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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bellarmine, San Jose

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Raymond Lazaro11.66aSt Lawrence Academy
2.11Will Morgan11.85aSacred Heart Prep
3.11Cameron Pappa12.00aThe King’s Academy
3.10Kevin Donahoe12.26aSacred Heart Prep
1.11Anderw McClellan12.30aThe King’s Academy
6.12Matt Ohara12.35aSt Lawrence Academy
5.11Johnny Yet12.44aHarker
6.10Jack Del Santo12.46aSacred Heart Prep
8.10Jack Del Santo12.46aSacred Heart Prep
2.10Anthony Shao12.48aCrystal Springs Upla...
10.9Zach Armsby12.67aCrystal Springs Upla...
11.9Austin Ranson12.77aSt Lawrence Academy
4.12Matthew Burke12.87aThe King’s Academy
8.12Benjamin Chen13.01aHarker
14.10Colin Smith13.09aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.9Jesse Rhodes13.43aCrystal Springs Upla...
16.9Jerry Shen13.48aHarker
2.11Naweed Aleaf13.67aSt Lawrence Academy
8.10Joseph Wang13.75aHarker
3.9Sam Sagan14.44aCrystal Springs Upla...
20.10Nathan Thomas14.85aThe King’s Academy
5.9Hunter Hernandez14.92aSt Lawrence Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephen Kmak23.46aThe King’s Academy
2.12Jeff Grimes23.52aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.11Tyler McCool23.97aSacred Heart Prep
4.11Amir Pappu24.22aThe King’s Academy
4.11Will Morgan24.24aSacred Heart Prep
1.10Kevin Donahoe24.96aSacred Heart Prep
7.12Ambrish Amaranathan25.49aHarker
6.10Jack Del Santo25.57aSacred Heart Prep
9.10Ryan Gaertner25.60aSacred Heart Prep
8.12George Drummond25.83aThe King’s Academy
11.9Martin Perez26.28aSt Lawrence Academy
3.9Krish Chandani26.47aHarker
13.10Colin Smith26.69aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.11Daniel Mao27.57aHarker
15.9Jerry Shen28.05aHarker
7.11Naweed Aleaf28.68aSt Lawrence Academy
2.9Sam Sagan29.89aCrystal Springs Upla...
18.9Raymond Cheng30.24aHarker
4.10Nathan Thomas31.17aThe King’s Academy
20.9Simon Hong32.50aSt Lawrence Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Grimes51.64aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.11Stephen Kmak52.93aThe King’s Academy
3.11Amir Pappu53.88aThe King’s Academy
3.10Nico Robinson53.88aSacred Heart Prep
5.11Sam Klotz54.42aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.12Matt Luu55.63aSt Lawrence Academy
7.12Trevor Assaf55.73aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.10Willy Hawkins56.63aCrystal Springs Upla...
3.10Ryan Gaertner56.66aSacred Heart Prep
7.10Cameron Van57.09aSacred Heart Prep
11.9Martin Perez57.52aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9Austin Ranson58.35aSt Lawrence Academy
1.10Clay Aitken-Young58.73aSacred Heart Prep
14.11J.C. Aguila59.03aSt Lawrence Academy
15.9Krish Chandani59.11aHarker
16.12George Drummond59.20aThe King’s Academy
7.9Adarsh Battu59.71aHarker
3.11Akhil Reddy59.84aSt Lawrence Academy
19.11Andon Espeseth1:00.46aSacred Heart Prep
20.9Samir Chaudhry1:09.44aHarker
5.9Luca Schroeder1:09.95aCrystal Springs Upla...
22.9Raymond Cheng1:10.09aHarker
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Martinez2:05.00aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.11Charles Levine2:09.40aHarker
3.12Josh Legha2:12.11aSt Lawrence Academy
4.10Ryan Gaertner2:12.51aSacred Heart Prep
5.10Joshua Keefe2:13.77aThe King’s Academy
6.12Kevin Nguyen2:17.04aSt Lawrence Academy
7.10Ryan Kaveh2:18.10aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.9Preston Lam2:19.40aCrystal Springs Upla...
9.12Ryan Miranda2:20.57aSt Lawrence Academy
3.12Jacob Spence2:21.55aThe King’s Academy
11.12Matt Luu2:22.31aSt Lawrence Academy
5.10Steven Glassmoyer2:22.90aSacred Heart Prep
8.10Clay Aitken-Young2:23.81aSacred Heart Prep
6.11Akhil Reddy2:24.13aSt Lawrence Academy
15.10Jorawar Gellon2:24.33aSt Lawrence Academy
8.10Vijay Masharani2:25.96aCrystal Springs Upla...
17.9Sergio Marquez2:32.58aSt Lawrence Academy
10.9Cole Eberwein2:33.82aThe King’s Academy
19.9Matthew Jacobs2:34.60aSacred Heart Prep
12.11Mohit Sahu2:48.73aSt Lawrence Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Kaplan4:43.84aSacred Heart Prep
2.10Joshua Keefe4:53.32aThe King’s Academy
3.11Proteek Biswas4:55.41aHarker
4.12Josh Legha4:56.84aSt Lawrence Academy
5.11Kyle Burbach5:01.82aSacred Heart Prep
6.12Jacob Spence5:02.62aThe King’s Academy
7.10Tyler Yeats5:09.12aHarker
8.12Ryan Miranda5:09.63aSt Lawrence Academy
9.12Kevin Nguyen5:18.14aSt Lawrence Academy
10.10Tamas Carli5:19.06aSt Lawrence Academy
11.10Ashish Velagapudi5:19.49aSt Lawrence Academy
12.10Binh Phan5:20.46aCrystal Springs Upla...
13.10Ramakrishnan Menon5:20.98aHarker
14.10Jorawar Gellon5:22.83aSt Lawrence Academy
15.9Devon Gonzalez5:25.84aSt Lawrence Academy
16.10Will Rossi5:27.27aCrystal Springs Upla...
17.9Cole Eberwein5:30.48aThe King’s Academy
18.9Harry Sambuceto5:33.80aSt Lawrence Academy
19.9Vincent Lin5:48.95aHarker
20.10Nik Datuashvili5:52.55aHarker
21.9Advait Gokhale5:52.56aCrystal Springs Upla...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Proteek Biswas10:51.62aHarker
2.10Tyler Yeats11:11.70aHarker
3.10Steven Glassmoyer11:14.77aSacred Heart Prep
4.10Ashish Velagapudi11:37.79aSt Lawrence Academy
5.10Ramakrishnan Menon11:39.36aHarker
6.10Tamas Carli12:06.63aSt Lawrence Academy
7.9Matthew Jacobs12:15.02aSacred Heart Prep
8.9Devon Gonzalez12:24.88aSt Lawrence Academy
9.10Nik Datuashvili12:30.49aHarker
10.9Vincent Lin12:43.09aHarker
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Wisialowski17.66aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.12Matt Ohara18.70aSt Lawrence Academy
3.10Seth Craig20.34aSt Lawrence Academy
4.12Isaac Madan25.41aHarker
5.11John Canfield25.44aSt Lawrence Academy
6.9Simon Hong27.61aSt Lawrence Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nico Robinson42.98aSacred Heart Prep
2.12Matt Ohara43.60aSt Lawrence Academy
3.12Ben Wisialowski45.32aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.10Seth Craig50.93aSt Lawrence Academy
5.11John Canfield1:01.05aSt Lawrence Academy
6.9Simon Hong1:05.00aSt Lawrence Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.11aThe King’s Academy
2.-Relay Team 46.38aCrystal Springs Upla...
3.-Relay Team 46.46aSacred Heart Prep
4.-Relay Team 47.06aSt Lawrence Academy
5.-Relay Team 49.41aHarker
6.-Relay Team 50.09aCrystal Springs Upla...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:55.33aThe King’s Academy
2.-Relay Team 4:10.02aSt Lawrence Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leo Koloamatahgi41-04Sacred Heart Prep
2.11Cameron Pappa41-01The King’s Academy
3.12Zak Sellers37-00St Lawrence Academy
4.10Michael Chen36-06Harker
5.10Adam Marquardt36-06Sacred Heart Prep
6.12Mark Mohnhaupt34-07The King’s Academy
7.10Matthew Giammona33-06Harker
8.12Hien Phan32-02St Lawrence Academy
9.10Joel Kohn31-00Crystal Springs Upla...
10.11Bradley Araki30-09Harker
11.9Arjun Kumar29-10Harker
12.12Kenny Drummond29-04The King’s Academy
13.11John Cabot28-06The King’s Academy
14.12Alex Martinez28-05St Lawrence Academy
15.11Mike Keenan27-10The King’s Academy
16.11Mohit Sahu25-11St Lawrence Academy
17.10Aaron Thomas25-03The King’s Academy
18.12Alex Pulido24-10St Lawrence Academy
19.9Ravi Bhandia24-08Harker
20.9Joshua Burke23-06The King’s Academy
21.9Tommy Goodley-Espinosa23-03St Lawrence Academy
22.10Raghav Sehtia23-02Harker
23.9Mark Williams23-01The King’s Academy
24.12Domenico Sambuceto21-07St Lawrence Academy
25.10Mike Wong21-07St Lawrence Academy
26.12Zain Khan18-06St Lawrence Academy
27.9Arjun Patel15-00St Lawrence Academy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leo Koloamatahgi119-06.25Sacred Heart Prep
2.12Zak Sellers117-11St Lawrence Academy
3.11Cameron Pappa113-02The King’s Academy
4.10Matthew Giammona097-00Harker
5.12Mark Mohnhaupt096-11The King’s Academy
6.10Michael Chen086-11Harker
7.10Adam Marquardt086-01Sacred Heart Prep
8.11Bradley Araki080-02Harker
9.9Ravi Bhandia076-09Harker
10.11Mike Keenan074-04The King’s Academy
11.10Jorawar Gellon073-09St Lawrence Academy
12.10Aaron Thomas071-05The King’s Academy
13.11John Cabot070-04The King’s Academy
14.12Kenny Drummond069-07The King’s Academy
15.10Raghav Sehtia068-04Harker
16.12Alex Martinez067-03St Lawrence Academy
17.12Alex Pulido059-07St Lawrence Academy
18.12Domenico Sambuceto059-03St Lawrence Academy
19.9Arjun Kumar057-07Harker
20.10Mike Wong055-09St Lawrence Academy
21.9Tommy Goodley-Espinosa055-05.5St Lawrence Academy
22.9Mark Williams055-04The King’s Academy
23.10Joel Kohn053-03Crystal Springs Upla...
24.9Arjun Patel046-09St Lawrence Academy
25.12Zain Khan039-00St Lawrence Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cameron Van05-06Sacred Heart Prep
2.10Nico Robinson05-04Sacred Heart Prep
3.10Shayaan Haq05-00Crystal Springs Upla...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nico Robinson19-07.5Sacred Heart Prep
2.11Tyler McCool19-04Sacred Heart Prep
3.10Cameron Van18-09.25Sacred Heart Prep
4.12Ed Suriaga18-01St Lawrence Academy
5.12Raymond Lazaro18-00.25St Lawrence Academy
6.10Shayaan Haq17-01Crystal Springs Upla...
7.10Kevin Donahoe17-00.25Sacred Heart Prep
8.10Jack Del Santo16-11.5Sacred Heart Prep
9.9Krish Chandani16-09.5Harker
10.11Johnny Yet16-06.5Harker
11.11Andon Espeseth15-07.25Sacred Heart Prep
12.11Connor Moyles15-00.5Sacred Heart Prep
13.10Gary Lee14-10.5Crystal Springs Upla...
14.11Naweed Aleaf14-10.5St Lawrence Academy
15.12Benjamin Chen14-06Harker
16.10Joseph Wang12-10Harker
17.12Vamsi Vemireddy12-06.25Harker
18.10Connor Cable12-05.75St Lawrence Academy
19.9Devon Gonzalez12-05.25St Lawrence Academy
20.12Zain Khan12-00.75St Lawrence Academy
21.9Hunter Hernandez10-08St Lawrence Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler McCool38-05Sacred Heart Prep
2.12Ed Suriaga36-05St Lawrence Academy
3.12Raymond Lazaro35-05St Lawrence Academy
4.11Johnny Yet33-03Harker
5.10Jorawar Gellon31-00St Lawrence Academy
6.11Naweed Aleaf30-01.5St Lawrence Academy
7.10Connor Cable27-11St Lawrence Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maggie Fong12.86aSacred Heart Prep
2.11Taylor Walker-Wimberly13.34aNotre Dame (SJ)
3.11Johanna Hickle13.45aThe King’s Academy
4.9Maggie Cusick13.76aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.10Jordan Tuttle13.79aThe King’s Academy
2.10Samantha Vigil13.85aMercy (Burlingame)
5.11Alexis Estioko13.95aNotre Dame (SJ)
8.10Anisha Karur14.03aNotre Dame (SJ)
4.9Mackenzie Walter14.24aSacred Heart Prep
10.11Anastasia Akana14.29aThe King’s Academy
7.9Fusi Tuitavake14.32aMercy (Burlingame)
11.10Madeline Milligan14.32aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.9Bobbie Burgess14.39aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.10Carly Eppler14.64aMercy (Burlingame)
15.9Olivia Feller15.16aMercy (Burlingame)
16.10Jasmine Gill15.23aHarker
1.9Laura Pagan15.32aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.9Kayla Alvarado15.51aSt Lawrence Academy
3.11Katya Goncalves15.51aThe King’s Academy
20.11Sarah Black15.72aThe King’s Academy
4.10Katie Shearer15.82aCrystal Springs Upla...
22.9Lydia Ho15.87aMercy (Burlingame)
5.9Lana Levenson15.98aSt Lawrence Academy
23.9Nikki Pollock15.98aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.10Dorsa Massihpour16.12aHarker
26.9Callie Ding16.54aHarker
7.9Azeleah Tiamson17.03aSt Lawrence Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Isabelle Connell26.42aHarker
2.11Regina Fitzpatrick27.40aMercy (Burlingame)
3.11Taylor Walker-Wimberly27.83aNotre Dame (SJ)
4.12Maianh Tran28.35aNotre Dame (SJ)
5.11Cailley Biagini28.64aThe King’s Academy
1.9Natasha Thornton-Clark29.01aCrystal Springs Upla...
7.10Sara Delucchi29.37aMercy (Burlingame)
3.12Tanya Rai29.45aHarker
9.11Anastasia Akana29.81aThe King’s Academy
5.10Madeline Milligan30.06aCrystal Springs Upla...
11.9Christine Duong30.45aNotre Dame (SJ)
7.10Kathryn Leahy30.62aSacred Heart Prep
1.9Mackenzie Walter31.22aSacred Heart Prep
14.9Keethana Duddi31.35aNotre Dame (SJ)
1.10Tara Rezvani31.48aHarker
3.12Michelle Kwong31.81aMercy (Burlingame)
17.12Jessica Ju31.96aThe King’s Academy
18.9Lana Levenson32.29aSt Lawrence Academy
3.9Nikki Pollock32.33aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.9Kristen Reames32.56aNotre Dame (SJ)
4.10Katie Shearer32.87aCrystal Springs Upla...
22.10Sydney Collier33.66aThe King’s Academy
6.10Dorsa Massihpour34.10aHarker
24.10Amanda Sura34.87aNotre Dame (SJ)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Isabelle Connell1:01.57aHarker
2.10Kathryn Leahy1:05.26aSacred Heart Prep
3.12Paige Rasmuson1:05.65aNotre Dame (SJ)
3.11Cailley Biagini1:05.78aThe King’s Academy
5.12Tanya Rai1:06.46aHarker
5.12Megan Faulk1:06.83aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.9Alexis Teter1:07.52aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.9Sarah Pashby1:07.58aNotre Dame (SJ)
3.9Kathleen Bird1:08.20aSacred Heart Prep
10.9Lucie Ackley1:08.38aSacred Heart Prep
11.12Ann Heslin1:09.30aSacred Heart Prep
5.9Molly Johnson1:09.51aCrystal Springs Upla...
13.11Sammi Walsh1:12.31aSacred Heart Prep
1.9Morgan Walker1:12.68aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.9Cassidy Carter1:12.72aMercy (Burlingame)
3.9Keethana Duddi1:13.68aNotre Dame (SJ)
16.9Keethana Duddi1:13.68aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.10Sydney Collier1:15.50aThe King’s Academy
18.10Emilia Sambuceto1:16.03aSt Lawrence Academy
4.9Sabrina Sambuceto1:16.86aSt Lawrence Academy
20.11Katie Shea1:17.06aMercy (Burlingame)
6.11Cathy Mariani1:22.64aMercy (Burlingame)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elsa Valenzuela2:31.50aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.10Kathryn Leahy2:34.22aSacred Heart Prep
3.12Keighley Lane2:34.57aSacred Heart Prep
4.9Eve Sutton2:36.70aSacred Heart Prep
1.10Rachel Hutton2:37.66aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.12Georgina Thornton-Clark2:37.81aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.10Haley Fanfelle2:39.48aMercy (Burlingame)
8.12Erica Maldonado2:39.89aMercy (Burlingame)
6.12Ann Heslin2:40.28aSacred Heart Prep
10.10Meredith Chaidez2:44.04aNotre Dame (SJ)
4.12Amanda Kielian2:50.69aMercy (Burlingame)
12.9Ruth Colom2:51.80aMercy (Burlingame)
6.9Jenny Shearer2:52.59aCrystal Springs Upla...
14.10Kelsey Biddle2:54.40aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.9Katherine Huang2:55.18aCrystal Springs Upla...
16.10Grace Stayner2:56.69aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.10Courtney Schrier2:57.00aSacred Heart Prep
10.9Ashley Simons3:05.78aSacred Heart Prep
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Field2:46.01aThe King’s Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Claudia Tischler5:35.41aHarker
2.10Ragini Bhattacharya5:36.11aHarker
3.10Jordan Chase5:37.70aMercy (Burlingame)
4.9Eve Sutton5:49.02aSacred Heart Prep
5.11Alani Douglas5:49.94aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.12Emerald Souza5:59.43aThe King’s Academy
7.12Tanya Alvarez6:09.29aMercy (Burlingame)
8.9Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo6:12.70aNotre Dame (SJ)
9.10Emilia Sambuceto6:13.62aSt Lawrence Academy
10.10Claire Crinion6:14.66aNotre Dame (SJ)
11.9Allie Barri6:15.10aMercy (Burlingame)
12.11Ria Shroff6:15.94aSt Lawrence Academy
13.10Kendra Glenn6:17.15aNotre Dame (SJ)
14.11Laura Pandori6:24.18aNotre Dame (SJ)
15.9Jaclyn Woodward6:47.48aNotre Dame (SJ)
16.11Anusha Praturu6:59.37aNotre Dame (SJ)
17.12Alicia Mussman7:09.67aMercy (Burlingame)
18.11Maggie Hoang7:12.81aNotre Dame (SJ)
19.11Cheyenne Souza7:38.92aThe King’s Academy
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Field5:49.46aThe King’s Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ragini Bhattacharya12:07.22aHarker
2.9Claudia Tischler12:07.49aHarker
3.10Courtney Schrier12:28.51aSacred Heart Prep
4.11Ria Shroff13:35.55aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9Allie Barri13:40.34aMercy (Burlingame)
6.12Tanya Alvarez13:43.48aMercy (Burlingame)
7.12Amanda Pierce13:54.96aMercy (Burlingame)
8.9Ashley Simons14:47.77aSacred Heart Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Kielian17.95aMercy (Burlingame)
2.11Kayla Fanfelle18.19aMercy (Burlingame)
3.12Alexandra Kaindl18.84aMercy (Burlingame)
4.12Brianna McTiernan18.86aMercy (Burlingame)
5.12Nicole Heneghen18.96aNotre Dame (SJ)
6.12Jasmine Nee21.09aHarker
7.9Emilia Hamilton21.88aNotre Dame (SJ)
1.12Amy Tang23.06aSt Lawrence Academy
9.9Azeleah Tiamson27.71aSt Lawrence Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maddie Kirkland49.86aNotre Dame (SJ)
1.10Helen Gannon55.12aSacred Heart Prep
2.9Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo57.04aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.12Rebecca Reid57.19aMercy (Burlingame)
3.9Emilia Hamilton58.42aNotre Dame (SJ)
6.12Amanda Pierce1:01.04aMercy (Burlingame)
5.9Sabrina Sambuceto1:02.94aSt Lawrence Academy
8.9Jacqueline Booth1:04.59aSt Lawrence Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.63aNotre Dame (SJ)
2.-Relay Team 52.83aSacred Heart Prep
3.-Relay Team 53.78aMercy (Burlingame)
1.-Relay Team 54.89aMercy (Burlingame)
4.-Relay Team 55.46aThe King’s Academy
5.-Relay Team 55.56aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.-Relay Team 55.63aNotre Dame (SJ)
6.-Relay Team 56.43aHarker
3.-Relay Team 57.06aCrystal Springs Upla...
7.-Relay Team 1:03.63aSt Lawrence Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:50.49aSacred Heart Prep
2.-Relay Team 4:53.87aThe King’s Academy
3.-Relay Team 5:09.06aMercy (Burlingame)
4.-Relay Team 5:10.84aSt Lawrence Academy
5.-Relay Team 5:11.84aBurlingame
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Veronica Smart36-06.5Mercy (Burlingame)
2.12Mia Vassallo28-01.5Mercy (Burlingame)
3.11Chauntel Sapp27-09Mercy (Burlingame)
4.9Penina Tuiasosopo22-09.5Mercy (Burlingame)
5.9Betty Green21-08Mercy (Burlingame)
6.11Imah Veilleux21-02.5Mercy (Burlingame)
7.10Sondra Costa20-06Harker
8.9Jaclyn Woodward19-10Notre Dame (SJ)
9.9Kathleen Bird19-09.75Sacred Heart Prep
10.12Marisa Sambuceto19-07St Lawrence Academy
11.9Ishmal Fatimah19-07Mercy (Burlingame)
12.9Kristen Reames18-08Notre Dame (SJ)
13.10Adrienne Mendel18-05Harker
14.11Rebekah Cassano17-10Mercy (Burlingame)
15.9Emma Sadlowski16-02Mercy (Burlingame)
16.10Connie Alvarez16-00Mercy (Burlingame)
17.12Ambika Vaid13-07St Lawrence Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Veronica Smart103-07Mercy (Burlingame)
2.11Chauntel Sapp072-07Mercy (Burlingame)
3.12Mia Vassallo070-07Mercy (Burlingame)
4.12Marisa Sambuceto063-08.5St Lawrence Academy
5.11Imah Veilleux063-05.5Mercy (Burlingame)
6.9Betty Green051-06.5Mercy (Burlingame)
7.12Maianh Tran050-07Notre Dame (SJ)
8.10Adrienne Mendel050-05Harker
9.9Penina Tuiasosopo049-11Mercy (Burlingame)
10.11Rebekah Cassano049-07.5Mercy (Burlingame)
11.10Sondra Costa048-05.5Harker
12.9Kayla Alvarado048-03St Lawrence Academy
13.9Kristen Reames046-08Notre Dame (SJ)
14.9Emma Sadlowski046-02Mercy (Burlingame)
15.12Melissa Chaidez044-10Notre Dame (SJ)
16.12Ambika Vaid043-08St Lawrence Academy
17.11Krystle Ann Fabionar043-02Notre Dame (SJ)
18.9Jaclyn Woodward041-09Notre Dame (SJ)
19.12Amy Tang040-02St Lawrence Academy
20.12Yvonne Tran027-01St Lawrence Academy
21.10Connie Alvarez024-06Mercy (Burlingame)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Holly McDonald04-08Sacred Heart Prep
2.11Taylor Walker-Wimberly04-06Notre Dame (SJ)
3.12Brianna McTiernan04-04Mercy (Burlingame)
4.9Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo04-04Notre Dame (SJ)
5.9Emilia Hamilton04-02Notre Dame (SJ)
6.9Olivia Feller04-02Mercy (Burlingame)
7.9Sarah Pashby04-00Notre Dame (SJ)
8.12Brelynn Shirey04-00The King’s Academy
9.9Lydia Ho03-10Mercy (Burlingame)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Helen Gannon15-06Sacred Heart Prep
2.12Holly McDonald15-05.75Sacred Heart Prep
3.11Alexis Estioko15-03.75Notre Dame (SJ)
4.11Sammi Walsh14-08.25Sacred Heart Prep
5.9Maggie Cusick14-07.5Notre Dame (SJ)
6.11Regina Fitzpatrick14-05.5Mercy (Burlingame)
7.11Sonya Chalaka14-03.5Harker
8.9Christine Duong14-02.25Notre Dame (SJ)
9.12Jasmine Nee13-10.25Harker
10.10Samantha Vigil13-08.5Mercy (Burlingame)
11.12Puneet Sidhu13-04.5Harker
12.11Mallory Baker13-02Mercy (Burlingame)
13.9Olivia Feller12-08Mercy (Burlingame)
14.9Cassidy Carter12-07.25Mercy (Burlingame)
15.10Tara Rezvani12-04.75Harker
16.9Ruth Colom11-11.75Mercy (Burlingame)
17.9Amanda Pham10-10Notre Dame (SJ)
18.11Katie Shea10-04.75Mercy (Burlingame)
19.9Callie Ding10-01Harker
20.9Lydia Ho09-08Mercy (Burlingame)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sonya Chalaka31-11Harker
2.12Holly McDonald31-06Sacred Heart Prep
3.11Alexis Estioko30-03.5Notre Dame (SJ)
4.12Puneet Sidhu28-03Harker
5.11Mallory Baker28-01Mercy (Burlingame)
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