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Northwest Region Invitational

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Deer Valley HS, Glendale

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trae Armstrong10.94aDeer Valley
2.10Antony Thompson11.47aWillow Canyon
3.10Dionee Marrero11.58aSandra Day O'Connor
4.12Kameron Comins11.63aKingman
5.10Marcus Setoki11.64aSandra Day O'Connor
6.9A'Myer Armstrong11.65aDeer Valley
7.10Myles Spearman11.70aValley Vista
12Aaron ThurberDNSWillow Canyon
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Trae Armstrong10.84aDeer Valley
2.12Aaron Thurber11.21aWillow Canyon
3.10Marcus Setoki11.45aSandra Day O'Connor
4.10Dionee Marrero11.48aSandra Day O'Connor
4.10Myles Spearman11.48aValley Vista
6.10Antony Thompson11.49aWillow Canyon
7.12Kameron Comins11.52aKingman
8.9A'Myer Armstrong11.56aDeer Valley
9.12Jesse Hollingsworth11.57aWillow Canyon
10.11David Fitzgerald11.67aBoulder Creek
11.9Chanel Francis-Roberts11.68aDeer Valley
12.10Treshawn Favors11.75aMountain Ridge
13.11Marquis Bundy11.82aBoulder Creek
14.10Wyatt Morris11.89aBoulder Creek
15.9Charles Payne11.94aKingman
16.12Brennan Cruz11.98aKingman
17.12Dillon Godfrey12.00aSandra Day O'Connor
17.12Clay Blitzo12.00aDeer Valley
19.11Randyll Roberts12.01aBoulder Creek
19.11Zenas Morton12.01aSandra Day O'Connor
21.10Zac Newman12.04aValley Vista
22.10Michael Ngana12.05aValley Vista
23.10Khalil Glover12.14aBarry Goldwater
24.10Brett Hill12.18aMountain Ridge
25.11Kevin Jackson12.38aBarry Goldwater
26.11Justin Ross12.44aBarry Goldwater
27.9Dexter Horvath12.47aMountain Ridge
28.12Diamante Maiden12.50aMountain Ridge
12Wil Mates-JonesDNSKingman
11Jeremiah OakleyDQValley Vista
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trae Armstrong21.53aDeer Valley
2.12Lucas Gardona22.56aMountain Ridge
3.11Giovanni Pascascio22.71aValley Vista
4.12David Steverson23.10aWillow Canyon
5.11Jeremiah Oakley23.12aValley Vista
6.10Antony Thompson23.16aWillow Canyon
7.12Trey Anthony24.20aKingman
12Aaron ThurberDNSWillow Canyon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Trae Armstrong21.77aDeer Valley
2.12Aaron Thurber22.43aWillow Canyon
3.12Lucas Gardona22.52aMountain Ridge
4.11Giovanni Pascascio22.74aValley Vista
5.12Trey Anthony22.98aKingman
6.12David Steverson23.03aWillow Canyon
7.11Jeremiah Oakley23.05aValley Vista
7.10Antony Thompson23.05aWillow Canyon
9.10Marcus Setoki23.13aSandra Day O'Connor
9.10Dionee Marrero23.13aSandra Day O'Connor
11.10Alex Harris23.16aSandra Day O'Connor
12.10Myles Spearman23.18aValley Vista
13.12Kameron Comins23.24aKingman
14.12Jesse Hollingsworth23.43aWillow Canyon
15.11Auston Hillman23.47aDeer Valley
16.11David Fitzgerald23.49aBoulder Creek
17.12Clay Blitzo24.00aDeer Valley
18.12Vince Gaulia24.27aDeer Valley
19.12Danny Gonzelez24.33aKingman
20.10Wyatt Morris24.38aBoulder Creek
21.10Ryan McKinley24.63aBoulder Creek
22.9Austin Cottrell24.64aSandra Day O'Connor
23.10Khalil Glover24.67aBarry Goldwater
24.10Brett Hill24.82aMountain Ridge
25.9Chayce Comins24.88aKingman
26.10Michael Ngana24.93aValley Vista
27.12Diamante Maiden25.97aMountain Ridge
28.11Devon Jackson26.54aBarry Goldwater
11Kevin JacksonDNSBarry Goldwater
9Braden ReberDNSBoulder Creek
10Treshawn FavorsDNSMountain Ridge
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trae Armstrong48.25aDeer Valley
2.12Lucas Gardona49.42aMountain Ridge
3.10Alex Harris50.11aSandra Day O'Connor
4.12Deion Crockom50.93aWillow Canyon
5.12Trey Anthony50.96aKingman
6.12David Steverson51.02aWillow Canyon
7.9Chanel Francis-Roberts51.50aDeer Valley
8.12Kameron Comins52.42aKingman
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Trae Armstrong50.11aDeer Valley
2.12Lucas Gardona50.18aMountain Ridge
3.12Trey Anthony50.68aKingman
4.10Alex Harris50.84aSandra Day O'Connor
5.12Deion Crockom50.94aWillow Canyon
6.12David Steverson51.53aWillow Canyon
7.12Kameron Comins51.56aKingman
8.9Chanel Francis-Roberts51.87aDeer Valley
9.11Ryan Elliot52.17aSandra Day O'Connor
10.10Tiger Scott53.19aSandra Day O'Connor
11.12Dillon Godfrey53.42aSandra Day O'Connor
12.10Darian Kamin54.17aKingman
13.12Josh Barker54.18aMountain Ridge
14.12Danny Gonzelez54.55aKingman
15.11Kyle Vitzlum54.79aDeer Valley
16.9Isaiah Birkel54.99aBoulder Creek
17.12Alexander Mitchell55.04aValley Vista
18.10Jacob Lestina55.19aDeer Valley
19.12Ryan Ogorchock57.03aValley Vista
20.9Basel Shaban57.41aBarry Goldwater
21.11Tre Tate57.87aValley Vista
22.12Diamante Maiden59.71aMountain Ridge
11Trevor BonifasiDNSBoulder Creek
9Braden ReberDNSBoulder Creek
12Phillip LangDNSBarry Goldwater
11Giovanni PascascioDNSValley Vista
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Espinoza1:56.92aDeer Valley
2.12Jeremy Robinson1:56.97aBarry Goldwater
3.12Ricky Fernandez1:58.50aDeer Valley
4.11David Haun1:58.51aKingman
5.12Peter Geroulis1:59.91aMountain Ridge
6.11Michael Wagner2:00.97aMountain Ridge
7.10Ryan Kistler2:01.18aWillow Canyon
8.12Tiler Frank2:01.75aMountain Ridge
9.10Zach Shepard2:02.79aSandra Day O'Connor
10.12David Cook2:03.05aSandra Day O'Connor
11.12JC Fox2:03.57aBoulder Creek
12.12Greg Dowske2:04.04aWillow Canyon
13.10Michael Sabado2:04.22aWillow Canyon
14.12Jake Felton2:04.60aBoulder Creek
15.11Casey Lozano2:05.16aBoulder Creek
16.11Justin Neveu2:07.61aSandra Day O'Connor
17.12Ryan Ogorchock2:08.28aValley Vista
18.12William Wickware2:08.95aDeer Valley
19.9Rodolfo Ayala2:09.42aMountain Ridge
20.10Vali Marian2:09.48aValley Vista
21.9Matt Kautzman2:09.83aBoulder Creek
22.9Aaron Meek2:10.11aDeer Valley
23.10Ryan Wesson2:10.67aSandra Day O'Connor
24.12Kevin Laird2:11.74aKingman
25.10Daniel Hermosillo2:12.66aValley Vista
26.11Shaquille Douglas2:15.15aBarry Goldwater
27.12Jeremy Polley2:15.30aWillow Canyon
28.10Preston Hammond2:19.55aKingman
29.10Logan Brewer2:20.27aValley Vista
10Lorenzo MartinezDNSKingman
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Espinoza4:26.68aDeer Valley
2.11Michael Wagner4:29.61aMountain Ridge
3.11Casey Lozano4:32.17aBoulder Creek
4.11Steven Wagner4:36.32aMountain Ridge
5.12Zane Walling4:38.45aBoulder Creek
6.10Ryan Wesson4:39.60aSandra Day O'Connor
7.10Jeren James4:40.96aMountain Ridge
8.12Zach Walling4:42.30aBoulder Creek
9.9Nick Dale4:42.62aMountain Ridge
10.12Greg Dowske4:42.65aWillow Canyon
11.10Jacob Prickett4:42.67aBoulder Creek
12.10Daniel Hermosillo4:46.93aValley Vista
13.11Damon Sweetland4:47.57aSandra Day O'Connor
14.11Justin Neveu4:48.31aSandra Day O'Connor
15.10Tyler Leightner4:52.72aWillow Canyon
16.9Samuel Smith4:55.02aSandra Day O'Connor
17.12Jeremy Polley4:55.68aWillow Canyon
18.12Chris Palmer4:56.12aValley Vista
19.9Patrick Webb4:56.42aKingman
20.12Ryan Ogorchock4:57.28aValley Vista
21.11Ryan Allen5:01.62aBarry Goldwater
22.10Preston Hammond5:02.44aKingman
23.9Issac Cannon5:04.55aDeer Valley
24.10Adrian Pesqueria5:07.69aBarry Goldwater
25.12Michael Farney5:12.47aDeer Valley
26.11Jonathan Barrett5:13.97aBarry Goldwater
27.10Logan Brewer5:15.47aValley Vista
28.10Lorenzo Martinez5:15.88aKingman
29.9Dominic Anaya5:16.78aDeer Valley
12Taylor WardDNSWillow Canyon
11David HaunDNSKingman
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Espinoza9:55.80aDeer Valley
2.11Michael Wagner9:58.02aMountain Ridge
3.11Casey Lozano9:58.28aBoulder Creek
4.9Alex Nova10:00.54aBoulder Creek
5.10Ryan Wesson10:03.87aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Steven Wagner10:09.38aMountain Ridge
7.11Damon Sweetland10:12.19aSandra Day O'Connor
8.9Nick Dale10:21.31aMountain Ridge
9.9Patrick Webb10:35.73aKingman
10.12Zane Walling10:36.36aBoulder Creek
11.10Daniel Hermosillo10:38.62aValley Vista
12.10Tyler Leightner10:41.55aWillow Canyon
13.12Zach Walling10:42.25aBoulder Creek
14.9Samuel Smith10:46.11aSandra Day O'Connor
15.12Chris Palmer10:47.27aValley Vista
16.9Justin Elitz10:49.61aMountain Ridge
17.10Vali Marian10:51.53aValley Vista
18.11Jonathan Barrett10:52.70aBarry Goldwater
19.9Issac Cannon10:54.13aDeer Valley
20.10Shaun Wooten10:56.64aKingman
21.11Ryan Allen11:02.04aBarry Goldwater
22.10Adrian Pesqueria11:10.09aBarry Goldwater
23.10Ethan Swenson11:14.49aKingman
24.12Jesse Peterson11:17.25aKingman
25.12Taylor Ward11:20.39aWillow Canyon
26.11Shelby Werst11:27.11aDeer Valley
27.10Jake Mihelich11:33.89aWillow Canyon
28.12Zach Browning11:38.28aSandra Day O'Connor
29.10Samuel DeMouy11:45.19aDeer Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Valdez15.34aKingman
2.12Dariush Cave15.41aSandra Day O'Connor
3.12Darien Aldridge-Felan15.58aValley Vista
4.11Ian Carey15.96aDeer Valley
5.12Brennan Cruz16.25aKingman
6.12Connor Vincent16.31aSandra Day O'Connor
7.11Joel Addabbo16.59aDeer Valley
8.11Malcolm Cavin19.87aMountain Ridge
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dariush Cave15.34aSandra Day O'Connor
2.12Darien Aldridge-Felan15.65aValley Vista
3.11William Valdez15.75aKingman
3.11Ian Carey15.75aDeer Valley
5.11Malcolm Cavin16.17aMountain Ridge
5.12Brennan Cruz16.17aKingman
7.12Connor Vincent16.44aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Joel Addabbo17.18aDeer Valley
9.9Kenneth Wright17.55aDeer Valley
10.11Braven Carlson17.69aBoulder Creek
11.9Skyler Burgess17.74aKingman
12.10Pierce McMullon17.81aValley Vista
13.11Alex Tolentino18.11aWillow Canyon
14.11Garrett Whitehead18.20aKingman
15.12Zach Duke18.96aMountain Ridge
16.10Matt Marquette19.12aMountain Ridge
17.9Kevin Tran19.31aDeer Valley
18.9Kevin Schafer19.54aMountain Ridge
19.9Anthony Greenier21.09aBoulder Creek
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darien Aldridge-Felan40.17aValley Vista
2.11William Valdez40.96aKingman
3.12Connor Vincent41.26aSandra Day O'Connor
4.10Darian Kamin42.35aKingman
5.12Brennan Cruz42.48aKingman
6.11Ian Carey43.48aDeer Valley
7.11Joel Addabbo44.84aDeer Valley
8.10Seth Manzanares48.22aBarry Goldwater
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ian Carey41.08aDeer Valley
2.12Darien Aldridge-Felan41.13aValley Vista
3.12Brennan Cruz41.33aKingman
4.11William Valdez41.62aKingman
5.12Connor Vincent42.23aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Joel Addabbo43.50aDeer Valley
7.10Darian Kamin43.97aKingman
8.10Seth Manzanares44.53aBarry Goldwater
9.10Pierce McMullon44.74aValley Vista
10.11Craig Zubchevich44.93aWillow Canyon
11.11Malcolm Cavin45.17aMountain Ridge
12.12Juan Lopez45.31aDeer Valley
13.11Alex Tolentino46.24aWillow Canyon
14.12Dariush Cave46.54aSandra Day O'Connor
15.12Zach Duke47.27aMountain Ridge
16.9Kevin Tran47.62aDeer Valley
17.9Kevin Schafer48.27aMountain Ridge
18.10Matt Marquette48.97aMountain Ridge
19.9Steven Bonfield49.53aKingman
20.11Zaveios Horton50.17aBoulder Creek
21.9Anthony Greenier50.40aBoulder Creek
11Braven CarlsonDNSBoulder Creek
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jesse Hollingsworth
Antony Thompson
Deion Crockom
Aaron Thurber
43.14aWillow Canyon
2.-Alex Harris
Ryan Elliot
Marcus Setoki
Dionee Marrero
43.50aSandra Day O'Connor
3.-Dieon Sabian
A'Myer Armstrong
Clay Blitzo
Joel Addabbo
43.54aDeer Valley
4.-Myles Spearman
Michael Ngana
Zac Newman
Jeremiah Oakley
43.84aValley Vista
5.-Treshawn Favors
Brett Hill
Jeff Bonham
Dexter Horvath
43.85aMountain Ridge
6.-Khalil Glover
Seth Manzanares
Kevin Jackson
Devon Jackson
45.14aBarry Goldwater
-Matthew Farney
Charles Payne
Gabe Lumas
Wil Mates-Jones
-Marquis Bundy
David Fitzgerald
Wyatt Morris
Randyll Roberts
DQBoulder Creek
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ricky Fernandez
Chanel Francis
Trae Armstrong
Ian Carey
3:21.15aDeer Valley
2.-Myles Spearman
Zac Newman
Giovanni Pascascio
Avery Mickens
3:23.04aValley Vista
3.-Ryan Elliot
Alex Harris
Tiger Scott
Andrew McDonald
3:25.41aSandra Day O'Connor
4.-Lucas Gardona
Peter Geroulis
Tiler Frank
Treshawn Favors
3:26.26aMountain Ridge
5.-Aaron Thurber
Ryan Kistler
David Steverson
Deion Crockom
3:27.48aWillow Canyon
6.-David Haun
Breenan Cruz
Kameron Comins
Trey Anthony
7.-Casey Lozano
Trevor Bonifasi
Wyatt Morris
Braden Reber
3:32.71aBoulder Creek
8.-Phillip Lang
Jeremy Robinson
Basel Shaban
Shaquille Douglas
3:34.31aBarry Goldwater
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Espinoza
William Wickware
Ricky Fernandez
Aaron Meeks
8:13.55aDeer Valley
2.-Michael Wagner
Tiler Frank
Darryn Rohr
Jeren James
8:14.61aMountain Ridge
3.-Jeremy Polley
Michael Sabado
Ryan Kistler
Greg Dowske
8:16.62aWillow Canyon
4.-David Cook
Justin Neveu
Ryan Wesson
Zach Johnson
8:19.44aSandra Day O'Connor
5.-Jake Felton
Jake Prickett
Austin Galeazzo
JC Fox
8:25.06aBoulder Creek
6.-David Haun
Steven Bonfield
Kevin Laird
Preston Hammond
7.-Daniel Hermosillo
Chris Palmer
Vali Marian
Ryan Ogorchock
8:42.83aValley Vista
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eddy Beuerlein51-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.11John Reed47-06.00Deer Valley
3.12Brian Thompson47-06.00Mountain Ridge
4.12Colton Johnson45-01.00Boulder Creek
5.11Brice Kaszubinski44-02.50Mountain Ridge
6.9Zach Harris43-05.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.10Christian Gutierrez43-05.00Kingman
8.11Tyler Randlett42-10.50Mountain Ridge
9.11Fernando Dominguez41-03.50Mountain Ridge
10.12Hunter Swerdfeger40-05.50Deer Valley
11.12Ren Gilleo40-02.00Kingman
12.10Matt Sahotsky39-09.50Deer Valley
13.10Joe Morrison39-02.50Sandra Day O'Connor
13.12Javier Gomez39-02.50Valley Vista
15.12Cecilio Obeso38-11.50Valley Vista
16.11Austin Foster38-10.00Willow Canyon
17.11Austin Mathews38-05.00Willow Canyon
18.11Justin Low37-03.50Kingman
19.10Wyatt Smilie35-10.50Deer Valley
20.11Sam Trujillo34-06.00Kingman
21.10Gerardo Obeso33-02.50Valley Vista
22.9Brandon Dorame26-09.00Boulder Creek
23.9Wyatt Sopko25-00.00Boulder Creek
10Colt WasdenNDWillow Canyon
11Nelson ChavezNDBarry Goldwater
11Brandon BendeleNDValley Vista
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Thompson173-04Mountain Ridge
2.12Eddy Beuerlein144-01Sandra Day O'Connor
3.12Sam Olson136-11Sandra Day O'Connor
4.11Cameron Kading130-02Mountain Ridge
5.10Christian Gutierrez127-05Kingman
6.10Steven Acuff126-02Deer Valley
7.11Brandon Nielsen125-08Sandra Day O'Connor
8.11Austin Mathews124-11Willow Canyon
9.10Patrick Patterson114-00Boulder Creek
10.9Chris McAllister112-00Barry Goldwater
11.12Ren Gilleo111-08Kingman
12.11Austin Foster111-06Willow Canyon
13.11John Reed109-01Deer Valley
14.11Greg Whalen104-02Deer Valley
15.12John Salmon103-06Deer Valley
16.10Sheldon Hsieh102-00Valley Vista
17.10Joe Morrison100-08Sandra Day O'Connor
18.10Gerardo Obeso100-05Valley Vista
19.11Brandon Bendele97-04Valley Vista
20.11Sam Trujillo95-09Kingman
21.12Dillon Huffman95-05Boulder Creek
22.10Mario Rodarte92-07Valley Vista
23.11Tyler Randlett92-05Mountain Ridge
24.11Justin Low89-01Kingman
10Alex PenroseNDWillow Canyon
11Brice KaszubinskiNDMountain Ridge
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew McDonald6-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
2.12Darien Aldridge-Felan6-02.00Valley Vista
3.12Connor Vincent5-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.11Jeff Bonham5-10.00Mountain Ridge
5.9Chayce Comins5-08.00Kingman
6.10Avery Mickens5-08.00Valley Vista
7.10Blake Henson5-08.00Valley Vista
8.9Chris McAllister5-08.00Barry Goldwater
9.12Matt Petchel5-08.00Deer Valley
10.11Auston Hillman5-06.00Deer Valley
10.12Andrew Moreno5-06.00Deer Valley
10.10Antony Thompson5-06.00Willow Canyon
10.12Juan Lopez5-06.00Deer Valley
10.12Danny Gonzelez5-06.00Kingman
10.11Jacob Witt5-06.00Mountain Ridge
16.9Austin Walashek5-04.00Boulder Creek
16.11Malcolm Cavin5-04.00Mountain Ridge
16.10Marcus Jarrett5-04.00Boulder Creek
19.10bodhi Mayo5-02.00Kingman
10Hayden LauckNHKingman
11Fabrian SmithNHWillow Canyon
12Breck HensonNHValley Vista
10Hayden McClainNHSandra Day O'Connor
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Baxter13-01.50Boulder Creek
2.11Joel Addabbo13-01.50Deer Valley
3.10Bo Haddock12-07.50Deer Valley
4.11Scott Chileen12-07.50Boulder Creek
5.12Brandon Yocom12-01.50Sandra Day O'Connor
6.11Jacob Arrington11-07.50Deer Valley
7.11Darien Smith11-07.50Willow Canyon
8.11Chris Bodnar11-01.50Willow Canyon
9.10Vali Marian11-01.50Valley Vista
10.11Brandon Popovich11-01.50Boulder Creek
11.11Nolan Kwit11-01.50Sandra Day O'Connor
12.11Jordan Fordaki10-07.50Deer Valley
13.10Zach Goettl10-01.50Boulder Creek
14.9Troy Lucas9-01.50Mountain Ridge
14.9Brandon Cook9-01.50Valley Vista
16.10Taylor Stevens8-07.50Mountain Ridge
16.9Camryn Dryden8-07.50Mountain Ridge
11Justin RossNHBarry Goldwater
9Clay WhiteNHWillow Canyon
12Dominic ValenteNHSandra Day O'Connor
12Enrique CastilloNHBarry Goldwater
11Joshua ReedNHMountain Ridge
12Josh CoombsNHSandra Day O'Connor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucas Gardona22-02.00Mountain Ridge
2.10Avery Mickens20-10.00Valley Vista
3.10Hayden McClain20-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.11Jeff Bonham19-08.00Mountain Ridge
5.10Zac Newman19-07.00Valley Vista
6.9Austin Walashek19-03.00Boulder Creek
7.11William Valdez18-09.00Kingman
8.10Dionee Marrero18-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
8.10Ryan McKinley18-07.00Boulder Creek
10.11Kaeland Thomas18-06.00Willow Canyon
11.10Seth Manzanares18-05.00Barry Goldwater
12.9Austin Cottrell18-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
13.10Tiger Scott18-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
13.10Blake Henson18-03.00Valley Vista
15.12Breck Henson18-01.00Valley Vista
16.11Jacob Witt18-00.00Mountain Ridge
16.10Bo Haddock18-00.00Deer Valley
18.12Logan Gombar17-11.00Mountain Ridge
19.11Auston Hillman17-10.00Deer Valley
20.10Albert Luna17-09.00Willow Canyon
21.11Matthew Farney17-04.00Kingman
22.11Garrett Whitehead17-03.50Kingman
23.11Gabe Lumas16-10.00Kingman
24.12Juan Lopez16-09.00Deer Valley
24.12Clay Blitzo16-09.00Deer Valley
26.11Justin Ross16-03.00Barry Goldwater
9Braden ReberNDBoulder Creek
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Avery Mickens45-02.00Valley Vista
2.11Auston Hillman42-05.00Deer Valley
3.10Hayden McClain42-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.10Tiger Scott42-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.9Sy Munden42-01.00Deer Valley
6.11Kaeland Thomas42-00.00Willow Canyon
7.11William Valdez40-09.00Kingman
9.12William Wickware39-11.00Deer Valley
8.11Garrett Rogue39-07.00Sandra Day O'Connor
9.10Dean Allen39-07.00Deer Valley
11.12Logan Gombar39-05.00Mountain Ridge
12.11Jacob Witt39-00.00Mountain Ridge
13.11Garrett Whitehead38-11.00Kingman
13.12Breck Henson38-11.00Valley Vista
15.9Austin Cottrell38-08.00Sandra Day O'Connor
16.10Tanner Court38-03.00Boulder Creek
17.11Tre Tate36-00.00Valley Vista
18.10Blake Henson35-03.00Valley Vista
19.11Stephen Klein35-01.00Boulder Creek
20.10Albert Luna35-00.00Willow Canyon
21.10Jack Walker34-00.00Boulder Creek
22.10Kyle McAnaugh33-07.00Boulder Creek
23.9Iden Alba32-10.00Mountain Ridge
24.11Marius Freytag32-08.00Kingman
12Trey AnthonyNDKingman
10Seth ManzanaresNDBarry Goldwater

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kandice Yourist12.42aWillow Canyon
2.11Makaela Pratt12.50aWillow Canyon
3.10Nneka Uchendu12.76aWillow Canyon
4.11Mackenzie Giglio13.01aDeer Valley
5.11Kali Harris13.07aBoulder Creek
6.10Kayleigh Zobel13.09aDeer Valley
7.10Kristen Parks13.23aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Summer Brown13.40aDeer Valley
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kandice Yourist12.41aWillow Canyon
2.11Makaela Pratt12.61aWillow Canyon
3.10Nneka Uchendu12.95aWillow Canyon
4.11Mackenzie Giglio12.96aDeer Valley
5.10Kayleigh Zobel13.13aDeer Valley
6.10Kristen Parks13.22aSandra Day O'Connor
7.11Summer Brown13.28aDeer Valley
7.11Kali Harris13.28aBoulder Creek
9.9Juliette Cossey13.38aSandra Day O'Connor
10.11Sarah Glemba13.59aSandra Day O'Connor
11.9Hailey Tang13.64aMountain Ridge
12.9Paulina Delgado13.76aKingman
13.9Jessica Smith13.80aBoulder Creek
14.9Tailyr Noble13.85aDeer Valley
15.12Willisha Tucker13.91aWillow Canyon
16.11Darrielle James13.95aBoulder Creek
17.11Devin Molinar13.97aSandra Day O'Connor
18.11Yashira Vargas14.05aValley Vista
19.12Reema Julani14.09aValley Vista
20.10Briana Ramsey14.18aMountain Ridge
21.9Florence Molo14.32aValley Vista
22.12Tannia Winegar14.33aKingman
23.9Victoria Kruger14.52aMountain Ridge
24.11Satin Blair14.68aKingman
25.11Shanely Infranco15.16aKingman
10Nicole AlbersDNSMountain Ridge
9Shannon JacksonDNSBarry Goldwater
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kandice Yourist25.40aWillow Canyon
2.10Nneka Uchendu26.56aWillow Canyon
3.10Kristen Parks26.71aSandra Day O'Connor
4.9Juliette Cossey26.88aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Kayleigh Zobel27.18aDeer Valley
6.11Mackenzie Giglio27.24aDeer Valley
7.11Sarah Glemba27.62aSandra Day O'Connor
11Makaela PrattDNSWillow Canyon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kandice Yourist25.39aWillow Canyon
2.11Makaela Pratt25.87aWillow Canyon
3.10Nneka Uchendu26.52aWillow Canyon
4.10Kristen Parks26.63aSandra Day O'Connor
5.11Mackenzie Giglio26.76aDeer Valley
6.10Kayleigh Zobel26.97aDeer Valley
7.9Juliette Cossey27.09aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Sarah Glemba27.30aSandra Day O'Connor
9.11Kali Harris27.39aBoulder Creek
10.9Paulina Delgado27.57aKingman
11.11Summer Brown27.66aDeer Valley
12.12Kari Osep27.81aMountain Ridge
13.11Yashira Vargas27.95aValley Vista
14.12Hannah Boulanger28.05aBoulder Creek
15.9Jessica Smith28.51aBoulder Creek
16.11Devin Molinar28.55aSandra Day O'Connor
17.9Tailyr Noble28.67aDeer Valley
18.10Briana Ramsey28.97aMountain Ridge
19.11Ashley Stamper29.16aMountain Ridge
20.12Mikayla Posey29.34aKingman
21.9Alison Owen29.58aKingman
22.9Florence Molo29.62aValley Vista
23.11Satin Blair30.51aKingman
9Shannon JacksonDNSBarry Goldwater
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Makaela Pratt58.20aWillow Canyon
2.11Mackenzie Giglio1:00.90aDeer Valley
3.12Kari Osep1:01.76aMountain Ridge
4.10Kayleigh Zobel1:01.79aDeer Valley
5.10Dystnie Eckblad1:01.93aValley Vista
6.11Shannon Lepicier1:02.42aDeer Valley
7.11Alex Kopp1:02.43aSandra Day O'Connor
8.11Tiffany Williams1:03.41aSandra Day O'Connor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Makaela Pratt59.29aWillow Canyon
2.10Dystnie Eckblad1:00.16aValley Vista
3.11Tiffany Williams1:00.20aSandra Day O'Connor
4.12Kari Osep1:02.09aMountain Ridge
5.11Alex Kopp1:02.11aSandra Day O'Connor
6.11Mackenzie Giglio1:02.68aDeer Valley
7.10Kayleigh Zobel1:02.74aDeer Valley
8.11Shannon Lepicier1:02.91aDeer Valley
9.9Paulina Delgado1:03.06aKingman
10.9Alison Owen1:03.27aKingman
11.12Hannah Boulanger1:04.36aBoulder Creek
12.9Valerie Moreno1:07.11aDeer Valley
13.11Ashley Stamper1:07.92aMountain Ridge
14.9Florence Molo1:08.17aValley Vista
15.9Justice Sims1:08.22aWillow Canyon
16.11Mykayla Pettway1:09.46aKingman
17.9Chelsie Parish1:13.50aBarry Goldwater
10Cassidy HagstromDNSMountain Ridge
9katie TarrDNSKingman
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Cardiff2:20.27aKingman
2.9Cari Steen2:25.47aMountain Ridge
3.9Taylor Reed2:26.37aKingman
4.12Ashley Edmondson2:26.54aDeer Valley
5.11Leah Zampini2:27.13aDeer Valley
6.10Katie Hosfield2:27.92aSandra Day O'Connor
7.10Dystnie Eckblad2:28.46aValley Vista
8.12Trinity Johnson2:29.19aBoulder Creek
9.12Alethia Halbig2:32.22aBoulder Creek
10.9Davilyn Rohr2:32.57aMountain Ridge
11.10Alissa Hazine2:34.16aBoulder Creek
12.11Jordyn Bentley2:34.88aSandra Day O'Connor
13.9Cassidy Chriest2:36.18aSandra Day O'Connor
14.9Tyler Puglisi2:37.39aDeer Valley
15.10Brooke Binns2:38.66aBoulder Creek
16.9Christiana Benites2:39.32aMountain Ridge
17.9Heather Weninger2:41.64aKingman
18.9Alexis Bathauer2:44.68aKingman
19.10Karlie Johnson2:44.92aDeer Valley
20.11Alissa Compian3:11.36aWillow Canyon
11Stefani NguyenDNSSandra Day O'Connor
12Tess WeastDNSWillow Canyon
10Cassidy HagstromDNSMountain Ridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Cardiff5:08.71aKingman
2.9Cari Steen5:23.68aMountain Ridge
3.12Rachel Gutknecht5:34.55aSandra Day O'Connor
4.10Katie Hosfield5:35.12aSandra Day O'Connor
5.12Bridgette Sotelo5:41.55aBarry Goldwater
6.11Stefani Nguyen5:47.17aSandra Day O'Connor
7.9Christiana Benites5:51.72aMountain Ridge
8.10Lindsay Fischer5:55.13aMountain Ridge
9.10Rachel Gassdorf5:55.36aBarry Goldwater
10.12Charlotte Hurley5:57.18aDeer Valley
10.9Amanda Williams5:57.18aKingman
12.10Ellie Wiemeyer5:58.60aMountain Ridge
13.9Heather Weninger5:58.64aKingman
14.11Erin Kloberdanz5:58.96aDeer Valley
15.12Carissa Miyano5:59.58aBoulder Creek
16.11Priscilla Molina6:02.15aValley Vista
17.12Lindsay Gregory6:05.28aBoulder Creek
18.12Melissa Becker6:06.59aBoulder Creek
19.9Samantha Dalessio6:10.16aBoulder Creek
20.12Tess Weast6:11.80aWillow Canyon
21.9Olivia Anderson6:14.01aKingman
22.10Isabelle Hurtado6:23.42aDeer Valley
23.10Mecah Lucas6:29.14aSandra Day O'Connor
24.12Maria Yanez6:51.27aValley Vista
25.10Krystal Bell6:54.50aDeer Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Cardiff11:50.78aKingman
2.12Rachel Gutknecht12:17.35aSandra Day O'Connor
3.12Bridgette Sotelo12:33.56aBarry Goldwater
4.12Trinity Johnson12:43.42aBoulder Creek
5.10Katie Hosfield12:43.99aSandra Day O'Connor
6.9Christiana Benites12:44.61aMountain Ridge
7.10Rachel Gassdorf12:44.91aBarry Goldwater
8.12Carissa Miyano12:47.50aBoulder Creek
9.12Charlotte Hurley12:51.06aDeer Valley
10.12Lindsay Gregory12:52.44aBoulder Creek
11.10Brooke Binns13:02.53aBoulder Creek
12.9Amanda Williams13:06.07aKingman
13.11Priscilla Molina13:10.67aValley Vista
14.9Amber Christian13:13.75aMountain Ridge
15.9Olivia Anderson13:18.78aKingman
16.11Stefani Nguyen13:21.57aSandra Day O'Connor
17.11Erin Kloberdanz13:25.60aDeer Valley
18.9Caberay Beets14:01.24aDeer Valley
19.11Corrina Cluckey14:01.86aMountain Ridge
20.12Maria Yanez14:27.81aValley Vista
21.10Jessica Paduganan14:29.77aDeer Valley
22.9Liza Simpson14:40.19aMountain Ridge
23.12Katie Dunphy14:50.86aSandra Day O'Connor
9Alexis BathauerDNSKingman
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sara Reed15.89aKingman
2.11Ariel Gregiore16.16aBoulder Creek
3.11Tessa Kelley16.72aDeer Valley
4.10Alexandra Tyra17.01aDeer Valley
5.9Bethany Alexander17.50aDeer Valley
6.12Ruth Bushman17.80aKingman
7.9Bethany Waldvogel22.47aMountain Ridge
8.12Deanna Spreitzer23.68aSandra Day O'Connor
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Sara Reed16.28aKingman
2.11Ariel Gregiore16.62aBoulder Creek
3.9Bethany Alexander17.26aDeer Valley
4.10Alexandra Tyra17.62aDeer Valley
5.11Tessa Kelley17.68aDeer Valley
6.12Ruth Bushman17.84aKingman
7.12Deanna Spreitzer17.95aSandra Day O'Connor
8.9Bethany Waldvogel18.04aMountain Ridge
9.11Amber Reed18.06aMountain Ridge
10.12Shakari Terrell18.78aDeer Valley
11.11Courtney Maurer19.10aWillow Canyon
12.11Aly Cater19.15aValley Vista
13.10Karrisa Herland19.42aWillow Canyon
14.11MaryKate Lusson19.71aMountain Ridge
15.9Victoria Kruger20.27aMountain Ridge
16.11Sam Shelley20.44aValley Vista
17.12Mikayla Posey20.77aKingman
18.11brenda Aguilar20.78aKingman
11Chelsie OleferchikDNSBarry Goldwater
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tessa Kelley45.80aDeer Valley
2.10Kami Zoller47.66aMountain Ridge
3.11Ariel Gregiore47.78aBoulder Creek
4.9Bethany Alexander49.10aDeer Valley
5.12Deanna Spreitzer49.17aSandra Day O'Connor
6.9Bethany Waldvogel50.97aMountain Ridge
7.11Aly Cater51.36aValley Vista
8.10Alexandra Tyra53.10aDeer Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tessa Kelley47.07aDeer Valley
2.11Ariel Gregiore47.52aBoulder Creek
3.9Bethany Alexander49.15aDeer Valley
4.12Deanna Spreitzer49.23aSandra Day O'Connor
5.10Kami Zoller50.01aMountain Ridge
6.9Bethany Waldvogel50.28aMountain Ridge
7.11Aly Cater52.15aValley Vista
8.10Alexandra Tyra52.95aDeer Valley
9.12Shakari Terrell53.01aDeer Valley
9.12Mikayla Posey53.01aKingman
11.10Megan Kelly53.37aSandra Day O'Connor
12.10Karen Hanson54.15aMountain Ridge
13.10Katelyn Pollard54.33aWillow Canyon
14.11Maggie Gard54.55aMountain Ridge
15.11Sam Shelley54.99aValley Vista
16.11brenda Aguilar57.14aKingman
17.12Sara Reed58.77aKingman
18.11Chelsie Oleferchik59.65aBarry Goldwater
19.9Stephanie Goulart59.82aKingman
10Kristina NorsworthyDNFBarry Goldwater
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Willisha Tucker
Nneka Uchendu
Kandice Yourist
Makaela Pratt
48.65aWillow Canyon
2.-Kristen Parks
Tiffany Williams
Juliette Cossey
Sarah Glemba
49.90aSandra Day O'Connor
3.-Summer Brown
Tailyr Noble
Alissa Mercer
Tessa Kelley
50.34aDeer Valley
4.-Hannah Boulanger
Darrielle James
Jessica Smith
Kali Harris
50.89aBoulder Creek
5.-Maggie Gard
Kami Zoller
Hailey Tang
Nicole Albers
51.06aMountain Ridge
6.-Janae Barkley
Reema Julani
Dystnie Eckblad
Yashira Vargas
52.21aValley Vista
-Mikayla Posey
Ruth Bushman
Tannia Winegar
Taylor Reed
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mackenzie Giglio
Tessa Kelley
Leah Zampini
Ashley Edmondson
4:02.00aDeer Valley
2.-Juliette Cossey
Tiffany Williams
Kristen Parks
Alex Kopp
4:06.47aSandra Day O'Connor
3.-Kari Osep
Ashley Stamper
Cari Steen
Hailey Tang
4:10.02aMountain Ridge
4.-Hannah Boulanger
Darrielle James
Ariel Gregiore
Kali Harris
4:13.40aBoulder Creek
5.-Janae Barkley
Aly Cater
Florence Molo
Yashira Vargas
4:18.45aValley Vista
6.-katie Tarr
Alexis Bathauer
Heather Weninger
Alison Owen
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christiana Benites
Ashley Stamper
Ellie Wiemeyer
Hailey Tang
10:08.96aMountain Ridge
2.-Mackenzie Giglio
Tessa Kelley
Tyler Puglisi
Karlie Johnson
10:09.06aDeer Valley
3.-Jordyn Bentley
Rachel Gutknecht
Katie Hosfield
Alex Kopp
10:11.44aSandra Day O'Connor
4.-Brooke Binns
Allie Hazine
Alethia Halbig
Trinity Johnson
10:19.62aBoulder Creek
5.-Taylor Reed
Alexis Bathauer
katie Tarr
Alison Owen
-Janae Barkley
Aly Cater
Florence Molo
Yashira Vargas
DNSValley Vista
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Conlin38-06.00Deer Valley
2.12Demita Nyx34-06.00Valley Vista
3.9Kellie Caron32-10.00Barry Goldwater
4.10Hannah Graves30-03.00Mountain Ridge
5.10Mikayla Preston29-11.00Barry Goldwater
6.12Sara Olney29-09.00Kingman
7.9Taylor Reed29-01.00Kingman
8.10Amber Tackett29-00.00Kingman
9.12Candice Garrison28-02.00Kingman
10.9Jordan Taylor27-08.00Deer Valley
11.11Alex Cater27-07.00Valley Vista
12.10Kassidy Hayes27-03.00Boulder Creek
13.12Amanda Lopez27-01.00Valley Vista
14.11Jamie Waite26-08.00Barry Goldwater
15.10Martha Bale26-01.00Sandra Day O'Connor
16.11Theresa Hutchison25-01.00Mountain Ridge
17.9Lexus Sorah24-03.00Deer Valley
18.12Shannon Spence24-02.00Willow Canyon
19.12Evita Miller23-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
19.12Shannon Rivas23-10.00Willow Canyon
21.9Amanda Langston23-08.00Boulder Creek
22.10Kiana Earley22-11.00Willow Canyon
23.10Megan Wojcik22-08.00Willow Canyon
24.10Emina Omeragic22-04.00Deer Valley
24.10Brandi Osborn22-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
26.12Ashley Mikaio21-04.00Valley Vista
27.9Emma Weaver20-05.00Boulder Creek
11Megan TreeceNDMountain Ridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Demita Nyx107-01Valley Vista
2.12Candice Garrison98-04Kingman
3.10Amanda Conlin98-03Deer Valley
4.12Kelsey Dukarm94-06Deer Valley
5.10Mikayla Preston92-04Barry Goldwater
6.10Sarah Wilden88-03Deer Valley
7.10Hannah Graves88-03Mountain Ridge
8.11Alex Cater86-09Valley Vista
9.10Shelby Drey83-11Barry Goldwater
10.12Shannon Spence82-08Willow Canyon
11.12Amanda Lopez82-07Valley Vista
12.10Kassidy Hayes81-07Boulder Creek
13.11Theresa Hutchison81-03Mountain Ridge
14.12Beverly Horvath78-09Mountain Ridge
15.9Brianna Peterson75-08Kingman
16.11Megan Treece75-02Mountain Ridge
16.10Martha Bale75-02Sandra Day O'Connor
18.9Emma Weaver74-01Boulder Creek
19.12Ashley Mikaio69-09Valley Vista
20.10Brandi Osborn69-05Sandra Day O'Connor
21.10Amber Tackett68-11Kingman
22.10Makayla Dukarm67-06Deer Valley
23.10Dakota Mayo62-05Kingman
24.9Amanda Langston58-01Boulder Creek
25.9Alyssa Parrish57-06Willow Canyon
26.11Katie Froumis54-08Sandra Day O'Connor
27.10Kiana Earley53-06Willow Canyon
12Shannon RivasNDWillow Canyon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaysee Pilgrim5-02.00Barry Goldwater
2.10Kami Zoller5-00.00Mountain Ridge
3.12Sara Reed4-10.00Kingman
4.9Jemima Idemudia4-10.00Deer Valley
5.12Tannia Winegar4-08.00Kingman
6.11Maggie Gard4-06.00Mountain Ridge
7.10Alissa Mercer4-06.00Deer Valley
8.11Megan Treece4-06.00Mountain Ridge
9.10Lindsay Dusard4-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
10.11Aly Cater4-06.00Valley Vista
10Sarah WildenNHDeer Valley
12Shakari TerrellNHDeer Valley
12Daniella RiveraNHValley Vista
11Emily SheenNHMountain Ridge
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Diana Diep9-04.50Sandra Day O'Connor
2.10Bethany Krasuski9-04.50Sandra Day O'Connor
3.11Leah Zampini9-01.50Deer Valley
4.11Samantha Calle8-07.50Mountain Ridge
5.10Tiara Pionke8-01.50Deer Valley
6.9Allie Moore8-01.50Mountain Ridge
7.11Mykeila Barnes7-07.50Deer Valley
7.11Dakota Staren7-07.50Deer Valley
9.11Megan Treece7-01.50Mountain Ridge
12Jackie RybinNHWillow Canyon
11Alexis DelavegaNHBoulder Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kandice Yourist16-07.00Willow Canyon
2.9Hailey Tang16-02.00Mountain Ridge
3.10Alissa Mercer16-02.00Deer Valley
4.11Tiffany Williams16-01.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.9Paulina Delgado15-11.00Kingman
6.11Stephanie Croker15-10.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.11Summer Brown15-03.00Deer Valley
8.9Jessica Smith14-06.00Boulder Creek
9.10Nneka Uchendu14-05.00Willow Canyon
10.12Catlina Csonca14-04.00Deer Valley
11.11Brittany Dierken14-03.00Sandra Day O'Connor
12.11Devin Molinar13-11.00Sandra Day O'Connor
13.9Bethany Waldvogel13-10.00Mountain Ridge
14.9April Sorenson13-09.00Deer Valley
15.10Briana Ramsey13-06.00Mountain Ridge
16.12Ruth Bushman13-05.00Kingman
16.9Alison Owen13-05.00Kingman
18.9Justice Sims12-07.00Willow Canyon
19.12Reema Julani12-05.00Valley Vista
20.11Darrielle James12-02.00Boulder Creek
21.10Caitlin Ferree11-10.00Mountain Ridge
9Jasmine RandNDBarry Goldwater
12Taylor WoodNDBarry Goldwater
9Stephanie GoulartNDKingman
12Daniella RiveraNDValley Vista
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alissa Mercer33-07.00Deer Valley
2.11Devin Molinar33-06.00Sandra Day O'Connor
3.11Brittany Dierken33-04.00Sandra Day O'Connor
4.11Stephanie Croker32-11.00Sandra Day O'Connor
5.12Catlina Csonca32-05.00Deer Valley
6.10Megan Kelly31-02.00Sandra Day O'Connor
7.12Shakari Terrell30-04.00Deer Valley
8.10Aundi Shotts30-02.00Mountain Ridge
9.11Maggie Gard29-09.00Mountain Ridge
10.12Ruth Bushman29-03.00Kingman
11.11Megan Treece28-10.00Mountain Ridge
12.10Sarah Wilden28-02.00Deer Valley
13.10Q'Mariha Lewis27-07.00Mountain Ridge
14.12Sara Reed27-05.00Kingman
15.9Stephanie Goulart24-10.00Kingman
12Reema JulaniNDValley Vista
12Daniella RiveraNDValley Vista
12Taylor WoodNDBarry Goldwater
11Alexis DelavegaNDBoulder Creek
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