane)
8.10Emilie Woodd17.51aMead
9.11Brittney Neal17.86aMead
10.9Sara Mackin18.21aGonzaga Prep
11.11Molly Moloney18.34aGonzaga Prep
12.11Emma Kost19.50aMead
13.10Abby Liss28.12aJoel Ferris
12Hannah RobbDNSCentral Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3A League - Finals
1.11Tiara Pajimola47.62aShadle Park
2.9Deja Svastisalee47.96aNorth Central
3.10Kennadie Clute49.36aMt Spokane
4.11Hannah Bokma50.55aShadle Park
5.10Ainslee Bessmer51.21aShadle Park
6.12Sammie Pedersen52.99aMt Spokane
7.9Jordan Harris53.55aMt Spokane
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A League - Finals
1.11Jessica Bennett46.56aGonzaga Prep
2.12Lindzee Baker47.63aMead
3.12Mica Kondryszyn48.44aCentral Valley
4.11Emma Kost49.15aMead
5.10Abby Liss49.98aJoel Ferris
6.10Vanessa Santorsola50.24aGonzaga Prep
7.10Melissa Macy50.39aMead
8.9Emily Romasko50.77aLewis and Clark
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3A League - Prelims
1.11Tiara Pajimola48.36aShadle Park
2.9Deja Svastisalee48.70aNorth Central
3.10Ainslee Bessmer49.53aShadle Park
4.10Kennadie Clute50.05aMt Spokane
5.11Hannah Bokma50.23aShadle Park
6.12Sammie Pedersen53.10aMt Spokane
7.9Jordan Harris53.61aMt Spokane
9.11Xandria Brixey55.19aShadle Park
10.11Alexa Condron55.41aMt Spokane
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A League - Prelims
1.11Jessica Bennett46.96aGonzaga Prep
2.12Lindzee Baker46.98aMead
3.12Mica Kondryszyn48.63aCentral Valley
4.9Emily Romasko49.20aLewis and Clark
5.11Emma Kost49.63aMead
6.10Vanessa Santorsola49.74aGonzaga Prep
7.10Melissa Macy49.76aMead
8.10Abby Liss49.88aJoel Ferris
9.12Sydney Weber51.37aGonzaga Prep
10.9Cassandra Turnbow51.85aCentral Valley
11.11Brittney Neal52.14aMead
12.12Erica Ames52.17aMead
13.12Sierra Jackowich52.25aLewis and Clark
14.11Emily Korotish52.58aCentral Valley
15.9Sara Mackin55.15aGonzaga Prep
X 4x100 Relay - 3A League - Finals
1.-Taylor Jones
Hannah Hicks
Rashae Williams
Amanda Konynenbelt
52.10aShadle Park
2.-Afton McKinlay
Ashlee Pedersen
Kennedie Clute
Katie Nilsson
53.64aMt Spokane
3.-Carolyn Johnson
Brianna Sillivan
Brittney Konynenbelt
Deja Svastisalee
53.74aNorth Central
4.-Briauna Bemis
Abby Keenan
Sharese Patterson
Kendra Hamm
X 4x100 Relay - 4A League - Finals
1.-Evie Codd
Tymen Grant
Kylie Drynan
Malia Maack
2.-Rachel Backsen
Michelle Nemeth
Kayla Tucker
Savannah Hoekstra
50.38aCentral Valley
3.-Maddie Weiler
Kayla Leland
Hannah Smith
Jessica Bennett
50.44aGonzaga Prep
4.-Jozlin Hicks
Shannon Budworth
Megan Davis
Michelle Klaue
50.98aJoel Ferris
5.-Kate Edstrom
Le'Ecia Farmer
Hannah Pennebaker
Katie Fitzhugh
51.13aLewis and Clark
6.-Chelsea Smith
Cassandra Hamlin
Giang Ta
Carina Mauro
53.88aRogers (Spokane)
X 4x200 Relay - 3A League - Finals
-Jasmine Bethely
Kennedie Clute
Ashlee Pedersen
Afton McKinlay
1:45.90aMt Spokane
1.-Ashlie Standow
Briauna Bemis
Sharese Patterson
Kendra Hamm
2.-Michaela Roske
Brittney Konynenbelt
Megan Murphy
Deja Svastisalee
1:51.09aNorth Central
3.-Hannah Hicks
Chloe Brooks
Rashae Williams
Tiara Pajimola
1:51.66aShadle Park
X 4x200 Relay - 4A League - Finals
1.-Kayla Tucker
Michelle Nemeth
Mariah Cunningham
Savannah Hoekstra
1:46.74aCentral Valley
2.-Evie Codd
Melissa Macy
Tymen Grant
Kylie Drynan
3.-Maddie Weiler
Kayla Leland
Sarah Barnes
Jessica Bennett
1:47.74aGonzaga Prep
4.-Kate Edstrom
Le'Ecia Farmer
Sydney Doneen
Katie Fitzhugh
1:48.12aLewis and Clark
-Carmen Richardson
Jozlin Hicks
Shannon Budworth
Michelle Klaue
DQJoel Ferris
X 4x400 Relay - 3A League - Finals
1.-Briauna Bemis
Ashlie Standow
Jasmine McDaniel
Amy Thornton
2.-Carly Frank
Dallas Flager
Ashlee Pedersen
Kennedie Clute
4:10.75aMt Spokane
3.-Hannah Bokma
Chloe Brooks
Tiara Pajimola
Katie Morris
4:15.76aShadle Park
4.-Michaela Roske
Katelyn Avila
Deja Svastisalee
Katie Knight
4:20.70aNorth Central
X 4x400 Relay - 4A League - Finals
1.-Melissa Macy
Evie Codd
Kylie Drynan
Baylee Mires
2.-Sarah Barnes
Kayla Leland
Maddie Weiler
Jessica Bennett
4:06.27aGonzaga Prep
3.-Allison Jordan
Hailey Hawkins
Jessie Kunz-Pfeiffer
Mica Kondryszyn
4:07.58aCentral Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - 3A League - Finals
1.12Celena Ward33-09.50North Central
2.10Kelsey Frank32-03.00Mt Spokane
3.11Audrianna Woods32-00.50University
4.12Sammie Pedersen30-01.00Mt Spokane
5.11Emily Flynn29-04.00University
6.9Hannah Hicks29-02.00Shadle Park
7.9Taylor Watkins28-01.50University
8.10Danya Wordell27-10.00North Central
9.9Janay Solomon27-08.00University
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4A League - Finals
1.10Courtney Hutchinson43-08.00Mead
2.12Paula Jennings39-02.50Central Valley
3.12Kendra Szoke35-03.00Central Valley
4.11Meaghan Nelson33-10.00Mead
5.12Sidney Hogue32-09.00Central Valley
6.9Taylor Dewey- Buchanan32-03.00Rogers (Spokane)
7.12Dani McCammon31-03.00Lewis and Clark
8.11Diana Nelson31-02.00Gonzaga Prep
9.12Audre Franklin30-05.00Joel Ferris
10.9Christina Sanchez30-03.00Mead
11.12Samantha Pendelton29-06.00Central Valley
12.12Lauren Schilb28-09.00Central Valley
13.10Amanda Beck27-06.00Mead
14.11Tiffany Spence27-06.00Mead
15.12Katara Belton26-04.00Joel Ferris
16.9Mashayla Combs25-00.00Rogers (Spokane)
X Discus - 1kg - 3A League - Finals
1.12Celena Ward122-10North Central
2.11Emily Flynn100-07University
3.11Audrianna Woods99-09University
4.11Gianna Damiano95-10Mt Spokane
5.11Shyan Day95-05University
6.10Danya Wordell89-10North Central
7.12Kendall Romaneschi83-03North Central
8.12Jodie Becker75-06Shadle Park
X Discus - 1kg - 4A League - Finals
1.11Meaghan Nelson122-11Mead
2.11Tiffany Spence102-09Mead
3.12Dani McCammon101-02Lewis and Clark
4.12Paige Wanner100-09Central Valley
5.12Ymanni Taylor100-07Gonzaga Prep
6.11Mikayla Ness100-06Central Valley
7.10Courtney Hutchinson96-10Mead
8.12Alex Backsen95-08Central Valley
9.11Marisa Graff95-06Mead
10.12Christine Love92-04Mead
11.10Grace Pochis87-05Joel Ferris
12.9Lauren Helmbrecht85-11Gonzaga Prep
13.10Maddie Jones76-07Joel Ferris
X Javelin - 600g - 3A League - Finals
1.12Celena Ward143-05North Central
2.11Gianna Damiano116-03Mt Spokane
3.10Megan Ulias113-07Mt Spokane
4.11Ashley Pace112-11Mt Spokane
5.12Ellie Frame107-09University
6.11Emily Flynn104-10University
7.11Robyn Bowles104-04North Central
8.11Hailey Markham-Patti95-11North Central
9.9Brooklynn Callahan89-11Mt Spokane
10.12Nicole Stubbs88-03Shadle Park
11.11Audrianna Woods84-04University
12.10Kelsey Frank80-09Mt Spokane
X Javelin - 600g - 4A League - Finals
1.11Michaelyn Mills127-06Mead
2.12Paula Jennings123-11Central Valley
3.11Roni Dringle123-04Central Valley
4.10Gabby Bilyeu114-03Mead
5.10Kathryn Imming112-01Mead
6.9Molly Barnhart110-06Central Valley
7.10Samantha Baker107-04Mead
8.12Dani McCammon104-01Lewis and Clark
9.11Chloe Rogers102-02Gonzaga Prep
10.9Emma Smith100-05Gonzaga Prep
11.10Clare Cozza99-11Gonzaga Prep
12.9Hannah Paine97-08Gonzaga Prep
13.12Katara Belton89-07Joel Ferris
14.10Maddie Jones87-09Joel Ferris
15.9Isabella Bade86-04Rogers (Spokane)
16.11Noel Neumann81-06Central Valley
X High Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.11Sarah Richardson5-00.00Mt Spokane
2.10Kendra Hamm4-10.00University
3.10Paige Thornton4-08.00University
4.10Courtney Talbott4-08.00North Central
4.9Taylor Flanagan4-08.00Mt Spokane
6.9Peighton DeVon4-06.00Shadle Park
7.10Jessica Vent-Gmeiner4-06.00University
9Malesha LockettNHShadle Park
10Lexie HerefordNHMt Spokane
11Shyan DayNHUniversity
11Tammi MengNHMt Spokane
X High Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.10Paige McNeil5-02.00Lewis and Clark
2.9Tierra White5-00.00Rogers (Spokane)
3.9Mariah Cunningham4-10.00Central Valley
3.11Jazmine Brown4-10.00Gonzaga Prep
3.11Maya Bowton4-10.00Joel Ferris
3.12Indiah Martin4-10.00Lewis and Clark
7.10Natalie Riel4-10.00Central Valley
8.11Kelsey Mix4-10.00Mead
8.11Whitney Brown4-10.00Gonzaga Prep
10.9Shelby Kantner4-10.00Joel Ferris
11.9Kara Marbury4-08.00Mead
12.10Jade Redmon4-08.00Mead
13.10Shannon Moore4-08.00Central Valley
14.11Maya Samaha4-06.00Mead
14.12Mackenzie Dandoy4-06.00Joel Ferris
10Amanda BeckNHMead
X Pole Vault - 3A League - Finals
1.10Courtney Bray11-01.00Mt Spokane
2.12Britta LaVoie10-00.00Mt Spokane
3.12Cady Markin10-00.00University
4.10Jessica Vent-Gmeiner8-06.00University
4.12Anna Miller8-06.00Mt Spokane
6.11Emily Andrews7-06.00Shadle Park
10Moriah KnowlesNHUniversity
X Pole Vault - 4A League - Finals
1.12Alizabeth Ennis10-06.00Mead
2.10Cadie Pratt10-06.00Mead
3.10Alex Dinwoodie9-06.00Joel Ferris
4.11Natalya Pawluk9-06.00Mead
4.11Amber Arbanas9-06.00Joel Ferris
6.11Eva Vogel9-06.00Mead
7.12Maria Wyman9-00.00Mead
7.11Maya Bowton9-00.00Joel Ferris
9.10Sarah Johnson9-00.00Joel Ferris
10.12Ali Carl8-06.00Gonzaga Prep
11.10Stephanie Brown8-06.00Central Valley
12.9Kylie Drynan8-06.00Mead
13.11McKenzie Lancaster8-06.00Central Valley
14.11Sierra Inkpen8-00.00Mead
12Anne McCaslinNHCentral Valley
X Long Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.12Brittney Konynenbelt17-05.00North Central
2.10Courtney Bray16-09.50Mt Spokane
3.9Amanda Konynenbelt16-06.00Shadle Park
4.10Kendra Hamm15-10.50University
5.11Tammi Meng15-10.00Mt Spokane
6.12Jade Faraca15-08.50University
7.9Megan Murphy15-07.00North Central
8.9Rashae Williams15-06.00Shadle Park
9.9Ashley Lewis15-03.25University
10.10Jasmine Bethely15-00.75Mt Spokane
11.11Lexi Clark14-09.00University
12.10Raelyn Vogel14-01.25Mt Spokane
X Long Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.9Savannah Hoekstra17-01.00Central Valley
2.9Mariah Cunningham16-10.00Central Valley
3.10Jade Redmon16-08.50Mead
4.12Le'Ecia Farmer16-07.00Lewis and Clark
5.12Kendra Szoke16-06.50Central Valley
6.9Kenna Simon16-06.00Gonzaga Prep
7.9Kara Marbury16-03.50Mead
8.10Paige McNeil16-03.00Lewis and Clark
9.10Shannon Moore16-02.00Central Valley
10.12Jozlin Hicks16-00.50Joel Ferris
11.11Michelle Klaue15-09.50Joel Ferris
12.10Hannah Hudson15-05.75Lewis and Clark
13.9Sara Grozdanich15-03.50Central Valley
14.9Kate Edstrom15-03.50Lewis and Clark
15.11Kelsey Mix14-09.50Mead
16.11Whitney Brown13-06.50Gonzaga Prep
X Triple Jump - 3A League - Finals
1.11Sam Hill35-09.50North Central
2.9Amanda Konynenbelt34-01.00Shadle Park
3.12Brittney Konynenbelt33-11.50North Central
4.12Jade Faraca33-08.00University
5.11Tammi Meng32-08.00Mt Spokane
6.10Jasmine Bethely32-07.00Mt Spokane
7.11Robyn Bowles31-08.00North Central
8.11Alexa Condron31-04.50Mt Spokane
9.10Courtney Talbott31-01.50North Central
10.11Lexi Clark31-00.50University
11.9Ashley Lewis29-06.50University
11Alivia CunananDNSUniversity
X Triple Jump - 4A League - Finals
1.10Jade Redmon35-03.00Mead
2.12Jozlin Hicks34-11.50Joel Ferris
3.9Shelby Kantner34-05.75Joel Ferris
4.12Kendra Szoke34-02.75Central Valley
5.9Holly Miller34-00.50Central Valley
6.9Molly Barnhart33-10.00Central Valley
7.10Hannah Hudson33-07.75Lewis and Clark
8.12Indiah Martin33-02.75Lewis and Clark
9.11Kalima Al-Ghani33-02.50Central Valley
10.12Shanna Thompson32-07.00Central Valley
11.11Jasmin Andrews32-05.00Rogers (Spokane)
12.11Michelle Klaue32-03.00Joel Ferris
13.10Shannon Moore32-01.50Central Valley
13.12Ashley Rennick32-01.50Central Valley
15.11Megan Davis32-01.25Joel Ferris
10Paige McNeilNDLewis and Clark
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