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FHSAA 3A District 13 Championship

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Merritt Island HS, Merritt Island

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacques Williams11.26aViera (Melbourne)
2.10Mike Thomas11.36aOkeechobee
3.10Aukeemian Mills11.40aOkeechobee
4.12LaMarcus Johnson11.55aSebastian River
5.12Joshua Foster11.58aMerritt Island
6.12II, Michael Williams11.74aSebastian River
7.11Kevin Kennedy11.80aViera (Melbourne)
8.11Quandrell Ridley11.87aOkeechobee
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Mike Thomas11.45aOkeechobee
2.12Joshua Foster11.48aMerritt Island
4.12Jacques Williams11.50aViera (Melbourne)
3.10Aukeemian Mills11.62aOkeechobee
5.11Kevin Kennedy11.85aViera (Melbourne)
6.12II, Michael Williams11.87aSebastian River
7.11Quandrell Ridley11.91aOkeechobee
8.12LaMarcus Johnson11.93aSebastian River
9.12Giorgio Newberry12.04aFort Pierce Central
10.11Nick Fleig12.07aViera (Melbourne)
11.11Brad Cox12.08aMerritt Island
12.10Jafeous Taylor12.28aSebastian River
13.12Letravious Adams12.35aFort Pierce Central
14.10James Blackshell12.44aFort Pierce Central
15.10Ty'Keshe Files12.53aOkeechobee
16.10Octoavia Jefferson12.64aSebastian River
17.9Anthony Gamble12.74aFort Pierce Central
--12Chris CamandoDNFViera (Melbourne)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Everette Jackson22.92aFort Pierce Westwood
2.11Quincy Price23.35aFort Pierce Central
3.12LaMarcus Johnson23.40aSebastian River
4.10Aukeemian Mills23.56aOkeechobee
5.10Mike Thomas23.93aOkeechobee
6.12Joshua Foster24.25aMerritt Island
7.11Kevin Kennedy24.28aViera (Melbourne)
8.12II, Michael Williams24.44aSebastian River
X 200 Meters - Adaptive - Finals
1.12Damarius Gray58.37aFort Pierce Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Aukeemian Mills22.83aOkeechobee
2.12Everette Jackson23.07aFort Pierce Westwood
4.12LaMarcus Johnson23.07aSebastian River
5.10Mike Thomas23.26aOkeechobee
6.11Quincy Price23.60aFort Pierce Central
7.11Kevin Kennedy23.72aViera (Melbourne)
8.12II, Michael Williams23.76aSebastian River
3.12Joshua Foster23.81aMerritt Island
9.11Tyrler King24.35aSebastian River
10.9John Batch24.49aMerritt Island
11.10Paul Cepeda24.72aViera (Melbourne)
12.10Jameel Jackson24.76aFort Pierce Central
13.11Nick Fleig25.07aViera (Melbourne)
14.10Rickey Rodriguez25.47aFort Pierce Central
15.10Octoavia Jefferson25.99aSebastian River
16.10Greg Lambert26.12aEau Gallie
17.10Jean Toussaint27.38aFort Pierce Central
--12Chris CamandoDNFViera (Melbourne)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Gorbea50.40aViera (Melbourne)
2.12Christian Fair51.14aFort Pierce Central
3.12Christopher Wallace52.45aFort Pierce Central
4.12Shaquille Owens52.63aFort Pierce Westwood
5.9Bob Berneus53.82aFort Pierce Central
6.12Matthew Audo53.99aViera (Melbourne)
7.11Tyrler King54.11aSebastian River
8.12Jerome Bloomfield55.79aSebastian River
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Christian Fair51.17aFort Pierce Central
2.11Justin Gorbea51.47aViera (Melbourne)
5.12Christopher Wallace52.35aFort Pierce Central
3.12Shaquille Owens52.47aFort Pierce Westwood
6.9Bob Berneus52.56aFort Pierce Central
7.12Matthew Audo53.19aViera (Melbourne)
8.12Jerome Bloomfield53.20aSebastian River
4.11Tyrler King53.98aSebastian River
9.12James Grice54.13aSebastian River
10.10Carlton Hadley55.11aMerritt Island
11.10Paul Cepeda55.24aViera (Melbourne)
12.10Jovante King56.12aSebastian River
13.10Frank Adamo56.61aOkeechobee
14.9Alquawn Vickers56.72aFort Pierce Central
15.10Alec Anderson57.02aOkeechobee
16.11Mike Kruger57.65aViera (Melbourne)
17.9Eugene Curry57.75aFort Pierce Westwood
18.11Austin Wolfe57.80aEau Gallie
19.10Elliott Smith58.06aEau Gallie
20.9Alex Emmonds58.12aOkeechobee
21.10Timothy Campbell58.70aMerritt Island
22.12Ke-shen Liu59.82aMerritt Island
23.11Kyle Galeano1:00.62aMerritt Island
24.11Patrick Murphy1:05.43aEau Gallie
25.11Vincent Antinarelli1:08.42aEau Gallie
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Woodruff2:02.66aSebastian River
2.12Nataneal Raya2:07.16aSebastian River
3.12Shawn Horvath2:08.21aOkeechobee
4.11Joe Fike2:08.85aMerritt Island
5.11Nick Howorth2:11.71aViera (Melbourne)
6.11Arcadio Salazar2:12.76aSebastian River
7.12Erik Delafuente2:12.87aEau Gallie
8.10Trae Kissam2:12.92aOkeechobee
9.10Ryan Zacrep2:15.59aMerritt Island
10.11Eric Mueth2:16.66aMerritt Island
11.10Noe Gutierrez2:18.34aFort Pierce Central
12.10Frank Adamo2:19.03aOkeechobee
13.10Landon Estes2:23.73aViera (Melbourne)
14.9Markus Rodriguez2:24.22aFort Pierce Central
15.12Juwan Flanders2:25.66aFort Pierce Westwood
16.9Zach Mercer2:28.01aViera (Melbourne)
17.10Shawn Thomas2:28.69aMerritt Island
18.10Gabriel Chavez-Sanchez2:29.71aFort Pierce Central
19.12Gabe Esquivez2:33.02aOkeechobee
20.12Marquis Lee2:36.89aFort Pierce Central
--12Bernard ThomasDNFSebastian River
X 800 Meters - Adaptive - Finals
1.12Damarius Gray4:15.37aFort Pierce Central
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harsha Torke4:22.24aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Jon Campbell4:46.86aViera (Melbourne)
3.12Mauro Dominguez4:49.46aOkeechobee
4.10Shawn Thomas4:51.43aMerritt Island
5.11Andrew Berg4:55.72aSebastian River
6.11Joe Fike4:58.27aMerritt Island
7.11Matt Horner4:58.50aMerritt Island
8.9Tj Bell4:58.85aMerritt Island
9.9Preston Skinner5:07.82aEau Gallie
10.11Arcadio Salazar5:08.43aSebastian River
11.10Cody Gerardot5:10.36aViera (Melbourne)
12.11Erick Espinoza5:10.81aSebastian River
13.11William Hoelke5:21.91aSebastian River
14.12Mariano Alvarez5:24.57aOkeechobee
15.10Billy Val5:37.06aFort Pierce Central
16.9Ray Cerratto5:39.16aViera (Melbourne)
17.9Sam Van Ornam6:04.24aFort Pierce Central
--12Juwan FlandersDQFort Pierce Westwood
--12Shawn HorvathDNFOkeechobee
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harsha Torke9:59.17aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Jon Campbell10:29.81aViera (Melbourne)
3.12Jon Brown10:35.44aMerritt Island
4.11JC Ivey10:49.77aEau Gallie
5.12Mauro Dominguez10:54.71aOkeechobee
6.11Matt Horner11:22.78aMerritt Island
7.11Erick Espinoza11:28.63aSebastian River
8.11Andrew Berg11:32.29aSebastian River
9.12Mariano Alvarez11:48.90aOkeechobee
10.10Chris Blaylock11:59.32aMerritt Island
11.9Brad Ivey12:00.13aEau Gallie
12.10Luis Alvarado12:10.37aOkeechobee
13.10Kadin Campbell12:14.65aSebastian River
14.10Nick Zeak12:15.28aMerritt Island
15.10Gabriel Chavez-Sanchez12:33.93aFort Pierce Central
16.12Andrew Sadler12:47.03aSebastian River
17.10Billy Val13:30.04aFort Pierce Central
18.11John Kowalski14:39.01aViera (Melbourne)
19.10Rajeeb Adams15:21.71aFort Pierce Central
20.9Marc Sierra15:22.74aFort Pierce Central
--10Christian GarciaDNFOkeechobee
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shawn Applewhite14.90aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Nick Friel14.99aMerritt Island
3.11Davontae Gordon15.46aMerritt Island
4.12Dennis Hooper15.83aViera (Melbourne)
5.10Joe Batch16.42aMerritt Island
6.11Kanisus Ferguson16.70aViera (Melbourne)
7.11Johntavis Brown17.64aSebastian River
--11Derrick WilliamsDNFFort Pierce Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nick Friel14.90aMerritt Island
2.11Davontae Gordon15.22aMerritt Island
3.12Shawn Applewhite15.24aViera (Melbourne)
4.12Dennis Hooper15.57aViera (Melbourne)
5.10Joe Batch16.54aMerritt Island
6.11Johntavis Brown16.55aSebastian River
7.11Derrick Williams16.69aFort Pierce Central
8.11Kanisus Ferguson16.71aViera (Melbourne)
9.11Lamont Bailey16.74aFort Pierce Central
10.11Nikko Finnegan17.24aSebastian River
11.10Ashton Terry17.86aSebastian River
12.9Deion Jones18.04aSebastian River
13.9Will Sattler18.31aViera (Melbourne)
14.10Marcus Levy18.52aFort Pierce Central
15.9Kyle Sarros21.70aOkeechobee
16.12Ladravio Williams24.95aFort Pierce Central
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dennis Hooper39.67aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Nick Friel42.21aMerritt Island
3.11Kanisus Ferguson43.60aViera (Melbourne)
4.11Davontae Gordon43.74aMerritt Island
5.10Joe Batch43.98aMerritt Island
6.12Ladravio Williams54.65aFort Pierce Central
--11Johntavis BrownDNFSebastian River
--12Morale DurdenDNFFort Pierce Westwood
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dennis Hooper40.11aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Nick Friel41.31aMerritt Island
3.11Davontae Gordon42.24aMerritt Island
4.11Johntavis Brown42.42aSebastian River
5.10Joe Batch42.49aMerritt Island
6.12Morale Durden43.35aFort Pierce Westwood
7.11Kanisus Ferguson44.32aViera (Melbourne)
8.12Ladravio Williams44.68aFort Pierce Central
9.9Deion Jones45.02aSebastian River
10.11Matt Westlund45.03aViera (Melbourne)
11.12Colby Frank45.07aOkeechobee
12.10Ashton Terry45.69aSebastian River
13.9Will Sattler46.59aViera (Melbourne)
14.11Lamont Bailey46.63aFort Pierce Central
15.11Anthony Smith50.04aSebastian River
16.9Raphael Grace50.41aEau Gallie
17.11Derrick Williams55.20aFort Pierce Central
18.9Kyle Sarros56.19aOkeechobee
--10Marcus LevyDNFFort Pierce Central
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Friel
Joshua Foster
Davontae Gordon
John Batch
43.58aMerritt Island
2.-Derrick Williams
Quincy Price
James Blackshell
Christian Fair
44.24aFort Pierce Central
3.-Mike Thomas
Quandrell Ridley
Ty' ronte Files
Aukeemian Mills
4.-Joe Fromer
Nick Fleig
Kevin Kennedy
Jacques Williams
44.87aViera (Melbourne)
---Johntavis Brown
Stephon Clark
Michael Williams
LaMarcus Johnson
DNFSebastian River
---Shaquille Owens
Everette Jackson
Morale Durden
Juwan Flanders
DNFFort Pierce Westwood
---Relay Team DNFEau Gallie
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Gorbea
Matthew Audo
Dennis Hooper
Shawn Applewhite
3:30.95aViera (Melbourne)
2.-Christian Fair
Christopher Wallace
Rickey Rodriguez
Bob Berneus
3:32.58aFort Pierce Central
3.-Tyrler King
Bernard Thomas
Nataneal Raya
Evan Woodruff
3:32.62aSebastian River
4.-Shaquille Owens
Juwan Flanders
Morale Durden
Everette Jackson
3:38.56aFort Pierce Westwood
5.-Brad Cox
Carlton Hadley
Joe Batch
Shelton McLean
3:40.84aMerritt Island
6.-Elliott Smith
Austin Wolfe
Greg Lambert
Raphael Grace
3:58.52aEau Gallie
7.-Alec Anderson
Frank Adamo
Alex Emmonds
Trae Kissam
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Arcadio Salazar
Nataneal Raya
Bernard Thomas
Evan Woodruff
8:24.25aSebastian River
2.-Jon Campbell
Joe Fromer
Nick Howorth
Harsha Torke
8:27.20aViera (Melbourne)
3.-Jon Brown
Shawn Thomas
Matt Horner
Joe Fike
8:35.96aMerritt Island
4.-Mauro Dominguez
Mariano Alvarez
Shawn Horvath
Trae Kissam
5.-Erik Delafuente
Brad Ivey
Preston Skinner
JC Ivey
8:45.98aEau Gallie
6.-Rickey Rodriguez
Noe Gutierrez
Gabriel Chavez-Sanchez
Bob Berneus
8:57.05aFort Pierce Central
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Mall15.98mViera (Melbourne)
2.12Tevin Bess15.97mSebastian River
3.10Jerandious Works14.42mFort Pierce Central
4.12Zurrie Patterson13.48mFort Pierce Westwood
5.12Randy Smith13.36mMerritt Island
6.12Kevin Sells12.96mMerritt Island
7.12Artevin McNair12.21mFort Pierce Westwood
8.11Austin Gries11.92mViera (Melbourne)
9.12Chris Cromartie11.74mViera (Melbourne)
9.12Giorgio Newberry11.74mFort Pierce Central
11.9Zach Finnegan11.65mSebastian River
12.11Anthony Simmons11.58mSebastian River
13.12Brant Harden11.37mOkeechobee
14.11Stanley Thor Harden11.15mOkeechobee
15.11Marc Kagan11.13mSebastian River
16.10JeVaughn Henry10.85mEau Gallie
17.12Tarage Stephenson10.80mFort Pierce Westwood
18.11Seth Hedrick10.47mOkeechobee
19.11Keigan Graham9.11mMerritt Island
20.12Brian Gascoigne8.78mFort Pierce Central
21.11Keller Orender8.01mOkeechobee
--11Jordan HicksFOULEau Gallie
X Shot Put - 12lb - Adaptive - Finals
1.12Damarius Gray4.62mFort Pierce Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Giorgio Newberry44.14mFort Pierce Central
2.12Tevin Bess42.31mSebastian River
3.11Kevin Mall41.85mViera (Melbourne)
4.9Zach Finnegan39.50mSebastian River
5.12Inuka Rhaheed39.21mFort Pierce Westwood
6.12Randy Smith38.77mMerritt Island
7.11Kyle Miller35.90mViera (Melbourne)
8.10Jerandious Works35.45mFort Pierce Central
9.12Brant Harden34.98mOkeechobee
10.12Kevin Sells34.55mMerritt Island
11.11Anthony Simmons33.00mSebastian River
12.11Nikko Finnegan31.66mSebastian River
13.12Jonathan Kemp31.47mOkeechobee
14.11Keigan Graham31.08mMerritt Island
15.11Dan Beyel27.90mOkeechobee
16.11Bryan Ager27.86mViera (Melbourne)
17.10JeVaughn Henry27.48mEau Gallie
18.12Chase Costa25.38mViera (Melbourne)
19.12Brian Gascoigne23.27mFort Pierce Central
--10Ty' ronte FilesFOULOkeechobee
--11Jordan HicksFOULEau Gallie
--11Michael MummawFOULEau Gallie
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Corbin Jackson1.87mViera (Melbourne)
2.12Letravious Adams1.82mFort Pierce Central
3.11Davontae Gordon1.82mMerritt Island
4.12Tyler Amburgey1.82mMerritt Island
5.11Kyle Galeano1.77mMerritt Island
6.12Stephon Clark1.77mSebastian River
7.12Colby Frank1.77mOkeechobee
8.11Justin Nathaniel1.72mSebastian River
9.12Matthew Audo1.67mViera (Melbourne)
10.12Ke-shen Liu1.62mMerritt Island
10.12Christopher Wallace1.62mFort Pierce Central
12.10Ricky Rivas1.57mSebastian River
--12Jeremy DavisonNHEau Gallie
--12Oscar BaldizonNHEau Gallie
--12Roderick HowardNHFort Pierce Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shelton McLean3.81mMerritt Island
2.12William Scozzari3.81mSebastian River
3.9John Batch3.65mMerritt Island
4.12Kevin Brodeur3.65mViera (Melbourne)
5.9Andrew Bocci3.50mMerritt Island
6.12Junior Reid3.35mSebastian River
7.12Logan Hester3.20mViera (Melbourne)
8.12Bejian Adams2.59mViera (Melbourne)
--9Nick BeattyNHMerritt Island
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephon Clark6.95mSebastian River
2.12Shawn Applewhite6.65mViera (Melbourne)
3.12Letravious Adams6.32mFort Pierce Central
4.11Kanisus Ferguson6.14mViera (Melbourne)
5.11Nick Friel6.09mMerritt Island
6.12Colby Frank5.96mOkeechobee
7.11Quandrell Ridley5.93mOkeechobee
8.12Christopher Wallace5.89mFort Pierce Central
9.11Brad Cox5.74mMerritt Island
10.10James Blackshell5.71mFort Pierce Central
11.12Everette Jackson5.68mFort Pierce Westwood
12.10Greg Nelson5.57mViera (Melbourne)
13.10Octoavia Jefferson5.52mSebastian River
14.12Jeff Henry5.51mEau Gallie
15.10Jovante King5.20mSebastian River
16.12Ladravio Williams5.11mFort Pierce Central
17.10Greg Lambert5.08mEau Gallie
18.11Josh Schrack4.80mEau Gallie
19.10Brandon Alderman4.62mEau Gallie
--11Johntavis BrownFOULSebastian River
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shawn Applewhite13.41mViera (Melbourne)
2.12Stephon Clark13.08mSebastian River
3.12Joshua Foster12.70mMerritt Island
4.12Christian Fair12.59mFort Pierce Central
5.12Jeff Henry12.53mEau Gallie
6.11Justin Nathaniel12.47mSebastian River
7.11Quandrell Ridley12.24mOkeechobee
8.10Aukeemian Mills12.09mOkeechobee
9.11Matt Westlund12.01mViera (Melbourne)
10.11Kyle Galeano11.93mMerritt Island
11.10Jovante King11.84mSebastian River
12.10Greg Nelson11.78mViera (Melbourne)
13.11Nikko Finnegan11.20mSebastian River
14.12Ke-shen Liu11.15mMerritt Island
15.11Josh Schrack10.82mEau Gallie
--10Brandon AldermanFOULEau Gallie
--11Mike KrugerFOULViera (Melbourne)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Joseph13.00aFort Pierce Central
2.9Crystal McDougle13.14aMerritt Island
3.12Meradith Testa13.62aMerritt Island
4.10Nacole Harper13.68aSebastian River
5.10Roneisha Jordan13.78aFort Pierce Central
6.11Jordan Brewer13.84aFort Pierce Central
7.12Tierra Cuff13.90aViera (Melbourne)
8.9Samantha Olson14.02aMerritt Island
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Ebony Joseph12.84aFort Pierce Central
2.9Crystal McDougle13.19aMerritt Island
3.10Nacole Harper13.52aSebastian River
4.12Meradith Testa13.54aMerritt Island
5.10Roneisha Jordan13.58aFort Pierce Central
6.11Jordan Brewer13.65aFort Pierce Central
7.12Tierra Cuff13.66aViera (Melbourne)
8.9Samantha Olson13.79aMerritt Island
9.10Ashley Keels14.09aEau Gallie
10.11Jaymisha Gibson14.20aFort Pierce Westwood
11.10Miah Shephard14.38aSebastian River
12.9Giyanna Burgess14.43aFort Pierce Westwood
13.10Gabrielle Lopez14.44aFort Pierce Central
14.9Becca Bower14.49aMerritt Island
15.10Nicole Cannella14.67aEau Gallie
16.11Hannah Fish14.69aViera (Melbourne)
17.11Brenda Bennett14.75aSebastian River
18.9Joselin Pierre15.08aSebastian River
19.9Amber Walker15.09aOkeechobee
--10Kelsey KeeseckerDNFViera (Melbourne)
--9Caitlyn PushmanDNFEau Gallie
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarafina Shepard27.48aMerritt Island
2.9Fendi Johnson27.97aViera (Melbourne)
3.11Jordan Brewer28.30aFort Pierce Central
4.10Roneisha Jordan28.80aFort Pierce Central
5.9Samantha Olson29.35aMerritt Island
6.12Meradith Testa30.25aMerritt Island
--9Crystal McDougleFSMerritt Island
--9Kathleen DalyDNFEau Gallie
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Crystal McDougle27.63aMerritt Island
2.12Sarafina Shepard28.08aMerritt Island
3.10Roneisha Jordan28.22aFort Pierce Central
4.9Fendi Johnson28.26aViera (Melbourne)
5.11Jordan Brewer28.42aFort Pierce Central
6.9Samantha Olson29.16aMerritt Island
7.9Kathleen Daly30.15aEau Gallie
8.12Meradith Testa30.27aMerritt Island
9.10Gabrielle Lopez30.36aFort Pierce Central
10.10Miah Shephard30.55aSebastian River
11.12Vilneshia Pierre30.83aFort Pierce Central
12.9Joselin Pierre31.34aSebastian River
13.11Brenda Bennett31.43aSebastian River
--9Giyanna BurgessDNFFort Pierce Westwood
--10Ashley KeelsDNFEau Gallie
--10Kelsey KeeseckerDNFViera (Melbourne)
--11Hannah FishDNFViera (Melbourne)
--10Nicole CannellaDNFEau Gallie
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jackie Stengel1:00.33aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Tiayona Hillard1:02.76aFort Pierce Central
3.9Lasonja Edwards1:04.53aFort Pierce Central
4.11Romelia Ramsey1:05.04aFort Pierce Central
5.9Akayla Letcher1:06.63aSebastian River
6.11Laquita Jackson1:06.80aSebastian River
7.10Christine Moore1:07.04aMerritt Island
--12Lindsay KostnerDNFMerritt Island
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Lasonja Edwards1:00.18aFort Pierce Central
3.10Jackie Stengel1:00.64aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Tiayona Hillard1:03.15aFort Pierce Central
4.9Akayla Letcher1:04.83aSebastian River
5.11Romelia Ramsey1:05.35aFort Pierce Central
6.10Christine Moore1:06.00aMerritt Island
7.11Laquita Jackson1:06.73aSebastian River
8.12Lindsay Kostner1:07.98aMerritt Island
9.11Ruth Fleurant1:09.04aSebastian River
10.9Stephanie Enriquez1:09.28aEau Gallie
11.12Jessica Stavrakas1:09.41aMerritt Island
12.12Lovena Devalon1:11.82aFort Pierce Central
13.9Shawntree Norwood1:16.15aFort Pierce Westwood
14.9Amber Walker1:16.77aOkeechobee
15.9Prolancia Turner1:20.48aSebastian River
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kierney Henderson2:32.95aMerritt Island
2.11Courtney Cooper2:34.54aMerritt Island
3.9Nina Li2:35.69aMerritt Island
4.9Caroline Cubero2:35.71aMerritt Island
5.12Erin Gethin2:37.86aViera (Melbourne)
6.12Elisa Cuellar2:50.68aSebastian River
7.9Caitlin Reese2:51.59aFort Pierce Central
8.10Emily Wood2:51.91aFort Pierce Central
9.9LiPrincess Green2:59.75aFort Pierce Westwood
10.9Courtney Mooney3:00.90aFort Pierce Central
11.9Ashley Grant3:03.20aFort Pierce Westwood
12.10Maria Madrigal3:11.24aFort Pierce Central
13.9Jermecia Robinson3:13.75aFort Pierce Westwood
14.12Yolonda Vargas3:21.43aSebastian River
15.10Jessica Suit3:30.91aOkeechobee
16.10Danielle Crane3:45.26aOkeechobee
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Harper5:31.22aMerritt Island
2.11Courtney Cooper5:32.10aMerritt Island
3.12Kierney Henderson5:33.00aMerritt Island
4.9Tabatha Henry5:51.16aOkeechobee
5.11Leah Harpole5:52.37aMerritt Island
6.11Haley Gethin5:59.11aViera (Melbourne)
7.10McKenizie Estes6:28.72aViera (Melbourne)
8.10Marilu Rodriguez6:32.12aOkeechobee
9.9Ana Huerta6:34.11aOkeechobee
10.10Maria Madrigal6:46.86aFort Pierce Central
11.11Alejandr Carranza6:59.91aFort Pierce Central
12.9Tatum Dehn7:07.82aSebastian River
13.12Kaitlyn Neeley7:30.20aFort Pierce Central
--11Alex PerkinsDNFOkeechobee
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Harper12:14.86aMerritt Island
2.9Rebecca Fleeman12:59.26aEau Gallie
3.11Leah Harpole13:09.76aMerritt Island
4.11Haley Gethin13:20.13aViera (Melbourne)
5.10Janais Rule13:22.55aMerritt Island
6.9Nina Li13:52.42aMerritt Island
7.10Emily Wood15:58.70aFort Pierce Central
8.9Tatum Dehn18:15.92aSebastian River
9.9Caitlin Reese19:34.19aFort Pierce Central
--9Tabatha HenryDNFOkeechobee
--9Ana HuertaDNFOkeechobee
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hazel Lockard17.01aViera (Melbourne)
2.10Brandi Lucas18.00aSebastian River
3.12Sterling Jackson18.24aMerritt Island
4.10Cheyenne Elms18.45aFort Pierce Central
5.10Jimeka Fair18.57aFort Pierce Central
6.11Brooke Gilliam19.16aMerritt Island
7.12Dania Nargi19.29aMerritt Island
8.12Lovena Devalon19.35aFort Pierce Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Brandi Lucas16.18aSebastian River
2.10Hazel Lockard17.44aViera (Melbourne)
3.12Sterling Jackson18.13aMerritt Island
4.10Jimeka Fair18.22aFort Pierce Central
5.10Cheyenne Elms18.60aFort Pierce Central
6.11Brooke Gilliam19.06aMerritt Island
7.12Dania Nargi19.08aMerritt Island
8.12Lovena Devalon19.22aFort Pierce Central
9.12Dequisha Darville19.37aFort Pierce Central
10.12Amanda Martin19.85aSebastian River
11.11Veronique Liberus20.25aFort Pierce Westwood
12.9Katelyn Whisenant21.05aMerritt Island
13.10Cierra Fischer21.47aViera (Melbourne)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hazel Lockard49.39aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Brooke Gilliam50.87aMerritt Island
3.11Courtney Gagne50.98aEau Gallie
4.12Lovena Devalon51.76aFort Pierce Central
5.10Jimeka Fair53.31aFort Pierce Central
6.10Cierra Fischer53.37aViera (Melbourne)
7.11Veronique Liberus53.38aFort Pierce Westwood
8.12Sterling Jackson54.63aMerritt Island
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Hazel Lockard47.23aViera (Melbourne)
2.12Lovena Devalon51.32aFort Pierce Central
3.11Courtney Gagne52.62aEau Gallie
4.10Cierra Fischer52.74aViera (Melbourne)
5.10Jimeka Fair52.77aFort Pierce Central
6.11Veronique Liberus52.81aFort Pierce Westwood
7.11Brooke Gilliam53.12aMerritt Island
8.12Sterling Jackson53.68aMerritt Island
9.12Dania Nargi54.49aMerritt Island
10.10Cheyenne Elms56.27aFort Pierce Central
11.9Katelyn Whisenant56.98aMerritt Island
12.12Amanda Martin57.69aSebastian River
13.9Tiffany Cobb59.16aSebastian River
14.12Dequisha Darville1:01.94aFort Pierce Central
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lasonja Edwards
Jordan Brewer
Roneisha Jordan
Ebony Joseph
49.84aFort Pierce Central
2.-Crystal McDougle
Sarafina Shepard
Lindsay Kostner
Meradith Testa
50.37aMerritt Island
3.-Fendi Johnson
Tierra Cuff
Jenna Mcelhinney
Hannah Fish
52.86aViera (Melbourne)
4.-Relay Team 53.04aSebastian River
5.-Ashley Keels
Courtney Schrack
Nicole Cannella
Kathleen Daly
54.55aEau Gallie
6.-Giyanna Burgess
Jaymisha Gibson
Ashley Grant
LiPrincess Green
55.57aFort Pierce Westwood
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lasonja Edwards
Tiayona Hillard
Romelia Ramsey
Ebony Joseph
4:10.65aFort Pierce Central
2.-Cierra Fischer
Hazel Lockard
Fendi Johnson
Jackie Stengel
4:14.01aViera (Melbourne)
3.-Nacole Harper
Akayla Letcher
Laquita Jackson
Tiffany Cobb
4:27.63aSebastian River
4.-Sarafina Shepard
Brooke Gilliam
Lindsay Kostner
Sterling Jackson
4:29.63aMerritt Island
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Courtney Cooper
Kierney Henderson
Leah Harpole
Caroline Cubero
10:28.92aMerritt Island
2.-Akayla Letcher
Elisa Cuellar
Laquita Jackson
Tiffany Cobb
10:50.74aSebastian River
3.-Romelia Ramsey
Caitlin Reese
Emily Wood
Tiayona Hillard
10:52.79aFort Pierce Central
4.-Erin Gethin
Hannah Fish
McKenizie Estes
Haley Gethin
11:08.42aViera (Melbourne)
5.-Ana Huerta
Marilu Rodriguez
Tabatha Henry
Amber Walker
6.-Geodan Tolley
Alexis Pasik
Sarah Wines
Rebecca Fleeman
12:58.24aEau Gallie
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Jackson11.43mSebastian River
2.9Shanice Porter9.88mSebastian River
3.11Larnique Collins9.49mFort Pierce Central
4.10Vianca Alfonzo9.25mViera (Melbourne)
5.11Angela Lee9.11mSebastian River
6.10Breanna Clarke9.04mSebastian River
7.12Kayla Stanley8.96mEau Gallie
8.12Anna Snow8.67mMerritt Island
9.12Danielle Baiunco7.72mViera (Melbourne)
10.11Marjorie Sibrun7.60mFort Pierce Central
11.11Philicia Dilworth7.59mFort Pierce Westwood
12.12Jasmine Guyton7.58mOkeechobee
13.11Carolyn Kreuzkamp7.31mViera (Melbourne)
14.11Chanelle Stewart6.98mEau Gallie
15.12Sarah Mayer6.87mMerritt Island
16.12Robbie Erwin6.60mOkeechobee
--12Emily ShumpFOULMerritt Island
--11Jimesha WalkerFOULFort Pierce Central
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Jackson38.32mSebastian River
2.12Anna Snow27.68mMerritt Island
3.11Larnique Collins26.93mFort Pierce Central
4.12Emily Shump25.50mMerritt Island
5.11Angela Lee25.46mSebastian River
6.11Carolyn Kreuzkamp25.24mViera (Melbourne)
7.12Jasmine Guyton25.10mOkeechobee
8.9Shanice Porter24.43mSebastian River
9.12Sarah Ulrich24.25mViera (Melbourne)
10.10Breanna Clarke23.72mSebastian River
11.12Sarah Mayer21.38mMerritt Island
12.11Marjorie Sibrun21.28mFort Pierce Central
13.11Kelly Bowen20.43mViera (Melbourne)
14.12Kayla Stanley20.11mEau Gallie
15.12Robbie Erwin16.54mOkeechobee
16.11Chanelle Stewart14.79mEau Gallie
--11Jimesha WalkerFOULFort Pierce Central
--11Philicia DilworthFOULFort Pierce Westwood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Mcelhinney1.52mViera (Melbourne)
2.11Brittany Jackson1.47mSebastian River
3.10Brandi Lucas1.47mSebastian River
4.9Lasonja Edwards1.42mFort Pierce Central
5.9Breanna Moore1.42mSebastian River
6.11Keyshauna Ingram1.37mSebastian River
7.10Christine Moore1.37mMerritt Island
8.11Jordan Brewer1.32mFort Pierce Central
9.12Vilneshia Pierre1.32mFort Pierce Central
10.9Katelyn Whisenant1.32mMerritt Island
11.11Sydney Drinkwater1.32mMerritt Island
12.12Katie Young1.27mEau Gallie
12.9Stephanie Enriquez1.27mEau Gallie
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Olson2.89mMerritt Island
2.12Jessica Stavrakas2.59mMerritt Island
3.12Amanda Martin2.43mSebastian River
4.9Becca Bower2.43mMerritt Island
5.9Kendall Hester2.28mViera (Melbourne)
6.12Sara Akram2.28mViera (Melbourne)
7.10Morgan Weldon2.13mEau Gallie
8.10Gabby Hefferman2.13mViera (Melbourne)
9.9Courtney Henf1.98mSebastian River
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Jackson5.14mSebastian River
2.10Jackie Stengel5.11mViera (Melbourne)
3.10Roneisha Jordan5.00mFort Pierce Central
4.9Crystal McDougle4.94mMerritt Island
5.10Monique Whitter4.85mSebastian River
6.11Courtney Gagne4.74mEau Gallie
7.10Jimeka Fair4.63mFort Pierce Central
8.9Fendi Johnson4.52mViera (Melbourne)
9.11Keyshauna Ingram4.44mSebastian River
10.12Lindsay Kostner4.34mMerritt Island
11.9Katelyn Whisenant4.29mMerritt Island
12.12Tierra Cuff4.25mViera (Melbourne)
13.9Courtney Schrack4.19mEau Gallie
14.9Tiffany Cobb3.66mSebastian River
15.10Nicole Cannella3.64mEau Gallie
--9Kathleen DalyFOULEau Gallie
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandi Lucas10.57mSebastian River
2.10Jimeka Fair10.18mFort Pierce Central
3.10Monique Whitter9.82mSebastian River
4.10Hazel Lockard9.72mViera (Melbourne)
5.12Tierra Cuff9.71mViera (Melbourne)
6.9Courtney Schrack9.41mEau Gallie
7.10Christine Moore9.30mMerritt Island
8.12Sterling Jackson9.05mMerritt Island
9.11Keyshauna Ingram8.99mSebastian River
10.11Romelia Ramsey8.96mFort Pierce Central
11.12Meradith Testa8.80mMerritt Island
12.9Caitlyn Pushman7.59mEau Gallie
--12Sarafina ShepardFOULMerritt Island
--11Tiayona HillardFOULFort Pierce Central
--10Ebony JosephFOULFort Pierce Central
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