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Class 3 District 4 Meet

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oak Grove, Oak Grove

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Pease11.61aBowling Green      
2.11Samuel Udeh11.65aMissouri Military      
3.11Harrison Dollins11.82aKirksville      
4.10Devin Ray11.88aWarrenton      
5.11Cody McClain12.02aBowling Green      
6.12Taylor West12.18aNorth Callaway      
7.12Mitch Canote12.22aSouthern Boone Co      
8.12Nicholas Zahner12.28aDuchesne      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Zach Pease11.77aBowling Green      
2.11Harrison Dollins11.85aKirksville      
5.10Devin Ray11.90aWarrenton      
3.12Taylor West11.91aNorth Callaway      
4.11Samuel Udeh11.96aMissouri Military      
6.11Cody McClain11.97aBowling Green      
9.10Jerel Hall11.97aWinfield      
7.12Mitch Canote12.01aSouthern Boone Co      
8.12Nicholas Zahner12.08aDuchesne      
10.11Sam Mosley12.09aSt. Charles West      
11.12Chaves Richardson12.10aMexico      
12.12David Jensen12.15aMexico      
13.10Clayton Birkes12.17aSouthern Boone Co      
14.12Lenny Clark12.21aHannibal      
15.11Tevon Douglass12.43aFulton      
16.10Scott Schwend12.48aKirksville      
17.10Westly Reckamp12.65aWright City      
18.10Zarrick Williams12.73aMarshall      
19.9Mitchell Nichols12.90aHannibal      
20.9Kervins Jean-Baptiste12.99aMissouri Military      
21.10Nathan Fortner13.19aSt Dominic      
22.11Macdum Enca13.20aFulton      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Hutton22.90aKirksville      
2.12Zach Pease22.92aBowling Green      
3.10Jerel Hall23.51aWinfield      
4.10Devin Ray23.55aWarrenton      
5.12Jeff Pease23.59aBowling Green      
6.10Trevor Stratton23.99aHannibal      
7.10Justin Rivet24.40aWarrenton      
8.10Clayton Birkes24.54aSouthern Boone Co      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jacob Hutton23.16aKirksville      
2.10Devin Ray23.44aWarrenton      
3.12Jeff Pease23.66aBowling Green      
5.10Trevor Stratton23.90aHannibal      
6.10Jerel Hall24.00aWinfield      
7.10Clayton Birkes24.05aSouthern Boone Co      
4.12Zach Pease24.16aBowling Green      
8.10Justin Rivet24.20aWarrenton      
9.11Sam Mosley24.38aSt. Charles West      
10.10Caleb Bieniek24.43aHannibal      
11.12Nicholas Zahner24.44aDuchesne      
12.10Tyrell Moore25.05aMoberly      
13.11Tevon Douglass25.22aFulton      
14.10Nick Hanff25.30aWright City      
15.9Max Mueller25.93aSouthern Boone Co      
16.10Bryan Morton25.95aKirksville      
17.10Ben Kucera26.37aFulton      
18.12Chris Kinney26.72aWinfield      
--10Zarrick WilliamsNTMarshall      
--11Brandon MohrNTSt Dominic      
--9Ramone KennemoreNTMexico      
--9Colin CosbyNTMexico      
--10Westly ReckampNTWright City      
--11Reese KingNTMissouri Military      
--9Gabe BlattyNTMissouri Military      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Micheal Heyde52.13aMoberly      
2.12Jake Busche53.56aDuchesne      
3.11Harrison Dollins53.67aKirksville      
4.12Ryan Pickering53.68aMexico      
5.11Alex Simon54.50aSt Dominic      
6.9David Holland56.93aSouthern Boone Co      
7.9David Jones57.22aNorth Callaway      
8.10Bryan Morton57.27aKirksville      
9.12Adam Smith57.97aWarrenton      
10.9Andy Colborn58.08aHannibal      
11.9Nathan Jones58.17aBoonville      
12.9Daniel Malta58.71aWright City      
13.11Tevon Douglass1:00.79aFulton      
14.11Joe Rodey1:01.76aWinfield      
15.9Max Mueller1:02.37aSouthern Boone Co      
16.10Dustin Kneemiller1:03.62aWinfield      
17.11Micheal McNelly1:05.83aMarshall      
--9Jay DoslandNTDuchesne      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryan Groeper2:01.36aWarrenton      
2.12Nixon Tarrant2:03.68aKirksville      
3.11Adam DeSplinter2:03.89aSt. Charles West      
4.12James Moffitt2:05.15aHannibal      
5.12Tyler Ward2:08.73aMexico      
6.12Mason Williams2:09.16aSt Dominic      
7.12Andrew Fisher2:10.37aBowling Green      
8.9Colton Downing2:12.18aMoberly      
9.9Ben Randolph2:12.74aWright City      
10.12Abe Farley2:12.94aKirksville      
11.12Nick Gearin2:13.14aSt Dominic      
12.12Justin Greene2:13.45aWarrenton      
13.11Abdul Ameyaw2:15.91aFulton      
14.11Michael Busche2:16.20aDuchesne      
15.12Micheal Heyde2:18.21aMoberly      
16.12Derek Chatman2:25.42aMissouri Military      
17.12Richard Gibson2:29.95aFulton      
18.11Michael Frisella2:31.82aDuchesne      
19.9Nathan Dowd2:38.29aSouthern Boone Co      
20.10Jacob Russell2:38.55aSouthern Boone Co      
21.10Blake Sailing2:45.34aBoonville      
22.11Colin Stavinoha2:50.18aMissouri Military      
--10Christian McKeownNTMexico      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Dickerson4:37.02aMoberly      
2.12Nick Meier4:38.44aSt Dominic      
3.11Brady Novak4:42.94aHannibal      
4.10Tanner Stitzer4:56.14aMoberly      
5.9Paul Golian4:57.93aHannibal      
6.9Nathan Cook4:58.63aSt Dominic      
7.11Nathaniel Holte5:03.87aKirksville      
8.12Brian Buchmeier5:04.61aBowling Green      
9.9Trevor Neal5:06.31aFulton      
10.11Michael Busche5:12.08aDuchesne      
11.11Alexandra Shaw5:12.96aMexico      
12.12Troy Perkins5:18.40aBowling Green      
13.10Sean Kelly5:19.73aMexico      
14.9Brendan Gierer5:20.05aWright City      
15.9Ben Travlos5:25.26aSouthern Boone Co      
16.9Jacob Ruby5:26.83aWarrenton      
17.11Michael Frisella5:29.88aDuchesne      
18.12Jon Diehl5:34.38aWarrenton      
19.9James Elfrink5:50.63aMarshall      
20.9Nathaniel Murray6:05.97aSouthern Boone Co      
--9Michael DolieslagerNTMissouri Military      
--12Blake CalvinNTFulton      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Dickerson10:01.76aMoberly      
2.12Nick Meier10:10.98aSt Dominic      
3.11Brady Novak10:28.07aHannibal      
4.11Brett Davis10:36.73aKirksville      
5.10Andrew Gordon10:40.37aKirksville      
6.9Paul Golian10:53.86aHannibal      
7.12Ree Schilling10:55.10aSt Dominic      
8.11Alexandra Shaw11:01.28aMexico      
9.12Nate Hitchcock11:04.31aMexico      
10.10Sheldon Keence11:14.14aSt. Charles West      
11.9Ben Travlos11:29.48aSouthern Boone Co      
12.11Kurt Lagemann11:46.94aBowling Green      
13.9Brendan Gierer11:51.17aWright City      
14.12Jon Diehl11:51.45aWarrenton      
15.9Jacob Ruby11:55.44aWarrenton      
16.9Adam Crawford12:04.89aNorth Callaway      
17.9Nathan Dowd12:11.05aSouthern Boone Co      
18.9Zach Murri12:11.63aWright City      
19.9Rory Concannon12:28.09aBoonville      
20.9Nick Mabbs12:34.23aMissouri Military      
21.11Brian Crosby12:37.70aFulton      
--10Tanner StitzerNTMoberly      
--12Richard GibsonNTFulton      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Conner Prenger16.31aBowling Green      
2.10Brent Curtis17.21aHannibal      
3.10Nicolas Wallace17.45aWarrenton      
4.12Sam Cafazza17.48aSt Dominic      
5.9Landon Bartel17.85aSouthern Boone Co      
6.10John Anderson18.01aMexico      
7.10Ronald Williams18.48aMoberly      
8.10Curtis Kamplain19.08aWright City      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Conner Prenger16.64aBowling Green      
1.12Sam Cafazza16.64aSt Dominic      
3.9Landon Bartel17.13aSouthern Boone Co      
5.10Brent Curtis17.38aHannibal      
4.10Nicolas Wallace17.60aWarrenton      
6.10John Anderson18.24aMexico      
7.10Ronald Williams18.64aMoberly      
8.10Curtis Kamplain18.67aWright City      
9.9Tanner Hodson18.68aBoonville      
10.9Brent Atchley19.78aKirksville      
11.10Quinn Benson20.15aKirksville      
12.11Sam Mayne20.24aFulton      
13.11Chris Schall20.30aWarrenton      
14.9Daniel Lair20.74aFulton      
15.11Sergie Quinn21.01aMissouri Military      
--12Tylar WalkerNTNorth Callaway      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Hutton42.21aKirksville      
2.12Nick Kilper42.53aSt Dominic      
3.12Conner Prenger43.78aBowling Green      
4.12Sam Cafazza44.96aSt Dominic      
5.10Brent Curtis45.43aHannibal      
6.12Steven Maddox45.69aFulton      
7.9Dakota Meyer46.33aBoonville      
8.10John Anderson47.69aMexico      
9.9Brent Atchley47.71aKirksville      
10.10Nicolas Wallace48.25aWarrenton      
11.9Daniel Lair48.96aFulton      
12.9Landon Bartel49.36aSouthern Boone Co      
13.11Chris Schall49.38aWarrenton      
14.10Ronald Williams58.32aMoberly      
--12Tylar WalkerNTNorth Callaway      
--12Nick VandiverNTSouthern Boone Co      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Bieniek
Lenny Clark
Mitchell Nichols
Zach Voss
2.-Zach Pease
Cody McClain
Josh Roan
Tom Lathrop
45.62aBowling Green      
3.-Shane Huddleston
Greg Illy
Marlon Luckett
Ryan McCrum
46.05aSt. Charles West      
4.-Rico Blanks
Delante Blanks
Deon Bradshaw
Trent Davis
46.50aWright City      
5.-Clayton Birkes
Mitch Canote
Taylor Paul
Jeremy Hill
46.94aSouthern Boone Co      
6.-Kyle Lippmann
Logan Crow
Dustin Grigsby
Jerel Hall
7.-Gabe Blatty
Derek Chatman
Samuel Udeh
Sergie Quinn
48.11aMissouri Military      
8.-Brent Atchley
Connor Buck
Bryan Morton
Tyler Osborn
9.-Dakota Meyer
Gus Kemp
Kyle Johnson
Tanner Hodson
10.-Zach Banze
Brian Lanigan
Devin Ray
Justin Rivet
---Colin Cosby
Daniel Hoer
David Jensen
Shia Miller
---Mark Boerding
Sam Cafazza
Clayton Leonard
Nathan Fortner
NTSt Dominic      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Pease
Jeff Pease
Tom Lathrop
Cody McClain
1:33.77aBowling Green      
2.-Caleb Bieniek
Lenny Clark
Mitchell Nichols
Trevor Stratton
3.-Chandler Ault
Connor Buck
Harrison Dollins
Jacob Hutton
4.-Rico Blanks
Delante Blanks
Deon Bradshaw
Trent Davis
1:37.81aWright City      
5.-Zach Banze
Devin Ray
Justin Rivet
Adam Smith
6.-David Holland
Max Mueller
Taylor Paul
Jeremy Hill
1:39.73aSouthern Boone Co      
7.-Kyle Johnson
Nathan Jones
Dakota Meyer
Gus Kemp
8.-Chris Kinney
Logan Crow
Dustin Grigsby
Jerel Hall
9.-Mark Boerding
Clayton Leonard
Alex Simon
Nathan Fortner
1:43.85aSt Dominic      
---Taylor West
Jared Graves
Austin Castle
David Jones
NTNorth Callaway      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chandler Ault
Harrison Dollins
Jacob Hutton
Nixon Tarrant
2.-Louis Burton
Brent Curtis
James Moffitt
Zach Voss
3.-Nate Hitchcock
David Jensen
Christian McKeown
Ryan Pickering
4.-David Holland
Mitch Canote
Taylor Paul
Clayton Birkes
3:40.99aSouthern Boone Co      
5.-Zach Banze
Bryan Groeper
Justin Greene
Justin Rivet
6.-Andrew Attebery
Austin Castle
Ethan Watring
Grant Hague
3:45.62aNorth Callaway      
7.-Sam Cafazza
Nathan Cook
Nick Kilper
Alex Simon
3:46.84aSt Dominic      
8.-Cody McClain
Dereck Turnage
Josh Roan
Andrew Fisher
3:54.28aBowling Green      
9.-Andrew Broyhill
Tanner Hodson
Nathan Jones
Johnny Williams
10.-Joe Rodey
Logan Crow
Dustin Grigsby
Chris Kinney
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colton Downing
Sam Dickerson
Micheal Heyde
Tanner Stitzer
2.-Zach Banze
David Everman
Justin Greene
Bryan Groeper
3.-Nate Hitchcock
Sean Kelly
Christian McKeown
Tyler Ward
4.-Brett Davis
Abe Farley
Andrew Gordon
Nathaniel Holte
5.-Brian Buchmeier
Andrew Fisher
Dereck Turnage
Troy Perkins
9:03.93aBowling Green      
6.-Mason Williams
Nick Gearin
Matt Standen
Danny McAndrew
9:05.79aSt Dominic      
7.-Ben Travlos
Nathan Dowd
Nathaniel Murray
Jacob Russell
10:29.77aSouthern Boone Co      
---Derek Chatman
Michael Graves
Michael Dolieslager
Nick Mabbs
NTMissouri Military      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reece Berry52-11.50Warrenton      
2.11Jacob Crenshaw46-10.50Hannibal      
3.12Sam Taganeca46-03.00Hannibal      
4.10Drennan Johnson45-07.50Kirksville      
5.12Matt Myers45-04.00Bowling Green      
6.11Ahren Bohanan44-03.50St. Charles West      
7.12Alex Guerrero43-10.00Moberly      
8.11Coty Meredith43-04.00Kirksville      
9.12Stephen Houke40-10.50Mexico      
10.12DWayne Clark39-08.00Bowling Green      
11.11Kevin McCauley39-03.00St. Charles West      
12.11Josh Hinchie38-10.00Fulton      
13.12Joe Mathews38-04.50St Dominic      
14.12Wyatt Mohrman38-04.00Wright City      
15.12Andrew Green38-00.00Marshall      
16.12Jerrad Kaiser37-09.00St Dominic      
17.12William Fillipeck37-08.50Warrenton      
18.12Yesukhei Zana37-02.00Missouri Military      
19.12James Jacuzzi36-04.00Missouri Military      
20.11Ty Green35-08.00Boonville      
21.11John Orschlen35-04.00Moberly      
22.9Brad Pryor35-02.50Duchesne      
23.11Keith Taylor34-04.50Southern Boone Co      
24.10Zarrick Williams34-02.50Marshall      
25.11Alex Ritter34-00.00Duchesne      
26.12Greg Preis32-09.00Wright City      
27.11Anthony Forck31-04.50Southern Boone Co      
28.9Alec Landrum31-00.50Mexico      
29.12Tyler Threatt30-00.00Fulton      
--10Zac EadsNDNorth Callaway      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ahren Bohanan136-05St. Charles West      
2.11Jacob Crenshaw135-01Hannibal      
3.11Connor Brown134-11Hannibal      
4.12Reece Berry134-07Warrenton      
5.12Sam Taganeca128-04Hannibal      
6.10Drennan Johnson126-11Kirksville      
7.11Zach Mudd126-03St. Charles West      
8.12Matt Myers120-10Bowling Green      
9.10Zac Eads113-11North Callaway      
10.12Matt Marburger111-10Marshall      
11.12Alex Guerrero111-06Moberly      
12.12DWayne Clark111-05Bowling Green      
13.12Stephen Houke109-04Mexico      
14.10Garrett Foote109-02Moberly      
15.12Kevin Joyce107-10St Dominic      
16.11Coty Meredith107-08Kirksville      
17.12Yesukhei Zana106-09Missouri Military      
18.10Ryan Tarrants105-04North Callaway      
19.11Josh Hinchie104-03Fulton      
20.12Wyatt Mohrman103-11Wright City      
21.12Joe Mathews100-03St Dominic      
22.10Leonardo Lozano99-09Missouri Military      
23.11Ty Green97-08Boonville      
24.10Dylan Brinegar97-01Southern Boone Co      
25.10Jake Vonder Haar96-03Duchesne      
26.9Erik Kimbrel96-01Southern Boone Co      
27.10Nick Dashner93-05Duchesne      
28.9Alec Landrum93-02Mexico      
29.12Jonathan Phillips92-05Marshall      
30.12Greg Preis91-02Wright City      
31.12Tyler Threatt80-01Fulton      
--12John JeskeNDWarrenton      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Huddleston6-06.00St. Charles West      
2.9Nathan Voss6-04.00Hannibal      
3.12Justin Greene6-02.00Warrenton      
4.12travis Williams6-00.00Hannibal      
5.10Joe Lloyd5-10.00Duchesne      
6.11Jared Graves5-10.00North Callaway      
7.10Cody Winingear5-10.00Fulton      
8.10Kyle Lippmann5-08.00Winfield      
9.10Dereck Turnage5-08.00Bowling Green      
10.12David Johnson5-06.00Kirksville      
10.9Landon Bartel5-06.00Southern Boone Co      
10.10Nick Wilder5-06.00Duchesne      
10.11Josh Roan5-06.00Bowling Green      
--10Gus KempNHBoonville      
--10Nick HanffNHWright City      
--9Daniel MaltaNHWright City      
--10Jake AndersonNHMexico      
--12Chaves RichardsonNHMexico      
--11Billy HackettNHMoberly      
--11Clayton LeonardNHSt Dominic      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Locke15-00.00Hannibal      
2.11Kyle Potter14-00.00St. Charles West      
3.11David Jones-Richerson13-06.00Duchesne      
4.10Matt Henry12-00.00Bowling Green      
5.10Clayton Rushford11-00.00Hannibal      
6.11Chris Hooper10-06.00Kirksville      
7.12Brandon Wade10-00.00Warrenton      
8.9Travis Gittemeier10-00.00Moberly      
9.9Kyle Gross9-06.00Kirksville      
9.11Dustin Murdock9-06.00Boonville      
9.11Peter Mueller9-06.00St Dominic      
9.9Jay Dosland9-06.00Duchesne      
13.11Austin Craig9-00.00Wright City      
--10Nick SmithNHSt Dominic      
--10Jake VitaleNHMexico      
--10Richard BellNHBoonville      
--10Ronald WilliamsNHMoberly      
--10Landon DetersNHBowling Green      
--10Andrew SlayNHMexico      
--11Mike NowackNHSt. Charles West      
--12Devin KiserNHWright City      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deon Bradshaw20-11.50Wright City      
2.12Jeff Pease20-09.00Bowling Green      
3.12Lenny Clark20-00.00Hannibal      
4.12Shane Huddleston19-03.50St. Charles West      
5.10Marcus Taylor18-11.00St. Charles West      
6.11Billy Hackett18-09.50Moberly      
7.12Chaves Richardson18-09.50Mexico      
8.10Tyson Grgurich18-07.50Kirksville      
9.12Taylor Paul18-03.75Southern Boone Co      
10.10Caleb Bieniek17-07.50Hannibal      
11.12Derek Musgrove17-06.00Fulton      
12.11Clayton Leonard17-01.50St Dominic      
13.10Nick Wilder16-11.00Duchesne      
14.10Cody Winingear16-08.00Fulton      
15.9Kamden Ekern16-05.75Mexico      
16.9Dakota Meyer16-04.00Boonville      
17.9Tyler Osborn16-01.00Kirksville      
18.11Samuel Udeh15-11.50Missouri Military      
19.11Grant Hague15-05.75North Callaway      
20.10Dakota Brierly15-02.00Warrenton      
21.10Michael Mills15-01.75Warrenton      
22.9Joshua Pearson14-02.25Missouri Military      
--9Anthony MosesNDNorth Callaway      
--12Mark BoerdingNDSt Dominic      
--9Daniel MaltaNDWright City      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deon Bradshaw43-02.50Wright City      
2.11Billy Hackett41-06.00Moberly      
3.12Derek Musgrove41-06.00Fulton      
4.12Jeff Pease39-10.00Bowling Green      
5.10Joe Lloyd39-01.00Duchesne      
6.9Nathan Jones38-10.00Boonville      
7.11Zach Voss38-07.50Hannibal      
8.12Nathan Buechter38-06.50St Dominic      
9.10Marcus Taylor38-02.50St. Charles West      
10.9Kamden Ekern37-00.50Mexico      
11.10Jeremy Hill36-11.00Southern Boone Co      
12.10Nick Hanff36-08.00Wright City      
13.11Josh Roan36-07.00Bowling Green      
14.9Landon Bartel36-04.50Southern Boone Co      
15.10Nicolas Wallace36-01.00Warrenton      
16.9Tyler Osborn35-10.00Kirksville      
17.10Tyson Grgurich35-01.00Kirksville      
18.10Jake Anderson34-10.50Mexico      
19.10Ben Kucera34-08.00Fulton      
20.10Kyle Seiling33-09.00North Callaway      
21.10Jon Bodlovich33-03.50St Dominic      
22.9Kervins Jean-Baptiste29-06.00Missouri Military      
23.10Eoghan Matthews28-03.50Missouri Military      
--9Derek ClaytonNDNorth Callaway      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenny Howard12.82aDuchesne      
2.11Aisha Lindsey13.25aNorth Callaway      
3.12Julia Avery13.28aSt. Charles West      
4.11Maddie Simmons13.58aKirksville      
16th9Kara Stava13.74aGrain Valley      
5.9Kylie Conrow13.75aBowling Green      
6.11Litisha Allen13.85aMoberly      
7.11Haley Hall13.95aSouthern Boone Co      
9Nina Pittman14.84aGrain Valley      
--11Fowler Kai-LynNTMexico      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jenny Howard13.0hDuchesne      
2.12Julia Avery13.2hSt. Charles West      
3.11Aisha Lindsey13.2hNorth Callaway      
4.11Maddie Simmons13.2hKirksville      
5.11Fowler Kai-Lyn13.4hMexico      
6.11Litisha Allen13.5hMoberly      
7.9Kylie Conrow13.7hBowling Green      
9.9Victora Shaw13.8hMexico      
8.11Haley Hall13.9hSouthern Boone Co      
10.10Daquasia Dawson13.9hHannibal      
11.11Abby Humfeld13.9hBoonville      
12.12Becca Greenan14.0hSt Dominic      
13.10Samantha Tow14.3hWinfield      
14.11Catherine Wang14.5hKirksville      
15.9Megan Breshears14.6hMarshall      
16.10Alexandra Wolf14.9hWright City      
17.9Kylie Roberts15.4hSt. Charles West      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenny Howard26.01aDuchesne      
2.12Chloe Wichmann27.17aKirksville      
3.11Fowler Kai-Lyn27.55aMexico      
4.9Aryssa Bliss27.84aBowling Green      
5.11Litisha Allen27.90aMoberly      
6.11Brianna Zumwalt28.22aWright City      
7.9Melanie Blase28.24aHannibal      
8.11Maddie Simmons28.27aKirksville      
9Kara Stava29.31aGrain Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jenny Howard27.20aDuchesne      
2.11Fowler Kai-Lyn27.68aMexico      
3.11Litisha Allen27.84aMoberly      
5.12Chloe Wichmann27.88aKirksville      
4.11Maddie Simmons28.30aKirksville      
6.9Melanie Blase28.41aHannibal      
7.11Brianna Zumwalt28.43aWright City      
8.9Aryssa Bliss29.13aBowling Green      
9.10Jaci Lowery29.28aSouthern Boone Co      
10.9Dayneisha Shivers29.93aMexico      
11.10Michaela Henke30.15aMarshall      
12.9Alli Burke30.48aSt Dominic      
13.11Haley Hall30.87aSouthern Boone Co      
14.10Anna Raepple31.91aFulton      
--12Kelsie SimsNTMarshall      
--12Meagan ThurmanNTNorth Callaway      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chloe Wichmann1:01.98aKirksville      
2.11Litisha Allen1:04.37aMoberly      
3.9Zori Holeman1:05.02aMexico      
4.11Brianna Zumwalt1:05.04aWright City      
5.12Jasmin Godwin1:05.64aMoberly      
6.10Hanna Keene1:05.77aWarrenton      
7.10Mackenzie White1:06.69aSt. Charles West      
8.10Sarah Breshears1:08.76aMarshall      
9.9Laura Wilmes1:08.88aSt Dominic      
10.10Rayanna Williams1:08.96aHannibal      
11.10Jaci Lowery1:09.26aSouthern Boone Co      
12.11Dana Heggmann1:09.46aWarrenton      
13.11Michaela Clary1:09.84aSouthern Boone Co      
14.10Michaela Henke1:10.07aMarshall      
15.9Rachel Davis1:10.63aHannibal      
16.11Abbey Dreyer1:10.85aWright City      
17.10Gentry Brown1:11.66aKirksville      
18.9Rachel Kerr1:12.09aMexico      
14th9Nina Pittman1:17.95aGrain Valley      
19.12Monique Schlie1:28.00aWinfield      
--12Caitlin HibbelerNTSt Dominic      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corri Hamilton2:26.17aFulton      
2.10Abbey Jeffries2:26.50aHannibal      
3.11Sara Goetges2:26.70aDuchesne      
4.9Anna Schmidt2:26.91aDuchesne      
5.9Brooke Watson2:27.45aHannibal      
6.12Hailey Breusch2:31.31aMoberly      
7.10Melora Broker2:33.90aWarrenton      
8.12Clare Chappell2:36.37aSt Dominic      
9.9Jaida Gray2:39.21aNorth Callaway      
10.10Kendyl Blanke2:43.40aKirksville      
11.9Devin Ellebracht2:44.41aBoonville      
11Courtney Johnson2:46.17aGrain Valley      
12.12Rebecca Brown2:46.27aWright City      
13.12Kara Meyer2:47.16aMoberly      
14.11Jennifer Yoder2:48.80aBowling Green      
15.10Carli Hays2:49.03aKirksville      
16.10Katy Gardner2:49.43aSt. Charles West      
17.9Maria Cottone2:53.81aSt Dominic      
18.10Maggie Geeson2:59.72aMexico      
10th10Chloe Kirn2:59.98aGrain Valley      
19.9Caitlyn Brashear3:01.09aMexico      
20.11Cari Sapp3:05.60aSouthern Boone Co      
21.11Hallie Blanchard3:07.94aSouthern Boone Co      
22.11Ashley Love3:11.56aNorth Callaway      
23.10Courtney Crusha3:12.94aMarshall      
--11Kelly OldaniNTFulton      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emma Burditt5:17.97aHannibal      
2.10Abbey Jeffries5:20.72aHannibal      
3.11Corri Hamilton5:26.82aFulton      
4.12Rebecca Brown5:31.63aWright City      
5.12Katie Wells5:36.90aMarshall      
6.9Halle Dollins5:41.31aKirksville      
7.11Emily Mauch5:46.42aWarrenton      
8.11Brier Skogsberg5:48.50aKirksville      
9.12Regan Weis5:55.02aMoberly      
10.12Kara Hoff5:58.64aSt Dominic      
12Kelly Gillotti6:10aGrain Valley      
11.10Kaitlin Karney6:10.79aWright City      
11Hali Metz6:16aGrain Valley      
12.11Arozo Shahabzada6:18.43aMarshall      
13.9Erin Kaser6:23.13aBowling Green      
14.10Jenna Marchant6:26.65aMoberly      
15.11Kayla Thomasson6:28.91aSouthern Boone Co      
16.9Katie Shelton6:32.21aSouthern Boone Co      
17.11Kelly Oldani6:39.67aFulton      
18.9Kendall Smith6:50.73aSt. Charles West      
19.10Katlynn Huber7:00.60aSt. Charles West      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emma Burditt11:22.61aHannibal      
2.12Katie Wells11:57.34aMarshall      
3.11Samantha Hartnett12:01.38aSt Dominic      
4.10Jenny McCarty12:05.52aFulton      
5.11Emily Mauch12:17.63aWarrenton      
6.9Jami Brandow12:21.42aMexico      
7.12Rebecca Brown12:29.02aWright City      
8.12Shelby Prince12:43.01aMexico      
9.12Lauren Steele12:44.12aKirksville      
9.10Maggie Noble12:44.12aDuchesne      
11.11Ashley Vehige12:53.86aSt Dominic      
12.10Kaitlin Karney12:56.99aWright City      
13.12Regan Weis12:57.29aMoberly      
14.11Jordan Gray12:59.79aNorth Callaway      
15.11Ceara Flowers13:00.81aBowling Green      
15.11Ceara Flowers13:22.81aBowling Green      
16.11Arozo Shahabzada13:24.72aMarshall      
17.11Logan Nichols13:27.37aMoberly      
18.11Madison Sante13:35.75aHannibal      
19.11Kayla Thomasson13:40.85aSouthern Boone Co      
20.11Hallie Blanchard13:52.92aSouthern Boone Co      
21.12Jaena Smith14:13.60aFulton      
--9Halle DollinsNTKirksville      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
3rd9Chelsea Gabriel16.34aGrain Valley      
1.12Akelia Rucker16.45aMoberly      
2.10Joselyn Covington16.55aSt. Charles West      
3.10Anne Tabora16.79aSt Dominic      
4.12Addy Nemes16.99aHannibal      
5.10Emily Henson17.86aBowling Green      
6.12Ciarra Sands17.89aKirksville      
7.9Katlin Hall17.96aSouthern Boone Co      
10th9Kara Stava18.26aGrain Valley      
8.12Ashley Roggeman18.26aWinfield      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Akelia Rucker16.65aMoberly      
2.12Addy Nemes16.86aHannibal      
3.10Anne Tabora17.02aSt Dominic      
4.10Joselyn Covington17.39aSt. Charles West      
5.9Katlin Hall17.85aSouthern Boone Co      
6.10Emily Henson18.06aBowling Green      
7.12Ciarra Sands18.08aKirksville      
8.12Ashley Roggeman18.16aWinfield      
9.11Becca Wilson18.42aSouthern Boone Co      
10.9Hayley Tobias18.82aFulton      
11.9Jodeci Washington18.96aHannibal      
12.12Nickie McIntosh19.26aWright City      
13.10Chloe Kerlin19.30aKirksville      
14.9Alexis Patterson19.42aMoberly      
15.11Stacey Branson20.39aFulton      
16.11Christine Klem20.76aWright City      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anne Tabora47.98aSt Dominic      
2.10Joselyn Covington48.88aSt. Charles West      
3.12Addy Nemes48.93aHannibal      
4.9Gabbie Wiley49.01aHannibal      
5.9Emma Taylor49.21aBoonville      
3rd9Chelsea Gabriel49.75aGrain Valley      
6.9Zuheerah Thurman51.08aSt. Charles West      
7.10Emily Schuckenbrock51.45aBowling Green      
8.10Emily Henson53.05aBowling Green      
9.12Shelbie Baumgartner53.09aKirksville      
10.12Ashley Roggeman54.43aWinfield      
11th11Miranda Coons54.89aGrain Valley      
11.12Jaclyn Richardson55.20aSouthern Boone Co      
12.9Bre Wheeler57.62aKirksville      
13.10Lauren Kampplain57.92aWright City      
14.9Hayley Tobias57.95aFulton      
15.11Christine Klem59.13aWright City      
--11Becca WilsonNTSouthern Boone Co      
--11Stacey BransonNTFulton      
--9Alexis PattersonNTMoberly      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meagan Thurman
Kelsey West
Marena Penn
Aisha Lindsey
52.88aNorth Callaway      
2.-Melanie Blase
Daquasia Dawson
Kallie St. Clair
Rayanna Williams
3.-Abby Humfeld
Chloe Clinton
Melanie Poock
Emma Taylor
4.-Kelsea Horner
Mary Jo Twilla
Courtney Kadlec
Aryssa Bliss
54.14aBowling Green      
5.-Becca Zang
Erin Chappell
Anne Tabora
Becca Greenan
54.14aSt Dominic      
7th-Mariah Hernandez
Caitlin Harris
Kara Stava
Rachel Reddell
54.33aGrain Valley      
6.-Zuheerah Thurman
Julia Avery
Jordan Baumgartner
Jessica Groff
54.70aSt. Charles West      
7.-Katlin Hall
Beth Keene
Jaci Lowery
Haley Hall
55.06aSouthern Boone Co      
8.-Morgan Allen
Fowler Kai-Lyn
Zori Holeman
Victora Shaw
9.-Shelbie Baumgartner
Chloe Kerlin
Jessy Rolston
Ciarra Sands
10.-Sarah Breshears
Megan Breshears
Michaela Henke
Sam Leimkuehler
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meagan Thurman
Kelsey West
Marena Penn
Aisha Lindsey
1:52.21aNorth Callaway      
2.-Melanie Blase
Daquasia Dawson
Kallie St. Clair
Gabbie Wiley
3.-Kylie Conrow
Kelsea Horner
Aryssa Bliss
Courtney Kadlec
1:53.18aBowling Green      
4.-Shelbie Baumgartner
Chloe Kerlin
Ciarra Sands
Maddie Simmons
5.-Abby Humfeld
Chloe Clinton
Melanie Poock
Emma Taylor
6.-Zuheerah Thurman
Jordan Baumgartner
Jessica Groff
Julia Avery
1:56.11aSt. Charles West      
7.-Kristen Bauer
Alli Burke
Becca Greenan
Caitlin Hibbeler
2:03.69aSt Dominic      
8.-Kelsey Fanning
Jessica Godwin
Alexis Patterson
Lacey Stephen
---Katlin Hall
Jaclyn Richardson
Becca Wilson
Haley Hall
DQSouthern Boone Co      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Abbey Jeffries
Addy Nemes
Kallie St. Clair
Brooke Watson
2.-Jessica Groff
Daley Soderberg
Zuheerah Thurman
Joselyn Covington
4:21.19aSt. Charles West      
3.-Jenny Howard
Jenna Friedel
Anna Schmidt
Sara Goetges
4.-Litisha Allen
Hailey Breusch
Jasmin Godwin
Kara Meyer
5th-Mariah Hernandez
Chelsea Gabriel
Miranda Coons
Rachel Reddell
4:27.69aGrain Valley      
5.-Allison Browning
Kelsea Horner
Jennifer Yoder
Emily Schuckenbrock
4:28.62aBowling Green      
6.-Abbey Dreyer
Lauren Kampplain
Sheila Stassi
Brianna Zumwalt
4:30.05aWright City      
7.-Shelbie Baumgartner
Gentry Brown
Arabelle Reed
Jessy Rolston
8.-Melora Broker
Dana Heggmann
Hanna Keene
Emily Mauch
9.-Chloe Clinton
Devin Ellebracht
Melanie Poock
Emma Taylor
10.-Jaci Lowery
Cari Sapp
Jaclyn Richardson
Beth Keene
4:50.76aSouthern Boone Co      
11.-Sarah Breshears
Michaela Henke
Sam Leimkuehler
Katie Wells
---Erin Chappell
Becca Zang
Maria Cottone
Laura Wilmes
NTSt Dominic      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Burditt
Rachel Davis
Abbey Jeffries
Madison Sante
2.-Melora Broker
Dana Heggmann
Hanna Keene
Emily Mauch
3.-Shelbie Baumgartner
Halle Dollins
Brier Skogsberg
Carli Hays
4.-Ceara Flowers
Erin Kaser
Jennifer Yoder
Emily Schuckenbrock
10:50.71aBowling Green      
2nd-Hali Metz
Courtney Johnson
Kelly Gillotti
Rachel Reddell
10:52.25aGrain Valley      
5.-Jenna Marchant
Kara Meyer
Logan Nichols
Anna Wilcox
6.-Cari Sapp
Kayla Thomasson
Hallie Blanchard
Michaela Clary
12:06.65aSouthern Boone Co      
---Relay Team NTWinfield      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sherrell Cooks37-00.00Mexico      
2.12Carrie Hudson36-04.00Kirksville      
3.9Phoebe Frazer36-00.00Mexico      
4.12Meghan Davis35-04.50Fulton      
5.12Taylor Banks35-03.50Boonville      
6.10Rochelle Williams34-08.00Hannibal      
7.11Emily Schob33-00.00St Dominic      
8.9Megan Bode32-03.50Hannibal      
9.11Aliyah Byron31-09.00St. Charles West      
7th12Megan Yates31' 7.5"Grain Valley      
10.10Kirsten Springer30-11.00St Dominic      
11.10Mauricia Ferguson29-00.50Fulton      
10th9Sadie King29'Grain Valley      
12.12Mary Jo Twilla29-00.00Bowling Green      
13.11Maria Castillo28-01.50St. Charles West      
14.9Lacey Stephen28-00.00Moberly      
15.11Jonesha Perry27-05.00Boonville      
16.10Lydia Washam25-10.00Moberly      
16.9Erynn Conner25-10.00Southern Boone Co      
18.12Jessica Grelle25-09.00Wright City      
19.12Cassy Casteel25-00.00Southern Boone Co      
20.9Jenna Garrison24-11.00Warrenton      
21.9Cheyanne Long24-09.00Kirksville      
22.10Shelby Goldsmith21-02.00Wright City      
--10Melanie RatermanNDWarrenton      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carrie Hudson115-04Kirksville      
2.10Melanie Raterman106-10Warrenton      
3.12Meghan Davis101-00Fulton      
4.11Yazmene Thurman99-07St. Charles West      
5.11Heather Elder99-06Mexico      
6.9Anne Baker95-02Mexico      
7.10Elaina Myers93-01Hannibal      
8.9Lacey Stephen91-09Moberly      
9.11Athena Eitel85-02Hannibal      
10th12Megan Yates83' 6"Grain Valley      
10.12Jessica Grelle79-09Wright City      
11.10Anissa-Marie Smith79-07St. Charles West      
12.10Mauricia Ferguson79-00Fulton      
13.9Erin Neuner77-10Duchesne      
14.12Cassy Casteel75-11Southern Boone Co      
15.11Arianna Trimble74-02Southern Boone Co      
16.9Jessica Godwin72-03Moberly      
17.12Erin Heggemann71-06St Dominic      
18.12Taylor Crawford70-01Warrenton      
19.12Jessie Feinup68-06St Dominic      
20.11Skyler Simpson66-11Marshall      
19th9Sadie King64' 8"Grain Valley      
21.10Shelby Goldsmith59-08Wright City      
--9Faith JonesNDKirksville      
--11Becky LarsonNDBowling Green      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabbie Wiley5-03.00Hannibal      
2.12Shelby Sutherland5-02.00Moberly      
1st10Mariah Hernandez5' 0Grain Valley      
3.9Brittany Kroner5-00.00Moberly      
4.12Chloe Wichmann5-00.00Kirksville      
5.10Joselyn Covington5-00.00St. Charles West      
6.12Addy Nemes4-11.00Hannibal      
7.11Beth Keene4-08.00Southern Boone Co      
7.9Daphnie Meine4-08.00Warrenton      
7.9Arabelle Reed4-08.00Kirksville      
10.12Jenny Day4-08.00St Dominic      
11.9Savannah Burnett4-08.00Boonville      
4th10Rachel Reddell4' 6"Grain Valley      
12.11Dana Heggmann4-06.00Warrenton      
--9Jensen HowdyshellNHSt. Charles West      
--10Emily BarbourNHFulton      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allison Browning9-00.00Bowling Green      
2.11Melanie Poock8-09.00Boonville      
3.9Jessy Rolston8-03.00Kirksville      
4.12Julia Avery8-03.00St. Charles West      
5.9Kelsey Horner8-00.00Bowling Green      
6.9Abbi Carter8-00.00Moberly      
7.11Deena Dalton7-06.00Mexico      
8.10Kirby Brayman7-06.00Marshall      
9.10Lauren Ihms7-06.00Hannibal      
10.9Angela Burke7-00.00St. Charles West      
10.11Mae Taha7-00.00Moberly      
10.9Morgan Allen7-00.00Mexico      
10.11Rachel Mollison7-00.00Duchesne      
10.11Britney Harris7-00.00Marshall      
10.12Elliot Taylor7-00.00St Dominic      
---Brooke DurhamNHBoonville      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
5th11Caitlin Harris16' 7"Grain Valley      
1.10Rayanna Williams16-00.50Hannibal      
2.10Courtney Kadlec15-03.50Bowling Green      
2.10Courtney Kadlec15'3Bowling Green      
3.11Maddie Simmons15-00.50Kirksville      
4.9Kylie Conrow15-00.00Bowling Green      
5.9Victora Shaw14-10.50Mexico      
17th10Savannah Shields14' 10"Grain Valley      
6.9Melanie Blase14-06.00Hannibal      
7.12Akelia Rucker14-06.00Moberly      
8.12Becca Greenan14-04.00St Dominic      
9.10Samantha Tow14-00.00Winfield      
10.12Jordan Baumgartner13-06.00St. Charles West      
11.11Rachel Mollison13-04.50Duchesne      
11.9Katlin Hall13-04.50Southern Boone Co      
13.9Arabelle Reed13-03.50Kirksville      
14.12Kristen Bauer13-02.00St Dominic      
15.9Megan Breshears12-03.50Marshall      
16.12Nickie McIntosh12-03.00Wright City      
16.10Lauren Kampplain12-03.00Wright City      
18.9Olivia Eastman12-01.00Mexico      
19.9Kylie Roberts10-10.00St. Charles West      
20.10Emily Barbour10-05.50Fulton      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kylie Conrow33-05.00Bowling Green      
2.12Jordan Baumgartner32-11.50St. Charles West      
6th11Caitlin Harris32' 8.5"Grain Valley      
3.11Beth Keene32-08.00Southern Boone Co      
4.9Victora Shaw32-04.50Mexico      
5.9Reghan Stuart32-01.00Moberly      
6.12Kristen Bauer31-07.50St Dominic      
10Savannah Shields31' 3"Grain Valley      
7.10Daquasia Dawson30-09.00Hannibal      
8.9Abbi Carter29-11.50Moberly      
9.11Deena Dalton28-09.00Mexico      
10.11Chelsie Todd28-05.00Kirksville      
11.11Alicia Foglesong28-02.00Kirksville      
12.9Rachel Davis27-08.50Hannibal      
13.9Alli Burke26-09.00St Dominic      
14.10Lauren Kampplain25-04.50Wright City      
15.10Mahnoor Jumani25-02.50St. Charles West      
16.11Sheila Stassi23-08.50Wright City      
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