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  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:45 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lawrence VanHook11.85aEastside College Prep
2.12Raymond Lazaro11.92aSt Lawrence Academy
3.9David Theis12.22aWoodside Priory
4.11Martin Keyt12.32aMenlo School
5.9Travis Chambers12.33aMenlo School
6.12Matt Ohara12.50aSt Lawrence Academy
7.9James Anderson12.55aEastside College Prep
8.11Millen Wan12.69aWoodside Priory
9.12Kevin Ji12.90aMenlo School
10.11Johnny Yet12.94aHarker
11.11John Kim12.95aWoodside Priory
12.9Austin Ranson13.12aSt Lawrence Academy
13.9James McDaniel13.14aWoodside Priory
14.9Kyle Lee13.60aWoodside Priory
15.9Jerry Shen13.66aHarker
16.10Kyle Vaidyanathan13.69aMenlo School
17.11Naweed Aleaf13.85aSt Lawrence Academy
18.12Vamsi Vemireddy14.06aHarker
19.9Raymond Cheng14.53aHarker
20.11Keyshaun Thompson15.12aEastside College Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lawrence VanHook23.88aEastside College Prep
2.11Alec Drobac24.53aMenlo School
3.12Raymond Lazaro24.59aSt Lawrence Academy
4.12Lowry Yankwich24.91aMenlo School
5.11Douglas Galdamez24.93aWoodside Priory
6.9David Theis25.37aWoodside Priory
7.9Travis Chambers25.51aMenlo School
8.12Ambrish Amaranathan25.54aHarker
9.9Corey Vinegar26.01aEastside College Prep
10.9James Anderson26.32aEastside College Prep
11.10Kyle Vaidyanathan26.44aMenlo School
12.11John Kim26.87aWoodside Priory
13.9Adarsh Battu27.37aHarker
14.9Martin Perez27.38aSt Lawrence Academy
15.9Jerry Shen28.15aHarker
16.9James McDaniel28.22aWoodside Priory
17.11Naweed Aleaf28.81aSt Lawrence Academy
18.9Raymond Cheng31.09aHarker
19.9Victor Wan32.28aWoodside Priory
20.9Simon Hong32.98aSt Lawrence Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samuel Parker53.38aMenlo School
2.12Lowry Yankwich54.28aMenlo School
3.10Maxwell Parker54.51aMenlo School
4.12Matt Luu56.79aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9Corey Vinegar57.26aEastside College Prep
6.11Douglas Galdamez57.31aWoodside Priory
7.11Alec Drobac58.90aMenlo School
8.9Krish Chandani59.07aHarker
9.9Martin Perez59.15aSt Lawrence Academy
10.10David Bentley59.72aWoodside Priory
11.9Austin Ranson1:01.04aSt Lawrence Academy
12.11J.C. Aguila1:01.12aSt Lawrence Academy
13.10Markel Moore1:01.81aEastside College Prep
14.11Akhil Reddy1:02.13aSt Lawrence Academy
15.12Jackson Siegman1:03.32aMenlo School
16.9Vincent Lin1:05.26aHarker
17.9Victor Wan1:13.16aWoodside Priory
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samuel Parker2:01.27aMenlo School
2.12Arnaud Kpachavi2:02.05aWoodside Priory
3.9Matt Myers2:06.43aMenlo School
4.12Josh Legha2:15.21aSt Lawrence Academy
5.12Geoffrey Lalonde2:18.88aMenlo School
6.10Joe Farned2:20.71aWoodside Priory
7.12Kevin Nguyen2:21.98aSt Lawrence Academy
8.11Jack Wookey2:27.71aWoodside Priory
9.11Akhil Reddy2:29.80aSt Lawrence Academy
10.10Jorawar Gellon2:36.30aSt Lawrence Academy
11.9Sergio Marquez2:39.42aSt Lawrence Academy
12.9Andre Gomes2:41.99aEastside College Prep
13.9Vincent Lin2:43.84aHarker
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Matt Myers4:39.22aMenlo School
2.12Samuel Parker4:47.66aMenlo School
3.12Arnaud Kpachavi4:49.95aWoodside Priory
4.12Josh Legha5:10.95aSt Lawrence Academy
5.10Tyler Yeats5:20.83aHarker
6.10Joe Farned5:22.52aWoodside Priory
7.12Kevin Nguyen5:22.72aSt Lawrence Academy
8.10Tamas Carli5:24.38aSt Lawrence Academy
9.12Ryan Miranda5:25.53aSt Lawrence Academy
10.10Dylan Croll5:25.76aWoodside Priory
11.11Jack Wookey5:26.26aWoodside Priory
12.9Samuel Redmond5:30.32aMenlo School
13.9Leo Berez5:30.95aWoodside Priory
14.10Ashish Velagapudi5:31.18aSt Lawrence Academy
15.12Will Strober5:34.76aMenlo School
16.10Ramakrishnan Menon5:41.03aHarker
17.10Jorawar Gellon5:46.38aSt Lawrence Academy
18.9Devon Gonzalez5:46.64aSt Lawrence Academy
19.10Nik Datuashvili5:49.02aHarker
20.9Justin Strong5:52.21aSt Lawrence Academy
21.9Harry Sambuceto5:59.25aSt Lawrence Academy
22.9Conrad Casente6:14.41aWoodside Priory
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Miranda11:33.85aSt Lawrence Academy
2.10Tyler Yeats11:33.88aHarker
3.12Josh Legha11:34.81aSt Lawrence Academy
4.10Dylan Croll11:38.69aWoodside Priory
5.9Samuel Redmond11:59.56aMenlo School
6.10Ashish Velagapudi12:00.52aSt Lawrence Academy
7.10Tamas Carli12:03.67aSt Lawrence Academy
8.9Leo Berez12:07.24aWoodside Priory
9.12Will Strober12:30.40aMenlo School
10.10Nik Datuashvili12:48.53aHarker
11.9Justin Strong13:02.01aSt Lawrence Academy
12.10Shi Hao Hong13:06.13aWoodside Priory
---10Ramakrishnan MenonDNFHarker
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Shanley18.46aMenlo School
2.11Millen Wan19.53aWoodside Priory
3.12Matt Ohara19.88aSt Lawrence Academy
4.11J.C. Aguila20.19aSt Lawrence Academy
5.12Ryan Goulden20.38aMenlo School
6.10Seth Craig20.54aSt Lawrence Academy
7.12Isaac Madan22.17aHarker
8.11John Canfield26.01aSt Lawrence Academy
9.9Simon Hong27.96aSt Lawrence Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Ohara45.66aSt Lawrence Academy
2.12Jordan Williams48.14aMenlo School
3.12John Shanley49.58aMenlo School
4.10Seth Craig53.47aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9Devon Gonzalez55.30aSt Lawrence Academy
6.9Simon Hong1:01.69aSt Lawrence Academy
7.10David Bentley1:03.15aWoodside Priory
8.11John Canfield1:08.00aSt Lawrence Academy
---9Kyle LeeDNFWoodside Priory
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.88aMenlo School
2.-Relay Team 46.92aEastside College Prep
3.-Relay Team 47.51aSt Lawrence Academy
4.-Relay Team 47.71aWoodside Priory
5.-Relay Team 49.05aHarker
6.-Relay Team 53.22aMenlo School
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:51.16aWoodside Priory
2.-Relay Team 4:04.05aSt Lawrence Academy
3.-Relay Team 4:38.52aSt Lawrence Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Lam40-10.00Menlo School
2.12Mafileo Tupou39-05.00Menlo School
3.10Michael Chen38-05.50Harker
4.12Zak Sellers37-07.00St Lawrence Academy
5.10Matthew Giammona35-00.00Harker
6.11Bradley Araki32-08.00Harker
7.10Malik Reid31-05.00Woodside Priory
8.12Cristian Fajardo31-02.00Menlo School
9.12Justin Wong29-09.00Menlo School
10.12Alex Martinez28-08.00St Lawrence Academy
11.12Jackson Siegman27-01.00Menlo School
12.12Hien Phan26-04.00St Lawrence Academy
13.12Alex Pulido26-02.00St Lawrence Academy
14.10Micheal Brett25-00.00Woodside Priory
15.11Mohit Sahu24-06.00St Lawrence Academy
16.10Nicholas Naclerio24-04.00Woodside Priory
17.9Christian Wookey24-01.00Woodside Priory
18.9Tommy Goodley-Espinosa22-01.50St Lawrence Academy
19.12Domenico Sambuceto21-06.00St Lawrence Academy
20.10Mike Wong20-08.00St Lawrence Academy
21.12Zain Khan17-08.00St Lawrence Academy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zak Sellers117-11.50St Lawrence Academy
2.10Matthew Giammona95-03.50Harker
3.12Matt Lam94-03.50Menlo School
4.10Michael Chen91-11Harker
5.12Cristian Fajardo85-11Menlo School
6.11Bradley Araki81-04.25Harker
7.10Malik Reid73-07Woodside Priory
8.10Micheal Brett73-03Woodside Priory
9.11Alec Drobac71-04.50Menlo School
10.10Jorawar Gellon66-07St Lawrence Academy
11.10Nicholas Naclerio66-04.50Woodside Priory
12.12Alex Martinez63-07.50St Lawrence Academy
13.11Mohit Sahu61-11.50St Lawrence Academy
14.9Tommy Goodley-Espinosa56-06St Lawrence Academy
15.10Mike Wong53-02St Lawrence Academy
16.9Christian Wookey50-00Woodside Priory
17.12Alex Pulido48-07.50St Lawrence Academy
18.12Domenico Sambuceto46-05St Lawrence Academy
19.12Zain Khan39-00St Lawrence Academy
---12Justin WongDQMenlo School
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Williams20-01.75Menlo School
2.12Ryan Goulden18-00.00Menlo School
3.11Alec Drobac17-11.25Menlo School
4.12Ed Suriaga17-06.00St Lawrence Academy
5.11Martin Keyt16-10.00Menlo School
6.12Raymond Lazaro16-08.00St Lawrence Academy
7.9Corey Vinegar16-01.00Eastside College Prep
8.11Johnny Yet16-00.25Harker
9.9Krish Chandani15-10.50Harker
10.11Abi Veerina15-05.75Menlo School
11.12Isaac Madan15-05.25Harker
12.12Vamsi Vemireddy14-09.75Harker
13.11Naweed Aleaf14-05.50St Lawrence Academy
13.12Kevin Ji14-05.50Menlo School
15.9Devon Gonzalez13-10.50St Lawrence Academy
16.12Bijan Thornycroft13-07.25Menlo School
17.10Connor Cable13-00.00St Lawrence Academy
18.12Zain Khan11-01.50St Lawrence Academy
---9Hunter HernandezFOULSt Lawrence Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Shanley38-01.00Menlo School
2.12Jordan Williams37-04.50Menlo School
3.12Ed Suriaga35-03.00St Lawrence Academy
4.11Johnny Yet33-05.50Harker
5.11Bradley Araki31-11.75Harker
6.12Matt Luu31-03.00St Lawrence Academy
7.12Isaac Madan31-01.00Harker
8.10Jorawar Gellon30-10.25St Lawrence Academy
9.12Zak Sellers30-01.00St Lawrence Academy
10.11Naweed Aleaf29-06.00St Lawrence Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eugenia Jernick13.18aWoodside Priory
2.9Caitlin Teoman13.70aWoodside Priory
3.11Marjory Marquardt13.87aMenlo School
4.10Ellie Still13.91aMenlo School
5.11Alexis Estioko13.96aNotre Dame (SJ)
6.10Karin Yamazaki14.09aMercy (SF)
7.11Imelda Rodriguez14.25aEastside College Prep
8.9Sierra Hillman14.40aMercy (SF)
9.9Kathryn Hurd14.55aMenlo School
10.10Sarah Zuckerman14.64aWoodside Priory
11.10Jazmynne Ransaw14.75aMercy (SF)
12.9Michelle Pereira14.88aMenlo School
13.10Antonia Allegra14.89aMercy (SF)
14.10Hashima Carothers14.90aEastside College Prep
15.9Anisah Smith15.00aEastside College Prep
16.9Sarah Schinasi15.03aMenlo School
17.9Amanda Russell15.10aEastside College Prep
18.10Lyndsay Tucker15.27aWoodside Priory
19.10Jasmine Gill15.31aHarker
20.12Moneesha Mukherjee15.56aHarker
21.11Monica Lindayen15.63aMercy (SF)
22.9Laura Pagan15.80aNotre Dame (SJ)
23.10Rosa Sambuceto15.88aSt Lawrence Academy
24.10Dorsa Massihpour15.90aHarker
25.10Amanda Sura16.29aNotre Dame (SJ)
26.9Azeleah Tiamson16.88aSt Lawrence Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eugenia Jernick27.20aWoodside Priory
2.11Taylor Walker-Wimberly27.77aNotre Dame (SJ)
3.9Caitlin Teoman28.23aWoodside Priory
4.10Karin Yamazaki28.75aMercy (SF)
5.9Makiya Francis28.77aEastside College Prep
6.11Marjory Marquardt28.89aMenlo School
7.10Ellie Still28.97aMenlo School
8.9Margaret Shields29.65aWoodside Priory
9.12Tanya Rai29.90aHarker
10.11Imelda Rodriguez29.93aEastside College Prep
11.9Anisah Smith30.69aEastside College Prep
12.9Kathryn Hurd30.78aMenlo School
13.10Sarah Zuckerman30.82aWoodside Priory
14.10Nina Harris-Alabanza31.62aMercy (SF)
15.9Michelle Pereira31.72aMenlo School
16.9Amanda Russell32.12aEastside College Prep
17.10Lyndsay Tucker32.70aWoodside Priory
18.10Tara Rezvani33.20aHarker
19.10Rosa Sambuceto33.24aSt Lawrence Academy
20.9Laura Pagan33.44aNotre Dame (SJ)
21.12Ava Rezvani33.53aHarker
22.9Sierra Hillman35.25aMercy (SF)
23.10Ana Pinzon35.60aSt Lawrence Academy
24.10Dorsa Massihpour36.54aHarker
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madeline Price59.41aMenlo School
2.10Isabelle Connell1:00.25aHarker
3.12Tanya Rai1:06.16aHarker
4.11Taylor Walker-Wimberly1:08.61aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.9Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo1:11.15aNotre Dame (SJ)
6.10Anisha Karur1:11.40aNotre Dame (SJ)
7.9Sierra Hillman1:11.66aMercy (SF)
8.9Ann Reidy1:12.65aMercy (SF)
9.9Emilia Hamilton1:12.93aNotre Dame (SJ)
10.9Keethana Duddi1:15.02aNotre Dame (SJ)
11.10Emilia Sambuceto1:15.48aSt Lawrence Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maianh Tran2:43.49aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.12Nicole Yee2:48.61aMenlo School
3.12Ali Nahm3:03.81aMenlo School
4.12Nicole Heneghen3:27.18aNotre Dame (SJ)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ragini Bhattacharya5:52.44aHarker
2.11Maddie Pierson6:20.32aWoodside Priory
3.10Claire Crinion6:29.60aNotre Dame (SJ)
4.10Emilia Sambuceto6:31.84aSt Lawrence Academy
5.10Gabby Shaw6:34.03aMenlo School
6.11Ria Shroff6:34.30aSt Lawrence Academy
7.9Ale Estrada6:40.22aMenlo School
8.10Kendra Glenn6:41.64aNotre Dame (SJ)
9.9Jaclyn Woodward7:01.54aNotre Dame (SJ)
10.11Maggie Hoang7:07.87aNotre Dame (SJ)
11.unknown unknown7:08.72aunattached
12.11Sarah Garcia7:11.22aMercy (SF)
13.12Marisa Sambuceto7:14.73aSt Lawrence Academy
14.9Pooja Kathail8:07.62aMenlo School
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ragini Bhattacharya12:48.30aHarker
2.11Ria Shroff14:11.63aSt Lawrence Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Caitlin Teoman17.77aWoodside Priory
2.10Laura Gradiska18.23aMenlo School
3.12Samantha Fang18.74aMercy (SF)
4.12Nicole Heneghen19.21aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.9Maddie Huber19.44aMenlo School
6.9Sonya Bengali19.45aMenlo School
7.9Michelle Pereira19.98aMenlo School
8.12Jasmine Nee20.54aHarker
9.10Mia Kirkendoll20.96aEastside College Prep
10.12Tanya Rai21.63aHarker
11.10Tara Rezvani21.78aHarker
12.9Emilia Hamilton22.07aNotre Dame (SJ)
13.12Amy Tang23.65aSt Lawrence Academy
14.9Jacqueline Booth31.79aSt Lawrence Academy
15.9Azeleah Tiamson35.74aSt Lawrence Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Kirkland51.50aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.10Laura Gradiska52.40aMenlo School
3.10Morgan Mather56.45aWoodside Priory
4.9Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo57.84aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.9Sabrina Sambuceto1:03.60aSt Lawrence Academy
6.9Jacqueline Booth1:04.14aSt Lawrence Academy
7.11Rachel Siegman1:07.35aMenlo School
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.90aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.-Relay Team 53.48aWoodside Priory
3.-Relay Team 53.60aMenlo School
4.-Relay Team 56.93aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.-Relay Team 57.16aEastside College Prep
6.-Relay Team 58.85aMenlo School
7.-Relay Team 1:01.55aSt Lawrence Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:23.88aSt Lawrence Academy
2.-Relay Team 5:35.54aEastside College Prep
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Joslynn Smith-McCoy24-11.00Mercy (SF)
2.11Patty Yamazaki24-10.00Mercy (SF)
3.11Marjory Marquardt21-11.00Menlo School
4.12Marisa Sambuceto21-10.00St Lawrence Academy
5.11Jocelyn Ibarra21-05.00Mercy (SF)
6.12Cassie Walstrum20-01.00Notre Dame (SJ)
7.11Monica Lindayen19-09.00Mercy (SF)
8.9Jamie Hall19-02.00Notre Dame (SJ)
8.10Jahana Moledina19-02.00Menlo School
10.9Helena Abbott17-09.00Menlo School
11.9Pooja Kathail17-08.00Menlo School
12.10Amy Pinkus17-06.00Menlo School
12.10Theresa Conway17-06.00Mercy (SF)
14.9Kayla Alvarado17-05.00St Lawrence Academy
15.9mei-fu Lee16-11.00Mercy (SF)
16.12Ambika Vaid16-02.00St Lawrence Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Patty Yamazaki69-10Mercy (SF)
2.12Cassie Walstrum61-11.50Notre Dame (SJ)
3.11Jocelyn Ibarra61-11Mercy (SF)
4.12Marisa Sambuceto58-08.50St Lawrence Academy
5.9Joslynn Smith-McCoy58-04.75Mercy (SF)
6.9Kayla Alvarado55-08.25St Lawrence Academy
7.9Gabriella Marconcini52-09.50Mercy (SF)
8.12Maianh Tran52-07.50Notre Dame (SJ)
9.9Pooja Kathail52-07.25Menlo School
10.9mei-fu Lee52-03Mercy (SF)
11.9Reina Sanz51-10.50Mercy (SF)
12.9Jamie Hall48-05.75Notre Dame (SJ)
13.12Ambika Vaid45-09St Lawrence Academy
14.10Theresa Conway45-03.25Mercy (SF)
15.9Kristen Reames42-10Notre Dame (SJ)
16.11Tanya Cotom39-11.25Mercy (SF)
17.12Amy Tang39-03.50St Lawrence Academy
18.11Kat Gregory38-07Woodside Priory
19.9Andrea Delgadillo34-11Mercy (SF)
20.9Julia Gupta24-09.50Notre Dame (SJ)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maggie Cusick14-07.00Notre Dame (SJ)
2.11Alexis Estioko14-01.00Notre Dame (SJ)
3.9Sonya Bengali14-00.50Menlo School
4.12Jasmine Nee13-05.00Harker
5.12Puneet Sidhu12-10.25Harker
6.9Sarah Pashby12-08.50Notre Dame (SJ)
7.11Mary Kathleen Marquez12-05.25Notre Dame (SJ)
8.9Christine Duong12-03.00Notre Dame (SJ)
9.10Courtney Dea11-08.00Mercy (SF)
10.9Amanda Pham11-07.25Notre Dame (SJ)
11.11Valerie Guardado11-04.50Mercy (SF)
12.12Moneesha Mukherjee11-04.00Harker
13.10Tara Rezvani11-01.50Harker
14.12Amy Tang11-00.00St Lawrence Academy
14.9Luana Deng11-00.00Mercy (SF)
16.12Ava Rezvani10-10.25Harker
17.9Anna Pating10-06.50Mercy (SF)
18.11Monica Lindayen10-04.00Mercy (SF)
18.10Ana Pinzon10-04.00St Lawrence Academy
20.10Kristine Argao9-11.00Mercy (SF)
21.10Rosa Sambuceto9-05.25St Lawrence Academy
22.10Vanessa Mendoza8-08.00Mercy (SF)
23.10Angelina Carballo8-03.00Mercy (SF)
---10Alessandra FernandoFOULMercy (SF)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Estioko29-06.50Notre Dame (SJ)
2.12Puneet Sidhu28-10.00Harker
3.10Tea Eristavi25-07.75Mercy (SF)
4.12Ali Nahm25-06.00Menlo School
5.12Nicole Yee25-05.25Menlo School
---10Gabby ShawFOULMenlo School
---11Mary Kathleen MarquezFOULNotre Dame (SJ)
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