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The Fork Outdoor Invitational

Saturday, April 16, 2011

King's Fork HS, SuffolkMeet Website

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North Carolina - 1A
Granville Central
Virginia - 2A
Brunswick Senior
Virginia - LIS
Norfolk Academy
Virginia - TCIS
Norfolk Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darius Vaughan11.34aIndian River
2.12Nate Anderson11.54aIndian River
3.11Kenneth Williams11.56aWoodrow Wilson
4.12Quentin Gilchrist11.75aLakeland
5.11Marquis Evans11.82aNorfolk Academy
6.11Kimdrick Feaster11.84aSalem (Virginia Beach)
7.11Kyle Green11.86aNansemond River
8.12Ereon Milan11.93aGrassfield
9.11LaMont Brown11.97aNansemond River
10.12Jaquan Loftin12.03aOscar Smith
11.11Deontre Minor12.05aOscar Smith
12.12Tyrell Miller12.08aHampton
13.12Mike Lawton12.10aGrassfield
14.11Michael Smith12.11aSalem (Virginia Beach)
15.11Devin Thompkins12.15aIndian River
15.10Noah Johnson12.15aKing's Fork
17.12Jucoby Wolhford12.20aSalem (Virginia Beach)
18.9Daryn Dunkley12.22aWestern Branch
19.12Jawuan Counce12.30aHampton
20.11Fentrell Bratcher12.35aNansemond River
21.10Torian Cameron12.39aSalem (Virginia Beach)
22.12Anthony Hurd12.40aOscar Smith
23.9Ladarius Edwards12.42aIndian River
23.-Joshua Townsend12.42aOscar Smith
25.9Eugene Summerville12.64aWestern Branch
26.-Charles Mosley12.80aNansemond River
27.-DeArius Franklin12.89aLakeland
28.-Devin Taylor12.95aKing's Fork
29.10Deonte Grant13.07aWestern Branch
30.-Curtis Rouse13.09aKing's Fork
31.-Samson Worrell13.20aLakeland
32.-Dominique Prayer13.28aWestern Branch
33.-Ricky Scott14.39aKing's Fork
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darius Vaughan22.40aIndian River
2.12Walter Mitchell22.50aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.12Jonh Stubbs23.30aOscar Smith
4.12Donald Hardy23.40aBrunswick Senior
5.12Andre Pickett23.50aHampton
5.12Mike Lawton23.50aGrassfield
7.-Wendell Foster23.80aNansemond River
8.12Nate Anderson23.90aIndian River
8.9Vincent Lowe23.90aGrassfield
10.11Michael Smith24.00aSalem (Virginia Beach)
10.12Jaquan Loftin24.00aOscar Smith
12.10Davon Grayson24.20aKing's Fork
13.11Deontre Minor24.40aOscar Smith
14.11Devin Thompkins24.60aIndian River
15.12Aaron Davis24.70aOscar Smith
15.12Tyrell Miller24.70aHampton
17.10Jason Philson25.50aNansemond River
18.9Eugene Summerville25.80aWestern Branch
19.10Trae Taylor25.90aIndian River
20.-Ricky Scott26.40aKing's Fork
21.9Antoine Smith27.10aNansemond River
22.11Calvin Mackey27.30aNorfolk Academy
23.-Malik Harrison27.40aWestern Branch
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Cherry50.27aOscar Smith
2.12Aaron Davis50.72aOscar Smith
3.12Jonh Stubbs50.74aOscar Smith
4.10Romero Hines51.72aI C Norcom
5.-Darryl Fuller51.84aIndian River
6.11Arik Hogan52.23aHampton
7.10Darius Greene52.55aHampton
8.9Andrew Gould52.96aKing's Fork
9.12Tyler Holloway53.23aKing's Fork
10.12Douglas Smallwood53.29aI C Norcom
11.11Maurice Lee53.51aLakeland
12.12Andre Pickett54.08aHampton
13.12Donte' Hughes54.95aGrassfield
14.11Kory Bullard55.05aSalem (Virginia Beach)
15.-Darnell Miller55.08aIndian River
16.10Ra' Shawn Powell55.22aNansemond River
17.-Trevione Powell55.36aHampton
18.10Jason Philson55.38aNansemond River
19.9Tristen Cahill55.67aOscar Smith
20.11Jon Caughey56.02aNorfolk Academy
21.9Gregory Rountree56.20aLakeland
22.-Deiondre Way57.04aGrassfield
23.9Derrell Joppy57.46aIndian River
24.11Ian Evasco57.54aNorfolk Academy
25.9Rashaun Hamilton58.12aWestern Branch
26.11Javon Robinson1:00.61aNansemond River
27.10Joshua Harrell1:00.83aGrassfield
28.-Aaron Stephens1:00.84aGrassfield
29.11Calvin Mackey1:01.80aNorfolk Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kenneth Williams2:05.94aWoodrow Wilson
2.10Darnell Ringo2:06.20aOscar Smith
3.12Joseph Hill2:09.60aKing's Fork
4.10Trey Pressley2:13.09aHampton
5.12Rakim Harris2:13.44aOscar Smith
6.12Calvin Stanford2:14.01aOscar Smith
7.11Jordan Childs2:15.81aKing's Fork
8.10Bruce Charity2:16.71aWestern Branch
9.9Brandon Gipson2:17.44aKing's Fork
10.10Quentin Coleman2:23.63aWestern Branch
11.10Robert Long2:24.14aGrassfield
12.-Jordan Lloyd2:24.51aLakeland
13.11Trevon Foster2:25.30aNorfolk Christian
14.10Matt Schroeder2:36.47aGrassfield
15.9Sydney Johnson2:40.83aNansemond River
16.10Jonathan Yusician2:45.80aWestern Branch
17.10Phillip Gonzales3:08.37aSalem (Virginia Beach)
10.12Anthony Hurd3:17.42aOscar Smith
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ian Granger4:52.79aNorfolk Academy
2.10Grant Wiggins4:52.87aNorfolk Academy
3.11Montel Mackey5:01.68aWoodrow Wilson
4.9Peter Eich5:03.60aNorfolk Christian
5.10Robert Long5:08.29aGrassfield
6.11Thomas Palmer5:18.85aNorfolk Christian
7.12Michael Paris5:22.16aNorfolk Academy
8.9Luis Parrales5:26.42aOscar Smith
9.12Daniel Sausen5:27.03aKing's Fork
10.9Gregory Chiles5:27.20aWestern Branch
11.11John Vahadi-Faridi5:36.10aNorfolk Academy
12.10Matt Schroeder5:38.53aGrassfield
13.11Dominique Patterson5:38.86aOscar Smith
14.10Andrew Fritz5:44.53aOscar Smith
15.10David Mitchell5:48.20aHampton
16.-Tommy Elliott5:49.20aNansemond River
17.10Jonathan Yusician5:51.36aWestern Branch
18.11Manny Dwyer5:54.63aKing's Fork
18.9Kennard Massie5:54.63aWestern Branch
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremy Greenwald9:38.41aGrassfield
2.11Seth Taylor10:27.05aGrassfield
3.12Robert Murray11:07.94aGrassfield
4.12Daniel Sausen11:37.60aKing's Fork
5.11Montel Mackey11:58.75aWoodrow Wilson
6.-Aaron Stachoviak12:01.79aWoodrow Wilson
7.9Chad Clark12:10.84aGrassfield
8.-Kirim Wythe12:16.78aWoodrow Wilson
9.10Andrew Fritz12:38.29aOscar Smith
10.11Dominique Patterson12:44.74aOscar Smith
11.9Kennard Massie13:40.78aWestern Branch
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trey Holloway15.33aGrassfield
2.11Isaac White16.55aI C Norcom
3.11Napolean Alston16.73aHampton
4.11Christopher Crawford17.89aWestern Branch
5.11Ryan Turner18.46aLakeland
6.11Marcus Troupe18.74aNansemond River
7.-Rondell Ward19.98aWestern Branch
8.11Brent McPherson20.18aNansemond River
9.10Joseph Jardine20.19aHampton
10.12Jason Arias20.50aNorfolk Academy
11.11Kevin Tan20.83aNorfolk Academy
12.10Brandon Addison20.91aWestern Branch
13.9Chris Hornbuckle21.00aNorfolk Academy
14.10Joshua Harrell22.86aGrassfield
--12Deion DickensDNFKing's Fork
--11Michael SmithDNFSalem (Virginia Beach)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ereon Milan42.05aGrassfield
2.11Napolean Alston42.99aHampton
3.12Anthony Hurd43.30aOscar Smith
4.-William Mason43.46aLakeland
5.12Jason Arias44.59aNorfolk Academy
6.11Willard Ward45.08aWoodrow Wilson
7.9Joshua McNair45.28aGrassfield
8.10Joseph Jardine46.12aHampton
9.10Miguel Ramos46.47aKing's Fork
10.10Brandon Addison48.74aWestern Branch
11.11Ryan Turner48.95aLakeland
12.-Antonio Jones49.28aNansemond River
13.10Deonte Grant49.69aWestern Branch
14.-Rondell Ward49.77aWestern Branch
15.10Christopher Kirk49.79aGrassfield
16.11Marcus Troupe51.95aNansemond River
17.9Chris Hornbuckle53.42aNorfolk Academy
18.11Kevin Tan55.05aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.01aGrassfield
2.-Relay Team 43.68aWestern Branch
3.-Relay Team 44.35aKing's Fork
4.-Walter Mitchell
Darryl Jackson
Fabian Jarrett
Kimdrick Feaster
44.44aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.-Dontae Taylor
Jaquan Loftin
Anthony Hurd
Deontre Minor
45.01aOscar Smith
6.-Relay Team 45.91aHampton
7.-Relay Team 47.94aLakeland
8.-Relay Team 50.55aNansemond River
9.-Relay Team 55.79aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Finals
1.-Joshua Lawson
Temuchin Hodges
Andrew Motuapuaka
Jamarcus Powell
49.13aSalem (Virginia Beach)
2.-Doug Wyche
Johnathan Echols
Chris Flood
Markis Augustus
3.-Relay Team 55.45aNansemond River
4.-Relay Team 56.12aKing's Fork
5.-Devron Bailey
Kyle Robbins
Chris Booker
Marcus Hudson
56.85aIndian River
6.-Relay Team 57.95aI C Norcom
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jonh Stubbs
Darnell Ringo
Michael Cherry
Aaron Davis
3:23.80aOscar Smith
2.-Relay Team 3:26.51aKing's Fork
3.-Denzel White
Darius Vaughan
Nate Anderson
Dwight Cherry
3:28.38aIndian River
4.-Andre Pickett
Arik Hogan
Roscoe Hale
Darius Greene
5.-Relay Team 3:40.96aNansemond River
6.-Maurice Lee
Deonte Demiel
William Mason
Gregory Rountree
7.-Relay Team 3:57.66aGrassfield
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Calvin Stanford
Rakim Harris
Darnell Ringo
Michael Cherry
8:39.35aOscar Smith
2.-Relay Team 9:16.48aKing's Fork
3.-Relay Team 10:07.21aNansemond River
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Ruffin55-08.00Oscar Smith
2.-Devron Bailey41-11.00Indian River
3.11Kyle Robbins41-00.00Indian River
4.10Patrick Robertson40-07.00Norfolk Academy
5.-Khari Royster40-05.00Oscar Smith
6.-Chris Flood38-08.00Hampton
7.12Ricky Blake37-04.50Nansemond River
8.11Johnathan Echols37-01.00Hampton
9.-Corey Barnes36-06.00Nansemond River
10.-Clarence Burrus35-10.00King's Fork
11.-Chris Polk35-09.50Oscar Smith
12.9Cameron Solorzano35-05.50Grassfield
13.11Marcus Haynes35-00.00I C Norcom
14.11Jamarcus Powell34-01.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
15.11Markis Augustus33-05.50Hampton
16.11Desmond Stills32-03.00Nansemond River
17.-Matthew Corwin31-03.00Grassfield
18.-Joshua Lawson30-11.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
19.9Marcus Hudson30-09.50Indian River
20.-Hunter Patterson30-08.00Indian River
21.11Doug Wyche30-03.75Hampton
22.11Sam Shern29-04.50Norfolk Academy
23.10Deshawn Johnson29-04.00King's Fork
24.-Tracy Parker28-09.00Nansemond River
25.-Jameson Kelly22-09.00King's Fork
26.9Robert Kelly21-01.25King's Fork
13.12Anthony Hurd16-11.50Oscar Smith
27.10Andrew Motuapuaka10-01.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Ruffin159-07.50Oscar Smith
2.11Desmond Stills134-05Nansemond River
3.-Devron Bailey129-04Indian River
4.12Kenji Paige125-09I C Norcom
5.10Andrew Motuapuaka114-05Salem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Markis Augustus113-02.50Hampton
7.-Chris Polk108-06Oscar Smith
8.-Montel Chiles100-06I C Norcom
9.11Kyle Robbins95-09Indian River
10.11Sam Shern89-04Norfolk Academy
11.-Chris Flood86-09Hampton
12.11Johnathan Echols85-09Hampton
13.-Khari Royster85-07.50Oscar Smith
14.11Jamarcus Powell84-04.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
15.11Doug Wyche83-03Hampton
16.12Ricky Blake81-05.50Nansemond River
17.10Patrick Robertson79-01Norfolk Academy
18.-Joshua Lawson77-07.50Salem (Virginia Beach)
19.-Hunter Patterson76-05Indian River
20.-Clarence Burrus74-07King's Fork
21.10Temuchin Hodges74-04Salem (Virginia Beach)
22.10Deshawn Johnson63-05King's Fork
23.-Chris Booker62-04Indian River
24.-Jameson Kelly59-08King's Fork
11.12Anthony Hurd41-06Oscar Smith
---Matthew CorwinFOULGrassfield
--9Cameron SolorzanoFOULGrassfield
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erik Scott6-06.00Indian River
2.12Malcolm Reid6-04.00Indian River
3.11Dwight Cherry6-02.00Indian River
4.9Tristen Cahill6-00.00Oscar Smith
5.12Tyrell Miller6-00.00Hampton
6.10Davon Grayson5-10.00King's Fork
6.11Kory Bullard5-10.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
6.11Napolean Alston5-10.00Hampton
9.11LaMont Brown5-08.00Nansemond River
9.12Joseph Hill5-08.00King's Fork
--12Donte' HughesNHGrassfield
---Dominique PrayerNHWestern Branch
--12Jason AriasNHNorfolk Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joey Yusician12-00.00Western Branch
2.12Jason Arias11-00.00Norfolk Academy
3.12Lawan Brown10-06.00King's Fork
4.-Skyler Louk10-00.00Indian River
5.11Wesley Fogg9-06.00Norfolk Academy
6.11Willard Ward9-06.00Woodrow Wilson
--10Jonathan YusicianNHWestern Branch
---Aaron StachoviakNHWoodrow Wilson
---Timothy ScheetzNHSalem (Virginia Beach)
---Demarcus AndersonNHLakeland
--9Robert KellyNHKing's Fork
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Vincent Lowe20-06.00Grassfield
2.10Davon Grayson19-09.50King's Fork
3.12Anthony Hurd19-06.50Oscar Smith
4.12Mike Lawton19-03.50Grassfield
5.12Erik Scott19-00.00Indian River
6.12Jaquan Loftin18-09.50Oscar Smith
7.10Torian Cameron18-08.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
8.-Antonio Jones18-04.00Nansemond River
8.12Malcolm Reid18-04.00Indian River
10.-Rondell Ward18-03.50Western Branch
11.12Quentin Gilchrist18-02.50Lakeland
12.11Marquis Evans18-02.00Norfolk Academy
13.12Dontae Taylor18-01.00Oscar Smith
14.12Aquante Thornton18-00.00Indian River
15.11Deontre Minor17-11.00Oscar Smith
16.9Daryn Dunkley17-09.00Western Branch
17.11LaMont Brown17-08.50Nansemond River
18.12Travis Oliver17-07.00Hampton
19.10Brandon Addison16-08.50Western Branch
20.-Jonathan McClure16-06.00Grassfield
21.-Samson Worrell15-05.50Lakeland
22.-DeArius Franklin14-08.00Lakeland
23.-Dominique Prayer14-07.00Western Branch
24.9Tyshaun Anthony12-06.00Nansemond River
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricky Blake42-05.00Nansemond River
2.-Antonio Jones38-00.00Nansemond River
3.11Marquis Evans36-06.50Norfolk Academy
4.10Torian Cameron36-03.00Salem (Virginia Beach)
5.10Marcus Smith36-00.00Oscar Smith
6.-Joshua Townsend35-03.50Oscar Smith
7.9Daryn Dunkley35-02.00Western Branch
8.-Rondell Ward35-00.00Western Branch
9.9Marcus Jones34-11.00Grassfield
10.12Aquante Thornton34-10.50Indian River
11.9Gregory Rountree34-02.00Lakeland
12.11Kevin Tan31-06.50Norfolk Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Briana Haith12.90aGranville Central
2.11Justice Seward13.12aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.10Gabrielle Snipes13.23aKing's Fork
4.9Mia McClain13.46aNansemond River
5.12Jasmine Johnson13.67aSalem (Virginia Beach)
6.10Kieaira Middleton13.82aNansemond River
7.10Brittnee Perry13.83aGrassfield
8.10Ciara Rainey13.91aIndian River
9.10Jade Mcdaniel14.02aIndian River
10.10Sheila White14.08aSalem (Virginia Beach)
11.11Charv'e Bynum14.10aIndian River
12.-Justice Chance14.22aOscar Smith
13.-Ricki Banks14.25aOscar Smith
14.-Asia Smith14.31aNansemond River
15.-Kesha Boone14.84aOscar Smith
16.-Dominique Sealey14.87aNansemond River
17.-Annya Kinney15.04aGrassfield
18.-Zaniya Watkins15.10aKing's Fork
19.10Barbrianna Adams15.38aNorfolk Academy
20.-Bryana Gales15.71aKing's Fork
21.-Moriah Evans15.79aKing's Fork
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Briana Haith23.80aGranville Central
2.12Qualitra Brown24.10aKing's Fork
3.10Andrea Wright24.40aIndian River
4.11Justice Seward25.20aSalem (Virginia Beach)
5.10Gabrielle Snipes25.30aKing's Fork
6.10Brittnee Perry25.40aGrassfield
6.12Christen Roberts25.40aGrassfield
8.10Ciara Rainey27.50aIndian River
9.-Andrea Robinson27.60aOscar Smith
10.-Ricki Banks27.70aOscar Smith
11.9Roneka Spady27.80aKing's Fork
12.11Charv'e Bynum28.00aIndian River
13.10Chelsea Stancil28.20aSalem (Virginia Beach)
14.11Charity Wilson28.30aGrassfield
15.-Kesha Boone28.70aOscar Smith
16.-Brianna Jackson28.80aOscar Smith
17.10Jade Mcdaniel29.10aIndian River
18.11Alyssa Oliphant29.70aNansemond River
19.9Kara Dixon30.00aNansemond River
20.10Barbrianna Adams30.50aNorfolk Academy
21.9Chelsea Whitney32.10aNansemond River
22.-Bryana Gales32.30aKing's Fork
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Briana Haith58.43aGranville Central
2.11Shannon Morton1:01.17aIndian River
3.-Andrea Robinson1:04.12aOscar Smith
4.9Ebony White1:04.75aIndian River
5.12Claire Harrington1:04.78aOscar Smith
6.9Danielle Hill1:05.05aKing's Fork
7.11Desiree Cuffee1:05.36aIndian River
8.12Kathryn Blaylock1:06.47aNorfolk Academy
9.11Analysa Isaac1:07.30aSalem (Virginia Beach)
10.9Jadia Artis1:08.08aSalem (Virginia Beach)
11.9Angela Hinton1:10.63aOscar Smith
12.-Justice Chance1:11.36aOscar Smith
13.-Danielle Hamilton1:13.32aKing's Fork
14.-Alexandria Reid1:16.00aKing's Fork
15.9Taylor Worsley1:18.50aNansemond River
16.-Paige Gibbs1:19.82aNansemond River
17.9Brittney Rankin1:20.65aNansemond River
18.-Shelby Stith1:21.39aNansemond River
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Smith2:17.44aGrassfield
2.12Heather Clagett2:32.39aNorfolk Academy
3.11Hannah Gray2:32.99aGrassfield
4.11Bethany Barclay2:41.54aNorfolk Christian
5.10Wendi Chen2:50.63aNorfolk Academy
6.11Hannah Chaka2:54.72aNorfolk Academy
7.11Charmagne Evans2:56.87aNansemond River
8.10Te'Shaibrah Myles2:58.25aKing's Fork
9.-Khaila Pitts3:15.67aOscar Smith
11.-Angelique Jeffrey3:19.30aOscar Smith
12.-Paige Gibbs3:27.46aNansemond River
13.-Alexia Moore3:37.75aOscar Smith
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather Clagett5:28.80aNorfolk Academy
2.10Carolyn Cunniffe5:30.73aGrassfield
3.11Hannah Gray5:35.30aGrassfield
4.11Bethany Barclay5:45.38aNorfolk Christian
5.12Owen McMillan5:51.13aNorfolk Academy
6.11Christine Loer6:02.24aGrassfield
7.8Jordan Haley6:29.98aNorfolk Christian
8.9Lauren Mcnally6:30.86aGrassfield
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carolyn Cunniffe12:32.19aGrassfield
2.10Amanda Cullen13:22.07aGrassfield
3.12Rachel Greenwald13:54.53aGrassfield
4.12Jenni Gray14:10.21aNorfolk Christian
5.9Haley Hopkins14:25.74aGrassfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chantel Ray16.33aHampton
2.12Ilene Green19.33aKing's Fork
3.8Tyler Bannister19.80aNorfolk Academy
4.-Octavia Gould20.09aKing's Fork
5.9Anna Brush20.81aNorfolk Academy
6.9Zalaila Powell21.18aNorfolk Academy
7.-Emma Wright21.92aGrassfield
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chantel Ray48.21aHampton
2.10Kieaira Middleton51.91aNansemond River
3.9Zalaila Powell56.40aNorfolk Academy
4.9Cierra White57.50aNansemond River
5.9Symone McCullough58.35aSalem (Virginia Beach)
6.-Dominique Sealey59.36aNansemond River
7.9Anna Brush59.69aNorfolk Academy
8.11Melinda Hickman1:00.67aKing's Fork
9.-Emma Wright1:01.67aGrassfield
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.63aKing's Fork
2.-Jasmine Johnson
Justice Seward
Chelsea Stancil
Sheila White
50.80aSalem (Virginia Beach)
3.-Charv'e Bynum
Ciara Rainey
Andrea Wright
Jade Mcdaniel
51.15aIndian River
4.-Mikeisha Davis
Kiara Middleton
Mia McClain
Aurielle Smenda
51.82aNansemond River
5.-Relay Team 52.85aOscar Smith
6.-Relay Team 57.54aNorfolk Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Throwers - Finals
1.-Relay Team 58.22aNansemond River
2.-Kiara Howell
Navia Howell
Victoria Wilson
Tajee Pledger
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Desiree Cuffee
Shannon Morton
Andrea Wright
Ebony White
4:02.43aIndian River
2.-Relay Team 4:26.30aKing's Fork
3.-Relay Team 4:27.63aOscar Smith
4.-Charmagne Evans
Alyssa Oliphant
Asia Smith
Mal'Cayla Eure
5:02.43aNansemond River
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Charmagne Evans
Alyssa Oliphant
Kara Dixon
Mal'Cayla Eure
11:35.82aNansemond River
2.-Relay Team 12:14.92aOscar Smith
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kiara Howell41-05.25Grassfield
2.12Morgan Piper37-06.00Grassfield
3.11Navia Howell35-01.50Grassfield
4.-Aurielle Smenda32-09.00Nansemond River
5.8Tyler Bannister28-11.75Norfolk Academy
6.-Noel Cullen28-00.50Oscar Smith
7.12Rebecca Karp26-11.25Norfolk Academy
8.-Lauryn Washington24-08.00King's Fork
9.10Barbrianna Adams24-06.25Norfolk Academy
10.12Deriniquia Derrick22-10.50Oscar Smith
11.-Bryana Gales20-07.50King's Fork
12.-Zakerra Grffin18-06.00Indian River
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kiara Howell126-01Grassfield
2.11Navia Howell111-01Grassfield
3.8Tyler Bannister89-10Norfolk Academy
4.10Barbrianna Adams86-03Norfolk Academy
5.12Rebecca Karp82-05Norfolk Academy
6.12Kathryn Cook74-00.50Norfolk Academy
7.12Deriniquia Derrick69-03Oscar Smith
8.9Victoria Wilson53-00Grassfield
9.-Lauryn Washington44-11King's Fork
10.-Zaniya Watkins42-00King's Fork
12.-Zakerra Grffin38-00Indian River
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tyler Bannister4-10.00Norfolk Academy
2.12Qualitra Brown4-06.00King's Fork
--9Anna BrushNHNorfolk Academy
---Abigail GrayNHGrassfield
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Snell10-03.00Grassfield
2.12Rebecca Karp10-00.00Norfolk Academy
3.12Claire Harrington9-06.00Oscar Smith
4.10Gabrielle Wash8-00.00Lakeland
5.10Te'Shaibrah Myles7-06.00King's Fork
5.8Tyler Bannister7-06.00Norfolk Academy
5.-Mollie Edick7-06.00King's Fork
8.9Cassandra Rich6-06.00Grassfield
9.-Zaniya Watkins6-00.00King's Fork
9.-Octavia Gould6-00.00King's Fork
--12Owen McMillanNHNorfolk Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Qualitra Brown17-11.00King's Fork
2.11Briana Haith17-11.00Granville Central
3.-Noel Cullen16-04.00Oscar Smith
4.-Justice Chance16-03.00Oscar Smith
5.10Gabrielle Snipes15-08.00King's Fork
6.-Alexia Moore14-10.00Oscar Smith
7.9Roneka Spady14-06.75King's Fork
8.12Rebecca Karp13-10.00Norfolk Academy
9.9Anna Brush13-07.00Norfolk Academy
10.9Cierra White13-06.75Nansemond River
11.-Alexandria Reid13-01.00King's Fork
12.-Ricki Banks12-05.00Oscar Smith
13.-Dominique Sealey12-03.00Nansemond River
14.10Barbrianna Adams11-06.00Norfolk Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Noel Cullen35-01.00Oscar Smith
2.-Alexia Moore32-08.00Oscar Smith
3.12Rebecca Karp31-02.50Norfolk Academy
4.8Tyler Bannister28-08.00Norfolk Academy
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