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Show Low Cougar Invitational

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Show Low HS, Show Low, AZ

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Weeks11.70aShow Low
2.12Wendell Carter11.77aWinslow
3.9Brice Rova11.84aShow Low
4.12Doug Johnson11.88aShow Low
5.11Zach Schoeneman11.97aShow Low
6.12Sedale Flanagan12.05aWinslow
7.12Miles Brown12.08aWinslow
8.12Kraig Shirely12.15aWinslow
9.11John Amos12.53aAlchesay
10.11Corwin Carroll12.90aAlchesay
11.10Jason Moore12.99aHolbrook
12.10Andres Leon13.25aHolbrook
13.9Leander Altaha13.68aAlchesay
14.12Keever Caddo13.72aAlchesay
15.9Mitchell Laughing13.88aWindow Rock
9Micheal Nelson13.91aRound Valley
16.9Micheal Nelson13.91aRound Valley
17.11Richard Kaaloa15.33aWindow Rock
10Powen BenallyDQWindow Rock
9Dalton TaylorDQRound Valley
11Joshua PabloDQWindow Rock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Weeks23.30aShow Low
2.9Brice Rova24.16aShow Low
3.12Wendell Carter24.23aWinslow
4.11Zach Schoeneman24.65aShow Low
5.12Sedale Flanagan24.93aWinslow
6.10Jason Moore26.75aHolbrook
7.10Justin Jackson26.85aShow Low
9Micheal Nelson28.47aRound Valley
8.9Micheal Nelson28.47aRound Valley
9.9Leander Altaha29.19aAlchesay
10.12Keever Caddo29.47aAlchesay
9Dalton TaylorDQRound Valley
11Joshua PabloDQWindow Rock
11Adam MooreDQHolbrook
10Dekayale BarneyDQWindow Rock
10Powen BenallyDQWindow Rock
9Mark WoodDQWinslow
11Austyn GilbertDQWinslow
11Corwin CarrollDQAlchesay
9Darian LeslieDQAlchesay
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Weeks49.31aShow Low
2.10Boden Broseman52.71aShow Low
3.12Daniel Morris52.94aRound Valley
4.9Brice Rova53.71aShow Low
5.11Austyn Gilbert56.38aWinslow
6.11Adam Moore57.81aHolbrook
9Mason Trezise57.82aRound Valley
7.9Mason Trezise57.82aRound Valley
8.9Alex Vega1:00.00aRound Valley
9.9Darian Leslie1:00.19aAlchesay
10.12Francisco Jones1:02.58aWinslow
11.12Rayven Joe1:02.96aWindow Rock
12.9Andrew Greenwood1:03.72aWinslow
13.10Jeremy Jesus1:06.15aWindow Rock
12Kaene AntonioDQWindow Rock
10Tito JohnsonDQWinslow
9Mitchell LaughingDQWindow Rock
12Rathen RicedorffDQShow Low
11John AmosDQAlchesay
9Lorenzo ScottDQHolbrook
12Phillip CurtisDQHolbrook
10Pernell BurnetteDQAlchesay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Luis Yanez2:12.54aRound Valley
1.11Luis Yanez2:12.54aRound Valley
2.12Daniel Hemsel2:14.81aShow Low
3.11Cody Sangster2:15.55aWinslow
4.11Lorin Greenwood2:19.53aWinslow
5.10Rafeal Ibarra2:21.17aRound Valley
6.10John Hoskie2:29.75aWinslow
7.9Bret Quintero2:32.20aAlchesay
7.9Bret Quintero2:34.20aAlchesay
8.12Phillip Curtis2:41.62aHolbrook
9.11Miles Begay2:43.80aHolbrook
10.10Atsatsa Antonio2:44.29aWindow Rock
11.9Colby Brooks2:54.78aWinslow
9Brett VanWinkleDQShow Low
12Clyde HillisDQWindow Rock
9Dominain JonesDQAlchesay
10Kelsey WhitingDQRound Valley
9Austin VirginDQShow Low
9Caleb DanaDQRound Valley
12Isaac RobbinsDQWindow Rock
11Melcomh CheeDQHolbrook
9Dylan HillDQHolbrook
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Sangster5:02.11aWinslow
2.10Albert Ryan5:16.13aShow Low
3.10John Hoskie5:22.06aWinslow
4.12Ryan Burbank5:26.89aWindow Rock
5.9Kevin Decker5:33.14aWinslow
6.9Bret Quintero5:35.15aAlchesay
6.9Bret Quintero5:40.15aAlchesay
7.9Mark Clark5:41.89aHolbrook
9.9Curtivan Bedonie5:42.02aAlchesay
8.10Lukas Shirley5:45.34aWinslow
9.9Curtivan Bedonie5:47.02aAlchesay
12Joseph Paxson5:50.29aRound Valley
10.Joseph Paxon5:50.29aRound Valley
10.12Joseph Paxson5:50.29aRound Valley
11.9Max Oberholtzer5:53.84aShow Low
12.9Seth Macneil5:58.84aShow Low
13.11Miles Begay6:09.43aHolbrook
14.9Josh McNeil6:14.53aShow Low
15.12Ethan Malone6:18.40aAlchesay
15.12Ethan Malone6:23.40aAlchesay
12Shelby HoodDQWindow Rock
11Jon-Michael WatsonDQWindow Rock
11Melcomh CheeDQHolbrook
9Dylan HillDQHolbrook
11Ryan DavalosDQRound Valley
12Otis AlbertDQAlchesay
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Albert Ryan11:48.94aShow Low
2.9Curtivan Bedonie12:01.99aAlchesay
2.9Curtivan Bedonie12:11.99aAlchesay
3.11Brandon Watts12:15.96aWinslow
4.9Mark Clark12:15.97aHolbrook
5.10Matthew Honvantewa12:42.59aWinslow
12Joseph Paxson12:48.06aRound Valley
6.12Joseph Paxson12:48.06aRound Valley
6.Joseph Paxon12:48.06aRound Valley
7.10Stanely Yellowhair13:02.56aWinslow
8.12Alfredo Way13:02.60aAlchesay
9.9Seth Macneil13:37.42aShow Low
10.9Mark Duncan13:51.33aShow Low
11.9Lorenzo Scott13:53.88aHolbrook
12.12Ethan Malone14:05.01aAlchesay
12.12Ethan Malone14:15.01aAlchesay
13.9Nick Thomas14:52.66aWinslow
14.9Josh McNeil15:20.36aShow Low
9Albert SorrellDQWindow Rock
11Melcomh CheeDQHolbrook
12Shelby HoodDQWindow Rock
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Payden Zufelt17.73aWinslow
2.10Gabriel Andis17.97aHolbrook
3.12Josh Hatch18.17aHolbrook
4.12Miles Brown18.45aWinslow
5.11Jeremy Nodal18.72aShow Low
6.10Mason Moore19.09aHolbrook
7.12Joey Raymond19.70aShow Low
8.12Rayven Joe19.71aWindow Rock
9.11Robert Dawson20.31aHolbrook
10.10Josh Van Proyen20.43aShow Low
10.10Cody Tenney20.43aShow Low
12.9Demetrious Gamez20.50aWinslow
9Tanner BinghamDQRound Valley
11Kelvin GleasonDQWindow Rock
12Kaene AntonioDQWindow Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cody Tenney44.32aShow Low
2.12Joey Raymond45.73aShow Low
3.9Demetrious Gamez46.22aWinslow
4.10Gabriel Andis47.05aHolbrook
5.12Josh Hatch47.17aHolbrook
6.11Jeremy Nodal47.88aShow Low
7.11Robert Dawson49.90aHolbrook
8.12Rayven Joe51.74aWindow Rock
9.10Josh Van Proyen51.86aShow Low
10.10Mason Moore53.05aHolbrook
11.11Kelvin Gleason1:05.39aWindow Rock
12Kaene AntonioDQWindow Rock
9Tanner BinghamDQRound Valley
12Payden ZufeltDQWinslow
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wendell Carter
Sedale Flanagan
Payden Zufelt
Kraig Shirely
2.-Zach Schoeneman
Boden Broseman
Justin Jackson
Doug Johnson
45.73aShow Low
3.-Gabriel Andis
Josh Hatch
Andres Leon
Jason Moore
4.-Micheal Nelson
Wes Padilla
Mason Trezise
Alex Vega
53.95aRound Valley
5.-Leander Altaha
Keever Caddo
Alfredo Way
Dominain Jones
-Powen Benally
Mitchell Laughing
Jeremy Jesus
Joshua Pablo
DQWindow Rock
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Weeks
Cody Tenney
Zach Schoeneman
Brice Rova
3:34.58aShow Low
2.-Payden Zufelt
Sedale Flanagan
Tito Johnson
Kraig Shirely
-Luis Yanez
Rafeal Ibarra
Mason Trezise
Daniel Morris
4:01.27aRound Valley
3.-Luis Yanez
Rafeal Ibarra
Mason Trezise
Daniel Morris
4:01.27aRound Valley
3.Relay Team4:01.27aRound Valley
4.-Gabriel Andis
Adam Moore
Andres Leon
Steven Young
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Luis Yanez
Rafeal Ibarra
Kelsey Whiting
Mason Trezise
9:15.44aRound Valley
1.-Luis Yanez
Rafeal Ibarra
Alex Vega
Kelsey Whiting
9:15.44aRound Valley
1.Relay Team9:15.44aRound Valley
2.-Daniel Hemsel
Albert Ryan
Brett VanWinkle
Josh Van Proyen
9:23.69aShow Low
3.-Kevin Decker
Matthew Honvantewa
Brandon Watts
Lukus Shirley
4.-Otis Albert
Alfredo Way
Bret Quintero
Dominain Jones
-Miles Begay
Melcomh Chee
Mark Clark
Lorenzo Scott
-Isaac Robbins
Jon-Michael Watson
Ryan Burbank
Albert Sorrell
DQWindow Rock
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derrick Osburn45-08.00Show Low
2.11Brian Johnson40-11.00Show Low
3.11Jammerrino White40-03.00Holbrook
4.11Jason Cooley39-09.00Show Low
5.10Benjamin Williams37-04.00Holbrook
6.10Chadwick Colvin36-06.00Winslow
7.11Derek Shinke36-03.00Show Low
8.11Dalton Fatt32-08.00Winslow
9.11Reuban Kee32-05.00Holbrook
12Eric Porter31'0Round Valley
10.12Eric Porter31-00.00Round Valley
11.12Brandon Barney30-08.00Window Rock
12.9Tristan Van Arsdale29-09.00Winslow
13.12Brando Riley29-07.00Alchesay
14.11Kendrick Crawford29-05.00Round Valley
15.10Chaz Pifer27-08.00Round Valley
16.9Nehko Edwards26-07.00Alchesay
17.9Ryan Ross24-05.00Window Rock
18.9Austin Velasquez24-04.00Alchesay
19.9Shain Kee23-03.00Holbrook
12Cyle NelsonDQWindow Rock
10Derrick SladeDQRound Valley
11Richard KaaloaDQWindow Rock
12Ramon TohonnieDQAlchesay
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Johnson115-02Show Low
2.11Derek Shinke113-01Show Low
3.11Derrick Osburn109-00Show Low
4.9Nehko Edwards107-01Alchesay
5.11Dean Hartman107-00Show Low
6.10Chadwick Colvin97-09Winslow
7.10Benjamin Williams96-10Holbrook
12Eric Porter94'8Round Valley
8.12Eric Porter94-08Round Valley
9.11TY Keyonnie92-07Holbrook
10.9Austin Velasquez92-05Alchesay
11.12Brandon Barney88-10Window Rock
12.11Dalton Fatt85-11Winslow
13.10Ryan Lester85-08Holbrook
14.12Brando Riley84-05Alchesay
11Kendrick Crawford82'0Round Valley
15.11Kendrick Crawford82-00Round Valley
16.11Elijah Strangeowl80-11Window Rock
17.10Malcolm Boyd77-10Window Rock
18.9Tristan Van Arsdale76-09Winslow
19.10Chaz Pifer68-05Round Valley
20.10Alfred Lynch59-03Window Rock
10Derrick SladeDQRound Valley
12Ramon TohonnieDQAlchesay
11Jammerrino WhiteDQHolbrook
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Niko Gutierrez6'2Round Valley
1.12Niko Gutierrez6-02.00Round Valley
2.9Spencer Smith6-00.00Show Low
3.9Trevor Solomon5-08.00Show Low
3.12Andrew Orona5-08.00Round Valley
3.10Gabriel Andis5-08.00Holbrook
11Kendrick CrawfordNHRound Valley
9Tanner BinghamDQRound Valley
10Daniel TonelliDQShow Low
10Tito JohnsonDQWinslow
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Doug Johnson14-00.00Show Low
1.12Daniel Patterson14-00.00Show Low
3.11Caleb Whiting13-00.00Round Valley
11Wil Hoppe12'6Round Valley
4.11Wil Hoppe12-06.00Round Valley
4.11Blake Sweigert12-06.00Show Low
6.10Jacob Goodsel11-00.00Round Valley
10Kelsey Whiting10'6Round Valley
7.10Kelsey Whiting10-06.00Round Valley
7.11Lorin Greenwood10-06.00Winslow
9.9Mark Wood9-06.00Winslow
10.9Andrew Greenwood8-00.00Winslow
12Trevon PenrodDQSan Tan Foothills
9Brett VanWinkleNHShow Low
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Jackson19-01.75Show Low
2.10Tito Johnson18-09.00Winslow
12Andrew Orona17'8Round Valley
3.12Andrew Orona17-08.00Round Valley
4.11John Amos17-05.75Alchesay
5.11Corwin Carroll16-11.00Alchesay
11Wil Hoppe16'9.25Round Valley
6.11Wil Hoppe16-09.25Round Valley
7.12Niko Gutierrez16-08.00Round Valley
8.9Trevor Solomon16-05.25Show Low
9.10Boden Broseman16-03.25Show Low
10.10Andres Leon16-00.00Holbrook
11.10Jason Moore15-07.75Holbrook
12.11Adam Moore15-02.00Holbrook
13.12Keever Caddo15-00.50Alchesay
14.10Atsatsa Antonio14-00.00Window Rock
15.9Wes Padilla13-01.50Round Valley
9Wes Padilla13' 1.25Round Valley
16.10Jeremy Jesus12-10.75Window Rock
17.9Curtivan Bedonie12-09.50Alchesay
11Richard KaaloaDQWindow Rock
12Isaac RobbinsDQWindow Rock
10Daniel TonelliDQShow Low
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Dawson37-03.00Holbrook
2.10Justin Jackson37-01.50Show Low
3.11John Amos35-06.00Alchesay
4.11Corwin Carroll34-06.75Alchesay
5.10Andres Leon33-07.00Holbrook
10Jacob Goodsel33'5Round Valley
6.10Jacob Goodsel33-05.00Round Valley
9Dalton TaylorDQRound Valley
12Morgan BrownDQRound Valley
11Wil HoppeDQRound Valley
10Boden BrosemanDQShow Low
10Daniel TonelliDQShow Low
9Trevor SolomonDQShow Low
10Pernell BurnetteDQAlchesay

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Mariah Brown14.19aRound Valley
10Megan Hart14.28aRound Valley
2.10Megan Hart14.28aRound Valley
3.12Tess McGee14.37aHolbrook
4.11Kelafer Kinlecheenie14.42aWinslow
5.9Lauren Hatch14.43aWinslow
6.12Brianna Macedo14.74aWinslow
7.9Mikayla Brannon14.78aShow Low
8.9Lacey Taylor15.33aRound Valley
9.9Savanna Lopez15.81aShow Low
10.11Angela Paxson17.07aAlchesay
9Isabella DuranDQHolbrook
10Danyelle BarneyDQWindow Rock
9Arileauna DavisDQWindow Rock
9Linda LuceroDQWindow Rock
10Naomi CadmanDQWindow Rock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Baylee Schroder29.15aShow Low
2.9Lauren Hatch29.88aWinslow
3.12Tess McGee30.60aHolbrook
4.11Kelafer Kinlecheenie30.72aWinslow
5.9Mikayla Brannon31.06aShow Low
6.9Vonaisha Flanagan32.50aWinslow
7.10Angelica Milligan32.53aWinslow
9Lacey Taylor33.52aRound Valley
8.9Mariah Brown33.52aRound Valley
9.11Angela Paxson37.36aAlchesay
10.9Savanna Lopez39.08aShow Low
10Megan HartDQRound Valley
9Lacey TaylorDQRound Valley
10Danyelle BarneyDQWindow Rock
10Paulita BegayDQWindow Rock
9Arileauna DavisDQWindow Rock
10Naomi CadmanDQWindow Rock
11Samatha WebsterDQRound Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brianna Macedo1:05.87aWinslow
2.11Devon Layton1:06.42aShow Low
3.11Alexis Ricedorff1:07.48aShow Low
4.10Analisa Dawson1:07.99aHolbrook
9Katherine Marshall1:10.37aRound Valley
5.9Katherine Marshall1:10.37aRound Valley
6.11Tatum Charley1:13.50aWinslow
7.9Amber Leslie1:15.38aAlchesay
10Angelica MilliganDQWinslow
9Marcela JoeDQWinslow
12Kamellia FallDQAlchesay
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chastine Virgin2:37.26aShow Low
2.10Colbi Nez2:44.71aHolbrook
3.10Rachel Montoya2:44.72aWinslow
4.12Tyanna Lee2:50.48aWinslow
7.12Ashley Kessay2:53.84aAlchesay
5.10Maria Gaunt2:55.35aShow Low
9Morgan Udall2:55.38aRound Valley
6.9Morgan Udall2:55.38aRound Valley
7.12Ashley Kessay2:55.84aAlchesay
8.9Amber Leslie2:56.92aAlchesay
8.9Amber Leslie2:58.92aAlchesay
9.12Lynatara Attakai3:05.13aHolbrook
10.11Danielle Dickson3:05.34aWinslow
11.9Shandie Demuth3:06.00aHolbrook
12.9Gypsy Pete3:10.70aWindow Rock
13.10Michelle Crowfeather3:12.66aWinslow
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Davette Susan5:53.49aAlchesay
1.10Yanibah Jaques5:56.95aWindow Rock
2.10Davette Susan5:58.49aAlchesay
3.10Carissa Jones6:00.31aShow Low
4.10Colbi Nez6:03.78aHolbrook
5.10Rachel Montoya6:05.04aWinslow
6.12Tyanna Lee6:24.02aWinslow
8.10RayAnn Chee6:24.55aAlchesay
7.10Dylan Goodwill6:25.18aWindow Rock
8.10RayAnn Chee6:29.55aAlchesay
9.9Miriam Deschine6:30.10aWindow Rock
10.12Ashley Kessay6:30.48aAlchesay
11.12Kenisha Velasquez6:32.17aAlchesay
10.12Ashley Kessay6:35.48aAlchesay
11.12Kenisha Velasquez6:37.17aAlchesay
12.10Maria Gaunt6:39.47aShow Low
13.9Danielle Dovey6:46.70aShow Low
14.10Michelle Crowfeather7:02.09aWinslow
15.12Lynatara Attakai7:02.20aHolbrook
16.12Rebecca Juslin7:08.20aShow Low
17.11Tara Wilson7:08.39aWinslow
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Davette Susan13:22.46aAlchesay
1.10Davette Susan13:32.46aAlchesay
2.12Kenisha Velasquez14:04.39aAlchesay
2.12Kenisha Velasquez14:14.39aAlchesay
3.9Danielle Dovey14:41.10aShow Low
4.11Danielle Dickson14:44.98aWinslow
5.9Miriam Deschine14:47.95aWindow Rock
6.11Taelor Keyonnie16:58.07aWinslow
7.10Charmayne Wagner17:43.15aWinslow
8.9Gabrielle Yazzie17:43.19aWinslow
12Rebecca JuslinDQShow Low
10RayAnn CheeDQAlchesay
10Yanibah JaquesDQWindow Rock
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cassandra Adams17.76aShow Low
2.10Haley Pomeroy18.57aShow Low
10Shiloh Donaldson19.07aRound Valley
3.10Shiloh Donaldson19.07aRound Valley
4.11Ciara Daniel19.15aShow Low
5.10Kristina Mangus19.57aWinslow
6.9Cydney Walters22.49aHolbrook
9Linda LuceroDQWindow Rock
9Whitney ReidheadDQShow Low
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexandria Jones53.45aAlchesay
2.10Haley Pomeroy54.91aShow Low
3.11Ciara Daniel55.42aShow Low
4.12Cassandra Adams55.65aShow Low
5.10Kristina Mangus55.92aWinslow
6.9Cydney Walters1:04.42aHolbrook
7.11Naanibah Begay1:06.36aWindow Rock
9Whitney ReidheadDQShow Low
9Linda LuceroDQWindow Rock
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalafer Kinlecheenie
Lauren Hatch
Kristina Mangus
Brianna Macedo
-Shiloh Donaldson
Mariah Peters
Megan Hart
Stormy Penrod
55.09aRound Valley
2.-Shiloh Donaldson
Megan Hart
Mariah Peters
Stormy Penrod
55.09aRound Valley
2.Relay Team55.09aRound Valley
3.-Savanna Stabenow
Baylee Schoder
Mikayla Brannon
Ciara Daniel
55.65aShow Low
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devon Layton
Haley Pomeroy
Alexis Ricedorff
Carissa Jones
4:24.83aShow Low
2.-Marcela Joe
Kalafer Kinlecheenie
Brianna Macedo
Lauren Hatch
3.-Ashley Kessay
Shuwon Ethelbah
Alexandria Jones
Davette Susan
4.-Gypsy Pete
Dylan Goodwill
Naanibah Begay
Danyelle Barney
5:05.13aWindow Rock
-Lynatara Attakai
Analisa Dawson
Colbi Nez
Isabella Duran
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devon Layton
Carissa Jones
Alexis Ricedorff
Chastine Virgin
10:48.90aShow Low
2.-Davette Susan
Kenisha Velasquez
Shuwon Ethelbah
Alexandria Jones
3.-Miriam Deschinee
Naanibah Begay
Dylan Goodwill
Yanibah Jaques
11:39.18aWindow Rock
4.-Lynatara Attakai
Analisa Dawson
Isabella Duran
Colbi Nez
5.-Charmayne Wagner
Taelor Keyonnie
Tara Wilson
Gabrielle Yazzie
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leanne Fall30-00.00Alchesay
2.11Corey Nez29-02.00Winslow
3.11Kristen Yazzie28-02.00Winslow
4.9Mesha Fuson28-00.00Winslow
5.10Becca Schinke26-01.00Show Low
6.11Haley Hancock25-09.00Winslow
10China Wadlington24'3Round Valley
7.10China Wadlington24-03.00Round Valley
8.11Mataya Newhall24-02.00Alchesay
9.12Tenille Nachu23-07.00Alchesay
9.9Shandie Demuth23-07.00Holbrook
11.10Karin Glemmested22-00.00Round Valley
12.9Ryan Lewis21-06.00Holbrook
13.10Maria Gaunt21-03.00Show Low
14.9Kaytlynn Maxwell20-07.00Show Low
14.9Morgan Udall20-07.00Round Valley
14.9Katherine Marshall20-07.00Round Valley
17.10Chelsea Gleason17-02.00Window Rock
12Shaunacy LittleDQHolbrook
9Isabella DuranDQHolbrook
12Jaime RustinDQAlchesay
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Schinke104-00Show Low
2.9Mesha Fuson88-11Winslow
3.12Leanne Fall85-00Alchesay
4.10Maria Guant75'0Show Low
4.10Maria Gaunt75-00Show Low
5.9Kaytlynn Maxwell74-11Show Low
6.11Kristen Yazzie71-03Winslow
7.11Corey Nez68-08Winslow
8.9Ryan Lewis65-01Holbrook
9.12Tenille Nachu61-10Alchesay
10.9Shandie Demuth61-09Holbrook
11.10Chelsea Gleason60-08Window Rock
12.10Desyre Fall58-00Alchesay
13.11Haley Hancock56-03Winslow
14.9Aitana Paxson53-04Alchesay
15.9Marissa LaRue51-09Round Valley
12Shaunacy LittleDQHolbrook
9Isabella DuranDQHolbrook
11Samatha WebsterDQRound Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Baylee Schroder4-08.00Show Low
9Marissa LaRue4'6Round Valley
2.9Marissa LaRue4-06.00Round Valley
3.9Vonaisha Flanagan4-00.00Winslow
-Sage CryderNHShow Low
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
10Stormy Penrod8'0"Round Valley
1.10Stormy Penrod8-00.00Round Valley
1.10Angelica Milligan8-00.00Winslow
1.11Ciara Daniel8-00.00Show Low
1.10Haley Pomeroy8-00.00Show Low
1.10Shiloh Donaldson8-00.00Round Valley
1.12Savanna Stabenow8-00.00Show Low
10Amanda Crawford7'6"Round Valley
7.10Amanda Crawford7-06.00Round Valley
7.9Marissa LaRue7-06.00Round Valley
7.11Alexis Ricedorff7-06.00Show Low
12Kelli SartainDQWinslow
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cassandra Adams14-06.25Show Low
2.11Baylee Schroder14-03.25Show Low
3.12Alexandria Jones14-02.75Alchesay
4.9Mikayla Brannon14-02.00Show Low
9Katherine Marshall13'5.5Round Valley
5.9Katherine Marshall13-05.50Round Valley
6.12Shuwon Ethelbah13-02.25Alchesay
7.10Dylan Goodwill13-02.00Window Rock
8.9Vonaisha Flanagan12-11.25Winslow
10China Wadlington12'5Round Valley
9.10China Wadlington12-05.00Round Valley
10.10Karin Glemmested10-10.50Round Valley
-Sage CryderDQShow Low
10Amanda CrawfordDQRound Valley
12Kamellia FallDQAlchesay
9Miriam DeschineDQWindow Rock
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cassandra Adams30-08.00Show Low
2.9Savanna Lopez28-08.75Show Low
3.12Shuwon Ethelbah28-06.75Alchesay
12Kamellia FallDQAlchesay
-Sage CryderDQShow Low
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