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Breaking the ICE, ICE BREAKER

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ward Rhoden Stadium, Prineville

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Bourland11.76aCrook County      
2.12Tyler Hulick12.3aCrook County      
3.11Alonzo Lopez12.63aCrook County      
4.11Brandon Zemp12.70aCrook County      
6.10Ethan Broughton12.754aCrook County      
5.10Anothony Otter12.710Madras      
11Gerson Gonzalez12.820Culver      
11Ryan Fritz12.821Culver      
11Joe Hisatake12.897Madras      
10Austin Phillips13.29aCrook County      
10Dalton Carder13.39aCrook County      
10Arturo Vazquez13.097Culver      
12Vincent Meyer13.52aCrook County      
11Quinn Demaris13.62aCrook County      
9Brenden Harkey13.88aCrook County      
10Dylan Coffman14.21aCrook County      
11Flo Engelke14.022Mitchell      
9Trayton Libolt14.48aCrook County      
9Alex Pettersen14.288Culver      
11Toby Lindquist14.299Mitchell      
10Evan McDonald14.345Culver      
12Freddy Ambriz14.90aCrook County      
9Travis Klopp14.612Culver      
11Peep Suriachay14.655Mitchell      
9Sam Adams14.966Culver      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alonzo Lopez25.15aCrook County      
2.11Brandon Zemp26.02aCrook County      
2.10Anothony Otter25.821Madras      
4.10Ethan Broughton26.62aCrook County      
10Brant McCloughan27.09aCrook County      
10Austin Phillips27.29aCrook County      
5.10Clayton Smith27.018Madras      
10Dalton Carder27.36aCrook County      
11Quinn Demaris27.46aCrook County      
9Zephaniah Phillips27.952Madras      
10Arturo Vazquez27.977Culver      
9Dylan Mccarty28.35aCrook County      
10Dylan Coffman29.16aCrook County      
11Flo Engelke28.891Mitchell      
11Toby Lindquist29.921Mitchell      
10Evan McDonald30.292Culver      
9Sam Adams30.455Culver      
11Peep Suriachay30.513Mitchell      
9Jeremy Lanoue30.547Mitchell      
12Freddy Ambriz32.05aCrook County      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Belanger54.165Culver      
2.11Jesus Retano55.967Culver      
3.10Clayton Smith59.504Madras      
4.10Brant McCloughan59.80aCrook County      
5.10Sunny Runsabove1:02.340Madras      
6.9Dylan Mccarty1:03.27aCrook County      
7.10Evan McDonald1:11.015Culver      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Luis Rivera2:22.00Crook County      
2.11Kyle Belanger2:26.06Culver      
3.10Sunny Runsabove2:29.40Madras      
4.11Jonathan Marcotte2:29.53Madras      
5.10Jesse Santiago2:29.72Crook County      
6.9Mike Burleigh2:31.38Crook County      
11Trent Nicol2,31.91Mitchell      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Hawes5:03.66Madras      
2.12Jorden Dunn5:09.54Crook County      
3.12Adam "Giovanni" Campione5:18.57Crook County      
11Trent Nicol5:23.38Mitchell      
5.10Blake George5:27.93Crook County      
9Sam Verdusco5:36.01Crook County      
9Cody Roe5:36.25Crook County      
8.11Jonathan Marcotte5:40.73Madras      
9Paul Miller5:42.51Crook County      
9Eli Rumbarger5:47.22Culver      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Hawes11:16Madras      
2.9Dylan Hatch11:45Crook County      
3.12Daniel Knower11:59Crook County      
4.12Jerry Zhu12:12Crook County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
2.9Cody Thurman21.14aCrook County      
3.9William Wallace22.71aCrook County      
1.9Brent Sullivan22.774Madras      
4.9Benjamin Charley22.774Madras      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Cody Thurman49.52aCrook County      
2.9William Wallace52.52aCrook County      
3.11Zackery Benham54.121Madras      
3.9Dylan Mccarty56.36aCrook County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay team 46.41aCrook County      
2.-Kyle Belanger
Ryan Fritz
Gerson Gonzalez
Jesus Retano
3.-Joe Hisatake
Travis Williams
Isaac Fisher
Anothony Otter
4.-Relay team 49.58aCrook County      
-Relay team 51.82aCrook County      
-Toby Lindquist
Jeremy Lanoue
Peep Suriachay
Flo Engelke
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chance Sutfin46'11Crook County      
2.11Daniel Keffer38'11.25"Crook County      
3.12Travis Williams38'10"Madras      
4.12Tevin Cooper38'5"Crook County      
5.11Anthony Allbritton36'7"Madras      
11Dylan Dean36'6.5"Crook County      
9Zach Smith34'8"Crook County      
11Kasey Cabral33'11"Madras      
9William Wallace33'9"Crook County      
10A.J. Cooper33'.5"Crook County      
11Garrett Knoteck31'0.5Culver      
11Clay Coffman30'9.75"Crook County      
10Seth Flegel30'9.25"Crook County      
11Zach Lofting30'7.25Culver      
12Dakota Berman29'4"Madras      
10Max Fahlgren29'1.25"Crook County      
9Michael Bauman29'1"Madras      
9Quinton Big Knife29'0"Madras      
11Matt Williams26' 11Mitchell      
12Steven Robinson26'1.75"Crook County      
9Diego Vargas24'10.5"Crook County      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Keffer111'5"Crook County      
1.11Kasey Cabral109'8"Madras      
3.12Tevin Cooper105'6"Crook County      
4.11Dylan Dean100'9"Crook County      
5.11Zach Lofting96'10Culver      
9Zach Smith87'6"Crook County      
10Seth Flegel86'2.5"Crook County      
9Benjamin Charley81'8"Madras      
12Dakota Berman77'10"Madras      
9Zechariah Phillips76'2"Madras      
11Matt Williams74' 3Mitchell      
10Max Fahlgren73'7"Crook County      
11Clay Coffman72"10"Crook County      
9Hayden Manu72'2"Madras      
11Garrett Knoteck71'5Culver      
9Zephaniah Phillips69'1"Madras      
9Michael Bauman59'5"Madras      
11Zackery Benham59'1"Madras      
9Diego Vargas57'11"Crook County      
9Quinton Big Knife57'1"Madras      
9Josh Wiechert50'9"Crook County      
10Raymond Hill43'2"Madras      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Dean142'7.5"Crook County      
2.10A.J. Cooper121'11"Crook County      
3.12Travis Williams111'7"Madras      
4.11Anthony Allbritton111'3"Madras      
11Toby Lindquist107' 4Mitchell      
6.10Dalton Carder105'3.5"Crook County      
11Daniel Keffer102'11"Crook County      
11Zach Lofting101'11Culver      
10Ethan Broughton101'4.5"Crook County      
12Dakota Berman99'6"Madras      
10Truniaine Yallup99'1"Madras      
11Josiah Becker96'6"Crook County      
11Flo Engelke93' 5Mitchell      
10Brant McCloughan92'9.5"Crook County      
10Max Fahlgren92'5"Crook County      
11Zackery Benham90'3"Madras      
9Diego Vargas89'3.5"Crook County      
10Sunny Runsabove86'2"Madras      
10Austin Phillips83'11"Crook County      
11Garrett Knoteck82'6Culver      
9Michael Bauman82'0Madras      
10Arturo Vazquez81'9Culver      
11Matt Williams78' 8Mitchell      
10Seth Flegel78'1"Crook County      
9Quinton Big Knife75'9"Madras      
11Kasey Cabral75'5"Madras      
9Eli Rumbarger75'4Culver      
9Josh Wiechert73'2"Crook County      
10Dylan Coffman71'9"Crook County      
9Cody Roe69'10.5"Crook County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brent Sullivan5'10"Madras      
2.11Bryson Miller5'6"Madras      
11Anthony Allbritton5'4"Madras      
4.9Travis Klopp5'2Culver      
5.9Josh Apperson5'0"Crook County      
9Zephaniah Phillips4'8"Madras      
11Flo Engelke4' 8Mitchell      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Isaac Fisher9'6"Madras      
2.9Aidan Goodwin9'0"Madras      
3.9Ricky Molitor9'0"Madras      
4.9Trayton Libolt8'0"Crook County      
4.9Cody Thurman8'0"Crook County      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alonzo Lopez17'7"Crook County      
2.11Gerson Gonzalez16'9Culver      
3.12Vincent Meyer16'9"Crook County      
5.10Isaac Fisher16'4"Madras      
6.11Ryan Fritz15'11.5Culver      
9Alex Pettersen15'8.5Culver      
11Bryson Miller15'4Madras      
11Flo Engelke14' 10Mitchell      
11Dawson Barber14'9.5"Crook County      
11Clay Gibson14'9Culver      
12Steven Robinson14'8"Crook County      
9Jeremy Lanoue14' 7.50Mitchell      
11Brandon Zemp14'6.5"Crook County      
9Benjamin Charley14'5"Madras      
9Brenden Harkey14'4"Crook County      
9Josh Apperson14'.5"Crook County      
9Travis Klopp13'10Culver      
9Trayton Libolt13'8.5"Crook County      
9Aidan Goodwin13'5"Madras      
11Quinn Demaris13'3.5"Crook County      
12Freddy Ambriz13'Crook County      
11Peep Suriachay11' 10Mitchell      
10Raymond Hill11'8"Madras      
9Hayden Manu11'8"Madras      
10Truniaine Yallup11'3"Madras      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gerson Gonzalez37'2Culver      
2.11Clay Gibson35'7Culver      
3.12Vincent Meyer35'5.5"Crook County      
4.12Tyler Hulick35'3.5"Crook County      
6.9Brent Sullivan33'1"Madras      
11Bryson Miller31'4"Madras      
9Ricky Molitor31'4"Madras      
11Toby Lindquist28' 4Mitchell      
9Hayden Manu27'2"Madras      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10McKenzie Zirbel13.92aCrook County      
3.9Laken Berlin14.35aCrook County      
4.10Kathryn Kaonis14.39aCrook County      
2.12Kristin Jasa14.119Madras      
5.9Madeline Bernard14.83aCrook County      
5.10Ana Badillo14.687Culver      
11Emma Anspach14.853Mitchell      
9Annalisa Peer15.45aCrook County      
10Hannah Troutman15.49aCrook County      
12Henrika Helynen16.16aCrook County      
10Danielle Tuttle16.40aCrook County      
10Unity Ballard16.122Culver      
9Hannah Hamlin16.72aCrook County      
9Kierstin Hicks16.83aCrook County      
12Taylor Sandy16.756Culver      
10Jillian Hall17.130Culver      
9Rebecca Reese17.078Culver      
11Lorena Nunez17.71aCrook County      
11Antonia Birkenbach17.678Mitchell      
9Achaia Riley18.24aCrook County      
11Micheala Miller19.680Culver      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10McKenzie Zirbel29.49aCrook County      
3.9Danielle Michael29.98aCrook County      
1.12Kristin Jasa29.981Madras      
5.9Laken Berlin30.66aCrook County      
10Kathryn Kaonis30.92aCrook County      
4.9Andrea Retano30.615Culver      
11Emma Anspach32.056Mitchell      
9Madeline Bernard33.39aCrook County      
12Cassie Page33.825Culver      
9Baily Tarabochia34.69aCrook County      
9Achaia Riley37.46aCrook County      
11Antonia Birkenbach37.825Mitchell      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrea Retano1:09.117Culver      
2.9Cayla Jenkins1:21.70aCrook County      
10Catalina Morales1,44.653Mitchell      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Baily Tarabochia2:47.94Crook County      
2.9Kyla Green2:48.78Crook County      
3.9Angelica Metteer3:09.94Culver      
4.10Breann Redfox3:27.08Culver      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelley Thurman5:36.11Crook County      
2.11Natalie Stenbeck6:05.35Crook County      
3.9Angelica Metteer6:11.43Culver      
4.9Charsie Brewer6:14.58Crook County      
5.10Breann Redfox6:35.86Culver      
10Samantha Pepper7:09.99Crook County      
7.12Cember Friend8:45.88Culver      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laura Sullivan18.208Madras      
2.10Joey Hehn19.21aCrook County      
3.12Henrika Helynen23.78aCrook County      
4.9Francesca Bonanno23.91aCrook County      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
2.10Joey Hehn58.06aCrook County      
3.9Francesca Bonanno1:14.71aCrook County      
1.12Laura Sullivan57'457Madras      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 54.03aCrook County      
2.-Taylor Sandy
Ana Badillo
Lori Sandy
Andrea Retano
-Relay Team 58.64aCrook County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 5:01Crook County      
-Relay Team 5:17Crook County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
11Megan White35' 6.25Mitchell      
2.12Marci Johnston32'7.5"Crook County      
9Miranda Holt27' 11.5Mitchell      
12Miriam Vance26'10"Madras      
5.10Amanda Noyes25'7.25"Crook County      
9Amanda Barrett22'3"Madras      
12Bree Porfily21'10.5"Crook County      
9Sierra Fortado21'8"Crook County      
10Miranda Smith20'4"Crook County      
12Cheyenne Dobkins20'0Culver      
11Katelyn Hamlin19'7.75"Crook County      
10Courtney Viescas19'5.75"Crook County      
10Unity Ballard19'2.75Culver      
12Briana Garcia18'10"Madras      
9Melody Mcmenus18'7.75"Crook County      
11Bethany Johnson17'1.25"Crook County      
9Ellen Ridenour16'5.25"Crook County      
10Brittni Jordan14'7.5Culver      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
11Megan White110' 7Mitchell      
2.11Molly Viles103'6"Crook County      
3.12Bree Porfily77'8"Crook County      
4.12Miriam Vance75'1"Madras      
4.10Amanda Noyes65'9"Crook County      
9Miranda Holt64' 5Mitchell      
9Sierra Fortado63'11"Crook County      
12Marci Johnston60'0"Crook County      
12Isavel Avila57'10"Madras      
9Amanda Barrett51'3"Madras      
9Jessica Walke50'5"Crook County      
10Miranda Smith49'9"Crook County      
11Katelyn Hamlin46'8"Crook County      
9Melody Mcmenus46Crook County      
12Cheyenne Dobkins44'1Culver      
12Briana Garcia43'5"Madras      
9Ellen Ridenour38'3"Crook County      
10Unity Ballard36'10Culver      
11Bethany Johnson35'7"Crook County      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
11Megan White98' 9Mitchell      
2.12Bree Porfily81'11"Crook County      
3.11Cassie Fulton81'0Culver      
9Danielle Renault80'3"Madras      
11Emma Anspach73'Mitchell      
9Jessica Walke68'6"Crook County      
12Miriam Vance67'5"Madras      
10Amanda Noyes66'9"Crook County      
9Sierra Fortado62'3"Crook County      
10Miranda Smith56'5"Crook County      
11Katelyn Hamlin54'Crook County      
9Melody Mcmenus51'5"Crook County      
12Cheyenne Dobkins49'11Culver      
9Cayla Jenkins49'7"Crook County      
10Catalina Morales48' 4Mitchell      
9Miranda Holt48' 1Mitchell      
10Courtney Viescas47'9"Crook County      
10Unity Ballard43'0Culver      
12Isavel Avila40'9"Madras      
9Amanda Barrett39.3Madras      
10Brittni Jordan38'7Culver      
9Ellen Ridenour35'11"Crook County      
11Bethany Johnson32'9"Crook County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laura Sullivan5'2"Madras      
2.9Mariah Stacona5'2"Madras      
3.11Cassie Fulton4'8Culver      
4.12Henrika Helynen4'4"Crook County      
5.10Hannah Troutman4'4"Crook County      
10Joey Hehn4'2"Crook County      
10Danielle Tuttle4'0"Crook County      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristin Jasa7'6"Madras      
1.9Danielle Michael7'6"Crook County      
3.10McKenzie Zirbel7'6"Crook County      
4.9Danielle Renault6'0"Madras      
5.10Courtney Viescas6'Crook County      
11Micheala MillerNHCulver      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Laken Berlin15'1.5"Crook County      
2.9Mariah Stacona14'2"Madras      
3.11Lori Sandy13'11.5Culver      
4.10Kathryn Kaonis13'10.5"Crook County      
5.12Katie Wood13'10"Crook County      
12Henrika Helynen13'3.5"Crook County      
11Emma Anspach12' 10"Mitchell      
10Hannah Troutman12'9"Crook County      
9Annalisa Peer12'2.5"Crook County      
12Taylor Sandy11'9Culver      
9Hannah Hamlin10'11"Crook County      
12Cassie Page10'5Culver      
10Danielle Tuttle10'0"Crook County      
10Shania Robuck9'7"Crook County      
12Briana Garcia9'2"Madras      
11Antonia Birkenbach8' 10"Mitchell      
12Isavel Avila8'5"Madras      
9Achaia Riley7'11.5"Crook County      
9Eliza Nip7' 7.5"Mitchell      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lori Sandy31'8Culver      
2.9Mariah Stacona31'6"Madras      
3.10Joey Hehn29'1"Crook County      
4.12Katie Wood27'2.5"Crook County      
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