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Sisters Rotary Invitational

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sisters Oregon, Sisters

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La Pine
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West Linn
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Parks11.08aCrook County
2.11Kyle Gomez11.40aBonanza
4.11Lane Tucker11.47aRedmond
3.11Sambaran Chatterjee11.60aWest Linn
6.12Marcus Pennington11.77aCrook County
7.12Sam Oltman11.78aWest Linn
8.9Michael Gruber11.83aCrook County
10.12Anthony Rue12.05aWest Linn
11.9Joseph Grohs12.16aBonanza
9.11Mitch Martini11.97Mountain View (OR)
12.11Dusty Thomas12.24aRedmond
13.11Travis Myrick12.31aSisters
15.12Adrian Gutierrez12.35aCulver
16.12Jeremy Lowe12.41aLa Pine
17.10Jeremy Killoran12.45aMadras
18.12DelRay Rhoan12.50aCulver
19.10Patrick Benham12.53aMadras
14.9Scott McCreery12.33Mountain View (OR)
20.11Justin Flagg12.77aMadras
21.9Shylow Chapman12.78aGilchrist
22.10Slater Smith12.79aSisters
23.10Levi Goins12.83aSisters
24.12Andrew Liddycoat12.85aLakeview
25.11Jon Shelley13.24aGilchrist
26.11Kyle Fisher13.25aCulver
27.12Ryan Yates13.46aLakeview
28.12David Axmaker13.48aLa Pine
12Scott LaneDQLa Pine
11Ben AtchisonDQMountain View (OR)
9Buddy FlagorDQBonanza
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Parks23.13aCrook County
2.11Lane Tucker23.57aRedmond
3.12Sam Oltman23.62aWest Linn
4.12Anthony Rue24.06aWest Linn
5.12Jared Roen24.29aCulver
7.9Greg Hoover24.81aRedmond
9.10Matt VanDeZande24.83aWest Linn
10.11Justin Flagg24.93aMadras
6.11Ben Atchison24.67Mountain View (OR)
11.11Dusty Thomas25.05aRedmond
11.11Justin Mackenzie25.05Mountain View (OR)
14.10Josh Goutney25.47aCrook County
15.10Sky Smith25.49aBonanza
16.10Patrick Benham25.60aMadras
13.9Joel Stichler25.45Mountain View (OR)
17.12Jeremy Lowe25.89aLa Pine
18.10Jeremy Killoran26.01aMadras
18.10Andy Stahn26.01aSisters
20.11Travis Beebe26.03aCulver
21.9Michael Gruber26.11aCrook County
22.12Scott Lane26.30aLa Pine
23.11Jack Pratt26.78aCulver
24.12Ryan Yates26.79aLakeview
25.10Levi Goins26.81aSisters
26.10Ashton Simms26.82aSisters
27.9Joseph Grohs26.85aBonanza
28.9Ben Harris27.14aGilchrist
29.9Buddy Flagor27.29aBonanza
30.12David Axmaker27.42aLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Gomez52.28aBonanza
2.12Zach Glatt52.71aWest Linn
3.12Jared Roen53.27aCulver
4.10Kelly Crowther54.12aSisters
5.10Sky Smith54.56aBonanza
6.9Byron Riemhofer54.81aMountain View (OR)
7.12DelRay Rhoan54.90aCulver
9.11Travis Beebe55.86aCulver
10.10Daniel Teater56.19aCrook County
11.10Andrew Benton56.43aMountain View (OR)
12.10Paul Wilson57.00aRedmond
13.11J.J. Hammon57.03aCrook County
14.10Josh McDonald57.44aCrook County
15.10Andy Stahn57.63aSisters
16.11Jon Shelley57.64aGilchrist
17.12Jake Reeves57.76aRedmond
18.10JP Walters58.04aLa Pine
19.12Scott Lane58.35aLa Pine
20.11Brad Rose58.82aWest Linn
21.11Wes Jordan59.06aMountain View (OR)
22.10Ashton Simms59.49aSisters
23.11Austin Enoch1:00.71aRedmond
25.12Justin McMurrian1:06.54aLa Pine
26.9J.D. Urbach1:15.02aBonanza
11Sambaran ChatterjeeDQWest Linn
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zen Newman2:08.28aRedmond
2.10Taylor Kolasinski2:08.56aWest Linn
3.10Jorden Ridenour2:09.64aCrook County
4.10Andrew Legg2:10.17aSisters
5.11Stefan Redfield2:11.64aSisters
6.11Harrison Ko2:11.84aWest Linn
7.11Robbie Manning2:12.84aLa Pine
8.11Travis Beebe2:13.21aCulver
9.10Terry Miller2:13.85aRedmond
10.9Jordan Wolfe2:14.15aMountain View (OR)
11.9Andrew Flu2:14.37aMadras
12.11Caleb Howard2:15.28aLakeview
13.9Samuel Aguirre2:16.31aMadras
14.9Mike Calavan2:18.92aSisters
15.9Trevor Mottl2:20.19aCrook County
16.10Gerald Speas2:21.57aCulver
17.9Michael Urioste2:22.83aMountain View (OR)
18.10Freddy Hernandez2:23.20aMadras
19.11Zack Webb2:24.99aMountain View (OR)
20.12Shad Worden2:27.61aBonanza
21.11Ryan Pautz2:28.70aLa Pine
23.9Spencer Miller2:34.58aLa Pine
24.10Jeff Hulbert2:43.88aCulver
12Cody ParksDQGilchrist
12Brandon UtleyDQLakeview
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zen Newman4:28.54aRedmond
2.10Ben Morrow4:29.20aWest Linn
3.11Stefan Redfield4:32.72aSisters
4.9Jordan Wolfe4:34.78aMountain View (OR)
5.10Michael Bernert4:35.24aWest Linn
6.11Robbie Manning4:35.92aLa Pine
7.10Juan Terrazas4:39.08aCulver
8.11Caleb Howard4:43.10aLakeview
9.9Benton Urquhart4:46.23aSisters
10.9Kyle Baca4:49.20aRedmond
11.9Matt Crawford4:49.70aWest Linn
12.11Juan Vega4:49.93aCulver
13.9Jared Henderson4:53.48aSisters
14.10Austin Morrell4:55.64aCrook County
15.11James Condon5:00.17aMountain View (OR)
16.9Spencer Miller5:03.87aLa Pine
17.11Zack Webb5:05.23aMountain View (OR)
18.11Ryan Pautz5:06.55aLa Pine
19.11Coury Andrus5:06.83aBonanza
20.12Cody Parks5:08.92aGilchrist
21.11Juan Gutierrez5:13.09aCulver
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Lane9:54.80aRedmond
2.10Juan Terrazas10:06.30aCulver
3.9Benton Urquhart10:09.07aSisters
4.11Ian Henderson10:11.14aRedmond
5.11Juan Vega10:23.43aCulver
6.10Luke Glick10:32.51aSisters
7.11Kyle Rickards10:41.78aSisters
8.11Seth Wheeler10:42.15aWest Linn
9.10Seth Walker11:01.93aLakeview
10.9Salvador Ulloa11:02.75aMountain View (OR)
11.9Sam Palacio11:06.81aMountain View (OR)
12.11Neil Higham11:37.65aRedmond
13.11Charlie Lammers11:44.86aWest Linn
14.11Kyle Murri11:51.53aMountain View (OR)
15.11Jack Pratt12:06.13aCulver
16.11Jacob Wagner12:21.70aLa Pine
17.9Brent Corning12:23.50aLakeview
11Coury AndrusDQBonanza
10Freddy HernandezDQMadras
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shawn Miller15.64aWest Linn
2.11Andy Davis15.72aBonanza
3.11Eli Callan16.93aSisters
4.12Tyrel Palmer17.37aLakeview
5.9Bryce Baker18.50aWest Linn
6.10John Cornelius18.54aWest Linn
7.11Brent House18.75aRedmond
8.9Mark Flegel18.77aCrook County
9.9Kelby Mills19.46aMountain View (OR)
10.10Dane Moorehead20.27aSisters
11.10Thomas Griffin20.52aCulver
12.10Kyle Criss21.39aMountain View (OR)
13.9Drew Herron21.65aSisters
15.10Isaac Kaiser23.59aLakeview
12Luke ThompsonDQGilchrist
12Don DyerDQRedmond
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shawn Miller41.90aWest Linn
2.11Eli Callan43.17aSisters
3.10Kelly Crowther44.48aSisters
4.12Tyrel Palmer45.08aLakeview
5.9Bryce Baker45.38aWest Linn
6.9Stephen Dickinson45.40aBonanza
7.11Freeman York45.41aCrook County
8.11Brent House46.39aRedmond
9.12Adrian Gutierrez46.45aCulver
10.11Chris Nowack46.49aWest Linn
11.9Mark Flegel47.12aCrook County
11.11Joey Weldon47.12aMountain View (OR)
13.9Conner Price47.77aMountain View (OR)
14.10Gerald Speas48.73aCulver
15.9Allen Kirkpatrick51.17aLa Pine
16.10Thomas Griffin51.20aCulver
17.10Dane Moorehead52.43aSisters
18.10Casey Lowe52.52aLa Pine
19.10Kyle Criss52.85aMountain View (OR)
21.10Isaac Kaiser53.54aLakeview
11Andy DavisDQBonanza
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Rue
Sam Oltman
Matt VanDeZande
Sambaran Chatterjee
45.62aWest Linn
2.-Josh Goutney
Freeman York
David Parks
Michael Gruber
45.86aCrook County
3.-Don Dyer
Tyrel Nordstrom
Lane Tucker
Dusty Thomas
4.-Justin Mackenzie
Mitch Martini
Joey Weldon
Scott McCreery
46.14aMountain View (OR)
5.-Travis Myrick
Kelly Crowther
Nick Purvis
Slater Smith
6.-Andy Davis
Joseph Grohs
John Laidet
Kyle Gomez
7.-Anthony Hill
JP Walters
Jeremy Lowe
Scott Lane
47.49aLa Pine
8.-Adrian Gutierrez
Nevin Lewis
Colin Briggs
DelRay Rhoan
9.-Relay Team 49.00aGilchrist
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Glatt
Taylor Kolasinski
Shawn Miller
Sam Oltman
3:35.34aWest Linn
2.-DelRay Rhoan
Travis Beebe
Nevin Lewis
Jared Roen
3.-Joey Weldon
Andrew Benton
Conner Price
Byron Riemhofer
3:39.00aMountain View (OR)
4.-Kelly Crowther
Nick Purvis
Stefan Redfield
Eli Callan
5.-Lane Tucker
Tyrel Nordstrom
Michael Willcut
Dusty Thomas
6.-Austin Morrell
Daniel Teater
Jorden Ridenour
JJ Hammon
3:49.70aCrook County
7.-Daniel Clark
Stephen Dickinson
Sky Smith
Shad Worden
8.-Michael Lytle
Robbie Manning
Spencer Miller
Ryan Pautz
4:28.44aLa Pine
--Relay Team DQLakeview
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Munsey48'10.00Crook County
2.11John Laidet45'05.50Bonanza
3.12Eddie Mazzulli44'02.50Crook County
4.11Kyle Fisher43'09.25Culver
5.12Dillon Gilbertson43'01.00Crook County
6.12Blake Miller41'09.00Redmond
7.11Jeff Sampson41'03.50Sisters
9.11Ben Atchison40'00.00Mountain View (OR)
10.11Kevin Weldon39'03.25Mountain View (OR)
11.12Jim Halicki38'07.00West Linn
12.11Matt Tiller37'10.50Redmond
8.12Andrew Jordan37' 6"Redmond
13.11Colman Currie37'05.50Mountain View (OR)
14.10Taylor Davenport36'07.75Sisters
15.11Orrin Wallace35'02.75Madras
16.11Cory Phillips35'02.50Lakeview
17.11Chris Rasch34'08.00Lakeview
18.9Caaleb Clayton34'07.00Gilchrist
19.10Robert Truax34'01.50West Linn
20.10Thomas Lord32'02.00West Linn
21.10Benner Cox30'11.00Lakeview
21.9Daniel Toledo30'11.00La Pine
23.11Tony Westman30'07.00Bonanza
23.11Casey Negus30'07.00Gilchrist
25.11Jacob Toscano30'05.00La Pine
26.10Evan Eady29'01.50Sisters
27.10Juan Terrazas24'11.00Culver
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Laidet140'09Bonanza
2.12Andrew Jordan126'01Redmond
3.11Joe Cain122'05Redmond
4.10Mark Blomquist122'03Crook County
5.11Jeff Sampson117'11Sisters
6.12Nicholas Collier116'10Mountain View (OR)
7.12Alex Baz114'05Mountain View (OR)
8.12Jim Halicki111'03West Linn
9.11Matt White109'05Redmond
10.12Andrew Liddycoat108'08Lakeview
11.12Chris Bailey107'06Mountain View (OR)
12.12Eddie Mazzulli107'03Crook County
13.9Kash Burwell106'00Crook County
14.10Benner Cox104'05Lakeview
15.10Robert Truax92'11West Linn
16.9Dillon Saltos91'05West Linn
17.11Tony Westman86'04Bonanza
18.11Cory Phillips85'11Lakeview
19.10Taylor Davenport85'06Sisters
20.11Jacob Toscano84'01La Pine
21.10Sean Mauer79'09Sisters
22.9Daniel Toledo78'01La Pine
23.9Caaleb Clayton69'05Gilchrist
24.9Andrew Hawk62'08Culver
25.10Thomas Griffin61'08Culver
11Kyle FisherDQCulver
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rick Hennessey175'02West Linn
2.12Alex Baz167'10Mountain View (OR)
3.11Kyle Gomez164'07Bonanza
4.11Justin Mackenzie160'00Mountain View (OR)
5.11Mark Wunsch148'04Madras
6.9Kash Burwell132'08Crook County
7.9Alex Schlitt130'05West Linn
8.12Jeremy Lowe130'00La Pine
9.11Cameron Jalbert128'06Mountain View (OR)
10.11Orrin Wallace128'00Madras
11.11Ethan Roe125'07Culver
12.12Jake Hueners124'07Crook County
13.10Joe Jenago124'03Sisters
14.10Sean Mauer123'08Sisters
16.10Ransom Smith122'05Gilchrist
17.12Brandon Forseth121'00Crook County
18.10Benner Cox116'05Lakeview
19.9Caaleb Clayton116'00Gilchrist
20.12Andrew Liddycoat114'11Lakeview
21.10Thomas Lord109'08West Linn
22.12Cody Parks108'05Gilchrist
25.11Kyle Fisher98'02Culver
26.11Tony Westman94'04Bonanza
27.11Jacob Toscano92'07La Pine
28.11Chris Rasch87'07Lakeview
29.10Michael Lytle80'05La Pine
X Javelin - 800g-1984 - Varsity - Finals
15.12Matt Andyke122'09Redmond
23.10Colby Whitaker106'09Redmond
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andy Davis6'01.00Bonanza
2.10Jimmy Thorson6'00.00Redmond
3.9Nevin Lewis6'00.00Culver
4.10David Parks6'00.00Crook County
5.12Robby Scevers5'08.00Gilchrist
6.12Jared Roen5'08.00Culver
7.12Nick Purvis5'06.00Sisters
8.11Cameron Jalbert5'06.00Mountain View (OR)
9.9Stephen Dickinson5'06.00Bonanza
10.11Travis Myrick5'06.00Sisters
11.10Nico Matthews5'04.00West Linn
11.10Daniel Teater5'04.00Crook County
11.10Paul Wilson5'04.00Redmond
11.9Spencer Kennedy5'04.00Mountain View (OR)
11.9Brady Brent5'04.00Mountain View (OR)
10Anthony HillNHLa Pine
12Tyrel PalmerNHLakeview
10Daniel ClarkNHBonanza
12Luke ThompsonNHGilchrist
9Shylow ChapmanNHGilchrist
10JP WaltersNHLa Pine
10Nygil McCuneNHLa Pine
11Clint WagerNHWest Linn
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ethan Roe12'00.00Culver
2.10Tyrel Nordstrom12'00.00Redmond
3.11Dom Deleone11'00.00Sisters
3.10Scott Elliott11'00.00Crook County
5.10Andrew Tucker10'06.00West Linn
6.9Nevin Lewis10'06.00Culver
7.10Ransom Smith10'00.00Gilchrist
8.12Kelby Myers9'06.00Crook County
9.9Nick Head9'06.00Sisters
10.9Taylor Brown9'00.00Mountain View (OR)
11.9Stephen Dickinson8'06.00Bonanza
11.12Andrew Liddycoat8'06.00Lakeview
10Josh McDonaldNHCrook County
10Seth WalkerNHLakeview
10Garrett PruittNHRedmond
10Jordan GoodNHMountain View (OR)
11Austin EnochNHRedmond
9Ben HarrisNHGilchrist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Willcut20'03.00Redmond
2.11Mitch Martini19'09.50Mountain View (OR)
3.9Greg Hoover19'05.50Redmond
4.10JP Walters18'10.00La Pine
5.10Nico Matthews18'09.50West Linn
6.10Shane Lusk18'09.50Crook County
7.11Taylor Farah18'06.50West Linn
8.9Kelby Mills17'11.50Mountain View (OR)
9.11Freeman York17'09.50Crook County
10.10Pierce Kennedy17'08.00Mountain View (OR)
11.11Travis Myrick17'06.00Sisters
12.11Jack Pratt17'03.00Culver
13.11Brad Rose17'00.00West Linn
14.10Gerald Speas16'10.00Culver
15.11Dom Deleone16'06.50Sisters
16.12Brandon Utley16'01.00Lakeview
17.9Mike Erwin16'00.00Gilchrist
18.9Shylow Chapman15'10.00Gilchrist
19.10Ashton Simms15'08.50Sisters
20.11Juan Gutierrez15'04.00Culver
22.10Nygil McCune13'11.50La Pine
23.9Ray Graversen12'06.00La Pine
10Jimmy ThorsonDQRedmond
12Nate WardDQCrook County
9Buddy FlagorDQBonanza
9Joseph GrohsDQBonanza
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Willcut39'10.00Redmond
2.12Nick Purvis39'04.00Sisters
3.11Eli Callan38'07.00Sisters
4.11Jack Pratt38'06.00Culver
5.12Nate Ward38'03.50Crook County
6.9Greg Hoover37'11.50Redmond
7.11Mitch Martini37'10.50Mountain View (OR)
8.11Taylor Farah37'00.50West Linn
9.11Michael Vedder36'08.00West Linn
10.10Gerald Speas36'07.50Culver
11.10Shane Lusk36'01.00Crook County
11.12Luke Thompson36'01.00Gilchrist
13.11Freeman York35'08.00Crook County
14.11Dom Deleone35'04.50Sisters
15.11Juan Gutierrez33'11.50Culver
16.10Nygil McCune33'01.00La Pine
17.12Brandon Utley32'06.00Lakeview
18.9Brent Corning31'07.50Lakeview
19.9Jared Fitzpatrick27'07.00Lakeview
9Brady BrentDQMountain View (OR)
10Pierce KennedyDQMountain View (OR)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Baker13.08aMountain View (OR)
2.9Addie Gallagher13.60aBonanza
3.11Kimberly Ebner13.65aLa Pine
4.11Sara Wise13.79aCrook County
5.11Cally Young13.84aMountain View (OR)
6.11Ashley Bonduraurnt13.91aCrook County
7.10Julia Green14.00aWest Linn
8.10Jessie McMillan14.04aCrook County
9.9Sara Sebastin14.20aWest Linn
10.10Randi Carlson14.40aGilchrist
12.10Lani Ulmer14.94aSisters
11.9Lynsey Fisher14.81Culver
13.9Kayla Panton15.19aLa Pine
14.11Alissa Barret15.27aLa Pine
15.9Kristy O'Keefe15.28aBonanza
16.10Kim Blair15.35aLakeview
17.10Amanda Gangstead15.60aCulver
18.12Soo Jee Hahn15.69aLakeview
19.10Ashley Vernon15.71aLakeview
19.9Justine Lofting15.71aCulver
21.9Melissa Andre16.01aWest Linn
11Kim EitnerDQBonanza
9Kirsti BurckDQSisters
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaitlin St. John26.14aMountain View (OR)
2.9Jazmine Whitlock26.71aWest Linn
3.10Keli Hall26.72aLakeview
4.10Amanda Baker27.12aMountain View (OR)
5.12Nicole McClure27.55aLa Pine
6.9Addie Gallagher28.48aBonanza
7.12Sami Whitehall28.75aWest Linn
8.12Tiffany Martin28.79aSisters
9.9Sara Sebastin29.08aWest Linn
10.11Sara Wise29.30aCrook County
11.10Jessie McMillan29.31aCrook County
12.10Chelsea Finnerin29.64aCrook County
13.11Jackie Pagen30.59aMountain View (OR)
14.9Lynsey Fisher31.36Culver
15.9Aubrey Cretsinger31.99aSisters
16.10Amanda Gangstead32.79aCulver
17.11Camila Coelho33.04aLa Pine
18.10Hillary Hawk35.24aCulver
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaitlin St. John59.94aMountain View (OR)
2.10Keli Hall1:00.31aLakeview
3.12Halley Hehn1:01.32aCrook County
4.9Jazmine Whitlock1:03.34aWest Linn
5.10Natalie Pittenger1:03.68aWest Linn
6.10Chelsea Spitzer1:06.83aWest Linn
7.11Jackie Pagen1:07.69aMountain View (OR)
8.10Jorden McMillian1:08.01aCrook County
9.9Angela Green1:08.55aMountain View (OR)
10.11Natalie Hisaw1:10.03aCrook County
11.9Danielle Orr1:12.03aSisters
12.11Camila Coelho1:15.55aLa Pine
13.11Cambrie Caldwell1:17.95aLa Pine
10Shawnee KetchamDQBonanza
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Amanda Baker60.4Mountain View (OR)
12Kaitlin St. John63.07Mountain View (OR)
12Janelle Urioste68.41Mountain View (OR)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Allen2:31.12aRedmond
2.10Alyssa Jernigan2:32.57aWest Linn
3.10Katie Crane2:32.65aWest Linn
5.10Kristi Pace2:35.23aWest Linn
6.9Maria Ramirez2:37.81aLa Pine
7.9Talissa Baldovino2:38.23aLakeview
8.10Ryanne Conrads2:38.72aSisters
10.12Kristin Cowart2:45.60aMountain View (OR)
12.10Erin Kanzig2:48.73aSisters
13.9Tani Chick2:48.99aSisters
14.11Natalie Hisaw2:52.82aCrook County
15.11Ashlin Reeves2:56.60aCrook County
16.9Melody Rogers2:58.58aLa Pine
17.10Tasha Culbertson3:09.87aCulver
18.9Cynthia Lopez3:42.98aCulver
10Michelly FoleyDQCrook County
10Shawnee KetchamDQBonanza
12Katrina GambleDQLa Pine
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Nowlin5:07.25aWest Linn
2.10Michelly Foley5:08.71aCrook County
3.9Maria Ramirez5:10.95aLa Pine
4.12Mackenzie Allen5:16.36aRedmond
5.11Whitney Harmon5:21.12aWest Linn
6.11Kelsey Gerber5:22.83aWest Linn
7.9Talissa Baldovino5:33.41aLakeview
8.10Jena Rickards5:38.38aSisters
10.9Lacey Wisseman5:56.31aCrook County
11.9Courtney Johnson5:58.35aSisters
12.9Melody Rogers6:00.67aLa Pine
13.9Lindsay Paterson6:05.84aMountain View (OR)
14.10Tasha Culbertson6:10.18aCulver
15.11Jessica Calvin6:24.76aCulver
16.10Hillary Hawk6:34.93aCulver
12Kristin CowartDQMountain View (OR)
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Gerber11:58.27aWest Linn
2.11Whitney Harmon12:08.79aWest Linn
3.10Rachel Seigneur12:28.16aWest Linn
4.11Betty Garcia12:45.21aRedmond
5.10Ryanne Conrads13:04.49aSisters
6.12Kaitlin McAlister13:13.11aSisters
7.10Cassie Lopez13:27.65aMountain View (OR)
8.10Kate Ortwein13:32.37aLakeview
10.11Amanda Butler14:33.50aMadras
11.9Seeca Krueger15:58.78aCulver
9Lindsay PatersonDQMountain View (OR)
9Courtney JohnsonDQSisters
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenny Boswell15.69aSisters
2.11Kelli Walters16.68aWest Linn
3.11Kaitllyn Reid16.94aWest Linn
4.10Randi Carlson18.52aGilchrist
5.10Meghanne Denecochea18.83aLa Pine
6.10Holly Davis18.92aMountain View (OR)
7.10Michelle Carlson19.04aGilchrist
8.12Janelle Urioste19.38aMountain View (OR)
9.9Brook Rosauer19.47aSisters
10.10Heather Fledderjohann19.50aLakeview
11.9Sherry Powell19.82aBonanza
12.11Ashley Bonduraurnt19.84aCrook County
13.9Kristy O'Keefe20.16aBonanza
10Sarah Chicoine21.28West Linn
14.10Ashley Vernon21.74aLakeview
15.11Leslee Hester22.17aBonanza
16.10Hillary Hawk22.27aCulver
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenny Boswell46.67aSisters
2.10Jessi Lea49.22aCrook County
3.11Kaitllyn Reid50.28aWest Linn
4.12Ellen Porter51.79aGilchrist
5.12Janelle Urioste53.17aMountain View (OR)
6.10Meghanne Denecochea53.55aLa Pine
7.11Kelli Walters53.95aWest Linn
8.11Casey Hehn54.05aCrook County
9.10Heather Fledderjohann56.47aLakeview
10.10Keeley Kinley57.46aCulver
11.9Kayla Panton58.22aLa Pine
12.10Sarah Chicoine59.41aWest Linn
13.9Sherry Powell1:04.44aBonanza
14.10Hillary Hawk1:06.93aCulver
15.11Leslee Hester1:07.08aBonanza
10Holly DavisDQMountain View (OR)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.17aMountain View (OR)
2.-Grace Deboodt
Jessie McMillan
Jorden McMillian
Jessi Lea
53.10aCrook County
3.-Relay Team 53.36aLa Pine
4.-Jazmine Whitlock
Sara Sebastin
Sami Whitehall
Lauren Wolf
55.59aWest Linn
5.-Kelsey Neilson
Kali Ulmer
Cammy Jacobson
Tiffany Martin
6.-Sherry Powell
Kim Eitner
Kristy O'Keefe
Addie Gallagher
7.-Ellen Porter
Michelle Henry
Michelle Carlson
Randi Carlson
8.-Relay Team 57.32aCulver
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:18.49aMountain View (OR)
2.-Jazmine Whitlock
Chelsea Spitzer
Natalie Pittenger
Sami Whitehall
4:19.16aWest Linn
3.-Jessi Lea
Halley Hehn
Jorden McMillian
Grace Deboodt
4:23.09aCrook County
4.-Relay Team 4:30.38aLa Pine
5.-Jena Rickards
Jenny Boswell
Tani Chick
Tiffany Martin
6.-Monica Tristian
Randi Carlson
Shelby Scevers
Michelle Carlson
7.-Relay Team 5:01.67aCulver
--Relay Team DQBonanza
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danielle Link33'07.50Mountain View (OR)
2.12Emily Pick33'03.25La Pine
3.10Sam Dewart32'09.00West Linn
4.12Laura Gilbert31'08.75Redmond
5.10Brionna Winfield29'11.25West Linn
6.12Sara Olson29'11.00Mountain View (OR)
7.11Elizabeth Viles28'09.50Crook County
8.12Holly Russell28'02.00La Pine
9.11Lindsay Renstrom27'11.00Mountain View (OR)
10.10Tristyne Slater27'08.50La Pine
11.11Cammy Jacobson27'04.00Sisters
12.10Britney Lindgren27'00.50Madras
13.12Kristin Vieira26'05.25Gilchrist
15.11Tara Hermens26'02.00Sisters
16.10Shelby Forrest25'07.00Crook County
17.9Kady Stafford25'02.25Crook County
18.9Justine Lofting25'00.25Culver
19.12Janine Richter23'09.00Lakeview
20.10Zchonae Jones23'02.50West Linn
21.10Rochell Zamora23'01.50Culver
22.11Cecilia Dominguez23'00.50Bonanza
23.12Erica Allen22'09.75Redmond
24.9Seeca Krueger22'08.50Culver
25.11Savanna Pool22'04.50Lakeview
26.9Marianna Ortega21'11.50Bonanza
27.9Aqua Leet21'01.50Lakeview
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Pick118'08La Pine
2.12Laura Gilbert100'07Redmond
3.10Tristyne Slater96'09La Pine
4.10Sam Dewart96'05West Linn
5.12Sara Olson96'03Mountain View (OR)
6.12Holly Russell93'08La Pine
7.11Lindsay Renstrom86'05Mountain View (OR)
8.11Elizabeth Viles85'09Crook County
9.10Britney Lindgren84'00Madras
10.10Shelby Scevers83'02Gilchrist
11.9Justine Lofting80'00Culver
12.9Kady Stafford77'01Crook County
13.12marissa Hill75'04Gilchrist
14.9Marianna Ortega74'05Bonanza
15.11Tara Hermens74'04Sisters
16.10Zchonae Jones73'11West Linn
17.10Shelby Forrest72'01Crook County
18.9Aqua Leet67'07Lakeview
19.11Danielle Link67'04Mountain View (OR)
20.11Savanna Pool66'05Lakeview
21.12Erica Allen65'06Redmond
22.12Janine Richter65'01Lakeview
23.9Seeca Krueger60'09Culver
24.10Brionna Winfield60'01West Linn
25.9Cynthia Lopez59'03Culver
26.10Lani Ulmer58'07Sisters
28.9Karrah Cooper40'08Bonanza
9Andrew HawkDQCulver
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ali Super133'04West Linn
2.12Holly Russell128'00La Pine
3.12Michelle Henry114'09Gilchrist
4.12Grace Deboodt110'07Crook County
5.11Cally Young106'07Mountain View (OR)
6.11Lindsay Renstrom103'02Mountain View (OR)
7.9Kady Stafford102'00Crook County
8.10Alyssa Dewey100'01Mountain View (OR)
9.10Keli Hall96'03Lakeview
10.11Tara Hermens95'08Sisters
11.10Sam Dewart94'10West Linn
12.11Kristen Caraway90'00Crook County
13.10Kayla Link88'06Gilchrist
14.11Kim Eitner85'03Bonanza
15.11K Thompson84'11Gilchrist
16.12Janine Richter71'07Lakeview
17.12Kristin Lawrence70'10La Pine
18.9Cynthia Lopez70'07Culver
19.10Lani Ulmer66'05Sisters
20.10Tristyne Slater65'04La Pine
21.11Jessica Calvin63'03Culver
22.10Miriam Vega59'07Culver
23.9Karrah Cooper42'11Bonanza
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey Neilson4'10.00Sisters
1.10Keli Hall4'10.00Lakeview
2.12Jamie Bransom4'10.00West Linn
2.10Sami Demars4'10.00West Linn
5.10Kali Ulmer4'08.00Sisters
5.11Jaci Smith4'08.00Mountain View (OR)
5.12Anna Pepperling4'08.00Sisters
5.12Halley Hehn4'08.00Crook County
6.10Jordan Saunders4'08.00Mountain View (OR)
6.12Michelle Henry4'08.00Gilchrist
8.10Jessi Lea4'08.00Crook County
12.11Casey Hehn4'04.00Crook County
10Kara SnyderNHLa Pine
11Kimberly EbnerNHLa Pine
9Sherry PowellNHBonanza
9Beth BunchNHCulver
11Alissa BarretNHLa Pine
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cammy Jacobson8'06.00Sisters
2.10Kara Snyder8'06.00La Pine
3.12Anna Pepperling8'00.00Sisters
4.10Holly Davis8'00.00Mountain View (OR)
5.9Kirsti Burck7'06.00Sisters
6.11Kayla Morrow7'00.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Kim Blair7'00.00Lakeview
11Jessica CalvinNHCulver
9Courtney GeorgeNHMountain View (OR)
10Keeley KinleyNHCulver
9Kayla PantonNHLa Pine
12Nicole McClureNHLa Pine
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sami Demars16'01.00West Linn
2.11Cally Young15'08.50Mountain View (OR)
3.12Grace Deboodt15'00.00Crook County
4.12Ellen Porter14'10.50Gilchrist
5.10Kelsey Neilson14'06.00Sisters
6.10Julia Green14'03.50West Linn
7.10Lauren Wolf14'03.50West Linn
8.11Casey Hehn14'03.00Crook County
9.10Kali Ulmer13'11.00Sisters
10.11Cammy Jacobson13'05.50Sisters
11.10Kara Snyder13'05.00La Pine
12.9Maria Ramirez13'03.50La Pine
13.9Kristy O'Keefe13'03.00Bonanza
14.12Keely Lopez13'01.00Mountain View (OR)
14.9Kayla Panton13'01.00La Pine
16.10Michelle Carlson13'00.50Gilchrist
17.10Shelby Scevers12'10.50Gilchrist
18.9Marianna Ortega12'03.00Bonanza
19.10Monica Stomner11'05.00Mountain View (OR)
19.12Soo Jee Hahn11'05.00Lakeview
21.10Kacey Anderson9'10.00Crook County
22.9Iorbelit Gutierrez8'08.00Culver
23.9Ashley Baldwin8'03.00Culver
24.10Rochell Zamora7'04.00Culver
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sami Demars32'10.00West Linn
2.10Kelsey Neilson30'09.00Sisters
3.10Amanda Baker30'08.50Mountain View (OR)
4.12Ellen Porter30'08.00Gilchrist
5.10Kali Ulmer30'04.00Sisters
6.9Aubrey Cretsinger30'02.50Sisters
7.10Lauren Wolf30'02.00West Linn
8.10Julia Green29'08.50West Linn
9.10Monica Stomner29'00.00Mountain View (OR)
10.11Ashley Bonduraurnt28'10.00Crook County
11.11Kim Eitner28'09.50Bonanza
12.10Kate Ortwein28'00.50Lakeview
13.12Keely Lopez27'09.25Mountain View (OR)
14.11Cambrie Caldwell26'01.00La Pine
15.12Soo Jee Hahn26'00.25Lakeview
16.9Seeca Krueger22'07.50Culver
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