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Crook County, Sisters, Gilchrist @ Summit

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summit HS, BendMeet Website

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12TJ Peay11.58aSummit
2.11Ben Ritchey11.77aSummit
3.12Hunter Bourland11.98aCrook County
4.11Ethan Luloff12.09aSisters
5.12Tyler Hulick12.34aCrook County
6.12Alex Greaves12.34aCrook County
7.11Alonzo Lopez12.45aCrook County
8.11Brandon Zemp12.48aCrook County
9.10Mike McGregor12.64aGilchrist
10.10Ethan Broughton12.72aCrook County
11.10Merritt Barber12.77aSummit
12.12Tyler Lampe12.91aSummit
13.11Austin Arthur12.92aSummit
14.12Roman Cisneros12.94aSummit
15.9Keegan Bloss13.12aSisters
16.11Kyle Connors13.14aSummit
17.10Abel Morgan13.19aSummit
18.11Adam Merrill13.27aSummit
19.11Aaron Johnson13.37aSummit
20.12Vincent Meyer13.42aCrook County
21.9Zach Jones13.48aSisters
22.10Austin Phillips13.51aCrook County
23.10Dalton Carder13.52aCrook County
24.9Jonny Heitzman13.91aGilchrist
25.10Jared Schiemer13.98aSummit
26.10Joshua Gallagher14.09aSummit
27.10Dylan Coffman14.15aCrook County
28.12Michael Brown14.43aSummit
29.9Christian Griffin14.51aCrook County
30.12Freddy Ambriz14.53aCrook County
9James CookSCRCrook County
12Tim HernandezSCRSisters
12Freddy GonzalezSCRSisters
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12TJ Peay23.59aSummit
2.11Alonzo Lopez24.66aCrook County
3.11Ethan Luloff24.71aSisters
4.11Dillon Link25.29aGilchrist
5.10Ethan Broughton25.78aCrook County
6.11Brandon Zemp26.03aCrook County
7.10Jacob Richerson26.59aSisters
8.12Roman Cisneros26.62aSummit
9.10Abel Morgan26.69aSummit
10.12Trevor Ford26.98aSisters
11.10Brant McCloughan27.01aCrook County
12.11Quinn Demaris27.83aCrook County
13.10Austin Phillips27.95aCrook County
14.10Dalton Carder28.14aCrook County
15.9Gabe Willitts28.28aSisters
16.10Dylan Coffman28.63aCrook County
17.9Trayton Libolt29.68aCrook County
18.12Freddy Ambriz30.28aCrook County
19.9Sean Greaney43.74aSisters
9Dylan MccartySCRCrook County
9Patrick HamannSCRSummit
12Alex GreavesSCRCrook County
11Andrew SnyderSCRSisters
12Hunter BourlandSCRCrook County
11Ben RitcheySCRSummit
9Christian GriffinSCRCrook County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Neuman53.84aSummit
2.12Nathan Guyer53.88aSummit
3.11Chance Sutfin56.12aCrook County
4.9Patrick Hamann58.60aSummit
5.11Quinn Demaris58.95aCrook County
6.10Brant McCloughan60.13aCrook County
7.11Kesson Poncil61.42aGilchrist
8.12Jeffrey Chavez63.59aSummit
9.9Ty Sahlberg64.69aSisters
10.9Dylan Mccarty65.43aCrook County
9Brenden HarkeySCRCrook County
9Sean GreaneySCRSisters
11Dan MaunderSCRSummit
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Travis Neuman53.85Summit
11Luke Hinz55.05Summit
12Nathan Guyer55.38Summit
12Samuel Naffziger57.24Summit
12Roman Cisneros60.00Summit
9Ethan Axten61.52Summit
10Jonathan Luis63.14Summit
12Jeffrey Chavez63.6Summit
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Wilson2:01.53aSummit
2.12Samuel Naffziger2:01.87aSummit
3.12Easton Curtis2:03.65aSisters
4.10Landon Prescott2:09.41aSisters
5.10Brandon Pollard2:10.00aSisters
6.10Luis Rivera2:17.38aCrook County
7.9Ethan Axten2:17.81aSummit
8.10Trent Marks2:18.31aSisters
9.10Jonathan Luis2:19.34aSummit
10.9Matthew Sjogren2:19.49aSummit
11.12Adam Campione2:32.18aCrook County
12.9Angelo Frack2:47.38aSisters
13.9Seth Roy3:03.45aSisters
10Andrew CarterSCRSummit
12Peter BlacketerSCRGilchrist
9Sam VerduscoSCRCrook County
12Freddy GonzalezSCRSisters
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Luke Hinz4:21.11aSummit
2.9Matthew Maton4:23.21aSummit
3.10Brandon Pollard4:27.91aSisters
4.11James Warburton5:09.88aSummit
5.12Daniel Knower5:18.81aCrook County
6.10Jesse Santiago5:22.06aCrook County
7.10Blake George5:22.72aCrook County
8.12Jerry Zhu5:25.31aCrook County
9.9Sam Verdusco5:37.75aCrook County
10.9Cody Roe5:39.12aCrook County
11.9Angelo Frack5:39.56aSisters
12.9Seth Roy6:17.28aSisters
9Paul MillerNTCrook County
9Shea KreviNTSisters
10Trent MarksNTSisters
12Peter BlacketerNTGilchrist
9Ethan AxtenNTSummit
11Ian HeckerNTSummit
12Mason CalmettesNTSisters
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Alldritt9:12.09aSummit
2.11James Bowlin9:54.89aSummit
3.12Alan Nielsen10:08.97aSummit
4.10Grayson Munn10:22.38aCrook County
5.12Jorden Dunn11:12.72aCrook County
6.9Zebediah Millslagle11:13.24aSummit
9Max BuchnerSCRSummit
9Shea KreviSCRSisters
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ian Baldessari20.86aSisters
2.9William Wallace21.62aCrook County
12William ButlerSCRSummit
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Guyer43.56aSummit
2.10Trinton Koch48.08aGilchrist
3.9Cody Thurman48.15aCrook County
4.10Jesse Santiago49.63aCrook County
5.10Ian Baldessari49.78aSisters
6.9Dylan Mccarty55.85aCrook County
9William WallaceSCRCrook County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-William Butler
TJ Peay
Ben Ritchey
Michael Wilson
2.-Trevor Ford
Tim Hernandez
Easton Curtis
Ian Baldesarri
3.-Hunter Bourland
Tyler Hulick
Alonzo Lopez
Brandon Zemp
46.87aCrook County
4.-Trinton Koch
Jonny Heitzman
Tucker Boone
Dillon Link
5.-Ethan Broughton
Dalton Carder
Austin Phillips
Viecent Myer
48.92aCrook County
-Dylan Coffman
Brenden Harkey
Trayton Libolt
Alex Greaves
SCRCrook County
-Relay Team SCRSummit
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Hinz
Travis Neuman
Samuel Naffziger
Nathan Guyer
2.-Easton Curtis
Trevor Ford
Mason Calmettes
Brandon Pollard
3.-Relay Team 3:58.77aSummit
4.-Luis Rivera
Grayson Munn
Brant McCloughan
Alonzo Lopez
4:06.99aCrook County
5.-Adam Campione
blake George
Quinn Demaris
Nathan Allan
4:08.46aCrook County
6.-Trinton Koch
Jonny Heitzman
Mike Martinez
Dillon Link
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chance Sutfin42-03.00Crook County
2.11Zane Anderson40-02.00Gilchrist
3.12Tyler Shuey39-03.00Gilchrist
4.12Tevin Cooper36-04.00Crook County
5.11Daniel Keffer35-08.00Crook County
6.11Kyle Connors34-00.00Summit
7.9Zach Jones33-05.00Sisters
8.10Kyle Wattenburg32-08.00Sisters
9.10Tucker Boone31-05.00Gilchrist
10.12Jerry Bingham30-09.00Gilchrist
11.11Tre Sweeney30-06.00Summit
12.10Darryl Lowell29-07.00Gilchrist
13.9Kyle Heimuller29-05.00Summit
14.10Jake Ferrell28-00.00Gilchrist
15.11Taylor Lucas27-07.00Sisters
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Dean32-00.00Crook County
2.9Zach Smith31-10.00Crook County
5.11Aaron Johnson31'03Summit
3.10A.J. Cooper30-08.00Crook County
4.9William Wallace30-02.00Crook County
6.11Clay Coffman28-10.00Crook County
7.10Seth Flegel27-05.00Crook County
8.9Christian Spear26-08.00Summit
9.10Max Fahlgren24-02.00Crook County
10.9Jacob Hardy23-08.00Crook County
11.9Jorge Garcia23-04.00Summit
12.9Diego Vargas20-03.00Crook County
13.9Levi Miller16-10.00Summit
10Blake KnirkNDSisters
12Chase GoffNDSisters
12Joshua BrandtNDSummit
12Steven RobinsonNDCrook County
9Jared BuckNDSummit
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dillon Link112-09Gilchrist
2.12Tevin Cooper110-06Crook County
3.11Daniel Keffer105-03Crook County
4.11Dylan Dean96-04Crook County
5.10Riley Shelton95-06Summit
6.11Tre Sweeney86-06Summit
7.10Darryl Lowell84-06Gilchrist
8.10Kyle Wattenburg84-03Sisters
9.12Tyler Shuey84-01Gilchrist
10.11Zane Anderson83-02Gilchrist
11.10Tucker Boone81-07Gilchrist
12.11Kyle Connors76-09Summit
13.10Jake Ferrell75-04Gilchrist
14.11Taylor Lucas73-09Sisters
15.12Jerry Bingham58-08Gilchrist
10Blake KnirkNDSisters
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Zach Jones84-11Sisters
2.9Zach Smith77-00Crook County
3.9Christian Spear73-05Summit
4.10Seth Flegel73-02Crook County
5.11Clay Coffman72-04Crook County
6.10A.J. Cooper71-06Crook County
7.11Austin Arthur70-07Summit
8.9Kyle Heimuller69-05Summit
9.9William Wallace68-02Crook County
10.9Jorge Garcia64-08Summit
11.9Jacob Hardy57-10Crook County
12.10Max Fahlgren57-08Crook County
13.9Diego Vargas54-01Crook County
14.9Josh Wiechert46-10Crook County
15.9Levi Miller34-05Summit
9Kristian WitherspoonSCRCrook County
9Seth RoySCRSisters
10Levi DavidsonSCRSummit
9Jared BuckSCRSummit
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tevin Cooper154-05Crook County
2.10Calvin Aylward145-05Summit
3.10Mike McGregor123-04Gilchrist
4.10Merritt Barber120-08Summit
5.11Dylan Dean118-09Crook County
6.11Taylor Lucas115-09Sisters
7.10A.J. Cooper115-06Crook County
8.12Jerry Bingham110-10Gilchrist
9.10Riley Shelton106-11Summit
10.10Landon Prescott105-11Sisters
11.10Darryl Lowell97-00Gilchrist
12.10Kyle Wattenburg91-01Sisters
13.10Jake Ferrell85-02Gilchrist
10Blake KnirkNDSisters
9Zach JonesNDSisters
X Javelin - 800g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ethan Broughton111-00Crook County
2.10Joshua Gallagher108-02Summit
3.10Dalton Carder95-00Crook County
4.10Blake Anderson92-05Summit
5.10Dylan Coffman90-07Crook County
6.12Joshua Brandt87-00Summit
7.9Kyle Heimuller83-10Summit
8.10Seth Flegel79-08Crook County
9.11Ignacio Zurera79-07Summit
10.10Brant McCloughan76-05Crook County
11.10Nicholas Finley74-07Summit
12.9Josh Wiechert72-08Crook County
12.11Josiah Becker72-08Crook County
14.10Max Fahlgren72-05Crook County
15.11Clay Coffman70-02Crook County
16.9Cody Roe54-07Crook County
17.9Diego Vargas54-00Crook County
11Daniel KefferSCRCrook County
10Hayden ColemanSCRSummit
12Alan NielsenSCRSummit
10Austin PhillipsSCRCrook County
9Kristian WitherspoonSCRCrook County
9James CookSCRCrook County
9Brenden HarkeySCRCrook County
10Nathan AllanSCRCrook County
9Jorge GarciaSCRSummit
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bradley Laubacher6-04.00Summit
2.10Michael Menefee6-00.00Summit
3.10Brennan Miller5-04.00Sisters
4.9Ty Sahlberg5-02.00Sisters
9Miles Falkenstein5'0"Summit
5.9Josh Apperson4-10.00Crook County
9Justin GlassNHCrook County
9Christian GriffinSCRCrook County
12Trevor FordSCRSisters
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Patrick Weishaupt5-04.00Summit
2.10Nicholas Finley5-02.00Summit
3.10Joshua Gallagher5-00.00Summit
3.10Blake Anderson5-00.00Summit
3.10Ian Baldessari5-00.00Sisters
6.11Dawson Barber4-10.00Crook County
10Nathan AllanNHCrook County
11Josiah BeckerSCRCrook County
9Caleb JohnsonNHSisters
9James CookNHCrook County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Snyder13-00.00Sisters
2.12Nick Snider12-06.00Summit
3.9Keegan Bloss11-00.00Sisters
4.10Brennan Miller10-06.00Sisters
5.9Cody Thurman10-00.00Crook County
6.12Tyler Lampe9-07.00Summit
7.9Trayton Libolt9-00.00Crook County
8.11Dawson Barber8-00.00Crook County
9Jonny HeitzmanNHGilchrist
11Coleman SchaeferNHSummit
9Trey BracelinNHSummit
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jared Schiemer9-00.00Summit
2.9Zebediah Millslagle7-00.00Summit
2.10Nicholas Finley7-00.00Summit
4.9Caleb Johnson6-06.00Sisters
4.10Hayden Coleman6-06.00Summit
6.9Cody Roe6-00.00Crook County
11Michael MayerSCRSummit
11Bryce CunningtonSCRSummit
9Kristian WitherspoonSCRCrook County
12Freddy AmbrizSCRCrook County
9Josh WiechertNHCrook County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Ritchey20-10.50Summit
2.12William Butler20-00.75Summit
3.12Hunter Bourland19-06.50Crook County
4.10Jacob Richerson19-01.50Sisters
5.12Vincent Meyer18-00.50Crook County
6.11Alonzo Lopez17-06.50Crook County
6.12Tim Hernandez17-06.50Sisters
8.9Timothy Streeter17-02.00Sisters
9.10Trinton Koch15-09.00Gilchrist
11Dan MaunderNDSummit
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Greaves17-00.75Crook County
2.11Mitchell Parks16-06.25Summit
3.11Adam Merrill15-04.50Summit
4.11Brandon Zemp15-03.75Crook County
5.9Jack Butler15-02.00Summit
6.10Jesse Santiago14-03.50Crook County
7.9Gabe Willitts13-09.50Sisters
7.10Jake Perrin13-09.50Summit
9.9Trayton Libolt13-09.25Crook County
10.9Josh Apperson13-08.00Crook County
11.10Jon Devito12-01.75Summit
12.9Jake Reed11-06.25Summit
13.11Josiah Becker10-09.00Crook County
11Bryce CunningtonSCRSummit
10Nathan AllanNDCrook County
11Quinn DemarisSCRCrook County
12Freddy AmbrizSCRCrook County
10Dylan CoffmanNDCrook County
9Justin GlassNDCrook County
9James CookNDCrook County
9Christian GriffinNDCrook County
11Michael MayerSCRSummit
9Brenden HarkeyNDCrook County
10Blake AndersonNDSummit
12Steven RobinsonNDCrook County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Richerson37-08.75Sisters
2.12Tyler Hulick36-01.75Crook County
3.12Tim Hernandez34-09.50Sisters
4.12Michael Brown33-10.50Summit
5.12Vincent Meyer31-07.50Crook County
6.9Jack Butler31-03.25Summit
7.10Austin Phillips27-04.50Crook County
9Timothy StreeterSCRSisters
12William ButlerSCRSummit
11Chance SutfinSCRCrook County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexa Thomas13.68aSummit
2.11Olivia Singer14.05aSummit
3.9Molly Boyle14.09aSisters
4.12Sara Small14.31aSisters
5.10Kenzi Kitzmiller14.46aSummit
6.9Laken Berlin14.56aCrook County
7.9Alexandra Morgan14.58aSummit
8.9Anna Omizo14.66aSummit
9.9Madeline Bernard14.67aCrook County
10.9Tanith Dare14.86aSummit
11.9Kylee Roberts14.94aSummit
12.9Annalisa Peer15.12aCrook County
13.9Emily Hyde15.33aSummit
14.9Marisa Bunch15.61aSummit
15.10Danielle Tuttle15.73aCrook County
16.12Henrika Helynen15.98aCrook County
17.10Sheridan Jeffries16.12aSummit
18.9Morgan Upham16.24aSummit
19.10Courtney Viescas16.68aCrook County
20.12Pernille Jensen16.99aCrook County
21.9Jessica Walke17.04aCrook County
22.11Lorena Nunez17.25aCrook County
23.9Hannah Hamlin17.45aCrook County
24.9Achaia Riley17.87aCrook County
25.10Danielle Aaland18.69aSummit
9Deonna LangfordSCRGilchrist
11McKenna EddySCRSummit
9Kierstin HicksSCRCrook County
9Jasmine KrohnkeSCRGilchrist
11Danielle LovegrenSCRSisters
10Alex ReiningerSCRSummit
11Madison MansbergerSCRSummit
10Kathryn KaonisSCRCrook County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Frazier27.38aSummit
2.10Alexa Thomas27.51aSummit
3.9Miranda Brown28.65aSummit
4.11Olivia Singer28.99aSummit
5.10Kenzi Kitzmiller29.15aSummit
6.9Laken Berlin30.43aCrook County
7.10Sydney Longbotham30.49aGilchrist
8.11Lotte Hansen30.54aSisters
9.9Kylee Roberts30.90aSummit
10.9Marisa Bunch32.04aSummit
11.10Tierra Newton32.70aGilchrist
12.9Tanith Dare32.94aSummit
13.9Morgan Upham34.21aSummit
14.12Sara Carlson34.53aGilchrist
15.9Achaia Riley38.33aCrook County
12Pernille JensenSCRCrook County
11Madison MansbergerSCRSummit
10Kathryn KaonisSCRCrook County
9Cassandra ArrudaSCRSisters
9Danielle MichaelSCRCrook County
10Bailey BremerSCRSisters
10Alex ReiningerSCRSummit
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Maton60.30aSummit
2.12Keelin Moehl61.08aSummit
3.9Miranda Brown64.47aSummit
4.12Shelby Duncan72.95aSisters
5.9Cayla Jenkins79.13aCrook County
9Madison BoettnerSCRSisters
11Madison MansbergerSCRSummit
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Keelin Moehl62.75Summit
12Ashley Maton65.45Summit
12Kira Kelly65.80Summit
11Sammy Hignell-Stark69.03Summit
9Kaely Gordon69.87Summit
11Ashley Needham73.20Summit
9Allie Bowlin74.65Summit
9Emily Hyde75.14Summit
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zoe Falk2:25.47aSisters
2.12Kira Kelly2:25.90aSummit
3.12Sara Fristoe2:27.35aSummit
4.9Kaely Gordon2:30.78aSummit
5.9Olivia Moehl2:31.21aSummit
6.12Frances Payne2:36.97aSisters
7.10Katelyn Meeter2:44.72aSisters
8.9Camille Stillwell2:46.09aSummit
9.9Baily Tarabochia2:46.68aCrook County
10.12Shelby Duncan2:59.41aSisters
11.9Natalie Marshall3:03.90aSisters
9Kyla GreenNTCrook County
9Piper McDonaldNTSummit
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zoe Falk5:20.84aSisters
2.12Frances Payne5:26.15aSisters
3.9Jessica Cornett5:33.59aSummit
4.11Hailey Hewitson5:38.62aSummit
5.9Allie Bowlin5:39.72aSummit
6.10Emma Su5:42.40aSummit
7.10Katelyn Meeter5:51.28aSisters
8.11Natalie Stenbeck6:06.94aCrook County
9.9Charsie Brewer6:13.88aCrook County
10.10Samantha Pepper7:05.94aCrook County
9Aria BlummSCRSisters
9Madison BoettnerNTSisters
12Megan FristoeSCRSummit
10Mary Hadley SchoderbekSCRSummit
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tess Nelson11:41.59aSummit
2.12Kelley Thurman12:08.12aCrook County
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josie Kinney17.63aSummit
2.12Chelsea Reifschneider17.83aSisters
3.11Alisha Haken18.68aSisters
4.10Sydney Longbotham18.87aGilchrist
5.11Sarah Buchanan20.78aSummit
6.9Whitney Woods20.79aSummit
7.9Molly Rygg20.80aSummit
8.12Henrika Helynen23.64aCrook County
11Danielle LovegrenSCRSisters
9Alexandra MorganSCRSummit
12Pernille JensenDNFCrook County
10Joey HehnSCRCrook County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josie Kinney49.59aSummit
2.12Chelsea Reifschneider50.55aSisters
3.12Sarah Taylor52.11aSummit
4.11Sammy Hignell-Stark55.43aSummit
5.11Ashley Needham57.85aSummit
6.9Emily Hyde58.48aSummit
7.9Whitney Woods58.57aSummit
11Danielle LovegrenSCRSisters
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Frazier
Alexa Thomas
Olivia Singer
Miranda Brown
2.-Bailey Bremer
Chelsea Reifschneider
Sara Small
Molly Boyle
3.-Sydney Longbotham
Tierra Newton
Ashley James
Deonna Langford
4.-Relay Team 55.64aSummit
5.-Laken Berlin
Kathryn Kaonis
Maddie Bernard
Danielle Michael
55.71aCrook County
6.-Relay Team 59.04aSummit
7.-Allison Dona
McKenna Eddy
Michelle Kaiser
Kylee Roberts
-Relay Team SCRCrook County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaely Gordon
Ashley Maton
Keelin Moehl
Megan Fristoe
2.-Zoe Falk
Frances Payne
Madison Boettner
Chelsea Reifschneider
3.-Jessica Cornett
Emma Su
Olivia Moehl
Camille Stillwell
4.-Ashley Needham
Sammy Hignell-Stark
Emily Hyde
Alexandra Morgan
5.-Sierra Shuey
Sara Carlson
Ashley James
Tierra Newton
-Danielle Tuttle
Cayla Jenkins
Samantha Pepper
Baily Tarabochia
SCRCrook County
-Sara Fristoe
Kira Kelly
Allie Bowlin
Piper McDonald
-Miranda Brown
Sarah Edwards
Josie Kinney
Sarah Frazier
-Relay Team SCRCrook County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marci Johnston31-01.00Crook County
2.12Brenna Gravitt28-10.00Gilchrist
3.11Paige Kooker28-06.00Gilchrist
4.9Myah Harter27-08.00Summit
5.11Alisha Haken26-09.00Sisters
6.9Courtney James25-04.00Gilchrist
7.12Leanna McGregor25-03.00Gilchrist
8.11Lotte Hansen24-09.00Sisters
9.10Amanda Noyes24-06.00Crook County
10.9Brianna Marderos24-05.00Summit
11.9Ashley Seits23-07.00Gilchrist
12.9Cierra Mann23-04.00Sisters
13.12Bree Porfily21-08.00Crook County
14.11Marcy Calavan20-11.00Sisters
15.12Shelby Duncan18-00.00Sisters
10Olivia ChandlerNDSisters
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly Viles20-06.00Crook County
2.9Hetal Patel20-03.00Summit
3.11Katelyn Hamlin18-07.00Crook County
4.10Courtney Viescas18-03.00Crook County
5.9Emily Howard17-09.00Summit
6.11Bethany Johnson17-00.00Crook County
10Miranda SmithNDCrook County
9Melody McmenusNDCrook County
9Sierra FortadoNDCrook County
9Ellen RidenourNDCrook County
9Jessica WalkeNDCrook County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly Viles94-00Crook County
2.11Paige Kooker90-02Gilchrist
3.9Cierra Mann86-03Sisters
4.9Myah Harter72-03Summit
5.9Molly Rygg70-04Summit
6.9Courtney James66-05Gilchrist
7.12Brenna Gravitt63-03Gilchrist
8.10Amanda Noyes62-11Crook County
9.12Leanna McGregor62-05Gilchrist
10.9Hetal Patel62-03Summit
11.9Ashley Seits48-00Gilchrist
10Olivia ChandlerSCRSisters
12Bree PorfilySCRCrook County
11Ashley JamesSCRGilchrist
11Marcy CalavanSCRSisters
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Mercedes Mingus63-10Summit
2.9Sierra Fortado62-03Crook County
3.9Maddie Wettig59-03Summit
4.12Marci Johnston57-00Crook County
5.9Brianna Marderos55-05Summit
6.9Melody Mcmenus53-09Crook County
7.11Katelyn Hamlin47-05Crook County
8.9Jessica Walke45-02Crook County
9.10Miranda Smith45-01Crook County
10.9Emily Howard39-08Summit
11.11Bethany Johnson35-07Crook County
12Sarah EdwardsSCRSummit
9Ellen RidenourSCRCrook County
10Hannah TroutmanSCRCrook County
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mercedes Mingus102-09Summit
2.11Ashley James86-01Gilchrist
3.12Marci Johnston82-11Crook County
4.12Leanna McGregor79-03Gilchrist
5.11Madison Mansberger74-08Summit
6.12Brenna Gravitt74-06Gilchrist
7.9Maddie Wettig73-08Summit
8.10Amanda Noyes72-11Crook County
9.12Bree Porfily72-06Crook County
10.9Courtney James58-07Gilchrist
11.9Cierra Mann54-07Sisters
12.11Marcy Calavan42-05Sisters
13.9Ashley Seits42-04Gilchrist
X Javelin - 600g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklyn Muller94-05Summit
2.11Sammy Hignell-Stark56-03Summit
3.11Katelyn Hamlin53-04Crook County
4.9Jessica Walke51-09Crook County
5.9Sierra Fortado51-04Crook County
6.10Miranda Smith50-08Crook County
7.10Courtney Viescas46-09Crook County
8.9Melody Mcmenus43-04Crook County
9.9Cayla Jenkins42-11Crook County
10.10Danielle Aaland29-11Summit
11.11Bethany Johnson25-05Crook County
9Sienna MoreauNDSummit
9Tara WhitehallNDSummit
9Ellen RidenourNDCrook County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucinda Howard5-04.00Summit
2.12Sarah Taylor5-02.00Summit
3.10Danielle Taylor5-02.00Summit
4.11Alisha Haken5-00.00Sisters
5.10Bailey Bremer4-10.00Sisters
6.10Hannah Troutman4-08.00Crook County
7.12Henrika Helynen4-04.00Crook County
10Joey HehnNHCrook County
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydni Kitzmiller5-00.00Summit
2.9Allison Dona4-00.00Summit
11Lorena NunezSCRCrook County
12Pernille JensenSCRCrook County
9Annalisa PeerSCRCrook County
9Whitney WoodsSCRSummit
11Sarah BuchananSCRSummit
9Jocelyn BangsundSCRSummit
9Michelle KaiserSCRSummit
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sara Small10-06.00Sisters
2.11Ashley Needham9-00.00Summit
3.9Danielle Michael7-00.00Crook County
4.11Hannah Boorstein6-06.00Summit
5.10Brianna Thompson6-00.00Summit
10Olivia ChandlerNHSisters
11Alleya HarrisNHGilchrist
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sheridan Jeffries7-00.00Summit
2.10Courtney Viescas6-06.00Crook County
3.9Natalie Marshall5-06.00Sisters
11Lorena NunezSCRCrook County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Laken Berlin14-03.75Crook County
2.10Zoe Falk13-11.00Sisters
3.9Anna Omizo13-03.00Summit
4.12Henrika Helynen11-04.00Crook County
10Kenzi KitzmillerSCRSummit
10Sydni KitzmillerSCRSummit
10Kathryn KaonisSCRCrook County
9Cassandra ArrudaSCRSisters
9Jasmine KrohnkeSCRGilchrist
10Emily PayneSCRSisters
10Tierra NewtonSCRGilchrist
11Alleya HarrisSCRGilchrist
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Troutman12-07.00Crook County
2.9Annalisa Peer11-05.25Crook County
3.11Lotte Hansen11-05.00Sisters
4.10Brianna Thompson10-06.50Summit
5.9Baily Tarabochia10-00.50Crook County
10Joey HehnSCRCrook County
11Hannah BoorsteinSCRSummit
10Kristen SandersSCRSisters
9Jocelyn BangsundSCRSummit
9Angie WilsonSCRSummit
9Tara WhitehallSCRSummit
9Michelle KaiserSCRSummit
9Hannah HamlinSCRCrook County
9Kierstin HicksSCRCrook County
9Achaia RileySCRCrook County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Frazier32-04.25Summit
2.12Lucinda Howard32-00.75Summit
3.10Bailey Bremer30-03.00Sisters
4.10Danielle Taylor29-10.00Summit
5.12Sarah Taylor28-05.25Summit
6.10Kristen Sanders28-03.50Sisters
7.11Lotte Hansen26-09.00Sisters
10Joey HehnSCRCrook County
9Danielle MichaelSCRCrook County
12Sara CarlsonSCRGilchrist
10Hannah TroutmanSCRCrook County
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