CGA Spring Invitational

Saturday, April 02, 2011
  Coast Guard Academy, New London - Map
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Massachusetts - NCAA
WeStWestfield State
New York - NCAA
USMMUS Merchant Marine Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJames Flynn11.42aWestfield State
2.SoPaulie Lowther11.45aWesleyan
3.SoTieran Bonner11.48aCoast Guard Academy
4.FrMickel McGann11.48aUS Merchant Marine A...
5.SoJohn Murphy11.49aWestfield State
6.FrZachery Madera11.53aWestfield State
7.SrJosh Wofford11.54aCoast Guard Academy
8.FrRicardo Azcarraga11.60aBabson
9.SoBrian Gooch11.60aConnecticut College
10.SoEric Patnode11.75aRoger Williams
11.SrBrandon Barrett11.76aUS Merchant Marine A...
12.SoRoyce Brown11.81aTrinity (CT)
13.FrMichael Swift11.81aRhode Island College
14.FrTyler McDaniel11.83aUS Merchant Marine A...
15.JrAlex DeShields11.85aConnecticut College
16.SoPeter Deraska11.92aTrinity (CT)
17.JrAlex Iwamoto11.93aWesleyan
18.SoDante Adams12.00aCoast Guard Academy
19.SoRob Sisson12.00aEastern Connecticut ...
20.FrChristopher May12.04aConnecticut College
21.FrPrince Carter12.19aWesleyan
22.SrRob Webbe12.20aConnecticut College
22.FrJohn Giovanni12.20aCoast Guard Academy
24.SrKarl Heimbrock12.22aUS Merchant Marine A...
25.SrIan Querze12.24aNew Haven
26.JrDan Rathbun12.37aRoger Williams
27.SrEvan Berneche12.43aWestfield State
28.SoEric Wellhoff12.54aWestfield State
29.FrJoshua Pearlman12.69aUS Merchant Marine A...
30.FrAdem Abraham12.75aConnecticut College
31.FrDan Felleman12.85aRoger Williams
32.FrJohn Price13.00aRoger Williams
33.-Hugo Campos13.12aBabson
34.JrLuis Achurra14.30aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTieran Bonner22.91aCoast Guard Academy
2.SoCorey Simpson23.17aEastern Connecticut ...
3.SrJosh Wofford23.33aCoast Guard Academy
4.SoJohn Murphy23.35aWestfield State
5.SoPaulie Lowther23.45aWesleyan
6.JrJames Flynn23.60aWestfield State
7.SrTommy Howd23.66aConnecticut College
8.FrCraig Amado23.66aRhode Island College
9.FrZachery Madera23.68aWestfield State
10.FrBrandon Aikens23.72aRhode Island College
11.SrBrandon Barrett23.89aUS Merchant Marine A...
12.FrRicardo Azcarraga23.98aBabson
13.FrMickel McGann23.98aUS Merchant Marine A...
14.FrKeenen Sims24.21aNew Haven
15.FrMichael Swift24.27aRhode Island College
16.FrTyler McDaniel24.34aUS Merchant Marine A...
17.FrGeoff Phaneuf24.46aConnecticut College
18.FrJustin Davis24.52aRoger Williams
19.SoBrian Gooch24.57aConnecticut College
20.FrPrince Carter24.58aWesleyan
21.SoRob Sisson24.59aEastern Connecticut ...
22.JrHunter Karrass24.78aUS Merchant Marine A...
23.JrKevin Young24.84aUS Merchant Marine A...
24.SoDante Adams24.87aCoast Guard Academy
25.FrJohn Giovanni25.09aCoast Guard Academy
26.FrEthan Baisden25.25aCoast Guard Academy
27.SrKarl Heimbrock25.27aUS Merchant Marine A...
28.JrRichard Shelest25.35aUS Merchant Marine A...
29.FrShane Bernard25.39aWesleyan
30.JrNicholas Pates25.49aEastern Connecticut ...
31.SoWill Tyner25.51aWesleyan
32.SoRobert Chapruet26.05aBabson
33.SoChris O'Keefe26.09aRoger Williams
34.SoEric Wellhoff26.14aWestfield State
35.SoTimothy Callahan26.31aEastern Connecticut ...
36.FrIan Rathkey26.32aConnecticut College
37.SoThomas Balestracci26.34aEastern Connecticut ...
38.FrJoshua Pearlman26.48aUS Merchant Marine A...
39.SoChristopher Budhu26.55aNew Haven
40.FrDan Felleman27.06aRoger Williams
41.JrKyle Lambert28.06aNew Haven
42.JrLuis Achurra29.09aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrendan Corcoran50.01aWestfield State
2.SoJack Pacelle50.09aWesleyan
3.SoTimothy Callahan50.38aEastern Connecticut ...
4.SrRicky Lynn50.84aTrinity (CT)
5.FrErnest Wingate51.08aWesleyan
6.SoAustin Pena51.69aRhode Island College
7.FrBrandon Aikens51.75aRhode Island College
8.JrKevin Young52.13aUS Merchant Marine A...
9.SoJared Davis52.31aTrinity (CT)
10.JrJustin Bowman52.38aBabson
11.FrThomas Routt52.51aUS Merchant Marine A...
12.FrJustin Davis52.83aRoger Williams
13.JrJohn Mason52.88aTrinity (CT)
14.JrNicholas Pates53.34aEastern Connecticut ...
15.SoSteve Carnevale53.43aRoger Williams
16.JrNgoni Tengatenga53.64aTrinity (CT)
17.JrHunter Karrass53.66aUS Merchant Marine A...
18.FrIan Mooney54.59aRoger Williams
19.FrDan Herbein55.17aRoger Williams
20.SoCorey Simpson55.86aEastern Connecticut ...
20.JrRichard Shelest55.86aUS Merchant Marine A...
22.SoMaurice Goin56.37aCoast Guard Academy
23.SoWill Tyner57.05aWesleyan
24.SoChris O'Keefe57.33aRoger Williams
25.FrJohn Price57.93aRoger Williams
26.SoJeb Slick58.54aCoast Guard Academy
27.-Vincent Cino1:01.34aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDaniel Scully1:56.89aTrinity (CT)
2.JrPatrick Regan1:57.13aWestfield State
3.SoSamuel Roth1:57.72aWesleyan
4.FrBrody Secore1:57.98aEastern Connecticut ...
5.SoAndrew Duarte1:58.19aConnecticut College
6.FrCameron Fairbanks1:58.93aWestfield State
7.JrBret Morris1:59.65aCoast Guard Academy
8.SrBrendan Powers2:00.06aTrinity (CT)
9.JrSeth Hafferkamp2:00.99aWesleyan
10.SrMatt Katz2:01.45aWesleyan
11.SoGeorge N'Tow2:01.52aRhode Island College
12.SoTristan Cole2:01.84aConnecticut College
13.FrGrant DeVisser2:02.15aCoast Guard Academy
14.SrNathanael Crum2:02.29aCoast Guard Academy
15.SrBenjamin Wheatley2:03.46aTrinity (CT)
16.JrMatthew Dunham2:03.54aNew Haven
17.FrJordan Lee2:03.66aCoast Guard Academy
18.FrZak Malik2:03.68aWesleyan
19.SoScott Bockus2:04.47aWestfield State
20.SoWilliam Cha2:04.88aTrinity (CT)
21.SoAndrew Cook2:05.31aCoast Guard Academy
22.FrKirby Neaton2:05.49aWesleyan
23.FrKrzysztof Nowacki2:05.67aUS Merchant Marine A...
24.SrEdward Harrington2:05.77aTrinity (CT)
25.JrTrevor Auth2:06.42aCoast Guard Academy
26.SoMatt Gitkind2:06.49aConnecticut College
27.SoMichael Onah2:07.49aWesleyan
28.FrJohn Jack Ferguson2:07.55aRoger Williams
29.FrEduardo Arechabala2:07.78aBabson
30.SoVictor Silva2:08.09aWestfield State
31.SoHenry Molofsky2:08.22aWesleyan
32.FrBradley Pienta2:08.71aCoast Guard Academy
33.JrJonathan Joyce2:08.98aWestfield State
34.FrTimothy Nohelty2:09.10aNew Haven
35.SrJonathan Ellis2:09.22aRoger Williams
36.FrAJ Skains2:09.43aBabson
37.FrRyan O'Neil2:10.25aCoast Guard Academy
38.FrTom Takacs2:10.49aEastern Connecticut ...
39.JrJoel Hill2:11.75aCoast Guard Academy
40.FrGary Ezzo2:11.85aCoast Guard Academy
41.FrAndrew Majkut2:12.06aConnecticut College
42.SoPeter Gallucci2:12.50aTrinity (CT)
43.SrBrian Ki2:12.72aRoger Williams
44.SoArnold Lane2:13.23aNew Haven
45.JrHoitt Mcallister2:14.52aConnecticut College
46.SrAndrew Pfarner2:15.11aUS Merchant Marine A...
47.JrLeo Martinez2:16.31aBabson
48.FrTim Keller2:16.79aCoast Guard Academy
49.FrDrew Stafford2:17.72aCoast Guard Academy
50.FrTom DeChristopharo2:18.16aRhode Island College
51.SoKevin Jalbert Jr.2:18.80aNew Haven
52.FrDan Herbein2:20.08aRoger Williams
53.SoBilly Martinsky2:21.16aConnecticut College
54.SoMarvin Azor2:21.24aNew Haven
55.FrJeremy Kacher2:22.80aRoger Williams
56.SoJeff Pini2:24.17aRoger Williams
57.FrMichael Barile2:25.42aNew Haven
58.FrSam Keith2:31.40aCoast Guard Academy
59.FrDavid Rosas2:35.36aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoConor McCloskey4:04.36aRhode Island College
2.SoAustin Cotant4:04.55aWesleyan
3.JrMatthew Dunham4:06.85aNew Haven
4.SrNathanael Crum4:07.10aCoast Guard Academy
5.SrBrendan Powers4:07.38aTrinity (CT)
6.SoTristan Cole4:08.67aConnecticut College
7.SrBenjamin Wheatley4:09.10aTrinity (CT)
8.FrEduardo Arechabala4:10.93aBabson
9.SoJulian Applebaum4:12.70aWesleyan
10.SrEdward Harrington4:13.27aTrinity (CT)
11.SoShawn Stadnick4:14.32aRhode Island College
12.SrTom Maybury4:15.28aRoger Williams
13.FrSamuel Montclair4:16.27aNew Haven
14.FrJordan Lee4:16.34aCoast Guard Academy
15.SoMatt Boudreau4:16.69aConnecticut College
16.JrJonathan Joyce4:17.38aWestfield State
17.JrJoel Hill4:17.82aCoast Guard Academy
18.SoSteve Carnevale4:17.90aRoger Williams
19.FrBrian deLeon4:18.70aBabson
20.JrHoitt Mcallister4:18.94aConnecticut College
21.FrGary Ezzo4:19.18aCoast Guard Academy
22.FrBradley Pienta4:19.24aCoast Guard Academy
23.JrTrevor Auth4:20.30aCoast Guard Academy
24.SoWilliam Cha4:20.72aTrinity (CT)
25.SoRyan Franklin4:20.87aEastern Connecticut ...
26.SoPeter Gallucci4:21.09aTrinity (CT)
27.SoJake Williams4:21.43aBabson
28.FrRyan O'Neil4:21.75aCoast Guard Academy
29.FrNathan Rogers4:23.11aUS Merchant Marine A...
30.SoArnold Lane4:24.04aNew Haven
31.FrAJ Skains4:25.98aBabson
32.JrDan Post4:26.00aConnecticut College
33.JrAndrew Oram4:29.27aBabson
34.FrDan Herbein4:29.68aRoger Williams
35.FrCameron Richer4:29.73aRhode Island College
36.JrLeo Martinez4:30.21aBabson
37.FrAaron Davis4:30.41aConnecticut College
38.SoSeth Arnold4:30.96aWestfield State
39.FrDrew Stafford4:31.10aCoast Guard Academy
40.SrScott Nichols4:31.64aCoast Guard Academy
41.FrJeremy Kacher4:32.29aRoger Williams
42.JrLogan Swan4:32.78aUS Merchant Marine A...
43.JrAdam Charbonneau4:34.63aWestfield State
44.FrAmit Kinha4:35.66aConnecticut College
45.JrJack Pereria4:37.65aRoger Williams
46.SrBrian Ki4:37.94aRoger Williams
47.FrMichael Barile4:38.51aNew Haven
48.SoJeff Pini4:39.16aRoger Williams
49.FrMatt Duggan4:39.45aRoger Williams
50.FrSean Comerford4:39.92aWestfield State
52.SoScott Worth4:40.45aBabson
53.SoBilly Martinsky4:40.97aConnecticut College
54.SrJordan Bray4:42.70aBabson
55.SoSamuel Ebb4:45.40aWesleyan
56.SoKevin Jalbert Jr.4:46.34aNew Haven
57.SrAndrew Gallant4:47.99aRoger Williams
58.SrKyle Yeh4:53.81aWestfield State
59.FrDavid Rosas4:58.73aUS Merchant Marine A...
60.SoJoshua Andermarch4:59.29aBabson
61.SrJared Bartlett5:06.79aBabson
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTommy Ross15:48.98aTrinity (CT)
2.JrKevin O'Brien15:54.73aCoast Guard Academy
3.SrMichael Macedo15:55.00aRhode Island College
4.FrTevin Honohan16:04.46aWestfield State
5.FrSamuel Montclair16:04.63aNew Haven
6.FrReed Sutherland16:23.19aWestfield State
7.FrWilliam Hallock16:25.69aBabson
8.JrBrian Lanciault16:28.89aWestfield State
9.SoAnthony Frissora16:29.05aWestfield State
10.SrDaniel Haryasz16:32.85aWestfield State
11.FrMatt Monahan16:33.37aCoast Guard Academy
12.SrSam Buczek16:35.36aEastern Connecticut ...
13.SrBrendan Sheehan16:39.97aWesleyan
14.SoNicholas Miller16:40.17aEastern Connecticut ...
15.SoAlec Jolicoeur16:53.96aWesleyan
16.SrJacob McAndrew16:57.54aNew Haven
17.SrKenneth Landry17:10.60aEastern Connecticut ...
18.SrJerry Coleman-Dodso17:32.20aUS Merchant Marine A...
19.FrNathan Kolman17:37.71aBabson
20.JrBryan Jorge17:43.69aEastern Connecticut ...
21.FrStephen White17:56.34aEastern Connecticut ...
22.FrBlake Reilly18:03.95aConnecticut College
23.FrMichael Liachowitz18:13.94aBabson
24.SrJoseph Perucki18:20.78aEastern Connecticut ...
25.JrRyan Hughes18:49.90aEastern Connecticut ...
--FrRyan RezendesDNFRoger Williams
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdam Scalesse15.33aCoast Guard Academy
2.SrMichael Chapin15.99aWestfield State
3.SrChristopher Kerr16.11aWestfield State
4.SoTony Chen16.68aTrinity (CT)
5.FrKeenen Sims16.71aNew Haven
6.SoJason Goodwin17.27aTrinity (CT)
7.FrEthan Baisden17.53aCoast Guard Academy
8.SoDan Smoot17.65aConnecticut College
9.SoRobert Chapruet17.69aBabson
10.FrZach N'Guia19.72aRoger Williams
11.SoChristopher Budhu23.67aNew Haven
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdam Scalesse55.25aCoast Guard Academy
2.SrKyle Coleman55.81aCoast Guard Academy
3.SrMichael Chapin58.09aWestfield State
4.FrMichael Mailloux59.70aWestfield State
5.JrKwami Chambers-Powell1:01.19aBabson
6.JrDan Rathbun1:02.40aRoger Williams
7.FrKeenen Sims1:03.02aNew Haven
8.FrDan Felleman1:03.97aRoger Williams
9.FrTim Clarkin1:04.62aRoger Williams
10.SrTom Maybury1:05.79aRoger Williams
11.FrThomas Routt1:06.53aUS Merchant Marine A...
12.SoChristopher Budhu1:06.95aNew Haven
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTrevor Siperek9:35.91aCoast Guard Academy
2.SoTimothy Murtagh9:47.14aConnecticut College
3.JrMyles McCarthy10:22.60aCoast Guard Academy
4.FrTimothy Nohelty10:37.00aNew Haven
5.SrGreg Seery10:39.41aWestfield State
6.SrWesley Halstead10:42.56aTrinity (CT)
7.JrLogan Swan10:59.24aUS Merchant Marine A...
8.SrJacob McAndrew11:11.93aNew Haven
9.FrElliot Kahl11:22.79aCoast Guard Academy
10.SoMarvin Azor11:42.89aNew Haven
11.SoJeff Beling11:54.76aConnecticut College
12.SrDonald Heffern12:42.86aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Flynn
John Murphy
Dylan Zukowski
Michael Chapin
43.50aWestfield State
2.-Ernest Wingate
Jack Pacelle
James Dottin
Paulie Lowther
3.-Michael Swift
George N'Tow
Brandon Aikens
Craig Amado
43.68aRhode Island College
4.-Hunter Karrass
Tyler McDaniel
Brandon Barrett
Mickel McGann
44.15aUS Merchant Marine A...
5.-Brian Gooch
Alex DeShields
Geoff Phaneuf
Tommy Howd
44.61aConnecticut College
---Eric Patnode
Tim Clarkin
Dan Rathbun
John Price
DNFRoger Williams
---Relay Team DQNew Haven
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shawn Stadnick
Brandon Aikens
Austin Pena
Craig Amado
3:25.33aRhode Island College
2.-Kyle Coleman
Bret Morris
Adam Scalesse
Josh Wofford
3:28.52aCoast Guard Academy
3.-Brendan Corcoran
Zachery Madera
John Murphy
Michael Mailloux
3:29.12aWestfield State
4.-Geoff Phaneuf
Matt Boudreau
Andrew Duarte
Tommy Howd
3:31.80aConnecticut College
5.-Kevin Young
Hunter Karrass
Krzysztof Nowacki
Brandon Barrett
3:32.16aUS Merchant Marine A...
6.-John Mason
Ricky Lynn
Ngoni Tengatenga
Stephen Creane
3:35.16aTrinity (CT)
7.-Seth Hafferkamp
Matt Katz
Zak Malik
Samuel Roth
8.-Seth Arnold
Tim Chandler
Thomas Gauger
Scott Bockus
3:37.57aWestfield State
9.-Brody Secore
Prince Marston
Nicholas Pates
Timothy Callahan
3:38.36aEastern Connecticut ...
10.-Vincent Cino
Richard Shelest
Andrew Pfarner
Garret Washington
3:39.31aUS Merchant Marine A...
11.-Christopher May
Ian Rathkey
Aaron Davis
Aaron Fellows
3:39.56aConnecticut College
12.-Jared Davis
Leo Daley
Benjamin Wheatley
William Cha
3:39.64aTrinity (CT)
13.-Steve Carnevale
Ian Mooney
Eric Patnode
Tim Clarkin
3:43.09aRoger Williams
14.-Peter Imbriale
Ian Sankey
Ben Wolhaupter
Jordan Kellam
3:44.93aCoast Guard Academy
15.-Matt Gitkind
Dan Post
Andrew Majkut
Amit Kinha
3:48.85aConnecticut College
16.-Arnold Lane
Matthew Dunham
Patrick Leach
Marvin Azor
3:53.44aNew Haven
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJustin Ehrhardt14.21mWestfield State
2.SrMike Goulet13.59mTrinity (CT)
3.FrBryan Ayotte13.28mCoast Guard Academy
4.JrKemron Beache13.06mCoast Guard Academy
5.SrRobert Archambault12.76mWestfield State
6.SoEmil Porneles12.52mRoger Williams
7.SoAnthony Raneri12.40mWestfield State
8.SoPaul Gerow12.01mCoast Guard Academy
9.FrJon Porneles11.95mRoger Williams
10.JrJames DiBeneditto11.85mEastern Connecticut ...
11.JrCharles Diguglielmo11.50mNew Haven
12.SoMike Rauch11.25mCoast Guard Academy
13.SoJacob Bibb10.52mCoast Guard Academy
14.FrAndrew Mirabito10.03mRoger Williams
15.JrRobert Strother9.90mRoger Williams
16.FrRichard Zyvoloski9.49mUS Merchant Marine A...
17.SoJoshua Andermarch9.29mBabson
---Ali KhanFOULBabson
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMike Goulet44.23mTrinity (CT)
2.SoWill Baker43.61mCoast Guard Academy
3.SoJustin Ehrhardt39.53mWestfield State
4.SoEmil Porneles39.19mRoger Williams
5.JrKemron Beache38.14mCoast Guard Academy
6.SrRobert Archambault37.38mWestfield State
7.SoJacob Bibb35.90mCoast Guard Academy
8.SrPat Page35.84mCoast Guard Academy
9.SoDylan Henry33.47mConnecticut College
9.FrJon Porneles33.47mRoger Williams
11.JrDonovan Currier31.96mRoger Williams
12.SrDavid Irish31.71mUS Merchant Marine A...
13.SoAnthony Raneri30.93mWestfield State
14.FrRichard Zyvoloski30.48mUS Merchant Marine A...
15.FrBryan Ayotte30.47mCoast Guard Academy
16.JrJames DiBeneditto29.76mEastern Connecticut ...
16.SrDevin Adams29.76mCoast Guard Academy
18.SoMike Rauch28.13mCoast Guard Academy
19.JrCharles Diguglielmo28.03mNew Haven
20.FrAndrew Mirabito26.59mRoger Williams
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeff Smith59.54mWestfield State
2.FrJon Porneles53.50mRoger Williams
3.SrStephan Skribiski52.40mWestfield State
4.SoRoyce Brown51.28mTrinity (CT)
5.JrJames DiBeneditto44.58mEastern Connecticut ...
6.SrEvan Berneche44.49mWestfield State
7.SoAaron Fellows43.99mConnecticut College
8.SrEthan Van Antwerp42.53mUS Merchant Marine A...
9.FrDavid Volle38.09mRoger Williams
10.JrRobert Strother34.49mRoger Williams
11.SoJoshua Andermarch33.86mBabson
12.FrClay Kosack33.64mCoast Guard Academy
13.SoScott Worth32.72mBabson
14.SrJordan Bray25.72mBabson
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJohn Jaskot1.86mCoast Guard Academy
2.SoRobert Fitzgibbon1.81mWestfield State
3.SoAlexander Verill1.76mEastern Connecticut ...
4.SrDylan Zukowski1.71mWestfield State
5.JrAlex Iwamoto1.66mWesleyan
6.SrGarret Washington1.66mUS Merchant Marine A...
--SoAaron FellowsNHConnecticut College
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJordan Kellam4.57mCoast Guard Academy
2.SoAdam Dworetzky4.30mTrinity (CT)
3.SoThomas Gauger4.30mWestfield State
4.FrBen Wolhaupter4.15mCoast Guard Academy
5.SoIan Sankey3.70mCoast Guard Academy
6.SoTom Warren3.70mCoast Guard Academy
7.SoJosh Fish3.70mEastern Connecticut ...
8.JrPeter Imbriale3.55mCoast Guard Academy
9.FrClay Kosack3.40mCoast Guard Academy
10.SoZackary Speck3.25mCoast Guard Academy
--JrKyle LambertNHNew Haven
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCarl Luxhoj6.81mCoast Guard Academy
2.JrAlex Iwamoto6.36mWesleyan
3.SrDylan Zukowski6.26mWestfield State
4.FrCraig Amado6.23mRhode Island College
5.SrMatt Tolliver6.17mCoast Guard Academy
6.SoRoyce Brown6.09mTrinity (CT)
7.SoAlexander Verill5.98mEastern Connecticut ...
8.JrEvan Jones5.87mRoger Williams
9.SoJason Goodwin5.73mTrinity (CT)
10.SoLeo Daley5.72mTrinity (CT)
11.SoRobert Fitzgibbon5.53mWestfield State
12.FrRyan Wood5.48mEastern Connecticut ...
13.FrAdem Abraham5.45mConnecticut College
14.FrTom Jackson5.32mRoger Williams
15.SoThomas Balestracci4.68mEastern Connecticut ...
--FrTim ChandlerFOULWestfield State
--JrTimothy ConcannonFOULWestfield State
--SrIan QuerzeFOULNew Haven
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCarl Luxhoj13.85mCoast Guard Academy
2.JrEvan Jones13.70mRoger Williams
3.FrCraig Amado13.23mRhode Island College
4.SrMatt Tolliver12.41mCoast Guard Academy
5.SrGarret Washington12.40mUS Merchant Marine A...
6.FrRyan Wood12.10mEastern Connecticut ...
7.SoJason Goodwin12.07mTrinity (CT)
8.SoLeo Daley11.63mTrinity (CT)
9.FrShane Bernard11.47mWesleyan
--FrTom JacksonFOULRoger Williams
--SoAlexander VerillFOULEastern Connecticut ...
--SrIan QuerzeFOULNew Haven
--JrTimothy ConcannonFOULWestfield State
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDevin Adams44.96mCoast Guard Academy
2.SrPat Page44.54mCoast Guard Academy
3.SrMike Goulet43.76mTrinity (CT)
4.SrRobert Archambault41.79mWestfield State
5.SoJustin Ehrhardt41.72mWestfield State
6.SoWill Baker41.45mCoast Guard Academy
7.SoEmil Porneles40.06mRoger Williams
8.JrCortland Gazda36.61mCoast Guard Academy
9.SoPaul Gerow35.28mCoast Guard Academy
10.JrDonovan Currier35.01mRoger Williams
11.SrEthan Van Antwerp34.56mUS Merchant Marine A...
12.SoIan Ashner32.77mCoast Guard Academy
13.SoJohn Lingos-Webb32.76mTrinity (CT)
14.JrRobert Strother31.70mRoger Williams
15.SrDavid Irish29.93mUS Merchant Marine A...
16.SoAnthony Raneri28.98mWestfield State
17.FrAndrew Mirabito26.06mRoger Williams
18.FrBryan Ayotte25.70mCoast Guard Academy
19.JrJames DiBeneditto21.14mEastern Connecticut ...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTara Ruddy13.16aSalve Regina
2.SrJenna Carchedi13.37aWestfield State
3.JrMeghan Krauss13.40aRoger Williams
4.JrLaura Poore13.46aWestfield State
5.SoPaige Greene13.51aTrinity (CT)
6.JrKelsey Jacobsen13.53aSalve Regina
7.JrMaria Lobalbo13.55aRoger Williams
8.SrKayla Diblasi13.75aRhode Island College
9.FrNatasha Miller13.75aRhode Island College
10.SoRonaqua Russell13.93aCoast Guard Academy
11.FrMegan Faunce13.94aWestfield State
12.FrCortney Nolan13.99aWestfield State
13.FrJanei White14.06aSalve Regina
14.FrAlexa Bracco14.17aSalve Regina
15.SoAlyssa Cuyjet14.46aTrinity (CT)
16.FrStevie Lustofin14.50aConnecticut College
17.FrHailey Wolfe14.51aRoger Williams
18.SoDorothy Brennick14.64aNew Haven
19.SoMeghan Parez14.67aRoger Williams
20.Srderien Jastrzebski14.69aUS Merchant Marine A...
21.SoJessica Tyack14.76aUS Merchant Marine A...
22.FrTeagan Bailey14.92aUS Merchant Marine A...
23.SoKaren Krupa14.92aSalve Regina
24.FrKelsey Hull15.10aNew Haven
25.SoChelsea Moran15.27aSalve Regina
26.FrZoe Broad15.36aWesleyan
27.SoChristie Gallo15.64aUS Merchant Marine A...
28.FrCaitlyn Rioux15.86aSalve Regina
29.SoJulianne Bohman16.61aSalve Regina
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTara Ruddy27.44aSalve Regina
2.JrMeghan Krauss27.95aRoger Williams
3.SoLia Monti28.03aWesleyan
4.SoPaige Greene28.44aTrinity (CT)
5.JrCalista Hutchinson28.69aNew Haven
6.JrMaria Lobalbo28.82aRoger Williams
7.FrNatasha Miller28.84aRhode Island College
8.JrJulia Frieze28.94aWesleyan
9.FrMegan Faunce29.11aWestfield State
10.SoCaroline Healy29.26aTrinity (CT)
11.JrKimberly Mangum29.32aRhode Island College
12.FrAmy Huhn29.42aEastern Connecticut ...
13.FrIsabel Stern29.44aWesleyan
14.SoRonaqua Russell29.88aCoast Guard Academy
15.JrAlesha Chu Foo30.00aNew Haven
16.SoLilas Humen30.18aConnecticut College
17.FrTacia Bryant30.20aEastern Connecticut ...
18.SoKristen Peterson30.32aSalve Regina
19.SoDorothy Brennick30.57aNew Haven
20.FrMolly Miller30.64aWestfield State
21.SoAlyssa Cuyjet30.80aTrinity (CT)
22.FrMichelle Chin30.92aBabson
23.FrHailey Wolfe31.03aRoger Williams
24.JrCaroline Gildea31.06aSalve Regina
25.FrAlissa Goldberg31.34aWesleyan
26.SoMara Spelick31.34aNew Haven
27.SoJessica Tyack31.53aUS Merchant Marine A...
28.FrCourtney Anderson31.55aRoger Williams
29.FrKelcie LaRoche31.65aCoast Guard Academy
30.FrReece Cabaniero-Buendia31.99aNew Haven
31.Srderien Jastrzebski32.08aUS Merchant Marine A...
32.SoChelsea Moran32.36aSalve Regina
33.SoJessica Lack32.39aBabson
34.FrTeagan Bailey32.45aUS Merchant Marine A...
35.SoRachel Putorti32.48aNew Haven
36.SoNevart Varadian32.68aBabson
37.FrZoe Broad32.96aWesleyan
38.SoChristie Gallo33.45aUS Merchant Marine A...
39.JrKathleen Kelley33.59aSalve Regina
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEmily Zalewski1:01.36aCoast Guard Academy
2.FrAnnie Cassidy1:01.76aRoger Williams
3.SoLia Monti1:02.37aWesleyan
4.JrJulia Frieze1:02.74aWesleyan
5.FrSierra Livious1:03.46aWesleyan
6.FrAmanda Johnson1:04.01aWestfield State
7.SoChristine Charpentier1:04.70aEastern Connecticut ...
8.FrHannah Noel1:04.94aRoger Williams
9.JrLauren Rattan1:05.51aUS Merchant Marine A...
10.SoDorothy Brennick1:06.42aNew Haven
11.SrMargaret Kratz1:07.09aCoast Guard Academy
12.FrTacia Bryant1:07.47aEastern Connecticut ...
13.JrCaroline Gildea1:08.13aSalve Regina
14.SoJessica Lack1:10.24aBabson
15.SoKatie O'Koren1:10.99aRoger Williams
16.FrAlissa Goldberg1:11.50aWesleyan
17.FrKatherine Tomasco1:14.81aEastern Connecticut ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKelsey Taylor2:27.29aConnecticut College
2.SoAnni Penfield-Cyr2:28.53aTrinity (CT)
3.SoNicole Lepre2:29.16aWesleyan
4.FrJulianne McDonough2:29.69aTrinity (CT)
5.FrSydney Morgan2:30.25aWesleyan
6.SoCatherine Hultgren2:31.41aTrinity (CT)
7.JrLauren Rattan2:31.67aUS Merchant Marine A...
8.JrMichelle Black2:32.46aBabson
9.SoMichelle Wesley2:32.75aConnecticut College
10.FrKristen St. Pierre2:33.92aRoger Williams
11.SoChloe Lalonde2:34.52aWesleyan
12.JrAlexandra Honkala2:34.75aRoger Williams
13.FrKristen Euchler2:35.80aCoast Guard Academy
14.SoAlexis Gallipoli2:36.09aSalve Regina
15.JrMonika Pandzic2:37.27aTrinity (CT)
16.SoLyndsay Wray2:37.94aWestfield State
17.SrLauren DiMitruck2:38.18aNew Haven
18.FrCassidy Noonan2:38.45aWestfield State
19.SoLiliana Rutler2:38.90aRoger Williams
20.SoAntoinette Galdo2:39.13aSalve Regina
21.SoCarolyn Connolly2:39.37aWestfield State
22.SoBridget Faria2:39.61aNew Haven
23.FrFelicia Hopkins2:40.28aWestfield State
24.JrRachael Comee2:40.47aWestfield State
25.SrDana Silverberg2:41.00aConnecticut College
26.FrChelsea Marshall2:41.20aRhode Island College
27.SoNina Groseclose2:42.28aRoger Williams
28.SoTania Bernardino2:43.09aNew Haven
29.SoCatherine O'Connell-Stingi2:45.46aTrinity (CT)
30.FrAnnie Arnzen2:49.12aTrinity (CT)
31.SrMelissa Healy2:53.37aEastern Connecticut ...
32.JrWendy Glickenhouse2:54.08aBabson
33.SrAmanda Ericson2:58.37aEastern Connecticut ...
34.JrAnna Grindy3:01.70aTrinity (CT)
35.SoCaroline Cat Truesdell3:07.15aCoast Guard Academy
36.FrWendy Bouton3:07.49aEastern Connecticut ...
37.SoSarah Iuli3:08.30aTrinity (CT)
38.FrMueller Brooke3:33.69aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
51.JrKyle Barlow4:40.35aRoger Williams
1.SrJessica Levin4:53.29aWesleyan
2.SrKatie Desrosiers4:54.68aRhode Island College
3.SoJulia Mark4:58.00aWesleyan
4.SoCharlotte Margel4:58.72aBabson
5.JrMichelle Black5:00.06aBabson
6.SoLibby Lazare5:02.77aWesleyan
7.SoNeille Triedman5:02.83aWesleyan
8.SoBridget Tevnan5:08.95aTrinity (CT)
9.SoAlexis Gallipoli5:09.78aSalve Regina
10.SoCeili Brennan5:09.82aWesleyan
11.SoLiliana Rutler5:11.13aRoger Williams
12.FrShivani Kochhar5:13.66aWesleyan
13.FrClaire Conway5:14.30aWesleyan
14.JrMarissa Bonito5:16.69aWestfield State
15.SrLauren DiMitruck5:17.36aNew Haven
16.SoKatie O'Koren5:19.19aRoger Williams
17.SoNina Groseclose5:21.94aRoger Williams
18.FrBrianna Parsons5:23.10aWesleyan
19.FrClaire Palmer5:23.84aWesleyan
20.SoTania Bernardino5:25.20aNew Haven
21.SoBridget Faria5:27.27aNew Haven
22.FrEma Waldschmidt5:31.58aSalve Regina
23.FrSabrina Parisi5:31.92aSalve Regina
24.FrKristina Duplisea5:39.46aWestfield State
25.JrAndrea Motyl5:42.78aWestfield State
26.SrMelissa Healy5:44.05aEastern Connecticut ...
27.SrAmanda Ericson5:53.07aEastern Connecticut ...
28.JrWendy Glickenhouse5:54.08aBabson
29.SoJessica Kraiza5:59.83aRoger Williams
30.SoCaroline Cat Truesdell6:05.97aCoast Guard Academy
31.FrWendy Bouton6:07.66aEastern Connecticut ...
32.FrMueller Brooke7:09.12aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrManya Swick18:30.23aConnecticut College
2.JrAmanda Quinones18:36.90aEastern Connecticut ...
3.SoChelsea Gordon19:08.98aTrinity (CT)
4.JrLianne Swanson19:30.18aConnecticut College
5.JrGenivieve Quinn19:32.51aTrinity (CT)
6.SrColin Fall19:34.30aCoast Guard Academy
7.FrGrace Glynn19:41.52aConnecticut College
8.FrKatie France20:11.85aEastern Connecticut ...
9.JrKatie Schumacher20:20.49aCoast Guard Academy
10.FrKarley Dutra20:22.41aWesleyan
11.FrAlexa Palasky20:28.99aEastern Connecticut ...
12.JrKaitlin Crowley20:34.57aRoger Williams
13.FrElizabeth Preysner20:59.76aTrinity (CT)
14.FrHaley Smith21:24.03aEastern Connecticut ...
15.FrBrittany Lane21:40.54aEastern Connecticut ...
16.FrAndrea Domings22:15.60aWestfield State
17.SoDenica Gagnon22:25.81aEastern Connecticut ...
18.JrAlison McLeod22:37.57aConnecticut College
19.SrKathleen Faltus22:59.98aSalve Regina
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMolly Miller16.90aWestfield State
2.SoAlison Holland16.99aConnecticut College
3.FrImani Smith17.08aBabson
4.SoCarmen Palumbo17.14aConnecticut College
5.FrAbigail Bishop17.15aCoast Guard Academy
6.FrMegan Breault17.25aRoger Williams
7.FrJessica Graham17.32aRhode Island College
8.SoKristen Peterson17.51aSalve Regina
9.FrIsabel Stern17.55aWesleyan
10.SoKathryn Swanson17.69aRoger Williams
11.SoMara Spelick17.78aNew Haven
12.FrJaniece Muirhead17.82aNew Haven
13.SoKelsey Ninteau17.94aWestfield State
14.FrStevie Lustofin18.37aConnecticut College
15.FrKelcie LaRoche18.54aCoast Guard Academy
16.FrZoe Broad18.72aWesleyan
17.SoNevart Varadian18.93aBabson
18.FrKarli Nunez19.51aSalve Regina
19.SoGiliann Collins20.10aRoger Williams
20.SoElizabeth Donahue20.90aSalve Regina
21.FrCourtney Anderson21.67aRoger Williams
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKayla Diblasi1:06.79aRhode Island College
2.FrImani Smith1:10.21aBabson
3.SrHaley Goodwill1:10.42aConnecticut College
4.SoMerry Byrne1:12.59aConnecticut College
5.SoKathryn Swanson1:12.69aRoger Williams
6.SoKelsey Ninteau1:13.06aWestfield State
7.FrJaniece Muirhead1:16.31aNew Haven
8.FrKelsey Garvey1:18.54aWestfield State
9.SoMara Spelick1:19.85aNew Haven
10.FrSabrina Parisi1:21.64aSalve Regina
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRachael Cardin12:21.09aWestfield State
2.SrSelina Welles12:55.59aWestfield State
3.JrKerry Dermody13:02.73aConnecticut College
4.FrJill Kelly13:10.90aCoast Guard Academy
5.FrKayley Ryan13:13.40aSalve Regina
6.SoMaura Hallisey13:17.76aConnecticut College
7.SoDanielle Schioppo13:59.13aSalve Regina
8.SoJulia Kane14:03.86aCoast Guard Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Diblasi
Jessica Graham
Kimberly Mangum
Natasha Miller
52.02aRhode Island College
2.-Alexa Bracco
Kelsey Jacobsen
Kristen Peterson
Tara Ruddy
52.80aSalve Regina
3.-Meghan Krauss
Hannah Noel
Hailey Wolfe
Maria Lobalbo
52.95aRoger Williams
4.-Cortney Nolan
Targie Gervais
Laura Poore
Jenna Carchedi
53.09aWestfield State
5.-Calista Hutchinson
Alesha Chu Foo
Janiece Muirhead
Dorothy Brennick
53.94aNew Haven
6.-derien Jastrzebski
Jessica Tyack
Christie Gallo
Teagan Bailey
1:02.54aUS Merchant Marine A...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Diblasi
Jessica Graham
Kimberly Mangum
Natasha Miller
4:13.57aRhode Island College
2.-Abigail Bishop
Kristen Euchler
Alaina Kiskaddon
Emily Zalewski
4:20.17aCoast Guard Academy
3.-Maggie Blinn
Annie Cassidy
Hannah Noel
Alexandra Honkala
4:20.23aRoger Williams
4.-Caroline Healy
Paige Greene
Julianne McDonough
Catherine Hultgren
4:22.18aTrinity (CT)
5.-Cassidy Noonan
Kaitlyn Barth
Felicia Hopkins
Amanda Johnson
4:24.71aWestfield State
6.-Claire Conway
Chloe Lalonde
Nicole Lepre
Jessica Levin
7.-Haley Goodwill
Michelle Wesley
Kelsey Taylor
Merry Byrne
4:26.36aConnecticut College
8.-Bridget Faria
Dorothy Brennick
Lauren DiMitruck
Janiece Muirhead
4:30.61aNew Haven
9.-Antoinette Galdo
Alexis Gallipoli
Karli Nunez
Kayley Ryan
4:34.75aSalve Regina
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSierra Livious11.77mWesleyan
2.FrEmily Trudeau10.84mCoast Guard Academy
3.SrAmanda Gricus10.67mWestfield State
4.SoLia Monti10.26mWesleyan
5.SrRachel Ryan10.00mWestfield State
6.FrHannah Seeland9.97mCoast Guard Academy
7.FrBrittany Bussiere9.69mNew Haven
8.FrAlexa Hunko9.63mCoast Guard Academy
9.SoAshley Pinette9.28mWestfield State
10.FrAlex Livingston9.01mWestfield State
11.FrCamille Charles8.90mNew Haven
12.SoAmanda Gavrun8.79mUS Merchant Marine A...
13.SoLeigh Sowers8.71mCoast Guard Academy
14.FrDevaney Henderson8.21mEastern Connecticut ...
15.SoMelissa Stomski7.75mWestfield State
16.FrAbigail Bishop7.66mCoast Guard Academy
17.FrAmanda Carron7.09mWestfield State
18.FrElise Dominguez5.87mUS Merchant Marine A...
19.JrMegan Wallace5.76mEastern Connecticut ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChinwe Oparocaha37.65mTrinity (CT)
2.FrEmily Trudeau34.98mCoast Guard Academy
3.FrHannah Seeland30.10mCoast Guard Academy
4.SoKim Kopcak29.98mCoast Guard Academy
5.JrAmanda Cost29.51mCoast Guard Academy
6.SoAshley Pinette29.20mWestfield State
7.FrSierra Livious28.35mWesleyan
8.FrAlexa Hunko26.62mCoast Guard Academy
9.SoAmanda Gavrun26.39mUS Merchant Marine A...
10.SoAshley Swan23.15mWesleyan
11.SoLeigh Sowers23.06mCoast Guard Academy
12.SrAmanda Gricus22.94mWestfield State
13.SrRachel Ryan22.91mWestfield State
14.SoLia Monti22.02mWesleyan
15.JrMegan Wallace21.89mEastern Connecticut ...
16.SoMelissa Stomski20.41mWestfield State
17.FrSarah Krulicki20.09mEastern Connecticut ...
18.FrAlex Livingston19.65mWestfield State
19.SrDana Prefer19.20mCoast Guard Academy
20.FrDevaney Henderson19.05mEastern Connecticut ...
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSarah Ciarleglio38.77mTrinity (CT)
2.SrRachel Ryan31.73mWestfield State
3.FrCourtney Anderson30.26mRoger Williams
4.FrSarah Krulicki28.51mEastern Connecticut ...
5.FrAlexa Hunko28.03mCoast Guard Academy
6.SoLia Monti27.32mWesleyan
7.SrKatherine Nadelberg27.03mConnecticut College
8.FrBrittany Bussiere26.78mNew Haven
9.SoAshley Swan23.69mWesleyan
10.FrAbigail Bishop22.97mCoast Guard Academy
11.FrDevaney Henderson22.47mEastern Connecticut ...
12.FrAndrea Domings21.52mWestfield State
13.FrAmanda Carron21.51mWestfield State
14.FrSierra Livious18.29mWesleyan
15.SoKimberlee Ruppar18.10mNew Haven
16.FrAlissa Goldberg11.08mWesleyan
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmy Wing1.57mWestfield State
2.JrCalista Hutchinson1.55mNew Haven
3.SrKathryn Kulowski1.50mWesleyan
4.FrLauren Hultzman1.50mEastern Connecticut ...
5.FrReece Cabaniero-Buendia1.50mNew Haven
6.SoCora Gingras1.50mEastern Connecticut ...
7.SoCarolyn Connolly1.40mWestfield State
8.FrHannah Noel1.40mRoger Williams
9.SoMegan O'Brien1.40mTrinity (CT)
9.FrSierra Livious1.40mWesleyan
11.SoKristen Peterson1.40mSalve Regina
11.-Katherine Ketter1.40mSalve Regina
13.FrAbigail Bishop1.35mCoast Guard Academy
14.SoMeghan Parez1.30mRoger Williams
15.FrElizabeth Baumsteiger1.25mCoast Guard Academy
--FrCourtney AndersonNHRoger Williams
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAmy Auclair2.90mWestfield State
2.FrAmy Huhn2.75mEastern Connecticut ...
2.SoGina Caylor2.75mCoast Guard Academy
4.FrJessica Graham2.60mRhode Island College
5.JrMaggie Gibeault2.60mEastern Connecticut ...
6.SoLilas Humen2.60mConnecticut College
7.SoRachel Putorti2.45mNew Haven
7.FrAlexa Bracco2.45mSalve Regina
9.SoShannon Hall2.45mNew Haven
10.FrMichele Aloisio2.15mWestfield State
10.FrSarah Torrey2.15mWestfield State
10.SrHeather Perkins2.15mWestfield State
--SoDanielle BaileyNHRoger Williams
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCalista Hutchinson4.95mNew Haven
2.FrTara Ruddy4.92mSalve Regina
3.JrKimberly Mangum4.74mRhode Island College
4.JrAlesha Chu Foo4.69mNew Haven
5.SoAlison Holland4.61mConnecticut College
6.FrTacia Bryant4.54mEastern Connecticut ...
7.FrAmanda Johnson4.49mWestfield State
8.SrKathryn Kulowski4.48mWesleyan
9.FrLauren Hultzman4.37mEastern Connecticut ...
10.SoKristen Peterson4.30mSalve Regina
11.JrKaitlyn Barth4.29mWestfield State
12.FrElizabeth Baumsteiger4.28mCoast Guard Academy
13.SoCora Gingras4.25mEastern Connecticut ...
14.SoSarah Ballinger4.22mTrinity (CT)
15.SoMeghan Parez4.17mRoger Williams
16.FrReece Cabaniero-Buendia4.15mNew Haven
17.FrKelsey Hull4.06mNew Haven
--FrAli CorsiFOULWestfield State
--JrLaura PooreFOULWestfield State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKimberly Mangum10.81mRhode Island College
2.FrElizabeth Flint10.49mCoast Guard Academy
3.JrAlesha Chu Foo10.32mNew Haven
4.SoCora Gingras10.31mEastern Connecticut ...
5.SoAlison Holland10.16mConnecticut College
6.SoMaggie Blinn10.15mRoger Williams
7.JrKaitlyn Barth10.13mWestfield State
8.FrMegan Breault9.98mRoger Williams
9.SoSarah Ballinger9.90mTrinity (CT)
10.FrLauren Hultzman9.46mEastern Connecticut ...
11.SoJessica Tyack9.37mUS Merchant Marine A...
12.FrKelsey Hull9.31mNew Haven
13.FrElizabeth Baumsteiger9.17mCoast Guard Academy
14.SrAshlee James9.14mEastern Connecticut ...
--FrTeagan BaileyFOULUS Merchant Marine A...
--FrAli CorsiFOULWestfield State
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Gricus45.14mWestfield State
2.SoChinwe Oparocaha38.91mTrinity (CT)
3.SoAshley Swan38.22mWesleyan
4.SrRachel Ryan37.41mWestfield State
5.FrCamille Charles36.83mNew Haven
6.FrEmily Trudeau36.67mCoast Guard Academy
7.FrJeannette Leo34.43mRhode Island College
8.SoMelissa Stomski32.85mWestfield State
9.SoKim Kopcak32.44mCoast Guard Academy
10.FrSarah Krulicki30.26mEastern Connecticut ...
11.FrBrittany Bussiere29.90mNew Haven
12.SoAshley Pinette28.29mWestfield State
13.FrDevaney Henderson27.94mEastern Connecticut ...
14.FrHannah Seeland27.24mCoast Guard Academy
15.FrAlex Livingston23.95mWestfield State
16.SrDana Prefer23.54mCoast Guard Academy
17.JrMegan Wallace21.99mEastern Connecticut ...
18.SoLeigh Sowers20.74mCoast Guard Academy
19.FrAmanda Carron19.26mWestfield State
20.FrAlissa Goldberg18.50mWesleyan
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