Park Vista Home Meet 2

Tuesday, March 01, 2011
  Park Vista HS, Boynton Beach - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Sidden11.35aPark Vista Community
2.11Matthew Barrett11.49aPark Vista Community
3.12John Sullivan11.61aLake Worth Community
4.-Serge Auguste11.68aSantaluces Community
5.10Matthew Birdens11.69aSouth Fork
6.12Trey Valot11.70aPark Vista Community
7.12Gregory Bastien11.71aPark Vista Community
8.9Emmanuel Smith11.72aPark Vista Community
9.11Rico Pierre11.80aSouth Fork
10.12Mikerns Jean-Baptiste11.82aPark Vista Community
11.11Mikel Carter11.85aJensen Beach
12.10Romario Joseph11.87aPark Vista Community
12.11Trevor Sykes11.87aLake Worth Community
14.12Matthew Quesada11.88aJensen Beach
15.11Din Regis11.89aPark Vista Community
16.12Fabio Greco11.92aSouth Fork
17.11Romanski Benoit12.00aLake Worth Community
17.12Christopher James12.00aDreyfoos Of The Arts
19.11Nick Cronin12.07aJensen Beach
19.11Lorenza Crutchfield12.07aOlympic Heights
21.10Adrian Cerrato12.08aPark Vista Community
22.11Bryan Wilson12.09aSouth Fork
23.10Ronel Charles12.14aPark Vista Community
24.9Jemaise Jones12.17aWest Boca Raton
25.-Clyde Amisol12.18aSantaluces Community
26.11Lorvens Decosma12.19aWest Boca Raton
27.-Quintin Powell12.20aPark Vista Community
28.12Sean Romear12.23aDreyfoos Of The Arts
29.-Jamitrius Bentley12.25aPark Vista Community
30.-Justin Plunkett12.30aLake Worth Community
31.9Stephen Gamble12.38aOlympic Heights
31.-Nelyja Floyd12.38aPark Vista Community
33.-Joseph Bedford12.40aSantaluces Community
34.-Anthony Stano12.50aWest Boca Raton
35.-Rubin Dejadin12.52aSantaluces Community
36.12Justin Danca12.58aPark Vista Community
37.-Marques Gayot12.65aPark Vista Community
38.12Ian Gregorchik12.72aDreyfoos Of The Arts
38.10Anthony Rossi12.72aJensen Beach
40.11Ryan Taylor12.73aDreyfoos Of The Arts
41.10Austin Fein12.75aWest Boca Raton
42.10Stanley Anderson12.83aDreyfoos Of The Arts
43.-Adrien Francois12.86aPark Vista Community
44.-Francisco Godoy12.90aPark Vista Community
45.-Chris Mulgrew12.91aPark Vista Community
46.-Peterson Nicholas12.94aWest Boca Raton
47.-Andy Bien-aime13.00aOlympic Heights
47.-Mackenzie Braun13.00aWest Boca Raton
49.-Dylan Diljohn13.03aPark Vista Community
50.9Kyle Pleban13.05aWest Boca Raton
51.12KeAndre Biggins13.07aWest Boca Raton
52.-Jhiovanny Hippolite13.24aPark Vista Community
53.10Brian Werby13.88aOlympic Heights
54.-Bobby Tymczyszyn14.40aPark Vista Community
55.9Vincent Cautero14.50aWest Boca Raton
56.-Kevin Guzman14.81aPark Vista Community
57.12Pedro Magalhaes14.85aWest Boca Raton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Edens Thermidor23.07aPark Vista Community
2.12John Pereira23.17aSouth Fork
3.11Timothy Haynes23.31aPark Vista Community
4.10J Braswell23.87aLake Worth Community
5.11Matthew Barrett23.90aPark Vista Community
6.10Matthew Birdens23.94aSouth Fork
7.9Emmanuel Smith24.07aPark Vista Community
8.12Gregory Bastien24.17aPark Vista Community
9.12Marc Clerveaux24.34aPark Vista Community
10.12Fabio Greco24.47aSouth Fork
11.11Alexx Hook24.52aLake Worth Community
12.11Mikel Carter24.67aJensen Beach
13.11Lorenza Crutchfield24.76aOlympic Heights
14.11Darryl Gaines24.91aSantaluces Community
15.9Raekwon Bureau24.99aLake Worth Community
16.11Bryan Wilson25.01aSouth Fork
17.-Clyde Amisol25.06aSantaluces Community
18.9Woodly Fedna25.16aOlympic Heights
19.11Nick Cronin25.24aJensen Beach
20.10Adrian Cerrato25.37aPark Vista Community
21.-Marques Gayot25.38aPark Vista Community
22.10Kyle Stewart25.39aSantaluces Community
23.10Anthony Rossi25.87aJensen Beach
24.10Williams Evans25.91aOlympic Heights
25.-Nelyja Floyd25.95aPark Vista Community
26.12Ian Gregorchik26.10aDreyfoos Of The Arts
27.12Matt Avril26.18aJensen Beach
28.-Peterson Nicholas26.27aWest Boca Raton
29.-Anthony Stano26.34aWest Boca Raton
30.-Maynard Laguerre26.35aOlympic Heights
31.11Ryan Taylor26.38aDreyfoos Of The Arts
32.9Kyle Pleban26.58aWest Boca Raton
33.-Rubin Dejadin26.65aSantaluces Community
34.-Joseph Bedford26.67aSantaluces Community
35.-Adrien Francois26.88aPark Vista Community
36.10Stanley Anderson26.97aDreyfoos Of The Arts
37.-Jordan Saddler27.00aWest Boca Raton
38.-Jhiovanny Hippolite27.45aPark Vista Community
39.-Christopher Carl27.95aDreyfoos Of The Arts
40.12Robert Schonger28.16aOlympic Heights
41.11Fabian Rivera28.36aLake Worth Community
42.10Brian Werby30.46aOlympic Heights
43.-Aaron Leo31.76aOlympic Heights
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Edens Thermidor50.61aPark Vista Community
2.12John Pereira51.78aSouth Fork
3.10Richard Seraphin52.75aLake Worth Community
4.11Romanski Benoit53.24aLake Worth Community
5.12Sean Romear54.08aDreyfoos Of The Arts
6.9Dylan Kruisland54.65aPark Vista Community
7.11Lorvens Decosma54.69aWest Boca Raton
8.9Ryan Callahan54.75aPark Vista Community
9.-AJ Cano55.82aPark Vista Community
10.-Nick Adelphonse56.42aPark Vista Community
11.9Raekwon Bureau57.98aLake Worth Community
12.11Ronnie Aovida58.06aWest Boca Raton
13.12Adam Buncy58.15aJensen Beach
14.11Tyrone Lane58.46aDreyfoos Of The Arts
15.-Matt Kelly59.15aOlympic Heights
16.10Thomas Ezzo59.86aSouth Fork
17.-Zach Slafsky1:00.60aOlympic Heights
18.12Matt Avril1:00.66aJensen Beach
19.-Oliver Borsay1:01.17aPark Vista Community
20.9Manu Claire1:01.57aSouth Fork
21.-Cleveland Williams1:02.30aSouth Fork
22.-Frandly St. Fort1:02.47aPark Vista Community
23.-A Lanier1:03.12aJensen Beach
24.-Dylan Carpenter1:07.28aWest Boca Raton
25.10Matthew Lazarus1:09.34aWest Boca Raton
--12Nelson PresendieuNTLake Worth Community
--9Jonathan ListroNTWest Boca Raton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Pittell2:02.55aWest Boca Raton
2.12James (Carriger) Paine2:04.08aDreyfoos Of The Arts
3.12Matthew Wadford2:06.78aPark Vista Community
4.11Tyai Jackson2:08.62aJensen Beach
5.10Johathan Kigel2:10.52aPark Vista Community
6.11Kyle Backman2:11.05aPark Vista Community
7.11Tim Allen2:11.52aJensen Beach
8.11Christophe Peters2:13.32aLake Worth Community
--11Darryl GainesNTSantaluces Community
--10Diego MontemayorNTWest Boca Raton
--10Ivan MiedeckeNTWest Boca Raton
--9Alex HarmountNTPark Vista Community
--9Cannan GroutNTPark Vista Community
--11Tyrone LaneNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--10Travis McHaleNTJensen Beach
--11Kevin TalvoNTLake Worth Community
--9Dylan KruislandNTPark Vista Community
--9Addison WierNTSouth Fork
---Chandler CovenNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--10Hugh DunkleyNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Alejandro AcostaNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Ryan CallahanNTPark Vista Community
--11Joseph FermoNTPark Vista Community
---A LanierNTJensen Beach
---Eno Pierre LouisNTLake Worth Community
--11Brandon MercadoNTOlympic Heights
--9Adam KacprowiczNTOlympic Heights
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan White4:44.85aPark Vista Community
2.12Matthew Wadford4:46.38aPark Vista Community
3.10Travis McHale4:50.61aJensen Beach
4.11Neil Upadhyay4:50.69aPark Vista Community
5.10Douglas Cirillo4:51.32aWest Boca Raton
6.12James (Carriger) Paine4:56.46aDreyfoos Of The Arts
7.10Richard Jean Baptiste5:00.06aLake Worth Community
8.10Tyler Hepner5:01.00aPark Vista Community
--10Ian PinderNTSouth Fork
--12Hardy MooreNTPark Vista Community
--11John BeltranNTJensen Beach
--10Kyle StewartNTSantaluces Community
--12Pablo CastilloNTLake Worth Community
--10Pasquel MendezNTLake Worth Community
--11Christophe PetersNTLake Worth Community
--10Jacob PrickettNTSouth Fork
--9Cannan GroutNTPark Vista Community
--9Kevin SlafskyNTWest Boca Raton
--9Alex HarmountNTPark Vista Community
--9Ryan BokNTPark Vista Community
--9Dakota BrockwayNTSouth Fork
--11Patrick WeinbergNTSouth Fork
--9Trevor SununuNTPark Vista Community
--10Brandon LaRosaNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Joseph FermoNTPark Vista Community
--11Alejandro AcostaNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--10Hugh DunkleyNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Tristian HoffmanNTSantaluces Community
--9West ZaneNTSantaluces Community
--9Jevelle ForhamNTLake Worth Community
--9Austin DyessNTJensen Beach
---Alexander CostelloNTPark Vista Community
--8Kevin GelattNTPark Vista Community
--9Adam KacprowiczNTOlympic Heights
--11Brandon MercadoNTOlympic Heights
--11Humberto MeiguelNTLake Worth Community
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Brennalt10:32.00aSouth Fork
2.12James Martin10:39.00aSouth Fork
3.11Ryan White10:51.00aPark Vista Community
4.10Douglas Cirillo10:52.00aWest Boca Raton
5.11Neil Upadhyay10:59.00aPark Vista Community
6.12Mason Rosado11:04.00aSouth Fork
7.10Tyler Hepner11:10.00aPark Vista Community
8.9Trevor Sununu11:12.00aPark Vista Community
--10Brandon LaRosaNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Jevelle ForhamNTLake Worth Community
--8Kevin GelattNTPark Vista Community
---Alexander CostelloNTPark Vista Community
--11Kevin TalvoNTLake Worth Community
--9Austin DyessNTJensen Beach
--12Hardy MooreNTPark Vista Community
--12Tyler FearnsNTSouth Fork
--12Jean LubeusNTLake Worth Community
--11John BeltranNTJensen Beach
--9Ryan BokNTPark Vista Community
--11Christophe PetersNTLake Worth Community
--10Eric MendezNTLake Worth Community
--11Humberto MeiguelNTLake Worth Community
--11Brandon MercadoNTOlympic Heights
--9Adam KacprowiczNTOlympic Heights
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christopher Grinley15.17aPark Vista Community
2.10Cory Preston17.21aJensen Beach
3.12Joseph Provenzano17.48aDreyfoos Of The Arts
4.10Rico Jean Pierre18.62aLake Worth Community
5.12Keith Murphy19.22aSouth Fork
6.9Michael McBride19.58aJensen Beach
7.9Collin Dwyer19.68aPark Vista Community
8.12Isaac Garzon19.69aSouth Fork
9.-Andrew Mercado19.75aPark Vista Community
10.9Jemaise Jones20.11aWest Boca Raton
11.12Nathan Brickleff20.12aLake Worth Community
12.10Matthew Lazarus20.89aWest Boca Raton
13.-Max Jean-Louis21.32aPark Vista Community
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christopher Grinley39.50aPark Vista Community
2.10Cory Preston44.81aJensen Beach
3.12Brendan Meyers44.82aPark Vista Community
4.10Rico Jean Pierre46.52aLake Worth Community
5.9Michael McBride47.21aJensen Beach
6.12Joseph Provenzano47.70aDreyfoos Of The Arts
7.11Deontre Burney48.04aPark Vista Community
8.11Nickson Pascual48.23aLake Worth Community
9.9Jonathan Estevez48.24aJensen Beach
10.12Anthony Creamer48.74aWest Boca Raton
11.-John Taylor50.00aPark Vista Community
12.12Isaac Garzon51.67aSouth Fork
13.-Christopher Carl52.06aDreyfoos Of The Arts
14.-Max Jean-Louis52.07aPark Vista Community
15.10Williams Evans52.30aOlympic Heights
16.9Collin Dwyer54.74aPark Vista Community
17.-Cord Missimer54.77aSouth Fork
18.12Keith Murphy57.44aSouth Fork
19.-Raymond La57.81aSouth Fork
20.10Austin Redinger1:00.47aOlympic Heights
--12Nathan BrickleffNTLake Worth Community
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthew Barrett
Gregory Bastien
Timothy Haynes
Anthony Sidden
43.72aPark Vista Community
2.-Matthew Birdens
Fabio Greco
Bryan Wilson
John Pereira
45.63aSouth Fork
3.-Anthony Rossi
Cory Preston
Nick Cronin
Matthew Quesada
46.83aJensen Beach
4.-Maynard Laguerre
Patrick Philippe
Lorenza Crutchfield
Woodly Fedna
47.60aOlympic Heights
5.-Raekwon Bureau
Trevor Sykes
Wayne Panton
Richard Seraphin
48.30aLake Worth Community
6.-Akeem Parkes
Peterson Nicholas
KeAndre Biggins
Jemaise Jones
48.46aWest Boca Raton
---J Braswell
Bernard Davis
Alexx Hook
John Sullivan
DNFLake Worth Community
---Orlando Masso
Stanley Anderson
Sean Romear
Christopher James
DQDreyfoos Of The Arts
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.74aPark Vista Community
2.-Adam Buncy
Matthew Quesada
Mikel Carter
Michael McBride
3:41.24aJensen Beach
3.-Richard Seraphin
J Braswell
Bernard Davis
Alexx Hook
3:46.55aLake Worth Community
4.-Timothy Haynes
Johathan Kigel
Kyle Backman
Dylan Kruisland
3:47.00aPark Vista Community
5.-Tyrone Lane
Orlando Masso
Joseph Provenzano
Sean Romear
3:56.03aDreyfoos Of The Arts
6.-Raymond La
Thomas Ezzo
Cleveland Williams
Leonard Norwillo
3:59.00aSouth Fork
7.-Brian Werby
Robert Schonger
Aaron Leo
Austin Redinger
4:45.21aOlympic Heights
---Ronnie Aovida
Anthony Creamer
Akeem Parkes
Josh Pittell
NTWest Boca Raton
---Matt Kelly
Williams Evans
Zach Slafsky
Lorenza Crutchfield
NTOlympic Heights
---Rubin Dejadin
Kyle Stewart
West Zane
Darryl Gaines
NTSantaluces Community
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Adelphonse
Kyle Backman
Johathan Kigel
Matthew Wadford
8:36.52aPark Vista Community
2.-Adam Buncy
Tyai Jackson
Tim Allen
Travis McHale
8:40.72aJensen Beach
3.-Addison Wier
Dakota Brockway
Christian VanStralendorff
Jacob Prickett
9:57.47aSouth Fork
4.-James (Carriger) Paine
Alejandro Acosta
Tyrone Lane
Brandon LaRosa
9:57.73aDreyfoos Of The Arts
5.-Douglas Cirillo
Anthony Creamer
Diego Montemayor
Ronnie Aovida
10:06.98aWest Boca Raton
6.-Pablo Castillo
Nelson Presendieu
Jevelle Forham
Vic Felix
10:07.68aLake Worth Community
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Schwartz47-05.00West Boca Raton
2.12Trey Valot47-02.00Park Vista Community
3.-Sam Weimerskirch45-01.00Park Vista Community
4.12Paul Bricketto44-09.00Park Vista Community
5.12Wayne Jensen44-06.00Park Vista Community
6.10James Looney43-09.50Lake Worth Community
7.12Corey King43-04.00West Boca Raton
8.9Huges St. Julian42-11.50Lake Worth Community
9.10Nicodel Pierre38-05.00Santaluces Community
10.11Brandon Santos37-04.00Park Vista Community
11.10Jimmy Keyes35-09.50Jensen Beach
11.11Brandon Pajkuric35-09.50South Fork
13.11Kyle Jordan35-08.50Jensen Beach
14.12Justin Danca35-03.00Park Vista Community
15.10Dimitri Dadaille35-02.00West Boca Raton
16.11Ansario Flowers32-07.00Lake Worth Community
17.10Al Robinson31-07.00Jensen Beach
18.12Brandon Wood31-00.00Olympic Heights
19.11Alex Corzo29-08.00Santaluces Community
20.10Jonathan Hayes28-06.50Jensen Beach
21.-Javid Diljohn28-01.50Park Vista Community
22.9Brendan Cameron27-00.50South Fork
23.-Zachery Egerton-Cooper25-09.00South Fork
24.12Steven Servius24-07.50South Fork
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wayne Jensen140-09Park Vista Community
2.12Jordan Daais129-05Park Vista Community
3.12Michael Schwartz119-06West Boca Raton
4.-Sam Weimerskirch114-01Park Vista Community
5.11Brandon Santos103-02Park Vista Community
6.10Juan Matamoros98-05Park Vista Community
7.10Al Robinson92-02Jensen Beach
8.11Kyle Jordan89-07Jensen Beach
9.11Ansario Flowers89-03Lake Worth Community
10.10Nicodel Pierre85-04Santaluces Community
10.10Jonathan Hayes85-04Jensen Beach
12.10Jimmy Keyes85-03Jensen Beach
13.12Steven Servius82-02South Fork
14.10James Looney80-00Lake Worth Community
14.-Andrew Tymczszyn80-00Park Vista Community
16.11Alex Corzo77-00Santaluces Community
17.11Brandon Pajkuric74-06South Fork
18.-Javid Diljohn71-00Park Vista Community
19.9Brendan Cameron55-08South Fork
20.-Zachery Egerton-Cooper52-00South Fork
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Adelphonse5-10.00Park Vista Community
2.12Kelsey Donaho5-06.00Jensen Beach
3.11Din Regis5-06.00Park Vista Community
4.11Patrick Weinberg5-04.00South Fork
5.9Emmanuel Smith5-00.00Park Vista Community
6.11Corey Wright5-00.00Lake Worth Community
7.-Matt Kelly4-10.00Olympic Heights
8.12Leonard Norwillo4-10.00South Fork
9.-Zach Slafsky4-08.00Olympic Heights
10.9Kyle Pleban4-08.00West Boca Raton
11.-A Lanier4-06.00Jensen Beach
---Dylan CarpenterNHWest Boca Raton
--9Jonathan ListroNHWest Boca Raton
---Jordan SaddlerNHWest Boca Raton
---Bryan HolenwegerNHWest Boca Raton
--10Austin RedingerNHOlympic Heights
--11Bernard DavisNHLake Worth Community
---David RubinNHWest Boca Raton
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Amisial11-00.00Park Vista Community
2.12Christian VanStralendorff10-06.00South Fork
3.10Robert McKenna9-06.00Park Vista Community
4.-Andrew Mercado9-00.00Park Vista Community
5.-Joshua Hayes8-06.00Park Vista Community
6.9William McClure8-06.00Jensen Beach
7.9Collin Dwyer8-06.00Park Vista Community
--12Kelsey DonahoNHJensen Beach
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marc Clerveaux21-02.00Park Vista Community
2.11Edens Thermidor19-07.00Park Vista Community
3.12Mikerns Jean-Baptiste19-06.00Park Vista Community
4.12Brendan Meyers19-02.00Park Vista Community
5.12John Pereira19-00.00South Fork
6.10Cory Preston18-11.00Jensen Beach
7.12Christopher James18-08.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
7.11Vincent Wingfield18-08.00Jensen Beach
9.10Reggie Ulysse17-08.00Park Vista Community
9.-Hugens Ulysse17-08.00Park Vista Community
11.11Ryan Taylor16-11.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
12.11Mikel Carter16-10.00Jensen Beach
13.11Orlando Masso16-09.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
14.12Christian VanStralendorff16-08.00South Fork
15.10Matthew Birdens16-07.00South Fork
16.12KeAndre Biggins16-05.00West Boca Raton
17.9Stephen Gamble16-02.00Olympic Heights
18.-Maynard Laguerre16-01.00Olympic Heights
19.10Anthony Rossi15-02.00Jensen Beach
20.10Matthew Lazarus14-03.00West Boca Raton
21.-Peterson Nicholas13-02.00West Boca Raton
--10J BraswellNDLake Worth Community
---Andy Bien-aimeNDOlympic Heights
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marc Clerveaux40-10.00Park Vista Community
2.12Brendan Meyers39-11.00Park Vista Community
3.12Mikerns Jean-Baptiste39-07.00Park Vista Community
4.10Reggie Ulysse38-02.00Park Vista Community
5.-Hugens Ulysse37-10.00Park Vista Community
6.11Deontre Burney37-04.00Park Vista Community
7.-Nick Adelphonse36-09.00Park Vista Community
8.11Tyai Jackson33-09.00Jensen Beach
9.11Vincent Wingfield31-09.00Jensen Beach
10.-Andy Bien-aime27-03.00Olympic Heights

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tatiana Coleman12.79aWest Boca Raton
2.10Shakira Bartley12.88aLake Worth Community
3.10Shyan Steele13.33aLake Worth Community
4.10Noel Jadon13.61aJensen Beach
5.11Ashley Stewart13.66aPark Vista Community
6.12Mallory Johnson13.68aSouth Fork
7.11Christina Saint Pierre13.69aPark Vista Community
8.12Chelsea Nesbeth13.71aWest Boca Raton
9.9Yves Vaughan13.72aPark Vista Community
10.10Cahjanae Henfield13.74aPark Vista Community
11.9Sheina Williams13.76aLake Worth Community
12.11Keila Falcon13.81aSouth Fork
13.11Ashley Connor13.84aDreyfoos Of The Arts
14.10Dapnhey Nozinord13.88aLake Worth Community
15.11Sheyana Bryant13.91aSouth Fork
16.10Lindsay Dearce13.92aWest Boca Raton
17.11Deborah Mitchell13.96aWest Boca Raton
17.9Franchesca Valle13.96aSantaluces Community
19.10Amy Nickler14.03aDreyfoos Of The Arts
20.10Morgan Lay14.06aJensen Beach
21.-Marissa Micscione14.26aPark Vista Community
22.11Mallory Bastion14.49aJensen Beach
23.9Cheyenne Deluca14.71aSouth Fork
24.11Karynne Carmel14.72aDreyfoos Of The Arts
25.11Monica Sherman14.82aDreyfoos Of The Arts
25.-A Lambert14.82aJensen Beach
27.9Madison Schuessler14.96aDreyfoos Of The Arts
28.9Camille Sanches14.98aDreyfoos Of The Arts
29.10Simone Romear15.02aDreyfoos Of The Arts
30.9Sierra Cohen15.34aPark Vista Community
31.-Nicole Sheaks15.71aPark Vista Community
32.11Christina Saint Pierre15.81aPark Vista Community
33.9Victoria UmPierrez15.84aPark Vista Community
34.-Alyssa Boltson16.29aPark Vista Community
35.-Razan Majdalawi16.51aPark Vista Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clariwin Dameus26.55aSantaluces Community
2.11Jameria McDonald27.18aLake Worth Community
3.10Brianna Bennett27.45aSantaluces Community
4.9Oneisha Glover27.46aLake Worth Community
5.10Tiah Sanborn27.48aLake Worth Community
6.10Noel Jadon27.98aJensen Beach
7.10Shyan Steele28.21aLake Worth Community
8.10Cahjanae Henfield28.62aPark Vista Community
9.9Yves Vaughan28.65aPark Vista Community
10.10Dapnhey Nozinord28.82aLake Worth Community
11.11Sheyana Bryant28.95aSouth Fork
12.12Christine Guinan29.38aSouth Fork
13.9Tamira Dowling29.48aSouth Fork
14.9Cheyenne Deluca29.49aSouth Fork
15.9Franchesca Valle29.67aSantaluces Community
16.12Emma Isaac29.68aPark Vista Community
17.11Vivian Charleus30.31aLake Worth Community
18.11Chelsea Mason30.61aPark Vista Community
19.11Monica Sherman30.65aDreyfoos Of The Arts
20.10Sarah Tyson30.66aJensen Beach
21.10Christin Sampieri31.22aWest Boca Raton
22.9Madison Schuessler31.29aDreyfoos Of The Arts
23.9Hope Hicks31.38aPark Vista Community
24.10Evelyn Ross31.42aSantaluces Community
25.10Simone Romear31.94aDreyfoos Of The Arts
26.9Sierra Cohen32.07aPark Vista Community
27.9Victoria UmPierrez33.15aPark Vista Community
28.-Nicole Sheaks33.72aPark Vista Community
29.-Alyssa Boltson33.79aPark Vista Community
30.-Razan Majdalawi35.22aPark Vista Community
--12Chelsea NesbethNTWest Boca Raton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mallory Gillespie59.89aJensen Beach
2.11Clariwin Dameus1:00.85aSantaluces Community
3.11Alexa Wood1:00.88aPark Vista Community
4.10Camille Grant1:02.90aSantaluces Community
5.11Lena Franklin1:03.60aDreyfoos Of The Arts
6.10Noel Jadon1:03.83aJensen Beach
7.10Rachel Gibbons1:04.47aDreyfoos Of The Arts
8.12Sara Cantrell1:07.44aSouth Fork
9.10Morgan Bowman1:07.69aJensen Beach
10.12Emma Isaac1:08.47aPark Vista Community
11.10Brianna Bennett1:09.00aSantaluces Community
12.11Amoy Carter1:09.51aLake Worth Community
13.11Claudenae Cousins1:09.84aLake Worth Community
14.9Maria Nazon1:09.86aJensen Beach
15.11Ashley Connor1:10.97aDreyfoos Of The Arts
16.11Jameria McDonald1:11.31aLake Worth Community
17.12Kettelie Jean-Louis1:11.57aLake Worth Community
18.9Tamira Dowling1:13.34aSouth Fork
19.10Shineace Jones1:13.44aSouth Fork
20.9Sierra Cohen1:14.11aPark Vista Community
21.9Juliannette Falcon1:14.21aSouth Fork
--11Karynne CarmelDNFDreyfoos Of The Arts
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sofie Ingram2:33.32aSantaluces Community
2.12Mallory Gillespie2:34.19aJensen Beach
3.10Morgan Bowman2:42.59aJensen Beach
4.12Sophia Bou-Ghannam2:46.43aPark Vista Community
5.9Kylie Steele2:47.06aPark Vista Community
6.11Amoy Carter2:47.40aLake Worth Community
7.10Emmalyn Green2:52.14aDreyfoos Of The Arts
8.9Makayla Reynolds2:54.81aJensen Beach
--9Rachel RandolphNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Megan LucheyNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Ta-miya LoweNTLake Worth Community
--11Solaine GerhardNTLake Worth Community
--11Barbara SuccessNTLake Worth Community
--12Jascity HutchisonNTPark Vista Community
---Maggie MartinNTSouth Fork
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sofie Ingram5:25.00aSantaluces Community
2.9Kaley Doyle5:50.85aPark Vista Community
3.12Lauren Ricchiuti5:55.80aJensen Beach
4.10Madelyn Northcutt5:56.07aPark Vista Community
5.11Rachel Anderson6:02.54aDreyfoos Of The Arts
6.12Emil Dermarkarian6:05.04aJensen Beach
7.9Bethany Harmount6:11.28aPark Vista Community
8.10Anna Mahoney6:19.62aWest Boca Raton
--10Molly YoungNTLake Worth Community
--10Nicloe ShawNTJensen Beach
--10Emmalyn GreenNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Kelly SimeNTSouth Fork
--11Emily LanguedocNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Solaine GerhardNTLake Worth Community
--12Amanda BatesNTWest Boca Raton
--9Carleigh HoelzelNTPark Vista Community
--12Sara CantrellNTSouth Fork
--11Laura KeckNTLake Worth Community
--10Jessica BradyNTWest Boca Raton
--12Jessica BoteroNTWest Boca Raton
--9Megan LucheyNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Ricchiuti12:18.00aJensen Beach
2.9Kaley Doyle12:40.00aPark Vista Community
3.12Kelly Scott12:51.00aSouth Fork
4.11Rachel Anderson13:10.00aDreyfoos Of The Arts
5.10Madelyn Northcutt13:15.00aPark Vista Community
6.12Emil Dermarkarian13:26.00aJensen Beach
7.10Anna Mahoney13:29.00aWest Boca Raton
8.9Lauretta Harper13:32.00aSouth Fork
--9Casey FearnsNTSouth Fork
--11Natalie NievesNTWest Boca Raton
--10Nicloe ShawNTJensen Beach
--12Amanda BatesNTWest Boca Raton
--12Jessica BoteroNTWest Boca Raton
--10Jessica BradyNTWest Boca Raton
--9Rachel RandolphNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Carleigh HoelzelNTPark Vista Community
---Julianne KellyNTPark Vista Community
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennifer Cottman18.03aPark Vista Community
2.10Emily Robertson18.80aSouth Fork
3.9Imani Campbell19.30aLake Worth Community
4.10Caitlin Mildner19.43aJensen Beach
5.11Chelsea Mason19.76aPark Vista Community
6.12Katherine McFarland19.89aDreyfoos Of The Arts
7.11Jaclyn Karasik19.92aPark Vista Community
8.12Rawan Majdalawi19.96aPark Vista Community
9.9Sarah Stewart20.10aJensen Beach
10.10Ella Donaho20.40aJensen Beach
11.11Maya Underwood20.80aLake Worth Community
12.-Emily Brown21.42aPark Vista Community
13.9Carly Legiere21.77aJensen Beach
14.9Morgan Mule22.94aPark Vista Community
15.9Hope Hicks23.63aPark Vista Community
16.-Taylor Goldberg27.07aPark Vista Community
17.-Erika Soria27.37aPark Vista Community
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shakira Bartley48.77aLake Worth Community
2.11Maya Underwood50.88aLake Worth Community
3.9Imani Campbell53.55aLake Worth Community
4.10Sashoy Castriota53.61aLake Worth Community
5.10Emily Robertson54.15aSouth Fork
6.10Ella Donaho54.55aJensen Beach
7.10Caitlin Mildner55.61aJensen Beach
8.12Rawan Majdalawi56.81aPark Vista Community
9.-Emily Brown57.78aPark Vista Community
10.11Jaclyn Karasik58.41aPark Vista Community
11.9Jessica Joseph58.46aLake Worth Community
12.9Sarah Stewart58.52aJensen Beach
13.9Hope Hicks58.55aPark Vista Community
13.12Carolyn Payne58.55aSouth Fork
15.9Carly Legiere1:00.32aJensen Beach
16.9Morgan Mule1:00.37aPark Vista Community
17.-Erika Soria1:04.32aPark Vista Community
18.11Lena Duenas1:06.04aDreyfoos Of The Arts
19.11Emily Languedoc1:07.74aDreyfoos Of The Arts
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sheina Williams
Shyan Steele
Oneisha Glover
Dapnhey Nozinord
51.52aLake Worth Community
2.-Tatiana Coleman
Lindsay Dearce
Deborah Mitchell
Chelsea Nesbeth
52.26aWest Boca Raton
3.-Ashley Stewart
Yves Vaughan
Cahjanae Henfield
Jennifer Cottman
53.13aPark Vista Community
4.-Karynne Carmel
Ashley Connor
Amy Nickler
Katherine McFarland
54.26aDreyfoos Of The Arts
5.-Sheyana Bryant
Christine Guinan
Mallory Johnson
Tamira Dowling
55.13aSouth Fork
---Jessica Joseph
Vivian Charleus
Latondra Mason
Wilnide Rene
DNFLake Worth Community
---Relay Team DNFJensen Beach
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tatianna Etienne
Tiah Sanborn
Shakira Bartley
Maya Underwood
4:15.48aLake Worth Community
2.-Alexa Wood
Rawan Majdalawi
Jascity Hutchison
Erica Castaneda
4:20.96aPark Vista Community
3.-Rachel Gibbons
Amy Nickler
Karynne Carmel
Lena Franklin
4:24.60aDreyfoos Of The Arts
4.-Imani Campbell
Oneisha Glover
Vivian Charleus
Kettelie Jean-Louis
4:34.44aLake Worth Community
5.-Maria Nazon
Makayla Reynolds
Caitlin Mildner
Ella Donaho
4:41.22aJensen Beach
6.-Emily Robertson
Carolyn Payne
Juliannette Falcon
Keila Falcon
4:58.00aSouth Fork
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylie Steele
Jascity Hutchison
Kaley Doyle
Erica Castaneda
10:33.20aPark Vista Community
2.-Mallory Gillespie
Morgan Bowman
Lauren Ricchiuti
Nicloe Shaw
10:35.25aJensen Beach
3.-Kelly Scott
Casey Fearns
Kelly Sime
Lauretta Harper
10:52.34aSouth Fork
4.-Relay Team 11:17.82aLake Worth Community
5.-Emmalyn Green
Rachel Randolph
Megan Luchey
Rachel Anderson
11:25.15aDreyfoos Of The Arts
6.-Kettelie Jean-Louis
Laura Keck
Barbara Success
Molly Young
12:49.30aLake Worth Community
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miriam Pierre38-05.50Santaluces Community
2.12Deanna Jones37-04.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
3.11Deborah Mitchell34-02.50West Boca Raton
4.12Shenaie Wilmoth31-08.00Park Vista Community
5.-Sasha Desir31-06.00Park Vista Community
6.-Lisa Cadet27-05.50Park Vista Community
7.11Jazmine Brown27-05.00Lake Worth Community
8.11Melanie Calise26-00.00Park Vista Community
9.-Jade Dowdell24-07.00Olympic Heights
10.-Chalyne Steer24-01.00Santaluces Community
11.-Jade Riggins23-04.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
12.11Julia Burns22-09.50South Fork
13.11Tiffany Levy22-04.50Park Vista Community
14.11Haley Cameron22-01.00South Fork
15.11Jasmine Longley21-09.00South Fork
16.12Katrina Mosciski20-06.00South Fork
17.-Shadean Mclean20-02.75Park Vista Community
18.12Ayanna Young20-01.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
19.10Clarissa Brummarie19-06.00Santaluces Community
20.-Maya Jean Charles17-06.50Park Vista Community
21.11Barbara Success16-07.00Lake Worth Community
22.9Fallon Ronin15-07.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
23.11Nerlande Perceval14-03.00Lake Worth Community
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miriam Pierre119-08Santaluces Community
2.12Shenaie Wilmoth114-02Park Vista Community
3.11Deborah Mitchell106-00West Boca Raton
4.11Melanie Calise89-08Park Vista Community
5.-Lisa Cadet78-00Park Vista Community
6.-Sasha Desir72-05Park Vista Community
7.12Katrina Mosciski68-09South Fork
8.11Tiffany Levy62-00Park Vista Community
9.11Julia Burns59-00South Fork
10.-Shadean Mclean56-10Park Vista Community
11.11Haley Cameron56-08South Fork
12.11Jasmine Longley55-06South Fork
13.10Clarissa Brummarie54-10Santaluces Community
14.10Desiree Chin53-09Lake Worth Community
15.11Nerlande Perceval51-00Lake Worth Community
16.-Maya Jean Charles45-11Park Vista Community
17.11Basse Shisnaither45-00Lake Worth Community
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Denisha Huff5-00.00Olympic Heights
2.10Tiah Sanborn5-00.00Lake Worth Community
3.11Ashley Stewart5-00.00Park Vista Community
4.11Christina Saint Pierre4-10.00Park Vista Community
5.10Ella Donaho4-08.00Jensen Beach
6.10Caitlin Mildner4-06.00Jensen Beach
7.9Cheyenne Deluca4-06.00South Fork
8.11Jameria McDonald4-06.00Lake Worth Community
9.9Carly Legiere4-04.00Jensen Beach
--9Sarah StewartNHJensen Beach
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mallory Johnson10-00.00South Fork
2.11Taylor Morris8-00.00Jensen Beach
3.12Dayna Cohen8-00.00Park Vista Community
4.12Melodi Hay7-06.00Park Vista Community
5.12Victoria Zollo6-06.00Park Vista Community
6.11Angela Brown6-00.00Park Vista Community
6.10Jessica Zuppke6-00.00Park Vista Community
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clariwin Dameus16-11.50Santaluces Community
2.10Shakira Bartley16-01.50Lake Worth Community
3.11Alexa Wood15-11.25Park Vista Community
4.10Amy Nickler15-02.00Dreyfoos Of The Arts
5.11Ashley Stewart15-00.00Park Vista Community
6.10Denisha Huff14-07.75Olympic Heights
7.10Camille Grant14-07.50Santaluces Community
8.10Sashoy Castriota14-03.50Lake Worth Community
9.11Maya Underwood14-02.25Lake Worth Community
10.12Christine Guinan14-01.50South Fork
11.10Emily Robertson13-11.50South Fork
12.11Christina Saint Pierre13-09.50Park Vista Community
13.12Marcel Totrtorici13-09.00Jensen Beach
14.10Erica Castaneda13-04.50Park Vista Community
15.9Makayla Reynolds13-04.00Jensen Beach
16.10Sarah Tyson12-10.25Jensen Beach
17.12Jennifer Cottman12-08.50Park Vista Community
18.10Sarah Nicely12-08.00Jensen Beach
19.9Maria Nazon12-06.00Jensen Beach
20.11Claudenae Cousins11-09.50Lake Worth Community
--11Keila FalconNDSouth Fork
--10Shineace JonesNDSouth Fork
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexa Wood35-11.50Park Vista Community
2.10Denisha Huff33-01.50Olympic Heights
3.9Makayla Reynolds30-07.00Jensen Beach
4.11Melanie Calise29-07.00Park Vista Community
5.12Marcel Totrtorici29-07.00Jensen Beach
6.10Sarah Nicely28-06.50Jensen Beach
7.10Erica Castaneda28-04.00Park Vista Community
8.11Claudenae Cousins27-05.00Lake Worth Community
9.11Christina Saint Pierre27-04.00Park Vista Community
10.12Carolyn Payne27-01.50South Fork
11.12Christine Guinan27-00.50South Fork
12.10Sarah Tyson26-03.50Jensen Beach
--11Jameria McDonaldNDLake Worth Community
--10Sashoy CastriotaNDLake Worth Community
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