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Scappoose Middle School Meet

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Scappoose HS, Scappoose

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Taylor Schisler12.51Ilwaco       
8Doug Fulcher13.25St Helens      
6Ethan Briggs13.67St Helens      
7Nolan Adams14.22St Helens      
7John Chabala14.29St Helens      
6Jacob Olson14.61St Helens      
7Joshawah Eagle-Bear14.71Ilwaco       
8Alex LaMunyon14.95St Helens      
7Jarrett Boynton14.98St Helens      
6Dylan Lane15.06St Helens      
7Riki Thompson15.01Ilwaco       
8Cody Jahraus15.03Ilwaco       
6Marcus Jordan15.86St Helens      
7Benjamin Falk16.02St Helens      
7Otto Kemmer16.06Ilwaco       
7Eber Lopez16.70St Helens      
7Jeffrey Edwards16.71St Helens      
6Ben Johnson17.35St Helens      
6Tyler Tidwell18.03St Helens      
7Michael Aguayo18.20Ilwaco       
7Josiah Pense18.82St Helens      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Taylor Schisler25.97Ilwaco       
7Bryce Bumgardner27.21St Helens      
8Alex LaMunyon30.60St Helens      
7Jacob Malmstadt30.58Ilwaco       
8Jeramiah Hamilton30.90St Helens      
7Blainn Beaston33.13St Helens      
7Otto Kemmer35.17Ilwaco       
6Ruger Tolman36.29St Helens      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Kenny Price1:01.04Ilwaco       
7Bryce Bumgardner1:03.13St Helens      
7Jack Kaino1:06.36Ilwaco       
8Alex LaMunyon1:09.43St Helens      
6Conner Nett1:13.40St Helens      
7Eber Lopez1:15.75St Helens      
6Jacob Opdahl1:16.75St Helens      
6Gavin Roehrig1:17.80St Helens      
6Clayton Dietz1:29.49St Helens      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Brian Ferrin2:48.58St Helens      
8Jeramiah Hamilton2:53.52St Helens      
8Talon Stone2:53.92St Helens      
6Kenyan McCray2:59.95St Helens      
6Brendan Fugere3:01.16St Helens      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Casey Cooke5:07.54St Helens      
8Fuller Worman5:12.33St Helens      
8Evan Sutherland5:33.14Ilwaco       
8Jeramiah Hamilton5:43.64St Helens      
7Peter Chabala6:00.03St Helens      
6Kenyan McCray6:00.82St Helens      
6Brendan Fugere6:01.24St Helens      
7Miles Boynton6:07.04St Helens      
8Gabe Cook6:09.51Ilwaco       
7Jarrett Boynton6:41.27St Helens      
8Nate Frost6:41.77St Helens      
7Michael Johnson7:09.68Ilwaco       
7Alec Martinson7:34.21St Helens      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Tyler Milligan17.14Ilwaco       
8Gabe Cook20.47Ilwaco       
7Blainn Beaston21.54St Helens      
6Dylan Lane22.95St Helens      
7Timmy Guimares24.24St Helens      
6Dallas Cameron25.66St Helens      
8David Bair29.95St Helens      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Zach Ahlin28.11Ilwaco       
7Jose Silva34.81St Helens      
7Miles Boynton38.86St Helens      
7Michael Johnson43.96Ilwaco       
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kenny Price
Zach Ahlin
Evan Sutherland
Taylor Schisler
-Justin Helgerson
Blake Millar
David Bair
Ivan Alcazar
52.36St Helens      
-Nolan Adams
Peter Chabala
Jose Silva
John Chabala
56.47St Helens      
-Riki Thompson
Joshawah Eagle-Bear
Jack Kaino
James Schenk
-Ethan Briggs
Conner Nett
Dylan Lane
anthony Robinson
59.13St Helens      
-Dallas Cameron
Gavin Roehrig
Jacob Opdahl
Jax Ogle
61.82St Helens      
-Miles Boynton
Eber Lopez
Jeffrey Edwards
Jarrett Boynton
64.61St Helens      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Fuller Worman
Casey Cooke
Justin Helgerson
Ivan Alcazar
4:27.39St Helens      
-Nolan Adams
John Dewitt
Blainn Beaston
John Chabala
4:58.34St Helens      
-Michael Johnson
Jack Kaino
Gabe Cook
James Schenk
-Jacob Opdahl
Gavin Roehrig
Jax Ogle
Conner Nett
5:09.62St Helens      
-Miles Boynton
Jeffrey Edwards
Jarrett Boynton
Eber Lopez
5:11.71St Helens      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
6Ethan Myers-Brixey27' 10"St Helens      
7Michael Aguayo27'3Ilwaco       
6Michael Brame27' 3"St Helens      
7Jacob Malmstadt26'8Ilwaco       
7Alec Martinson25' 4"St Helens      
7Eli Petersen36' 1\2"North Coast Christian      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Dallin Opdahl35' 2"St Helens      
8Taylor Schisler30'6Ilwaco       
8Mackenzie Adenau27' 8"St Helens      
8Eli Desimone25'10Ilwaco       
8Christian Hughes24' 8"St Helens      
8Cody Jahraus24'2Ilwaco       
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Doug Fulcher103"St Helens      
2.8Mackenzie Adenau87' 7"St Helens      
3.8Dallin Opdahl86'5"St Helens      
8Cody Jahraus70'3Ilwaco       
7Eli Petersen66'North Coast Christian      
7Otto Kemmer65'11Ilwaco       
8Eli Desimone59'8Ilwaco       
7Jacob Malmstadt57'10Ilwaco       
8Christian Hughes54' 9"St Helens      
6Ethan Myers-Brixey52' 7"St Helens      
7Michael Aguayo48'11Ilwaco       
7Alec Martinson44' 11"St Helens      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
8Tyler Milligan149'2Ilwaco       
8Christian Hughes103'10St Helens      
6Jacob Olson99'3St Helens      
8Ivan Alcazar97'9.5St Helens      
7James Schenk95'10.5Ilwaco       
8Evan Sutherland92'2Ilwaco       
8Fuller Worman89'8St Helens      
8Talon Stone84'2St Helens      
8Mackenzie Adenau82'2St Helens      
7Jacob Malmstadt77'0Ilwaco       
7Michael Aguayo76'10Ilwaco       
8Casey Cooke75'3St Helens      
6Dylan Lane75'St Helens      
6Michael Brame73'5St Helens      
8Blake Millar72'0St Helens      
6Kenyan McCray71'9St Helens      
6Gavin Roehrig71'2St Helens      
6Jax Ogle68'1St Helens      
6Jacob Olson66'11St Helens      
7Alec Martinson62'2St Helens      
6Brendan Fugere62'1.5St Helens      
6Clayton Dietz52'St Helens      
6Tyler Tidwell47'7St Helens      
7Timmy Guimares46'4St Helens      
7Josiah Pense42'9St Helens      
7Eli Petersen135' 5"North Coast Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Zach Ahlin5'2Ilwaco       
7Bryce Bumgardner5'2St Helens      
8Justin Helgerson4'10St Helens      
8Doug Fulcher4'8St Helens      
7Nolan Adams4'8St Helens      
8David Bair4'8St Helens      
8Tyler Milligan4'8Ilwaco       
7Joshawah Eagle-Bear4'8Ilwaco       
8Kenny Price4'8Ilwaco       
7Jack Kaino4'4Ilwaco       
7Daniel Taber4St Helens      
6Marcus Jordan3'10St Helens      
6Conner Nett3'10St Helens      
7Brian Ferrin3'8St Helens      
6Jax Ogle3'8St Helens      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Zach Ahlin16'9Ilwaco       
8Kenny Price16'1Ilwaco       
7Bryce Bumgardner15'2"St Helens      
8Tyler Milligan14'9Ilwaco       
8Ivan Alcazar14'6"St Helens      
7Jose Silva14'3"St Helens      
8Justin Helgerson13'10"St Helens      
7James Schenk13'5Ilwaco       
7Daniel Taber12'10.5"St Helens      
8Evan Sutherland12'6Ilwaco       
8Eli Desimone12'1.5Ilwaco       
8Talon Stone11'9"St Helens      
8Gabe Cook11'3Ilwaco       
7Brian Ferrin11'2.5"St Helens      
7Otto Kemmer11'1.5Ilwaco       
6Dylan Lane11'1"St Helens      
6Ben Johnson10'11.5"St Helens      
6Kenyan McCray10'10"St Helens      
7Benjamin Falk9'10"St Helens      
7Timmy Guimares9'10"St Helens      
8Christian Hughes9'10"St Helens      
7Michael Johnson9'4.5Ilwaco       
6Tyler Tidwell8'5"St Helens      
7Josiah Pense8'3"St Helens      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Sydney Nett13.65St Helens      
7Ashley Giesbers13.84St Helens      
7Kathleen Chiddick14.14St Helens      
8Jamie Bradford14.75St Helens      
8Alyssa Giesbers14.88St Helens      
7Logan Kalauli15.00St Helens      
7Amy Sumsion15.01St Helens      
8Maggie Lewno15.23St Helens      
6Kileigh Capelle15.32St Helens      
6Nicole Nicholas15.37St Helens      
8Michelle Medina15.44St Helens      
7Michelle Aguayo15.51Ilwaco       
8Mallory Bradshaw15.54Ilwaco       
7Mariah January15.76St Helens      
8Kaitie Lobby15.83St Helens      
7Ally Rose16.05Ilwaco       
7Tierra Ramsay16.19St Helens      
7Angela Willson16.38St Helens      
8Clairenda Hart16.90St Helens      
6Christina Broadbent17.12St Helens      
8Mckenna McCausland17.25St Helens      
8Brittinee Olson17.53Ilwaco       
7Maddy Frankes17.66St Helens      
6Haylie Stevenson17.76St Helens      
8Valorie Lindstrom17.83Ilwaco       
6Hali Conrad18.20St Helens      
6Alyssa Fite18.43St Helens      
7Jennifer Navarre18.80Ilwaco       
7Whitney Hall19.72St Helens      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Sydney Nett28.51St Helens      
8Mary Luttrell29.57St Helens      
8Mallory Bradshaw34.31Ilwaco       
8Haley Jones34.41St Helens      
8Kiana Pense35.77St Helens      
8Clairenda Hart37.69St Helens      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Isabella Williams1:14.41St Helens      
8Bailey Gray1:22.15Ilwaco       
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Amy Sumsion3:02.10St Helens      
6Genny Luttrell3:15.73St Helens      
7Brooke Naillon4:34.68St Helens      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Annika Bingaman6:52.32St Helens      
6Cambria Cross6:54.07St Helens      
7Grace Bruncke8:54.29Ilwaco       
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Valorie Lindstrom18.89Ilwaco       
7Genesis Hansen19.81St Helens      
8Kaitie Lobby20.03St Helens      
6Nicole Nicholas20.61St Helens      
7Logan Kalauli21.03St Helens      
8Lacie Cutting21.24Ilwaco       
7Angela Willson22.61St Helens      
8Bailey Gray23.47Ilwaco       
6Christina Broadbent23.66St Helens      
8Clairenda Hart24.32St Helens      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
7Ashley Giesbers32.02St Helens      
8Lacie Cutting38.75Ilwaco       
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Michelle Medina
Mary Luttrell
Isabella Williams
Sydney Nett
58.21St Helens      
-Kathleen Chiddick
Alyssa Enyart
Genesis Hansen
Ashley Giesbers
58.66St Helens      
-Logan Kalauli
Annika Bingaman
Amy Sumsion
Emily Nollette
61.27St Helens      
-Jamie Bradford
Maggie Lewno
Jamie Gustafson
Kaitie Lobby
62.04St Helens      
-Kassy Lehman
Relina Brown
Tierra Ramsay
Mariah January
63.83St Helens      
-Brittinee Olson
Mallory Bradshaw
Lacie Cutting
Valorie Lindstrom
-Cambria Cross
Hali Conrad
Christina Broadbent
Kileigh Capelle
66.82St Helens      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Annika Bingaman
Logan Kalauli
Genesis Hansen
Ashley Giesbers
4:53.07St Helens      
-Maggie Lewno
Jamie Gustafson
Jamie Bradford
Kaitie Lobby
5:09.87St Helens      
-Tierra Ramsay
Alyssa Enyart
Emily Nollette
Amy Sumsion
5:18.39St Helens      
-Relina Brown
Kassy Lehman
Mara Buchco
Maddy Frankes
5:28.47St Helens      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
8Sydney Nett30' 9.75"St Helens      
7Michelle Aguayo24'8.75Ilwaco       
8Alyssa Giesbers23' 4.5"St Helens      
8Michelle Medina23'St Helens      
8Brittinee Olson21'5.25Ilwaco       
7Brooke Naillon21' 3"St Helens      
7Krystine Grover19' 6"St Helens      
7Katelynn Kelly18'1.5Ilwaco       
7Whitney Hall12'St Helens      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
8Alyssa Giesbers56' 9"St Helens      
8Clairenda Hart55' 3"St Helens      
8Haley Jones54' 7"St Helens      
7Jennifer Navarre48'9Ilwaco       
7Michelle Aguayo47'2Ilwaco       
6Sara West38' 11"St Helens      
7Emily Nollette36' 6"St Helens      
7Brooke Naillon36' 5"St Helens      
7Cheyanne Martin36' 2"St Helens      
7Grace Bruncke34'6.25Ilwaco       
7Katelynn Kelly34'4.75Ilwaco       
8Mckenna McCausland28'St Helens      
6Haylie Stevenson21' 9"St Helens      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
8Isabella Williams50'1St Helens      
7Michelle Aguayo47'3Ilwaco       
6Sara West45'St Helens      
7Krystine Grover38'11St Helens      
6Genny Luttrell38'1St Helens      
7Brooke Naillon36'2St Helens      
7Cheyanne Martin31'1St Helens      
8Mckenna McCausland22'4St Helens      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
6Kileigh Capelle4St Helens      
6Diana Rangel0St Helens      
6Nicole Nicholas0St Helens      
6Haylie Stevenson0St Helens      
6Christina Broadbent0St Helens      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Valorie Lindstrom13'0Ilwaco       
6Kileigh Capelle12'9.5"St Helens      
7Emily Nollette12'9"St Helens      
7Kathleen Chiddick12'6.5"St Helens      
7Alyssa Enyart11'10"St Helens      
7Annika Bingaman11'7"St Helens      
7Angela Willson11'4"St Helens      
7Mara Buchco11'St Helens      
8Bailey Gray10'6Ilwaco       
8Isabella Williams10'4.5"St Helens      
6Nicole Nicholas10'2.5"St Helens      
6Christina Broadbent10'.5"St Helens      
8Kiana Pense10'St Helens      
6Genny Luttrell9'10.5"St Helens      
7Relina Brown9'8"St Helens      
8Lacie Cutting9'7Ilwaco       
7Kassy Lehman9'5.5"St Helens      
7Jennifer Navarre9'0Ilwaco       
6Sara West8'3.5"St Helens      
7Maddy Frankes8'3.5"St Helens      
7Whitney Hall7'3"St Helens      
6Alyssa Fite7'1"St Helens      
7Grace Bruncke6'11.5Ilwaco       
6Hali Conrad6'6"St Helens      
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