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Walter Johnson and Kennedy at Whitman

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Li11.64aWalter Johnson      
2.12Ehab Abutaleb11.72aWalt Whitman      
3.10Fitzroy Clair11.78aJohn F Kennedy      
4.12Cole Ahnell12.22aWalter Johnson      
5.9Teddy Maydan12.31aWalter Johnson      
6.10Roan Ottey12.66aWalter Johnson      
7.11Andrew Pittsenberger12.68aWalter Johnson      
8.10Randale Patterson12.73aWalter Johnson      
9.10Charlie Barry12.84aWalter Johnson      
10.12Michael Swann12.95aWalter Johnson      
11.9Chris Mackenzie13.13aJohn F Kennedy      
12.9Nicholas Meyer13.18aWalt Whitman      
13.11Ngumbelle Palle13.26aJohn F Kennedy      
14.9Ossie Cano13.31aJohn F Kennedy      
15.11Eduardo Hernandez13.38aJohn F Kennedy      
16.10Brian Morris14.21aWalter Johnson      
17.9William Montgomery14.23aWalt Whitman      
18.9Jacob Cutler14.82aWalt Whitman      
19.9Julian Tosini15.41aWalt Whitman      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Donito Smith23.41aWalter Johnson      
2.10Fitzroy Clair23.47aJohn F Kennedy      
3.12Michael Li23.48aWalter Johnson      
4.12Cole Ahnell24.69aWalter Johnson      
5.9Teddy Maydan25.30aWalter Johnson      
6.10Nathan Matheson25.41aWalter Johnson      
7.10Randale Patterson26.44aWalter Johnson      
8.9Nicholas Meyer26.67aWalt Whitman      
9.9Ossie Cano26.82aJohn F Kennedy      
10.11Ngumbelle Palle26.90aJohn F Kennedy      
11.9Chris Mackenzie26.95aJohn F Kennedy      
12.11Eduardo Hernandez27.12aJohn F Kennedy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kemol Anderson50.67aJohn F Kennedy      
2.12Michael Li51.59aWalter Johnson      
3.11Chris Gardner52.43aJohn F Kennedy      
4.12Donito Smith54.13aWalter Johnson      
5.11Jovian Coley54.51aJohn F Kennedy      
6.10Ben Crites58.02aWalter Johnson      
7.9Nathan Bennet59.01aWalt Whitman      
8.11Nico Frayne-Reixa60.67aWalt Whitman      
9T.J. McPhaulNTWalt Whitman      
10Brian MorrisNTWalter Johnson      
9Grant ChaflinNTWalter Johnson      
9Brian ParisNTWalter Johnson      
11Luis Bravo PuigNTWalter Johnson      
11Will GreenanNTWalter Johnson      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ben Crites2:09.92aWalter Johnson      
2.10Jacob Rashid2:11.60aWalter Johnson      
3.12David Guwani2:12.62aJohn F Kennedy      
4.11Marvin Zhang2:15.87aWalter Johnson      
5.12Corey Moorefield2:16.93aJohn F Kennedy      
6.10Connor Jobes2:21.28aWalter Johnson      
7.10Raymond Trang2:24.05aJohn F Kennedy      
8.12Carl Adams2:25.43aWalter Johnson      
9.9David Bloch2:25.78aWalt Whitman      
10.10Nathaniel Rees2:26.84aWalter Johnson      
11.9Alan Roberts2:28.07aWalter Johnson      
12.10Rafeh Qureshi2:28.88aWalter Johnson      
13.10Matt Skay2:29.44aWalter Johnson      
14.9Nathan Bennet2:32.74aWalt Whitman      
15.9Mathew Straathof2:33.99aWalter Johnson      
16.9T.J. McPhaul2:38.15aWalt Whitman      
17.10Kevin Cotter2:40.49aWalter Johnson      
18.9Nemish De silva2:41.55aWalter Johnson      
19.9Grant Chaflin2:42.80aWalter Johnson      
20.9Alvin Wanaina2:43.61aWalter Johnson      
21.9Matt Digan2:43.97aWalt Whitman      
22.9Sebastian Lara2:44.20aWalter Johnson      
23.11Park Lippold2:44.99aWalt Whitman      
24.9Eli Marks2:45.29aWalter Johnson      
25.9Jamey Greenbaum2:48.76aWalt Whitman      
26.9Ben Laurenson2:54.69aWalter Johnson      
27.10Nathan Matheson3:01.63aWalter Johnson      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Willett4:29.46aWalter Johnson      
2.11Nick Adams4:38.01aWalt Whitman      
3.11Josh Ellis4:47.79aWalter Johnson      
4.12Robert Brown4:48.87aWalter Johnson      
5.12Llewellyn Smith4:57.61aWalt Whitman      
6.11James Sauro4:58.76aWalter Johnson      
7.11Marvin Zhang4:59.79aWalter Johnson      
8.11Thomas Delacour5:00.12aWalt Whitman      
9.-Khurram Safraz5:02.62aJohn F Kennedy      
10.9Michael Spak5:03.43aWalter Johnson      
11.9David Bloch5:04.31aWalt Whitman      
12.10David Sidibe5:06.36aWalter Johnson      
13.11Samuel Haugrud5:06.73aWalter Johnson      
14.12Carl Adams5:09.83aWalter Johnson      
15.10Eyal Hanfling5:10.74aWalt Whitman      
16.9Daniel Kosogof5:15.23aWalter Johnson      
17.10Connor Jobes5:25.49aWalter Johnson      
18.10Matt Skay5:25.50aWalter Johnson      
19.10Nathaniel Rees5:26.80aWalter Johnson      
20.9Alan Roberts5:27.58aWalter Johnson      
21.12seth Markowitz5:27.77aWalter Johnson      
22.9Mathew Straathof5:31.88aWalter Johnson      
23.10Kevin Cotter5:32.15aWalter Johnson      
24.11Leo Mahony III5:32.84aWalter Johnson      
25.10Isaac Rubin5:35.29aWalt Whitman      
26.9Austin Lesch5:36.90aWalt Whitman      
27.10Raymond Trang5:41.85aJohn F Kennedy      
28.10Aman Afsah5:42.97aWalter Johnson      
29.9Evan Mata5:43.73aWalt Whitman      
30.11Will Greenan5:49.43aWalter Johnson      
31.9Daniel Stern5:54.24aWalt Whitman      
32.9Ben Laurenson5:55.43aWalter Johnson      
33.9Matt Digan5:55.82aWalt Whitman      
34.9Nemish De silva5:55.99aWalter Johnson      
35.9Jamey Greenbaum5:56.53aWalt Whitman      
36.11Park Lippold5:59.54aWalt Whitman      
37.10Jacob Rashid6:02.49aWalter Johnson      
38.9Sebastian Lara6:07.22aWalter Johnson      
39.9Eli Marks6:09.90aWalter Johnson      
40.11Aaron Liebman6:27.19aWalt Whitman      
10Nathan MathesonNTWalter Johnson      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Willett9:46.58aWalter Johnson      
2.12Robert Brown10:28.02aWalter Johnson      
3.11Scott Sheehan10:43.58aWalter Johnson      
4.9David Bloch10:54.20aWalt Whitman      
5.11Samuel Haugrud11:00.24aWalter Johnson      
6.10Rafeh Qureshi11:00.47aWalter Johnson      
7.12Carl Adams11:13.61aWalter Johnson      
8.10David Sidibe11:19.39aWalter Johnson      
9.9Daniel Kosogof11:20.76aWalter Johnson      
10.10Eyal Hanfling11:48.12aWalt Whitman      
11.9Jared Frank11:51.74aWalt Whitman      
12.11Daniel Sack12:00.54aWalt Whitman      
13.12seth Markowitz12:14.60aWalter Johnson      
14.9David Weber12:18.37aWalt Whitman      
15.10Kevin Cotter12:27.10aWalter Johnson      
16.11Leo Mahony III12:29.75aWalter Johnson      
17.9Evan Mata12:35.46aWalt Whitman      
18.9Daniel Stern12:39.94aWalt Whitman      
19.9Ben Laurenson13:14.04aWalter Johnson      
20.10Jacob Rashid13:22.79aWalter Johnson      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abdel Ndam15.80John F Kennedy      
2.11Elad Covaliu16.10Walter Johnson      
3.12Ehab Abutaleb16.20Walt Whitman      
4.11Trey Lefgred17.98John F Kennedy      
5.10Roan Ottey19.82Walter Johnson      
6.10Kyung Kim20.00Walter Johnson      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abdel Ndam41.45aJohn F Kennedy      
2.12Ehab Abutaleb43.49aWalt Whitman      
3.11Elad Covaliu43.85aWalter Johnson      
4.10Aldo Filas44.16aWalter Johnson      
5.11Kharrum Sarfraz44.17aJohn F Kennedy      
6.10Kyung Kim47.39aWalter Johnson      
7.11Trey Lefgred47.65aJohn F Kennedy      
8.11Max McCleskey48.75aWalter Johnson      
9.10Charlie Barry51.23aWalter Johnson      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.27aJohn F Kennedy      
2.-Relay Team 47.53aWalter Johnson      
-Relay Team 51.41aJohn F Kennedy      
3.-Relay Team 60.64aWalt Whitman      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:37.74aWalter Johnson      
-Relay Team DQJohn F Kennedy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:32.31aJohn F Kennedy      
2.-Cole Ahnell
Michael Li
Alex Willett
Josh Ellis
3:35.44aWalter Johnson      
3.-Relay Team 3:45.86aWalt Whitman      
4.-Relay Team 3:54.01aWalter Johnson      
5.-Relay Team 4:18.47aWalter Johnson      
6.-Relay Team 4:20.84aWalt Whitman      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Ellis
Nicky Fowler
Ben Crites
Alex Willett
8:12.87aWalter Johnson      
2.-Relay Team 8:53.27aJohn F Kennedy      
3.-Relay Team 9:15.83aWalt Whitman      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elad Covaliu37-10.50Walter Johnson      
2.12Chris Johnson33-00.00John F Kennedy      
3.11Jovian Coley30-09.00John F Kennedy      
4.10Thomas Mitchell27-03.00Walt Whitman      
5.11Steven Groobert23-06.50Walter Johnson      
6.9William Montgomery21-01.00Walt Whitman      
7.9Ian Chrisler21-00.50Walter Johnson      
8.9Jacob Cutler17-01.00Walt Whitman      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Connor Jobes85-07Walter Johnson      
2.11Steven Groobert63-05Walter Johnson      
3.9Ian Chrisler45-05Walter Johnson      
4.9Jacob Cutler40-03Walt Whitman      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kalaii Griffin5-06.00Walter Johnson      
2.11Kharrum Sarfraz5-06.00John F Kennedy      
10Aman AfsahNHWalter Johnson      
9Alan RobertsNHWalter Johnson      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Swann17-05.50Walter Johnson      
2.10Charlie Barry17-03.50Walter Johnson      
3.11Trey Lefgred17-03.00John F Kennedy      
4.11Max McCleskey15-08.00Walter Johnson      
5.11Cyrus Capuzuzzo-Hojal15-04.00Walter Johnson      
6.11Andrew Pittsenberger14-03.50Walter Johnson      
7.11Tyler Huyser14-00.00Walter Johnson      
8.11Nico Frayne-Reixa13-09.00Walt Whitman      
9.9T.J. McPhaul12-09.00Walt Whitman      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elad Covaliu36-08.00Walter Johnson      
2.-Khurram Safraz35-05.50John F Kennedy      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aliyah Dean13.43aJohn F Kennedy      
2.9Zeya Luo13.51aWalt Whitman      
3.9Margot Smith13.70aWalter Johnson      
4.9Mary Rose Melnicki13.72aWalter Johnson      
5.10Kara Lipscomb14.14aJohn F Kennedy      
6.11Madeleine Entwistle14.17aWalt Whitman      
7.10Ana Gomerez14.59aWalter Johnson      
8.9Zoe Mungai-Barris14.89aWalt Whitman      
9.10Cynthia Corfah14.90aWalter Johnson      
10.9Lily Emadi14.93aWalter Johnson      
10.10Nicolette Clarke14.93aJohn F Kennedy      
12.9Isabelle Spies15.08aWalt Whitman      
13.9Robin Williams15.38aJohn F Kennedy      
14.9Myun Lian15.78aWalt Whitman      
15.9Malena Maraviglia15.88aWalt Whitman      
16.11Rachell Cook15.91aWalter Johnson      
17.11Amelia Lawrence16.09aWalt Whitman      
18.9Faith Nyanaro16.27aJohn F Kennedy      
19.9Rachel Oh16.36aWalt Whitman      
20.9Actavia Williams16.45aJohn F Kennedy      
21.9Immaculate Nyanaro16.73aJohn F Kennedy      
22.9Della Turque17.16aWalt Whitman      
23.9Sara Veppumthara17.93aWalt Whitman      
24.12Sigal Covaliu18.58aWalter Johnson      
9Jevani MosesNTWalter Johnson      
11Hannah AdamsNTWalt Whitman      
9Charlotte FittermanNTWalt Whitman      
9Kamilla BeisenovaNTWalt Whitman      
10Angel MannehNTJohn F Kennedy      
9Alexa WeedonNTJohn F Kennedy      
10Amazing MannehNTJohn F Kennedy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aliyah Dean27.67aJohn F Kennedy      
2.9Zeya Luo27.96aWalt Whitman      
3.11Alessandra Daniere29.06aWalter Johnson      
4.12Carolyn Connor29.38aWalt Whitman      
5.11Jasmine Robinson29.41aWalter Johnson      
6.9Mary Rose Melnicki29.55aWalter Johnson      
7.10Corry Straathof29.87aWalter Johnson      
8.9Zoe Mungai-Barris29.93aWalt Whitman      
9.10Cynthia Corfah30.12aWalter Johnson      
10.10Nicolette Clarke30.33aJohn F Kennedy      
11.9Robin Williams31.47aJohn F Kennedy      
12.9Malena Maraviglia31.53aWalt Whitman      
13.9Lily Emadi31.63aWalter Johnson      
14.10Sarah Newsom31.72aWalt Whitman      
15.10Amazing Manneh31.88aJohn F Kennedy      
16.10Angel Manneh31.98aJohn F Kennedy      
17.9Faith Nyanaro32.35aJohn F Kennedy      
18.9Charlotte Fitterman32.62aWalt Whitman      
19.11Rachell Cook32.66aWalter Johnson      
20.9Rachel Oh33.12aWalt Whitman      
21.9Immaculate Nyanaro33.77aJohn F Kennedy      
22.11Nicole Eidi34.85aWalt Whitman      
23.9Maria Mu35.09aWalt Whitman      
24.9Sara Veppumthara37.21aWalt Whitman      
25.11Leah Holmes39.94aWalter Johnson      
26.9Yael Caplan40.28aWalt Whitman      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Spurrell63.51aWalter Johnson      
2.12Isatou Mbowe63.54aJohn F Kennedy      
3.11Caroline Hagerty64.67aWalter Johnson      
4.11Sarah Breen66.11aWalter Johnson      
5.12Anna Bosse67.01aWalter Johnson      
6.10Adriana Frayne-Reixa69.93aWalt Whitman      
7.10Corry Straathof71.03aWalter Johnson      
8.10Morgane Batkai71.61aWalter Johnson      
9.12Zainab Salami74.25aJohn F Kennedy      
10.10Cara Funke1:20.43aWalter Johnson      
11.9Maria Mu1:22.74aWalt Whitman      
12.11Rachell Cook1:24.01aWalter Johnson      
13.9Sara Veppumthara1:27.06aWalt Whitman      
14.11Leah Holmes1:39.56aWalter Johnson      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Camille Bouvet2:36.90aWalter Johnson      
2.12Anna Bosse2:37.29aWalter Johnson      
3.11Sarah Breen2:37.54aWalter Johnson      
4.11Elizabeth Frank2:37.55aWalt Whitman      
5.12Danielle Newsham2:45.74aWalt Whitman      
6.9Emily Baker2:56.34aWalt Whitman      
7.10Emma Lazarchk2:59.84aWalter Johnson      
8.11Fanaye Zewdu3:00.01aJohn F Kennedy      
9.11Elise Rudt3:02.11aWalter Johnson      
10.12Hyatt Abadico3:03.58aJohn F Kennedy      
11.11Mikaela Kone3:04.87aWalter Johnson      
12.11Maryam Abutaleb3:05.21aWalt Whitman      
13.9Irina Bukharin3:05.88aWalter Johnson      
14.10Cara Funke3:05.99aWalter Johnson      
15.11Katya Dory3:08.89aWalter Johnson      
16.9Elena Kindy3:11.54aWalter Johnson      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Camille Bouvet5:19.68aWalter Johnson      
2.11Anna Ryba5:20.49aWalt Whitman      
3.11Taylor Swift5:31.79aWalter Johnson      
4.11Alexandra Phillips5:33.15aWalt Whitman      
5.10Caroline Elmendorf5:38.54aWalt Whitman      
6.12Katarina Triantos5:41.49aWalter Johnson      
7.11Elizabeth Frank5:44.74aWalt Whitman      
8.9Elizabeth Zeichner5:48.24aWalt Whitman      
9.12Danielle Newsham6:04.71aWalt Whitman      
10.12Moriah Gendelman6:14.60aWalter Johnson      
11.10Annie Rice6:16.34aWalt Whitman      
12.9Julia Juenemann6:20.62aWalt Whitman      
13.9Irina Bukharin6:21.46aWalter Johnson      
14.11Elise Rudt6:23.39aWalter Johnson      
15.10Emma Lazarchk6:23.73aWalter Johnson      
16.10Krishna Jaitly6:27.22aWalt Whitman      
17.10Samantha Herath6:28.65aJohn F Kennedy      
18.11Mikaela Kone6:42.27aWalter Johnson      
19.9Jamey Harman6:47.87aWalt Whitman      
20.11Katya Dory6:51.55aWalter Johnson      
21.9Meera Kattapuram6:55.30aWalt Whitman      
22.10Cara Funke6:55.63aWalter Johnson      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Camille Bouvet11:21.70aWalter Johnson      
2.11Anna Ryba11:23.84aWalt Whitman      
3.11Alexandra Phillips11:48.08aWalt Whitman      
4.12Katarina Triantos11:57.05aWalter Johnson      
5.10Caroline Elmendorf12:01.70aWalt Whitman      
6.10Lottie Nalls12:46.93aWalt Whitman      
7.12Cara Bennet13:14.20aWalt Whitman      
8.11Sarah Zeichner13:14.26aWalt Whitman      
9.11Olivia Stearn13:36.84aWalter Johnson      
10.10Annie Rice13:53.98aWalt Whitman      
11.11Elise Rudt14:12.00aWalter Johnson      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thea LaFond14.84aJohn F Kennedy      
2.11Madeleine Entwistle16.86aWalt Whitman      
3.11Laura Dally17.81aWalter Johnson      
4.11Jamie Carlson18.88aWalt Whitman      
5.9Adam Mbai21.51aJohn F Kennedy      
6.10Christina Fowler22.50aWalter Johnson      
9Margot SmithNTWalter Johnson      
11Amelia LawrenceNTWalt Whitman      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laura Dally51.06aWalter Johnson      
2.10Sarah Newsom57.23aWalt Whitman      
3.9Julia Fraser58.53aWalt Whitman      
4.9Adam Mbai59.22aJohn F Kennedy      
5.11Fanaye Zewdu60.03aJohn F Kennedy      
6.9Margot Smith61.91aWalter Johnson      
7.10Christina Fowler62.15aWalter Johnson      
8.9Akeno Katsuda62.92aWalt Whitman      
9.9Atessa Foroutan63.41aWalt Whitman      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.44aJohn F Kennedy      
2.-Relay Team 58.21aWalt Whitman      
-Relay Team 60.11aJohn F Kennedy      
3.-Relay Team 62.11aJohn F Kennedy      
4.-Relay Team 67.26aWalt Whitman      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:55.70aJohn F Kennedy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Teal
Megan Spurrell
Taylor Swift
Sarah Breen
4:28.01aWalter Johnson      
2.-Relay Team 4:40.82aJohn F Kennedy      
3.-Relay Team 4:48.64aWalt Whitman      
4.-Relay Team 4:57.84aWalter Johnson      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Swift
Sarah Breen
Megan Spurrell
Camille Bouvet
10:33.72aWalter Johnson      
-Relay Team NTJohn F Kennedy      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aimee Hart30-07.50John F Kennedy      
2.12Lydia Ferguson24-05.00John F Kennedy      
3.10Crystal Roach24-00.00John F Kennedy      
4.9Stella Lwanga22-04.50John F Kennedy      
5.11Alessandra Daniere22-01.50Walter Johnson      
6.10Joseline Araujo21-01.00John F Kennedy      
7.11Ntube Koge21-00.00John F Kennedy      
7.9Ana Lorenzo21-00.00Walter Johnson      
9.12Agnes Osafo20-10.00John F Kennedy      
10.10Ingrid Ngasfa20-06.50John F Kennedy      
11.11Varaidzo Mapuranga20-00.50Walt Whitman      
12.12Maria Eduard Coelho19-11.00Walt Whitman      
13.10Kierra Mann19-06.00John F Kennedy      
14.11Grace Montgomery19-03.50Walt Whitman      
15.12Jessica Evans18-10.50Walter Johnson      
16.12Molly Kaplowitz18-07.00Walt Whitman      
17.11Tian Lu18-06.50Walt Whitman      
18.10Anastasia Khibovsa17-03.00Walter Johnson      
18.9Breana Irwin17-03.00John F Kennedy      
20.9Danyelle Molayam16-03.00Walter Johnson      
21.-Athena Pickup14-08.00Walter Johnson      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Stella Lwanga73-11John F Kennedy      
2.12Aimee Hart67-06John F Kennedy      
3.10Kierra Mann66-06John F Kennedy      
4.11Ntube Koge62-00John F Kennedy      
5.10Ingrid Ngasfa54-09John F Kennedy      
6.12Molly Kaplowitz54-08Walt Whitman      
7.12Jessica Evans53-08Walter Johnson      
8.10Crystal Roach49-09John F Kennedy      
9.11Varaidzo Mapuranga48-08Walt Whitman      
10.12Agnes Osafo45-10John F Kennedy      
11.10Joseline Araujo44-05John F Kennedy      
12.11Grace Montgomery44-02Walt Whitman      
13.9Ana Lorenzo43-01Walter Johnson      
14.11Tian Lu41-03Walt Whitman      
15.10Anastasia Khibovsa39-10Walter Johnson      
16.-Athena Pickup39-02Walter Johnson      
17.9Breana Irwin34-05John F Kennedy      
18.12Maria Eduard Coelho33-03Walt Whitman      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thea LaFond5-04.00John F Kennedy      
2.9Emma Teal5-02.00Walter Johnson      
3.9Julia Squeri4-06.00Walt Whitman      
4.10Sarah Newsom4-06.00Walt Whitman      
5.11Madeleine Entwistle4-06.00Walt Whitman      
6.11Jamie Carlson4-02.00Walt Whitman      
7.9Isabelle Spies4-02.00Walt Whitman      
9Rolanda WangNHWalt Whitman      
9Julia FraserNHWalt Whitman      
10Cara FunkeNHWalter Johnson      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thea LaFond17-04.00John F Kennedy      
2.12Carolyn Connor14-10.50Walt Whitman      
3.11Alessandra Daniere13-04.00Walter Johnson      
4.9Julia Squeri13-01.00Walt Whitman      
5.10Ana Gomerez12-07.50Walter Johnson      
6.9Jevani Moses12-02.00Walter Johnson      
7.12Zainab Salami12-01.00John F Kennedy      
8.10Corry Straathof11-09.00Walter Johnson      
9.9Alexa Weedon11-06.00John F Kennedy      
10.9Julia Fraser11-05.00Walt Whitman      
11.9Della Turque9-05.50Walt Whitman      
12.9Adam Mbai8-04.00John F Kennedy      
9Rolanda WangFOULWalt Whitman      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thea LaFond40-01.00John F Kennedy      
2.11Laura Dally35-02.00Walter Johnson      
3.12Carolyn Connor31'11.00Walt Whitman      
4.9Julia Squeri30'02.00Walt Whitman      
5.11Nicole Eidi24-07.00Walt Whitman      
6.9Kamilla Beisenova24-02.00Walt Whitman      
9Rolanda WangFOULWalt Whitman      
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