Beachwood Invitational

Saturday, April 09, 2011 - Meet Website
  Beachwood HS, Cleveland, Ohio - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:00 AM
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Pennsylvania - AAA
SVStrong Vincent
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Singleton11.69aSt Peter Chanel
2.11Rodney Burse11.71aVilla Angela-St Joseph
3.12Derek Simmons11.84aStrong Vincent
4.12Robert Russell11.94aPerry
5.11Ari Sobel11.95aBeachwood
6.12Michael Arcaro12.16aPerry
7.11Matt Gulak12.19aBay
8.9Maximillian Kellom12.31aEuclid Senior
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rodney Burse11.85aVilla Angela-St Joseph
2.11Christopher Singleton11.85aSt Peter Chanel
3.11Ari Sobel12.05aBeachwood
4.12Robert Russell12.09aPerry
5.11Matt Gulak12.15aBay
6.9Maximillian Kellom12.18aEuclid Senior
7.12Michael Arcaro12.23aPerry
8.12Derek Simmons12.25aStrong Vincent
9.11Shamir Tomlinson12.36aNorth Olmsted
10.11Tony Goddard12.36aLakewood
11.10Terrell Clark12.44aBenedictine
12.11V'Del Bell12.46aNorth Olmsted
13.10Deven Greer12.51aPadua Franciscan
14.11Dimitri Hall12.52aLincoln West
15.10Jake Molnar12.53aWickliffe Senior
16.9Shermonte Pinkney12.59aSt. Martin DePorres
17.10Michael Coleman12.72aEuclid Senior
18.11Khari Dickson12.74aCentral Catholic (Cl...
19.10Kalil Evans12.78aSt Peter Chanel
20.11Joe Marco12.81aPadua Franciscan
21.10Craig Heidelberg12.83aStrong Vincent
22.11Jorda Simolkovich12.85aNormandy
23.10Andy Barbour12.85aBay
24.12Dylan Mirales12.87aNormandy
25.12Michael Goin12.87aCornerstone Christian
26.12Tommy To12.91aWickliffe Senior
27.12Greg Brooks12.95aSt. Martin DePorres
28.11Kevin Chan13.07aJohn Hay
29.11Devon Goddard13.21aLakewood
30.9Eric Flynn13.30aCentral Catholic (Cl...
31.12Robert Tift13.41aLutheran East
32.11Darien Hambrick13.68aLutheran East
33.10Ryan Robinson14.56aCornerstone Christian
--10Trevon HarrisSCRLincoln West
--10Rodnell BrownSCRJohn Hay
--10Marshall HowellSCRBenedictine
--12Darryl JonesSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--10Javon ScottSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Darren BuchananSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Lozada23.18aVilla Angela-St Joseph
2.12Nick Gonzales23.25aPadua Franciscan
3.11London Price23.65aJohn Hay
4.12Jeremy Whitlow23.82aCentral Catholic (Cl...
5.11Marcellus Embry23.91aVilla Angela-St Joseph
6.11Ari Sobel23.96aBeachwood
7.12Jamel Townsend23.98aCentral Catholic (Cl...
8.12Derek Simmons24.11aStrong Vincent
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nick Gonzales23.50aPadua Franciscan
2.12David Lozada23.52aVilla Angela-St Joseph
3.12Jamel Townsend23.56aCentral Catholic (Cl...
4.11Ari Sobel23.82aBeachwood
5.11Marcellus Embry23.92aVilla Angela-St Joseph
6.11London Price23.97aJohn Hay
7.12Jeremy Whitlow23.99aCentral Catholic (Cl...
8.12Derek Simmons24.10aStrong Vincent
9.11Ovidu Pavel24.20aNormandy
10.12Robert Russell24.23aPerry
11.12Michael Arcaro24.30aPerry
12.12Jason Edwards24.37aBeachwood
13.12Josh Dingus24.38aBenedictine
14.12Nathan Baumgard24.50aBay
15.9Maximillian Kellom24.61aEuclid Senior
16.11Christopher Singleton24.74aSt Peter Chanel
17.12Isa Hammad24.91aJohn Hay
18.11Shamir Tomlinson25.04aNorth Olmsted
19.11Dimitri Hall25.05aLincoln West
20.10Israel Taylor25.24aStrong Vincent
21.11Jon Vincent25.27aLakewood
22.10Michael Coleman25.53aEuclid Senior
23.11Jorda Simolkovich25.55aNormandy
24.9Shermonte Pinkney25.61aSt. Martin DePorres
25.10Trevon Harris25.63aLincoln West
26.12Jacob Smith25.88aBay
27.11Jerry Christian25.97aLutheran East
28.12Michael Goin26.11aCornerstone Christian
29.10MJ Akpo-Esambe26.22aNorth Olmsted
30.12Jeremiah Parks26.26aSt. Martin DePorres
31.11John Brown26.39aOberlin Senior
32.10Deven Greer26.49aPadua Franciscan
33.9Noah Kendrick26.77aSt Peter Chanel
34.11Jordan Hicks26.78aLutheran East
35.9David Spurlock26.80aOberlin Senior
36.12Steven LaCorte26.89aWickliffe Senior
37.10Jake Molnar26.92aWickliffe Senior
38.11Eli Bouzaher27.55aLake Ridge Academy
39.10Ryan Robinson29.93aCornerstone Christian
--9Zeeam MutustfaSCRLake Ridge Academy
--11Devon GoddardSCRLakewood
--10Marshall HowellSCRBenedictine
--9Darren BuchananSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--10John BlackSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Gonzales51.21aPadua Franciscan
2.10Chaz Bottoms52.26aBenedictine
3.12David Lozada53.00aVilla Angela-St Joseph
4.11Jacob Maclin53.07aBenedictine
5.10Keith Hemphill53.76aCentral Catholic (Cl...
6.9Ishmael Hargrove53.99aSt Peter Chanel
7.12Jason Edwards54.89aBeachwood
8.9Maximillian Kellom55.29aEuclid Senior
9.10Israel Taylor55.63aStrong Vincent
10.10Mike Dell55.87aNormandy
11.11Perry Gabriel56.12aWickliffe Senior
12.11Anthony Martella56.13aPadua Franciscan
13.11James Chavers56.38aLincoln West
14.12Jamel Townsend56.71aCentral Catholic (Cl...
15.9David Spurlock57.16aOberlin Senior
16.11Brandon Jurkiewicz57.23aStrong Vincent
17.9Eric Perez57.33aNormandy
18.10Matt Bruno57.79aBay
19.9DonQuez Gambrell57.96aLutheran East
20.9Zak Hurd58.38aPerry
21.11Renarld Mason59.20aLutheran East
22.11Brian Stewart59.42aEuclid Senior
23.9Tyler Campbell59.69aBay
24.9Marcus Thomas1:00.03aSt Peter Chanel
25.11Eric Walker1:00.41aBeachwood
26.11Cody Lonchar1:00.99aWickliffe Senior
27.10Malacki Ambler1:01.13aNorth Olmsted
28.12Nick Mavromatis1:01.42aOberlin Senior
29.12Andrew O'Connor1:02.20aLakewood
30.10Darren Gooch1:02.22aSt. Martin DePorres
31.10Sean Tinnish1:02.40aNorth Olmsted
32.12Saul Hawley1:03.09aLakewood
33.9Hillman Britton1:05.11aSt. Martin DePorres
34.9Jame Wojtal1:08.50aLake Ridge Academy
--9Zeeam MutustfaSCRLake Ridge Academy
--11Jimmie JohnsonSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--10Rodnell BrownSCRJohn Hay
--9Shondale GordanSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Terelle TaylorSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--12Theford LewisSCRLincoln West
--10Kevin MillsSCRJohn Hay
--11Brian GrusellSCRPerry
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Allen2:02.46aBay
2.12Dan Kuerbitz2:03.02aBenedictine
3.12Wilfred Lohitai2:03.95aStrong Vincent
4.12Antonio Reeder2:08.71aBenedictine
5.12Allen Bray2:10.51aSt Peter Chanel
6.10Sterlin Stoner2:11.76aCentral Catholic (Cl...
7.12Colton Giordano2:11.85aPadua Franciscan
8.12Dylan Seitz2:12.01aNormandy
9.12Rodrigo Nunez2:12.08aStrong Vincent
10.10Chris Brajdic2:13.42aBay
11.11Jason Young2:13.46aNormandy
12.11Dan Hollo2:14.33aNorth Olmsted
13.9Nick Boatman2:15.10aLakewood
14.12Kevin Caputo2:15.57aBeachwood
15.11Nick Stadler2:16.10aLakewood
16.10Zach Kozik2:16.60aNorth Olmsted
17.12Jon Rodriquez2:17.30aBeachwood
18.9Dalin Frantz2:19.68aOberlin Senior
19.10Chris Jordon2:20.25aPerry
20.12Johnathan Walker2:20.50aSt Peter Chanel
21.10Devin Pritschau2:21.57aPerry
22.11Mel Burke2:21.87aVilla Angela-St Joseph
23.10Carlos White2:23.41aCentral Catholic (Cl...
24.9Sean Matanowitsch2:24.53aWickliffe Senior
25.12Donavin Thompson2:28.21aEuclid Senior
26.10Chris Warneka2:29.09aWickliffe Senior
27.9Eric Bednar2:32.60aPadua Franciscan
28.9Andre Bell2:34.41aEuclid Senior
29.12Nick Mavromatis2:37.14aOberlin Senior
30.9Spencer Poore2:38.43aLake Ridge Academy
31.12Allen Ziga2:39.17aJohn Hay
32.11Naim Hooks2:44.85aVilla Angela-St Joseph
33.10Shahied Hooks2:44.86aSt. Martin DePorres
34.11Michael Freeman2:50.44aJohn Hay
35.11Christop Santiago2:51.45aLincoln West
36.11Christian Cruz2:55.52aLincoln West
37.12David Zorkocy3:09.70aCornerstone Christian
--10Brandon EstrellaSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Joshua TaylorSCRSt. Martin DePorres
--12Robert StewartSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--11Paul WojtalSCRLake Ridge Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dan Kuerbitz4:37.29aBenedictine
2.12Nick Banks4:40.07aBay
3.11Nicholaus Jackosky4:42.98aLakewood
4.12Kyle Rubin4:53.07aNormandy
5.11Michael Dober4:55.30aBenedictine
6.11Josh Shoup4:59.86aPerry
7.11Dan Hollo5:00.61aNorth Olmsted
8.12Clay Verga5:01.36aLakewood
9.10James Fell5:03.01aBay
10.11Max Brozell5:07.17aStrong Vincent
11.12Jimmy Mrosko5:07.87aWickliffe Senior
12.10Sergey Vitlin5:08.39aNormandy
13.10Chris Jordon5:13.46aPerry
14.9Peter Krafcik5:14.48aPadua Franciscan
15.10Chris Warneka5:16.53aWickliffe Senior
16.12William Wolkoff5:16.62aBeachwood
17.9Nathan Burton5:20.99aJohn Hay
18.12Ryan Horomanski5:27.55aStrong Vincent
19.11Isaiah Watts5:33.32aBeachwood
20.9Kieran Holland5:37.32aSt Peter Chanel
21.10Kevin Mills5:41.89aJohn Hay
22.9Spencer Poore5:56.25aLake Ridge Academy
23.12Robert Stewart5:58.15aMartin Luther King Jr.
24.9Andrew Durdak6:00.30aSt Peter Chanel
25.9Kevin Boyer6:14.48aOberlin Senior
26.10Jacques Butoyi6:16.20aCentral Catholic (Cl...
27.9Ahmed Elbagory6:18.31aEuclid Senior
28.9Joshua Taylor6:21.26aSt. Martin DePorres
29.10Shahied Hooks6:36.46aSt. Martin DePorres
30.9Jacob Hoggett6:38.11aEuclid Senior
31.11Antoine Moore6:46.30aLincoln West
32.9Terrence Demore7:16.39aMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Jonathan CovellSCRNorth Olmsted
--9Dalin FrantzSCROberlin Senior
--11Christian CruzSCRLincoln West
--10Sterlin StonerSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--11Mike JindraSCRPadua Franciscan
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicholaus Jackosky9:59.07aLakewood
2.12Dean Seitz10:18.44aNormandy
3.11Michael Dober10:27.61aBenedictine
4.11Evan Bialosky10:33.35aPadua Franciscan
5.12Clay Verga10:39.23aLakewood
6.11Josh Natalie10:41.76aStrong Vincent
7.12William Wolkoff11:02.61aBeachwood
8.10Ryan Seballos11:05.86aPadua Franciscan
9.11Max Hackman11:09.41aBenedictine
10.9Nathan Burton11:27.82aJohn Hay
11.9Austin Haroch11:35.21aNormandy
12.10Aric Diamond11:35.78aBay
13.9Brett Purgason12:09.07aNorth Olmsted
14.12Jason Oshlick12:30.16aStrong Vincent
15.9Jacob Martynowski13:00.03aNorth Olmsted
16.10Jordan Rose 13:06.32aBeachwood
17.10Jacques Butoyi13:07.15aCentral Catholic (Cl...
18.9Tim Piotrkowski13:07.19aEuclid Senior
19.9Kevin Boyer13:33.84aOberlin Senior
20.9Jacob Hoggett13:57.63aEuclid Senior
--10Peter WashingtonNTCentral Catholic (Cl...
--11Ian CowlingNTPerry
--11Christop SantiagoNTLincoln West
--9Watkins MateoNTLincoln West
--9Dalin FrantzNTOberlin Senior
--9Josh O'KeefeNTPerry
--10Michael BalwinNTMartin Luther King Jr.
--10Brandon EstrellaNTMartin Luther King Jr.
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Vinnie Minosky16.14aPadua Franciscan
2.10Damon Wheat16.22aCentral Catholic (Cl...
3.12Austin Williams16.87aEuclid Senior
4.12Matt Taylor17.65aNorth Olmsted
5.11Steven Zelina17.76aWickliffe Senior
6.10Darrell Sullins18.33aSt Peter Chanel
7.12Jon Talbot18.37aPerry
8.12Tommy To18.83aWickliffe Senior
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Damon Wheat16.36aCentral Catholic (Cl...
2.12Austin Williams16.89aEuclid Senior
3.10Vinnie Minosky17.00aPadua Franciscan
4.12Matt Taylor17.72aNorth Olmsted
5.12Jon Talbot18.12aPerry
6.10Darrell Sullins18.60aSt Peter Chanel
7.11Steven Zelina18.92aWickliffe Senior
8.12Tommy To19.14aWickliffe Senior
9.12Nick Martinek19.26aPadua Franciscan
10.10Tyrone Williams19.28aCentral Catholic (Cl...
11.10Steven Dang19.52aNorth Olmsted
12.12Ryan Beyer19.61aPerry
13.11Wyatt Hasbrook19.89aOberlin Senior
14.11Nick Gall20.64aBay
15.9Shermonte Pinkney21.19aSt. Martin DePorres
16.9Christian Jackson21.36aEuclid Senior
17.9Torrey Benning22.54aStrong Vincent
18.9Joshua Taylor23.25aSt. Martin DePorres
19.12James Washington23.90aLincoln West
20.9Chri Moore-Harris24.81aLakewood
21.11Zachary Thornton25.85aJohn Hay
--9Mark StallaSCRLincoln West
--11John BrownSCROberlin Senior
--11Cameron McCraeSCRBay
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aaron Phillips43.69aNormandy
2.12Austin Williams43.84aEuclid Senior
3.10Damon Wheat44.14aCentral Catholic (Cl...
4.12Matt Taylor44.80aNorth Olmsted
5.12Robert Russell45.20aPerry
6.11Steven Zelina45.42aWickliffe Senior
7.11Mark Blackwell45.47aBeachwood
8.10Vinnie Minosky45.79aPadua Franciscan
9.10Steven Dang46.21aNorth Olmsted
10.10Darrell Sullins46.59aSt Peter Chanel
11.12Nick Martinek47.01aPadua Franciscan
12.9Eric Flynn47.46aCentral Catholic (Cl...
13.12Ryan Beyer47.62aPerry
14.11Wyatt Hasbrook47.75aOberlin Senior
15.9Christian Jackson49.84aEuclid Senior
16.11John Brown50.21aOberlin Senior
17.10Sean Blaney50.72aStrong Vincent
18.11Nick Gall51.66aBay
19.10Greg Broadwater52.69aSt. Martin DePorres
20.9Alec Bortnick53.96aWickliffe Senior
21.12Mike Hine55.10aNormandy
22.12Allen Ziga59.65aJohn Hay
23.9Chri Moore-Harris1:04.84aLakewood
24.9Joshua Taylor1:06.33aSt. Martin DePorres
--11Donald Jordan JrSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--11Cameron McCraeSCRBay
--12James WashingtonSCRLincoln West
--9Watkins MateoSCRLincoln West
--12Robert StewartSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rodney Burse
Milton Germany
Kawmae Sawyer
Darryl Jones
45.40aVilla Angela-St Joseph
2.-Ari Sobel
Chris Larde
Jason Edwards
Virdell Robinson
3.-E'Shawn Dixson
Deonte Kelso
Damon Wheat
Khari Dickson
45.87aCentral Catholic (Cl...
4.-Demetrius Jackson
Michael Coleman
Andre Banks
RayShawn Williams
46.39aEuclid Senior
5.-Brian Grusell
Michael Lutes
Austin Cordova
Zak Hurd
6.-V'Del Bell
Steven Davis
Shamir Tomlinson
Sammy Ibrahim
46.58aNorth Olmsted
7.-Kevin Chan
Isa Hammad
Malcolm Williams
Curtis Campbell
46.98aJohn Hay
8.-Jack Kelly
Sam Kelly
Joe Marco
Chris Wasco
47.20aPadua Franciscan
9.-Terrell Clark
Marshall Howell
Jonathan Robinson
Kelvin Blake
10.-Kalil Evans
Marvis Hood
Darrell Sullins
Christopher Singleton
48.01aSt Peter Chanel
11.-Mike Hine
Jordan Simolkovich
Aaron Phillips
Dylan Mirales
12.-Darren Gooch
Hillman Britton
Jeremiah Parks
Greg Brooks
49.18aSt. Martin DePorres
13.-Te'Ral Franklin
Jerry Christian
Darien Hambrick
Jordan Hicks
50.21aLutheran East
14.-Jacob Smith
Tyler Campbell
Zach Baumgard
Matt Gulak
15.-Jake Molnar
Alyssa Kohl
Tommy To
Perry Gabriel
52.16aWickliffe Senior
16.-Darren Buchanan
John Black
Rayshawn Smith
Rayshawn Sumlin
55.91aMartin Luther King Jr.
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Weight Relay - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.79aJohn Hay
2.-Relay Team 56.76aCentral Catholic (Cl...
3.-Relay Team 1:00.99aStrong Vincent
4.-Relay Team 1:03.64aSt. Martin DePorres
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jamel Townsend
Jeremy Whitlow
Keith Hemphill
Damon Wheat
1:33.50aCentral Catholic (Cl...
2.-Milton Germany
Marcellus Embry
Darryl Jones
David Lozada
1:35.82aVilla Angela-St Joseph
3.-Ovidu Pavel
Thomas Keller
Aaron Phillips
Mike Dell
4.-Isa Hammad
DeAndre Reddick
London Price
Malcolm Williams
1:37.14aJohn Hay
5.-Terrell Clark
Marshall Howell
Jonathan Robinson
Josh Dingus
6.-Brian Grusell
Austin Cordova
Michael Arcaro
Robert Russell
7.-Michael Coleman
Demetrius Jackson
Andre Banks
Brian Stewart
1:38.45aEuclid Senior
8.-Andy Barbour
Matt Gulak
Alec Petro
Nathan Baumgard
9.-Tony Digennaro
Steven Davis
Tom Sutton
Sammy Ibrahim
1:39.82aNorth Olmsted
10.-Darrell Sullins
Marvis Hood
Ishmael Hargrove
Allen Bray
1:39.85aSt Peter Chanel
11.-Anthony Martella
Nick Gonzales
Vinnie Minosky
Chris Wasco
1:40.61aPadua Franciscan
12.-Jon Vincent
Elvis Sako
Kyle Hoefke
Andrew O'Connor
13.-Robert Tift
DonQuez Gambrell
Renarld Mason
Jordan Hicks
1:44.17aLutheran East
14.-Steven Zelina
Alyssa Kohl
Tommy To
Perry Gabriel
1:45.23aWickliffe Senior
15.-Darren Gooch
Hillman Britton
Jeremiah Parks
Greg Brooks
1:45.71aSt. Martin DePorres
16.-Javon Scott
Rayshawn Smith
Robert Stewart
Cornell Dickson
2:05.31aMartin Luther King Jr.
---Ari Sobel
Jason Edwards
Chris Larde
Virdell Robinson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Maclin
Josh Dingus
Antonio Reeder
Chaz Bottoms
2.-Keith Hemphill
Albert Bryant-Adams
Michael King
Jeremy Whitlow
3:34.78aCentral Catholic (Cl...
3.-Ovidu Pavel
Mike Dell
Thomas Keller
Dylan Mirales
4.-Israel Taylor
Wilfred Lohitai
Joshua Dunsworth
Derek Simmons
3:42.82aStrong Vincent
5.-Colton Giordano
Nick Gonzales
Anthony Martella
Chris Wasco
3:44.67aPadua Franciscan
6.-Steven Davis
Shamir Tomlinson
Justin Buescher
Matt Taylor
3:49.53aNorth Olmsted
7.-Eric Walker
William Wolkoff
Howard Sobel
Kevin Caputo
8.-Michael Arcaro
Chris Jordon
Devin Pritschau
Zak Hurd
9.-Brian Stewart
Austin Williams
Eric Bledsow
Donavin Thompson
3:57.76aEuclid Senior
10.-Jimmy Mrosko
Cody Lonchar
Steven Zelina
Perry Gabriel
3:58.46aWickliffe Senior
11.-Kyle Hoefke
Elvis Sako
Andrew O'Connor
Saul Hawley
12.-John Brown
Nick Mavromatis
David Spurlock
Wyatt Hasbrook
4:11.19aOberlin Senior
13.-Robert Tift
DonQuez Gambrell
Renarld Mason
Jordan Hicks
4:20.02aLutheran East
14.-Antonio Bizzell
Michael Balwin
Terrence Demore
Terelle Taylor
4:45.32aMartin Luther King Jr.
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dan Kuerbitz
Jacob Maclin
Antonio Reeder
Chaz Bottoms
2.-Nick Banks
Alec Petro
James Fell
Sam Allen
3.-Kyle Rubin
Dylan Seitz
Thomas Keller
Dean Seitz
4.-Joshua Dunsworth
Rodrigo Nunez
Wilfred Lohitai
Brandon Jurkiewicz
8:52.73aStrong Vincent
5.-Michael King
William White
Carlos White
Sterlin Stoner
9:10.77aCentral Catholic (Cl...
6.-Nick Boatman
Nick Stadler
Wilson Sackett
Matt Piter
7.-Jimmy Mrosko
Sean Matanowitsch
Chris Warneka
Cody Lonchar
9:13.53aWickliffe Senior
8.-Devin Pritschau
Josh Shoup
Anthony Keipert
Chris Jordon
9.-Jon Rodriquez
William Wolkoff
Volodymyr Kovalenko
Kevin Caputo
10.-Colton Giordano
Tyler Szuch
Peter Krafcik
Eric Bednar
9:33.94aPadua Franciscan
11.-Zach Kozik
Chris Schoenig
Seth Duncan
Michael Behrendt
9:51.19aNorth Olmsted
12.-Chase Goodson
Jimmie Johnson
Naim Hooks
Mel Burke
9:58.23aVilla Angela-St Joseph
13.-Nathan Burton
Kevin Mills
Allen Ziga
Michael Freeman
10:20.55aJohn Hay
14.-Andre Bell
Tim Piotrkowski
Dominique Thompson
Jacob Hoggett
10:43.94aEuclid Senior
15.-Antonio Bizzell
Michael Balwin
Eric May
Terrence Demore
11:15.16aMartin Luther King Jr.
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Cloud47-00.00Benedictine
2.11Sean Carlton46-10.00Wickliffe Senior
3.12Jon Norton43-03.00Perry
4.11Jacob Wallie42-07.00Perry
5.11Morton Brand41-02.50John Hay
6.11David Porter40-11.00Benedictine
7.11Bryan Osborn40-08.50Oberlin Senior
8.12Marzel Atkins40-05.00Beachwood
9.11Denny Wylie40-01.50Normandy
10.12Tyrone Wakefield39-03.00Central Catholic (Cl...
11.11Thomas Owens39-00.00Euclid Senior
12.12Darrell Ragland38-11.00Central Catholic (Cl...
13.11Thomas Hicks38-08.50Martin Luther King Jr.
14.11Joe Farley38-08.00Euclid Senior
15.11Mason Gilbert37-11.00Lakewood
16.11Sobhi Awadallah37-08.50Lakewood
17.12Mike Vano37-08.00Normandy
18.11Adam Scott36-10.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
19.11Joe Marco36-06.50Padua Franciscan
20.12Casey Jones36-06.00North Olmsted
21.11Kyree Brewer-Byrd35-04.00St Peter Chanel
22.12Isidro Cora35-02.00Beachwood
23.10Casey McCray35-01.50North Olmsted
24.12Jake Foster32-11.00Wickliffe Senior
25.11Ben Korobkin32-09.50Lake Ridge Academy
26.10Devon Brace32-00.00Strong Vincent
27.11Ed Basemore31-03.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
28.10Mike Kleem30-11.50Padua Franciscan
29.11Zachary Thornton30-10.00John Hay
30.10Lavelle Hall30-01.00St. Martin DePorres
31.9Isaiah Rouse28-07.50St. Martin DePorres
32.11Maxx Swoger26-08.00Strong Vincent
33.9William Moore22-00.00Lutheran East
34.10Joseph Anderson20-02.00Martin Luther King Jr.
--12Connor O'DohertySCRBay
--11Jay'von LawsonSCRLincoln West
--11Corey SandersSCRLincoln West
--10Antonio NickelsonSCROberlin Senior
--12Alexander JacksonSCRSt Peter Chanel
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Kelly140-06Padua Franciscan
2.11William Cloud121-02Benedictine
3.11Matt Weber120-00North Olmsted
4.12Marzel Atkins119-06Beachwood
5.12Mike Vano117-00Normandy
6.12Isidro Cora116-07Beachwood
7.12Brad Schreiber116-06Normandy
8.11Mason Gilbert115-03Lakewood
9.11David Porter115-00Benedictine
10.11Bryan Osborn110-10Oberlin Senior
11.12Mike Moreland105-11Lakewood
12.10Joe Mason105-04North Olmsted
13.11Jacob Wallie103-08Perry
14.11Joe Farley102-11Euclid Senior
15.10Adam Kendzierski98-09Wickliffe Senior
16.10Nick Pavelecky92-11Wickliffe Senior
17.12Tyrone Wakefield92-10Central Catholic (Cl...
18.12Alex Goetschius92-02Strong Vincent
19.11Henry Hinkle91-11Euclid Senior
20.11Eli Bouzaher91-10Lake Ridge Academy
21.11Thomas Hicks91-08Martin Luther King Jr.
22.11Morton Brand91-01John Hay
23.12Darrell Ragland87-01Central Catholic (Cl...
24.11Adam Scott84-03Villa Angela-St Joseph
25.11Sam Kelly83-04Padua Franciscan
26.10Evan Nichols81-10Perry
27.10Devon Brace79-03Strong Vincent
28.12Kyle Hatcher75-06St Peter Chanel
29.11Ben Korobkin68-09Lake Ridge Academy
30.10Lavelle Hall67-10St. Martin DePorres
31.9Isaiah Rouse67-06St. Martin DePorres
32.10Joseph Anderson53-04Martin Luther King Jr.
33.9William Moore51-06Lutheran East
--10Antonio NickelsonSCROberlin Senior
--11Raymell BanksSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--12Connor O'DohertySCRBay
--12Alexander JacksonSCRSt Peter Chanel
--11Curtis CampbellSCRJohn Hay
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rayshawn Sumlin6-05.00Martin Luther King Jr.
2.11Jack Kelly6-00.00Padua Franciscan
3.10Scott Rapps5-08.00Bay
4.11Kyree Brewer-Byrd5-08.00St Peter Chanel
5.12Kawmae Sawyer5-06.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
5.11Milton Germany5-06.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
7.11Jon Vincent5-06.00Lakewood
7.11Sam Kelly5-06.00Padua Franciscan
9.10Aaron Phillips5-03.00Normandy
9.12James Washington5-03.00Lincoln West
9.11Justin Buescher5-03.00North Olmsted
9.10Abdul Seidu5-03.00Normandy
9.11Nick Gall5-03.00Bay
9.9Anthony Keipert5-03.00Perry
15.10Craig Heidelberg5-00.00Strong Vincent
15.12Austin Cordova5-00.00Perry
15.10Zach Kozik5-00.00North Olmsted
15.12Robert Tift5-00.00Lutheran East
15.11Kyle Hoefke5-00.00Lakewood
20.12Deonte Kelso5.00Central Catholic (Cl...
--9Shondale GordanNHMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Ishmael HargroveNHSt Peter Chanel
--9William WhiteSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--10Matt MroskoSCRWickliffe Senior
--9Nathan BurtonSCRJohn Hay
--12Theford LewisSCRLincoln West
--10RayShawn WilliamsSCREuclid Senior
--11Kristian BogartySCREuclid Senior
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sammy Ibrahim18-11.00North Olmsted
2.11Tony Goddard18-09.00Lakewood
3.11Brian Grusell18-08.50Perry
4.12Michael Arcaro18-07.00Perry
5.11Dimitri Hall18-03.25Lincoln West
6.11Sam Kelly17-10.25Padua Franciscan
7.11Chris Larde17-08.25Beachwood
8.11Kyree Brewer-Byrd17-08.25St Peter Chanel
9.12Michael Goin17-06.25Cornerstone Christian
10.12Kawmae Sawyer17-05.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
11.11Howard Sobel17-04.50Beachwood
12.10Adam Williams17-02.75Benedictine
13.12Nathan Baumgard17-01.00Bay
14.12Johnathan Walker17-00.00St Peter Chanel
15.10Steven Dang16-07.50North Olmsted
16.9Shermonte Pinkney16-06.00St. Martin DePorres
18.10Deven Greer15-09.00Padua Franciscan
19.12Greg Brooks15-06.50St. Martin DePorres
20.10Zach Baumgard15-06.00Bay
21.9Alec Bortnick15-02.75Wickliffe Senior
22.10Te'Ral Franklin14-08.75Lutheran East
23.12Rayshawn Smith14-06.50Martin Luther King Jr.
23.10Craig Heidelberg14-06.50Strong Vincent
25.12Jim Bender13-11.50Normandy
26.9Davon Robinson12-02.25Central Catholic (Cl...
27.12Deonte Kelso12-01.25Central Catholic (Cl...
28.10RayShawn Williams11-10.75Euclid Senior
--12Isa HammadSCRJohn Hay
--12Stanley SimsSCRLakewood
--12Theford LewisSCRLincoln West
--9Lu-Ray Baker JrSCREuclid Senior
--12Rayshawn SumlinSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Tyler CruickshankSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--11Malcolm WilliamsSCRJohn Hay
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Larde38-11.50Beachwood
2.11Howard Sobel35-03.25Beachwood
3.12Matt Taylor34-05.75North Olmsted
4.12Austin Williams33-08.00Euclid Senior
5.10Zach Baumgard33-06.50Bay
6.9Maximillian Kellom32-11.25Euclid Senior
7.11Sammy Ibrahim32-10.50North Olmsted
8.9Tyler Campbell31-08.50Bay
--10John BlackSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Terelle TaylorSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--12Jim BenderSCRNormandy
--10Craig HeidelbergSCRStrong Vincent

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meghan Drews13.07aNorth Olmsted
2.12Shavonte Kirkland13.26aSt Peter Chanel
3.9Dana Crofoot13.49aPerry
4.10Becky Szabo13.50aNorth Olmsted
5.9Korrin Taylor13.51aLake Ridge Academy
6.11Deanna Smith13.53aStrong Vincent
7.10Zoe Zippert13.72aBeaumont
8.10Kristine Johnson13.94aBay
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Meghan Drews13.25aNorth Olmsted
2.12Shavonte Kirkland13.49aSt Peter Chanel
3.9Dana Crofoot13.50aPerry
4.10Becky Szabo13.64aNorth Olmsted
5.9Korrin Taylor13.68aLake Ridge Academy
6.10Kristine Johnson13.77aBay
7.11Deanna Smith13.82aStrong Vincent
8.10Zoe Zippert13.84aBeaumont
9.12Taetumn Clark13.88aSt Peter Chanel
10.11Khadija Ferguson13.98aStrong Vincent
11.9Cadesha Coles13.98aJohn Adams
12.11Kyra Nall14.06aLakewood
13.10Ciera Boyd14.11aVilla Angela-St Joseph
14.11Kyndal Wilson14.17aBeachwood
15.11Chelsea Clarke14.20aLakewood
16.9Brittany Fortkamp14.26aWickliffe Senior
17.9Breoni Turner14.31aLaurel
18.10Andriana Germany14.35aCornerstone Christian
19.11Traci Milliner14.42aBeachwood
20.9Kayla Cool14.54aPerry
21.9Emma Matthews14.62aJohn Adams
22.12Shawnett Stephens14.63aSt. Martin DePorres
23.10Kaitlyn Karaffa14.63aNormandy
24.9Alexis Haymond14.77aMartin Luther King Jr.
25.10Joanna Plescia14.78aPadua Franciscan
26.12Kelly Carrick14.84aNormandy
27.10Johnese Sherron14.88aCornerstone Christian
28.10Kelsey Reilly14.90aBeaumont
29.12Jacinda Owens14.95aOberlin Senior
30.10Sarah Marosi14.98aBay
31.9Christine Knox15.07aMartin Luther King Jr.
32.9Leah Mehwald15.09aPadua Franciscan
33.11Aliyah Cross15.23aWickliffe Senior
34.9Lindsey Davis15.31aLake Ridge Academy
35.9Aziza Cranfield15.33aVilla Angela-St Joseph
36.9Deanna Crosby15.54aSt. Martin DePorres
37.9Porcia Littlejohn16.03aLincoln West
38.10Alexis Chavers16.38aLincoln West
39.10Nicole Goldsby16.80aLutheran East
40.9Tiara Finley17.22aLutheran East
--12Carol DentSCROberlin Senior
--11Alejandra SotoSCRHarvey
--9Shafon MasonSCRHarvey
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
DQ9Brittany Fortkamp13.1Wickliffe Senior
DQ12Alyssa Kohl13.4Wickliffe Senior
DQ11Lauryn Palgut14.2Wickliffe Senior
WT9Katie Marn14.3Wickliffe Senior
WT11Jackie Jones15.1Wickliffe Senior
DQ11Aliyah Cross17.4Wickliffe Senior
WT12Ariana Kosta18.9Wickliffe Senior
WT9Logan Billie19.6Wickliffe Senior
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meghan Drews27.35aNorth Olmsted
2.9Dana Crofoot27.62aPerry
3.12Courtney Reese27.80aCornerstone Christian
4.10Gabrielle Perryman28.13aBeachwood
5.10Jenna Baechle28.18aBeaumont
6.11Nicole Trapp28.33aPadua Franciscan
7.11Kyra Nall28.91aLakewood
8.10Myk'a Walker29.27aNorth Olmsted
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Meghan Drews27.04aNorth Olmsted
2.12Courtney Reese27.57aCornerstone Christian
3.9Dana Crofoot27.70aPerry
4.11Nicole Trapp27.80aPadua Franciscan
5.10Gabrielle Perryman27.84aBeachwood
6.10Jenna Baechle28.10aBeaumont
7.11Kyra Nall28.63aLakewood
8.10Myk'a Walker28.86aNorth Olmsted
9.12Emily Kessler28.87aStrong Vincent
10.9Kaci Gregory29.02aLake Ridge Academy
11.11Danielle Holmes29.12aCentral Catholic (Cl...
12.10Unique Rembert29.27aCentral Catholic (Cl...
13.11Aliyah Cross29.37aWickliffe Senior
14.11Chelsea Clarke29.50aLakewood
15.10Annie Printy29.67aPadua Franciscan
16.9Ashley Cherry29.85aSt Peter Chanel
17.10Alex Brown29.95aBay
18.10Andriana Germany30.01aCornerstone Christian
19.9Brittany Fortkamp30.07aWickliffe Senior
20.12Jacinda Owens30.19aOberlin Senior
21.9Kayla Cool30.32aPerry
22.9Ty'Shaee Jackson30.92aJohn Adams
23.12Shawnett Stephens31.44aSt. Martin DePorres
24.9Zyaire Baker31.56aSt. Martin DePorres
25.9Danielle Reisman31.97aLaurel
26.9Delaney Feighan31.98aLaurel
27.9Alexus Johnson32.65aVilla Angela-St Joseph
28.9Lindsey Davis33.08aLake Ridge Academy
29.10Alexis Chavers34.12aLincoln West
30.11Kathy Veras35.23aLincoln West
31.9Tiara Finley36.08aLutheran East
--9Corina PavelSCRNormandy
--12Chelsea CrossSCROberlin Senior
--11Alejandra SotoSCRHarvey
--11Kvonna ShineSCRHarvey
--11Natalya OvertonSCRStrong Vincent
--10Alexandri SimmonsSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--10Brianna JohnsonSCRBeaumont
--11Chelsi CollinsSCRSt Peter Chanel
--11Lauren SammonSCRNormandy
--11Kyndal WilsonSCRBeachwood
--12Bridget DoughtySCRBay
--11Nastayeia ParrishSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--9Terren WilliamsSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Cadesha ColesSCRJohn Adams
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Brittany Fortkamp27.8Wickliffe Senior
11Aliyah Cross29.0Wickliffe Senior
11Lauryn Palgut29.4Wickliffe Senior
9Taylor Carroscia31.8Wickliffe Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtney Reese1:00.90aCornerstone Christian
2.10Amanda Sacha1:02.53aLakewood
3.9Kaci Gregory1:03.69aLake Ridge Academy
4.11Melanie Shestina1:04.35aLakewood
5.9Cadesha Coles1:04.36aJohn Adams
6.12Caitlin Higgins1:04.73aPadua Franciscan
7.11Ashley Wakut1:05.28aNormandy
8.11Jackie Tenney1:05.41aPerry
9.9Hannah Richardson1:05.56aBeachwood
10.10Bailey Kershaw1:07.02aCornerstone Christian
11.9Noelle Dipaola1:07.67aBeaumont
12.9Abyssina Young1:07.90aLaurel
13.9Randall Gregory1:08.12aBeaumont
14.10Angel Myers1:08.29aWickliffe Senior
15.9Ashlee Welch1:08.57aNorth Olmsted
16.11Sabrina Quinones1:09.01aNorth Olmsted
17.9Olivia Cortes1:09.04aWickliffe Senior
18.10Gabrielle Perryman1:09.87aBeachwood
19.9Jessica Kristic1:10.18aNormandy
20.11Kierra Cotton1:10.56aVilla Angela-St Joseph
21.10Annie Printy1:11.90aPadua Franciscan
22.9Arnisha Hall1:13.06aSt Peter Chanel
23.10Eva Rezek1:13.82aBay
24.10Cecilia Yonly1:14.82aSt. Martin DePorres
25.9Jennifer Gelletta1:15.99aStrong Vincent
26.9Kira Postak1:17.36aLaurel
27.11Danielle Holmes1:17.80aCentral Catholic (Cl...
28.9Emma Matthews1:18.11aJohn Adams
29.9Amir Burse1:26.21aSt. Martin DePorres
30.11Devin Sponseller1:29.33aLake Ridge Academy
--10Kate RamellaSCRBay
--11Briana CoadSCRHarvey
--9Janice SealeySCRHarvey
--10Unique RembertSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--10Gabrielle FerronSCRPerry
--9Dashard BallardSCRSt Peter Chanel
--10Jasmine BaylersSCRVilla Angela-St Joseph
--11Stacey HernendezSCRLincoln West
--11Sylvia HernandezSCRLincoln West
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Lauryn Palgut69Wickliffe Senior
10Angel Myers72Wickliffe Senior
10Erica Davis73Wickliffe Senior
10Madison Simpkins76Wickliffe Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abigail Clifford2:21.71aPerry
2.11Rachel Slingluff2:27.69aBeaumont
3.12Allie Mooney2:30.87aBeaumont
4.9Hallie Bechtel2:33.62aBay
5.12Emily Brainard2:33.89aPerry
6.11Harron Young2:33.95aLaurel
7.11Nicole Santabarbara2:37.69aNormandy
8.11Jordan Guidish2:40.51aLake Ridge Academy
9.11Michelle Komorowski2:41.71aPadua Franciscan
10.9Alyssa Hasman2:41.71aLakewood
11.11Maggie Bloomfield2:43.55aNorth Olmsted
12.9Sarah Christel2:46.12aBay
13.10Rebecca Friedberg2:48.06aLaurel
14.10Renee Kraft2:49.06aPadua Franciscan
15.9Maeve Christie2:49.44aLakewood
16.12Torrie Sullins2:53.59aBeachwood
17.11Jackie Jones2:55.77aWickliffe Senior
18.12Holly Veverka2:59.20aNorth Olmsted
19.10Marissa Hart2:59.27aOberlin Senior
20.9Anjelica Berrios3:01.27aSt. Martin DePorres
21.12Shelby Mallon3:04.51aStrong Vincent
22.11Gina Decesare3:05.55aSt Peter Chanel
23.12Hannah Reed3:09.27aNormandy
24.11Sara Korenewych3:10.11aWickliffe Senior
25.12Leah Wood3:12.31aOberlin Senior
26.9Priscilla Davis3:21.75aJohn Adams
27.12Bethany Ortiz3:32.15aCornerstone Christian
28.10Melanie Papas3:38.29aSt. Martin DePorres
--9Kaci GregorySCRLake Ridge Academy
--10Lejla HadzicSCRStrong Vincent
--9Janice SealeySCRHarvey
--12Karina RazoSCRHarvey
--9Shakiya CrawfordSCRJohn Adams
--11Stacey HernendezSCRLincoln West
--11Kathy VerasSCRLincoln West
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Jackie Jones2:45Wickliffe Senior
10Erica Davis2:51Wickliffe Senior
10Erica Barfield3:06Wickliffe Senior
12Chelsea Lanese3:25Wickliffe Senior
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abigail Clifford5:22.41aPerry
2.10Haley Reines5:48.70aNorth Olmsted
3.9Maddie Britton5:49.88aBay
4.12Grace Lambert5:55.45aPadua Franciscan
5.11Michelle Komorowski5:59.58aPadua Franciscan
6.12Jen Mazzola6:00.24aNormandy
7.11Jordan Guidish6:03.28aLake Ridge Academy
8.11Jackie Merry6:04.71aNormandy
9.11Allyson Nelson6:08.00aPerry
10.11Sara Korenewych6:08.68aWickliffe Senior
11.9Leah Neroni6:08.91aLaurel
12.10Julie Manuszak6:12.48aLaurel
13.9Andrea Hanna6:13.03aBay
14.10Julia Friedman6:13.27aBeachwood
15.12Melanie Trefny6:20.26aNorth Olmsted
16.9Hannah Jackosky6:22.38aLakewood
17.12Tirice Gamble6:25.79aJohn Adams
18.11Mollie Evans6:33.73aLakewood
19.12Leah Wood6:37.36aOberlin Senior
20.9Anjelica Berrios6:42.60aSt. Martin DePorres
21.12Shelby Mallon6:56.92aStrong Vincent
22.9Aja Sawyer7:01.91aMartin Luther King Jr.
23.9Lauren Powers7:17.74aCornerstone Christian
24.12Bethany Ortiz7:20.83aCornerstone Christian
25.9Kayla Kapel7:32.73aBeaumont
26.11Nicole Rubenstein7:37.68aBeachwood
27.11Taylor Pacak7:40.82aBeaumont
28.11Junia Harris8:23.93aMartin Luther King Jr.
--11Rhema CentanniSCROberlin Senior
--11Sylvia HernandezSCRLincoln West
--10Khadisha PinkstonSCRLincoln West
--12Karina RazoSCRHarvey
--9Shakiya CrawfordSCRJohn Adams
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hanna Sterle12:24.24aBay
2.11Nicki Woodcraft12:47.96aBeaumont
3.9Amy Russin12:55.64aNormandy
4.10Amy Veverka13:00.19aNorth Olmsted
5.9Nell Cormack13:04.98aPerry
6.11Mollie Evans13:05.36aLakewood
7.12Mary Wills13:05.69aPerry
8.12Nuha Alshabani13:07.19aNormandy
9.10Julia Friedman13:09.57aBeachwood
10.9Hannah Jackosky13:09.85aLakewood
11.12Megan Mohney13:12.31aBay
12.12Tirice Gamble13:13.23aJohn Adams
13.10Izzy Hanna13:14.67aPadua Franciscan
14.11Jackie Morell13:17.41aPadua Franciscan
15.10Samantha Graf13:18.45aBeaumont
16.11Sarah Popernack13:58.89aNorth Olmsted
17.12Chelsea Lanese14:49.02aWickliffe Senior
18.11Nicole Rubenstein16:15.69aBeachwood
--11Sara KorenewychSCRWickliffe Senior
--10Khadisha PinkstonSCRLincoln West
--11Rhema CentanniSCROberlin Senior
--11Shekinah CentanniSCROberlin Senior
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caroline Dugan16.81aPerry
2.10Eva Rezek17.46aBay
3.10Julie Herman17.95aLakewood
4.10Madison Simpkins17.96aWickliffe Senior
5.11Macie Malone18.65aCornerstone Christian
6.11Courtney Zeigler18.95aNormandy
7.10Taylor Welch19.10aNorth Olmsted
8.10Ramona Carson22.89aStrong Vincent
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Eva Rezek17.69aBay
2.12Caroline Dugan17.92aPerry
3.10Julie Herman18.27aLakewood
4.10Madison Simpkins18.40aWickliffe Senior
5.11Macie Malone18.63aCornerstone Christian
6.10Taylor Welch19.01aNorth Olmsted
7.11Courtney Zeigler19.10aNormandy
8.10Ramona Carson19.20aStrong Vincent
9.12Alyssa Kohl19.61aWickliffe Senior
10.11Julia Piros19.75aNorth Olmsted
11.11Melani Grotenrath19.95aPadua Franciscan
12.10Azuree McGee19.97aSt. Martin DePorres
13.9Dia Jones20.07aBeaumont
14.9Kayla Coss20.65aPerry
15.12Lisa Kowalski20.72aLakewood
16.9Key'Aira Bray21.07aJohn Adams
17.10Jenna Boyne21.22aPadua Franciscan
18.12Shakuria Green21.78aMartin Luther King Jr.
19.12Bridget Doughty22.45aBay
20.9Lakeisha Mays22.99aLincoln West
21.9Lanaya Turner23.32aSt. Martin DePorres
22.9Tiara Finley23.87aLutheran East
--9Katherine LewickiSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--9Kayla KuzakNTOberlin Senior
--11Danielle HolmesSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--11Lamia WhitfieldSCRLincoln West
--10Briana JonesSCRHarvey
--10Chelsea RiceSCRHarvey
--11Celene McDonnellSCRLaurel
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bridget Doughty47.38aBay
2.10Julie Herman48.64aLakewood
3.12Caroline Dugan48.70aPerry
4.12Shavonte Kirkland53.59aSt Peter Chanel
5.10Madison Simpkins53.68aWickliffe Senior
6.11Julia Piros54.89aNorth Olmsted
7.10Taylor Welch55.08aNorth Olmsted
8.10Amanda Spiesz55.30aBay
9.12Alyssa Kohl55.89aWickliffe Senior
10.11Courtney Zeigler56.41aNormandy
11.11Michaela Garden56.44aPerry
12.10Jenna Boyne56.90aPadua Franciscan
13.9Jamie Gibson57.02aLakewood
14.10Cecilia Yonly58.29aSt. Martin DePorres
15.11Celene McDonnell1:00.82aLaurel
16.10India Veasey1:00.95aSt Peter Chanel
17.9Key'Aira Bray1:04.26aJohn Adams
18.9Lanaya Turner1:04.58aSt. Martin DePorres
19.10Lejla Hadzic1:06.10aStrong Vincent
20.9Dia Jones1:08.80aBeaumont
--9Lakeisha MaysSCRLincoln West
--9Kayla KuzakSCROberlin Senior
--11Lillian HarrisSCRLaurel
--10Briana JonesSCRHarvey
--11Lamia WhitfieldSCRLincoln West
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taetumn Clark
Myia Makupson
Shavonte Kirkland
Chelsi Collins
52.04aSt Peter Chanel
2.-Gabrielle Perryman
Olivia Mayfield
Traci Milliner
Kyndal Wilson
3.-Sabrina Quinones
Myk'a Walker
Becky Szabo
Meghan Drews
52.91aNorth Olmsted
4.-Sachae Johnson
Shakuria Green
Alexis Haymond
Takia Gunn
53.04aMartin Luther King Jr.
5.-Khadija Ferguson
Emily Kessler
Natalya Overton
Deanna Smith
53.57aStrong Vincent
6.-Zoe Zippert
Noelle Norris
Dia Jones
Kelsey Reilly
7.-Kristine Johnson
Bridget Doughty
Sarah Marosi
Alex Brown
8.-Feda Abuzareih
Kelly McKee
Paige Morana
Chelsea Clarke
9.-Aziza Cranfield
Nastayeia Parrish
Alexus Johnson
Ciera Boyd
57.13aVilla Angela-St Joseph
10.-Gabrielle Ferron
Kayla Coss
Michaela Garden
Kayla Cool
11.-Olivia Wasco
Annie Printy
Leah Mehwald
Marissa Martella
57.98aPadua Franciscan
12.-Azuree McGee
Deanna Crosby
Zyaire Baker
Shawnetta Stephens
58.75aSt. Martin DePorres
13.-Melissa Chieffe
Kira Postak
Danielle Reisman
Delaney Feighan
---Lauryn Palgut
Rhianna Mcchesney
Brittany Fortkamp
Aliyah Cross
DQWickliffe Senior
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Weight Relay - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:06.22aWickliffe Senior
2.-Relay Team 1:08.43aNorth Olmsted
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sachae Johnson
Shakuria Green
Alexis Haymond
Takia Gunn
1:49.67aMartin Luther King Jr.
2.-Jenna Baechle
Noelle Norris
Zoe Zippert
Brianna Johnson
3.-Chelsea Clarke
Amanda Sacha
Melanie Shestina
Kyra Nall
4.-Traci Milliner
Olivia Mayfield
Hannah Richardson
Gabrielle Perryman
5.-Sabrina Quinones
Myk'a Walker
Becky Szabo
Meghan Drews
1:53.84aNorth Olmsted
6.-Becky Jay
Caitlin Higgins
Nicole Trapp
Olivia Wasco
1:54.06aPadua Franciscan
7.-Karla Peters
Kelly Carrick
Lauren Sammon
Ashley Wakut
8.-Taetumn Clark
Myia Makupson
Shavonte Kirkland
Chelsi Collins
1:55.32aSt Peter Chanel
9.-Michaela Garden
Caroline Dugan
Kayla Cool
Jackie Tenney
10.-Eva Rezek
Alex Brown
Kate Ramella
Kristine Johnson
11.-Lauryn Palgut
Rhianna Mcchesney
Brittany Fortkamp
Aliyah Cross
1:58.03aWickliffe Senior
12.-Delaney Feighan
Gabrielle Veira
Breoni Turner
Abyssina Young
13.-Tyeshia King
Danielle Holmes
Shantelle Robinson
Unique Rembert
1:59.12aCentral Catholic (Cl...
14.-Azuree McGee
Amir Burse
Aiesha Aires
Shawnetta Stephens
2:07.46aSt. Martin DePorres
15.-Shania Williams
Porcia Littlejohn
Lakeisha Mays
Sandy Peterson
2:22.03aLincoln West
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melanie Shestina
Amanda Sacha
Julie Herman
Kyra Nall
2.-Caroline Dugan
Abigail Clifford
Dana Crofoot
Emily Brainard
3.-Taylor Jurezynski
Karla Peters
Lauren Sammon
Ashley Wakut
4.-Nicole Trapp
Caitlin Higgins
Becky Jay
Grace Lambert
4:29.47aPadua Franciscan
5.-Abyssina Young
Gabrielle Veira
Breoni Turner
Harron Young
6.-Jenna Baechle
Allie Mooney
Noelle Dipaola
Noelle Norris
7.-Hallie Bechtel
Sarah Christel
Maggie Harter
Kate Ramella
8.-Sabrina Quinones
Ashlee Welch
Becky Szabo
Haley Reines
4:41.55aNorth Olmsted
9.-Lauryn Palgut
Olivia Cortes
Gina Ciasullo
Angel Myers
4:52.66aWickliffe Senior
10.-Christine Knox
Terren Williams
Damira Oglesby
India Wade
5:28.62aMartin Luther King Jr.
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hayley Cormack
Abigail Clifford
Emily Brainard
Allyson Nelson
2.-Harron Young
Leah Neroni
Julie Manuszak
Ellen Kuerbitz
3.-Melanie Shestina
Alyssa Hasman
Maeve Christie
Samantha Cross
4.-Michelle Komorowski
Grace Lambert
Renee Kraft
Becky Jay
10:45.01aPadua Franciscan
5.-Nicole Santabarbara
Amy Russin
Nuha Alshabani
Taylor Jurezynski
6.-Haley Reines
Holly Veverka
Maggie Bloomfield
Melanie Trefny
10:55.02aNorth Olmsted
7.-Maggie Harter
Alyse Arko
Jenna Miller
Morgan Kloepfer
8.-Maggie Thomas
Kerry Drew
Michelle Graf
Nicki Woodcraft
9.-Jackie Jones
Erica Davis
Erica Barfield
Chelsea Lanese
12:07.09aWickliffe Senior
10.-Jennifer Gelletta
Donjhane Tate
Lejla Hadzic
Shelby Mallon
12:58.96aStrong Vincent
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amelia Strickler34-06.00Bay
2.12Monika Virag34-04.00Lakewood
3.10Hannah Fitzgerald33-06.00Cornerstone Christian
4.12Lauren Britton31-08.50Bay
5.12Betsy Morchak31-06.00Normandy
6.12Carly Molls30-09.00Padua Franciscan
7.10Noor Sarkis30-00.00Lakewood
8.11Kim Tischler29-11.50Normandy
9.11Mikala Blakesmith29-09.00Perry
10.11Benita Alveranga27-10.00Beaumont
11.11Lorene Tooley27-08.50Perry
12.9Mary Jane Adams27-02.00North Olmsted
13.12Andrea Mendoza26-09.50Padua Franciscan
14.10Torrie Simmons26-08.50Lutheran East
15.11Audria VanDyke26-00.00Strong Vincent
16.12Samantha Oergel25-09.50North Olmsted
17.11Julia Ross22-11.00Laurel
18.9Katie Marn22-08.00Wickliffe Senior
19.9Casandra Gricar22-01.00Wickliffe Senior
19.10Nicole Goldsby22-01.00Lutheran East
21.9Kelly Moore22-00.00St. Martin DePorres
22.9Gabriela Morgan21-04.00St Peter Chanel
23.9Maia Huggins20-05.50Beaumont
24.11Alexand Rosenbaum20-05.00Laurel
25.10Cassandra Landres19-05.50St. Martin DePorres
--10Morgan WomackSCRSt Peter Chanel
--11Nytia GilsonSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--9Tamika AcreSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--12Nancy RojasSCRLincoln West
--11Shellie KosmanSCRLincoln West
--10Tasia FordSCRHarvey
--9Jessica HouzeSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--10Carissa KellySCRHarvey
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly Molls107-00Padua Franciscan
2.11Amelia Strickler106-00Bay
3.11Brittany Mackulin101-06Padua Franciscan
4.12Monika Virag100-09Lakewood
5.11Lauren Pugh95-09Perry
6.12Kristen Troyer94-02North Olmsted
7.11Benita Alveranga86-06Beaumont
8.12Betsy Morchak85-10Normandy
9.10Amber Singleton83-11North Olmsted
10.11Mikala Blakesmith83-07Perry
11.10Noor Sarkis80-07Lakewood
12.12Lauren Britton77-08Bay
13.9Gabriela Morgan75-06St Peter Chanel
14.11Audria VanDyke68-06Strong Vincent
15.11Jackie Jones60-02Wickliffe Senior
16.11Kaitlyn Goodrich59-11Normandy
17.9Logan Billie57-04Wickliffe Senior
18.11Julia Ross57-03Laurel
19.10Melanie Papas50-02St. Martin DePorres
20.9Maia Huggins49-10Beaumont
21.10Brianna Lewis45-09Laurel
22.9Jessica Hector28-06St. Martin DePorres
--9Deonna WrightSCRSt Peter Chanel
--9Jessica HouzeSCRCentral Catholic (Cl...
--10Torrie SimmonsSCRLutheran East
--10Nicole GoldsbySCRLutheran East
--10Tasia FordSCRHarvey
--10Carissa KellySCRHarvey
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ayisha Seidu5-00.00Normandy
2.9Brittany Fortkamp4-10.00Wickliffe Senior
3.11Macie Malone4-08.00Cornerstone Christian
3.10Dana Borsz4-08.00North Olmsted
5.9Alyssa Hasman4-08.00Lakewood
6.12Emily Brainard4-08.00Perry
6.11Kelly McKee4-08.00Lakewood
6.9Rheannon Crittle4-08.00Perry
9.11Brianna Johnstone4-06.00North Olmsted
10.9Jessica Kristic4-03.00Normandy
10.9Katie Marn4-03.00Wickliffe Senior
10.9Marissa Martella4-03.00Padua Franciscan
13.11Amy Urwin4-00.00Bay
13.10Ciera Boyd4-00.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
--9Shania WilliamsNHLincoln West
--9Hannah RichardsonSCRBeachwood
--9Tianne LittleSCRBeachwood
--11Jillian LaRicciaSCRBay
--9Korrin TaylorSCRLake Ridge Academy
--9Horton TamaraSCRLincoln West
--9Elizabeth StangeSCRHarvey
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
17.12Alyssa Kohl15-10.75Wickliffe Senior
1.11Olivia Mayfield15-10.00Beachwood
2.10Azuree McGee15-02.25St. Martin DePorres
3.10Amanda Sacha15-00.50Lakewood
4.10Taylor Welch14-09.75North Olmsted
5.12Shakuria Green14-09.25Martin Luther King Jr.
6.12Taetumn Clark14-09.00St Peter Chanel
7.9Korrin Taylor14-07.00Lake Ridge Academy
8.10Ciera Boyd14-03.00Villa Angela-St Joseph
9.10Unique Rembert14-01.75Central Catholic (Cl...
10.9Dana Crofoot14-00.25Perry
11.10Cecilia Yonly13-07.00St. Martin DePorres
12.10Angel Myers13-05.50Wickliffe Senior
12.10Gabrielle Ferron13-05.50Perry
14.11Macie Malone13-04.75Cornerstone Christian
15.10Julie Herman13-04.50Lakewood
16.10Joanna Plescia12-08.50Padua Franciscan
17.11Brittany Mackulin12-08.00Padua Franciscan
18.9Donjhane Tate12-05.50Strong Vincent
19.11Brianna Johnstone12-03.75North Olmsted
20.11Rhianna Mcchesney12-01.25Wickliffe Senior
21.9Ashley Cherry11-06.00St Peter Chanel
22.12Melissa Chieffe11-04.75Laurel
23.11Celene McDonnell11-01.75Laurel
24.10Ramona Carson10-11.75Strong Vincent
25.9Lakeisha Mays9-06.00Lincoln West
--9Sandy PetersonSCRLincoln West
--10Kristine JohnsonSCRBay
--10Alexandri SimmonsSCRMartin Luther King Jr.
--10Eva RezekSCRBay
--11Felicia ReeseSCRHarvey
--10Myia McDadeSCRHarvey
--12Jacinda OwensSCROberlin Senior
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Olivia Mayfield31-05.25Beachwood
2.10Kristine Johnson28-07.25Bay
3.10Eva Rezek26-07.25Bay
4.12Melissa Chieffe23-05.00Laurel
5.11Lillian Harris22-01.25Laurel
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