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Marion Freeman Invitational

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Clayton HS, Clayton

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.12Camron Hampton11.17aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.12Lonell Watkins11.29aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.10Ezekiel Elliott11.37aJohn Burroughs      
4.12Shauron Jenning11.43aJennings      
5.12John Edwards11.71aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
6.11Damon Howell11.91aJennings      
7.12Cody Fritsche11.97aLutheran South      
8.11Isaiah Laster12.52aPrincipia      
X 100 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.11Jeremy Nicholson11.01aEast St. Louis      
2.11Quinntarrius Hill11.20aCahokia      
3.12Bryan Williams11.25aHazelwood Central      
4.10Tion Blair11.26aNormandy      
5.10Jason Lewis11.34aNormandy      
6.11Durron Neal11.44aDe Smet Jesuit      
7.10Justin Smith11.54aChaminade College Prep      
8.10Trey Story11.57aCahokia      
X 100 Meters - Blue - Prelims
1.12Lonell Watkins11.28aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.10Ezekiel Elliott11.32aJohn Burroughs      
3.12Shauron Jenning11.32aJennings      
4.12Camron Hampton11.49aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.12John Edwards11.59aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
6.11Isaiah Laster11.72aPrincipia      
7.11Damon Howell11.74aJennings      
8.12Cody Fritsche11.76aLutheran South      
9.9Richard Bonzi11.76aPrincipia      
10.10Denzell Conway11.81aMary Institute-Count...      
10.12Ahmad Johnson11.81aNorth County Tech      
12.12Harrison Ivie11.93aMary Institute-Count...      
13.11Sam Mosley12.02aSt. Charles West      
14.10Rashad Holmes12.06aClayton      
15.10Jimmie Pampkin12.08aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
16.12Thaddeus Pinkins12.21aNorth County Tech      
17.11Jabril Williams12.24aLutheran North      
18.12Elie Moore12.32aBrentwood      
19.11Seve Esperrago12.45aSt Louis Priory      
20.11Jonathan Irving12.77aLutheran North      
21.11Nick Reuss13.70aThe Fulton School      
--11Ben AbelnFSLutheran South      
X 100 Meters - Orange - Prelims
1.11Jeremy Nicholson11.33aEast St. Louis      
2.11Quinntarrius Hill11.50aCahokia      
5.12Bryan Williams11.58aHazelwood Central      
3.11Durron Neal11.70aDe Smet Jesuit      
6.10Tion Blair11.71aNormandy      
7.10Trey Story11.78aCahokia      
4.10Jason Lewis11.87aNormandy      
8.10Justin Smith11.96aChaminade College Prep      
9.12Freddie Jackson12.04aRitenour      
10.10DJ DeVivo12.06aSt Louis University      
11.9Keith Garner12.07aEast St. Louis      
12.9Ryan Little12.07aChaminade College Prep      
13.12Deauntrel Moore12.19aHazelwood Central      
14.10Chris Moore12.21aDe Smet Jesuit      
15.11Andrew Altomare12.44aFrancis Howell Central      
16.12Bobby Fallon12.44aRitenour      
17.10Teddy Williamson12.45aFt Zumwalt West      
18.10Kyle Harris12.45aFt Zumwalt West      
19.10Jarred Jefferson13.05aFrancis Howell Central      
X 200 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.12Lonell Watkins21.90aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.12Camron Hampton22.24aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.12Jr., Cletus Hatten22.70aLutheran North      
4.11Terrone Garner22.88aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
5.12Jonathan Lauer22.90aLutheran South      
6.11Jr., Alphonso Hicks23.13aLutheran North      
7.12Benny Jones23.34aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
8.12Shauron Jenning23.66aJennings      
X 200 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.11Sean Wills22.38aHazelwood Central      
2.10Jason Lewis22.85aNormandy      
3.10Trey Story22.97aCahokia      
4.12Brandon Gates23.46aCahokia      
X 200 Meters - Blue - Prelims
1.12Camron Hampton22.55aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.12Lonell Watkins23.01aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.12Shauron Jenning23.13aJennings      
5.12Benny Jones23.16aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
4.12Jonathan Lauer23.25aLutheran South      
6.12Jr., Cletus Hatten23.25aLutheran North      
7.11Jr., Alphonso Hicks23.40aLutheran North      
8.11Terrone Garner23.45aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
9.11Isaiah Laster23.70aPrincipia      
10.11Evan Moore23.71aNorth County Tech      
11.12Aaron Watkins24.02aNorth County Tech      
12.12Elie Moore24.11aBrentwood      
13.11Jermiah Naylor24.16aJennings      
14.10Denzell Conway24.19aMary Institute-Count...      
15.11Sam Mosley24.23aSt. Charles West      
16.10Brian Zielinski24.24aBishop Dubourg      
17.12Tommy Laughlin24.26aMary Institute-Count...      
18.11Nadum Meneh24.28aLutheran South      
19.12John Menteer24.47aSt Louis Priory      
20.10Rashad Holmes24.92aClayton      
21.10Marquese Williams25.02aBrentwood      
22.11Nelson Atkins25.60aUniversity City      
23.10Edward Davis26.10aClayton      
24.9Jason McIntire26.37aPrincipia      
25.10AD Marshall27.38aJohn Burroughs      
26.11Nick Reuss28.09aThe Fulton School      
X 200 Meters - Orange - Prelims
1.11Sean Wills22.72aHazelwood Central      
2.11Durron Neal23.29aDe Smet Jesuit      
3.10Jason Lewis23.33aNormandy      
5.10Trey Story23.36aCahokia      
6.12Brandon Gates23.44aCahokia      
4.12Courtney Gray23.55aRiverview Gardens      
7.10Bertrand Birdsall23.68aChristian Brothers C...      
8.10Alex Groesch23.72aSt Louis University      
9.9Grey Taylor23.75aEast St. Louis      
10.11Gordon Taylor23.76aHazelwood Central      
11.9Chris Wright23.80aRiverview Gardens      
12.12Larry Haynes23.88aDe Smet Jesuit      
13.10Micheal Williams24.08aNormandy      
14.9Deion Smith24.12aChristian Brothers C...      
15.10Tyler Percy24.20aFt Zumwalt West      
16.9Ryan Little24.24aChaminade College Prep      
17.12Kevin Hundelt24.40aChaminade College Prep      
18.11Darius Washington24.64aRitenour      
19.12Freddie Jackson24.67aRitenour      
20.11Terron Givens24.84aFrancis Howell North      
21.10Eric Rogers24.90aFt Zumwalt West      
22.11Andrew Altomare25.10aFrancis Howell Central      
23.12Devon Farrow25.36aFrancis Howell Central      
24.10Donald Carradine25.93aEast St. Louis      
X 400 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.11Alfred Larry49.21aJennings      
2.12Jonathan Lauer49.73aLutheran South      
3.11Terrone Garner50.51aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
4.12Austin Holmsley50.61aPrincipia      
5.12Jr., Cletus Hatten50.79aLutheran North      
6.12Anthony Boyd51.26aJennings      
7.12Jordan Wood53.15aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
X 400 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.12Michael Hester47.97aHazelwood Central      
2.12Derek Brown48.75aNormandy      
3.9Marlin Brady50.81aCahokia      
4.9Matt Quarells51.78aHazelwood Central      
5.10Darren PAyton51.84aCahokia      
X 400 Meters - Blue - Prelims
1.12Jonathan Lauer50.25aLutheran South      
2.12Jordan Wood50.25aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.11Terrone Garner50.43aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
3.11Alfred Larry50.97aJennings      
4.12Jr., Cletus Hatten51.36aLutheran North      
6.12Austin Holmsley51.37aPrincipia      
7.12Anthony Boyd51.61aJennings      
8.12Lonell Watkins51.90aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
9.11Conrad Bollinger52.82aPrincipia      
10.11Nadum Meneh52.83aLutheran South      
12.11Sam Schnabel53.91aJohn Burroughs      
13.11Matt Millett55.11aClayton      
14.11Caleb Grady56.08aClayton      
15.11Sylvester Murry56.67aNorth County Tech      
16.10Matthew Hope56.68aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
17.12Brandon Ross56.80aLutheran North      
18.11Ben Corley57.77aSt Louis Priory      
19.10Andrew Bartnett58.20aJohn Burroughs      
20.12Zak Handler59.88aThe Fulton School      
21.9Chris Morton1:00.25aBrentwood      
22.11Nick Reuss1:07.30aThe Fulton School      
X 400 Meters - Orange - Prelims
1.12Derek Brown49.86aNormandy      
2.12Michael Hester50.29aHazelwood Central      
3.9Marlin Brady50.49aCahokia      
4.10Darren PAyton50.70aCahokia      
5.9Matt Quarells51.61aHazelwood Central      
6.12Dominic Kacich51.79aChristian Brothers C...      
7.11Tim Pickel51.99aDe Smet Jesuit      
8.12Johnell Williams52.34aDe Smet Jesuit      
9.10Santiago Jones52.42aNormandy      
10.11Kevin Baker53.41aEast St. Louis      
11.12Jordan Summers53.73aFrancis Howell North      
12.11Mack Weaver54.10aFrancis Howell North      
13.10Trevon Robinson54.45aRitenour      
14.11Darius Washington54.76aRitenour      
15.10Kyle Harris55.22aFt Zumwalt West      
16.10John Gould55.52aRiverview Gardens      
17.10Juan Stepney57.78aEast St. Louis      
18.11Kurtis Cato1:00.42aFrancis Howell Central      
19.12Michael Prince1:00.78aFrancis Howell Central      
--11Luke GilsingerFSSt Louis University      
X 800 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.9Charles Jones Jr.1:57.11aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
2.12David Everett1:57.41aWestminster Christian      
3.10Amos Bartelsmeyer1:57.78aMary Institute-Count...      
4.12Caleb Hoover1:58.88aCollege Heights Chri...      
5.12Coty Williams1:59.92aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
6.11Adam DeSplinter2:05.17aSt. Charles West      
7.10Damiene Freeman2:05.73aJennings      
8.12Anthony Blocker2:05.75aJennings      
9.11Calvin Jackson2:06.33aUniversity City      
10.12Alex Lahue2:08.09aLutheran South      
11.12Jr., Clayton Pasley2:08.14aLutheran North      
12.12Nick D'Orazio2:09.84aSt Louis Priory      
13.9Andy Hodapp2:10.16aClayton      
14.11Matts Wilcoxen2:11.10aPrincipia      
15.11Chris Brown2:11.33aMary Institute-Count...      
16.10Conor Cashner2:11.94aSt Marys (Saint Louis)      
17.12Kyle Hill2:12.59aSt Louis Priory      
18.11Travis Connelly2:13.07aLutheran South      
19.12Daniel Everett2:13.43aWestminster Christian      
20.11Raheem Tolbert2:14.97aUniversity City      
21.9Zach Lamb2:16.75aJohn Burroughs      
22.9Lucas Chandler2:17.27aBishop Dubourg      
23.12Mequal Welch2:19.66aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
24.9Tristan Papes2:20.06aBishop Dubourg      
25.12Antonio Anderson2:21.59aNorth County Tech      
26.9Drew Hoffner2:28.31aJohn Burroughs      
X 800 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.10Rashod Harris1:58.56aRitenour      
2.9John Esswein1:59.59aSt Louis University      
3.11Tyler Diederich2:01.11aFt Zumwalt West      
4.10Tyler Percy2:01.39aFt Zumwalt West      
5.11Cole Davis2:01.88aHazelwood Central      
6.12Brian Scherping2:04.18aDe Smet Jesuit      
7.10Santiago Jones2:04.78aNormandy      
8.11Mack Weaver2:04.96aFrancis Howell North      
9.12Ryan Tucker2:05.36aCahokia      
10.12William Mitchell2:05.42aHazelwood Central      
11.12Jordan Summers2:05.67aFrancis Howell North      
12.10Devonte Atkins2:07.58aEast St. Louis      
13.12Brandon Jackson2:09.09aNormandy      
14.12Dan Raterman2:09.16aSt Louis University      
15.12Alex Potter2:09.50aDe Smet Jesuit      
16.12Joseph Winters2:12.06aCahokia      
17.11Desi Moore2:14.42aEast St. Louis      
18.12Adam Farmer2:14.84aFrancis Howell Central      
19.10Brendan Hiatt2:17.06aFrancis Howell Central      
20.11Zakary Snow2:19.68aRitenour      
X 1600 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.12Daniel Everett4:11.34aWestminster Christian      
2.11Brandon Shemonia4:26.43aScott City      
3.12Jordan Mann4:29.01aMary Institute-Count...      
4.12John Cole4:42.15aSt Louis Priory      
5.12Christopher Floyd4:46.58aLutheran North      
6.10Kirk Smith4:48.01aJohn Burroughs      
7.11Chris Noda4:49.71aMary Institute-Count...      
8.9Charles Jones Jr.4:55.24aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
9.11Andrew Merriman4:57.46aSt Marys (Saint Louis)      
10.12Doug Brooking4:58.00aSt Louis Priory      
11.9Phillip Spallek4:58.01aLutheran North      
12.11Ben Vanderhyde5:01.11aLutheran South      
13.11Andrew Lambert-Cole5:04.01aPrincipia      
14.11Ian Quinn5:04.40aLutheran South      
15.11Elva Shelton5:10.35aSoldan International...      
16.10Wesley Bryant5:14.27aJennings      
17.10Karlin Barnes5:15.03aUniversity City      
18.11Julius Johnson5:15.52aJennings      
19.12Briggs DeLoach5:29.66aPrincipia      
--12Caleb HooverDNFCollege Heights Chri...      
--12David EverettDNFWestminster Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.11Johnny Moore4:28.01aEast St. Louis      
2.12Tim Rackers4:28.74aSt Louis University      
3.12Kevin Abernathy4:33.14aDe Smet Jesuit      
4.11Josh McKinley4:34.05aFrancis Howell Central      
5.10Tyler Percy4:39.19aFt Zumwalt West      
6.12William Mitchell4:40.99aHazelwood Central      
7.9Austin Del Rosso4:44.42aDe Smet Jesuit      
8.12Joe Meier4:47.32aSt Louis University      
9.9Jalon Monigan4:51.34aCahokia      
10.10Tommie Johnson4:54.80aEast St. Louis      
11.12Zach Taylor4:56.58aFrancis Howell Central      
12.12LaQuinton Battle5:02.49aHazelwood Central      
13.11Alton Armstrong5:02.89aNormandy      
14.11Steven Potter5:03.76aFrancis Howell North      
15.9Micheal Monigan5:07.75aCahokia      
16.10Brendan Kirchhoff5:15.97aFrancis Howell North      
17.10Paul Gitu5:20.28aRitenour      
18.12Keith Mudge5:41.62aRitenour      
X 3200 Meters - Blue - Finals
1.12David Everett9:29.94aWestminster Christian      
2.12Jordan Mann9:34.02aMary Institute-Count...      
3.12Drew Keefer9:39.85aSt Pius X (Kansas Ci...      
4.12Bradley Hart9:55.81aLutheran South      
5.12David Stodden9:58.73aSt Pius X (Kansas Ci...      
6.12John Cole10:04.04aSt Louis Priory      
7.11Chris Noda10:10.01aMary Institute-Count...      
8.11Travis Connelly10:19.85aLutheran South      
9.10Kirk Smith10:21.19aJohn Burroughs      
10.10Conor Cashner10:40.66aSt Marys (Saint Louis)      
11.11Andrew Merriman10:41.98aSt Marys (Saint Louis)      
12.12Mike Merchant11:00.23aLutheran North      
13.12Anthony Blocker11:00.40aJennings      
14.11Turner Rapp11:07.63aJohn Burroughs      
15.12Peter Carnesciali11:11.09aPrincipia      
16.12Tyler Markham11:18.53aClayton      
17.9Juwan Lee11:24.37aJennings      
18.10Sheldon Keence11:33.68aSt. Charles West      
19.11Steven Yang11:40.60aLutheran North      
20.12Doug Brooking11:44.78aSt Louis Priory      
21.10Sam Polzin12:54.58aUniversity City      
X 3200 Meters - Orange - Finals
1.12Tim Rackers9:30.39aSt Louis University      
2.12Sam Dickerson9:49.85aMoberly      
3.10Jake Helt9:56.89aChristian Brothers C...      
4.11Nathan Rubbelke10:04.69aSt Louis University      
5.12Zach Taylor10:09.02aFrancis Howell Central      
6.11Steve Heim10:09.54aFt Zumwalt West      
7.11Josh McKinley10:12.26aFrancis Howell Central      
8.11Seth Parres10:26.93aFt Zumwalt West      
9.12William Mitchell10:37.34aHazelwood Central      
10.12LaQuinton Battle10:52.05aHazelwood Central      
11.11Matt Rosenthal10:53.96aChristian Brothers C...      
12.12Darnell Richardson11:03.18aEast St. Louis      
13.9Ramon Shelton12:32.19aEast St. Louis      
14.11Devonti Privette12:38.43aNormandy      
15.10Sylvester Jenkins12:48.56aNormandy      
16.12Keith Mudge12:48.62aRitenour      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Blue - Finals
1.10Ezekiel Elliott15.70aJohn Burroughs      
2.12Justin Bryant16.33aBishop Dubourg      
3.12Willie Payne17.02aLutheran North      
4.12Carson Pryor17.64aMary Institute-Count...      
5.11Joel Cardin17.95aLutheran North      
6.12Henry Cordova18.09aSt Louis Priory      
7.9Joe Fisher18.95aPrincipia      
8.11Sam Hoff31.51aLutheran South      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Orange - Finals
1.12Rodgerick Woods15.23aRitenour      
2.12Tyrone Williams15.23aHazelwood Central      
3.10Marcus Greer15.58aEast St. Louis      
4.11Jared Boyd15.94aFt Zumwalt West      
5.12Michael Haynes16.32aRitenour      
6.10Jon Schwab16.84aFrancis Howell North      
7.11Tommy Behr17.55aSt Louis University      
8.9Gary Hickman21.42aCahokia      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Blue - Prelims
1.10Ezekiel Elliott14.71aJohn Burroughs      
3.11Sam Hoff15.72aLutheran South      
2.12Justin Bryant15.75aBishop Dubourg      
4.12Willie Payne16.16aLutheran North      
5.12Carson Pryor16.54aMary Institute-Count...      
6.12Henry Cordova17.10aSt Louis Priory      
7.9Joe Fisher17.24aPrincipia      
8.11Joel Cardin17.48aLutheran North      
9.10Xavier Bledsoe18.17aJohn Burroughs      
10.11Sean Cowie18.75aLutheran South      
11.10Patrick Schafer18.78aSt Louis Priory      
12.9Aimun Malik19.92aMary Institute-Count...      
13.11Evan Uhlenbrock24.79aThe Fulton School      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Orange - Prelims
1.12Rodgerick Woods15.35aRitenour      
2.12Tyrone Williams15.49aHazelwood Central      
3.10Marcus Greer15.79aEast St. Louis      
4.12Michael Haynes15.94aRitenour      
5.9Gary Hickman16.09aCahokia      
6.10Jon Schwab16.34aFrancis Howell North      
7.11Jared Boyd16.82aFt Zumwalt West      
8.11Tommy Behr17.40aSt Louis University      
9.11C. J. Durham17.84aDe Smet Jesuit      
10.11Matt McCarthy18.15aSt Louis University      
11.11Jesse Spinks19.11aFrancis Howell Central      
12.11Brandon Grau19.51aFrancis Howell Central      
13.12Andrew Struttmann19.79aDe Smet Jesuit      
14.11Terrell Wyms20.48aHazelwood Central      
15.9Mike Wollenberg20.82aFrancis Howell North      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Blue - Finals
1.10Ezekiel Elliott39.80aJohn Burroughs      
2.12Justin Bryant40.70aBishop Dubourg      
3.12Carson Pryor41.28aMary Institute-Count...      
4.12Willie Payne42.45aLutheran North      
5.11Sam Hoff42.54aLutheran South      
6.12Jake Roometua43.29aPrincipia      
7.9Joe Fisher43.92aPrincipia      
8.11Joel Cardin46.32aLutheran North      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Orange - Finals
1.12Rodgerick Woods40.23aRitenour      
2.12Joshua Bell40.31aCahokia      
3.12Tyrone Williams40.99aHazelwood Central      
4.11Jared Boyd41.46aFt Zumwalt West      
5.12Xavier Kenney41.87aRitenour      
6.11Terrell Wyms42.05aHazelwood Central      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Blue - Prelims
1.10Ezekiel Elliott41.60aJohn Burroughs      
2.12Justin Bryant42.18aBishop Dubourg      
3.12Carson Pryor42.59aMary Institute-Count...      
4.11Sam Hoff43.00aLutheran South      
5.12Willie Payne43.29aLutheran North      
6.12Jake Roometua44.57aPrincipia      
7.9Joe Fisher44.60aPrincipia      
8.11Joel Cardin44.91aLutheran North      
9.9Bryan Hodges45.14aClayton      
10.12Henry Cordova45.31aSt Louis Priory      
11.11Tyler Sanft45.78aLutheran South      
12.10Patrick Schafer46.47aSt Louis Priory      
13.10Xavier Bledsoe46.63aJohn Burroughs      
14.11Tarryon Sims46.73aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
15.9Ian Fulton47.82aBishop Dubourg      
16.10Rashad Jordan47.94aBrentwood      
17.11Kylann Clayborn48.19aUniversity City      
18.9Aimun Malik48.84aMary Institute-Count...      
19.11Julian Sanders51.39aNorth County Tech      
20.11Mike Nelson57.29aBrentwood      
--12DeAngelo HudsonDNFNorth County Tech      
--9Dominic NelsonFSCardinal Ritter Coll...      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Orange - Prelims
1.12Vernon Carter40.08aCahokia      
2.12Xavier Kenney40.51aRitenour      
3.12Rodgerick Woods40.72aRitenour      
5.11Jared Boyd40.95aFt Zumwalt West      
6.12Joshua Bell41.56aCahokia      
4.9Chris Wright41.69aRiverview Gardens      
7.12Tyrone Williams41.94aHazelwood Central      
8.11Terrell Wyms42.28aHazelwood Central      
9.10Jon Schwab42.41aFrancis Howell North      
10.11Matt McCarthy42.58aSt Louis University      
11.11Dan Williams42.89aSt Louis University      
12.12Lavon Meeks43.38aRiverview Gardens      
13.11C. J. Durham44.74aDe Smet Jesuit      
14.11Isiah Doss44.91aEast St. Louis      
15.10Dakota Clark45.24aNormandy      
16.12Andrew Struttmann45.33aDe Smet Jesuit      
17.11Jesse Spinks46.64aFrancis Howell Central      
18.11Alton Armstrong47.37aNormandy      
19.10Jonathan Gray47.74aChristian Brothers C...      
20.10Marcus Greer47.95aEast St. Louis      
21.12Bryan Metcalfe48.68aFrancis Howell Central      
22.9Mike Wollenberg50.34aFrancis Howell North      
X 4x100 Relay - Blue - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.03aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Relay Team 44.42aNorth County Tech      
3.-Relay Team 44.48aClayton      
4.-Relay Team 46.35aPrincipia      
5.-Relay Team 46.39aLutheran North      
6.-Relay Team 46.85aSt. Charles West      
7.-Relay Team 46.95aBishop Dubourg      
X 4x100 Relay - Orange - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.29aHazelwood Central      
2.-Relay Team 43.45aCahokia      
3.-Relay Team 43.56aRitenour      
4.-Relay Team 43.91aNormandy      
5.-Relay Team 44.57aDe Smet Jesuit      
6.-Relay Team 45.15aChaminade College Prep      
7.-Relay Team 45.28aEast St. Louis      
8.-Relay Team 47.13aSt Louis University      
X 4x100 Relay - Blue - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 43.65aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.-Relay Team 44.09aClayton      
2.-Relay Team 44.62aNorth County Tech      
4.-Relay Team 45.34aBishop Dubourg      
5.-Relay Team 45.91aSt. Charles West      
6.-Relay Team 46.01aPrincipia      
7.-Relay Team 46.43aLutheran North      
8.-Relay Team 47.18aBrentwood      
9.-Relay Team 47.32aJohn Burroughs      
10.-Relay Team 47.70aLutheran South      
11.-Relay Team 49.45aSt Louis Priory      
12.-Relay Team 50.06aMary Institute-Count...      
X 4x100 Relay - Orange - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 42.88aEast St. Louis      
3.-Relay Team 43.11aHazelwood Central      
2.-Relay Team 43.41aNormandy      
4.-Relay Team 43.61aRitenour      
5.-Relay Team 43.62aCahokia      
6.-Relay Team 44.33aDe Smet Jesuit      
7.-Relay Team 44.79aChaminade College Prep      
8.-Relay Team 45.46aSt Louis University      
9.-Relay Team 45.61aRiverview Gardens      
10.-Relay Team 46.59aFrancis Howell Central      
---Relay Team DQChristian Brothers C...      
---Relay Team DQChristian Brothers C...      
X 4x200 Relay - Blue - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:30.78aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Relay Team 1:30.82aLutheran North      
3.-Relay Team 1:31.56aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
4.-Relay Team 1:33.61aLutheran South      
5.-Relay Team 1:33.86aJennings      
6.-Relay Team 1:34.44aPrincipia      
7.-Relay Team 1:35.37aNorth County Tech      
---Relay Team DQClayton      
X 4x200 Relay - Orange - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:28.93aHazelwood Central      
2.-Relay Team 1:29.76aNormandy      
3.-Relay Team 1:31.17aRitenour      
4.-Relay Team 1:31.44aCahokia      
5.-Relay Team 1:33.67aChaminade College Prep      
6.-Relay Team 1:34.72aEast St. Louis      
7.-Relay Team 1:34.74aDe Smet Jesuit      
X 4x200 Relay - Blue - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:31.12aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Relay Team 1:31.16aJennings      
3.-Relay Team 1:31.38aLutheran North      
4.-Relay Team 1:32.28aClayton      
5.-Relay Team 1:32.83aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
6.-Relay Team 1:33.60aPrincipia      
7.-Relay Team 1:33.84aNorth County Tech      
8.-Relay Team 1:35.00aLutheran South      
9.-Relay Team 1:36.86aSt. Charles West      
10.-Relay Team 1:39.96aBrentwood      
11.-Relay Team 1:41.55aSt Louis Priory      
12.-Relay Team 1:47.17aMary Institute-Count...      
X 4x200 Relay - Orange - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:28.79aHazelwood Central      
3.-Relay Team 1:30.42aNormandy      
4.-Relay Team 1:30.63aEast St. Louis      
2.-Relay Team 1:30.93aRitenour      
5.-Relay Team 1:31.15aCahokia      
6.-Relay Team 1:33.21aDe Smet Jesuit      
7.-Relay Team 1:33.26aChaminade College Prep      
8.-Relay Team 1:36.80aRiverview Gardens      
9.-Relay Team 1:36.95aFrancis Howell North      
10.-Relay Team 1:36.97aFrancis Howell Central      
11.-Relay Team 1:37.80aSt Louis University      
---Relay Team DQChristian Brothers C...      
---Relay Team DQChristian Brothers C...      
X 4x400 Relay - Blue - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:24.69aJennings      
2.-Relay Team 3:25.90aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.-Relay Team 3:30.48aPrincipia      
4.-Relay Team 3:30.51aLutheran North      
5.-Relay Team 3:31.51aLutheran South      
6.-Relay Team 3:31.83aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
7.-Relay Team 3:36.47aClayton      
8.-Relay Team 3:37.50aJohn Burroughs      
X 4x400 Relay - Orange - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:18.80aHazelwood Central      
2.-Relay Team 3:21.15aCahokia      
3.-Relay Team 3:23.30aNormandy      
4.-Relay Team 3:26.83aRitenour      
5.-Relay Team 3:31.63aEast St. Louis      
6.-Relay Team 3:34.99aFt Zumwalt West      
7.-Relay Team 3:42.63aSt Louis University      
X 4x400 Relay - Blue - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:27.02aJennings      
2.-Relay Team 3:28.31aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.-Relay Team 3:28.65aPrincipia      
4.-Relay Team 3:31.50aLutheran North      
5.-Relay Team 3:32.26aCardinal Ritter Coll...      
6.-Relay Team 3:32.32aLutheran South      
7.-Relay Team 3:34.24aClayton      
8.-Relay Team 3:34.90aJohn Burroughs      
9.-Relay Team 3:43.01aNorth County Tech      
10.-Relay Team 3:50.83aSt Louis Priory      
11.-Relay Team 4:05.29aMary Institute-Count...      
X 4x400 Relay - Orange - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:20.36aHazelwood Central      
2.-Relay Team 3:22.83aCahokia      
3.-Relay Team 3:24.12aNormandy      
4.-Relay Team 3:24.67aEast St. Louis      
5.-Relay Team 3:26.46aRitenour      
6.-Relay Team 3:28.66aFt Zumwalt West      
7.-Relay Team 3:41.55aSt Louis University      
8.-Relay Team 3:45.78aFrancis Howell North      
9.-Relay Team 3:46.37aRiverview Gardens      
10.-Relay Team 3:53.13aFrancis Howell Central      
X 4x800 Relay - Blue - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:15.26aMary Institute-Count...      
2.-Relay Team 8:18.11aJennings      
3.-Relay Team 8:19.19aWestminster Christian      
4.-Relay Team 8:21.14aPrincipia      
5.-Relay Team 8:22.84aSt Pius X (Kansas Ci...      
6.-Relay Team 8:33.95aClayton      
7.-Relay Team 8:44.15aSt Louis Priory      
8.-Relay Team 8:45.02aLutheran North      
9.-Relay Team 8:54.79aJohn Burroughs      
10.-Relay Team 8:56.09aSt Marys (Saint Louis)      
11.-Relay Team 9:09.18aUniversity City      
X 4x800 Relay - Orange - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:14.95aDe Smet Jesuit      
2.-Relay Team 8:17.31aHazelwood Central      
3.-Relay Team 8:18.56aCahokia      
4.-Relay Team 8:19.55aSt Louis University      
5.-Relay Team 8:37.59aRitenour      
6.-Relay Team 8:40.30aFt Zumwalt West      
7.-Relay Team 8:40.93aEast St. Louis      
8.-Relay Team 8:52.40aNormandy      
9.-Relay Team 8:52.58aFrancis Howell North      
10.-Relay Team 9:22.35aFrancis Howell Central      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Blue - Finals
1.12Colin Linkul50-10.50St Louis Priory      
2.12John Valentine50-02.75Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Fade Oluokun49-02.75John Burroughs      
4.11Michael Scherer46-01.50Mary Institute-Count...      
5.12Todd Johnson45-03.50Lutheran South      
6.12Joesph Bratkowski44-04.50John Burroughs      
7.12Troy Penny43-04.50Lutheran North      
8.12Hershall Prater42-06.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
9.10Bobby Hopkins41-11.25Lutheran South      
10.12Matt Dowling41-08.00St Louis Priory      
11.11Christian Winston39-11.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
12.11Joseph Bradley39-10.75Clayton      
13.11Joe Klatt39-05.25Bishop Dubourg      
14.12Shaquille Smith39-01.25North County Tech      
15.11Devon Calhoun37-09.50Jennings      
16.12Daniel McKnaught36-02.75Lutheran North      
17.11Evan Uhlenbrock35-09.75The Fulton School      
18.11Lyden Peoples35-00.75University City      
19.12James Jones32-10.50North County Tech      
20.12Wilson Ward32-08.00Bishop Dubourg      
21.9Austin Moyle32-07.00Principia      
22.12Zak Handler31-04.50The Fulton School      
23.11Galen Collins31-01.75Principia      
24.11Josh Helm25-05.25Clayton      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Orange - Finals
1.12Demarchs Greene48-09.50East St. Louis      
2.10Demtrius Bernard48-08.50Ft Zumwalt West      
3.12Alex Cross48-06.00St Louis University      
4.12Anthony Briggs46-11.50Ritenour      
5.12Roddrick Williams46-07.00De Smet Jesuit      
5.12Rodney Young46-07.00Cahokia      
7.12Devin Gillespie45-04.00Hazelwood Central      
8.12Cameron Brown45-00.00Chaminade College Prep      
9.12Brad Hardin42-11.00Ft Zumwalt West      
10.11Calvin Owens42-09.50Cahokia      
11.11Gerard Gayou41-05.00St Louis University      
12.11Kevin Ping41-03.50Ritenour      
13.12Brandon Haupt41-02.50Francis Howell Central      
14.9Roderick Johnson41-01.00Hazelwood Central      
15.12Mike Ruesler40-02.25De Smet Jesuit      
16.12Cullen Watkins39-09.50East St. Louis      
17.12Tom Foley39-07.50Francis Howell North      
18.11Daulton Daies39-02.00Francis Howell Central      
19.10Wesley Gillespie36-09.00Christian Brothers C...      
20.10Sherman Calhoun35-05.50Christian Brothers C...      
21.11Alexander Avery30-11.50Riverview Gardens      
22.10Tyrone Riley26-07.50Riverview Gardens      
--10Jaleel JohnsonFOULNormandy      
--12D PargoFOULNormandy      
--11Mikailou DiarraFOULFrancis Howell North      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Blue - Finals
1.12Todd Johnson140-10Lutheran South      
2.12Fade Oluokun140-09John Burroughs      
3.11Robert Tosie128-05Lutheran South      
4.12Adam Datema126-09John Burroughs      
5.12Daniel McKnaught125-11Lutheran North      
6.11Joseph Bradley116-08Clayton      
7.12Colin Cashner115-07St Marys (Saint Louis)      
8.12Troy Penny115-00Lutheran North      
9.11Lyden Peoples111-06University City      
10.10Jack Mueller106-09St Louis Priory      
11.11Ted Drury105-02St Marys (Saint Louis)      
12.10Damian Bell104-01McCluer South-Berkeley      
13.9Austin Moyle102-11Principia      
14.12Hershall Prater102-02McCluer South-Berkeley      
15.11Evan Uhlenbrock91-07The Fulton School      
16.11Galen Collins82-03Principia      
17.12James Jones77-01North County Tech      
18.12Zak Handler69-00The Fulton School      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Orange - Finals
1.12Alex Cross136-06St Louis University      
2.11Kaleb Higginbotham121-03Hazelwood Central      
3.11Calvin Owens119-04Cahokia      
4.12Simon Clark117-04St Louis University      
5.12Roddrick Williams112-00De Smet Jesuit      
6.12Mike Ruesler110-10De Smet Jesuit      
7.10Nathaniel Pierson109-04East St. Louis      
8.12Sam Diehl108-06Chaminade College Prep      
9.11Charles Hackett101-05Chaminade College Prep      
10.11LeLand Snow100-07Ritenour      
11.12Mark Blackmon99-05Ritenour      
12.12Devin Gillespie86-09Hazelwood Central      
X High Jump - Blue - Finals
1.12Shane Huddleston6-08.00St. Charles West      
2.12Harrison Ivie6-00.00Mary Institute-Count...      
3.11Joey Pasque6-00.00St Louis Priory      
4.10Xavier Bledsoe6-00.00John Burroughs      
5.12Eric Holm5-10.00St. Charles West      
6.11Jon Connelly5-10.00St Marys (Saint Louis)      
7.12Jordan Anderson5-08.00Principia      
8.11Mark Robinson5-08.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
9.11Robert Lewis5-08.00Lutheran North      
10.11Craig Dattoli5-06.00St Marys (Saint Louis)      
11.9Eli Early-Manchester5-06.00Principia      
12.11Jacob Loesche5-06.00Lutheran South      
13.11Christopher Ivie5-04.00Mary Institute-Count...      
13.11Sean Cowie5-04.00Lutheran South      
--11Evan UhlenbrockNHThe Fulton School      
X High Jump - Orange - Finals
1.10Antionio Pierce6-02.00East St. Louis      
2.12Michael Jordan6-00.00Hazelwood Central      
3.12DeVorionte Gaines5-10.00Hazelwood Central      
4.12Andre Wooten5-10.00Francis Howell North      
5.11Luke Hagerty5-08.00St Louis University      
6.11Alexander Anthony5-08.00East St. Louis      
7.9Gary Hickman5-06.00Cahokia      
8.11Joe Hampton5-04.00Ft Zumwalt West      
9.12Michael Prince5-04.00Francis Howell Central      
10.11Austin Coan5-02.00De Smet Jesuit      
--12Michael HaynesNHRitenour      
--12Devon FarrowNHFrancis Howell Central      
--11Devonti PrivetteNHNormandy      
X Pole Vault - Blue - Finals
1.11Kyle Potter13-06.00St. Charles West      
2.11Conrad Bollinger13-06.00Principia      
3.12Harrison Ivie13-00.00Mary Institute-Count...      
4.12Jake Roometua12-06.00Principia      
5.11Mike Nowack11-00.00St. Charles West      
6.10Robert Schultz10-00.00Mary Institute-Count...      
7.9Ryan Keeney9-06.00John Burroughs      
8.9Gianni Cook9-06.00University City      
9.12Mike Keppel9-00.00Lutheran North      
--10Daniel GregoryNHLutheran North      
--12Todd JohnsonNHLutheran South      
--12Kyle LambNHLutheran South      
X Pole Vault - Orange - Finals
1.12Kyle Byrd12-00.00Francis Howell Central      
2.10Patrick Matteo11-06.00Chaminade College Prep      
3.10Lamar Welch11-06.00Ritenour      
4.11Nathan Viehmann11-00.00Francis Howell North      
5.12Matt Mainieri11-00.00De Smet Jesuit      
5.11Daniel Appelbaum11-00.00St Louis University      
7.11Brady Hawkes10-06.00Francis Howell North      
8.10Brett Rygelski10-00.00De Smet Jesuit      
8.10Austin Smith10-00.00St Louis University      
--11Kyle KestlerNHFt Zumwalt West      
--9Devon GatchalianNHFt Zumwalt West      
--10Danny AskewNHRitenour      
X Long Jump - Blue - Finals
1.11Emanuel Price21-09.50University City      
2.11Mark Robinson20-07.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
3.10Deon Miller-Harris20-03.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
4.12Cody Fritsche20-02.00Lutheran South      
5.12Zach Pudlowski19-10.50St Marys (Saint Louis)      
6.10Marcus Taylor19-04.00St. Charles West      
7.12Shane Huddleston19-01.00St. Charles West      
8.12Sheron Thomas19-01.00North County Tech      
9.12Harrison Ivie19-00.50Mary Institute-Count...      
10.12Darion Boure18-08.00University City      
11.10Patrick Schafer18-07.00St Louis Priory      
12.11Robert Lewis18-04.50Lutheran North      
13.9Kyle Davis18-01.50Bishop Dubourg      
14.12Jordan Anderson18-00.00Principia      
15.11Andrew Kpfensteiner18-00.00St Louis Priory      
16.12Aaron Watkins17-06.00North County Tech      
17.9Ken Sherman16-10.00Lutheran South      
18.11Craig Dattoli16-09.50St Marys (Saint Louis)      
19.11DeVonte Harrell16-07.00Lutheran North      
20.11Vince Vance15-06.50John Burroughs      
21.9Victor DeCastro15-03.00Principia      
22.9Marquelle Brown14-07.00Brentwood      
23.10AD Marshall13-10.00John Burroughs      
24.11Nick Reuss12-03.00The Fulton School      
--12Thomas WillaimsFOULBrentwood      
X Long Jump - Orange - Finals
1.12Vernon Carter22-02.00Cahokia      
2.12Lakeen Scott20-10.50East St. Louis      
3.12DeVorionte Gaines20-03.75Hazelwood Central      
4.12Andre Wooten20-03.75Francis Howell North      
5.10Juan Stepney19-08.75East St. Louis      
6.12Stephen Pace19-05.25De Smet Jesuit      
7.10DJ DeVivo19-03.50St Louis University      
8.12George Fuller19-02.50Normandy      
9.12Brandon James19-02.00Christian Brothers C...      
10.9Demeko Stringfellow18-11.25Cahokia      
11.12Lavon Meeks18-10.75Riverview Gardens      
12.11Tommy Brown18-10.50De Smet Jesuit      
13.11Kevin Ping18-06.00Ritenour      
14.12Bryan Williams17-11.50Hazelwood Central      
15.10Trevon Robinson17-08.75Ritenour      
16.10courtland day17-06.00Normandy      
17.10Teddy Williamson17-04.25Ft Zumwalt West      
18.11Justin Marsh17-02.75Francis Howell North      
19.10Prince Yakubu17-02.00St Louis University      
20.12Devon Farrow15-05.75Francis Howell Central      
21.11Kurtis Cato15-04.25Francis Howell Central      
X Triple Jump - Blue - Finals
1.11Emanuel Price45-10.00University City      
2.12Darion Boure44-05.00University City      
3.12Basha St. John41-05.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
4.12Sheron Thomas41-04.50North County Tech      
5.12Cody Fritsche40-02.00Lutheran South      
6.11Vince Vance38-04.00John Burroughs      
7.11DeVonte Harrell37-04.50Lutheran North      
8.10Aaron Francis37-04.00Mary Institute-Count...      
9.10Marcus Taylor37-03.00St. Charles West      
10.10Cortez Burnett36-03.00North County Tech      
11.11Andrew Kpfensteiner36-01.00St Louis Priory      
12.11Basil Onyia36-00.50St. Charles West      
13.9Ken Sherman36-00.00Lutheran South      
13.11Jordan Coleman36-00.00Lutheran North      
15.10John Dunagan35-09.00Mary Institute-Count...      
16.9Tim Avery35-07.00St Louis Priory      
17.10AD Marshall32-05.00John Burroughs      
18.11Steven Hammond30-00.00Principia      
X Triple Jump - Orange - Finals
1.12Rodgerick Woods42-11.00Ritenour      
2.11Jeremy Nicholson42-06.00East St. Louis      
3.12Michael Jordan42-00.50Hazelwood Central      
4.10Daniel McCall41-10.00Cahokia      
5.11Justin LaBelle41-10.00De Smet Jesuit      
6.12Keionta Hawkins40-10.50Hazelwood Central      
7.12George Fuller40-04.00Normandy      
8.12Andre Wooten39-01.50Francis Howell North      
9.11Tim Pickel38-10.00De Smet Jesuit      
10.10Danny Askew38-07.00Ritenour      
11.12Vernon Carter37-00.00Cahokia      
12.11Zaid Hameed36-10.50East St. Louis      
13.10Brendan Clark35-08.50St Louis University      
14.10Jamie Green35-03.00Normandy      
15.11Kurtis Cato32-05.00Francis Howell Central      
--10Prince YakubuFOULSt Louis University      
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