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Summit Athletic Conference

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Northrop, Ft. Wayne

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kendal Frederick11.20aR Nelson Snider
2.12Antone Brewer11.32aWayne
3.12Mark Braster11.40aNorthrop
4.11Jerell Holman11.45aNorthrop
5.12DaVon Washington11.54aPaul Harding
6.11Demetrius Guy11.60aPaul Harding
7.11Quinton Griffin11.75aNorth Side
8.12Love Kimble11.80aR Nelson Snider
9.12Tyray Addison11.92aWayne
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kendal Frederick11.38aR Nelson Snider
2.12Mark Braster11.39aNorthrop
3.11Jerell Holman11.48aNorthrop
5.12DaVon Washington11.53aPaul Harding
4.11Demetrius Guy11.55aPaul Harding
6.12Antone Brewer11.55aWayne
7.12Love Kimble11.61aR Nelson Snider
8.11Quinton Griffin11.67aNorth Side
9.12Tyray Addison11.70aWayne
10.12Earl Jackson11.74aNorth Side
11.11Ryan Schleter11.91aConcordia Lutheran
12.12Jacob Wyss11.95aConcordia Lutheran
13.12Gabe Sundberg12.25aBishop Luers
14.10Keyontae Green12.45aBishop Luers
15.11Aaron Arechar12.50aSouth Side
16.9Jordan Bly12.65aBishop Dwenger
17.10Ben Collis13.16aBishop Dwenger
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kendal Frederick22.22aR Nelson Snider
2.12Percy Ford22.55aNorthrop
3.11Shauntis Lewis23.20aR Nelson Snider
4.12Sean Johnson23.50aNorth Side
5.11Kersten Barnfield23.51aNorth Side
6.12Tyray Addison23.57aWayne
7.11Ryan Schleter23.80aConcordia Lutheran
8.12Deontae Grace23.91aNorthrop
9.12DaVon Washington24.09aPaul Harding
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kendal Frederick23.25aR Nelson Snider
3.12Percy Ford23.31aNorthrop
2.11Shauntis Lewis23.47aR Nelson Snider
4.12Sean Johnson23.51aNorth Side
5.12DaVon Washington23.54aPaul Harding
6.12Deontae Grace23.73aNorthrop
7.12Tyray Addison23.74aWayne
8.11Kersten Barnfield23.94aNorth Side
9.11Ryan Schleter24.01aConcordia Lutheran
10.11Thomas Blackburn24.05aSouth Side
11.12Alandis Milligan24.11aPaul Harding
12.11Darius Tate24.13aSouth Side
13.12Antone Brewer24.29aWayne
14.10Brandon Webb24.95aConcordia Lutheran
15.10Keyontae Green25.21aBishop Luers
16.9Jordan Bly25.44aBishop Dwenger
17.10Nick German25.70aBishop Dwenger
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kendal Frederick49.50aR Nelson Snider
2.11Shauntis Lewis50.39aR Nelson Snider
3.11Kersten Barnfield51.08aNorth Side
4.12Steven Vandyke51.13aNorth Side
5.12Colin Jasper51.39aBishop Dwenger
6.12Jordan Patterson51.57aWayne
7.12Michael Starks51.88aConcordia Lutheran
8.12Emmanuel Okendu52.11aBishop Dwenger
9.10Devon Stone52.14aWayne
10.11Thomas Blackburn52.17aSouth Side
11.12Leonard McKenzie52.70aNorthrop
12.12Sam Buchanan52.86aNorthrop
13.9Cody Jones52.87aConcordia Lutheran
14.10Aaron Thomas55.03aSouth Side
15.12Gabe Sundberg55.37aBishop Luers
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitchell Dutton1:56.53aR Nelson Snider
2.11Adam Williams1:58.12aR Nelson Snider
3.11Matthew Adair2:01.08aConcordia Lutheran
4.12Charlie Melton2:04.02aNorth Side
5.11James Myers2:04.12aBishop Dwenger
6.12Tyris Ford2:04.80aSouth Side
7.12Phillip Schroeder2:06.29aBishop Dwenger
8.12Nick Butz2:07.64aConcordia Lutheran
9.11Manuel Martinez2:10.09aBishop Luers
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitchell Dutton4:30.33aR Nelson Snider
2.11Adam Williams4:31.88aR Nelson Snider
3.11Andrew Eckrich4:34.08aBishop Dwenger
4.12Billy McManus4:34.81aBishop Luers
5.10Luke Miller4:36.40aBishop Dwenger
6.10Jacob Reinking4:37.67aConcordia Lutheran
7.9Nathan Sutaphong4:47.80aConcordia Lutheran
8.12Nabil Mekki4:49.27aNorth Side
9.10Sean McManus4:50.99aBishop Luers
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Gray9:48.20aBishop Dwenger
2.11Andrew Eckrich9:50.85aBishop Dwenger
3.12Bisrat Desta9:55.18aR Nelson Snider
4.12Billy McManus9:56.17aBishop Luers
5.10Jacob Reinking9:56.85aConcordia Lutheran
6.11Blake Jones10:02.03aR Nelson Snider
7.12Jose Nino10:15.37aSouth Side
8.9Zach Panning10:20.24aConcordia Lutheran
9.12Stuart Schnelker10:26.16aNorth Side
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Adrian Mable15.00aSouth Side
2.12David Hayden15.11aWayne
3.12Davonte Williams15.44aSouth Side
4.11Ravante' Babbitt15.51aNorth Side
5.12Nathaniel Northington15.53aR Nelson Snider
6.12Daronte Powers15.56aWayne
7.12Nicholas Lewis15.73aR Nelson Snider
8.12Joshua Slayton15.76aNorth Side
9.12Gregory German16.69aBishop Dwenger
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ravante' Babbitt15.46aNorth Side
2.12David Hayden15.66aWayne
3.10Adrian Mable15.71aSouth Side
5.12Daronte Powers15.80aWayne
4.12Davonte Williams15.83aSouth Side
6.12Nicholas Lewis15.84aR Nelson Snider
7.12Joshua Slayton16.04aNorth Side
8.12Nathaniel Northington16.32aR Nelson Snider
9.12Gregory German16.66aBishop Dwenger
10.11Markiston Wlliams16.76aNorthrop
11.11Corey Leffers17.75aBishop Luers
12.12Carl Deiser18.00aBishop Luers
13.9Gus Schrader19.78aBishop Dwenger
14.10Tyson Billingsly22.62aNorthrop
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Adrian Mable39.31aSouth Side
2.12Nicholas Lewis40.43aR Nelson Snider
3.12Joshua Slayton40.71aNorth Side
4.11Demetrius Guy40.91aPaul Harding
5.10Nicolas Reese41.17aR Nelson Snider
6.12David Hayden41.24aWayne
7.10Tyson Billingsly41.71aNorthrop
8.12Trevor Bly41.90aNorthrop
9.11Corey Leffers43.04aBishop Luers
10.12Carl Deiser44.09aBishop Luers
11.9Gus Schrader45.24aBishop Dwenger
12.11Ravante' Babbitt47.20aNorth Side
13.10Harold Brown47.77aSouth Side
14.10Shamarcus Ford54.42aWayne
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jerell Holman
Trevor Bly
Mark Braster
Percy Ford
2.-Darin Barbour
Derrick Carlisle
Akeim Kelsaw
Marcus Lowe
43.25aR Nelson Snider
3.-Trevon Carr
Demetrius Guy
DaVon Washington
Denzel Sanders
43.27aPaul Harding
4.-Tyray Addison
Antone Brewer
Shamarcus Ford
Daronte Powers
5.-Adrian Mable
Yeshwa Moore
Demarcus Norfleet
Darius Tate
44.47aSouth Side
6.-Melvin Moore
Quinton Griffin
Earl Jackson
Joshua Slayton
44.64aNorth Side
7.-Gage Bowlin
Corey Fagg
Ryan Schleter
Jacob Wyss
44.67aConcordia Lutheran
8.-Jordan Bly
Keenan Schon
Gregory German
Nick German
45.47aBishop Dwenger
9.-Carl Deiser
Keyontae Green
Corey Leffers
Gabe Sundberg
45.60aBishop Luers
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mitchell Dutton
Kendal Frederick
Nicolas Reese
Shauntis Lewis
3:21.12aR Nelson Snider
2.-Randy McComb
Kersten Barnfield
Steven Vandyke
Sean Johnson
3:24.04aNorth Side
3.-Trevor Bly
Mark Braster
Sam Buchanan
Leonard McKenzie
4.-Jordan Patterson
Devon Stone
Shamarcus Ford
David Hayden
5.-Matthew Adair
Cody Jones
Jordan Miller
Michael Starks
3:28.11aConcordia Lutheran
6.-Gregory German
Colin Jasper
Anthony Offerle
Phillip Schroeder
3:30.74aBishop Dwenger
7.-Trevon Carr
Demetrius Guy
DeAndre Harris
Denzel Sanders
3:31.79aPaul Harding
8.-Thomas Blackburn
Kyle Fenstermacher
Tyris Ford
Adrian Mable
3:37.10aSouth Side
9.-Carl Deiser
Corey Leffers
Gabe Sundberg
Manuel Martinez
3:44.99aBishop Luers
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mohammad Bangura
Steven Vandyke
Randy McComb
Charlie Melton
8:10.89aNorth Side
2.-Mike Gloudemans
James Myers
Danny Niezer
Luke Offerle
8:11.91aBishop Dwenger
3.-Matthew Adair
Jonathan Anderson
Nick Butz
Jacob Reinking
8:21.99aConcordia Lutheran
4.-Peter Haydock
Dominique Hogue
Andrew Maciejewski
Samuel Martinez
8:28.81aR Nelson Snider
5.-Luke Martinez
Manuel Martinez
Sean McManus
Billy McManus
8:35.25aBishop Luers
6.-Devontae Barnes
Redrecus McCurrie
Cedric Neely
Jordan Patterson
7.-Jesse Chapman
Kyle Fletcher
Michael Hall
Ben Paul
8.-Adrian Avila
Thomas Blackburn
Kyle Fenstermacher
Tyris Ford
8:54.29aSouth Side
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Godfrey51-06.00R Nelson Snider
2.11Trevor Wright47-10.00Northrop
3.12Case Sickmiller46-07.00Northrop
4.12Karrington Thompson44-00.00R Nelson Snider
5.11Bryan Tippmann43-08.00Bishop Dwenger
6.11Adam Koch42-08.00Concordia Lutheran
7.12Adrian Williams42-06.00North Side
8.11Josh Bessesen40-02.00Bishop Dwenger
9.12Jeff Smith39-05.00Wayne
9.11Patrick Nieto39-05.00South Side
9.12Tyler Byall39-05.00North Side
12.12Tyler Trabel37-08.00Bishop Luers
13.12Tyrell Jones36-04.00Wayne
14.12John Krumanaker33-09.00Bishop Luers
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Godfrey161-02R Nelson Snider
2.11Trevor Wright155-09Northrop
3.12Tyler Byall141-01.50North Side
4.12Karrington Thompson140-11R Nelson Snider
5.10Thomas Nolan134-03South Side
6.11Bryan Tippmann130-02Bishop Dwenger
7.12Jeff Smith129-11.50Wayne
8.11Josh Bessesen124-02.50Bishop Dwenger
9.12Case Sickmiller120-11Northrop
10.10Russell Collins118-05.50North Side
11.11Adam Koch114-04Concordia Lutheran
12.10Nick Deiser111-08Bishop Luers
13.12Tyler Trabel106-09Bishop Luers
14.11Thomas Shephard105-00South Side
15.12Tyrell Jones95-01Wayne
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Vandyke6-05.00North Side
2.10Aaron Thomas6-01.00South Side
3.11Alexander Westrick6-01.00Concordia Lutheran
4.10Carrington Robinson6-01.00Wayne
5.10Zack Koenemann5-10.00Concordia Lutheran
6.9Jaylin Bennett5-08.00Paul Harding
6.11Kyle Miles5-08.00North Side
8.11Markiston Wlliams5-06.00Northrop
8.10Martez Parhm5-06.00R Nelson Snider
8.12Akeim Kelsaw5-06.00R Nelson Snider
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Krach14-06.00Bishop Dwenger
2.12Dave Schipper14-06.00Bishop Dwenger
3.12Taylor Buzzard13-06.00R Nelson Snider
4.12Mitchell Holloway13-00.00R Nelson Snider
5.12Eric Downing13-00.00Northrop
6.12Daronte Powers12-06.00Wayne
7.12Tyler Houshoulder12-06.00Northrop
8.11Michael Miller12-00.00North Side
9.11Paul Lohmuller9-06.00Bishop Luers
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Hayden21-06.00Wayne
2.12Nicholas Lewis21-02.25R Nelson Snider
3.12Mark Braster20-10.25Northrop
4.10Harold Brown20-06.75South Side
5.12Akeim Kelsaw20-02.50R Nelson Snider
6.12John Easley20-01.50South Side
7.10Tyson Billingsly19-11.50Northrop
8.10Devon Stone19-10.50Wayne
9.11Trevon Carr19-09.75Paul Harding
10.10Keyontae Green19-00.50Bishop Luers
11.11Wayne Kelly18-04.50Concordia Lutheran
12.11Melvin Moore17-11.50North Side
13.12Earl Jackson17-11.00North Side
14.10Brandon Webb17-09.00Concordia Lutheran
15.11Chris McGraw16-04.25Bishop Dwenger
16.10Jon Hake15-04.25Bishop Dwenger

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brionna Thomas12.41aWayne
2.12Myonna Jemison12.52aNorthrop
3.9Alexis Scott12.82aNorthrop
4.9Symone Black12.86aConcordia Lutheran
5.9Enissa Wimby13.12aR Nelson Snider
6.10Ryianna Wallace-Coleman13.21aR Nelson Snider
7.11Sarah Littlejohn13.42aPaul Harding
8.10Jachie Dixie13.47aConcordia Lutheran
9.9Kate Eifrid13.62aBishop Luers
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Brionna Thomas12.51aWayne
3.9Alexis Scott12.91aNorthrop
2.12Myonna Jemison13.07aNorthrop
4.9Enissa Wimby13.19aR Nelson Snider
5.9Symone Black13.27aConcordia Lutheran
6.10Ryianna Wallace-Coleman13.39aR Nelson Snider
7.11Sarah Littlejohn13.62aPaul Harding
8.10Jachie Dixie13.63aConcordia Lutheran
9.9Kate Eifrid13.77aBishop Luers
10.10Kae'Andra Ferguson13.94aSouth Side
11.12Onnie Jordan14.05aPaul Harding
12.10Keirsten Baumgartner14.10aBishop Luers
13.11Danielle Messman14.22aBishop Dwenger
14.9Dabraesha Robinson14.33aSouth Side
15.10Kara Miller14.77aBishop Dwenger
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brionna Thomas25.23aWayne
2.9Dyamond Morris26.07aNorth Side
3.12Whitney McDonald26.64aNorthrop
4.10Ryianna Wallace-Coleman26.78aR Nelson Snider
5.11Wanda Long26.95aWayne
6.9Jaquell Taylor27.12aNorthrop
7.9Enissa Wimby27.48aR Nelson Snider
8.9Kate Eifrid28.13aBishop Luers
9.10Jachie Dixie28.22aConcordia Lutheran
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Brionna Thomas25.87aWayne
2.12Whitney McDonald26.30aNorthrop
3.9Dyamond Morris26.45aNorth Side
4.10Ryianna Wallace-Coleman26.52aR Nelson Snider
5.9Jaquell Taylor26.96aNorthrop
6.11Wanda Long27.10aWayne
7.9Enissa Wimby27.21aR Nelson Snider
8.10Jachie Dixie27.39aConcordia Lutheran
9.9Kate Eifrid28.32aBishop Luers
10.10Kae'Andra Ferguson28.60aSouth Side
11.11Kori Current28.89aBishop Luers
12.9Dabraesha Robinson29.21aSouth Side
13.11Sarah Littlejohn29.57aPaul Harding
14.9Hannah Sanders29.71aBishop Dwenger
15.10Ciara Feipel30.65aBishop Dwenger
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Whitney McDonald58.24aNorthrop
2.9Karrina Smith58.36aR Nelson Snider
3.9Latrice Bolton58.87aNorthrop
4.12Chauntiel Smith61.10aSouth Side
5.11Imani Moore61.85aWayne
6.10Madeline Pollifrone62.20aBishop Dwenger
7.11Jordan Jenkins63.08aConcordia Lutheran
8.12Natalie Kocks63.32aBishop Dwenger
9.10Alixandr Tippmann64.55aR Nelson Snider
10.9Brittani Clopton65.71aSouth Side
11.12Liz Swygart66.77aBishop Luers
12.12Bridget Wellman68.44aBishop Luers
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Adair2:20.66aConcordia Lutheran
2.11Anansa Harris2:25.36aSouth Side
3.11Geral'n McGee2:25.45aNorthrop
4.9Lauren Osterhout2:25.56aNorthrop
5.12Tyreca Jackson2:26.21aPaul Harding
6.12Molly Cade2:26.79aR Nelson Snider
7.12Tracey Tiernon2:28.10aR Nelson Snider
8.11Sarah Kleber2:28.55aBishop Dwenger
9.11Chelsi Stout2:28.63aConcordia Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tiffany Rauch5:22.77aNorth Side
2.9Patricia Bolton5:31.62aNorthrop
3.12Kayla Konow5:33.01aConcordia Lutheran
4.12Elizabeth Koester5:33.27aR Nelson Snider
5.11Frannie Easterday5:33.35aConcordia Lutheran
6.11Emma Mirwaldt5:35.47aNorthrop
7.12Jennifer Colone5:46.84aR Nelson Snider
8.11Rachel Crouch5:47.04aBishop Luers
9.10Baleigh Haynes6:03.60aSouth Side
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cayla Pusey11:39.82aConcordia Lutheran
2.9Marina Konow11:52.98aConcordia Lutheran
3.11Emma Mirwaldt12:13.10aNorthrop
4.11Tiffany Rauch12:14.98aNorth Side
5.11Molly Maciejewski12:28.69aR Nelson Snider
6.12Caroline Kilbane12:32.48aBishop Dwenger
7.9Breanna Fensler12:34.81aR Nelson Snider
8.11Rachel Crouch12:40.92aBishop Luers
9.10Sarah Coffee12:45.94aBishop Dwenger
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Demetra Taylor14.93aNorthrop
2.12Andrea Ford15.49aPaul Harding
3.10Makelle Skelton16.46aNorthrop
4.10Jayla Lewis17.01aNorth Side
5.9Kim Brown17.07aR Nelson Snider
6.10Britney Britt17.78aWayne
7.11Preoshia Figgs18.88aSouth Side
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Demetra Taylor15.49aNorthrop
2.12Andrea Ford15.83aPaul Harding
3.10Makelle Skelton16.80aNorthrop
4.10Jayla Lewis17.04aNorth Side
5.9Kayla Simpson17.27aNorth Side
6.9Kim Brown17.63aR Nelson Snider
7.10Britney Britt17.89aWayne
8.10Bryanna Moore18.29aR Nelson Snider
9.11Preoshia Figgs19.13aSouth Side
10.10Taryn Ahmed19.25aConcordia Lutheran
11.10Stephanie Schenkel19.79aBishop Dwenger
12.11Jelicia Walker20.01aPaul Harding
13.9Victoria Houk20.03aBishop Dwenger
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Demetra Taylor45.27aNorthrop
2.10Makelle Skelton46.26aNorthrop
3.9Symone Black48.21aConcordia Lutheran
4.12Andrea Ford48.57aPaul Harding
5.9Kayla Simpson49.77aNorth Side
6.10Bryanna Moore52.28aR Nelson Snider
7.10Christiana Hicks52.76aR Nelson Snider
8.11Preoshia Figgs54.58aSouth Side
9.10LeeAnn Moeller59.33aBishop Dwenger
10.12Brianna Flotow65.11aBishop Dwenger
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Demetra Taylor
Myonna Jemison
Alexis Scott
Makelle Skelton
2.-Kaleb Barbour
Enissa Wimby
Alexandra Wood
Ryianna Wallace-Coleman
49.99aR Nelson Snider
3.-Andrea Ford
Tyreca Jackson
Onnie Jordan
Sarah Littlejohn
50.77aPaul Harding
4.-Keirsten Baumgartner
Kori Current
Kate Eifrid
Liz Swygart
53.68aBishop Luers
5.-Allison Coffin
Hannah Sanders
Danielle Messman
Brittany Trahin
53.88aBishop Dwenger
6.-Dabraesha Robinson
Kae'Andra Ferguson
Preoshia Figgs
Jazmine Gaulden
53.96aSouth Side
7.-Symone Black
Suzanna Coley
Kennedy Coopwood
Jachie Dixie
55.20aConcordia Lutheran
---Britney Britt
Brionna Thomas
Wanda Long
Jamira Winborn
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brionna Thomas
Wanda Long
Jamira Winborn
Imani Moore
2.-Latrice Bolton
Alexis Scott
Geral'n McGee
Lauren Osterhout
3.-Kaleb Barbour
Molly Cade
Karrina Smith
Tracey Tiernon
4:08.38aR Nelson Snider
4.-Brittani Clopton
Dabraesha Robinson
Chauntiel Smith
Anansa Harris
4:14.50aSouth Side
5.-Mary Beier
Victori McCuiston
Madeline Pollifrone
Natalie Kocks
4:16.23aBishop Dwenger
6.-Brittany Adams
Andrea Ford
Tyreca Jackson
Autumn Trice
4:17.99aPaul Harding
7.-Teayla Whitfield
Symone Black
Jordan Jenkins
Chelsi Stout
4:20.72aConcordia Lutheran
8.-Rachel Crouch
Kori Current
Bridget Wellman
Liz Swygart
4:41.18aBishop Luers
---Zorana Lincher
Sydni Mingo
Diedre Moore
Dyamond Morris
NTNorth Side
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Molly Cade
Elizabeth Koester
Tracey Tiernon
Karrina Smith
9:39.99aR Nelson Snider
2.-Latrice Bolton
Patricia Bolton
Lauren Osterhout
Geral'n McGee
3.-Morgan Adair
Chelsi Stout
Marina Konow
Kayla Konow
9:51.98aConcordia Lutheran
4.-Mary Beier
Elise Fisher
Michelle Marqueling
Sarah Kleber
10:19.18aBishop Dwenger
5.-Cassie Germaine
Wilisha Graham
Heather Richardson
Jodie Karn
10:58.09aSouth Side
6.-Maddie Keisler
Brianna Koester
Brittany Yankee
Jalyn Radziminski
11:13.74aNorth Side
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sidra Sherrill42-01.00Northrop
2.12Andrea Turner38-03.00South Side
3.10Deja Hopkins35-10.00North Side
4.11Christina Widner35-04.00Bishop Dwenger
5.9Arriana Fitts33-10.00R Nelson Snider
6.10Jonisea Brown32-07.00Paul Harding
7.11Brittany Conwell32-01.00North Side
8.10Zaire Franklin32-00.00Northrop
9.12Kayla Zink31-11.00R Nelson Snider
10.9Sarah Goodwin28-09.00Bishop Luers
11.12Jamine Edwards27-06.00Concordia Lutheran
12.9Victoria Pollard26-10.00Paul Harding
13.9Morgan Kinniry26-02.50Bishop Dwenger
14.10Larraine Graham24-08.00Concordia Lutheran
15.12Katie Burkhart22-03.00Bishop Luers
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Zink133-09R Nelson Snider
2.12Sidra Sherrill125-02.50Northrop
3.12Andrea Turner109-10.50South Side
4.11Brittany Conwell96-02North Side
5.11Christina Widner95-03Bishop Dwenger
6.12Jamine Edwards93-02.50Concordia Lutheran
7.10Jonisea Brown92-11Paul Harding
8.11Alisha Winfree87-05.50North Side
9.10Larraine Graham85-09Concordia Lutheran
10.11Kathleen Leeuw73-01.50Bishop Dwenger
11.10Aaliyah Striverson72-03Northrop
12.11Shamere Lewis70-08.50R Nelson Snider
13.11Rose Becker65-02Bishop Luers
14.9Victoria Pollard62-01.50Paul Harding
15.9Sarah Goodwin50-08.50Bishop Luers
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Danae DeJournett5-06.00R Nelson Snider
2.11Leah Painter5-02.00R Nelson Snider
3.9Dejah Arnold5-00.00Northrop
4.10Lauryn Darnall4-10.00Northrop
4.10Jayla Lewis4-10.00North Side
4.11Kori Current4-10.00Bishop Luers
7.10Michelle Wright4-10.00South Side
8.9Jalyn Radziminski4-08.00North Side
8.11Quonisha Chapman4-08.00Wayne
10.9Victori McCuiston4-06.00Bishop Dwenger
10.9Brittani Clopton4-06.00South Side
10.10Jachie Dixie4-06.00Concordia Lutheran
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauryn Darnall9-06.00Northrop
2.12Laura Wight8-00.00R Nelson Snider
3.12Tracey Tiernon7-06.00R Nelson Snider
4.10Morgan Hullinger7-00.00Northrop
5.12Bridget Wellman6-08.00Bishop Luers
6.12Theresa Hilger6-08.00Bishop Dwenger
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Karrina Smith17-09.50R Nelson Snider
2.9Enissa Wimby16-08.50R Nelson Snider
3.10Makelle Skelton16-06.25Northrop
4.12Jamira Winborn16-04.25Wayne
5.11Brittany Trahin16-04.25Bishop Dwenger
6.12Myonna Jemison16-01.50Northrop
7.11Jelicia Walker15-11.50Paul Harding
8.9Kate Eifrid14-10.50Bishop Luers
9.12Brea Brown14-02.50North Side
10.11Carolyn Brown13-08.25Bishop Dwenger
11.11Bresha Adams12-09.00Paul Harding
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