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Glenn D. Loucks Games (44th) 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

White Plains HS

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Connecticut - L
New Canaan
Connecticut - MM
New Fairfield
Connecticut - M
Maine - A
Mt Ararat
Manitoba - AAAA
Oak Park
Maryland - Class 3A
Massachusetts - Dual County
Notre Dame Academy-Hingham
Massachusetts - Eastern Athletic
Bishop Feehan
Bishop Stang
Massachusetts - South Coast
Old Rochester Regional
New Hampshire - Division I
Bishop Guertin
New Jersey - Group II
New Jersey - Group III
New Jersey - New Jersey
St Benedicts Prep
New Jersey - Non-Public
Bishop Eustace Prep
New York - Long Island
Holy Child
New York - Manhattan
New York - New York
John Jay
New York - Queens
Benjamin Cardozo
New York - Section 5
Gates Chili
New York - Section 7
Peru Central
New York - Staten Island
New York - Westchester
Rye Country Day
Ontario - West
Vincent Massey
Rhode Island - Central
Cranston West
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtland Cargill10.92aNew Rochelle
2.12Nick Palsa11.00aSuffern
3.11Winslow Dorsanvil11.01aSpring Valley
4.12Jaquan Smith11.13aElmont Memorial
5.12Tre Bracey11.31aAlexander Hamilton
6.11McKenzie Gary11.32aMt Ararat
7.12Alex Sterling11.33aMidwood
8.10Marcellino Christie11.52aShenendehowa Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Winslow Dorsanvil10.96aSpring Valley
2.12Courtland Cargill11.16aNew Rochelle
3.12Tre Bracey11.18aAlexander Hamilton
4.12Jaquan Smith11.21aElmont Memorial
5.12Nick Palsa11.28aSuffern
6.12Alex Sterling11.35aMidwood
7.11McKenzie Gary11.41aMt Ararat
8.10Marcellino Christie11.43aShenendehowa Central
9.12Rob Merritt11.44aHarrison
10.12Timothy Frazier11.48aGreenwich
11.11Kwane Hayle11.51aPoughkeepsie
12.12Hiroki Kobayshi11.52aScarsdale
13.12Ian Brown11.53aAmityville Memorial
14.12Dominick Vitali11.55aJohnson City Senior
15.12Steve Dejournet11.55aHillhouse
16.11Taylor Vippolis11.57aNorth Rockland
17.12Chris Cargill11.58aNew Rochelle
18.11Dequane June11.58aCardinal Hayes
19.12Dane Myers11.60aPoughkeepsie
19.12Davon Christopher11.60aSachem North
21.12Tereek Turner11.62aClarkstown North
22.12Colton Lubaszka11.63aNorth Rockland
23.10Jared Allen11.65aShenendehowa Central
24.9Ernest Agyeman11.66aDewitt Clinton
25.12Boakye Bernard11.70aMidwood
26.12Daniel Change11.71aSpring Valley
27.12Taylor Washington11.73aRye Country Day
28.11Ben Konigsberg11.79aHarrison
29.11Shaquile Henry11.80aMt Vernon
30.12Gary Castelli11.80aHarrison
31.11Mardochee Fleurima11.81aSpring Valley
32.11Kevin Yates11.82aWhite Plains
33.12Thomas Galluccio11.84aRye Country Day
34.10Korey Beasley11.85aGates Chili
35.12Ken Toal11.87aNewtown
36.11Darius Cooper11.92aSachem North
37.11Donniel Nelson11.94aBoys & Girls
38.11Peter Kerns11.94aNewtown
39.11Aron Brown11.94aGreat Neck South
40.12Makethin Reynolds11.95aNewburgh Free
41.12Tom Nelson12.04aNorth Rockland
42.9Marcell Nesbitt12.06aNorth Babylon
43.12Billy Bodner12.14aTappan Zee
44.12Jacob Rivers12.17aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
45.11Andre McDonald12.20aAmityville Memorial
46.12Romarick Dalce12.22aSpring Valley
47.10Stiven Nunez12.31aAmityville Memorial
48.12John Brancato12.35aTappan Zee
49.12Darious Reynolds12.45aNewburgh Free
50.11Brandon Capaldo12.50aNewtown
51.12Nate Mckenzie12.51aWhite Plains
52.12Aaron Nezvesky12.53aNewtown
53.11Kelnard Green12.83aNorth Babylon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rashawn Taylor22.04aSnyder
2.10Michael Blake22.12aMt Vernon
3.12Todd Colas22.26aBrentwood
4.12Courtland Cargill22.71aNew Rochelle
5.12Steve Dejournet22.76aHillhouse
6.12Shane Green22.95aErasmus Hall Campus
7.12Tereek Turner23.08aClarkstown North
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Rashawn Taylor22.40aSnyder
2.12Zamir Thomas22.42aSnyder
3.10Michael Blake22.52aMt Vernon
4.12Todd Colas22.58aBrentwood
5.12Shane Green22.73aErasmus Hall Campus
6.12Courtland Cargill22.79aNew Rochelle
7.12Tereek Turner22.83aClarkstown North
8.12Steve Dejournet22.86aHillhouse
9.11Tyquan Dukes22.89aErasmus Hall Campus
10.12Nick Palsa22.93aSuffern
11.12Khoren Lawson22.93aThe Stony Brook
12.12Chris Cargill22.94aNew Rochelle
13.12Kajeem Bailey22.97aEast N Y Transit Tech
14.11Matt Taylor22.98aBishop Feehan
15.12Rajai Anser23.02aEast N Y Transit Tech
16.12Dominick Vitali23.09aJohnson City Senior
17.11Adekola Adegbite23.09aSt Anthony's
18.12Shanon Newbey23.11aWhite Plains
19.11Timoy Malcolm23.15aSnyder
20.11Edward Wagner23.27aXavier
21.12Alonzo Contini23.27aWashingtonville
22.11Ryan Kelly23.29aGreenwich
23.11Kareem Campbell23.37aMt Vernon
24.11Taylor Vippolis23.40aNorth Rockland
25.12Timothy Frazier23.41aGreenwich
26.12Ian Brown23.45aAmityville Memorial
27.12Jaquan Smith23.48aElmont Memorial
28.10Tariq Thomas23.53aMidwood
29.10Anthony Hall23.54aCornwall Central
30.12Dane Myers23.57aPoughkeepsie
31.11Kwane Hayle23.57aPoughkeepsie
32.11Dequane June23.64aCardinal Hayes
33.11Anthony Djerdjaj23.67aJohn F Kennedy Catho...
34.10Ian Parnell23.68aHackley
35.10Billy Delay23.72aClarkstown North
36.11Justice Ramsey23.72aShaker
37.12Ken Toal23.73aNewtown
38.10Roberto Joseph23.74aNewburgh Free
39.11Donniel Nelson23.80aBoys & Girls
40.12Eric Slater23.84aSt Anthony's
41.10Calvin Aristise23.90aElmont Memorial
42.12Charles Maurasse23.98aClarkstown North
43.12Blake Panton24.02aWhite Plains
44.11Dennis Kennelly24.06aFordham Prep
45.12Tre Bracey24.10aAlexander Hamilton
46.12Taylor Washington24.12aRye Country Day
47.12Tom Nelson24.14aNorth Rockland
48.12Thomas Galluccio24.24aRye Country Day
49.10Vincent Jackson24.28aAmityville Memorial
50.9Tristen Dervish24.31aSuffern
51.11Desmond Chambrs24.34aGates Chili
52.10Paul Jean24.36aElmont Memorial
53.11Brandon Knight24.37aCardinal Hayes
54.11Corey Carter24.38aAmityville Memorial
55.8Devin Rose24.40aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
56.11Peter Kerns24.45aNewtown
57.11Kevin Yates24.52aWhite Plains
58.11Andre McDonald24.54aAmityville Memorial
59.12Sam Abbanat24.68aCornwall Central
60.12Darious Reynolds24.78aNewburgh Free
61.12Daniel Change24.83aSpring Valley
62.11Dave Saintizaire24.83aSachem North
63.9Sanjay Wynn24.88aClara Barton
64.11Conroy Fletcher24.99aNewburgh Free
65.10Bradley AtKins25.15aElmont Memorial
66.12Andrew Ko25.17aNanuet
67.12Nate Mckenzie25.18aWhite Plains
68.11Dumaine Gordon25.19aClara Barton
69.10Eric D'Allesandro25.22aSachem North
70.11Brandon Capaldo25.29aNewtown
71.12Makethin Reynolds25.50aNewburgh Free
72.9Kaashief Morgan25.52aAmityville Memorial
73.12Aaron Nezvesky25.68aNewtown
74.9Habib Durodola26.30aClara Barton
75.12James Accordino26.81aArchbishop Stepinac
76.9Deyshawn Clarke-Wells26.87aClara Barton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andre Jordan47.94aMedgar Evers College...
2.12Payton Hazzard48.55aSt Anthony's
3.12Ryan Brennan48.77aMonroe-Woodbury
4.11Kevin Hunter48.89aPawling
5.11Edward Wagner49.18aXavier
6.12Owen Laub49.25aSouthampton
7.12Hunter Burrell49.35aSt John The Baptist
8.12Rashawn Taylor49.51aSnyder
9.12Ibrahim Abubkar49.60aBrentwood
10.11Ryan Kelly49.81aGreenwich
11.12Greg Hodge50.20aBrewster
12.11Isaiah Valentine50.28aNewburgh Free
13.11Andy Nicolas50.32aMidwood
14.11McKenzie Gary50.35aMt Ararat
15.10Ian Parnell50.39aHackley
16.12Alonzo Contini50.51aWashingtonville
17.11Anthony Djerdjaj50.63aJohn F Kennedy Catho...
18.10Delroy Davis50.84aMedgar Evers College...
19.12Andi Augustin50.96aNanuet
20.11Adrian Simioni51.12aSouthampton
21.12Warner Cooley III51.15aSt Anthony's
22.12Roseman Aaron51.15aBronx Of Science
23.11Asante Godfrey51.23aDewitt Clinton
24.12Ben Schwartz51.29aHendrick Hudson
25.11Tevin Foster51.46aBrentwood
26.12Ryan Small51.47aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
27.11Javaun Grant51.50aBoys & Girls
28.10Vincent Jackson51.58aAmityville Memorial
29.11Jonathan-Phillip Anderson51.75aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
30.10Brandon Atkins51.85aElmont Memorial
31.12Kyle Bossung51.93aBethlehem Central
32.10Ayo Obadare52.05aElmont Memorial
33.11Adam Rander52.20aCardinal Hayes
34.12Andrew Mcewan52.21aEast N Y Transit Tech
35.11Terrell Moore52.22aNewburgh Free
36.12Christopher Weilbacher52.22aSachem North
37.11Max Seiler52.33aBethlehem Central
38.11Alexia Spinu52.38aNew Canaan
39.12Nick Aleles52.48aTappan Zee
40.11Peter Kerns52.67aNewtown
41.12Kameron Arnold52.71aLiverpool
42.12Nick Demosthenes52.74aMt Ararat
43.12Zimmerman Max52.77aBronx Of Science
44.12Angelo Melendez52.82aElmont Memorial
45.12Nicholas Vidal52.93aCardinal Hayes
46.12Adam Barnes52.98aBishop Feehan
47.11Will Garcia53.03aCollegiate
48.12Dondre Smith53.03aEast N Y Transit Tech
49.12Andre Fils53.04aSpring Valley
50.10Ryan Smith53.07aMt Ararat
51.12Shawn Miles53.10aNorth Salem
52.12Jonathan Wentling53.17aThe Stony Brook
53.11James Boney53.20aNorth Babylon
54.12Mike Tiger53.28aOld Rochester Regional
55.11Maisonette Isaiah53.38aNew Canaan
56.9Keaton Laub53.46aSouthampton
57.11Jon Marrero53.69aBriarcliff
58.12Patrick Daly53.89aNew Canaan
59.12Aaron Nezvesky54.04aNewtown
60.9Richardson Pierre54.57aSpring Valley
61.11Cory Fletcher54.76aMedgar Evers College...
62.11Chris Briscoe55.07aNorth Babylon
63.10Alex Lazarich55.10aSachem North
64.10Chad Barker55.31aElmont Memorial
65.11Matt Digiacomo55.75aTappan Zee
66.9Sanjay Wynn56.55aClara Barton
67.12James Accordino56.70aArchbishop Stepinac
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zavon Watkins1:50.61aLiverpool
2.11Robert Rhodes1:54.14aBoys & Girls
3.12Josh Miller1:54.45aVestal
4.12Pat Cen1:54.93aArchbishop Molloy
5.12James Agati1:55.00aKellenberg Memorial
6.12Patrick Daly1:55.50aNew Canaan
7.11Alexia Spinu1:55.82aNew Canaan
8.12Robert Allen1:55.83aCranston West
9.12Billy Looney1:55.88aBishop Feehan
10.11Matt Crawford1:56.43aBethlehem Central
11.12Alex Andre1:56.49aNorth Rockland
12.12Nick Collazos1:56.66aSouthampton
13.12Daniel Simon1:56.71aBoys & Girls
14.12Seitu Solomon1:56.82aSt John The Baptist
15.12Ruben Feinman1:56.88aShaker
16.12Andi Augustin1:57.06aNanuet
17.12Gregory Perrier1:57.17aHalf Hollow Hills East
18.12Carter Humphrey1:57.37aYorktown Heights
19.12Kieran Newcomb1:57.76aBrooklyn Friends
20.12Ben Schwartz1:58.08aHendrick Hudson
21.11Temitope Bajulaiye1:58.18aNew Rochelle
22.11Julio Melendez1:58.22aNyack
23.11Will Marois1:58.24aShenendehowa Central
24.11Travis Correa1:58.38aBellport
25.11Colin Souter1:58.47aPawling
26.12Roseman Aaron1:58.63aBronx Of Science
27.11Nick Ellenoff1:58.78aTrinity School
28.12Adam Civitano1:58.88aSt Joseph's by the Sea
29.11Luc Carpinello1:58.93aBethlehem Central
30.11Taylor Souter1:58.96aPawling
31.12Kevin Hulbert1:59.11aShenendehowa Central
32.11Tyler Bay1:59.22aArchbishop Molloy
33.12Connor Nugent1:59.37aChenango Valley
34.11Kevin Hunter1:59.95aPawling
35.12Tim Campbell1:59.98aSanford H. Calhoun
36.11Dimitri Zuccarello2:00.27aXavier
37.12Payton Hazzard2:00.44aSt Anthony's
38.12Greg Hodge2:00.52aBrewster
39.12Sheldon Derenoncourt2:00.69aBellport
40.10Justin White2:01.04aMidwood
41.12David Bransfield2:01.33aKellenberg Memorial
42.12Chioke Edwards2:01.75aBoys & Girls
43.11Jesse Starkey2:02.12aSuffern
44.11Dieter Gutbrod2:02.17aNewtown
45.11Colin Eberhardt2:02.48aSachem North
46.12Mike Tiger2:03.05aOld Rochester Regional
47.11Pat Sullivan2:04.17aNewtown
48.12Jordan Levine2:04.49aSuffern
49.12Eduardo Subelza2:04.56aNyack
50.12Angelo Melendez2:04.83aElmont Memorial
51.12Dylan Landry2:05.48aNorth Rockland
52.11Mike Dohmann2:05.97aSuffern
53.11Darryl Williams2:05.99aBoys & Girls
54.11Will Garcia2:06.56aCollegiate
55.9Richardson Pierre2:07.07aSpring Valley
56.11Adrian Wynne2:07.24aArchbishop Stepinac
57.11Jonathan-Phillip Anderson2:07.85aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
58.12Bryan Baldwin2:09.03aNewburgh Free
59.12Alex Civitano2:10.31aSt Joseph's by the Sea
X 1500 Meters - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Andrew Klock4:29.90aNanuet
2.10Calvin Manchenko4:53.76aHalf Hollow Hills East
3.11Harry Zimmerman5:02.57aBriarcliff
4.10Dan Donoghue5:04.11aOld Rochester Regional
5.11Robert Cacace5:05.57aHackley
6.12Edward Thompson5:05.70aGates Chili
7.12Michael Burton5:05.98aBellport
8.11Aidan Fullerton5:07.50aYorktown Heights
9.12Neil Pinnock5:14.55aIona Preparatory
10.12Brendan Harney5:15.06aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
11.11Campobasso Michael5:16.42aJohn F Kennedy Catho...
12.11David Romanowicz5:30.88aOld Rochester Regional
13.12Presnel Dalmeus5:52.12aSuffern
14.10Jordan Myers6:01.44aNorth Babylon
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zavon Watkins4:11.13aLiverpool
2.12Robby Creese4:12.95aGlenelg
3.12Robert Allen4:13.06aCranston West
4.12Jeff LaCoste4:17.74aBishop Guertin
5.12Cody Orton4:17.97aDover
6.11Will McDuffie4:19.29aCollegiate
7.11Michael Libruk4:19.66aShaker
8.11Konrad Surkont4:20.44aStuyvesant
9.11Nick Ellenoff4:20.93aTrinity School
10.12Brandon Camenzuli4:21.07aSt John The Baptist
11.12Kieran Newcomb4:21.62aBrooklyn Friends
12.11Charlie Carr4:22.73aBrewster
13.11Dan Lennon4:22.86aPeru Central
14.11Thomas Diliberto4:23.49aSt Anthony's
15.12David Marthy4:23.91aShaker
16.11Michael Turi4:25.12aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
17.11Ryan Phillips4:25.82aRegis
18.11Dimitri Zuccarello4:26.14aXavier
19.10Joe Dinan4:26.21aTappan Zee
20.12Aaron Somoroff4:26.92aBronx Of Science
21.12Matt Zampariello4:28.08aSt John The Baptist
22.11Adam McIe4:28.77aBrewster
23.11Adam Yohanan4:29.45aBronx Of Science
24.12Thomas Flynn4:30.45aSt Anthony's
25.12Timothy Mendez4:30.83aNorth Rockland
26.12Harry Maher4:31.02aNew Rochelle
27.11Ryan Cross4:31.43aSuffern
28.12Oluwaseyi Durosoga4:31.87aEast N Y Transit Tech
29.11Conor Kohlbrenner4:32.09aTappan Zee
30.11John Lee4:32.64aShoreham-Wading River
31.10Stephen Shine4:32.66aBriarcliff
32.12Victor Dahl4:34.66aGreenwich
33.12Thomas Sullivan4:39.88aClarkstown North
34.12Ben Wach4:41.11aMamaroneck
35.11Ruiz Nicholas4:43.22aMidwood
36.11Brandon Hayes4:44.20aSachem North
37.11Christophe Alexander4:49.72aMidwood
38.9Richardson Pierre4:53.68aSpring Valley
39.11Matthew Pluviose4:54.24aMidwood
40.12Christopher Ott4:54.46aNewburgh Free
41.12John McNeece5:00.94aSachem North
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chad Noelle8:56.02aGreene Central
2.12Martin Hehir9:00.21aWashingtonville
3.11Dan Lennon9:07.52aPeru Central
4.12Jeff LaCoste9:13.04aBishop Guertin
5.12Timothy Luthin9:14.24aWarwick Valley
6.12Edward Owens9:17.32aPacker Collegiate In...
7.10Kris Moran9:18.36aNorth Babylon
8.11Thomas Diliberto9:20.08aSt Anthony's
9.10Jake Feinstein9:22.31aNewtown
10.12Chris Collier9:23.76aBethlehem Central
11.12Victor Palumbo9:25.04aEastchester
12.11Austin Lane9:25.12aGreenwich
13.11Ryan Phillips9:25.58aRegis
14.12James Panetta9:28.89aSanford H. Calhoun
15.12Connor Crowley9:30.55aBayport Blue Point
16.12Chris Repecki9:30.90aHarrison
17.10Sebastion Hanson9:33.29aArlington
18.12Daniel Siegel9:34.89aGreat Neck South
19.10Eric Holt9:35.36aCarmel
20.12Ian Dorset9:35.70aShenendehowa Central
21.12Jeffrey Duncan9:36.70aPoughkeepsie
22.12Robert Swick9:38.67aPawling
23.11Mitchell Kun9:41.15aSheepshead Bay
24.11Travis Jordan9:41.29aGates Chili
25.11Derek Palafox9:45.57aBellport
26.10Matthew Jorgensen9:51.43aPawling
27.11Evan Ward9:52.26aSuffern
28.12Ryan Marvin9:56.28aPawling
29.11Shawn Vettom10:02.15aSuffern
30.11Cameron Rasmussen10:04.74aHendrick Hudson
31.11Brett Bernard10:13.55aNorth Rockland
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andre Hewitt14.75aEast N Y Transit Tech
2.12Antoine Davis14.96aNewburgh Free
3.12Joel Clarke15.07aHillhouse
4.12Malcolm Moseley15.28aNew Rochelle
5.11Daniel Lewis15.53aHillhouse
6.11Cameron Black15.60aSt Anthony's
7.10Ian Weykamp15.61aShaker
8.12Neal Charles15.87aArlington
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Campobasso Michael16.28aJohn F Kennedy Catho...
2.12Andrew Klock16.34aNanuet
3.12Presnel Dalmeus16.75aSuffern
4.12Edward Thompson16.81aGates Chili
5.10Calvin Manchenko16.85aHalf Hollow Hills East
6.12Neil Pinnock17.04aIona Preparatory
7.11Robert Cacace17.26aHackley
8.12Michael Burton17.34aBellport
9.11David Romanowicz17.35aOld Rochester Regional
10.11Aidan Fullerton17.45aYorktown Heights
11.11Harry Zimmerman17.69aBriarcliff
12.12Brendan Harney17.98aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
13.10Jordan Myers18.20aNorth Babylon
14.10Dan Donoghue19.83aOld Rochester Regional
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Malcolm Moseley15.07aNew Rochelle
2.12Antoine Davis15.29aNewburgh Free
3.12Neal Charles15.39aArlington
4.11Andre Hewitt15.40aEast N Y Transit Tech
5.12Joel Clarke15.46aHillhouse
6.11Cameron Black15.56aSt Anthony's
7.11Daniel Lewis15.61aHillhouse
8.10Ian Weykamp15.70aShaker
9.12Bobby Mirfield15.74aSt Joseph's by the Sea
10.12Nigel Simmons15.85aAmityville Memorial
11.12Joe Simek15.90aJohnson City Senior
12.11Rudje Beckford15.95aDewitt Clinton
13.11Josh Wright15.97aArlington
14.11Kerwyn Sutton16.03aNew Rochelle
15.11Alex Cunningham16.07aArlington
16.11Kevin Michel-Turnier16.09aNorth Rockland
17.11Dan Coulter16.30aBishop Feehan
18.12Nicholas White16.58aWashingtonville
19.12Youon Flemming16.70aCardinal Hayes
20.10Courtney Wilkins16.77aDewitt Clinton
21.10Jason Martin16.96aWhite Plains
22.9Marcell Nesbitt17.07aNorth Babylon
23.12Dean Mitchell17.30aSpring Valley
24.12Junius Evans17.39aSpring Valley
25.10Dominic Saljanin17.70aBrewster
26.11Richie Taylor17.82aBrewster
27.11Challenor Robertson18.04aFordham Prep
28.12Franklin Wang18.13aGreat Neck South
29.12Jonathan Gortman19.41aHalf Hollow Hills East
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeremiah Obeng Agyapong54.12aDewitt Clinton
2.12Jeremy Burke54.68aNew Rochelle
3.12Adrian Lewis55.83aMedgar Evers College...
4.12Adam Civitano56.06aSt Joseph's by the Sea
5.11Andre Hewitt56.28aEast N Y Transit Tech
6.12Liam Firth56.61aBishop Feehan
7.11Alex McDonald57.27aCollegiate
8.12Earl Lucas57.28aBoys & Girls
9.11Josh Wright57.54aArlington
10.12Bobby Mirfield57.54aSt Joseph's by the Sea
11.11Bruce Parker57.81aMt Saint Michael
12.12Robert Farrell58.15aMahopac
13.12Jon Cohen59.13aHendrick Hudson
14.11Christian Soto59.27aHastings
15.11Cameron Black59.51aSt Anthony's
16.12Matt Fortuna1:00.30aLakeland/Panas
17.11Shaquille Wimberly1:00.63aNewburgh Free
18.11Eric Geldmacher1:00.86aOld Rochester Regional
19.10Courtney Wilkins1:00.98aDewitt Clinton
20.11Curtly Renwick1:01.20aBoys & Girls
21.12Dean Mitchell1:01.39aSpring Valley
22.12Junius Evans1:02.09aSpring Valley
23.12Forrest Hull1:02.21aThe Stony Brook
24.12Rashawn Perry1:02.72aNorth Babylon
25.11Leonard Gjeloshi1:09.72aNorth Rockland
--11Saul ThelusmaDQWhite Plains
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edward Owens9:12.40aPacker Collegiate In...
2.12Shaun Thompson9:26.77aBaldwinsville Central
3.12Peter Gelston9:39.64aWhite Plains
4.12James Naglieri9:40.43aNorth Rockland
5.12Casey Gilboy9:42.07aShaker
6.12Cal Michaels9:43.01aVestal
7.11Brendan Wortner9:48.58aDobbs Ferry
8.12Dana Dourdeville9:55.29aOld Rochester Regional
9.11Justin Maguire9:56.05aBrewster
10.11Travis Jordan9:58.60aGates Chili
11.11Brian Smith9:59.55aSt Anthony's
12.11Charlie Morris10:11.44aManhasset
13.12Nicholas Kaufmann10:12.55aSt Anthony's
14.11Frank Segreto10:13.39aSt Anthony's
15.10Stephen Bourguet10:21.23aManhasset
16.11John Lucchese10:30.95aMonsignor Farrell
17.11Ben Rodd10:41.38aCornwall Central
18.12Matt Simeone10:42.05aBethlehem Central
19.12Daniel Petralia10:50.11aWhite Plains
20.11Michael Michell11:03.75aWhite Plains
21.11Aneesh Bhattacharye11:51.01aWhite Plains
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Betton
Brent Jules
Andre Jordan
Adrian Lewis
42.51aMedgar Evers College...
2.-Darien Burnside
Michael Blake
Kareem Campbell
Steven Gayle
43.08aMt Vernon
3.-Boakye Bernard
Tariq Thomas
Andy Nicolas
Alex Sterling
4.-Rajai Anser
Stevon Campbell
Andrew Mcewan
Kajeem Bailey
43.65aEast N Y Transit Tech
5.-Makethin Reynolds
Darious Reynolds
Isaiah Valentine
Antoine Davis
43.66aNewburgh Free
6.-Siddique Haddad
Dane Myers
Davez Williams
Kwane Hayle
7.-Spencer Jackson
Nicholas White
TJ Santiago
Alonzo Contini
8.-Tereek Turner
Billy Delay
Charles Maurasse
Dennis O'Connor
44.45aClarkstown North
9.-Ernest Agyeman
Asante Godfrey
Jeremiah Obeng Agyapong
Rudje Beckford
44.55aDewitt Clinton
10.-Presnel Dalmeus
Nick Palsa
David Lopez
Lenny Antenor
11.-Chris Cargill
Courtland Cargill
Capri Corn
Jordan Lucas
44.84aNew Rochelle
12.-Jende Akinleye
David Furman
Kevin O'Brien
Raytomar Stewart
13.-Franklin Abban
Justice Ramsey
Kenny Jackson
Carlos Mendez
14.-Eric Custadio
Tyler Pratt
Ian Pratt
Tommy Eccleston
45.87aBishop Stang
15.-Marcell Nesbitt
James Boney
Chris Briscoe
Kelnard Green
45.96aNorth Babylon
16.-Terrence Tyler
Dontae Senior
Zaire Garris
Rudy Pichardo
45.98aMt Saint Michael
17.-Brandon Capaldo
Ken Toal
Aaron Nezvesky
Peter Kerns
18.-Keshaun Hodges
Rilwan Onabanjo
J. Armani Hill
Phillip Jebamany
19.-Matthew Mingo
Lloyd Richards
Jesus Gonzalez
Tre Bracey
46.92aAlexander Hamilton
20.-Kory Johnson
Jon Powell
Shakir Bryan
Tyre Scott
46.93aWilliam E Grady Voc ...
21.-Jonathan-Phill Anderson
Christopher Parker
Devin Rose
Jacob Rivers
47.14aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
22.-Takane Shoji
Robert Plummer
Zakaria Auwalu
Hiroki Kobayshi
23.-Colton Vickery
Mike Strohecker
Mike Fast
Joe Cronin
47.31aBethlehem Central
24.-Habib Durodola
Dumaine Gordon
Deyshawn Clarke-Wells
Sanjay Wynn
48.31aClara Barton
25.-Brandon Conklin
Alex Cunningham
Jordan Yamoah
Dylan Patora
26.-Kevin Yates
Shanon Newbey
Thomas Johnson
Blake Panton
50.72aWhite Plains
---Brian Armand
Emmanuel Grant
Devon Lee
Oshane Gordon
---Randelle Tudor
Shakor Stancil
Jeffrey Harvey
Orian McKenzie
DQProspect Heights
---Ameer McMullen
Taylor Vippolis
Tom Nelson
Colton Lubaszka
DNFNorth Rockland
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Rhodes
Earl Lucas
Javaun Grant
Daniel Simon
3:18.99aBoys & Girls
2.-Malcolm Mcknight
Damien Elliott
Warren Fields
Bryan Murphy
3.-Isaiah Valentine
Antoine Davis
Bryan Baldwin
Darious Reynolds
3:22.74aNewburgh Free
4.-Adrian Simioni
Owen Laub
Jordan Seymore
Nick Collazos
5.-Christian Delago
Ruben Feinman
Bryan Letourneau
Ian Weykamp
6.-Todd Colas
Tevin Foster
Ibrahim Abubkar
Myles Fowler
7.-Rajai Anser
Kajeem Bailey
Dondre Smith
Andrew Mcewan
3:24.74aEast N Y Transit Tech
8.-Temitope Bajulaiye
Jeremy Burke
Kerwyn Sutton
Aaron Lawrence
3:26.87aNew Rochelle
9.-Travis Correa
Sheldon Derenoncourt
Derek Palafox
Brandon Santana
10.-Max Seiler
Mike Fast
Kyle Bossung
Luc Carpinello
3:28.77aBethlehem Central
11.-Billy Ward
Adam Barnes
Liam Firth
Matt Taylor
3:29.03aBishop Feehan
12.-Alex Andre
Nicholas Bien-Aime
Dylan Landry
Timothy Mendez
3:29.99aNorth Rockland
13.-Michael Betton
Andre Jordan
Brent Jules
Eric Mcduffie
3:30.94aMedgar Evers College...
14.-Rilwan Onabanjo
Seydina Diagne
Justin Valentin
Khalid Mohammed
15.-Devon Lee
Emmanuel Grant
Michael Anderson
Jacori Gyebi-Ford
16.-Taylor Souter
Colin Souter
Tim VanLew
Kevin Hunter
17.-Jason Beauregard
Will Shephard
Kirk Murphy
Tyler Pratt
3:39.66aBishop Stang
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Jeremy White
TJ Santiago
Connor Quinn
Ryan Nguyen
2.-Stefan Buechele
Peter Garson
Nick Decker
Chris Koenitzer
3.-Michael Wilkens
Nick Ouassil
Ross Knaste
Simon Nwana
4.-Stiven Nunez
Kaashief Morgan
Robert Stafford
Vincent Jackson
3:37.37aAmityville Memorial
5.-Brandon Atkins
Cherron Royal
Ayo Obadare
Chad Barker
3:37.60aElmont Memorial
6.-Dorwin Mitchell
Jeffrey Jones
Tajay Gray
Richard Vasquez
3:38.70aMt Saint Michael
7.-Paolo Avantifori
Steven Cheng
Pat Flanagan
Jerel Francisco
3:43.45aTappan Zee
8.-Albert Sutton
Kaseem Thomas
Tavon Nowell
Jason Barnes
3:44.07aMt Saint Michael
9.-Tyler Ford
Tyler Bogart
Jason Martin
Alex Woods
3:46.09aWhite Plains
10.-Tristen Dervish
Alex Walker
Anthony Henry
Dakota Koklas
11.-Andrew Gardner
Artur Barbosa
Timmy Squires
Keaton Laub
12.-Mike Latkovic
David Raymond
Daniel Harbus
Stephen Cho
13.-Alex Bertrand
JR Kim
Chase Kaye
Dale Mittleman
14.-Zachary Kalish
Henry Magun
Borun Sun
Ryan Picard
4:03.61aRiverdale Country
15.-Brad Barthelmes
Jason Furphy
Peter McGowan
Michael Quinoy
4:04.26aHendrick Hudson
16.-Nick Chan
Patrick Clarke
Evan Dweck
Cameron Hawkins
17.-Walter Johnsen
Brian Swift
Hayden Jones
James Keefe
4:34.50aRiverdale Country
X 4x400 Relay - Tri-State - Finals
1.-Kolonji Foster
Darien Edwards
Tahlief Jackson
Edward Cheserek
3:24.26aSt Benedicts Prep
2.-Daniel Norris
Andrew Phillips
Luca Ameri
Ian Parnell
3.-Chris Colavita
Jon Diakanwa
Jacob Lawrence
Sean Watson
3:27.16aIona Preparatory
4.-Kendall Walker
Lennox Bailey
Cedric Joyner
Pat Cyr
5.-Evan Greenberg
Tristen Dervish
Alex Walker
Nick Palsa
6.-Ralph Ballamour
Collein Sullivan
Roberto Joseph
Shea Ratynski
3:30.86aNewburgh Free
7.-Nicholas Vidal
Adam Rander
Dequane June
Oscar Rios
3:31.13aCardinal Hayes
8.-Davon Christopher
Alex Lazarich
Christopher Weilbacher
Eric D'Allesandro
3:32.20aSachem North
9.-Jende Akinleye
David Furman
Tyler Bogardus
Jimmy Jackson
10.-James Marra
Denis Weinfurtner
Zach Tocco
Adam Opitz
3:33.33aShenendehowa Central
11.-Micheal Henry
Shannon Newby
Thomas Johnson
Blake Panton
3:35.69aWhite Plains
12.-James Arliss
Maisonette Isaiah
Henson Orser
George Bennett
3:35.78aNew Canaan
13.-Rashawn Perry
Sean Holder
Kamar Mills
Shea Coltrain
3:36.19aNorth Babylon
14.-Richard Bertrand
Nick Calabria
Donald Dibari
Jonathan Mendez
3:36.65aNorth Rockland
15.-Relay Team 3:36.91aSt Anthony's
16.-Rory Beglane
Joe Correia
Lorenzo Gutierrez
Kyle Ocampo
3:36.95aIona Preparatory
17.-Kyle Grant
Matt Lynch
Raul Madera
Nick Aleles
3:37.00aTappan Zee
18.-Jovan Wilkins
Ka'shawn Garnes
Shamar Ellis
Joseph Stephens
19.-Aron Brown
Elias Kaplan
Isaac Smith
Evan Leung
3:37.42aGreat Neck South
20.-Tyler Hendricks
Greg Humphrey
Ed Humphrey
Brian Moy
3:37.72aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
21.-Andre Fils
Dean Mitchell
Richardson Pierre
Junius Evans
3:38.31aSpring Valley
22.-Aaron Nezvesky
Peter Kerns
Rob Russo
Logan Puleri
24.-Tae`lor Gibson
Christopher Laing
Alonzo Rowe
Dontae Senior
3:40.41aMt Saint Michael
25.-Mark Cohen
Denzel Odiase
Abraham Ocasio
Youon Flemming
3:41.55aCardinal Hayes
26.-James Mercer
Lorenzo Laing
Marc Ochs
Chris Mignona
3:42.65aArchbishop Molloy
27.-Matt Brucculeri
Stephen Shine
Harry Zimmerman
Jon Marrero
28.-Akil Berry
Kareem Campbell
Darian Livingston
Shaquile Henry
3:43.78aMt Vernon
29.-Tevon Brown
Brandon Brissett
Nate Mckenzie
Kevin Yates
3:44.15aWhite Plains
30.-Phillip Jebamany
Joshua Rodriguez
Keron Crawford
Jakai Brassfield
31.-Andi Augustin
Thomas Murtagh
Andrew Ko
John D'Allara
32.-David Lopez
Christian Dominguez
Lenny Antenor
Anthony Henry
33.-Mike Elliott
John Rollman
Jake Ruth
Tom Villa
34.-Sanjay Wynn
Dumaine Gordon
Deyshawn Clarke-Wells
Habib Durodola
3:48.56aClara Barton
35.-Erik Corrigan
Matt Haussmann
Liam Anderson
Avishkar Ramdut
3:48.96aNorth Babylon
37.-Jason Ortiz
Lloyd Richards
Joji Jacob
Allen Thomas
3:59.25aAlexander Hamilton
38.-James Accordino
Colin Francis
conroy baltimore
Tyler Bernstein
4:01.12aArchbishop Stepinac
39.-Stephen Roeder
Charles Miller
Thomas Flannery
Stephon Khan
40.-Ellery Faller
Travis Misarti
Sam Waters
Noah Klayman
41.-Joe Rowley
Connor TenEyck
Jerome Pabulayan
Will Gaffney
4:05.02aShenendehowa Central
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tahlief Jackson
Garland Miller
Darien Edwards
Edward Cheserek
7:51.62aSt Benedicts Prep
2.-Derek Palafox
Ryan McGlynn
Sheldon Derenoncourt
Travis Correa
3.-Taylor Souter
Colin Souter
Mike Konchan
Kevin Hunter
4.-Michael Anderson
Victor Jimenez
Jacori Gyebi-Ford
David McCombs
5.-Temitope Bajulaiye
Jamahl Holkstrahm
Jeremy Burke
Harry Maher
8:01.38aNew Rochelle
6.-Alex Gershowitz
Chase Nackenson
Nick Vignola
Gregory Perrier
8:02.39aHalf Hollow Hills East
7.-Kyle Hannafin
Seydina Diagne
Ronaldo Ball
Justin Valentin
8.-Luc Carpinello
Matt Crawford
Chris Collier
Matt Watson
8:02.88aBethlehem Central
9.-Ralph Ballamour
Bryan Baldwin
Christopher Ott
Shaquille Wimberly
8:06.01aNewburgh Free
10.-Rich Moschella
Kevin O'Brien
Henry Dodge
Billy Looney
8:06.43aBishop Feehan
11.-Michael Libruk
Daniel Phillips
Kyle Foster
David Marthy
12.-Tom Donegan
Alex Lo Presti
Daniel Galford
John Lucchese
8:10.58aMonsignor Farrell
13.-Robert Rhodes
Earl Lucas
Javaun Grant
Daniel Simon
8:28.33aBoys & Girls
14.-Relay Team 8:30.21aRhinebeck
15.-Eric Berlinghoff
Kevin French
Matt Finuoli
Michael Turi
8:31.38aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
16.-Justin White
Ruiz Nicholas
Matthew Pluviose
Jonathan Dixon
X 4x800 Relay - Tri-State - Finals
1.-Alexia Spinu
Patrick Daly
Brant Hoffman
Henson Orser
7:58.84aNew Canaan
2.-Matthew Fortino
Nicholas Mazzucca
Daniel Meehan
Thomas Flynn
8:06.86aSt Anthony's
3.-Pat Sullivan
Dieter Gutbrod
Jake Feinstein
Palmer Lintz
4.-Jordan Levine
Jesse Starkey
Mike Maidman
Ryan Cross
5.-Peter Schweitzer
John Ralston
Krystopher Lotocky
John Netto
6.-Ryan Pearl
Matthew Dinnan
Mike Gonzales
Pat Cyr
7.-Brock Schmid
Shawn Coyle
Billy Blatz
Kris Moran
8:15.37aNorth Babylon
8.-Dan Cocchiara
Lukas Visadi
Bret Habura
Steven Pungello
9.-Ryan Beierle
Brandon Hayes
Colin Eberhardt
John McNeece
8:27.23aSachem North
10.-Richard Bertrand
Brett Bernard
Thomas Landes
Liam Purdy
8:29.27aNorth Rockland
11.-Mike Anson
John Wimalanayagam
Tyler Bogardus
Brnadon Duenas
12.-Peter Gelston
Chris Cardon
Michael Michell
Nate Lanman
8:33.78aWhite Plains
13.-Daniel Mohunlal
Derek Mohunlal
Stephen Cho
Allan Bowen
14.-Zachary Rose
Sean Ryan
Billy Barry
Daniel Chironno
8:35.81aClarkstown North
15.-Oscar Rios
Adam Rander
Nicholas Vidal
Mark Cohen
8:35.84aCardinal Hayes
16.-Chevaun Samuels
Camillio Magana
Donnell Avery Taylor
Jalik Folson
8:35.98aMt Vernon
17.-Joe Dinan
Conor Kohlbrenner
Nathan Kotch
Chris O'Brien
8:36.09aTappan Zee
18.-Julio Melendez
Jamel Jones
James Giraldez
Eduardo Subelza
19.-Aron Brown
Mathew Chian
Alex Cowen
Sam Sommer
8:43.17aGreat Neck South
20.-Jon Cukierwar
Eric Dobosh
Kazuya Seki
Matthhieu Morel
21.-Daniel Borkenstein
Ben Eisenkraft
Max Generali
Sebastian Peinado
22.-Brandon Young
Dave Antoine
Nestor Carter
Rhys Trent
8:49.19aWilliam E Grady Voc ...
23.-Rashawn Perry
Erik Corrigan
Shea Coltrain
Matt Haussmann
8:56.57aNorth Babylon
24.-Kyle Chesterman
Charles Miller
Thomas Flannery
Thomas Murtagh
25.-Jakai Brassfield
Samuel Obisanya
Saad Baig
James Walker
26.-David Martinez
Joe Collins
Thomas McEleney
Carl Turner
9:08.32aFox Lane
27.-Alex Fulmer
Parker Zhao
Henry Woods
Kassa Korley
28.-Relay Team 9:18.12aSt Joseph's by the Sea
29.-Marckenson Luctama
Tevon Brown
Daniel Petralia
Kevin Broderick
9:27.59aWhite Plains
30.-Stephen Roeder
John D'Allara
Stephon Khan
Andrew Ko
31.-Travis Misarti
Rohan Mehta
Max Maude
Steven Lewis
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Benito Muniz
Dylan Meehan
Cyd Scott
Eric Holt
2.-Jeremy White
TJ Santiago
Ryan Nguyen
Connor Quinn
3.-Dante Penepent
Brandt Slayton
Dave Williams
Zachary Karas
4.-Steve Morrison
Stefan Buechele
Nick Netto
Sebastion Hanson
5.-Simon Nwana
Nick Ouassil
Dale Mittleman
Ryan DePinto
6.-Kunal Shah
Mike Anson
Galo Vasquez
Korey Christian
7.-Daniel Leon
Joseph Ledger
Andrew Rock
Pier Berkmans
11:14.02aBronx Of Science
8.-Michael Wilkens
Jatan Anand
Ross Knaste
Alex Bertrand
9.-Isao Anzai
Preudhomme George
Michael Savarese
J.P. Meredith
10.-Derek Mohunlal
Tristen Dervish
Stephen Cho
Daniel Mohunlal
11.-Corey Chiavelli
Chris Koenitzer
Tom Wimmers
Louis Castellani
12.-Chris Cacace
Mustafa Dais
Pietro Moran
Kieren McEvoy
13.-Paolo Avantifori
Steven Cheng
Steven Long
Dan Peeples
11:35.88aTappan Zee
14.-Isaac Kirschner
Max Generali
James Kho
Anderson Shu
15.-Conor Gulick
Dakota Koklas
Timothy Boston
Allan Bowen
16.-Sam Mondello
Alex Rosenbauer
Michael Ceciliani
Luigi Tirro
11:41.85aSt Joseph's by the Sea
17.-Ronaldo Ball
Keshaun Hodges
J. Armani Hill
Saad Baig
18.-Cary Abma
Alex Lui
Evan Schechter
Kangqiao lei
19.-Thomas Brady
Matthew Buxbaum
Samuel Maeglin
Michael Mazursky
12:09.95aBronx Of Science
20.-Andrew Kutscher
Travis Brady
Brian Swift
Ryan Picard
12:21.29aRiverdale Country
21.-Nick Chan
Steven Lewis
Josh Klein
Rohan Mehta
22.-Brad Barthelmes
Jason Furphy
Peter McGowan
Michael Quinoy
12:31.68aHendrick Hudson
23.-Jordan Salant
Noam Barnhard
Charles Cutler
Michael Anagnos
13:16.16aRiverdale Country
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - East Coast - Finals
1.-Tahlief Jackson
Kolonji Foster
Darien Edwards
Edward Cheserek
10:07.20aSt Benedicts Prep
2.-Sean Egan
Ryan Brennan
Tom Papazicos
Patrick Rooney
3.-Daniel Galford
Tom Donegan
Alex Lo Presti
John Lucchese
10:27.42aMonsignor Farrell
4.-Jack Stevenson
Genghis Chau
William Barnes
Konrad Surkont
5.-Thomas Flynn
Warner Cooley III
Timothy Fiola
Kevin Kreider
10:32.61aSt Anthony's
6.-Chris Wise
Josh Wright
Peter Schweitzer
Eddie Merenda
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Open - Finals
1.-Conor Kohlbrenner
Joe Dinan
Nathan Kotch
Raul Madera
10:38.50aTappan Zee
2.-Relay Team 10:38.82aRye
3.-Colin Souter
Tim VanLew
Kevin Hunter
Taylor Souter
4.-Jon Cohen
Richard Johnson
Cameron Rasmussen
Dan Reiner
10:43.06aHendrick Hudson
5.-Temitope Bajulaiye
Harry Maher
Jeremy Burke
Kerwyn Sutton
10:46.10aNew Rochelle
6.-Marc Violone
Daniel Piazza
Evan Skloot
Brendon Cutler
10:48.80aByram Hills
7.-Frank Segreto
Adekola Adegbite
Nicholas Mazzucca
Nicholas Kaufmann
10:53.06aSt Anthony's
8.-Evan Garwood
Ben Wach
Thaddius Sheehan
Tommy Vandenberg
9.-Christophe D'Antona
Ryo Inkyo
Tray Wasilesky
Ben Konigsberg
10.-Seydina Diagne
Rilwan Onabanjo
Justin Valentin
Samuel Obisanya
11.-Relay Team 11:11.09aSuffern
12.-Tyler Moritz
Jatan Anand
Andy Vitucci
Chris Scally
13.-Andy Chen
Joseph Leung
Ivaylo Madzharov
Mark Schramm
14.-Devin Rocks
Elijah Taylor
Chad Messam
Gregory Boles
11:16.41aBishop Ford Central
15.-Robert Swick
Oliver Mold
Mike Konchan
Ryan Marvin
16.-Cammarota Anthony
Matt DeLeon
Chris Cheng
Robert Cheng
11:25.36aNew Fairfield
17.-Kazuya Seki
Travis Misarti
Nick Chan
Matthhieu Morel
18.-Lukas Visadi
Bret Habura
Dan Cocchiara
Steven Pungello
19.-James Walker
Phillip Jebamany
Keron Crawford
Jakai Brassfield
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Vena21.62mMorristown
2.11August Wolf16.78mHackley
3.12John Wlasuk16.66mNewtown
4.12Meena Farid15.81mSt Joseph's by the Sea
5.12Darius Favors15.79mNorth Rockland
6.12Christopher Williams15.68mMt Saint Michael
7.11Tim McMackin14.73mBishop Feehan
8.11Mark Thomas14.72mShenendehowa Central
9.12Christian Lavoie14.64mOld Rochester Regional
10.12Marquis Wilson14.29mHackley
11.10Will Pope14.21mIona Preparatory
12.12Carlos Mendez13.86mShaker
13.12Rhone Stephenson13.65mMt Vernon
14.12James Roth13.60mNanuet
15.12Bari Dar13.59mNanuet
16.11Mason Thorbjornsen13.43mHalf Hollow Hills East
17.11Rami Hamden13.26mNew Canaan
18.12Mike Wixon13.22mClarkstown North
19.12Billy Gargano13.05mBishop Feehan
20.11Gino Giglio13.01mXavier
21.11Philip Lucien12.83mNorth Rockland
22.12Alex Kiene12.82mSuffern
23.11Danny Mathew12.28mGreat Neck South
24.12Raheem Williams12.21mAmityville Memorial
25.12William McCoy12.16mSaugerties
26.12Alan Thorp12.09mSachem North
27.11Brendan Donohue12.06mTappan Zee
28.12Steve Ricciardi11.81mHarrison
29.12Chris Warren11.49mSuffern
30.12James McWilliams11.36mTappan Zee
31.11Cole Lampman11.26mShenendehowa Central
32.12Roger Lozach11.12mSachem North
33.11Vincent Juliano10.75mSachem North
34.9Mike Kearns10.71mSachem North
35.12Matt Cosgrove10.08mSachem North
36.12Chris Schulz9.46mSachem North
X Shot Put - 12lb - Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Robert Cacace13.10mHackley
2.12Edward Thompson12.05mGates Chili
3.11Aidan Fullerton11.53mYorktown Heights
4.10Dan Donoghue11.32mOld Rochester Regional
5.12Michael Burton11.24mBellport
6.12Presnel Dalmeus11.06mSuffern
7.11Harry Zimmerman10.56mBriarcliff
8.11David Romanowicz10.46mOld Rochester Regional
9.12Neil Pinnock10.42mIona Preparatory
10.10Calvin Manchenko9.67mHalf Hollow Hills East
11.11Campobasso Michael9.61mJohn F Kennedy Catho...
12.10Jordan Myers9.49mNorth Babylon
13.12Andrew Klock9.06mNanuet
14.12Brendan Harney8.42mPolytechnic Prep Co ...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Wlasuk52.55mNewtown
2.11August Wolf51.73mHackley
3.12Darius Favors49.78mNorth Rockland
4.11Mason Thorbjornsen44.24mHalf Hollow Hills East
5.11Adam Cooper43.53mHorace Greeley
6.12Tyrell Goodman43.20mArchbishop Stepinac
7.12Meena Farid42.95mSt Joseph's by the Sea
8.12Fernando Nazario42.74mHendrick Hudson
9.11Kyle Sanders42.64mAmityville Memorial
10.12Christian Lavoie42.18mOld Rochester Regional
11.12Christopher Hand41.73mSt Anthony's
12.11Tim McMackin40.66mBishop Feehan
13.11Anthony Pecorelli39.87mFordham Prep
14.12Andrew Sniffen38.81mBrewster
15.12Christoph Vakakasiskala38.02mMt Saint Michael
16.11Jeff Carroll37.18mNanuet
17.12Chris Warren36.85mSuffern
18.10Guido Porcelli36.44mClarkstown North
19.12Rhone Stephenson35.96mMt Vernon
20.11Chris Magnowski35.30mXavier
21.12James Roth35.07mNanuet
22.12Bari Dar34.59mNanuet
23.12Mike Tenzer34.21mSuffern
24.11Rami Hamden34.01mNew Canaan
25.11Philip Lucien33.50mNorth Rockland
26.12Michael Santeramo30.88mFordham Prep
27.12Tyler Helmrich30.58mGreenwich
28.11Steve Baker30.40mClara Barton
29.11Rohan Jamal24.68mNanuet
--12Chris KellyFOULXavier
--12Phil StarkFOULClarkstown North
--10Donte BarnettFOULClara Barton
--12Mike WixonFOULClarkstown North
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Wlasuk57.22mNewtown
2.12Tyrell Goodman52.83mArchbishop Stepinac
3.12Jamie Rosenberg52.52mMt Ararat
4.12Ren Cournoyer50.16mSomersworth
5.10Drew Francouer50.13mSomersworth
6.12Jake Cahan49.37mDalton
7.11Ryan Hooper48.18mBriarcliff
8.12Marquis Wilson47.72mHackley
9.12Luke Harrington47.65mBishop Feehan
10.12Tyler Helmrich47.09mGreenwich
11.12Richard Johnson46.71mHendrick Hudson
12.12Ben Caine46.22mBishop Feehan
13.12Anthony Galano45.36mSt Joseph's by the Sea
14.12Michael Santeramo43.45mFordham Prep
15.11Nick Dellafera42.69mXavier
16.11Steve Baker42.39mClara Barton
17.11TK Maeda41.75mBriarcliff
18.11Matthew Dudziec38.98mSt Joseph's by the Sea
19.11Vincent Macri37.18mIona Preparatory
20.12Ciarian Finnegan36.34mXavier
21.11Michael Pierz36.24mSomers
22.11Steven Price35.68mOld Rochester Regional
23.12Ben Zarkow33.93mScarsdale
11.11Mike Ferrari29.97mBishop Stang
24.10Donte Barnett26.64mClara Barton
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Postwaite1.98mGates Chili
2.12Alex Bowen1.98mBeacon
3.12Sam Yoder1.93mBishop Feehan
4.12Robert Pinto1.93mMonsignor Farrell
5.12Erik Anderson1.87mShoreham-Wading River
6.12Sean Wimbush1.87mTeaneck
7.11Kenyon Wright1.82mSt Benedicts Prep
8.10Robert Plummer1.82mScarsdale
9.11Kyle Gil1.75mNyack
9.11Brenton Fitzgibbon1.75mNyack
9.12John Brancato1.75mTappan Zee
9.12Trevon Tann1.75mFordham Prep
9.11Danny Lee1.75mFordham Prep
9.11Jake Abbuhl1.75mBethlehem Central
9.12Justin Guzman1.75mSuffern
9.12Colin Francis1.75mArchbishop Stepinac
17.10Jeremy Job1.67mClarkstown North
17.12Charles Alcasid1.67mSt Joseph's by the Sea
17.10Robert Yannotta1.67mSachem North
17.12Jono Wilbur1.67mOld Rochester Regional
17.12Sean Holder1.67mNorth Babylon
17.12Arthur Wilk1.67mClarkstown North
17.11Mike Asci1.67mOld Rochester Regional
17.11Robert Tutein1.67mNanuet
17.12Ashula Odongo1.67mSuffern
--10Patrick ClarkeNHScarsdale
--9Peter MalinverniNHFox Lane
--11Vincent BhandalNHClarkstown North
--12Devon MintonNHArlington
X High Jump - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Presnel Dalmeus1.79mSuffern
1.12Edward Thompson1.79mGates Chili
3.12Andrew Klock1.76mNanuet
4.11Harry Zimmerman1.73mBriarcliff
5.11Campobasso Michael1.70mJohn F Kennedy Catho...
5.11Robert Cacace1.70mHackley
5.10Calvin Manchenko1.70mHalf Hollow Hills East
5.11David Romanowicz1.70mOld Rochester Regional
9.12Neil Pinnock1.67mIona Preparatory
9.11Aidan Fullerton1.67mYorktown Heights
9.12Brendan Harney1.67mPolytechnic Prep Co ...
12.12Michael Burton1.61mBellport
13.10Jordan Myers1.55mNorth Babylon
14.10Dan Donoghue1.52mOld Rochester Regional
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Yamoah4.57mArlington
2.11Greg Gallagher4.41mIona Preparatory
3.11Michael Brunoforte4.26mSt Anthony's
4.12Savio Paul4.11mIona Preparatory
5.12Ben Cannellys3.96mShoreham-Wading River
6.10CJ Palozzi3.81mGates Chili
7.11Connor Brant3.81mShaker
8.11Tim Murphy3.81mNew Fairfield
8.12Timothy Derocher3.81mShaker
10.12Joe Cronin3.81mBethlehem Central
11.12Josh Adler3.65mGates Chili
11.12Joey Fournier3.65mMt Ararat
11.10Trieste Jake3.65mGates Chili
14.12Akeva Melchor3.50mBeacon
14.11John Varsam3.50mArchbishop Molloy
14.11Adam Loughlin3.50mFordham Prep
--11Ian SchmidtNHBeacon
--12Jonathan MendezNHNorth Rockland
--11Donald DibariNHNorth Rockland
--11O'Neill GuichardoNHNorth Rockland
--12Emilio HinesNHMt Vernon
--9Ellis RyanNHGates Chili
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rolyce Boston7.39mSheepshead Bay
2.12Tre Bracey7.09mAlexander Hamilton
3.12Keith Mesidor6.99mXavier
4.12Joseph Postwaite6.71mGates Chili
5.12Taylor Washington6.55mRye Country Day
6.11Corey Carter6.52mAmityville Memorial
7.12Jordan Seymore6.45mSouthampton
8.12Gary Castelli6.41mHarrison
9.12Nicholas Bien-Aime6.40mNorth Rockland
10.10Thomas Johnson6.35mWhite Plains
11.9Mustafa Dais6.34mHackley
12.12Steve Ricciardi6.33mHarrison
13.12Carmil Thelemarque6.30mNorth Rockland
13.12Rob Merritt6.30mHarrison
15.12Adam Barnes6.27mBishop Feehan
15.12Tyrell Goodman6.27mArchbishop Stepinac
17.11Franklin Abban6.22mShaker
18.12Evan Leung6.21mGreat Neck South
19.12Billy Bodner6.14mTappan Zee
20.12Ian Knapton6.14mOld Rochester Regional
21.12Garfield Douglas6.13mBishop Feehan
21.12Stanley Delacruz6.13mMt Saint Michael
23.11Jerry Mattia6.11mSt Joseph's by the Sea
23.11Colby Stabell6.11mOld Rochester Regional
23.11Dumaine Gordon6.11mClara Barton
26.12Tommy Park6.10mHarrison
27.12Colin Francis6.03mArchbishop Stepinac
28.11Kyle Farrington6.00mNewburgh Free
29.10Zakaria Auwalu5.98mScarsdale
30.11Kenyon Wright5.96mSt Benedicts Prep
31.12Andrew Henry5.89mGreat Neck South
32.12Haywood Matthews5.88mBeacon
33.12Justin McGriff5.70mLiverpool
34.12Will Gaffney5.53mShenendehowa Central
35.11Takane Shoji5.37mScarsdale
36.11Xaiver Mc Allister5.28mNewburgh Free
37.-Jeff Clark5.27mArchbishop Stepinac
38.10Alex Walker4.88mSuffern
--11McKenzie GaryFOULMt Ararat
--12Jason DinardoFOULBrewster
X Long Jump - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Andrew Klock6.18mNanuet
2.12Michael Burton6.06mBellport
2.11Harry Zimmerman6.06mBriarcliff
4.12Presnel Dalmeus5.94mSuffern
4.12Neil Pinnock5.94mIona Preparatory
6.12Edward Thompson5.90mGates Chili
7.12Brendan Harney5.84mPolytechnic Prep Co ...
8.11Campobasso Michael5.80mJohn F Kennedy Catho...
9.10Calvin Manchenko5.75mHalf Hollow Hills East
10.10Dan Donoghue5.67mOld Rochester Regional
11.11David Romanowicz5.55mOld Rochester Regional
12.11Aidan Fullerton5.54mYorktown Heights
13.11Robert Cacace5.53mHackley
14.10Jordan Myers5.24mNorth Babylon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Green15.17mErasmus Hall Campus
2.12Joseph Postwaite14.10mGates Chili
3.12Nicholas Bien-Aime13.84mNorth Rockland
4.12Pierre Francois13.77mDewitt Clinton
5.12Dorrell Lumsden13.66mBrentwood
6.11Franklin Abban13.47mShaker
7.11Myles Fowler13.11mBrentwood
8.12Garfield Douglas13.05mBishop Feehan
9.10Thomas Johnson13.01mWhite Plains
10.12Stanley Delacruz12.94mMt Saint Michael
11.12Colton Lubaszka12.89mNorth Rockland
12.12Tyrell Goodman12.87mArchbishop Stepinac
13.12Alex Bowen12.81mBeacon
14.12Andrew Henry12.75mGreat Neck South
15.12Colin Francis12.64mArchbishop Stepinac
16.10Zakaria Auwalu12.52mScarsdale
17.12Justin McGriff12.51mLiverpool
17.11Brandon Brissett12.51mWhite Plains
19.12Jevon Gooden12.50mBrewster
20.11Vincent Bhandal12.42mClarkstown North
21.11Justice Ramsey12.39mShaker
22.12Clive Ricketts12.37mCornwall Central
23.12Matt Lambert12.14mArchbishop Molloy
24.12Khoren Lawson12.14mThe Stony Brook
25.11Jake Busuttil12.01mXavier
26.11Ryan Kilgannon11.84mClarkstown North
27.11Jerry Mattia11.50mSt Joseph's by the Sea
--12Carmil ThelemarqueFOULNorth Rockland
--12Thomas FigueroaFOULPolytechnic Prep Co ...
--11Jamal WilliamsFOULTeaneck
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Andrew Klock3088Nanuet
2.12Edward Thompson2964Gates Chili
3.11Robert Cacace2829Hackley
4.11Harry Zimmerman2787Briarcliff
5.10Calvin Manchenko2779Half Hollow Hills East
6.12Michael Burton2747Bellport
7.11Campobasso Michael2721John F Kennedy Catho...
8.12Neil Pinnock2704Iona Preparatory
9.12Presnel Dalmeus2690Suffern
10.11Aidan Fullerton2683Yorktown Heights
11.11David Romanowicz2532Old Rochester Regional
12.12Brendan Harney2465Polytechnic Prep Co ...
13.10Dan Donoghue2384Old Rochester Regional
14.10Jordan Myers2073North Babylon

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Alexander12.11aBeacon
2.11Lateisha Philson12.19aBenjamin Cardozo
3.11Valencia Hannon12.30aElmont Memorial
4.10Precious Holmes12.32aHillhouse
5.10Julie Shanus12.45aRye Country Day
6.12Charmaine Delotch12.60aPaul Robeson for Bus...
7.11Royal Cheatham12.62aHope
8.10Robbi Rogers12.81aMt Vernon
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lateisha Philson12.24aBenjamin Cardozo
2.11Valencia Hannon12.41aElmont Memorial
3.12Victoria Alexander12.42aBeacon
4.10Precious Holmes12.47aHillhouse
5.10Julie Shanus12.65aRye Country Day
6.12Charmaine Delotch12.67aPaul Robeson for Bus...
7.11Royal Cheatham12.69aHope
8.10Robbi Rogers12.69aMt Vernon
9.10Ayele Townsend12.70aBenjamin Cardozo
10.12Emily Easton12.71aManhasset
11.12Aiyanna Isom13.00aThe Brearley
12.12Doris Little13.06aNewburgh Free
13.11Gillian Berger13.15aSleepy Hollow
14.11Shyneice Sanders13.17aHope
15.9Melissa Michels13.26aSachem North
16.11Shannon Teevens13.28aYorktown Heights
17.10Sarah Osaheni13.29aShenendehowa Central
18.10Maddison Prescott13.30aMt Ararat
19.10Hannah Walsh13.34aOld Rochester Regional
20.12Metika Ngbokoli13.41aHackley
21.12Shawna Hastings13.43aTappan Zee
22.10Tessa Cavanaugh13.44aHackley
23.12Lynne Onyeneho13.47aAlexander Hamilton
24.10Taylor Hosking13.49aThe Brearley
25.12Maddie Dodgeville13.50aBishop Feehan
26.11Nina Sarmiento13.56aHarrison
27.12Brianna Bridge13.61aAlexander Hamilton
28.11Shawn Caparelli13.62aHarrison
29.11Tiffany Luongo13.64aBishop Feehan
30.9Alexandra Jacques13.66aShenendehowa Central
31.9Rula Samad13.69aHarrison
32.10Niasha Dennis13.70aShenendehowa Central
33.9Sandra Carpenter13.73aRidgefield
34.11Hannah Casill13.74aJohn Jay (Cross River)
35.10Keisha Wright13.75aSouthampton
36.12Tyla Green13.77aAlexander Hamilton
37.10Hannah Hochman13.79aHarrison
38.12Jane Pierre13.80aSpring Valley
39.12Shernika Paul13.88aPaul Robeson for Bus...
40.9Ellie Molwitz13.89aRidgefield
41.10Amanda Berta13.99aRidgefield
42.10Darian Garner13.99aSpring Valley
43.10Shelby Fender14.25aWesthampton Beach
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Deajah Stevens11.9New Rochelle
9Alicia Donaldson12.3New Rochelle
9Ashley Wiggins12.6New Rochelle
11Johari Privott-Yeiser13.3New Rochelle
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Deajah Stevens24.84aNew Rochelle
2.12Victoria Alexander25.11aBeacon
3.12Loraine Cruickshank25.49aSheepshead Bay
4.12Charmaine Delotch25.55aPaul Robeson for Bus...
5.12Sheniece Daphness25.66aMedgar Evers College...
6.11Royal Cheatham25.74aHope
7.10Julie Shanus26.15aRye Country Day
8.10Ayele Townsend27.03aBenjamin Cardozo
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Deajah Stevens25.19aNew Rochelle
2.12Victoria Alexander25.33aBeacon
3.11Royal Cheatham25.55aHope
4.12Charmaine Delotch25.57aPaul Robeson for Bus...
5.12Loraine Cruickshank25.58aSheepshead Bay
6.10Julie Shanus25.81aRye Country Day
7.12Sheniece Daphness25.99aMedgar Evers College...
8.10Ayele Townsend26.13aBenjamin Cardozo
9.10Kimberly Campbell26.15aMedgar Evers College...
10.12Jahlisa Williams26.16aSheepshead Bay
11.12Alyssa Perreault26.23aBishop Feehan
12.11Taylor Hennig26.36aGarden City
13.12Sherrieann Ashman26.54aProspect Heights
14.9Laura Jaeger26.79aGarden City
15.12Lakisha DaCruz26.79aHope
16.12Emily Easton26.83aManhasset
17.12Danielle Asaro26.91aJohn F Kennedy Catho...
18.12Tonika Forrester26.93aArchbishop Molloy
19.12Jessica Brown26.95aSpring Valley
20.8Alesia McCarthy26.96aElmont Memorial
21.12Aiyanna Isom27.00aThe Brearley
22.10Brigitte Pewu27.07aCurtis
23.11Tiffany Vera27.07aLakeland/Panas
24.11Shannon Teevens27.10aYorktown Heights
25.11Clare Cirillo27.37aJohn Jay (Cross River)
26.11Alyssa Yeboah-Kodie27.39aGarden City
27.10Ashley Mandat27.39aNorth Babylon
28.11Staphaine Linton27.57aUniondale
29.11Mary Kate Wallace27.62aGarden City
30.9Julianna Klein27.63aShenendehowa Central
31.10Julia Murphy27.76aBishop Feehan
32.10D'Yanna McCaskill27.79aNewburgh Free
33.12Mary Kate Griffin27.86aCommack Dist
34.11Hannah Casill27.91aJohn Jay (Cross River)
35.12Stephanie Richer27.91aSachem North
36.11Mishka Harrisingh28.20aBenjamin Cardozo
37.9Alexandra Jacques28.25aShenendehowa Central
38.11Amanda Bauza28.27aLakeland/Panas
39.11Chisom Mokwuah28.29aElmira Notre Dame
40.9Kelly Punturo28.29aGarden City
41.9Kaitlin Shea28.30aGarden City
42.10Emily Wesnofske28.37aSouthampton
43.11Cassie Raguso28.46aCommack Dist
44.8Meggie Gallo28.50aSouthampton
45.11Kelly Preston28.97aShenendehowa Central
46.11Amanda Walkowicz29.25aShenendehowa Central
47.12Morgan Mathiesen29.55aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
48.11McKenna O'Shea30.50aSouthampton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sandrae Fargiharson55.84aMedgar Evers College...
2.12Nyanka Joseph-Moise56.54aMedgar Evers College...
3.12Shakele Seaton56.69aMedgar Evers College...
4.8Emma Gallagher57.12aGarden City
5.12Brie Roller57.70aLakeland/Panas
6.12Ugonna Okpala58.27aBenjamin Cardozo
7.9Laura Jaeger58.37aGarden City
8.12Monique Mitchell58.65aUniondale
9.11Paris Garcia58.73aElmira Notre Dame
10.11Melanie Baran58.74aSanford
11.11Shannon McDonnell59.08aShoreham-Wading River
12.11Anna Harling59.18aThe Brearley
13.12Kamilah Williams59.19aWhite Plains
14.10Noemie Bechu59.42aNorth Salem
15.12Kerry Connors59.53aWashingtonville
16.10Sarah Haley59.83aDover
17.11Amanda Michaud59.97aGreenwich
18.12Rachel Miller1:00.21aCornwall Central
19.12Shareece Charles1:00.60aSheepshead Bay
20.11Raheema Robinson1:01.01aWashingtonville
21.9Morgan Cluck1:01.19aJohnson City Senior
22.12Danielle Lacey1:01.29aGates Chili
23.10Carrie Small1:01.32aNorth Rockland
24.12Morgan Donovan1:01.39aHalf Hollow Hills East
25.11Elizabeth Markowitz1:01.44aGreenwich
26.10Carley Guida1:01.44aSouthampton
27.11Jenna DeAngelo1:01.78aGarden City
28.11Tiffany Vera1:02.00aLakeland/Panas
29.8Jillian Decker1:02.05aCornwall Central
30.9Nicole Ross1:02.08aMt Ararat
31.12Ashley Dolan1:02.20aCommack Dist
32.10Khadejah Harrison1:02.23aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
33.9Alexandra Aprile1:02.30aCommack Dist
34.11Emily Morse1:02.37aBishop Stang
35.9Chelsea Edwards1:02.57aSpring Valley
36.10Morgan Silveira1:02.73aBishop Feehan
37.11Clare Cirillo1:02.75aJohn Jay (Cross River)
38.11Isabelle Despins1:02.76aHoly Child
39.10Anna Suriano1:02.90aShenendehowa Central
40.9Kelly Punturo1:02.99aGarden City
41.9Julianna Klein1:03.06aShenendehowa Central
42.11Bryanna Chestnut1:03.11aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
43.10Nzinga Meadows1:03.34aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
44.9Kaitlin Shea1:03.66aGarden City
45.12Mary Kate Griffin1:03.73aCommack Dist
46.11Hannah Casill1:04.01aJohn Jay (Cross River)
47.12Morgan Mathiesen1:04.33aPolytechnic Prep Co ...
48.11Kelly Powell1:04.67aWest Genesee Senior
49.11Allison Simon1:08.44aLakeland/Panas
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Alicia Donaldson59.4New Rochelle
11Selena Marshall61.0New Rochelle
9Ashley Wiggins61.6New Rochelle
11Selena Marshall62.4New Rochelle
11Alyssa McDonald62.5New Rochelle
9Evana Ferguson65.9New Rochelle
10Nicole Raglan65.9New Rochelle
11Diamond Dorn66.2New Rochelle
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - East Coast - Finals
10Deajah Stevens56.8New Rochelle
9Alicia Donaldson60.1New Rochelle
9Ashley Wiggins61.9New Rochelle
11Alyssa McDonald62.5New Rochelle
10Catherine Morris66.4New Rochelle
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Claudia Francis2:08.21aBenjamin Cardozo
2.11Julia Zrinyi2:09.06aVincent Massey
3.8Emma Gallagher2:10.80aGarden City
4.12Hayley McMahon2:11.53aArlington
5.11Melanie Baran2:13.63aSanford
6.11Anna Harling2:13.83aThe Brearley
7.12Michelle Rotondo2:13.93aGarden City
8.12Kristen Walsh2:14.16aNorth Rockland
9.7Emily O'Neill2:14.59aGarden City
10.12Jillian Williams2:15.52aDalton
11.10Megan Young2:15.72aNanuet
12.11Abigail Markowitz2:15.86aGreenwich
13.10Kellie Davis2:15.96aHillhouse
14.12Keira Wood2:16.09aSachem North
15.10Katie Hanss2:16.68aThe Brearley
16.12Rachel Cannon2:16.93aGates Chili
17.12Rachel Miller2:17.14aCornwall Central
18.9Erin Jaskot2:17.81aTappan Zee
19.11Taylor Hennig2:17.98aGarden City
20.12Brie Roller2:18.28aLakeland/Panas
21.11Breanna Cummings2:18.66aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
22.8Jillian Decker2:18.82aCornwall Central
23.11Kim Grabow2:20.01aSayville
24.11Gina Stalicia2:20.24aShenendehowa Central
25.12Kristina Kates2:20.39aGreenwich
26.9Victoria Kingham2:20.84aThe Brearley
27.10Valeria Calvo2:21.41aLakeland/Panas
28.11Katie Powell2:21.88aBishop Feehan
29.10Stephanie Vickers2:23.22aWesthampton Beach
30.12Kelly Maguire2:23.24aWhite Plains
31.10Remie Brazee2:23.52aClarkstown North
32.11Elizabeth Markowitz2:23.93aGreenwich
33.12Alexandra Burtnick2:23.94aShenendehowa Central
34.12Samantha Crisafulli2:23.98aShenendehowa Central
35.10Omawattie Singh2:24.51aBoys & Girls
36.12Chloe Emerson2:25.23aMt Ararat
37.12Ashley Dolan2:25.68aCommack Dist
38.12Taryn Schmeltzinger2:26.05aGarden City
39.11Haley Keyko2:26.11aTrinity School
40.9Robin Jessamy2:26.98aAlexander Hamilton
41.9Katherine McCormack2:27.01aCarmel
42.12Sara Ren2:27.17aArlington
43.12Johana Jimenez2:27.27aBoys & Girls
44.11Jenna DeAngelo2:27.43aGarden City
45.11Sophie Maher2:27.77aCarmel
46.12Emma Loniewsi2:28.39aTappan Zee
47.12Megan Curran2:28.65aTappan Zee
48.11Julia Conrad2:28.72aJohn Jay (Cross River)
49.9Shannon Averill2:28.82aSaugerties
50.11Annie Gould2:29.55aCarmel
51.12Jenna Holt2:32.50aCarmel
52.10Sally Diarra2:34.10aBoys & Girls
X 800 Meters - Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Brittney Adams2:17.70aDewitt Clinton
2.12Sally Gale2:19.73aNyack
3.12Amira Privott-Yeiser2:23.47aNew Rochelle
4.12Tiyi Boone2:29.01aNewburgh Free
5.12Kaitlyn Strine2:30.44aCornwall Central
6.12Kayla Cataldo2:35.82aSachem North
7.9Naomi Costabile2:37.29aNorth Rockland
8.10Megan Filyk2:37.78aOak Park
9.11Amy Graceffo2:38.13aGlenlawn
10.11Samantha Falcon2:39.16aNorth Rockland
11.10Nicole Bartosch2:44.85aYorktown Heights
12.12Julia Mundy2:46.29aCornwall Central
13.12Mellisa Mangual2:49.44aNorth Rockland
14.10Kendall Scanlon2:54.92aShenendehowa Central
15.12Colby Gail2:57.07aMt Ararat
16.12Samantha Swift2:57.61aSachem North
17.11Rovina Simon3:02.10aNorth Babylon
18.11Shawna Gibson3:10.20aShenendehowa Central
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Maura McCabe2:19.9New Rochelle
10Wilda Delacruz2:20.0New Rochelle
12Molly Kaye2:27.0New Rochelle
10Lara Gaffney2:30.5New Rochelle
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - East Coast - Finals
10Wilda Delacruz2:39.0New Rochelle
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - East Coast - Finals
9Sindy Rivas4:24.2New Rochelle
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aisling Cuffe4:40.56aCornwall Central
2.11Julia Zrinyi4:51.50aVincent Massey
3.10Sabrina Southerland4:52.85aBenjamin Cardozo
4.12Gina Talt4:55.45aMamaroneck
5.10Emily Waligurski4:56.20aOnteora
6.12Emily De la bruyere4:57.06aThe Brearley
7.11Alexis Panisse4:58.46aBenjamin Cardozo
8.12Lauren Hehir5:00.58aWashingtonville
9.10Katie Hanss5:01.67aThe Brearley
10.12Hayley McMahon5:04.48aArlington
11.12Caroline Murray5:05.35aNew Canaan
12.9Erin Neville5:06.26aCommack Dist
13.11Abigail Markowitz5:06.38aGreenwich
14.12Keira Wood5:08.62aSachem North
15.11Alexis Hatcher5:08.72aNorth Rockland
16.9Gianna Frontera5:08.74aNewburgh Free
17.10Kelly Lavan5:12.27aSachem North
18.10Kellie Davis5:12.84aHillhouse
19.10Arianna Bottalico5:13.83aBrewster
20.7Emily O'Neill5:14.45aGarden City
21.12Jillian Williams5:16.53aDalton
22.7Stephanie Gerland5:20.58aGarden City
23.11Meagan Jaskot5:22.07aTappan Zee
24.10Hannah Seigel5:24.34aGreat Neck South
25.11Zoe Nagasing5:26.59aPawling
26.8Taylor Darby5:28.10aBayport Blue Point
27.12Alexandra Cappello5:28.15aScarsdale
28.9Ifetayo Tyler5:28.40aNyack
29.12Sarah Pellegrini5:28.93aSayville
30.9Jessica Scheriff5:29.64aNorth Babylon
31.9Kiana Whitney5:30.02aClarkstown North
32.9Lindsay Dougherty5:32.35aCommack Dist
33.9Madison Goldrick5:33.52aTappan Zee
34.11Amy Pilsbury5:37.39aDover
35.11Gabrielle Robert5:40.84aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
36.12Kate Spies5:46.33aMt Ararat
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - East Coast - Finals
10Lara Gaffney5:37.6New Rochelle
X 1600m Racewalk - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Opatovsky7:27.71aShoreham-Wading River
2.10Annica Penn7:37.75aWesthampton Beach
3.12Crosby Tillman7:47.65aSomers
4.10Kylie Trettner7:58.26aShoreham-Wading River
5.9Katie Michta8:10.06aSachem North
6.12Amanda Borok8:20.62aYorktown Heights
7.12D'Ashley Landry8:27.74aSachem North
8.11Natalia St. Lawrence8:49.17aHarvey
9.12Katie Svarzman8:51.20aSayville
10.10Yezica Bolanos8:54.08aNorth Rockland
11.12Holly Citeno8:54.89aSayville
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aisling Cuffe9:56.16aCornwall Central
2.11Samantha Nadel10:22.15aNorth Shore
3.11Lizzie Predmore10:28.92aShenendehowa Central
4.12Emily De la bruyere10:36.70aThe Brearley
5.11Brianna Nerud10:42.83aNorth Shore
6.12Viviana Hanley10:48.57aBishop Feehan
7.9Gianna Frontera10:49.03aNewburgh Free
8.12Samantha Jorgensen10:49.04aPawling
9.12Mara Lieberman10:56.53aHamden
10.11Elizabeth Hekker11:11.33aNorth Rockland
11.10Arianna Bottalico11:11.64aBrewster
12.7Stephanie Gerland11:22.12aGarden City
13.8Jennifer Gerland11:23.56aGarden City
14.10Mary Welsh11:24.49aManhasset
15.10Allison Schumann11:28.05aNorth Salem
16.12Deanna Karam11:32.17aBishop Stang
17.11Erin Svenson11:39.25aBishop Feehan
18.12Josephine Boyle11:39.75aArlington
19.10Michelle Lujan11:53.00aCornwall Central
20.10Morgan Meaney11:53.24aPawling
21.12Molly Bennett12:00.14aWesthampton Beach
22.12Hailey Beyer12:06.98aShenendehowa Central
23.10Stephanie Vickers12:07.48aWesthampton Beach
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lateisha Philson14.44aBenjamin Cardozo
2.11Britney Webley14.76aUniondale
3.11Lauren Voss15.20aNyack
4.11Lexus Harney15.25aMt Vernon
5.12Desiree Johnson-green15.43aUniondale
6.10Akayla Anderson15.45aBenjamin Cardozo
7.12Sarah Bell15.54aCommack Dist
8.11Khadijah Cudjoe16.56aSheepshead Bay
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Tiyi Boone15.69aNewburgh Free
2.11Brittney Adams16.26aDewitt Clinton
3.12Amira Privott-Yeiser16.43aNew Rochelle
4.12Sally Gale16.58aNyack
5.12Kaitlyn Strine17.06aCornwall Central
6.12Kayla Cataldo17.09aSachem North
7.10Nicole Bartosch17.37aYorktown Heights
8.11Amy Graceffo17.79aGlenlawn
9.12Samantha Swift17.97aSachem North
10.12Mellisa Mangual18.10aNorth Rockland
11.12Julia Mundy18.37aCornwall Central
12.9Naomi Costabile18.46aNorth Rockland
13.10Megan Filyk18.57aOak Park
14.11Rovina Simon19.28aNorth Babylon
15.10Kendall Scanlon19.77aShenendehowa Central
16.11Samantha Falcon19.81aNorth Rockland
17.12Colby Gail19.93aMt Ararat
18.11Shawna Gibson21.08aShenendehowa Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Britney Webley14.82aUniondale
2.11Lateisha Philson14.99aBenjamin Cardozo
3.10Akayla Anderson15.05aBenjamin Cardozo
4.11Lauren Voss15.35aNyack
5.12Desiree Johnson-green15.41aUniondale
6.12Sarah Bell15.62aCommack Dist
7.11Lexus Harney15.76aMt Vernon
8.11Khadijah Cudjoe15.98aSheepshead Bay
9.9Aliyah Matta16.08aNewburgh Free
10.10Brenna Brown16.51aNorth Salem
11.11Adrianna Powell16.56aUniondale
12.12Caitlin Cuevo16.60aYorktown Heights
13.10Melanie Trinkwald16.66aSayville
14.9Ashley Wiggins16.72aNew Rochelle
15.10Brigitte Pewu16.73aCurtis
16.11Johari Privott-Yeiser16.81aNew Rochelle
17.10Sarah Osaheni16.85aShenendehowa Central
18.12Dominic Lounds17.16aThe Brearley
19.11Danielle Russell17.21aNorth Rockland
20.12Rebecca Neugebauer18.25aSayville
21.10Jenae Stunkard18.36aNew Fairfield
22.12Shantay Beccan18.57aMt Vernon
23.9Toluwa Akinyemi18.91aShenendehowa Central
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tanaya Yarde1:01.48aMt Vernon
2.12Michelle Rotondo1:01.87aGarden City
3.11Lexus Harney1:04.96aMt Vernon
4.11Britney Webley1:05.11aUniondale
5.12Sarah Bell1:05.96aCommack Dist
6.12Daniella Bernasconi1:06.06aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
7.10Ally Saccone1:06.51aOld Rochester Regional
8.10Amanda Famularo1:06.72aSayville
9.12Desiree Johnson-green1:06.77aUniondale
10.10Elena Rudy1:06.99aCornwall Central
11.11Adrianna Powell1:07.46aUniondale
12.11Briana Reid1:07.94aBrentwood
13.12Taryn Schmeltzinger1:08.09aGarden City
14.12Chelsea Christonikos1:08.22aClarkstown South
15.11Alyssa McDonald1:08.23aNew Rochelle
16.12Katie Cataldo1:09.08aBishop Feehan
17.9Aliyah Matta1:09.79aNewburgh Free
18.11Danielle Russell1:09.96aNorth Rockland
19.9Amanda Underhill1:10.01aShenendehowa Central
20.10Cate Wright1:10.31aGreenwich
21.11Lauren Ryan1:10.50aNorth Rockland
22.11Luz Viana1:10.78aNorth Rockland
23.10Emeline Posner1:11.05aThe Brearley
24.9Melissande Corlett1:12.44aNewburgh Free
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.9Laura Leff6:52.74aWest Genesee Senior
2.12Samantha Jorgensen6:57.16aPawling
3.12Kira Garry7:02.15aFriends Academy
4.12Callie Kohlbrenner7:11.69aTappan Zee
5.12McKenna Coughlin7:16.38aJohnson City Senior
6.11Annmarie Tuxbury7:25.69aNorthwestern
7.10Katie Saroka7:25.84aBayport Blue Point
8.11Nicki Nesi7:36.76aPelham Memorial
9.11Sarah King7:37.44aDobbs Ferry
10.11Kailey Dwyer7:38.10aNorth Rockland
11.11Kathleen Woods7:38.29aArchbishop Molloy
12.12Katy Farmer7:41.95aGates Chili
13.8Jennifer Gerland7:42.18aGarden City
14.10Caroline Hampton7:47.53aShenendehowa Central
15.11Keila Sheetz7:53.27aCornwall Central
16.10Corrine Birchard7:56.46aCurtis
17.12Maggie Verspoor8:01.00aSayville
18.11Denean Dixon8:01.07aCurtis
19.11Amanda Fasano8:01.42aCornwall Central
20.12Jessica Falcon8:02.53aNorth Rockland
21.11Jessica Bartolotta8:06.98aSayville
22.11Georgia Crane8:09.43aHoly Child
23.9Kalleigh Forrester8:14.93aNewburgh Free
24.11Jackie Roepers8:19.33aThe Brearley
25.11Melanie Klekotka8:24.61aBishop Eustace Prep
26.11Meghan Jastrzemski8:24.91aArlington
27.8Rose Andrews8:25.09aShoreham-Wading River
28.11Kayleigh Bhangdia8:27.32aArlington
29.12Eva Strobl8:33.08aBayport Blue Point
30.11Nancy Chen8:40.14aThe Brearley
31.9Erika Gulija8:44.02aSouthampton
32.12Deanna Iwanyckyj8:57.39aSouthampton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kimberly Campbell
Sheniece Daphness
Sandrae Fargiharson
Camille Edwards
47.83aMedgar Evers College...
2.-Robbi Rogers
Lexus Harney
Amber Lacey
Tanaya Yarde
48.27aMt Vernon
3.-Amber Ballew
Whitney Jackson
Kayann Richards
Olivia Baker
4.-Amy Anaelle
Armani Thornton
Raquel Lancaster
Sherrieann Ashman
49.69aProspect Heights
5.-Ashley Wiggins
Alicia Donaldson
Johari Yeiser
Deajah Stevens
50.15aNew Rochelle
6.-Diedre Carter
Tori Thompson
Ashley Mandat
Alena Gannon
50.44aNorth Babylon
7.-Maddie Dodgeville
Tiffany Luongo
Julia Murphy
Alyssa Perreault
50.81aBishop Feehan
8.-Brittany Bryant
Jillian Decker
Rachel Miller
Olivia Jebb
50.84aCornwall Central
9.-D'Janet Ahyoung
Tyler Peterkin
Luz Viana
Danielle Russell
50.98aNorth Rockland
10.-Niasha Dennis
Sarah Osaheni
Kelly Preston
Madison Weekes
51.06aShenendehowa Central
11.-Kristina Smith
Aliyah Matta
Nicole McRae
Kayla Phipps
51.13aNewburgh Free
12.-Relay Team 51.25aWhite Plains
13.-Funmi Adejobi
Taylor Hosking
Aiyanna Isom
Dominic Lounds
51.44aThe Brearley
14.-Lynne Onyeneho
Jessica Barrera
Tyla Green
Brianna Bridge
51.76aAlexander Hamilton
15.-Timaya Forehand
Tawanda Francis
Staphaine Linton
Desiree Johnson-green
16.-Darian Garner
Jessica Brown
Jane Pierre
Dora Copeland
51.84aSpring Valley
17.-Samantha Swift
Stephanie Richer
Gabriella Czerw
Melissa Michels
52.06aSachem North
18.-Relay Team 52.16aRamapo
19.-Sara Mourabe
Amy Shuler
Madeline Rosenberg
Kiki Yewer
20.-Alexa Putillo
Casey Mullaney
Brenna Brown
Noemi Bechu
52.68aNorth Salem
21.-Meggie Gallo
Emily Wesnofske
Carley Guida
Keisha Wright
22.-Sandra Carpenter
Amanda Berta
Ellie Molwitz
Tori Garofalo
23.-Mackenzie Roderick
Bridget Cormier
Annie Kuphal
Danielle Degrazia
53.25aBishop Stang
24.-Morgan DaSilva
Paige Santos
Gabby Kondraki
Hannah Walsh
53.77aOld Rochester Regional
Brigitte Pewu
Ingrid Yovo
Brittany Sheridan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kimberly Campbell
Sandrae Fargiharson
Nyanka Moise
Odessa Fernandes
3:48.04aMedgar Evers College...
2.-Ugonna Okpala
Alexis Panisse
Sabrina Southerland
Claudia Francis
3:48.23aBenjamin Cardozo
3.-Olivia Baker
Aigner Bobbitt
Imani Coleman
Kiana Winston
4.-Taryn Schmeltzinger
Laura Jaeger
Michelle Rotondo
Taylor Hennig
4:00.17aGarden City
5.-Brittney Adams
Fatoumata Samura
Marlena Wright
Katrina Lambert
4:00.84aDewitt Clinton
6.-Monique Mitchell
Adrianna Powell
Kedisha Roberts
Brittany Webly
7.-Doris Little
Kayla Phipps
Saleen Matta
D'Yanna McCaskill
4:03.90aNewburgh Free
8.-Bailey Walker
Casey Hasher
Aubrie Van Weele
Brenna Darby
4:05.93aBayport Blue Point
9.-Alicia Donaldson
Selena Marshall
Alyssa McDonald
Ashley Wiggins
4:05.93aNew Rochelle
10.-Briana Reid
Bionca Richardson
Brittany Richardson
Roslyn Smith
11.-Lexus Harney
Tanaya Yarde
Amber Lacey
Shantay Beccan
4:09.54aMt Vernon
12.-Pariis Garcia
Alison Bohnenberger
Stephanie VanPelt
Kathrine Henri
4:12.50aNotre Dame Academy
13.-Nicole Jablon
Tivoni Taylor
Tiffany Perrier
Morgan Donovan
4:14.13aHalf Hollow Hills East
14.-Paige Santos
Ally Saccone
Gabby Kondraki
Hannah Walsh
4:15.34aOld Rochester Regional
15.-Andrea Luongo
Morgan Silveira
Katie Cataldo
Danielle Ezbery
4:18.33aBishop Feehan
16.-Meggie Gallo
McKenna O'Shea
Emily Wesnofske
Carley Guida
17.-Tess Martin
Mackenzie Roderick
Deanna Karam
Emily Morse
4:22.00aBishop Stang
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Alicia Donaldson
Ashley Wiggins
Alyssa McDonald
Deajah Stevens
4:01.33aNew Rochelle
2.-Sheila Ramos
Victoria Mevs
Carrie Small
Breanne Baez
4:14.31aNorth Rockland
3.-Emma Allen
Allison Schumann
Brenna Brown
Noemi Bechu
4:14.52aNorth Salem
4.-Caitlin Lenihan
Alexis Carey
Lauren Fernandez
Brooke Madry
5.-Soraya Theard
Sara Shedler
Imani Solan
Khadija Jalloh
6.-Madeline Garcia
Alexa Roda
Alison Bohnenberger
Brianne Garcia
4:21.72aNotre Dame Academy
7.-Clara King
Shauna Owen
Allison Zaccheo
Abigail Concannon
4:24.91aNotre Dame Academy-H...
8.-Relay Team 4:27.84aNew Canaan
9.-Skyler Finning
Kaylie McIvney
Deidre Rizzo
Madison Goldrick
4:29.14aTappan Zee
10.-Rachel Okun
Julianna Bastone
Tsahi Latty
Francesca Critelli
4:29.32aWhite Plains
11.-Ellie Collinson
Amber Tutein
Brittany Haughton
Lauren Fernandez
12.-Morgan Bryant
Patricia Hannett
Grace Jordan
Maeve McGowan
4:31.55aHoly Child
13.-Liana Alves
Joanna Ortega
Ella Rasmussen
Rasheedah Shardow
4:32.46aHendrick Hudson
14.-Morgan Sullivan
Christina Dunn
Catherin Driscoll
Megan Steeves
4:34.90aNotre Dame Academy-H...
15.-Blair Croce
Abby Croce
Julie Gabriel
Hunter Harrow
16.-Oliva Barry
Julia Fisher
Vera Armus
Clio Calvo-Platero
4:39.92aRiverdale Country
Naycha Boone
Tiffany Saw
Naimah Daniels
18.-Hannah Burgess
Natalia Garcia-Sanabria
Sophie Mancini
Camryn Clarke
5:05.62aRiverdale Country
X 4x400 Relay - Tri-State - Finals
1.-Amber Lacey
Shantay Beccan
Robbi Rogers
Dana Lyttle
3:58.60aMt Vernon
2.-Jasmine Campbell
Jessica Myrthil
Jatasia Williams
Kamilah Williams
4:02.22aWhite Plains
3.-Shannon McDonnell
Laura Lee
Genn Kuczewski
Courtney Clasen
4:03.61aShoreham-Wading River
4.-Soraya Theard
Fabienne Theard
Sara Shedler
Khadija Jalloh
5.-Samantha Bishop
Amanda Famularo
Breana Lindquist
Meagan Mulry
6.-Amanda Michaud
Kristina Kates
Elizabeth Markowitz
Abigal Markowitz
7.-Turner Block
Emily Hanrahan
Courtney Mullen
Ingrid Johnson
8.-Sherrieann Ashman
Armani Thornton
Amy Anaelle
Raquel Lancaster
4:07.72aProspect Heights
9.-Relay Team 4:08.33aRamapo
10.-Adriana Carrasco
Erin Harpe
Meagan Jordan
Mara Lieberman
11.-Relay Team 4:12.13aMt Vernon
12.-Ifetayo Tyler
Ashley Lagrenade
Lauren Voss
Renee Roncace
13.-Breanne Baez
Aliyah Coley
Nicole Hanzus
Victoria Mevs
4:15.13aNorth Rockland
14.-Tessa Cavanaugh
Alyza Ngbokoli
Sojourner Elleby
Metika Ngbokoli
15.-Rebecca Bianco
Lauren Miller
Sophie Feuer
Madeline Zimmerman
16.-Chaeli Barbaro
Kacey Gardner
Rachel Gardner
Krystal Zenker
17.-Samantha Pandiscia
Meaghan Simmonds
Amanda Shkreli
Abby Armstrong
18.-Shannon Kay
Julie Trainor
Lorraine Santiago
Devin Sullivan
4:18.62aClarkstown North
19.-Molly Weeks
Karryn M Christiansen
Samantha McCarthy
Clara Howley
20.-Selena Marshall
Diamond Dorn
Nicole Raglan
Evana Ferguson
4:19.11aNew Rochelle
21.-Megan Young
Deanna Felicissimo
Hannah DeMartino
Caitlin Lenihan
22.-Kelly McElroy
Meghan Milani
Natalie Faragon
Helen Tristano
23.-Shannon Bennett
Jessica Fricker
Rachel Fricker
Lauren Crawford
4:23.36aJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
24.-Gabriela Garcia
Kelsie Larson
Becca Duffy
Kayla Cataldo
4:23.81aSachem North
25.-Rebecca Toy
Michelle Kwong
Daisy Hernandez
Taylor Williams
4:24.20aGreat Neck South
26.-Aliyah Coley
Wilvlyne Lauredent
Breanne Baez
Heidi Tannhauser
4:24.45aNorth Rockland
27.-Caitlin Lenihan
Alexis Carey
Brooke Madry
Lauren Fernandez
28.-Kathryn Peruski
Christina Hebner
Sarah Keltz
Shia Li Lum
29.-Morgan Bryant
Georgia Crane
Tanya Slipsager
Grace Jordan
4:26.30aHoly Child
30.-Abigeal Aboaba
Ingrid Yovo
Denean Dixon
Pathwahand Silva
32.-Funmi Adejobi
Claire Chang
Anna Oakes
Natalie Cumming
4:30.95aThe Brearley
33.-Allison Janos
Robin Jessamy
Sydney Bridges
Jessica Barrera
4:34.39aAlexander Hamilton
34.-Natalie Bennett
Laura De Giorgis
Claire Daly
Thea Scrudato
4:43.23aConvent of the Sacre...
35.-Alexandra Yacyshyn
Kiana Whitney
Karli Regalbuto
Natalie Vilotigevic
4:44.49aClarkstown North
36.-Lindsay Andarakis
Hannah Bisagni
Rosalinia Dagostino
Remy Kneski
4:46.88aWesthampton Beach
37.-Katherine McCormack
Cameryn Curry
Jeanne Magnetti
Amanda Seale
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily O'Neill
Jenna DeAngelo
Stephanie Gerland
Emma Gallegher
9:13.26aGarden City
2.-Allison Payenski
Ashley Ward
Kaitlyn Bedard
Katherine Vodopia
9:15.44aHunterdon Central
3.-Katie Hanss
Anna Harling
Victoria Kingham
Emily De la bruyere
9:18.85aThe Brearley
4.-Amber Ballew
Imani Coleman
Shanika Dessin
Aigner Bobbitt
5.-Pariis Garcia
Alexa Roda
Stephanie VanPelt
Kerri Butler
9:37.00aNotre Dame Academy
6.-Maura McCabe
Lara Gaffney
Molly Kaye
Marlene Delices
9:37.46aNew Rochelle
7.-Abby McNulty
Brynna Harum
Viviana Hanley
Katie Powell
9:40.27aBishop Feehan
8.-Angelica Matwiejczuk
Ashleigh Bowen
Ursula Svoboda
Ashley Kunow
9.-Khadejah Harrison
Bryanna Chestnut
Nzinga Meadows
Breanna Cummings
9:42.33aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
10.-Morgan Cluck
Rachel Hamlin
Lauren Mullins
McKenna Coughlin
9:42.69aJohnson City Senior
11.-Sarah Pellegrini
Robyn Schaefer
Kerri Culhane
Kim Grabow
12.-Gina Stalicia
Kristin Jordan
Rachael Shine
Margot Kimmel
9:47.61aShenendehowa Central
13.-Jessie Hughes
Zoe Nagasing
Samantha Jorgensen
Jennifer Bellucci
14.-Olivia Schumann
Delina Auciello
Meg Tuthill
Isabella Franz
15.-Lillian Gavio
Brianna Santo
Anna Clark
Catherine Clarke
16.-Jhanee Sterrett
Omawattie Singh
Johana Jimenez
Sally Diarra
10:07.49aBoys & Girls
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Megan Young
Caitlin Lenihan
MaryKate O'Meara
Lauren Fernandez
2.-Kristin Jordan
Anna Suriano
Rachael Shine
Caroline Hampton
12:39.01aShenendehowa Central
3.-Angelica Matwiejczuk
Soraya Theard
Taryn Colon
Kate Zendell
4.-Gabrielle Trimlett
Natalia Bolacco
Jessica Stokkeland
Darby Ginley
13:08.53aWarwick Valley
5.-Alexis Carey
Ellie Collinson
Regina Sullivan
Brittany Haughton
6.-Sarah Jaklitsch
Allison Zaccheo
Mollie O'Leary
Olivia Lanagan
13:21.74aNotre Dame Academy-H...
7.-Kelly Flanagan
Corrie Kavanaugh
Heather Molzon
Amanda Slawinski
8.-Catherine Clarke
Lillian Gavio
Brianna Santo
Maddie Olsen
9.-Nikki Graver
Lauren Glancy
Jacquelyn Ferraro
Marissa Cossaro
10.-Marina Eberhart
Allison Gallaher
Delphi Cleaveland
Julie Demonyerey
11.-Relay Team 13:38.24aNew Canaan
12.-Diana Del Bene
Megan Wesley
Morgan Meaney
Grace Mcgrath
13.-Samantha Pandiscia
Amanda Shkreli
Meaghan Simmonds
Kiera Sheridan
14.-Carlie Beninati
Ashley Dellipaoli
Alex Sanchez
Rula Samad
15.-Sindy Rivas
Catherine Morris
Wilda Delacruz
Lara Gaffney
13:46.91aNew Rochelle
16.-Morgan Bryant
Tanya Slipsager
Ellen Lautenbach
Jada Williams
13:50.76aHoly Child
17.-Casie Morgan
Sara Shedler
Cassandra Duitz
Kristin Constantin
18.-Naycha Boone
Brigitte Pewu
Tiffany Saw
Mary Rose Konuwa
19.-Erin Fox
Jennifer Caban
Maria Brouard
Melissa DeHorta
20.-Liana Alves
Joanna Ortega
Ella Rasmussen
Rasheedah Shardow
14:03.21aHendrick Hudson
21.-Bridget Sheerin
Briana Conforti
Hayley Leviashvili
Lauren Gruber
22.-Helen Clapp
Lillian Foote
Isabel Villanueva
Kathryn Cotter
23.-Christina Dunn
Catherin Driscoll
Emily Smith
Grace Pixler
14:32.40aNotre Dame Academy-H...
24.-Kate Kilgus
Cameryn Curry
Katherine McCormack
Amanda Seale
25.-Emma Chapnick
Liza Gellerman
Waite Ayan
Kelsey Straub
14:44.44aWhite Plains
26.-Laura Geary
Gabrielle Isom
Amaris Hemmings
Julia Trencher
15:17.34aRiverdale Country
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - East Coast - Finals
1.-Caroline O'Hea
Jeana Esernio
Juliana Marcucci
Mary kate Anselmini
11:49.57aWard Melville
2.-Samantha Crisafulli
Sarah Osaheni
Alexandra Burtnick
Lizzie Predmore
11:50.20aShenendehowa Central
3.-Leonie Rauls
Julia Bellis
Anima Banks
Gina Talt
4.-Anna Corrigan
Sara Ronde
Natasha Albanaze
Brigid Brennan
5.-Alexis Hatcher
Kristen Walsh
Elizabeth Hekker
Olivia Ohanian
12:25.23aNorth Rockland
6.-Katie Fitzgerald
Jessica Stokkeland
Ashley Stokkeland
Darby Ginley
12:29.12aWarwick Valley
7.-Emma Loniewsi
Callie Kohlbrenner
Kelly Ann Bondulich
Erin Jaskot
12:32.46aTappan Zee
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Open - Finals
1.-Kristina Kates
Amanda Michaud
Elizabeth Markowitz
Abigal Markowitz
2.-Ashley Kunow
Fabienne Theard
Ashleigh Bowen
Ursula Svoboda
3.-Zoe Nagasing
Brianna Dapolito
Jessie Hughes
Samantha Jorgensen
4.-Relay Team 12:44.41aNew Canaan
5.-Chloe Tannhauser
Kristin Schnalzer
Olivia Ohanian
Elizabeth Hekker
12:47.64aNorth Rockland
6.-Katherine Aguiar
Hannah DeMartino
Deanna Felicissimo
Megan Young
7.-Kathrine Henri
Kerri Butler
Pariis Garcia
Stephanie VanPelt
12:50.32aNotre Dame Academy
8.-Sarah Zieve
Samantha Johnson
Victoria Hensley
Elizabeth Fierro
9.-Isabella F Corso
Sarah Guillaume
Terra Briody
Jenna M McClane
10.-Megan Curran
Shawna Hastings
Taylor Jo Gillen
Meagan Jaskot
13:09.66aTappan Zee
11.-Relay Team 13:16.99aRye
12.-Kristina Gabrielsen
Tonika Forrester
Paulina Stefanowski
Kathleen Woods
13:17.18aArchbishop Molloy
13.-June Ilowite
Christina DiBernardo
Melissa Lam
Shira Polan
14.-Christina Hebner
Shia Li Lum
Kathryn Peruski
Alexandra Cappello
15.-Brianna McLoughlin
Kendra McNulty
Isabelle Despins
Georgia Crane
13:20.47aHoly Child
16.-Annie Gould
Katherine McCormack
Jenna Holt
Sophie Maher
17.-Elizabeth Trelstad
Eleanor Trelstad
Kelly Maguire
Jessica Myrthil
13:29.72aWhite Plains
18.-Carly Schwartz
Sarena Malsin
Nina Wagner
Eisman Rachel
13:37.99aFox Lane
19.-Mary Simons
Meg Crnic
Edwards Katie
Samantha Tripp
13:39.23aNew Fairfield
20.-Courtney Cramer
Shannon Mahoney
Amrita Persaud
Jumana Khatib
21.-Naimah Daniels
Denean Dixon
Pathwahand Silva
Brigitte Sykes
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Janice Johnson12.49mFox Lane
2.12Wrandi London11.41mMt Ararat
3.11Dominique Peterson11.33mBeacon
4.12Nicole Desens10.80mArlington
5.9Tara Belinsky10.60mManhasset
6.11Katherine Mollahan9.98mCornwall Central
7.11Kerianne Lynch9.95mClarkstown North
8.9Nijera Manuel9.91mNew Rochelle
9.12Naomi Hines9.89mMt Vernon
10.11Jocelyn Harris9.82mGreat Neck South
11.11Stephanie Parent9.81mBishop Feehan
11.11Ryann Monteiro9.81mOld Rochester Regional
13.9Tiana Gillenwater9.65mNew Rochelle
14.12Sarah Millien9.21mNyack
15.12Sapphire Williams8.95mProspect Heights
16.12Cynthia Watt8.94mMt Vernon
17.10Rachael Jackman8.66mNewburgh Free
18.12Crystal Stowell8.60mHarrison
19.12Mariah Henry8.35mNewburgh Free
20.11Kimberly Lauture8.31mNorth Rockland
21.12Aaliyah Slaughter8.24mNyack
22.12Bernie Christophe8.22mNorth Rockland
23.10Jordana Wakefield8.07mMt Vernon
24.12Kitty Cook7.15mTrinity School
X Shot Put - 4kg - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Colby Gail9.16mMt Ararat
2.11Amy Graceffo9.07mGlenlawn
3.12Tiyi Boone8.25mNewburgh Free
4.12Amira Privott-Yeiser7.95mNew Rochelle
5.12Mellisa Mangual7.75mNorth Rockland
6.11Brittney Adams7.57mDewitt Clinton
7.10Megan Filyk7.54mOak Park
8.10Nicole Bartosch7.42mYorktown Heights
9.12Kayla Cataldo7.40mSachem North
10.9Naomi Costabile7.37mNorth Rockland
11.12Kaitlyn Strine6.85mCornwall Central
11.12Sally Gale6.85mNyack
13.12Julia Mundy6.61mCornwall Central
13.12Samantha Swift6.61mSachem North
15.11Samantha Falcon6.54mNorth Rockland
16.10Kendall Scanlon5.93mShenendehowa Central
17.11Shawna Gibson5.89mShenendehowa Central
18.11Rovina Simon5.80mNorth Babylon
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Desens39.47mArlington
2.12Wrandi London36.34mMt Ararat
3.12Sam Peavar35.45mSomersworth
4.11Jocelyn Harris34.82mGreat Neck South
5.12Alexandre Bare32.94mOld Rochester Regional
6.11Lauren Lopano32.86mCroton Harmon
7.11Stephanie Catalioto32.66mCornwall Central
8.11Victoria Taibe29.18mArchbishop Molloy
9.11Katherine Mollahan28.82mCornwall Central
10.12Tianah Smith28.60mNyack
11.12Alex Capelin28.42mScarsdale
12.9Nijera Manuel28.11mNew Rochelle
13.12Stacey Fischer27.50mClarkstown North
14.12Kathy Terranova26.79mArchbishop Molloy
15.11Rebecca Evensen26.67mNew Canaan
16.11Kimberly Lauture26.28mNorth Rockland
17.12Naomi Hines26.03mMt Vernon
18.10Isabelle Herde25.04mNew Canaan
19.12Mariah Henry24.96mNewburgh Free
20.10Megan Wesley24.66mPawling
21.12Brooke Fischer24.10mClarkstown North
22.10Briyah Brown24.07mNew Rochelle
22.10Rachael Jackman24.07mNewburgh Free
24.9Tiana Gillenwater23.19mNew Rochelle
25.12Amy Cook22.63mGates Chili
26.10Molly Joyce21.38mNew Canaan
--12Cynthia WattFOULMt Vernon
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Krista Vincent42.87mSomersworth
2.12Katie Cataldo41.09mBishop Feehan
3.10Ellie Gravitte39.42mRidgefield
4.12Meghan Millspaugh36.98mSomersworth
5.11Stephanie Riocci34.39mJohn Jay (Cross River)
6.11Bridget Cormier32.38mBishop Stang
7.10Miranda Gagnon32.25mSomersworth
8.10Brittney Spoto30.81mSt Joseph Hill
9.10Jules Keene30.60mBishop Feehan
10.12Charlotte Barber30.04mDalton
12.12Tara Kutzbach29.18mHendrick Hudson
13.12Christine Odonoghue28.01mOld Rochester Regional
14.9Lauren Miller27.40mJohn Jay Senior - Ea...
15.12Carolann DelBene26.39mBeacon
16.10Briyah Brown25.80mNew Rochelle
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joanne Imbert1.67mValley Stream Central
2.10Alexandra Wade1.62mWinnipeg Collegiate
3.11Kristie Michta1.57mSachem North
4.10Antoinette Perpepaj1.52mPawling
4.10Taylor Hosking1.52mThe Brearley
4.11Melissa LaCoste1.52mBishop Guertin
7.12Sabrina Spataro1.52mArchbishop Molloy
7.10Sydney Hausman1.52mThe Brearley
9.10Lillian Foote1.52mScarsdale
9.11Brittany Bryant1.52mCornwall Central
11.9Tamara Simpson1.44mNorth Babylon
11.10Fiona O'Connor1.44mYorktown Heights
11.9Paige Santos1.44mOld Rochester Regional
11.11Emily Morse1.44mBishop Stang
11.10Ally Saccone1.44mOld Rochester Regional
11.11Amanda Walkowicz1.44mShenendehowa Central
11.11Claire D'Etiveaud1.44mGreenwich
11.10Natanelle Germain1.44mSpring Valley
11.12Ellie Ryan1.44mBishop Feehan
11.12Hannah DeMartino1.44mNanuet
11.12Allison Janos1.44mAlexander Hamilton
11.12Kathan LaRose1.44mGates Chili
23.12Nacia Johnson1.37mPaul Robeson for Bus...
23.11Nora Callagy1.37mHendrick Hudson
23.10Mary Adeyeye1.37mLakeland/Panas
23.10Erin McGovern1.37mNanuet
23.11Daniela Felix1.37mNorth Babylon
23.9Gabriella Czerw1.37mSachem North
23.9Virginia Cook1.37mTrinity School
23.11Emily Mandel1.37mClarkstown North
--9Alexandra AprileNHCommack Dist
--9Dana MeyerNHShenendehowa Central
--10Funmi AdejobiNHThe Brearley
--11Margo MotulskyNHThe Brearley
--11Emma WaldronNHNorth Salem
--10Amethyst IngramNHWashingtonville
--12Dominic LoundsNHThe Brearley
--12Marisabel AlonsoNHClarkstown North
--11Selena MarshallNHNew Rochelle
X High Jump - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Sally Gale1.63mNyack
2.12Tiyi Boone1.60mNewburgh Free
3.12Amira Privott-Yeiser1.57mNew Rochelle
4.12Colby Gail1.48mMt Ararat
4.12Kaitlyn Strine1.48mCornwall Central
4.12Mellisa Mangual1.48mNorth Rockland
4.10Nicole Bartosch1.48mYorktown Heights
4.11Amy Graceffo1.48mGlenlawn
4.10Megan Filyk1.48mOak Park
10.9Naomi Costabile1.42mNorth Rockland
11.10Kendall Scanlon1.39mShenendehowa Central
11.11Shawna Gibson1.39mShenendehowa Central
11.11Brittney Adams1.39mDewitt Clinton
14.12Julia Mundy1.36mCornwall Central
15.11Rovina Simon1.30mNorth Babylon
15.11Samantha Falcon1.30mNorth Rockland
17.12Kayla Cataldo1.24mSachem North
18.12Samantha Swift1.21mSachem North
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Clark3.65mJames I O'Neill
2.11Maddesen Weekes3.35mShenendehowa Central
2.12Carissa Leonardi3.35mLakeland/Panas
4.11Lexie Schachne3.35mStaples
5.12Nicole Bell3.04mGates Chili
6.10Sarah Haley2.89mDover
7.11Margo Motulsky2.74mThe Brearley
8.11Kiera Mezei2.74mCommack Dist
9.12Sami Persic2.59mSomers
9.11Ashley Mayer2.59mArchbishop Molloy
9.10Gabrielle Mason2.59mWesthampton Beach
9.9Michelle Anderson2.59mSayville
13.12Stephanie Rey2.43mArchbishop Molloy
13.12Abigail Winsted2.43mYorktown Heights
13.12Emily Simo2.43mBayport Blue Point
--11Alyssa PisaniNHShoreham-Wading River
--12Aubrie Van WeeleNHBayport Blue Point
--12Nicole LaCavaNHNanuet
--9Sabrina MasonNHWesthampton Beach
--11Amanda WalkowiczNHShenendehowa Central
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Klarissa Ricks5.75mAcademy Of The Holy ...
2.11Brittany Bryant5.61mCornwall Central
3.12Doris Little5.52mNewburgh Free
4.11Sarah Bowens5.46mSuffern
5.11Lexus Harney5.43mMt Vernon
6.12Victoria Alexander5.30mBeacon
7.10Teena Mobley5.28mNorth Babylon
8.12D'Janet Ahyoung5.28mNorth Rockland
9.11Diedre Carter5.27mNorth Babylon
10.12Nacia Johnson5.25mPaul Robeson for Bus...
11.11Royal Cheatham5.20mHope
12.11Tori Thompson5.13mNorth Babylon
13.12Breana Eason5.11mGates Chili
13.10Julie Shanus5.11mRye Country Day
15.11Gillian Berger5.02mSleepy Hollow
16.11Nicole McRae4.96mNewburgh Free
17.11Mary Kate Wallace4.94mGarden City
18.12Shawna Hastings4.90mTappan Zee
19.11Mishka Harrisingh4.88mBenjamin Cardozo
20.10Amanda Berta4.61mRidgefield
21.11Kelly Preston4.58mShenendehowa Central
22.9Rula Samad4.36mHarrison
23.9Caroline Cady4.30mShenendehowa Central
24.10Shelby Fender4.25mWesthampton Beach
25.11Luz Viana4.21mNorth Rockland
26.12Shernika Paul3.98mPaul Robeson for Bus...
--12Danielle EzberyFOULBishop Feehan
X Long Jump - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Tiyi Boone5.17mNewburgh Free
2.11Amy Graceffo5.07mGlenlawn
3.12Sally Gale4.93mNyack
3.11Shawna Gibson4.93mShenendehowa Central
5.10Megan Filyk4.91mOak Park
6.10Nicole Bartosch4.87mYorktown Heights
7.12Amira Privott-Yeiser4.82mNew Rochelle
8.12Kaitlyn Strine4.77mCornwall Central
9.11Brittney Adams4.73mDewitt Clinton
10.12Colby Gail4.67mMt Ararat
11.12Kayla Cataldo4.57mSachem North
12.12Mellisa Mangual4.56mNorth Rockland
13.12Julia Mundy4.41mCornwall Central
14.10Kendall Scanlon4.34mShenendehowa Central
15.12Samantha Swift4.30mSachem North
16.11Rovina Simon4.22mNorth Babylon
17.11Samantha Falcon4.20mNorth Rockland
18.9Naomi Costabile4.08mNorth Rockland
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tsian Haywood12.20mDewitt Clinton
2.11Olivia Jebb11.88mCornwall Central
3.10Sydney Hausman11.60mThe Brearley
4.11Brittany Bryant11.53mCornwall Central
5.12Danielle Ezbery11.47mBishop Feehan
6.11Sarah Bowens11.43mSuffern
7.11Tawanda Francis11.04mUniondale
8.10Sarah Osaheni11.04mShenendehowa Central
9.11Nicole McRae10.92mNewburgh Free
10.12D'Janet Ahyoung10.88mNorth Rockland
11.12Breana Eason10.83mGates Chili
12.11Gillian Berger10.60mSleepy Hollow
13.11Tarah Lacossade10.43mNorth Rockland
14.12Kate Foley10.38mCommack Dist
15.11Amanda Entress10.28mGates Chili
15.11Diedre Carter10.28mNorth Babylon
17.11Gabby Kondraki10.19mOld Rochester Regional
18.12Amy Shuler10.10mScarsdale
19.11Alyssa Yeboah-Kodie10.09mGarden City
20.10Kaylie McIvney9.95mTappan Zee
21.11Aailiyah Riccardi9.87mCornwall Central
22.11Mary Kate Wallace9.83mGarden City
23.10Josephine Colon9.77mSayville
24.10Lorraine Santiago9.61mClarkstown North
25.12Brianna Hill9.57mSomersworth
26.11Shannon Kay9.52mClarkstown North
27.10Alia Buoniello9.42mSouthampton
28.11Caroline Eicher9.23mPelham Memorial
29.11Gabi Escallier9.04mSouthampton
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Tiyi Boone3216Newburgh Free
2.12Sally Gale3108Nyack
3.12Amira Privott-Yeiser3047New Rochelle
4.11Brittney Adams2899Dewitt Clinton
5.11Amy Graceffo2750Glenlawn
6.12Kaitlyn Strine2699Cornwall Central
7.10Nicole Bartosch2559Yorktown Heights
8.10Megan Filyk2534Oak Park
9.12Mellisa Mangual2372North Rockland
10.12Kayla Cataldo2365Sachem North
11.9Naomi Costabile2265North Rockland
12.12Colby Gail2247Mt Ararat
13.12Julia Mundy2140Cornwall Central
14.11Samantha Falcon1971North Rockland
15.10Kendall Scanlon1893Shenendehowa Central
16.12Samantha Swift1890Sachem North
17.11Shawna Gibson1801Shenendehowa Central
18.11Rovina Simon1738North Babylon
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