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ASAA 4A State Champs - Day 2

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lathrop HS, Fairbanks

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Darrion Gray11.12aDimond      
2.12James McCall11.24aPalmer      
3.12J.J. Jack-Nixon11.24aDimond      
4.12Will Vealy11.29aWest Valley      
5.11Jared Pessetto11.47aSouth Anchorage      
6.10Dane Prince11.51aChugiak      
7.12Donald Stokes11.54aThunder Mountain      
8.12Jesse Ward11.57aNorth Pole      
X 100 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Darrion Gray11.12aDimond      
2.12Jesse Ward11.32aNorth Pole      
3.12J.J. Jack-Nixon11.33aDimond      
4.12Donald Stokes11.35aThunder Mountain      
5.12James McCall11.41aPalmer      
6.12Will Vealy11.41aWest Valley      
7.10Dane Prince11.43aChugiak      
8.11Jared Pessetto11.49aSouth Anchorage      
9.9Lance Wright11.52aNorth Pole      
10.12Cale Foster11.56aColony      
11.11Jasen Suonvieri11.61aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
12.10Charlie Buzby11.74aHouston      
13.12Dominique Garrett-Queen11.76aWest Anchorage      
14.9Joshua Corpuz11.80aKodiak      
15.10Hunter Desmond11.84aLathrop      
16.10Joshua Pudlo11.88aSouth Anchorage      
11Albert WhiteSCRSkyview (Closed 2014)      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Elliott Bauer22.32aSouth Anchorage      
2.12J.J. Jack-Nixon22.35aDimond      
3.11Darrion Gray22.96aDimond      
4.9Lance Wright23.02aNorth Pole      
4.12Donald Stokes23.02aThunder Mountain      
6.10Dane Prince23.33aChugiak      
7.10Charlie Buzby23.44aHouston      
8.11Jared Pessetto23.71aSouth Anchorage      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12J.J. Jack-Nixon22.40aDimond      
2.12Elliott Bauer22.62aSouth Anchorage      
3.12Donald Stokes22.69aThunder Mountain      
5.9Lance Wright22.91aNorth Pole      
7.11Jared Pessetto23.06aSouth Anchorage      
4.11Darrion Gray23.11aDimond      
6.10Dane Prince23.17aChugiak      
8.10Charlie Buzby23.19aHouston      
9.12Jesse Ward23.42aNorth Pole      
10.12Cale Foster23.45aColony      
11.12James McCall23.53aPalmer      
12.12Colton Schneider23.73aSoldotna      
13.12Raymond Jones23.80aThunder Mountain      
14.10Hunter Desmond23.81aLathrop      
15.11Joel Perry24.42aJuneau Douglas      
10Joshua PudloSCRSouth Anchorage      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12J.J. Jack-Nixon49.55aDimond      
2.12John Owolabi50.00aEagle River      
3.12Colton Schneider51.72aSoldotna      
4.12Jesse Ward51.78aNorth Pole      
5.11Jesse Miller51.93aJuneau Douglas      
6.11Colton Buzby52.31aHouston      
7.12Caleb Nymeyer53.98aKodiak      
8.10Chris Kveseth54.38aChugiak      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12John Owolabi50.40aEagle River      
2.12J.J. Jack-Nixon51.07aDimond      
3.11Jesse Miller52.33aJuneau Douglas      
5.12Colton Schneider52.50aSoldotna      
7.11Colton Buzby52.52aHouston      
4.12Jesse Ward52.56aNorth Pole      
6.12Riley McFarlin52.66aKodiak      
8.12Caleb Nymeyer52.87aKodiak      
9.10Stanson Afoa53.40aDimond      
10.10Chris Kveseth53.55aChugiak      
11.11Keith Thompson53.59aWasilla      
12.11Ben Perrell54.05aChugiak      
13.10Enrique Morgan54.63aSouth Anchorage      
14.12Adam Agosti55.08aKenai Central      
15.12Scott Wheeler56.02aWest Anchorage      
16.11Chris Nuttall57.85aWest Valley      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Jani Lane1:51.82aService      
2.12Silas Talbot1:57.35aService      
3.11Kyle Hanson1:59.94aLathrop      
4.10Mason Minturn2:00.53aPalmer      
5.12John Owolabi2:01.92aEagle River      
6.12James Osowski2:04.63aKodiak      
7.9Brandon Schafer2:04.71aColony      
8.10Kuba Grzeda2:05.67aWest Valley      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12Jani Lane2:02.34aService      
3.10Mason Minturn2:02.69aPalmer      
5.12James Osowski2:02.91aKodiak      
2.12Silas Talbot2:03.30aService      
7.10Kuba Grzeda2:03.43aWest Valley      
4.11Kyle Hanson2:03.61aLathrop      
9.12John Owolabi2:04.04aEagle River      
6.11Jordan Fogle2:04.08aKodiak      
8.9Brandon Schafer2:04.75aColony      
10.12Andre Bunton2:05.02aJuneau Douglas      
11.12Aaron Wheatall2:06.35aService      
12.12Tyler Mockta2:06.74aService      
13.11Kipp Wilkinson2:08.26aLathrop      
14.12Gavin DeWilde2:09.80aNorth Pole      
15.11Brandon Kowalski2:11.67aWest Valley      
16.12Zach Keskinen2:13.20aWest Valley      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - 4A - Finals
11Kyle Hanson1:59.9Lathrop      
11Ryer Kornkven2:01.6Lathrop      
11Kipp Wilkinson2:08.9Lathrop      
12Dylan Nixon-Helms2:09.1Lathrop      
X 1600 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Silas Talbot4:24.98aService      
2.12Jani Lane4:28.07aService      
3.11Kyle Hanson4:28.77aLathrop      
4.10Kuba Grzeda4:29.31aWest Valley      
5.11Mason Huffman4:32.91aSouth Anchorage      
6.12Zachary Bursell4:33.11aJuneau Douglas      
7.12Aaron Wheatall4:33.46aService      
8.12Brandon Brewster4:34.25aSouth Anchorage      
9.12Nathan Deer4:35.77aKodiak      
10.9John Farr4:38.24aEast Anchorage      
11.10Cole Christiansen4:39.47aKodiak      
12.12James Osowski4:41.90aKodiak      
13.12Dylan Nixon-Helms4:42.45aLathrop      
14.9Micah Hilbish4:45.58aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
15.12James Leder4:48.61aWest Valley      
10Peter NoonDNSWest Valley      
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Silas Talbot9:41.14aService      
2.12Aaron Wheatall9:49.18aService      
3.10Cole Christiansen9:52.20aKodiak      
4.12Nathan Deer9:52.69aKodiak      
5.12Brandon Brewster9:54.99aSouth Anchorage      
6.11Max Romey9:59.48aService      
7.10Peter Noon10:04.83aWest Valley      
8.11Cody Williams10:14.98aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
9.9Erich Hoefler10:19.34aWest Valley      
10.12Brayden Holt10:21.70aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
11.9John Farr10:22.36aEast Anchorage      
12.12Zachary Bursell10:24.99aJuneau Douglas      
13.9Khalil English10:27.48aThunder Mountain      
14.12Dylan Nixon-Helms10:40.90aLathrop      
10Chris OsienskySCRPalmer      
11Mason HuffmanDQSouth Anchorage      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A - Finals
1.12Elliott Bauer14.64aSouth Anchorage      
2.11Pedro Pena15.18aWest Anchorage      
3.12Anthony Bricker15.24aColony      
4.10Tyler Rohde15.57aChugiak      
5.10Taj Showalter15.76aBartlett      
6.11Brody DeLoria15.97aEast Anchorage      
7.10Larenzo Graham16.12aWest Valley      
8.11John Corr16.19aDimond      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A - Prelims
1.12Elliott Bauer14.70aSouth Anchorage      
3.10Tyler Rohde14.94aChugiak      
2.11Pedro Pena15.39aWest Anchorage      
4.12Anthony Bricker15.41aColony      
5.10Taj Showalter16.02aBartlett      
7.10Larenzo Graham16.07aWest Valley      
9.11Richard Predmore16.17aBartlett      
10.12Andre Bunton16.22aJuneau Douglas      
6.11Brody DeLoria16.32aEast Anchorage      
8.11John Corr16.35aDimond      
11.12Walter Foran16.85aNorth Pole      
12.12Chris Gardner17.02aPalmer      
13.12Thomas Smylie17.03aPalmer      
14.10Braden Hall17.13aWest Valley      
15.11Joe Sandahl17.29aKenai Central      
11Nathan SternsDQKodiak      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A - Finals
1.12Elliott Bauer38.58aSouth Anchorage      
2.10Tyler Rohde39.88aChugiak      
3.12Anthony Bricker40.14aColony      
4.11Joe Day41.03aPalmer      
5.11Pedro Pena41.48aWest Anchorage      
6.12Andre Toliver42.53aDimond      
7.11John Corr45.88aDimond      
12Joshua JonesDNSThunder Mountain      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A - Prelims
1.12Elliott Bauer39.63aSouth Anchorage      
4.10Tyler Rohde39.96aChugiak      
2.12Anthony Bricker41.69aColony      
5.11Pedro Pena41.77aWest Anchorage      
3.11Joe Day42.11aPalmer      
7.11John Corr42.54aDimond      
8.12Joshua Jones42.61aThunder Mountain      
9.10Larenzo Graham42.90aWest Valley      
6.12Andre Toliver43.10aDimond      
10.12Mitch Wyatt43.11aHomer      
11.11Chris Nuttall43.19aWest Valley      
12.11Bud Sparks43.54aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
13.12Anthony Vealy43.57aWest Valley      
14.12Chris Gardner43.79aPalmer      
15.11Joe Sandahl44.14aKenai Central      
16.10Braden Hall45.95aWest Valley      
10Brey HassebroekSCRWest Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Elliott Bauer
Jared Pessetto
Levi Turner
Joshua Pudlo
44.13aSouth Anchorage      
2.-Alex Tracy
Joshua Jones
Raymond Jones
Donald Stokes
44.31aThunder Mountain      
3.-Brody DeLoria
Jakeil Bell
NaVarr Lopez
Myles Nichols
44.46aEast Anchorage      
4.-Dominique Watson
Frank Carney
Armani Tufaga
Darrion Gray
5.-Vincent Aumavae
AJ Gentz
Levi Turner
James McCall
6.-Keenan Honore
Cole Kenney
Peter Guillen
Taj Showalter
7.-Richard Reynolds
Brandon Rice
Albert White
Jasen Suonvieri
46.59aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
-Anthony Vealy
Dominick Anderson
Brandon Comeau
Will Vealy
DQWest Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - 4A - Finals
-Alex Tracy
Joshua Jones
Raymond Jones
Donald Stokes
1:32.06aThunder Mountain      
1.-Dominique Watson
Frank Carney
Armani Tufaga
Darrion Gray
2.-Myles Nichols
Jakeil Bell
Jordan Tennant
NaVarr Lopez
1:33.64aEast Anchorage      
3.-Dane Prince
Sam Brownlee
Ben Perrell
Tyler Rohde
4.-Chris Markie
Mike Arnold
Lance Wright
Jesse Ward
1:35.45aNorth Pole      
5.-Richard Reynolds
Albert White
Kyle Shedd
Jasen Suonvieri
1:35.58aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
6.-MonTae Tate
Vincent Barnett
Hunter Desmond
Kaelen Lee
-Gage Cubbedge
Charlie Johnson
Caleb Nymeyer
Joshua Corpuz
X 4x400 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Cameron Ginochio
Jake Alward
Stanson Afoa
J.J. Jack-Nixon
2.-Jani Lane
Taylor Turney
Tyler Mockta
Silas Talbot
3.-Joe Day
AJ Gentz
Chris Gardner
Mason Minturn
4.-Devon Fox
Edward Massey
Brandon King
John Owolabi
3:37.27aEagle River      
5.-Richard Reynolds
Jasen Suonvieri
Jeremiah Hilbish
Cody Williams
3:38.07aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
6.-Gage Cubbedge
Caleb Nymeyer
Carlo Portillo
Jordan Fogle
7.-Daide Agnew
Brandon Comeau
Brandon Kowalski
Chris Nuttall
3:40.66aWest Valley      
8.-Andre Bunton
Zachary Bursell
Lucas Browning
Jesse Miller
3:41.22aJuneau Douglas      
X 4x800 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Caleb Nymeyer
Nathan Deer
Jordan Fogle
James Osowski
2.-Joe Day
Chris Osiensky
Ben King
Mason Minturn
3.-Kipp Wilkinson
Dylan Nixon-Helms
Ryer Kornkven
Kyle Hanson
4.-Noah Ripley
Connor Mattson
Joshua Pahkala
Keith Thompson
5.-Jeremiah Hilbish
Brayden Holt
Sam Werthmuller
Cody Williams
8:36.69aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
6.-Jackson Parke
Lucas Schlemme
Lucas Hepler
Benjamin Wheatall
7.-Cameron Ginochio
Erik Wilcox
Kiel Kenning
Jake Alward
8.-Maxwell Dan
Dexter Allen
Curtis Sicks
Scott Wheeler
8:49.29aWest Anchorage      
X Shot Put - 12lb - 4A - Finals
1.11Devon Teeling47-07.00Wasilla      
2.12Tim Dommek46-04.50Bartlett      
3.12Tyler Spalding45-05.50Kenai Central      
4.12Eric Hueners41-04.75Dimond      
5.11Stanley Liaga41-01.00Dimond      
6.12Rio Stewart41-00.50Colony      
7.11Terry Holtman40-08.75West Anchorage      
8.12Trey Chiu40-07.75West Valley      
X Shot Put - 12lb - 4A - Prelims
1.11Devon Teeling47-07.00Wasilla      
2.12Tim Dommek46-04.50Bartlett      
3.12Tyler Spalding45-05.50Kenai Central      
4.12Eric Hueners41-04.75Dimond      
5.11Stanley Liaga41-01.00Dimond      
6.12Rio Stewart41-00.50Colony      
7.11Terry Holtman40-08.75West Anchorage      
8.12Trey Chiu40-07.75West Valley      
9.11Mua Sega40-04.00Kodiak      
10.11Ben Self39-10.00Palmer      
11.10Tui Esene38-10.75West Anchorage      
12.12Renn Wright38-00.25Colony      
13.11Alex Rodriguez37-03.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
14.11Renier Cava35-08.25Thunder Mountain      
12Chavous LevaoDNSBartlett      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Tyler Spalding165-02Kenai Central      
2.11Terry Holtman163-11West Anchorage      
3.12Tim Dommek155-00Bartlett      
4.11Devon Teeling145-00Wasilla      
5.10Alex Orozco141-04West Valley      
6.11Paul Owens132-11Lathrop      
7.12Matt Culp132-03Bartlett      
8.10Tui Esene130-08West Anchorage      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4A - Prelims
1.12Tyler Spalding165-02Kenai Central      
2.12Tim Dommek155-00Bartlett      
3.11Terry Holtman152-03West Anchorage      
4.11Devon Teeling145-00Wasilla      
5.10Alex Orozco135-00West Valley      
6.11Paul Owens132-11Lathrop      
7.10Tui Esene130-01West Anchorage      
8.12Matt Culp129-09Bartlett      
9.11Matthew Deldonno121-04Dimond      
10.12David Sorensen120-02Palmer      
11.12Eric Hueners116-05Dimond      
12.12Mitch Wyatt113-10Homer      
13.11Jeremiah Chris112-01Service      
14.11John Whitinger111-08South Anchorage      
15.12Blake Bachant99-06Ketchikan      
X High Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Tyler Spalding6-02.00Kenai Central      
2.12David Dumpson6-01.00East Anchorage      
3.10Brey Hassebroek6-01.00West Valley      
4.10Braden Hall6-00.00West Valley      
5.12Will Vealy5-10.00West Valley      
6.12Kent Ariola5-10.00West Valley      
7.12Eddie King5-10.00Bartlett      
8.12Colten Palmer5-08.00Eagle River      
9.11Lamarr Brown5-08.00West Anchorage      
10.10Tevin Gladden5-08.00Lathrop      
11.11Jal Deng5-08.00Bartlett      
12.10Jay Ulen5-06.00Soldotna      
12.10Marshall Hardman5-06.00Lathrop      
14.12Colton Schneider5-06.00Soldotna      
11Alec CallowayNHJuneau Douglas      
12Nelson Esteves-CruzNHBartlett      
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Vincent Barnett22-04.00Lathrop      
2.12James McCall22-02.25Palmer      
3.11Richard Predmore21-11.00Bartlett      
4.12Will Vealy21-10.25West Valley      
5.10Stanson Afoa20-10.00Dimond      
6.11MonTae Tate20-07.25Lathrop      
7.12Clarence Summers20-05.75Eagle River      
8.11Alex Tracy19-10.25Thunder Mountain      
9.11Jesse Miller19-10.25Juneau Douglas      
X Long Jump - 4A - Prelims
1.11Richard Predmore21-04.50Bartlett      
2.12James McCall21-02.75Palmer      
3.12Will Vealy21-02.25West Valley      
4.10Stanson Afoa20-10.00Dimond      
5.12Vincent Barnett20-09.75Lathrop      
6.11MonTae Tate19-11.50Lathrop      
6.12Clarence Summers19-11.50Eagle River      
8.11Jesse Miller19-10.25Juneau Douglas      
8.11Alex Tracy19-10.25Thunder Mountain      
10.9Kade Bullard19-03.00Dimond      
11.12Cale Foster19-02.00Colony      
12.11Duncan Keith19-01.25Chugiak      
13.12David Dumpson19-01.00East Anchorage      
14.12Colton Schneider18-06.50Soldotna      
15.12Scott Wheeler18-05.75West Anchorage      
16.10Ethan-John Rasmussen17-09.00Service      
X Triple Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Tyler Spalding45-00.00Kenai Central      
2.11Alex Tracy44-04.75Thunder Mountain      
3.11Richard Predmore44-00.50Bartlett      
4.11Duncan Keith42-11.25Chugiak      
5.12Vincent Barnett42-05.75Lathrop      
6.9Kade Bullard42-00.00Dimond      
7.12Andre Bunton41-05.00Juneau Douglas      
8.12Anthony Bricker40-11.50Colony      
X Triple Jump - 4A - Prelims
1.12Tyler Spalding45-00.00Kenai Central      
2.11Alex Tracy44-04.75Thunder Mountain      
3.11Richard Predmore44-00.50Bartlett      
4.11Duncan Keith42-11.25Chugiak      
5.12Vincent Barnett42-00.00Lathrop      
5.9Kade Bullard42-00.00Dimond      
7.12Andre Bunton41-05.00Juneau Douglas      
8.12Anthony Bricker40-11.50Colony      
9.10Stanson Afoa40-07.75Dimond      
10.11Jaquel Lyons40-02.00Bartlett      
11.11Tyler Anderson40-01.50Wasilla      
12.12David Dumpson39-02.50East Anchorage      
13.10Tevin Gladden38-10.75Lathrop      
14.11MonTae Tate38-10.25Lathrop      
15.10Jordan Black38-05.50Colony      
16.11Keenan Honore37-09.25Bartlett      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Dajanae Harris12.43aWasilla      
2.11Morgan Dampier12.55aWasilla      
3.11Alisha Allen12.70aLathrop      
4.12Shaai Ferguson12.73aService      
5.11Destiny Little12.82aBartlett      
6.11Hannah Souders12.92aService      
7.10Lawjen Ashmore13.00aWest Valley      
8.12Rayana Jackson13.06aBartlett      
X 100 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Alisha Allen12.69aLathrop      
2.11Morgan Dampier12.69aWasilla      
4.12Shaai Ferguson12.74aService      
3.10Dajanae Harris12.85aWasilla      
5.11Destiny Little12.87aBartlett      
6.11Hannah Souders12.89aService      
7.12Rayana Jackson12.95aBartlett      
8.10Lawjen Ashmore13.05aWest Valley      
9.12Kimmy Jackson13.08aDimond      
10.11Jaley Bozeman13.17aDimond      
11.9Patty Eagan13.37aWest Valley      
12.10Ellen Acquistapace13.49aWest Valley      
13.11Taylor Holen13.50aHouston      
14.10Claire Gillespie13.54aHouston      
15.10Jelly Nolden13.65aSoldotna      
16.12Sarah Houchen13.71aPalmer      
17.10Esra Siddeek13.71aJuneau Douglas      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Hannah Souders25.92aService      
2.11Alisha Allen25.94aLathrop      
3.10Dajanae Harris26.18aWasilla      
4.12Jessica Todd26.56aDimond      
5.12Shaai Ferguson27.03aService      
6.11Destiny Little27.08aBartlett      
7.10Ellen Acquistapace27.15aWest Valley      
8.9Patty Eagan27.40aWest Valley      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Hannah Souders26.49aService      
2.11Alisha Allen26.62aLathrop      
3.12Jessica Todd26.95aDimond      
4.10Ellen Acquistapace27.07aWest Valley      
5.12Shaai Ferguson27.24aService      
7.11Destiny Little27.36aBartlett      
9.12Rayana Jackson27.41aBartlett      
6.9Patty Eagan27.50aWest Valley      
10.11Jaley Bozeman27.51aDimond      
8.10Dajanae Harris27.56aWasilla      
11.10Jelly Nolden28.03aSoldotna      
12.10Esra Siddeek28.03aJuneau Douglas      
13.11Erika Gaskins28.06aWest Valley      
14.12Cori Schleich28.28aWasilla      
15.11Taylor Holen28.50aHouston      
16.12Maya Rieselbach29.05aJuneau Douglas      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Morgan Dampier57.43aWasilla      
2.11Bailey Beeson57.76aKenai Central      
3.12Jessica Todd58.91aDimond      
4.12Josephine Reagle1:00.73aEast Anchorage      
5.10Lawjen Ashmore1:01.03aWest Valley      
6.10Madison Imig1:01.84aDimond      
7.11Marguerite Belanger1:02.18aDimond      
8.10Christine Angell1:02.94aLathrop      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Bailey Beeson1:00.86aKenai Central      
2.12Jessica Todd1:00.95aDimond      
3.11Morgan Dampier1:00.97aWasilla      
5.12Josephine Reagle1:01.82aEast Anchorage      
7.11Marguerite Belanger1:02.61aDimond      
4.10Lawjen Ashmore1:02.88aWest Valley      
6.10Christine Angell1:02.94aLathrop      
8.10Madison Imig1:03.36aDimond      
9.11Cayla Wiita1:03.86aSouth Anchorage      
10.12Gretchen Winter1:04.15aPalmer      
11.12Marie Holden1:04.70aJuneau Douglas      
12.10Scout Warners1:05.08aEagle River      
13.11Bree Mucha1:05.74aSoldotna      
14.9Tracie Hann1:06.43aColony      
15.10MacKenzie Matthis1:06.51aChugiak      
16.11Carolyn Kiefer1:06.96aKenai Central      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - 4A - Finals
12Kimberly Fitzgerald61.9Lathrop      
10Christine Angell62.8Lathrop      
11Megan Edic63.4Lathrop      
11Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald64.4Lathrop      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Morgan Dampier2:10.42aWasilla      
2.10Audrey Michaelson2:19.68aColony      
3.11Bailey Beeson2:20.31aKenai Central      
4.10Rachel Roelle2:20.33aWest Anchorage      
5.11Jessica Pahkala2:22.29aWasilla      
6.12Jaymi Bethea2:23.54aKodiak      
7.11Stephanie Kirk2:25.55aSouth Anchorage      
8.12Nikki Wray2:26.57aDimond      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Stephanie Kirk2:23.73aSouth Anchorage      
3.10Audrey Michaelson2:24.05aColony      
5.10Rachel Roelle2:24.09aWest Anchorage      
7.11Jessica Pahkala2:24.13aWasilla      
9.12Nikki Wray2:24.16aDimond      
2.11Morgan Dampier2:26.92aWasilla      
4.12Jaymi Bethea2:27.40aKodiak      
6.11Bailey Beeson2:27.44aKenai Central      
10.12Kimberly Fitzgerald2:27.56aLathrop      
8.11Alyssa Hutchins2:28.59aWasilla      
11.11Eliza Rorabaugh2:28.96aWest Valley      
12.11Sarah Freistone2:31.15aDimond      
13.11Elizabeth Wheatall2:36.47aService      
14.11Kelly Schmitz2:36.48aNorth Pole      
15.12Abby Jahn2:38.38aColony      
16.12Marie Holden2:41.60aJuneau Douglas      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - 4A - Finals
11Megan Edic2:19.5Lathrop      
12Kimberly Fitzgerald2:25.2Lathrop      
12Sarah King2:32.6Lathrop      
10Christine Angell2:33.4Lathrop      
X 1600 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Jaymi Bethea5:05.72aKodiak      
2.10Audrey Michaelson5:08.48aColony      
3.10Samantha Hartke5:13.11aChugiak      
4.11Megan Edic5:14.16aLathrop      
5.10Jenette Northey5:14.84aService      
6.9Mariah Burroughs5:19.60aWasilla      
7.10Jenna Ford5:25.02aWasilla      
8.11Stephanie Kirk5:25.03aSouth Anchorage      
9.9Chloe Cook5:27.72aSouth Anchorage      
10.11Sarah Freistone5:27.95aDimond      
11.11Eliza Rorabaugh5:30.68aWest Valley      
12.10Julia Sherman5:36.18aWest Valley      
13.10Tsaina Mahlen5:37.61aSouth Anchorage      
14.11Kelly Schmitz5:45.64aNorth Pole      
15.11Martina Miller5:56.93aJuneau Douglas      
10Rachel RoelleDNSWest Anchorage      
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Audrey Michaelson11:07.94aColony      
2.12Jaymi Bethea11:10.12aKodiak      
3.10Jenette Northey11:26.09aService      
4.9Mariah Burroughs11:34.79aWasilla      
5.11Megan Edic11:37.60aLathrop      
6.11Sarah Freistone11:43.28aDimond      
7.11Merielle Vania11:44.66aSouth Anchorage      
8.10Jenna Ford11:46.44aWasilla      
9.12Abby Jahn11:47.83aColony      
10.9Katherine Weddleton11:49.18aWest Anchorage      
11.9Grace Graham12:06.46aEast Anchorage      
12.10Tsaina Mahlen12:07.02aSouth Anchorage      
13.9Kaitlyn Maker12:14.34aEagle River      
14.10Julia Sherman12:25.75aWest Valley      
15.10Amelia Hennessy12:35.21aDimond      
16.10Katie Jones13:20.95aThunder Mountain      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A - Finals
1.11Rosie Smith14.82aBartlett      
2.12Emily Sharp15.00aJuneau Douglas      
3.11Morgan Kueter15.44aBartlett      
4.12Keiahnna Engel15.66aDimond      
5.11Mariah Ulen16.40aSoldotna      
6.12Samantha Oliver16.48aKodiak      
7.10Sarah Jackson16.54aWest Valley      
8.12Brianne Bohn16.59aWasilla      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A - Prelims
1.12Emily Sharp15.05aJuneau Douglas      
3.11Rosie Smith15.21aBartlett      
2.12Keiahnna Engel15.30aDimond      
4.11Morgan Kueter15.55aBartlett      
5.11Mariah Ulen16.31aSoldotna      
6.12Samantha Oliver16.39aKodiak      
7.12Brianne Bohn16.46aWasilla      
8.10Sarah Jackson16.51aWest Valley      
9.12Samantha Sharp16.52aJuneau Douglas      
10.11Kiera Rust16.57aDimond      
11.12Lauren Bassler16.58aSouth Anchorage      
12.12Scottie Su LeClaire16.61aService      
13.11Mary Vaitohi16.67aDimond      
14.12Shaynee DeVito16.74aKenai Central      
15.10Jaclyn Williams16.81aService      
16.10Leah Sandahl17.40aKenai Central      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A - Finals
1.12Keiahnna Engel46.76aDimond      
2.11Deven Inch47.33aEast Anchorage      
3.12Brianne Bohn49.20aWasilla      
4.12Shaynee DeVito49.30aKenai Central      
5.11Karissa Jackson49.64aJuneau Douglas      
6.12Scottie Su LeClaire50.11aService      
7.12Cori Schleich50.12aWasilla      
8.11Kiera Rust51.60aDimond      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A - Prelims
1.11Deven Inch47.34aEast Anchorage      
3.12Keiahnna Engel48.76aDimond      
2.12Brianne Bohn48.95aWasilla      
5.12Scottie Su LeClaire48.95aService      
7.12Shaynee DeVito48.96aKenai Central      
9.11Karissa Jackson49.01aJuneau Douglas      
10.12Samantha Sharp49.11aJuneau Douglas      
4.12Cori Schleich50.27aWasilla      
6.12Lauren Bassler50.29aSouth Anchorage      
8.11Kiera Rust50.60aDimond      
11.11Mary Vaitohi50.91aDimond      
12.10Sarah Ng51.97aKodiak      
13.12Elisha Hollers52.74aSkyview (Closed 2014)      
14.10Leah Sandahl53.07aKenai Central      
15.10Sarah Jackson53.61aWest Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Morgan Kueter
Destiny Little
Rosie Smith
Rayana Jackson
2.-Lawjen Ashmore
Ellen Acquistapace
Julia Mackey
Maddison Ackiss
51.11aWest Valley      
3.-Kianna Smith
Synclaire Butler
Donniece Hoskins
Josephine Reagle
51.19aEast Anchorage      
4.-Shaai Ferguson
Gaby Serrano
Scottie Su LeClaire
Jaclyn Williams
5.-Kimmy Jackson
Jaley Bozeman
D'Rhema Alston
Kiera Rust
6.-Jean Cumlat
Maya Rieselbach
Emily Sharp
Esra Siddeek
52.73aJuneau Douglas      
7.-Tress Whitfield
Taylor Blake
Jamie VanHoomissen
Sarah Houchen
8.-Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald
Elli Oba
Angel Judon
Halle Corbin
X 4x200 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Josephine Reagle
Donniece Hoskins
Virgin John-Baptiste
Synclaire Butler
1:47.98aEast Anchorage      
2.-Erika Gaskins
Patty Eagan
Kieran ONeil
Maddison Ackiss
1:48.91aWest Valley      
3.-Morgan Kueter
Rosie Smith
Rayana Jackson
Destiny Little
4.-Brianne Bohn
Dajanae Harris
Cori Schleich
Haley Young
5.-Scottie Su LeClaire
Gaby Serrano
Hannah Souders
Shaai Ferguson
6.-Samantha Sharp
Esra Siddeek
Tianna-Jae Garcia
Maya Rieselbach
1:52.50aJuneau Douglas      
7.-Jelly Nolden
Megan Gordon
Alicia Hamilton
Bree Mucha
8.-Ranie Siscar
Andie Wall
Ashley Henning
Samantha Oliver
X 4x400 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Kimmy Jackson
Marguerite Belanger
Madison Imig
Jessica Todd
2.-Mandi Ringgenberg
Jessica Pahkala
Alyssa Hutchins
Morgan Dampier
3.-Leah Sandahl
Shaynee DeVito
Carolyn Kiefer
Bailey Beeson
4:12.73aKenai Central      
4.-Kimberly Fitzgerald
Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald
Megan Edic
Christine Angell
5.-Gretchen Winter
Tress Whitfield
Sarah Houchen
Sarah Minturn
6.-Cayla Wiita
Kelly Yanoshek
Lauren Bassler
Catherine Stophlet
4:15.92aSouth Anchorage      
7.-Tara Dominguez
Ashanti Phillips
Donniece Hoskins
Josephine Reagle
4:16.10aEast Anchorage      
8.-Marie Holden
Caitlin Bossio
Esra Siddeek
Samantha Sharp
4:26.81aJuneau Douglas      
X 4x800 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Cayla Wiita
Kelly Yanoshek
Merielle Vania
Stephanie Kirk
9:40.26aSouth Anchorage      
2.-Mariah Burroughs
Mandi Ringgenberg
Jessica Pahkala
Alyssa Hutchins
3.-Megan Edic
Sarah King
Christine Angell
Kim Fitzgerald
4.-Freya Chay
Olivia Pfeifer
Carolyn Kiefer
Bailey Beeson
9:54.95aKenai Central      
5.-Gretchen Winter
Kalene Smith
Hana Bohman
Sarah Minturn
6.-Abby Jahn
Tracie Hann
Makenzie Thompson
Bailey Meier
7.-Sarah Ng
Adriane Horn
Tiffany Bolyard
Ashley Henning
8.-Sarah McDermott
Monica Ashenfelter
Clancey Cheeely
Martina Miller
11:19.90aJuneau Douglas      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Erin LaMere35-10.75Palmer      
2.12Shellina Irwin35-06.25Colony      
3.11Savanna James34-07.25Houston      
4.11Rachael Huffman34-04.00Palmer      
5.11Wenda Pole'o32-11.00East Anchorage      
6.12Jessie Duke32-06.25Soldotna      
7.10Taylor Blake32-03.50Palmer      
8.11Tina-Louise Dunbar31-11.00East Anchorage      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4A - Prelims
1.12Shellina Irwin34-07.50Colony      
2.11Rachael Huffman34-04.00Palmer      
3.12Erin LaMere34-03.50Palmer      
4.11Wenda Pole'o32-11.00East Anchorage      
5.12Jessie Duke32-06.25Soldotna      
6.11Savanna James32-02.00Houston      
7.11Tina-Louise Dunbar31-11.00East Anchorage      
8.10Taylor Blake31-10.25Palmer      
9.9Valerie Sao30-11.00Bartlett      
10.11Marissa Mahan30-09.25Skyview (Closed 2014)      
11.11Sarah Swanson30-05.50West Valley      
12.12Kimmy Laboca30-05.00Thunder Mountain      
13.12Samantha Oliver30-00.00Kodiak      
14.10Pauline Tufi29-11.50West Anchorage      
15.12Katie M. Anderson29-11.00Dimond      
X Discus - 1kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Shellina Irwin118-01Colony      
2.12Jessie Duke116-00Soldotna      
3.11Kelly French109-03West Anchorage      
4.10Pauline Tufi106-11West Anchorage      
5.12Zoe Hickel104-08Service      
6.11Megan Holland104-03South Anchorage      
7.11Savanna James103-05Houston      
8.12Megan Parham99-03Skyview (Closed 2014)      
X Discus - 1kg - 4A - Prelims
1.12Shellina Irwin118-01Colony      
2.11Kelly French108-11West Anchorage      
3.10Pauline Tufi106-11West Anchorage      
4.11Megan Holland104-03South Anchorage      
5.12Jessie Duke102-10Soldotna      
6.12Zoe Hickel101-05Service      
7.11Savanna James101-03Houston      
8.12Megan Parham99-03Skyview (Closed 2014)      
9.10Malia McVee97-03Chugiak      
10.10Anastasia Lavern-Tosi97-02West Anchorage      
11.11Sarah Swanson96-04West Valley      
12.10Alexis Imoe96-02Wasilla      
13.11Sara Richardson94-02Dimond      
14.11Hannah Cristiano91-07Soldotna      
15.11Kristy Howard90-06Chugiak      
16.12Kimmy Laboca83-05Thunder Mountain      
X High Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Morgan Kueter5-04.00Bartlett      
2.12Thit Bak5-04.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
3.12Megan McKinnell5-01.00North Pole      
4.9Megan Drange4-10.00West Valley      
5.11Mariah Ulen4-10.00Soldotna      
6.9Sylvia Evern4-08.00Dimond      
6.11Paige Wolters4-08.00West Valley      
8.11Julia Mackey4-08.00West Valley      
8.9Koralyn Sereyko4-08.00Bartlett      
10.10Jessie Martellaro4-08.00West Valley      
11.10Callie Franz4-08.00West Valley      
12.10Scout Warners4-06.00Eagle River      
13.9Samantha Simpson4-06.00West Anchorage      
13.11Brea Walker4-06.00Dimond      
13.12Annelise Bachelder4-06.00Lathrop      
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Alisha Allen16-06.25Lathrop      
2.12Jessica Todd16-03.00Dimond      
3.11Alexandria Collins15-11.25Chugiak      
4.12Tonya Parish15-05.25Dimond      
5.12Thit Bak15-05.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
6.12Keiahnna Engel15-03.50Dimond      
7.12Alice Strick15-01.50Wasilla      
8.11Julia Mackey14-11.50West Valley      
X Long Jump - 4A - Prelims
1.11Alisha Allen16-06.25Lathrop      
2.11Alexandria Collins15-10.25Chugiak      
3.12Jessica Todd15-10.00Dimond      
4.12Tonya Parish15-05.25Dimond      
5.12Thit Bak15-05.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
6.12Keiahnna Engel15-03.50Dimond      
7.12Alice Strick15-01.50Wasilla      
8.11Julia Mackey14-11.50West Valley      
9.10Marlee Cunningham14-07.75Skyview (Closed 2014)      
10.10Ellen Acquistapace14-05.25West Valley      
10.10Ki-Ani Dorsett14-05.25Bartlett      
12.12Sarah Houchen14-04.00Palmer      
13.9Jenny Sheasley14-02.75West Anchorage      
14.9Koralyn Sereyko14-00.00Bartlett      
15.10Shayla Reeves13-11.25Thunder Mountain      
12Lauren BasslerDNSSouth Anchorage      
X Triple Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Alisha Allen37-08.75Lathrop      
2.10Dajanae Harris35-06.25Wasilla      
3.12Thit Bak35-05.50Skyview (Closed 2014)      
4.12Tonya Parish34-08.50Dimond      
5.11Julia Mackey34-01.75West Valley      
6.11Alexandria Collins33-08.00Chugiak      
7.10Lida Zakurdaew33-05.75South Anchorage      
8.12Alice Strick32-10.25Wasilla      
X Triple Jump - 4A - Prelims
1.11Alisha Allen35-10.50Lathrop      
2.10Dajanae Harris35-06.25Wasilla      
3.12Thit Bak34-07.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
4.11Alexandria Collins33-08.00Chugiak      
5.12Tonya Parish33-07.00Dimond      
6.10Lida Zakurdaew33-03.50South Anchorage      
7.11Julia Mackey33-02.00West Valley      
8.12Alice Strick32-10.25Wasilla      
9.11Kiera Rust32-02.50Dimond      
10.12Caroline Cole31-11.50South Anchorage      
11.11Melissa Fisher31-06.00Thunder Mountain      
12.10Marlee Cunningham31-04.00Skyview (Closed 2014)      
13.11Rachel Dickerson31-01.00Lathrop      
14.12Lauren Bassler30-06.25South Anchorage      
15.11Mariah Ulen30-05.50Soldotna      
16.9Cassidy Soistman29-02.50Homer      
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