Bob Newland Classic (Frosh/Soph)

Friday, April 22, 2011
  South Medford HS (NEW CAMPUS), Medford - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Oregon - 1A
NHCSNew Hope Christian
Oregon - 5A
EPEagle Point
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Austin Neill11.50aNorth Valley
2.10Derrick TuriTuri11.73aCrater
3.10Caleb Ash11.75aEagle Point
4.10Bracken Sharp11.81aGrants Pass
5.10Nick Stevens11.89aGrants Pass
6.10Dom Holden11.90aRoseburg
7.9Hayden Saparto11.91aSouth Medford
8.10Soren Pieske11.92aRoseburg
9.9Aaron Browne-Moore11.98aNorth Medford
10.10Calvin Roberts12.04aSt Mary's
11.9Danial White12.06aAshland
12.10Isaiah McLittle12.13aNorth Valley
13.10Tony Tong Ou12.23aSt Mary's
14.10Quaid Walters12.26aAshland
15.10Nick Healy12.29aSouth Medford
16.10Jakob Combs12.30aEagle Point
17.10Aaron Pankowski12.36aPhoenix
18.10John Gerson12.50aHidden Valley
19.10Jacob Junker12.51aKlamath Union
20.9Andrew Hubbard12.63aCascade Christian
21.9Jonathon Munoz12.65aKlamath Union
22.10Kody Kinser12.70aCrater
23.10Colby Jackson12.73aPhoenix
24.9Jay Tetone12.80aIllinois Valley
25.9Austin Vanwinkle12.89aNorth Medford
26.9Gabe Kester12.90aNew Hope Christian
27.10Evan Samuelson13.03aCascade Christian
28.9Vince Nguyen13.58aIllinois Valley
10Andy ValenciaNTRogue River
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Dereak Albright23.46aNew Hope Christian
2.10Caleb Ash23.63aEagle Point
3.10Jason Thomas23.80aRoseburg
4.10Mason Pugsley24.11aSouth Medford
5.9Anthony Gomez24.21aSouth Medford
5.10Austin Chandler24.21aAshland
7.10Chase Mackey24.33aCrater
8.10Bracken Sharp24.50aGrants Pass
9.10Jesse Ramirez24.53aCrater
10.10Jason Bergold24.67aRoseburg
11.9Zach Blanco24.72aRogue River
12.10Tim Beick24.77aNorth Medford
13.10Calvin Roberts24.79aSt Mary's
14.10Glenn Alvarez25.00aSt Mary's
15.10Paul Brown25.08aKlamath Union
16.9Mason Flores25.23aGrants Pass
17.10Aaron Pankowski25.41aPhoenix
18.9Andrew Hubbard25.69aCascade Christian
19.10John Gerson25.71aHidden Valley
20.9Casey Wilson25.79aEagle Point
21.10Aric Alcantara25.80aCascade Christian
22.10CJ Severson25.83aHidden Valley
23.10Michael LaFlamme26.11aNorth Valley
24.9Trey Hansen26.23aKlamath Union
25.10Colby Jackson26.47aPhoenix
26.9Myles Hodge26.53aIllinois Valley
27.9Cody Hager26.64aNorth Valley
28.10Trenton Monical26.96aPhoenix
29.9Jay Tetone27.38aIllinois Valley
30.10Logan Labelle27.86aPhoenix
9Austin VanwinkleNTNorth Medford
10Quaid WaltersNTAshland
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Zach Blanco53.26aRogue River
2.10Riley Veritch53.66aGrants Pass
3.9Jason Braxton53.80aCrater
4.10Austin Chandler54.19aAshland
5.10Jason Thomas54.72aRoseburg
6.10Glenn Alvarez55.10aSt Mary's
7.9Tristen Edwards55.42aSouth Medford
8.10Tim Beick55.60aNorth Medford
9.10Justice Morris56.08aKlamath Union
10.9Grant Davis56.12aSouth Medford
11.10Kyle Zerger56.33aEagle Point
12.10Connor Vodicka56.63aNorth Valley
13.9Taran Lewis56.94aCrater
14.11Eduardo Arevalo57.02aPhoenix
15.9Matt Deley58.01aGrants Pass
16.9Levi Holden58.52aRoseburg
17.10Trenton Monical59.71aPhoenix
18.10Logan Labelle60.16aPhoenix
19.10Daniel Rossiter61.13aNew Hope Christian
20.10Austin Mathias61.73aNorth Valley
21.9Jay Tetone63.55aIllinois Valley
22.10Steven Mein63.58aCascade Christian
23.9Jeremy Free64.97aIllinois Valley
10Lucas GandyNTPhoenix
9Austin MarcaNTCascade Christian
9Daniel HartrickNTNorth Medford
10Andy ValenciaNTRogue River
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Frosh/Soph - Finals
10David Johnson53.6New Hope Christian
9Dereak Albright53.8New Hope Christian
10Kyle Zerger55.0Eagle Point
9Tristen Edwards55.3South Medford
9Grant Davis55.6South Medford
10Blade Rittiman56.5Eagle Point
9Levi Holden56.60Roseburg
9Zach Avant57.2South Medford
9Casey Wilson58.3Eagle Point
9Bryson Baker60.1Eagle Point
11Arturo Mendez61.6South Medford
9Gabe Kester63.4New Hope Christian
10Daniel Rossiter65.7New Hope Christian
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10David Johnson2:04.57aNew Hope Christian
2.9Noah Yaconelli2:06.19aAshland
3.10Blake Spencer2:06.51aNorth Medford
4.10Niko Tutland2:06.76aSouth Medford
5.9Tracy Salgado2:07.44aSt Mary's
6.10Andrew Youngblood2:07.96aNorth Valley
7.10Hunter Tillery2:08.36aHidden Valley
8.10Tee Nguyen2:09.33aKlamath Union
9.9Francisco Ruiz2:11.21aCrater
10.9Ben Rodriguez2:11.66aRoseburg
11.11Eduardo Arevalo2:12.60aPhoenix
12.10Andrew Davalos2:13.10aNorth Valley
13.10Dylan Woodward2:14.93aRoseburg
14.9Ruben Mendez2:15.60aSouth Medford
15.11Matt Katibah2:16.17aPhoenix
16.10Zack Feil2:16.42aAshland
17.10Alex Cummings2:21.86aCascade Christian
18.10Blade Rittiman2:22.54aEagle Point
19.10Ryan Raker2:23.83aNorth Medford
20.9Cameron Merker2:25.65aGrants Pass
21.9Austin Sanders2:27.84aCrater
22.10Nicolas Wolf2:28.60aEagle Point
23.9Casey Coulter2:29.05aGrants Pass
24.10Jonathan Garcia2:31.02aPhoenix
25.9Cole Mcfetridge2:42.11aRogue River
26.9Conor Keating2:50.90aSt Mary's
27.9Soloman Zook2:54.79aIllinois Valley
9Vince NguyenNTIllinois Valley
9Keenan SeableNTHidden Valley
10Steven MeinNTCascade Christian
10Riley VeritchNTGrants Pass
X 1 Mile - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jonathan Cornish4:51.03aNorth Valley
2.10Dakotah Webb4:52.75aHidden Valley
3.10Blade Rittiman4:55.43aEagle Point
4.10Caleb Diaz4:56.15aNorth Medford
5.10Camden Stemple4:57.87aSouth Medford
6.10Dylan Woodward4:59.76aRoseburg
7.10Jonathan Garcia5:01.83aPhoenix
8.9Aaran Fagan5:06.81aNorth Medford
9.10Zack Feil5:10.46aAshland
10.10John Martinez5:13.05aCrater
11.9Duncan Fuller5:13.75aGrants Pass
12.11Angel Barajas5:17.36aPhoenix
13.9Ethan Cannon5:17.89aSouth Medford
14.9Bryan Bergold5:19.94aRoseburg
15.9Jeff Maffett5:25.60aGrants Pass
16.9Darien Andrews5:33.69aCrater
17.9Philip Todak5:37.73aPhoenix
18.9Eric Oliveri5:47.34aCascade Christian
19.10Joe Coffey5:48.06aKlamath Union
20.10Nicolas Wolf5:50.07aEagle Point
21.9Zeb Amos5:50.11aNorth Valley
22.9Adam Lohman5:59.82aSt Mary's
23.10Brandon Kynsi6:12.01aRogue River
24.9Jacob Scianna6:14.70aCascade Christian
25.9Joshua Allan6:21.05aIllinois Valley
26.10Sam Bauermeister6:27.78aSt Mary's
9Keenan SeableNTHidden Valley
X 3000 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Devyn Baldovino9:21.39aNorth Medford
2.10Daniel Stoiber9:38.70aCrater
3.10Dakotah Webb9:43.58aHidden Valley
4.10Niko Tutland9:44.21aSouth Medford
5.10Camden Stemple9:47.28aSouth Medford
6.10Caleb Diaz10:01.63aNorth Medford
7.10David Cornish10:04.06aNorth Valley
8.10Alex Cummings10:08.43aCascade Christian
9.9Matthew Parrish10:27.59aGrants Pass
10.11Angel Barajas10:35.04aPhoenix
11.9Toby Dill10:40.12aRoseburg
12.9Tommy Dill10:41.25aRoseburg
13.10Garth Hall10:52.58aGrants Pass
14.9Philip Todak10:53.20Phoenix
15.9Zach Olsen11:06.70Crater
16.9Chris Martin11:10.90St Mary's
17.10Jonathan Garcia11:11.80Phoenix
18.9Eric Oliveri11:49.10Cascade Christian
19.9Salvador Ortiz12:08.30St Mary's
20.9Soloman Zook13:05.90Illinois Valley
9Vince NguyenDQIllinois Valley
11Matt KatibahNTPhoenix
9Cole McfetridgeNTRogue River
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Luke Fotuallii16.35aNorth Medford
2.10Isaiah McLittle16.54aNorth Valley
3.10Hector Villa17.32aCrater
4.10Cory Turk17.80aSouth Medford
5.9Austin Jackson18.26aNorth Valley
6.10Sam Johnson18.27aHenley
7.10Patrick Bradley18.97aRoseburg
8.10L.T. Hoak19.01aNorth Medford
9.9Mike'l Andreasen19.44aHidden Valley
10.10Mack Epple20.00aHidden Valley
11.9Ryan Swanson20.80aGrants Pass
12.9Justin Casebier21.70aCascade Christian
13.9Jacob Scianna22.30aCascade Christian
9Drake BrennanNTGrants Pass
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Isaiah McLittle42.34aNorth Valley
2.10Tyler Pecheny44.64aCrater
3.9Austin Jackson45.28aNorth Valley
4.9Cody Bohenkamp45.63aEagle Point
5.10Cory Turk46.53aSouth Medford
6.10Seth Gretz46.56aRogue River
7.10L.T. Hoak46.70aNorth Medford
8.10Zach Schneider47.49aSouth Medford
9.10Zech Iwamizu48.04aGrants Pass
10.10Kevin Sweet48.68aCrater
11.9Preston Chachere49.50aNorth Medford
12.9Frederic Kurtz50.43aRoseburg
13.9Ryan Swanson50.66aGrants Pass
14.10Kris Kanemoto51.18aHidden Valley
15.9Gabe Kester52.03aNew Hope Christian
16.9Justin Casebier53.10aCascade Christian
9Mike'l AndreasenNTHidden Valley
10Levi GirardotNTRogue River
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Dom Holden
Soren Pieske
Jason Thomas
Bryan Bergold
2.-Nick Healy
Mason Pugsley
Anthony Gomez
Cole Owings
46.09aSouth Medford
3.-Riley Veritch
Mason Flores
Nick Stevens
Bracken Sharp
46.38aGrants Pass
4.-Kory Bennett
Chase Mackey
Derrick TuriTuri
Brently Sturm
5.-Austin Neill
Isaiah McLittle
Conner Vodicka
Michael LaFlamme
46.64aNorth Valley
6.-Glenn Alvarez
Tony Tong Ou
Tracy Salgado
Calvin Roberts
47.19aSt Mary's
7.-Tim Beick
Aaron Browne-Moore
Austin Vanwinkle
Brody Zoller
47.36aNorth Medford
8.-Austin Chandler
Justin Stamper
Danial White
Quaid Walters
9.-Kyle Zerger
Caleb Ash
Cody Bohenkamp
Jakob Combs
47.85aEagle Point
10.-Paul Brown
Jacob Junker
Jonathon Munoz
Trey Hansen
47.98aKlamath Union
11.-John Gerson
Alan Rojas
Cody Bellenbaum
Shayne Vasquez
48.05aHidden Valley
12.-Evan Samuelson
Aric Alcantara
Ben Collins
Andrew Hubbard
49.65aCascade Christian
13.-Jose Deras
Aaron Pankowski
Colby Jackson
Logan Labelle
14.-Joshua Allan
Vince Nguyen
Myles Hodge
Jeremy Free
52.30aIllinois Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Ben Rodriguez
Levi Holden
Dylan Woodward
Jason Thomas
2.-Brently Sturm
Kaden Kinser
Kody Kinser
Jason Braxton
3.-Devyn Baldovino
Daniel Hartrick
Blake Spencer
Tim Beick
3:47.60aNorth Medford
4.-Hunter Tillery
Alan Rojas
CJ Severson
Mack Epple
3:48.52aHidden Valley
5.-Paul Brown
Lucas Crebbin
Tee Nguyen
Justice Morris
3:49.41aKlamath Union
6.-Cole Owings
Zach Avant
Phillip Newsome
Tristen Edwards
3:50.26aSouth Medford
7.-Blade Rittiman
Bryson Baker
Kyle Zerger
Casey Wilson
3:50.52aEagle Point
8.-Bracken Sharp
Zech Iwamizu
Mason Flores
Matt Deley
3:52.46aGrants Pass
9.-Logan Labelle
Eduardo Arevalo
Colby Jackson
Aaron Pankowski
10.-Dereak Albright
Gabe Kester
Daniel Rossiter
David Johnson
3:56.45aNew Hope Christian
11.-Michael Crenshaw
Danial White
Noah Yaconelli
Justin Stamper
X Shot Put - 12lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Anthony Jarvis44-00.50Hidden Valley
2.10Cody Toller44-00.00North Valley
3.10Alafou Polataivao41-00.00North Medford
4.10Nick Stevens37-11.00Grants Pass
5.10Alex Wright37-08.00South Medford
6.10Tyler Baird35-10.00North Medford
7.9Aaron Cesaro35-09.00Cascade Christian
8.9Tanner Parker34-08.00Cascade Christian
9.9Phillip Morgan34-06.00Henley
10.10Jose Deras34-05.00Phoenix
11.9Austin Holmes34-03.00Eagle Point
12.10Cameron Fisher34-02.00Roseburg
13.10Alexander Taylor33-11.00Crater
14.10Cody Holden33'05.00Phoenix
14.10Jasper Schurman33-05.00Phoenix
15.9Brent Ottosen32-09.50Hidden Valley
16.9Austin Hutchins32-06.50Roseburg
17.10Matt Farland31-05.50St Mary's
18.10Braxton Repman31-03.50South Medford
19.10Daniel Rossiter31-01.00New Hope Christian
20.10Chase Hamilton30-02.00Crater
21.10Matt Brock28-11.00Illinois Valley
22.9Kade Doyle28-00.00Illinois Valley
23.9Justin Sanders27-07.00North Valley
23.9Eddy Lagunas27-07.00Klamath Union
25.9Isaac Ortiz26-01.00Klamath Union
26.9Drake Brennan25-01.00Grants Pass
9Mason FloresNDGrants Pass
9Nick BranchNDEagle Point
10Tim PierceNDNew Hope Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Anthony Jarvis128-08Hidden Valley
2.10Cody Toller113-07North Valley
3.10Alexander Taylor113-00Crater
4.9Aaron Cesaro111-03Cascade Christian
5.10Alafou Polataivao108-05North Medford
6.9Drake Brennan106-04Grants Pass
7.9Michael McDowell104-05Roseburg
8.9Phillip Morgan97-02Henley
9.10Cody Holden93-01Phoenix
9.10Cameron Fisher93-01Roseburg
11.9Justin Sanders89-09North Valley
12.10Braxton Repman88-11South Medford
13.10Chase Hamilton87-07Crater
14.10Matt Brock86-06Illinois Valley
15.10Tanner Nelson86-00Grants Pass
16.9Brent Ottosen81-11Hidden Valley
17.9Bryce Thornton79-10Eagle Point
18.10Dayton Wilks76-10North Medford
19.10Jose Deras75-08Phoenix
20.9Austin Holmes74-02Eagle Point
21.10Matt Farland71-03St Mary's
22.9Kade Doyle69-04Illinois Valley
23.10Andrew Dunn67-00South Medford
24.9Eddy Lagunas6Klamath Union
10Austin StrohNDKlamath Union
9Tanner ParkerNDCascade Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Levi Girardot164-00Rogue River
2.10Brad Hyatt155-10Hidden Valley
3.10David Johnson146-00New Hope Christian
4.9Austin Hutchins141-03Roseburg
5.10Garrett Nave136-09Crater
6.10Jesse Guthrie130-01North Valley
7.10Calvin Buchholz129-09South Medford
8.9Tanner Parker129-05Cascade Christian
9.10Cameron Fisher123-04Roseburg
10.10Ben Casebier121-06South Medford
11.10Bobby Cheely120-05North Valley
12.10Austin Stroh119-03Klamath Union
13.10Taylor Peterson116-03Crater
14.10Jose Deras115-07Phoenix
15.10Emmanuel Flores108-04Grants Pass
16.9Sherman Hammond105-06Eagle Point
17.9Drake Brennan104-09Grants Pass
18.10Evan Samuelson104-05Cascade Christian
19.11Eduardo Arevalo102-03Phoenix
20.10Tyler Baird99-10North Medford
21.10Dayton Wilks95-00North Medford
22.10Matt Brock73-02Illinois Valley
23.9Isaac Ortiz72-11Klamath Union
24.9Kade Doyle58-03Illinois Valley
10Cody BellenbaumNDHidden Valley
10Joshua MajchrzakNDAshland
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10JJ Chirnside5-10.00North Valley
2.9Dereak Albright5-08.00New Hope Christian
3.10Caleb Wright5-06.00South Medford
4.10L.T. Hoak5-06.00North Medford
5.10Seth Gretz5-04.00Rogue River
5.9Chance Anderson5-04.00Hidden Valley
7.10Austin Stroh5-04.00Klamath Union
7.10Stephen Nemeth5-04.00Grants Pass
9.9Zach Avant5-02.00South Medford
9.9Michael Crenshaw5-02.00Ashland
9.9Daniel Hartrick5-02.00North Medford
9.9Bryson Baker5-02.00Eagle Point
9.10Connor Vodicka5-02.00North Valley
10Ben CollinsNHCascade Christian
10Kris KanemotoNHHidden Valley
9Tanner JaaskoNHCrater
9Jason BraxtonNHCrater
9Ray ToddNHKlamath Union
9Michael GlocklingNHSouth Medford
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Cody Bohenkamp11-06.00Eagle Point
2.10Jason Bergold11-06.00Roseburg
3.10Stephen Nemeth11-00.00Grants Pass
4.10Brandon Vaughan11-00.00Ashland
5.10L.T. Hoak11-00.00North Medford
6.9Matthew Bishir10-06.00North Valley
7.10David Atteberry10-06.00Eagle Point
8.10Sam Johnson10-06.00Henley
9.10Lucas Crebbin10-00.00Klamath Union
10.10Seth Gretz10-00.00Rogue River
11.10Zack Moffitt9-06.00Roseburg
12.10Jorge Ramirez9-00.00Ashland
12.10Brandon Kynsi9-00.00Rogue River
14.9Jeff Hanson8-06.00Klamath Union
14.9Joshua Allan8-06.00Illinois Valley
16.9Casey Coulter8-00.00Grants Pass
9Cole McfetridgeNHRogue River
10Brandon McFarlandNHCrater
9Austin SandersNHCrater
9Travis GrayNHNorth Valley
9Shayne VasquezNHHidden Valley
9Dennis RideoutNHHidden Valley
10Steven MeinNHCascade Christian
10Alex CummingsNHCascade Christian
10Reid GibsonNHNorth Medford
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Levi Girardot19-07.00Rogue River
2.10Caleb Ash19-03.25Eagle Point
3.9Mike'l Andreasen18-07.75Hidden Valley
4.10Kyle Larson18-07.50South Medford
5.10Stephen Nemeth18-05.25Grants Pass
6.10Quaid Walters18-02.50Ashland
7.10Mason Pugsley17-10.25South Medford
7.10Taylor Peterson17-10.25Crater
9.9Preston Chachere17-07.50North Medford
10.9Dakota Phipps17-07.25Roseburg
11.10Patrick Bradley17-06.75Roseburg
12.9Ray Todd17-06.00Klamath Union
13.10Austin Neill17-05.50North Valley
14.10Jacob Junker17-04.50Klamath Union
15.10Aric Alcantara17-03.75Cascade Christian
16.10Ben Collins17-03.00Cascade Christian
16.10John Gerson17-03.00Hidden Valley
18.9Myles Hodge16-09.50Illinois Valley
19.9Tanner Jaasko16-07.25Crater
20.10Zech Iwamizu16-05.50Grants Pass
21.10Ryan Marsh16-03.50Eagle Point
22.10Michael LaFlamme16-01.25North Valley
23.9Tre Baird15-11.50North Medford
24.9Joshua Allan13-08.50Illinois Valley
10Peter SchwartzNDSt Mary's
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Aaron Browne-Moore42-01.50North Medford
2.10Kyle Larson41-08.50South Medford
3.9Jason Braxton39-05.25Crater
4.10Luke Fotuallii39-00.50North Medford
5.9Mike'l Andreasen38-10.25Hidden Valley
6.10Caleb Wright38-05.50South Medford
7.10Stephen Nemeth36-09.00Grants Pass
7.10Paul Brown36-09.00Klamath Union
9.10Patrick Bradley34-11.75Roseburg
10.10Aric Alcantara34-05.00Cascade Christian
11.10Ben Collins34-04.50Cascade Christian
12.10Austin Shipley33-07.75Crater
13.10Zack Moffitt33-05.00Roseburg
14.9Michael Crenshaw29-11.50Ashland
10Riley VeritchNDGrants Pass

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Emily Carlson13.00aNorth Medford
2.10Jazmyn Arnspiger13.18aEagle Point
3.9Sophonie Graham13.57aAshland
4.10Amber Peters13.66aAshland
5.10Autumn Diaz13.81aNorth Valley
6.9Rachel Lightner13.85aSouth Medford
7.9Lissette Gonzalez13.86aHenley
8.9Amanda Brooks13.90aIllinois Valley
9.9Tiffany Barrett14.00aGrants Pass
10.10Brittany Brown14.03aCascade Christian
10.10Brianna Brennan14.03aRoseburg
12.9Mallory Mann14.07aCascade Christian
13.10Katie Muller14.08aHenley
13.10Raychel Clark14.08aHidden Valley
15.9Hannah Young14.10aKlamath Union
16.9Kyndal Ransom14.18aKlamath Union
16.9Baylee Simonsen14.18aGrants Pass
18.9Saige Gombart14.32aRoseburg
19.9Riley Beagle14.52aEagle Point
20.9Emily Smith14.53aSouth Medford
21.9Mia Bianchi14.80aSt Mary's
22.10Taysha Hodge15.10aIllinois Valley
23.9Kylee Burks15.15aSt Mary's
24.9Emily Taylor15.22aCrater
25.10Ruthy Scott15.52aPhoenix
26.10Kathleen Fawcett15.92aPhoenix
27.10Hannah Natho16.46aRogue River
10Shelby CobbNTCrater
10Emily ShinnNTPhoenix
10Tori RomigNTPhoenix
9Venessa D'ArpinoNTNorth Valley
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Emily Carlson26.73aNorth Medford
2.9Venessa D'Arpino27.06aNorth Valley
3.10Tierra Barrett27.16aGrants Pass
4.10Jazmyn Arnspiger28.51aEagle Point
5.10Amber Peters28.68aAshland
6.9Tiffany Barrett28.97aGrants Pass
7.9Lissette Gonzalez29.00aHenley
8.10Brittany Brown29.20aCascade Christian
9.9Veronica Turner29.21aHenley
10.9Rachel Lightner29.48aSouth Medford
11.10Emlynne Gavin29.56aCrater
12.10Raychel Clark29.62aHidden Valley
13.10Brianna Brennan29.91aRoseburg
14.10Madison Layton30.16aCrater
15.9Kyndal Ransom30.36aKlamath Union
16.9Lael Smith30.37aSouth Medford
17.10Breanna Hennricks30.42aRoseburg
18.9Riley Beagle31.05aEagle Point
19.9Mia Bianchi31.18aSt Mary's
20.10Taysha Hodge31.92aIllinois Valley
21.10Ruthy Scott32.35aPhoenix
22.10Breanna Almond32.42aKlamath Union
23.10McKenna Barnum33.01aSt Mary's
24.10Kathleen Fawcett33.40aPhoenix
25.9Amber Trubenbach34.14aCascade Christian
10Courtney DurhamNTNorth Valley
10Emily ShinnNTPhoenix
10Amanda MurrayNTNorth Medford
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Megan Combe63.91aHidden Valley
2.10Rachele Bedsole63.95aGrants Pass
3.9Katelyn Stephens65.07aCascade Christian
4.10Geraldine Graham65.54aAshland
5.10Amy Olden65.90aHenley
6.9Kim Simpson66.10aEagle Point
7.10Monasha Goree66.28aHidden Valley
8.9Hannah Anderson66.85aNorth Medford
9.9Lael Smith66.98aSouth Medford
10.10Jessica Jordan67.29aGrants Pass
11.10Luisa Tago67.35aSouth Medford
12.10Hannah Fortune69.69aCrater
13.10Autumn Diaz69.99aNorth Valley
14.9Megan Killam71.43aCascade Christian
15.10Jackie Petsch73.15aRoseburg
16.10Emily Pennington74.08aRoseburg
17.10Dana Briggs75.92aCrater
18.9Nora Godfrey77.75aAshland
19.9Anna Savage78.97aSt Mary's
20.9Lottie Heater79.89aHenley
9Ashley HydornNTSt Mary's
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Frosh/Soph - Finals
10Sarah Kapple63.2South Medford
10Casie Johnson65.5Eagle Point
9Kim Simpson65.9Eagle Point
10Mary Smith67.4South Medford
9Lael Smith67.9South Medford
9Emily Smith69.9South Medford
9Kali Beers70.3Eagle Point
9Brittney Miller72.2Eagle Point
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Sierra Brown2:22.35aHidden Valley
2.10Alisha Luna2:23.32aKlamath Union
3.10Sarah Kapple2:27.08aSouth Medford
4.9Katelyn Stephens2:28.93aCascade Christian
5.9Annie Watson2:29.24aHidden Valley
6.9Gracie Tostenson2:34.80aCrater
7.9Brittney Miller2:37.20Eagle Point
8.10Hayley Girod2:39.13aRoseburg
9.10Kayleen Mosttler2:39.70Phoenix
10.9Arielle Binkley-Murray2:40.60Grants Pass
11.10Racyne Parker2:41.00Henley
12.10Katie Muller2:41.39aHenley
13.10Brandie Carsley2:43.20Grants Pass
14.9Samantha Milner2:44.90Illinois Valley
15.9Aurora Sherman2:46.09aAshland
16.9Stefani Ritter2:48.38aSouth Medford
17.10Jessica Bowers2:53.73aCrater
18.10Emily Harker3:06.52aRoseburg
19.9Edilet Rodriguez3:13.73aIllinois Valley
20.9Anna Ferguson3:34.37aCascade Christian
X 1 Mile - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Sarah Kapple5:31.60South Medford
2.9McKenzie Maffett5:52.60Grants Pass
3.9Taylor Larson5:53.90Hidden Valley
4.9Taylor Williams5:55.20Cascade Christian
5.10Courtney Repp6:02.60South Medford
6.9Megan Hastings6:05.20Crater
7.10Hayley Girod6:06.10Roseburg
8.9Tori Sigel6:08.20Grants Pass
9.9Jessica Pettegrew-Sam6:11.60North Medford
10.10Isobel Whitcomb6:26.10Ashland
11.9Stephanie Croy6:34.50Cascade Christian
12.9Samantha Milner6:39.00Illinois Valley
13.9Madeline Gregg6:40.90St Mary's
14.10Kyndall Wiley6:47.90North Medford
15.10Brooklyn Gillespie6:48.70St Mary's
16.10Sam Hooper6:54.60Klamath Union
17.9Edilet Rodriguez6:55.00Illinois Valley
18.9Scherlynn Robinson6:56.90Eagle Point
19.10Tristan Dahl7:52.50Roseburg
9Britney WimberlyNTCrater
X 3000 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Stephanie Croy11:44.57aCascade Christian
2.9Tiela Roland11:56.52aKlamath Union
3.9Jessica Pettegrew-Sam11:58.00aNorth Medford
4.9Sara Dunagan11:59.84aAshland
5.9Britney Wimberly12:01.70Crater
6.10Melissa Britsch12:10.43aKlamath Union
7.10Courtney Repp12:10.87aSouth Medford
8.9Quinn Blackwolf12:16.65aAshland
9.10Natalie Stenbeck12:41.36aRoseburg
10.9Lilly Bain12:53.30Grants Pass
11.9Madison Reames13:32.66aCrater
12.9Hailey Natho13:50.03aRogue River
13.10Julia Ma15:00.10Roseburg
14.9Olivia Wesner15:44.60Cascade Christian
10Sabrina SheppardDQGrants Pass
9Jessica HuddlestonDQCrater
9Stefani RitterNTSouth Medford
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Willow Charlton17.16aHenley
2.9Kelsey Skinner17.61aHenley
3.10Bri Polk17.79aSouth Medford
4.9Baylee Simonsen18.54aGrants Pass
5.10Gracie Bevan18.64aCascade Christian
6.10Mackenzie Kelton18.83aCascade Christian
7.10Jacque Hernandez18.86aKlamath Union
8.9Amanda Brooks19.01aIllinois Valley
9.10Arianna Bowen19.56aCrater
10.10Mary Smith19.88aSouth Medford
11.10Audrey Mills20.16aKlamath Union
12.10Lauren Jaworski20.17aRoseburg
13.9Caitlin Gleason20.54aRogue River
14.9Kali Beers20.61aEagle Point
15.10Bryanna Loosli20.72aRoseburg
16.9Kelsie Beaudin21.57aHidden Valley
9Theresa FrederickNTIllinois Valley
10Kylie McElheranNTNorth Valley
9Grace ThiemeNTSt Mary's
9Andrea TheriauNTGrants Pass
10Eryn WolfNTRogue River
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Andrea Theriau48.52aGrants Pass
2.10Bri Polk50.03aSouth Medford
3.9Willow Charlton50.13aHenley
4.10Casie Johnson50.54aEagle Point
5.9Kelsey Skinner52.04aHenley
6.10Mary Smith54.13aSouth Medford
7.10Jacque Hernandez54.60aKlamath Union
8.10Sarah Honeywell54.87aAshland
9.9Hannah Anderson55.65aNorth Medford
10.9Amanda Brooks56.22aIllinois Valley
11.9Kali Beers56.85aEagle Point
12.10Mackenzie Kelton56.97aCascade Christian
13.9Baylee Simonsen58.05aGrants Pass
14.9Caitlin Gleason59.03aRogue River
15.10Lauren Jaworski59.89aRoseburg
16.10Lily Cortez62.59aCrater
17.9Kelsie Beaudin66.57aHidden Valley
9Grace ThiemeNTSt Mary's
9Anne OurslerNTSt Mary's
10Eryn WolfNTRogue River
10Audrey MillsNTKlamath Union
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Andrea Theriau
Tierra Barrett
Tiffany Barrett
Rachele Bedsole
51.79aGrants Pass
2.-Kim Simpson
Kali Beers
Jazmyn Arnspiger
Hannah Morris
53.97aEagle Point
3.-Sarah Cotton-Honywell
Geraldine Graham
Nora Godfrey
Amber Peters
4.-Lissette Gonzales
Katie Muller
Amy Olden
Veronica Turner
5.-Gracie Bevan
Brittany Brown
Katelyn Stephens
Mallory Mann
55.17aCascade Christian
6.-Saige Gombart
Jackie Petsch
Brianna Brennan
Breanna Hennricks
7.-Breanna Almond
Kyndal Ransom
Hannah Young
Jackie Gardner
56.73aKlamath Union
8.-Kylee Burks
Takota Boone
Mia Harrie
Lily Harrie
57.47aSt Mary's
9.-Taysha Hodge
Samantha Milner
Theresa Frederick
Amanda Brooks
57.74aIllinois Valley
-Venessa D'Arpino
Kerissa D'Arpino
Autumn Diaz
Courtney Durham
NTNorth Valley
-Rachael Cathcart
Linmei Amaya
Emlynne Gavin
Madison Layton
-Emily Smith
Luisa Tago
Bri Polk
Rachel Lightner
DQSouth Medford
-Emily Carlson
Ashlee Mcfall
Amanda Murray
Morgan Barry
NTNorth Medford
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Rachele Bedsole
Andrea Theriau
Brandie Carsley
Tierra Barrett
4:15.14aGrants Pass
2.-Sierra Brown
Annie Watson
Megan Combe
Monasha Goree
4:17.49aHidden Valley
3.-Willow Charlton
Kelsey Skinner
Veronica Turner
Amy Olden
4.-Emily Smith
Lael Smith
Sarah Kapple
Mary Smith
4:28.87aSouth Medford
5.-Kim Simpson
Brittney Miller
Casie Johnson
Kali Beers
4:34.53aEagle Point
6.-Relay Team 4:35.54aAshland
7.-Brianna Brennan
Hayley Girod
Lauren Jaworski
Breanna Hennricks
8.-Madison Layton
Arianna Bowen
Hannah Fortune
Paige Gerhard
9.-Mia Bianchi
McKenna Barnum
Takota Boone
Kylee Burks
4:59.42aSt Mary's
-Alisha Luna
Tiela Roland
Jacque Hernandez
Jackie Gardner
NTKlamath Union
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jo-Anne Jesse36-08.00Rogue River
2.10Greylin Rice32-08.00Klamath Union
3.9Kendell Erb31-02.00North Medford
4.10Rebecca Davidson30-09.50North Medford
5.9Dalia Ramirez29-07.50Eagle Point
6.10Chelsea Burns29-02.50Klamath Union
7.10Alexa Meletich27-08.50Ashland
8.9Chantel Downing27-06.50Henley
9.9Randee Hand27-04.00Henley
10.9Julia Kapule27-03.00Crater
11.9Fiona Nevin27-02.00Eagle Point
12.9Kristina Clark26-11.00Grants Pass
13.11Alyssa Brown26-06.00Phoenix
14.9Michelle Kinney26-04.50Cascade Christian
15.9Jessica Sandoval24-07.50Roseburg
16.9Karina Sanchez23-10.00Crater
17.10Tori Romig22-05.00Phoenix
18.9Teiryn Brennan21-07.50Grants Pass
19.9Meghan Gilkey21-00.00North Valley
20.9Rebecca Hopman20-07.00Hidden Valley
20.10Katelyn Jones20-07.00Roseburg
22.9Gabby Scoggins19-11.00Cascade Christian
23.9Taylor Nunez19-08.50South Medford
24.9Natasha Elkins16-11.50Illinois Valley
25.9Chloe Smith15-02.00South Medford
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Rebecca Davidson100-05North Medford
2.9Kendell Erb96-04North Medford
3.9Michelle Kinney95-11Cascade Christian
4.10Alexa Meletich94-06Ashland
5.10Chelsea Burns84-09Klamath Union
6.10Tori Romig84-06Phoenix
7.10Jo-Anne Jesse81-00Rogue River
8.9Chrstine Brown76-06Henley
9.9Sara Maffett76-00Grants Pass
10.9Kristina Clark75-06Grants Pass
11.9Bailey Thomas74-07Henley
12.11Alyssa Brown72-09Phoenix
13.10Rebecca Dovel62-05Eagle Point
14.10Greylin Rice62-03Klamath Union
15.9Alexandra Nesberg60-09Eagle Point
16.9Julia Kapule60-03Crater
17.9Rebecca Hopman59-08Hidden Valley
18.9Olivia Shan58-07Roseburg
19.9Shaundra Cook57-11Crater
20.9Gabby Scoggins54-04Cascade Christian
21.10Katelyn Jones51-10Roseburg
22.9Penelope Harvey51-09South Medford
23.9Chloe Smith49-08South Medford
24.9Darby Gibson47-09Rogue River
25.9Meghan Gilkey47-01North Valley
26.9Natasha Elkins46-10Illinois Valley
X Javelin - 600g - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jo-Anne Jesse100-09Rogue River
2.10Hannah Morris99-07Eagle Point
3.9Sara Maffett96-09Grants Pass
4.10Greylin Rice96-06Klamath Union
5.10Racyne Parker95-06Henley
6.10Chelsea Burns86-03Klamath Union
7.9Olivia Shan84-10Roseburg
8.9Jessica Sandoval81-03Roseburg
9.9Kendell Erb79-09North Medford
10.10Caitlin Kepple79-06Henley
11.9Taylor Nunez79-02South Medford
12.9Kristina Clark76-09Grants Pass
13.10Alexa Meletich64-04Ashland
14.9Bradleigh Flack60-07South Medford
15.10Jessica Bowers59-08Crater
16.10Mackenzie Kelton59-00Cascade Christian
17.9Halie Weber56-03Phoenix
18.10Kyndall Wiley52-08North Medford
19.9Cassie Hiler50-05Hidden Valley
20.9Amber Trubenbach49-08Cascade Christian
21.10Savanna Schreiner40-03Crater
22.9Samantha Milner36-05Illinois Valley
23.9Natasha Elkins33-09Illinois Valley
10Eryn WolfNDRogue River
10Brianna BurksNDEagle Point
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Abby Edmonds4-10.00Henley
2.10Jacque Hernandez4-10.00Klamath Union
3.10Casie Johnson4-10.00Eagle Point
4.10Amy Olden4-06.00Henley
4.10Allie Korntved4-06.00Roseburg
6.9Alexandra Nesberg4-06.00Eagle Point
7.10Jaycee Carsley4-06.00Grants Pass
8.9Cassie Hiler4-04.00Hidden Valley
9.9Baylee Simonsen4-04.00Grants Pass
10.10Sarrah Pardon4-02.00Klamath Union
10.9Megan Johnson4-02.00South Medford
10.9Kassandra Babb4-02.00South Medford
10.9Erin Cline4-02.00Roseburg
14.9Megan Combe4-00.00Hidden Valley
10Mackenzie KeltonNHCascade Christian
10Jessica BowersNHCrater
10Savanna SchreinerNHCrater
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Mary Smith9-03.00South Medford
2.10Mia Harrie8-00.00St Mary's
3.9Stephanie Rey7-06.00Klamath Union
3.9Maddie Gidcumb7-06.00Roseburg
5.9Lily Harrie7-06.00St Mary's
6.10Rebecca Morlan7-06.00Grants Pass
7.9Kassandra Babb7-00.00South Medford
8.10Shelby Cobb7-00.00Crater
9.9Theresa Frederick6-06.00Illinois Valley
10.9Camille Loustalet6-00.00Henley
10.10Josi Sherman6-00.00Eagle Point
10.10Hannah Natho6-00.00Rogue River
10Carli MarshallNHAshland
9Victoria Lawton-DiezNHAshland
9Saige GombartNHRoseburg
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Emily Carlson16-10.00North Medford
2.10Paige Gerhard16-05.75Crater
3.10Jazmyn Arnspiger16-00.00Eagle Point
4.10Bri Polk15-08.00South Medford
5.9Andrea Theriau15-05.00Grants Pass
6.10Jaycee Carsley14-09.00Grants Pass
7.9Willow Charlton14-06.50Henley
7.10Gracie Bevan14-06.50Cascade Christian
9.9Kassandra Babb14-05.00South Medford
10.10Ashlee Mcfall14-02.00North Medford
11.9Linmei Amaya14-01.50Crater
12.10Hannah Morris14-01.00Eagle Point
13.9Camille Loustalet13-09.00Henley
14.10Jasmine Zangari13-08.50Klamath Union
15.9Sophonie Graham13-06.50Ashland
16.10Allie Korntved13-06.00Roseburg
17.10Monasha Goree13-04.00Hidden Valley
18.9Theresa Frederick13-03.00Illinois Valley
19.9Jordan Gilbert12-11.50Hidden Valley
19.10Taysha Hodge12-11.50Illinois Valley
21.10Kylie McElheran12-08.50North Valley
22.10Mary Eaton11-09.00St Mary's
23.10Kristen Landgraf10-07.00North Valley
9Mallory MannNDCascade Christian
10Dannie HornNDKlamath Union
9Sadie BaileyNDAshland
10Bryanna LoosliNDRoseburg
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Ashlee Mcfall32-02.50North Medford
2.10Casie Johnson31-11.00Eagle Point
3.9Kassandra Babb31-00.50South Medford
4.10Jaycee Carsley30-11.00Grants Pass
5.9Megan Johnson30-08.00South Medford
6.10Caitlin Kepple30-01.00Henley
7.10Amanda Wooldridge29-07.50Grants Pass
8.9Camille Loustalet29-03.50Henley
9.10Arianna Bowen29-01.00Crater
10.10Telsche Munson29-00.00North Medford
11.9Mallory Mann27-04.00Cascade Christian
12.9Taylor Williams26-10.00Cascade Christian
13.9Jordan Gilbert26-00.25Hidden Valley
14.9Kelsie Beaudin22-11.00Hidden Valley
14.9Hailey Natho22-11.00Rogue River
10Dannie HornNDKlamath Union
9Cidney HartyNDCrater
9Erin ClineNDRoseburg
9Naomi AllenNDRoseburg
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